Longtime White House Correspondent Claims President Trump Is A Racist Over Something He Never Actually Said

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    According to longtime White House correspondent April Ryan, President Donald Trump is a racist. She directed her comments at White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. In the exchange Ryan says Trump made racist claims while still a candidate when he used the word “we” to describe Americans:

    Ryan: When he was candidate Trump, he said things like, you know, “We made this country,” meaning white America, not necessarily black.

    Spicer: I don’t know why you would say that. What do you mean?

    Ryan: No, no, no. He said that. I heard him say that.

    Via: Mediaite

    Ryan is so dead set on her assessment of Trump’s racism that she followed up her supposed “facts” on Twitter with the actual quote President Trump used:

    We cannot let our First Amendment rights be taken away from us from us. We can’t let it. We have the right to speak, we’re law-abiding people, we’re people that work very hard. We’re people who’ve built this country and made this country great. And we’re all together and we want to get along with everybody, but when they have organized, professionally staged wise guys, we’ve got to fight back, we’ve got to fight back.

    Here’s the video:

    It’s so obviously racist we’re surprised the mainstream media didn’t catch it the first time around.

    April Ryan defends here claims of racism:

    So, basically, if you are a white person in April Ryan’s version of America, making any statement with the word “we” in it is now a racist micro-aggression.


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      1. Stop playing their game by RE-ACTING to accusations of “racism.” That’s WHY they accuse … to get you to DEFEND and hoot and holler that you’re not one. Look up the word racism in an old paper dictionary … then look it up on your smart phone. THEY changed the meaning to mean HATE !!! That’s NOT what it means !!!

        Racism … means “the belief that one or more races is superior or inferior to one or more races in general.”

        NOT one or more persons. That would be pre judging. It’s IN GENERAL. So … anyone with a brain no matter what race is a “racist,” because EVERYONE knows the GENERAL pecking order is WHITE BROWN BLACK. So YES … we’re ALL “racists.” But we don’t hate. Thank you.

        • Hey Josey, Fletcher was in on it. Never woulda figured that huh. Do you think that why this always seems to come from the top to include every person in the country. Whether the top guy is black or white. It’s divide and conquer. And when anybody asks me, or accuses me of being a racist, I reply that “I’m as racist as ‘they’ are”.

          • And I’m a !!BIGOT !! as much as they are also!!! I hate them as much as they hate me,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but I have !!GUNS!!!!

      2. April Ryan forgot to say that not only is Trump a racist, but that he is a fascist too!

        Horror of horrors!!

        • Oh, yeah, and forget to say that he’s a Martian, too! What a bunch of freakin’ losers.

        • I could careless if President Trump is a,(GASP),racist.
          The he is doing a good job, save that I have not seen mass deportations of third world invaders,yet.

      3. I believe all these press conferences are staged. I remember one where the press secretary was laughing over something where, my take from it was, if you don’t understand that these things are staged you are the bigger fool.
        I’m pretty sure that you don’t get to sit in that press room is you’re not vetted. If you can get barred from that room, it’s you were not going along with the show for sure.
        The reason for this show, and all the others is to keep the pot stirred. And stirring the pot is to keep all the ingredients at each other. It’s not so the pot doesn’t boil over. The boil over is what everyone in government and the military is planning for. What they have effectively done, and keep doing as in this episode, is to put the label on America as white, and pit everyone else against those whites who might think they built this country. Being subtlety led to believe that they are never going to be able to see themselves as Americans, ever. And that has been the plan all along. And Trump is the giant spoon worked by the hand that stirs the pot. Tune in tomorrow for more spice.
        This stirring is never going to end. Multiculturalism only works when there is a certain demographic. And the people who are changing those demographics around the world know this. And the move is to integrate only certain countries based on one fact. So how do you get those ants to attack those ants? You mix them together.

      4. Those people that resort to pulling the racist card are THE racists themselves.

        • Bingo……

      5. Why do the social justice warriors hate pronouns? First it was “he” and “she”; now it’s “we”. Note to April Ryan: seek mental health help.

        • I just use the universal pronoun…It

        • Note to April Ryan: Go f$&@ your black racist self! You don’t tell white people what to say or what to think.

        • No, no, SHE’S all right, it’s the rest of US who are crazy. Have pity on her. And her attitude. She can’t help but complain and complain and complain. That’s what comes from being a parasite on the system that provides, with our tax money, everything that the useless and worthless demand of us. We straight Whites should be ashamed of ourselves for being able and normal. Able and normal is ‘racist’, you know. Oy, what a loser.

