Locked and Loaded: Guess Which Industry Is Thriving While Everyone Else Teeters on the Edge of Failure

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Headline News | 254 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    As consumer retail giants like Best Buy, which saw a 90% decline in net income in the second quarter of 2012, struggle for survival amid the worst economic crisis to hit the globe since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, there’s one industry that’s not only maintained its growth, but is showing record profits month after month.

    This is no doubt a terrifying trend for those who’d prefer to “hug it out” with mass shooters or violent criminals in modern day domestic  war zones like Chicago, Illinois. For the rest of us, however, it’s a no brainer considering the rising tide of crime, the potential for an economic collapse that drives society to chaos, and a political climate that would like nothing more than to see Americans be forced into defending themselves with sticks and stones.

    A large number of Americans see what’s coming, and they’re taking their personal safety and protection into their own hands, as evidenced by the following chart showing gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson’s quarterly revenue growth:

    When the final bubble does pop (and here we make the wild assumption that no intelligent extraterrestrial life will be found to bail out the central banks in time), at least everyone will be locked and loaded. (Via Zero Hedge)

    Year over year Smith and Wesson has seen growth of 48% (a number that must have left Solyndra executives and the Obama administration bewildered), and they are showing no signs of a slow-down. Likewise, other gun manufacturers are seeing record growth – and backlogs – as Ruger recently had to suspend new firearms orders citing “overwhelming demand.”

    As was previously noted, over 10 million guns were sold in the United States in 2011, and 2012 is is going to be even bigger – something that should scare the crap out of anyone who’d ever think to invade or enslave the free people of the United States.

    Violent criminals out there should take note – law abiding Americans aren’t going to sit back and take this lying down anymore.


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      1. #1 inspiration to buy guns is…

        • Amen to that! This comes as such a consolation.

          • “I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

          • Damn, after reading this article I feel the need to go out and get another ?????. Nah, just more ammo!

            • My wife told me we needed a larger gun safe. So she picked out one that holds 48 long guns. Got it yesterday…she is so cool!!

            • @ AZ Ready. You are so right, this is a feel good article. Much of the money from the firearms industry is going back into the U.S. economy and keeping jobs in this country. That makes this an even better feel good article.

        • The ONLY obligation I have by any Law is to defend my state against invasion. Thus, I have armed myself to fulfill that obligation.

          Not to mention the obligation to my family to protect them and their home from invasion, and to be able to supply food if the need be.

          When I get invaded, it matters not by who, I will be prepared to fire first and ask questions later.

          • Thats what the Castle Doctrine is all about, Kings. God don’t make junk. Kings declare their Rights and Laws, not subjects.

            • ANON: Wrong! That is what the American Revolution was all about.

              If Americans would truly demand their Constitutional rights with a legitimate political party of True Patriots backed by 90 million gun owners, the NWO would crumble like a paper bag.

              The NWO Globalists who control OUR government fear the loss of political office and the power of those offices. Without political power these Dual Citizens would run back to their home country faster than you can say:

              “Council of Foreign Relations”.

              Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • Thats what the Castle Doctrine is all about, Kings. God don’t make junk. Kings declare their Rights and Laws, not subjects.

          • Questions? We don’t need no steenking questions!

            • Become pro-active in your neighborhoods by affiliating yourselves with your local Police and Neighborhood Crime Watch Program. You’ll get to know your neighbors, and make new friends whom you may have to count on at some point. You’ll intimately get to know the areas around where you live, as well as gain the respect of people who see you patroling their streets. Your presense will deter crime, and give you a sense of pride. When you attend the monthly meetings you’ll be privy to intel on you area that the public isn’t. Having a Police radio also goes a long way in that respect as well. You may even have oppritunities to participate in covert operations from time to time. Having a close relationship with your like-minded neighbors goes a long way toward securing your property, and your family’s confidense and security. Members are usually good about watching your place in particular while on patrol, picking up newspapers etc., while you’re away. It’s a win/win situation for the neighborhood and you. This country’s going to Hell, but there are things you can do to help take it back, and this is a good start.

        • The Bible tells me so. By the way, that means self defense.

          • It is said, that’s why He gave us an index finger!!!

            • Politicians are why he gave us a middle one.

        • Raising lefties’ blood pressure is a bonus.

          • “I think it is important for all Americans to at least be familiar with the operation and manipulation of the AK, if not be an AK owner. Why?

            Because it is the most prolific combat rifle in the world.
            Because it is far more reliable than most other weapons.
            Because it is easily aquired everywhere (except California)
            Because the likelihood of coming across one is high.
            Because it will probably be what the bad guys choose to use.
            Because owning one or knowing how to use one infuriates the liberals”.- Gabe Saurez

            • JustMe, could not agree with you more. Got Gabe Saurez’s vidio a few years back and that was outstanding too.

              Got a buddy in the gun biz who say’s that there is such a demand for AK 30rd. mags that they are getting hard to find, go figure?

            • Or, if you be a po’ boy such as myself, at least get an SKS. Same ruggedness, same reliability, fires the same round

            • Actually the bad guys already told us what they are using. The major rounds will be .40 cal shot with HK UMP40 machine guns and the standard M16 .223 cal.

              DHS are the bad guys who plan to attack Americans and are working for the Rothschild Banking Mafia along with 98% of the treasonous congress.

          • The left and right is for the children that still dont get it. Grow up already.

        • KY Mom…..”#1 inspiration to buy guns is…” That would be Barack Obama….the best gun salesman in America.

        • Sneak in #1

        • I just purchased a 45-70 lever action and it is awesome, I love it.

        • Inspiration to buy guns:

          1)To get food
          2)Trading stock for whatever else you need
          3)Social outreach if required

          As commodities go, pretty durn good…

          Same goes for ammo…

      2. first off its always time to buy a gun

      3. Nothing like the threat of an economic collapse and/or a Marxist take over to wake people up!

        God Save our Republic!

        • Knowing that the police are getting as bad as the street gangs has waken people up. I posted before about Stockton’s gangs ( I mean police ) basically threatening the city manager even though the city has filed bankruptcy and the courts have already ruled that the city can’t even modify their cush retirement plan (30 days of service in Stockton gets you LIFE TIME health care). And the bankruptcy won’t even fix that only the bond holders who paid for the hockey arena, new city hall and minor league baseball field will get hosed.

          • The link to the KCRA reports is to my name; showing how the police union has started investing in homes; well one home that is – next door to the city manager.

            • Tells you all you need to know about your local LEOs.

          • Let them seize everything in a tax action. Who are they going to sell it to?

            • They will sell it to filthy rich jewbanksters and fellow tribe travlers.

          • Jim: Do the unions (Police and Fire) have minimum manning requirements in their contracts? If not, the city’s best option is to simply stop hiring until they can get a handle on the costs. That would also include a cut back in maintenance of vehicles, equipment, and stations, and of course, and no new purchases of anything for a very long time. But that should include all city departments including the mayor and city council since they, or their predecesors, agreed to these contracts, you know, spread the pain. The citizens are also going to have to be more vigilant because response times will be cut back. Either that or they can continue to pay through the nose. Maybe it’ll teach them to know more about what their city government is doing and promising in their name. It’s going to be YOYO Time (You’re On Your Own) for a lot of us. PS, I lived in Stockton from 1955-1957, I’m sorry for you folks.

          • What is the City Manager’s pay and benefits?

        • Frankly RWM, i think God is going to make us do it ourselves…he has given us life and many have offered less than nothing to humanity and the earth.

      4. That kind of growth is what I would expect from the original point and click interface. In addition to owning firearms, training is essential, like the kind you get at Front Sight near Las Vegas. Google it and watch some videos to see what I mean.

        • Have your grandpa show you how to shoot a rifle. He grew up with the M1 Garand and Springfield 30-06.

          • I’ll bet your Grandpa can show you a lot of things. First of all how to live to a ripe old age and be fit enough to teach someone how to shoot. Age and experience gave most of them wisdom. Not always what to do but also what not to do.

            That generation did not talk about it they just did it.

      5. Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock…

        • Doc.

      6. If you can count how many guns you have, you don’t have enough!

        • Thats a good reason. Gotta go.

        • So then, the better you are at math, the more guns you should own? Sounds good to me!

      7. Nice! More bang for the buck!

      8. I was reading months ago about it being a hot stock so I tossed a little money at SWHC and now its the only stock I own!!! paper and steel!

      9. Great article, but let us not forget they can not stop the guns but will go after the bullets. They will let you have an empty gun to shut you up.

        • Cast your own hard lead bullets of .30 cal. or better. Fire them in a real rifle. You can’t have too many primers, powder and brass cases.

        • Speer-Alliant industries down the road from me. One would think ammo here would be inexpensive & plentiful. The opposite is true. Have to go over Rockies to Montana or do orders just to get Mini-Mags, powder & primers. So far the ammo is still a trickle along with components. This applies to defensive ammo. Sporting ammo is there, but pricey. S&W revolvers are here but run on the high side. Demand for “Zombie” rifles is high & so is ammo. To each his own I guess.

          Best to the Preps.

