Low-Tech Solutions To High-Tech Tyranny

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    This article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt Market

    Disclaimer:  The following is a series of fictional accounts of theoretical situations.  However, the information contained within was taken from established scientific journals on covered technology and military studies of real life combat scenarios.  Alt-Market does not condone the use of any of the tactics described within for “illegal” purposes.  Obviously, the totalitarian subject matter portrayed here is “pure fantasy”, and would never be encountered in the U.S. where politicians and corporate bankers are forthright, honest, and honorable, wishing only the sweetest sugar coated chili-dog best for all of mankind…

    Imagine, if you will, a fantastic near future in which the United States is facing an unmitigated economic implosion.  Not just a mere market crash, or a stint of high unemployment, but a full spectrum collapse driven by unsustainable debt spending and hyperinflationary printing.  The American people witness multiple credit downgrades of U.S. Treasury mechanisms, the dollar loses its reserve status, devaluation of the currency runs rampant, and the prices of commodities and imported goods immediately skyrocket.

    In the background of this disaster, a group of financial elite with dreams of a new centralized economic and political system use the chaos to encourage a removal of long held civil liberties; displacing Constitutional protections they deem “outdated” and no longer “practical” in the midst of our modern day troubles.  This group then institutes draconian policies through the executive orders of a puppet president, including indefinite detention, assassination, and even martial law against citizens.  For now, let’s just refer to them as “The Swedes”….

    The Swedes have an extraordinary array of technological tools at their disposal.  The kind of equipment dictators like Stalin and Hitler would have killed for…literally.  This technology is so pervasive and so unprecedented in the history of tyrannical governments that average people shiver at the very thought of resistance.  The Swedes seem to be invincible.

    Some Americans think about escaping to a foreign country before the zealots totally dominate, but ultimately, running is meaningless.  The Swedes want a global control grid, not just an American one.  Eventually, the expatriates will have to face the music as well.

    Others believe that they can take their families and hide alone in far off mountains to wait out the storm, but they do not consider what will happen to their country and its principles while they curl up in a ball and pray that the catastrophe does not touch them.  They forget that survival is hollow if one finds himself and his culture enslaved in the meantime.

    And yet others, those who are aware of the consequences of unchecked oligarchy, decide to build communities of liberty minded individuals in preparation for the dangers ahead.  They seek local and national solutions, social and political.  However, always in the backs of their minds sits the understanding that these situations rarely if ever solve themselves, and rarely if ever end peacefully.  Despots only respect one thing – Power.  Those who refuse to fight back are, in their eyes, nothing but an easy meal, like a wounded animal in a forest of wolves.  This third group of awake Americans comes to realize that one day the Swedes will move with severe aggression, and will have to be physically stopped.  But how…?

    With modern computer driven weaponry at their fingertips, any resistance appears futile.  Some Americans, though, do their homework, and discover that most successful revolutions against better equipped opponents utilize low tech methods in highly intelligent ways.  They study the inherent weaknesses of the enemy weapons platforms using readily available online manuals and scientific journals.  They realize that these pieces of equipment costing millions of dollars each can be defeated using methods that cost little more than pocket change.  A war of economic attrition ensues, whereby the Swedes find themselves completely dependent on systems that cannot be maintained without substantial financial sacrifice.  With each new piece of hardware, comes an even more frustrating strategy of defiance.  Here are just a few examples…

    CCTV Surveillance Grid

    Sam is a Liberty Movement sympathizer caught in the city during the establishment of a high-tech surveillance grid in his hometown.  The dastardly Swedes relish the idea of being able to keep tabs on every person everywhere.  They even establish a database in the heart of Colorado which collates information in real time, allowing them to build and organize files on millions of citizens.  The success of this grid depends greatly on the capacity of their CCTV cameras placed in an ever expanding spider’s web across heavily populated regions.  The cameras use biometric data collected and stored by airport body scanners which the “extremists” often refer to as “naked body scanners”.  The data allows computers to quickly match specific body signs to identity.

    The Swedes told the public that their data would not be saved for future reference, but of course, this was later found to be a lie.  It did not take long before the scanners were moved from the airports, to train stations, to bus stations, to federal buildings, to street corners for random shakedowns.  Sam knows that if his file is pulled up by one of the cameras, he is in serious trouble, and so makes plans to escape the city limits.  With curfews being set earlier and earlier in the evening, he decides to make his move before it is too late.

    The night vision and thermal vision capabilities on the latest CCTV cameras makes disguise nearly impossible.   Makeup and prosthetics help to hide bone structure, and a knee brace helps to change the gait of Sam’s walk, but Sam also knows that the thermal filters on the cameras are actually able to see the heat of blood flow through facial arteries, which act as a face fingerprint.  There is no low-tech way to forge this face fingerprint:


    So instead, Sam decides to block the camera system’s ability to use thermal vision at all.  He does this with a few dollars and a hat, gluing small Infrared LED lightbulbs into the cap along with a tiny battery source.  The IR lights drown out the CCTV ability to make any clear distinctions in his face, thus preventing any positive ID.  Sam is clever, and plants similar IR devices on other people without their knowledge, diluting the attention of Swedish law enforcement officials who are left wondering if their cameras are malfunctioning or if their city is swarming with “terrorists”:


    Fingerprint Scanners

    Angela is a worker in a Swedish detention facility.  At first, she believed that all the people quartered in the facility were terrorists who represented a threat to innocent lives.  But, over time, she came to realize that the true innocents were being housed in the prison, most of them detained for no more than criticizing Swedish policy or protesting a political injustice.  Angela makes plans to steal confidential information on the camp from her boss’ office and hand it over to the resistance.  Unfortunately, her boss uses a fingerprint scanner to unlock his door.  Luckily, she had done research into fail-test methods for such scanners in scientific and security journals and learned how to make molds using latent fingerprints:


    RFID Chips

    RFID chipping is all the rage with the Swedes, so of course they were more than keen to introduce the intrusive technology to the U.S. once the control grid was established.  The tiny inexpensive chips allowed tracking of nearly everything, from retail habits, to civilian movements, to common monetary transactions.  Evan, a computer hobbyist and quiet supporter of the Liberty Movement, found that without certain RFID designations, many goods could not be purchased, at least in bulk.  Only Swedish officials had the ability to go anywhere and to buy what they needed.

    Evan found a solution, not necessarily “low-tech”, but easy enough to make using common materials and a basic knowledge of electronics and programming.  His idea?  Build an RFID Emulator/Cloner:


    The cloner had the ability to read particular RFID chips, even from a distance, and to then copy their unique signal.  Evan was able to clone any chip anywhere and then implant the code on an RFID card or any other item containing a chip, making life easier for him, and information easier to get for others.

    GPS Tracking

    Evelyn was a political activist and independent journalist before the crash.  Her writing had become quite prominent in freedom minded circles, but the dollar had fallen, and with it, the Constitution had been scrapped.  Her criticisms of the Swedish controlled government were well known, and she had heard stories of liberty writers “disappearing”.  She decided to leave the confines of the city to stay with a friend before the noose was tightened completely.

    As she entered her vehicle and made her way outside the city along backroads, away from the highway and possible checkpoints, she noticed that a nondescript car seemed to be shadowing her from a distance.  She made a few unplanned turns, and did not see the car again for twenty minutes.  Then, it appeared again, at the very edge of her mirror’s field of vision.  She realized that she may have a GPS tracking device implanted somewhere in her car, and to find it quickly would be impossible.  Thankfully, she had purchased a GPS jamming device months ago, which allowed her to block any GPS transmissions within a small to medium radius.  The device was furiously labeled by the FCC as “dangerous” and “illegal to use”, however, they remained very easy to buy until the crash:



    Electronic Surveillance In General

    Whether it be a CCTV camera, or a body scanner, sometimes the best option is not to evade or disguise, but to pull the plug entirely.  At least, that was James’ point of view after the control grid went into overdrive and he couldn’t walk his dog without a blue-shirted Swedish agent fondling him on the sidewalk or forcing him to stroll through a body scanner.  Finally, he had had enough, and so, decided that if they wanted to track every move of every person, it was going to cost them.

    Using commonly available parts, James built a personal EMP device.  Its range was dependent on the size of the power supply he tied to it, but when used properly, it would zap anything with a circuit within several feet of him:


    The Body Scanners were useless.  RFID tags went blank.  CCTV cameras shorted.  They would eventually be replaced, but the cost would be high, and as long as he didn’t get caught, James could experience, at least for a short time, the America of the past…

    Sound Cannon / Silence Gun

    Mary had seen her family in poverty, her country in ruins, and her government turn to outright treason.  In her mind, the only recourse left was to take to the streets.  However, this proved to be almost as useless as participating in the election process.  New sound cannon vehicles were deployed in waves along with riot police to quell any and all protests, no matter how peaceful in nature.

    Mary learned two things quickly.  The first:  always bring a gas mask to the party.  The second:  always think simple when faced with technological tyranny.

