Mainstream Media Warns: Fort Hood Shooter Was “Stockpiling Weapons and Ammunition”

by | Apr 6, 2014 | Headline News | 215 comments

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    As investigators attempt to put together the pieces surrounding the most recent mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, it didn’t take long for the mainstream media to begin fabricating its own narratives as to why Ivan Lopez may have targeted twenty soldiers last week.

    Following reports that Lopez was an outspoken critic of previous mass shootings via his Facebook page and that he was suffering from symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder, CNN’s Pamela Brown says she spoke with an anonymous source who indicates the disturbed shooter was stockpiling large amounts of ammunition, having returned to the local Killeen, TX gun shop where he bought his gun on multiple occasions to purchase additional rounds.

    And though Brown spent all of 20 seconds explaining the ammunition connection in the video report below, at no time did she mention that Lopez owned or purchased anything other than the .45 caliber handgun he used to commit the shooting.

    Yet that didn’t stop the CNN editorial team from running a prominent headline suggesting Lopez, “Stockpiled Weapons, Ammunition.”


    Within the report itself, CNN claims Lopez purchased a “large amount of ammo,” and they even included a graphic in their news report of what a bulk purchase of ammunition might look like, though Brown failed to specifically mention how much ammunition was actually purchased:


    You can view the CNN video report below, but pay attention because if you blink you might miss it (starts at about 0:40):

    Army specialist Ivan Lopez was creating a stockpile of ammunition.

    Sources say when Lopez bought his 45 caliber semi-automatic handgun at this store, Guns Galore, in Killeen, TX on March 1st, he also purchased what one source calls a ‘large amount of ammo.’

    CNN has also learned that the 34-year old returned to the store repeatedly to buy even more bullets. 

    (Watch at CNN)

    It’s not clear where CNN gleamed this information, how much ammunition was purchased, or how it is relevant to the investigation itself.

    The fact that CNN chose to run a headline indicating that the stockpiling of ammunition also included a weapons cache is indicative of a new narrative being formed, likely to be followed up by more ‘extremist’ behavior that may include visiting ‘radical’ web sites or forums.

    In December of 2011 Senator Rand Paul gave a speech on the House floor in which he warned Americans of activities that were now considered terrorism by the U.S. government. Paul specifically cited the storage of ammunition and guns as red flags for law enforcement and national security officials:

    Know good and well that some day there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements. There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.

    Someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect according to the Department of Justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

    If you are suspected by these activities do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?

    This latest “investigation” by CNN seems like an obvious attempt to engage in a strategy of predictive programming, whereby they are hinting to the American public that those who store, collect or stockpile ammunition and guns are a danger to society and should be reported as such to officials.



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      1. Oh my …This is so transparent… it’s embarrassing…

        Who do they think they’re fooling… never mind, don’t answer that…

        • Let us be certain to prosecute these talking heads at Nuremberg 2 for abetting tyranny with their psyops.

          • I heard his mom just died and they denied his leave request. WTF?

            • Why don’t they discuss the “meds” he had stockpiled, prescribed by quacks to help send him over the edge.

              Anything but the truth is open to print.

              • jerrytbg says:

                “it’s embarrassing…

                What’s “embarrassing,” is the fact that this country is beset by a “majority:” A group of addled, dumbed down, entertainment watching, government worshiping morons who ultimately “vote” to impose a criminal syndicate upon the rest of us.

                Such is American Democracy!

                • Well …YEA…The proverbial face palm…
                  The “people” walking down the street don’t have a clue…
                  But they will when the ebt and/or debit card doesn’t work….
                  And tptb will blame us…. with whatever the flavor of the month is…
                  It’s disgusting…

                  • jerrytbg says:

                    “It’s disgusting…”

                    You’re absolutely right Jerry.

                    America is corrupt to the core. Perhaps it needs to be flushed!

                  • “…and tptb will blame us…”

                    This is why you must not be to vocal about what you are doing when we get near the collapse. Opsec becomes super important to the point of being extreme at some point.

                    To all of you that are prepping out there: I know you want to wake up your fellow citizens, but, those fellow citizens will come and kill you for what you have under the auspices of “terrorism”, “hoarding” or just plain “we’re taking what you’ve got” and in most cases it will be backed by our crooked STATE FROM HELL under the auspices of keeping everyone safe.

                    I’m not sure that we should even be talking about it now. Sometimes it looks like its pretty close but you just can’t tell. Use your own judgment, but, just keep it in mind that the person that you’re trying to do a favor is likely to spill the beans to “authorities” and paint you as a terrorist because they can’t have what you’ve obtained because its too late to get it.

                    Just be careful out there.

                  • Did they happen to mention anything about the Government “Alphabet Soup” agencies also stockpiling ammo…or do they get a free pass?!?!?!?!?

                • Howdy, YMWW, and I have to agree. the morons will die whenever the balloon goes up.

              • Yes, SSRI’s, i.e. Psychotropics is the REAL STORY here. Although, it’s nothing new. Well over 90% of the school shooters were under the influence of these heavy drugs. 20 to 25% of Americans are altering their minds, 24/7, and are pretending “it’s just part of the crazy world they live in, i.e. the norm, the best way to cope.

                Next time you’re driving down the freeway and you look at the cars next to you, or, you read a post here, and you could swear the left and right hemispheres in the reply (or their erratic driving skills) are at odds with each other, guess what?

                It’s an epidemic. Its running rampant in ALL walks of life; children, military, teachers, bankers, police, soccer moms and probably even preppers are not immune.

                • ANYONE with more than a couple of boxes of ammo is now considered stockpiling.

                  This is exactly what that worthless pierless morgan Atlantic Ocean wet back said months. That no one neeeds more than a “little” ammunition. I am so glad they fired him. he of course on his farwell message had to get a massive dig in on the 2nd Amendment and all those that support it.

                  This is exactly what anti-gunners want, to make it appear that anyone that has any ammo is dangerous. They then can make it illegal to store much of anything unelss you are a firearms dealer or something. Hell, they would try ti limit what they could have also, IF they could get away with it. All the while true sh$% is brewing as pro Russians have stormed eastern Ukraine government buildings in Donestk. Giving Russia a reason to protect Russians that live there from being killed. Remember Georgia, almost the same circumstances.


                  It is also on all the MSM U.S. news sites.

                  It is beginning and the U.S. is trying to disarm American’s civilian militia that protects the U.S. homeland.

                  • using their own logic against them – I am 100% convinced that DHS is extremist and terroristic in their public MASS STOCKPILING of large quantities of ammo that are illegal for use against an enemy based on the Geneva Convention.

                  • That is why one should pay in cash..only!


                    end of story

                    No background check is required even here in Masshole land for ammo..


                  • In a Billibob Clintoon voice… whats your definition of a Box?

