Look Out Below: Home Sales Plunge: “Biggest Drop in 40 Months”

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    Last week the Sacramento Bee published a report indicating the foreclosure rates had returned to “normal” levels and that the, “foreclosure crisis that overwhelmed the greater Sacramento area for the past seven years has ended.” The Sacramento, California area was one of the hardest hit by the recession and foreclosures, with average home price declines reaching 50% in some areas.

    If foreclosure rates were dropping, suggested analysts, it means that home sales must be rising again.

    Except they didn’t.

    According to a report from the National Association of Realtors home sales plunged significantly in the month of September. So much so that it is the single largest drop in signed home sales in 40 months.

    The National Association of Realtors said Monday that its seasonally adjusted pending home sales index dropped 5.6 percent last month from August to a reading of 101.6. That also pushed the index below its year-ago level, the first time that’s happened in nearly 2 ½ years.

    There is generally a one- to two-month lag between a signed contract and a completed sale. The drop suggests final sales will decline in the coming months.

    Via Sac Bee

    The pending home sales data collapsed in September (and remember this is before the shutdown and was heralded at the time as buyers rushing to buy before the risk of the shutdown slowed acceptances). Affordability, argued by some serial extrapolators as still being ‘relatively’ positive – has drastically weighed on housing at the margin just as we argued previously. This is the first annual drop in 29 months, the biggest drop in 40 months, and the biggest miss against expectations in 40 months.

    Via Zero Hedge

    There are a variety of factors that may be at play here. Officially, the NAR reports that the drop in sales is a result of higher mortgage rates and the government shutdown.

    Of course, the shutdown didn’t happened until the month after the drop, so there’s that.

    Rising mortgage rates certainly play a role, and those rates only declined to begin with because of massive Fed monetary intervention.

    In fact, the Federal Reserve has made so much money available, that many economists believe the debt party is back.

    We are very closely approaching 2007 levels of personal and business debt. Likewise, we’re reaching new highs on stock market exchanges and home prices seemed to be recovering to boot.

    But the real question is… how can we possibly be in a recovery when millions of Americans remain unemployed and underpaid?

    How is it possible that home prices were rising and sales increasing while a record 107 million Americans received government distributions?

    How can we be out of a recession when nearly 50 million Americans – fully 23 million households, or about 20% – are dependent on food stamps?

    The answer is simple.

    The entire economy is now a complete sham.

    The CPI economic growth index indicates our economy is growing at a rate of about 2.5%. Simultaneously, however, the official rate of inflation is 2.5% (nearly 6% if we look at the real numbers). What this means is that not only is the economy not growing, we are actually in a growth decline of at least 3%.

    By economists’ definition, a recession is a period of time in which we experience negative economic growth for two quarters. Given we’ve seen a real decline in economic growth for at least the last five years, does anyone still believe we’re out of the recession?

    Or is it possible that we are in a greater depression that continues to chip away at Americans’ wealth?

    When experts say we’re out of the recession because the economy is growing, it’s important to understand that the purported “growth” is simply inflation making it’s way into the system.

    It’s the very same reason for why stock markets have once again reached record highs (none of these company’s earnings justify their outrageous stock prices!), and why home prices didn’t continue to collapse.

    They injected the system, literally, with trillions of dollars to keep prices afloat and avoid a deflationary depression.

    The consequence, however, will be continued inflation – likely hyperinflation – in years to come.

    The only other option is to scale back the Fed’s monetary expansion – in which case we see a complete collapse in prices.

    The bottom line is that all roads to true recovery will be extremely painful.


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      1. Nobody has any money to buy houses. We rented an RV last year and stayed in Myrtle Beach so we could take our dogs with us. The people who stay there through the winter were very nice folks and they generally travel the country. One couple we met told us how badly the rest of the US is doing and she had an interesting theory. It was basically that more people will turn to RV’s because they are cheaper and can be moved provided that you could pay for the gas. Well, I gotta agree with her. And I’ve noticed that RV sales are up.

        • With my credit rating, my banker told me maybe I
          should be looking into a mortgage on a piano box.

          • Sid, thanks for the smile and laugh!

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • DO NOT let your self worth be affected by a number (credit rating) that a computer assigns to you. It is all part of the banking systems control mechanism to keep you a beat down financial slave to THEIR system.

            Be like me and MANY other Americans that are CHECKING OUT of THEIR system. I couldn’t give a rats ass what my credit rating is because I am disciplined enough to live outside the corrupt banking system and never need their credit.

            DO NOT USE THEIR SYSTEM. Revolution comes through non-compliance.

        • “How can we be out of a recession when nearly 50 million Americans – fully 23 million households, or about 20% – are dependent on food stamps?

          The entire economy is now a complete sham.”

          …and there is your answer as Gerald Celente likes to say. “It’s bullshit, that’s right I said bullshit”

          • Easy; THEY don’t say YOU are out, THEY say: WE are out.

