Major Precious Metals Retailer: “We Have Been Experiencing Astounding Volume”

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 162 comments

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    Were one restricted to watching just the paper market spots prices for precious metals, one might assume that there is major panic selling of gold and silver around the world.

    A few days ago gold saw its biggest drop in thirty years, and silver was right behind it, leaving many investors concerned that gold’s decade-long run-up was nearing its end.

    With all of this selling you’d think there’d be lines of panicked investors standing outside of brick and mortar local dealers and an overstock of precious metals at online retailers.

    Curiously, it seems to be that exactly the opposite is happening. As the price of gold and silver collapsed to two-year lows, retailers in local markets and online have been scrambling just  to keep up.

    A spokesperson for JM Bullion, a major online supplier of gold and silver to the retail market, suggests that they are experiencing unprecedented demand, all the while gold and silver prices as reported by the mainstream media have been “falling” precipitously:

    We still have certain things in stock, like 10 oz bars, while others, like Silver Eagles, are a bit of revolving inventory.

    The shipments are going out as soon as inventory comes in.

    Our main challenge right now is actually getting the silver into the boxes and shipped out – we have been experiencing astounding volume.

    Gold is in much better shape. We have all of our 1 ounce gold coins and bars in stock.

    While JM Bullion still has gold and silver in stock and is able to meet demand, investors are being advised that they may have to wait five days or more to receive their orders as the company works to clear their backlogs.

    Many other online retailers, however, are reporting significant shortages. So much so that some are being forced to cancel customer orders because there is simply no inventory, especially as it pertains to silver.

    A subscriber alert from Future Money Trends indicated that the shortage is quickly becoming more widespread:

    Several bullion dealers are reporting low or no inventory, others are just outright overcharging their customers. Wholesale dealers are also reporting they are out of several products including the American Eagle.

    “…there is basically a silver shortage right now. Dealers are starting to run out of products and delay the shipping times.” David Smoler, DBS Coins

    Here is a message from my good friend who works in the bullion industry when I asked him if there were real shortages happening.

    “Across the board, sold out. Delivery delays up to 4-6 weeks, premium rising. Friday was our busiest day ever; until today. Which was much busier.” Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin

    Renaissance Precious Metals also reports having inventory of silver and gold available, but has advised that demand is so high, supplies are so low and paper prices are under such manipulation, customers should be prepared to pay higher premiums.

    This shortage of physical metals may be due in part to wholesale suppliers like CNT, the company which supplies gold blanks to the US mint, having run completely out of silver.

    Two of the largest wholesale suppliers in the US, including Amark and CNT, who is the supplier of gold blanks to the US Mint for Gold Eagles, and is a registered COMEX depository, HAVE JUST SOLD OUT OF ALL PHYSICAL SILVER!!!

    Additionally, a major collapse of a Rio Tinto silver and copper mine in the United States last week has essentially vaporized about 16% of the physical precious metals market for potentially years to come.

    Adding further pressure to the supply shortage, just a week prior to the mine collapse, the U.S. mint reported that it sold over 15 million silver eagles so far this year, leaving them so shorthanded that they have begun rationing supplies to primary dealers.

    The number one driving force, however, seems to be investor demand amid what many perceive to be the next leg down in the financial crisis.

    By all accounts, there is a gold and silver buying frenzy all over the world as prices have reached levels that are appealing to investors who were, as recently as last year, paying in excess of $1700 per ounce for gold and $35 per once for silver.

    The shake out of ETFs and futures has left the Australian mint short of deliverables and Japanese and Chinese gold retailers seeing a “frenzied” surge in demand.

    The customers are not just the ‘rich’ or ‘elderly’; in China “they tend to wear water shoes and come directly from the market…;”

    in Australia, “the volume of business… is way in excess of double what we did last week,… there’s been people running through the gate,” and Japanese individual investors doubled gold purchases yesterday at Tokuriki Honten, the country’s second-largest retailer of the precious metal.

    Thus, despite a significant crash in precious metals prices recently, investors are not only ignoring the media hype, but they are doubling down on the historic relics in anticipation of runaway inflation and continued uncertainty in the global economy and financial markets.


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      1. I’ve been watching prices on Ebay and they are not unreasonable and are tied to the “paper” price rather than the physical. Plus, the metal is available.

        • hmmm, I’ve been watching Ebay also and what I am seeing is stuff going for $29-31 an ounce. 2 lots this morning on 20 halves sold for $230, which is $11.50 each, which is in the $31 range.

          I check it multiple times a day cuz I sell a lot on Ebay.

          Just saying

          • why bother with e bay ??

            your just leaving a paper trail and subject to huge price mark ups.

            just buy it local pay with cash and keep off the radar if need be go to a town near by don’t say any more then you have to and stay off the radar
            remember OPSEC.

            all your internet purchases are being tracked now ( even mine )

            don’t give them what they need there just going to come to your house and pull out a file folder and tell you give us this and this and this they WILL have all the proof they need.

            ever notice the Ads on web pages most are tailored to YOU and your recent searches

            Try it on some other page then this

            Look for long term food and then go to a different page 9 times out of 10 you will see an ad for Long term Food
            all computers have Tracking software in them now thanks to yahoo and Google chrome.

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • You’re right, skittle.
              Last night I purchased fish mox forte and guess what’s on display for me??
              Yep–fish mox.

              Vitamin A hasn’t popped up though..go figure.

            • In Firefox you can turn off website tracking. It seems to work. I don’t know if IE has it also. In internet options under the privacy tab.
              molon labe

              • Firefox also has a nice little add-on called “Ghostery”. It keeps 99.9% of all tracking crap off your computer. TACO is another add-on that keeps the trackers at bay. I use both.


                • I think the disconnect between physical and the market is f’ed up bs! APMEX sucks and are greedy bastards rising their premiums to keep physical price the same screw the common man investor……will never buy from them again. Silver dropped today and they above spot rose 40 some cents on pre 65 halves and quarters and 20 some odd cents on dimes……fuckem!

                • sorry boys, that doesn’t stop your ip’s from being logged.

                  • Cant stop everything but it might slow em down a bit
                    my orig point was we all need to try to not use Computer for some questionable purchases.

                    i try a bunch of tricks but cant ( wont ) say here what they are

                    be they guns ammo or PMs i don’t want some fed coming to my house and telling me the New ar ( example not real ) i just bought is now on some watch list and needs to be picked up by them for “safe keeping ”

                    every one is far too open with the info take Facebook and other social media sites you can know every thing.

                    Not for me

                    the less people know the better

                    skittle shittin unicorn

                  • Use the TOR network. Untrackable.

