Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family

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    Do you think that is an alarmist headline?  Well, I am not the one saying this.  Law enforcement authorities all over the country are telling citizens that they can no longer deal with all the crime and that people need to lock their doors and prepare to defend their families.  Just recently, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California told citizens to “lock their doors and load their guns” because there is not enough money to pay for adequate police protection any longer.  The murder rate in San Bernardino is up 50 percent this year, but the city is dealing with bankruptcy and has been forced to lay off 80 police officers.  But San Bernardino is not the only city dealing with this kind of a thing.  In Oakland, burglaries are up 43 percent so far this year, and to say that there is a “crime wave” going on in Oakland would be a massive understatement.  If you can believe it, in Oakland “more than 11,000 homes, cars or businesses have been broken into so far this year – translating to about 33 burglaries a day.”  Sadly, there simply are not enough police to keep up with it all.  Due to budget cuts, it is being projected that by February the size of the police force in Oakland will be about 25 percent smaller than it was back in 2008.  But what is happening in Detroit is perhaps even more frightening.  Today there are about 1,000 fewer police officers in Detroit than there was a decade ago.  But crime just continues to rise.  So now even the police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.  With very little police protection, an increasing number of citizens are taking matters into their own hands.  As I noted in a previous article, justifiable homicide in the city of Detroit increased by 79 percent in 2011, and the rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is approximately 2200 percent above the national average.  But don’t laugh at what is happening in cities like San Bernardino, Oakland and Detroit.  What is happening in those cities will be coming to your community soon enough.

    From coast to coast, criminals are becoming increasingly bold and increasingly desperate.  My sister lives near a large city in the middle part of the country, and a house across the street from the one her family just moved into was recently vandalized.  The criminals took all of the exposed copper pipe and copper wire that could be accessed easily.

    Other criminals have become very focused on gold because it has soared in value and it is easy to resell.  For example, there have beenmore than 250 gold chain robberies in Stockton, California just since the month of April.  According to the CBS News affiliate in Sacramento, criminals are just ripping these chains right off of the necks of unsuspecting citizens, and many of the victims that have tried to resist have ended up getting hurt.  Normally the criminals sell off the jewelry within 24 hours, so solving these crimes is a real challenge…

    Most victims of the robberies are female (65 percent), and 44 percent of victims are age 50 or older, the data showed. The most common time of day for the crimes were between 12 and 5 p.m., though this only accounts for about a third of the crime.

    Parino said robbers took even police by surprise initially.

    “When [criminals] do these crimes, they normally get rid of the items within 24 hours,” he said.

    That’s why police are now checking up on secondhand stores and pawn shops on a weekly basis.

    Many dismiss reports such as these as “anomalies”, but how many “anomalies” do we need before we finally admit that we have a widespread problem in our society?

    Personally, there are many major U.S. cities that I would not want to be living right in the middle of right now.

    Just take a look at Chicago.  It has become one of the deadliest major cities on the entire globe.  In recent years we have seen massive cuts to the police budget coupled with a dramatic increase in gang activity in Chicago.

    The murder rate in Chicago is way up this year and the police force is massively outnumbered.

    As I have written about previously, there are only about 200 police officers assigned to Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit.  It is their job to handle the estimated 100,000 gang members living in the city.

    How would you like to be outnumbered 100,000 to 200?

    When things really hit the fan, Chicago is going to be a complete and utter nightmare.

    And sometimes we get a peek into how people will behave when things break down.  Just look at what happened during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

    If you can believe it, some criminals actually took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to loot homes in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens.  That was the neighborhood where approximately 100 homes burned down.  The suffering of the residents of that neighborhood made headlines all over the nation.  But that has not stopped criminals from moving in and taking advantage of their vulnerability…

    Cops told the victims burglaries are on the rise in Breezy Point.

    There were 14 home break-ins from Nov. 12 to Nov. 18, compared with none a year before.

    And in the 28 days before that, there were 48 burglaries. Only four break-ins were reported in that time period the year before.

    In the days after Sandy, some of the hardest-hit areas were plagued with store looting, home burglaries, street muggings and other crimes.

    There are some very sick people out there.  These days you simply do not know who you can trust.  The person you meet on the street may be perfectly fine or they may be a total sicko.  It is so hard to tell.  But without a doubt there are a lot of sickos out there.  Just check out what authorities in Pennsylvania found recently

    Animal welfare workers say 11 puppies were found dead and skinned near an eastern Pennsylvania park.

    Sadly, authorities in that area had come across another similar incident recently…

    The discovery is second disturbing incident in the county in less than a week. About 20 miles away in Lynn Township police say a dog was discovered skinned and cooked.

    Who would do such things?

    What in the world is happening to this country?

    Things are changing, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  As conditions shift, we are all going to have to carefully evaluate what is necessary to protect our families.  Don’t ignore all of the warning signs.  Sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that everything is going to be okay is not going to help anything.

    So what do all of you think about all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below…


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      1. Do this and then they will find all the man power necessary to arrest, imprison and prosecute YOU the homeowner!!!

        Great article though!

        • Not when you live in Texas.

          • I live in New Jersey, but I have declared my property to belong to the Sovereign State of Texas. 

            Step off the street onto my land and you’re under Texas Law!!

            • Beef

              Anex your property to Delaware. You’ll be better off. 

          • A man in Texas lost everything to illegals who broke into his home, trying to kill him. He wounded one of them, and was sued. This was some years ago, sorry don’t have a link. Sin embargo, Texas no es imune, gringo…


            • That might work in Texas but in other states if your not convicted criminally they cant come after you in civil court. 


              • Just me, that drives me nuts when people who are in the wrong can sue! that should be a no-brainer for the courts to rule in favor of the home owner but they don’t and I don’t understand why they sometimes don’t. Does anyone have a good reason why the illegals or the criminals get away with this????? When I hear stories like that it drives you nuts. I took a class in iowa about concealled carry and it was encouraged to kill them so they dont come back to sue you. That is sad that we have to do this just to protect our stuff and our accounts. its nuts anymore and going to get worse. Please take care all of us preps that take this serious.

                You younger people should understand that times and debt was never this bad back in the 70’s or 80’s. We have out of control laws and wars. Its only a matter of time. Many preps thought we would be hit with a full collapse by now or right before the election and we are still here but it comming quick!  

                I do not cut on anyone for being wrong with the time, I respect your thoughts and ideas and I have no idea when it will come but I know its comming faster and faster. Now the news is talking non stop of a financial collapse. Red flag Red flag for us to know without saying go and prep its comming its comming and then everyone panics and breakdown. I think its comming this spring sometime personally. Durango kidd was thinking similar as me. Get ready you wont regret it.

                • To the DA and the courts a case is a case and you are mere grist for their grinder….the legal industrial complex, the courts, judges, lawyers, the jails etc. make money whether there is any justice served to the defender or not…and I guarantee you that any zombie that you shoot, whether you kill them or not, has at least one relative out there somewhere that will try to sue you to finish the robbery….

              • That’s why you kill them.  Hard to argue your side when your dead.

            • The problem manifested itself when the homeowner failed to kill them ALL and bury the bodies.

              • word to the wise burglar / home invasion zombie….never rob a homeowner in the countryside with a personal shooting range and a backhoe parked by the shed….nobody will ever find your evil bones.

            • EXACTLY why you do not wound them!  Double tap. 

            • Need to lynch some lawyers.

              • it is the godamn district attorneys that need lynching prosecuting people for defending their families and homes from invaders.

                • More like State legislators is whom need to be hanged, they are the ones who put the stupid laws on the books. If your going to blame people blame the right ones.

            • Actually it happened on a ranch in South Texas. They were illegals coming up from Mexico thru his ranch. They had vandalized his fence, etc. and he caught them red handed. He
              held them at gun point, etc. until the authorities came.
              They in turn, sued him and won? He basically lost his ranch
              to them, etc.


          • Or Alaska , thank you very much

        • Exactly. The crime-prone 18-25 yoa age cohort is increasing and the economy is driving people to desperation. Though violent crime is rising, law enforcement has not completely broken down. YOU, the stationary target, the homeowner are their easy prosecutorial target.

          I highly recommend After You Shoot: Your gun’s hot. The Perp’s not. Now what? by Alan Korwin, ISBN 9781889632261


          • Shotgun

        • Here we go again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it doesn’t matter how many police we put on the street, they STILL will never be able to protect you. They show up AFTER the fact. None of the crimes mentioned in the article would show any significant difference if they hadn’t laid off any officers. There can’t be a cop standing behind everyone to intervene when some crook runs by you and grabs your chain, and then he would have to wait for the crime to happen before he could act. He won’t stop it, just chase the bad guy afterwards.

          Perhaps if some of the cops who are hiding in the bushes outside of some pot smoker’s house, waiting to smell weed, were out on the STREET looking for bad guys, we might see a difference! Does anyone even realize how many cops it takes for surveillance? TEAMS of them, just for a dime bag or a gram of weed. In Oregon, all patrolmen are investigators too. They do detective work, like gathering info on what people are doing in private, INSIDE their homes, from informants rather than trying to stop you from being robbed.

          Maybe if they weren’t spending their time sitting behind trees at speed traps, handing out tickets for no seat belts, running plates for no insurance and other stupid crap, they could catch some crooks! The cry for more cops is a red herring. We need to get the cops we have out of our bushes and into the streets where they belong. They are more likely to confiscate YOUR WEAPONS than they are to get the bad guys.

          The sole purpose of police work is not to stop you from being a victim of crime, but to bring in REVENUE by handing out CITATIONS–in other words, victimizing YOU for your money under the guise of protecting you.

          Most of us can’t afford our own personal guard, which is what would need to happen to keep us from being robbed. Don’t fall for this line of crap. The ONLY way to keep from becoming a victim is to PROTECT YOURSELF, and we all know what that entails…

          I CALL BULLSHIT.

          • I was flipping around the TV and I saw something that is enough to turn the stomach of everybody on this site.  That british bum (bum means ass in Englnad) piers morgan was talking about gun control and when a pro-firearms advocate asks this grand bum out of the 300 million guns in the country, how many guns would you ban and confiscate.  Pierless morgan answered 300 million, all of them.  Right before this that horse’s ass said that he respected the 2nd amendment.  Sickening beyond words.

            This is exactly the type of very dangerous attitude that is spreading throughout the country.  It won’t just stop at firearms either, they want people to be totally unable to defend themselves against even a rabid animal.   These bastards want someone to be totally defenseless and give total advantage to the the criminal element, even to the wild animal.   They want to make everyone into some sort of totally obedient android, that is also totally expendable.  You know a government or individual that wants to stop and make self defense illegal has to be the purest of all evils that there is. 

            • I guess it’s nice to want.

              The Brits unfortunately look at themselves as “Subjects” somehow lesser than their rulers. Our “rulers” look at themselves as superior but historically the US population doesn’t look at them in that light. 

              • You younger generation please go buy some food and a .22 rifle and some ammo. you cant go wrong. My god get away from the play station or xb0x and protect yourself. you will never lose value with it unless you trade it in to a gun dealer. But honestly have some food or your going to be in a world of hurt! This is no joke.

              • you can put expensive lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig in “gilded autumn rose”…

            • Aw, Piers is a Limey, cut him some slack BI.  They’re way more advanced than we backwoodsmen here in the colonies. Piers could not tell you what the 2nd Amendment means if his life depended on it. To him, and most of the world, it’s just an anachrinism left over from the old days when we had to defend against wild animals and Injuns.

              Well I’ll try to help ol’ Piers a little. Give him some perspective, as it were.

                 Once upon a time, not really so long ago, as things go….  some brave folks got fed up with their homeland, and took off on a great adventure, to unknown lands with the hope of starting a new way of life.  They were not happy with the restrictions to their freedoms imposed by one King George of……get this… Merry Old ENGLAND!

              Oh Piers, your not going to believe what happens. Listen up. After a few rough years, these folks got their shit together, and things were humming along nicely, thank you very much. So good in fact, that the king fella’, George, decided to raise the taxes. (sound familiar??). Well, these folks already paid tax, but this money grab pissed them off. Heck, the money didn’t even stay here at home to help stimulate the economy, like high taxes always do. ( ask one Dr.Paul Krugman).

              So these folks said, “kiss my patriot ass, fag boy”. The King, not accustomed to being called “fag boy”, decided to teach these punks a lesson. Sent his big fleet and supurbley attaired army to take care of business. We’ll, these country boy punks had guns. Long ones. And they knew how to use them. And they didn’t line up to be shot , like other civilized armies. This made it harder to shoot them, and after seven long years, the punks won the fight. And they won their freedom from the boy king.

              And here’s the important part. Pay attention. They knew, above all, they would have been slaugtered if they hadn’t had weapons.  And they knew human nature. That governments, while neccesary, can become overbearing. But if the citizens are armed, they have a chance to flail the chains of a tyranical government. so they put a little “poison pill” in their Rulebook. (They called their rulebook “The Constitution of The United States”) The poison pill is known as the 2nd Amendment to The Constitution. And it gives the people the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms.  Period.

              And know this Piers. The day that that changes, this Patriot will not be waiting for the changers to come to me.  If you threaten my life, I’m coming for you. Bank on it. And I have a lot of friends. Bank on that too.

              The End.     for now

              • I think you forgot the part about the “punks” killing the people that already lived there that had  helped them make it long enough to get thing “humming along nicely”…….for some reason, that part of the story is always left out?

                On a side note, I would love it if some people here could help me help the people of Davao Oriental Philippines who just got their whole lives blow away by Typhoon Pablo……they are simple people who live off the land and the sea, in one hour all their coconut trees and boats were destroyed…..please help if you can…..thank you!

                •  Wind, just for you….

                   And when these Europeons arrived on the shores of America, they encountered Natives of the land. These natives had darker skin, but not black, and reminded the newcomers of the people they had encountered in India. And so the natives became known as Indians to the newcomers. (ok so far?)

                     These Natives lived off and respected the land. There was peace and harmony and joy and plenty. They did not know war. They got along famously with others of their own kind. Life was good and simple. All hail the Great Spirit.

