Marxism In America and Why Most Americans Are Leftists

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    At one time, being a communist in America was a bad thing.

    Today, political correctness has led to a desensitization among the public about labeling government policies, programs and actions as “socialist”, “communist”, or “Marxist.” We’re told that we have to be open to the idea of socialism – the redistribution of wealth and the intervention of government into every aspect of our lives. We’re told that some of the ideas and policies of communism (and fascism) are actually viable alternatives to try, even though the very ideas in actual application run completely counter to the founding principles of these United States.

    It seems that the majority of the American public has absolutely no idea what this actually means. Sure, it looks great on paper, but in actual practice these political and economic philosophies have led to the imprisonment and deaths of, literally, millions of people.

    A favorite T-shirt available at Protest Warrior tries to point out the obvious:

    Communism only killed a hundred million people. Let’s give it another try.

    Will the United States eventually end up as a communist economic and political system? Many argue that the merger of corporations and state indicates we’re moving in the direction of fascism, not communism. While we won’t disagree with this statement, we opine that when looking at the political spectrum, with communism on the far left and fascism on the far right, one can’t help but notice the systems are very closely related. In fact, the political spectrum, as far as we’re concerned, doesn’t actually look like the traditional model(s) we were taught in school:

    rightleftlinePicture Source: Illusion of Opposites

    We prefer to look at the model more like this:

    Picture Source: Wake Me Now

    Or another, more succinct, view that completely redefines the spectrum we’ve come to know from mainstream thought:

    rightleftline2Picture Source: Illusion of Opposites

    Call it what you will, in the end, both fascism and communism are totalitarian forms of government. In the end, you are no longer free.

    Both, republicans and democrats, it seems, are leading us in the very same direction. This is clear when you put aside the rhetoric they use in front of media cameras and look at their actions over the last 50 years. We can blame Bush. We can blame Obama. We can blame Clinton. We can blame Reagan. However, the laws, policies and restrictions put forth by our Presidents and Congressional representatives have progressively deteriorated our liberties – regardless of which political party was in office or Congress. Until the majority of the American people realize this, no change will come to America – at least not until the entire system as we know it comes crashing down.

    At the risk of aggravating and alienating some of our readers, we suggest that supporting a traditional democrat and/or traditional republican candidate is moving the country, as a whole, further left on the Left vs. Right: True View political spectrum. According to that spectrum, it seems that the majority of Americans could be considered “leftists.”

    In the following video, Lt. Gen. (Ret) Boykin discusses the many signs that America is rapidly degenerating into a totalitarian dictatorship. No, you may not see it just yet because you can still enjoy a Starbucks coffee everyday or write what you want on your blog without worrying about you and your family being lined up against wall and executed, but a shift to totalitarianism doesn’t have to happen overnight – and there doesn’t necessarily have to be a single leader. It’s a process, in our case, a multi-decades long process that erodes individual liberty and freedom over time.

    Lt. Gen. Boykin discusses how Marxism is invading America:

    Hat tip Patriot One


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      1. Good article!

        Actually, communism killed 200+ million people.

        The political spectrum is not a straight line (left vs right)…

        Why don’t you use a better, simple quiz; one that measures personal issues and economic issues:

      2. We let this happen, when we did not stand up and stop the Dept. of Education.   Big government took control of our schools 40 years ago.   State controlled schools,  teach our children, how to,  and what to,  think.

      3. Far left liberals have a DNA Darwin disease passed gene that don’t believe in the Bible & use the rainbow without God’s permission.

      4. For those of you who argue that Obama is NOT a communist, I ask you to reprogram your brain with the following logic.

        Marxism, as history shows us, is a naive, deadly dangerous, over-simplistic utopian idea that has failed or is failing (as its little brother, democratic socialism) every time it has been “tried”. It was envisioned by an abject loser who sponged off his friend (Engels) throughout his life, and who died a bitter, virtually unknown penniless bum. The utopia he created was for himself and those worthless dregs like him. In a nutshell, he felt inferior (rightly so) and he dreamed of getting even with the successful (and yes sometimes corrupt) people who he blamed for his destitution.

        Marxism appeals to two groups, the self perceived “victims” of society and aspiring despots and tyrants.

        For the enslaved proletariat, marxism offers the promise of equality for all. Many people, but not enough, realize there is nothing further from the truth. In all practical historical context, the oligarchs implementing it get everything, and the masses end up with even less than they had before. Many times the implementation of marxism (which usually requires coercion of at least part of the population) ends up in mass exterminations.

