Lib Media Prepares For War: “A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any”

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Headline News | 171 comments

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    sanjose-attack3(Violent thugs gang up and attack a Trump supporter in San Jose, CA as others cheer them on)

    You may have noticed that anytime there is a violent clash the mainstream media and Obama administration soundboards immediately place the blame on conservatives, libertarians, or anyone not affiliated with the progressive movement. You may also have noticed that it is often that case that the very people who point fingers at everyone else for inciting violent rioting are the ones who started the conflict to begin with. In San Jose last week protesters took to the streets, becoming rioters and violent attackers shortly thereafter. The response from the mainstream media and local government? Blame peaceful trump protesters.

    At this point, as Special Forces insider Tim Kennedy warned recently, those attending Trump rallies across America should prepare to be battered and assaulted as there exists a real possibility for violent civil unrest. So much so, in fact, that as The Market Ticker points out, major liberal mouthpieces like the Huffington Post are outright suggesting that this may be the only way to stop a Trump “normalization.”

    Trump has not just flagrantly violated the typical boundaries of political discourse, his candidacy is linked to multiple instances of violence. It shouldn’t be a surprise that opposition to him has responded in kind.

    Yet, a lot of people seem shocked and appalled at this perfectly logical reaction. In the face of media, politicians, and GOP primary voters normalizing Trump as a presidential candidate—whatever your personal beliefs regarding violent resistance—there’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization. Violent resistance accomplishes this. In spite of this, such resistance is apparently more offensive and unacceptable to societal norms and liberal sensibilities than the nastiness being resisted in the first place.

    Full story at Huff Post

    Karl Denninger responds at The Market Ticker:

    I could go on point-by-point but there is no need, because the salient point of the Huffington Post’s article doesn’t lie there.  No, it lies in the validation of something that few are willing to say: Revolution is what formed this nation and the people have always, through history, had the right to engage in it whether the ruling class liked it or not (they don’t — duh.)

    However, the Huffington Post might want to consider whether giving voice to such a buttclown as this guy is wise.  There are several reasons that no matter how stupid things have gotten in the years I’ve been writing The Market Ticker you have never seen the endorsement or advocacy of violence and you never will.

    Let me list them for you:

    1. A violent mob is by definition out of control.  You can light the fuse but once it goes inside the box you have no idea how much explosive is in there, how much fuse remains between the outside of the box and the explosives (in other words, how much time you have to run — or whether you can even outrun what’s in the box at all), or what else is in there with the explosives.  In other words once you walk down this path by definition you irrevocably cede control over the outcome.

    2. History says that in virtually every case what comes out the other side of such an event is worse than what you had before.  There’s a simple way to express this that I’ve used before when asked this question during a Q&A after a speech: For every George Washington, historically, you get 10 Hitlers.  Those odds suck and nobody in their right mind openly promotes a path of action that has a decent probability of ending up there unless there is no other choice.  Today, there certainly are other choices.

    3. If violence is acceptable in the political process then it is legitimate for everyone, not just you.  By refusing to condemn such actions and instead claiming they have legitimacy, especially when such is done on the pages of a media publication in this nation, you are putting forward the premise that both you and your opposition have the same right to resort to these tactics.  To the extent you decide to assault someone, destroy or damage their property you have lost any claim to peace if and when they respond in-kind and since your act was the initiation of violence they have no duty to constrain their response.

    Are you willing to be responsible for a rapidly-escalating cycle of violence ending in murder or even violent revolution which you cannot control and might well end in a fascist, totalitarian nation?

    If not then an author has no business advocating through his or her writing, and The Huffington Post has no business printing, an article such as what was in fact just published.

    Full analysis at The Market Ticker

    While there have certainly been instances at Trump rallies and events where conservatives have aggressively responded in the face of heated arguments or threats, the fact of the matter is that Trump supporters have overwhelmingly shied away from widespread civil unrest, violence, rioting or gang beatings.

    The liberal media may think that advocating violent resistance will work in their favor, but let’s keep in mind that for every action there will be a reaction.

    If there’s one thing we know about those who support Donald Trump, it’s that they are heavily armed supporters of the Second Amendment, free speech and property rights (which also includes the personal safety of one’s body). And thus far, they have quite reserved considering just how spirited we know them to be.

    We suspect that as things get heated this summer and more violent antics are instigated by liberal-leaning organizations, Trump supporters will begin to respond in kind.

    As Denninger notes, “you can light the fuse but once it goes inside the box you have no idea how much explosive is in there.” The very fact that Donald Trump is a 50/50 shot for the Presidency of the United States should be a big blaring warning siren to those who think they can violently attack his supporters, the majority of whom are simply exercising their right to stand in a public venue.

    There is, indeed, a lot of explosive in the box and The Huffington Post et. al. should consider what they may be setting in motion.

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      1. Stay away from crowds,
        Vote 20 times repeatedly as many times as necessary

        • Kulafarmer:

          I will vote once and it will be for Trump. I will avoid crowds.

          Do you think Rellik is a government agent of the Hillary? Obama Communist Dictatorship. I think if someone from the Trump side or posing as a Trump supporter shoots at the minority Bernie (Hillary) peaceful rioting protesters, Trump’s campaign will be the victim. The main stream media will talk about nothing but the violence against the innocent peaceful protesters.

          • “peaceful rioting protesters”? You are rare. Yeah, the media will yuk it up. You are missing my point. We all hate the establishment and media! We need to defend ourselves. If one is so shallow as to be misled by the main stream media, then that person was not going to vote for their personal freedom and safety anyway.
            Vote early and often, have a plan, and a good stash of survival stuff. Wheat will be very cheap this year. Stock up!

            • “peaceful rioting protestors” Now THAT is a contradiction in terms if I ever heard one!

              • War ??? War??? Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty, and who has been nice, in your neck of the woods.

                The New World Order and their plan for One World Government of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation can be eliminated overnight.

                And at 500 yards. 🙂


                • oo rah !

              • Help me out Brave: Does this Article say I’m supposed to be afraid of a bunch of people that support: High taxes, gun control, and having the Government take care of them? Otherwise called a bunch of broke unarmed losers? Ya; sure.

                • Being afraid of them is not the issue ? If they have the political power to control you is the issue ! And right now we are all being controlled by these maniacs in nearly every aspect of our lives ! And it can easily get far worse.

                  In a way we are now engaged in a sort of second civil war, only this time it is about ideas and principles revolving around liberties and our laws, not anything else. And it can certainly get to fisticuffs and worse rather easily. The entire nation is setup to explode so it will not take much to lite the fire. And that is what BHO and crew are counting on. They have numerous irons in the fire and some sort of attack inside CONTUS would be a good catalyst for martial law. All the racial animus is frosting on the cake and backup !

                  • USA will be Bosnia on steroids.

                • yes, these sheeple that support taking our 2nd amend. away are losing their freedoms as they do it also, but i don’t think they see it… government is not our friend.. Gun Grab Documentary Dark Secrets Revealed
                  this explains it perfectly

          • None of this really matters as Killary has been anointed by The Elders to be the next POTUS. The fact that she should be indicted on criminal charges but yet as won the Democratic nomination shows how rigged the election process really is.

            It’s turned into a f##king Game Show.

              • You can do what you want. It’s not going to change anything. The system is too corrupt.

                • We can all go to Cleveland in July, millions of us.

          • Look at all those brown faces . Aren’t brown people so wonderful .

          • B from CA, since I’m now retired, and when I’m not working on my prep’s i read alot. The one thing i have to say is the writers at Huffpo and other media outlets seem to miss is when the riots take off, those writes and their family’s WILL NOT be missed. In fact i have read more then a few comments on different web sites that protesters are in fact planing on paying a visit to the talking heads in the media along with out left wing groups.

            From those comments they plan to not only visit the talking heads, they also plan to pay an in depth visit to their wife’s, kids, and parents too. You see, as the story here today from Market Ticker points out, that once this starts there is going to be blow back, the funny thing is the folks at Huffpo and other news outlets just seem to think they are going to set back, and report the story.

            They don’t seem to have a clue what’s coming for them, They are going to be PART OF THE STORY, and when this starts, they won’t be able to use their status to call “time out”. Let’s just see what they have to say when they are the one’s being beat up, and killed. Will they still think it’s rightist to use violence, when it’s being used on them.