        • “How can we be out of a recession when nearly 50 million Americans – fully 23 million households, or about 20% – are dependent on food stamps?

          The entire economy is now a complete sham.”

          …and there is your answer as Gerald Celente likes to say. “It’s bullshit, that’s right I said bullshit”

          • We have more food stamp recipients, than full time people working in America. Cloward & Piven everyone.

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive


        • Along those lines,,,
          Check out
          Now this is were i want to go with a house, smaller and on wheels, make two of them, one a house, and one a hobby shop on wheels

          • I can’t make this website work. I just get a blank page with a box that says “Download printable catalogue.” I click on it and nothing happens. Same with the menu at the top. Every one I click on doesn’t work. I disabled my popup blocker and allowed cookies, but still no luck

          • No fireplace?

        • We live near the Great Smokies, and I told my hubby as we watched all the RVs rolling in for tourist season, that that would be the new American Home, because we couldn’t afford anything else. He scoffed at the idea, but I think I’m onto something. Bears and coyotes generally can’t get to you in an RV the way they can in a tent…..

        • How do you comment on this website? I have tried a number of times and been unsuccessful. I am sorry that I am not a nut case but would still LIKE TO be able to comment. “Would the Mac dude please inform me?

          • skeptic , i took me a couple years to figure out that if i entered an email address my posts would go right up instead of being “moderated” for four hours.
            hope it helps.

        • I have seen more than one of my associates that own large homes with large mortgages buying LARGE RV’s.

          I’m convinced they are preparing for the probability of losing their homes and looking for a cheap plan B, although they won’t admit it.

      2. Recovery from what. What are we truly recovering from. Someone please explain to me what we really want to go back to? I.E. recover from.

        • Since 2008 I’ve gone from middle class to working poor to unemployed. I’d like to get back to middle class.

          • I truly hate to seem somewhat stupid but could you please explain what the MIDDLE CLASS is supposed to be or represent. Maybe when the system had you in that class or group called the middle class, maybe just maybe you were still in the group called the working poor that you claim to be in now. I think its all a scam. Its always been the rich or poor. The middle class was just duped into thinking they had a better life then the so called poor when in reality they were always one or to steps away from that class or group of people. Just sayin.

            • I gotta agree wth whit bread & baloney. Most who thought they where middle class never where. they where simply deeper in debt than they ever dreamed was humanly possible. They bought a $500,000 house when all they really could afford was a $50,000 debt. Those who supposevily lost their homes and other possessions. Never lost anything. It wasn’t theirs. When you purchase on credit until you make the very last payment it isn’t yours your nothing but a glorified renter. you took a big gamble and lost. Why is it someone elses responsibility to provide a workplace and you a job just so you can maintain a certain or desired lifestyle. The fact is unless you work for the parasitic government. If your employer is a producer they must make a profit from whatever work you perform .

              • What annoys me is average looking houses with price tags above $200,000,
                and better than average homes over $400,000.

                By the modern economy, my parents small home would now be
                considered worth more than $600,000 ?
                But way back when they bought it, they could afford it on
                one wage earner – high school graduate, no degree, and still
                raise a bunch of kids comfortably.

                People should stop buying homes & boycott real estate.

                RVs on a parking lot – with no monthly payment – is a great idea.

                Put tons of cash in your own retirement account & stop giving
                bankers $200,000 of interest payments for 30 years!

          • HERE’S HOW TO DIG OUT.
            Step #1. Get a credit card… now read on.
            Step #2. Get an Amazon.com account.
            Step #3. Pick an occupation. Computers, Welding, small engine repair…a trade helps.
            Step #4. Buy all the used books you can. Forget about the interest..this assumes you don’t have the cash.
            Step #5. Cancel your TV, and Cel phone. That’s where you will get the funds to pay off the books.
            Step #6…the hard part. Now with no cell phone or TV…you will have more time to pore through the books.

            Read day and night.

            Then go offer to volunteer at a business or non profit. This will get you experience.

            In time you will have a trade/profession or craft.

            You are not done.

            After work..sleep one or two hours.
            When you wake up…read for two hours a day the rest of your life and never stop.

            I’m off to take my post work nap..then read my two hours.

            I’m in IT…self taught and I rock the place.

            Any questions?

            Today…employers don’t care about degrees…everyone has one.
            They want to hear what you can do for them.
            I run circles around all these MBA types and they don’t know shit.

            Self education, self responsibility, self aware, self preservation.

            Do you think the pioneer out on the plains were waiting for a hand out.
            They were sharpening axes, crafting deer bows, chopping firewood.

            Just think differently.

            This is the age of self-reliance.

            Man up.
            You are responsible for your own balls.
            See how big you can get them!

            Good luck.

            ps. At the end of the honest man’s life…he looked back on a life of honest hard work
            and he died a happy man. The rick playboy who never was forged in the fire of the real world felt like a little boy…who was never allowed to fall from a tree he aspired to climb.


