Los Angeles Mayor Will “Tackle” Homelessness By Painting Murals of Homeless People

by | May 8, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    The mayor of Los Angeles, a city with a burgeoning homeless population, wants to “help” by painting murals of those who don’t have permanent homes. Only in Los Angeles could an idea so ridiculous be hailed as a means to “tackle” the homeless crisis gripping our nation.

    Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA, outlined his new plan to tackle the region’s skyrocketing homeless population this week. Garcetti said we must now “recognize our common humanity” with murals “highlighting” his city’s escalating housing crisis. The nation’s second largest city has an estimated 50,000 people living on the streets as rising rents and increased crime threaten to make the crisis worse in the coming months.


    “To end homelessness, we have to recognize our common humanity. The #DearNeighborLA murals send a strong message of support for housing homeless Angelenos. The first mural highlights LaShawn, a homeless mother in South L.A. who is working to provide for her son,” posted the Mayor on social media.

    Sean Hannity has dubbed this idea “liberal logic.”  Because somehow, painting a mural of a person who can’t afford to live in California thanks to the policies instituted by the socialist politicians commissioning the painting, is “helping.”

    But some say that the Democrats’ plans for California are much more sinister than simply “painting” over the problem…

    Socialist policies have made it difficult to get by and have even made helping people (such as feeding the homeless) a crime.  Only the state is allowed to create homelessness and only the state is allowed to “help” apparently. The homeless crisis is putting further strain on the taxpayers who can still afford to reside in California.


    An exclusive Eyewitness News poll conducted by Survey USA shows a whopping 68% of Southern Californians consider homelessness here to be either a major problem or a crisis.  “When we compare our city to New York, they have just as many homeless but they’re inside, in shelters. I think here in L.A. the hardest thing is supportive housing and we need to push those efforts,” said Patterson, a La Puente resident.

    Over half of LA residents believe that the government is responsible for the homeless people. Which makes sense…considering the government made all these people homeless with their horrific policies. But taxing those who are left and not yet homeless is not going to help.  It’s creating a vicious cycle that sends those on the precipice of homelessness right over the edge. Nonetheless, ignorant voters approved a $1.2 billion bond measure to pay for new homeless housing back in 2016. The county followed suit in 2017 with a sales tax increase designed to fund homeless.

    How unsurprising that this isn’t working.



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      1. They will probably hire illegal aliens to paint them, with full benefits package too of course.

        • This whole thing “you can’t call them illegsl aliens”, started in 1977-78 under
          Pres: Jimmu Carrrter…. DEMOCRAT
          called them undocumented

      2. well, it makes sense. There’s no lack of ‘earth’ colored materials in California. Places like San Fran…. I hear it is in mounds all over the place. Like a bunch of finger-painting gorillas, the texture, aroma….. ought to be impressive.

      3. What if you “helped” them by HIRING THEM TO PAINT IT?
        Weird idea, I know.

        Mumble only in a place this fucked up… God I hate this city so much.

        • force the commies to paint the town red a la high plains drifter

      4. when public officials make such stupid actions as this, they should be arrested and sent to a reeducation camp.

        • No send them to a homeless encampment.

      5. Really? are you kidding me, wow, LA , California, your politician’s are just, really, that’s the plan, good grief!

      6. Mac, you’re an idiot.

      7. In order to understand where this is leading to, go back in history to what happened in Russia before and during the advent of Communism.

        Read Dr. David Duke

        “The Secret Behind Communism” in the introduction, Duke quotes Solzhenitsyn; but the book itself was written by David Duke.

        Why Duke? You say, “but he’s a racist”. And I understand those sentiments. After all, “wasn’t he KKK?”. So, from now until eternity, nothing he says or does has any validity. Rather closed minded you are. Too bad.

        Duke is right. He knows what he is talking about. And you could learn something from him if you could get past your own prejudices about him.

        David Duke got his PHD in Russia. His degree is in history. And he’s been on the inside, having served in the House of Representitives.

        Sure, Duke lost in his run for the Presidency. But, if you really want change, start by changing yourself. Stop condemning the man long enough to actually learn what it is he knows that you don’t. Read his book: “The Secret Behind Communism”, sold by Duke at his internet site. He is currently banned by Amazon.

        David Duke will be 70 years old. No one lives forever. Put your fears and pettiness aside. Dare to expand your awareness. Read a book. Read: “The Secret Behind Communism”.


        • Dr. Duke is a race REALIST

          racist is a (((marxist))) term- should we use the enemy’s terms?

          the absence of race realism is evil. . .

          egalitarianism is evil

          chooze are evil. . .

      8. What happened to the demoncrats Universal Basic Income?
        Oh, they need a mailing address to get that, uh huh.
        Don’t forget free needles and toilet paper and poop bags.

      9. This whole thing “you can’t call them illegsl aliens”, started in 1977-78 under
        Pres: Jimmu Carrrter…. DEMOCRAT
        called them undocumented

      10. Sticks head out front door. Looks Left. Looks right. Shakes head and mutters sumpin about better not tag my house with yer paint can. Goes back in and cleans the 12 gauge.

        Homeless housing. Is that an oxymoron?

      11. I understand this is Cali but WTF do they think they’ll accomplish by painting murals of homeless people? Do they think that people will get the idea of giving a handout to the homeless when they see these murals? I never give any handout to anyone, homeless or not. I’ve always got something for me but never for any bum.

      12. This problem dramatically increased with the evisceration of US manufacturing complements of the Free Trade agreements.

        • K2
          At least you get it, the majority still dont get it.

