Long Before Militia in Oregon, Eric Holder Was in “Armed Standoff” At Columbia ROTC Building

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Headline News | 68 comments


eric holder

If the standoff in Oregon had taken place last year, he would have been the man in charge of the federal response across every law enforcement agency, including the FBI, ATF and U.S. Marshals.

Though Loretta Lynch has now succeeded him as Attorney General, Eric Holder led the nation’s law enforcement response during most of the Obama Administration.

And he, too, was once involved in an armed standoff.

In sharp contrast to his role as  Attorney General, Eric Holder, as a young black radical at Columbia, was one of those who were engaged in an “armed standoff” with authorities over a “territorial dispute.”

Today, the thinking on the left is different, but during the radical 60s, even the “safe spaces” crowd of the day saw a need for the 2nd Amendment in their struggles with tyranny and oppression of the day.

The Daily Caller reported back in 2012:

As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed,” The Daily Caller has learned.

Holder was then among the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), which demanded that the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge.” The change, the group insisted, was to be made “in honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

That protest ended with the demands of the group met, and no arrests. How will the situation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge – where a group has taken up arms over a territorial dispute – end up? Hopefully, just as peacefully.

But there are surely double standards and selective enforcement biases at work – and today many on the left have called for a lethal strike against the militia hold out in Oregon, calling for military or agency forces to kill those inside.

But back in the day, there were plenty of leftists involved in armed standoffs and tensions with police that sometimes spilled over into violence. The Weathermen killed and terrorized for their politics. The SDS was known to provoke fights and resort to tactics of force. The Black Panthers frequently demonstrated with firearms and encountered frequent conflict with police. During the 70s, the American Indian Movement had a 71-day armed standoff at Wounded Knee during which they exchanged fire with the FBI.

Some of these actions were principled, others likely instigated by professional agitators.

Regardless, there is much more to the issue today in Oregon than the mere fact that those involved are armed. To date, there is no violence; there are no hostages; and no one has made threats. They have been unfairly branded as “terrorists.”

As Kurt Nimmo of Infowars writes:

The incident is similar to the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center by Ammon Bundy and others, but the corporate media has yet to deem Holder a terrorist or, for that matter, even mention it.


It is doubtful Ammon Bundy and his companions will receive the same treatment as Holder and escape prosecution if they leave the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center, that is if they are not killed by the federal government in a standoff.

Whether or not these men are standing up for the right issue in the right way, it is important that due process be maintained – and that massacres like the ones that took place at the Branch Davidian compound and Ruby Ridge never happen again.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail on all sides of this issue.

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    1. Justonemore

      Great article Mac
      Although I try not to start my morning with that POS Eric Holder

      If there is another branch Davidian or Ruby Ridge there will be a revolution

    2. 01 10

      Eric Holder runs guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels, but Americans can’t own gun’s???

    3. PO'd Patriot

      It was obvious Holder was a criminal before he became a criminal. As in real life, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

      • SterlingSilver

        There is always a double set of rules, one set we the peasants have to abide by, and the other for the aristocracy. I live less than an hour from where Jack Yantis was shot and killed by Adam’s county deputies in November of last year.

        After hearing that the two deputies were put on paid administrative leave pending the investigation, I asked on of my local deputies in here in my neighboring county that if roles had been reversed, Jack Yantis have been allowed to go on paid ranchers leave pending the investigation had he shot and killed both deputies in self defense. My local deputy replied that the decision to allow the deputies to roam free on vacation had been structured into their union agreement. So there ya go folks! One set of oppressive laws for us, and they get away with murder. Literally.

