Look At This Chart: 91.8 Million…That’s How Many People Are Not Working In America

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Headline News | 239 comments

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    This morning the Bureau of Labor and Statistics issued their latest non-farms payroll report.

    The good news is that the unemployment rate dropped from 7.0% to 6.7%, the lowest it’s been since 2008.

    The bad news is that this statistic is predicated on illusory machinations in how the government calculates the numbers.

    First, we’ll note that job creation itself collapsed to a three year low. Economists expected 197,000 jobs to be created, but the end result was only 74,000. Of course, they have a reason for why that happened:

    As a reason for the plunge the BLS says there was a major weather effect seen on the forced part-time series, and notes the decline in healthcare which is rare and part of the sector slowing. Thank you Obamacare.

    It’s the weather. Duh. Had it not been cold and snowing in winter time we’d have created way more jobs!

    Second, here is the single reason for how it’s possible that no jobs are being created but the official unemployment rate continues to decline.

    Curious why despite the huge miss in payrolls the unemployment rate tumbled from 7.0% to 6.7%?

    The reason is because in December the civilian labor force did what it usually does in the New Normal: it dropped from 155.3 million to 154.9 million, which means the labor participation rate just dropped to a fresh 35 year low, hitting levels not seen since 1978, at 62.8% down from 63.0%.



    Because more Americans are being dropped from the labor force or simply no longer counted (like when millions lose their unemployment benefits this year), there are fewer people in the available work force. Thus, even if not a single job is created, when several hundred thousand people are no longer counted as being unemployed the official unemployment rate actually drops.

    It’s what Al Gore might refer to as “fuzzy math.”

    The following chart pretty much says it all and highlights exactly how bad things really are.

    And the piece de resistance: Americans not in the labor force exploded higher by 535,000 to a new all time high 91.8 million.


    You can go on believing that unemployment is falling and that the policies implemented by the Obama administration and Congress have not had a negative impact on job growth.

    Or, you can accept the fact that the establishment is attempting to pull the wool over our eyes in an effort to convince us that everything is moving along swimmingly.

    The facts, however, are quite clear: Over 91.8 million working age Americans do not have jobs.

    That’s a  massive number considering our population is a little over 300 million.

    How, exactly, are Americans supposed to increase consumer spending, buy houses, and exit transitional living funds (a.k.a. welfare) when nearly one third of our population is out of work and no jobs are being created?

    As Zero Hedge notes, “the jobless, laborless recovery continues to steam on.”

    What’s scary is that this is going to get worse… much worse.


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      1. As bad as it is now; the article is right; it IS going to get worse in the coming years. The group I feel bad for is the 30 and under crowd. THAT generation of Americans are truly going to have it ROUGH.

        • Many in the under 30 group might not have had children yet. That 35 year old with two kids is in a worse position. Virtually all of us were broke at 35 but they’re staying broke forever.

          • Those in their thirties have to resist the temptation to spend money on “look at me!” things. Look at my new car. Look at my huge house! Look, I took my family on an expensive vacation!!! And I can’t afford any of it! How am I gonna pay my credit card off! Oh crap! I’m screwed!……..

            That’s all before any layoff comes along. Restraint is needed in all things.

            But what am I saying? That first paragraph might not happen anymore, what with the Obamacare premiums taking all the disposable income for the younger people.

            Never mind, post was a waste of time.



            • The National Debt Clock has real time figures for people in the workforce…


            • It doesnt matter in 30 years we wont have a dollar economy buy what you need now to survive a SHTF…

              • I’m in the under 30 group with 3 children. I fear that my children will be living with me and we’ll be living in a multi family living unit, because there aren’t any jobs that pay well enough to sustain living. I fear they won’t have a life to live because they’ll be living to survive as the nation slowly, and eventually, collapses.

                We need to get out of the Middle East and focus our resources internally: the electrical grid, our infrastructure, and tap into our own natural resources. We leave behind the hundreds upon hundreds of military bases that we have and restore our country and become competitive. At the pace we’re going, we’re the next USSR -> spending all money on military developments and nothing else.

        • What about the 50 and over crowd that can’t find work? More experienced workers being replaced by younger workers who can work for less because they live with their parents. Just sucks for everyone!

        • Here are two excellent interviews, that also go into the (ACTUAL) CONSPIRACY (NO THEORY), HERE

          1) Gov’t Insider, Says WORLD GOV’T PLANNED/COMING – A MUST LISTEN! Ian Wishart, author of TOTALITARIA, on Coast-to-Coast AM (11 December 2013)

          2) “Fleshing Out Skull and Bones” with Author Kris Millegan, on Infowars.com

          Kris Millegan says the Skull and Bones crowd control the following sectors:

          1. Mining, metals, and “money”
          2. Guns, Oil, and Drugs
          3. Media, movies, and Magic

          To which, I would add: 4) U.S. Government, 5) U.S. Public “Education”, 6) U.S. Legal/Prison System, and no doubt, they influence the 7) Music Industry, as well.

          • Well if WE eliminated the minimum wage as Average Guy/ Clark likes to promote; because he thinks it causes unemployment (rather than the theft of the American means of production under FREE TRADE), then WE could cut wages in half and hire twice as many people to do the same jobs.

            People could put in the same number of hours, get paid half as much, and only work half as hard. Now there’s an economic plan, Clark!!! Oh wait, that’s the old five year economic plan of the Soviet Union!!!

            Average guy / Clark: I see you are still blowing Lew Rockwell! Don’t you ever get tired of promoting a pimp for the NWO Monarchy? Just asking. 🙂

            • You do realize, the REAL reason behind minimum wage increases, is to gain more money in taxes. That and EVERY time minimum wage INCREASE, the price of EVERYTHING goes up. Just saying.


              • The Durango Kidd is an establishment NWO apologist!

                Don’t be fooled by his “kill the fed” and “death to the NWO” rhetoric.

                He is the establishment.

                He is a Troll!

          • Magic is a *sector* of the economy????????????????????

            • Well, if smoke and mirrors are part of the govt., why not magic? 😉

        • The public school prison is getting the children ready for a truly pathetic future. Brainwashing, mind control, Godlessness, mindlessness, immorality and stagnant creativity is what they are promoting. It is all for the good of the cause, you know the Monarchy, the elite snakes, the ones who are destroying humanity because they are pure evil and ignorant beyond belief.

          They want to own us because in their distorted devil vision, we are stupid and nothing but pathetic idiots who need them to think for us, make decisions for us and ultimately own our children.

          The good news is that one day they will meet God just as the rest of us mere mortals will, on their knees and they will be judged one at a time, not as a group the way the dear leader claims. I don’t think they will fare very well.

        • What is worse no one hires OWG’s any more. OWG’s = Old White Guys…. I went to a Career Fair where 95% of the people there where white males over 50. If you are 50 or over whether male or female in this country no one wants to hire you….
          Personally, I am in that catagory. In 2013, I sent out over 600 resumes and had just 3 interviews with no job offers. I am willing to relocate almost anywhere in the US preferably a “Red” as the “Blue” states are going bankrupt. I can’t wait to leave the Marxists run cesspool I live in as there are no jobs here…..

          • Wow, your batting .5% on interviews? That’s .5% better than this OWG after 5 years of sending out resumes. If we could get Obama to stop focusing “like a laser” on jobs, maybe things would improve a bit. This OWG = screwed.

          • Come to Texas, 21Bravo. We need more OWGs, and we are a red state, (with a big, blue blotch in Austin that looks like a giant bruise from the air). My company employs about 1,000 people and many, such as myself, were hired after our 50th birthday.
            Better get here before we secede, though.

        • The Goverment unemployment stats are a total fraud fabricated to protect BHO and his administartion.

          Shadowstats.com does some excellent reality based analysis. They show the real unemployment rate at 23%. That is a depression.