            • No doubt the lefties do not realize they are not exempt from the destruction and fallout ! They think the people of color will recognize them as their saviours ? WTF is wrong with these askholes ?

            • If there comes war the left will espouse
              the Geneva Convention and claim immunity.
              Such ignorance but it won’t help them
              during the great kill-down by the rabble.

              Most of the murders and mayhem in the
              United States is caused by the left, the gangs,
              the minority drug dealing crews and a
              mixture of Hispanic and Anglo drug dealing.
              You can’t forget the race baiting left.
              I doubt if that many people worry about
              these death rivalries – it’s the innocents
              on the street who are hit by a stray bullet
              who should be counted, not the gangbanger
              class of rabble. Their loss should be counted
              as criminal behavior with no loss to society.

        • Worse case scenario I’m attacked by crazed liberal scum while driving down the road. What to do? Whip out my handy dandy semi automatic and shoot the scum that are attacking me. Then proceed to run over anyone else still blocking my path. This may not happen to me but it will to some of us. Are we gonna let ourselves be killed by these pieces of shit or not?

          • This has been brewing for a long time now. I saw it reaching the breaking point about a year ago and started talking about 2016 being a replay of the chaos of 1968 about 4 months ago. The supposed coming election is the catalyst for these specific events. But there are many others regarding other “people of color”. You are supposed to bow down and automatically let these people run wild because of their ethnicity ? Since they have been downtrodden and all that, by white folks forever ! Trump will be forced to take a stand on it all sooner or later, because there will be much more violence and general chaos going forward from these maniacs and the baggy pant negroes. Then toss in some middle easterners and you have a perfect stew to try and vilify Trump and all white people !

            We will all be tested soon enough. we will have to fish or cut a bait, simple as that, because it is being forced on you whether you like it or not ! This is probably an effort to scare whitey into NOT attending or supporting Trump at this juncture ? so we shall see if it has any affect ? I think it is a side show and we have much bigger concerns coming at us in spades. It is all one big set of schemes intended to create havoc and bring this country to its knees! We are in fact half way there and it was all very deliberate ! All the fuses are lit.

            • The sooner the better . We all know what’s coming. Let’s just get it over with. Do we have any other choice? We hear their words . Do we think they are lieing? Do you think they will treat your family with respect? Do you not think the moderates will not join in when they see us going down? We all know the truth . We just want to delay the inevitable . Kick the can a little longer . Until my kids are grown. Until I pay off the house the car the whatever. But every day there is less of us and more of them. Where are our Generals. Our brave soldiers.?

              • The generals and the brave soldiers are us ! There is nobody else. That is exactly what I try to teach people. stand up on your own two feet and do what you gotta do whatever that may be ! And if you don’t you will be forced to anyway eventually ? So why be like a Jew in 1930-40s and willing go to the chambers ?

                The first step is to make yourself actually really prepared to fight . Not just beans and bullets and prepper talk ? The beans and bullets are secondary or even third on the list ! Your mindset and fitness is what is critical. Then water and beans and bullets after those. Your training is what gives you the proper mindset. All else is just talk or fantasy !

              • This was Prior Posted at SHTF (Here) by a Long time regular poster named Tucker….I saved it and am reposting it…Org Date posted at SHTF was Dec.23rd, 2014 @ 8:04 A.M…ps: wherever it reads “Blacks or africans” etc you need to Also inlclude Most Mexicans and probably 99+% of illeagle mexican immigrants!

                I would have to say that I disagree with Bromus that ‘black anger’ isn’t rooted in reality.

                Face facts. Our White ancestors royally screwed up by purchasing those black slaves from the “those we can’t name here” owned slave ships who brought them to North America in the first place.

                Thanks to the fact that our White ancestors were too lazy to pick their own cotton, and thanks to the fact that once our White ancestors decided to give the black slaves their freedom – they did not do the right, rational, and logical thing and return them all to Africa – today, we are in the racial mess that we now find ourselves in. Even Thomas Jefferson realized that, the two races, being equally free, cannot live within the same system of government – because the differences between us are too insurmountable.

                Sure, it would be nice if blacks were intelligent enough to realize the benefits that they derive from living inside a nation created by White Europeans – the science, the medicine, the technology, the superior agriculture, the prosperity, etc., and then show their appreciation by respecting Whites and not rocking the boat by constantly pissing and moaning and raping our women at stratospheric levels every year. But, those are nothing more than Utopian thoughts – and they are not an accurate measurement or representation of the reality of race relations in America and never have been.

                Blacks hate White people for the fact that we brought them here and every day of their lives, no matter where they go, they are constantly reminded of their own racial shortcomings when they see an advanced first world civilization that their own race has not only been incapable of creating anywhere on Earth, but which their race cannot even maintain once they are allowed to take it over, such as is the case in Detroit, Haiti, or the former Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe. Blacks, perhaps at a subconscious level, realize that they ‘need’ Whites and this sense of dependency fosters resentment and this resentment eventually turns into hatred. Especially when they read or hear Whites pointing these truths out to them; trust me on this, this really enrages them.

                Why do you think Obama is so consumed with importing hundreds of millions of non-whites from the turd world into America? Simple answer: He hates America because he knows it is a product of White European genius and ingenuity. He also knows, and if the truth were to be known, is secretly ashamed of his awareness that his race of people – the race he most closely identifies with, blacks – are incapable of creating or maintaining a first world caliber nation. He cannot point to a single example of first world success created by blacks, and it gnaws at him every waking hour of his day. This gnawing sensation is like fertilizer for the resentment that festers inside this guy. So, what blacks cannot create – they instinctively try to destroy, in order to rid themselves of the daily, torturous reminder of their own racial inadequacies.

                This ‘leveling of society’ has long been a obsession of the Communist left in America. They realize that they will never be successful in raising up the third world, colored races to a level that is comparable to the civilizations built by White Western Man – so, in order to erase the embarrassing evidence that their pet ideology about the ‘equality of mankind’ is a baldfaced lie and has no basis in fact, they feel that they must destroy the White Western civilizations and bring them down to the same level as their third world losers.

                Incidentally, despite the fact that this foolish and clearly false notion about ‘the equality of man’ has deep roots into the Communist, Marxist, leftist ideology and philosophy, today we have office workers who are working in the offices of Republican Congressmen and Republican Senators who have cited this false ideology to me whenever I have called and stated my emphatic opposition to race replacement levels of immigration from the non-white third world. I recently spoke to one such female office staffer who works for my RINO rat Congressman – and asked her a question that seemed to put her into a quandary from which she was unable to extract herself. My question was this:

                If the world is the way you claim it is, and if the idea that all races are perfectly equal in every measurable and important way, then why do we have First, Second, Third and Fourth world nations? If every race were equally talented and equally capable, then wouldn’t all nations be First world caliber? And, secondly, if what you claim is true – and all races are perfectly equal and perfectly talented – then why is every non-white resident of every third world nation so eager to flee the nation that was created by their race and try to move into a nation that was built by White Europeans? Is this not clear evidence that proves that non-whites believe that nations created by White Europeans are superior places to live? If not, then why do we never see stories in the news about rickety boats filled with desperate White people being apprehended by the Haitian, or Mexican, or African Coast Guard as they were caught trying to illegal enter one their nations because life there was so much better?

                My final question to this woefully confused RINO office staff worker was this: Is it your opinion, or the opinion of the congressman who you work for that White European people, no matter where they are on Earth – should be expected to not resist having the nations that were built by their people invaded by hundreds of millions of non-whites from the third world, which would result in Whites being reduced to minorities inside their own native countries, and then subjugated to being ruled, terrorized and persecuted by hordes of non-whites who are not the least bit bashful about telling us how much they hate us?

                The female office staffer didn’t have an answer to this or to any of my earlier questions. I assume that the cue cards that are issued to office staffers and which contain the standard ‘official and Political Correct’ memes and slogans were not prepared for the sort of devastating honesty that I tend to offer up whenever I call my Congress rat or one of my two sleazy, slimy, communist DemonRat Senator’s offices. This is a hazard to be considered when someone accepts a job that requires blowing smoke up the asses of constituents who are assumed to have IQs in single digits, but who sometimes wind up surprising you by how well they understand what’s going on.