        • girl getting nervous, reloading and handloading ammunition is the way to go. It’s relatively inexpensive after the initial startup costs and the components are plentiful for now. Stock up and save your brass from the range.

          • Totally agree YH. To Grandpa’s point too, now’s the time to stock up on the peripherals that make a cartridge.

            Remember in the movie “The Patriot”, when Mel Gibson’s character uses his dead son’s lead toy soldiers and melts them into bullets? I do the same thing, but the toy soldiers are in the shape of O’Barfbag, Holder, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and Bloomberg. Very satisfying feeling when the lead melts.

            • Oops – forgot to add our Commissar of State to the above list…my bad.

              Speaking of Mrs. Clinton – reminds me a a jingle I heard a while back (theme song of “The Addams Family” TV show):

              “The Father is a sicko,
              The mother is a lezbo,
              The daughter looks like Fido,
              The Clinton Family!”

              (da-da-da-dum – snap fingers twice)

            • “I do the same thing, but the toy soldiers are in the shape of O’Barfbag, Holder, Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and Bloomberg. Very satisfying feeling when the lead melts.”

              LOL! That’s excellent Eagle71.

            • hey eagle, he wasn’t too bad with a tomahawk and a knife either. Got blade?

        • Then flip rifle around and use it to apply a Very Stout Snout Smack! 10lbs of rifle butt applied to their noses/snouts and You can Take Their ammo away to use!

          Then reload and whack em proper like.

      10. I would like a personal letter sent to me from the following manufactures for helping keep them in business

        Smith & Wesson
        Strum Ruger
        DPMS Panther Arms

        Hodgens Powders
        Winchester primers and projectiles
        Herters Brass
        Winchester Brass
        Remmington Brass

        and a few un- named manufatures of components and acessories

        I doubt I will get my letter, but I fully support thier efforts, I sure hope they support mine.

        • as long as you got the money to pay them they will support you too 🙂

          • I’ve been a long time supporter..Long time

            didnt aquire it over night, and supported them since I was a lad, The Right to bear ams is a family tradition..runs in our blood.

        • Don’t forget Federal; decent ammo company. A friend of mine complained he couldn’t afford an ounce of silver at $33. He only had $25 so I got him to pick up a box of Federal 22LR, 525 rounds of ammo for $23 including sales tax. He wishes he could afford silver, wishes he had gold, but is glad he at least has 22 ammo to go with his rifle.

          • That’s a smart friend of yours: he wants to diversify into gold, silver, brass and lead

          • Jim,

            Be careful using Federal ammo. I recently tried some of the 9mm ammo only to find every 2 round jammed.After micing all the rounds found out the were produce to long and caused them to jamb.


          • Um, I’m doing okay on the .22lr I’ve bought. It’s up more than most stocks over the same period, plus it can be put to use in the meantime if need be…

      11. Anyone looking for “job security” should look to companies like Smith and Wesson. It’s the new growth industry.

        At least until laws are passed outlawing all gun makers in this country

      12. Personaly, I feel that the Federal Government should be overwhelmed with gratitude towards American Citizens. The Federal Government should be proud of the success in it’s efforts to show the American people just how important self defence is. I know that I am personaly proud of the American people who willingly spend their own money on defending America from her enemys, forgein and domestic.

        On top of that, more and more American citizens are standing up against the criminals that walk the streets of America. Ordinary citizens of all ages are fighting back and successfully defending their homes, neighborhoods and businesses.

        With American Citizens arming themselves right along side the Federal Government, I can see America coming back to the proud and fee nation that I grew up in.

        I thank FEMA for leading the way in instructing American citizens in the vital need to prepare for future crisis, like we saw and felt in Katrina, the Gulf Oil Mishap and the drougt striken areas of Americas vast farm lands. With FEMAs instructions on how to stock up on food, water, clothing, medical supplys and fuel, many American citizens will be able to withstand the devistation of future natural/man made crisis and leave FEMA to handle the paperwork that will arise from these events.

        I am happy that the TSA is able to keep America safe from breast feeding women, colostamy bags that explode upon examination and physically/mentaly impared citezens who use US airways to spread their evil and endanger lives all over this great country.

        I am happy that the EPA is out there helping to shut down the small farmers and organic outlets that are taking valuable land and commercial space away from the more efficient big agra businesses/chain stores that are better able to meet the food demands of our growning nation.

        And let us not forget the American Educational system that spends more on education than any other nation in the world. And with our world standing of 27th in the Sciences and Math scores compared to the rest of the world, we are going to need more money heading into the school systems. We just can’t give up on our children can we?

        I am a proud American citizen who is willing to help our crippled country stand up tall and proud again.

        And I know that there is at least 3 millon more American Citizens eager to join me.

          • Is it a trick??

          • I quit listening to them years ago…theyre skitzo..one ABC agentcy will tell you to prep another passes a “law” and says “dontcha dare”…one says left another says right….too many wannabbe “chiefs” and no indians the heads of the hydra dont know what each of them are saying,who theyre protecting and who theyre eating…I mean think about it…they dont give a rats butt about anyone of us but just try to kill yourself and theyll be right there to “save” you by locking you in a cage to protect you,seems they want us dead but it has to be at their hand and at their time…another example is they want to put as many people as possible(or so it seems) on drugs for all kinds of real or imagined problems…but take a bit of “the wacky tobbaccy” for any ailments you have and youre in that cage again,see what I mean?( I also know its all about money and control) theyre nuts and evil to boot,best to not believe a word they say on anything,just sayin….they remind me of some of my inlaws! 😉

        • Mona, well said. To think that the federal government created the Civilian Marksmanship Program in 1903 as part of the War Department Appropriations Act according to Wikipedia. In WWII the program was used once more to train civilian Americans in the use of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns in anticipation of a Japanese invasion of the US west coast. Today it seems the apple has fallen quite far from the tree.

      13. I can’t help but be concerned how many of those gun owners have full pantries, water storage and other preps. Given the 1% touted as those prepped, it’s going to be far too few.

        Sadly a lot of those gun owners are going to be well armed desperate people in the coming times of badness willing to do whatever it takes to get food for their children because they lacked the foresight to plan for something other than pure defense or assumed a gun was all they’d really need.

        In this country there are lot more people with guns and ammo stacked deep than beans and rice stacked deep. 🙁

        • I wouldn’t worry about the armed patriot. He’s the last Boy Scout.

        • This is one of the toughest thing to prepare for…. Do you run to your bol or stay and fight… Either way, there will be armed Americans at both. I tend to believe that relocating to higher grounds ( if possible ) is a better choice. Then again, most of us probably won’t have a choice depending on the speed the shit hits. Ammo and guns are needed, but water is key. Without a healthy supply, these armed people will quickly die holding their guns in their hands.

        • I agree, but it’s a start.

        • Yes & they have no clue on how to dispose of the bodies. Leave a few of those lying around & see how long it takes to get some disease up & running. Longer you leave them lay & pile up, the worse it’ll get.

          • Use lots of lime

            • Forget the lime, find some hungry HOGS. I’ve seen 5 large hogs consume a 400# dead calf in less than an hour.

        • His Arms Wide, my son preps in the Caliornia Bay Area, and his friends have told him that they will come over to his house. They also have guns to TAKE WHAT EVER THEY WANT!

          • Unfortunatly Mona, your son opened his mouth. Tell him to create a personal false flag event. He can tell his friends there was a fire in the house, break in or whatever. Let the friends know nothing was left. Other than that, relocate the supplies or arm up.

            Most people who own firearms can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

            • AZ..I was at the range a week or so ago and next to us was a guy “teaching” some poor girl “how” to shoot a handgun. We were in a carry state so I assume she had bought a weapon for personal defense and had her knight in shining armor showing her how to use it. I never saw such pathetic pistol-craft in all my life. This was a case of the blind leading the ignorant. I normally observe people on the pistol range and a lot of times shake my head at what people are doing but I was seriously inclined to go over to this guy and offer to buy his pistols from him to keep him from carrying and killing innocent bystanders or himself should he ever have to brandish his weapon. Too many times I have seen people with excellent equipment show up at the range and not have a clue how to use it. How many people do you know that buy a gun for protection and NEVER shoot it? Growing up in the country, guns are just a part of my life and shooting comes natural but I think anyone new into shooting should at least take a safety course before thinking they can take on the world with that new Glock.

            • blackrifle….I guess practice makes perfect.I recall one day we were riding the country roads and stopped to plug a few cans at a roadside dump.I believe the gun was a Dan Wesson 357 revolver. The one gal cocked it, put the gun up to her face, and pulled the trigger. It left quite the dent in her forehead. We just laughed. She refused to shoot it again.

            • JRS…HAHA..my exwife did the same thing. I saw a guy get a half-moon with a 7mm one time…showing off for his girlfriend to boot. Those types of things are amusing but what is not is that we may one day rely on other Patriots in combat situations and the fact is that there are very few well-trained civilian gunners. Even the qualifying requirments for the local county cops are a joke, the SWAT boys, not so much.

        • HAW

          I suspect there are many more of us than what the mainstream would say. They want us to look crazy, so it would not serve their purpose to say that 10% are getting prepared.

