Lord Rothschild Warns Investors of ‘Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation Since World War II’

by | Mar 6, 2015 | Headline News | 86 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Billionaires, hedge fund managers and other “elites” in the know are quickly snatching up land and secret hideaways around the world in anticipation of a serious crisis. As you read the following report from Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars pay attention to where Lord Jacob Rothschild has put his focus. It’s no longer about making money for clients, but rather, protecting and preserving their wealth from the coming destruction of our financial, economic and monetary systems.  

    rothschild-thLord Jacob Rothschild has warned investors that the world is mired in the most dangerous geopolitical situation since World War II.

    The 78-year-old chairman of RIT Capital Partners, a £2.3bn trust, used the organization’s annual report to caution savers that the focus of the firm would be the preservation of shareholders’ capital and not short term gains.

    Rothschild said that “a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II” has created a “difficult economic background” of which investors should be wary.

    Rothschild, whose business associates include Warren Buffett and Henry Kissinger, blamed the fraught climate on, “chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union”.

    “RIT is popular among private investors thanks to its excellent track record and its conservative approach to conserving capital,” notes the Telegraph’s Richard Dyson. Rothschild and his daughter Hannah jointly own shares in the trust worth approximately £160m.

    Rothschild’s warning follows reports from January’s Davos Economic Forum during which it was revealed that the wealthy are purchasing secret hideaways in remote locations in order to escape social upheaval and possible riots.

    Economist Robert Johnson made headlines when he divulged that “hedge fund managers all over the world….are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.”

    Johnson cited income inequality and the potential for civil unrest and riots as the reason for the panic.

    “A lot of wealthy and powerful people are quite afraid right now – they see us on an unstable trajectory,” said Johnson. “As the system doesn’t have proper resources, as it doesn’t represent people, things are getting more and more dangerous as say Ferguson, Missouri brings to bear.”

    Realtors in New Zealand subsequently confirmed the flight to safety by the elite, noting that “paranoia” and concerns about personal safety and global crises were driving the trend.

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      1. preppers ain’t so crazy now, huh? it is obvious people like rothschild orchestrated the whole thing. now they are just going to sit back and watch.

        • The Rothsfoxes raid the henhouse
          and blame it on the weasels.

          • “If my sons did not want war, there would be no war.” — Momma Redshield

            • if the pawns refuse to move, there can be no game of chess

              • Actual and the reported “official unemployment numbers” by the BLS…

                Did The BLS Again Forget To Count The Tens Of Thousands Of Energy Job Losses?

                “A month ago we asked if the “BLS Forget To Count Thousands Of Energy Job Losses” when as we showed, the BLS reported that only 1,900 jobs were lost in the entire oil and gas extraction space,

                which was a vast underestimation of what is taking place in reality, when compared to not only corporate layoff announcements, but what Challenger had reported was going on in the shale patch, when it calculated that some 21,300 jobs were lost in January in just the energy sector.”

                The charts in the article speak volumes…


            • War does not determine who is right – only who is left

            • The very lowest estimate of Rothschild wealth is at least $500 billion– 5 times the wealth of Gates & Buffet combined. (Remember– ‘way back in 1953 the Edmond de Rothschild Group was founded with $100 billion of personal Rothschild capital, back when a single billion dollars was serious money.) A more realistic estimate of their net worth– & not the highest– is therefore around $11 trillion– which is around two thirds of the national debt of the United States. Other estimates range upwards from there– up to half or more of the world’s present net worth.

              (BTW, while I regard that estimate of up to half of the world’s net worth as possible for the 2d half of the 19th Century, when the world’s net worth was concentrated in Europe & North America, I don’t think it’s possible today, when much of the world’s net worth is distributed among the oil states & China. Nevertheless, I’m sure that the Rothschilds are heavily invested in the oil states & China, & participate in their economies to a large degree. These investments can be secured by the fact that the Rothschilds are as powerful as– & behave much like– a nation in their own right.)