                Conclusion: The lies of racial equality need to be exposed and totally dismantled, and if this is not done, then we can kiss our White European asses goodbye because our enemies will succeed in destroying our race and every nation created by our race.

                • They will try to mix the seed of men but it will not take. There is a reason we have boarders. We just can’t get along. We can try . And then we have a civil war or a race war . Look at South Africa they tried . Whites should have never gone there in the first place . And look what’s happening to the whites now. They are slowly being exterminated.

                  • Lone, have you ever looked up the crime stats for South Africa? Now this goes for every member who reads this blog, please take the time to look up these stats. What really stood out to me was their stat listing the amount of unsolved murders, and rapes committed by Blacks, against Whites. Remember this too, the South African government has very strict gun control laws on who can, and can’t, own a gun. This is what awaits us if we allow Clinton and the left to due away with our 2nd Amendment.

        • Huffington post runs an anti Trump lead story just about everyday on their website? Why is that? Its suppose to be a ‘progressive’ site, why aren’t they having a mix of ‘progressive’ stories every other day as their lead? Hmmmmm?
          Its because the ESTABLISHMENT runs Huffington post and advocating violence against Trump supporters is O.k. in their eyes because that’s what they want. This is the planned destruction of America spelled out because any revolution or civil unrest leads to dictatorship and dictatorship in this country is going to be genocide. The stupid radicals causing the violence will be the first ones executed the second they take over (its called normalization), doesn’t anybody read history anymore?

          • True. But what will you do about the people trying to kill you before the troops do? Reason with them?

          • FA, huffpost is one of the worst of all MSM sources and just like all the others is run by a certain ‘tribe’.

        • At the end of the day, your gonna get what your gonna get… It isn’t going to wait much longer either.

        • There is a youtube video that shows all the trumph supporter attacks in the last couple of months. Pretty disturbing stuff

      2. In the San Jose violence, I notice the cops directed the Trump supports towards the violent anti-Trump types after the Trump supports had been through metal detectors and had attended the rally. It would be a real hoot if some enterprising nut case. were to stash a gun and grab it on the way out of a rally, start to run from a crowd, have the crowd persue, then have the armed guy halt turn and start to fire at the leaders of the persuit. He could escape in the confusion. Even if he was caught he could plead self defense, and I bet millions would be contributed to his defense.
        I am sick and tired of the Democrat shit I have to tolerate breathing our air, drinking our water, eating our food, and using our sewage systems.
        Oh by the way I don’t like Democrats, maybe we need an American version of a “Final solution”.

        • it’s those noises they make that i just can’t STAND…….that CONSTANT breathing……and out…..and in.

        • Rellik:

          “It would be a hoot”(if a Trump supporter shot and killed people).

          You are so wrong. It would be the absolute sure fire way to destroy Trump. You are either a Zionist supporter of Hillary and/or Sanders or you are just plain stupid. I suspect the former. I have no use for traitors and plants who provoke suicidal actions.

          Now, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and just presume for the moment that your comment was not intended to encourage or condone any acts of violence that would hijack the conversation on the main stream media, but was just an indication of the frustration and anger experienced when one witnesses acts of violence being perpetrated against peaceful Americans at the hands of criminals, many of whom are not here legally and who constitute a threat to every law abiding citizen of the U.S.A.

          • B from CA,
            Get the quote right. “It would be a real hoot if some enterprising nut case”. I didn’t mention a Trump supporter shooting anybody.
            I am expressing frustration. This is a public forum, so I would never personally threaten violence except as a self defense.
            I’m a passive aggressive sort of guy.
            Buy wheat, it going to be cheap this year, help out the Farmers.
            Prep on.

        • Also in the San Jose violence, it turned out that both the mayor and police chief are spics with connections to la raza. That alone speaks volumes. They also blamed the victims for what happened. If I had been one of those people attending the rally and if I had been attacked, I would’ve been fighting back in self-defense regardless of the odds. I also noticed it was all white people being attacked by spics and niggers. If you go to a Trump rally and if you get attacked, fight back any way you can. Self-defense is you natural right.

        • And I thought I was almost alone against these Socialist/Communist bunch of idiots!! Nice to meet you!


          • Beau, welcome. You’re in the right place.

        • Now you thinking RIGHT.
          Until White Americans start to understand that all politics is Racial and that the Mestizos WANT our land and the Muzzies WANT our women (and both want our Infrastructure), we will be the pussy boys of what was once a strong White Christian Nation. Today, we won’t fight back because we might lose our house in a Civil Suit – regardless of losing our manhood on the street to these non-white scum.

      3. Now we have proof, as if we really needed it. The left has called the right Nazis and Fascists for decades, yet when the citizens choose their candidate, they become brownshirts attacking them in the streets.

        Progressives, my ass. Liberal? Not even close to the definition of the word. Where are the voices condemning this call to violence? There are none.

        Bigots and haters, that’s what a Democrat is now. Nothing less. When they deny it, they are delusional crackpots and need a psych exam. Be very careful what you wish for, National Socialist Democrats, calling for violence is not going to work for you.

        • This!

        • dems are like the obama missive…putin says he’s like playing chess with a pigeon….shitting all over the board and scattering the pieces…..then claiming HE won…..yup….that PERFECTLY describes a demon-crat.

          • This Poem well describes the effects that these violent millitant racist Browns and Blacks have NOT counted on!

            by Rudyard Kipling

            It was not part of their blood,
            It came to them very late,
            With long arrears to make good,
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            They were not easily moved,
            They were icy — willing to wait
            Till every count should be proved,
            Ere the Saxon began to hate.

            Their voices were even and low.
            Their eyes were level and straight.
            There was neither sign nor show
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not preached to the crowd.
            It was not taught by the state.
            No man spoke it aloud
            When the Saxon began to hate.

            It was not suddenly bred.
            It will not swiftly abate.
            Through the chilled years ahead,
            When Time shall count from the date
            That the Saxon began to hate.

            Indeed! When future Historians write of these event’s they shall use as their main time frame reference that final sentence of the poem eh! Ie:…

            “When Time shall count from the date
            That the Saxon began to hate.”

            • “putin says he’s like playing chess with a pigeon….shitting all over the board and scattering the pieces” yes he did say that a while back and was spot on ! No doubt Putin is far smarter than BHO and most likely laughing at him often. Russians are not at all enamored with what we call people of color, especially the negroid race. I have an image of Putin riding BHO like a horse , but have not figured out how to post it ? How many times have Putin and his boys called BHO the word, more than you can count I imagine ?

        • Unsurprising that Hillary fights like a damn woman.


          You know you could take this guy out strategically in like a few debates and sound bytes. Like guaranteed hands down just obliterate him. He’s got the hubris, he’d walk right into it.

          Instead you throw a pissy fit and start throwing shit around (or advocate it).


          Keep it up snowflake, for once I’d love to watch you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory because you’re such a stupid stupid ass hole.

        • Smokey, AMEN. They’ll get something they DON’T want.

        • It’s funny how the left is the party for”tolerance”when it applies to others, but it’s okay for them to be violent against those who actually tolerant, they breed confusion and division

          • The lefties hate it when everyone sees how ‘people of color’ really are, and not the pillars of the community they are portrayed as in the media. Anyplace these mongrels inhabit will soon become a turd world shithole.

          • The sad part is this-the DINO’s are breeding.
            Be well, keep prepping and watch your 6.

      4. Again: Be very careful in what you wish for, cause you might get it.

        I beg and plead with tears in my eyes, Liberals do not do this! There will be unintended consequences. It will NOT end the way you think it will be. This is insane.

        I do fear that once the first bomb is set off, the first bullet is fired, all hell will break lose. I suspect that a lot of quiet guys are just waiting for this, and have old scores to settle. Nobody is going to win this.

        The Leftist don’t have the slightest clue how pissed off many middle class Americans are. They have begun to hate.

        • All i know is if someone threatens me i wont hold back,
          Will give whole new meaning to “any means necessary”
          There was a time for civility, that time has passed

          • Who am I?

