Make No Mistake: “Everyone Who Is Warning About Clinton Is A Target and They Are Marked”

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    Obama to Clinton: Passing the Torch of Treachery
    By Jeremiah Johnson

    The Obama Administration has been characterized by not only a lack of transparency on issues that surface, but a deliberate obfuscation to mask true actions and intentions.  There are literally no limits to what the man and his handlers will do outside of the law to attain their ends, while simultaneously “crafting” legislation to enslave the citizenry.  The fawning, lying press trumpets his victories and quietly spins his defeats: objectivity cannot be maintained by journalists on the government payroll and command.

    Hence a sitting American president, a man who should have been hauled off of a stage in 2012 and clapped in irons for treason is able to do whatever he wants.  Remember?

    “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more leeway after the election.”

    Now the Congress and the State Department labeled Iran both a “rogue state that supports terrorism” and “a supporter of Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda.”  So my question is where did Obama secure the necessary Congressional approval to airlift $400 million to Iran on January 17, 2016?  More: Since this was Obama’s move, did he not use his position unilaterally and without any Congressional approval to provide funding to a nation that supports (and conducts direct action missions to complement) terrorist activities?  And this is with Iran, that vows to strike the U.S.?

    Just as in the same vein, how can we join Russia in a bombing campaign of “boogeyman” ISIL/ISIS when we, the U.S., created it?

    Just as in the same vein, how can we send a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) of our military’s finest commandos to stop the slaughter of an American ambassador and his staff in Libya…when we approved of and enabled it?

    The “administration,” if you prefer that ludicrous term to the true state, the “regime,” is made of Teflon…nothing can touch it.  Fast and Furious proved it.  Hillary’s e-mails proved it.  The cashiering of half of the admiralty and general staff of the United States Armed Forces proved it.  The removal of TARS, of the scrambling of fighters, the scrapping of the A-10 Warthog, the cessation of Tomahawk production…all of these measures prove it.  Obamacare steamrolling through the (at the time) Democrat-controlled Congress…enabled by Senator Olympia Snow (R, Maine) proved it.  The hearings and the deciding vote.

    Nothing can stop the administration.  Nothing.  And nothing will be able to stop the next one.

    Does everyone really think that Trump will be elected?  Really?  Throughout the past two weeks, he has literally run on “self-destruct” and must have a lobotomized campaign manager.  Haven’t we seen this before, when Romney won the first debate and made a fool out of Obama, and then turned into a neutered eunuch for the next debates?

    Do not be fooled: it is all intentional.

    There is no such thing as an election, only a controlled paradigm shift with a force-fed theatrical playbill that the dumbed-down public gobbles up.  The two “camps” of Democrat and Republican, and the illusion of a colossal battle, a political “Clash of the Titans” between conservatism and socialism drawing the focus and attention of the people away from surrounding events nationally and in the world.

    Look at Hanna, the alleged Republican…the first of the jackasses to come out and support Hillary Clinton.  Look at the moneyed interests pooling behind her: Meg Whitman, Warren Buffet, and the invisible but ever-present incubus of George Soros, the man who destroys countries for a hobby and a price.  Look at Hillary, the “good wife,” the “good mother,” the “good 501-C-3” member with a billion dollar “kitty” in the Clinton Foundation and three Delaware shell corporations to hide her loot.  The “good speaker,” snagging $50 – 200 K dollars per speech.

    The good fundraiser who raised $90 million dollars in the month of July alone.

    By her campaign slogan… “I’m with Her” by those very words are such notables as James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Houma Abedin, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz…all of them…complicit with her in the crimes she has committed.  She would provoke a nuclear war with Russia in order to prevent those e-mails from coming to light.

    Her “candidacy” is a degradation and an abasement, not only of the American Justice system, but of the entire Constitution of the United States and the freedom of every citizen.  Those who are “with her” don’t even realize they’ll be the first ones in the gristmill when the time arrives.  That time is almost here.  It’s all been smoke and mirrors, but soon there won’t need to be.  The obfuscations and treacherous maneuvers are masked but in a short time they’ll all be completely unveiled.

    The 2nd Amendment will be completely destroyed and/or nullified.  The face of this entire country is going to change, and akin to most bad things, it’ll have to happen before people realize it and take action.

    Everybody who criticizes the incoming dictator is marked, make no mistake about it.  We still have a little bit of time, but not much, and effects generated need to have substance, not form.  No juvenile displays of occupying a shed/storage room/visitor center in a National Park or Forest.  No standoffs with a disbandment and then everyone is arrested individually.  The torch is being passed.  Everyone who is criticizing Obama and warning about Clinton is a target and they are marked, along with countless others of the 325 million of us.

    If Hillary Clinton takes the presidency, it is the end of the United States.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. They will try to destroy the 2nd Amendment, but what will really happen is the destruction of this entire country when patriots start killing traitors and vice versa. The good times will not be rolling.

        • ^Spot on.

          • These people bent upon changing our society from free to serfdom have sold my children’s futures down the fucking river and I intend to kill the shit out of as many as I can before my life is taken.

            • “Kill the shit out of as many as I can” I like that and I’m with you.

              • That’s why we have lots of weapons, and lots of guns and ammo, lots of high capacity magazines, and lots of other toys they have no idea about. Caltraps, razor wire to barbed wire -tangle feet, punji sticks to dead fall traps, snares, to conibear traps, flaming maltov coctails, trip wires with dragons breath, offense vs defense, to…….. Bring it on bitches, It will be a killing zone, if you come here to pull that BS. The dead corpses will go the wood chipper then on to the swamp for gator chum. They will disappear into the steamy foggy ibis.


                • Are you a target too Jerry? Are you on that list or are you changing your fearporn angle because your love for Vlad has been discovered? Fraud
                  Stay quiet Be smart

                • I need to buy a back hoe,, any one got one for cheap?

                  ill dig a moat around my property and fill it full of rusty spikes than lay sod back over the trench

                  sit back on my porch with my “ol lady and dogs and watch the show

                  • Ive got a old case backhoe. That rig is very handy. I cant dig any moats here too much rock . and its solid firmly attached to the center of the planet.

                    • Old Guy. LOLOLOLOL….hahaha…. “solidly attached to the center of the planet huh? Dang son, you’ve been at it for some time ain’t cha? hehehe… Toooo funny! (I think we are sitting on some of the same danged rock. I could “blow a moat” but the entire mess would prolly just slide down the danged mountain (but I love the height advantage (and I’ve got a ‘hidden tower’ in my trees (just one place), that’s sufficiently bullet-proofed with four escape routes. (Repel down, “tarzan-style” escape lines (that really do work, and it’s fast too).

                      Need to hide a rifle? Put it into a PVC pipe (the smallest that will work and get some “camo rope” or make your own. Either climb or throw a rope over a high branch, or use a handmade ‘grapling hook’ (three finger), seal your firearm/ammo into the plastic and ‘heist’ it as far up and she’ll go then carefully ensure your ‘rope/line’ is completely invisible (covered in fauna the same as the pipe (covered in the same bark as the tree, etc. You can do the same with a well, spray them very well with oil or a good silicone spray and just let them hang from the 6 or 8 inch well-pipe (they can’t check it if it isn’t visible right)? We covered our well about a foot deep in the middle of a flower garden. Nobody will find it, nor do folks ever think to “look up”, so the trees are the safest places to hide shit (even yourself if no other cover exists that’ll work). And if you have a GHILLIE SUIT – – NOW you are in business and have far more choices IN YOUR FAVOR. (Bacalavas are another “must have” and are cheap).