        The other, often misunderstood appeal of marxism lies in its ability to be used as a means of control. What despots and tyrants the world over have learned almost from its “awakening”, is Marxisms very effective use in gaining and then cementing power for themselves.

        Obama most certainly has been brainwashed with the marxist/communist manifesto ideology. And in true Communist leader fashion, he believes it is good for the unwashed masses, but would never live it himself.

        Where people get confused with the whole obama is/isn’t a communist debate is they don’t realize that there are 2 levels of “believers” in Global Communism. People like, Ayers, Obama, Reverend Wright (from whom obama learned his oratory style), etc make up the lower ranks of the global left. They really do believe that capitalism is evil and they can help the ignorant downtrodden with their superior societal engineering ideas (marxism). They believe in controlling every aspect of your life, for the good of the collective of course.

        Many even believe that if people need to die in order to implement it then so be it. Its their belief that the capitalist pigs who protest don’t know whats good for them but will realize it when “their” system is in place. If there are still dissenters who don’t “come around” then they will just be gotten rid of. They also usually end up being the pawns of the second, less understood level.

        The second level are the global puppet masters like Soros. They are considered to be on the left because they  promote a form of global marxism, but it has nothing to do with ideology for them, it is all about control, power, and money. They realize marxism, if presented in the right way, by the right person, will lull at least half the masses into their trap. So yes, they are “communists” but again, they use it as a tool only.

        This second level of the global communists  is what throws off those who think they understand communism. They claim that obama is not a communist because he is at the beckon call of the banksters, but as I have laid out, they are working together in a compartmentalized “pact with the devil” kind of way.  The first level of “communists” i.e. obama, are as hungry for power as the second level, and will gladly accept any help from those their ideology labels as evil i.e. bankers. (there is no moral code amongst these denizens, remember communist = atheist))

        Obama is actually a puppet of puppets. While still a boy, he was groomed by men like Frank Marshall Davis. Obama then took what he learned into his campus crusader role in college and was noticed by men like Bill Ayers. Ayers and others groomed him further  He then went on to teach Saul Alinsky tactics as an associate professor, which led him into community organizing, which led him into politics and that’s when the big boys like Soros caught wind of him.

        The “masters” realized he would be the perfect “manchurian candidate”. He had all the qualities they were looking for in the last president of the most powerful nation in the world. He already believed the delusion that is marxism. He knew how to preach its virtues veiled in a siren song  with the cadence of a preacher that mesmerized the weak minded. Obama is weak minded himself, greedy, a hypocrite, morally bankrupt, lazy,  deceitful, delusional, on the take, and he hated America. And best of all, he was half black.  They knew they could play the race card and guilt many into voting for him. He was perfect.

        His masters manipulate him with money, power, and adoring fans. His narcissism is his weakness and his leash.

        So what obama really is, is a delusional progressivised marxist doing the bidding (most likely unknowingly) for the real world players who use communism as a tool of subjugation!

        • You my friend, are an idiot.

      5. The Illusion of Opposites indeed; a piece from Caroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope;  A History of the World in Our Time, published in 1966 sums it up nicely;

        “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

      6. Facisism killed my grandfather they hauled him to some camp never to be seen again.

        Obumer = Communist.

        Ron Paul = Freedom.
        BTW thank you for the great Article I am forwarding to lot’s of people.
        You articulated it in ways I had not thought.


      7. Red…they are from the same family, just very slight differences. The best I can come up with is Fascism is more nationalistic tyranny while communists are willing to let anyone be a slave to their ideologies. Remember Nazi was National SOCIALIST Party.
        Both ideologies came out of Marxs writings. Marx was  a self hating Jew who believed in Eugenics.

      8. Hey Willie WONKA,

        Good analysis!!  I read a lot of articles written by experts similar to what you wrote.  When Obama campaigned, his people said the same things about Hillary and then Bush.

        Although Obama does not know about economics, but he knows real well about the people who put him in office,  but for his benefit he just play the game with them.
        He plays psychological games better than the ones who taught him.   You know Obama and the ones who put him in the White House are masters of an illusion.  Dems only need to reduce 5% to 10% of the Republican voters to vote for the 3rd party then Democrat candidates will win again.  Only smart people can figure this game.
        A)     Let’s assume 40% of the voters are Republicans.

        B)     Let’s assume another 40% of the voters are Democrats.

        C)    Let’s assume another 10% of the voters are the 3rd party.

        D)    Let’s assume the remaining 10% are undecided or not voting.