                  • Simple Man,

                    The deal is this: the vast majority of the medicated masses will set there and see host “evil” those are that stockpile ammo and totally miss the point when it is reported that DHS is stockpiling. I find if fascinating that the State Worshipers want to disarm the public but they take comfort in the fact the state has guns.

                    The state has guns and murders people on a daily basis: OK!

                    The public has guns and saves lives thousands of times per day: DANGEROUS!

                    …because the state controlled lamestream media is projecting the fact that with an armed populace, its difficult to totally enslave and torture them with impunity. So, we must, somehow, disarm them to enslave them.

                  • This is exactly what anti-gunners want, to make it appear that anyone that has any ammo is dangerous. They then can make it illegal to store much of anything unelss you are a firearms dealer or something. Hell, they would try ti limit what they could have also, IF they could get away with it.

                    This rings true. There’s already legislation put in place by this administration to make legal the “appropriations” of personal property.

                    Whatever they want, when ever they want.

                    Thing is, this happened before during WWII when Uncle Sam put people in jail for what they labeled “hoarding.”

                    Uncertain times, to be sure. Need to be clear what we’re looking at.

                • How come you left postal workers off the list?

                  • What I want to know is, why they spend so much more time “investigating” and looking for more “evidence” when there is NOBODY ALIVE TO PROSECUTE with it.

                    The families don’t need all of the gory little details and intricacies, they just need to know who done it, sometimes why they did it, and that the guilty party is no longer a threat to anyone else.

                    Think about this. When the alleged perpetrator is still alive, you don’t hear a lot about the details unless they are sensational in nature. Then you only hear it during/after the trial.

                    In these cases where the known perp is DEAD, they will NEVER get to trial. There is really no purpose to gathering more “evidence” for years to come, at the taxpayer’s expense. It is over.

                    So why do we have to keep paying for further “investigations”?

                    Because it makes good propaganda.

                • yes, E/A, you touch on a REAL problem when the balloon goes up. what’s it going to be like when those 20% of americans cant get their mood-altering drugs…ALL OF A SUDDEN? i will tell you…they are going to FREAK OUT! that’s what happens when you quit cold-turkey…call it the great american freak-out. oh dear!

              • There will never be a discussion on Capitol Hill regarding any such prescription meds.

                The pharmaceutical industry has spent more money lobbying congress than any other industry!

                They make huge profits off of the SSRI drugs annually and they know full well what adverse side affects accompany these drugs and they do not want this made mainstream news.

                This of course does nothing for the anti gun crowd in Washington either, as it takes away their arguments of needing to “keep us safe”.



              • I’m breaking OPSEC, I know I’m in trouble anyway, cause I have 100rds of 45ACP and 535rds of 22LR and atleast 50rds.of #8 12 Ga. And on top of that I have 12 cans of Green Beans and 12 cans of Tomatoes and 6 cans of Mixed Veggies and 10 lbs. of antelope in the freezer, so I know I can last atleast 8 days. I’ve got a shotgun, a rifle and a 45, a Mountain Man can survive! Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

                • I was doing a little post review and I know it’s late on this thread…
                  But I had to chime in… that was good!

                  🙂 🙂

            • That is what was told on the news in syracuse ny am radio. They said they denied his mothers funeral and then changed it to 24 hours of leave. I can see why if this happened he snapped since he sees a bunch of usless people doing nothing and he is not in need and they denied him to see his mother after death to snap on this SOB’s if thats what happened. Then the news kept trying to support the military and say, he new what he was doing when he signed up and knows cant get leave only under certain times or if has the time to takeoff. That was somebody small not sure who said it but they were really trying to make him look like that bad person, even though he should of never killed those innocent people not involved.

              • Denying someone in the military leave to attend their mother’s funeral sounds so unbelievably rotten, that I wonder if it’s even true. I’ve been out of the military for many decades, so I don’t know what the policies are regarding granting leave in today’s military. I was always very diligent with regards to my usage of leave, and never allowed myself to zero out my leave balance – but, is it even possible to take ‘advance’ leave if you have zero accumulated leave on the books? Was that the case with Lopez?

                If not, then the idea that his CO would disapprove a guy’s leave request to attend his own mother’s funeral just seems a little far-fetched. I know the US Military has more than it’s share of assholes in it, but this seems a little over the top.

            • Shooter: Bull-Shit-Alert; his leave was granted and he did attend his mother’s funeral. The facts is that he was not given the time HE wanted, but the time allotted by his unit commander to visit with his family and attend the funeral. That WAS reported on the nightly news. I spend 22 years in the military, over half of it on active duty, and service members are given top leave priority to attend to dead and gravely ill (immediate) family members. The military will help you find the funds if you don’t have them and if you’re overseas they’ll get you stateside on the next military flight(s) out.

          • “””they are hinting to the American public that those who store, collect or stockpile ammunition and guns are a danger to society and should be reported as such to officials.”””

            One who stores ammo and guns is not a threat to society, however they do present a threat to criminal “officials” that will be realized only when the same “officials” try to disarm the perceived threat. The “officials” in this world are so stupid I don’t see much hope for it.

            If you get your news from CNN, or make the news CNN presents to the sheep, you are not living in my world. And I suggest you not venture into it.

            • if you can mix up some concrete and lay some cheap plywood underground a few feet and make a square concrete box where you could lay stuff into if need to be. Under some lanscaping wood chips in a flowerbed. They normally would look thru the house. I always wanted to cutout a fake water heater and store some in there. They dont have the time to take a metal dectector and seach everywhere outside. You could throw a bunch of nuts or bolts as well and there metal detector would be going off everywhere. I dont think they will. Just too many places to hide some items. Not saying to do this, Im just trying to make your minds come up with some ideas you may have not thought of. I know when I read on here we all have different and good ideas, just like the people in prison who can do anything with hiding something or making something.

              • Large diameter pipe with caps glued on works great for weapon and ammo long term storage. Just oil up your weapons and put some dessicant in and you’re good to go for many years. The far corner of your attic that’s hard to reach is a good place to store weapons and ammo. Just wrap them up in old rugs or put them in boxes. You can hide weapons and ammo behind drywall. My favorite is to put in a false wall with a three foot space in. You could put the entrance behind a dresser.

                • You can fit a lot of ammo in a 2 litre soft drink bottle which is very durable food grade stuff. Bit of silicone around the cap as extra insurance if you like. Bury upright for a smaller footprint. Ammo in cardboard boxes on shelves will keep for decades if kept dry and cool, some guys in my club are still shooting WW2 surplus 303 Brit. Would store well in soda pop bottles for decades too I reckon.


                  • 2 liter bottle is a great idea, i forgot that one. Its air tight and keeps things in good shape. throw some of that dessicant O2 scrubber to really keep dry. a hole in the bathroom basemet floor with some pergo type floor over the top also to hide longer term where you could just pull out the quarterround and pull a panel up and bam there it is. Fuckers, they will take everything you own for one small thing and trying to get it back would be so hard or impossible. They never like giving stuff back and if you have a very very large supply its not worth having all your stuff taken by the scum in one sweep. They are going to try and steal our stuff more and more frequently. We are not being told the truth and we have to do something. I wish we could all form one huge group and do whats needed. If this just organized and up and going.