              …and remember, if their net worth is around $11 trillion, then the amount of capital that they effectively control would be many times that. They wouldn’t personally own all the deposits in their banks or all the assets invested in their companies by outsiders– but they would control them. If their net worth is around $11 trillion, then their total control might be estimated at around $100 trillion. The GDP, or total economic activity, of the entire planet was estimated in 2007 to be only $65½ trillion– far less than the amount of wealth in this case that would be effectively controlled but not owned by the Rothschilds. Even taking their net worth at the ridiculously low figure of $500 billion, that would mean they control around $5 trillion in assets, which would give this one family control of around a thirteenth of the world economy! Their control is almost certainly more than that– & 100 years ago, when their wealth represented a much larger slice of the world’s GDP, it was much, much more.

              (For purposes of comparison, in 2010 the total world debt was estimated to be $82 trillion– giving the planet a negative net worth.)

              …so that’s the picture. The Rothschilds actually control somewhere between more than a thirteenth of the world’s economy up to all of it.

              If you’ve ever wondered why the Jews are so influential in the world, the Rothschilds & the other Jewish bankers are why.

          • they are the weasel

        • Anon, absolutely correct. Those treacherous bastards’ day of reckoning is coming. We preppers have it right. Everyone else has it wrong. If you’re not prepping, you’re inepting.

          • Absolutely Maverick! Remember the story of the Ants and the Grasshoppers. Winter happens whether you’re ready or not

            • A good time to catch a rat, is before his tail disappears down the hole.

              • …because that’s the one time when they can’t turn around and bite you.

          • Uh oh, old Rothschild must be losing his oil patch to ISIS….and we the people of the U.S., who he has always looked at as his personal military wing of asset protection, aren’t coming to his rescue.

            Now if everyone would just stop buying Shell Oil, we would really start to see the NWO’s He Man Women Hater’s club members start scurrying like the true little maggots they are.

            • The Rothschild’s are the ultimate preppers, they made billions of governments playing war. They were the first bankers to go international and be in all the major cities, they moved money to safer places whenever the crazies started taking over countries. They ran the business with their large extended family, and kept control in the family.

              There’s a lot any prepper can learn from the Rothschild model and apply it to food, weapons shelter!

        • People still think were crazy
          Had a computer guy trying to fix my desktop yesterday who made a comment about the doomsday prepper nuts, in talking he revealed he is a democrat,
          We love on an island that produces less than 20% of the food consumed here,
          When it goes sideways i want to hear what these people think about us crazy doomsday preppers,
          Will help my neighbors and those worthy of assistance, the rest can flail!

          • Where’s the like button when ya need it!

            • Its over on Fagbook.

        • Rothschilds have been running the show since the battle of waterloo BANKER PIGS

        • so the rothschild are very rich preppers?

      2. Lord Rothschild Warns Investors of ‘Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation Since World War II’

        Unshakeable proof of the NWO ZOG Bankster Cartel!

        • Hey everyone, I’m back. the past 3 days have been a real bitch for me. That sorry bastard in the article would know all too well considering his last name. Everyone keep prepping.

          • Glad you’re back Maverick! The govt. will be coming out today with job numbers and my bet is its going to be bad. As for saving income… Social Security is hard to save/maintain f the govt. is broke. Same for my pension which is/has been in trouble for a couple of years. Putting it all into preps!

            • JIM-
              The numbers are now out ,I heard that we are now at new lows not seen in 37 years ! HOORAY !
              5.5% i think was the number, but check me for correctness.

              • I got that backwards because i was half listening.
                Its the WORK FORCE participation rate thats st 37 year low ,and , yup , 5.5 are the numbers.

                HOORAY ! anyway..

                • Yep Hammer you got it backwards. It was 5.5% not 5.5%. Now wait a minute, which 5 went in front. Oh well maybe you didn’t get it backwards, I think it was 5.5%. Trekker Out. Which Everway, It Wasn’t Good!

                  • It was 5.5%. The damage is done, the debt and market has skyrocketed. As soon as they raise those rates, it’s game over folks.Bond market will go first, then stocks, and real estate about the same time, or quickly behind. Get ready this year.

                  • LOL , MT,
                    Maybe it was the WAY i heard it.

                    ( Obama wagging his finger at me ):
                    UHHHHH , Let me be clear .
                    I , uhh , did I say I ?
                    I mean I fixed the job market.
                    I , made sure UHHHH………..that every American that wants to work …… can work.

                    And , I , also made sure …that UHHH , every UHH american will receive FAIR and government pay scale union wage for their , uhh , sitting at home.

