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    This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    One company that has appreciated as much as 2,221% since its March 2020 lows is Callinex Mines (US: CLLXF).

    As you know, we are long-term shareholders of the company, and with the leadership of Max Porterfield, have seen the portfolio of Canadian assets advance in a major way in the past fifteen months.

    Just this morning, the company updated on drill results at what we believe to be its crown jewel, the Rainbow Discovery: Additional drill results from the ongoing 30,000m drilling campaign to expand the high-grade copper, gold, silver, and zinc Rainbow Deposit have been made. The Rainbow is located at the 100% owned Pine Bay Project within a mineral lease, less than 250m from a high-voltage hydroelectric power line and 550m from a historic shaft with direct road access to processing facilities in Flin Flon, MB.

    Max Porterfield, President, and CEO stated, “We are thrilled with these exceptionally high-grade copper intersections.  As we continue to expand the footprint of the Rainbow, we have gained a stronger understanding of the potential size and continuity of the deposit.  Two drill rigs will continue to operate through the summer months as we focus on the vertical and lateral expansion of the Rainbow.” Mr. Porterfield continued, “To put our exploration results in context, the global average copper grades for copper mines is just over 0.50% and to be in the top ten highest-grade copper mines in the world a deposit needs to average 4% copper or more. The mineralization intersected in the Rainbow to date are indicative of the high-grade deposits that the Flin Flon District is famous for hosting.”

    Read the full news release HERE!

    One critical component of Callinex Mines (US: CLLXF) is its tight share structure!

    A second crucial aspect is the jurisdictions of its various projects in Canada:

    For example, at the Bathurst region, where Nash Creek and Superjack are located, the infrastructure is world-class:

    A third major catalyst for the company is that its Pine Bay project – where the Rainbow Discovery was made and continues to be further drilled – is located next to high-voltage power lines and direct road access.

    Remember, one of the exit strategies that Callinex Mines’ CEO, Max Porterfield, has mentioned in the past is to develop these high-grade assets to the point that they are attractive to mid-size and major mining companies.

    This is where the proximity to infrastructure will be taken into great consideration!

    Obviously, the company has impressed the market with its drilling results in the past year!

    Check out the 1-yr chart:

    An entire summarized overview of the company can be accessed HERE!

    What’s really unique is that Callinex (US: CLLXF) has been able to discover gold, silver, copper, zinc, and lead, which provides it with upside potential to both precious and base metals alike.

    Conduct your due diligence on this company!


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