                • I’m sorry, but hiding guns is not the answer. By the time we need to hide them, we should be using them. I’m tired of worrying about my online purchases, credit card usage, or whether or not Costco knows how many sacks of rice I bought. I’m sure that fedgov has me on several lists. Fine. I have them on my list. If they want a fight, let it start now, before I’m too damned old and my grandkids are slaves. No more grey man. Pressure cooker, pressure cooker, pressure cooker. Screw NSA.

                  • I agree with what you are saying hiding them is not the answer. We all agree to that,but we are saying while in times of peace currently in any given town things are calm compared to a full collapse. We go to work and could be in a fight with a co-worker and arrest us, next thing you know we are arrested and not in our homes and they have control, they go and get a bullshit warrent and have all our stuff taken while at work or something like that. That’s what most I’m guessing are worried about. We are not always home to guard our stuff. That is why we need to keep things sealed until the time comes where we dont go to work and we have everything ready in our cars, scattered around the house and a plan ready to go.

              • 24-in sections of rebar would probably look just like rifles to metal detectors.

                • So, PVC pipes full of ammo with ends secured, and rebar laid beside on a piece of plywood in the attic sure looks like storage of old leftover projects to me!!

                  • JayJay, just a thought, I put a couple of hundred rds. of 223 in pvc pipe, just as you mentioned, and hauled it around in a black toolbox in my truck for a couple of years. And when I went to use it, over half would not fire, pulled the bullets and the powder was wet from condensation. Don’t know if being in the attic would have the same affect, from being hot and cold over a period of time. Trekker Out.

              • I’m thinking that if it’s time to start burying your guns, then the reality is, it’s really time to start digging them up.

                • Good point. Bury guns and silver, but keep cash in your safe….

            • If he was stockpiling guns and ammo, why did he buy a handgun from the local gun store

          • On that John Q P,

            We can certainly agree!

            But don’t let it go to your head… I don’t hug… 😉

          • If anyone needs a list of who should be judged at Nuremberg 2 there is a website hangthebanksters that has all the information to identify these scoundrels and their schemes. SHTF readers will find this website very informative. Thanks JQP for ALL your links. You have certainly spent time ferreting out what is wrong in the America we love.

            • You’re doing your part too, Granny.

              We love you!

            • Howdy, Granny.

              • Hi Braveheart:

                Glad to be back with the shtf family. You certainly make everyone welcome here (except for the troll libtards). Thanks…..

            • Off Topic: FYI…I saw this former US Supreme Court Justice’s statement on the first ammendt. It definatly puts the Kibosh on any belief in a so called american founding based upon any type “jewdo-christian” based foundings.

              Supreme Court Justice, Joseph Storey, who served the high court from 1811-1845, commenting on the meaning of the First Amendment stated, “The real object of the First Amendment was not to countenance, much less to advance Mohammedanism, or Judaism, or infidelity, by prostrating Christianity, but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects [denominations] and to prevent any national ecclesiastical patronage of the national government.”

              • @themguys, bend over here while I squirt a little WD40 in your ear. Your rusty brain’s all seized up and can’t function.

          • The problem there is that the Nuremberg trials were a show. The really useful and hardcore Nazis were absorbed into the United States via Operation Paperclip. Others, from the Eastern side of Berlin, in Prussia, they were absorbed by the Soviets. Finally, before either of these 2 emergency rescues of useful Nazis, the Vatican helped many into Brazil, Chile and Argentina through a little operation called ODESSA.

            Forget Nuremberg 2, we don’t need anymore show trials. What we need are real trials for all perpetrators and accomplices. Although I hate to say it, I won’t be holding my breath. Far too many low level retards running afoot.

            • Agreed 100%, Joe Republic.

              The first Nuremberg trials were, since they were orchestrated by the children of the Father of Lies, a complete kangaroo court. Read the actual “eyewitness” testimony and you will see it was a complete farce.

              Nuremberg 2 must be a real trial, real evidence, real testimony, real punishment, and real repatriation of all that has been looted over the centuries.

              • JR and JQP, let’s just forget about trials for the scum. One bullet to the back of the head for each and be done with it.

                • I understand the “back of the head” thing..but I roll a bit different..i want them to see the flash, just before the darkness. Traitors need to understand they pushed for this type of feelings from us

                • One of the biggest mistakes this country made was to end public hangings. It was a far better deterrent than prison or even a bullet to the back of the head. Libtards blamed the rope not the criminal!

                  • I think the problem with public executions was, they never really executed anyone of any importance. It wasn’t corrupt officials swinging on a rope, it was men who stole some bread or the victor in a bar room brawl. No REAL culprits were hanged—just the “little people”.

                    Just like the witch trials, the REAL monsters went free while innocent people paid the debt.

            • Wish I could afford one of the thermal/night vision devices the Army now wears. They are small and work great. I think they cost $20K each or something crazy like that. Bad thing is when the SHTF the DHS goons and likely the military (hope they don’t join in on shooting Americans but we never know) will be wearing the latest and greatest in thermal/night vision devices and knocking off Americans at night with ease.
              God help this country.

          • yes try them all for treason,


          • That goes without saying, but glad you said it anyway.

            • Howdy, Iowa. I like my guns and I will keep them regardless. Bertha will help me with that.

              • braveheart. Once you let Bertha go, then we all know our civil rights are gone….if Bertha goes, so goes America. I’d feel better if Govt was getting guns from gangs and making the streets safer. But no. It is guns from law abiding citizens, thus what is the real motive here?

          • Iowa,
            I intend to

        • CNN= Commie-News-Network. So lets define the term stock piling ammunition according to CNN. CNN= At least more than one 25 Round Box of Ammo. Oh and he stockpiled the single 45 Cal gun for at least a few weeks, before the shooting. OH MY!!! Not sure how anybody can stockpile ammo lately with a 3 Box Max per day at least at Walmart if it even available on the shelf. This is just one more anti-gun rant to demonize gun owners or those who own more than one gun or more than a few boxes of ammo. Yet in the same set of News Report they will Glorify War and use the flag or patriotism to honor the troops. The Lame Steam Media is Phony Propaganda rumor mill, that will use the words terrorism and gun owners universally. America is becoming very ripe for a House Cleaning Revolution. Who’s side you you want to be on? The Gun Grabbers or the Gun Owners.

        • It almost nauseates me to watch TV anymore. What’s even more nauseating is the fact that so many Americans buy in to this BS!!

          • can I ask what state or town? I might be there with you. i’m In Pa up north of Pittsburgh. Shithole and idiots.