                • I have a much better way. I’ve gone through life for years now; I have no idea what I’m doing, and even less what’s going on around me. If I could, I’d get the gov to send me a weekly synopsis of what I’m doing and what’s going on

              • Howdy Kettle, JayJay,

                JayJay…Hon, IT’S been a little chaotic the last 48 hours or so, I haven’t been able to dash off a ‘Howdy-doo’ to you as yet…will shortly!

                ROUNDLY…that idiot IE is worse than a ground-squirrel packing for Winter. USE one of the variants of FireFox (or Waterfox if you’ve got a full 54-bit system…it runs really well) BUT, nor only do you have to set the parameters under the ‘Options’ tab in FF to NOT remeber anything generally, as well as to tell it to clear everything after the browser closes…BUT even IF you ‘rip IE’ out by it’s roots you still have to go to the control panel under ‘Internet Options’ and FORCE it to clear it’s internal caches..even when it’s GONE!!….else Windows just keeps logging stuff on and on and on…you wouldn’t be HAPPY knowing HOW much stuff it tries to hang onto.

                NinaO isn’t particularly fond of TOR but it’s still beter than all the other more popular packages that most people are capable of utilizing…you still have to WATCH it though, t’aint ‘bullet-proof’ and it IS slower than you’re accustomed to.

                There’s quite a bit more to it all but that’ll get ya started! “Safe Browsing” Y’all! 😉


            • CORP comes to your door asking for what’s on a list…. Why would you be here? We object to you knocking on our door. What is behind this door is none of your business, plus you are trespassing on the 4th amendment. Have a nice day.

              Try Ghostery

              This site currently has 5 trackers.

              • Shootit

                my point exact

                No one has the right to know what you own and how you got it ever notice the Lenders know HAVE to know where your down payment comes from and how you got it.
                all in the name of Catching Drug dealers ya right
                they just want to know how much you have stashed away in private bank accounts etc.

                don’t tell them any more then you have to

                you cant hide everything but you sure can try

                skittle shittin unicorn

            • The answer to internet tracking……

              • have it running now seems to be slowing the ads down and that’s a good thing

        • Why even bother with bullion, coins, bars, and the like??? “They” are just gonna kick our doors in and take it all right? Sarcasm intended! Where is the common sense?

          After reading this blog for the last several months, I’m not sure who the real sheeple are — are they the naive people who think everything will always be hunky-dory; or are they the hippie, overly tolerant, tree huggers who who are wracked with white/american/human guilt; or are they the paranoid masses who think we’re all headed to fema camps? A bit of common sense wouldn’t diminish anyone’s resolve to be prepared, and to live in fear surely isn’t what God had in mind when he put us here on Earth.

          • “I’m not sure who the real sheeple are”. Welcome to the farm. Fool

          • So what is your advice Spike, besides being nasty and judgmental? Being a prepper isn’t about being afraid, it is about being ready for what comes down the road. I admit I started this phase of my life because I was afraid, but now it is my lifestyle. I want to become self reliant, as much as possible. I want to live my life without a government boot at my neck. I want to honor my God with my life and all I do with it.

            • @ Jim (another Jim) –

              Very well said Jim. Fear doesn’t even begin to enter into the equation. The time for any level of fear or trepidation is long since past having any relevance. The Tribulation Times our headed our way, there is absolutely NO way that we can avoid the consequences of our past actions and we’re ALL going to be pretty much evenly and equally “HOSED”. What lies ahead isn’t going to be very friendly or very much fun for anyone involved ….. and we’re all invited to the ‘party’.

              God Bless & good luck to all.

            • Jim, my advice is to have a little common sense. Is that so hard for many of us? Many of the comments in here are barely believable by even the most active imagination.

              The “TPTB” and “false flag” comments are typically rooted in fear birthed and perpetuated by the likes of online conspiracy theorists. Many of these online guys take a nugget of truth and cleverly weave in fear and rumor such that the distortion and truth are totally mixed together. I know the media intimately well, and believe me, these people are entertainers who have made A LOT of money doing their schtick. Big high fives to them. Capitalism at its finest. The sponsors are making gobs of money too!

              Opposing view points should always be considered, and I try to weigh all view points against common sense. In doing so, I’ve actually gravitated toward a lifestyle that is close to yours, Jim. However, for one to blindly believe some of these wild conspiracy theories and base life decisions on them may not be the wisest use of our precious resources and time. Look at things through the prism of common sense.

              Personally I do not think we’ll all be hauled off to fema camps. Nor do I think my 401k, social security, or gold will be confiscated. Call me crazy, but it is apparent through common sense that such actions would totally kill the economy. Will the labor unions tolerate such heavy handedness whereby the entire consumer is impoverished? Who will buy new Fords if we’re all poor? Who will buy the new Iphone if we’re all in fema camps? If we’re all locked up, who will work to pay taxes to feed the govt? Entire companies would go under without workers to make the products and without a consumer to buy the stuff. Wealthy corporations, wall street, banks, and campaign contributors will never tolerate such confiscations. Jim, you may not be prepping for those above reasons, but some people are and they do other things based on that same fear.

              Lastly, the theories presented by the online guys are just that: theories. Ever notice how they don’t say what will happen AFTER such an event? I’ve noticed. They don’t say what will happen after we’re all in fema camps or if all our 401k’s are taken. If 100 or 250 million Americans are dead at the hand of the govt, then what? Alex et al can’t answer reliably what happens next. If we’re all killed, there won’t be anyone for the govt to control. So ask, “what happens next” if such a wild theory were to happen.

              • So Spike….which agency are you with….or are you just part of some focus group that concentrates on posting crap on prepper websites?

                Common sense would dictate that one do a little research and find out either the truth or lie to the conspiracy theories. (Here’s a hint…if they tell you they are doing it, it’s not a conspiracy THEORY…it’s a real conspiracy)

                But then, I guess I’m asking a little much from someone who very likely relies on the MSM or for his information.

                I could point you to a lot of information that validates the claims of those who are predicting the fecal-storm that is approaching. But I’m not going to do your homework for you.

                You live in a dreamworld…..a “matrix” if you will of delusion.

                Better wake up while you have the chance.

                Or don’t. I really don’t care. I’m tired of trying to convince idiots of the truth.

                • Walt, that’s a good one — focus groups and agencies — spoken with such paranoia. I’m your neighbor. I’m the guy in line at walmart buying diapers for my kid and fishing lures for crappie season. I don’t need to prove my credentials to anyone. Suffice to say, I don’t need MSM or your pals at Mother Jones. I’ve been around the block a few times, prior military officer, seen it, done it, walked the back halls of the pentagon, and realized that most all the civil servants in the government are dimwits who are utterly incapable of launching a grand scheme to put us all in fema camps much less mow my lawn. Yet, ol’ Alex is just so sure that’s “their” plan. Did you serve in the military to render a similar opinion? If so, doubtful you’d be insulting and condescending to a fellow vet.