                  • Rebel Son, y’know you can do the very same thing with a roto-tiller. Just keep working the soil loose enough to shovel out (on both sides), making it deeper VERY fast (and use polyethylene throughout to ensure the water stays (except for evaporation) longest.

                    You sure are talking about one helluva lot of ‘rusty nails’! Dang! How about spears that are imbedded into Sacrete (waterproof cement), all facing outward? (Even a wooden spear will impale an attacker wearing IIIa armor (but not plates). (The slimmer the better for humans/dogs). Large logs are all but impossible to get over as they roll all over hell and back on a mountainside. 🙂 *We have four “ready to roll” avalanches built over the years. One fell and ended up being a rock-filled driveway (THAT got rid of the mud for several years, but they eventually pack down in and dirt fills in around them somehow).

              • Blame the states involved in Eugenics during the early decades of the 20th Century for not strictly enforcing the sterilization laws on your ancestors: BASED ON YOUR COMMENTS IT IS FAIR TO ASSERT THAT DEFECTIVE GENES HAVE BEEN PASSED FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT, AND WORST OF ALL, THE CHANCES THAT YOUR DESCENDANTS’ DNA CARRYING A MORE COMPLEX SEQUENCE OF YOUR FAILED GENES ARE 100% GUARANTEED.

                Besides that never forget the following, stupid brute:
                “…It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough…”
                Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

                Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), United States Supreme Court decision that ruled that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization of the unfit, including the intellectually disabled, “for the protection and health of the state” did not violate the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

                • I sincerely hope that ours paths cross.

            • good comment, Menzoberranzan!

          • No! NOT “spot on!” Good Lord folks! OUR ONLY CHANCE IS TO DO WHAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS LEFT US WITH THE RIGHT TO DO – KILL THEIR ASSES BY HANGING FROM A LAMP POST FOR ALL TO SEE UNTIL DEAD. (To deter other “public servants” from considering treasonous/deadly behaviors against The Nation and The People.

            It does not matter one iota if we KNOW they have outlawed guns or not, because few if any at all are going to comply with such an order – and there’s your war (either way, they’ll be war and damned soon, on our soil …so if you’ve forgotten “camo face paint” you’d best start playing with your wife’s makeup (you want your face to appear anything but white).

            IF we do NOT “Fight Our Asses Off For Our Country”, then yes, America will definitely be destroyed as this is what Hillary keeps living for (to do, kill all Americans to please Satan, her master, or she’s planning on taking over Hell too)? lol….she probably could “fuck Satan out of his own gig” given enough time to set him up.

            To destroy The 2nd A. would mean the obliteration of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

            Ain’t toooooo damned many in America that are going to sit around quietly and allow THAT bullshit to “take hold.”

            AMMO UP! (and keep rechecking every last ‘speck’ of what you have), and if possible, try to “naturally” direct foot traffic into going the opposite direction from your chosen BOL.

            For example, we planted SHITLOADS of “briers” (needle-filled plants) that make the areas we wished to, impassable (unless you are wearing a Knight’s Armor). Cut and place “dead brush” in long ‘runs’ wide enough to deter egress (short of blasting a hole through it with RPGs or the like). *This will allow you a bit of warning that you have (possibly) unwanted company. If you’ve made yourself enough ‘nests’ in-so-that you can progress from one to the next unseen, you’ll be a tough target (and DO remember to STAY THE FUCK OFF THE “X”)…keep moving as much as possible until you have worked them into a hole and you have a height advantage (then pick them off at your leisure)?

            Of course, do all you can in the darkness, lay low and quiet during daylight hours, and always be super-wary at predawn-dawn times (when ‘shadows’ are the most confusing if you’ve no night-vision. (At 4 grand a scope, I think most do NOT have night vision (but you can get a camcorder than has it, for much less, to assist you in the inky blackness (which is your best friend unless THEY have Gen1 or 2 nightvision). If they do, kill them and steal it. 🙂

        • yeah

          • You men will do nothing. You are not actors, you are typists. Just venting your feelings, not actually doing anything. Nothing will change that. If you were going to do anything, you would already be doing it.

            • robertb–,
              I concur. Doubtful any of these “Tough Typist Talkers” has seen combat.
              If they had, they would not want war. Doubt these guys ever in military or if they were they stayed CONUS or behind wire, in green zone, if ever in theatre.

              War is the absolute most degrading/inhumane thing that a man can become involved in. Disgusting.

              Unless, if you are a Sociopath or Psychopath. Some of those twisted types enjoy it.
              For same reason twisted type people become Police. Military and Police job gives twisted Psychos an excuse to do things they already wanted to do but with zero consequences for criminal and inhumane actions.

              Twisted Sick people glorify war and violence. People like Hillary Clinton that would start a Nuclear World War III. She is sick twisted, selfish, psycho. Yes Hillary will start war. If occupier poser obummer doesn’t start War as a parting kill shot on the America the anti American president obummer HATES? Obummer has been out to destroy America in EVERY way possible. obuummer the America destroyer.

              No Sane person wants War. No Revolution. No Civil War. No NUCLEAR World War III.
              NONE of those are Sane Options. We must Never allow these to occur in America.

              We MUST all Learn to Live Together in Peace.
              Or ALL die together in the INSANITY of Nuclear War and NO CIVILIZATION for Anyone.
              Peace is only Sane Option. In America. In the World.

            • robertb–,
              I concur. Doubtful any of these “Tough Typist Talkers” has seen combat.
              If they had, they would not want war. Doubt these guys ever in military or if they were they stayed CONUS or behind wire, in green zone, if ever in theatre.

              War is the absolute most degrading/inhumane thing that a man can become involved in. Disgusting.

              Unless, if you are a Sociopath or Psychopath. Some of those twisted types enjoy it.
              For same reason twisted type people become Police. Military and Police job gives twisted Psychos an excuse to do things they already wanted to do but with zero consequences for criminal and inhumane actions.

              Twisted Sick people glorify war and violence. People like Hillary Clinton that would start a Nuclear World War III. She is sick twisted, selfish, psycho. Yes Hillary will start war. If occupier poser obummer doesn’t start War as a parting kill shot on the America the anti American president obummer HATES? Obummer has been out to destroy America in EVERY way possible. obuummer the America destroyer.

              No Sane person wants War. No Revolution. No Civil War. No NUCLEAR World War III.
              NONE of those are Sane Options. We must Never allow these to occur in America.

              We MUST all Learn to Live Together in Peace.
              Or ALL die together in the INSANITY of Nuclear War and NO CIVILIZATION for Anyone.
              Peace is only Sane Option. In America. In the World.

              Pray to the Christian God for Peace. Only God of Christ can help us.
              Our only hope is God.

              • If you have no intentions of helping yourself, AT LEAST go an dig your hole where you wish to be buried (or burned and covered).

                I sure as hell ain’t going to do it for ya…

                And you say that PEACE is the only “sane” option in America? A nation that is about to be EMP’ed, “she” has already been infiltrated and we KNOW there are an “untold # of nuke dirty bombs and other shit ‘at the ready’). Which will be the day Obama is leaving the building. THAT will be “first strike” time and will never end until the patriots get it under control.

                The worst can happen is that you’ll die. If you do nothing at all, you are assuredly going to die, and very soon at that.

                Nobody will be given much of a choice or chance when it does (finally) erupt. 100’s of thousands will discover death in seconds from the onset. Many many more will find death will come over several months (perhaps starvation or biowarfare will take you away).