        • I reently moved to this horrible, ugly, dirty little town to get away from the city… big mistake. However, on the wall of the Post office of this depressing little town, there is a REALLY COOL PICTURE! It shows a scene from a post office in the old days and all of the workers at the Post Office were wearing guns on their hips! 😉

          • Why did you move there? Why are you staying there if it is so nasty? Where is it?

          • you never know , that shitty lil town might just be the last bastion of freedom on this continent when all hell breaks out.

            tuck up, be quiet and mind your own buiz might just glide under the radar

            • You got it right, VRF.

              Too small to draw attention.

        • GOTTA SEE VIDEO- Mar. 30, 2014- “Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion”– Chris Hedges (first link)

        • The Sheeple will blindly swallow this hook, line and sinker.

      2. I’m not surprised at all by this, considering the type of people that CNN panders to.

        • Communist News Network

      3. Well if their looking to pick a fight, onliest thing stopping them is fear and gravity.

        • Onliest……yeah I know but it has always worked for me.
          Same thing as “wernt”. “It wernt me, it was the one armed man”.

        • PO’d Patriot, let them bring it on. They don’t have the numbers to win this.

      4. Wonder what a “large amount of ammo” is?

        • I could send you pictures…..

          • Scratch that, it’ll have to be a video.

            • 🙂

              • With all the stories of ammo shortages, 5 rounds might be a stockpile (sarcasm)

                • 5 rounds of 22lr maybe, anything 223/5.56 or larger may be seen as a terrorist’s cache.

                • I think it’s 7 in new york… 8 makes you a terrorist.

                  • living in ny would make me a terrorist.

            • How much room do I need on my hard drive…

              • Maybe he could send the pictures as a zip file.

            • 🙂 🙂 🙂

            • Po’d Patriot, I keep reading your comment and Laughing, and reading it and Laughting, ect. My eyes are Beaded up with tears I cant see. #1 cause thats so funny #2 I’m unable to stock pile that much..

            • Panorama photo.

        • Anything DHS claims it to be, but I don’t recognize anything they say about anything to be gospel.

        • I don’t know, anything less than 1000 rounds per firearm is a small amount. I bet he had a few boxes of 45ACP they did not specify because they would be laughed at for saying a “large amount” But these thugs are not funny, they are scary,

          • Good point Jack,

            God forbid you leave a guberment approved range with any ammo… you might be accused of said sin….

            Cause that’s what the 2nd is all about right… target shooting… forget hunting…. that’s what supermarkets are for….

            • The sheeple cant see passed the end of their nose, or they could figure out you dont buy a new car and leave it set in the driveway, and the guy at the gas Station is gona see you buy gas from time to time.. Dont Give Up Your Guns..

        • “”””Mainstream Media Warns: Fort Hood Shooter Was “Stockpiling Weapons and Ammunition”””””

          who cares, he’s dead now and can’t use them

          • Common sense award goes to: 1940!

        • Two Boxes.

        • One bullet in your pocket like Barney Fife….

          • Soon the NY/Cal/Mass progressives will require Fife Carry, the new Israeli Carry.

      5. OK, here we go again. TPTB are determined to destroy gun ownership and have their own way with us any way they deem necessary. I fit the above DHS definition of a “domestic terrorist”. I do admit to being an “enemy of the state” and I’ll leave it at that. I’m an enemy of the state because the state has no legitimate basis for anything it does. the state long ago declared itself an enemy of the people through certain actions. War has not yet broken out but it will, just give it time. come to my home with evil intentions toward me and you will pay the ultimate price for that. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS braveheart

      6. Don’t go to the gun store and buy large quantities of ammo at one time. Spread out your purchases and pay cash. If anybody notices anything mention that you like to go to your hunting land and shoot at targets. And don’t be like that guy who turned his attic into a gun range and told his neighbors not to worry when they heard gunfire. Avoid talking about how you mistrust the government and hate Obama. Do what you can to keep a low profile.

        • But I don’t trust the Government, and I do Hate the Obamas.

        • “Avoid talking…..’

          Oh yea… only with the vetted….

          • I’m reminded of a sign my dad had posted in his garage, “This is not the place to discuss classified information.”

            • Wise man, your Father… as was mine… he told us he was a map reader, typographer… wasn’t until after he passed and I was going thru his papers and such…. found out he was really talking about the maps he made in Italy… it explained the Bronze Star… and the bad shoulder…I tear up when I think of what he did…. and hope that I’ll be half the man he was when this shit hits….

        • Why not just buy your ammo with Fascist Regime Notes, aka with cash, that way it is untraceable.

        • And pay cash

        • “Do what you can to keep a low profile.”

          Oh really? And you’re posting here while saying that?

          Better believe, those who are regulars here, are on the “Red” list.

          • EA.
            I am keeping a low profile. All of my postings are done in my basement….

            • Ugh
              Sometimes I’m curious as to what exactly is in my color-coded “file”. I’ve been a bad, bad boy, i.e. no basement in our home.

            • and I’m using a phony name while setting in my underwear, I know that I will not be recognized with my cloths on

              • Wear a red onesie, that way the fascists in the Obama Regime will think you are one of their sheeple when they do their door to door noknocking.

          • Barn Cat can always buy ammo or guns with Shekels instead of dollars and then he too can recieve special chozen preferential treatment.

      7. Gee, if stockpiling ammo makes one a terrorist, what shall we say about DHS?

      8. I wonder how many CNN personnel have more than 7 days of food stored and a developing ammo stockpile?

        Flaming the fires again I see.

        This alleged news network loves to stir stuff up..

        My personal opinion is that they still have blood on their hands from the riots that stemmed from the Rodney King incident. Susan Rook and Bernard Shaw played their parts….

        That is my opinion……

      9. Every time I read one of these stories about anti second amendment bill of rights propagandists I go out and buy some boxes of ammunition, but is is Sunday and the LGS is closed, so it is off to MidwayUsa to order some 5.56, and a few standard capacity 30 round mags while I am at it.

      10. The mass media has been complicit in the degradation of freedom and privacy of the American citizen. One day I hope that they will be charged and convicted for crimes against humanity. Most people believe what they are spoon fed and many are easily brain washed into being the complacent lap dogs that the regime wants and needs.

        The rapid onslaught of finger pointing, political correctness, race baiting, hatred, and demonic thinking, is taking its toll on all of America and certainly on those who believe in the constitution as it is written.

        What is coming will be horrible but like all things, it will not last forever. Stay strong, vigilant and fight the good fight for all that you are worth.

        I am sick and tired of these sick and twisted little minorities having the last word on just about everything. This country is being run by vile, disgusting, Godless monsters whose reign of terror will be dealt with by the Almighty himself, I can wait for that. God speed.

        • Swinging, AMEN to your comments.

        • Heaven help the news media when TSHTF because they will most likely hang( at the end of a rope) with the bankers and politicians!