        • terribly sorry mr. dave not exactly responding to you ,altho the economy is succor atm ,but in my industry
          which is managing a restaurant as an assistant or a general manager my company is hiring ! pay is based on experience which can and does translate from other fields . Here is the problem . Must be able to relocate unless u already are within driving distance of the store … I drive 60 miles to work …. one way ..
          this company has been bought out by HESS OIL . you can look it up SEC filings etc We are going from 80 stores to 1300 plus . You must have a reasonable credit score /no serious criminal record /be able to submit a resume to appropriate parties/. this company WILL hire quality people ! Pay is low altho , im on track for a minimum of 55k without bonus making bonus adds another 5 to 10k . Also district managers being hired which is another pay scale . If you are in despair about work ,this is a different job ,very challenging ,very rewarding also .If you are a leader of people ,have the capacity to LEARN , then with the utmost humility on my part ask ME !!!!!!!!!!! I will prescreen you and give an honest feedback. assistant manger 27k to 38k / GM pay 40k to 60 k/DM pay 60k to 80 k all these are plus bonus based on profits /sales /etc . I will monitor this thread and respond to serious inquiries all is not over at the moment also I never missed a check or was layed off EVER in the restaurant business due to the fact people have to eat . Its not glamorous but I make a decent living please if you are in despair think outside the box maybe?In this business the only thing that stops you is yourself. We will be all over the eastern seaboard , florida on up to farthest northern state on east coast . good people needed and if you get in you make your own destiny and that’s a fact
          This is not an internet add lol but it is a real opportunity for someone who is hurting and doesn’t know what to do / it pays . please pardon me if I am not the most articulate person (((((

          • Thank you for your comment. My husband has previous restaurant and correctional food service experience. Has not been able to find a job since July. Early 50’s with a lot of experience and willing to find work back in this field. Please drop me an email with your contact so I can have him reach out to you. Live in North Georgia. Thank you!

            • not sure how to send you an email / I do not see an email on your response ?and your welcome

        • And, despite this frightening piece of news about the unemployment situation – our treasonous, despicably evil, treacherous, backstabbing US Congress and that illegal alien who parks his Communist ass in the Oval Office are gearing up to try to fast track that Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treason deal through Congress and past the noses of the American people and that will be the final stake through the heart of this nation’s ability to create jobs that can be filled by native born American citizens.

          Pick up the phones, people. Call the sleaze SOBs who call themselves your representatives and tell them if they vote for that TPP, they are out of a job at the next election.

      2. This article SHOULD BE a wake-up call for everyone who blames the people for being on the govt dole…but it won’t be. We’ve all been masterfully trained to only blame each other for our problems as a country, NOT THE GOVERNMENT WHO RUNS THINGS.

        Plastering a few miscreants on the news justifies our hatred of “the takers”. The problem is, we have yet to truly identify who the the true “takers” really are and, direct our anger accordingly.

        More proof that “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” WORKS MAGNIFICENTLY. It keeps us bickering amongst ourselves, rather than gathering together and taking back our country in full force.

        • This is a Depression by any standards but then again crooks. Thieves and liars have no standards so you can forget either The Fed or the US Govt telling you the truth. 😉

          • 6.7% or 7%, in what past era is this even close to being true. Lie, lie, lie, and it is so easy with numbers. Math works, ONLY when the correct numbers are plugged in. It is amazing how these suckers even can shallow after pumping these numbers to the public.

            What I want to know is that 91.8 million, what age gropus do they constitute of. Are we talking 16-65, 18-70, 21-55? This number can also be warped around. It could be even higher because the official retirement age is changing. Also many people under the age of 18 have dropped out of school and should be counted as part of the work force not employed. That number could actually be closer to 100 million. YIKES BO, YIKES BO.

            • “Math works, ONLY when the correct numbers are plugged in.”

              Let me see if I understand what you’re saying: Government in, garbage out.

              That is how the saying goes, right?

              • THAT’S A GOOD SIGN!

                Labor force participation rate = employed vs. population

                Not employed also includes following categories
                1) retired
                2) children
                3) self-sufficient


                • this country does not need labor force according to our economy.
                  China needs labor force, not US.
                  Go to supermarket and find anything that is made in USA!

                  • Thumb down if you would like to continue consume chinese garbage and receive money from government or if you would like whole family work and pay taxes to your owner, so they would use your power and life to enslave you.

              • @ BigSkyJim. Exactly, kind of like finger into the throat and puke it up. They barely shallowed this math, but it came right back up and out.

                • Does all this mean when everyone is unemployed,
                  the country will finally have full employment?

                  Thank goodness the government cleared that up
                  for me. I really wasn’t getting it until now.

                  • No, when everyone has been unemployed for 366 days, THEN unemployment will be at zero. Or is my math wrong? Or is their math wrong? Or does math even matter? The United Nations voted a few years ago and declared that the sun has zero effect on the world’s climate. That’s it, I’m dividing everything by (sun to the power of zero), and that explains why helicopters eat their young.

                    Back on track!

                    Yeah, baby!

                  • I read about how now people can be now arrested and denied constitutional rights. I believe this reflects just how suppressive our government has become.

                    I remember in the Bible when Paul was put in chains as a Roman citizen and the commander freaked out because romans were noT be chained without a trial.

                    I guess it put things into prospective for me just how tyrannical our gooberment has oppressed its citizens.

              • “Math works, ONLY when the correct numbers are plugged in.”

                Let me see if I understand what you’re saying: Government in, garbage out.

                That is how the saying goes, right?
                Honest People 1+1=2

                The Fed and Govt 1=1=12 😉

                • Roadster that must be “Ebonics Math” 1+1 does equal 12 in the hood , got to getme thos dedutictions for “Transistional Living Funds”

                  “Captain Beck come up on deck , the ships stranded on the shoals and full of holes and were all going down to Hell” old local song from the 1700’s .

                  Nothing is as its seems,

                  A. Soltzhenitsyn

                  Any questions about what our country has become?


                  QUI AUDET ADIPISCITUR


                  Semper Fi 8541

            • This is fabulous news! At this rate, the unemployment rate should reach zero in no time.

              • The unemployment rate goes down, proportionally to chocolate rations going up!
                Doubleplus good!

            • @BI…Today the MSM announced that the job loss numbers for Dec here in Canada was 49,000…3 of our main banks said they were ‘shocked’ as they thought jobs were going to be created in Dec….those jobs that were lost were FULL TIME jobs, not part time.

              Now I have to wonder what the numbers will be for Jan? Geez, I sure hope I don’t have to start supporting my 3 grown children again! Take care, CC.

              • We have one of ours moving in next week….she’s been laid off since Sept. Welcome to the club! Ps, she will be paing rent, and she already helps us around the farm…my kids were taught to work at an early age…

                • @Babycatcher55…Glad you are able to help your daughter out…and as a parent, I understand and would do the same thing for mine if needed….In fact, I don’t think that ever stops…we are now helping with grandsons college expenses. Ya gotta help your kids!! (: take care and good luck all, CC.

        • Now that unemployment is ‘officially’ under 7%, the govt. can stop QE.

          • so… why they talkin about qe5 already ?

            • Ol’ Yellen is going to pump it up to $100 Billion a month. They just had to talk about tapering so Benny Boy could get some attaboy’s on the way out the door.

              Buckle up!

              • nawww…. they just wanna get one more pump n dump outta the market before the rides over,

          • KY:
            You are correct. When they started all the QE Bullshit. t6hey said und 8% they would stop. They will say that didn’t mean it. Lying Bastards!
            No QE the Stock market will fall had and fast. Only time will tell what they are going to do.

        • Thus re enforces my reason to always go to zerohedge for financials without the spin…daily!

          Zerohedege is the financial equivalent to shtfplan..they are on the same page as we are..studying the underpinnings of the globalists on a daily basis..which gives us the insight to follow the money to everything we have suspected all along..

          Enjoy the day


        • Sixpack and everyone else, there’s no question the government and wall st. are responsible for the condition of our nation and they all need to be made accountable and pay for it with their lives. they don’t deserve to live after what they’ve done to our nation and its people. Yes, divide and conquer has worked all too well. Some people have awakened and been made aware of what’s really happened, but we need more to do so. I’m ready for the ‘reset’ already. I’m so sick of all this sh#t I could puke.

          • @Braveheart

            Advocating killing people? Really, dude? Really? You’re better than this.

            Or are you Jeremy Clarkson? But at least he was joking, I think.

            Mouthing off to trolls is one thing, but this? C’mon!

            Don’t stay down at this level. It is beneath you.

        • Thank God that you are the only one awake to lead us to the land of truth. 😉

        • Thank God that you are the only one to see what is the truth and to lead us to the land of the free. 😉

          • Spare me..

            I lead no one..even myself….I only seek the truth that will free me and my loved ones..

            Insight from my fellow commenters here only reinforces my resolve..

            Enjoy the day


          • DocLRRP, welcome back. How have you been?

        • Was hoping for an article about the 300,000 people in nine counties in W. Virginia who can’t drink, bathe, or wash clothes with their water due to the chemical spill. Talk about a great example of a good reason to prep!

          • Silver Lodge, I posted a link to that article on the last article.

          • Silver:
            remember DHLS got all them MRE’s and water a few months ago? Can you say staged event!!!

        • sixpack

          one word



        • Word, yo.

          That’s it, you’ve got it.