                  You mentioned “a little research” — what exactly is that? An AJ narrated youtube video “proving” military jets flew into the Twin Towers? Or some pictures on his website showing concertina wire {palm to my forehead} on the INSIDE of the fence to keep us all in? That’s scary! Is that your research? Well being a practical guy who is open to all points of view, I’ve seen it, read it, and have concluded that most of it is BS. Just like Dan Rather’s supposed true documents on G.W. Bush, must of the research I’ve seen is the same crap that proves NO conspiracies to be true. Again, a nugget of truth layered and interwoven with rumor and exaggeration to scare the folks — that’s your research. Hi five AJ, it’s working.

                  Lastly, the folks living in a dream world are the sad individuals scared of the fema camps; food and gold/silver confiscation. I won’t convince anyone that most of these just are not true and make no sense no matter how many websites you read. Black helicopters conspiracies are not true – that was the 90’s conspiracy, remember? And in 10 years no one will be talking about fema camps. It’ll be aliens, big foot or some other crazy shit to occupy your time.

              • Spike I would have to say that if you look at facts even without fear a lot of the conspiracy theories are full of truth. Just because it scares you and you take it in a fearful way does not mean that its not the truth.
                The truth is all that matters and noone should be afraid of the truth.
                In the end the truth wins because its the truth.
                So why fear it?
                If someone is trying to incite fear in you doesn’t mean you have to take it like that and discount the facts they are presenting.
                The group at the top pull strings in all parts of the world. They use borders and flags as teams to battle each other. Its in this way they separate us and pit us against our fellow men. I’m pretty sure all of us can see the truth In that. All you have to do is follow the money. If you follow it back far enough you can see that its been in the same few family’s control for centuries and perhaps longer. They don’t need us to be consumers and just look at third world counties.

                • BFB, I typically look at both sides of an issue without fear. The situation is what is it is. Fearing it won’t help anything or anyone, so I appreciate your words. My remarks about fear are directed at those who may do costly things out of fear for no good reason — cash in an IRA and pay HUGE penalties fees and taxes because they read something in here; quit their job and move somewhere because they’re suddenly afraid of big cities due to some comment in here, it goes on….

                  Those who sew fear are making big $$$ by doing so, and that can’t be ignored, and they are spewing more fear than facts unfortunately — just an educated opinion since I “get” their schtick. Who else gets it? See, to these internet guys it is easier (and more fun and more lucrative) to embellish a small nugget of truth and scare lots of people than merely to discuss the little nugget of truth and not get any reaction at all. That’s how it unfolds. Talk to any media consultant and they will confirm it.

                  I’m glad you brought up the families that control things. Again, how does this jibe with what’s going on in our country? So what are these rich families doing? Making threats to to Obama force their will on the US citizenry? Are they just so wealthy that everyone cow-tows to their every whim? I doubt that.

                  Lastly, you prove my point exactly about how the government needs consumers. Yes, I have looked at third world counties – been to many of them. The powerful don’t need consumers in third world countries — they are peasants in third world countries! There is NO wealth in third world countries. So sadly, wall street and big corporations don’t really care about them being consumers. A peasant living in a tin shack south of Tijuana or outside Manila ain’t buying an Ipad. Third world countries add little to the bottom line, are filled with corrupt officials (who are mostly poor themselves compared to any middle class American). It’s just not worth it to create markets there. BUT, the corporations and the wealthy DO care about developed western countries where there is lots of wealth. Yet many of these western countries have a fraction of GDP we do. The wealth taken in Cyprus was what the US spends on just welfare and interest in a few months. Yeah, it was big to Cyprus, but on the world stage, it was not that horrible.

              • whats all this talk of Busting children Now, who will tuck them in? Where will they hang their leggings? Where will they set up their little lemonade stands?

                emily litella

              • Spike: Shame on you for trying to pop the bubble of the conspiracy theorist here. Most folks here are reasonable but there are a few who are terrible at math and economics. The problem with facts is that these folks ignore them when they contradict their precious “beliefs”. Here goes: there are over320 million people living in 132 million separate households here in the U.S. and in those homes there are an estimated 50+ million gun owners. That’s nearly 38% of all households. Not all of them are active shooters/hunters but millions of them still are. There are currently 3 million service members stationed around the world and most are not combat arms. There are only around 1 million LOEs nation wide and most of these are not commando/swat types. All totaled that’s 4 million vs 50 million. The thumbs down will be coming because some folks just can’t accept the truth when it conflcits with their special little paranoid world. Reality is a Bitch folks and ignoring her will only get you hurt.

                • Thanks for the backup Greg. I realize not everyone will wake up, and most people WANT to believe that stuff. The fearful scary conspiracies are the hampster wheels for their brains — turning over and over and over and over, going no where.

                  It is just unimaginable the amount of emotional energy and wasted time that is spent listening to the likes of alex jones and similar ilk. To each his own, I suppose. I take him as face value — a showman! I find it sort of funny especially when he puts the dramatic music behind one of his urgent reports. If only the conspiracy kooks know how much money Alex makes from his fear mongering, they’d be shocked. And yes, even Alex himself doesn’t believe any of this shit he says, he does it all for the show and for the entertainment value.

        • ok folks help me out –
          as i understand it silver rounds are considered bullion ,and bullion is subject to confiscation ?
          when selling bullion you have to report it ?

          certain silver coins such as polar bears are considered be be “private” ? and not subject to reported sales or the possible “recall” by government ?

          confused , please advise .

          • i keep forgetting to sign in
            hammerhead ,
            why are dimes and”junk” silver better buys ?

            FWI – i have absolutely NO experience with PM.s .

            i can grow a steak , or build a house , but dont ask me about precious metal .
            so PLEASE , be patient , thanks.

          • As far as I know, only gold is subject to reporting by commercial dealers only.

          • Anon, don’t know if I can help you out, but after buying gold and silver rounds, I was afraid that I had made a mistake, so I sold all of mine to indviduals for just what I gave for them. No gain and no loss, so I didn’t report them to anyone, maynot be politically correct but that’s just the way it is. As for the Polar Bears, they no longer exist, they all die due to global warming.WASP. Live Free, Die Free!

          • At this point, just about anything (bullion, food, guns, ammo, liquor, gasoline, etc) can be subject to confiscation with the stroke of a pen or declaration of an “emergency”.
            I’m not trying to be flippant.
            I don’t think you should try to plan around past “rules” or even current rules because they can simply change the rules at any time.
            There is no rule of law anymore.
            That being said, if memory serves, gold bullion transactions above a certain dollar amount set off a reporting requirement, not sure about silver.
            In my opinion, smaller sized bullion makes far more sense than large bars, which are harder to transact and store.
            I don’t think confiscation is going to distinguish between types of bullion if it actually happens.
            If they come after some of it, they’ll come after all of it, in whatever form.