                    I , uhh, Let me be clear , I have adjusted the numbers in such a way , errr , I mean , uhh , I have created sooo many government jobs for the NSA , IRS , FEMA , CIA and unaccountable government contractors that, I , have lowered the , uhh , unemployment rate to 5.5 %.

                    Let me be clear , I , EXPECT the American people to lick my boots.
                    Thank you and goodnight, and god bless tehran , errr, uhhh , I mean ISIS , UHH , NO ,AMERICA .

                    Well thats just the way I heard it , honest !

      3. Be afraid, be very afraid. It is you, the rich and influential who have put yourself in this position. Payback is going to be a bitch. unfortunately everyone will pay the price of your greed.


        • That’s right Big B. We’ll use dogs to sniff and flush out these putrid bastards and drag them out of their hidey holes. We’ll strip them bare and run them through the briars so it tears their flesh and soles of their feet. Then we’ll cut loose the hog hounds and have a great hunt.

          • PO’d Patriot, I’ll just give each one a bullet to the head and get it over with.

            • hell no mav, way to quick and easy. 1000 years of torment would be too good for these lowlife fvks.

            • Why waste the lead Mav

            • I’d let them make a living on $7.25 per hour, indefinitely and without any assistance.

              • I’d fck them in the arse slowly for 40 hours…


      4. I’m not a share holder so I don’t give a flying shit what happens . I live by the grace of god.

        • So you do have at least one share then! In the priceless blood of the Lord Jesus. Thanks be to God in Jesus’ name xXx

      5. Lord Rothschild (The useless bloodsucking old pig) better be concerned since many worldwide are counting the minutes to get back at his tribe for their financial crimes against humanity.

        • Hey Stolz, I’m just curious. Is Mein Kampf the source of your hatred for Jews?

          I was wondering because I just happened to browse through a copy of it and noticed that you and Hitler seem to have a lot in common when it comes to your opinion of the Jews.

          • you’re sick

        • Thanks to the stupid media, we now know what his grandson and heir looks like.

          • Or was that his son with the Hilton heiress?

      6. Remember folks they always tell you in advance that there is a problem (there might be one, now but they will see to it that there is one tomorrow). Then they will have a cure for it.

        They hide it in plane sight. Most of us here that are Preppers can see the forest with all the trees and we are mostly ready. You can’t be 100% ready because we haven’t gone thru something like this in 1000 years. All we can do is Pray and Prepp.

      7. Howdy, Sarge. I’m back after 3 days of BS that kept me away from the computer. Going to another gun show in my area this weekend and see what I can get. Still have more prep shopping as well. Something big is coming but just don’t know when. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL maverick aka braveheart

        • Mav.
          I was away also. Had a death in the family. Wife’s side Aunt and Uncle died 15 days apart. They were more like Grand Mother and Grand Father to her. Great folks married 73 years He was 95 and she was 93. Now together in Heaven. Happy they won’t be here with TSHTF. It would have been very tuff on them.

          Gun show. The One in Princeton Ill. is I think the 28Th, and 29Th. I don’t think I’m going to get to go because of work. I’m hoping that my Friend or Brother in law is going I’ll give them a list. I’ve got most of my stuff loaded and now I’m stocking up on Slugs Powder and Primer.
          I got a call yesterday and a guy was cleaning up his reloading bench and found a bunch of 45LC. brass and wanted to get rid of it. 200Rds. I have them now. A bunch 0f 30-30’s 300 win mags, 357 mag’s, Just to name a few.
          aim Small Miss Small

          • Heh-Heh!

            glad to see there’s another serious “Brass Catcher” out there.

            just mention: “I found some once-fired xxx” and I’m out the door in my pick up truck faster than a duck on a june bug.

            RELOAD AND
            IT WILL KICK A**!

            …again, and again, and again….