    The sound cannon blast was terrible, making concentration difficult and causing panic amongst the protestors.  Even worse though was the Silence Gun:


    Which actually recorded and then projected back a person’s voice only a split second after they began to talk, causing mental confusion and eventually, frustration and silence.  The device was popular at political events where activists were likely to interrupt a candidate’s teleprompter speech to expose the public to a few truths.  Mary was not a hacker, or a military specialist, or a technician of any kind.  So, she wore ear plugs.  Problem solved.

    Night Vision / Thermal Imaging / Predator Drone

    A considerable threat to those who decided to fight back against the Swedes was the widespread usage of night vision and thermal imagers by troops sent to hunt down and capture dissenters (the Swedes called them “enemy combatants).  The use of FLIR cameras on aircraft and the feared predator drones were especially terrifying to those who knew very little about how such technology actually functions.

    David, an insurgent against Swede governance, was tired of hearing about how the Predator Drones would be the doom of all who defied the establishment.  He felt that this outlandish perception came more from the fact that the drones had no human passenger, and so, no potential casualty risk.  The concept of facing down a machine that feels no combat apprehension is certainly disturbing, but not insurmountable.  At bottom, what the enemy cannot see, the enemy cannot kill.  And so, instead of trying in vain to fight the drones and their thermal / night vision on the terms of the oppressive military presence, he decided to make their vision advantage irrelevant by studying IR evasion used in sniper training.

    Regular night vision relies, in most cases, on the use of an IR light which bounces off targets within the field of view.  This is often referred to as “Active IR”.  Thermal Vision reads existing IR at a different wavelength, usually in heat producing or high IR producing bodies, called “Passive IR”.

    For evading Active IR night vision, David found that regular camouflaging methods along with smoke worked well.  For defeating night vision altogether, he found that bright IR flashlights and floodlights, and even regular bright lights like camera flashes, shined directly at the target wearer of the night vision device, would cause blindness for a short period of time, leaving room for escape.

    Thermal vision evasion was more difficult.  David and his team first studied the IR Emissivity Tables of common everyday materials:



    All objects above the temperature of absolute zero release a certain level of electromagnetic radiation, which thermal imagers pick up and translate into a visual picture.  Hiding one’s heat signature is difficult, but not impossible.  The key, as David learned through military sniper training manuals and combat analysis, was to match his IR signature with that of his surroundings as much as possible.

    He fashioned a hooded cloak using a material that would block much of his initial warmth, then lined the inside of it with emergency space blanket material, which reflects back around 90% body heat.  The cloak design worked well because he could easily take down the hood and unwrap himself when not in immediate danger, allowing the material to cool as he walked.

    Then David attached local vegetation to the material to help match its IR Emissivity to the surrounding foliage.  This combination reduced his thermal signature drastically.  Overhead drones could not identify him clearly as a human, if they were able to see him at all.  Ground forces were a greater threat, but the element of surprise was still possible for the insurgents with cloaks.

    In combat, the tandem dangers of drones overhead and ground forces in pursuit with thermal vision made life difficult.  David carefully studied field guides to Predator Drone strengths and weaknesses:


    David and his team then utilized a special strategy under these extreme circumstances called “False IR Signature”.

    Operating in bad weather gave the freedom fighters an instant advantage.  Heavy rain washed away thermal footprints and obscured body heat.  Thick cloud cover made image integrity poor.  Contrary to popular belief, the drones had many downfalls, and their eyes were limited in numerous ways.

    When in the middle of combat, where drone surveillance was most dangerous to low-tech resistance, multiple fake IR signatures were created using whatever was available.  David used a combination of IR Chemlights and hot burning road flares thrown all over the field to misdirect drone cameras.  With IR hotspots everywhere, the thermal cameras had no idea where to focus, let alone which targets were real, and which were fake.  IR strobe light flares flashed intermittently causing even more confusion, and masked to some extent muzzle flash from firearms.

    Larger objects could also be faked using pieces of metal heated with fire, or even heated metallic balloons arranged in a sizable pattern to mimic a hot running car or tank.  Drones would zero in on false targets and unleash missiles, only to waste the expensive ordinance on party favors and scrap.  Through David’s knowledge and efforts, the game had become more level.

    Technology Or Force Of Will?

    Technological weaponry and surveillance should never be underestimated.  Today’s advancements are terrifying, devastating, and were designed after decades of trial and error in peripheral wars and burgeoning dictatorships around the world.  A technology cannot be defeated by someone who does not respect its capability.  That said, in the end, wars are not won with fancy gadgets alone.  All conflicts are decided by a primary driver; force of will.

    Who has the strength of spirit to endure the longest?  Who has the intelligence to outwit the technology?  Who knows exactly what they are fighting for and why?  These questions decide victory, not unmanned aircraft and computers.

    In the introduction, I joke a little about the state of our Republic, but sadly, the fictional accounts above represent realities that Americans today must consider as practical and possible in the near future.  “The Swedes” are not illusion, but a parable of the kind of totalitarianism that arises in the midst of any culture dominated by elitism and collectivism.  Whether you believe this is realistic or not in our nation today I suppose is dependent on your level of awareness surrounding current events.  My goal in covering the information above is not to convince you one way or the other of the dangers ahead.  The point is to redistribute the knowledge so that one day, in the event that the stories portrayed turn out to be more true than you realize, you may have the ability to do something about those troubled times as an effective champion, rather than a helpless victim…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. I am.

        • 90% depopulation; enslave the survivors.

          That is the plan of “the Swedes.”

          • @Newbie,

            I agree that depopulation is the end game. Question is, how can this best be accomplished? In my mind, there are two distinct possibilities. First is, destroy the food transportation infrastructure and let most of the population starve. Advantage is that the government can control the survivors through distribution of food. Second is, biological warfare. This leaves infrastructure in place and depending on the agent used, will kill almost the entire population through first and second order effects. My money is on a biological attack using respiratory anthrax as the killing agent. I believe this because the military is already protected against this agent and it has an extremely high mortality. In addition, the spores are persistant and can cause area denial for generations. Antidotes already exist, but the effectiveness in innoculating a civilian population is limited in that it takes a series of shots over many months to build up resistance. The fact that there are prior service individuals with resistance is irrelevant because in a large scale die-off, many of them will probably die from other causes. If the biological agent is some exotic manmade disease, we are all truly screwed. I do not know how one can get vaccinated against anthrax, although those who work with wool are supposedly able to get vaccinated. I am cynical enough to believe the government would throw law enforcement personnel under the bus by not vaccinating them beforehand. This is a truly horrific scenario and one for which I do not have any good answers for. However, if I do survive, I will be hunting down and killing anyone wearing a government badge.

            • Amen Brother……thats why i buy ammo in bulk.

            • Your a dreamer if u think for 1 sec that killing people is the answer Thats the reson why all this got started in the first place
              people not giving a crap about other people being greedy
              Like hitler

            • @ all here attempting to decipher a solution to our ills in this mess… I’m posting to appeal to your violent thoughts concerning “eliminating Zombies” during what we will be experiencing soon:
              Imagine for a moment that YOU and your family were hungry, tired and emotionally distressed during THE most critical time in history.
              Let us inject a hypothetical situation here… YOU, being the family member deemed critical to providing sustenance to your family, were in your neighborhood or elsewhere searching for food, water or anything to “provide” for them. Innocent of any wrong doing, you are possibly, armed and dangerous to others that watch you prowling the area. Are YOU then considered a “Zombie”? Would you expect or even demand to be shot by an “extension of that persons’ manhood” because you were hunting small game or even a dog to eat?
              I spoke to one of my neighbors about this scenario after he and his wife told me their plans were to “shoot and kill anyone they didn’t know, even CLOSE to them, and preferably within a MILE away” Apparently, they planned to buy a 50 cal. BMG. WTH is wrong here? Indiscriminate MURDER!!??
              Of law abiding AMERICAN citizens no less! Have WE as a society, lost so much compassion and love for the sanctity of life that we are nothing less than animals? Or worse? An animal kills for two purposes- hunger and self defense. Nothing more. Is our view of self defense defined as “someone within a mile of us wandering or hunting”? Are we down to cannibalism at that point?
              Consider for a moment that your 15 year old SON was foraging and was shot dead by a sniper at 1000 yards? An innocent young man struck down by a paranoid, egomaniacal “survivalist”? Was that survivalist “surviving” or just plainly and blatantly murdering an innocent? Could perhaps that shooter have seen a form in his scope moving in his general direction and fired out of fear? Or malice?
              We need to re-think our priorities and concepts about so called self preservation, as we are a nation of brothers and sisters aligned for a common cause.
              In conclusion, I urge you to align yourselves to this cause…. Your bondage to the human spirit and safety in the everlasting.