                  Then the white man came and f*cked it all up.

                  There. Feel better now?

              • 2nd doesn’t give anything. 2nd prevents the infringement, as in, “…shall not be infringed.”

                That is, 2nd works in a Constitutional Republic. Not so good under communism.

                Commies issue permits, privileges and certificates, for a fee, and your life. Free men use guns to hunt tyrants and commies and bears, oh my.

            • BI

              What happens when the Germans start kickin ass on Europe again? What are they ( brits ) going to say. UUUHHH. Could you American right wing gun and bible clingin to assholes please get your guns back and come save our ass again? 

              PS: I’ll just go ahead and reply to the negetive comments I know I’ll get. F*CK YOU!!!!!!!

              • @ 64 ECHO MIKE.  I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, so I will address this to ALL anti-self defense monsters out there that empower criminals and stick their middle fingers up to innocent victims.

                Whether it is pure stupidity or just some sicko idealistic utopian attitude, people have the right to protect themselves and their families and what they own, including pets.  The simple fact to these pieces of crap that try to take away that HUMAN given right, just don’t get it about why firearms are the best way to protect yourself.

                To the liberal-tard, or liberal-turd, DISTANCE from a victim’s body is paramount to not sustaining life threatening injuries.  If the criminal slime has a weapon such as a knife, a screwdriver, a ball bat, whatever, if you can stop that attack before reaching your space, you have saved many medical issues.  That comes from being able to launch a projectile from a distance.  Another issue with firearms is kinetic energy, in other words stopping power.  What you are trying to do is stop the attack and remain safe, your right as a human being to remain not a victim.  

                Also distance has to do with not being contaminated with some disease that an attacker might have, like aids, or with a wild animal, rabies.  The firearm that is shot from hopefully enough distance, severely reduces the chance of being infected by closer contact. 

                As a human being, liberal-turds have this wacked out idea that the criminal scum that has raped dozens of innocent people or killed serial level numbers, has some sort of right to not be hurt even when this demon is attacking someone.  A person can be a pacifist, this is their right, but don’t force that on to society and those that desire and have that right to defend themselves against attack. 

                It is beyond belief for me and anyone with something called a functioning brain could ever even consider banning non-lethal weapons such as stun batons, pepper spray or others that will simply incapacitate an attacker.  It happens though in 8 states and DC in the United States and many European countries.  This is just pure evil and stupidity beyond the word brain dead.  To ask someone to have their throat ripped out by a 150 pound dog because they are not allowed to carry a stun baton or pepper spray is something that would not even make sense to most animals.  A chimpanzee or parrot bird would find this beyond belief how manure for brains this is. 

                What is wrong with these f%^&en idiots, where is there even an ounce of commn sense in them?  So someone hates guns, FINE be a retard.  To also hate and try to ban non lethal protection devices crosses the line between non functioning brain and someone that wants to control every last move that someone makes and even the thought process of someone like some science fiction novel like 1984, or like the science fiction Borg in Star Trek that shove brain implants into victims to make them totally obiedent slaves. 

                I think of this and there is not only no rational thinking behind not allowing people to defend themselves, but there is a true evil behind it.  Taking away the most basic right of keeping a person safe from being injuried or killed is just not fair in any universe.  Some race on another planet that is totally peaceful would NEVER say that if one of their people was attacked that they could not defend themselves, because to do so would be judged by anyone as not logical or fair.  There goes the utopia notion. 

                To think of all the wonderful inventions that have come from England that have changed the word, you would think that the people and government would never even think about not allowing their citizens to defend themselves and not even carry non-lethal weapons.  My God, are human beings losing brain matter to think with any sense?  Are humans beings losing fairness to others that they cannot even differentiate between right and wrong anymore?  How can any human being even consider not allowing someone to defend themselves against an attacker? 

                These liberal tards that would put the rights of a criminal scum above the rights of an innocent victim and inhibit a person’s right to defend themselves should be locked away in cages at some zoo.  Individuals like this are not humans, they are lower that ALL monkeys and primates and deserved to be treated as such.  Won’t happen, but it is a nice thought, to such an individual that values criminals more than innocent people that have harmed no one, throwing fecal material at each other in some zoo setting. 

                • BI

                  Sorry for the unclear post. My point is that those who seem to want to disarm the USA ( I don’t hear them telling Russia or China that but maybe they are ) are the same ones who in history have needed others to come to their aid, and will probably need aid again.  I do cling to my guns and my bible ( and will confess I should cling to my bible more ) and am proud of it. Wether or not I am right or wrong when I read this site ( daily ) it makes me feel like I’m not completely alone. Thanks

                • @ 64 ECHO MIKE .  That’s okay, I just wasn’t sure about it.  This is one issue that gets me so upset, those idiots that want to take away our self defense.  I rather try to figure out where the earthquakes are going to strike and other scientific matters.  When I though start thinking about how these horrid governments want to take away some little innocent 100 pound women’s only self defense against some gorilla pervert that is 2 and 1/2 times here size so she is at the mercy of a monster it freaks me out I get so angry inside. 

                  These European nations expect their citizens to not even fight back, like what Manos said about Greek law.  When I think about countries like this that totally give every advantage to the criminal, I hope that the U.S. and other countries that still have an ounce of sanity left in them never fall into this dark pit of laws that make it illegal for a victim to save their own life.  I just can’t understand how the people in those countries can take this and accept it, and even worse actually desire it. 

                  The 2nd amendment is one of the most valauble laws ever, and no one should ever take this gift of freedom for granted.   Mike, I like your philosophy and it helps give you personal strength to handle what is coming up in this world that is spiraling down even faster each day. 

                • To you or me, the people who want to delete the 2nd ammendment make no sense. But as part of their bigger picture it makes all the sense in the world. These are the same people who have passed the same laws around the world. And who have passed laws telling people that they are not allowed to grow their own food, save their own seeds, share food or even water with others. Many nations have this anti food law now and SO DO WE.  It is called the Food Saftey Modernization Act. Each time the trial version was rewritten, no provision was put in to exclude individuals or micro farms ect. Our Constitution was written in a form of law that says that anything that is not specificially stated is not included. That is a protection. But the Food Safety Modernization Act is written in a type of law that says that anyting that is not specifically EXCLUDED is included. So as of RIGHT NOW it is technically illegal for you to grow a private garden, share with neighbors, friends or the food bank, save seeds to plant next year, store your grown foods or sell some even if your state law allows for cottage industry. They have not started enforcing this law but since they refused to write an exclusion for the individual citizen, that means that they do intend to use this law against us.  This is all based on UN Agenda 21 guidelines and is in place in many nations right now. 

                  No guns to defend yourself or go against them. No food and you will only last so long.

            • Piers Morgan, Thomas Hartmann – these are a greasy pair of the most nauseating, despicably EVIL, anti-White racists and left wing totalitarianism loving maggots ever to crawl out from under an outhouse.



          • Sixpack, you are a wingnut…

            • Thank you. I try.

        • All of this and they STILL encourage Illegal Immigration.  Who do you think is committing these crimes in California, people?

          • sixpack! well said! they waste more time for cash and nail middleclass people etc. your right on that. They know with deadbeats they are a dime a dozen and its a waste of their time. That’s sad that your right on that. what sets me off is all the illegals getting more and more perks. Thats like the illinois bastards getting drivers licenses there to make sure they are legal. My god that is like us giving felons silencers on guns so when they break a crime they can be more quiet with them. Insane and its out of control and totally headspinning what these fuckers in the house and senate are doing. “I love that stupid ass Bob whoever today who said the football player and his slut girlfriend would still be alive if they didnt have guns.

          • wow how peeps forget their history…last i heard this country was invaded by illegals,, led by columbus,,the white british\spaniard, imposed their law… killed the indians and stole their land….now it is mexican and muslims that are taking over this land,,, through legislation.. Not a single shot will be fired,,, because,, YOU FAT WHITE LAZY PIECES OF SHIT WONT STAND UP IN ARMS TO TELL THE MUSLIM IN THE BACKGROUND OF BOTH THE BUSH ADMIN AND THE OBAMA ADMIN,,,,EAT SHEEP PUSSY LOSER


            • More to the point, You blankety-blanks won’t stand up against the Zionist swindlers who rape you and your family every day and manipulate you and your children to fund, kill, and die for their Master Race aspirations.

              • Score one for J.Q.P.!  It’s those Zionist puppet masters who keep us in the mindset of Christian vs Muslim, or US vs illegals, etc, etc.  They WANT us to be a self-cleaning oven while they reap the rewards.  It’s got NOTHING to do with race or religion and EVERYTHING to do with control and manipulation of the masses, much to their delight.  Although they are now beginning to fear the conscious, thoughtful, awake, and open minds that are beginning to emerge…like right here.

                Gold Leader standing by.

              • @ Think about it.  Joh Q.Public

                   What would you want us to do?  Are you both a “Leader” of somekind. What is the plan?  Give us an idea of the logistics you have thought out?  How is your recon. doing? Your intelligence reliable? Don’t tell me you want people to do your biding and you are not willing to step into the breach yourselves?

                • sorry slingshot, there is really nothing we can do. If a person tries to do something, you get labeled as just another nut case. The really sad part is, I’m  white……

                • Though an increasing minority of people are aware of the source of most, not all, of our major worldwide problems, there is still that majority who are beguiled or comatose about the dynastic banksters, their influence, their genocide, their instigation and funding of both sides in the wars they foment, and their economic crimes against humanity, all inspired by their Master Race creed that only they are human and the rest of us should be killed or enslaved.

                  Education then is a priority.

                  In the mean time, we should all promote “Nuremberg 2,” prosecution of genocide and crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity. Punishment should be apropos such heinous crimes that end or ruin lives. All proceeds from the centuries of crimes by dynastic banksters and swindlers should be repatriated.

                  We need our own “fusion centers” to collect data on the crimes, the perpetrators, and all their enablers, puppets, enforcers, agents, talking heads, and toadies. This data should be provided to the international prosecutors so that every last perpetrator and accomplice is run to ground. Just as every last octogenarian and nonagenarian Nazi was caught and tried, not one of the genocidal Master Race perpetrators and their accomplices should escape prosecution and, if convicted, punishment.

                  One caveat—Nuremberg 2 should be fair with open trials, quite unlike Nuremberg 1’s kangaroo court, bogus eyewitness accounts, and forced confessions from defendants.

              • 88

              • The truth only hurts the guilty.


                More to the point, You blankety-blanks won’t stand up against the Zionist swindlers who rape you and your family every day and manipulate you and your children to fund, kill, and die for their Master Race aspirations.

            • Ouch…


            • think  about it: every empire rises, expands, over-reaches, and then begins to slide downhill; our’s is no different.  We have been in decay for some time and we will continue to decay until one day we wake up and we find ourselves in some smaller country/region with a more local/smaller governemnt. The dollar is all but dead and this is one of the main causes of our decline, as it was in every other empire, currency debasement.  No nation has ever survived that tried to tax and spend its way to porsperity, and we are no different. This approach is contrary to the basic laws of economics.   Our government is already failing at the federal level and states, counties, and towns are also cutting back on services once taken for granted.  The immigration “problems” that you and others are so concerned about will slow and then eventually reverse itself as our economic situation worsens and people look for scapegoats.  Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a crash landing! 

          • durango kidd

            From a macro perspective there is a globalist desire to do away with individual nations so unfettered immigration legal or otherwise is a goal. On a micro level the rich desire cheap labor and the liberals desire an underclass of voters to fill the polls for them on election day.

            With all of the above having an interest in furthering illegal immigration with the intent of making them or their offspring legal it’s a no brainer that it’s progressing. 

            • K2: My point exactly.

          • DK

            On a macro level the globalists desire to abolish individual nations as much as possible so they like unfettered immigration. On a micro level The Republicans want cheap labor and the Democrats want to increase their underclass voting block.

            Everyone is for it except the average American but like many other issues that doesn’t matter. 

            • Oops. I did not see the other post go in. Repeating myself. 


            • The average American is an uninformed moron who is going to get just what he has coming.

          • San Berdoo is now over run with illegal and legal third worlders. It always has been a somewhat downscale place but not dangerous until now. With the exception of a few coastal areas and the mountain areas Ca. is third world. The central valley is so bad that any farm or ranch left unattended for even an hour is raided. Hard to feel sympathy for the farmers and ranchers who started the whole illegal worker crap. This will end the same way as South Africa did when the illegals took over. They will own the farms and ranches.

          • DK

            You can’t fix stupid!!!

        • Here’s the evidence on the basis of seismic waves: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/12/seismic-evidence-prove-controlled-demolition-on-911.html

          Is there anyone who would dare claim 9/11 was NOT a controlled demolition at this point? I would like to hear your reactionary statements now, hahaha!

          If you want to protect your home – the first thing would be to ask for the abolition of the militarization of the Police State of America.

          Get rid of the TSA, NSA, CIA (and betray-us groupie whores), FBI, DoD, etc., etc. They were all conspirators in the murders of 3,000 innocent civilians!

          Do you get it?! They’re all MONSTERS! NYC (the bastion of FRAUD) HAS RUINED AMERICA!

          • You forgot the fuzzy image of the third shooter on the grassy knoll…….

          • Good link, NYC.  Here’s the thing: most idiots in the country today don’t care a rat’s ass about the truth.  And MSM will never educate them. 

            Then you have mofos like Piers Morgan on CNN.  I’m sure he’s a real “asset” to his handlers.  Practically ever night this doucebag talks about confiscating weapons from Americans!  Talk about one arrogant Limey!  I agree with you it’s a criminal enterprise.  Not sure when it will ever end. 

            What do you think?  I watch RT America also, by the way, so please don’t think that I like CNN at all..

          • I used to think that 911 truthers were wrong. But then I heard a talk from an architect who specializes in building skyscrapers around the world. He did not try to convince anyone of anything. He merely explained how they build these buildings and how they demolish them. He mentioned that many have caught on fire and the building contains the fire. He has never heard of a skyscraper falling down.  If they are damaged, the part over the top might come off and fall to the side ( though that has never happened)but it would not pancake down. A pancake down can only happen when ALL of the structural members at one point or level are damaged at the same time as with demolition charges.  Also some first responders who had to go back out to report to their firechiefs had reported that when they entered the towers just after the plane strikes the bottem floors and the 2 sublevel basement floors were blown apart as from multiple interior explosions. That is why they left the building. They had to fall back to figure out what was really going on.