            • AWWW. The bloated,me,myself and I of the so called middle class of the U.S. with there mostly over paid paychecks while they do little is finished. Your right END OF THE MIDDLE CLASS. Its time for those folks to start reading the mauals and get a real job. The day of oweing for everything and not owning nothing are over. A true reality check for millions. I think the middle class has held there noses in the to long. Now its there turn to live like the so called trailer trash they so long despised for so long. What comes around goes around,I Guess.

              • Good one. Yeah, everyone used to laugh at trailer red necks. When the dust settles…they will be the survivors.. Well water, wood for heat, deer and game for meat
                and their kids know guns and can gun down any gang bangers that venture into the country if the shtf hits.

                A country boy can survive.

                I’m surviving in corporate America.
                Some wins, a few setbacks.
                You start to learn who has your back and who is out to fuck you.
                You also learn who are pleasant and nice but snakes behind your back.
                These fuck…you give the silent treatment to….you keep the in the dark
                and guessing.

        • Yeah, you cannot print up $85 billion per month, run a $2 trillion deficit, and call that growth. That is not real GDP, it’s completely artificial. And the longer they keep doing it the worse the eventual crash is going to be. Basically, every govt number, GDP, CPI, whatever, they’re all a complete sham. But what should we expect given that every aspect our country’s govt are being run by con men hiding behind a fascist beurocracy that calls itself a democracy. Sadly, far too many people are stupified by their iPhones and Doritoes to even see what’s happening. Even when you try to explain it to them they really don’t care, there’s another text or tweet coming in.

      3. “How is it possible that home prices were rising and sales increasing while a record 107 million Americans received government distributions?” —Well, that’s an easy question if you even remotely believe the stats. It isn’t the common people who are buying property— it’s the banksters and the elite, snapping up as much real estate as they can get…probably for Agenda 21 purposes.

        THE PEOPLE still can’t afford anything.

        • sixpack , they cant afford homes and if they could , the bamks arent really lending. i sent three separate families to the bank(s) with my bid to build for them , NO ONE got a loan . credit and downpayment were not the problem .And yup , I believe Agenda21 does play a role here , in these parts residential construction is way up.
          But the homes are multi family or condo units.
          Go figure !

          • You should see how fast and hard they are taking property away from the elderly…just about as fast as they can find an excuse to throw them out of their homes and into nursing homes.

            Apparently, the quickest way to end up in a nursing home, broke, is to not have any living heirs. Once they get you on social security, your home and everything in it is as good as gone.

            In 2011, I watched helplessly, as they took everything in a 1929 historical home and sold it off for $2000. Beautiful antique furniture, tools and bric-a-brac, all gone for pennies of their value.

            The kicker is, the property was sold to a local cop for about half of it’s market value.

            No one ever hears about this sort of thing.

        • My house isn’t dropping; it’s slowly settling under the weight of all the junk I have.

          • LOL! I finally moved my lead supply to the cellar. That much concentrated weight on the floor joists was beginning to worry me.

        • There was another report, gotta find it, said that the majority of sales were cash deals, that means either wealthy people buying, or huge funds buying, sure, some are average folks who are able to make good moves, but the data suggested the majority were huge funds buying up blocks of homes, and that they are competing for the available homes, hence the increase in prices.

          • Or, Kula, those leaving liberal California, selling houses there, and surely coming to Kentucky and paying cash.

          • KULA – your dead on , cash buyers .
            Here in mich , most of the existing home sales and major renovation jobs are cash.
            I see a trend, stick yer money in hard assets like realestate , you can accually stand on it !
            If only i had money……….

        • Right, people can’t afford a house, but all the happy-talk from the realtors has caused sellers to keep their prices at “bubble” levels. They’ll be saw-rreee.

        • …..don’t forget foreigners

        • yup
          people been crying WOLF for a long time now and i think we are actually getting close for the complete take over by the NWO, it is gonna be a rocky road,I hope we win this war!

        • sixpack,
          I agree. My contacts in real estate tell me most sales are going to investors. Very few “regular” folks are able to get mortgages. There’s a lot of foreign money coming into the system too.

        • I don’t know what everyone is talking about. They have built 8-10 homes in my neiborhood this year and most sale before the construction is even finished. They are in the 130-160k range.

      4. But the free market is too scvary….Oooohhhhhh. Happy Halloween.

        • Scary, that is. But if you look close, they are beginning to self destruct all by themselves.

      5. Equity? What’s that? As home prices plummet and taxes unfairly increase, you can kiss your equity goodbye. Again…all by design. Look for an attack by Israel in the next 1-2 weeks and WWIII not far behind it.

        The U.S. is desperate to save the Petro dollar and the BRICS countries, China, Russia, Iran (even Saudi Arabia) are not going to have it. As Samuel L. Jackson stated in Jurassic Park- “Hold on to your butts”.