          The real “takers” are the completely unproductive government themselves. I never thought I’d say that because I never thought anyone could be so impossibly short-sighted.

          Where are they going to go when they’ve bled out their host? The moon???

          • Israel. However, like Meyer Lansky, they may be too corrupt for even than outpost of hell.

        • sixpack

          i completly agree with your premise ,but its hard to ralley the 50% that only want a cold beer ,a loose pair of shoe’s ,and a warm place to shit ,to stand with us to help cut off there gravey train ,hence shooting them selves in the foot ,i think its really a little late now that people have figured out how to vote them selve’s money

          • Yes it will be very hard, but remember, THOSE people are the people who work their little low-wage jobs and just want to forget the world is crumbling around them. These are not the same as the welfare mammas and deadbeat dads.

            In a SHTF scenario, BOTH groups will change drastically into desperate people willing to head for the FEMA shelters, but IMO, the group of which you speak (Dick and Jane Couch Potato) will probably be the easiest to get into a camp, because the welfare mommas and daddys won’t want to give up their vices-of-choice for a bed, nor will they want to be kept from running the streets looking for something to steal.

        • Until we get rid of the gimmedats, this will be an endless, viscous circle. OR, until there just arent enough makers to feed the takers, THATS when the real SHTF! Personally I’m all for that because in the end, it will the the PRODUCTIVE members of society re-inherit and take back this great nation. Sure its going to be a difficult time, and unfortunately many lives lost, but THIS is what the liberals have done to this country. Maybe afterwards, we can ban liberals/progressives/marxists etc? What a beautiful thought!

      3. What Scandal?
        Posted on October 27, 2013 by Jim G.
        Bob: “Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?
        Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean SEAL Team 6?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the of drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million and right after it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the president arming the Muslim Brotherhood?”
        Bob: “No the other one:.
        Jim: “The IRS targeting conservatives?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The DOJ spying on the press?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The president’s ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The president’s threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The president’s repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The president’s unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 65 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?”
        Bob: “THAT’S THE ONE!”

        • Good chuckle,,,

        • Eppe, have you been hanging around SmokinOkie? You do really good with humor. Keep it coming.

        • EPPE:
          Another good one PLEASE keep’m com’n we need a good laugh every day knowing what is com’n down the road!;-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • Best post I have ever seen!!!

        • I thought it maybe was going to be the phony scandal!

        • OMFG now THATS funny!

      4. Instead of “eat the rich”, we “beat the poor”.

        • six , soon there wont be anyone left to beat.
          The rich will be the new middle class and there will be no rich left .
          just us serfs .

          • If we did both would we have an eat and beat??
            Just asking.

            • doc- that sounds like a party !
              Why the hell not .

            • hey doc

              would it help if we rubbed peanut butter all over them ,and let them eat each other “two birds ,one stone”

            • LOL

        • Sixpack, we need to eat the government and wall st.

        • Some people got rich by hard work and long hours.

          • True, but they probably didn’t work for the govt…

        • Sorry for the thumbs down; I thought that was a suggestion rather than an observation.

          As one of the 92 million jobless I liked your first post and have been discovering how true your second post is.

          The 50% who voted in Obama (if that many) are not all poor. Far too many of them are millionaires, billionaires and those who are still comfortably well off and feeling guilty about it.

          Not everyone in the “47%” voted for “free stuff,” particularly those who are of that number who live on retirement or deserved benefits and aren’t subject to income taxes.

          Don’t make the same ignorant assumptions which the left does; they think that poor people automatically vote for them.

      5. that chart isnt even close to bad yet, 2015 is going to be instant depression imo.

        even today, years into obamacare as law; people and businesses all over still have no idea what the costs will be or how it will affect their health, their expenses or their jobs.

        2014 will just be like being on the coast with an incoming hurricane. we may get some storms and wind damage but until the hurricane hits land; no one has any idea how bad it will be or who it will hit the worst.

        • just think of obamadontcare as a baseball game….and we aint even sung the national ANTHEM yet..hell, a bunch of you are still out in the PARKIN’ LOT,,… and it’s a DOUBLE-HEADER……oh, and did i forget to mention?…the gubmint’s got some NEW RULES for you to comply with! ….oh, you didn’t know we was allowed to tackle you in THIS baseball game??? yeah, but the PEOPLE won’t be allowed to remove their blindfolds OR touch us gubmint players! hee hee!get ready to jump through some HOOPS!…….little itty bitty ones, waaay up HIGH!

          • buttcrackofdoom, we don’t necessarily have to play the game their way. let someone try to tackle me and they’ll be biting off more than they can ever chew. There will be a price for them to pay. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

            • amen braveheart

              an unaurthoized tackle at my court usauly winds up with some one getting lead poisaning

          • Turn the music up loud buttcrack,yer slippin away!! It works for me.

            • you mean 3 dog night kinda slippin’ away…thanks for the memory!
              slippin’ away, sittin’ on a pillow
              waitin’ for night to fall
              A girl and a dream, sittin’ on a pillow
              This is the night to go to the celebrity ball

              • im thinkin

                slip away by clarence carter

        • Lena, I feel 2014 is THE year and I’ll be surprised if we make it to the midterm elections. It’s possible those might get cancelled.

      6. I own a retail establishment. These number don’t lie. I have watched the slow down turn in expendable income spending for the last few years. Anyone who thinks we are in a recovery is delusional. People are not spending money unless they have to (unless you are on the gubmint transition wage plan). A friend who is in the auto body repair business has had to take in other types of work to supplement his body shop just to stay open. People are using the repair money they receive from insurance companies to pay the piper elsewhere. We are in a death spiral and it appears we don’t have much longer to wait…..

        • me too agree 100%

      7. This is ALL…by design. People who are motivated, working, producing and self reliant are a threat to the TPTB…and they know it! By reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator, they can exert much more control over the masses…which is also by design. By hiring more and more TSA, DHS and other government teat megaliths, they form an even bigger wedge between us.

        Get smart, get moving and get self-reliant. Fight them all the way!

      8. We need illegal aliens to come here to support the unemployed. Can you say 30 million Chinese?

        • 30 million,that is a lot of long pork when times get tough,having chinese for dinner will have a whole new meaning!I wonder though,will they be full of msg?

          • Warchild, no Chinese for me. My stomach is made in USA.

            • Eh,you say that now but if for some reason you were REALLY hungry and in the northlands and cam across some long haired guy cooking a great smelling meal and were invited in,well,your made in USA tummy might beg to differ!

          • No, they will be full of s#.£

      9. Yes, sixpack, the “divide and conquer” is evident here ALL the time. People should look the other direction and stop falling for the Fox “fair and balanced” garbage. Rush, Hannity and Beck are instigators. Turn the teevee off.

        The new private equity firm that bought out our factory has dropped the pension and raised the deductible on insurance to $6000. They are substituting a 401 that can be clawed back if they go bankrupt. This is the last of 5 factories nationwide that used to employ close to 3000 workers. Down to one. I don’t expect it to last much longer.

        OT…this subzero weather has been the best weather in years for home made applejack. Just use your favorite apple wine recipie and when finished, put it outside in a food grade bucket. Scoop the ice off next day and repeat. The colder the temps, the more water freezes out and raises the proof.

        Good stuff…courtesy of the pioneer spirit.

        • An applejack a day keeps the doctor away.

          • lol…Po’d, you and smoke are some of the sharpest tacks left in the desk.

          • reminds me of the ben franklin quote “early to bed, early to rise, you’ll never have RED in the WHITES of your EYES….or sumthin’ like that, hee hee.

      10. All these job numbers are lying, I have yet to hear the media say this unemployment is all a result of two decades of outsourcing of millions of this nation’s jobs, mostly the ones that paid above minimum wage. The facts that wages are under attack is obvious. All other costs should have fallen to match the income declines. You can’t keep raising prices when people are struggling to get by.

      11. Im gonna move into my root cellar with the family.
        over it !

      12. Full time jobs are disappearing. It’s hard to find work that it isn’t part time retail or part time fast food.

        Big companies in banking and insurance want to hire people right out of high school. Older people are brought in as temps but seldom get the chance to get hired. It used to be that once you hit 40 it was hard to get hired. Now I think it’s 30.

        • Local car dealer up on the main highway has a huge plywood sign that is looking for service techs(mechanics), sale staff, and loan officers. They own three out of the four dealerships in my area as well as several in the next state. The sign has been there for a couple of weeks.

          • Wonder why those coveted posistions were vacated in the first place and why not filled yet? The owner is probably a shthead as most dealerships owners are.