        If you vote for a 3rd party candidate who cannot carry over 40% of the votes, then your vote DOESN’T COUNT, DEMOCRATS WILL WIN -  Because the Democrat party always has loyal supporters (who will vote for Democrat party- no matter who is running.)


        • Very true, I agree with you totally. Donald says, “A third party candidate will take votes from the Republican candidate, not the Democratic, and will ultimately hand the election to Obama on a silver platter.”

      9. we need to blast those pinko commie punks in iran and china back into the stone age. no excuses, no delays, let’s do it now…
        god bless capitalism and god bless america…

        • Are you serious? You have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. In Iran, the government system is not communist, they’re government is a theocracy led by interpretations of Islamic law, and in China they just call themselves communists, but they’re just totalitarian capitalist fascists with a brutal government. Even if there was a god, no god in his right mind would support America. America is a nightmare, with our fake freedoms and our astonishing stupidity, is the one who deserves to die. There are over one million deaths that were caused by our occupation in Iraq alone. You, “mushroom,” are an ignorant, arrogant, imperialist, capitalist, and fascist pig. Go crawl into a hle somewhere, never to come out again.

      10. Jane,

        Did you not read Eman’s post?

      11. Great article, Mac! I don’t think I could have put it any better than this!

      12. He plays psychological games better than the ones who taught him.   You know Obama and the ones who put him in the White House are masters of an illusion

        ” The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”…….The Usual Suspects

      13. willie- how long did it take you to write that post? seriously , it was incredible

      14. jaream..not that long,  I have expressed the ideas  in bits and pieces while arguing with those who don’t think through what they are parroting.  A few nights ago I finally had to put everything down in a comprehensive argument to TRY and get people to understand.

        It really is sad the lack of critical thinking skills people in general have.  The obamas’ and soros’ of the world count on that deficiency.

      15. Jane, etc:  At least half will sit it out as always, and not play the suckers game.   America is hopelessly over and done.  Politicians (Dem and Rep) are NWO shills.  Third parties never win anything.   Unless the jobs come back there will be higher numbers out of work, more welfare and a hopeless future for all.

      16. All political ideologies have more or less the same problem.
        They start with some human-centered approach, and finally they all reach to the same point.
        Some wise-guy who is manipulating masses for his own benefit, having a group of paramilitarys to protect him:
        Fascism  – Hitler, Musso, Franco
        Communism – Stalin, Kastro, Kadafi
        Socialism – Chavez, Morales, robespierre (in France)
        Capitalism – plenty of them
        As for anarchy, there is no measure since their fundamental view is not to have any authority at all.
        Power corrupts even if one has the most pure and ethical purpose. So what remains is this bitter taste that the guy you voted for, turned out to be an impostor.
        We are heading for a global government based on the state of fear. Fear of war, fear of terrorism, fear of the climate change, fear of extra terrestrials, fear of economy collapse,  etc.
        Time will tell.

      17. laura…yep, with that attitude it is hopeless.

        In fact, you might as well just walk down to DHS and ask for your  RFID implant, change your paycheck tax deductions to 100%, hand over your twinkies, junk your gas burning car, and start learning Spanish. Why wait for the inevitable?  At least this way you may keep off the “naughty” list.

      18. Excellent analysis Willie.

        The “masters” realized he would be the perfect “manchurian candidate”. He had all the qualities they were looking for in the last president of the most powerful nation in the world. He already believed the delusion that is marxism. He knew how to preach its virtues veiled in a siren song  with the cadence of a preacher that mesmerized the weak minded. Obama is weak minded himself, greedy, a hypocrite, morally bankrupt, lazy,  deceitful, delusional, on the take, and he hated America. And best of all, he was half black.  They knew they could play the race card and guilt many into voting for him. He was perfect.

        AND as a backup, just in case Plan A didn’t work, they had McLame ready to come off the bench and follow the EXACT same playbook.

        Which is WHY voting is at best a waste of time, and at worst, fosters the illusion you have some say in the outcome.

      19.… true, unfettered capitalism, while not without its pitfalls, prevents a consolidation of power as much as is reasonably possible in any societal experiment ever devised.

        The problem is and always has been, elected tyrants design and implement  free market engine “governors” to the benefit of their big donors and handlers.  They put in place laws that limit competition. Its called regulation and de-regulation. Have you  noticed that  de-regulation is still a bunch of laws.  To the sane it would mean less laws for EVERYONE, but in this insane system of crony capitalism we live in, the freedom from regulation only applies to aforementioned donors.