      6. Depression? Yes, for sure. Too many takers and not enough producers.

        Our current civilization exists only through excess production. When early farmers found out it only took 9 farmers to provide food(excess) for 10 people, that was the beginning of “modern” civilization.
        The non producer could concentrate on warrior, priest, moneychanger, whatever.
        When fossil fuels were discovered, the ratio changed. It may now have only taken one food producer to allow a hundred non producers.

        Cheap energy is gone and things are going to revert back to the original ratio. Many will die.

        The depression of the 30s was a deflationary depression. People lost their jobs because more and more oil was replacing them in agriculture. Busy work had to be created to provide jobs…CCC corps, TVA, etc.

        Current times are going in the opposite direction. Cheap fossil fuels are scarce. More people will need to revert back to growing their own food and the paper pushers will need to adapt or starve.

        Most are clueless to this fact. 99% of Americans can’t even find Ben Bernanke on a map.

        • “99% of Americans can’t even find Ben Bernanke on a map”


          Is that like “Rocket Surgery”?

          • Calling, Yogi Berra.

          • It was a joke!

        • Michael Ruppert would agree with you. The world’s population with the introduction of cheap oil.

        • The difference with the CCC, TVA and WPA is that you had to work to get a gubmint check. Not so now.

          The reason they required one to work was studies initiated (under Harry Hopkins if memory serves) in 1933 resulted in a shift to depression and violence for those on “relief”. Work instilled confidence and self-esteem.

          Lets insure we don’t learn from history.

          • The idea of getting young men into CCC was to get them out of the cities where they were causing trouble. Or so my grandmother said to me once.

      7. The last group I would lend ANY creditability to is the National Association of Realtors.
        The ONLY thing they are ever concerned with is their 6% commissions out of your equity. Excuse me, GROSS. If sales drop so does their commissions. They have to ramp up sales and gin up a market. If they were really interested in hotting up the market, drop your friggen cut to 2%. That’d do it.
        These people are a bunch of rabid ferrets with tits and a leased Mercedes.

        • You don’t understand the NAR. Their only excuse for existence is to lie. They lie, therefore they are.

        • Yupper! And that’s coming from me, with friends in that business. Posters of Skittle-shittin’ unicorns are all over their bedroom walls.

        • One thing that might help home buyers is sell your house and lower the appraisal.
          Let the home buyer have that cut instead of the realtor—less taxes paid to the corrupt govt.??
          I plan on doing that when dear one dies.
          I can not pay for this house nor do I want to clean and upkeep it.
          It’ll go cheap if the nation lasts that long.

          • I mean lower the asking price according to the appraisal..:-)

      8. Off topic a bit but I don’t think they care about a recovery.

        Looking at what is going on:

        1. Riot training with military
        2. police armed with MRAPs
        3. Grid Down exercise mid-nov along with several other exercises all about large scale civil and economic unrest.
        4. Russians hardening subway system as shelters
        5. Chinese doing the same as Russians
        6. Ammo being stored
        7. Food being stored in FEMA regions
        8. Refugee camps being built

        the list goes on.

        Folks, I think they are genuinely concerned about comet ISON. Not an impact by the comet itself but:

        1. Its interaction with the Sun is already producing flares, including some weak X-Class in the last few days.

        2. The debris trail from the comet will intersect earth’s orbit from roughly mid-december through mid-january.

        If we pass directly through the debris trail we could take a pretty good pounding from meteorites ala the recent Russian meteor but potentially hundreds or thousands of them.

        Not an end of the world event per se, but we could see some serious damage from either flares or debris and almost certainly a grid down scenario.

        ISON will reach Perihelion around mid-november and if it survives the Sun’s gravity, then things will get very, very interesting for us.

        Check out BPEarthwatch on Youtube for good nightly updates on the comet’s trajectory and interaction with the Sun.

        Interesting timing on the Nat Geo Blackout show as well. All bets are off after mid-november – mid-january.

        Stay frosty.

        • You’re spelling that wrong, it’s IRAN not ISON.

        • The other part of that equasion is that there are really only assumptions about what effect the comets interaction with the sun will be, based on theory and mathematical propability,
          Truth is for all we know it could slingshot around the sun and wack us straight on!
          Who knows

          • Or it could be a big nothing like the “comet of the century,” Kohoutek in 1973. At its closest, it was just a hard-to-find smudge in a 24″ telescope. I wasted my time getting up at 4AM to go see it. Even Halley’s Comet in 1986 was a bust. Now Hale-Bopp was a pretty good show. I won’t believe Ison will even be visible here until I see it myself.

        • That comet hasn’t enough mass to affect anything like that by a factor of a million. Get a grip!

      9. Renter Nation.Not that we were owner nation,One never completly outright owns.Over priced pure garbage that is nothing more than a ball and chain with tax implications by states and counties.

      10. “Just a flesh wound.”

        • “You’re loony.”

          • To the red-thumbers; these were both quotes from the same movie. Notice the quotation marks.

          • Nice Monty Python reference!!!

