LOCKDOWNS COMING: New York’s Erie County Announces Travel Bans During “Catastrophes”

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News under the title: LOCKDOWNS COMING: New York’s Erie County Announces Travel Bans During “Catastrophes” – Only “Essential Workers” With “Movement Passes” Will Be Allowed

    The next time another Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19)-like “emergency” occurs, Erie County, N.Y., is ready to go with the recent passage of new travel ban legislation.

    In the event of a “catastrophe,” as defined by the government of the Empire State, Erie County will have the ability to force all residents into lockdown mode, the only exception being “essential workers” who can apply for a special “movement pass” that allows them to travel without interference from the state.

    Officials in Erie County set up a website that employers can use during winter storms or other “emergencies” that they deem serious enough to declare a driving ban.

    “The travel exemption portal will define specific categories of workers using a tiered concept to identify who would be exempt from a travel ban in order to commute to and from their place of employment,” reads a news release about the scheme and how it will work.

    “The list of essential employees will be reviewed annually and employers will be asked to provide updates when an essential employee’s work status changes for any reason that warrants removal from the exemption list.”

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    Politicians exempt (of course) from Erie County travel ban

    Like with COVID, “essential workers,” in the context of Erie County’s use of the term, includes law enforcement, first responders, healthcare workers, civil servants (politicians), farmers, and construction workers.

    Not that all of the aforementioned essential workers are essential except for politicians, who merely included themselves among the exempt so they will not have to abide by the same restrictions as the paupers they supposedly “represent.”

    In other words, while their constituents are stuck at home until the “emergency” ends, politicians in Erie County will be free to travel as they please because they have deemed themselves as “essential” and thus exempt from the new rule.

    Erie County imposed its first travel ban back in 2022 when a winter storm, a common occurrence in New York, hit the area. Numerous motorists became stranded in the snow and some died, which the government of Erie County has determined warrants the removal of the right to travel during similar future snow storms.

    “Under the New York Public Officers Law, no one may travel except personnel deemed essential during the emergency,” declared Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz on X (formerly Twitter).

    Poloncarz is threatening to punish any citizen who defies his county’s impending travel bans, which he clarified will be imposed not just for a “major weather event,” but also for “some other type of catastrophe.”

    An outspoken anti-Trumper, Poloncarz mocked critics of the scheme who are rightfully calling it a major government overreach.

    “I’m enjoying the replies from out-of-state trolls to my posts about who are essential personnel authorized to drive during a snowstorm travel ban,” Poloncarz immaturely wrote on X. “Here’s the deal, since you hate government so much, don’t call 911 after getting stuck and demand we save your sorry patriot butts.”

    Will the rest of America follow suit by imposing travel bans that trigger in the event of a “catastrophe?” Find out more at Tyranny.news.


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      1. Can’t ban travel. Can require snow chains (like in California, where travel is not banned, but snow chains are required). Can close roads when they are too dangerous to allow travel. Can’t ban travel.

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