                But so what? Hopefully, you will have done your little part of a whole to return the nation to what she was. Otherwise, fucking U.N. ASSHOLES are going to coldly decide where American can or cannot live (they’ve already designed a new America, with themselves getting the best places to reside, we get ‘leaded water and toxic lakes’ …or beheaded (or all three).

                You say we must never allow this in America. I agree. Then sell your Cloak, buy a “sword”, and prepare to make war against the worst enemy you’ll ever face in your lifetime. Seriously… THEY are going to be “as nasty as people come” and YOU FOLKS are going to HAVE TO COP THE ATTITUDE OF FUCK THEM-KILL THEM (or they’ll eventually kill you the first instance you decide not to take all the lives you can that stand to take yours).

                Kind of a no-brainer isn’t it?

            • robertb: Fuck you. No actor here. 21-year retired Naval Special Forces (and many others here with credentials no diff than my own).

              You say I’ll do nothing? You are wrong. (You are right that I am a typist – – over 200wpm too with 1,000 of errors).

              Not venting my feeling either. I’m telling it as I see it, and what I say I fucking mean “to the heart and soul.”

              “If I were going to do anything, I would already be doing it”? (you say).

              Guess what shithead? I’ve been “doing it” all my life (training), and for the past (nearly 17 years now), we have been “doing things about it” …ANYTHING WE CAN THAT HELPS SLOW THEM DOWN OR LOSE.

              Go crawl back under your rock, or under a bridge where Trolls usually take up residence. And ….STFU and speak for yourself.

              Your words are both ignorant and meaningless (and from a lower IQ no doubt or you’d be talking out your ass cuz your mouth would know better).

        • Good to see you so passionate about keeping the militia armed as a counter balance to tyranny

      2. Put on your glasses … no not those glasses… the ones that give you the capability to read between the lines..
        Now pour over these documents or at least do the overview … then come back in here and tell me that we ain’t already FUBAR’d..

        Oh hell I just made another list…

        • Year after year, 25% of the entire Pentagon Defense Budget cannot be accounted for. There are Missing Billions of Dollars, stashed throughout the world that will never makes its way back home.

          I want to see Trump make the current US Dollar Null and Void and start printing a New US Dollar, backed by Silver and out of the hands of the Zionist FED, which will be dissolved and the band of banking criminals sent to FEMA Camps cranking out license plates.


          • Trump is one of them.
            He is playing the nationalist side but it is all show. They own the media. If they did not want Trump on the news he would not be on the news. Yet he has been all over it since he declared he was running. If the elite were really worried about Trump he would not be on the news. It is all a show. He is not running and will not be elected.
            The only question is will it be Clinton or Obama?
            I believe it will be Clinton. They are repeating their pattern of black man before any woman. Look at the right to vote. They gave it to black men and refused women till after all men could vote. That is just my guess but I know it won’t be Trump.

            • Cara, Trump is playing the Media, and the Zionists. And he does not like to loose. Once in office he can make the changes necessary to make America Great again, and oust the Chaos makers. And why? Because his name is on the Presidency and will not allow it to become a disgrace into history or trashed by chaps makers. He will crush them and deport them. His EGO will want to be the greatest President ever. He has lived his entire life this way. He knows how to play the game, and the game right now is to first get elected first. Once elected, Then its game on.


              • Well for the sake of my and every ones grand children I really hope and pray your correct. But I think not. Time will tell.

            • Cara, there has been rumors that “TPTB” may allow Trump to win, then immediately incite a race war (which is all but in full swing in Chicago or Flint as I type, but the medias won’t report a thing about it (that shit is unforgivable isn’t it)? Pay television suppliers lots of bucks just to be lied to by the federally owned media (who took over the media FULLY January 1, 2016 (which is why we’ve seen nothing but Candidates and Lies, so far this year every damn day).

              It will NOT be Obama. NO THIRD TERMS (even if he declared Martial Law, there would still be an Election, and don’t allow anyone to convince you differently).

          • While in ‘Nam, they changed the money three times. Surprise to most: Wake up in the AM, your money is no good. Find the exchange point and turn in your money. If you have more than the average person, you have to report where you get the money. If reasonable, you can exchange for equal value. If you have $100 Million in a slush fund, sorry ‘bro, you just lost it! If you’re a drug dealer, you loose. The purpose is exactly that: those dealing the black market are wiped out in a single day. The rooms full of money in Mexico- gone in a day. Illegal funds, like the Clinton Foundation- gone. Safes full of stolen money-gone.. That would increase the value of the dollar instantly and America financial would be ‘born again’.

        • Wow. So why does FEMA need almost 25% of the pie? Yeah, FUBAR’d real bad.

        • 102 pages (overview)!!!!

          Enforce and Administer Our Immigration Laws ! Thought they didn’t do that.

          up to page 14.

          have to get back to ya. gotta pick and dry corn tomorrow.

      3. “If Hillary Clinton takes the presidency, it is the end of the United States.”

        I’ve got some interesting news… The US has been DEAD for a LONG time ALREADY…

        • second.

          imo, when obamacare; the country flatlined. when the govt has charge of every person’s health, you have no rights.

          sure, there may be a few who will not trade their guns for medication they need; but most will be willing to trade anything rather than die on their principles.

          not sure how long it will take but the usa is now on the road to being a mirror of a corrupt central or south American country. we’ll see if that road ends up looking like corrupt mexico or goes all the way to the extremes that is venezula today.

          • IMHO, Venezuela is indeed a pretty good gauge of what we all can expect to come here.

            • Wrong, or I disagree. Americans have way better IQs and WANT AND HAVE A MEANS OF DEFEATING THESE BASTARDS.

              If you do not wish to fight for it. Then do not and die.

              I’m going to “go for it” and if I die, so what? I’ll be dead of biowarfare or freezing to death if I do NOT fight like hell. So, fight it is.

              And, Venezuela is hardly comparable to America, at any level (as all of them are poorer than dirt poor, have no Constitution, no weapons, no rights and no food or means to fight with).

              Americans who allow themselves to be cornered that badly will essentially be asking for what they’ll receive. I believe “He helps those that help themselves.” I’ve no problem with the thought of protecting my spouse, house and America lifestyle, and “blood & guts” is just going to be a ‘rerun’ of something I thought I’d never again see (NAM-Cambodia).

              Molon Labe

      4. JJ: I fear I must totally agree with your dire assessment. When the Marxist, brain damaged, psychopath Hillary goes into the Oval Office it will be TEOTWAWKI. I note that Snowden Twitted two 64 character strings that may well be meant for his fiends with encrypted files to decrypt them and make them public. Obviously, Trump will be killed if necessary. I totally agree that Romney’s last two debates were deliberate failures. it is all rigged. We have little time left for finishing our preps.

        • Yeah Remember the first of 3 debates when Romney was on fire and Obama, just got done with his wedding anniversary dinner full of champagne? Obama looked like he was in a drunken coma. And the time when Romney said to Obama regarding wealth, that Obama needs to check his portfolio, and Obama said what’s that? just kidding, Both are imbecils.

          A Romney presidency would have been worse I think, after he gutted the rest of Detroit and sold entire America off to the highest bidder overseas to make the books look good for the quarter filing so he could claim his bonus.

          Really, is this the best we got here in America? Politics looks like a Cartoon Carnival.


      5. The official explanation is that this $ is part of the refund w/ interest of the Shah’s deposit (in 1978-9) for fighter jets that were never delivered because of the Islamic Revolution. The repayment was announced by the Pres in January this year. There were other unfrozen assets that totaled about $1.5 billion I believe.

        Further, the Admin says that because of the sanctions that are in place we couldn’t just cut them a check or do a wire transfer.