          • I got me a $10 gold piece today, BUT, ooops, I lost it down the drain at the gas station on the way home…wink.

          • I was lucky and found some eagles at 4 over spot today – got a dozen – all he had

      2. Paper gold means the same as an empty can of food, it means nothing, it is not tangible. How anyone could look at some figure on a computer screen or some statement as value in gold, silver, etc., as compared to holding that precious in their hands is beyond me. Electronic worth ain’t going to be worth anything WHEN that collapses. DUH, to all those non-preppers and people that just don’t get it that physical reality is all that matters.

        • Paper gold–Bitcoin, chose wisely.

          Buy if you must but don’t sell. PMs will climb back up soon. Everything about the market is geared for panic.

        • Howdy BI,

          Yes Sirree, “On it” like you-know-what! BTW, – once again – Kudos and PROPS for the big-un in Iran Friend…

          …You have yet to disappoint! 😉

          Good Job! Ignore the riff-raff..we NEED you focused on the REAL stuff!! Lastly, we have NOT had a significant GRB since the 15th of last month…the implication per our previous dialogue is that seismicity will continue to increase….


      3. Down again today. I’m holding and waiting to see what the bottom is. A couple of years ago Silver went from $19 to $9 approx. before it formed a bottom and then eventually climbed back.

        • Why hold out for the bottom? What does it matter if it silver hits $5.00/oz and it’s all gone? The amount of physical silver in existence is only a fraction of the amount of physical gold in circulation. Likely it will soon become apparent that when it comes to silver there will be none to be had. Then it will be a true “frenzy”.

      4. If you’re a prepper instead of a speculator then the lower it goes the better. Those speculators trying to cash in on profits aren’t making money now, but preppers stocking up for the dollar crash are able to buy more and more metals. If you’re stocking up for post fiat America, then the lower it goes before the crash the more you can accumulate. Then when the dollar crashes it will become a rare form of real and useful currency. If you’re investing in paper metals, you’ve probably wasted your money.

        • Agreed. This decline is a fantastic buying opportunity for preppers and others paying attention to what is really going on with the money supply. Traders speculating for a short-term profit may be sweating bullets, but as preppers we shouldn’t worry about the decline because our purpose is decidedly longer-term.

        • I bet folks around here would be willing to donate to a fund to buy you a new caps lock key that works for your computer.



            • ek
              You are such a little bitch.
              There must be something shiny in your mom’s basement because the topic is PM’s. If you are going to comment I am going to thumb you down until you can contribute something worthwhile. Until then watch out for your own rights.

              For the topic has anyone seen a slowdown in delivery from JM Bullion? The web is saying they have stock but I have seen shipments delayed.

              • Watt u talkin ’bout dick, he’s my little bitch…

          • I don’t know about that BraneFrees…but I’d be willing to donate toward buying him a one-way ticket to some third-world country where they have no Internet access.

        • Along the same lines – I get the impression that in “real life” you probably speak with your mouth on caps lock too.

          Just a thought.

        • What crock of sh**……
          I hope the two cops and the city pay dearly….

          Also, with the Obama attitude of all military are subject to be watched and denied gun rights…. Maybe the majority of Military will see this and remember the oath to the Constitution.

        • By all means Eisencrap…..carry openly. In fact…when you do it, wear camo clothing and a T-shirt that reads “Death to ZOG!”

          From what I’ve seen about the incident in Temple, TX, the law-enforcement officer in question was a real jerk and I believe violated the rights of the guy he arrested. Apparently, the DA in Bell county has a real hard-on (pardon the expression, but there’s really no other way to describe these morons) for gun-owners….particularly when they exercise their rights.

          That being said, there is a difference between exercising your rights, and being a jerk-wad who is out to cause a scene. (and I don’t think that is the case in the Temple incident)

          But Eisencrap….you’re a loose cannon. Guys like you, running around carrying their guns…quite frankly….scares me. Not because you don’t have the right. But because you don’t have lick of common sense or maturity.

        • Go away Eisenkreuz, or nina, or whoever you are. You are a mean spiteful person who I am glad I have never had the displeasure to meet. This site is supposed to be a site to exchange ideas and news, not listen to a whiny, mouthy witch.


            • Wow. That is a grand claim.

            • Eisencrap….you’ve done so much in the 17 years you’ve lived.

              I’m just in awe. (insert sarcasm emoticon here)

              What you are, is a poser and a loudmouthed little punk.

            • Eisen…..Delusions of grandeur.



        • @eisen-
          I’ve seen that video. I recommend everyone watch it.
          It didn’t happen in some gun-fearing state, it happened in TEXAS, and Texas should know better.
          They were either Texas’s UNfinest, or police are starting to move in another direction than the Bill of Rights.
          Seriously, folks- this vid is worth the watch. The innocent guy WAS arrested.

          • I watched the video too.

            I’m as pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment, pro-open carry as you can get.


            If you carrying openly, the police DO have the right to check to see if you are carrying lawfully (i.e. that you are not a felon or otherwise prohibited from having a gun). It is entirely reasonable for the officer to ask you to relinquish your weapon to them until they can make sure that you are lawfully carrying.

            The guy in question here….Sgt.Grisham I believe is his name….resisted every request the officer made. He was argumentative and refused to obey lawful orders.

            Frankly…I think the officers exercised remarkable restraint.

            And I think that had Sgt. Grisham been more reasonable and compliant with the police officer from the outset, the outcome of this situation would have been quite different. As it was, he was very fortunate that the situation did not escalate.

            That’s just my opinion. But being a patriot and exercising your rights does not mean you have to be an a-hole in the process.

            I think Sgt. Grisham went out looking for trouble….and he found it.

      5. Ah yes, the golden rule only applies to physical. Shortly, physical will only be available by auction. The reserve price will be spot. Assay and exray any metal acquired from Ebay Jasmine.

      6. Went to my metals man this morning with a pocket full of cash. He had no gold bars, 3 or 4 1/4 oz coins, and the only silver he had was junk. This is a shop in business for 75+ years. His suppliers have cancelled orders, and he says its weeks before he can restock any bars.

        The run for physical possession is on!

      7. Nothing has changed that would warrant the drop in the metals… This is a manipulation by the bankers so they can exchange paper stock market gold and silver for the real thing… at a cheaper price.
        If anything, all the dollar printing by the fed should have the value of the metals higher. Much higher

        You know you should get some.