          • Agent Provocatour

            Don’t forget the Lawyers!

            • correct! They wind up running for office

      11. is there anyone left out there that has not figured out what is really happening and what is coming very soon?? this is getting so obvious that it must be gonna happen soon!! WEEELLLL on second thought maybe there is still is lots of sheeple with there heads buried in the couch !!

      12. Stockpiling large amounts of ammo and happening to be mentally unstable are mutually exclusive. However, we can guaranty the gun haters and the media (redundant) will paint a connection even without evidence…..

      13. Sooner or later, the masses of Liberals and others will turn their hate and blame towards conservative Americans that believe in Constitution, balanced budgets, and a good economy. It will be like Jesus and Barabbas–at one moment they like Jesus, but turned on him at the next moment….

        People. The best way to prepare is to obey the current Laws, live your life, but be very observant of the events happening. It will come upon all of us like a flood….

        • They already have.

        • Ugly,

          The filth who shot the soldiers is burning in hell right now but you know that the regime and the media will find a way to use his stockpiling of ammo against the good, law abiding gun owners. Face it, they want to disarm everyone because that would make their diabolical plan so much easier to incorporate.

          Your advice is good, obey the Laws, live your life and yes, be very observant and low key.

          • Swinging….

            In Ecclesiates it says, ‘The more knowledge, the more grief’….

            That is obviously true. We can see what is going on from economic collapse, possible WWIII, situations in Syria and Crimera, and so forth. It causes us to worry and try to prepare for those events.

            However, the average clod walking down the street knows none of this and could care less. He walks happy.

            Whose winning?

            • I’d rather know than not…

            • One of my teachers many years ago told a student that if ignorance were bliss, he’d be tickled pink. I’m still not sure if that student knew he was being insulted.

          • Yeah, Swinger, they want our guns… both the Bloods and the Crepts (Republipukes and Democrats). However, there is no “burning in hell” and we should NOT obey their un-just laws! Furthermore, you’re a racist little Swinger, and therefore, have no legitimate right to talk about the Bible.

            • Anonymous,

              Like I wrote, “race baiting”, that would be you.

              • Hatred is going to kill far more people than starvation.

        • The Obamacare fiasco failing will be blamed on elderly whites who use more than their “fair share” of health care. Sounds crazy but just watch if it is not tried.

          • that and the very young, as they don’t feel the need for insurance in good health
            yes they will demonize anyone they can for their agenda rather than be honest and truthful of the reasons it will fail

          • Naw, thats the young getto blacks using more than their fair share and expecting the productive to pay for them.

      14. Who is CNN’s Pamela Brown? wasn’t she that great big old fat lady who used to do the morning news back in the 1980’s

      15. OH NO”S!!! DHS has 2 Billion rounds of ammo! CNN, please report this news to the American people. They be up to no good!!!!!

      16. It amazes me to no end just how far this country as a society and nation has sunk in the past 40 or so years. I mean; some days I wonder if im living in an alternative Universe United States than the one I remember as a kid.

        • No these people that are now leading our people in their 30’s and 40’s and 50’s basically. This new generation has no care in the world about people as a whole, they look at themselves first and only to make and steal as much money as they can and don’t relize what they are doing. They have lied so much and put this country and nation further in the hole and the lies to cover the lies grows greater. People are close to a breaking point but I think too many people are afraid to lose what they have. This will be very interesting as more people become on even more edge within.

        • Hi Dave – appropriate comment! I can say exactly the same about my country!!


      17. The MSM has become the propaganda machine of the left and is agenda driven. Everything they say should be filtered like water through a Berkey Filter. I have quit listening to their broadcasts and prefer independent and primary sources as much as possible. It seems though that there are not too many out there without an ax to grind or a hidden agenda.

        Once you know what someone is selling then it becomes a little easier to glean the truth. What are the colors of your glasses? Which pill are you going to choose, the blue or the pink?

        Whatever you do don’ drink their Koolaid! Only pure filtered water will do.

      18. Interesting how they are making a big deal out of this but say nothing about the hundreds of people killed and injured dayly from all other violence,
        Beatings, knives, bats.
        They are obviously trying to focus on guns, ammo and veterans, or “mental issues”
        Never mind balanced reporting, MSM is biased and agenda driven= not news.
        MSM has no credibility

        • I also dont hear them talking about all the Innocent people an dogs that the LEO shoot..

      19. Ugly and Swinging;Some good comments but i’m not at all in favor of “obey ” the current laws,for one thing, the biggest part are unconstitutional and against the bill of rights and made up by the lawyers which most reside in our evil government.Besides if you all look at pictures and stories of the shooters (the ones that are still alive) you can plainly see most were on anti-phycotic drug, and probably on some kind of “Mind Control”,and you will never hear that from MSN,always the attack on our 2nd amendment. The evil behind these shooters is the ones who will rot in hell, as that is where they came from! Their is so many laws on the books right now that you can’t even walk down the street without braking one! When you “obey” you are no longer free!!

      20. Watch they will start saying if you have a stock pile of ammo you are a CRAZY!!!!!!!
        Stock piling weapons! BS!!!! he just got the 45 pistol. If that is stock piling I’m in trouble.
        The poor guy had brain damage and the military didn’t take care of him. The ones to blame is the military, for dropping the ball.
        Aim Small Miss Small.

        • Most of us here SD may think your crazy if you don’t buy more.

      21. OFF TOPIC;
        I worked again today, and the movement was about 75% of what was going on Sat. No marking just Camo. The one group that was marked was M.P.’s
        We didn’t have this much movement when the WTO/G8 was in Shitcago, last year.
        Folks keep you eyes open some thing is going down!

        • What are you talking about? Who/what was moving?

          • Mil spec equipment is what he’s speaking of..Tanks, guns, military equipment ..and they are painted Woodland cammo..not desert cammo
            if that change in cammo doesn’t mean anything to you, it should .
            Woodland cammo is your back yard, our forests , its what you would wear if you were hunting in the US woods

            • VRF
              Thanks for answering that ?

        • Sgt: What direction of travel?

        • Sgt., What’s moving? Military?

          • R.R.
            getting on Rt80 heading east.

            • …on Saturday and Sunday, running errands etc, I was on I80 east of you and did not see anything except a lot of civilian traffic…

              • Molly
                I wonder if they didn’t jump off on 57,47, or 55.
                keep your eyes peeled. My brother was up in your area and saw a bunch of HumVee’s.
                They might have jumped off at Joliet rail yard?

        • Sgt. Dale…I must have missed some of your previous posts….

          Can you elaborate please? What exactly are you seeing and where?