            • Anthrax is naturally occurring in our environment so area denial is nothing to be worried about. Anthrax also has to be inhaled/ingested in large quantities to be effective just getting it in contact with your skin will not get you sick. There are many other little buggies they can release on the population to decrease its numbers significantly and what makes you think our bio weapons division of the military doesn’t have something like a super flu virus along with its vaccination for just such an occasion?

              The most likely scenario I see is them creating a false flag attack by simulating a “terrorist attack” on our power grid disabling it temporarily, then once the masses feed off each other and most of the population dies off, the power grid magically comes back online.

              If we really wanted to go full tinfoil hat on this one, we can talk about HAARP and how they can use weather to exterminate a majority of the populous.

            • Simple antibiotics will kill anthrax. If the disease scenario is to be used it is one that has a preventative shot for it already. Starvation will take it’s course in an Economic collapse. Estimated that 70% of the population will die in the first year.

            • One very important method to fight this one world order is to grow your own food thru hydroponics. To puryify youe own drinking water thru R.O.system. Network with your neighbors to create infomation awareness, and to create a barter system. Take your money out of the bank, stop paying income tax. Get off the grid by implementing solar panels, deep cycle batteries. Learn to live in a minimal use of electricity. Even consider moving further south due to the radiation being emitted from Japan.Take control of the situation, that you can improve for you and your loved ones! Why because the federal government is not going to!

            • Recall Ken Alibek’s book “Biohazard: The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert Biological Weapons Program in the World–Told from Inside by the Man Who Ran It”?

              Alibek ran the Soviet biowarfare research for 2 decades. He describes gene splicing smallpox (native smallpox has 95% mortality) with various hemorrhagic fevers (native Eboe has about a 95% mortality) to produce engineered weapons with 99+% mortality.

              As an expat, Alibek dutifully stated in his book that the USA only did “defensive” search on such agents. Who believes that?

              “The Swedes” are Lucifer’s best friends.

          • The 90/10 percent idea is a bit of a fairy tale IMHO.
            How are 10 percent of the population going to keep the elites in the lifestyle to which they’re accustomed?
            Are the elites going to teach the remainder to farm the land or are they going to kill everyone except the farmers?
            Who’s going to maintain their army of laser shooting NAZI-bots?
            Are we going far enough with this to suggest that they have hidden technology that will provide them with everything they need?
            Do we believe that they are so synchronous with one another that they’ll live in perfect elitist harmony?
            These people are power-hungry ladder climbers who would stab their own mother in the back for a promotion, letalone the jerk they call “boss”.
            The bottom line? Less people means less power.
            You may think they’re that crazy, but I don’t think they’re that stupid.

            • @Anonomys: So right now, what are you doing to keep that crazy scenario from happening, nothing? Then you too might be complicit in the terrible future that awaits us, not saying what you’ve portrayed is right, just that there will be nothing to stop it if we do not act soon.

              @Ausprepper: Less people means easy control, esp since by that time, the people that are left (if we dont grow some balls real soon) will be the perfect sheeple, willing to do what they are asked of because to them, as it is now, “is just how it is”. Wake the fuck up people.

              I will state again incase you missed it yesterday…

              -It only happens if you let them, people may only blame themselves for their inaction, be it with the sword or the pen, all evil may vanish when the good decides it is time.-

              Is anybody out there? Are you listening?????

        • WE ALL will be targeted FIRST for OUR Christian Beliefs…

          Golden Rule, Common Law,
          Individual Sovereignty
          , ect…

          • what the fuck?

          • Iowa says: What, is there some secret cabal planning to go ‘after’ Christains first? Who are they, how many of them are there, and what do they plan to do to them? If you have evidence of this plan I’d love to see it.

          • what if your not christian?? what if you dont follow any mainstream religion?? (more people have been murdered in the name of religion than any other in our very bloody recent (last 6000 years or so) history. i do not believe that there is an invisible old white bearded man in the sky that watches and writes down everything that everyone does for ever. what kind of fairy tale are we preaching to ourselves…are we really that mental that we believe this crap?? no wonder people are so easily controled and we are in the mess we are in now. religion (organized mainstream that is) is a sham and it always has been. its a way to control the masses plain and simple. believe what ever you want but dont overlay what you believe or think everyone else believes (or should believe) on the whole species. what if there is no god, what if “god” as you know it is an alien that genetically created us? what if what if what if???? thats one of the many probles with religion (organized) is that when you start to question, people usually shut down on you or just say that every thing is “gods will” wow thats a great way to just give up….which is really how most americans (and humans for that matter)act/believe, that god will save you so it dosent matter, basically you are giving up and letting someone else deal with all the hard work of dealing with your emotions and your own ego and psyche..its so much easier to just give up…its the american way!!!

            • Nope, justin, more people have been murdered in the name of * government power and control * than any other in our very bloody recent (last 6000 years or so) history.

              Or have you never heard of Stalin, Pol Pot, Lincoln and FDR?

            • @Justin,
              Your post seems very emotional. Please respond to this;
              Using historical evidence and science, please prove that there is no God.

              Jesus Christ is a historical figure. The Bible has been accepted by millions of people over the past 2,000 years as fact. Countless court cases have been tried to disprove The Bible and Christians have always won them. Even our country is based on the rights of people given to them “By their Creator”. So please prove to me that their is no God.

            • Geeze Justin, you’re ruining the whole “poor, persecuted Christian” thing so many folks seem to have going on.

              As for My Bible’s comments…can you prove unicorns don’t exist? How about proving Mithra, Zeus, Horus, Allah don’t exist?

              Further, the “facts” of a historical Jesus are pretty sketchy with some being known forgeries, likely by Christians. It is hard to believe that a demi-god walked the Earth 2000 years ago, yet everything about this character boils down to faith. Why not have the Son of God appear now when his presence could be broadcast worldwide? The part that puzzles me is how Christians love authority in so many ways, yet feel so compelled to hate authority if it’s not their authority.

            • Yes, Horus exists. He is a devil and his eye is a symbol of “The Swedes.”

            • “The part that puzzles me is how Christians love authority in so many ways, yet feel so compelled to hate authority if it’s not their authority.”

              Be puzzled no longer. Christians believe that God is the only legitimate authority.

          • Good thing I’m not religous…Oh, wait, and you’re only targeted if you failed to target them first…

      2. O, Look at the libs coming to your town…SF gets what it sows…

        • So I guess you think that when white folks meet to discuss their economic future and a future for white children, they deserve to be beaten?

          What it sows?

          These anti-whites are cowards. They would NEVER dare do that to a black panther or a muslim meeting. They know they’d be DEAD.

          • Unfortunately, when these brain dead anarchists push things to the limit and are met with deadly force, the flood will not stop there. This will be the catalyst that will unleash the police state on ALL of us. Some may cheer the initial episodes, but the final outcome will be very bad for us all.

            Divide and conquer. Let some people cheer the mowing down of these destroying hordes, but then see where it stops. The cracks will travel through our society like those going through those plate glass windows.

            • no one lives for ever…these cracks come from time to time…there are too many people doing less than nothing for humanity and the earth…it is time for them to go.

          • @ Annie Oakley —

            Well said indeed, Ma’m! Not only would these sunken-chested, girly-boy red scum be dead if they crashed a Panther or Jidhadi meeting, they will most likely be dead if they merely SET FOOT in one of the areas where the Third World hordes to which they dedicate their lives predominate.

            I get a kick out of those idiot whiggers (Darwin Award winners all!) who go bopping up to groups of real, undomesticated Negroes, with their Bob Marley shirts and blond or red hair plaited into dreadlocks, talking Jah or Hip-Hop, and wind up getting their asses SAVAGELY kicked (or worse than “kicked”) merely for being “white boys.”

            One Black Muslim I formerly knew in the workplace knew how I felt about these White traitors (AND Black Muslims, for that matter) and he respected me for it. He told me that such Whites were (and I quote) “some kind of faggot.”

            I agreed!

            Let’s hope the next meeting these diseased POS’s crash includes a number of loaded M-4 carbines among the attendees.

      3. Great article and some great resource information to add to the library…

      4. 12ga works to!!

        • Tis my favorite “drone” removal tool…..

          • Only problem with 12ga is it doesn’t reach up 25,000 ft where the pred drones can fly:(

      5. Hey sticks and stones will break bones. Tanks no sweat carbite and water=acetylene gas throw in the air intake there goes the desiel engine all to h-ll. All aside this is good article, remember where there’s a will there’s a way

        • My kind of guy.If they want it, make them pay for it.

      6. Very impressive!!! These are great ways to defeat Big Brother, or at the very least, confuse him a little.

      7. WTF is with this Republican in NY. Republicans are losing their way dang it. He wants to mandate no anonymous posting on the Internet. Gosh darn loser RINO.

        Reagan said he was a Democrat until the Democrats’ left him for their left wing agenda. Well if this guy isn’t shunned by Real Republicans they lose me.