      6. Woopy frigin deal. Lets see a little more criticism on what is not getting done. Why hasn’t congress got off their asses and sent any meaningful bills up for signature? Where is the obamacare repeal? Where is the tax reform bill? Where is a bill to fund and build the wall? They are so afraid of not getting reelected that they will not do anything they said they will do. Trump made a lot of promises and he can not do them alone. We need to send them a message that this is why we gave him a republican congress. So he can do the things he promised. He does not need a bunch of republicans butting heads with him, the dems will do that on their own. I am starting to see a repeat of every past administration with everyone working to get reelected from their first day in office.

      7. We had to walk on egg shells in the refinery when talking as anything said could be twisted to be racist. One example was the head of our Safety Department at a big meeting said to everyone to be very careful with the contractors (an unusually great amount of maintenance work was being done swelling their numbers) because many of them just worked on buildings in Camden. The intention was, as virtually everyone understood that they weren’t accustomed to an Oil Refinery environment with its flammable potential. One black guy stood up and said, “Why did you say Camden, because its black”? The Safety Department head had to go into a dissertation first apologizing if his words were misconstrued and then explain the obvious.

        • Hasn’t Camden been shown to be quite flammable every now and then?

          • Certainly they had their civilian induced arson in the day but now its actually so run down that the occupants don’t even have the gumption to revolt. There was a point about 25 years ago that Camden Police didn’t go to Camden. The NJ State Police had to take over their duties. Camden has County Police now and I’ll bet that if a resident calls for them they damn sure wait until the hostilities cease to dispatch the Officers. The place is a textbook of the effects of de-industrialization having a two decade jump on it. It was once a grand shopping district with RCA, NY Shipyard and Campbell Soup. Its the “City Of The Future” and the future is now.

        • Kevin2, I never get on eggshells for anyone for any reason. No legitimate basis for it.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Have a job that has terrific benefits with a base pay of $85K / yr and the ability to generally make $110K with a bit of overtime along with it being interesting and any sane person will reevaluate that position. This is for a lead operator.

      8. For the record as to Maxine Waters calling Trump and his people scumbags. Pretty harsh words coming from an Alabama Porch Monkey. Now if she wants to spread hate and discontent she should expect the same from me.

        You know they don’t want no Peace so let’s get on with the War.

        • I second that motion! Bring it NAGA’s

        • Anon, Maxine Waters is one stupid Jezebel.

        • Anon, that label belongs to Waters and the rest of the Black Caucus. They’re all quota apes.

      9. Like the great Thomas Sowell says… “Racism is like ketchup, you can put it on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a racist.

        The problem in this country isn’t liberals or black people crying racism all the time. The problem is pansy white people who are absolutely terrified to be called the oh so scary R-word. They call you ‘racist” to shut you up and to get you to give up more and more. It isn’t about equality it is about power and overcoming you.

        Think about it… If someone tells a black joke at a party they will be labeled a “racist.” Dylan Roof went into a church and killed 9 black people and he is labeled a “racist.” Obviously what Dylan Roof did was 900 million times worse than someone telling a harmless black joke at a party, yet they would both be under the banner of “racists.”

        Too many pansy white people who would probably rather contract syphilis than have someone call them the scary R-word. And too many white people who try and justify that they aren’t racist when someone calls them it.

        When someone calls me “racist” I just say “Yeah? So what? Does lightning strike me down now? Do I get hauled off to jail? NOPE!”

      10. AZcats

        Have a good point there. I am beyond racists. To me you are either a Patriot or a Communist. Wanted to bring it down to one choice.

        • ” Patriot or a Communist”

          I look at it as a Patriot or a Globalist as Communists are just employees of the globalist NWO Establishment who can most closely be defined as fascists. Maybe call it us verses them and them is everyone that isn’t us.

          • Kevin2

            I can go with that.

      11. These people need to look in the mirror…..okay now say racist!

      12. That Muslim in Sweden told a woman he urinates on her people. That would possibly have been much worse if he had said he went we-we on them.


      13. See the ‘Milo’ article disappeared from the archives. What’s up with that?

      14. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

        When you’re a racist, ever statement sounds racist.

        Sorry, April, your Confirmation Bias is so thick that it makes you look like a total moron.

        • NetRanger, good to see you back. How you been? April Ryan only got her job because of affirmative action.

      15. Well since the EU/Nato Meeting with VP and US Crew supporting EU/Nato look at whats happened.


        (look at 3:30 minute mark of 1st Video???)