          • W.K
            Sat. saw more military equipment moving to Our guard Ground that I have ever seen before in 28 years of patrolling this area.
            I posted all the things I saw on 04/05/14
            Everything from Water to Anti Aircraft RADAR
            Today I was watching more HumVess with 50 cal. mounts on them go through town. Flat beds that look like the ones that carry the large 6 tub missile launchers. I did not see the launchers thou.
            In the last two days I have seen more military movement than I saw when Shitcago hosted G8/WTO last year. I know they moved one of them out of Shitcago but I don’t remember which one.
            Two weeks ago I saw I think it was 8 recondition 105 cannons going up to Rt80 and then east bound.
            I hope and pray that this means nothing, but with everything going on, WELL!
            My God watch over You and Yours. This gos for everyone here!

            • Thanks Sgt!

              I went back through some of Mac’s previous articles and found your posts regarding this. I appreciate your valuable information and input.

              Wish there were more like you out there.

              If SHTF, make your way down to Free America (Texas). You will be most welcome here.

              • WK
                Thanks for the Invite I just might take you up on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • saw some myself moving further south toward the coast here in my little area of the world last weekend and this weekend. One even had government plated SUVs on a flatbed moving them with other stuff. Woodland camo here too.

          I am further south than Braveheart if that gives you pause.

      22. When you can see through the story, and it shows what the real agenda is, then the story is powerless…

      23. He probably had a 50 round box, the idiots at CNN consider that a large amount.
        And so what if he was stocking up, with the government trying to dry up the ammo supply, it only makes good sense to buy now.

      24. The only I thought when I saw the illustrated stockpile was, dang! That’s not enough!!!

      25. I would say your conclusion is based upon quantum leap in logic, but logic and reason are not only in short supply here, but wholly unappreciated. Your conclusion is the product of delusion and paranoia.

      26. If they cannot get the guns, they will go after the ammo. How many people died from malpractice last week, from knives, bats, automobiles? This is ‘targeted’ reporting, malicious.

        Can the ‘authorities’ talk to the doctor that prescribed Ambien? Probably not, because of HIPPA law. I say, BS, you should lose your rights if you violate other peoples rights! Was it for sleep disorder, or something else?

        I think a lot of peeps flip out because they are not socially adjusted. Look at what is going on around us. Texting, instead of talking. No bullying in schools….who has not been bullied? Did not affect me or millions of others. We are dumbing down as a society. Sad.

        • It’s not the anti-bullying in schools that bothers me, it’s the persecution of young children for l-shaped pastries, squirt guns and going “pow-pow” with their fingers, or wearing a t-shirt that says “U.S. Marines” on it that bothers me.

        • is it possible that these events are faked? False Flags of a different kind possibly?

          or heres another slant
          are they engineering these “things” on purpose to take out as many of us as possible?

      27. DHS-SS is hording more ammo, food etc then any prepper on the planet and with our money!

      28. How much ammo one has wont be the problem in a SHTF moment. It only takes one to put a hole in ya. But the real question is can you do it. Most wont be able to. I have a feeling the problem most people will have is Monologue…talking when you have a gun on someone is just a bad idea. Some people would put a hole in you just to shut you up.

        • X-actly Stew. If they come up my lane, ain’t gonna be no foreplay.

      29. just confirming what we already know

        Another Fraudulent Jobs Report — Paul Craig Roberts

        and the most ominous sentence in this column ???

        “As I predicted in 2004, the US will have a third world work force in 20 years.”

        that has been the goal all along
        NAFTA got the ball rolling big time
        and it’s been downhill ever since

        it is very much deliberate

      30. well of course he was..

        what a bunch of rubes..

        this is getting nutty

      31. Pure paranoia. No one cares about your guns & ammo.

        • obviously, someone does…

      32. Beaner-Man; Beaner-Man,
        Does whatever a Beaner-Man does.
        Can he shoot to disenfranchise *gringos*?
        Yes, he can; he’s a beaner.
        Look out… here comes Beaner-Man…!

      33. Ummm… so why is are folks like the DHS, TSA, heck, even the Post Office is stockpiling millions of rounds of ammo – including hollow points, which are banned for military use by the Geneva Convention?

        Just asking.

      34. My communication with Rep. Bill Foster’s (D-IL) office. Notice when I ask why they bought Geneva Convention banned HOLLOW point bullets, ***I never got a reply back*** from the guy.

        From: “Callaghan, Jim”
        To: (deleted)
        Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 12:45 PM
        Subject: Government Ammunition Purchases

        Mr. (Deleted)

        I am still looking for justification for hollow-point bullets. In the meantime, here is a letter that DHS sent to Sen. Coburn in response to an inquiry he sent them. Number 4 is somewhat helpful for your other question.


        Mr. Callaghan,

        When you find out the “justification” for the purchase, and possible use, of Geneva Convention-banned purchase of hollow point bullets – presumably for use on *law abiding, peaceful* American citizens in contravention of posse comitatus – I would be all ears. You also neglected to note that you would follow up on the purchase or “donation” of almost 3,000 MRAP (mine resistant vehicles) to various police departments around the country. As noted, I am personal friends with a recently retired senior Illinois state trooper, whose ***job it was to manage the purchase of items like this***. As I indicated to you, he *personally* told me that a large city might possibly need a single *one* of these (I do understand there are bad guys out there, and I want our police to be safe as they go about protecting us as much as you do). But 3,000? In places like North Dakota? Why the on-going, widespread militarization of our police? I am all ears, and looking forward to your response. And I can tell you for a fact that almost all my neighbors where I live are asking the same questions. We all want a peaceful and law-abiding society. At the same time, we do not want a Stasi-like police state.

        I am looking forward to your response, and copying some minor public officials, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership, and a number of well-regarded bloggers to keep them apprised of my question and your answers.

        Regards (name deleted for privacy’s sake)

        I was wondering if you had any update from Rep. Foster yet on why the DHS and other government agencies might be purchasing so many *hollow point* bullets – the same ones banned by the Geneva Convention for use during wartime against enemy soldiers – but apparently ok to use against American citizens. Also, if you had any update as to why almost 3,000 MRAPs have been sent to even small communities (again, I understand a few of these may be needed in large cities, and certainly we want our police personnel safe as they do their duties; the issue is that there are not 3,000 large cities in the US that come even close to requiring vehicles like this, and this looks strangely like the militarization of our police force).

        Copying a number of people who are constituents of Representative Foster, people in the media I know, bloggers and others. I will let them know of your response – or lack thereof – as soon as I receive it from you

        Thank you, (name deleted for privacy’s sake)

        • The Geneva Conventions did not ban hollow point ammo for the military. The Hague Convention is the correct reference.

        • Nothing against jews but here is a question, I work for the government as a contractor, dont worry im the good guy and same as everyone here. But we have these tutorials that we have to do for whats called “export compliance training.” It says we can’t sell technology or secrets to others countries or places like sudan ever, but if we export missles or a new product it states over and over that we can’t ever without a doubt turn down israel. No matter what we sell, it says if we dont like the country we cant boycott Israel ever when selling our stuff to that country but any other country we can. I find that very interesting.