        Why an unmarked plane ? If we are not ashamed and this is official policy, why not fly it in on a FED-X/UPS plane (or its international equivalent) with a commercial bill attached to it ? Or if we afraid that the cash would be stolen, how about US a military transport plane ?

        These people are stand up liars and, in a sense, you have to admire their brass…


      6. The American People MUST regain control of Civil Defense if they are to stand a fighting chance.
        Allowing CD to fall into the hands of the KGB DHS was a critical error.

      7. In the weeks since the DNC, the press have pulled out all the stops. The liberal press are now running the Trump campaign. On the nightly news, the press make up entirely fictional stories about what Trump said that day, and what he’s even thinking.

        They hammer Trump with mud slinging stories, followed up by manufactured Trump responses.

        Watch a CNN or MSNBC report one evening and then just try to find video where Trump actually said what they say he said? It is become the theater of the absurd.

      8. Fuck you Hillary and fuck you communist pussies. You shitbags want a fight? Then toe the line motherfuckers, you’ll get one. You haven’t seen dirty and dedicated yet. Put my addy on your fucking list if it’s not already. Some of us aren’t old,fat or tired.

        • RIGHT ON! And I’ve got yur six, three, noon and nine. 🙂 Dirty and mean is “street sweeping” with a extended Mossberg leaving piles of bodies the entire distance. Use “00” or use Drill Bits (they DO work!).

          As a combat vet there’s no doubt I’m listed on everything. Fuck’em.

      9. I prep for disasters. I will eat popcorn, beef jerky, and drink cheap beer while I watch the Democrats, die horribly.

        Democrats and Neo-cons have earned their fates. I won’t lift a finger to save a single Democrat. This is a public forum, so I will state I will not violate any Federal, state, or local law, but I would not say a thing when they start “disposing” of people in FEMA camps. The best thing that can happen to America, is for all “white” Democrats to be dead. We can then clean up the rest of the Democrats and Neo-cons. If we got rid of the Democrat Ball and chain, there is nothing stopping America.

        • rellik

          Oh, I agree. Not going to lift one finger either.

          I am curious on how fucked up it is going to get.

          Do I care? Nope. I would hope others will prep but it doesn’t matter if they do because what is coming will be here even if they do.

          Lots of things can happen before the election.

          Prep for war.

        • Relic:

          Kill “WHITE”…

          Hegelian Dialectic

          Defeat a perceived enemy by pitting on fraction of the enemy against another.

          Boy against Girl.
          Right against Left
          Republican against Democrat

          Obviously Rellic is an antiEuropean, antiCaucasian, antiWhite RACIST.

          You,are a first class enemy of EVERY white person.



          • You don’t read many of my posts.
            I don’t like Democrats regardless
            of race. I find White Democrats to
            be the most acerbic. I could care less
            about race, I want to obliterate the
            Democrat culture.

          • He only wants the white “assholes” dead, rellik isn’t anti-white and he’s hardly a domestic enemy.

      10. Crap like this is why I’m trying to get my land up to speed as fast as possible.

        I’m in the country now but my land is in a ‘more country’ area. Cleared and a well by Fall I hope.

        Have all the guns I need with mags, parts and ammo. Last of the parts shipped today.

        It’s Trumps ‘election’ to lose and he’s doing a damn good job. Of course I’ve always thought he was a plant to get Shitlary in….

        • I live out in the woods too and I cleared my land a couple years ago. I have to say that tilling, planting, weeding, etc. are MUCH more difficult than one would think. I’ve had bunnies eat all the beet tops. Bugs took about 20% of my potatoes. It’s HARD work, but it’s worth it. It’s making me a REALLY grumpy old guy!

          • Bob:

            Put a fence around your garden to keep out bunnies. Plant garlic and get lady bugs. That helps fight some bug problems. I’m not aware of which plants to put near potatoes but try google or the library for organic solutions to potato insect problems and solutions.

            Kulafarmer might know.


            • Your state co=operative extension has all that info for free. Go online or call them. Bunny fences must be buried because those cute furry critters can dig. You do not need to go down deep. Just dig about 6-8 inches deep but bury about a foot of fence bent outward and down into the trench. If something comes to the fence and tries to dig it hits wire.
              Deer can walk over a 6 foot fence like it is knee high. You need to ask neighbors what works for them. Elk will push a fence down so high and sturdy is needed if it is wire.
              One thing: deer and elk won’t jump a fence if they can’t see what is on the other side.

            • Add milky spore to your soil, to kill grubs biologically for the next 15 years. It really works quite well. It’s surprising how much damage grubs can do unseen underground. Do a grub count every time you till your garden. Record the results year to year. Treat as needed. You can buy it on line.

            • Bob,
              Planting green beans next to potatoes help with the potato bugs.
              I also surround my cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli with green onions and the rabbits left them alone, it also help with the moths the cause the green worms?
              Hope this helps.
              Take care

            • Thanks for all the info and tips!

              I’m certainly going to try these things, but most likely next spring ( if there is one ).

              The fence I can do now since I have brand new 100′ rolls of 1/4″ hardware cloth that I can the bury 6-8 inches around the perimeter to keep the critters out.

            • Planting “Dill” in two or three spaces in your garden is a natural bug deterring ‘stink’. (Plus, you can use it for canning up dill cukes).

          • Bob, Good for you. I did the same thing, clearing land, and once clearing of the over grown vines, I found downed trees 3 feet thick covered by vines. Then I have to break out the chain saw… Its a jungle out here where I live in FL. If I let this go just one year, it would be back looking like I first found it way over grown. Have not even got to the garden part yet. Yep you need to fence around your garden, with 1 ft below ground, Plant Marigolds around the parameter to keep critters out.

            Seems out there every task seems to take twice as long, and the days go by fast.

            ~WWTI… Keep up the good work.

            • Except for a few squash, we’ve pretty much harvested it all and “put it up” for later.

              My ‘inner voice’ keeps screaming at me to keep moving as before I know it NOTHING MORE will suddenly be available.

              A Dremel Tool with lots of bits is priceless, and with one you can ‘gunsmith’ lots of tiny parts (nothing like a lathe would of course), but ‘reasonable’ metal working. Weapons parts are the most forgotten preps. (Many do not realize how long an AR-15 ‘spring’ (the biggun’) is going to work before ‘snapping’). Might go 20,000 rounds. Might only get off one…

      11. Watch out for possible near future C.H.U.D.’s!

        • bob, ok I’ll bite….C.H.U.D.’s??
          What’s one more acronym I gotta know..

          • It was a joke is all.

            Decades ago, there was a movie called “Cannibalistic Underground Humanoid Dwellers. CHUD.

            Okay, it was a poor joke…

            • I’m pretty sure the bad movie chud had Robt. Vaughn of Man from Uncle fame in it.

          • C.H.U.D.
            R 1984 ‧ Slasher/Cult film ‧ 1h 36m

            Photographer George Cooper (John Heard) is documenting the lives of subterranean homeless people, a population that has mysteriously dwindled. After receiving information from a reporter, George becomes aware of a conspiracy theory about cannibalistic monsters lurking in the sewers.

            also: is now used to describe ugly stupid people. The phrase is mostly used in America but is now starting to become popular in the UK.

            • Alligatersh in the sewersh… (little girl voice)…

      12. Old Guys Rule!

        Been Bi@ching long before most of you were born. Hahaha! What most of us have said here at SHTF Plan, do you think we are on Hillary’s to do list? Haha!

        Prep for War.

        Are you ready?