        • That whole thing about Republicans being for freedom is a myth. Republicans are for THEIR freedom to do whatever they wish while everyone else is free to live by their rules.

          Just listen to most any Republican when they feel they can openly talk amongst friends and you will likely hear all kinds of desires to create laws to stop activities they dislike with more talk of imprisoning or doing physical harm to these same targeted people.

          From my experience with Republicans after 51 years on this planet, most have no clue how wide the gap is between what they profess and who they really are. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

          All of you bible-thumping righties may now trash this post (if it gets through the censors). I know, it’s easier than looking in the mirror and seeing your issues. You can thank me later for giving you someone to hate today.

          • As a Student of Life, you are rather clueless. You should have studied a bit more

            • No…I would say I’ve studied quite well and fairly extensively.

              If you have anything more than trite commentary or ad hominem attacks to back your position I am quite happy to read and consider them. If you have nothing more than those items to offer then it becomes quite apparent who is clueless around here.

      8. I have read much about this in the past, and there are now NEW devices that are on the testing block that no one knows about, just ready to use. It reminds me of these terrible science fiction movies. All of this is to control people and make them into robots. That science fiction about the Borg in Star Trek is probably not too farfetched. Nano-technology exists right now and control the brain’s activity is nothing really more than controlling electronics. I can imagine they have experimented with implanting tiny devices into the brains of people, causing them to be lobotomized, probably with homeless people and illegal immigrants.

        Horrors await, and the more someone (non-prepper) that thinks that nothing will happen and that their government will bail them out, without a high price tag, are the easiest targets. Anyone that has since the Star Trek Borg, the ONLY people that ever escaped their clutches were the strongest willed individuals and those that could adapt and come up with the most inventive means of battling them. This is science fiction, but plays closely with the common prepper/survivalist going against a science FACT type of real world attackers going against those that still want and respect what freedom means.

        The more prepared someone is, the less reliant they are going to be on any government forcing you to sell your soul to them. The more complacent, let someone else do their thinking for them, the more of a comformist someone is to this government sicko type of control, the far easier it will be to make the individual into a “TOTAL MINDLESS DRONE”.

        I know I have said this many time before, but I am still grateful that there are still sites like this that try to expose this tyranny, and thankful that there are still people out there like the many that frequent this site that can actually think for themselves and not fall into these mind traps that the government has set for most of the population to get snared into.

        • Which reminds me to ask…how many do frequent this site??
          Just wondering.

          • Well Jay-Jay, as of my post right here, over 5000 people have read the article.

      9. Actually the real Sweden is a very repressive society, not too unlike the ‘Swedes” in the article. Prior to Stieg Larsson , Sweden was perceived to a welfare paradise. Larsson’s Millennium books changed the whole perception of Scandinavia. He spent all of his life resisting the Force, and by the time his books came out he was safely dead.

      10. The problem is that the heat signatures are not all viewed as the same. Some would be in motion and some would be static. If it is a human operator running the drone then they would zero in on the moving target rather than the static one and have the guidance system lock in on it. If it were this easy then criminals would already be using these techniques with police helicopters and aircraft.

        Also, ear plugs and other forms of hearing protection do not block out all sound. So, they would be ineffective against these devices.

        • Combat soldiers are not constantly running around in circles. Also, the Afghans have already proven quite efficiently that a wool blanket of all things is able to effectively cover heat signature. I recommend you read IR evasion sniper manuals for further education.

          Also, earplugs diminish noise. Ever fired a gun with and without them? Are you really suggesting that blocking the ear canal does not block sound?

          • I will look into the manual for the IR signature stuff, but have you ever tried to deal with the sort of thing the silencing device does? We had a broken phone system at my work that would do precisely what this system does-repeat back your voice at about a one second delay. It made it almost impossible to speak. Ear plugs would not have fixed it either as they do not attenuate 100% of the sound. As far as it goes, yes, I do use a variety of hearing protection types when cutting metal and using power tools so I know how well they work. I wouldn’t fire a gun without them unless I needed to in order to defend myself (and have only ever shot a gun two times in my life so I have little experience, something I plan to remedy in the future.)

            My whole point about the IR signature stuff is that you are not going to be a combat soldier in many of the possible scenarios you could face. More likely, you will be a single individual running from a well-equipped team of government forces which will have the upper hand. I welcome any discussion of how to eliminate the government’s technical and tactical advantage in these situations (if for no other reason than I find them a fun intellectual challenge to consider and learn about). However, I don’t think that any of these techniques are going to be completely effective since you will have to move at some point and that will give away your position. This is not to say that I wouldn’t try them if I found myself in a situation that warrants it, just that I don’t place much faith in them.

            You also have to consider that the supposed IR manual that is out there is disinformation allowed to exist by the government. In the end, you don’t really know what to trust as being real since it is so easy for a government to plant fake information on line today and have it get picked up by other people and disseminated as truth.

            • As far as the sound cannon is concerned, from personal experiance in Iraq as a detention facility guard all the detaines had to do to stop the sound waves from haveing an effect on them was to cover there ears with their hands, also to be really effective you need 3 sound cannons set up in a triangle and where they meet is the only really effectide spot, also the detainees would use there blankets and matress pads (abot 2 to 3 inches thick) as a sound dampening shield. The plus for the guards was while they were plugging their ears and holding mattresses they couldn’t throw stuff at us.

      11. If it breathes, breeds, or bleeds…I can kill it.

        Kill 3…..Be FREE….

        • And if it doesn’t breath, breed or bleed? Then what….commeth Mr. Drone

          • Someone, somewhere controls that drone. Someone, somewhere can be killed.

            • Daisy,

              I am surprised! I did not take you to be the violent type! I agree with the sentiment though. I would also add “somewhere, someone gives the orders to the operator of that drone”… The numbers of deaths required would be far fewer if it were possible to target the upper levels of the chain of command instead of the foot soldiers who are merely doing their masters’ bidding.

            • Even better would be to target the equipment used to control the drone. Do that and there is no need to kill someone. After all, if you kill one operator there are plenty more to take their place. Destroy lots and lots of technically complex equipment that takes a long time to produce and you lessen the drone threat by fighting a war of attrition against production. Given the choice, you are always better off destroying infrastructure rather than killing some poor kid whose bad choices during his formative years left him with few options outside the military. (Sorry but I just can’t flippantly talk of ending another human being’s life if other options exist to achieve the same ends.)

            • @Winston Smith

              your a puckin moron

              good luck with that one , when zionist fascist FED FALSE-FLAG martial law is finally kicked off nationwide , you have no puckin idea what it is what your talkin about douche bag.

              i’m sure the u.n. nato private-merc troops are NOT gonna give two sheeits about you when they blow you and yours the puck away on martial law day.

              they DO NOT CARE about you. your nothing but a damn useless eater live human target to them.

              you are gonna get people needlessly puckin killed you dumb puck.


              yur’ A puckin moron.



            • The Moon ~

              The trampling we’re undergoing, as well as the ideas that this article brings to light, bring out the angry mama in me, thus tapping my inner warrior chick. It makes me furious that my children and theirs may have to spend their time dodging drones and hiding their heat signals like characters in a sci-fi movie, when they should just be able to play outside! Hide-n-seek with computerized aircraft instead of their friends is not the game I want them to be playing.

              And you make a good point. The ones making these evil decisions are the true guilty parties, although those blindly following the orders aren’t that far behind in my book.

              “To kill the snake, you have to cut off its head.” (Centurion)

      12. One thing to add that I have heard to stop a TASER from working on someone is to have a single layer of aluminum foil wrappped around where the TASER were to hit you, preferably heavy duty because it tears less easily. When the probes hit the foil it short circuits the TASER. I guess anything that would cause the two darts to come into electric connection with each other. I have heard this, but not actually experimented with this. Does this work? Has anyone else tried to see if this way of causing a TASER not to operate actually works?

        I re-read this article again and I am going to copy it, this type of information is just to important not to have on a piece of paper ready to reference when times become ugly for most or all of us. This article is truly for this site and all those out there that cherish freedom and be able to defend their freedom. For the mindless conforming individual, the sheeple, this article would be thought of only to benefit those that want to break the law. That is IF the sheeple can even think for themselves. Mac, thank you for finding such a prime A article for all of us.

        • BI ~

          And my kids thought the tinfoil hats were bad – just wait until I start making them wear tinfoil underwear too!!! 😉

          Joking aside, it’s a great idea to keep hard copies of information like this!

        • Actually, I found little of this to appear useful.

          If you point your cell phone camera at your tv remote, you can see the led light up, so wearing your IR led hat will be easily detected.

          The person trying to use the personal EMP device in a place where you are subject to patdowns will not last long. Zap one or two and you will soon be caught.

          Using a cloned RFID chip can be busted by a time stamp on a security camera so don’t expect to operate in this mode for long.

          I think the person above that commented about disabling the high tech power centers is more on the right track. We need to blow up the death star. Destroy the infrastructure of control.