        • old people will be a goldmine for employers soon, is my guess…if they are on medicare the employers won’t have to pay as much for obamadontcare penalties for full-time workers.

          • thats a great point @buttcrack.
            I had not thought of that , but your right , anyone on medigimmie will be a shoe-in for some employers.
            That is just gonna create more youth unemployment and
            guberment dependance early on .
            Just another spoonful of socialism .

            • wonder what those yunksters(and the dead people), that voted(twice) him into office are going to think about THAT!hee hee heeeee!

      13. Rerun from a previous post. This guy thinks were at 23% unemployment. Not surprising given we don’t count millions who have given up looking for work. Like they don’t count anymore. Sad.


      14. Anyone do mechanic work and want to move to Lander Wyoming. Type in (County10) and do a google search. Only one job, but check it out. Also fuel truck, driver needed. Thats all I know. Trekker Out.

        • Whats the deal with Lander,,, tons of jobs when you search, lots of low level stuff but jobs just the same

          • Kula no deal with Lander, I don’t live there. Nice town but to large for me, around 4 or 5,000. But hey anyone wanting to relocate to the Redoubt, not a bad place to be. The job I was refering to started around 41,000 with benfits, not bad if you don’t have a job. Wyoming has low unempolyment, Tourism and Energy, if Obama don’t destroy it. Trekker Out.

        • Lander… If ya got a good job that your good at, prolly better to stay put. Smoke out and threaten dire harm to any trying to push you out also. This days it’s the difference between living with a roof over your head or living on the streets. The grass is always greener….

          • Redneck101, you made a damn good point. The biggest reason I’m still in a city is my job pays me $45,000 per year, with health insurance and a company vehicle. Plus, I put in too many hours to work a 2nd job. I’m fortunate enough to have 1 job that pays me enough to still have a decent standard of living. And I do EARN my pay and my keep. I’m old school. I give my employer an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. I give them man my all and he has done a lot for me in return. As long as you put out 100% for him, he’ll give you the shirt off his back. That’s just the way I was raised. Nowadays, I see way too many younger POS coming around looking for a paycheck and won’t do a damned thing to earn it. Just who the hell do they think they are? Whjat especially gets under my skin is someone, anyone trying to dump their own workload on me. I don’t mind pulling my own weight. I’ve done that since I was a teenager. But I’m not about to pull some deadbeat’s weight along with mine. what I have to do is hard enough without some lazy mofo trying to dump his weight on me. I do my own work and everyone else is supposed to do their own work. I couldn’t live with myself if I was like any of these young deadbeats out here. But that’s just me. Just my 2 cents.

            • Renegade
              Gotta agree with ya on the work ethic. In my experience its the older deadbeats that really wreak havoc with your career. Most of the younger guys are inexperienced. The older ones are trying to push out competition and maybe get “cousin Ed” a job in the process. Life in America…Living the dream.

      15. thanks MAC for bringing this up. i been pounding the table for YEARS now how the MSM is always talking about the UNemployment rate, when it’s right in front of people’s noses buried in the unemployment report….i think it’s line u6 that has the rate of EMPLOYED people(those that are EMPLOYABLE) that rate south of 60% means we got MORE than 40% NOT employed in america…possibly THE most important topic in america….have you heard a single politician with a plan to DEAL with this problem….I AIN’T!…yeah, lets start talking about the EMPLOYED rate of the population! call ’em out on it PEOPLE….let them know when they spout that number(UNemployment) that we know it don’t mean SHIT!…it’s irrelevent now! make ’em tell you the real number. and let’s get a plan going to stop incenting those corporations to ship the jobs overseas….are you listnin’, DC?[insert crickets chirping] …

      16. Ain’t it funny how they can play with numbers.
        I post the other day that my son told me that the unemployment rate in Vegas was around 30%. Now I hear that 1 out of 5 males are out of work that means 20% unemployment for males. Someone said that the female unemployment is around 25%. Don’t ask where I got the info I just remember hearing it on the news. So this is 45% unemployment This is a Depression.
        They only made 75,000 jobs and they needed to have 250,000 jobs just to hold on to economy, and to keep things going.
        Now they want to raise minimum wage, and unemployment payments for 3 to 9 months? What the hell how is going to pay for all of this.
        Right now I could help for a while but not more that 6 months. Heat bill doubled, (I turned down the heat to 60) Electric bill up (I took bulbs out) Gasoline Up, ( I’m not going very far. Thank God I got to go to Tenn. to look for land, but it doesn’t look good.
        I don’t want to unwrap anything like solar equipment until I need it so If we get zapped by a EMP, or Solar Flare it will still work.

        • Howdy, Sarge. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find any possibilities on land. I’ll grant you a lot of people in this state are wanting too much money for property and don’t realize what kind of economy we really have. Sorry I couldn’t come to Franklin to meet you. That would’ve been an honor and a privilege, but I was stuck at the old grind. We’ve got a gun show ourselves in Memphis this weekend. Got to get some more ‘groceries’ for Bertha and the rest of the ‘ventilation team’; even a few gun cleaning supplies. good luck. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

          • R. B.H.
            It would have been nice to me you. I would have even bought lunch.
            We looked at 6 places and only two we are thinking about. I’m trying to find something away from people, with about 15/20 ac. of timber on a hill, little creek or pond, with a little open spot in it around the house to put in a garden. Also some thing I can set up a defense if it comes to that. I have a good realtor and they are looking.
            I did pick some stuff for several of my ventilation team members. Very good pickings.
            Might be back around Presidents Day in February. I’m hoping to look at a couple more.
            Stay Safe!!!

            • Dudes,

              When looking for land in rural areas look for the small parcels like half-acre to 2-acre stuff. All you need is land to develop and live. Once shtf, you will be roaming the entire area anyway, not just your land. So what good is 1-acre versus 20-acres when shtf?

              • Hides whatever you do to a degree until SHTF,plus,you own it is a big mental boost instead of say land close to home you don’t own,the right places acreage with a standing home still cheap in the big picture.That said ,is not easy commute to large towns/cities,but hell,that is the point!

              • Ugly:
                You are right about the small pieces of land. What I’m looking for is if the shtf. Some of my group will come down to be with me.

            • Sarge,careful of the water in that that gets a lot of local govt. involved and perhaps fed as we are seeing with epa.In Vt. you have a big enuff pond must be open to public access at your expense!Insanity I say,would perhaps just get one with good well/aquafier and add a hand system,some hand pumps now easily handle 400+ if necc,that way no matter the solar and how it goes your ass is covered.Of course,you have shallow well with jet pump like me,well,hell a bicycle pump would probably work in a pinch!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Amen to you sir..

          It appears that all our fears have come to fruition..

          Real Numbers do not lie..and they have been exposed..

          I’ve been in a slump due to the local range closing for over a year now..but perhaps Providence has interfered by my not expelling rounds down range..and instead preserved my rounds for what is to come soon to protect my family and reserves that we dutifully put away for what’s to come..


          • Possee,
            Dont worry about not hiting the range,,, at the beginning of last year i went out and ran a few rounds through each of my weapons after not touching them other than to move them around for about 7 years,,,
            Guess what,
            I still got everything inside the first ring and all the groups were reasonable, so if you were a better shot than i you will be fine,,,
            Its like scratching your ass, you never forget how to do it and you find it every time,,,
            The armchair commandos who say train, train, train!!!! Will only have a slightly better chance than you, so dont sweat it,,,

          • Possee:
            I agree I’m not shooting as much either. One is due to the weather and two is that the range in our are is closed to only two area and not three. What I miss is getting free brass that is just laying around.
            I want to see the turds give a rosy red picture about the economy now. We got the numbers now, and there is no hiding now!
            My God watch over You and Yours in the coming days.

            • Sarge,have a friend in north hills of N.E. that dives in dumpster of local range he is member of,no save brass policy/say in basket if you don’t want like a lot of ranges.Luckily he says no food garbage ect. and at 3′ worth getting in,he does this even though he is pretty damn well off,just reloads and hates waste,good guy.

          • Possee, last sunday I went to the range for the first time in almost a year with only my 2 .22LR pistols. As is my habit, I stripped down both of them and added some oil first before heading to the range. My skills, I’m sad to say, are a bit rusty, so over the next several weekends I will work to remedy that. At least my ammo stock is at the point that I can get in some range time which I’m grateful for. Since last February I had practicing in the backyard on some weekends with an old Crosman .177 pellet pistol. While the Crosman is fun, it’s not the same as the real deal. My skills will get back to where they should be.