          Where do they come up with that 1% number anyway? Probably got pulled out of some elite editors ass because it makes him and Obamy feel better about the survival chances to think there are only 3 million ready to hunt him down instead of 33 million.

          I don’t pretend to know the real number. Most if us, if asked to respond to one of their polls, would say nothing. The mainstream media just makes up numbers to serve it’s interest.

          If 10% of the people were reported prepping, that makes it a growing trend worthy of attention. By instead saying only 1% do it, they can make us look like nuts. Then they put the most looney characters in the world on Doomsday Preppers to make us all look bad.

          Don’t worry. There are way more of us than the corp will ever say there is. You will not see most of us until we need to be seen.

        • 250 million civilian guns, if we lose half in the first volley we’re down to a 150 million people – lotta guns – not a lot of people.

        • HisArmsWide: I’m not worrying about the well armed but poorly stocked man and his hungry family. Why, you might ask. First, I live in medium size town 1 1/2 hours from any major metro area. There’s a lot of open country and smaller villages between me and them. Second, it’s going to be nearly impossible for a hungry armed man and his unprepared friends to go from house to house looking for food without getting shot for their troubles; In my state we have a lot of firearms and we have the Stand your Ground Law. Those that aren’t armed won’t have much in the way of food so the groups efforts will be expending as much energy as they are taking from the frightened sheeple. Most folks have 3-7 days worth of food in their homes, not nearly enough to feed more than a few guys for a couple of days because they are now using a lot more energy than in peaceful/normal times. Nature’s rule for all predators is that they must continually take in more energy than they expend, or they will die (starve). It’s statistically impossible for any group of predators to last for long living off of others; our population density is too high to support it. The only reason our hunter-gather ancestors could do it was that there were very few of them and a lot of game and wild food available in those times. The real threat is the great die off from bad water due to poor sanitation and waste disposal. Polluted water along with the shortage of food will make most people weak and vulnerable to diseases. Couple that with the break down in medical care and you have the perfect formula for mass, but not total, extinction. The carrying capacity of this planet is a lot less under conditions of the middle 19th century frontier. Good luck everyone.

      14. more bullets, not guns….

        • shotgun – you got it !
          if a person has just one rifle and one shotgun , that is all you need . but 10000 rds of ammo is key.
          the ammo is the next target , not guns 1

          • Couldnt agree more hammerhead… I only have a 12 gauge, a 22LR and an SKS, but every — and I mean EVERY — time I go to Wal Mart, I pick up some ammo for each, and I pay cash. It may only be 15 or 20 bucks at a time, but it sure as ashit adds up

            • why do you support walmart?…it is a huge part of the problem.

            • lastman, I buy at Walmart because I can use cash, and because the nearest gunshop that carries Tulamo 7.62, (not Winchester, too damned expensive, so sorry) is 20 miles down the road. While I’m out picking up canned goods and extra trash bags and tp, I always make a point of picking up some rounds.

              So sorry, but I don’t make jack squat at my job. Please tell me where else I can buy preps using cash that won’t cost me an arm leg and soul

        • I agree that ammo should be plentiful, but I know some people with 10,000 plus rounds and 2 magazines…..

          I’m thinking 1 magazine per 500 rounds of any cal. would be nice to have.

      15. His Arms Wide

        Yes you are right, and even though guns are banned here many of the “wrong sort” have them leaving the rest of us pretty p%**#d off.

        I’m going to shut up now because those that know me have suffered far to much of me going on about this situation.

        Take care

        • Burt, I know it’s “illegal” BUT. Why don’t you “try” to obtain a firearm from those wrong sorts? If you get one, keep your mouth shut of course.

          • BB gun??? Or a bow and arrow??

            • BB guns may not do the job, but pellet guns will. I have a pellet gun for “varmints”. With .177 “Destroyer” pellets, a pellet gun can even slow-down a big human. So, for those getting firearms for protection, consider that a pellet gun can be highly cost effective without the dangers inherent in firearms.

        • Bollocks to the wanker politicians…arm yourself girl. Smuggle in the parts a piece at a time if you have to.
          Remember this line from Rule Britannia:
          “Britons never ever ever ever will be slaves”

          btw, did I get the Brit slang correct?

      16. HisArmsWide says,

        Great point.

      17. VRF,

        I’m surprised not to see Browning in that list. Well, there could be a 1911 in there somehow.

        Many years ago I had a Sheriff for a neighbor. We got talkin’ and I mentioned I made my own in 12 gauge. So he bought enough for me to make 6,000 shells – 1,000 a piece. Six of us set up about 400 yards behind a K Mart, he put a call into dispatch – told ’em not to send any cars that way, testin’ some new ammo – and we shot black birds all afternoon. Sure can’t do that today!

        After the shoot, we all got together with Doctor Jack Daniels and after some serious medication and braggin’ we took our shirts off to see who had the largest black n blue shoulder. Man was mine sore the next day!

        Y’all Beware! Never seen so many black dots in white snow in my life.

        • Ooops..completely Red Faced on that one..
          definetly Browning..and more than once..dam I knew I left someone out of the party, I hope they dont feel slighted.

          • I also forgot Mossberg..dam Im slippin’

            • 590A1 is one great home defense shotgun! Had mine mag-n-ported a few years back.

            • VRF – you definitely fit my granny’s claim ‘Girl, I have forgotten more than you’ll ever know’. I had to think on that for a few years until I finally got it.
              Carry on, you’re in good company. ~..~ Wee

      18. I get my new one tomorrow. Been waiting three months, and I feel like a kid at Christmas.
        Lately, I have helped several people who have never owned a gun before find the one for them. This includes training for basic safety and use. I also throw in a bit about food and water.

      19. No gun here. I do believe I will hide rather than engage. Hiding would be easy out here in the boonies. Got a 1/2 mile of road I can see down. Only 1 winner in a gun fight. I don’t like those odds.

        • Unfortunatly you are toast if you don’t have something. You say only one winner in a gun fight. Well, you lose for sure if they have one and you don’t!

          • Really, a lot depends on who’s holding the gun and the fighting skills of the one who isn’t. A skilled fighter with no gun can often beat a wimp with one.

          • Every genocide in the history of the world happened when one side that had weapons exterminated the other side that did not.

            • SOS yeah, how is that playing out for the boys in the middle east? Afghanistan is a broke mess that Russia and America still couldn’t and cant control.

            • gravelore, the people our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan are NOT UNARMED. The fighters there were practically born with a gun in their hands, and they believe that if they die fighting the infidel, they go straight to paradise. How the hell does that even compare to unarmed people being slaughtered by people who had all the guns.

              Its a lot easier to properly read a post when your head is NOT stuck up your ass

            • No need to get hostile SOS. Or would it be a better conversation for you if I told you to STFU? Seriously, grow up and then talk to me.

          • I said I do not have a gun.

        • Gravlore,
          Don’t let AZ Ready spook ya.
          You can take a knife to a gun fight if you want.
          Their gun could jam.
          They could be a God awful shot.
          They may have forgotten to take the safety off.
          They may have not remembered to load it.
          Now doesn’t looking at the positive aspects of your situation make you feel a lot better?

          • Slick,
            Knife to a gun fight, good thinking.
            Gun could jam. Not likely but if so un-jam resume firing or grab one of the other several weapons at hand.
            Awful shot, not!
            Safety on, never. The only safty on myweapons is the trigger. Don’t pull it and it doesn’t fire.
            ALL myweapons are loaded and ready for immediate engagement.
            And I will never ever let the perp get close enough to use a knife.

            • Anyone worried about a gun jamming should consider a revolver. I have personally not known one person that has had their revolver ever give them any problem ever. I know it happens, but this is almost always from total neglect as any tool that is not properly cleaned and maintained. While a revolver only holds 5-10 rounds depending on the caliber, you can get speed loaders to help reload the gun within a decent amount of time. After all, revolvers helped win the west.

        • Without a firearm the odds are completely against you. Better safe than sorry.

          • I live in Canada so unless I am a criminal I can not attain a weapon that is worth a damn in the first place in this kind of scenario.

            • Gravlore ~ Not completely true.

              If you vow your fervent desire to shoot furry woodland creatures you CAN indeed arm yourself. You may not be able to get all the lovely pieces that the neighbors to the South can get but any firearm is still going to make you safer than most other Canadians.

              I’ve also learned the part of Canada you reside in can make a big difference in your acquisition license – if you are in bear country, for example, it’s far less hassle.

              The RCMP website has all the information you need for your PAL certificate. 🙂

            • Daisy: Ever try shooting at a moving target at 100 yards away with a long gun? Now try it with one that is pinned at 5 – 10 bullets max. Once they are in shotgun range then maybe I would have a chance.

              Most gun toter’s I see shoot at stationary targets. Not try it on one that zig zags without the predictability of a pendulum.

            • Gravlore – the guns easily acquirable in Canada aren’t ideal, by any means, but I still maintain that I’d rather have a lesser firearm than no firearm at all.

              Another suggestion is to look into a wilderness safety permit – that allows for a wider range of acquisition options. We’ve gotta watch out for all those darned bears, you know! 😉

        • ????Hide??? You won’t defend yourself, your family or your preps? I can’t tell by your handle but do you stand or squat when you pee?