      13. This is not a drill time to duck and cover then roll over to look for your target off goes the safety.

      14. I have already warning people that when Hillary get done doing away with those in her own party that have voice the truth have ended up dead, and now she will go after anyone who stands up to her and her terrorist ways. I for one will never back down and will keep posting just what kind of person she is and how she has betrayed this country and all those who live free

      15. DUH! YOU People Just Figure that Out.

      16. I have been in business since 1980. I believe that I have found….” The Fix”…
        I think Trump might be some what of a braggart. Self centered…But I don’t believe he is a total fool…no one makes billions of dollars if he is a dim wit.
        With that said….why does he say certain things and why is he not corrected by his “team”….and by The Republican party?…..that’s ” The Fix”.
        The Clintons, being lawyers, know their way around the legal system. They spent $11 million defending against the “White water scandal”, back in the 1990s,,,,it died….They took care of Monica Lewinski…her accusations faded away. Look what they did with the “email gate” of Hilary?…The FBI said they could not prove….”intent”…?…Really…?!?!?
        I believe that the fix is in to have a jerk ( The Donald) run up against Hilary, Donald looses,.. and she walks into the Rainbow House ( its no longer White cause Obama ran the rainbow colors on it when gay marriage became legal).
        This means that The Democrats AND the Republicans are all in her little black book, where she will pay back to those who gave her millions ( to the Clinton Foundation)…and to her presidential campaign..
        How can “we the people” take back our gov’t?….Well since it IS PLANNED for Hilary to win….we must MAKE DONALD win.Yeah I know he is not my favored son, but at least he is not beholding to the Clintons…having been bought off by them.
        It is not enough to call the Clintons names….we all must GET OUT AND VOTE…in November. Get your invalid grand ma…take her to the voting booth…arrange car pools ( you KNOW the demoncrats will bus inner city people to the polls)….If you don’t get out and vote…” The Fix” is in and you have lost America to the 1%ers….those who back Obama and The Clintons….its OUR CHOICE…

        • All votes are now computerized. All votes that are computerized are controlled by a program. Even with computers it is NOT POSSILE to call an election with less than 1% of the vote counted and yet that is what happened in both Obama elections. Minutes after the polls closed on the east coast, they called the elections. There is no vote. There has not been a vote since we went to computers.

          Computer tampering was exposed and brushed under the carpet with the primaries. That was just the tip of the iceberg. You no longer have a vote. The computer programmer has your vote.

          Now if you do not have a vote what does that tell you?

      17. I’m no part of your Presidential struggle, other than to wish you all the best for your country.

        America has a massive influence in global terms but Hilary appears to be a none starter. cough, cough, cough!

        I’d consider it a blessing to be marked out for assassination by this demonic woman, so I’d wear my cross with pride.

        Fear not good folk.

      18. No matter who is elected the outcome will be the same. Hillary has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Trump is a real clown. Its a fantasy circus. Its a distraction. Im thinking this year as soon as the cold weather hits. The electric grid will go down. They will simply turn off the common citizens electricity. The DINDUs are more manageable in the cold. They will on purpose cut the power and starve & freeze the unprepared into FEMA camps. The remaining hard asses they hope the divide and conquer will work and will kill each other. So to survive this November December and Jan and Feb . You need enough preps to stay warm and fed and relatively hidden without electricity. Sadly come green up only about 10% will be alive. None of us will see any blue helmets to use for target practice until next march. There it is. Ive made a prediction and given a time line. Im not selling survival supplies or gold or anything. And For my grand childrens sake I really hope im completely wrong.

        • I made me some snow shoes then ordered some goodins off ebay.
          This winter gon be like no other…. doubt they gon have to cut the power…☃

          • I’ve always wondered what people would do in a winter ark storm.

            An ark storm is any that puts down ten or more inches of rain in 24 hours. Snow translates to one inch of rain equals 12 inches of snow, so 12 inches of rain in winter would produce ten feet plus of snow. It does happen but we haven’t seen it in decades. Thus it’s all the more likely.

            • I’ve seen 100 inches of snow fall in just a few days, while out snow skiing in Lake Tahoe. Squaw valley is where it happened. It was some amazing down hill skiing. Falling, and my poles went all the way down into the snow to my wrist. Amazing. I would have no idea without skies or large show shoes, how anybody could travel that on foot. I don’t worry about snow here in FL.


              • In areas of normal heavy snow fall, roofs are pitched to handle it.

                The problem is if such a storm hits a major metropolitan area. The people slow to shovel their roofs will be without homes when their roofs collapse.

                With twelve feet of snow on the ground, power lines are at snow shoe walking level, bzzzzzz. Powers out, roofs have collapsed, and no town has equipment that can dig their way out of it.

          • My grandfather, being part Indian (Maine), was also a farmer and had the same set of snowshoes HE made long before I was born with perfectly bent/steamed wood, all the old-fashioned ways (which I still recall, yet I won’t need snowshoes where I’m at barring a nuke winter).

            I don’t remember what the heck he used for webbing, other than it was quite pale and the color of wheat, and needed replacing (about) every five years or so. In fact, whatever the webbing was is what everything else was made of in the ‘shoe’ part of the wooden frames.

            Actually, even for me (in later life), I found they are easier to somewhat “run” in as opposed to walking in long strides …you can sure cover some ground and he used them well into his late seventies just “chugging” …then he discovered snowmobiles. Tough man.

        • They can’t come in March. That’s when I cut wood.

      19. By the time the fire balls start raining down, these crazy people will probably be in their underground bunkers – which I can only hope will become their tombs.
        The only hope we have now – and all people everywhere, is Jesus. May He not tarry.
        If you’re not already, it’s time to get right with God.

      20. On a list hot damn who gives a shit anymore. Those bastards who sit in their ivory towers down in Salt Lake County at the NSA building monitoring everything, they are butt buddies with these feral democrats who need to be exterminated from this country. When it goes down it will be open season on them for they will surely declare open season on us. In the end he who places the round directly between the demons eye will live to see another day, hesitate thinking justice will prevail and you will become soylent green. Mono Labe muther fuckers

        • Frankly I feel honored to be on their list (and under their skin).

        • We are all on the list.

      21. Used hillary marked and target in the same sentence ….. if that don’t bring the web bots I don’t know what will.

        Uh name Frosty?
        Rank NYFB
        Serial number 1001101011000111101001001110101110110111100101101001011101

      22. 300000000 people in the USA and this is the best we get.boy we are in for shtf!

      23. Bar room Debate.

        On Drudge.

        One man shoots another man because he said Trump would make a good president.

        News reports of vandalism to Trump political signs along with property damage.

        Have not seen many car political stickers.

        They are warming up in the bull pit.


        Prep for War.

        • All the Trump signs in my neighborhood and another a mile down the road were trashed a couple nights ago.

          So much for tolerance, eh?

      24. Stupid hitlery said she wants to raise taxes on the middle class. Trump wants to cut taxes for corporations so they pay no more than 15 percent. Once again folks like us get squeezed. Nothing is gonna change for us. They will use political agendas to divide the people in hopes we will kill each other when they pull the free shit plug. The dindu nuffins will blame the folks who worked and built up a stockpile for their suffering. If you wanna cull the herd and not be blamed for it you gotta divide and then blame one group and foster hate and destruction. It’s the same old story our kids kids will deal with it if we don’t kill each other over it. The nigs are the least educated amongst us. They are like children and will throw a fit when they can’t get their allowance anymore. I’m surprised we haven erupted into civil war yet.

      25. “Does everyone really think that Trump will be elected? Really?”