        And to those who say you can’t afford it, a pre 1964 quarter can be bought for under 5 bucks right now. A couple of those a week can add up quick.

        Real money for an uncertain future…

        may luck be on your side


      8. Yep, gold dropped to 1330, bounced and then is sinking again. I figure it’ll find support around 1355. If it hits 1300, I’ll eat my hat.

      9. Don’t forget to sign up for the free online gunsmithing course from American Gunsmithing Institute.

      10. Off topic, but the **Breaking** banner link of suspect arrest in Boston bombing shows a picture of a backpack.

        this post associates a face with that backpack pic. It’s a white guy….

        Something with this bombing stood out to me. I have yet to read where anyone takes credit. I guess it could credibly be lone wolf type or false flag, though I’m hesitant to go into ‘the govt did it’ conspiracies.

        • Yep, I posted that link earlier, other thread..mac still probably hasnt moderated it yet

        • He looks remarkably calm for someone about to… I dunno… blow up a bunch of people. That makes no sense to me.

        • Yep….fits the profile of the people that they want to demonize….White…middle-aged males.

          This thing is screaming false-flag.

          Notice how TPTB refused to label Benghazi a terrorist attack for weeks?

          Yet this was considered a terrorist attack from the very beginning.

          Same with Ft. Hood. They called that “workplace violence”.

          Now we have ricin laced letters going to public officials.

          Don’t think they won’t try to tie this all together.

          Dip in the metals….terrorist attacks….Hang on folks…they may be getting ready to launch this whole shebang. They’ve been setting it up for quite some time.

          • Walt kowalski I agree with you 100% .something wicked this way comes.

            • Pretty funny Kaynine; said the exact same thing to my son about these “unrelated” events. Some wicked is indeed coming!

          • I don’t think Benghazi was a regular “terrorist” attack. I think Russia was behind it. The USA was smuggling arms to the fighters in Syria. Syria is a major importer of russian military equipment and a ally.

            • WAS????

          • The Ricin thing is obvious HS, just like the anthrax thing was. If you wanted to cause mayhem and had access to such things, why would you waste them on a handful of targets (exposing yourself in the process)? If these “investigators” are dumb enough to actually believe any of these theories, USA is in more trouble than I thought.

            Note how quickly the Saudi national thing was dropped. Kind of a rerun of the OKC thing where at first, men of obvious ME origin were seen running from the scene, and then a white guy was fingered for the whole thing. Can’t have any of those formerly “undocumented” “new Americans” trusting whitey now, can we?

          • Profiles are based on past and simply educated guesses.
            The metals market is controlled by large investment banks and governments other than the US.
            Benghazi was not called terrorism for political reasons. They did not want an intell failure exposed.
            This was called terrorism because it is. I don’t see your set up theory. Give me a time limit on your prediction. Then I will laugh at you in a week.

      11. FTI – from the

        “16% of US annual silver production just vanished – At 9.30 pm local time on 10 April 2013, Kennecott Utah Copper’s Bingham Canyon Mine experienced a slide along a geotechnical fault line of its north eastern wall. Movement on the north eastern wall had accelerated in recent weeks and pre-emptive measures were taken to relocate facilities and roads prior to the slide. All employees are safe and accounted for. Mine operations are currently suspended while experts assess the extent of the slide and impact on operations. [5 million ounces of silver, 500,000 ounces of gold anually]
        Press release at (H/t: TC)”

        • And yet, the price goes down. Next, as gold sinks ever lower, they will start announcing mine closures. And still the price will go down. Doesn’t mean it’s right or has to make sense. Look at the price of the stock market. Oh, but the stock market is manipulated you say? Exactly.

        • 3 weeks of fixing, they’re back on line.



        • Situation, that’s

        • Caps lock, girl. Caps lock.

        • Eisenkrazy!!! I see your job as a health care navigator did not work out? call boxes,and whistles???

        • The “gun free” zones aren’t working. Larger signs are the answer. Maybe get Mark Kelley to buy more AR 15s “To show how easy it is”.

      13. This is o/t,but has to be said,News reports breaking an arrest made in the Boston bombing and it’s somebody with DARK skin,oh,THE HORROR the media cried,lmao.

      14. Yep it’s time to DOUBLE DOWN on your gold and silver while it’s CHEAP cause after SHTF you will see $1000 an ounce silver and gold will go to the moon.
        But for average joe I would recommend silver and especially silver (pre-1965) American dimes, because IF and WHEN silver hits $1000 an ounce it will be much easier to buy or barter a silver coin valued at $80 than a Silver Eagle vallued at $1000 to $1200 AND if you use the $1000 dollar coin just imagine what kind of change you will be getting back, (probably worthless paper) uch. So Remember the “Trailer Park Investor” says, to invest in 90% Silver American dimes 1964 & older. Everyone recognizes them as silver and as valuable and never faked, who would fake a silver dimes with a value today of about $2.00 And you can buy say 10 of them on Ebay for $20.00 OR LESS. Wow such a deal….
        Yep NOW is the time to Double Down on your Gold & Silver!

        • Scenario:

          I see you walking down my street and you told me that you have lost your family and most of your supplies. You tell me that your trying to find a person who is wanting to trade some gold and silver for ammo cause you have one bullet left or water cause your dying of thirst. I say to you kindly, “I don’t know of anyone buying metals now but ill give you 50 rounds of ammo to protect yourself in your quest for a 10 oz. silver bar. Now ask yourself, would you make the trade? If you will, you’ve spent too much resources on non lifesaving preps and should reconsider your options.

          No need to get defensive, this is merely a scenario and not intend to piss you off, its just that I see and hear a lot of people who call themselves Preppers due to their silver holdings.

          Good luck and stay safe

          • that wasn’t my thumb down. I don’t judge people and I surely don’t have all the answers.

            PUFF PUFF PASS my friend.

            • EARRRRR!

          • Every spare dollar I have is invested in USEFUL material goods. examples are. Water tank (1500 gal) Lots of food, ammo, 2 generators, one gas one diesel, fuel to run one 2 hours a day for 6 months, gardening supplies, green house, health supplies such as vitamins, collidial silver, suture kit etc. If I ever get any extra money that I dont need, I’ll buy silver.

            • Having a huge stash of PMs and not much else is about as good a plan as concentrating on guns and ammo, and thinking “I’ll just TAKE what I need”.

              O/T: Since newer cars are hard to siphon gas from, might not be a bad idea to have something like a large sheet metal screw with a rubber washer head (like the ones used on some sheet metal roofs) or something similar to plug a hole if you end up having to puncture your own gas tank (most of which are now lastic) for fuel for a genny.

      15. They cant get thier story straight….as usual

        Authorities have identified a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings and denied news reports that an arrest had been made in the attack.