        • These are UNION SCARETACTICS to keep their highly inflated pensions and bennies. It’s BULLSHIT.

          • Ever been to san Berdoo? Go visit, and see the reality. Don’t get out of your car.

        • Remember that witnesses confuse a jury.

        • great article. mess with mine and you will get yours.

        •  Most of the quotes in this story are from biased officials who want their budgets restored or increased.

          “Just check out what authorities in Pennsylvania found” This is also probably false, in the sense that we are not getting the whole story . Coyotes are legal game in PA with  no closed season.


      2. Unlock your doors and do the world a favor.

        • Do you mean unlock your doors to let the scum come in so they can be dealt with?




          Do you mean unlock your doors so the mindless morons that believe in all things communist can meet a quick end?




          Do you mean both?

          • The former.  The latter takes care of itself.

            • Only problem is the ZOMBIES ….not joking here like the guy that was caught naked eating a DOG just last week……troubled times!

          • JoeRepublic….. I like your attitude. Both sound good to me.

        • I always find it amusing that it is fire and police protection that get the axe first. How about parks and recreation instead?

          • because its a scare tactic..

            no one will care or believe there is a problem if they say parks and rec..


            to be honest , the cops dont prevent crime anyways, hell they probably commit more crimes than they solve or stop.


            The police have ” no duty to protect”..its up to you to save yourself, or allow the cops to come late and draw the infamous chalk line..they are only the clean up crew…

            the only way the job gets done is by what you hold in your hand when the problem comes to your door

            • Exactly! 911 is what you call, after your dead!!!!!!!


              • aint no sense wasting 911’s time..

                ciminals dont tell thier spouses “hey if i dont come home tonight from my raping and pillaging, please call the cops to come looking for me”

                no they dont, so who’s going to know he showed up at your door last night unless you tell someone?

                ( understand?)


                fuckin drop that pile of skin off at the next light and let them figure out why theres another dead thug

            • VFR: Right you are; there are many court decisions all supporting the notion that the police don’t have a duty to protect any specific individual, only the peace of society at large. Plaintiffs have lost evey lawsuit against police departments that I’m aware of at both the state and federal level (D.C. case).  What the courts have in effect told the citizens of this country is that it’s YOYO Time (Your On Your Own).  But most of the American Sheeple still believe otherwise, giving them a false sense of security. Those of us that know better are prepared  to deal with home invaders.   Most states have some form of  “Castle/Castle like doctrine”,  although some do require retreat first before you shoot. Living in Florida makes it easier because the criminals fear the armed citizen more than the cops.  Everyone should know the rules of engagement for their state. Be safe.

              • Living in FL hasn’t worked out too well for George Zimmerman….

                • MXLord327: Well he’s out on bail awaiting trial. He put himself in a situation that could have been avoided.  The law allows for a lot  here in  Florida but you must be able to articulate to the police, possibly to the state attorney’s office who will decide if the case even goes to trial, and maybe even to to a jury, your reason(s) for defending yourself.  It’s not a free walk by any means.  If someone breaks into my home while I’m here, I can easily explain my actions. On the other hand if I put a big Rebel flag on my vehicle and drive through the black part of town yelling the “N” word,  I’d be hard pressed to explain to anyone why I had to shoot to defend myself.  It’s a little thing called ‘good judgemnt’ . If you don’t have it, you have no business owning a gun, or any machinery, or sharp objects,  for that matter.  If Zimmerman walks on this one, the only thing he should handle in the future without adult supervision are a pair of blunt scissors.  

          • Yes, the beauracrats and administration jobs always are the last to go.  No it is the important jobs such as fire and police that go first.  But there again you have proof that this is how the government works so well.

            **SARACASM**And where is FEMA when this happens?  Where is the Department of Homeland Security when the police and fire men and women are no longer there to help us.  Don’t these fools understand that the unions who protect theses peoples jobs are going to be underfunded and increase the liklyhood of not being to be able to fund thier pensions when the time comes?  This is B.S..  I Demand some answers!

            So anyway, I guess I will have to oil up old Betsy and take care of those pesky criminals when they infringe upon my rights.  I wish I could train my bees that my house is part of thier hive and attack on command. That would be friggin awsome!


            • BigB,

              “So anyway, I guess I will have to oil up old Betsy and take care of those pesky criminals when they infringe upon my rights.  I wish I could train my bees that my house is part of thier hive and attack on command. That would be friggin awsome!”

                 I absolutely ‘DEMAND’ to know IF you accomplish this! 🙂 LOL, good one Brother!

          • This.  There are many things cities can reduce.  Businesses will sponsor parks if asked.  

            However thefirst thing they need to do is drop the stupida defined benefit pension plans and give an employee a full IRA contribution for a yearoff service.  


            Next they need to bid jobs every ten years.  They are required to bid contracts for services so why not bid the jobs.  I’ll do any city managers job for 1/2 the money.

            • And without knowing anything about you, I’d bet you do a better job at half the salary.

          • We need to support the services we need and use, like police and schools.  I’d happily pay $5 buck extra in taxes each month to prevent the “wild west”.  It’s true that nearly everyone (aside from hunters) who buys guns does so for protection, yet statistically a gun is more likely to be used against a family member or friend.

            • @ Betsy

               There are some who are in the Wild West Now! We are Paying/taxes, for protection that is inept. They can not be everywhere.  Police do not protect or serve. They enforce laws after the crime is committed.

            • Betsy

              Where did that statistic come from? Those figures have been shown to be false because it included suicides. It wasn’t being used by another family member upon someone. Regarding suicide Japan has the highest rate in the world (I suspect China is higher but accurate info is lacking). Studies have shown that the showing of a firearm prevents 2.5 million attacks per year. 

              Regarding protection the most accurate figures I have seen come from the State of Florida. They keep track of their issuance of carry permits. Since 1987 over 2 million permits have been issued and since 1987 168 permits have been revoked for a crime in which a firearm was utilized. That does not say murder but any crime in which a firearm is utilized. That is 168 out of 2,000,000+. 

              Police are under zero obligation to protect you. Their job is to enforce the laws of the state. If you call 911 and get no heap or help far too late (and it is almost universal that it will be too late because the crime is happening or has happened already) your SOL. Try to sue for lack of protection. They have no obligation to protect you.

              $5 per month. WOW. Assuming 5000 residents that is $25k x 12 months. That gets you three cops total. You need at least six to cover one per shift. You think one per shift is sufficient? The gun owners saying is, “I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy”. 

              The fact is when it comes to your personal protection you are legally (no obligation), factually (not enough police resources) and in reality economically (impossible to afford enough police) on you own. 


            • @ Betsy,

              I did not mean to offend you.  I was talking about a gun I own.  Sorry if you thought I was talking about oiling you up. 🙂

            • Betsy: Where did you get that nonsense!   Probably from HandGun Inc. or some other disreputable outfit that skews the statistics to fit their anti-gun agenda. These same groups will lie outright when even the stats can’t support them. HandGun Inc. and their ilk learned a lot from Hitler’s propaganda minister, Jospeh Goerbbles, “tell a lie long and loud enough and people will begin to believe it”. Well, you fell for it. I’m 59 y/o and I heard that crap from liberls when I was just a kid. It wasn’t true then and it’s still not true today.   Following their abuse of stats; more people are killed or severly injured in their homes than any other place. Perhaps we should outlaw homes for the safety of everyone.  And I’m not even going to mention the family car!

            • Five bucks a month huh? Wow that will really help. What century are you living in? San Berdoo is mostly non working and if they are working it is under the table. There is no tax base.

            • Heaven’s to Betsy, that koolaid you’re drinking is surely good isn’t it? Drink up !

            • Back under the Bridge Betsy.

          • How about cutting off all the freebies to welfare moochers first?

          • I trust the police about as far as I can throw my truck.

            • or a handful of feathers

          • because they can’t use park rangers and maintenance as a scare tactic to push their agenda.

          • No, the military!  We really don’t need to spend ONE TRILLION DOLLARS per year in national welfare — I mean national defense.

            • Come around and explain that again after the Chicoms attack Taiwan, or Japan, or Australia and we can’t protect them.

              NOT that there isn’t plenty of corruption in D.o.D. procurement.  You know where the corruption emanates from? CONgress.    I dare you to ask me how I know.   I was there, as a Contract Administrator for a private sector company that did business with several different D.o.D. entities.   I’ve said ever since, and it’s been 30 years now, that if the American public really knew how corrupt Congress really is, there would be a million man march in Washington, and they’d all be exercising their Second Amendment rights!

      3. Wherever citizens are denied their 2nd amendment rights (conceal carry) high crime rates are the norm.  As the economy tanks crime rises and it can only get worse.

        Even many of the LEOs are shopping around for better protection (weapons) for personnal defense. I’ve seen a greater increase of women learning how to shoot. A lot more women are seen at fire arm stores, at least here in Texas.

        Good update Mac, thanks.

        • People in Europe would freak out if they saw the happy families coming TOGETHER to shoot at Texas gun ranges. I was entering one two weeks ago as a family was leaving that just had their kid’s birthday party in there. Now, I know that really must mess the mind up of the sophisticates on the Continent–and in New Yawk–but it’s part of the culture here. And guess what? The stories I read of people being thrown off roofs are in NY, not Texas. Folks down here are firing back and you see more and more stories about hold-ups that go south in a big way for the perps.

          Does it make me nervous to be around all those guns? Nah. I have my .45 right here with me.


      4. I’d rather have it this way in one sense, meaning lets let us good people clean up the streets. No questions ,paperwork or lawyers, if they break in they will be shot and killed. Call the body bag pickup line and get these punks off the streets. I carry a gun everywhere I go and even sleep with one next to me. I choose a smaller caliber most of the time which have hollow points for my 5.7 FN. Sure I have 45acp but I can shoot in the head and heart accuractly quicker and even have ss190 rounds wth steel penetrator staggered every other round with a hollow point. works for me. A bit unorthadox but i like it that way.

        • As for the people skinning dogs alive that would set me off a bit. I would have to hold myself back if I saw that happen from beating the crap out of someone for giving an animal that much pain. I know it didn’t say if they were done that fashion but that is wrong.

          • Funny  since our RE-ELECTED President is a dog eatter.

            • I can’t stand that 2 faced cock sucker. he’s racist and probably hates that he is part white.

              • Clint, he is not part white, he is part black.  Havn’t you ever noticed on a police blotter that there is no half white of half black in the race category?  Why is that I wonder?  This is B.S. I demand some answers!

              • “halfrican” is the proper term for uncle sugar………:[

                • Good one!

                • Beeeutiful!   I will repeat that over and over, with your permission.

          • i am not suprised by anything anymore. i have read too much on the decline in society and people. if it comes down to someone breaking in my house, they better be armed or theyre not going to make it.

            i dont want to play judge, jury and executioner; but for decades the US hasn’t; so now i may have to.

          • clint, why hold yourself backn anyone skinning a dog alive is a psychopath,demonic and evil. I suggest if we see someone doing that,wail on them.  if theykll do it to a dog, theykd do it to your kids……….

        • OPINION isn’t necessarily fair or just, it’s just PERCEPTION.

          PERCEPTION of who is ‘good’ and who is ‘bad’ is a can of worms best left in the can.

          • 6pak: But as yet Nobody makes a Can large enough to contain aprox 50 Million troublsome monkys!…….I heard africa has lots of space though!

      5. One more time for those interested.

        When you trade unhindered with the third world and do not protect your wealth creating industrial assets you become them. Little by little here and there we change and slowly (sometimes not so slowly) accept a degrading of our individual and collective standard of living. Individually savings are depleted and in far too many cases jobs then homes were lost. Collectively the tax base declines and education and police protection decline. All of this is not happening in a vacuum. Some at the bottom have apparently slipped through enough cracks to now eat dogs. Welcome to America in decline. 

        My bet is those suburban lawn rabbits better look out. Indirectly the free trade agreements will even effect them. 

      6. There is no comfort in reading about things that only prove us right; all on this sit have seen this coming.


        Resistance to the organized mob can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mob itself.     

      7. This is the way it goes when a country comes away from their original moral (religous) values.  The downward spiral is going to continue and this govt will continue to give the tax payers money away.  The “Takers” have overtaken the “Producers” and if the govt ever stopped the giving, watch out.  It’s gonna get ugly, gotta start getting around like-minded people and away from high (or urban) populations.  I live in between 2 apartment complexes, 1 about 200 ft the other about a half a mile.  Looking to change my scenario as we speak!!

      8. OK… crook/NWO/douche in general wants to get into my house..

        step 1. See sign at door with picture of Great Dane saying “if it comes into the yard we get to eat it”

        Step 2. ignore sign..

        Step 3. Be met while opening door by not 1 but 2 Great Danes (170 # each)

        Step 4. Try to get past the snarling and general pain as they tear you apart..

        Step 5. Meet my wife…. she’ll shoot you for upsetting her dogs…

        Step 6. see sign at step one… become dog food

        addendum… if the dogs don’t get you, the wife will, if that doesn’t work all 4 kids are excellent shots and have been trained, I just stand by if needed to assist dragging body off to the backyard for dog treats..

        Note to those who will whine…. this is a joke… I wouldn’t feed the idiots to my dogs… a diet of Colt 45 and Old English or crack probably wouldn’t be good for my dogs health.

        • funny but being serious I can tell. I wish I had some shooters in my family. It’s just me. The wife hates guns and her daughter can’t shoot. I’m a one man show but doesn’t even make me nervous I’m confident and know I’m a pro shot and can shot quickly and very very accurate. I still go back and forth on what I will use for primary weapon for backup. I will use my Benelli M2 shotgun loaded with segmented slugs that break into 3 pieces upon impact staggered with buckshot every other round. Next is going to be my ps90 small and quick to manuver in the home with 50 shots that does not jamb. Holster gun is either going to be my springfield xdm45 or HKusp9mm or FN 5.7 pistol not sure. If I could  I would have my fiance have the 338 laupa on the counter aimed at the door for one shot. that should blow them apart.