      • Braveheart1776

        Sorry to be so late everyone but my day ha been really crazy. Very interesting article on Holder. I always knew he was a POS but didn’t know he was THIS BIG of a POS. And he got off scot-free just because he’s black. That’s black affirmative action for you. [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED] If he had been white, he would’ve been buried under a federal prison. It’s just another example of what I’ve always said: THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOWS FAVORITISM TO MINORITY GROUPS AND TREATS WHITE PEOPLE LIKE SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS. IT DOESN’T TREAT ALL GROUPS OF PEOPLE THE SAME. THE WORST EXAMPLE IS DHS CLASSIFYING WHITE PEOPLE UNDER 72 DIFFERENT CATEGORIES AS ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISTS’. WELL, DHS, OBAMA, LYNCH, ETC. ALL OF THEM CAN KISS MY WHITE ASS. Mac, sorry for the rant but myday has been lousy and this article helped me let off some steam.

        • FTW

          Sorry to here that Brave –

          Having a bad day certainly sucks, and no need to apologize for the rant … maybe you don’t notice … but ranting is some of your best work … can’t quite imagine what it would look like if you were completely pissed off!

          But … something says to me that it would be beyond spectacular for sure!

          Hang tough Brother ツ

          • Braveheart1776

            FTW, thanks for that. However on occasion I do have some fun letting off steam.

        • Karen S

          Anything that the black community has won has been through either overt violence or thinly veiled threats of violence. The Ivy League caved and gave in and admitted unqualified black students because of this. Read up on the history of “black activism” and Columbia University. Many of those who advocated or participated in violence have been richly rewarded, not that their comrades are at the levers of power in government and academia. Holder is one example. Ayers and Dorn living a life of comfort and being rewarded with university tenure is another.

          Which is why I am in support of the Malheur stand, tactical mistakes aside.

    4. Razzle

      Such men are truly well intended, but they are in error, for they follow the orders of those above them, and the enemy is not without but is within, and those above them are owned by the enemy within.

    5. javelin

      Columbia university again–the good old Frankfurt School never seems to die does it?

      • ponomo

        I hired a Columbia student/grad to work on a oil drilling rig in Wyoming years ago. I made a mistake….He/she only lasted two days.

      • John Q. Public

        Disarm Holder!

    6. FreeSlave

      To be a Liberal is to be a Hypocrite.

      • Kevin2

        Few fill those shoes better than John Kerry. A one time leader of, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, testified before Congress, now a neo-con. Interestingly there is no where near the anti war sentiment in the liberal circles when Democrats lead the charge.

        The same holds true for deregulating the Financial Sector with Clinton abandoning Glass-Stegall, and signing NAFTA and China Free Trade. Today you can’t prove it to a stone Democrat, regardless of evidence, Clintons actions. Today union members speak fondly of the “Clinton Economy”.

        Stone Republicans are just a tad better as the Democrat v Republican political rivalry is more akin to a sports game of, “My team against your team”.

        • Braveheart1776

          Kevin2, well said.

      • SpudWeb

        Truer words are rarely spoken

    7. lost karma

      Liberals believe that the government should disarm the people and only the government should have guns. Well here is some news for the gun grabbers.

      I am the government of the United States. So is the waitress at Denny’s, and so is the bartender, the truck driver and the drunk sleeping it off on a park bench. We the people collectively ARE the government of the United States. Therefore we the people, the government of the United States, already have our guns and it’s going to stay that way.

      Hillary has been a rabid advocate for more and more laws restricting firearm ownership going back to when she was the First Lady 20 years ago. It’s good to see some democrats who are gun owners who say they will not vote for her.

      • Kevin2

        The root word of Liberal isn’t Liberty. Progress has nothing to do with progressive.

        The intentional deceiving misuse of the english language was part of the infamous George Orwell book 1984 which appears to have become a templet for society.

    8. apache54

      he should have NEVER got past his background check with that on his record just another reason to see how corrupt the feds are!

      • Nobama

        He never had a background check. He was put there by Obola, the executive criminal-in-chief. None of Obola’s appointees would pass a background check.

    9. Jim in Va.

      Careful…he might end up on the Supreme Court, the ultimate hypocrisy.

    10. Kulafarmer

      So the question is,
      When the feds kill those people in Or under the shield of the terrorism laws,
      Then what?

      • Ketchupondemand

        Kula, another nail in the coffin of the Constitution, where the media will once again call them “home grown terrorists”.