      11. This article has single-handedly forced me to break into my stockpile of Advil.

      12. The foreclosure rates are skewed because there is a gov’t program that will pay your payment/ins/taxes for up to 36 months if you have lost your job and qualify (very little criteria). The rate would be way higher and true if we were not making no telling how many people’s house payments every month. I know this for a fact as a close relative is living in a McMansion in a very nice neighborhood and their $1200 payment is being made every month. They have to recertify every 90 days – six months showing they are still living there and that they don’t have any more income coming in. When they first got in this program, a $8000 lump sum arrears payment was made and their insurance & taxes were paid up ahead to get everything up to date or ahead. Their mortgage company was who told them about it, therefore it got the account off of the past due foreclosure list at the bank, saving the house from the statistics of foreclosure. How many others across the USSA are there being paid by taxpayers? If this program were not in play, I’m sure the foreclosure rate would skyrocket, but by camouflaging the debt that can’t be paid, the administration looks better. How many other programs are there out there that are accomplishing the same goal? The house of cards has GOT to come down at some point…there are just not enough of us working to continue to keep this charade up! Government housing no longer just means Section 8, it includes some pretty dang nice houses! FORWARD!!!! YES WE CAN!!!!

        • On top of that, hundreds of thousands of people who have simply stopped paying their mortgages are living in their houses rent-free because the banks would take a hit to their bottom lines of they did foreclose. They are carrying these houses on their books at bubble-peak valuation, and if they foreclose, they have to recognize the real valuation, which is a 20% to 50% loss to their notional “assets”. This is far worse than it seems, because they have loaned out 70 to 100 times the value of their “assets”, (instead of 5x like it used to be). If their asset base goes down, they have to stop lending until their leverage ratio gets rebalanced. Banks only make money by lending at interest, you know. The SEC won’t say “boo” about this, either.

      13. Yet more reinforcement to the thought that the collapse will be economic in nature. This country’s hurting, folks.

      14. So last night I ordered the “Just Water” pressurized filtration system from Monolithic. If you don’t have a decent water plan in place, look this up. Including shipping, it is only $77.08. It will filter 60 gal. of water/day for a minimum of 8 months or much longer if you clean the filter intermittently. I plan on bartering clean water as long as I can.
        There’s a good review of the system at alloutdoor.com

        • Cool, thanks!

        • @SilverSax, just looked up the info on the “Just Water” system & read the review. I went ahead & ordered one as well, thanks for the info !

      15. Will somebody post the amerikan blackout thing on youtube?

        • Eisen, if you start being a good boy maybe someone will take you to the zoo.

          • I think you mis-spoke, bh. He already lives in a zoo.

      16. The whole damn thing has been held up by Gov. You could see it ws going to crash for a while now. If the Gov. keeps printing money the dollar will only be worth 10 cents.
        The whole damn thing is crashing. Be prepared!!!

        • Hey Sgt, since the Fed was formed in 1913 the dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power… That makes it worth .04… You’re being overly generous with the .10 mark.

      17. Just broke ground today on new 2,900sf 3 bedroom dream home….

        Looking forward to moving in spring, and not worried about selling the current property.

        Mortgage rates are cheap, my local banker bud is going to carry me in house for 10 years at 3.2%…..Might as well go big or go home, right?

        Stop all the woe is me crap, life is good for a lot of hard working, educated folks!!

        Quit complaining and join us!!

        Life is good for me…..

        I am Happy, happy, happy!!!

        • BBJF

          2900sq. ft. Think you and your company will have me over for drinks and dinner.

          See you in the trenches.

          • BBJF.

            You better hope it don’t go south.

            I hear the sounds of, “Dualing Banjo’s”.

            We love hard working, edumacated folk.

            • they got such purteh mouths!

        • BBJF, are you one of the Obama supporters?

        • BBJF, it’s great that things are going well for you. Things are good for lots of folks.
          But I resent your implications that we’re just spouting “woe is me crap”, and that we’re complaining.
          Folks here are harder-working than most (probably including you), because we’re laying up for the future as well as the present. Nobody’s complaining or feeling sorry for himself.
          Why don’t you join us and secure your family’s future?

        • YEA!! Now theres more room for more PREPS. right??

        • Woe is me…

          The coal mine canary is dead

          The pigs are airborne

          Hell is a sheet of ice

          The fat lady choir is ready for the matinee and we all got front row seats.

          Can you let me hold a dollar for popcorn?

          • Dollar popcorn… man I haven t seen dollar popcorn for YEARS!

        • 2,900sf and it’s only 3 bedrooms? You should have gone for 4 or 5…so you can house some relatives when THEY lose their homes!!

        • ALL trolls are dead – when this war starts, punk.

        • I don’t think you know the purchasing power of the people you are crowing to. Your house could be our quarters. Not bragging, just conversing.

      18. Actually the market seems to be strong in some places. Right now west coast of florida is seeing a surge in retirees looking for homes. Gated communities are hot and a home wont be on the marked for more than a month.