            I am behind communism
            I am behind radical feminism
            I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
            I am behind multiculturalism
            I am behind anti-Christianity

            I am behind a one world government
            I am the “divider and conquerer”
            I am the race baiter and the slave trader
            I am censorship
            I am anti-gun

            I am open borders
            I am eminent domain
            I am against English as the official language of the government
            I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
            I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

            I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
            I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
            I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
            I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

            I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
            I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
            I am the military industrial complex
            I am an unregulated nuclear state
            I am an international terrorist

            I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
            I am “war by way of deception”
            I am the aggressor – yet always the victim
            I am the eternal radical
            I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

            I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
            I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
            I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
            I succeed when you fail
            I have killed more innocents than any others

            I am your last, your current, and your next war

            Who am I?

            Nobody that is unable to answer this question properly is fully awake at all!….And the proper answer IS the Main #1 Prep of All Preps bar none!

            • Brilliantly said… AND I can NOT repeat it enough times…Meyer Amsul Rothschild’s famous quote, “IF I control a country’s money, I care NOT what laws they make”…

        • i got news for yuh, newvegas……there’s a LOT of people on the RIGHT that are pissed too….it’s gonna be EPIC!

        • NVB, AMEN! The first libturd who wants to hurt me, I’ll make him/her regret the action. There will be consequences for their actions.

        • We did not start the violence but we will end it. We have families to protect from this trash from mexico and these blind idiots that don’t care to do a days work

      5. Let’s say Hillary is indicted, or gets sick, and drops out of the race in the next few months. Obama then resigns and Biden becomes the prez. Now the dems have a sitting president in office going into the November election. Meanwhile, Obama leaves the White House with a big grin on his face on his way to the nearest golf course. Stranger things have happen.

      6. let’s just hope all the people that are still reading the wa-po don’t react toooo violently…..BOTH of them…..i been waitin’ fer this shit for over ten years now, and am ready and willin’ to defend my property/life from these knuckledraggin’ simps…..denninger is the smartest patriot i know of, and i read him EVERY day(YOU should too) for around ten years now….but i’m just tired of waitin’ for the chimp-out…..bring it! ample evidence is there to see we have lost america.

        • Ever notice how the Dems stick with their guy through thick and thin, but the Republican are so quick to throw their guy under the bus. I don’t look forward to it, but I’m afraid as I’ve heard from many, that the only way for change is going to come by the bullet box and not the ballot box. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      7. NewVegas; you are so close to the truth! It could end up in a landslide election for Trump. Liberal days are just about done. You couldn’t win with ideas so you turned to violence and name calling. Venezuelas anyone?

      8. The Chief of the San Jose PD is a member of La Raza. A Mexican racist organization. Maybe someone should go to some Bernie rallies and ambush a few of his nut jobs.

        • It would not bother me to see 1000s of these rampaging scum illegals mowed down with a minigun

        • Chief of police a member of La Raza. They have a beach head a foothold . Are Generals are the worst stinking cowards this country has ever known. They should be using every means to make these people disappear. They are the only ones with the power and the means . That makes it their obligation, Duty.

      9. Please, please bring that to Texas.

      10. Yup, that violence will cut both ways. While I do not condone such actions, I can see someone going after the offices or reporters of some of these media outlets that are advocating violence against Trump supporters. Will they change their tune when they see the violence they are advocating from the supposed safety of their editorial offices suddenly strike close to home? They need to remember that Trump has tens of millions of heavily armed supporters with billions of rounds of ammunition between them. If it came down to it and these people decided they have had enough, then all of these mobs of protesters armed with sticks and fists would suddenly find themselves on the receiving end of far more force than they could ever hope to muster. Then again, that may be what the media are hoping for. After all, if Trump’s supporters were to turn violent, they could spin it to their advantage and destroy not only Trump’s chances, but the second amendment as well. The lives of the anti-Trump people mean little to them as they are just expendable pawns to be used to achieve their goals for society.

        • WS, what you say is very possible and I expect it at some point myself. Anyone who wants to hurt me will get themselves hurt severely. So these libturds morons had better forget about hurting people.

          • What’s sad to me is that, as a person I am very non-violent and pacifistic. I usually will choose to run from a fight rather than engage in it unless I have no alternative. Corner me and threaten my life and liberty and I will have no alternative but to fight back. I will never initiate violence but, rest assured that once it is initiated, I will defend myself. I just pray that these idiots on the left (and some on the right) will not put me in that position because what I will be forced to do will haunt me for the rest of my life.

        • I wonder if the more we see the illegals get mowed down. The people will finally see something being done and want to join in on the first serious move to save our nation? Is their any other way? Did we not use violence in the revolutionary war? Was not George Washington a terrorist cop killer? The British were the the legal authority . The red coats were the cops. We fought for seven years. We left our wives and children home alone. Undefended. How many are willing to do that today. Maybe we don’t deserve to survive? Do you use violence when your attacked? Is our country being attacked? Are the police and military stopping this attack? It seems like they are helping them. We’re are our brave soldiers?

          • The illegals do not deserve to be “mowed down”. I do not hate them or wish them any ill other than swift deportation. The only ones who maybe should be on the receiving end of any sort of violence are those who initiate violence. That is only a small subset though as most would rather live in the shadows than cause trouble.

            The people I have an issue with are the politicians and business leaders who enable illegal immigration. Never forget that. The illegals are mostly just average people in bad financial situations with few options. The powerful would like nothing more than if those of us in the lower classes became distracted, turned on each other and lost focus on who our real enemies are. So, yes to the wall and yes to deportation but no to violence except in cases of self defense.

            • Didn’t you watch the videos? Aren’t they intiateing the violence . I just wrote that George Washington initiated the violence. Was he wrong? You anti violence people were not needed during the revolutionary war and your not needed now . You are just perpetuating this and digging us deeper in a hole . Violence has solved many situations in our countries history. Or Mabey it hasent. But the southwest isn’t Mexico because of the violent war with Mexico . And maybe another violent war with Mexico will solve this . Is anything else working?

              • I drew clear divisions in my post. It is a small subset of illegals that are rioting and if they wish to live by the sword then…well…

                I am against the sort of indiscriminate violence towards them that some would try to find an excuse for. You have every right to defend yourself and to take up arms if it comes to that. My problem is with people who want a wholesale lynching of every single illegal immigrant in this country. That is something I cannot support, and if a mob were to go and try to perform a genocidal mass execution of these people then I would do what is right and defend them. It would be the only honorable thing to do.

                • And if you or a loved one is hit by an automobile driven by an illegal alien and are killed or seriously injured will you say the same thing ? It happens everyday many times !

                  Americans sill not do much of anything until they have to suffer a bit more ? and they will. Funny how things can change and why , Hey ?

                  • Yes I will. If you get hit by an automobile driven by an American citizen who is dead broke and has no insurance will you then call for genocide against all uninsured Americans? If that’s the case, then you should load up the AR-15 and go to the trailer park to get started.

                    There are roughly 30 million illegals in the US. Most of them will never directly harm anyone. Now, if you can prove to me that 100% of them will kill an American citizen then maybe I will concede your point. Until such time though, I will not support an indiscriminate holocaust of anyone you deem to not be worthy of life.

                    I do, however, support mass deportation for those who cannot prove citizenship or a need for political asylum. That is what the laws on the books already are supposed to do and I think it is a rational way of dealing with the issue. Perhaps though, before deportation, they could be punished by making them build the border wall. So long as they are treated humanely, and have set sentence commensurate with the nature of their immigration violations, I do not think it should be a problem.

                    • I used the auto accident as one example. There are many more crimes like rape and murder committed every day ! If your daughter was injured or raped by an illegal alien , I seriously doubt you would be so benevolent and try to appear to be so rational ?

                      I have numerous Mexican friends. But I am definitely anti illegal alien for many valid reasons. Are you aware that out own government has created this mess in spades ? Soon you will be forced to make a decision as we all will be. Take it standing up or take it laying down. There is no easy way or rational and benevolent way out of this mess. That is my point. I basically disagree with your perspective in some ways. But I am not at all wanting to harm anybody unless they are going to harm me. I am all about a defensive posture, but will not let someone else get the upper hand if at all possible. And the illegal aliens are getting the upper hand ! I think you may need to rethink some stuff ? And I fully realize these are difficult decisions to make. It is all about ones mindset before you get into any altercation. And we are all being tested for this very thing as we speak Tested by our own boundaries and principles ! I have made my decisions and realize my own boundaries.