        Surprisingly so … there are many that think this.
        That’s only because, most people think we actually have a functioning, reliable, loving & honest Government.

        What can one say? “America is chuck full of stupid, and naive individuals.”

      26. These assholes are already targeting. My Dad, a Catholic Chaplin, at the VA -was tax audited 3 times under Barry.

        Hillary will stroke out before she becomes POTUS her TBI has predestined it.

        • I hope when she does (stroke out),blood shoots out of every orifice.

      27. had decided to vote for Trump– not because I like him but because a vote for Hitlery is a vote for the establishment.

        However, I probably won’t vote at all. Trump and the whole situation reminds me of Hitler. People voted for Hitler because the economy was falling apart. And he was an extreme conservative who he did really abominable things. I fear Trump will follow in his footsteps. I don’t want a dominating, controlling, narrow minded (racist), man in the white house who thinks he has a right to do whatever he likes to whoever he likes…

        I ain’t voting at all. Either way we go we, the people, will lose…. unless there is a Revolution/Anarchy. Just give me tribes like we had before the disgusting white skinned, blue eyed, money-hungry Europeans came here and turned everything into a commodity. F– this shit!!

        • You mean the homicidal, cannibalistic tribes that were endlessly slaughtering and scalping one another? Why would you bother with them. They’ve been bought off with govt cheese…

        • Don’t be silly, Trump is nothing like Hitler in the slightest. You’re falling for the spin.

          Get out and vote.

        • Vote for Mike Rowe. If you dont know, look him up. Read what he has to say. Any politician is a liar, cheat and thief. If someone desires power, they should NEVER be given power.

          Or let it all burn. Lets be done with all this nonsense. People are stupid. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.

          The idea of our nation died shortly after the end of the Revolutionary War.

      28. I have been using the same email address and name for YEARS with no problem!!! why is it nowdays my comments ALWAYS go into moderation??

        • I think that Enemy of the State guy was right when he bailed from here .. the sites been compromised

          im thinking of doing the same

      29. I lose my wife last week have nothing left to live for anyway. So lets do this. Just a old man waiting come get some.

        • Nubria

          I am so sorry to hear that. Will pray for you and yours. You and I will see our loved ones soon enough. They are in a much better place than we are. Now our loved ones will not have to go through or see the evil that is coming to our doorsteps.

        • I’m sorry for your loss Nubria. Hang in there.

        • Nubria123

          Hang in there! We are all going to get some. The way Kharma happens. Bad Ju Ju, and of course Murphy’s Law is all against Hillary.
          They are trying to hold it together but it is like a bullfrog that has swallowed too many alka seltzers.

          Enjoy the circus and we might get to see Hillary spaz out on T.V.

          Oh, Happy Day.

          • Nubria,sorry to hear of the loss of your wife.I am not a religious person but do think this life is just a chapter in a larger book,may your wife and all the lost loved ones enjoy the next chapter.

        • We miss our loved ones when they leave us. May God bring His comfort to you.

          • So sorry to hear Nubria. I don’t have much left either. I’m with you, come get some. I’m taking as many as I can in hopes of better men coming out on top and making this country into what it was supposed to be.

        • Lost my dear uncle “brain haemorrhage” aged 43

          Beloved Mom “liver cancer” aged 42

          Much missed Father “broken heart” aged 45.

          All within six friggin’ months… I’m sick ‘n’ tired of death…

          I have you in my thoughts dear old nubria.

          Hopping you look out for us all here at SHTF and steer us home when it comes to our time.

          Wishing you peace fella… Life sucks.

        • PS nubria 123. God bless your dear wife.

          Life’s tough dude… Wish I could help you in some way… But I just caint.

          Tis a massive thing that’s too big to be handled by people alone.

          Trust in God.

      30. Well I would like to say that Hillary is a communist, lying, murderer who should be on death row as a traitor. Now that I am marked I am happy. It is a mark I wear with pride.

        Thank you Jeremiah and SHTF plan for all you do.

      31. Sorry for your loss nubria. Some wives are irreplaceable parts of the world. Keep your chin up sir. Please.

      32. I tend to agree with the article, its all smoke
        And mirrors. While we all watch the elections something big
        Is going on behind the curtain, and when the curtain is pulled it will be like a whirlwind and be completely overwhelming. As other commentors stated any of the south american collapses are a fair gauge of what we will see here, unfortunately I think the first month will be more violent in the us, with more casualties. But it gives us a good idea what to expect, looks to me that the door to door thing would be spotty at best, patrols will be slim, etc. They want us to be scared of them, but they don’t have the needed resources to deal with squad level guerilla tactics, or even.when faced with large groups of angry people.
        One good thing is they will have to deal with the free s#it army first, they won’t be offered a choice…..

      33. As tasteless and politically incorrect as it is. There are many who would really enjoy & revel seeing Hillary spaz out on TV. The sooner the better. And all I actually wish on her and her cabal are just desserts. I want them to get whatever they deserve and deserve whatever they get. nothing more & nothing less

      34. Americans aren’t going to take action. They only do what they see the majority doing. That’s how they waste their votes and, therefore, don’t vote at all–by voting with the majority and, in the process, not voting to create a new majority.

        As for direct action, Americans surely won’t do that either. The “professional” ones who they wait to follow (again, since they won’t lead themselves, they’ll wait for someone else’s “leadership”) are themselves unfit for effective “action” since those “professionals” are trained to only be part of someone else’s action and logistics. All the “veterans'” “militias” we see fall into that category.

        All that has to be done to dissuade the masses from following the lead that they are all waiting to follow is for the mass media to propagandize any independent “leader’s” action as “criminal”, “terrorist” or the like and NO ONE else will follow that action, even though that’s what they’re all waiting to follow. It’s true, Jeremiah, “symbolic” actions are non-actions and serve only to help the enemy.

        Mere “bloody noses” won’t teach the enemy any lessons. “Shock and awe” is the cartoonish strategy of the enemy. It can’t, however, be the enemy’s victims’ strategy for defense against their enemy.

      35. I wonder what government employees think will happen to them and there families. They must be aware of what the government is doing. And realize the are part of it. Do they think they and there families will be treated with respect. If they don’t have a secrete weapon . What are they thinking? There is so much pent up hatred for the TSA alone it will be a slaughter. Don’t they realize that. What do we do with people who enforce blatantly unconstitutional laws .? Give them a free pass? Because they were obeying orders . Or execute them and deport their families. . .? Examples will have to be made to stop anyone from future treason. Weather we like it or not.

      36. Wonder no more. While you were watching the show, the DARK act was passed. No, it wasn’t a bill sending blacks back to Africa, it wasn’t an end to H1b visas, and it didn’t require blondes to prove the carpet matches the curtains; the DARK act means that groceries will no longer sport the nonGMO sign. A confusing code meant to keep the consumer in the dark will be employed. You will need a stupid phone to read it. Now every item you look at for possible purchase can be identified and recorded with the rest of the data on your file.

        Call Washington and complain. Make sure they have your phone number. But, guess what, they already have your number. When you were born they put your number on your birth certificate. So, stop being afraid. You can’t lose what you don’t have.


        • They wanna make sure everyone has a dang cell phone with camera and mic so they can spy EVERYWHERE.

          We don’t have cell phones and they aren’t allowed on my property if a neighbor comes over, they have to leave the phone.

          This dark act is precisely that – DARK.

          Bake your own bread from flour obtained from a family owned farm that’s 100% organic, grow your own veggies, and stop eating any and all fast food.