          When all breaks out preppers my advise is have some extra plywood and 2×4’s and screws/nails to board things up even rebar concrete for the windows that you want to secure if needed. IF you can find a couple of fire extinguishers for putting out fireballs or something people may do might come in handy as well. I don’t put all my ammo and guns in one location. Some are stroed at fiances parents, some at dad and moms. and majority at mine. We all have said on here don’t leave all eggs in one basket.

          My only advise is never let your guard down and let people you don’t know into your area or home. people can be 2 faced and act like they need help and they really are nice to you and polite and then bam! They steal or try and take your things or turn on you. People do this is times of hardship. Be careful with this in all honesty. Never trust anyone. People rat you out too. I know we have repeated this over and over but its good to know this stuff and never forget it. Also have confidence in yourself and don’t get scared! You need to stay relaxed and confident when someone is breaking into your home. You will get the shot off right and not be dicking with trying to kill them for a few sec. We overlook the simplicity of this but its so true.

          • Clint, you sly ole dawg!! You have a wife, a daughter, AND a fiance? ROFL….no wonder you’re busy!


            (Plywood? Not so bullet-proof but okay for broken/shattered windows or the prevention.)

            • lol, you got me on that one! your funny. I meant the fiance meaning the wife. your good. with my help you could be the best. that made me smile today. The fiance is fun and good times, the wife is the bitch and demanding.

          • All around the US, the agenda planners continue along with their mission. This is a set-up. Increased crime will force many (*including victims) to complain, even BEG, for more and for better law enforcement personnel and equipment.

            This is a slippery slope — and a very predictable one. What do we want as the end result? More legislative regulations and more boots to the neck or less laws and the legitimate right to self-defense actions? We know ‘they’ want 100% control through more laws, more foot soldiers and g-men, and a repeal of the 2nd Amendment. We stand together, we stand strongest.

            • Whenever I am confronted by any antigun liberal idiot spewing sara brady stats and any other gov fed propaganda. I always tell them something akin to this.

              Listen, FBI yearly gathers all violent crime statistics for aprox 12 seperate catagories of Violent type crimes commited……And FBI also breakes it all down by Race-Age-Gender-Area-type of crime-with weapon?-without weapon? etc etc..

              Now for as long as FBI has compiled these FACTS, which is over 40-45 yrs now!

              Each year end report avail to the Public for Free and free online at fbi website…….If You antigun fools will simply go read them stats and Numbers etc…You will find for every catagory(12+) and area(all 50 states) the main perps are and has been always…..Get ready!

              African Blacks commit aprox. 89-90% every year and every crime of violence Period. This is NOT a racist statement as it is based upon Fed gov FBI actual painstaking work to find and list ALL forms of crimes nationwide from Over 100,000 Cities!!!

              The latest updats are usually for 18 to 24 months Back, since the task is so time comsuming and difficult the fbi is always behind on avg 1 1/2 to 2 yrs in reports made available to public.

              Therefore if You antigun liberals are “Honest” and “Sincere” in wanting to end crimes of violence, which is an imposibility to do 100%.

              But You LIbs Can come Very close!…You can fast end aprox 90% of ALL violent crime and murders etc by instead of trying to ban firearms…

              You begin to work up plans to BAN MONKY BLACK Criminals!

              Ban africans=90% less crime and murders….Ban guns?……Black criminals wont turn em in.

              And Neither will WE the Law Abiders nationwide who have a Right to be armed and refuse to comply with….You Liberal Loons.

              Get it yet?…..Ban guns= zero good……Ban Negroe african criminals?…BINGO!!! Lower violent crimes nationwide by aprox 90%.

              What do You not as yet Get?…..If you refuse My plan?….You are NOT sincere and just need go away before you bite off more than you liberals can posibly chew…..Nothing libs say or do is going to convince Us Proguners. Because as I just Proved, by Fed FBI stats, We are Correct!

              You liberals are Wrong as per usual…Now go away, Far far away and take a few monkys along too!

              • Thank you and that is the truth!!!!! you blacks that are reading this we whites mean the bad ones, if you reading this then your smart and your not part of our target. and please dont shoot sideways it does not work! Blacks cause more problems and more violence with everything. that is why North dakota, iowa and wisconsin do not have a lot of major crime. If they would have the guts and speak the truth and not dilly dally the facts and put this on TV for people to know the real truth, our country would be better educated but you liberals and racist idiots don’t and lie. Most of us can put 2 and 2 together and understand that blacks are the real problem. look at countries where blacks are not present, lower crimes! Duh Liberals. You can’t deny it! It’s the truth and face it

                • Visit Milwaukee sometime. There is lots of crime.

              • Angelo, I’m gonna call you on this. Please provide the actual link to support your statements. Some of us like our facts with substantiation.

                Here is the most recent FBI data on Murder offenders, based on age, race, and sex (for 2010) is nowhere near the statistical percentage you state. The figures below are from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2010 Expanded Homicide Data Table 3. (The link to follow)

                Murder Offenders BY RACE:

                Total White Offenders for 2010:  4,849 (includes Hispanic)

                Total Black Offenders for 2010:  5,770

                Total “Other” Offenders for 2010: 251

                Total “Unknown” Offenders for 2010:  4,224

                This data is too vague with respect to race, no doubt that it’s intentional.  I assume Asians are considered “white”, too. However, by going so far as to add all individuals categorized as “black” with “unknown”, this data cannot equate to the 90% you claim.


                • Zoltane….You forgot to consider that Blacks And mexicans are a small percentage of pop overall…Your stats shows while blacks are one Tenth of white pop, they commited a THOUSAND More murders!……If you multiplied blacks by factor of say TEN times now you got a more realistic number!

                  If blacks was equal number of pop as whites?….It would be more like 57,000 black murderers ad 4700 whites!

                  THEN REMOVE Mexicans who they are included as Whites…BUT in mexicans as VICTIMS?…NO! Then they are a “Seperate” entity or race.

                  Its absured to mix mexican or “hispanic” in with White folks.’

                  WHAT exactly IS an “Hispanic”?…What difference is there from “Hispanic” to “Latino” to “LatinA” ?

                  Those all are nice sounding PC type names for what Would be called, (if we was speaking of Dog or Horse breeds etc) as MUTTS!

                  So called Hispanic or latino is a mix of most or every race in existence. Many have alot of african Black mix.

                  You sound as if you fell for the misleading word useages to confuse everyone and keep from harming “others” feelings or self esteem!

                  Facts is Hispanic anit any real “Race”…..What do we all lable a dog with many mixed breeds?…MUTTS!

                  Of course since mexicans are humans not dogs, liberals or whoever has opted for nicer sounding names such as hispanic etc….

                  Yes I rounded off my numbers….You want to Nit pik on eaxctness eh…Does that mean You reject the well known facts that african blacks are the most useless and worthless Race known of?…..Unless you want alot of violent murder/crime/robbery/ and your intent is Akin to them ZIONIST Jews who been trying to obliterate White Christians for aprox 2000 yrs so far.

                  Or you simply like monky/blacks alot more than some of us does. I Do Not like or desrie to reside amoung them. After 43 yrs of detroit experiences I had plenty!

                  I been here up north mich 16+ yrs….ZERO Murders AND ZERO Blacks!!!……Go figure eh!….What a fuckin coincidence huh?


                  Regardless if my numbers are off somewhat…So what? What do You not get yet?

                  Or did you specifically mention my post since you do not like that I also point out True Facts about zios and jews that runs contrary to todays phony jewdeochristians nonsence on them issues?…..I think perhaps That is really it eh…

                  Either way nobody with a brain can dispute that blacks commits the VAST BULK of VIOLENT crimes and do so in Horrendous ways too!

                  And it seems the mexicans are fast trying to surpass african blacks as lead criminals nationwide.

                  PS Zoltane if You don’t like my mention of libs should promote booting Out black troubles?…..Then why don’t You keep em in Your town ok……Don’t bring any here.

                • Angelo, you can be the racist you want to be. Your nasty, closed-minded, bigoted ignorance is your choice. My beef with you is about “facts” you provide that just are not true. 

                  If you were to stop living in such a hateful, blind world, you might realize that the percentages you claim to exist are only in your own mind, and in the propaganda spewed by the KKK and the like. Now how stupid is it to actually believe that someone like you with all of your racist rhetoric is the a member of the “supreme” race?

                  What you originally wrote is pretty explicit about getting percentages from FBI’s data. I knew it was wrong and wanted to check those ridiculous “facts” you wrote. You wrote, “African Blacks commit aprox. 89-90% every year and every crime of violence Period.” This is a VERY different statistic than what you are now diverting to which is about the weighted frequency of violence among demographic segments. DIFFERENT.  Did you learn this tactic at your local KKK meeting, or was it from the hardliner Progressives? Both are incredibly intolerant but ironically, you fit in with both groups. It’s almost as if both of those groups are ….. nah….couldn’t be….

              • Mac, 

                I realize that 2% of any population makes the rest look bad.  This site is not well served by rants from a small percentage of overtly racist posters.  It makes the rest of us look bad to anyone who might want to read great articles and opinions on being prepared, politics, etc.

                 It’s hard enough convincing outsiders of our cause, but it’s even harder when comments are allowed that paint the entire community as racist rednecks.  

                If I have mistakenly been reading a Brotherhood site let me know and I’ll find something else.  Thanks for your help.

                Esse Quam Videri

                • Southpaw…If as you say some posts are “Overtly” Racist?…In Your Mind what will be an exceptable amount of it?

                  Or are you just another liberal filled by white guilt for what happened long ago prior to your birth by at least 150yrs?

                  Why are you so worried what others “may” think if they read here?

                  Why don’t you want others to lern facts and stop being pc-afraid to use their 1st amendt and Speak out on what most know of?

                  Personally I am glad some folks here do speak out without concern of “Minority” self esteem feelings etc. In fact if any minorities(not for long though eh! when whites are the new minority will whites be afforded current afirmative action quota policies ya think eh?    Sure they will!!).

                  If any minorities get hurt feelings then perhaps THEY need begin acting more civilizied like 99% of whites does eh.

                  Yes its really a shame when 95% of african blacks worldwide make it look bad for the other 5% who don’t act like wild baboons eh.

                  Can’t blame us whiteys for that as we been TRYING to civilize and normalize blacks for like aprox 500 yrs so far.

                  But to date, most christains and missionairies etc we sent to africa or even DETROIT! has all been Murdered by said wild african types.  Aint as if whites taxes to like TEN TRILLION $$$ hasnt been spent just in america so far the last 45 yrs to “Improve” african blacks eh?

                  So please do not blame us whiteys who Do speak out even if the Truth hurts ok. One things certain…This site aint no liberal coddlers site!!!!

            • Actually it is the way they will drive the resident population out. That is the goal and eventually there will be no place to run as every year two to three million more bottom of the barrel are invited in. Demographics is destiny and whites have chosen to be eradicated.

          • Little .22 now come in a segmented bullet.  Breaks into 3 pieces inside target.  Not a man-stopper by any means, but should help him bleed out faster. 

            • A .22 is not going to do anything. Stop talking about .22s. Be realistic.

          • You might wanna have roof access without going outside, on the ground too. Access from an attic would be good.

          • My 12 year old daughter just got her first shotgun for her birthday. I bought an old savage 20 ga from work (best job in the world Cabela’s) for $60, reblued it and restained the stock in a dark Purple and cut it a bit shorter for her. She left the stuff that everyone else had gotten but went right for the gun and asked “can we go to the range today?”
            I must be doing something right.

        • “We don’t call 911”.   Didn’t you read the sign says Bubba as he digs the hole.

        • If the zombies can make it past the gattling guns, I’m dead!  🙂

      9. Keep in mind that locking your doors only gives you time to get to your gun.  

        • Also if you  have the Funds, replace your lower windows with Lexan or Plexiglass…The Molotov Cocktails will bonce off…keep your field of Fire Clear…

          • If you can afford it get the House Armor windows for all windows that front the street, bricks bounce off. The plastic sheeting that applies to glass also works ok.

        • Also we strongly encourage you to look at securing your door.  The best lock, the longest screws and the strongest door is only as strong as the 1/2 of wood that’s holding your locking bolts in place.  The vast vast majority of all residential doors, doors that weren’t specifically re-inforced with plate can be breached without even slowing down. 

          While I’m sure there are some, maybe even many on this site that carry 24/7 in their homes, even we do have to take a shower or use the toilet sometime.   Now picture sitting on the toilet reading the paper, your gun out of reach when your door slams open to a single kick and in swarms a 2 or 3 invaders.  Now picture the cops finding your body face down on the bedroom floor with your pants around your ankles.  That’s not something I want being reported about my demise.  Way too many rumours would start for one thing.  🙂

          I thought about all that and now all my door jambs and hinge plates are armored with steel.  Cost me $65 per door to get a matching color. You can use a breaching tool on them and until you literally break the solid wood doors to pieces or the supporting studs or start shooting the hinges and locks with breaching rounds (not a common home invasion tactic) you’re not getting in and that gives me more than enough time to get armed. 

          Don’t forget your windows, window armour is available and can provide those moments you need to get ready although again home invaders don’t typically do a fast entry through a window.  They may break it out, then clear the glass and then come through in slow manner for a burglary but not blitzkrieg you through them like some move style swat team swinging in on ropes to tuck and roll on your floor and come in up in a low crouch, carbine at the ready.

      10. Seems that everything is playing out right on que just like all of us “socially selfish preppers” thought it would.  Is anything in the above article really a surprise?

        • But…I’ve seen the light. I will now turn over all my supplies to the government authorities and watch my family starve. As long as I’m not considered selfish…  

          /sarc, for those of you who need to be told

          • Did you ever notice that the most selfish bastards on the planet are the ones that call you selfish?

            I noticed that since grade school…

            • The “SELFISH BASTARDS” had the same opportunity to prepare for today as we did. 