        The Associated Press and the Boston Globe reported a suspect had been arrested and was en route to the Moakley Federal Courthouse in South Boston. But the Boston Police Department and the US Attorney’s office in Boston denied those reports on Wednesday afternoon, saying no arrest had been made. CNN also reported no suspect was in custody, backtracking from its earlier report that a suspect had been nabbed.

        • hey Mr red thumb, i didnt make this up, i just copied and pasted it…jackass

        • The news media in this country….and everything else that passes as “journalism” has gotten to be so bad. It would be hilarious if it were not so sad.

          These people are worse than a bunch of high-schoolers when it comes to the news. They will report on any rumor…with apparently no vetting at all.

          It’s pathetic.

        • The news business is competitive. They often act on information that is not vetted and not given out by the government. They don’t like getting beat to a story so they put out crap and then retract it. Better than getting beat to the story. They have made up their minds, just don’t get beat and retracting is better than losing.

      16. Having been a silver bug for the last 10 yrs, I have stopped buying.

        This is why:

        1) ECB (European central bank) WB (World Bank) FED (we all know who these idiots are) IMF (International Monetary Fund) and many big players such as; Goldman and JP Morgan and others, are being told I believe by these institutions and banks mentioned above to slam th e shit out of these metals and drive down demand in hopes of people will eventually sell at a lost. Then they can swoop up and buy. They will succeed. A lot of people who purchase silver and gold are truly trying to catch the wave. When they see the wave go another way, their the first ones to jump. Preppers, look at the 40 yr. chart for silver and see the pattern. My grandpa gave me silver that he thought was going to send him to some tropical island when he got old. He’s pasted away 8 months ago at 88. I will wait until the slaughtering stops, then I’ll might buy. Right now, cash is becoming more scarce!!!

        2) If the crooks who are slamming the metal fail, they’ll just create some dumbass VAX Tax or make you report your purchases and selling’s to the IRS. Or there just shut down the Local coin store for some unknown reason. I don’t have cash burning a hole in my pocket to gamble on this commodity. Other commodities are stripping me of my wealth such as, Ammo, Food, Gas, Energy, health Insurance etc. etc. \!!!!! Having a family of five, I have no choice but to stock up on these items first.

        3) When the shit hits, My family and my fat ass is going to be running so fast to our BOL that I wont be able to carry all of it due to weight…Trying running with two ten oz bars in each pocket and you’ll know what I mean. But I still believe in metals… This is a tough call to make. What is more important.

        The low supply and the drop in price is interesting I must admit, but until I can be set-up security and health wise, I’m not buying any silver or gold. Go ahead and thumb me down, everyone circumstance is different.

        Remember preppers, NO ONE KNOWS how this is going to play out. Keep it simple, get the basics beforeplaying with metals

        • I almost forgot, PUFF PUFF PASS

          Enjoy what life you have now. It could all end in a blink of an eye

          • Yo JB –

            If some of the other children would only quit ‘bogarting’ the doobie and pass it on, then we could all enjoy a much better time while we wait for the S to HTF.

        • Johnny

          I have a Lil’ stash of silver. (few eagles)

          I just got a water filter for the house and will be looking for a new dehydrator next. We live at our BOL already so everything is in place for us.

          We continue to add to our supplies as money comes in, whether that be food or silver.

          Just do the best you can with what you have, that is what we are doing in the hills. 🙂

          Y’all play nice.

          hillbilly SC

          • hillbilly,

            You sound like you have a plan, that’s great. Having family back in the woods of WV, I’m surprise you didn’t mention ammo… Living in the hills I’m sure that’s not a problem. The woods can be a safe retreat but when I was a youngin, we did some pretty crazy shit in the woods cause we knew no one would here or see us.. good ole times. 🙂

            I wish I could stay in my BOL until the day comes, i’m jealous.

            Stay safe.

      17. There is no Gold Spoon … ;0P

        The ponzi paper and real physical metals markets have diverged – that’s still just the PAPER GOLD and PAPER SILVER prices .

        in the real world of PHYSICAL GOLD and PHYSICAL SILVER its a very different story .

        let the Dumbed Down CNNABCCBSNBCFuxNews watching Sheeple dump their physical … I’ll gladly keep buying it up !!!

        Smart PREDATOR or Dumb PREY ??? which are you ???


      18. cross into mexico…
        .999 1oz silver libertad is at 357 pesos…thats about 29 dollars…. but lots available.

        • Hmmmm…..let’s see….cross the border into a narco-terrorist state (Mexico) with lots of money. Buy silver libertads….dodge drug-dealers and Federales on the way back…cross back into USA hoping I can make it past the border check-point with a lot of silver without being asked a lot of questions.

          Thanks….I’ll pay the premium.

      19. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court seemed worried Wednesday about letting prosecutors use a suspect’s pre-Miranda silence against them in court.

        The justices heard an appeal from Genovevo Salinas, who was convicted in a 1992 murder. During police questioning, and before he was arrested or read his Miranda rights, Salinas did not answer when asked if a shotgun he had access to would match up with the murder weapon. Prosecutors in Texas used his silence to convict him of murder, saying it demonstrated guilt.




          • Shoot his ass

            • WTF? Shoot him? Wow, he has an opinion and you want to kill him. The precious constitution allows for opinions. It’s called the 1st amendment. You are getting a little silly.

      20. Im am not in a “hope for the best situation”, I am in a “plan for the worst situation”

      21. BOSTON (Reuters) – Security officials on Wednesday ordered staff, media and attorneys to evacuate Boston’s federal courthouse, according to a Reuters reporter on the scene.

        Scores of people could be seen leaving the building. No further details were immediately available.

        “Get away from the building. I can’t stress this enough, people,” a uniformed law enforcement official yelled at the crowd.

      22. So much for the white supremacist gun nut theory.

        KAUFMAN, Texas (AP) — Authorities say the wife of a former judge has confessed to being involved in the shooting deaths of a North Texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor.

        Kim Lene Williams was arrested early Wednesday. Kaufman County sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Justin Lewis says Williams is being charged in all three deaths. Lewis says she is being held on $10 million bond.

        According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Williams told investigators Tuesday that she was involved in the shootings of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife, Cynthia, and one of his prosecutors, Mark Hasse.

        The investigation has also focused on her husband, Eric Williams, whom McLelland and Hasse successfully prosecuted for theft.

        • I think they were connecting the white supremacist in Colorado with the Texas homicides. Due to the close time frame, the public official victims and although not physically close, close enough. This would make sense to at least exhaust the possible connection.
          They cops obviously didn’t myopically go after only white supremacist. That is how and why investigations are done. Good investigations will reveal the as much of the truth as possible. They did come up with what looks like the right people and charged them.
          I guess the nut theory was just that, a theory and it was investigated. So what is your point? The media perpetuated the notion not the cops. The cops said they were taking a look at it. Do you expect the cops to say no, actually we know it was a nutty older couple?