          • Since there are a great number of “dual citizens” on capitol hill, it doesn’t surprise me that they’d take care of their own before us.

      35. So we manufacturer 10-12 billion rounds domestically per year. We import billions more. About 80+- rounds for each person between 19-64.

        “Finally, limiting the quantity of ammunition a gun owner may purchase online or by mail will only affect the law-abiding. Criminals typically fire only small quantities of ammunition during attacks. Leading criminologist Gary Kleck describes numerous studies showing that armed assaults usually involve either no shots or only a few shots fired, noting that “Even in a sample of gun attacks on armed police officers, where the incidents are more likely to be mutual combat gunfights with many shots fired, the suspects fired an average of only 3.7 times.”

        To me it doesn’t appear that stockpiled ammunition is a real accurate precursor or tell for a person “going ballistic”. How many preppers have thousands of rounds stockpiled? Probably tens of thousands. None of them are “going ballistic”.
        You have the highly publicized events such as Aurora, Sandy Hook. But statistically they are fairly rare. The recent Ft. Hood shooter was in an “escalating argument in his unit”. All of these folks are purported to have mental health issues.

        Gun ownership or ammo stockpiling has nothing to do with whether a person is going on a shooting rampage. It’s all about intent. What you intend to do with your arms and ammo.

        • I agree and the funny thing is we all know that, and the crooks in government know that, but the thing is they cant stand us having freedom, they love to control, control and control everything we do and they without a doubt want to get rid of guns so they have total power over us. They know without high powered guns and low magainze count mags we will not stand a chance against our own forces when the time comes from them to attack us for evil reasons. these people are sick and will hit us when we are not paying attention to whats going on. I think they will take down the internet and the news will be severely propaganda noted to mislead us with whats really going on. Just remember when that time happens do not stop at checkpoints!! They will take every single gun you have and you will not get it back. At that point if they do not let you thru without seaching your car as others ahead of you would be happening to, you must at that point make the decision to defend yourself or be arrested and be labeled as a terrorist. They will try to break us state by state or all at once.

        • “It’s all about intent. What you intend to do with your arms and ammo.”

          I decided that our government is going to save me so I sold it all.


      36. thinkin about addin another 44. mag to my collection. hope CNN dose,nt mind

      37. well, everyone out there take a look good at your gun safes, if you have them. just because it says 48 hours water proof….that don’t mean 3-4 feet of standing water. and the company won’t back their warranty if you weren’t there to witness the damage…..5″ rain over night at a friend of a friend’s house = 4 ft water in basement of house that has NEVER flooded (ground saturated from all melting snow). ALL ammo LOST, ALL guns to gunsmith to be throughly taken apart and cleaned. all wooden stock firearms to be ‘rebuilt’. They weren’t home when it happened, company won’t honor warranty. Hope the S don’t HTF anytime soon for them.

        • many of the bullets should be fine even though they are underwater. I would not throw the ammo out. I would be they will shot ok once they dry out. Not being disagreeable here but I have shot ammo that has been totally submerged before for a long time and they shoot.

        Flour (enriched) 101 lbs.
        Cornmeal 247 lbs.
        Oats (rolled) 247 lbs.
        Rice (white) 491 lbs.
        Pearled Barley 22 lbs.
        Pastas 247 lbs.
        Beans(variety) 272 lbs.
        Mayo 8 qts.
        Veg. Oil 16 gals.
        Shortening 32 lbs.
        Peanut Butter 32 lbs.
        Non-fat dry milk 112 lbs.
        Evap. milk 96 cans
        Sugar-white 320 lbs.
        Sugar-brown 24 lbs.
        Molasses 8 lbs.
        Honey 24 lbs.
        Corn Syrup 24 lbs.
        Jams/Jellies 24 lbs.
        Dry yeast 4 lbs.
        Soda 8 lbs.
        Baking Powder 8 lbs.
        Vinegar 4 gals.
        Salt 64 lbs.
        Bleach 8 gals.
        Extras are: tuna, country ham, canned ham, canned chicken, raisins, home dehydrated fruits and veggies, home canned fruits and veggies, tea, coffee, Kool-Aid, lemon juice, cocoa, condiments, corn starch, every spice,hard candies.
        Personal Care:
        Shampoo 24 bottles
        Soap 30 bars
        Deodorant 24 sticks
        Toothpaste 12 tubes
        Fem. Products 36 packs
        Toilet Paper 12 – 24 packs
        Tylenol (adult) 500 tabs
        Sinus Med. 6 packs
        Cough Syrup 4 bottles
        Vitamins 16 bottles
        Band-Aids 10 boxes
        Peroxide 12 bottles
        Alcohol 12 bottles
        Pepto 2 bottles
        Tums 100 tabs
        Tylenol (children’s) 2 bottles
        Add or delete as needed. Just something to think about.

        • ***Extras are: tuna, country ham, canned ham, canned chicken, raisins, home dehydrated fruits and veggies, home canned fruits and veggies, tea, coffee, Kool-Aid, lemon juice, cocoa, condiments, corn starch, every spice,hard candies.**

          Extras? Those aren’t extras in my house!!!

          However, no barley, no yeast—I’m good to go.
          And you left out beef and chicken bouillon cubes.

      39. Hey, guys do I have to throw tarp over my COBRA GUNSHIP now? I put up a sign over the ammo bunker door; (out-house enter at your own risk).

        NOMI should we give!

      40. It’s doom and gloom on TV tonight. 2012, Contagion, and Arma-get-it-on are all playing.

      41. I read in another article the shooter went off the deep end, becuase his mother had died and his superior officer refused him an emergency leave to go to her funeral.

      42. The point is this; if given the chance, whether amongst friends or by yourself, go out fighting for your life, and the life around you.



        2-2/3 c. white sugar 3-1/2 c. white flour
        2/3 c. veg. shortening 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
        4 eggs 1 tsp. cinnamon
        2/3 c. buttermilk 2 tsp. baking soda
        2c. mashed ripe bananas 1 tsp. baking powder
        1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. salt
        Cream sugar and shortening. Add eggs-mix well. Add buttermilk and vanilla-mix well. place dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Add creamed ingredients to the dry and mix. Stir in bananas. Prepare seven one-pint wide-mouth canning jars with vegetable shortening. Place one cup of batter in each jar.( do not use more than one cup or batter will overflow and jar will not seal) Place jars evenly spaced on a cookie sheet. Bake at 325 degrees F. for 45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
        Working quickly, wipe rim, place lid and ring on jar and secure. Jars will seal quickly. Repeat with remaining jars. When ready to serve, bread will side out. A properly sealed quick bread will stay fresh for at least one year.

      44. people who stockpile weapons and ammo are mentally ill IMHO.

        • Such as DHS, the Weather Service, Social Security, and the Post Office?

        • Not so much…. If you look back into history the second amendment was put into the constitution for a reason. The founding fathers knew that hard times always come around.