        Then look at this

        Both Le Pen and Wilder are anti EU and elections are to be held in March and April.

      16. Totally uninteresting remarks from this person.

      17. I am definitely triggered by this act of microagression and media privilege.

      18. I find it hard to understand how we can see every country run by these people is a third world shithole. And not be racist? What special kind of stupid cannot recognize that? And if we don’t confront these people with the facts they will continue with their third world ways. To look at the people and leaders of these third world countries and say they are as good as the majority of us . Is a very special kind of stupid. If you are not a racist . You must be an idiot.

        • Look up some isolated instances.The Knoxville murders, The witichata masacre. It’s time?

        • Agree: if they are equals then the world would have dozens of countries as rich and powerful as the US. And yet, the only countries that come close, are either run by white Europeans or by Asians. That tells you something.

          I hope Trump does what he used to do with apartment buildings: identify all the scumbags leaching off of welfare and dragging the place down, and kick them out. Do that, and you can bring in a better class of person and turn a profit. It is basic business smarts: lots of people on welfare and/or bad habits and no interest in working and behaving will drag the whole place down. You can’t ever improve the economy with such people. All you can do is kick them out and move in better people.

          A friend was living in an apartment building that was nice but became used as a dumping ground for blacks and Muslims after 9/11. The place went downhill fast – graffiti everywhere, the stink of weed all over the place, lots of guys hanging around, dirty. Then a new landlord came along and bought the place. The first thing they did was cancel all the leases on these people and throw them out. After that, they brought in only Asian students referred to them by a company that vetted them. They then fixed the place up and made it nice again. Now, it is a pleasant and clean and safe place to visit. It was proof it was the people who were dragging the place down.

      19. Incredible that progressives make wild claims that are only supported by them “knowing” what other people are thinking. They don’t need real evidence, because they know…….. Hello Kreskin!

        • Their belief system is so strong that evidence, regardless of source, that conflicts with their prime directive is either ignored or shown contempt. I have debated guns and we agreed to consider the FBI Uniform Crime Reports as valid. This was up until it conflicted with their fabricated statistics that were generally numerically quantified with “lots or many”. In their world there is a magical world of things there for the taking. Replenishment of them is not their concern just their distribution. Their focus on this at the expense of everything else is frightening as at one time, the 1960s, they had something of a moral compass. They were generally against militarism and war up until we reached a point that their leaders, who provide things from the magical world support war and militarism. In a word they’re shallow just seeking what they want. Manufacturing going overseas? Who cares as they have no intent to actually do that type of work. No money? Print more. Money not worth anything, thats too abstract a concept. You can’t reason with someone that has no boundaries.

      20. Honor, Integrity and Respect

        If you posses these traits we can be friends.
        I do not care your race, creed, color or sex if you live by this code.
        If you do not, I will have nothing to do with you. However if think you can impose your will on me, then I will have something to do with you and chances are you will not like this.

        I do not know where we go from where we are now. I hope that people get their $hit together, but when I see the TV, videos and read the papers, I tend to be discouraged. I doubt it will end peacefully.
        Until we get up off our backsides and stand on our feet again as a people, as Americans, we, and I mean none of us, will ever be free.

      21. This is just getting beyond belief…..what has she been smokin’? There’s also some idiot writing director at Washington university who says that expecting students to use good grammar is racist and reflective of “White Supremacy”. People are getting stupider every day…… or is it more stupid?

      22. Kevin, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to hear that black crap about entitlements.

      23. That is a typical accusation from someone who is not a great American, but one of a communist low life that more than likely never advanced her career on merit, but rather that of affirmative action.

      24. They are 30 % of the population now. Anyone who thinks that when they are 50, 80% of the population there will not be a race war is fooling themselves ?They will try to mix the seed of man. It’s to bad I guess? But if we could just talk things out and all get along . We wouldn’t have the divorce rate we have. Sometimes we just must separate.Like it or not.?

        • It is an experiment that has already gone terribly wrong: just look at the crime, antagonism, anger and social decay wrought by 40 years of trying to create an inter-racial utopia. On top of this, black Americans have foisted this failed vision on Europe and other parts of the world in order to reinforce the vision back in the US. The tragic mess this has created can be seen across Europe.

          The happiest and most harmonious societies on the planet are all based around either a single culture, language or race. Look at what the Japanese have achieved without the need for importing other races. The British were at their most successful and inventive when they were not a multicultural society. This small island nation was able to rule most of the earth with just a handful of its best and brightest. Now, they seem to just produce fried chicken shops and kebabs.