        Much like the media calls people who are here from Yemen or chaos-stan, if they’ve lived in the US for a year, “home grown terrorists”. Such bullshit.

        • Kulafarmer

          They already are calling them that,
          Different rules of engagement too

        • Sgt. Dale

          One mans terrorist is another mans Patriot!!!
          They call the Founding Fathers terrorist.


          • pappy

            if the shoe fits put it on

    11. JRS

      The Indians had a legitimate beef since the corporate state has never held up their end of the bargain, treaty wise.

      Long live Dennis Banks.

      RIP Russell Means.

      • john stiner

        But they do have nice casinos….Lots of Indian heritage being preserved in those casinos…..

    12. NIGHT OWL

      Off the subject you see North Korea set off a NUKE.
      I guess move the the DOOMS DAY CLOCK UP

      Lets get it over with I am tired of all this.

    13. Enemy of the State

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T424sWq1SkE&feature=youtu.be

      are we going to fight? or are we going to take it up the ass again?

      and this story is another reason why these bastards need to swing

      a Republic..if you can keep it
      and the only way to keep it is to keep this type of bastard in check
      or remove all possible power from them so they burn out in a prison cell

      the fight in Origon has nothing to do with Hammonds or Bundys ..it has to do with all of us taking this country back

      there wont be a better time than now

      • john stiner

        I guess I have a different point of view.

        I believe it is too late to “take back America.”

        I believe that revolution is the only way to restore America. No amount of civil disobedience will work. God bless the Bundys, but their effort is fruitless and they will be cast off as nut jobs.

        So, the real question becomes:

        How long are we going to take the oppression before we start a shooting war?

        For me, I will wait until they are knocking on my door, then the guerrilla war will begin. I will have a list. I will remain anonymous and I won’t be making press conferences like the Bundys.

        I will tolerate a lot of shit until the day comes because I have a loving family and I know civil war will be devastating.

        If you get the chance watch the Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War. It is a very moving documentary and really shows the suffering the soldiers and the civilians went through. It would make you think seriously before rushing to take up arms.

        Just my opinion……

        • Enemy of the State

          “For me, I will wait until they are knocking on my door, then the guerrilla war will begin”

          If you wait until they are knocking on your door .. your war is already over, and you never got the chance to act , all you got to do was talk about it
          and if they remove the 1st amendment like they will , you wont even get to talk about it
          especially after your mouth will have a gun barrel stuffed in it

          Not every man lives,, but we do all die

          • Just_Sayin

            So what’s your plan ?
            Keep sitting behind your computer typing tough comments and asking questions about when we are going to take action. To answer your original question… you are going to take it up the ass again… 100%. You will do nothing but blah, blah, blah. You will be spewing the same bullshit on the next article. Make no mistake, I do not have all of the answers however it is tiresome listening to the same bullshit every day.

          • Braveheart1776

            EOTS, “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” Braveheart

        • FreeSlave

          John Stiner: “God bless the Bundys, but their effort is fruitless and they will be cast off as nut jobs.”

          Highly likely. Way too early and premature.

          “For me, I will wait until they are knocking on my door, then the guerrilla war will begin.”

          Way, way too late.

        • Angry Old White Guy

          You don’t make a stand when they knock on your door, you make a stand when they knock on your neighbors door.

    14. Drt

      His involvement should have precluded him from ever working for the city, state or federal LE. This is why Holder didn’t do anything to the Black Panthers who were intimidating voters in Philly. He is sympathetic.
      Folks DC is f’ing corrupt and it can’t be cleaned just by voting.
      Thomas Jefferson said it best…

    15. Enemy of the State


      wonder where Ive heard this before

      Enemy of the State says:
      Comment ID: 3497518
      January 5, 2016 at 12:59 pm
      In 1970 a group of armed thugs calling themselves SAAS took over a Federal Naval Reserve Officers Training Facility. They held the building at gunpoint for five days while their demands were being negotiated . The demands were eventually met and the building was returned over to authorities .
      No charges were ever filed on anyone and one of the terrorist became the 81st United States Attorney General named Eric Holder.