      8. NEW ZEALAND?!!…
        one of the worlds most active seismic zones and with no access to refining or production of anything but lamb and wool. Crude oil needs to be shipped..like just about everything else needed to supply an island…just ask Kula..or ask me since I was raised on the Big Island. The elite think that native Maori or patriotic New Zealanders are just going to let them take their sovereign nation? They will be stand outs and ripe for picking off. Just like there is no where for us to hide…it goes both ways. Their elite body guard slaves will realized this when they can’t go anywhere but their compounds and will flee as well…especially when being assaulted day and night. It is amazing to observe the elite in their flawed thinking that there will be willing slaves to serve them…so many requirements to a functioning country that it will be impossible to achieve..no matter how much fiat currency or gold they have…no trade and a shut down of global enterprise will eventually starve them..you can only eat so much sheep…BORRRING!!!.
        What I find hilarious is ..they are running to the land of “Sheep”. On a side note..the Maori used to be cannibals..they may develop that taste again…elite..the other white meat.
        So I say go..and go quickly..the more you herd yourselves elite…you will fall prey to the very thing you are trying to escape…oooo and those earthquakes are a bitch!!!

        Live Free or Die…baaaaaaa

        • The silence of the New Zealand halal lambs! Check it out people.

        • I would still like to go down to New Zealand and provide the elite with the welcoming party they deserve. It would be a festive affair with ropes, trees and traitors.

        • Why anyone would flee to New Zealand where they face a possible fate of being eaten by Maori cannibals if seismic events don’t kill them first is beyond me.

          Maybe the ultra rich have been inbreeding for too long?

          • Wonder how many New Zealanders are quietly smiling to themselves as the elites roll in with there toys and finery?? The worlds elites might feel safe down in New Zealand hiding from the rest of us. But I think the elites will find the New Zealanders, to be just as willing to club them like baby seals as they roll ashore to hide.

            What’s the difference between a beach of baby seals and room full of elites?
            Club size!!

            • Who says were going to use clubs?
              It only takes one bullet to kill a person

          • In this situation we were not above two cables’ length from the rocks, and here we remained in the strength of the tide, from a little after seven till near midnight. The sea broke in dreadful surf upon the rocks. Our danger was imminent and our escape critical in the highest degree; from the situation of these rocks, so well adapted to catch unwary strangers, I call them ‘The Traps.’

            There was not a man aboard Endeavour who, in the event of the ship’s breaking up, would not have preferred to drown rather than be left to the mercy of the Maoris. For as Endeavour slowly circled the North Island, those few words spoken by the Maori boys –‘Do not put us ashore there; it is inhabited by our enemies who will kill and eat us’ –began to grow into a hideous reality. Yet even as fresh evidence came to light that these people were indeed cannibals, the ship’s company still refused to believe the truth their eyes told them.

            Tupia inquired if it was their practice to eat men, to which they answered in the affirmative; but said that they ate only their enemies who were slain in battle. We now began seriously to believe that this horrid custom prevailed amongst them, for what the boys had said we had considered as a mere hyperbolical expression of their fear. But some days later some of our people found in the skirts of the wood, near a hole, or oven, three human hip-bones, which they brought on board: a further proof that these people eat human flesh…

            Calm light airs from the north all day on the 23rd November hindered us from putting out to sea as intended. In the afternoon, some of the officers went on shore to amuse themselves among the natives, where they saw the head and bowels of a youth, who had been lately killed, lying on the beach, and the heart stuck on a forked stick which was fixed on the head of one of the largest canoes. One of the gentlemen bought the head and brought it on board, where a piece of the flesh was broiled and eaten by one of the natives, before all the officers and most of the men. I was on shore at this time, but soon after returning on board was informed of the above circumstances, and found the quarter-deck crowded with the natives, and the mangled head, or rather part of it (for the under-jaw and lips were wanting), lying on the taffrail. The skull had been broken on the left side, just above the temples, and the remains of the face had all the appearance of a youth under twenty.

            The sight of the head, and the relation of the above circumstances, struck me with horror and filled my mind with indignation against these cannibals. Curiosity, however, got the better of my indignation, especially when I considered that it would avail but little, and being desirous of becoming an eye-witness of a fact which many doubted, I ordered a piece of the flesh to be broiled, and brought to the quarter-deck, where one of the cannibals ate it with surprising avidity. This had such an effect on some of our people as to make them sick. Oedidee, the native who had embarked with us some time before, was so affected with the sight as to become perfectly motionless, and seemed as if metamorphosed into a statue of horror. It is utterly impossible for art to describe that passion with half the force that it appeared in his countenance.