        • Chir.

          Closet Yankee’s. They should move further south, like South America.

        • It’s plenty strong around Washington DC ! ! !

      19. Bare in mind- you CANNOT believe a damn thing the NAR says, ever since it was revealed that they LIED about home sales numbers for YEARS leading up to, and after the sub-prime crash. If their numbers are good- you know the real numbers are much worse. If their numbers are bad…you know their numbers are much worse. Essentially, the NAR are nothing but cheerleaders for the housing segment. You think they’re gonna tell you the truth?

        • Buy now or be priced out forever!Then,when that fell apart they did another like campaign with commercial real estate!

          • yeah….and apparently there are still plenty lining up for their kool-aid.

          • But pay cash ! I did, and I ain’t a bit sorry, even though I have next to nothing in $avings, except my preps. Nothing but the property taxes (very low due to ag exemption) and the volunteer fire dept dues to pay. Life is good.

      20. I love it,”The entire economy is a complete sham!”.Folks do still work and benefit but do agree this train wreck has been coming for decades brought about by the 2 party system and their masters,and yes,a apathetic citizenry.Side ?,has anyone used a Mylar blanket in emergency situation and are they worthwhile to have in home/car ect.?I ordered a pack of 10 and will spread em out in different bags but have never personally used one(Perhaps that is a good thing!).

        • I have used one, they work. I do recommend, though, putting a good winter coat, hat, gloves, socks, and boots in a box and keeping it in your car, along with a shovel, chains, maybe a little sand.

          • …an 870 w/100 rounds of #4 buck and your favorite handgun with a minimum 0f 200 rounds jhp.

            You will be warmer if you feel safer.

        • I just saw the new Forever stamp. It says Obamacare and has an old picture of a train wreck. It’s making the email rounds now.

      21. Teach a man to fish…..

        This is where we are:


        Gimme, gimme, gimme…..I wan’t more…Work???

        Sorry I lost my compassion a long time ago…

        Stay thirsty my friends!

        • Teach a man to fish and he dies of mercury poisoning!

          • @war, and of cancer from the fukishima nuclear attack on the reactors and the massive radioactive spill whcih spreads all over the Pacific.

      22. Keep Prepping folks. It is never too late to start. I’ve heard some say it is. No. Whatever you put away now, you are ahead of those that don’t. I didn’t have a big producing garden this year (a terrible year for tomatoes), yet I found a way to can for the winter. Aisle 2 at the local grocery. They had various beans and vegetable cans for 40 cents each. I spent $100 = 250 cans! Whee, this canning stuff is easy. LOL

        • A Mogambo Guru fan?!

          • Cwin a Junior Mogambo Ranger.
            I am still trying for a badge.

        • Excellent caning job!

        • Thats pretty funny,
          A couple weeks ago safeway had a sale on pasta and classico sauce, so did like you and got a couple cases of “canned” tomato sauce and pasta! Thats as close to canning tomatoes as i will ever get, cant grow em worth a damn here.

          • bummer on the tomatoes…they were better than normal for me this year…I made spaght sauce again today.

            I still have 80-100 lb in the garage ripening and beans soaking for a staged pot of sliced tomatoes, fresh garlic, and homegrown onions to end up as chili.

            It was cold with a strong wind out of the north here in the Rockies today…made my wife a big pot of soup for dinner. Scallop pieces, homegrown carrots, parsnip, leeks, cauliflower, peas and homemade noodles.

            Thank God I split wood yesterday, enjoyed the benefits of it while cooking today.

            Eating well has always been important to us.

            food, water, shelter and a truckload of g & a…

            uh oh, it’s my honey callin that she’s on the way home, got to add the noodles!

            Kula and all, “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      23. I see a few houses being purchased by “flippers” and fixed up a bit and resold. If not for this a lot less houses would not be sold. It does put some carpenters and other tradesmen to work, but what happens when the buyers are non-existent?

        • but-but-but…”Life is GOOD”…

      24. For all the preppers out their,store up on aleve, a real headache is coming!!!

        • Generic naproxin sodium at Sam’s is a lot cheaper.

          • Naproxin has been proven to be less harsh on your stomach and liver than Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Acetaminophen.
            I buy only Naproxin for my stock now.

      25. Alternative Housing. Living under a bridge or tent.
        Alternative Dining. Garbage Bin al a cart.
        Alternative Transportation. Local Bus.
        Alternative Entertainment. Radio Shack.
        Alternative Vacation. Living with your parents.

        Life is Good.

      26. Obamashock: 16 million Americans could lose their health plan because of Obamacare

        New reports show problems are much, much worse than just a broken website…

        CBS: ObamaCare Resulting in Dropped Coverage and Higher Premiums
        One Florida woman’s health insurance rate jumped from $54 a month to $591…

        • What bothers me about Kentucky Kyenroll; the premium amount and federal govt. tax credits are given with just three bits of info..
          the applicant age, the number in household, and your gross household income.
          Say what???