          • I know many that squat that got way more gravel in ’em that that clue less jackass

          • blackrifle I do not need a gun to protect my preps or family. Perhaps you don’t know what a cache is or many cache. Let them have the small amount in the house so they think everything is gone including me. A few cans of food and a couple gallons of water is not worth engagement IMO. I will not say what I have on an open forum but a gun is not it. I prefer to hide than engage. That is plan A. Plan B will be in effect when the time is right and I feel that society is already broke down to the point there is no legal ramification.

            • And its never occurred to you that when SHTF, that the scum of the earth won’t simply TORTURE your family members to compel you to give up your preps? And then kill you all afterwards? Holy fuck, you are truly too stupid for words

            • Again SOS. Grow up. You assume they know I have preps. They would have to assume 100% of the population has preps as well since I have told nobody that I do.

        • What direction is that? There are 3 other main compass points you haven’t mentioned. Minimum four walls to an average house. Perimeter not secure.

      20. The wicked flee when no one pursues,
        But the rightous are as brave as a Lion.Proverbs 28:1

        Go made all men, Sam Colt made them equal.

        • God, GOD….GOD, not go, !!!!!!

          • “GO GOD”?

        • Mikhail Kalashnikov made them more equal…

          • Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov also made them more equal, and for a lot less money. Same sturdy build, same reliability, same round; one third the price tag.

            Po’ boys of the earth, unite! 🙂

      21. VRF,

        I thought you might have lost those in yer old canoein’ accident!
        Y’all Beware! Yup that’s what happened!

        • yeah its just a list of the ones I lost..Bummer.. But I would still like my letter from all of them for helping them out in their time of need..you know kinda a patriotic thanks for being there when we needed you kinda thing..

          I sure could love it for them to replace all I had lost, you know kinda do the right thing by one of those guys that did right by them for so many years..Oh well if not than the letter will still look nice on the wall next to my empty gun racks

      22. Gravlore,

        Sure hope you gotta way of hidin’ your heat signature.

        Y’all Beware! If I’m goin’ down,
        I’d rather be pullin than diggin.

        • Already digging. Black ops will be coming to get everyone. There are so many hunters here that have infrared that it is scary.

      23. For the past four years I have always had a firearm in layaway at my local gun shop. When I failed to do that when I cleared my account recently, my regular salesman called to see if I was OK! I thanked him for his concern and placed an order for another long gun.

      24. We all know that TPTB see this and are at a lost on how to stop the people of arming themseleves to the max. This is the BIGGEST THORN in their side right now, because at least 15% of the people will use these against them. Now that is a bunch of well armed, pissed off pepole to contend with. There are two things that they will have to do soon, stop the armament by the people and shut down the inter-net. When either one of these take place the party begins. Primers,powder,bullets,brass and reloading equipment with the know how to reload, is a must have. Keep prep’n

        • copperhead,
          DL just signed a new Excutive Order to take control of the net last weekend, as I understand it.

          • I heard the same thing today, but haven’t confirmed it. Supposedly The One signed an executive order to implement some sort of restrictions on the Internet that were previously voted down in congress.

            If we are going to be ruled my royal decree seems like we could save a lot of money by just closing down the House and Senate. There could still be tours of the empty buildings, though, for the children.

            If the House leadership were to take their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously they could defund all these decrees and czars. The fact that they do nothing but talk says more than all of their words.

            • YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!! Oba

            • Oba: You are so RIGHT!

        • @ copperhead. I think that most people that own a gun have the certain feeling of security, like having an alarm on your car, having a deadbolt on your front door, having an alert big dog guarding the house, etc. Even these anti-gun wackos that try to take away people’s rights to protect themselves would feel more secure after SHTF to have a firearm, they just won’t admit to it. I think that practically ALL humans have that inner need for protection against whatever would do them harm, and firearms are some of that best protection available for that purpose. In the future it may be the type of blasters in Star Wars, or some pulsed energy weapons like on Star Trek. Right now, it is firearms, and I hope everyone on this site has at least one firearm or is planning to own one. Yes, even good old RICH99 and Joe needs to have a firearm.

          Anyway, have you heard anything about the New Madrid areas getting anymore government action? After the compression of the Caribbean plate that has been happening and the active to the south of the fault, I would think the government would be acting real nervous about the fault.

        • Kevin, Damn son after watching that vid all I can say is, “Check Please!”
          Thanks for the link!

      25. For some reason I thought(when I saw the headline) it would be the armoured car biz.(the banksters and our “leaders” are buying them left and right).

        I am glad to see I was wrong.

        • Damn that was funny


      26. Picked up an XDM 45 on my lunch today and found that the required process actually got EASIER! In my state they used to do a NICS check and a state background check for a pistol. Now, they eliminated the state check and it took me all of 15 mins.

        • You are still on a list my brother. I like the XDM45, I just have trouble dropping the mag with my strong hand…damned stubby thumbs.

      27. Ammo – if you think you have enough, get more. Don’t think TPTB will give up so easy…watch the other hand.

      28. T-Shirt seen recently at the Minnesota State Fair;
        “Eliminate Christian-One Bullet at a Time”, and one wonders why gun sales are what they are?

        Who’s that “Glocking” at my door, The Big Bad Wolf? Boy do I have a surprise for him!

      29. No doubt crime has and will continue to go down with the increase in weapons purchasing. I would advise those of you have purchased weapons in the “I could outfit a small brigade” category to seriously consider stashing some of those weapons in places other than your primary residence. Big Brother has a list and your name and address are on it; if they can start confiscating gold from people, then they can sure as hell start confiscating weapons…if they try to go there they will take everything you have eventually!

        • Mr T : When they come send some back in a bag, soon they will think twice about come’n a knock’n. I know they will shoot back, so be it. It’s got to start some place, so if they want to come to may adobe first have at it. If we all let them start, then I’ll guarantee they will be back again and again, this time for everything. STOP them on the first pass. If you can’t give it your all why worry.

        • Not me, I buried all of my stuff near the rose garden in my backyard. It’s the big white house at 1600 PA Ave. Washington D.C…..oops, there I did it again.

      30. AMMO, AMMO, AMMO !
        cant stress it enough ! you dont need the latest cool gun gadget or the fanciest new foregrip , but you do need bullets.
        we all know by now ammo restriction is next on the agenda
        so get buying .
        however , please , be sure not to forget food !

        • hammerhead, if I’m understanding you right, you are saying that we should buy AMMO AMMO AMMMO! Is that right?

          • HAHAHAHA -yeppers!

        • I’m a newcomer to guns, and I don’t make squat at my job. The solution is simple: get a sturdy inexpensive long gun, and buy ammo for it every time you shop at Wal Mart.

          I agree about not getting the latest greatest…. I’ve got a pump action 12 gauge, a 22LR and an SKS. All sturdy as shit, using ammo that if it were any more common they’d sell it in gumball machines

          • You catch on quick SOS. Its amazing how much ammo you can accumulate over the years and it is pretty painless when you only spend small amounts. You have good weapons, especially the SKS. Every bit as good as an AK, just doesn’t have the tacticool factor though.

            • not bad for a four eyed computer nerd, yes? I freaking love that SKS: hardly any recoil, and the ammo is dirt cheap. And maybe I’m wrong, but tacticool won’t save your ass. Besides, I’m not getting through life on my looks either 🙂

        • That was an awesome story. I feel bad for him though. He should be able to live out his years without that on his mind. Damned good shot though.

      31. Food for thought –

        Has anyone researched or put any effort into booby-trapping? It seems to be an ideal way to practice and hone survival skills that could be used on four-legged as well as two-legged critters.

        All the talk about conserving ammo, I think booby-trapping should be considered as a means to do this. Look at how many GI’s the Viet Cong killed or at least incapacitated with Punji spikes and bamboo spring-loaded spears. I think word getting out that your BOL or hell, even your front yard is rigged would be a powerful deterrent, saving you from having to fire a round in the first place.

        • I’ve been looking at that as well…btw, punji sticks were even more lethal when their sharp ends were smeared with animal feces. Great way to inflict some bacteriological damage on the skulking little fucker who thinks they can waltz onto your property.

          On a related note, I’ve heard about pressure sensitive switches that can be put into the ground that can give an “early warning” when perps cross your property line. Not sure how they work, but it sure as heck sounds like a good idea

      32. I’m proud to say I’ve added to those numbers over the last 4 years, one of the better local gun shops in my area is now open 7 days a week in obvious prep for pre-election gun purchases.

        And to those with ill intentions toward the American people you should keep in mind the below quote.

        “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer.”

        — D.H. Lawrence

      33. My small Gun can get me a Bigger GUN, my Bigger
        Gun will get Me Their (TPTB)AMMO..Kinda a nice ring to that!
        Bless up Preppers!
        Their Time is Coming!

        Semper Fi !

      34. Got .45-70 ???

        • Do you hunt elephants or dinosaurs with a .45-70?…..JUST ASK’N…THERE IS NO REASON TO SHOUT, I’M NOT HARD OF HEARING!!!

          • Got Squirrel ???