      20. me naive, but I think this time is different…people in great numbers, are finally awake to what is going on and are pissed off about it.  The “masters” games only work when people are not paying attention and remain uninvolved.

      21. Comments…..Such good Christians these American Commies are!

      22. SD MULE,
        What part of my posting is it that you don’t understand? 
        Or is it that you just can’t do the math?

        Did you post it yourself (using different name) or was it from one of your team members????

        So am I supposed to believe whatever TROLLS say???? We have the media, people, experts, politicians LIE so much that’s how we ended up in this gigantic MESS in the 1st place.

      23. MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Vote for a candidate that you know FOR SURE could win; otherwise, you WASTE your vote and Dems will retain the offices forever.

        Third (3rd) party or (I) usually never win. And If they did they end up supporting the Democrat issues/position – Like JOE LIEBERMAN (I).

      24. “Third (3rd) party or (I) usually never win.”

        Which is exactly how they have such an easy time controlling elections. 

        Marginalize the third party candidates by ignoring them in the media, keeping them out of debates and keeping them from getting funding. and offering up for “voting” a Democrat and a Republican that are going to follow the same agenda when elected so it makes no difference which one of them wins.

        Elections are as fake as TV wrestling, but 90% of THAT audience is convinced it is the real deal too.

      25. I can’t stand any of the “over zealous” type left or right, I vote repub only because I believe in the right to defend myself, the 2nd amendment to be specific, I have voted for dems that were for it, but stick with rep due to the fact they seem to at least say they are for it. I still have this pretty much worthless permit to carry but at least its something. If the dems ever get off this brady bunch mentality I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with some of their things. I’m not in the fkn 2% or what ever high income type.

         I may well change though as age kicks in and the ability to use my 40 becomes a non issue while SS, cost of living, and health becomes a bigger issue.

      26. “Elections are as fake as TV wrestling”

        This is what they want you to believe………….the disillusionment of so many is having the opposite effect, REAL people are coming out to run for office, not just career politicians, and thats the difference this time around.   The Tea Party movement is taking over the Republican party, you can see it in the defection of the RINO’s to the Democratic party or Independent.

        If you believe there is no way to change things then you are part of the problem.

      27. and if this turnover in the Republican Party doesn’t work, then a 3rd and maybe a 4th party WILL be the only viable option in 2012 and beyond.

        If the Democrats were split (like they should be) into 2 partys (democrats and socialists) then a new conservative/libertarian party vote will be safe, until then, there  will be a division of votes which is far more dangerous.

      28. Finally someone gets it right. Communist and fascist are at the same end not opposite. They both seek total control. Republicans and Democrats both also seek control and power. Yes they say different things but both do the same. They seek control under their “enlighten” leadership. Under both parties the federal government has consolidated power. Now that power is almost complete and you see both sides trying to get control before the end of democracy. There is only one possibility of stopping our government shifting into a dictatorship. That is to rapidly strip power from the federal government and return it to the states.

      29. The term is Multi-Generational Pavlovian Response.

        Government exists for only two reasons. Security and status. All governments suffer from the same growing pains. Bloated bureaucracy and core value drift.

        In the developed world, we provided safety nets to non-producers for several generations. It becomes an entitlement. It is the monthly entitlement check that elicits the Pavlovian response. Pay it and the masses go on a drunken binge, don’t pay it and we face carnage.

        All goverments know this and use it to consolidate power. Therefore all governments become Marxist. We condition to equal misery, distrust and fear.
        The least government is the safest government.  This demands intelligence be exhibitted/exercised by the public and a Constitution that the citizens will defend with overwhelming force. We have neither. The citizens etal won’t defend our Constitution and openly display thier willingness to eat three heaping bowls of dumbass every morning.

        As others have pointed out, Marxism ocaissionally requires the herd to be culled. The only question is means and method. All governments become Marxist because all roads lead to Rome.  Rome collapsed due to entitlements, currency debasement, military-industrial complex (aka colonialism) and outright corruption. In the end, the dutiful Marxist is always utterly surprised when the cold hand of inevitability squashes him like a bug.

      30. New parties do come about and quickly, if they represent a true movement.   Example being  the Republican party….did not exist in 1856, but elected a president in 1860….Lincoln.

        If you are  always voting  for the “lesser of 2 evils”,   then voting 3rd party is not throwing your vote away… is rather,  an effective protest. ….imho.