      23. The way I see it, the lower the price the better the buying opportunity. The metals will come back. Some think they will return with a vengeance.

        Steve Quayle’s site has an article on some possibilities. We shall see.

      24. Soon lead will be the only precious metal of choice that you will wish you stocked up on. Semper Fi

      25. I wish I had some extra cash to buy some silver. I will next week so maybe the price will drop more. Next time my dad or sister head to Mexico I may have them buy some for me.

        • JL, I’m in similar situation- have all these facts about what’s coming down, but no transportation to do much of anything…

      26. Another PM article, is this site a PM boiler room?

      27. if ya haven’t already

        WAKE UP

        very good little article about the underpinnings of
        our fake economy

        this article is full of red flags


        and this

        “We are, right here and now, sitting on key support for copper. If it fails, and given the pattern I believe it will, we’re going under $3 and could see an all-on crash in copper prices.

        Why is this important? Because it’s a measure of industrial demand — that is, industrial production on a global basis”

        • You can melt copper down and use it to cast bullets.

          Just sayin’….

        • Howdy Satori,

          “very good little article about the underpinnings of
          our fake economy.”

          I declare you ‘a Master of the Art of Understatement”.

          I AM quite sure that you’re abreast of the INSANE buying going on via China and India right now, Yes? I’m beginning to see ‘analysis’ in a variety of places that is pointing the finger at other venue’s than normal…specifically, the damn ‘Hedge Funds’, not that THAT is any suprise. There’s “a WHOLE lot a shakin’ goin’ on” in the immortal words of Mr. Jerry Lee.

          It’s ABOUT to get INTERESTING I think…


      28. I’m just looking for someone to buy my BitCoins

        • Invest them in PM’s one of them will make a come back! Once again if you read an article by a precious metals dealer or broker or coin dealer, take it with a grain of salt. Trekker Out

      29. Background check expansion did not pass Senate. 6 votes short of the needed 60.

        • Thats great but it should have been a lot higher numer against it..we as the owners of this government need to work hard on this,because they are not going to stop coming at this right of ours anytime soon,or ever for that matter.

          • anyone have thee tally of who voted how?

            • @ VRF- huffington post has a list (with pics) of all who voted.

              • Huffingtonpost dot com /2013/04/17/background-checks-bill_n_3103341.html

          • HARRY FUCKING REID VOTED NO?????? WTF ? Haaaaaa

            • Oops…jumped the gun on that one “*Note: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) supported the legislation, but he voted against it for procedural reasons, in order to preserve the right to bring the measure back up.”

              Apologies for my initial shock.

              • Shifty: Actually he probably voted against it to save his seat in the Senate. As much as he would like to vote for it, he has political realities back in Nevada.

                If he can’t pass it, he won’t vote for it.

                • No, it can be voted on again if reconsidered. Isn’t over yet.

                • that and the 1,000 letters gun owners here in Nevada wrote telling him his bacon was in the fire if he voted yes.he doesn’t scare easy but he does know he cant get re elected with out at least a few R gun owners.

                  not sure it worked but you can bet his handlers got the message.

                  also Dean Heller got told in no uncertain terms his ass was done if he voted yes and i should know i wrote the letter and got at least 10 friends to send copies.
                  he knows now how some of us feel about him and he is up for re election and knows that some will do everything in there power to unseat him.

                  again not sure it made a bit of difference but hey at least i tried.

                  posted a copy in an earlier thread

                  Skittle shittin unicorn

              • Shifty, that was the excuse that he used, He may be a (D) but that don’t stand for Dumb, he saw the writing on the wall, so he wanted to protect his A Rating with the NRA, that brings a lot of votes and a lot of money, come election time. If they had of been within one vote, you can bet which way he would have voted. Do you realize how many people in Nevada will vote for him, just because of his NRA rating, they use that for cover,just as he does. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • Everybody watch the other hand! If you think this attack has been beaten back, you’re crazier than Nina O.

      30. LAST SUMMER– I looked at all the cheap ammo at sports stores and thought: “I ought to stock up…!” but I didn’t. Later, I almost bought this fantastic little rifle… but I left town and didn’t. The last few days, been thinking, ” I better get back home and stock up on silver!” (no transportation here)… but I didn’t… I am always too late, too slow!

        • Like most folks here, I’ve seen this coming….the run on guns and ammo…PM’s.

          I’ve done what I could. It’s always been a fine line. Just how much do you buy? For instance….looking back 4 months….maybe I should have bought more .22LR. At the very least I could have marked it up 100% and still been giving people a good deal compared to current prices.

          Same goes for PM’s. What’s interesting about PM’s is that the price for physical metal has not gone down that much. I bought 5 silver maple leafs right at $30 apiece almost a year ago. Despite the fact that on paper, silver is down to around $23.00…it would still cost me at least $30 per coin to buy more…..IF I can find them. By the time I pay shipping..the cost per coin will be even higher.

          Now I’m looking at essentials…..still available…still relatively cheap. By essentials I mean personal hygiene products….medicine….TP…..Stuff that you need every day of your life.

          Because when TSHTF…..that stuff is going to be as rare as silver and gold……and maybe more so.

        • I learned a long time ago…
          He who lingers is lost……

      31. There is a buying frenzy in Hong Kong. One oz gold coin is basically sold out. Tourists from Mainland China are snatching up gold in every form. Coins, bars, necklaces, rings, you name it. Panic selling in futures market and paper gold and panic buying of physical metal? Reality will eventually prevail. The fact is all developed countries have to inflate their way out of the crushing weight of their national debts. Another fact is after seeing what happened in Cyprus, people have to consider diversifying into something that the indebted government cannot easily lay hand on.

      32. Heads up! I never post but thought people should know.

        I was just on APMEX. I was looking at the APMEX brand 1 oz silver rounds and was ready to buy, no luck they just ran out. This feels like to ammo shortage problem again. In a while(days?) you will not be able to buy(afford)silver rounds, just like ammo.

        • I’m tracking that APMEX is selling out of silver; never thought it would happen.
          By the way, gold is settling right around 1355, exactly as I predicted. I should get a frickin gold star I reckon.

      33.’s almost time to look at SELLING now that the masses have FINALLY woken up and are jumping onboard…
        The next bubble to get in early for will be . 😉

        • I want to say that ammo will be a bubble. But I’m not so sure. It’s going to depend on what develops over the next year.

          If nothing serious happens over the next 6 months, I anticipate it coming back down to close to what it was before. Especially if Congress knocks off the stupid laws. Some guns have already started to decline in price. I would guess ammo will follow, as there seems to be some resistance to the higher prices.