            It’s for the G-Damn Muthafo Sneaky Acrobatic Rocky Mountain Montana Grey Squirrels … that keep raiding my G-Damn Muthafo Bird Feeders every damn morning right after I top em’ off with seed for my lil’ birdy friends . The lil’ squirrel bastard buggers literally “sky dive” from the tree’s above onto the feeders and work as thieves in teams . I TRULY HATE them Evil MONTANA SQUIRRELS !!!

            “BOOM” CLICK-CLACK “BOOM” it takes two shots from my .45-70 to bring down these creatures of Hell Spawn !!!

            ;0P pssszzt


            • Ha,ha….very funny stuff. Here in Minnesota they only thing worth shot’n at is Al Franken…..but that would be wrong.

            • did you find any fur?

        • 500 grain hard cast lead bullet. Talk about yer block buster!

        • “Got .45-70 ???”

          …yes !!!…

          …and 444…

          …and 338…

          …and 30-06…

          …and 357…

          …and the hits keep coming…

          ….be safe…..stay the course….BA.

      35. Act, and God will act.

        I would rather die than do something which I know to be a sin, or to be against God’s will.

        Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth.

        If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.

        ~Joan of Arc

        • See, you can speak in a normal tone if you try. Good cocopuff crackhead!

          • not applicable,

            The thing you have to know about CoCo, is he is very passoinate about our cause. At least I Know He is 1 crazy MFER LOL. But I’d watch his back any day. But I would rather be behind him when he shoots that 45-70.


        • @FBP a.k.a. “not applicable” … the above quotes are the recorded quotes from a 14 year old french peasant gurl who shamed the corrupt criminal french catholic church and back stabbing coward fench king by kicking the english invaders out of france as her God desired it to happen !

          I posted it to show you all if a 14 year old uneducated french peasant gurl can rise up SACRIFICE HER OWN LIFE TO UNSELFISHLY TAKE COMMAND OF HER COUNTRY’S MILITARY BY FAITH AND HEART IN HER VOICED SENSE OF DUTIES FOR COUNTRY , her GOD’s GIVEN PURPOSE IN LIFE … to fight foreign invader ENGLISH tyranny … SO CAN YOU ALL DO THE SAME !

          *** this is not about me or you @FBP aka whatever moronic name you chose next to hide behind . It about Once Free America ! You are part of the Problem retard , it’s because of self-centered ignorant pucken assholes like you that make it possible for Globalist Banker Dicktator Tyrants to enslave Millions Billions of tax debt slaves Globally .

          YA’ PUCKEN MORON !!!

          I would honestly pay 100 ounces of silver for just ten minutes alone with you in a dark room , just for the satisfaction of feeling your bones break beneath my hands and fist’s @FBP AKA IGNORANT MORON SLAVE !!!

          My Sincerest Apologies to all offended , except the ignorant moron from Minnesota .


          • I’m not from Minnesota. Not App is someone else tired of your shit.

            And I am sure you would not want to be left in a room with me. Without supervision.

            Right now if you did not hear a cocopuff Crackhead Ransacked my Mercedes. So yes a sit down would make me feel

            My group has been doing an after action. And we found our system works Yes a car was basically destroyed. (We currently do no use a roving patrol in our valley) And this POS that got me isn’t changing that. We learn we are becoming a little complainant. And don’t leave a car on the road until we make it unpublix. So we are using this as a wake up call for my group. We were getting bored. Maybe faith decide to kick us in the ass.

            First I would never give up my pride and joy handle over you. And I will repeat you don’t ever want to be in a room alone with me.

            And one of my personal problems was this new phone that worked everywhere. That will change.

            DE OPPROSSO LIBOR Facebook Page Signing off.

      36. Thousands of foreign troops being imported into this country as we speak. Is this how they are going to disarm us?

        • Fuck that: this here near sighted Yankee boy won’t be disarmed, and the Russian rifle I’ll be firing has got “doverey no proverey” stamped onto its buttpad. Kind of fitting to be taking down foreign mercenaries with a foreign gun, yes?

      37. this is suport the second amendment weekend in the state of louisiana, no sales tax on firearms,ammo,etc. love living in a red state!

      38. I’m glad somebody can afford the price of guns these days. I spent all my “new gun fund” money over the past three years on ammo and now I don’t have anything to dicharge it in.
        I was going down the river last week to a “Shooting Retreat Extravaganza” for three days of barbecue, beer, and bang-bang; a whole lot of bang-bang. It was a “by invitation only” event and so secluded you could only get there by riverboat.

        The darndest thing happened about halfway there. A “big”(possibly one of those souped up fox squirrels X’d with a Montana Grey) Squirrel ran out on a big dead limb about twenty feet above the water just as I was floating under it. The limb snapped off and catching another just below it; the limb, about 8 feet long flipped with the snag end down and drove right thru the bottom of my aluminum boat. Another 15 inches closer to my crotch, and I’d have went from a Jack to a Queen. The protruding limb then caught between some rocks and flipped me and “all” my guns along with a months supply of ammo into the drink. With the heavy rains from the Hermacane last week, everything was washed halfway to the Atlantic before I could cough the muddy water from my lungs.

        I floated the other mile on an old styrafoam cooler and just about got shot climbing up on the bank. Otis and Jakey recognized me and held off the dobermans while I explained.

        I got some dry clothes, free beer and barbecue for two days and a lot of free shooting. Ole Buck gave me a ride back up river to my truck after the festivities, on his air boat. Now, I need a loan. I’m gettin’ tired of shooting squirrels with a sling shot. Good thing I have a Bow w/arrows. No, I won’t be going to the “Bow-o-Rama” at the retreat next month.

        • I’ve heard them all, but the bottom line is if your are on the list and cannot produce the guns you go directly to the FEMA camp. You do not pass GO. You will not receive $200.

          If you do not have a CCW and have not purchased from a dealer you may be OK. Otherwise, put up or shut up and get in the van.

          • @Government Guy … that will never happen … cause if it does start I can guarantee UN NWO ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV TRAITORS in the Great State of MONTANA will start suddenly dying of lead poisoning … AND ONCE WE “MONTANA FREEMEN FREEWOMEN FREE-AMERICANS” ARE DONE CLEANING OUR HOUSE OF TRAITORS IN MONTANA WE’LL BE HEADING OVER TO IDAHO , WYOMING , NORTH DAKOTA and so on and so on !!!




          • @ Government Guy

            Spoken like a true G (gestapo) man.

            What’s up with the “…your are…”

      39. Greeting Everyone!
        30 years ago I would’ve thought owning a gun UN-christian and somewhat outdated(the West was WON already! and the police protected us,really.)
        20 years ago I thought that weapons were unnecessary to everyday living,but really good locks and an alarm system were better than buying a hand gun to kill someone.(the police were getting slow to respond)It would be better to “give your valuables up” to the crooks if necessary and get just a good dog for “protection”.
        10 years ago,as things in general had been slogging downward in this country,I began to wonder about how violent and ruthless the criminal element
        were becoming and that my previous thoughts on protection were becoming outdated.
        Fast FWD to today,with the best crooks are now found abounding in the “Finance Sector” and those in the Real World getting more savage each day.The ownership choice is becoming a truly meaningful(and just perhaps the only one) choice.Christian or not,to NOT be able to defend your family against those who would RAPE,Torture and MURDER you and yours seems to nearly be a sin of omission.I’m not talking going out and finding trouble,in fact just the opposite.As our “leaders” fail to find a way to get the ship of state turned AWAY from the rocks,it appears that on a individual basis we must ready ourselves for what could be called “The Great Tribulation” here in the USA.It’s already happening in a harrowing fashion Greece,ongoing desperation for decades in Argentina and just beginning in earnest in Spain.Sad to report though,I’ve lost ALL my weapons I’d trained with on that bloddy canoe trip earlier this year.Not a good idea to take everything along it seems.The same for my food “prepps”.Some folks I know ran into hard times and I gave most EVERYTHING away to them.Guess I’ll have to do w\o since I can’t afford to buy more.Tough times!
        Best to All

        • I’m not Christian, but I don’t believe for a second that Jesus would want you to stand by and not protect your family

        • Agree with most of what you say. I sold my guns when I got married to pay for kid expenses. Only kept a shotgun that I dove hunted with. Things changed around 2006 or 2007 for me. In 2006 there were strident demonstrations by illegals at the schools my children attended. I knew there would be riots in the urban area where I lived if The One lost in 2008, and I was poorly prepared to defend my family if that happened. One of the local gangs had a policy that a wannabe had to kill a whitey to be admitted. Bought a Colt 1911 so I could work in my garage without worrying about being another random, unsolved murder. Seemed silly to rely only on my old Remington 1100. Got my concealed handgun license. Times seemed to be changing, and we have to change with the times.

          Got my family out of there. I still legally carry, openly on my hip here, but am more concerned about mountain lions than gangsters. Only a fool looks for trouble, but only a fool is not ready when trouble finds them. I believe, like many here do, that we are heading into turbulent times.

      40. I was in my weekly staff meeting on Wednesday morning and I casually brought up the debt ceiling hitting $16 trillion on the DNC convention’s first day. I jokingly said, “Buy gold, guns and grub.”