            When roused from this state by some of us, he burst into tears, continued to weep and scold by turns, told them they were vile men and that he neither was nor would be any longer their friend. He even would not suffer them to touch him. He used the same language to one of the gentlemen who cut off the flesh, and refused to accept or even touch the knife with which it was done. Such was Oedidee’s indignation against this vile custom; and worthy of imitation by every rational being…

            One of the cannibals thereupon bit and gnawed the human arm which Banks had picked up, drawing it through his mouth and showing by signs that the flesh to him was a dainty bit. Tupia carried on the conversation: ‘Where are the heads?’ he asked. ‘Do you eat them too?’ ‘Of the heads,’ answered an old man, ‘we eat only the brains.’ Later he brought on board Endeavour four of the heads of the seven victims. The hair and flesh were entire, but we perceived that the brains had been extracted. The flesh was soft, but had by some method been preserved from putrefaction, for it had no disagreeable smell…

            This custom of eating their enemies slain in battle (for I firmly believe they eat the flesh of no others) has undoubtedly been handed down to them from earliest times; and we know it is not an easy matter to wean a nation from their ancient customs, let them be ever so inhuman and savage; especially if that nation has no manner of connexion or commerce with strangers. For it is by this that the greatest part of the human race has been civilized; an advantage which the New Zealanders, from their situation, never had.

            One of the arguments they made use of to Tapia, who frequently expostulated with them against this custom, was that there could be no harm in killing and eating the man who would do the same by them if it was in his power. For, said they, ‘Can there be any harm in eating our enemies, whom we have killed in battle? Would not those very enemies have done the same to us?’ I have often seen them listen to Tapia with great attention, but I never found his arguments have any weight with them. When Oedidee and several of our people showed their abhorrence of it, they only laughed at them.

            Captain Cook

            Yeah you got some producing fields..but when the elites arrive…it won’t be in sovereign New Zealand control…get a ten speed.

      9. 295k jobs added and the stock market is going down because they are concerned with interest rate hike by the fed no that complete control of our govt

        • FED Futures spiked…only indicating a 25 basis point raise in 4 months from now. Just imagine when they go up 2% to get only HALF way to normalization. It’s just all going to implode sooner than later. Remember, watch the bond market -whether you have $ in markets or not…that’s your clue to the always elusive timing. Forks up!

      10. I feel much better knowing the super rich will be safe and living it up on their islands and hideaways.
        Guess they think they can restart the world? What a world that would be with nothing but billionaires to create it.

      11. It’s ALL down to the ZOG, the Rothschild monsters and the jewboys and their world dominance agenda… ZOG . ZOG. ZOG. Dam the money luvin jewboy… Blast, they’ve made me go and piss my bloomers again. “””DAM ZOG”””

        • Gramps: “Why are these bloomers all wet and stank?”

          Granny: “ZOG!”

          Gramps: “Again? I shoulda known. You got too much ZOG on the brain.”

      12. Not my lord so what ever. Can’t stand Brits like this guy probably drinks tea with his pinky extended. Definetly a better person than me. Especially when lord is your title. More like lord far quad hahaha. Roths child. This guy thinks his shit don’t smell. He considers himself to be god like. Fuckin whack job when he goes before the throne of god he will answer for this. When these elites are found dead hanging I know they did some shady deals.

      13. The menu of Canis Lupus has always been mutton. The argument over meal choice was distraction for you to revel in lifestyle while being force fed their lies. Their lies are proven and freedom has left the building. Yes, it has. What is the past tense of, to fleet? Flought? Yes, freedom has flought and no, they did nothing. Best not even mention them. We will bulldoze ancient ruins by created proxies and poke bears with golf clubs in search of that pariah state that best hides intent and rewrites history. While we frenzy in thievery, careful of those gallows there, everyone will stoop in servitude. And the embrace of the shield will cover all, like the radiation cloud of which we foment. We will have it, all of nothing.

        • Grandpa..if you want to stoop in servitude…heres the FEMA number 1-800 IAM-DONE.
          We maybe incrementalized…but we will STAND OUR GROUND!

          Live Free or Die…Parker’s Militia

          • I take license to paraphrase them in order to warn. I yield to no one, except grandma. I am sorry you misunderstood. To not be clear and to speak in metaphor is a true sign of the state of free speech. I write in order to argue with Nanny State, not you. It is a tactic not a code. Glad you noticed. Glad you’re there.