          I went to a gun show this past weekend, and the crowd was not near what I expected. .22LR was going for $75.00-$199.00 for a 500rd. brick. But there was plenty of it, and I didn’t see anyone buying at $199.00. So demand seems to be tapering off a little bit.

          But if things get bad…..or if Congress and the Kenyan get stupid (er…uhm…..MORE stupid), then we may have already seen ammo at the lowest price we will ever see.

          But this “ammo bubble” is entirely dependent upon what happens with the idiots in D.C. It has been wholly created by them….and they can pop the bubble by simply backing away from further restrictions on the people’s rights.

          • At the local shop today, a man drove 60 miles to buy a brick of .22 Magnum for a weekend shooting trip. None available in the north end of Seattle, he said. We joked about the unmarked price, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

            I bought two of the twelve boxes of .22 Hornet to run through my new Ruger, the clerk asked if I was the one who called about the ammo earlier. Nope, I said, but you’ve got about ten boxes left. He said if the caller comes in he will buy it all. It’s something when folks are desperate for .22 Hornet ammo !

          • I’d sell one of my old $15 ones for $199 right now.

      34. Now that the Globalist Gun Grabbers in DC have had their hands slapped, panic buying of guns, and gold and silver should moderate.

        Oh wait! Illegals are still an issue! Lock N Load! 🙂

      35. Just listened to Obumma prattle on about how the NRA lied about the gun registry, etc.. Did he not blatantly lie about the costs of Obamacare???

        • Obama failed to tell us the truth, then calls the NRA a bunch of liars. About par for him, seems to be.

        • His mantra is ” Do as I say . NOT as I do…


        Great… The nazi bitch Feinstein who wants to turn you into her slave did not get her way.

        Obama also called the NRA a bunch of liars.

        Gee… I bet every one of the NRA members can produce their birth certificate in moments.

        Fuck you Obama you commie.
        Sorry dick head…we’re free Americans….go enslave someone else.

        Fact.. Back in slave times…Slaves were not allowed to own guns.

        Thumbs up if you think Obama is a Commie!!!

      37. In the last day’s of Rome the governing Ceasar debased there coinage. What’s to say they haven’t done this already in the US or Canada. Because they put a stamp of 999 on it doesn’t mean it’s so. If you can buy only the older junk silver you will be OK. Like can you trust the mint from this day forward. They are part of the government, and they know how to lie.

        • What were the last days of Rome? 33AD? 453AD? 1450AD? For all the talk about the “fall” of Rome, the lovely old girl was falling for a very long time. If anything, Rome is an example of an extremely successful and healthy imperial society.

          Just saying. Because it’s one of my many pet peeves.

      38. Will be interesting to see if the physical demand continues. But the effect of the present price reduction would be expected to increase demand – with prices then rising as suppies are exhausted – Economics 101.

        Good news about this debacle is that paper trading will likely fade away for sometme to come – the speculators scared out of the market – prices reflecting a more realistic market.

        I keep a spreadsheet of all my PM purchases. Even with the takedown – have at the very least kept up with inflation – which is the whole point of PMs in the first place. Had I not bought the PMs and just kept the cash in a bank, the cash would have depreciated. Worked too hard to let that happen.

        Of course, I have also invested in food storage, firearms and plenty of ammo. Been fun adding to the gun collection over the years. Talk about an inflation hedge! As for silver, I like a lot of bullion products – but have done especially well with the Maple Leaf wildlife series and UK sovereigns in terms of appreciation.

        As to “wild” conspiracy theories,I try to approach all with an open mind. But this I know. Central banks and those they control are running the show. They are ammoral, self-interested people and have no care as to who they harm or destroy to achieve their ends. They have owned the US government for decades, and their power is almost complete. Just one problem. And that’s hubris. These are men, not God, and for that reason alone they will ultimately fail. But before that happens, it will get very ugly indeed. God rules, not them. Such ego is Satanic, and destined to fail.

        Am I worried they will come to confiscate my guns, gold and food? Hell no. Good luck finding mine. Fact is, you could mobilize every uniform wearing person out there and there still would not be nearly enough to begin to enforce any stupid martial law. Besides, in an economic collapse, my guess is that most would disobey and opt to head home to look after their own families. I am far more concerned about the 97% out there who haven’t a clue. But by the time they get a clue, I’ll be long gone way up in the hills with a bunch of other folks just like me – well prepared, well armed, and ready to re-build when the ugliness ends.

        • Here’s my prep. After prepping… now I’m building a group within my company. We are all IT guys. So we are all banding together to make sure we run the place.

          VPs don’t break up a crew.

      39. this is getting good

        Buy PHYSICAL Gold. NOW: The Discount of a Lifetime: Or Why You Must Abandon the Fake Paper Gold Market

        ““This is an orchestration (the smash in gold). It’s been going on now from the beginning of April. Brokerage houses told their individual clients the word was out that hedge funds and institutional investors were going to be dumping gold and that they should get out in advance…it is the Fed’s concern with the dollar because the dollar is being printed in huge quantities at the same time that other countries are abandoning the use of the dollar as international payment.

        The exchange value of the dollar is (being) threatened, and if that collapses the Fed loses control over interest rates. Then the bond market blows up, the stock market blows up, and the banks that are too big to fail, fail. So it’s an act of desperation because they’ve got to establish in people’s minds that the dollar is the only safe place, it is the only safe haven, not gold, not silver, and not other currencies.”

      40. Shelter in place…

        Let’s see…. Pandemic…I’d stay home for a year.
        Some beans, rice, cans of freeze dried meats, powdered milk and eggs, grains for bread.

        Dollar collapse.. Same deal…but most likely I’d be very employed as I’m an IT God.

        Riots… not in my neighborhood. We’d roll out the beer coolers and set up a kill shooting lane. We’d just go redneck and make sure all was well.

        Nuclear War.. I do have the nuke/bio gas masks. But not a clue for radiation fall out.
        I’d have to build a basement suitcase bunker.

        My old age plans…
        Travel the country and bang all the old rich ladies. ha.

      41. I hope Merit is still shipping Canadian Maple Leafs as quickly and cheaply as they were last time I ordered!

      42. Of course the volume is up. The price is down and people are buying again making the price go up. The real investors are playing the spread.

      43. TOR is useful but it does not give you an encrypted tunnel. For the latter you need to get an account with a proxy server operator who allows outbound TCP. If you can find a free (or cheap) account, then set up the tunnel, and use a TOR client through it. Something like:

        ssh -D 8080 [email protected]

        Set your browser to use the SOCKS 5 proxy “localhost” and port 8080.

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