                    • I am fully aware that the government has created the problem. In fact, since they have created the problem, and continue to allow it, would not these government officials be a better target for your rage than someone who is in a desperate enough situation to have a real need to jump the border? (Please note: I am not condoning violence, but making a logical point.) After all, killing some poor illegal immigrant does not affect the lives of the powerful, so it will not change their minds or by extension, public policy. All that you get is a dead, poor person and an increase in the amount of distrust and hatred in this world. This helps divide us against each other rather than focusing our energies on fighting our common enemies.

                      So far as any crime goes, I would be outraged at that individual (but choose a path of forgiveness, through Christ, instead of a lifetime of anger that would ultimately destroy me). The whole group did not commit said crime but that person did. If anyone would be deserving of my anger it would the individual criminal, not be a whole group of 30 million people. That kind of thinking led to tens of millions of people dying as a result of genocide or democide in the twentieth century and I am not going to stand by and see it happen in the US. It’s bad enough that we engaged in it in the 1800’s against the native Americans. We don’t need to repeat that horror against another underprivileged ethnic group.

                      Also, by your logic, black people and native Americans are fully justified in hating whites. Look at the history of unjust treatment both these groups experienced at the hands of Americans of European descent and there is every justification for them to hate. The US government even used biological warfare against several native tribes by giving them aid packages with things like smallpox laced blankets in them to try and purposely kill them with a horrible disease. Look at events like the Rosewood Massacre, where a entire black town was wiped out by racist whites. How about the first and second generation Japanese Americans (the Nisei and Isei) who were forcibly placed in internment camps during WWII and lost everything as a result. Do any of these events mean that all whites are evil and racist? No. So, if you would not want to be painted with such a broad brush, then I suggest you do not do the same to others as well.

      11. It is time that every good American (i.e., Trump supporter) defend himself from these invading armies. With lethal force, if appropriate. From the Watts riots through the current organized mob activity, this is an attack on America, and we should tolerate it no longer. In the current situation, the mobs are apparently Mexican troops which have invaded our country, and such attacks should be put down swiftly. If the local Gestapo won’t let you into the rallies with appropriate defensive equipment, then stay outside to protect those who are allowed in.

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      13. Hmm, how come most big wars in the past have been white against white, who benefits but the self chosen ones. The white hating anti Christian control freaks comprised partly of the hidden governments of both the US and Russia. The ones who invented and 100% control the Fed fiat money worldwide, pushing worthless paper while hoarding gold and silver themselves. The ones who control the media and all information, control intelligence and the military, control the established churches, control the sexual deviant push and mixed races, control the school curriculum at all levels. Face it, the American people are mostly stupid easily led lemmings. That is why Hitlery Clinton will be the next lying warhag in chief. Her ascension will not be denied, despite common sense screaming otherwise. Despite her body count obvious tally that should be clear to any non conspiracy truth teller also. The Beast is on a roll. The American people are the victims in the way.

        • This discussion is about the violence against Trump supporters, stop trying to deflect it to some nebulous ‘the self chosen ones’, and away from the Democrats who are responsible.

          • I think aljimo . Is right . The democrats who are responsible. Are controlled by the group aljimo mentioned . Just as Jesus mentioned and used violence to knock over their tables. Jesus using violence . Yep it happened. Weather you like it or not. And aljamo is accurate in his discription of them as . The ( self chosen ones) As Jesus himself said . They call themselves ooos but they are the children of satan. Isn’t that plain enough ? And God said . I know of the blasphemy of those that call themselves ooos but are of the synagogue of satan. Isn’t that plain enough? What more does it take to wake people up to satans and the history books and the medias lies?

          • smokey… I was not vague about placing the blame squarely where it belongs.

      14. We must not allow ourselves to be prevented from protecting our families due to any law or anything else. Killing is hard but this is the beginning of war here and it will be a nightmare as all other wars are. No one wants to admit this is happening here but it is. Hopefully we can get to the villains behind it in the end

        • Menzo, BRAVO! Ever since the Clinton era I carry certain self-defense items with me everywhere I go. Certain ones are illegal for me to carry but I disregard any and all restrictions on self-defense. I don’t let anything stop me from self-defense.

      15. WW3 BY 2018
        No matter who is in OFFICE…..

      16. Looks to me like the Elite strategy of divide and conquer is working once again. Children yell at the puppet when they do not like the show. Adults follow the strings and then figure out how to make the puppet master pay the price. Just my thoughts.

      17. Those protester are just upset with Trump, because if he is elected, they will lose their EBT cards, and have to get jobs. Its totally understandable.

      18. But this is old news. Nothing was done the day it happened. The protestors started out peaceful and when they knew that nobody would return punches, then the violence erupted.

        This will go way beyond hate and move into the barbaric level. Something these protestors have no idea what can happen to them. Cause once we do not care about the police or the law, it’s over. We are close to that point. They are going to find out when they said, “Fuck You” is all about.

        Less than Five Months to go.

        • Anon, let some of these libturds start getting beaten or even shot, stabbed, etc. and see what happens. Giving them a dose of their own medicine is the only way to stop them. Only language they understand.

          • Braveheart1776

            They are already planning to disrupt further Republican Rallies.

            You know they are coming.
            You see the Mexican Flags/Protesting banners.
            You know by experience they are going to do bodily harm.

            Now if Trump supporters do not take steps to protect themselves then it is their fault.

            A good can of pepper spray for starters. A Flat/Slap Billy would be nice

            If they are being hired to inflict violence then you must make the price of them doing business very costly, meaning death.

            Put the Goody Two Shoes out in front so they can get a taste of what the REAL world is all about.

            • Anon, I hear you loud and clear. The time is overdue to start making these scum pay a price for what they’re doing.

              • When we see foreign flags and violence in our country. Do we not have the right to attack that country . Seize it’s land and resources and remove its people. Push them down to the Panama Canal . Ans say its for security reasons. We can’t have a hostile nation on our boarder? O but that’s not cute. Destroy the enemy. Or be destroyed . Take your pick.

              • The Blaze has an article about a sheboon telling ‘white allies’ to remember “they are racist, no matter what”. Face it lefties, in the end you’re a gringo cracker, just like me.

            • The Navy SEALs will stop us from doing any violence against the Mexican flag wavers. They are under orders and will do their duty. And we all know they are in invincible .

              • They are not invinceable as many have been killed by third world numbskulls. And there is no reason to think they are on duty at these events !

                • Down to earth . That was sarcasm. Will they obey the orders of their commander in chief . And allow more to infiltrate and wave their foreign flags while assaulting Americans. I guess they already are? Obey your orders guys and watch our country go down the toilet.

          • Heres a Hitler quote some folks must have Overlooked eh?

            “If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear.

            Should the “can’t name them here”, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the ” You know who’s” I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

            – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

            • The most lied about man in all history. Betrayed by some of his own men in various ways . Set up ..taken down . He knocked over the tables of the money changers . And according to the Talmud . He is probably boiling in a jar of sewage . Just like Jesus.

      19. We are at the beginnings of a civil war. The violence in the streets is the proof. There are approx. 40 million scumbags that need to be ‘purged’. The FEMA camps need to become the new concentration camps, where we round up these garbage humans and turn them into forced labor squads. The illegals among them will be deported to their country of origin. The traitors within the govt (cabinet, POTUS, senate, etc…) will be indicted for treason, convicted, and face firing squads. The corporate elite and banksters will be indicted for fraud, theur assets stripped, and imprisoned. Then the country will be healed, to start anew in freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….a restored Constitution & bill of rights, and the rule of law.!!!

        • Sounds like the French revoloution. See how that turned out.

        • What other choice do we have J. Will anything else work at this point. Does anyone have a better idea. Give them more money ? More food stamps ? Give them all amnesty? Then everything will be alright? Or will their numbers just increase to the point that we have very serious problems . We need to finish this now. Mass deportation or war with Mexico

      20. Is the left wing media completely brain dead? I’m just wondering how long they think their liberal policies are gonna work before we completely fall as a nation. Either u want a country and a standard of life or u don’t. But I’ll bet these leaches of society like their Ac and their laptops and lots of food. But this country can not sustain itself for very much longer. Everybody can’t be on welfare. U can’t let everybody in the country. Overpopulation is a major major problem. Water lines sewage plants. Electric grids. Potholes and rusty bridges. Sure lets let few million more in every year. Dumb shits. I wish the pope would tell the Catholics to start wearing rubbers. That would help a lot. Trumps a racist because he talks about putting America first?! Well that fuckin bastard. How dare he? Other countries enforce their borders. Look at the crime. Good jobs go away crime goes through the roof. It’s getting downright scary folks. I can’t imagine living in Chicago. Those monkeys have ruined that town. Needs to be a armored van round up these gangbangers and they would ” disappear”. Harvest their organs and kill two birds. Brave heart I got my boss reading shtf. He loves it. He said I had my head in the sand but you was right bud it’s gonna get nasty. You all have a nice day

      21. These people arent even really pissed off libtards .
        They are PAID protestors and agitators , geez.
        Lets stop believeing that there is as much division as the MSM pushes , its all theater and propaganda .
        Dont buy into this crap .