            • Eh,my old Sheridan 5 m.m. except lacking kick/noise great practice for basics excepting say long distance(which Child a bit junk at anyhow!),hell,say dry fire drills helpful,anything helps as am a firm believer in the smalls,be it stocking up goods/knowledge/hands on skills.I personally understand ranges and their place in shooting but hate em unless either friends property/my own/family unless say a SASS event/long distance comp/ect.I have family property and still trying to figure a 800 yard shot though over 600 acres(on a side note probably won’t make shot,OK definitely won’t but have a huge hill/little mountain as safety backdrop at least!

          • Posse,we need to make a play date in north hills sometime,you can combine with visiting kids,can pull off either N.H. or Vt.,great to have a lot of rich friends/family with shooting property.You give me a rough idea what part of the tax state you are in and what you like to shoot most can recommend a lot of good ranges in the state of coupe deval!

            • Warchild

              Am a masshole but my oldest lives in N.H. Nashua area.

              My happy rounds are 9,40 and 22lr…



              • .22 LR,my favorite,am in midlands of N.H.but also have border N.H./Vt. family with 600 acres,either way can work.I am serious as far as knowing some good ranges in coupe deval land.Just tell me what rough area of state and can give good info.,that said,a play date in early spring(assuming we make it that far!)lets do,all places I have access to gonna be cold(though practice anyhow).I see from your preferred calibers more a pistol guy,which is great as more of a rifle guy(1906 Savage bolt fixed site my favorite rifle for fun),have 223/308/22-250,well you get the idea.

        • Sarge, if it is 20% for males and 25% for females, you need to average it out. If there is an even split between the sexes, then the average unemployment is 22.5%, not 45%.

          • MaMa
            Let say that there is only 100 men in the US, and 1 out of 5 are not working it would be. 20 men without work.
            If there is only 100 women in the US and 1 out of 4 is out of work it would be 25 women out of work.
            If you add 20+25=45
            This is all races and ages.

            • 45 out of 200 = 22.5pct

            • Sarge and bear,really?!With the bullshit numbers the public is fed along with the lies about why do you really think you two can come up with real numbers?!I love/respect folks who take on a challenge but when the challenge is how long will it take to die by smashing ones own head into steal wall,well,I have have to cry out “Stop It!”We have bigger challenges to face!

              • War:
                You are right.
                I don’t mean to start a fight I was just showing where I was coming from.
                I RESPECT MAMA for her idea.

              • Sarge, I love ya, but just like I would tell you if you had lettuce in your teeth, I am extending the same courtesy for your figurin’. You have to figure percentages based on 100. 45 men and women, out of 200 total, equals 22.5%. 90 men and women out of 400 total still equals 22.5%. Feel free to check it on a calculator and report back. 45 / 200 = 22.5

                Warchild, you are right that 99.95% of the numbers out there are BS. But straight-up righteous math still matters, especially if Sarge or anyone else takes to, say, reloading or chemistry. Bad math can kill. Words matter too. Which is why all the Orwellian doublespeak is such a betrayal by our representatives in the govt.

                • thanks mom for the math lesson for sarge….but the real EMPLOYED rate of americans of WORKING AGE is 58.8%…it’s right there in the employment report this morning…right from the gubmint’s mouth. and if the EMPLOYED rate is under 60%, than the UNemployed rate is more like over 40%!!! yes, that includes the free shit crowd, but why SHOULDN’T it??over 40 % of working age people in america don’t work…BAM, there it is! right there in the gubmint’s OWN EFFEN report. how do you argue THAT point?!!!

                • Argh!My guess is both of you know the numbers that count/be it grains powder or bullet weight/ounces/round
                  count/sacks of rice ect!We all be in this together,that said,best I see myself is taking in orphans(2&4 legged),will do best I can but help from outside(i.e. U)will go a long way.Damn,when look at big picture a long road,hope we meet on other side,till then,take on the orphans if you can!

                • Mama:
                  I beg your foregiveness. You are Correct. it is 22.5%
                  I was brainwashed with NEW math in the 60’s. (HA-HA) I should know bet that argue with MAMA.
                  God bless you and yours.

                  • Sarge, LOL–Last night I was feeling a little sorry for both of us, spending our Friday night arguing about math. Although I WAS also auditioning several bottles of “suspected to be bad” red wine for a batch of red wine vinegar. So there’s that. Bad wine, math and undecorating my christmas tree.

                    Warchild, my husband says I don’t need any more encouragement in adopting the assorted waifs that drift across our doorstep. You know it’s bad when I see the video of that little cussing toddler and thinking, “Huh, I could probably work with him.”

                  • i CAN’T do MATH…they TAUGHT it at 8AM!

      17. Well well well..

        Finally some common sense has pervaded..

        Perhaps indulge the likes of shadowstats(john williams) and other notables out there as well folks..

        This global ponzi scheme is being revealed every day every hour for those who have the cognitive thought to think and research for themselves..

        As massive as it is..my question to all of you out there is this..now what?

        We all know that everything the media and govt issues is complete unadulterated bullshit 24/7..

        Millions of us know it..the game is rigged,,the politicians are willing pawns and equally culpable across the board…the media lies through its teeth be it fox cnn msnbc or the likes..they pander to their demographics period!

        Everyone I work with..yes luckily I still have a job..know it..but now what?

        Pitchforks and tar and feathers?

        I think not..

        We are all being financially,economically,psychologically decimated from every angle…divided,cornered,and pigeonholed into selective groups by ideological attributes etc..

        This is all very well planned..

        Nothing is by accident ..nothing..

        Again..so now what?

        As I do not know at this point ..


        • Don’t worry. Be Happy.

        • Posse, I know what you mean. I feel like I’m waiting for an unknown event and should be doing something besides prepping. Going through the motions every day seems meaningless. Lets get busy

      18. We could stand for a few hundred more to be unemployed.

        And in jail.

        • 535???

          • Closer to 300,000 just in DC.

            • A couple of articles back, someone suggested transferring Washington, DC to Fukushima. Throw in Wall St. and I’ll support it all the way.

          • A good start.

      19. Every statistic from the shysters in the District of Corruption is a fabrication, a lie. Democommunist or Republicrat, all the same ilk. They view you and I in the same dim light. Nothing but comtempt. Yea, well that goes both ways.

        I am coming to the conclusion that nothing can be believed in the media, lamestream or alternative. We are surrounded by deceit and obfuscation.

        There will be an endgame to all this, may the destroyers be themselves be destroyed!

      20. Do you need more proof that free trade and un checked immigration are bad????

        • kula , regulations making things “fair” for free trade is what has done us all in .
          The regulation on american business’s that are not imposed on foriegn companies are what is killing the US economey and business. while i am not a free trade guy , i call a spade a spade , and i see government regulation as the greatest hurdle small business faces in the US .
          And it is gettin worse .
          How can we compete with an unregulated market?
          Hell , why do you think the chinese can haul american pork and chicken half way around the world , process it and send it back and still make money ?

          • Bingo,
            How can a company paying a decent living wage with benefits and a safe work environment compete with a company that pays less than one twentieth the wage, no bennies, and the place is a hell hole!
            You see it in ALL industry, my first hand experience is in construction,,,
            I try to buy 100% American made if possible,, its hard, but possible.

            • ya missed my point , kinda.
              Its not all about wages and compensation , its about regulation .
              In the US we are flooded with rules from the EPA in construction especially when it comes to construction.
              In michigan we gotta answer to the DNR and DEQ everytime we wanna put up a house.
              As a farmer i hafta deal with the same type of oversight bay the same stooges , water run off , stream access ,etc.

              • What happened , i got cut off ?
                Anyway my point is , the food gets shipped elsewhere for NO regulation processing . thats scary enough , but its real cheap, and the chinese own the shipping companies so they are makin money THREE times on the same transfer of OUR damn food !
                If these ashats in DC would deregulate , we could make money.

              • I got your point,,
                Even in farming,
                2016, food safety modernization act…..
                Bullshit, only big farms can afford that crap, law was worded different in an ammendment this past year witch effectively does away with any exemption based on gross sales and now reads all producers selling wholesale commercial,
                Only way i will be able ti be exempt is going to farmers market,,, hence the reason i cut back on production,
                Going to get used to living on way less and spending less time worrying about comercial sales,,,
                Saw it in the sugar industry here in the islands and to some degree the cattle industry, regulations squeeze the producers,,
                Some of the stuff is good, im all for people making a fair wage, and being protected if they get hurt on the job, far too many unscrupulous employers, so some regulation keeps everyone sorta honest, its when the EPA and other assholes stick their nose where it doesnt belong,
                For example, OBAMACARE!