          I don’t go further because:
          1) I don’t give a chit
          2) I am 63
          3) this program is dead before a year into the program
          4) they are not getting any info from me
          5) I learned the following

          ACA was not ready to launch, but it was pushed to generate huge profits for health insurance companies as the government is getting a share of the added revenue in the form of taxes from the insurance companies charging massive premiums –about 200 billion a year in tax revenue that was the lure to get other lenders to buy more treasury bonds.
          It didn’t work because no one is signing up for ACA.
          Canada got the software contract @ 88 million 3 years ago. Most of the work was shopped out to India. Last minute changes in the basic architecture of the system was to get people to go through the enrollment giving the name and banking information before seeing the costs/options offered. It was a trap contrary to marketing ethics. When you opted out, you were emailed that a huge fine would be assessed if you didn’t go back in and choose an insurance plan.
          This was a pork barrel project from day one that could have been designed for $5 million. Last estimate of the ACA implementation cost was 600 million with another 100 million to make it successful.
          This is simply a ‘cash grab’ to try and generate immediate new tax revenues to lure lenders to prop up the govt. which is in a free fall economic collapse as we speak and it is failing –notice the return to global warming schemes lately??

      27. Hate to say this, but seen this coming for years. Minority family in town applied for subsidized low income house. They were both working, he a sheriff deputy, her a health care worker. They were informed they made too much money but if she quit her job they would qualify. They were also told that afterward she could go back to work. They got the taxpayer subsidized loan. How in the hell can this all work out well. This economy is being rigged to take from the producers and give to those who have never hit a lick in their lives. Same thing with health care. Strip all the producers of their health care to put the non producers and illegals on taxpayer funded health care.
        What the hell–worked in the health care industry for many years and the porch-monkeys demanded the best care and service provided by–guess who–YOU. This is not going to end well.

      28. Been in the building trade almost all my life. Self employed the last 27, it’s dead…… It’s dead I tell ya!!!

        • I live in a good neighborhood, the only construction I’ve seen for 5 years other than the work I’ve done on my own home has been a few new driveways, several roofs, and exactly one major remodel/addition, and one owner converted his garage to a rec room. Should see more than that.

          Perhaps two houses under construction within 5 miles, that’s with 15,000 people living here.

          • Here is northern Wyoming, there is no construction going on. There are several vacant lots near me and also several vacant houses that have been vacant ever since I moved here 5 years ago. Most of the houses that are for sale have been on the market for years. Not expensive houses either. One small house around the corner from me is listed for $45,000 and has been on the market for a couple of years. It is older and only one bedroom, but not in bad shape. Across the street from that is a 3-bedroom house listed for $70,000. It has been on the market for a year. And so on and so on.

        • A.M. You are so correct. May I even go further and say that everything that is of the old thinking is dead. We live on a planet of finite resources and we all want to have children like the planet has infinite resources.
          We do not need unskilled farmhands any longer, we do not need builders building Mcmansions any longer, we do not need people producing junk for people to spend endless hours walking around a mall buying things they do not need for people who are just going to throw them away or give them to Goodwill. What we DO need are scientist to figure out how to save us from the nuclear contamination from Power plants that were built without any thoughts of the future in mind.

        • Union Pension funds are tanking due to bad investmets with the pensioners money, wait til that one comes to roost

      29. We got lucky…living in my wifes grandma’s home…just property takes, it was converted to electric and gas a million years ago but still set up to turn it all off.

        • taxes

          • Tax, take, what’s the difference?

        • Good for you. The days where the kids sold off grandma’s house are gone. You can spend 10 years remodeling it to get an updated house for far less than buying a new one.

          When it’s time to renew the roof, hire a couple guys to take it off, then put down a 50-year roof tab over 60-lb. felt, it will last for a lot longer than that. New gutters then, too.

      30. Move to the country and do everything you can to own your home. Things will probably get worse in the winter. As far as the home market goes… it’s still a buyers market, yet only a few have any cash to take advantage of that fact.

        • Why own a home outright? The Gov will take it when they choose to for any reason. They will make something up and you don’t have enough money to fight them in court so they will exhaust you financially.

          Investing in America in anyway is like rolling the dice in Vegas, you may be heading for the exists sooner than you ever expected.

      31. Let’s take a look..

        No factory jobs….no factories.

        Currency devalued by almost half. Thanks George and Obummer.

        Aging boomers all on the take.


        I’ll stop there.


        GOOD LUCK.


          and guns and ammo. The new $$$$$.

      32. There is no bottom line, only a bottom with jagged rocks that the U.S. is heading with a large anvil attached. Eventually the debacle cannot be hidden any longer, the free fall is just becoming too apparent.