      22. Make sure you get a few of the news media and give them a taste of what “Sensationalism” does to the truth.
        They need their ass beat too.

        • The navy SEALs will not allow that . They are under the commander in Chiefs orders and they will do their duty.

          • And who would follow this CiC ? only idiots. You are brain dead.

          • I thought the Seals took an oath to defend this Nation against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. They should realize that their CIC is both a FOREIGN (Kenyan) and DOMESTIC ENEMY of the united States and defend us against him and his co-conspirators.

            • How many idiots are in uniform and will obey any order for a paycheck? How many believe like Ron. And will dispatch any officer giving illegal orders. How many foreigners are there in the military who have been educated in a forign country and have no deep belief in our constitution? Their there to fast track their citizenship. And a paycheck . You military guys will have to do some serious house cleaning at the get go. Or we are doomed.

      23. Standing on principal when it can have an influence on the outcome is smart. Standing on principal just to show everyone your willing to stand however its reckless to yourself and anyone with you. Its sometimes wise to be a chameleon.

        When President Obama was running I got a couple of Obama bumper stickers and put them in my glove compartment of our vehicle. If anything happened to him I intended to put them on our vehicles as I thought the repercussions would make the riots after the murder of Dr King peaceful by comparison. One can be brave and that is an admirable trait. Recognize that your potentially dragging your wife, kids, grandchildren and friends along if you choose to confront a hostile mob. In this event you have little to gain and everything to lose both physically and economically. You’ll do your family no good in jail if it can be avoided and certainly no good deceased. As the political left poses the far greater threat of mob violence as numerous news reports have shown a “Hillary For President” bumper sticker put on when traveling through a potentially dangerous area is smart political camouflage.

        The best defense against trouble is to avoid it.

        • If a gang of one hundred is coming towards your neiborhood and you stay with your family instead of joining the group defending your neiborhood . What kind of special stupid is that? You by yourself holding off one hundred looting rapping savages? Or leaving your family and joining the hundred neiborhood guys to repel the invaders. You jackass lone wolverines better wake up . And join up. Or they will pick us off one at a time . Just like they want.

          • No matter what Im not leaving my grandchildren defenseless. We are in a remote place. No neighbors for over a 1/2 mile. And not a high dollar home. On purpose ive Made it to look like The Cabin in the Snuffy Smith Cartoon. My grandkids call my daily a 66 Pk a Put Put Jalopy LOL. If forced to leave Ill burn everything when I go. Ive hidden the good stuff. That way I wont be tempted to return. Im simply too old to be effective in a war. Like the saying goes Ya Gotta Know your Limitations.

      24. The parasite free shit army outnumber the producing working folks who want the government to practice fiscal responsibility. So Hillary will likely win. trump aint any thing but a loose cannon any how. Im pretty much pessimistic about the whole deal. The White folks by and large are a big disappointment to me. Any revolution or uprising I will not participate. Endure and evade will be my plan.

        • Old Guy

          The “free shit army” is mainly conscripts that worked at good jobs prior to Bill Clintons, with the full backing of the republican establishment, Free Trade agreements. Carrier Air Conditioning is closing a US plant and shipping those jobs to Mexico. How many Hillary votes is she going to get out of those 1400 laid off? I worked with black guys. I seen their social interaction with each other and privately. As a group its most certainly group think. One on one with no one else there they are talking a lot more independently. There are two groups of potential swing voters. One those laid off and now part of the working poor eating via a EBT card. The other still working and fearful of becoming one of the former.

          If Trump doesn’t win its because Trump pushed the social boundaries beyond the limit tolerable to the voters. Hillary has to be one of the most vulnerable candidates ever put before the electorate and is only going to get the Democrat nomination because their system is 100% corrupt.

          • Possibly your correct? It was mentioned about picking sides. during the civil war. Here in Newton and Searcy counties they formed the Peace Society. The wanted to remain neutral and be left alone. The Confederate Army came and rounded up the able bodied men and marched them to Little Rock. The forced them to join the confederate army. First Chance they got most deserted and joined the Union army. And to this very day those two counties are ostracized by the Arkansas Legislature. The only two relatives that I have that fought in the war of northern aggression (for the wrong side???) where captured and died at Andersonville prison. LOL.

        • Run and hide? And let the others do the fighting? During the revolutionary war . When it was over you wouldn’t be considered welcome. The British supporters and fence sitters lost everything . Everyone looked the other way. You got what you deserved they would say. It just gave them a reason to take everything you had. If you don’t pick a side no matter who wins you will be the enemy.

          • If you choose to not decide, you have still have made a choice.

            • RUSH, Freewill. Kudos to the reference.

          • Ive got very young grandchildren some still in diapers. They are my responsibility since their parents don’t prep. So yes The wife and I will if it becomes necessary take the grandchildren to a remote cave and hide out. Im past 65 and still healthy. However my eye sight and hearing aint so good. A 12 guage with buckshot is about the only weapon im effective with.a lazer My handgun with a lazer sight I can still hit something close. My best asset is Know How. I am a very good jack of all trades. Everything we have I can fix or repair. We never have paid anyone to do anything. Im the guy when nobody else can figure it out they come and get me. From livestock to machinery, plumbing, electrical, Ac and heat, sawmilling, gardening, brewing beer & making corn wisky. No brag just fact I can do it all. Ive even stitched up wounds, set broken bones and pulled a few of my own teeth. I by myself built a 1/4 mile of 4 strand barb wire fence this week. 1/4 mile fence in two days. Cut and made my own cedar fence post. I can kill a snake or leave it be. My asset to society is im a producer.I cant see any point in going out looking for trouble and quite possibly commiting sucicide!

            • Don’t count yourself out yet old guy. God promised miracles as in the days of Moses. You might end up being the leader. Or a hero.

      25. Good I hope it’s really violent and that will seal the deal for Trump as our next president.Even people who don’t like Trump will vote for him because it will be a vote against thugs.

        • Nightshiftsucks

          First I agree with your name as I did almost 30 years of rotating shift work. Second your correct regarding the violence of the left. They haven’t learned from their 60s past. Its counterproductive to their political goals.

          • They have made considerable progress in the last 8 years with their agendas.And currently gaining more so, I don’t see it as counter productive at all ? Maybe insane but not counter productive from their whacked perspective.

        • And if I might add scum of every variety. TRUMP 2016!

      26. What? Is the fascist left going to bring back Bombs-Away Billy Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn? How about bringing back the National *Socialist* (Nazi) Brownshirts? It’s not for nothing that The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, noted that various flavours of filth… er, leftism, ***murdered** over 100 mm last century.

        Note to you fascist leftists reading this: I am totally into non-violence. You will also note I never curse on this site. However, self-defense, when a violent person attacks someone is peacefully minding his own business, in not violence. Even Blackstone, the originator of the English law system, recognized this as a central tenet. With that in mind, and understanding that Cruz, not Trump, was my first choice (I will now vote for Trump tho – no scorched earth policy for me), one note to you vile, ignorant, H8TE-filled, fascist, arrogant leftists:



        As I say, not enough that the left MURDERED 100 million last century. Not enough that they whine about all the “H8TERS” when it comes to their dear homosexual buddies. Now this.


      27. Build the wall and blow the box.. time to clean up this mess. since when can other people from another country come onto someone elses land, burn their flag and riot and it not be considered an act of war?? just wondering

        • Since BHO and crew came on the scene and gained control and power.