          The struggle to simply acquire non poisonous food is increasing and I suppose it’s making some people – (those how go all out to avoid by busting their arses to grow their own – stronger), while at the same time, the pokeman “smart” phone distracted zombies eating toxic engineered filth and drinking tap water will just become more zombiefied as time marches on.

      37. Jesuit Order controlled Nazis. Who helped the Nazis change their identification, created false documents for them and helped them get into the USA after WW 2 – the Vatican. Who helped Hitler move non-Semite Jews from Germany into The Middle East in the late 1930 – the Vatican. Who helped Hitler identify semetic people living in Germany – non-semetic Jews like George Soros – who has provided the Clinton and Obama million of $ – Soros.

      38. Hitlery is having brain damage problems and the Progressive Liberal Commie Democrats are trying to keep it covered up. Just take a quick look at some of the control problems and loss

        • She requires assistance walking up a few steps.

          There is a ‘non-trivial’ 6.5% probability of her having a serious cranial blood clot or stroke between now and Election Day, and the probability of her being stricken in a first time is nearly 100%.

          This is according to her released medical records.

      39. What is Hillary’s greatest fear?

        Sure as hell ain’t Trump. Political scandal? Nope. That witch is battle hardened in that arena. The people of the United States? She only has to placate to a small percentage of swing votes to put her in the White House. Provided Obama does not go radical.

        But her health. Even a small spaz would do her in.

        You think she thinks about it? Wonder what she thinks when she feels it coming on her. Go with it or fight it?
        You can bet that she knows that in a instant, all her power hungry dreams can vanish and another person would grab the reigns of the country. Deprived of a major accomplishment that has spanned years of political turmoil and planning. Gone, down the drain.

        We shall see how the campaign trail unfolds in the final stretch to election day.

      40. Hmmmm….,on yet another fucking list!

        We as a country are really heading in a bad direction,those with nothing to lose and everything to gain can also make lists.

      41. Come and get me, O, the Kenyan…. and Benghazi Clinton.

      42. Hillary is a liar and Obama is a Kenyan occupier. I have been on earth longer than both. America has really been had!

      43. Trump is probably #1 on the Clinton hit list.
        I just think they are saving him for closer to the election.

      44. I knew HRC was/is a liar, but I didn’t know she was an ambidextrous one. More confusion!

      45. Too many ‘accidental’ microphone leaks since BO has been in the driver’s seat? Has anyone ever considered them to be phoney? The cabal running the US gov has every evil step of the way planned to the nth degree at this late stage, as everything has not worked out as planned and they’re becoming desperate. Is it not realistic to consider that this cabal, from the beginning primed Americans to continue regarding Russia and Putin as US Enemy #One and seems they succeeded.

        I have many friends in the US and over the years their eyes have opened wide to the real facts on the ground — that Putin is not the enemy of the American people, but of the Khazarian mafia who infiltrated and for many decades have owned the USG, the Fed and have their fingers in or even own all US Big Corps — their ungodly network spanning and dictating to virtually all corners of the globe — They ARE the USA’s Enemy #One, as much as they are the world’s! Mr. Johnson I am sure you must know all this and while I concede that we all have different opinions about the vast problems encountered all over the planet in these turbulent times, I spent 3 months in the US in 1990 traveling all over your lovely country, way off the beaten track too and loved the American people — and 26 years later, I still have what has become American friends of long standing. But I fear from my soul, that most Americans have not awakened fully yet to the clear and present dangers staring you in the face and my thoughts are not put across with any condescension at all. You guys are so used to your freedom that perhaps you have become complacent about your free and easy lifestyle and maybe, have come to take it a wee bit for granted?

        Putin himself has said that America as the global superpower is not in question, what is in question is the cabal destroying the most advanced country in the world, because its people are generally oblivious that their government has been hijacked by an immensely powerful and greedy cabal answering to no one and whose aim it is to divide America and bring her to her to her knees. He should know what his talking about, as Russia was divided and on her knees when he became the president of Russia. This cabal ensures the US is warring continuously with the rest of the world under the false veil of spreading democracy, its global arrogance unbounded, interfering and creating chaos and destruction, often via coups in all counties not doing its bidding. It might not be common knowledge amongst American people, but Putin did ask Obama whether he’s aim is to turn America into a Godless sewer. This government is abusing the might of the US Military, fomenting fear with its multitude of military and air force bases all over the world, its missile shield in Europe aimed at Russia for many years now. Is this the way to advance the world toward peace and independently recognised prosperity for all? Look at Iraq, based on lies the globalists were directly responsible for the deaths of American soldiers to achieve what General Wesley Clark said, the invasion of 5 oil rich countries in 7 years, which included Syria and Iran and the subsequent murder and mayhem resulted in the death of millions. How can this be right, especially when none of these countries ever threatened the United States? Yet, the USG lied its way into the war in Iraq and then Obama followed on with what he calls his war in Afghanistan — Look at all the hell it unleashed in all these countries — Syria was not guilty of using chemical weapons or of barrel bombing its people, of which the contrary proven today, yet these lies continue being perpetuated. This while US grad rockets supplied to Western Ukraine, contrary to international human rights, were responsible for the death of thousands of civilians in the Eastern Ukraine, while agent orange was used in many countries the US left decimated and also poisoned with spent uranium (which even poisoned US soldiers), with mines still found in Cambodia and Vietnam after 50 years. Few Americans know the truth about what happened in Georgia and in Chechnya or to the Russian submarine Kursk and unless Americans commit to understanding that US wars are money spinners for the .01% global fiends holding their country hostage, they will lose, what today can only be termed was their land of the free and their futures.

        In my sincere opinion, while you still have time, I recommend you go beyond American history and clue yourself up about Russia and you will find Russia is not the aggressor, that the US is, while Russia has to defend her backyard and show her teeth, or else the US would again attempt to overrun her. How can Russia not remember that in 1917, the Communist Bolsheviks and a bunch of local Russian traitors, supported by funding from Kuhn Loebe bank in New York, overthrew the Russian government in a coup and delivered on the Russian people hell on earth for many decades resulting in the death of 60 million Russians. Russia was the first country used as an experiment at exporting communism — while since 1946, successive US administrations engineered orange revolutions and coups all over the globe, which continue to this day under the guise of spreading democracy, while in reality only serving their full spectrum global dominance agenda. Putin is ex KGB, but then Ray McGovern is ex-CIA, turned whistle blower and no doubt about it, that as he is a genuine American patriot, so too is Putin a genuine Russian patriot. Few people in the US know that Putin has had a very complicated task to rebuild a shattered Russia as similar to what’s happening in America, in Russia too, he had to and continues facing the ‘enemy within’ — the same enemy the US is facing head on right now, as I write.

        A veritable fount of verified information is available from so many genuine journalists of the utmost integrity. People who like Putin desire a world of peace and for the US and Russia to be allies. Check out Stephen Cohen, Norman Finkelstein, Eric Zeusse, Eric Draitser, Pepe Escobar, Martin Berger, Robert Fisk, Andre Vltchek and so many others. Visit Global Michel Chossudovky, Information Clearing House, The Saker, Biblioteca Pleyades, New Eastern Outlook, Moon of Alabama, John Pilger, Paul Craig Roberts, Douglas Reed (fantastic WWI and WWII journalist) Dondep tells the World (another amazing American), Joachim Hagopian, Phil Butler, Mike Whitney … the list of these brave writers and journalists goes on and its wonderful that so many of them are Americans! Thank God! A life’s commitment with some to expose the truth about the bankster gangsters who have by way of a hidden hand, ruled the world virtually since forever, using and abusing race, culture and creed as weapons to keep us ordinary guys divided and hating each other, while through their global central banks, they control virtually all countries throughout the world and manipulate and dictate corrupted stock markets globally. When you own 80% of all global assets, doing it is a walk in the park. Please consider watching a documentary called, “In the Shadow of Hermes” It will perhaps bring clearer understanding why Putin told Obama, Russia would have to cease existing, before it will ever be taken over again by fascist/neonazi communists. Never forget that Russia helped America’s Republic battle the Brits and the French when they wanted to attack and overthrow what was then still your fledgling republic. You can search for everything I mention here. Putin wants peace, but the USG (not the people) wants WWIII. Please also check out F. William Engdahl, a highly respected author from Sweden, his writings span many decades and he pulls no punches. And don’t forget Milton William (Bill) Cooper, who had the last laugh as he knew they would get him and before they did, he ensured he’d left his legacy to America widely dispersed.