          In that sense some of those methods may work in a one-time directed mission

        • good point on aluminum foil. that would work good against thermal. if you wrapped up in that with a guilly suit like camo around that, would really help to throw off their detectors.

      13. The photo in his article is from THX1138 film,
        Loved that movie, if you haven’t yet seen it make sure you do, clear picture of whats to come;

        • Well…it’s one dystopian vision of the future and George Lucas’ first film. As far as being a window into the future, that can be argued for many dystopian works (1984, Ghost in the Shell, Fahrenheit 451, etc.). The future will probably be a mix of negatives and positives from these works. One thing is certain though and that is if we do not change the direction we are going in, the future will be “…a boot stepping on a man’s face, forever”.

      14. Good stuff. Another excellent post by Brandon, BUT these McGiver responses represent the desperate actions of a people already enslaved.

        WE have the power to avoid that future, now.

        90 million gun owners in America can change the direction of this nation without firing a single shot or having to outsmart the technology of the “Swedes”, later.

        Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for a new political party like America First, The Patriot Party, or The Constitution Party.

        Pick one.

        What WE need in America are two dozen senators like Rand Paul and 100 Congressmen like his father. Political power, simple political power, is the power that will overcome the PTB.

        That is the weakness of the “Swedes”.

        Remove them from office, replace them with Patriots, and you will strip them of their power. Strip them of their power and you can repeal Executive Orders, veto unconstitutional legislation, balance the budget, address the debt, destroy crony capitalism, and empower individual Americans once again under a fair economic system.

        Brandon, forget Alt market.

        Use your considerable intelligence and many contacts to rally the Liberty Movement into a powerful Patriot force, and WE can restore the US Constitution to its rightful place as the basis for American law.


        • That’s funny about the 90 million gun owners. All the government has to do is make it a capital offense for everyone when there’s a gun in the house. Everybody has to consent to have their home searched. Those who refuse are marked for destruction. All they have to do is send in one of the black helicopters and fire a missile at the house. Then spray machine gun fire at anyone who flees. A blood-thirsty government can’t be successfully resisted.

          • That’s right Barn Cat, which is why I advocate the exercise of OUR political rights while WE still have them.

            Engage your employees or be enslaved by them

            • durango,Barn cat you guys are p–sy’s. Send the boots on the ground that want to search home’s back in body bag’s. Soon they will get the message. As for the helicopters one 7.62 round in the gear box no more. This is from the guy in the bushes. The ballot box works no more period. Look guys stand up for what is right, if it means to die so be it. If you are not willing to do that then shut your pie hole. A lot of men died to get you here. We all must make sacrifice’s, it’s our way of life. I’m willing to lay down my life for my grandkids.
              So Live Free or Die Standing Up for what is Right.

            • Copperhead: I am an ex-marine and Viet Nam Vet. I promise you that I know full well the cost to “get me here”.

              Happy Memorial Day.


              I also understand that while effective and potentially devastating, a man in the bushes is just that: a man in the bushes.

              Once the NWO makes examples out of a few hundred or a few thousand well meaning Americans; many more would get the “message”. The PTB would then only use their violence as an excuse to impose more draconian measures like Agenda 21 and gun control against the populace.

              If you study “liberty movements” like the PLO, IRA, the American Revolution, or others, you will note that they all had political wings to compliment a force of arms.

              The “Liberty Movement” in America must congeal around a SINGLE political party. A NEW political party to organize OUR discontent into a political force that will articulate and validate American desire for a restoration of Constitutional law.

              Pick one.

              A political party of Patriots can demand that elections be fair and move to enforce that fairness. It can demand seats in Congress and obtain them by popular opinion. It can control legislation and defeat tyranny.

              Because the NWO has compromised BOTH political parties in a two party system, those options are not available to US.

              A man in a bush is a “domestic terrorist”, an east target for a drone, and an easy excuse to tighten the screws on the rest of US.

              A million men in the bushes supporting the demands of their political leaders is an army to be acknowledged by the NWO.

              Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • OKLAHOMA CITY – The governor and other state officials would be prohibited from banning or confiscating firearms during a state of emergency under a bill signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin.
            Fallin signed the bill Wednesday that specifically bars any state or local official from restricting the sale, possession or transportation of firearms and ammunitions, even during a declared state of emergency.

            Credit to the Daily Sheeple. Link convienently located on your left column.

          • They don’t have 90 million guys to search. They can send 10 to my place and get 9 back, won’t take long. No government can stand up against it’s own people for long. They must get out amung the people and do things like collect taxes. You cannot deliver the mail in a million dollar tank. The Army only has a million men, Afgan is a no place, population of about 35 milion. We are almost bankrupt there. They cannot take on US. they don’t have the money.

          • I would suggest that attempting to confiscate someone’s firearms will be considered a “capital offense” by many who own them, and sentence will be executed forthwith.

            • I keep repeating this over and over again, hoping that enough people will pay attention:

              Jews in Nazi Germany were banned from having guns.They were disarmed.

              Then, 6,000,000 of them were slaughtered.


              I can tolerate a lot of things: high taxes, humiliation in the airports, open talks on implementing Agenda 21…

              But if they come for my guns, I will know: this is my LAST chance to defend my family, because guns confiscation in the post-Katrina world will mean only one thing: that very soon they start exterminating people.

              I don’t care who will come: my friendly neighborhood police officers or UN blue helmets…
              I WILL SHOOT.

            • @ Angry Citizen

              I don’t get it. You mistrust “the Swedes,” but trumpet their phony history.

              “What then is, generally speaking, the truth of history? A fable agreed upon.”

              – Napoleon

          • During WWII a Brit guy fighting in North Africa came up with quite a few “funnies” to disrupt the German war efforts in the area. One thing he built was a set of mirrors glued onto a rotating wheel that turned at high speed as a search light shone onto the wheel. The result was a high powered stobe light flashing hundreds of times a minute. Shone at German aircraft trying to bomb the city of Alexandria the pilots became disorientated, became sick and the light show actually brought down some enemy aircraft. Some aircraft and crews were lost due to disorientation and just flew into the sea.
            Votes don’t count anymore. Any one who votes for change succeds only to re-elect a group of people so inter-connected, that they are neither Democratic or Republican. They are Eletists. Why do people still think they can vote Eletists out for another Eletists? Anyone who still believes in the Democratic and Repubican Parties probably still thinks the story of Goldielocks and the three talking bears is true or that Humpty Dumpty can magically pull himself together. If you vote …. You’re an idiot. You change nothing. You serve only to keep the “Nigerian banking scam” that we refer to as politics going.

        • @Durango

          The problem is, no movement for freedom is ever in a majority position to pull off the kind of political coup you describe. Sure, it would be nice, but I wouldn’t count on such an effort panning out to much. If it was ten years ago, maybe…

          Today, I think we are on a very short timeline, and getting every liberty movement person squared away locally and ready for the worst case scenario is the best anyone can do. Beware of silver bullet solutions. There is no path through this problem without considerable suffering on the part of all of us.

          Also, beware of organizations that offer GOALS, but not PLANS. A goal is an end desire that requires a plan to be achieved. It is one thing to say “lets run the bums out”. It’s another thing to have a step by step strategy to make it actually happen.

          I wish everyone the best, and pray that there is a median road that will not cost us too much in the fight for freedom.

          • Brandon: Thanks for the response. The America First party, for one, has a platform on their website that lists their goals.

            Any plans must be developed internally with tactics and strategies to achieve those goals; state by state. No need to broadcast their game plan to anyone other than members.

            The number of true patriots in America grows every day in response to out of control federal spending, the federal implementation of the globalist agenda, and the unending saga of phony wars of crony capitalism while the American worker, family, and taxpayer continue to be decimated.

            WE have the numbers. With the numbers come the funds.

            What WE need is a Committee of say 100 Prominent Patriots to organize a political resistance to reverse the unconstitutional trends in America before patriots are branded as domestic terrorists, the NAU replaces the Constitution, and all of OUR liberties are lost to the “Swedes”.

            Failure to exercise OUR political rights by organized, collective action will ensure the loss of OUR individual liberties.

            • @ dk oops! sorry didn’t read that. too much grape on a friday night! is the website dot com, dot net, or org? am prepped (mostly), now looking for some leadership….

          • brandon, you are smart enough to be one of the leaders. can you organize something?!?

        • Twenty thousand sweedees running through the weedies chased by one pissed patriot.

        • DK, what got us here in the first place??

          Please read…


          • P: You are a fool. The Kingdom of Conscience, while noble, will not make the NWO go away. They cannot be ignored. You can drop out, but they won’t.

            Dropping out only makes it easier for the NWO to implement its goals. Ignore them at your peril and at the peril of your family and your liberties. THAT is how We got to where WE are at.

            Rest assured that they will continue to implement their plan for US whether you participate or not.

            Refuse to participate?

            If you are not participating you are not contributing. You will be among the first marked for death.