      31. Haven’t read any of the comments yet.  But my dad pointed out some very sound logic today.

        Doesn’t matter who we elect.  The ones we can never change is the bureaucrats who often write a lot of this stuff and make themselves bigger and bigger (more of them to do the same or less work).  We need to can the whole federal government and hire no one back that has EVER served at any level of government.  Start over, or as my 14 year old cousin says, “do over”.  Get rid of all the laws that stifle innovation by supporting monopolies of large companies.  Allow actual competition.  We need worker rights, we can keep what we have.

        Most Americans (according to a poll) think the US is a democracy.  It is not.  It is a Republic.  That is important and sadly forgotten.  I’m Canadian by birth (American by choice).  I think we learned more about American in Canada then Americans do in American schools.  Wonder why that is?

      32. Wake up people.  The Revolution has started

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore
        Our present situation has nothing to do with Marxism or communism. This is about survival, greed and conquest. We get distracted by a lot of nonsense because we don’t have real leaders with real answers.  Democrats and republicans can’t help us.

      33. Jane,

        There is nothing about your posts here, that I understand. It appears to me that you are saying to vote Republican. That is certainly your right. Will that change the direction of this country? History, since the inception of the Federal reserve, says NO!! 

      34. The modern political god is called Democracy. We are expected to worship it; to reflexively think of it as the finest – the only – legitimate form of government.
        Everything is couched in “democratic” terms. It is “democracy” we (that is, the government) force-feeds to the world, either by shame or by literal force.
        To be anti-democratic is the political equivalent of pedophilia.
        But what is democracy, in practice?
        It is theoretically mass rule; whatever the majority approves, via the vote. This concept is by itself vicious and tyrannical. As explained so brilliantly by an unknown wag, it is two wolves and a sheep taking a vote about what’s for dinner. In a democracy, the individual has no rights – or at least, none that may not be taken away or diminished at any time, whenever the majority so decides.
        Does it really matter to the individual whether he is abused by a solitary dictator or millions of little dictators?
        But even this is a sham. Though in democratic theory, the vox populi rules – in actual fact, it is almost always a minority – and not infrequently, a single individual – that determines (and implements) policy.
        Consider the case of Abraham Lincoln – America’s first dictator.
        Rest here:

      35. We are not (supposed to be) a Democracy, we are a Republic, if we can keep it. BIG Difference.

      36. @Condorman – Yet we’re a Republic.  Sadly that has been forgotten.

      37. So much misplaced anger. To paraphrase Pogo, “I have met the enemy and it is us.”

        All of this stems from financial insecurity. Countless millennia of feast and famine amongst the serf class has imbued us with a sense of fear.  Fear is a fantastic tool of manipulation.

        We constructed safety nets for all. I contend a majority of this problem was due to the parents of the baby-boomer generation wanting financial security so thier Bobby, Billy Joe and Sally never have to experience a depression. Our parents wanted insurance against depression.

        As our parents wanted a better life for thier children, we foolishly chose to discard the main job for children in favor of childhood joy. The main job? Learning to become an adult and accept the responsibilities of adulthood. Allowances rather than meaningful jobs. We trained ourselves to fail.

        Social Security, welfare, food stamps, etc are all insurance. Proof of insurance is NOT proof of financial responsibility, but rather proof of hiring someone else to be responsible for us. It is fundamentally impossible to be responsible for something you don’t own. Collectively we own the government, individually we don’t own squat. The collective is by its very nature socialist whenever those supported by the collective get to vote themselves monies from those who pay thier own way.
        Next we have forgotten that main stream media is NOT unbiased. It is utterly and completely supported by advertising. That is its business. Ergo there will be a limitted amount of news that might reduce thier income from advertising. NEVER bite the hand that feeds you!!!
        The only defense against socialism is forcing personal responsibility on every individual. Gov’t sanctioned theft of resources for redistribution to those who are, for whatever reason, impoverished only encourages others to demand increased redistribution.
        Pay your own way. Never pass up the opportunity to verbally destroy those who plead “we need to provide for the ______ .” The worst “fill in the blank” is children. Folks, by definition children are parasites. It is NOT my responsibility and by extension NOT the government’s responsibility to support your intestinal worms, figuratively speaking.  Amonst my offspring, I only batted 50%. The 50% failure was due to easy accessibility of programs and my unwillingness to kick thier ass. Seems we have laws that state I can’t beat some sense into my adult offspring. I state beat, because I tried for years to explain the costs to the public, the trap and the loss of personal pride for taking that road.

        Folks, it is all about the work ethic, integrity and personal/parental responsibility.  Collectively we have to force the Constitution down the throats of Courts, Congress and POTUS to the point of thier either swallowing it or choking to death on it.