      21. Keep in mind though a grim picture many folks in underground economy with cash/barter and black markets,not all depressing as some working and not feeding the beast,this will be the new economy as the ponzi scheme winds down.

        • A Belarus woman I know said the underground economy there was quite large. I believe that the more Uncle Sam squeezes (taxes) the more money oozes through his fingers.

          People adapt.

          • Yep,but soon will have to cut off the claws of the beast that steal,Uncle Sam is being held hostage @ moment,tis good as resting and will be ready when the people are.

          • i know what you mean kevin..i felt like that when i found out there were sperm banks and realized i had let a FORTUNE slip through my FINGERS…LOL

      22. Food for though, if the dollar dies this 2014, how are you going to cash your checks ,if the banks are shut down,your money is no good?
        Air traffic controllers, walk off their jobs,familys have their power shut off? every one goes home to survive.
        Gas stations, grocery stores shut down, all business close up.
        civil war breaks out, looting ,burning of buildings, no fuel for your autos.

        BHO, runs to his bunker,with all the district of criminals, the armed forces, police,IRS,DHS,NSA,TSA,FBI,and countless other govt agency’s runs home to take care of their families, no food, clean water, no money, IS THIS AMERICA?
        How many die? millions, perhaps 10’s of millions, no social security checks,no food stamps, NOTHING, all for what? some thought required??
        SSG U.S.M.C. 1965-1971

        • It wouldnt be the first time in history that a country self destructed!
          Things are streatched,,, more takers than makers, at all levels, not only the poor sap on welfare, but the government, not one civilian government employee produces a good or service that can be sold on the open market, that makes them ALL dead weight! That includes the alphabet soup agencies too.
          Active duty military and gaurd serve a purpose, hats off to all of them but the rest of these federal and state and local leeches……

          • We would survive as a country,will be a ugly and perhaps long in between but still convinced long term from SHTF to the mighty Phoenix of humanity shacking the ashes of it’s self immolation will occur.Will Warchild be there to see it,perhaps not but then sitting on the rock in hell laughing with a smoke and a beer,greeting those that I took there with me who were acting with evil intent towards others,some who couldn’t even fight back.They will wonder why I am laughing(being in hell and all/they didn’t really notice only one with a beer and smoke!),when they ask will tell em,almost married Julie,lucifer really has nothing to terrify me with!

        • The $ may die when interest rates increase.

          Think about the money which the USA government has borrowed and think about how much interest needs to be paid at a normal interest rate, The math says that the only way will be destruction of the $. That’s in the works right now.

          My personal solution is silver coins. Silver coins are on sale today.

        • Catena,
          That’s the official nightmare, we will become like those third world Central America shitholes,
          It will test all of us the mere act of surviving the death of the regime will be an act of defiance to TPTB.

          In the end It will resemble the last days of the Third Reich with our dear leader moving around phantom armys on a table in his Furher Bunker and the end result will be the same as previous tyrants through out in the ash heap history.

          It will be up to us the former combat veterans to give those around us the skills need to survive this nightmare by training them in small unit tactics (SUT) and equipping them with the mental tools to prevail.

          Rememember your warrior ethos , we all know to well what we will face , every man dies only a few truly live.


          SECOND TO NONE




          Semper Fi 8541
          GySgt USMC FORCON 1977-1993

      23. Sure, I joke around quite a bit on some of these threads…
        esp. the last one with this bimbo from Texas, what a disgrace she is…

        But I got to tell ya…
        Even with some of that 20’s generation that have ok to good jobs…those kids are scared…and rightfully so…
        They know their being lied to and when that pot boils over from whatever source…it’s going to be hell to pay…bunkers or not the tptb are in deep shit…

        Think on the scale of the French Revolution X 10…
        If some of those reports are correct…the proverbial chopping blocks are already here…including baskets…

        May God have mercy on their souls…after our pound of flesh…I believe we will be doing Gods work.

        • NOW i understand why they cut off marie antoinette’s HEAD!

      24. My worst nightmare starts in 2016..as the final death throes of collapse unfolds worldwide..

        The she beast from Hades..”what difference does it make?” Hillarah will be anointed as the new dictator of the nation once known as the United States by a landslide vote from the sheep..all rigged of course..

        Please please..a self inflicted gunshot to the head will have to be enacted at that point..

        God..forgive me for what I have endured..

        Bush Sr
        Bush Jr
        8long suffering years of the messiah Barack insane Obummer

        Lord I endured the long suffering of these former buffoons and stood strong..

        But..the idea of witnessing and hearing the shrill screams and seeing the thunder thighs of the beast Hillarah is more than any man can endure..

        Please forgive me..


        • Good luck to you. My husband does blacksmithing as a hobby and makes some beautiful and useful things. He began with a hand-made forge, received one made by his welding crew when the third refinery at which he worked shut down, and now has Tobasco Forge “Chili”,which is wonderful for him. Yes, always wear eyeglasses and try to stay upwind of the smoke, not always easy to do. He is making a new quenching solution, and if it works well. I’ll pass it on to you.

        • Possee, I don’t think we’ll make it to 2016. I’ll be surprised if we still have the midterm elections this year. I think the balloon will go up this year. I don’t think we’ll see Bitchery get in the WH.

      25. The unemployment rate must only count w2/w4 employees who thereafter file for unemployment benefits. What about all the 1099, i.e subcontractors? They are not eligible or counted in the numbers. Then there is some people who are neither of the above.

          • Whew! Talk about cooking the books!

            • like i said earlier, they make up their OWN RULES. then throw you in jail if you squeel.

      26. I’ve started a Blacksmith course with a local artist. My primary business is a Tool and Die company and it’s business to business. Blacksmithing so far is looking like if it will be not too much of a learning curve for me. I already have 35 years of hands of experience in the blue collar side of the metal working industry. Blacksmithing can be a person to person enterprise, which will allow me to have a skill that will pay small but will pay none the less and can fill in the between times. I will soon be building a forge in my back yard and practice practice practice. It fits right in with my path of self sufficiency and homesteading and the artistic/creative side of it excites me.

        If SHTF you need skills. If it doesn’t hit the fan, it doesn’t hurt to have a hobby.

        A jester without a king is nobodies fool.

        • Rick, did that back in the 80s.

          What do you use for coal, these days? Used to be, you could order up a truckload. Now, I look around the internet and see 50# bags.

          Be careful with your eye protection. One reason I stopped was the fear of early cataracts. Also not that good on the lungs.

          I did like knife work and Damascus. Still, you are staring at glowing steel, so use your glasses.

          • Blue,all gigs have risks,I know one guy who was killed in construction and two paralyzed.As you say,you just be as safe as possible but unless willing to live in plastic bubble(safe till someone comes along with pin!)we do the best we can and move forward gaining what skills we can.

          • BlueH2O, like I said, I’ve been working with metals for 35 years. I’ve done crap loads of heat treating with a torch and ovens. I’ve done a lot of welding and torch work, I’ve done lots of “Hammer to shape, file to fit and paint to match” but not Blacksmithing. It’s been on my bucket list and now that I’ve seen just how simple a backyard forge is to build, Blacksmithing will be a hobby.

        • Way cool bud, figure out Damascus steel for knives etc… Good trade,
          Damascus full shank with stag handles

          • I thought the Damascus metal working still a secret/lost skill as far as all the steps and materials,they figured it out?

      27. Yeah, you can see the machines in gear to follow the evil liar Obama with the evil bitch Clinton as first female prez. Hillary vs Jeb would keep the insider scam going, and millions on both fake sides will vote and support them. Disgusting!!

      28. Mac,

        Your site is quite useful and provides good information. However, these charts are bogus.

        Yes, real unemployment is much higher than “officially” reported. However, 91.8 million “not in the workforce” does not mean all these people are destitute and desperate.

        75% of those “not in the workforce” are retired, under 16, in school, or in the military.

        Please correct this mis-information don’t add to the distortion already present in the mainstream media.

        Thanks for all your good work.




        • Your right. Now its 92,151,118 and it keeps going up.

          If hes wrong let the govt know too because the figures are everywhere even on the usdebtclock dot org

      29. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does so in a manner which not one in a million is able to diagnose.

      30. Rick,have always wanted to try my hand with a baby forge,doesn’t seem too much trouble to build.As I have posted in past,buddy got some old german files,a few broken tipped,in theory is hand grinding into knives,have made rough mahogany blanks for handles,8 months later yet to see one full tang ground out,sigh….I was lucky enuff to watch a master sword maker from Japan over a month make a Katana at Boston MFA,was told by his interpreter/sponsor was one of the few who came in daily to see progress,now that is metal working!