      11. It really has always been this way. The police have always gotten support from the citzens who watch their back.  These same citizens has also  watched out for their neighbors. Things are changing when the cops can’t be trusted anymore. When they  loose crediability, fail to purge the rif raf from their ranks, they loose the support from their citzens they are protecting. The citizens have been turned into spies & narks, no one trusts anybody anymore. Everybody is out for them selves. The police are telling it like is is, we already knew that!

        • not to mention they cant hit shit

      12. The second (some may argue that it is the first), most important thing about prepping is having the means to protect you and yours.  The “you” part is simply because if “you” are reading this, then “you” are probably the most important factor in protection and survival for the rest of your family.   After loosing all my modern firearms in a “boating/canoeing” accident, I decided to go the more simple route and that involes being able to stock up on ammo without costing an arm and a leg, so I went the more primitive route.  I began purchasing blackpowder/muzzleloading firearms.  For a portion of the cost, it is easy to have a couple hundred rounds of lead bullets,caps and powder to reload these weapons for protection and animal harvesting.  Don’t rule it out until you learn a little bit of information and check out the prices for the cheaper/used models of long guns and pistols. Motto: A loaded six-shot Blackpowder pistol in the hand is worth ten 45 autos that have been thrown in the bush, because you can’t get more ammo,they have jammed, or worse, been confiscated because they have been outlawed by the UN.  Just sayin’.

        • I remember you posting that about 2 years ago on here. He is right about black powder guns. You can’t go wrong. And preppers never overlook the .22 rifle and pistol. ammo is dirt cheap and properly placed shot will drop someone 9 out of 10 times. You can get 500 rounds of .22 for 20 bucks.

          Try different ammo in your guns if using a .22 pistol. Some of the winchester white box and remington box (golden ammo) can jamb so try it to make sure it works well in a semi auto handgun. I would step up and buy the CCI Stingers a tad bit more but are loaded well and more consistant. But check your guns women, some ammo works well with same guns but different batch of guns.

          Keep parts lubricated and clean. Believe it or not some sniper guns shoot better without cleaning gun in competition shooting. Not going to get too in depth or confuse anyone but some shooters only swab the barrells after 10 shots or so.

          • Morning Clint,

                If I may, I would like to add something here,

                  In previous post I have clearly come down on the side of the virtue’s of stainless steel generally, as it happens this is a wholly superior choice for one’s firearms whensoever it is an option. The barrels need only be cleaned enough to remove ‘fouling’ from the residue of the copper jackets which most bullets are sheathed with these days. Once such detail is attended, thereafter, it is best to utterly ‘dry’swab’ the barrel before storage. When next used, there will be no initial deflection of the first few bullets by virtue of the presence of remaining lubricant. The longevity of a stainless steel barrel is multiples that of any fabricated from carbon steel inasmuch as it is the native, innate character of the alloy to NOT corrode, especially during the ‘travel’ of the primary charge down the length of same. In the last case, same is also more resistant to simple process ‘erosion’ as well.

          • Don’t mention 22 cal., the last time I did I got crucified for even thinkin about it in self defense, no matter how well the shot is placed

          • Keep parts lubricated and clean. Believe it or not some sniper guns shoot better without cleaning gun in competition shooting. Not going to get too in depth or confuse anyone but some shooters only swab the barrells after 10 shots or so.

            Well, that would be us, Clint. 🙂  For precision, we must clean after each relay (usually 8-20 rounds depending on shooting conditions). We put the first and second round, generally foulers, at a sighter, too, because of residue that may remain in the barrel after cleaning (what JOG said).  We used to use Hoppes exclusively but now mix our own with concentrated ammonia. There is less residue using it and our foulers are often dead-on so we can see the better results.

            Sometimes we moly coat to save time cleaning or reloading at a shoot, though — just depends on the weather (humidity, temp).

          • Keep your wife clean and lubricated.

          • The only time a gun is clean is before the first shot.  Now you are dealing with dirty gun accuracy.  I’ll shoot my clean rifle 5 times let it cool and then shoot 3-5 more to see if the scope or sights are still on target.   Then I am good to go for hunting season.  After the season or a prolonged shooting session I will clean my rifle.  Shotguns, black powder, and handguns receive more timely cleaning.

        • don’t tread

          So the .45 autos are surrendered but the UN allows you to keep the cap & ball revolver? 

          Look at UN central the UK to see what they allow and don’t allow. 

          Read Surviving Economic Collapse in Argentina to see what happens. You MIGHT have a legal Long Rifle and with your compliance you will face a bad guy with something very effective that did not comply. 


          • Hey Kev 2,  i see where you are coming from, however; the point I make here is that blackpowder guns are not currently regulated the way  modern guns are.   You can order a blackpowder gun from almost any sportsman’s catalog/internet without an FFL liscense.

             More importantly they are easily bought from individuals and it isn’t illegal to do so without providing pesonal info.  If you buy a semi-auto from an individual, at some point since it’s production, it will have a link to someone as a purchaser.  It can and may wind up being traced to you as a buyer if the “gun grabbers” have their way. Unless you have purchased an older gun from someone that purchased it before every new gun was put into a registry thru the FFL program, it can be traced to you thru individuals that sold it.

             I’m not saying they(TPTB/UN/Gun grabbers), will allow Blackpowder pistols or long guns, I’m saying they can’t confiscate what they can’t find or can’t trace to an individual thru purchases.

             Yea, there are all kinds of possible scenarios that could unfold, but I’m just saying that blackpowder guns are an alternative and/or another source to be used as protection.

             My hunting knives and my bow and arrows are also good sources of protection, but in an emergency at any range further than arms length up to 30 yards, my first choice may be my 45 cal. blackpowder revolver  pistol, since I lost my 45 S&W auto in that darned boating accident.  If I need deadly accuracy further out than 35 yds. and up to 120 yds; my 50 cal. Hawken may be my first choice since I lost my magnum large cal. rifle in that darned canoeing turn over as well.

             As far as the UN “allowing” a person to keep anything other than a slingshot, I’d say they may even outlaw Bows and Arrows and spears.  That doesn’t mean I’m giving up my pump BB/Pellet gun. A man has to have some “quiet”  fun, sometime.


            • don’t tread

              Fortunately I live in America where in state civilian to civilian sales are legal. The records are not available with reasonable accuracy in 3/4 of the states presently to facilitate confiscation. I suspect a big push will be to incorporate more guns into NFA34 with the threat of a $250K fine and 10 years in Federal Prison for non compliance. Gradualism, “boiling a frog” is their tried and true method. Once completely “papered up” getting them is easy. 

              Using anything that they have laws against you having for protection poses severe difficulties. If they ban your black powder pistol and they never get it because they never knew you had it so be it. Use it to defend yourself and you win the battle but loose “the war” alive but still in jail. One needs only to look at the UK to see what they do and how they do it.

              We’re very conditioned to do what is legal but if all of this runs amuck everything becomes illegal. It’s no longer I’ll do this or that when both this and that are both against the law. 

            • I want some cannon, loaded with grapeshot. They’ll make nice lawn ornaments in the meantime.  Going to watch Punkin’ Chunkin’ again for ideas.

            • what is it with boating accidents ? I myself suffered a boating mishap while transporting my fully loaded gun vault across the pond to my new home . many attemps to refloat said vault have failed and now I am left with pointy sticks and a few hefty stones and yet I feel confident in my ability to fend off any home invasion that might take place while I am there . 9 1 1 has proven to be a jokeand I find the local police much too buisey dealing with scateboarders and loose dogs to deal with the tax payer in need of quik help

      13. Then there is this abomination once again poisoning the airwaves about gun control.  After that Kansas City Chiefs players kills his girlfriend, that idiot Bob Costa instead of commenting on football tries to ram his political agenda on banning handguns down everyone’s throat.  Someone brought up the fact what if that professional football player’s girfriend had a gun, maybe she would be alive today. 

        You just know that whenever there is a crime upswing, automatically firearms are to blame.  It is not the lack of law enforcement, the terrible revolving doors of the legal system that allows repeat criminals right back on the streets, or the decay of society,  NO to the bleeding hearts it is firearms to blame.  Here’s the thing, they want no innocent citizen to be able to defend themselves with anything, even in their own home

        After manos described the absolute hell over in Greece in which a citizen is simply not allowed to defend themselves or engage an attacker, I wonder about what has happened to common sense and decency to victims.  There are thank God, still free states in the US that recognize someone’s right to defend themselves, and I live in one of them.  There are though several states that are truly moving towards the absurdity of Greece and other European countries that totally empower the criminal. 

        To make it a crime for a victim to defend themselves from being raped, robbed, mangled, murdered, assaulted is a total human rights violation that is absolutely no difference between a war crime.  This is the direction that the country is going towards, the European model of making it a crime to protect yourself.  This war crime that politicians and other “law makers” poison society with that give the sole advantage to the criminal will and is floating around toxic waste on a body of water in many states because of the high crime rate blamed on uncontrolled weapons.  So they take away anything and everything from exactly the people that are responsible and leave all the illegal weapons in the hands of the criminal scum. 

        It is a hope that IF the U.S. is somehow able to survive without totally imploding that many states will never allow the European model of making a victim the criminal for attempting to save their life against an attack, again a war crime against humanity and sanity, and will do everything to protect their citizens aginst this ever happening.  Thank goodness there are so many gun owners in this country, but on the downside there are more non-gun owners and that is a disturbing trend. 

        • It’s funny and SAD how stupid our politicians are, mainly more democrats on banning things. If a girl is bit by a dolphin they take away giving fish to the dolphins. If someone is burned by a firecracker they ban fireworks in that state. If people are getting fat in NY they ban large sodas. IF someone is shot by a gun they try to take things away from us. It never ends with these assholes. I bet they are praying that someone is attacked with an ak-47 or an ar-15. Not even going to call them assult weapons. If someone was attacked by a chicken they would label them as assult chickens! Unreal. BUT you never see illegals getting booted or arrested for being here and are awarded with free healthcare and now in great state of Illinois they are getting drivers license privileges when they are illegally here but now VETS are targeted not being able to own a gun or buy one if they have PTSD. This is getting out of hand and I hope that people don’t roll over like a dog on this.

          We are fighting each year to hold onto our rights when the constitution was written not for us but for  the federal government to follow. They have broken the laws so many times and nobody is holding these assholes responsible. We should not fear them, but the other way around. I hope that people hold their ground and tell them no soon.

          • Welcome to the Soviet Bolshevik Jewnited States of Communisim.

            For More information, and regular daily updates as to How all soviet Comrades and Subjects are to act and behave…

            Remain tunned to your local TV(Talmude Vision set) stations where several trained Bolshevik Kommie MSM Pharisee’s will be updating plans 24/7/365……

            Or go read all about the True facts on how soviets did its evil in russia from 1918 onward!…….You cannot fight any enemys unless you Know what they do and how it is done…..1918 russia IS a real true eyeopener for factual info on just how evil and wicked these liberal progressives and their madend Ilk can be……Unbelievable is quite the understatement!

            Comming Real soon to Your now Jewnited states run by Trained Kommie Bolsheviks!……And their peasant class Pet monkys for boots on the ground services. Wake UP whiteys!

            • How about stopping with the antisemitic rant you jew hating bastard….

              • @ Joseph —

                Blow it out your ass, scumbag, and that goes for your “coat of many colors” too. Talking about the breakdown of Amerikan society without mentioning *the TRIBE* is like discussing the sinking of the TITANIC and omitting all reference to the ICEBERG.

                THUMBS UP, Angelo!

                • Joey! what are You? A Bolshevik Kommie JEW lover? Or just another antiwhitey antichristain idiot(not alot of differences).

                  I think You joseph should Kiss My White Hariy ASS.

              • Don’t insult bastards.   Effing Idiot is what you mean.

              • If the jews dont want people to hate them they should stop doing things to make people hate them. Jesus beat those jewish money changers with a whip and drove them out of the temple.  

          • clint

            i hate to break it to ya,,but the politicians are not stupid,,we the people that leave them in office are the stupid ones,,i dont like obama but why blame him when the congress supports what he does,,,think abut it,,,


        • I hear you BI.  Bob Costas can suck a donkey’s d*** for all I care.  I don’t care for liberals putting all the blame on handguns.  Guns don’t kill people, it’s the idiots pulling the trigger.

           If he had bludgeoned the poor girl with a canned ham, I doubt ole booger face Bob would be saying,  “If there were no canned Hams, I can without a doubt, say that both of those people would still be alive  today”.  What a freakin’ idiot.  Get a real job Bob Costas and quit ruining my football game.  You worthless piece of a liberal turd.

      14. I suspect all of us regulars have already “steeled” ourselves for such situations years ago.

        Interesting how those of us in the citizenry have been aware of the defense needs for years. Yet, Our enlightened (Uh..maybe) leaders just cannot fathom logic. Of course those “leaders” who detest the 2nd Amendment, have a tax payer funded protection force to provide 24/7 security.

        God be with all of you in what you do. I somehow suspect the Wiley Coyote, “Off the Cliff” impact moment is not very far off in the future.

      15. This Black Friday was the biggest day for gun sales since last year’s.  Even Soldier of Forturne magazine has an article on the coming civil unrest.  My DW’s hairdresser, who was a complete Lib, just bought a gun and is stocking food in her basement out of fear of what Commissar Barry is causing to happen to our country. (They say that a Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged)

        Time magazine recently ran a story on how “The State” needs to seize all the $$$ in our 401K’s and IRA’s to make Socical Security “Fair”.  

        Heck, I say fair is allowing me to keep what I’ve earned and saved!

        • We need a “black powder” Friday!

          • Remember… Remember… The 5th of November.



            • Not many ‘muricans will get that . . . . .

              • Yeah most Amerimans are stupid fawkes.

            • …the gunpowder treason and plot.

              I know of no reason the gunpowder treason

              should ever be forgot.

        • saved by grace

          the only thinhg SS needs is for congress to repay all the money it has borrowed from it,,leaving usless I. O.U.s,,,how about that for starters


        • Why is everyone buying guns? We all know that when the time comes and the order to turn them in goes out they will be given up with nary a whimper. talk is cheap being a real advocate can get you or your family killed. that is what they are counting on.