        To me the US and Russia are natural allies, even the distant past is proof of that. Listen to Putin’s legendary speech he made in Munich in 2007, its available with English subtitles. It was this speech which put the cat amongst the pigeons as Putin refused to continue being part of the NWO shenanigans. Putin also had an amazing interview with David Rose on 60 minutes, but believe not all Americans saw the full uncut version of it — not that Rose cut it, but the presstitute media did. Putin speaks off the cuff at all his international press conferences and very frank and open with all, more than any other Russian leader he has endeavoured to get journos to understand Russia better. Russians have one of the oldest cultures in the world and they have as much to be proud of as the USA, but the US does not treat Russia as an equal, launching scathing attacks on Putin without a shred of evidence to back such attacks. War is not part of who Putin is, while defending Russia’s interests are. While Victoria Nuland was the cabal’s front lady organizing the coup in Kiev, it was not long before NATO started congregating right on Russia’s western border and while Russia will always defend its Navy fleet in the Black Sea, when Crimean’s saw the murdering madness unfolding on the Maidan, some bearing Nazi ‘wolf angel’ insignia, as an autonomous region of Ukraine, they opted to return to Russia, while Putin was unjustly accused of annexing Crimea. Consider doing thorough research on it, as well as on the Odessa Massacre and the persecution of ethnic Russian Ukrainians in the Donbass, which continues to this day — who funds it all if not Mr. George S. Does America know that Uncle Sam’s benevolent identity is no more and sadly he’s more recognizable as Zbigniew Brzezinski — ZB and GS enemies of the American people and every country in the world who does not fall in line with their agendas.

        Putin told students at an agricultural university that they must never forget that love is everything. In 2013 he addressed the Valdai Club and in his speech said, “It is impossible to move forward without spiritual, cultural and national self-determination” – I ask whether these words of Putin were not at one time long ago, an exact reflection of the Republic of the United States of America? I receive your newsletter and apologize for this lengthy comment, but reiterate that it comes from my heart, because I am way beyond gravely concerned about what you people are currently experiencing, but also, that the need is there for the Americans to understand, that no enmity is directed at ordinary American folks. However, outsiders have access raw news, viewing it as it happens all over the world. For this reason we perhaps understand better than Americans may conceive, the horrific threats the Americans face from within their own borders.

        Mr. Johnson you don’t have to publish my comment, as my aim was for you to read it and give credence to the fact that I only wished to promote better understanding of specifically Russia and Putin and what is really happening globally, as it seems the full truth is being withheld from ordinary US citizens. For instance many independent journalists have proven that the sudden shocking racial flare ups and false flags over the last two years happening in your country, were and are funded and engineered by GS to create division between races and creeds and to get you guys to give up your arms. Something by the way, Putin warned against too, as he told Americans never to give up their arms. Forgive me for repeating many issues here, you’re no doubt more informed about than me. I thank you for reading what was weighing down my heart. May peace again come to our fragile world as soon it might be too late.

        • You are the first writer I have ever heard that presented the Truth/ Reality on Russia/American situation. Russia fought with the Allies in WW II, while in economic distress, they did all they could. THEN, Harry Truman, an amoral sadistic SOB, suggested testing the A-Bomb on Russia- to see what it would do!!
          I am not biased, but I can see and reason. My wife is Russian, with Children and G-Children living in Ukraine. I have traveled in both countries. The people of Russia and exactly like Americans: All they want is to raise their children and families, work for their food and clothes and possibly get ahead by going to college, getting a better job. I have seen couples working in their gardens before the Sun came up, to beat the heat of the day. I have never been cursed and slighted by a Russian. Their airport security teams were courteous and friendly, calling me ‘Sir’and ‘Please’. I thought they were going to hug me after they were finished with their job!!
          Americans have been indoctrinated against any country the elites want to demonize. I have heard many Americans say “They hate F…g Russians.” I asked ‘How many Russians do you know?’
          None! ‘The filthy French.” How many Frenchman do you know?
          Imagine a planet and world, where the USA, Russia and China were not only allies, but friends, joining together to assist the remainder of the countries that needed support?

          Can anyone imagine that? An American Patriot as President, willing to “talk”with our enemies, could actually accomplish
          exactly that!!
          RIP America; Think America!!!

      46. Just bought a bunch of booze for barter. Next on list is 2 vest with plates and a couple of good gas masks. Fitting my M1 with a new Luepold scope. Next week another 1000 rounds of .762 Week after some anti biotics and solar powered motion sensors. Following week(assu9ming I have it) propane tanks a good heater and more winter clothing.Running 35 miles a week lifting weights 4 times weekly. Going to range 4 times a week, practicing with all weapons. Also stocking up on gun parts and cleaning supplies. It’s about to get real folks, prepare or perish, hell I might perish anyway but it will not be for lack of trying. Everybody dies of something right.

      47. First…Nubria, my condolences for your loss. May God be with you. To everyone else…please, whatever your political convictions, I pray that every one of us spends more time on our knees, praying for God’s will. Regardless of the outcome; and yes, my family and I are voting; God can do miracles with whatever happens in this, or any other election. What we, as a culture fail to realize, is that a collective repentance can give God the message that we are worthy of mercy and grace, which only He can give us. Blessings to all.

      48. Our Republic finally died on New Year’s Eve 2011 when Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA. The Bill of Rights (and our Founders’ Republic) was dealt a fatal blow. Patriots did nothing. Like the line in the Forest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.” I have literally grown old over the past 35 years fighting for Constitutional government. Every patriot rally bring a sea folks, grayer and balder than the previous. The younger generations don’t know peace or liberty. Besides, they are self-absorbed in frivolous pursuits.

        The globalists won. At some point they are going to ‘pull’ the world financial systems. Pray for some opportunity for Balkanization. Think outside today’s borders. America, RIP.

        • You are correct! Same mind – reality!!

      49. I agree with every word written/spoken by this writer. We have become the slaves of the present aristocracy which has taken over this country. Before it was not as obvious, today the real colors are coming out. They have the money and power from external forces which they have paid off with various means and promises. I would not be surprised if Obama was not in collusion with Putin. The quote from Obama, “I will have more leverage after the election” should not be taken lightly. As Putin has said, “We know the day (of reckoning), and they know we know.”
        That is the day Putin destroys the US with an EMP launched across the Arctic to a defenseless America. How? The same as 9/11 ! The forces and radars across the arctic circle are told to stand down!! America will never fire a shot or launch a single jet or bomber! Be still, don’t be afraid, it will not hurt and will be over by tomorrow. Obama and the Democrats will have won. The greatest nation on the planet brought to it’s knees. Good Night !

      50. She makin a list checking it twice. Put me at the top POS.

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