        To my utter surprise, everyone I was with in the room admitted to stockpiling food, or knowing a close relative that was.

        Yikes! It’s close to the end, I think.


        • It’s that little voice called “Survive”.It eventually comes out.It’s that “Oh shit,things really do look bad”.

      41. People don’t need all those guns. Most people won’t have the courage to defend thier freedom, so they might as well just go ahead and turn them in when the marxist in chief says to do so. Or, better yet, turn them in voluntarily now, you’ll get a lower numbered chip, maybe some game tickets, too.

      42. I sure hope those companies are giving Mac a little check every now and then. I’m sure this site has been responsible for few thousand of those 10 million guns sold.

      43. The best time to purchase your extra ammunition is yesterday.
        The next best time to purcahse your extra ammunition is today.
        The next to last time to purcahse your extra ammunition is tomorrow.
        The LAST time to purchse your extra ammunition is right before, during or maybe after a true SHTF event occurs.

        Firearms will likely have to be purchased BEFORE true SHTF.

        Everyone should have some form of self defense. Even those that have had their rights taken away to own firearms, there are many other highly effective weapons for defending yourself. I think even a felon can own blackpowder rifles and pistols, I am not sure of this though. There are some very high powered air type rifles that have feet per second velocities of most .22 rimfires. I think you can even get air rifles that have the same size of a .357 and just about the same velocity. These are much more expensive as some range $1200 up, but this would be an alternative for some form of protection if you could not legally own a firearm.

        As mentioned above combound bows can easily kill anything as bow hunters have taken down grizzly bears. The main issue is to ALWAYS have some form of self defense and NEVER let these anti-self defense bleeding hearts ever try to even attempt to take away your given right to defend yourself. Those who would limit people’s right not to be victims of criminal scum are wicked pure evil that are joined up with the criminal element. Case in point the Chicago mafia that wants to disarm the good citizen and leave the firearms in the hands of the rot of society.

      44. To those who want to estimate if they have enough Ammo; I recommend the following Ideas. 1. If you know how much you have within 10,000 rds,. it’s likely not enough. 2. If you figure you can still get it all in your car, it’s not enough. 3. If someone were to ask you how much it weighs and you think in Lbs. it’s not enough. 4. if you know the price of 22 ammo in 50 round boxes it’s not enough. 5 If your wife doesn’t think you are nuts, it’s not enough. But; if you have ever wondered if the concrete floor in the basement has a load limit, you are getting close

        • 6. If physicists have to take into account the gravity anomaly at your GPS coordinates when they do light bending experiments in the next state over, you have enough.

        • When the lead forms a thick enough wall to shield you from the radiation of an atom bomb blast, that’ll be enough

        • When you receive a solicitation for bid from DHS… you may be getting close.

      45. any advice on how to protect yourself if you’re in Australia? We’re not allowed to own guns for self-defence purposes, only for “hunting”…

        • i am not sure of the laws in australia, but perhaps look into hand-to-hand combat, cross bows, and a pair of wakazashi swords… any self defense training utilizing weapons around your house would be of benefit – stick fighting, bow fighting,knife fighting, etc.

          also, if the shtf, all bets are off so you can at least become knowledgable in the manufacture of maeshift weapons, including firearms… guns may be hard to come by in Oz, but they can never take your individual know-how.

        • ha ha ha! Be smarter GDRAGON, no one cares about laws any more, and hunting the gov is completely acceptable, the f’d you once, dont let them keep doing it. Get something “illegal” as you might put it.

        • Australia, do your thugs allow you to own a bolt action rifle in .30 caliber, or better? If so what’s your problem? Ammo? Stack ’em high. Your SMLE served you well in WW11. Remember your Breaker Morant? “Rule .303.”
          ‘Course the Brits shot him – thugs.

        • Australia, do the thugs let you own a bolt action rifle in .30 cal. or better for hunting? If so, what’s the problem? Ammo? Stack ’em high. You know about Breaker Morant, Rule .303. ‘Course the Brits shot him, firing squad don’tcha know.
          Here in the states we got a saying, “Guns are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my.

      46. Why does this surprise anyone …….this nation hasn’t seen such internal tension sense just before the civil war broke out . Perhaps we are about to see another one very soon .

      47. 8.1%
        368,000 DROPPED OUT
        88,921,000 ‘NOT IN LABOR FORCE’

        headlines on tonights Drudge Report

        just another reason to lock and load

        and keep stacking and prepping


      48. The gun and ammo industry are just exploiting and encouraging the irrational fears of so-called preppers to boost thier bottom lines. And the sad fact, the gullible sheeple are buying into it by parting with their hard earned dollars while the gun and ammo industry laughs all the way to the bank. It would be funny if it wre not so sad.

        • Joe,

          I’m not sure I understand the point you are trying to make. I personally do not part with my “hard earned dollars” based on irrational fears but rather the facts as I interpret them. Additionally I only do so with disposable income, money I would otherwise spend on who knows what. It’s a good thing I don’t have to be accountable to you every time I blow some cash!




        • A firearm is often a lifetime purchase that is also often used over and over again. How many of these jerk around gadgets that are sold each Christmas that lose interest in a couple of weeks. I think those that sell these worthless pieces of sh^& made in China are the ones laughing all the way to the bank. Most firearms, at least the ones I see are made in the United States, employing American workers.

          How about the less than pig food that people purchase each day for $5-10 in which it costs less than $1 to make? That food that destroys the body for lack of any nutrients. I think the food industry that supplies junk food are really the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

          At least with a firearm it gives people a feeling of security and most people truly enjoy using their guns, whether it is to hunt or just plain go to the shooting range and fire away and targets. Unlike the jack around junk gadgets that go into the dumpster after a short time. Firearms helps improve someone’s hand and eye coordination when they practice, besides all of that it is fun. No one can ever say there is anything wrong with anyone that enjoy target practice or competetion shooting. I sure rather go out to the shooting range than waste money on some baseball game that cost $15 and up for a ticket, $5 on up for parking, a couple of twenties for food and other BS. I would find much more entertainment in going out shooting than blowing it on idiotic entertainment in which I never have even come close to catching a souvenir baseball.

          • Be informed

            Off topic

            Any thoughts on the twin quakes in China?

            Did any of your extrapolations predict this?



            • @ possee. Yes this general area was predicted, nut more towards the west towards India until Sunday night, AND bigger than 5.6. This area was one of those that had the possibility of a good size earthquake along with other areas such as the 6.4 that did hit in Java. The 5.6 really is not considered a big earthquake, but to an area that is poorly developed, a 5.6 can be a 6.5. The 6.1 that occurred this morning was closer to the eastern area of the Australian plate that was predicted, but this area is more of a commonplace for such a quake, so nothing “earth shattering” here.

              The real event I am looking for right now is of course some action north of 70 degrees north and or south of 60 degrees south. Also any type of motion that is on plate boundaries that could indicate something coming. Right now the planet is kind of inhaling and building back up for something later.

        • Happiness is a warm gun, Joe.

          Momma got it nice and toasty for ya in your bedroom. Knock,knock… Oh here my little baby boy, I have you some milk and cookies. Give momma a hug and a kiss and I’ll be back in a little while to tuck you in, my little precious boy.

          Grow up and get a pair!

        • Wow, Joe…why 18 thumbs down?? On the wrong forum maybe??

        • Hey Joe Blow.I would rather waste MY Money on Guns and ammo, than Give it to Omama, to send to Chitcago, or on wine women and song! GET REAL!

      49. White House circulating draft of executive order on cyber security

        (the hill.com)

        Also posted on Drudge Report

      50. I agree with this post completely! Guns and ammo are off the charts. I recently published an article which examined buying ammo for an investment.


        Thanks Mac for the great posts you publish, I read this blog and Economic Collapse every day. Keep up the good work.



      51. Once TSHTF, and any foreign troops appear on our streets, THEY WILL BE FAIR GAME. It’s a safe bet a majority of them will be equipped with AKs if they’re Russian or from some third world hellhole. That’s the kind I will get for myself along with all of the spare mags and ammo I can find, plus a cleaning kit for it if possible. Although you can take an AK and leave it in a mudhole all day long and it will still fire; I’ve seen my cousin do this with his; I would still take that AK apart and do serious maintenance on it just like I would any other weapon. Once the bullets start flying and casualties start mounting, weapons will be readily available. If I encounter Chinese, I’ll just shoot them and disregard their weapons; don’t think I can trust any Chinese guns. but I would definitely trust an AK; although it’s old Soviet technology, it’s used by terrorist groups and militaries all over the world to this day. Ask any Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghan Vet. Everyone should get whatever enemy weapons they can get their hands on along with extra mags and ammo to supplement whatever you already have, except for the Chinese guns, but that’s just me saying it. I’m going out for more ammo this weekend. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Ain’t leaving any weapons lying around w/dead bodies.
          I don’t care how cheap they are, some body on our side may need it.

          • Not only that, but you don’t want someone ELSE picking them up!

      52. Just got home from gun show and bought a Savage .308 with Bushnell scope and a Mossberg 500, w/pistol grip and breach barrel

        I was surprised that they ran background and made me fill out paperwork fro ATF for a shotgun and a rifle?? I thought that was just for handguns??