      28. I wonder if the brown shirts would allow this to happen to are nation if they were in control. I wonder if the brown shirts would smash every Spanish language store in our nation . And drive them out of our country. Crystal knoct. Anyone. When will people realize we have boarders for a reason. We just can’t get along. If we try we get what we have now. Extreme violent clashes. And when the numbers tilt . A blood bath. What are we leaving our grand children? Will they be up for this after years of public school feminizing. Look at this new generation of what? Metrosexuals? Docile slaves? We either set things straight now or the future is lost. Where’s our George Washington.

      29. Conservative and Trump supporter lives matter.

        Oh, wait. scratch that. Only fascist left and politically correct lives matter.

        Reminds me to the violent fascist horseschitt as here, where the the Brownshirt gays doing the below were the same types who burned down Sarah Palin’s church, or the same ones who crashed a private meeting of teachers and parents that I personally attended in Ottawa, ON. in the 90s, and turned violent – 100% of the violence coming from the gays themselves (which first introduced me to their violence and hypocrisy, and which was reported by one of Canada’s two major TV station at the time in a way that was an outright lie).

        WALKERTON, IN, April 2, 2015 ( — A small-town Indiana pizzeria owned by a Christian family has closed its doors after being terrorized by pro-homosexual bullies opposed to the family’s religious values. Memories Pizza in Walkerton has received death and firebombing threats and had its website hacked, according to The attacks came after ABC-57 out of South Bend aired a piece March 31 highlighting the pizzeria owners’ support for Indiana’s hot-button Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The station claimed Memories Pizza, owned by Kevin O’Connor, was the “first business to publicly deny same-sex service.” The owners specifically stated that anyone was welcome in the restaurant, but the story was set off by the fact that they said they would not cater a homosexual “wedding” because it would conflict with their Christian beliefs. For this, the death threats and more, with the leftist media complicit in the violence and lies.
        Story NOT in the lamestream press, of course, but here:


        Videos of leftist hate:

        -Attack on Ron Paul by protestor:

        -Bill Rice, 65 yr old man has finger bitten off by leftist

        -Weekly Standard report pushed

        -Greensboro, NC Tea Partiers attacked,

        -Video of union thugs protesting at – get this – a Special Olympics ceremony in Wisconsin. 4:57 min, but you only need to see the first minute or so . (and it WAS very fitting they dressed as zombies – guess the irony was lost on them).

        – Christian Schneider, Isthumus, 12/29/2011, in The Wisconsin Left Made a Spectacle of Itself in 2011

        Sometimes it’s necessary to get out on the streets and
        “get a little bloody,” a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday
        in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin.
        Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) “I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going,” Capuano said, according to the Dorchester Reporter. “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

        Political observers have been the lookout for potentially
        incendiary rhetoric in the wake of January’s shooting in Tucson, AZ, where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) survived an assassination attempt, six were killed, and 13 others were injured.
        —The Hill’s Energy Blog, Feb 23, 2011

        Palin compared to a case of “herpes” by Chuck Nice on the “Today” show in 2011, to Palin’s 14-year-old child ridiculed in a “joke” at a baseball game by David Letterman referring to her as being “knocked up” in the 7th inning, to Keith Olbermann on comparing conservative journalist, Michele Malkin, to a “Mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it in 2011

        The UKs Telegraph – not the US media – publishes this about Palin: One message sent by someone in Juneau, Alaska on Sept 17, 2008 said the governor should be “shot from one of the planes that shoot the very wolves that you ordered.” Five days earlier an email landed in her in-box saying she “must be killed.” It said: “She doesn’t belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally! Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!”

        Another emailed death threat in the same month, while Mrs Palin was on the campaign trail as John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, came from Antwerp, Belgium. It said Mrs Palin should be shot and that “only on that moment justice will be accomplished.”

        Common Cause called for the lynchings of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, Michael Malloy demanded Seal Team 6 assassinate President George W. Bush and top union thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said about the Tea Party: “Let’s take these sons of bitches out!” And let’s not forget the entire Democratic Party’s smearing of the Tea Party as “terrorists” and “American Taliban.”

        If you google “leftist violence” you will find over one MILLION entries. Of course, if you listen to the leftist media you will only find poor, innocent people like Bill Ayers who have been unfairly accused

      31. Bring it, assholes! TRUMP 2016

        • Exactly, Moss. These en masse cowards don’t know who they are messing with.

          • They know exactly who they are messing with and they got away with and many other times as well .

            • No Ditators…Zero Wars…Zero Kommies etc etc were Ever fought against and Won against Via use of the “PEN” Vs the Sword.

              Because in ALL recorded history so far…

              “INK” aka Pens and paper Never yet stopped such vile evils.

              In Every such case of evil dictatorships and wars against the “good folks” it was ALWAYS the power of the Sword wielded by those “Good folks”, and Blood not Ink, that Won freedom!

              And it was Always Good peoples with Swords that felled dictators and halted their mass evils.

              And “IF”??? Any Other examples can be found???! to the contrary?….Then those if they do exist, were Every time perpetrated as a pre concieved controlled opposition agenda period.

              Such as that Eastern German joodeobolshevik kommie Wall being “allowed” to get torn down in 1989…

              That didn’t happen simply due to Reagan was so Great! nor because the Pope then was so great etc…

              as with every major event of such happening it was pre planned and carried Hidden agendas with that felled wall.

              it “Had” to fall before the Bankster PTB crowd of Vampires could gain entry Into Russia and litterally Rape her of all it’s vast resources and wealth etc and do so scott free….Because as members of the SCV aka self chozen vampire bunch, they always get a free pass and are always allowed to claim that They are the worlds main victims.

              untill Putin got elected and Booted them out!

              No wide wondermeant as to why they now so hate putin eh.

              so to Sum Up here..remember folks ZERO Freedoms Won…

              Zero Evil dictatorships halted…Zero end to kommie evils etc etc etc has EVER happend Via a Pen and Ink…

              For such good Goals and Wins have ALWAYS been gotten Via “BLOOD” spilled and never thru “Ink” or words.

              Yes it Is a Hard fact to comprehend but a fact of real truth neverless.

              • Jesus knocked over there tables, Hitler knocked over their tables. Now Putin knocked over their tables. What will happen to Putin? He will be called the most evil man that ever lived? Evidence of atrocities mass murder gassing of the innocent. Pictures of bodies being bulldozed. Lamp shades, soap . For all the world to see. Curtesy of. The you know who owned mass media. And don’t dare question anything they say. Or your next.

              • I agree we are all being faced with the same decision. How much is too much ? and it will be decided by how much the people are willing to suffer and sweep under the rug !

                So far it has been a considerable amount of criminal acts from our own out of control government. I still believe outlier events will define the outcome and there are many to choose from. Martial law would be a biggy, especially on trumped up issues that are created or allowed by our own government !

      32. The mainstream press or media is in the hands of the jews. The left calls it the corporate press but if they did their homework the corporate press is jewish.

      33. this whole country can go MADMAX APE in 24hrs time prep now……..

      34. Thanks to “lost karma” for coming up with a totally plausible scenario that really could happen. As everyone here knows the global economy is in total freefall. And will only get worse. I believe we are going to see some really strange stuff happen before (or just after) the election. It will become far worse than 1968. Evidence is that AP and Hitlery conspired days ago to come out with the announcement just before the CA primary that she had enough delegates (h/t to As we all know the system is beyond corrupt and beyond rigged. I still make the very sad prediction that Trump will be killed before he ever sees the Oval Office. I hope I get to vote for him.

        I hope none of you-uns are living in a city. Because if you are your lives and property are at great risk.

        • Trump had better pay his own security to watch his secret service detail.

      35. why don’t people in Trump rallies simply leave in groups with a few really big guys in the group for defense ? why go out in ones or twos ?

        • We were raised different then them . They were raised third world style. We can’t understand that. But we will soon get a big dose of third world style living. And if we don’t get rid of that . We can all just get along PC stupidity .we will get the third world right up our you know what. Name one country that is run by these people . That isn’t a third world dung hole.? But ours are different they were educated here. Do you see a difference? You are digging us in a hole we might not be able to get out of.

      36. Are these brutes for hire immune to lead poisoning? Do they really think they are going to continue this behavior and not suffer consequences? The time is near fools.

      37. Trump is ripping the opposition with common sense talk right now on TV.

        • he gonna rip hillary a new ASS now that he got everyone else out of the way. not too sure about him, but he seems to be the choice of the people. he sure SEEMS for real.