          • @ John W.       Maybe, maybe not.  I guess we’ll just see how it plays out, now won’t we?

            • I sincerely hope not. Then again they may give people no choice. My point was that it is a big step not to be takem lightly to actually resist with deadly force. I do not believe many can cross that boundary.

          • Hey! John speak fer yourself, No Three Percenters are going to Give Shyte up! At Ease!

      16. And yet politicians want stronger gun control. I don’t get politicians.

        • Jason

          “And yet politicians want stronger gun control. I don’t get politicians”

          It’s not about the gun, crime or jobs. It’s about CONTROL. And if there is one thing politicians want is control. 

          • It is called: Limiting your opposition’s strengths.

          • yes they want gun control because with no guns you cannot come take their shit away


        • If I was screwing people as bad as congress is, I’d want to disarm everyone else too…

      17. nothings to happen.

      18. These criminals have no idea what  their in for. We PATRIOTS, will take care of business while our so-called government cowards in their corners.

        It,s time for real men to stand up and defend our women and our friends and our FAITH.


      19. I live in a coastal southern city, about 325,000. They are already breaking in my nice neighborhood, mostly in the day when people are not home. If no car is there, that is a sign no one home. We suspected there were gangs here because people were being shot and killed late at night while driving down the street and an 18 year old girl grabbed going to her car late at night and found dead in burning car, but when asked, no answer. They don’t want to tell you this. Now, a month later, they tell us we have gangs here. That means, its really serious or they would not tell us. Also, they now tell us they need more police to train for the street. They need a lot more money. New jail being built and need to hire for that. They want undercover officers.  Yesterday, headlines in paper said, 10,000 warrants can’t be served because of lack of help. Dates back for years and some cannot be found. Now, I know, its going to get worst. Takes time to train police officers. It haven’t got that bad as its going to get in the following months or years. Very few go out after dark, I know I don’t.  So, its coming now and fast.

        • you already have to be more efficient. Instead of hiding behind bushes trying to catch someone going 5 mph over the speed limit, how about spending time in areas where criminal activity happens on a daily basis.   The police are here to keep the honest man honest. The criminal is too difficult for them to deal with. They are inefficient and overrated! You do realize more cops = more government?!? 

          • …”Instead of hiding behind bushes trying to catch someone going 5 mph over the speed limit, how about spending time in areas where criminal activity happens on a daily basis”

            Because they could get their asses shot off!

        • Sounds like your neighborhood is undergoing “cultural enrichment,” courtesy of the USan regime. The Usan regime is to real Amerikans as the ANC regime is to the Afrikaners.

          There is an element of semitic desert revenge and vindictiveness driving the bastards who support the unleashing of these savages upon us. Eventually, there will be NOWHERE to run to, unless they are stopped soon.

          • Ahab is correct. In Africa blacks have stated they now only await the death of their Klinton Boy wonder Kommie leader…Mandela to kick the bucket.

            Soon as mandela dies off african black hoards Promice to finish murdering every last white in africa, of which there aint too many now left there to kill.

            Just as in detroit and Every large city african hoards has infiltrated and overran, in S.Africa after they torture and savagly murder/Butcher whites, they next totally  Destroy and Burn down the ranch and farms of now dead whiteys.

            Then african blacks makes More babies they cannot feed, while crying and being shown in usa on msm tv ads as poor helpless starving masses with flies buzzing their heads.

            If all africans are so starved?…Where does they get the Energy to LOOT-MURDER-Savagely Butcher-and BURN down all whiteys stuf?……And then Still got plenty energy to screw and multiply like rabbits!?


            QUESTION: for those who seem annoyed at what They call racist posts etc, WHY is this Massive influx of Thrid world destroyers and NON whites ONLY happening and ONLY being called or mandated for by Liberals and Zionists in White countries?

            Whens last time You heard any tv msm liberal or dem polititions demand the exact Same Invasion by Non whiteys into CHINA?…..Or JAPAN?….Vietnam?….Korea?……..OR

            Calls to have massive imigration ny NON whiteys into ISREAL?!!!!!!!!!

            Thats correct, You have NEVER heard liberals demand that!

            Get it Yet?…Its ONLY White nations being systematically overrun and Destroyed by NON whites…

            Do you get it yet?   Will you ever get it?….Why Not?

        • Worst part of these gang takeovers in cities is that the gangsters know how to quickly enlist corrupt members of the police to help them.    At the same time the top cops are begging for more money so they can hire more cops to be corrupted.   Detroit.   Was too close to it too long, very glad I could finally GTHOD.    I may be living in near poverty, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

        • enough

          why are you still there,,run ,,run now, run hard,come on up to the hills,,,


      20. Did anyone see Bob Costas rant on guns.Another limo liberal running the mouth with the perfect audiance of sheeple watching meaningless shit.

        • Yep, heard it today on talk radio. Useless lib BS. Problem is disgusting liberalism, not weapons. 

          No guns, use a blade. Ask another psycho…OJ Simpson.

          2nd Amendment is all we citizens have. No other life support exists for insuring survival when madness rules. BTW, 10mm is a great choice!

          • Somebody wondered if he’s figuring to become the next Keith Olberman.    As if that worked out well for him.

        • I posted a comment, but its not come thru moderation yet, I hope it does

      21. Another great article Michael. I appreciate it.

      22. I have worked in corrections for over twenty five years, still do, point being we are noticing the revolving door syndrome first hand. To be fair there was always “good time”, this is what they take off your sentence every month if you behaved yourself while in the joint. Traditionally it used to run five maybe six days a month, now it is up to fifteen days a month!! If a violent criminal is sentenced to five years, that sentence is already cut in half before he even starts. Now enter the parole board, who will give this perp a parole hearing usually within the year, often times they will parole an inmate before he has even done a year!!! The moral of the story? well, I can’t tell you what to do, but with numbers and attitudes like these, the answer is obvious.

        • Yep, they are sending the problem back out on the street for us to deal with..

          and on the other hand we have politicians trying to take that ability to deal with them away..how nice.


          maybe we should use politicians and law makers as human shields against the predators, maybe than our 2nd amendment right will be recognised

      23. We just had a guy walk into a hospital and steal from patients and employees. Very little security in hospitals. He went thru the entire hospital unchallenged. He was black and nobody wanted to be insensitive to him and ask what he was doing there. A friend of mine is manager of security at a hospital in the midwest. They have 2 security guards per shift for the entire hospital, including the maternity ward. When you are most vulnerable is when the scum crawl out of the slime.

        • sounds like a part of the book turner diaries, no one confronted the minority.

      24. Thirty-five years ago, I married into a very large extended family unit that lived in a ‘wide-spot-in-the-road’ down in Antioquia Province, Colombia, South America. The name of that little ‘pueblito’ was Medellin.

        Rule #1, even way back then, was that you NEVER leave the house empty and unattended. There was ALWAYS at least one armed man on hand at ALL times.

        Rule #2, was that you NEVER wore or displayed any ‘bling’ on your person when you were out of the house on the street. The assholes would even rip an ear ring out of a woman’s ear while she was walking down the street. One of my brothers-in-law had a ‘ratero’ stick his hand through the opened window on a bus, while it was stopped at a traffic light, and steal the glasses right off his face! That’s balls!!

        Congratulations to us boys & girls! It took quite a while and a lot of very determined effort ……….. but the United States has finally achieved true third world, banana republic status. And just think; the assholes in the District of Criminals have the nerve to tell us that “the best is yet to come”.

        God help us all ….. please???

        • District of Criminals …ROFLMAO !   Excellent summary of area contents.

          BTW, as a Virginian , I cannot take my CCW  into DC. Yet, DC is another crime capital of the nation. Imagine that?  Controlled by libs too !  Double imagine that !


          • D.ark C.ountry

      25. Normal


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        MM2Nuke ,

        Love the Dane warnings!

        After 2” of fresh snow, I was walking our big male Rottweiler around the perimeter of our property in the AM. At the bottom of our driveway were two electricians getting materials from their big truck. You know – a big 4×4 electrical company truck all decked out with tools, ropes, huge snow tires – very impressive looking until Cody took off racing down the driveway at them.

        I gave him a command to stop. Well he hit the brakes and skidded 10 to 15 feet in the snow and stopped about 4 feet from the big electrician’s crotch. His buddy had jumped up on top of the cab as in a single bound. Man was he quick.

        The guy facing Cody had no choice – he was at least 280 lbs, so he just froze! To tell you the truth I had a very hard time not to bust out laughin. As Cody was growlin and showin teeth the big fella asks, “Does he bite?”

        I said, “Naw – He Mauls.” I turned around and walked away with Cody still frozen and growlin at the big lineman. Later, I called Cody off ‘point’ and told the big fella to call next time before they set foot on the property. I heard a faint and higher pitched voice saying, “Yes sir.”

        Y’all Beware! That is still a funny memory.

        • Mine are fed on raw meat, butcher shop leftovers, deer carcases, donated roadkilled deer and the occasional goose and chicken. They are extremely loyal and loving but I tried to spank my daughter (age 10) for being a brat last year and was faced with 2 snarling and grumpy dogs… I’m not afraid for my family if someone breaks in. NOBODY messes with “their” kids. The cable guy had to be escorted in to run a new line form my computer and they dogs wouldn’t let him out of their sight. I love my Moose’s..

          • MM2Nuke,

            If you had a lick of sense you would put them in the garage. Must give you a chubby intimidating people that you invited to your home. You and common sense are not real good friends are you? My old dog bit someone and believe me you don’t want the crap that results. You must be a skimmer nuke cause boat sailors are smarter. 

            • They only bite on command, I don’t have a garage anyhow and unless we allow someone into our home the dogs take a watch position and wait commands from the family. It all comes down to training. If they are invited into the home the dogs know to relax and assume “couch position” (Great Danes are the LAZIEST dogs ever created). And yes I was a skimmer… freakin carrier it sucked big time.
              Great dogs are trained not just wished upon and hoped for, my family has spent many, many hours training our dogs to be our furry guardians. We only intimidate those who don’t belong.

        • Had your dog bitten him I guarantee you would not find it so amusing. You would lose everything you own. Rotties are one of the dogs that when they bite it is a big deal. How would you like to be going about your lawful business and someones dog latched onto you? Or one of your family members?

          • I don’t blame dogs, I blame OWNERS. A dog is a living breathing tool, companion, soldier, guardian, and friend. It all comes down to training them properly. It’s just as with people. John W. you probably train with weapons and equipment to handle certain situations as they arive. It is no different to train with your dog.You work with them to know how to react to situations, commands and they become part of your team just like with people.

      26. Chicago may well be the intentional cauldron of crime that instigates the much desired martial law.  The elites need citizens focused on each other so we don’t properly lay the blame on them.

      27. Off Topic…

        I have seen very little about this in the news.  I see this as heading down the wrong road.  The changes they want are often “incremental.”  If the U.N. gets the authority to mandate government control of children with special needs … what is the next step?  Once passed, I fear they will cite this treaty and next want to mandate government control to force ALL children to enroll in public schools.

        While most people are busy preparing for the holidays (Christmas, Hanukah), the Senate is to vote on handing more power over to the U.N.

        Harry Reid has brought to the floor of the Senate a U.N. treaty called, “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (CRPD).   Despite the lovely name, this is “an attack on parental authority and U.S. sovereignty.”

        “Specifically, the CRPD takes aim at parents of special needs children, declaring that an international body–not parents–will be the ultimate authority on issues like education.” 

        Passage of this would allow the government to FORCE parents with special needs children to enroll in public schools.

        Under CRPD, a “committee of experts” would be established to review regular reports, ensure the treaty was being “obeyed” and to make further recommendations in “the best interest of the child.”

        Vote on this could be as early as tomorrow.

        (Information about this U.N. treaty is at Town Hall)

          • Let your voice be heard.

            If you wish to let your Senators and/or Congressmen know how you feel about an issue, you can fax them for FREE at this site. 

            Go to http://www.numbersusa.com

            Find a fax addressed to your Senators.  Add your comment in the PS section and send.

            • Good news … Senate rejects United Nations treaty for disabled rights in a 61-38 vote today.

              Unfortunately, I believe the libs will try to pass this again in the future.

        • @KY Woman,

          Thank you for you caring posts. I always read, and learn from them. This first treaty is just the going to be one of many I’m afraid.  (I’m sure that you read Dick Morris’ book on them).

          Just like Nazi Germany, they are starting with the disabled.

          • Saved By Grace,

            You are welcome!

            Thank you for your kind words.

            KY Mom

        • KY – thanks for the heads up. 

          Well that’s this Mama Bear’s line drawn in the sand.

        • What in the world does this have to do with the current topic.

          Stop listening to Glen Beck so much.

      28. What kind of puppies?

      29. MM2Nuke ,

        Love the Dane warnings!

        After 2” of fresh snow, I was walking our big male Rottweiler around the perimeter of our property in the AM. At the bottom of our driveway were two electricians getting materials from their big truck. You know – a big 4×4 electrical company truck all decked out with tools, ropes, huge snow tires – very impressive looking until Cody took off racing down the driveway at them.

        I gave him a command to stop. Well he hit the brakes and skidded 10 to 15 feet in the snow and stopped about 4 feet from the big electrician’s crotch. His buddy had jumped up on top of the cab as in a single bound. Man was he quick.

        The guy facing Cody had no choice – he was at least 280 lbs, so he just froze! To tell you the truth I had a very hard time not to bust out laughin. As Cody was growlin and showin teeth the big fella asks, “Does he bite?”

        I said, “Naw – He Mauls.” I turned around and walked away with Cody still frozen and growlin at the big lineman. Later, I called Cody off ‘point’ and told the big fella to call next time before they set foot on the property. I heard a faint and higher pitched voice saying, “Yes sir.”

        Y’all Beware! That is still a funny memory.

        Tryin this again.

        • Hopefully someday someones dog will scare the shit out of you. Won’t be so funny then I bet.