        So in essence all guns are registered 🙁

        • my neighbor doesn’t register guns… 🙂

        • At least two of yours are.

          I took the concealed carry class about 12 years ago. I started to get my permit when a little bird said, ” why do you need to pay for something that is a citizen’s right anyway. The criminals don’t bother with CC permits. Then I got to thinking, what if it is another way to keep tabs on people that may have guns in their possession. Or worse; under a martial law scenario, the gestapo use it as a fast track way of getting search warrants against you. Or even worse, they won’t even waste time with a warrant. Just because you have the permit, they say they have probable cause to search because you may be in possession of unregistered handguns. I don’t know, but something about the whole thing smells fishy. The deal of having to fill out ATF paperwork for long guns smells like “bad sardines” fishy.

          • Great to see you are thinking don’t tread,

            The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
            seems to me having to get a ccw permit is an infringement on keeping and bearing, does it not?

            When did the 2nd amendment get changed? and if it didn’t, then having to get a ccw is just as unconstitutional as an outright ban, only less drastic.

            It is just a death by a thousand cuts instead of one quick blow.

            Why do all of you so called pro gun, pro second amendment people submit to all of the unconstitutional rules and regulations these usurpers have passed against our 2nd amendment over the years?
            What will it take before you say you wont follow THAT rule or wont submit to THIS check or follow THIS law?

            Any, I repeat,…ANY…. rule,law,zone,limit of any kind to your right to keep and bear any gun is unconstitutional!

            If you think ccw’s are good and we really need to be trained before we carry, that’s fine, just get an amendment passes to the constitution and it will be legal, till then…NOPE.

            And till you contest them,I am sorry but you are just as much a problem as the totally disarmed and asleep sheep you claim to abhor.

            It is time we make our leaders follow our constitution to the letter, not just the parts they tolerate.

            • Not to nitpic, but just because some people get together and alter the constitution abolishing or changing the 2nd wouldnt make it “legal” to take guns from people…the right to self defence and the weapons to do so predate the constitution…the constitution is not what gives us the right to keep and bear arms,that comes from natural right,from God,from the fact that you are born a human being,not from govt,not from the 2nd…so it then wouldnt matter if 99% got together and said no to the 1%s right to have guns,Mr.1% has a natural right,no one has a right to take it from him EVEN if they get a law passed or an exec order or even a constitutional ammendment to that effect…”Live free or die tryin”

            • Ask the rest of the world throughout the ages if our remarkable constitution, and men willing to die to protect it, isn’t the only guardian of our rights.

              Men have longed to be free ever since the beginning of time but it took our founders to eloquently describe those freedom’s and where they come from in a constitution before we actually realized them.And then,beyond that,have men like them willing to lay their lives on the line to defend it,till now,that is the reason we have the rights we have.

              If you think Our constitution is not special, ask the rest of the world if they have those rights… ask the British, Canadians, The Australians about their god given natural rights to keep and bear arms and they will sigh longingly about the “good ole days” when they were once allowed by their governments to own a gun.

              But they did not have a constitution that promised and protected those rights for them, and they were taken away by their leaders to “protect” their subjects from themselves.
              They will never see those “rights” again.

              Yes in a perfect world, not full of despots,dictators,egomaniacs, emperors and kings your rights come from nature, but until those brave god inspired men of our founding set them down on a piece of parchment, declaring our rights came from god and not men,were we given a change to realize any of them.

              And if we allow them to be taken from us now,For security, political correctness,or just apathy, we will never see them again for generations to come, no matter how “unjust” it will seem to you or I or anyone.

              Ask our forefathers across time, they will tell you…

            • GH…Im not arguing that our constitution isnt a wonderful thing…it is!
              What Im saying is alot of people seem to believe that the “rights” themselves are granted by(or created by) the constitution itself and all along the constitution(specificly the Bill Of Rights)is an enumeration/a declaration/an accounting of those rights along with the 10th which basicly tells govt to keep its hands off anything not specificly given it.
              Also I was mainly responding to the part of your post that infered that if people dont like the 2nd then they should get a ammendment to change it….all Im saying is that even if a bunch of retards could or did get such a thing passed ,the right itself would not cease to be,things would simply get even uglier for folks exercising that right…did I misunderstand what you meant?

              My point wasnt to argue or to imply the constitution was without value… it is simply to remind people that those rights they hold dear do not cease to be if, God forbid, some SOB manages to rewrite or marginalize the constitution(like they are doing right now? 🙁 )…I mean some people actually believe that if they do away with the 2nd amm. that suddenly we would no longer have that right,that would only be true if the constitution itself was the creator of that right…that right was only enumerated(listed)in the constitution because we already had it ,we the people already had that right before the creation of the fedgov but our founders(most) felt that certain ones like it were so important that they wanted them listed,lots of people also believe if a right wasnt listed in the constitution then you dont have that right or there is a question as to your having that right…thats why the 9th and 10 were so important persae…again if it wasnt specificly given to the fedgov it was retained by the states(states rights) and by the people(natural rights and common law)
              Do I want to see the constitution respected and obeyed(Ive been here a couple years so everyone oughta know where I stand on that by now) you better know it!
              Im simply trying to get folks to think to realize that their rights pedate the constitution,that as fine a document as it is, it can not stop tyrants from stealing those rights…only the people to whom those rights belong can defend and establish them,
              Id add also that the several states had their own constitutions that protected the peoples rights to firearms(like say Pennsylvania which was used(somewhat) as a model for the federal constitution and is worded even stronger than the federal one concerning gun rights,to the effect that the right isnt to even be questioned)we must do all we can to see to it that the constitution and the rights enumerated in it (and the ones not listed in it) are protected from these commie sobs who want to rewrite it or destroy it!
              I hope that Ive cleared that up as I mostly agree with what youre saying… Im just taking it a bit farther as Ive done numerous times before on this same subject when its came up…thanks! 🙂 “Live free or die tryin”

            • Gotcha, Yes I do understand now.Sorry to make you think I thought you didn’t cherish our Constitution. I think you most certainly do.

              The only thing I would disagree with you on is that the founders and those that lived before them had those rights.

              I believe they wrote those specific rights down because those were the ones that they knew were the most important to keep safe. Because back in England they did not have those rights.

              I agree that even without that piece of paper stating what our rights are we should still have them, but as I said good luck exercising them where they are outlawed.

              What is the difference between us and the British or Aussies? They believe in the same god, same religion, same language but they can not keep a gun, or completely exercise free speech. The only rights they have are granted to them by decree,by men, and just as easily can be taken away by those same men.

              Our Constitution is such a wonder because of how it is written.Telling the government which limited powers they have and granting all others to us or the states.They intentionally made it extremely difficult to change so only when there is a sea change in the country can they get enough votes to change it. Slavery is a great example.

              But the “leaders” now want to be able to hold a finger to the wind and change those laws to fit with the reelection of themselves. And that old pesky document wont allow for them to do so, SO They ignore it and do all in their power to diminish it.

              And we have allowed it for over 100 years instead of protecting every speck of it from their usurping encroaching ways.The states no longer protect their own constitutions, let alone the US.

              But I do understand you completely, I just think it will go better to stop them now before we have to become outlaws to exercise those rights.

            • Agreed! 🙂

        • that dont sound right, what state?

          • Iowa

      53. Guns are worthless without ammo. DHS has bought it all up — over a billions rounds so far this year. What on earth does DHS need a billion hollow-points for? Answer me that.

        • they haven’t anyway near gotten all of it bought up and won’t ever… LOLOLOL you’ll see…..

        • John,

          You should know why DHS bought all that ammo, sine they only police the USA its for the people…. And they didn’t buy it all up it is still out there. What they did is drive the price of ammo up by 54%, I dug out last yrs Cheaper then dirt sale ads are you sitting down.. Last year 880 rounds of 5.56 ammo was $219.00 per 880 rounds, I just got in the newest sale ad and the same ammo is now at 399.99


          Now back to my scubba leasons to dive for the guns lost in the bass fishing accident..

      54. If you have guns & ammo, next step is protection. Vests etc if you can afford em. Harsh as it sounds too – a means of first aid, despite all the Rambo hollywood style fantasies getting shot once a gunfight starts is a real possibility.

        Unlike here in the UK, a lot of US homes are timber built – eeek. Look into making at least one area of the home into a safe room for the younger kids, any sick, v.elderly etc to stay in, if it all kicks off. Do keep in mind fireproofing as sadly I can see many casualties ahead from cellars with not enough exit routes in the event of fire.

        Talking of fire, for many of us I see this as a bigger risk than gun shots in the event of civil unrest. Any idiot can make a molotov, and no skill is required to chuck it at your timber pile. People are still in temporary accomodation in some areas following the UK riots in 2010.

        It may just be where I live but I can see the mob choosing to destroy what they can’t take by force, and just burning preppers out. Human nature can turn really nasty. I’m going with my gut on this, as the riots, 7/7 and a few other events in my lifetime have taught me to trust my inner cynic and the twitch at the back of my neck.