      38. On another note. I work with a very hard working black guy. Today he came up to me very upset and asking to help him to the human resource office. I told him to calm down, I’ve never seen him so upset. He always works hard and keeps to himself so this behavior of his is alarming. He tells me that he didn’t purchase company healthcare ( opted out) and just got a letter from the IRS saying that his tax return would be garnished for failure to purchase health insurance via the affordable care mandate ( Obama care). I sat in human resources with him while the lady explained it all to him. He was in shock. He turns and looks at me and says ” did you know about this?” I said yes, that’s why I didn’t vote for the piece if shit. The guy says damn, obama sure left that bit of information out of all that advertising. I think some of the people are starting to realize that they have been lied to and might just vote trump. Who knows.

        • Ignorance is never a good excuse ! Hopefully your black worker friend will learn a valuable lesson ?

      39. Bernie talks about political revolution. Seems to me the Hillary supporters are violent and Hillary keeps saying trumps people are the violent crowd. Sorry I just don’t see that. See how they can twist shit and stick it up people’s ass. the media propaganda is in line with Hillary. They both keep saying how dangerous trump is blah blah

      40. Watching with interest from afar (other side of the planet) the whole Trump thing…
        Scenarios I see playing out if Trump is genuine and not a stalking horse:
        1, The election gets ‘stolen’ from Trump and Hitlery gets in, or
        2, Trump gets assassinated before are after the election

        If 1 is used the patriots will be pissed because it will be obvious as hell.
        If 2 is used the patriots will be pissed, especially if ‘obvious’ as a Deep State run operation. If 2 is used before the election Obomber gets the chance to declare martial law and suspend the election indefinitely…

        Either options will work especially aided by a False Flag event blaming Trump supporters (read patriots). “Okay, everyone has to turn their guns in for your own protection from domestic extremists.”

        Result: civil war in america.
        Result: Dictator for life for Hillary if option 1 is used, and for Obomber if 2 is used.

        • The patriots are already pissed and we see no recompense ? Finicum was murdered and the rest are still in jail, so at this juncture they have crushed the patriots with extreme criminal acts of their own. Remember they never fired a shot or harmed anybody or destroyed anything ? They were attacked for their ideas and willingness to stand up to this out of control government ! and they were made examples of, for the masses. Just curious how many here are OasthKeepors or 3% ers ?

      41. The lefts attacks on Trump virtually all center around claims he is a racist.

        I must say in every report where Trump s called racist, they new have a video tape or clip of Trump actually saying what they accuse him of.

        The latest is the Judge in the Trump University law suit. The entire mainstream press is on board with the claim that Trump made racist remarks, yet not one produces a clip of Trump making any statements that can actually be attributed to Trump.

        All they have are the claims of Trump hating newscasters.

        Believe me, if the press had an actual sound bite or clip of Trump making racist statements, it would be played 24/7. Everyone reading this knows the truth of this statement.

        Why does no one question the lie or the non existent evidence. Are the sheeple afraid they will be called racist too?

        Both the attorney for the plaintiff and the judge in the Trump U suite are members of a La Raza offshoot organization. Look it up, La Raza is a foreign national terrorist organization intent on the overthrow of the US government and the ethnic cleansing of non Hispanics from the South West US. Trump has excellent grounds for demanding this judge recuse himself.

        Why would a standing judge join a foreign terrorist organization?

      42. Menzoberranzan says:
        Comment ID: 3572010
        June 7, 2016 at 3:27 pm
        It would not bother me to see 1000s of these rampaging scum illegals mowed down with a minigun

        Can I be the door gunner? PPPLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE!

      43. rellik says:
        Comment ID: 3571960
        June 7, 2016 at 1:59 pm
        …..Oh by the way I don’t like Democrats, maybe we need an American version of a “Final solution”.

        Id like to operate the showers please?!

      44. Since the police allowed Trump supporters to be attacked and harmed till first blood is seen. by law you have every right to defend yourself. You will need to fight back with everything you got by sticking together as a massive pack of Trump supporters to defend yourselves. if the libs left wingers, illegals and so on block the roadway with intent to harm you. again by law you have every right to defend yourself if you see them blocking the roadway with a weapon by law can drive thru them to save yourself and the passengers in the vehicle. remember you can only use this if you are in fear for your life in order to defend yourself.

      45. Trump 2016. Build the wall and make Obama pay for it out of his pocket. Punish greedy outsourcing businesses. Make bathrooms normal again. Try all commies for treason. Do away with gun permits,the 2nd amendment is our permit. Indict all corrupt government officials. That’s just for starters.

      46. In the words of the great Ronald Reagan, if there’s going to be a bloodbath, let’s get it over with….
        We are Patriots! We will NOT back down, we will NOT go away and we will NOT surrender this nation! Lock and Load Patriots! The Republic needs you!!

        • Agree, but we must be organized and have some leadership and boundaries. It is critical that we start locally first and get organized ! Other wise it will just be people running around like chickens with their heads cutoff and accomplishing zero. Maybe doing more harm than good ? I am leaving Oath keepers for a reason and starting a new group here in Oregon ? I fully agreed with their stand down orders at Burns. But I have other issues/reasons? I urge everybody to get organized locally first and then focus on grander things !

      47. I believe the whole point of the protesters’ actions is to provoke Trump supporters into action. The groundwork is being laid for martial law.

        • Yep, this is just one piece of the puzzle and there are many pieces in play !

      48. Why would a standing judge join a foreign terrorist organization?

        Great Question!! as is Also a great question of..

        Why are So Many Fed Judges Dual Israel/usa citizens eh?

        And a Better yet question is…

        When/If the time ever comes that such Dual citizens Must make a Real Choice between America Vs another nation, say for example Israel…Which will they decide to choose as Top Main nation they are Loyal to?

        ps: anybody thats been paying atten already Knows these answers eh!

        • Jesus called these people the children of satan . Is that so hard to understand? What do you expect from the children of satan? Peace and harmony? God said . I know the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synagogue of satan. What do you expect from the members of the synagogue of satan ? Peace and harmony? We were warned . But we would not resort to violence . So look where we are now. As is written the great tribulation is coming . And there will be violence like we can’t imagine. The worse this planet has ever seen. And there’s no avoiding it . But the ones that believe the warnings .wont be left naked by the thief in the night. Won’t have empty lamps like the foolish virgins. You can almost say we were chosen. Allowed to see the light. When so many smarter than us were not? We will see miracles as in the days of Moses . Helped with miracles . If we helped ourselves? We are the true believers. Preppers?

          • Personally I don’t believe that it has to be the End Times. Notice how it is plural. I believe that every once in a while when evil gets out of hand the human race is tested. Everyone who believes in God needs to read and understand His Word. In The Word it says “To be about the Fathers business” it says that faith is an “action based on a belief”. It’s all about what we DO. Children must follow the example of the parents. Parents must know the Word so they know where to lead the children. It is US that must stand against all that is evil and impure in this life. If we don’t then there will be great suffering. But if we as a People rise up and DO the work of the Father then Jesus will not have to come and mop up. And if we let it go so that He does, there won’t be many left for Christ to physically save from death. When we wait on the Lord, we should wait like a waiter or waitress not just sit on our duffs till Christ comes back.

            • I completely agree it is all about our free will and our soul ! Each of us can do wrong or right . It is a decision.

        • If you are a member of the tribe, via your mother… you are automatically gifted with dual citizenship to Israel…

      49. LBF’s? Academic Leftards? and followed up
        by the “Screen Generation” that does as told
        by the screen, the Home Depot labors load up
        and get 15 bucks an hour to support a system
        that they are fleeing from… just

      50. Hasn’t anybody here ever smashed a head with rebar before, you know , that 12″ piece you got strapped to your arm under that long sleeve shirt or jacket ?
        I just don’t know anymore, all seems lost !

      51. Hasn’t anybody here ever smashed a melon with rebar before, you know , that 12″ piece you got strapped to your arm under that long sleeve shirt or jacket your wearin ?
        I just don’t know anymore, all seems lost !

      52. Remember why the 2014 video that showed you the ugly truth of what is in the road ahead – Its kinda like Ronald Regan said We will not surrender. In a way its like saying We will take our country back and fight for it and We will defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic

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