      Makemyday says:
      Comment ID: 3497828
      January 5, 2016 at 8:09 pm
      You know Enemy, you just cant make this stuff up. Truth nearly boggles the mind.

      • Braveheart1776

        EOTS, nothing happened to Holder because he’s black. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful?


      You know its something thous of you remember the radicals of the 1960-70s we are talking left wingers.

      Well guess what they are in charge now of this country.


    17. slingshot


      I got about two thirds in and stopped.

      What that women told me is that the WHOLE government is CORRUPT. If that is so them we should arrest Congress, the president and his administration and the Supreme Court.

      When you say FEDERAL GOVERNMENT , that means every Department of Government. Not Just the BLM. You can bet they will have the FBI, CIA. NSA, DEA, all coming against you and then if that is not enough you will have the Military activated.

      You want it done you have to do it all at once on a very large scale. Do we have the resources to accomplish that Feat? Do we have the backing of public opinion?

      I am talking from a tactical point of view. These people have command and control. Surveilance out the ass.

      Alright now you can call me a coward ,pussie, old Fuck, Jackass, Dumb Motherfucker, Keyboard commando and armchair general.

      Did I cover it All?

      • Enemy of the State

        you covered it Sling

        and you will not see me call you anything like that

        BTW im an old fuck too, and frontier justice is how I roll

        those alphabet agencies dont scare me , im too ornery, old and dont give a fuck no more

        • slingshot


          I am my Own Army Of ONE.

          • Enemy of the State

            100% on the mark

        • Kulafarmer


          • PO'd Patriot

            Si’+ 1 more.

            • Braveheart1776

              I am my own first responder.

    18. Angry Old White Guy


      ^65 year old grandmother shots 23 year old mugger in NH.

      ht tp://www.unionleader.com/Grandmother-65-says-she-shot-man-who-tried-to-mug-her

      We know what to do here in NH.

    19. Sgt. Dale

      OK I heard this story a few days ago. They got what they wanted and walked on.

      Holder is no longer the A.G. I had nothing but distain for Holder, and he should be in prison, but he is gone now let the dead dog lie.


      • Enemy of the State

        that dead dog you call, is still stinking up MY country

        • Makemyday


          Not only is he stinking up our country he is back in his “old nest”, Covinton & Burling law firm.

          According to the Salon article sited by posters here:
          “Practically no law firm has done more to protect Wall Street executives from their criminal activities than C&B.

          Their roster of clients include every mega bank in America: JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bsnk of America. Holder has joined several of his ex-employees there creating a shadow justice Department and an unquestionable conflict of interest.

          In fact, given the pathetic fashion in which the Department of Justice limited punishment for those who caused the greatest economic meltdown in 80 years, Holders ‘NEW’ job looks like his ‘Old’ job”.

          Read the Salon article posters. Do you need to ponder who/what is responsible for America’s demise. Until we take the banksters down, NOTHING is going to change with the old/new politicians you send to DC.

          • Makemyday


            These ‘dogs’ do not slink off to the sunset; they are moved to another doghouse to keep nipping away at Americas’ heels.

            He should be in the ‘big house’. Or at least high on that list the patriots are making.

            Never let that “sleeping dog” lay, NEVER!

            • FTW

              Makemyday is correct … besides that dog is old … he needs the proper obamacare treatment and give him a euthanasia shot to put him out of his misery.

    20. Mr Smith

      To see Obama and his fake tears over gun control made me sick !

      The USA under orders from Obama is responsible for killing hundreds of kid each month and the only tears you see are tears of joy as he thinks he might remove guns from the US public using back-door controls.

      We are seeing the start of war between the government and the general public and talking counts for nothing in the USA because the institutions are full of members who are taking bribes from bankers so the only way to be heard is to point a gun back into the face of the state who keeps putting a gun in your face.

      Now is not the time to hand guns in, register them or hand over the right to say who can carry a gun and who cannot because it will never stop, everyone will end up on a list who’s a patriot and will stand there ground.