          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed
          Second Amendment to the US Constitution December 15th 1791

          To add to Archivist list…FBI,police,wildlife troopers, state police………

          People who buy guns and have stashes of ammunition are not whacko’s by any stretch. IMHO, they are doing their patriotic duty. There’s talk of riots and general mayhem in our society. The one thing that provides a deterrent to the type of person who willing or desperate enough to do this is, quite bluntly,is getting a gun aimed at them with intent. It’s the come to Jesus moment a rioter would not to like to see. Hence the deterrent.
          So how many guns have been sold and how many rounds of ammunition are out there. If someone is thinking about going rogue this will always be in the back of the their minds and play a good part of the decision making process.IMHO of course.

        • Sharon, you need a enema. Frank Zappa…the illinois enema bandit.

        • You’ll be the first person screaming for protection when the time comes because you are unable to protect yourself. Police and military won’t be at your beck and call,they’ll show up to clean up the mess. Nobody says that you have to have a gun or ammo but you don’t decide for everyone else.

      45. Zucchini Salsa
        10 – 15 cups grated unpeeled zucchini ( about 3 – 5 medium zucchinis )
        8 oz. jalapenos ( the first time I used canned jalapenos and it was mild,
        then I used about 3 jalapenos and it was a little spicier — you can add up
        to 16 oz. but that’s too spicy for me )
        3 – 5 cups chopped onion ( about 4 medium onions )
        Mix and refrigerate overnight. Use plastic gloves when handling jalapenos. Rinse and drain the next day.
        5 – 10 cups chopped tomatoes
        5 cloves garlic
        2 cups vinegar
        1 1/2 cups brown sugar
        1 gallon tomato sauce
        1 tsp. cumin
        1 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
        1 tsp. black pepper
        1 tsp. dry mustard
        1 TBSP chili powder
        1 TBSP corn starch
        2 TBSP cilantro ( coriander )
        Simmer above ingredients together with the chilled mixture for 1/2 hour. Process pints for 20 minutes or quarts for 45 minutes ( water bath ). Pressure canning, process pints at 10 lbs. for 15 minutes. Makes about 17 pints.

      46. Remember this is same network that believes global warming causes asteroids. Do you really expect anything other than ignorance?

      47. Gas prices in Europe to rise 50%, if it abandons Russia’s supplies

        Domestic prices in Europe will go up by at least 50 percent, if it cuts supplies from Russia, according to Russia’s Energy Minister Alexandre Novak.
        “Moving away from pipeline transportation of natural gas, construction of terminals and deliveries of liquefied natural gas will lead to an increase in gas prices in Europe from the current $380 per 1,000 cubic metres to at least $550,” Novak said in an interview to the Russia 24 TV Channel.
        “And the question arises: are the economies of European countries ready to supply and consume gas at such a price?” the Minister asked.

        Here are two choices for making a home mix rehydration drink:
        One liter of clean water
        half of a level teaspoon of salt
        8 level teaspoons of sugar.
        ½ cup fruit juice, coconut water, or mashed ripe banana, if available
        (Powdered rice cereal is best. Or use finely ground corn, wheat flour,
        sorghum, or cooked and mashed potatoes.)
        One liter of water
        ½ teaspoon salt
        8 heaping teaspoons (or two handfuls) of powdered cereal
        Boil for five to seven minutes to form a liquid gruel or water porridge. Cool the drink and give it to the child. Don’t make ahead of time unless you have refrigeration, as it spoils easily.
        For both solutions, give the dehydrated person sips of this drink every five minutes, day and night, until he or she begins to urinate normally. A large person needs 3 or more liters a day; a small child usually needs at least 1 liter a day or one glass for each watery stool. Keep giving the drink often in small sips, even if the person vomits. (Not all of the drink will be vomited.)

      49. In a Billibob Clintoon voice… whats your definition of a Box?

        What difference does it make?? 🙂

      50. Have a beer before watching this; it will raise our BP…it did Gene’s.

        This cop would be hurt or dead if he tried this on Gene, my husband, while I watched. I keep a 20 gauge loaded–what the hell is the good if unloaded??
        Here is what I try to instill in Gene.
        1)don’t open the door
        2)call the sheriff
        3)if he forces his way ‘through’ the door..
        4)bring in a body bag

        I don’t know the story–I do think the son is videoing the incident…why is the cop alone? Why does he not answer the questions??
        And last: was this a setup for the handcuffed to file a complaint, sue, and the cop and handcuffed split the proceeds??

        I could not watch all of it–it upset me so badly.

        • it will raise (y)our BP..not our

      51. They don’t want your guns: they want the guns of the vets who were/are/will be treated for PTSD. They didn’t get that right several years ago, but with this coward of a soldier taking the lives of innocents, the animals in office might now have the…..uhmmm…ammo, they need to do it. Guy goes to work 9-5 and never shot at someone or been shot at, doesn’t really have a reason not to trust the government. Take that same man and toss in some TBI or PTSD, and you have a gubmint trained terrorist because they know damned well why the gubmint can’t be trusted.
        Just my opinion.

        • KansasJohn, throw in a little MKUltra too.

      52. There has been so much disinformation from this administration concerning critical events that we may never know the truth. What happened to the IED they found? Was this nutburger a Mooslem? Why did this happen twice at the same place? I’d like to know.
        Barry says he’ll get to the bottom of it – BS. He should have gotten to the bottom of the last one and fixed the problem… and seen to it that Hassan was whacked asap.
        Now Jug Ears won’t let this one go to waste, oh happy days.

      53. This ploy by Communist News Network and other lying media outlets is part of the Obummer Regime’s plan to disarm ALL VETERANS. They keep drawing a line from Veterans to mentally unstable people with firearms so they can push more disarmament of all Veterans. Why? It’s simple: Because they know that when the SHTF these Veterans will have the knowledge, skill and ability to form militias to fight the criminal government regime. This is just another part of the big picture to disarm Americans. Stand fast people!

      54. and what happens if you are a big eater? And you have 8 days of food? Off to prison? WTF? Is this America?

      55. No he wasnt, he didnt have anywhere near what DHS, ATF, BTAFE-IEIO, or any other government agency including the post office has

        if they are going to persecute this False Flag patsy over a few boxes of ammo and call it a stock pile to push an agenda upon us all..let them start in their own ammo lockers first

      56. Non-preppers don’t understand what will be the value of ammo for barter.

      57. One needs to to have in one’s possession the most recent copy of The Communist Tyrants Unabridged Dic[K]tionary to reveal the real context of such statements and claims.

        For example, ‘stockpiling’ of weapons means any quantity exceeding one, and ‘stockpiling’ of ammunition means any quantity of bullets exceeding six. Prior to this propaganda bastardization of our common language, one would reasonably expect such statements to mean crates of guns in the hundreds and bullets in the tens of thousands.

        Language: A Key Mechanism of Control

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