Lynette Zang: The Plandemic is a Cover For The “Global Financial Reset”

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 7 comments

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    Now is not the time to be complacent says Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading. Zang spoke with SBTV about where the world is headed to from this plandemic crisis and how gold and silver are the best assets to protect wealth during these times.

    We are staring at a global financial reset and it’s being covered up by the plandemic and the constant crises that are arising. We are running out of time to get preparations in place for what’s coming and most are still focused their attention elsewhere, not understanding what’s going on behind the curtains. There’s no way the general public would have tolerated another 2008, and bailouts for the corporations without making this virus into something huge. But under its cover, they were able to pull off a heist of the public and without much of a protest either.

    This interview came with timestamps, so if there’s anything you’d like to watch specifically, those are listed.

    Discussed in this interview:

    06:38 Gold for wealth preservation, silver for barter

    13:51 Not time to be complacent, time to prepare

    17:04 Decent amount of gold and silver to have

    21:00 Mixed feels over economy shutdown

    28:48 Dollar to lose reserve currency status soon?

    34:03 Watch the bond market

    38:22 Confidence in the fiat Ponzi scheme is ending

    47:36 Exit strategy for precious metals

    “They could have not gotten a better cover,” says Zang. Studying history, Zang learned that “every single government-backed currency has failed.” But gold, which is real currency, has withstood the test of time.  “It’s insanity,” she says, and if you’re not paying attention, you’re not going to understand it. “I gotta tell ya, globally, the pension system was in huge trouble. Severely underfunded. And this is true on a global basis. Well, now, when this whole piece, when this whole puzzle implodes, it’s a great excuse.”

    What Zang sees them doing, is setting up for a global currency reset. The central bankers are lying. A reset will come and that’s what they don’t want the public to know about. “One hundred percent of [what’s going on right now] is the Fed intervention.” The system died in 2008. Zang says to prepare for this reset, you need to have things to barter. She says she uses silver, but eggs can also be bartered.  Prepare to take all of your economic functions locally and within the community.

    When asked how much gold and silver will be enough, Zang says, “I don’t think you can have too much.” If you have excess fiat dollars, she suggests improving your means to barter by buying gold and silver.

    If you have currency outside of the system, you get to retain your choices.  If everything you do and everything you have is all in the central banking system, your only option will be to accept the reset and losses that are coming with it. “Somebody else is choosing for you.” That’s not freedom, that’s enslavement, and exactly what the elitists want from us all. “We all have to decide [for ourselves], is that ok? Because they are gonna make choices that are in their best interest first.”

    Don’t just survive this economic reset, thrive through it by removing your dependence on the system. “This is a major wealth transfer,” she added.  This is something we here have been warning about.  The wealth will go to the top and the military in the streets will be necessary as a show of force to prevent you from fighting back when they steal everything from you.  This about preparedness.   Instead of just blindly accepting military force on American soil, look beyond at why they have to manufacture your consent. Would you have accepted the military in the street under Barack Obama’s reign of terror?

    If you want to hate me for giving you the roots of English words, I don’t care. If you want to hate me for telling you that military presence is to keep you from fighting back against this massive rest and upcoming wealth transfer, I don’t care. I’m trying to save lives. Hate me all you want, but open your eyes. Agenda 21 requires martial law and this reset will happen once the guns are in place.

    This is happening because people were rising up against governments and central banks around the world, and in order to stay in power, they had to change your perception of what you’re seeing. The window of opportunity was closing because people were seeing governments and central banks for what they really are.  Using the plandemic and riots as an excuse, they’ve once again manufactured the consent of the public to complete their plans for Agenda 21. “Personally, I think it should be obvious to everybody what lies ahead with all this global. unlimited, infinite amount of money printing. It cannot end well.”

    The new monetary system will be digital, says Zang, but not something that already exists like Bitcoin, because they cannot control or manipulate Bitcoin. Once we are in a digital currency system, they can do lifetime taxation. There’s nowhere to hide once this is all over.



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      1. I disagree that a digital currency will replace other forms of currency. That is a pipe dream, and it has more holes in its theory than a pan flute.

        I think that what is taking place right now are power struggles between various corrupt forces and elements.

        The insanilty escalates.

        Can’t help but point out that Black Lives Matter is funded by the Ford Foundation which is a conservative organization and is using the protesters as a distraction to change the news cycle whenever something happens that they would like to prevent taking over the news cycle, like the fact that the medical community in America has turned on WHO and has said that the lockdown was a mistake and that covid-19 is no more threatening than the flu.

        This crisis was set off by Saudi oil price cuts and flooding the oil markets by Saudi Arabia, and had nothing to do with the

        It was bound to happen prior to that, and it was only a matter of time before it did. I do not know how many were informed of the Saudis decision to do that ahead of the curve.

        The lockdown was used to prevent outrage over more
        Wall Street looting, the fourth big heist since 1987.

        • They have not manufactured consent to move ahead with Agenda 21. Just because people do not support what we currently have, does not equate to manufactured consent of supporting Agenda 21 anymore than people not choosing drink Coca-cola, means that they have chosen to drink gin and tonic. They are not the only options available, as much as they may wish that they are, they are not. It is a logical fallacy based on complete bullshit.