      33. This shit is rigged and the people who we think are in charge are not. Remember the powers will shoot us down and have a justifiable explanation for doing so. My solution is to build a net work of people who are aware of whats going down. You want to get contact numbers and meeting spots address of people who are really serious. The first thing that they will cut is your means of communication, build good communication now or forget it. We better learn to become leaders now good people that are not prepared will want to know what happen and you better have your shit together go educated these people before the wrong info gets to them.

        Just look how fuck the system is, we can already agree that some if not most politicians are scumbag, that are bought and will do anything to stay in office. Why the hell are we still listening to these people, why are we listening to the Fed, why are we listening to presidents
        why, why, why, it don’t make sense.

        I can’t be bothered with this foolishness. I have to get ready to lead people when things get nasty…….and I will point out those people who are at fault the people that are at fault right now, that we know are guilty of destroying this world and we do nothing to stop them.

      34. All housing costs and rents are grossly inflated. These prices need to go way down to reflect the reality of stagnant wages for decades. Everybody has to have their rising cut until nothing, even shelter is unaffordable.

      35. They may be planning to eat you all for dinner….. that is more than likely their real survival plan…..Watch out…. Your on their menu……………

      36. FYI – The nar [national association of real liars] has all the veracity and integrity as the fbi or cia or nsa. Lyin’ pigs.

      37. I’ll agree the economy sucks, but if hyperinflation (and the collapse of the dollar) is imminent, then it’s a great time to stock up on silver. Because when greenbacks start flooding back to the US as the BRICS nations unload their treasury bonds, silver and gold will EXPLODE in value.

      38. @MOD – Why was my comment deleted? It is 100% documented fact.

        • This comment ran multiple pages and seems to have been filtered automatically. Can you post just a short portion with a direct link to source? Thanks!

      39. it’s FICO and the new way of not only calculating a person’s credit score but how the credit rating is looked at. So some serious consequences for those that were not involved in the stupid housing crisis but only had a few things negative on their report are now paying significcantly. I make real good money and have a very high income to debt ratio, but still have a few small medical and student loan crap from the past. I have been working with a company for the last 15 months on paying everything off and getting things removed from my credit report and yet the score has not moved more than 25 points (low 500’s). And that is with a car loan and perfect payments since April 2012…….very frustrating when you have the job to afford land and a construction loan but can’t get your FICO score up 🙁

        • BJ your better off . Just start saving whatever amount it is that you can afford to make payments. Buy your land for cash. put a used house trailer on it. And the save up to build a home. The way I save money is cattle. I initially bought a few bred cull cows. saved the hefer calves and sold the bulls. after a year or so I sold the cows and kept the hefers. So I had young cows. Whenever I need a few thousand dollars I sell a few head. I would buy a old bull use him a few weeks and sell him again. Selling cattle is easy there is a ready market at local sale barns . The same thing could be done with goats & sheep.

          • Old Guy I have done the same thing with cattle> started with 25 and bred em with a bull that the neighbor wanted to sell then sold off some then repeated till i got to where i wanted. Now its sell off some cows and steers. right now the market is top shelf. as for houses and land prices, the houses sit on the market 3-4 years before selling, land is the same. the only exception is quality farm ground, that lasts about 6 months as its harder to find( quality is where its been worked, limed, the fence rows pushed back, leveled and or tiled to drain well) if any of these things have been done the sale is quick. on a lighter note it seems our resident geese are looking for the feed before vacating the area and the limit per gun is 25 per day. WOWEE theres nothing better than goose jerky. time to hang some decoys an tx rags to get em to stop by for a chat. wildman out

      40. Still waiting to pick up that 4 bd 3 bath 3300 sq foot rancher on 10 acres by the lake for 85k.

        Might not have to wait much longer.

      41. Here is the creature that’s been sucking the blood out of every hard working Americans since 1971….a must watch video and you will be very happy that you are informed!!!

      42. My 1000 sq ft shack is paid for. We paid cash when we bought it. I get a $300 homestead exemption on it and 2 acres. so I don’t pay real estate property tax. I do pay tax on my other land but it is a pittance. Tomatoes didn’t do very good this season. Im thinking a greenhouse attached to the south side of the house is necessary If We are ever going to be able to grow all of our own food. I don’t care what the housing market does or doesn’t do. When they made the credit worthiness of the buyer low on the list of criteria for obtaining a loan that’s when the prices became unrealistic.

      43. This site covers for zionists and censors Patriots. CYA. alex jones #2 = slavo.

        • Whatever ninaO. I thought we booted your sorry behind a long time ago. BTW don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

      44. Buy an RV, park it in the woods,
        deep in the woods and off the beaten path so you have privacy but near a lake or year around running stream, for water.
        Put up your solar panels for power, install your wood stove and your ready for about anything.
        Cut wood, hunt and grow a garden & enjoy life.
        prepare for what’s coming.
        It’s gonna be severe for those that don’t!

      45. Home contracts down 5% for the last month. Fourth month in a row for a decline. Part time workers can’t buy homes. Another real estate bubble is approaching. Can the banks absorb it?

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