        Will the outcome of this mid-term force it? The threat only works if they know we will most assuredly act on it. Having studied the Constitution for the past 40 odd years, I can find nothing to prevent us from using the recall election process to throw the bums out. Granted, the Constitution provides for Congress to establish the “Times, Places and Manner of Elections”, it doesn’t specifically deny the right of recall. Further, as all governmental powers are derived from the people, therefore we have the right to recall.

        If ya don’t flush the toilet, pretty soon it gets tracked throughout the house. Let’s see if they got the message first before we take appropriate action.

        Oh and the tea-bagger party is just the moral majority with a fresh coat of paint. If it isn’t specifically mandated by the Constitution, it ain’t the government’s business.

      38. This model for Neo Conservatives and Neo Liberals has more weight than most of you know. I humbly suggest, and in all sobriety that you investigate the origins of the Neo Con movement. They started on the Left! And were thrown out!

        Adam Curtis’ ‘The Power of Nightmares has MORE, including interviews with members of Bush Sr’s cabinet “about keeping the crazies out” (ie the NeoCons) and how that did not succeed with the son.

        You would be AMAZED how our politicians spoke so freely with the foreign press — if they thought that it would never get back to the local serfs — meaning us.

        TPON is available via either download or torrent.. one place to look is

        -Drunken Economist

      39. Well this is over a year old. BUT, You people have no idea what Karl Marx even said, you are espousing utter ignorance.

        It’s simple, Capitalism rips you off. You all know this. You all know you are getting paid LESS Than what you make for your employer. You also know that the EMPLOYER is ALWAYS looking to get MORE AND MORE out of you, wihle giving you LESS AND LESS. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. While this may not be the case for a SELECT FEW, it is the case for almost ALL Americans, we are all workers.

        In Communism(which is a mode of production) the people who create profit(surplus to Marx) have a say in how those profits are used. So I wonder, do you suppose a group of workers, representing their peers, would vote ot dump toxic shit in their backyard? Would they ship manufacturing overseas in search of new cheap exploitable labor? Probably not. The list goes on. That my friends is ULTIMATE freedom.

        As for the Libertarian POV Ron Paul espouses. HAve any of you people looked at the history of early Free Enterprise in AMerica? It’s GHASTLY AND UGLY.

        You all should learn about KArl Marx’s actual critiques of CAPITALISM, instead of looking at the USSR as an example. Anyone with even a basic understand of Marx’s critique and his analysis would never consider the USSR anything close to what Marx talked about. The USSR was started by a despotic POS’s in Lenin and Stalin, Lenin was the leader of the revolution, but he died before really anything could be done. Regardless though, neither of them were following through on what Marx believed. Just cause they called themselves a “communist” does not make them one. It’d be like Barack Obama calling himself libertarian. And everyone just taking him at his word.

        Also, remember that Capitalism has delivered amazingly. Yet in America 48% of the populace is TOO poor to pay taxes! 20% of children live in POVERTY. This is what Capitalism brings. Oh it also brings out all these antagonism you guys are bitching about. Moire Gov, vs Less Gov, left vs rgith etc. The list goes on.

        It’s all there in Kapital. READ IT.

      40. Well Im just gonna go ahead and hit the back button now. Not rly feeling like reading this crazy rightwing bullshit. Remember Capitalism WILL fail. Either through democratic elections or social uprising.

      41. This article oversimplifies fascism and communism by grouping them together. They are different systems entirely, hence the traditional placings at the radical ends of the spectrum. This is because fascism promotes complete government control of everything, which is radical conservatism, whereas communism does promote government control, but in its original form, it promoted equality for all, which was extreme liberalism. Communism simply was twisted by corrupt rulers to make it seem a lot like fascism. Yes, communism does generally boil down to authoritarian control, but the original communists advocated authoritarian control for a little while, and said it would evolve into total equality. This was obviously a somewhat ideological and unrealistic ideal, but that is why they are at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Thus, they should not be at the same end of the spectrum as shown in the third image, that is an oversimplification of different political ideologies.
        And for those ignorant, in this comment, I used the words conservative and liberal in their traditional meanings (conservative wanting preserve the existing order i.e. monarchy, government control, etc. and liberals promoting more democratic existence and freedom for the people.)

      42. Just looking at your “true view” spectrum, you’ve got it all wrong. Modern, American-style “Libertarianism” has zero to do with anarchism.

        There is no such thing as “Anarcho-Capitalism”. It’s oxymoronic.

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