            Your lack of participation is exactly what the NWO wants. They fear an enlightened and engaged citizenry.

      15. Resistance is only possible when the government you’re resisting is benevolent. If our government becomes like Nazi Germany we’ll have no chance. All they have to do is kill anybody who causes them problems and offer rewards for those who turn in their fellow citizens. Then it’s game over.

        • I could write all day and still not cover all the ways I disagree with this post, Barn Cat.

          If the government was benevolent, why would we have need to resist?

          Resistance is not a neat, clean or easy path. By its very definition it is adversarial and controversial.

          What is your recommendation? That everyone just gives up? We all surrender because, well, gee, there’s no point? They’ve already won?

          Then you’ve already lost! They have won because you’ve allowed them to psyche you out – you have been convinced that resistance means death. There’s a chance that is true but at least make them work for it!

          You said, “Then it’s game over.”

          With your current outlook, I’m afraid the game is already over for you.

          • Daisy continues to remove the “seeds of doubt” from the garden before ‘they’ can sprout and grow. Among the most important activities at sites such as this…especially when an increasing number of “information weeds” are trying desperately to establish “their presence” in an otherwise “fruitful” garden.

            Daisy, the “doubt seed herbicide”. Has a nice-ring-to-it IMO. BIG HAT TIP my lady. Keep it up, as if that suggestion were even needed. 🙂

            • Thank you, Yental.

              As much as every girl yearns to be compared to toxic chemicals, I’ll have you know that we are strictly an organic household. 😉

            • @ Daisy, LMAO. You do confirm what my wife has opined for years…apparently I still “don’t get women” on an “organic” level. What do I know, I thought “organic” strictly referred to food production. (No hidden meaning here) Perhaps “herbicide” was less than a “compliment” on the “gender scale” of intelligent/appreciated comparison.

              Rest assured, this is “my” version of the ultimate compliment. Where the hell is my “feminine side”, I know I buried in the yard somewhere.

            • No worries, Yental. I was just having fun with you. I’ve worked in male-dominated industries for nearly all of my professional career – due to this, I’m pretty “unoffendable”. 😀

              And thank you very much for the compliment – I did indeed take it as such.

          • Put it this way: India was able to engage in passive resistance to defeat the occupying British. Gandhi thought the Jews could practice passive resistance against the Nazis and prevail but he was obviously wrong. Some governments and the people who work for them have great reluctance to kill innocent civilians. Others have no problem with it whatsoever. It’s really a continuum of values between good and evil.

        • LOL! Now, I’ve heard it all!

          Daisy covered a lot here, but may I add my good man (or woman, since you have “cat” as part of your name. Of course, the assumed adjective for a male acting like a cat works here too!). I digress. My good “person”, the Germans, Jews and others suffered from pacifism and were so lied to that they, like yourself, fell victim to their propaganda!

          If you know anything about united States history, you will know our forefathers and Founding Fathers faced a huge military, a strong and UNbenevolent government along with a very loyal following right here in the old Colony. Who won?

          Seriously, Barn Cat, apathy, paranoia, gullibility and pure cowardice will never defeat ANYTHING!

          We MUST remember this is our fight!
          It is your choice to be strong, or take flight!
          But if you flee from the battle at hand,
          just remember… it was YOU who did not stand!!


        • Wow…beat you that easy did they…..sad!

      16. the larger question is
        Why is the government doing all this?
        the so called Patriot Act
        the Military Commissions Act
        and the odious National Defense Authorization Act
        massive illegal wiretapping
        reading of emails and listening in on phone conversations without warrants
        GPS tracking without warrants
        the assaults against the Constitution are now endless
        and you can’t blame one political party or the other]


        • Why is it when some one makes a million dollars, they feel they must make another million dollars, then a billion dollars, then a trillion dollars. When is enough, enough? More money leads to more power and more power leads to more CONTROL.

          The questions to consider are “Why do people want to control the world around themselves, i.e. other people? Why do they manipulate others? What do they gain? And why is the use of Fear the primary method of manipulating and controlling others?

          When we connect more of the dots, we begin to see that the corporations and governments are controlled not by the many, but by the few. The questions are: “Who are the few and what motivates them to act in a way that damages the world around them? Why would they gain pleasure in seeing others suffer? Could it be that they intentionally desire to destroy? What would they gain from destroying life?

          • EA: In the US there are approximately 6,000 families and 50 major corporations that control the lion’s share of the wealth.

            They (and their partners and counterparts around the world) want to control the world and its wealth because enough is never enough.

            These people are totally self absorbed.

            That is why they are willing to spend $50k for a single leather handbag if it has “Gucci” on the label; or spend $50 to 100 million for a “house”.

            They have no spiritual values, and little to no morality. They are “prepping” for a very rude awakening.

            I have been privy to individuals who are second and third generation wealth over the years. I have found them shallow and self absorbed; educated but incompetent.

            A pitiful lot, the bunch of them really.

            • Good summation dk. I would add also to “why” TPTB behave like they do. It goes back to the very root cause of evil and it is called “Pride”. They have gotten so self absorbed that they operate without consideration for others. Their desire for power and control is driven by the spirit of evil that lurks within their soul. They receive “boosts” of that negative energy freely from their god (Satan). Basically they have sold their soul to the devil for their fame and fortune. They live a delusional lifestyle and think they sre so intelligent but, on the inside they are sick little puppies with a limited time of existence. I would not want to be one or even be associated with such people.

        • Beautiful article Satori.

      17. When will hunting season on drones begin? What caliber would be best at bringing them down? It would be fun.

        • ruger 10/22 (or mini 14) gatling gun?

        • I’ll shoot one when I see it above my head, and I happen to be armed at that moment.

          Do you need special permission to bring a drone down?..
          Wait till Obammer issues it.

      18. Triumph of the Will over technology.

      19. The lynchpin to all these high-tech gadgets is electricity. Resistance efforts should be focused on taking down energy infrastructure. One common resistance tactic in occupied Europe was explosives disguised as lumps of coal, which were mixed into piles of coal for locomotive use. Same can be done to take down coal-fired power plants. All power plants can be made irrelevent by taking down their transmission lines. By attacking along the thousands of miles of transmission lines, a guerilla force can deny electricity to the government while tying down an enormous amount of resources to guard against attacks. Read “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by T.E. Lawrence for further elaboration. Most fuel in the country is transported by several cross-country pipe lines. Pumps are required to keep the product moving. Destroy the pumps and oil shipment around the country stops. Same goes for refineries. Short-sightedness on the part of policy makers and NIMBY morons has led to a small number of refineries to process the nation’s oil into gasoline and diesel. Without fuel and electricity, all the toys of the “Swedes” are useless.

        • NOW, WE have arrived at the “TRUTH”. Excellent post “Sir Moon”. To this “formula” I believe WE need to employ THEIR favorite tactic against THEM. A “false flag” event of OUR design that implicates THEM as self-saboteurs with an implied “agenda” for expanding THEIR police state. Oh hell, April 1st has already come and gone…sorry too be so late with “my joke”. I really must pay more attention to the calendar before making such “silly” future comments.

        • Real problem is cost. It takes 200 people to keep a drone in the air, same as a fighter jet. All this high tech is wonderful if you can have 1000 guys looking for OSB for 12 years. Al Qaeda has nearly won; we have spent nearly 5 trillion dollars looking to kill a few hundred people, If we had just ignored 9-11 we could have rebuilt every road bridge, school,hospital in the US for less and built new industrial plants to boot.

      20. Off topic. A good interview with Nigel Farage on kingsworldnews.com. Its entitled “We are on the edge of a total social breakdown.” It gives some news on the Greek travail.

      21. Where’s a solar flare when you need one

      22. “sweetest sugar coated chili-dog best for all of mankind…” <—What?

      23. Hey boys and girls go get a U.N. flag and when the SHTF fly it, it will give a week to ten days or more before they come around to check. You will need all time you can get to finish your defenses around the place where you are going to make your last stand. Be prepared and Live Free.

        • Copperhead

          I would be worried that someone who felt as the majority here do would see the flag and shoot me there and then…just a thought

          Take care

          • Live in a very rual area and all of us know and are watching one another’s back, we have them, but good thought if you live in the city. Guess I’m lucky to live out of the B-S.

          • if you wouldn’t get too much grief over it, i would loovvvvve to send you a gadsen flag! am guessing a few of the neighbors would fuss about it.

        • …Id reckon then the Stars and Bars flying in my yard will take a bit of time off that extra prep time?

          There’ll be no question whos side this hillbilly is on when they get here 😉

      24. I have no more words.. Just want the curtain to finally drop on this fiction or fantasy world we live in..

        At least we will be able to see the end credits of who were the portraying actors!

      25. ….and those who made Potato Guns laughed all the way home….

      26. Barn Cat,

        Daisy went easy on you.

