Majority Of Small Business Owners Think Recession Is Coming THIS YEAR

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    In a new survey, a majority of small business owners think that another recession is coming, and soon. Over half of small business owners surveyed believe that the recession will happen in the next year.

    Likely using their business sense that made them successful and looking at the overall big picture (which is painted nicely over a big pile of excrement), small business owners are not all that optimistic about the coming year. The latest CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey is highlighting concerns of United States entrepreneurs. As the mainstream media continues to whitewash the precarious situation the national and global economy is in, many are slowing realizing just how disastrous the next crash or recession will be; and part of the apocalyptic future will be because the media refused to tell the blatant truth about how bad the debt crisis and everything bubble truly is.

    This was the first time in the two-year-plus history of the survey that small-business owners were asked for their recession forecast, but the broader survey trends over time indicate more caution on the part of entrepreneurs as multiple readings of small-business sentiment has declined, reported CNBC of their own survey.

    “While a slim majority of small-business owners see a recession ahead, there’s little sign that they think it’s imminent,” said Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey. “The small-business index has tapered off from its peak in Q3 2018, but it certainly hasn’t hit a wall, and several of its core components remain strong,” Cohen said. And perhaps that’s part of the problem.  Even some of the elitists who wield power over others have come out with warnings that a recession is nearing and that they [your political overlords] won’t be able to stop it or even help you out.

    Wall Street surveys also are revealing elevated recessionary fears. The CNBC Fed Survey conducted in January, which includes economists, fund managers, and strategists, placed the probability of a recession in the next 12 months at 26 percent, the third straight increase and the highest since January 2016, and the highest of the Trump presidency. A recent Wall Street Journal survey of economists finds fears of a recession at a seven-year high. -CNBC

    A nationwide survey of more than 10,000 Americans conducted by SurveyMonkey in January also found a high level of recession anxiety.  Main Street looks like they understand just how glaringly bad things can become.  63 percent of Americans say a recession is likely in the next year and only 10 percent saying it was “very unlikely.”  But are Americans prepared for a recession?  Most analysts say no, as it seems no lessons were learned after the 2008 Great Recession.



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      1. This is why we’re experiencing the massive layoffs, the high unemployment, and the huge number of business bankruptcies and closures we are currently seeing happen.

        • Exactly. There is no recession coming. Good Lord!

      2. “63% of Americans say a recession is likely in the next year…”.

        Okay, but let’s be realistic here. Only 10,000 Americans were surveyed and only 19% thought a recession was “very likely”. 10,000 is too small of a sample to draw many conclusions from when looking at it in the context of 320 million Americans.

        • JRS, I agree. The only thing we can do is wait on it if it manifests and live our lives in the meantime. Of course there are things (as we well know) of what we can do to lessen the bite. I am more concerned with the actions and just off the wall BS and lies that the House of Communists are spewing. The majority of statements that comes from them are beyond the pale. In days gone by, there would be a challenge to a duel to settle the matter. I for one would like to us return to it.

          • Looks like you’ll just have to up the price of yer shine ol’ boy! Maybe do some prospectin’ too! A country boy will survive 🙂

      3. Valentine’s Day is technically pagan, imo.

        But, I saw a crisis house, where they were decorating a cactus, with whatever they could find.

        There is a story about people smuggling snacks and movies into North Korea.

        There will be a trade in something, for so long as there are people.

      4. Becoming a small business owner requires a triumph of hope over experience. Most small businesses fail in a few years. A recession hurries it along.

      5. Stuart Varney said on Fox And Friends the booming economy will last through the end of the year. There are however two hidden bubbles Debt, and derivatives. Plan accordingly. America’s money is created by the Federal Reserve and backed by the government indebting the people. I have done a study on the Federal Reserve, scroll down to Federal Reserve Note
        Click here

      6. When pressed the Trump hating libs & dimocraps cannot name one tangible negative thing that has directly affected them because Trump was elected. I can quickly name two Tangible things that cost me money because Obummer was elected. First I was deemed a Criminal and paid fines because I refused to be corcerced to engage in commerce and did not buy Health Insurance. second Obummer Put on the Payroll Tax Holiday. That measure reduced the Social security withholdings paid by me and matched by my employer by 50%. That caused the Social Security for the first time ever to Run in the Red. And It resulted in a large number of baby boomers including me to receive a reduced benefit amount when we started drawing. So far President Trump hasn’t caused any nickles to be taken out of my pocket. In fact Under Trump We have received two COLAs. Under obummer there wherent any COLAs.

      7. Recession is probably worse for some people than for others. I never paid much attention to those in the past. Life goes on same as before. You’ld think by the way these people go on and on that a recession would put everybody out in the street.

        If you don’t become a drunk or drug addict, you pay your bills and live your life with some common sense, prepared for the sudden loss of a job, you really don’t need to be concerned whether or not there is a recession.

        What is worse to me is the increasing inflation. The dollar still has some purchasing power, but it is in an uphill battle. If the dollar ever becomes worthless, then we’re in deep trouble.

        I believe that is why prepping is required. If you don’t prepare and it happens, you will suffer and maybe even succumb.

        1. Payoff your home mortgage. Pay down all debts.

        2. Have short term food supply stored. Have garden and tools to grow vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, and even some grains.

        3. Become a fisherman and hunter. Also keep something for meat. Chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, cattle, dogs, cats, even snakes are all edible and the more you have the better you are able to survive if the dollar goes bust; or if you simply cannot bring in an income.

        There is a movement to make holding down a job dependent upon some very arbitrary and ambiguous whims of people who have assumed political power. If you ruffle the feathers of these birds, they can get you fired and banned from your professional life like some Stalinist in Russia during the twentieth century.


      8. Government Shutdown has cost taxpayers $20 billion. It actually cost taxpayers more than if the government was not shutdown. First, Mexico was going to pay for the wall, then they didn’t pay. First it was a great wall, then it was a barrier, now it’s steel slats. $20 billion later. Steel slats that Mexico isn’t even paying for. $20 billion later. Go Trump!

      9. The only negative pressure on the economy right now is the Fed raising rates too quickly in an environment of record debt, government, private and corporate.

        The second is the endless fake news and open false attacks on the President and conservative Americans by the media. There is a core part of our population that have been taught to hate America and Trump on allegations alone, without evidence. The corporate media and Internet gate keepers are well organized in this propaganda effort, and show no signs of ever growing a conscience over constant lies and hate speech that they spew.

        There are some cracks forming because the “everyone is a racist” cheerleading by the left is splashing back on their politically aligned operatives. The Marxists are being forced to be visibly hypocritical in support of the disaster in Virginia, and even their ignorant liberal base is starting to notice.

      10. Hope I’m wrong but we own a very popular shop in a town of 250K. No bookings for two weeks now. Same with gas stations they said huge drop in people buying gas and it’s not weather related. I think a depression is coming. People can barely afford to get an oil and filter change these days. It’s all credit cards too. No cash. USA is going down brothers.

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