            • Thats some real deep stuff there Gramps .
              Makes my brain hurt…

      14. I have zero confidence in the economic system what a joke. Hoarding and hiding $ I’m broke just like everyone else. I drive junk bombs I could be in a caddy but I don’t want to look well off don’t wear suits either don’t want to look influential. Hoard $ and cry poverty that’s how ya do it son. People say your cheap no I’m not I’m broke. I find acting like a big shot puts you out there. I don’t need folks to think I’m special with job titles and all the shit stupid folks envy. Who cares what the hell social order they are in these fucknuts don’t pay my bills. The world is concerned with prestige titles $. This is a losing battle just be happy if your not in debt and have a few bucks put away your doing well. My wife says oh I didn’t know so and so has a BMW I said honey don’t envy her for that I can go and finance one too.

        • That’s what I think every time I see someone driving a shiny Mercedes, which is daily around here. When TSHTF, those pathetic snobs with their Mercedes and iPhones will have more to loose than me, and it will hit them much harder than me. They will probably sell their daughters then kill themselves when that isn’t enough. I’ll survive, they won’t. And I won’t shed one tear.

      15. “ATTENTION” You’re a bunch of Grumblers & Faultfinders. Maaaaaan you lot need to take stock of things pronto. You’re blessed beyond most other peoples dreams but still sit there on your fat lardy ass bellyaching day after day about your “first world” problems! y’all need to count your blessings one by every blessed one. Just a reminder for y’all. Peace.

        • Be glad for everyday that God giveth. Rejoice!

          • +1

      16. Yeah but the government just said 295,000 jobs were created and the unemployed rate has fallen to 5.5%.

      17. ROTHSCHILD; the TRILLIONAIRE leech. I truly detest these bastards; for what they have done to this country as a society and nation. When he’s standing in front of the Almighty on Judgement Day; NO amount of money will buy him and his minions a pass.

        • Lord Jacob Rothschild is worth about 5 billion, he doesn’t even come close to making the top 100 and there are somewhere around 1200 to 1300 billionaires in the world at the last count I’m aware of. Someone with a worth of only 5 billion is not particularly influential as far as billionaire rank of influence goes.

          The total of all billionaires combined is only about 4 to 5 trillion, a small fraction of the debt the United States alone is obligated for (think about that for a while).

          FWIW, there are no trillionaires, richest man in the world is currently Bill Gates with 86 billion and that’s a very long way from a trillion.

          Research before you post, it is easy with the internet, and you’ll have more credibility when you do.

        • A very good video. I guess that makes me a hater too.

      18. Oh please, he’s one of the NWO banksters, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

        • Thumbs up to you!

        • And if he wasn’t he would have already shot himself in the head 4 times and then jumped off a cliff while stabbing himself in the heart several times while texting alex jones.

      19. Lord “an appellation for a person or deity who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler” Rothschild

        The Vampires of the City of London come up with this courtesy “blue blood” title so their subjects will do as they are commanded.

        Still think Zionist are the Chosen Ones?

      20. WOW dude. Do you really believe in blood suckin’ vamps?

      21. Someone left a rope with noose at the end of it– just by this pole where people stand and wait…

        I put a little sign by it, saying, “for the banksters and the elites… tie to a tall tree”.

      22. Lord who?

        I don’t believe when elites say good things, so why should I believe when they say bad?

        What ever spews forth from their mouths should be considered lies.

      23. His Lordship will discover that his modern forms of wealth are no longer meaningful or powerful. His Lordship will have been equated to the rest of us (who will be equated with His Lordship, but only IF we dump our modern expectations and re-grasp the reality of the Dark Ages that has never actually gone away). He will have to revert to that shield depicted on his coat of arms, and wield it and his morningstar, protected as best he can be in his mantled coat of mail–just like the rest of us must, if we wake up and realize that’s the world of “SHTF”.

      24. Doesn’t New Zealand still have head hunters?

      25. If Lord Rothschild is publicly warning that his global financial system is about to screw everyone on the planet, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT IT IS ALREADY WAY TOO LATE TO DO A THING ABOUT IT TO SAVE YOURSELF!

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