        I have made remarks to a series of your previous statements. Some were sarcastic, yet most to the best of my knowledge were truthful. My reason – you are a generalist.

        And now you bless us with this:
        “Resistance is only possible when the government you’re resisting is benevolent.”
        Resistance is possible when we as a people don’t listen to you.

        “If our government becomes like Nazi Germany we’ll have no chance.“
        The present government is passing and placing programs to remove our constitutional rights. Under this Illegal Office, you will see the American people unify and remove that, which is not true to the American Way.

        You best see “RED DAWN.” Again and again.

        “All they have to do is kill anybody who causes them problems and offer rewards for those who turn in their fellow citizens. Then it’s game over.”
        You best see “RED DAWN.” Again and again.

        “If our government becomes like Nazi Germany we’ll have no chance.“
        BRING IT BITCH. It’s game over when WE say so! There is nothing stronger than an American Woman – Pissed. For her, I defend with my life.

        Y’all Beware! Barn Cat – I wish you well. Look at what you say. If you don’t then thumbs down!

        • Pray for peace; but If it must be war, then let it start here,

          • …and if war must come,let it be in my time so my babies can know peace in theirs!

        • I had many things to say in response to Barn Cat, but I think you covered most of it well enough. I do have to add a bit of Shakespeare, Henry V:

          …That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
          Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
          And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
          We would not die in that man’s company…

          I do not wish to fight, nobody but a fool wants to die in battle. But I will not stand idly by while my children’s freedom is taken away, nor the freedom from any of my fellow citizens. If you fear the consequences of standing up for what is right, Barn Cat, then begone. Better men and women have the courage to fight for freedom, and we will win the day.

      27. I Predict … Many u.s. congress , u.s. senator , state governors CORRUPT THIEVING TRAITOR critters and there families suddenly are kidnapped by PISSED OFF ALIENS , are brought back to their ALIEN MOTHER.SHIP ; to be chemically biologically sexually experimented on and ANAL PROBED!!!

        To be found later on dumped by the VERY PISSED OFF ALIENS ; in remote parts of the ILLUMINATI COMMUNIST Fascist Zionist Jesuit BilderBoyBugger controlled zones of enslaved AmeriKa DEAD ; from SUDDEN VIOLENT EXTREME lead poisoning!!!

        The vision just came to me now , as I was cleaning my .300 Win Mag!!!

        The Only Good Alien , is a Dead Alien!!!

        Got Enough Ammo??? … ummmmm for the Very Pissed Off Aliens???


      28. Tired of shit pay…
        Here’s my formula.
        Just got a 5 figure raise.
        1. Return to school to be a programmer
        2. Buy amazon.com used computer books…think of it as a prep. I have hundreds of books.
        3. Leverage your lunch hour and read all you can.
        4. Create an air of you know your shit…line your cubical with books and software object model posters.
        5. Be friendly and positive and learn all you can.
        6. Take on new tasks and learn how to automate them.
        7. Leverage time saved by having the bosses let you sit at your desk and learn more….so you can automate more.
        8. Rinse repeat.
        9. Cross train no one. If they make you train, go into extreme detail, flash and pop the screen and talk very technical. Your goal…so the fucks glaze over.
        10. Tell all your end customers that you are looking for a new job. Only do this when you have enough up and running to make all levels of management nervous if you leave.
        11. Put the help wanted on your desk in plain view and circle well paying jobs.
        12. Put your resume on Monster.com and list your employer number…when they call….talk loud and say that you cannot talk right now and you will cal them later that you are working.
        13. Be very frank with the bosses.
        14. If HR gets involved it might take many months. My HR fucks took about 8 months to change my title and pay.
        15. Negotiate a second computer.
        16. Read up on scheduling software and blaze both machines.

        I successfuly enslaved my bosses and they are now my bitches.
        I walk the halls swinging my dick!!!

        I will now never be out of work.
        The computer books were a prep.

        There you go…It worked for me.

        Remember, in the great depression….75% kept their jobs.
        You will have lifetime employment if you learn how to automate things.

        Good luck.

        ps. Have a reputation of being a hard ass, yet be polite.
        You want folks to fear you enough, but feel comfortable in your presence.

        pps Bully the bullies….gains you respect. It’s a sport.

        • Never let them see you sweat!

      29. shotguns almost banned


        “A little noticed provision tucked into a large appropriations bill obviously flew under the radar of the “Brady Bunch” and the “Illegal Mayors.”

        The new law effectively kills ATF’s plan to stop tactical/military shotgun imports by way of abusing the “sporting purpose” requirement and their agency rulemaking powers.”

        this little set back wont stop the gun control crowd
        they’ll be back

      30. ok ssince i am in a lil bit of a twisted mood i think i shall share a thought. Since our gov is always screwing us ans we are always takin it up thw @$$ I think the new campaing ad and bmbper sticker supporting any of these no good nicks should be”Bring in the gimp”

        • “Zeb’s dead baby, Zeb’s dead”

      31. This is off the subject but COULD be quite important. Most of the time (85%-90%) when there is an earthquake north of 70 degrees north a good size earthquake follows somewhere in the world. True magnetic north is close to here and seems to be a harbinger of more to come. This earthquake: http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/neic_b0009ym3_h.html is one of the largest I have seen in this region as this map shows. Usually the earthquakes in this region are under 6.0, most are 5.5 or less. This one was a 6.2. Watch for something coming within about 5 days, 6.5 or more, probably 7.0 or more. Wish I could tell where. A guess would be South America from about 35 degrees south to about North America about 45 degrees north. Maybe New Zealand or the India region. This is from the spots on my globe I have been charting since the year begun that seem to be primed after an earthquake like this at this location.

        Just like the Foundation for the Study Of Cycles I have been trying to forecast earthquake activity from past earthquake activity. Still need some work on it though. If you live in an earthquake zone you might want to look over your preparations a little more. Remember after an earthquake to always have shoes around, as I have known a few people that stepped on broken glass after earthquakes, terrible.

        • In response to the earthquake forecast on May 24, 2012 at 11:14 PM. Just had an earthquake in Argentina of 6.4 or 6.5, all depending on the source. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usb000a0z0.php Within the zone also of 35 degrees south to 45 degrees north either in South America or North America that was forecasted. It is weird, but earthquakes 85-90% of the time follow movement north of 70 degrees north. The location of this also kind of pointed to here. Something bigger could be coming with 4 days of now.

      32. I propose Operation Create Patriots….

        Print out articles about police abuses and government waste and then leave them in Doctors or Dentists offices. Anywhere that people need to sit and wait.

        People will remember when the time is right.

      33. Stop being Greedy Buy american Help thy neighbor Get Rid of crooked polatitions Recycle reuse Dont do drugs
        Work produce dont steal @ for god sakes stop thinking your shit dont stink!!!

      34. Morning all

        In the UK, if the government announced they were stopping all benefit payments, other than to the elderly and disabled, the government would fall within a week.

        There are millions in this country that see the system as something they are entitled to, a lifestyle choice, rather than the safety net for hard times that it was set up as.

        So many of these people get more assistance than those who work. Take away their “earnings” and they will go mad with anger at the injustice of the situation. This is why in my opinion, entitlements and benefits will be the last thing to go, the governments KNOW what will happen if they stop the money for these people..

        Shame that it cannot be engineered that this group really believed the gravy train was stopping, the PTB would be so busy dealing with millions of pissed off benefit recipients going apeshit all at the same time to use an English saying, they wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow.

        If we can find the people who forged the birth certificate maybe they can do a document of some kind indicating this will be happening on a given date in the future and then it can be leaked…….

        It’s early, it was just a thought, but having said that, the sheep are so simple in the head it would probably work lol

        Take care

      35. Actually, I like this idea.

        Reminds me of the warning on a box of fireworks, light the blue touch paper and stand well back

        All I need now is a forger and someone who knows how to use Facebook and my mis-information machine is ready go.

        Take care

      36. I think I heard this story somewhere; it sounds awfully familiar.

        I have wondered what a civil uprising in the US would look like. Would the military split, with some fighting for the politicians and bureaucrats that control the government, and some fighting against them? Would we look like Iraq but instead of Sunni and Sheete killing each other it would be liberals, conservatives, and the ruling class in a three way slaughter? Would assassinations, improvised bombs, small scale attacks, and sabotage be everyday occurrences?

        It seems that once you get out of Washington, DC, any government office, bureaucrat, bureaucrat’s family, and important economic asset would be very vulnerable. There are countless miles of railroad carrying coal across the US every day. There are electric transmission lines, many in isolated areas, that crisscross the country that any hillbilly with a chain saw or a cutting torch could bring down with a few hours labor. I am guessing that as much as the federal government uses electricity to power their technology that this would be one area of frequent sabotage.

        If you have ever read about the US Civil War in border states like Missouri, you get a good picture of what people with different allegiances can do to one another on a daily basis.

        I suppose most of us in America alive today should be thankful that we have lived our lives so far without such an event. My guess is that we won’t get past the next 10 years with that good luck holding.