          • Again, it comes down to training. I will always blame the owner and not the dog. Do you blame the gun for the damage it causes or the guy behind the trigger. It is the same with an animal. A dog will bite, a horse trample and kick, a cow will gore you. But a dog is only acting on its instructions OR LACK THEREOF.
            I have been attacked by an untrained dog before and ended up with 14 stitches in my leg. It was not the dogs fault but the lack of training by the STUPID OWNER.

      30. Many here have beaten up on a great posterhere in the past. Facebook Page.

        He was never afraid to point out how ugly the world is when you look under the cover’s of soicety. He has seen the evil that man and women will do. Many here have said he was a bad man for his thought on how to act when SHIF.

        I beleive he was being nice.  He was holding back on his description that have happened in the world. Most of you are not even remotly ready for what will be at your doorssteps. Many will just stand there and wimper It can’t be happening. Those of you that do that will be victims and die.




        • @sid= @fbp = @sb = MORON !

          I suggest you re-read Your/ @fbp previous posts .

          Then go and haunt @alex jones websites . You and he are like two peas in a pod .





        • Change your handle AGAIN southern boy?

        • You ARE Facebook Page, retard!

          And you got beat up on because you’re an annoying creepy stalker poseur. Not because you pointed out the evil of the world.

          Freakin’ criminy! Mac, can you submit a request to TPTB for a better breed of Troll? Between him and Joe in NC, the quality of trollery with which we are supplied is, frankly, pretty insulting. I think your site deserves better.

          • Mama B ~

            I can’t stop laughing.  

            That has to be the “post of the day”!!!!

            ~ D

        • FBP,

          That old cracker? I hear that his Moma was a Manatee and his Daddy a Gator.  Too much Grouper, Yellow Tail and smoked Kingfish will mess ya up, but good. Not to mention swamp cabbage.

          So “Survive It’s Death”,  how come you know so much more than the rest of us how really horriable life is going to get? ….really, I would like to hear your story.

        • Most will not make it past the first month. Those in rural areas stand the best chance.

      31. that is the reason why i am buying another gun. i plan on buying a rossie circuit judge. seen it a walmart and it was love at first sight. it can shoot any .410 shell or a 45 long caliber. it has a built on rail so you can put on a scope and the way the scope sits on the gun you can still use the iron sights if need be.



        • “Box o’ Truth” gave that thing a pretty poor grade as far as “terminal effects” is concerned.   

          Reminds me of the old joke about flashy lures being meant to catch fishermen, not fish.

          Better to think about a proper .357 or .44  revolver.   

        • Don’t bother with a rail on a Judge, it’s wasting money and will hinder deployment.

          Consider a good snubbie revolver.

      32. This is where I have a problem with self defense issues. That is when you have an individual who at first is all in on self protection and then changes his mind when its all over and the damage is done. Killed someone. I don’t need the second guessing when I am in a life changing incident. For Instance he would say, “I don’t think we should have done that?”.Say What? When some authority does reasert itself, he would be the first to go and say it was a unjust killing in his eyes. I was protecting his arse in the first place. Keep this in mind when you see all these people with the Biggest, Badest weapons. Most have never seen death. Side Walk Commando’s  Law and order are starting to  show.

        • Agreed, slingshot. I believe 90% of those  talking about blowing someone away have never done it up close. If they had, they would not be talking about killing. They would be trying to forget it.

      33. You  better buy  a  Buddy bar door jammer.

      34. Look up (Ixquick CAFR..Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports).

        These municipalities, towns, cities, counties, and states ARE NOT bankrupt.

        Just one more tax theft scheme.  I first learned of this program when a California accountant was forthright blew the whistle..gee, I hope he’s still alive.

        • Thanks jayjay. This does not get nearly enough mileage. You can check your state’s CAFR at http://www.cafrman.com. However,the latest figures are from 2003. Don’t know if this guy is still alive or not.

      35.  While I am at it. Most people have no idea what the  law reads.They may have and idea of what the law is untill they get before the judge. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse when you get in trouble. Beside laws of the Lawyerese crap most would not understand. We have to have rules of engagement but that will never be agreed upon because we have too many opinions of what the NEW LAW should be. Too many hardliners as there are bleeding hearts. So what’s the deal. Take what you need from this site and use it to your advantage. Maybe give some back.

      36. Proverbs 27: 12

        A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself;

        The Simple pass on and are punished.

        If this next one wasn’t written about all communist leaders, including our own Commissar Obama,  it should have been.

        Proverbs 28: 16

        A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor,

        But he who hates covetousness will prolong his days.

      37. Things go Wrong you gotta Act Quickly !

        Eventually in the hard times ahead … you All will see where the Blade meets the Meat … you all will be faced with a choice … Are you “Predator” or “Prey” ???

        Prepare !

        ~N.O. ;0P

      38. The police have no “duty to protect”

        it has always been our own responsibility, better take it seriously

        Cops dont stop it, they just show up afterwards to try and figure out who they can jail or fleece, and draw the chalk lines, glorified janitors if you will.

        If someone breeches your door unwelcome its your duty to end that persons ability to do it to you, or any of your fellow law abiding citizens ever again.

        Its our job, and the lack of police departments and thier unions fleecing the tax payers will not change this reality.

        when someone breaks in you have to believe thier intent is to do whatever is necessary to facilitate their adgenda, even if that means your life, you dont have time to ask them if that is their intention, or to call and wait for a cop to show up..its time to discharge that weapon of protection until the threat is over. This fact never changed if we had a million cops in your city or 1, so let them threaten down sizing on the police, that shouldnt affect someone who is awake and ready to take responsibility for your own protection.

        Will it possibly empower criminal activity? sure..you know with less law enforcement were going to have to watch our politicians, lawyers, and judges closer..we wouldnt want them to get anymore out of control then they already are. So maybe its time to remind them who they really work for and who’s signing thier paychecks

        look at it this way..the cops are at the bottom of the law totem pole..if it keeps on rollin then guess who else gets a pink slip as it progresses, they better not piss off the people who hold thier jobs in thier tax payments.

        And they better start showing us who they work for, before we let them all go, and handle it ourselfs

        • Real life is not a movie where those that get shot get back up and no one ever really gets killed. I thought  Grand Torinowas great but it was a movie. If only real life could be so easy.

        • life is hard, it’s harder when your stupid John Wayne

      39. You can place bets that the city attorney for San Bernardino is a liberal. It’s ironic that liberals who so champion gun bans are the catalyst responsible for the greatest number of sales. They monger gun fear attempting to frighten and try to use laws to disarm the people but wisely the public thinks, “Well I might not have needed a gun before but you convinced me; I do now”. 

        Fortunately so far the above strategy has been a dismal failure to achieve the objectives they desire. 



      40. A typical police officer in California costs a city as much as $125,000 in salary, health benefits, retirement contributions, training, equipment, etc etc.   That cost does not include supervision, liability insurance or “overhead.”   A city gets less than 150 hours a month in return on the street with the balance going various paid time offs, training, “meetings,” etc.  

        It would be smart if cities sent the police unions packing a little and next time they had an opening hired 20 PT reserve officers from the residents of the city.  They could easily spend up to $6,250 on these people and ask them for as little as 10 hours a month each – that would be 200 hours of service for the same money.  Plus they’d have no future retirement burdens and in case of a real emergency (like SHTF) they’d have 20 local citizens to call on at a lower rate of pay than that ONE single over paid police officer. 

        • With all due respect…why would anyone risk their life working as a part time or reserve officer in some of these cesspool cities? Its not worth the few hundred extra bucks they might get a month. I agree that the unions need to come off of some of their demands, but part timers are not the answer. Do you really want these cowboys out there for ten hours a week or per month? Domestic policing is not a game…there are enough problems finding good full time cops who know and respect the law and do their jobs the right way

          • CJ it may be too late to in a terrible community, but there are many areas that haven’t decayed to that level yet, but they will without a police presence…what is a better presense one man at a 150 hours a month or 20 people at 10 hours or even 15 hours a month?   That is 120 hours a year which I will gladly give to my community for $2400 and there would be plenty lefty over for equipment, supervision, training, etc etc.   Not too mention when they call me out for an emergency I live there and would do so for the base rate of pay – not 1.5x the glorified rate of pay. 

            • Many cops do not live where they work.

            • We have the only Home depot in this county where day workers are not allowed in the parking lot. The cops here make U-turns pick up the homeless and drive them over to the next town and drop them off. It makes a difference.

      41. If the police are too busy or too few to arrest the criminals they’ll be too busy or too few to arrest the people that become criminals by defending themselves.

        Just Say’n.

      42. “Crime wave” in Oakland?

        How can you tell?

        Massive crime spree in Oakland = it’s Tuesday.  Yawn.

        • Just stay out of Oakland on Fathers Day.  A lot of confusion and anger for some reason.    I don’t even pretend to understand it.  Detroit as well but since because of fiscal restraints there is no record keeping being done as to how many 911 calls are made. A lot of 411 calls though.  I guess people are trying to reconnect with family members. 

      43. Hell on Earth is Coming with a Vengeance.

        Prepare, with guns, ammo, food, water, water filters and more ammo!

      44. Glad Obama Got Re-elected

        Wait, what?? Yeah, that’s right, I’m glad he did. It’s time people learned that making jackass decisions comes at a price. Ask anyone on welfare who they voted for, and I promise you it will be Obama. People have discovered they can vote themselves a “free” lunch, and they take full advantage of it. But, as we all know, it won’t last forever, and I’m sure the majority of those who voted for him are hoping to get the benefits and then be dead before the fallout. Well, chances are, you won’t be. This country’s economy is about to collapse, and we will enter a moneyless society. Bartering will come back, and best of all, we will return to the truest form of capitalism: You don’t work, you don’t eat. Those on welfare, druggies, excuse makers, and the lazy (yes, I know these are usually all the same people, but they can be separate) will be the first to die. Now, there will be marauders and those who attempt to steal, so get yourself a weapon now before it becomes totally illegal. Granted, it is practically illegal now (thanks for pissing on the Second Amendment, Limperals) but make sure you have something and you’ll be able to defend yourself. The hard working survivors will probably form tribes of some kind, likely in compounds or fortresses, so be prepared for that. Understand that when (not if) our economy collapses, the effect will be world-wide, and we will have to fight for our land. If you have watched any post-apocalyptic show or movie and have given serious thought to what you would do, you will probably be okay. Since there will be no Limperals after a few years, we will be able to raise our children to be logical, strong, and willing to fight for true freedom. I, for one, welcome the rapidly approaching changes, and will gladly celebrate with my fellow survivors our new, powerful people and country! If you will be one of my fellow survivors, I would gladly hear from you. If not, well, anything you post will be pointless anyway, since you’ll be dead. Have a nice day!

        • yep, no shortage of gibmedats in the free shit army. targets, each and every one of em……;)

      45. Corporate Law. Criminal Law. Common Law. The Big 3 C’s.

        • He simply could of strangled her,stabbed her 99 times.Fuckin Costa and shit sports,sheeple material.

          • Strangle with bare hands — regulate the hands!

            Stabbing with knives — eliminate knives!

            Rape by man — remove ________ !

            A gun ban is sooooo much easier, donchasee?

            • @ Zoltanne,


                  OUCH, that makes me cringe just to think about it…but fair is fair…

      46.  A quick off topic qustion here at work…My home computer will not load this site anymore! I run a lenux system with Fire Fox.

        No article’s show at all. Just haphazardly spaced ads and sometimes a column of comments. If I click on a comment it goes to this wierd formatting and still NO Articles!

        Does anyone else here running lenux have this problem?

        I can no longer keep up with the conversation, nor coment, as I have little time at work on this computer to do so…WAAHHH!

        • I had that happen last night.  It kept popping up with a message banner at the bottom asking whether to “display only secure content”.  If you clicked yes then it would at least format the comments but the voting thingy did not work. 

          I gave up and turned it off.  Today it is working much better.

          • I wish it was doing at least that. It is giving me NO thing!

            Except all the ads scattered all over the page…

        • I have windows vista and a lot of times this page will not load, it will be a blank white page and say, Page cannot be displayed. Probably being monitored big time. Go screw yourselfs constitution breakers.

          • Hiya Clint,

                Ya’ mind if I ask what browser you’re use’n….seems a lot’a folk’s here been havin’ problem’s with IE big time, Use both of Mozilla’s (32 bit and 64) and almost never have any problem to speak of…..

      47. i read this article a few days ago, and my 1st thought was good, then my second thought was, they are doing this because they cant do the right job to begin with… and now i see something wrong with the whole idea that they say defend yourself and pay us the big bucks to do what we do… all they do is find more ways to get into our pockets and make more laws to squeeze us down more and more.. they would rather say you have our blessing and then turn around and say i didnt say that…. we have to listen very carefully to what is being said so that we know what is ok to do and what has now become illegal….

        where i live its still ok for my wife to blow someone away if she feels threatened in our home, just as long as they are in the house, or better yet like the sheriff told me ” the body needs to be in the house and put a knife in the hand then no questions will be asked” and yet i myself cannot defend my own home with deadly forceand if im home she cant either unless i cant help her out at all or in any   way….

        there is something wrong when the criminals have more rights then those of us who obey the law and are good upright people.. it just goes to show how right has become wrong and how wrong has become the standard order of the day.. as i see the federal laws vs. state laws in conflict i have got wonder how this country can even function on its own, there are to many ways this nation but a scattered disorganized mess… insanity has slithered into the thought processes of the law makers and they think they know whats best for the people because of what other nations around the world have told them…. that is wrong, let us govern ourselves and we will be stable and profitable because we will live within our means and we will get back to common sense and respect for other… and that is one thing TPTB lack by their underhanded manipulative laws and propaganda and that is what i see the most in the article regarding the so called ok to defend yourself statement

        • now im irritatedly pissed

        • @ deano,

              The condition (state of,) you’re refering to is ‘Ineptocracy‘, which is best defined as, “…the incompetent rising to the highest level of  kleptomania to which they can aspire and from such positions do the greatest conceiveable amount of the damage to those who have so placed them there…”

          • got that right…  lol..  just 1 word i can think of to sum it up…

            GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR    lol

      48. The police are not our bodyguards.  It is every citizen’s responsibility to protect themselves and family from harm.

        • The police are not our bodyguards


          Yes they are–just not for us!!