        My sis & bro in law are in the process of equipping an old trailer type caravan with the basics (water filter, first aid & med kits, sleeping bags, tent, sack of rice & beans etc) to keep us all going if any of us lose our homes. If burnt out of our homes the kids will have somewhere to sleep out of the winter cold iykwim. Due to limited resources it’s a shared project, with my role to get the sewing machine out and turn it into something a lil homely. I’ll also give it a new paint job. It’s being stored out of the city, somewhere quiet, as the chances of clear main roads to tow it in the event of shtf are zero.

        Of course the hope is that the caravan will only ever be used by various family members to take the kids to the beach for weekend to teach em how to go crabbing etc. My intention is to make it look as cosy and homely as I can. However it’s extra insurance for us knowing we have it.

        Each of the extended family now seems to be taking on a “project”, which we are all helping each other with to get finished as we feel time is starting to run out. Working on something, even if it’s not your “own” project helps stop you feeling panicky and stops you thinking you are going nuts when surounded by sheople on the school run who are still comparing whose TV has the widest screen.

        It’s taken my sis what feels like forever to wake up, but now she has I’m doing all I can to encourage her as I feel you can trust blood in a way you can’t friends when your back is against the wall. Her caravan project is plugging what felt like a massive gap in my own preps for a long time.

      55. recently my wife came to me with a very real concern: she asked if i thought we had enough ammo for what is likely to befall us(collectively)… my reply was thoughtfully pieced together and expressed: HELL NAH !!!! we’re heading out to further add to the overall weapons and munitions business sector’s growth and profits… gotta love the capitalistic system we have… we need, they supply….

        • That’s right ,preacher.
          It’s my belief, they are better than gold or money in the bank. I don’t care what TPTB (or other idiots)say about confiscating our guns. There will be mass killings if they come knocking on doors trying to disarm citizens.

          They may put restraints on the use of gold as currency, or even make it illegal to barter/trade/or own gold; but, they will never be able to confiscate all guns and ammo. Too many Americans have fought and died for that right and the freedom that comes with it. It doesn’t matter how many EOs or UN mandates they come up with, it ain’t happening.

      56. Already a major problem city, now has added some more problems
        That city and its tax payers have been fleeced by a crooked group of people, and now are spending millions above what was stolen , to prosecute the group..its a joke.
        And now they are going to do this

        “Detroit police officers hear more proposed cuts after a mediation meeting with the City of Detroit”

        And Ive said it all before , Unionizing the police force was a big mistake..and any city position. Cant get nothing done.

        These are also scare tactics to get more money out of us. when in all reality, it is all up to us. They show up after the crime is over 9Xout of 10.
        They arnt good at prosecuting and they dont take our safety into conciteration, they put bad people back out on to our streets daily knowing full well these types will re-offend ..
        That part is all on you. never give up your edge on the possibility you’ll survive another day.

        It doesnt get hard to see where the tinder boxes are

      57. The real question is.. Are you mentally ready to take another’ life?

        You can have all the guns and ammo .. But what is most important is the mental stage you must have inside to pull that gun out and apply the trigger when absolutely necessary.

        I Guess most will find out.. Once put to the test…

        Shoot 1st ask questions later kind of guy myself..

        I have plenty of Guns, ammo and a pointy shovel to tuck in the zombies ..

        • If you put them in the hole before they are stiff, double them over, you only have to dig half a hole.
          Saw it on tv long ago.

        • I hate to say it, but if anyone comes in my place I will just see them as a threat to my wife and kids, and I’d be way too scared of seeing them hurt to even think about what happens to the other guy.

          Not Rambo, just a nerd who loves his woman and babies

      58. Zbigniew Brezezinski, protege of David Rockerfeller, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and NSA to Jimmy Carter and adviser to 4 other presidents from his 1971 book: “Between Two Ages”. How many of you read this book back in ’71? Then would have been the best time to have exposed and protested this crap. Now, not so much…we’re a little late in the game. I guess back then it was too unbelievable, but now it is too real.

        “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an Elite, unrestrained by traditional values…the capacity to assert socisl and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert continuous surveilance over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE, E-MAIL, ON-LINE BANKING ETC.) containing even the most personal information about the health or behavior of the citizen, in addition to more customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”(NSA) ALL PARENTHASIS MINE.

        Forty one years ago. Way before the public had access to the Internet. These diabolical plans, that choke our liberty and stifle our humanity have been in the making since the first otherworldly creatures arrived here, who knows how long ago. These plans are clearly not for the benefit of Mankind and could not have originated from a human mind. We have indeed been herded like sheep and cattle from the beginning. Each successive civilization has been more and more designed and controlled by these creatures. I believe this Brezezenski fellow may be either possessed by a nephilim spirit or has completely sold his soul to them. It’s not natural for humans to try to control each other. All who have done so or tried, have been enfluenced by an outside force, a force not originating from planet Earth.

        I believe we were suppose to be hairy creatures who grunt like the other creatures on this earth, not hairless and verbally capable. What happened to us? What occurred in the mystical garden of Eden that changed that? Wouldn’t it have had to be a complete change of our DNA? Wouldn’t it have had to be the manipulation of that very basic building block of our design?

        Apparently we are all hybrids. Even the Bible tells of the mixing of fallen angels with the women of earth.

        It’s crazy isn’t it? Our reality is stranger than any sci-fi movie ever filmed or any sci-fi book ever written. It explains the craving some of us have to just get back to nature, to what we WERE.

        Are we just a bunch of Jo Jos trying desperately to get back to where we once belonged?

        • Oh yes, all of this has been a long time in the making.

      59. Follow the lead of DHS and accumulate at least 1000 rounds of ammo for each of your firearms. It’s “apparently’ the right thing to do.

      60. So Joe thinks that S&W, Sturm&Ruger, Winchester, Remington, and Browning all created the UN fifty years ago in order to systematically disarm the World one nation at a time until finally now working toward their last and greatest act: the disarmament of America through the installation of a commie puppet regime which has planned, prepped, and “executive ordered” to finally implement “question 46” this fall just so these American gun makers can meteorically sell three times as many guns as usual–right before they all go instantaneously bankrupt after the “final [gun] solution” has come to fruition.

        Uhhhh….yeah, Joey, that’s what’s going on. Just like the Yankee Slave Traders of New England drove up slave prices by creating and funding the abolitionists just to scare the South into thinking the federal government was going to free the slaves.

        Thanks for the laugh, Joe. LORD knows we need a good laugh these days.

        (If any “hardware'” companies are behind this Conspiracy, you might want to check Buck, Case, Shrade, Gerber, et al.)

      61. An unfortunate consequence of the crumbling economy is that some people become so desperate that they sell guns to raise cash.

        You know someone is in a bad situation if he is giving up such a fine means of protecting his life and property.

        • Sell all your ARs and 5.56 ammo for a good gain because ther’s a lot of suckers out there ready to buy toys. Buy a real rifle and ammo with 10% of the profit and buy food with the 90%.

          • my colts a toy? i don’t look at a rifle that can put a round through a foot thick oak tree from a hundred yards as a toy. did i misunderstand you?

      62. The largest increase is also in common military calibers such as 9 mm 45 ACP Smith & Wesson 40 caliber for handguns 7.62 x 51 and 5.56 x 45 in rifle calibers. And the increase in the sales of these type weapons such as the AR 15 and AK-47 or because of people’s fear of the government not just crime.

      63. Very nice reading article. I am here to search around to see how many more people like me starting to prep up and have some basic but not all. In the fire arms dept. I just got another 850 rounds (already have about 1000 rounds) for my 4 weapons. Just trying to find some local preppers (Orlando Fl) and possible exchange contact info.

      64. I’ve often pondered about gun ownership, the pro’s and con’s of it.
        Fisrt of all, I support the right of gun ownership for all who desire it. I would suppose in a SHTF situation a gun owner would initially use his weapon for hunting game, but that it may very quickly transform to hunting men like those crooks everyone likes to talk about. Soon after that they would turn on their neighbors for who knows what percieved reason, maybe greed, lust or just plain fear.

        Well, I’m still pondering this issue but most likely will just trust in the lord and pray that he returns to take me home while the rest of you duke it out. My faith and trust in the lord is more powerful than my fear of what my fellow man can do to me!

      65. @ 1836eig,
        My trust is in the Lord too and my family are all born again Christians. Getting a gun maybe the Lord’s way of telling you he is sending you protection. My wife and I survived Pol Pot, I saw many deaths in front of me and shot at with scars to proof. Responsible people will always use their guns responsibly while there are a few that won’t. You cannot control the actions of others but you can prevent those people from turning you into a victim.

        God Bless and good luck in your endeavors.

      66. ammo. ammo. ammo. certainly need cases cases, cases for each caliber you own. magazines, magazines, magazines. at this time i wouldn’t think it matters where you purchase it. if you can, buy the limit they will allow. good american made scopes for sniping and quick aquisition scopes for your favorite assault rifle. learn how to alter firearms. got to file that little thingamajig just right. extra clips for pistols. get your heart set right because you are going to have to become a very hard person that says no to a hungry child. that bothers me the most. sadly, that is a fact. hope for the best, prepare for the worst. best of luck to all.

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