      37. The article is good. I liked the one with the Swedes. Can`t trust them….

        Low tech strategies can be the answer. We have a great example every day in the news though they want tell us something different. To sum it up NATO is at the moment being defeated by shepards and farmers in Afghanistan.

        Though NATO troops is winning every battle or scirmish, the guerilla tactics, the sniping and bombing takes their toll and wear out troops and equipment. The war has become too expensive and at the end of the day NATO will leave Afhanistan and in my world the one that leaves the field has lost the war.

        • uff duh!

      38. NWO is my greatest fear. But how will this country pay for them? How many UN peacekeepers could “they” actually get?

        I think the only way “the government” could accomplish anything here in the US is if they took down communications. Otherwise, there are too many ex military and bubbas who would form alliances and kick some serious ass.

        Nazi shit scares me, but in reality I just don’t see it happening. And than I remember reading that that’s how it started in Germany, it wasn’t overnight, it was exactly like the US govt is doing it now….

        Keep prepping!!!!

      39. Does anyone remember the scene in Gattaca where Ernest Borgnine allows Ethan Hawke to board the spaceship even though he knows he is a “de-gene-rate”? The power wielded by the global elite is fatally compromised and coming apart at the seams. Their power is full of fatal cracks… saboteurs, hackers, moles for the resistance, and so on.

      40. for an elite that SUPPOSEDLY wants this economic chaos , they sure are spending alot of time trying to avert it !
        why try to slow it down and just let it implode if thats what they really want……just common sense

        • RICH99

          The Power Elite set forward policies that I think has got out of control for them. Kayos does not frighten them because they exploit it’s aftermath providing they maintain control. It would be counter productive for the US to be put in a position that it could not maintain it’s military either due to politics or economics or some combination of the two. The Power Elite Banksters need the US military as their “enforcer”. Events are taking place that can put that strategy jeopardy. This leads me to believe that what is happening is out of their control.

        • @ Rich99

          As best evidence shows, “the Swedes” are not trying to avert anything. For them it is looting and genocide as usual.

      41. ISRAEL (AMERIkA) declares WAR on JAPAN

        When you look at the crime of Fukushima, a crime that will destroy life on earth as we now know it, it becomes clear that when you examine means (HAARP technology, Stuxnet being present on Japanese servers October 2010), motive (world growing ever more antagonistic against Israel, falling Israeli population demographics, Japanese warming relations with Iran, sharing nuke technology with Iran, refusing to go along with NWO, continued competitive advantages over corporations like GM), opportunity (Israeli company running security at Fukushima) and intent (Israel repeated threats of a “Sampson Option”, it becomes obvious that Israel is suspect number one in any investigation as to the deliberate origins of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear nightmare now threatening the planet.

        Once Again all global eyes turn to the Joooooooooooo’s as a Prime cause suspect for another destructive global false-flag attack against innocent defenseless people – human beings destroyed killed , millions poisoned by radiation , millions lives destroyed by jews for what???

        Japans refusal to pay Jewish bribe money!!!


        • It’s true… like 9-11, Fukushima was an inside job.

        • The seismic recordings are one smoking gun that “the Swedes” had their hand in Fukushima.

      42. This article is beyond brilliant in its analysis not only of what’s happening NOW, but how this situation can be met with some imagination. I especially like the outline of how “the Swedes” have created the police state that is deploying these technologies to crush the American population beneath their heel. To carry this meme a bit further, let us consider some other facts from this “alternate” reality in detail:

        1) The Swedish-dominated American system brands those Americans who object to the country’s utter subjugation by Sweden and its “American” lobbyist and operatives as “Anti-Norse,” even though Sweden oppresses and annexes large parts of Norway and Denmark, expelling the NORSE populace there and settling Tromso, Kirkennes and the entire Jutland Penninsula with “returned” Swedes.

        2) The “America Sweden Public Affairs Committee” submits a lengthy questionnaire to all candidates for national office in the US and politically destroys those who are lukewarm in their support for Stockholm.

        3) The US Senate and House of Representatives have more Swedish members than ever before in history, though some of them are “disguised” as Hispanics, Wasps, Irishmen and others.

        4) The US Constitution is dismantled though the efforts of several strategically-placed Swedish “American” Senators who occupy the chairmanships of important Congressional committees. Senator Endqvist of Connecticut, for example, single-handedly pushes legislation to strip US citizens who express outrage at the use of their tax dollars to support Stockholm’s occupation of Norewegian and Danish territory of their citizenship; Senator Strindberg of Michigan proposes and secures the passage of laws allowing for American citizens to be “disappeared” without charges or trial; Senator Bergdahl of New York, who has pushed legislation for many years aimed at disarming American citizens, finally secures the passage of “Law and Order” decrees that effectively tax small arms ammunition beyond the price of affordability for the average American.

        4) The American school curriculum is changed top reflect the special victim status of Swedes in Western Civilization, recalling such “outrages” and “insults” as the Medieval English prayer “Lord, Save us from the fury of the Northmen” as examples of Chrisitian, anti-Norse “bigotry.”

        5) American financial criminals of Swedish origin rob the nation’s treasury blind, selling fraudulent financial instruments and having the US taxpayer foot the bill. The Swedish “American” CEO’s of such brokerage houses as Magnusson-Hansson, JP Vaasa and Gustavus not only escape scot free, but also funnel federal “bailout” money to Sweden, which then uses these funds to finance false-flag “terrorist” operations on American soil.

        6) Following extensive lobbying by Swedish groups, Christian symbols are removed by judicial fiat from public places during Christmas season, but such “secular” symbols as “Odin’s Oak Tree” and dragon ship prows are allowed to take their places.

        7) Worst of all, Swedish religious fanatics take over in Stockholm and begin agitating for war against Russia, citing the “Anti-Norseism” of such Czars as Peter the Great, who fought the Swedes for twenty years, and supposed Russian “plans” to project naval power into the Baltic and “existentially” threaten Sweden. The ultimate and real reason for this pro-war agitation, however, is to destroy Russia and extend Swedish territory down to the Caspian Sea, based on claims stemming from the voyages of the medieval Varangian seafarers. Americans, who are being propagandized for war against Russia 24/7, don’t know this, and pro-war media tycoon Rupert Morgan of FUX-News, whose mother’s maiden name was Lagerkvist, does not tell them…

        In the end, using American power and technology, a numerically tiny group succeeds in dominating the globe. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Uppsala, whose authenticity Swedish “civil rights” groups have long denied, are fulfilled. “And Hell followed with them.”

        • Ah, the numbering sequence of the paragraphs has gotten fudged — make it 8), not 7)!

        • @ Ahab


      43. While these devices may win a moral victory here and there and disrupt the globalists short term plans, don’t think for a minute this will affect them long term. These elites from the District of Columbia, the City of London and Vatican City have HUGE underground complexes built in Maryland, Virginia,New Mexico, Nevada,California, Nebraska, etc.etc.(Just in the USA). It is called continuity of government.They have been perfecting these bases since the 50’s.Their technology is 20 years ahead of what you actually see.They will retreat if things get too hot on top and operate from underground.I believe they will only be taken down from within.Unfortunately, people in a position to do that are mostly narcissistic sociopaths or they wouldn’t be there in the first place.

      44. On a side note. If Anonymous released FEMA camp info and FEMA plans. CFR info, Bilderberger info. Like say banking information. Plans for these underground cities. I might take them seriously.

        Sierra Dave

      45. Read Unintended Consequences. I totally agree that the Swedes could get out of hand, but, for example, the CCTV control centers have to be manned by someone, and those people have to live somewhere.. Seemingly random events could leave a reluctance to participate if those people knew than nothing was safe or sacred.

        In the mean time, go to darknets (private VPNs where you control the keys and the hardware with all net access via TOR outlets..)

        It’s not perfect, but it adds to the confusion and requires immense resources to monitor.

      46. For many years, I played Scenario paintball across the US with a team of friends, google the term, but its large 24 hr games with missions, objectives, etc.. not just “war games” but monty python games, revenge of the nerds, etc.

        anyways, they had night games, and some players bought high end night vision to play ( yes there are some serious players )

        The IR LED trick worked, as we would put 3-4 of them on a 9v battery, and throw them all over the place tto blind their night vision with super bright spots around our base so they coulldnt see in., or before night, sneak up and toss some near THEIR bases so we could use to find at night..

        great trick that works!!!

      47. Since 1945, technologically advanced major powers have lost to minimally equipped insurgencies in all but 2-3 cases.

      48. durango kidd: thank you for your sevice, but you think the ballot box will work. Ok look you have the big O and rom to pick from,not much to pick from. By the time we get a thrid party in power enough to do any good the game is going to be over. Unless all of the dem and repub are already gone. So how do we start changing things now,It’s a little to late to start, this is what I fear.
        Live Free or die standing for what is right

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