          At some point, a new international treaty will be required establishing white homelands in order to maintain global prosperity and civility. These will be the most beautiful places, populated by the best-looking women and with clean, tidy streets, amazing design, sophisticated food cultures, and where the arts, sciences and technology will flourish without the need to waste money and time on trying to take care of failed races.

      25. Brown people are so wonderful. And genetically selective bio weapons are so terrible? Pick a side. See the result.Brown world white world . Take your pick. And live with the consequences .How stupid do you want to be? politically correct stupidity . Or regular stupid.We will soon see.We are at war. Like it or not. Who will survive?Bimbos unite. We need to deal with you. The hard way. And anyone who grants special privilege to women .Needs to recognize. .fight or die?

      26. And sometimes black people will use that term to intimidate and manipulate white people so that they will look like the guilty party and get their way. Yes, been told that. Is used in the work place and white management backs down not wanting unwarranted news exposure, disruption in the workplace.

        The word racist is used so out of character as we use the word – love.

        She needs to be band from the briefing room.

        I told more than one black person, I don’t care if you think I am or am not: I personally do not care what you think about me.

        Just saying that to justify her own racist life style.

      27. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – that bitch

        at the White House press conference she was droning over and over again about Trump’s trip to the Smithsonian’s Black Museum …
        trying to trip up Spicer and nail Trump about some mythical racist moment during the day – maybe he spit on some exhibit? or KKKed all over the walls?

      28. Looks like Keith Ellison is calling for the impeachment of Trump. Notice how he is muslim
        but he keeps an American sounding name. He figures if he renamed himself to something
        like Malik Shabad Aziz he probably would not get as many votes. Very slippery of you,
        Mr. Ellison.

      29. Notice how supreme neocon leader McCain is making secret trips to Syria. That prick will
        not be happy until WW3 gets started. He is constantly trying to undermine the new
        administration at every opportunity. Wonder who funds his trips over there. Raytheon?
        General Dynamics? Hmm.

      30. On Drudge

        University of Michigan wants a NO WHITE SPACE to plan political activist events. I call it planning Mayhem.

        Yes they are all inclusive those Libtards.

        Jim Crow lurking in the bushes. Hehehe!

      31. Just another “Dumbacrat”!

      32. Did you all not know? April is mentally retarded! Surely you knew!

      33. The media always tries to interpret what someone says. They think it’s their JOB to sway public opinion and spill propaganda.

      34. April Ryan sees the world through her own fear and prejudices. She is an intolerant bigot who is, by her own words, incapable of of objective journalism.

      35. I’m sure President Trump meant all Americans when he used the pronoun we unless you didn’t have any part in building America. I think you are the racist!

      36. We means all Americans in his statement unless you didn’t have any part in making America what it is today. Negroes didn’t come willingly to this country but they sure had a huge part in shaping this country. We should mean all Americans & we should mean that we are all treated the same. We (all Americans) need stop judging others & get rid of hurtful & derogatory language and just be Americans.

      37. President Trump said “we” built this Country. Now, a black woman explains what he meant by the statement. She is psychic. She knows exactly what he meant, or maybe not. Maybe she just wanted to use her 15 seconds in the media to tell Americans that it was not the white man who created all this civilization around, it was in large part black people who built America: an outright lie.

        America W A S B U I L T by white people. Furthermore every half way educated person with an IQ over 100 knows that America was built by white people. The entire civilized world was developed by white people.

        Every single invention, discovery, advancement of any magnitude was that of the white race. The Asians made some discoveries, like that of gun powder, but all in all, only extreme genius such as that of Tesla, Edison, Da Vinci, and other white men are responsible for building America.

        It is true that Blacks did menial labor in the cotton fields and later in some other jobs such as janitor; but for the most of their existence here in America, they have been more of a burden and an impediment to the advancement of Western civilization; and they continue to impede true progress.

        The IQ of African Blacks is on average borderline retarded. Explain it away, but it is fact. American Blacks have higher IQ than their counterparts in their Native land. Most American Blacks are mixed race. The dark skinned blacks who worked the fields are not regarded even among other lighter Blacks as equals, because most are inferior intellectually and the Blacks know it.

        I’m sorry that the truth is racist. But after long and difficult research into these matters, one can honestly come to only one conclusion. The white European, especially those from Germany and the icy northern regions of Europe, are superior in intellect, in the desire and ability to create and build civilizations.

        If that is racist, than racist it is, and I can’t escape reality even if I would.


      38. sounds like SHE’S the racist if all she hears in simple words like this is racist comments.

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