    21. Satori

      How Corrupt Is the American Government?

      think grains of sand on the beach

      h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-06/how-corrupt-american-government

      • Kevin2


        That one article with its hyper links is in essence a PHD in the way things are.


    22. slingshot


      Good article.

    23. slingshot

      When they come for you.

      How much of a coordinated effort will it take to round preppers/gun owners? What are the signs?

      Do they collect only a few people at first using SWAT. Ramping up to barricading streets of certain blocks and doing a massive house to house search and arrests. By the truck load? Those that watch will never see those people again. How many times can they surprise those on there list before their is armed confrontation. Will the news media react and how will they react. How long before the whole country is alerted to acts of Government. They might even come for you at work and then go back and search and confiscate items from your home. Will they tell your neighbors exactly what is going on or show a search warrant.

      All depends if your are on the list of the first one to get rounded up without any warning. ;0)

      • grandee

        Gonna be a tough fight, isn’t it.

        If I wasn’t 1000 miles away, I’d show up at the front gate with my laundry basket to collect dirty laundry, wash and return.

        Let the feds shoot an old lady armed with her laundry basket and cookies.

        There are plenty of us who could do just that!

        There is more than one way to water the tree of liberty. No need to go in guns a blazin’.

        Will President Obama cry when I give my life for the Constitution?

        This free slave will be in Heaven.
        Don’t mourn for me. Rejoice with me~ peace

        • FTW

          “Will President Obama cry when I give my life for the Constitution?”

          Highly unlikely … chances are … he’ll be all smiles and grins seeing Constitutional Americans getting destroyed some more.

          Then he’ll brag about how he brought on the chaos and destruction all by himself … claiming that … “he built that”.

          • commies 101

            bommie stuck his onion soaked finger in his eye and wiped the POS from his face.

    24. swinging richard

      Maybe Holder will join the Bundy’s cause in Oregon.

    25. FTW

      “When they come for you”

      Any sort of scenario of “round ups” … large or small … will be Game On against this kind of tyranny!

      The first sign of that, is when I leave my house and stay in my first BOL on my property to keep an eye on activity (approx. 200 yards)

      If the opposition is too overwhelming for me to handle, then I have the option to fall back to another BOL (approx. 500 yards) if need to be, but I’ll lose line of sight of my home.

      If I don’t feel secure at BOL#2, then I have BOL#3 … which is almost 5 miles away. I hope I won’t need to make that travel … but it’s there if I can get to it safely and being incognito by foot.

      If for some reason that location ends up being compromised … then I guess I’m SOL … and have to wing it and improvise .. iduno .. ツ

    26. pvt. mushroom

      Why don’t u.s. government send to the Hammond group truckloads of food, tents and camping supplies.. I kinda think this is how Putin would handle this “problem”.

      Hope everybody has a nice day…..

    27. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf


      Conti Divide, BANNED. This piece of sh….t is now banned for critising me, and i am perfect. phuck you prick.



      Agency ass clown super moderator.

    28. angry beaver

      Hcks you need to get your meds adjusted again. Your slipping. So are the Chinese coming for us or the Muslims or the moon men. What does your scientist friend say please tell us were hanging on your every word. Will the moon men bring the Texas gold back if maybe just come and rape our women before killing all but %3. Seriously where do you come up with this crap.
      Move out of moms basement get some counseling get a job and leave the real patriots yo do important work. You are not right in the head hcks I seriously believe you are a danger to yourself and others. Now that I’ve heavily criticized you shamed you and belittled you will I be banned ? Idiot. Fool. Loosed. Little girly boy.was it you father that made you put on that little sundress do your hair up in pigtails and touch your bum lol maybe you had a bad uncle

    29. pappy

      where is clint when you need him , he is the big gun ,grand torino comes to mind . god bless all of you …. there is no secret word or goofy password, just free speech !!!!

    30. Beano McReano

      THEY are NEGROES. Negroes get a pass because they are Negroes! They have learned to use their racism due to their dark skin color.

      They think they are above everyone else because they be NEGROES!

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