        • I remember your post. I haven’t looked into the knife making aspect of blacksmithing. The facility that holds the blacksmith class does make smithed knifes. I may inquire to the methods but I am more interested in making utensils, tools and fasteners.

          • My guess is all the same to a degree,once you can forge/hammer/grind/finish anything the jump from one to another items is easy,tis the first one that is hard!

      31. sixpack says:
        Comment ID: 2905477
        January 10, 2014 at 3:39 pm

        Plastering a few miscreants on the news justifies our hatred of “the takers”. The problem is, we have yet to truly identify who the the true “takers” really are and, direct our anger accordingly.
        -That, what you said.
        A stampeding herd of cattle is not stopped directly, you turn the leaders by getting them spooked by something else off to one side so they turn,then you keep turning them and pretty soon they are all milling around and going nowhere, having forgotten what they were doing in the first place.
        I grew up in the country and all I really remember hearing is wind in the trees, water in the river and crickets at night. Now I’m older and live in town and all I hear is the baaa-aaaaaa-ing of the sheep and the mooo-oooo-ing of the cattle all day long. How did that happen?

        • Easy,you left the country,next?!

      32. It is a joke, dont choke! on the Joke!,.
        Pass it it on, How will take another hit? I remember the good times ( well Aged now) Times are not good, there is no party! I have seen bad to worse then to downsize, to stabilize. I cant hold on much longer.Some preps but need more, however how much is not enough or too much, how to plan if wife not supportive? Children that live a long way away? My heart hurts!

        Been here since 2009, not commented much, to my regrets had to get to know ya’ll> I know I have been blasted by some ( Braveheart), However rightfully so! My respects to all….(Prodical Son). Please accept me as I am understanding as well as forgiving/forgivine?

        • R.I.
          You can never have to much. If you have extra on hand you could use it for barter.
          My wife was not on board at first and I asked her one day why do we have all this insureance for the car, house, health, life, ect: she said in case something would happen. Car wreck, house fire and so on. Then I looked at her and said that is why I’m put food down stairs and ammo and guns in the safe.
          Then I asked her what kind of food would store the longest and if she would can some stuff from the garden. It worked. No more questions and she envolved in all the food prepps.
          My boys one live about 2hrs away the other 1hr 45 min away. Up close to the big city Chicago It still a 45min trip from either ones home to Chicago.
          Good luck.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • After years of trying to convince him my husband is still not on board.

            • Do what you can without his willing participation. As it becomes a part of life to buy ahead, take advantage of ‘bargains’, going treasure hunting at sales and thrift stores, it seems less alarming and the defenses go down. A wild winter like this is a great time to do common-sense prepping for potential emergencies. We are, as I write this, being buffeted about by high winds. I have a fire going and know where all the candles and flashlights are should we lose power. It’s just part of life….wow- that was probably a 55 mph gust just now.

      33. Dudes,

        If we all had the Chip, they would know exactly how many are working and also where we are at and exactly what we are doing….Why guess?

        • Ugly, they take those chips and stick them. ain’t no way braveheart will take a chip. Not an ELECTRONIC chip. Now POTATO CHIPS, CORN CHIPS, TORTILLA CHIPS, that’s different.

          • braveheart.

            Never take the Chip. Once one does, they are tracked forever. I would rather be a lost mountain goat than a chipper….

      34. Hitler had lowered wages; state governments and economies were consolidated under the totalitarian regime. Virtually every area of German life was under the control of the Nazi regime, yet most citizens did not seem to care. Feed a steady dosage of propaganda by the press and entertained with massive rallies, parades, and gifts from the Fuhrer the German people swelled with pride at their nation’s apparent comeback.
        Starting to look like the U.S.A. isn’t it.

      35. One of Newtons laws was what goes up must come down.N.R. law is the higher it goes up the harder it is going to go SPLAT!!! AFTER IT GOES SPLAT THE FAN WILL PICK IT UP ON THE REBOUND AND BLOW IT ALL OVER!!! KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN. THE SPLAT IS AT HAND. PREPAIR AND BE SAVED!!!!;-)
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.


      36. Easy Ugly,because I would jam that chip into the head of anyone who chipped me,then you have two chips in tandem and yet results still wrong.That,and anything that sends a message is open to hacking,bless those little programming nerds!

        • Ditto, if i had to dig it out with a spoon it would end up going into whoever the first government collaborateor i could get my hands on! Along with some other crap then would be delivered to the highest official i could gain access to via a burning car!

      37. That’s funny because my business isn’t showing that

      38. When half the people realize they do not have to work because the other half will take care of them and the other half realizes it is no good to work becuase they will not receive what they work for, we are finished as a nation.

        • OKAY THEN!! tie it up and put a bow on it!…sounds like we’re DONE HERE!

        • The solution for that is to put career welfare moochers in camps and work them until they drop, or begin a termination progrom. When moochers and gibbs me dats see they are targeted for termination or forced labor, you’ll see them suddenly become willing to work.
          Forced surgical sterilizations and abortions rather than increasing benefits for bastard ghetto welfare children would help eleminate freeloaders.

      39. Hey gang,

        I’ve continued my visits but haven’t posted in a while.
        However, I just read this on MSM news and it raised my eyebrows and made my Spidey-senses tingle a bit.

        “Nine lieutenants and a captain are being investigated for illegal possession of recreational drugs at bases in the U.S. and Britain.”

        “…The probe surfaced Thursday as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel visited F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming to give a pep talk to members of the nuclear missile force.”

        Getting rid of a few more officers from the nuke force?


        • afterthefallpa, welcome back. How have you been?

          • Thanks BH.
            I’ve been well. I’ve been reading SHTFplan when I can find the time but I’ve been insanely busy.
            It’s been crazy busy at work (and then of course the holidays added to the insanity) and we just went though a move. Still in NE PA, not too far from the old house but a little bit farther up North in an insanely quaint little river village in the “very rural burbs”. Upside is we’re much farther from the major cities, village has a tiny population, and it’s a very got that “small village atmosphere”.
            …downside is that about 75% of this tiny population seem to be “well moneyed” and most likely blind to the goings on in real world.
            However, there are quite a few real folks here: one neighbor whom I have yet to meet has a huge Gadsden flag painted on the side of his barn, so that’s rather promising 😉

            But yeah, personally all is well…can’t say the same for everything in the world at large.

        • Naturally the Presidential Primate wants to cull the nuclear military people. This so that the mideastern nations and China can attack the US with our reprisals.

          • Should have been with out reprisal.

      40. This whole country called America is heading full speed in becoming one South American getto. No joke. No lie. For real.

      41. Broken arrow, by the towers this weekend Okie. I don’t pay the toll. It’s that time of the month. Did dieci killer go solid earlier this week? Call the CG.

      42. This is sort of off the topic, but I want others to see what some thrill seekers will scale to get to the top of some of these almost inaccessible Chinese mountains. These pictures totally put a chill in me to even look at them. Someone would have to pay me big money to climb these peaks, and I don’t care how heavy it was I would have a parachute in a backpack at all times. What some people will climb and risk their lives for a short term high.

        Then to show an analogy of just how difficult the elitists and the overall scheme of things have made it for for any of us to reach the top of anything in this world anymore.


        • Be informed:

          You guys in the U.S. spent an insane cold.
          Europe with winds and rough seas.
          Here in South America, more precisely in my region, and torrential rains are located.
          Colleague of mine who has a maize (and no small area) lost nearly half due to excessive rain and the other half, if not raining (the crop is 60 cm), you lose too.
          According to the White House, it is because of global warming;
          According to Monsanto, because of incompetence;
          According to the website “Business Insider” is fluke (and still laughing – jerks)

          There’s nothing funny going on in the world, the thing is upside down, and few people have the notion that, unfortunately.

          Sorry for the outburst.



          • Proftel,
            IME what I’ve seen in the south east of USA is farmers go broke a few years out of ten, scrape by most other years, but one out of ten they become millionaires and then pay cash for $100,000 combine, new mansion, etc. Its much like the stock market. Timing. But timing weather over years MUST be harder than timing the stock market!
            (BTW, I have two jobs. I tried to train up 3 different people last year to alleviate my load but they couldn’t handle it. computer programming. not for slackers)

      43. re-post don’t vote please , read if new reader or need help …


        as individuals like fingers we are weak

        together like many fingers closed into a fist we are strong dangerous lethal

        if anyone needs help preparing for what is coming or has problems they need help with or needs help with education knowledge even starting a biz from home to get a lil’ more money coming in …

        let us Veteran Preppers @shtfplan know … we can help you get things fixed or started no matter how big or small .