          • Nailbanger

            I’m not too sure if the majority doesn’t get it. The majority wasn’t for it, there was no grass roots support to ship our livelihood to the 3rd world. The fact is the majority has no say. I have posted this before and here it is again from Princeton & Northwestern Universities.

            h ttps://www.businessinsider.com/major-study-finds-that-the-us-is-an-oligarchy-2014-4

            So much for the internet site warning everyone claiming that this site has no validity.

          • How come they give out free needles and don’t ticket heroin users injecting themselves in the street, yet give MIPs to someone drinking a beer?

            • the reason for MIP is most have parents and the gestapo can squeeze $$$$ out of somebody. a junkie has nothing to squeeze, so they are worth nothing. when an illegal with no insurance or license, got stooped, the gestapo would allow them to call a relative to come drive the car away. someone with a job and paying taxes got the tickets and car towed cause they could pay, and this was decades ago. stupid has run mexifornia since the 70’s and ruined a beautiful place

        • K2,
          I’ll get flamed for this.
          Most my working life I was a union member.
          from UAW, to SPEEA, to ILWU.
          I worked a few years about 16 non-union also.
          My best pay was in a non-union environment.
          Military excluded.
          Quite frankly Americans got their butts kicked
          because they let inefficient useless union practices
          beat them.
          Why is it the Koreans can build a better civilian ship
          cheaper and faster than we can? Because American
          Unions wouldn’t allow it.
          Why are American Toyota’s beating American Companies
          cars, no American Democrat unions( PS the Toyota workers
          make better money).
          Why was Boeing the best civilian aircraft manufacturer
          in the world? It’s workers have to be smarter , the stupid
          ones got laid off , because the unions figured it out, don’t kill
          the Goose, wait for the eggs, Boeing succeeded.
          In Hawaii, it can cost you $60,000 cash to get a dock job with the ILWU. When I was a kid In 1973 it was $800, in Los Angeles. These ILWU guys are being replaced by Korean cranes and cargo handing automation, from ship to Train in 1/4 the time and way less cost.
          The entire failure is Democrats. America has not gone beyond them and faced the future. LGBTQXZASDFGHJKL is their future. Not a rich future.
          I’m OK, but I adapted years ago. Until American obliterates
          its internal enemies, it will die, shortly after I do.

          • I totally agree. I have never known a workplace to get better and a product more competitive when a Union moves in.

            The entire story of Asia’s rise is because the West destroyed its competitiveness through unions. Look at the U.K. in the 1970s, paralysed by strikes.

            AOC wants to have guaranteed union jobs for everyone and for it all to be paid for by money printing in order to end social inequalities. If you want to see an example of this in practice, then look at today’s South Africa.

            South Africa is run by black unions and they are running South Africa into the ground. The country is constantly paralysed by strikes and will be bankrupted. When that happens, the Chinese will move in and bring an end to the unions.

            South Africa needs to be broken up into new territories where whites, Asians can have their cities, which will thrive, and the blacks need to be placed in territory run by the African Union, which will control them under orders from Beijing. This is the only solution that will work.

          • The US got its butt kicked because of the massive compensation delta. The US Textile Industry pays $15/hr, hardly high by civilized standards but sub $1 / hr labor wins in the 3rd world. Interestingly it’s not just the US but the entire developed world with the exception of those producing ultra high quality like Northern Europe. China hasn’t YET been able to successfully compete in that area however BMW just opened a factory there. That implies to me that China is crossing that barrier too.

            The 21 century will belong to China as the 20th belonged to the USA barring a catastrophic war.

            • Scrounging the earth for the lowest cost of production comes with an entire package. Your labor competes when its cost, and by default standard of living is lowered. That is a race to the bottom and to win it one must be at the lowest level.

              • Technology and therefore productivity increase and wages go down. What’s wrong with this picture? Inviting a few billion to a party w/o ample seating or refreshments.

        • Whether or not the sector is manufacturing, we do not have a concept of labor supporting a person, no matter how hard.

          If you require a warm, human body, at the post, with breath and a pulse, you are obliged to provide life support, that makes it physically possible.

          That’s before, before working is profitable.

          Or, it’s tyranny, fair-and-square.

          A universal, basic income or minimum wage, which does not provide so much as the right to exist, is an obvious slap in the face for reasons of biology. It’s a medically-unfeasible crime against nature.

      13. Typical liberal politician response….symbolism over substance.

      14. What an idiot!

      15. Just when I think things can’t get any stranger in California, they surprise me! Wonder what will come next? This is called “making a gesture”. Of course, you make sure the media is covering it.

      16. Execute any plan that spends money on an asset that produces wealth that exceeds the original investment in half the life cycle of the item is worthwhile.

        If it doesn’t, ‘execute’ the politicians that suggest such a losing spending endeavor.

        Impenetrable borders, capital punishment and Work Farms.

        No more freeloading. Work Farms.

        • Under ‘Timocracy’, social rank was determined by the amount of food you could produce, in order to feed your constituency.

          A corporatist, collecting stray humans, like an insane cat lady, and neglecting them to oblivion, is not an example of moral authority.

      17. LaShawn looks like she hasn’t missed a big mac for most of her life.
        Another 400 pound homeless person.

        • I know what you mean. I am constantly told a) black people be poor, b) the homeless are starving, yet all I see is grossly obese black people (God, to even see a thin and pretty black woman would be such a delight!), and disgustingly fat homeless people who seem to have more than enough food in them to crap all over the sidewalks.

          Simple fact is this, black people and the homeless need a plastic gym card, not an EBT card.

      18. Holy crap! What a brilliant plan. Everyone knows that paint is nutritious. Homeless people will now be able to obtain their daily nutrients simply by licking the murals. No more soup kitchens or food stamps. Just lick the walls and the hunger problem is solved. Wow – it was so obvious – how did I miss it.

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