          I refuse to abdicate my constitutional rights, and demand that the psychopaths that have been terrorizing me, spying on me, looting from me, breaking into my house, vandalizing my property, stalking and gas-lighting me, and doing illegal and unethical and unconsented medical experimentation on me, and using directed energy weapons on me, and hacking my phones, computers, tablets, appliances, car, and smart meter have been prosecuted and thrown in prison, for the sick, sadistic, barbaric acts of terror that they have committed against me, because everyone is entitled to justice being served and all are considered equal under the law. These are evil psychopaths that are only capable of being evil and are a threat to not only me, but all of the non predator class.

      2. Not a cover, an excuse.

        And for a whole lot more than just a financial reset which is actually just a small part of it.

      3. RT and Bill Gates think that Republicans are whacko conspiracy theorists because 44% believe that Bill Gates wants to use microchips in vaccines.

        RT reports:
        “Bill Gates brushed off Covid-19 conspiracy theories about him wanting to track people through microchips just as he is poised to become the World Health Organization’s biggest donor.”
        “It’s almost hard to deny this stuff because it’s so stupid or strange that even to repeat it gives it credibility,” Gates said on numerous conspiracy  theories swirling around him since the coronavirus crisis began and he became an outspoken champion for a vaccine. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has just recently pledged $1.6 billion to vaccine alliance group Gavi, which will use the money to immunize children in poorer nations.”

        Where could they possibly have gotten such a crazy idea? From crazy Bill Gates, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and its vaccine subsidiary Gavi. Bill Gates has funded Quantum Dots through MIT sponsored by Gavi. 

        And Bill Gates, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Gavi’s statements on ID2020, from Biometricupdate:
        “Digital identity is a computerized record of who a person is, stored in a registry. It is used, in this case, to keep track of who has received vaccination.”

        “A partnership was also formed earlier this year between Gavi, NEC, and Simprints to use biometrics to improve vaccine coverage in developing nations.”
        “Digital ID is being defined and implemented today, and we recognize the importance of swift action to close the identity gap,” comments ID2020 Executive Director Dakota Gruener. “Now is the time for bold commitments to ensure that we respond both quickly and responsibly. We and our ID2020 Alliance partners, both present and future, are committed to rising to this challenge.”

        Definition of microchip
        “a tiny wafer of semiconducting material used to make an integrated circuit.”

        “implant a microchip under the skin of (a domestic animal) as a means of identification.”
        “500,000 owners have had their pets microchipped”

        So, kind of like a modern day version of Nazi concentration camp tatoos for the entire world, and WHO knows if they could be hacked, or flag someone extrajudicially that they deem as a threat to them for any reason what so ever.

        – Andrea Iravani

      4. This Message Brought to You By The Ford Foundation:

        The Ford Foundation has sponsored the Black Lives Matter movement since 2016, in which more than 300 black people are murdered by police each year, and over 700 white people are murdered each year, so there is always likely to be a black person being murdered somewhere in America on any given day. These protests work to the advantage of those in power who conveniently provide 24/7 coverage of the protests in order to change the news cycle and prevent even more harmful news to those in power from taking center ring and embarrassing the living daylights out of them, like medical fraud and financial fraud.

        Since the onset of the Ford Foundation sposored George Floyd murder proests, 9,300 protesters have been arrested, which will either give them a criminal record, or add to an existing one that will likely make their lives more problematic, in addition to causing financial hardship brought on by the arrest wich are usually associated with fines, and sometimes jail, bail, and leagl fees.

        Since the onset of the Ford Foundation sponsored George Floyd murder protests, looting, vandalism, and arson has taken place on a grand scale across the country and harmed large and small businesses alike, in addition to insurers and tax payers.

        Police stations, police cars, other structures, and an Amazon warehouse and Amazon trucks have been destroyed. The police will probably get shiny new police stations, shiny new police cars, and Amazon will probably get a shiny new building and shiny new trucks paid for by tax payers and insurance companies, that may end up going bankrupt, which could set off a domino reaction in the financial sector, similar to AIG in 2008. 

        When the country is experiencing a poverty epidemic and a financial crisis, this is a total waste of funds that could be put towards posative and peaceful uses to assist those that have been in crisis for whatever reason that may happen to be. 

        This is irresponsible, insane, destructive, wasteful, and wicked! 

        If Black Lives actually Matter, how will these protests, vandalism, looting, and arsons help Black Lives? 

        I realize that the violent forces and the peaceful forces are not the same. The peaceful forces may have their lives destroyed by the violent forces though.

        -Andrea Iravani 

      5. Excellent article!!
        The real problem is that most people wake up when it’s far to late.

      6. This has been my life’s work and so I would say she is 100 percent correct. It first started in the 1980s when we practiced deploying military on silent street patrols to see if anyone noticed (they didn’t).

        By the 90s we went global sowing chaos across the third world, ensuring all third world countries were under debt control. Come the 2000s we changed it up to digital control and over watch. We now have everything in place, so it is time to unleash the n#ggers to keep the red necks in check and then, Voila!, the New World Order, or as we should call it, the Neues Odem.

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