        Together we will Survive and Thrive in the harder times coming .

        just post your questions and we will guide you .

        good luck and there is no such thing as a dumb question , its only dumb if you don’t ask it .

        so ask and you shall receive , our help .

        N.O; ;0p

      44. I see a few folks here from time to time mentioning the lack of ‘range time’ or live fire drills. It is very disappointing when you can’t let the lead fly downrange due to budget constraints or ammo shortages. Here’s what I suggest.

        1. Purchase some ‘laser trainers’ in calibers for all your weapons. These allow you to use your regular pistol, rifle or shotgun fully weighted indoors without firing wax rounds or blanks. This permits you to stay ‘frosty’ and used to pulling your weapon quickly to drop a bead on any given target in your home. Even though you won’t have the noise, flash and recoil of live firing, you become very proficient at target acquisition and speed drills. This also allows you to practice in your home, with your obstacles and furniture in place. The more you practice in your home like this, the better.

        2. Buy a decent .22 caliber air rifle if possible. The Ruger .22 Air Magnum is a favorite of mine. 1400 FPS with the right pellets and it even has a bit of recoil. This rifle is not light by any means and it gets you used to slinging a rifle around with some decent weight. The pellets are cheap, cheap, cheap compared to regular .22LR ammo and they hit pretty hard as well. This rifle serves double duty as it is a viable small game rifle that is almost silent. If you have a full basement you can get a .22 .cal indoor trap and plink away indoors, rain or shine, night or day. I use full sized man targets and tape a beer bottle cap between the eyes of the target. You can do this all day without breaking the bank.

        3.Those who say it is like riding a bike…when’s the last time you rode a bike? We ALL need to stay proficient, period. If you cannot live fire your weapons for any reason, use the 2 suggestions I gave above. Also make dbl. damn sure they are clean, lubed and ready to rock. I went out with some guys and all of their weapons malfunctioned. More than once. You need to know 100% if your weapons are ready to go and that they will not let you down. Your life depends on it!

      45. @ NinaO’s Mom. What you say about coming together as preppers and helping each other in 2014 is unbelievably true. I for one am totally sick and tired of these philosophical battle royals that have been going on.

        PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS EVERYONE. ALL of these characters that want to control ALL of us want us to fight amoungst each other. They DON’T want us to be united with any set goal. The more chaos and lack of focus, the happier the bad guys are and the more they win. Maybe just sometimes we can all put our small grievances behind and aim for the betterment of the Prepper/Survivalist community and those that still value freedom. As we pretty much all have the same goal. 😉

        • @Be informed … my Respect Sir .

          i humbly ‘thank you’ for your support … give me a month .
          i’m building something for us all .

          n.o. ;0p

          • @NinaO’s Mom…Thanx for the info on storage. I will be using that method for a lot of stuff…also, to the rest of the folks with great ideas for storage….looks like I got my work cut out for me as I want to re-organize everything.

            Looking forward to next month to see what you have planned. Again respect and many Thanx! take care, CC

      46. Lost generation!
        That’s how we talk here in Brazil people born in the 60s (between 1960 and 1969).
        In the 80’s could not find a job, living with parents, most (like me) do not have own house (and I say it is beautiful to see the nephews and sons buy own home – I on account of age is prohibitive to pay benefits, paying die rent).
        As they say here, “we conform,” nobody is born “square” born “round” to adapt.
        Life is like that … .

      47. Geração perdida!
        É assim que se fala aqui no Brasil das pessoas nascidas na década de 60 (entre 1960 e 1969).
        Na década de 80 não encontravam emprego, moravam com os pais, a maioria (como eu) não tem casa própria (e digo, é bonito ver os sobrinhos e filhos comprarem casa própria – eu por conta da idade é proibitivo pagar prestações, morrerei pagando aluguel).
        Como se diz por aqui, “a gente se conforma”, ninguém nasce “quadrado”, nasce “redondo” para se adaptar.
        A vida é assim… .

      48. @ Mom NinaO:

        I reiterate (sign below) what the “Be Informed” wrote about his person.

        I wish you live near where I live, surely they would be happier (far from fukushima and cold).


      49. . In the future:

        You do not know when the shit started, more than 1,000 bases outside the U.S..
        Much of the guys will be left (if you will be swimming back) ..
        If you’ve seen pictures of the trail in Vietnam, will be worse.
        This lot of people will join the 90 million unemployed, is chaos.
        The U.S. is on the brink of a Civil War.
        Should do as the Brazilians did in 1600, expelling the banksters.
        A French philosopher said, “Hang the last King in the guts last Father”.
        For me, the phrase adequaria well: Hang the last banker in the guts of the last politician “.

      50. . No futuro:

        Você nem imagina quando a merda começar, são mais de 1.000 bases fora dos EUA.
        Boa parte dos caras serão deixados (se quiserem voltar será nadando)..
        Se você viu imagens da fuga no Vietnã, será pior.
        Esse monte de gente se juntará aos 90.000.000 de desempregados, é o caos.
        Os EUA estão no limiar de uma Guerra Civil.
        Deveriam fazer como os brasileiros fizeram em 1.600, expulsar os banksters.
        Um filósofo francês disse: “enforcai o último Rei nas tripas o último Padre”.
        Por mim, adequaria a frase assim: Enforcai o último banqueiro nas tripas do último político”.

      51. Tomara que a NSA leia o que eu escrevo!



        • Proftel:
          Great you are bylingual.
          As for me I’m just a lowly AMERICA. and I speak American English. AND DAMN PROUD OF IT. In short what you wrote above means nothing to me. If you can’t write it to help people in the USA please don’t write it at all.

          • He’s not bilingual. He’s using a translation service that sucks at idioms and specialized language.

      52. This is a poorly written article.
        First of all, if you want to impress with a number like that, you want to explain age segments of the population. Out of the total number of Americans, how many Americans are under the age of 16 and therefore below working age? How many Americans are over age 62 and able to collect Social Security instead of working?

        • 58% of the “working age” population has a job….that means that 42% of the population DOESN’T have a job. in MY MIND, that makes the UNEMPLOYED rate of americans 42%!!!fiddle with those numbers all you want. they don’t lie(even though they come from the gubmint’s own website), i believe ’em. BAM! 6.3 percent MY ASS! america’s DEBT MAN WALKIN’! and if you don’t like the numbers you read here, why don’tcha go look elsewhere for the numbers you DO LIKE?…K?

      53. I understand planned obsolescence is the foundation of this economy. What would happen if we made products like they did in the 50’s. I understand if we make cars perfect there would be no need for repair shops or factories to make replacement parts and that would mean less jobs. Is there an economic study based on removing planned obsolescence from the formula?

      54. Real numbers don’t lie , retail gasoline sales at less than half of 2005 numbers. Lots of people not driving too work or anyplace else for that matter.

        Went too a big recreation area last year , huge lake , full marina. Got place near the lake , like one boat on the lake most of the time.

        Went there in 2002 the lake was full of boats.

      55. Taxation and Regulation killed our country’s industrial complex, There’s hardly any mom and pop shops left, It’s now S.Hannitys corporate America, What cost 25 cents at the turn of the 20th Century, now costs at least 4.50.

        • yup, the FED…THAT’S our biggest PROBLEM!

        • S. Hannitys corporate America????? WTH. Democrats are the party of tax ,spend, regulate to death and get as many welfare recipients as possible. The decay of America is a direct result of Liberal Democrat policies with the help of rino (democrats in disguise) republicans.

      56. The public school teachers unions in Canada and America are known for covering up sex abuse cases of teacher-student………while law-abiding Canadians and Americans are finding it difficult to be gainfully employed.

        Then the public school boards in Canada sues anyone for defamation if that person/s were criticizing the Marxist policies of the public schools.


      57. Yep I keep hearing about old guys & gals not being hired. Have you looked at them. They are fat to obese have health problems ect. The fact is many couldn’t do a day of physical labor. Ive also worked with folks who where professional time killers. Ive always been able to find work when I wanted a job. Once I went to a road construction job. A guy leaving that I knew stated They aint hiring. I went into the office trailer. The girl stated they aren’t hiring but you can fill out a application. I stated I want to work not fill out application. I went out the door. A older man followed me outside. He asked what I could operate. I told him and he stated get in the truck. Took me to the jobsite and gave me a tryout on a D6 dozer. Came back in an hour and liked my work and hired me. Its about know how. If I hadn’t been hired at that job I would have went somewhere else. And when all else failed I could always find a truck driving job. Im now 63 and dont need or want to work for anyone else. However I bet I could find a job if I wanted.

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