      49. Off topic…

        “The natural gas pipeline system that supplies 65 million customers in the U.S. is not only old, it’s poorly maintained. Some of the pipes in the Boston area are over a century old and made with cast iron or (even) wood. The problem is that a financially strapped U.S. simply doesn’t invest in infrastructure anymore. How badly are these pipes leaking? A recent study by Boston University found 3,000 leaks at the street level in the Boston area. A handful of these leaks were large enough to be explosive.” …

        “What to do?

        A community can minimize the risk if they drive around neighborhoods regularly and check for leaks (like the BU team did). …

        It’s important to remember: a squeaky wheel gets the grease (in this case, the repairs).”

        *Also, see the article and photos onways to make it easy to produce lots of food in small areas with the least possible effort” – vertical hydroponics and vertical planters.

        posted at the Daily Crux

      50. I for one do not live in fear, I have lived too long to care what anyone says. I do not believe anything that the government or some media outlet is putting out there. Young people out there reading this, don’t believe this stuff on the internet. Some of it might be true or half true, but it is not the end of the world. Unlock your front door and go outside and talk to your neighbour. Invite them over for dinner. Get to know them. Go down the street and shop at your local grocery store. Get to know the young people that work behind the counter. If they don’t initiate communication, then it’s up to you to let them know that you don’t bite, let them know that you are not a zombie. For you older people with family. If all the young people see is us the older people being afraid of everything, what are they to think? That we are all cowards and we hide behind locked doors? If all they see us do is hate all people and always constantly in squabbles with other people for any reason, what are they to think of us? Get off this internet thing and quit living in fear, go outside clean your yard. Do something creative, make friends with young people at the college. Let them know we can help too in hard times. We also can chip in and take care of business when it comes to doing it. There’s too much fear porn on the internet. The media is always pumping out fear of just about every thing. Don’t believe the hype as a young man wrote a song several years ago. Be real, let the gov. and it’s thugs know that their intimidation means nothing. Live Free or Die and God help us all! 

        • There is never any reason to live in fear..ever!Just lock your doors at home and car..

          Be aware of your surroundings at all times..make it a habit.practice practice practice!Every single survival and tactical expert highly recommends this state of mind at all times..be peripheral in your mindset.Perceive and sweep every single time you exit any perimeter. home,work,gas station,market.anywhere..it will become habit (as brushing your teeth)soon enough and may save your life !And then relax and carry on your normal state of business as always..

          We who prepare must make daily living a mindset in every situation..make it enjoyable..yet always a  lesson learned .

          And those who concealed carry..always practice drawing your sidearm every day..make that a habit as well..and always carry everywhere!


      51. “Lock your doors and prepare to defend your family”


        As if the people of San Bernadino haven’t already been doing this for years. What a drama queen statement and just to squeeze more money out of the citizens. Well here’s drama back at you “I hope that the first perp that survives being shot by a homeowner sues the city for instigating vigilantly justice”.  Not that I would find fault with the homeowner, other than not pulling the trigger a few more times.

      52. A day after the election Sen Feinstein was quoted as saying that she wanted all “weapons of war” off the streets. I guess she was speaking about semi-auto’s and guns that take hi-cap magazines.  Well I say, if she wants them, I’ll still be able to defend my family in a home invasion.

        Remington 870 pump backed up by a S&W .357 mag “Wheel Gun”.  The combo worked in 1975, and still does today.  As we used to say back then about our revolvers, “Six for sure“!  


        • The wrong side won the war.

      53. Well,here we go again-whenever someone gets killed witha gun(KC L/Backer Belcher&girlfriend)the soapboxers come out,ranting&raving about “gun control”.It’s not the gun but the person who has it mindset. And we live in dangerous times,so having one is like insurance (auto,life,home)for that uneventuality which may occur,for tis better to have and not need,than to need and not have and in that moment of total,fear,surprise,schock, that YOU’RE about to be a victim,you’ll wish anyone/thing to come and save your ass cause the local law will probably not make it in time and these criminals today won’t just rob you-they’ll hurt you,too. A cop I know in Chi-raq said he tells all seniors and women to purchase a gun/knife/spray cause the situation is becoming most perilous. I almost wish I’d bought stock in the firearms industry,but ALL my cash goes toward prepping with full speed ahead and to that end I’m most thankful to all you people here with the info provivded-it’s been very useful cause when I leave for work and see the “mopes”lurking around in the morning,I get a quesy feeling as I know when thses “cuts”come down and they run short on food or whatever,my place might come on their mind,but they’ll be in foa shock of the worst kind and while bugging out has a good point,I’ll probably just” batten down the hatch”and hold on like many of us and pray that all goes well for me,my family and those of you out there also cause a day of  AMERICA’S tribulation is approaching,brought on by greed,corruption,selfishness,racism,poverty,and ignorance that has been allowed to run rampant. GOD BLESS ALL YOU PREPPERS AND KEEP ON DOING IT WITH A REAL PASSION,QUIETLY,QUICKLY,PRAYERFULLY. 

      54. Two to the chest,..one to the head……that’s the way I was born and bred ! Dead men tell NO lies ! Hey Mac, You’ve probably already done a story on Castle laws and such, What I want to know is what’s the lastest information on a persons rights on self defense  STATE by STATE while they are in thier home or for that matter thier front yard and NOT knowing a scumbags opportunities thier intent and capabilities. Thanks.

        • @ BD6,

              In Missouri I can speak to that, the ‘Castle doctrine’ was adopted by the legislature here in excess of 2 years ago…..NEXT UP


             C’mon people here…evetyone lives SOMEWEHRE right, call it out!

              DB6….good idea!


        • BD6

          two to the upper legs one to the head,,remember body armour,,


      55. big cities, towns, suburban communities…heck, crime is up even miles from the smallest usa town in america…we have had a problem with unliscensed hunters shooting at deer from their automobiles while cruising up and down the road in front of our house-and i watched from my kitchen window…by the way i live way outta town and have neighbors i know and like…we have gotten so we lock “everything” up whether we are home or not.

      56. Saved By Grace

        I really get disturbed by “divide and conquer”. 

        I talked at length with exclusive trap shooters that could not give a rats ass about anything but their over under. They are golfers with a different club not real gun owners. 

         “Well I say, if she wants them, I’ll still be able to defend my family in a home invasion.”


        You have an 870 & S&W 357. You think for a second that they are not next? Come on. The only gun they want is all of them. 

        • @Kevin2

          They will only become interested when the intruder grabs the end of the trap barrel and slides a 8 inch blade into his side.

          • We tried multiple times setting up a table to get them to join the State NRA affiliate, handed out voting guides and the like. They simply weren’t interested at all in any respect. 

            I went away having more respect for an ardent anti gunner. They may be very misguided but unlike the trap shooters they at least had principle. 

        • Kevin 2,

          You assume too much. Didn’t say that they were my only weapons, or that I even wanted semiauto’s banned, because I don’t.

          What I wrote was, when they are banned, and I would guess that it’s coming, I’ll still be able to put up a fight with my old plan B weapons.

          We all know that  so called “assault weapons” will be first, and we all should know that it won’t be the end of it either.

          During WW 2 the OSS used to drop single shot .45 caliber pistols to the people in France with the idea that all it took was one shot to get a rifle. Even a 30-30 can get you a M-4.

          • Saved By Grace

            Once they get “that” gun in relatively short order the stage is set and repeaters and wheel hand guns will follow. The time period will be shorter than you think. Mandatory registration with draconian penalties would proceed it. The playbook has been established and honed in “Democracies” around the globe. They are not re-inventing the wheel. 

            I believe it’s logical to assume an additional step is an RDF tag in all law enforcement/domestically used weapons by our military/NG. The cost is so cheap. Technology tends to be very useful when you have the funds for the technology. TPTB have for practical purposes unlimited funds. Their past practice is to stage an incident (Fast And Furious anyone) to justify what they want to do and unleash the MSM upon the body politic to sell the proposal to the masses for their own good of course. 

            The only thing they have historically done to inhibit their goals is to periodically overstep on occasion in their quest for increasing control. That is their Achilles Heel. I think it’s a product of being surrounded by like minded “yes men” that don’t understand the psychology of the US public at large outside of their domain. 

          • Saved by Grace

            Hello come in,,one shot one kill,new rifle ,,,web gear,,canteen,,extra clips,,

            we are on the same page


      57. Germans was right. Laws to force scum such as Finestien to wear a Six-Pointed Yellow Star on outer clothes so all other “humans” can see who the trouble makers and nationwreackers are is a good way for instant ID of Her type Kommie Blosheviks!

        • Those fucking Judica bastards have been expelled from 109 countries since AD250. Time to make it 110. Whenever a country moves to upheaval, you will unwaveringly find a hook-nosed Yid banker behind the curtain.

          • Look at the educated and who do you see in abundance? I’ll take all the Jewish people I can get. Einstein, Oppenheimer, Szilard, Teller just to name a few more notable absolutely brilliant men among brilliant men. I don’t think there is an ethnic group that has relative to their numbers contributed more to the advancement of science and technology than Jewish people.



      58. OK, everyone, my turn and I will vent for damned sure on this one. AM, what you said in #909981 is all too true, sad to say, but 1 fact was left out. Most of the homeboys’ victims are other black people; yes, there are good black people who suffer from crime. BI, as always your analysis is so correct. What I’m about to say will be anathema for someone on here and I don’t mean to offend anyone who normally agrees with me, but this has to be said and i believe it will eventually become necessary for everyone anyway. START DISREGARDING UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS WHICH ATTEMPT TO STAND IN THE WAY OF LEGITIMATE SELF-DEFENSE! I made this decision for myself way back during the Clinton era and i believe the day will come when others will do the same for themselves if they want to stay alive; there will be no other choice, especially in any post-SHTF scenario where there won’t be any law or order, period! 6pack and VRF, i can reinforce what both of you said about LE not serving the public with numerous state and federal supreme court rulings on the subject. They are government employees, not public servants. protecting citizens has never been part of their job description. not one bit of police work these days has any credibility or legitimacy to it. 2bits, what you said about police corruption is actually worse than you can imagine. When we hqave to start living in fear of cops as well as common criminals, you know this country is dying. It’s always been up to the individual to defend himself/herself against any predators. Anyone who tampers with the right of self-defense is tampering with human life itself and crossing a red line. There’s no legitimate basis for any laws that restrict self-defense, nor is their any obligation to follow such laws; in fact, following such laws could cost you your life. I understand and respect that it is each individual’s own decision to make what they will do for themselves. I made my stand long, long ago that I will defend myself against anyone who has bad intentions toward me and anyone who tries to interfere with that can have their day ruined also. if you’re looking for trouble with me, that can be arranged. There is always legitimate basis for self-defense; even the Bible calls for self-defense. Check out the following site; Direct link: biblicalselfdefense.com This site says it all. best wishes to all. Braveheart


           A Pre-exsisting Law that attempts to circumvent any form of  self defense, to include property, is hearby deamed, ” UNCONSTITUTIONAL”. and is therefore Not Law.

          A small start but, in  black and white and to the point. No Lawyerese.

          I am with you on this, BraveHeart.


          • No container ships coming to America.

            At least until we recover.

            Companies that shipped factories to China are traitors….you know the rest.

            No low pants.  ha…read between the lines there.

            All currency to be backed 100% by pm.  Only American citizens allowed to redeem.


            • if i were king

              that is wrong,,empty goods out ,,,fill with illeagles return to sender


        • …they’d also like to have a gps tracker on every car. I’m sure they’d NEVER misuse the data!


      59. A labor union rep walks into a bar next door to the factory and isabout to order a drink to celebrate Obama’s victory when he sees aguy close by wearing a Romney for President button and two beers infront of him. He doesn’t have to be an Einstein to know that thisguy is a Republican. So, he shouts over to the bartender so loudlythat everyone can hear, “Drinks for everyone in here, bartender,but not for the Republican.” Soon after the drinks have been handedout, the Republican gives him a big smile, waves at him, thensays, “Thank you!” in an equally loud voice. This infuriates theunion rep.The union rep once again loudly orders drinks for everyone exceptthe Republican. As before, this does not seem to bother the Republican.He continues to smile, and again yells, “Thank you!”The union man once again loudly orders drinks for everyone exceptthe Republican. As before, this does not seem to bother the Republican.He continues to smile, and again yells, “Thank you!”The union man asks the bartender, “What the hell is the matter withthat Republican? I’ve ordered three rounds of drinks for everyonein the bar but him, and all the silly ass does is smile and thanks me.Is he nuts?” “Nope,” replies the bartender. “He owns the place.”

        • <<<Sweet>>> 🙂

            • @ Piper,

                  Yep, I did NOT see the puchline comin’ on that one! 🙂

      60. Western, central, and parts of eastern San Bernardino are home to mixed-ethnic low-income populations, of which the Latino and African American populations dominate. Historically, many Latinos, primarily Mexican-Americans and Mexicans lived on Mount Vernon Avenue on the West Side,[18] while the Medical Center (formerly known as Muscot) and Base Line corridors were mostly black since the 1960s, in particular in the east side and west side areas centering on public housing projects Waterman Gardens and the public housing on Medical Center drive. The heart of the Mexican-American community is on the West and Southside of San Bernardino, but is slowly expanding throughout the entire city

        • Throw those damn mexicans out and keep their women for breeding. Our ancestors loved those mexican women as soon as they got off the boat and we do too. 🙂

      61. The illusion of security has always been an illusion. Well, not always. There was a time when police felt compelled to *TRY* to protect the citizens from the bad guys. This was many years ago. But, even to the cops who tried, it was an illusion. The reality is that cops have always been for cleanup.

        They found the illusion profitable and useful, so they expanded and deepened it. Like a bucket of bullshit, the deeper it got, the smellier it got and the harder it was to carry.

        Now, here, we have this. The illusion is breaking down. Of course, the illusion actually worked both ways. The bad guys believed it too. All the “Crime Doesn’t Pay” and “Just Say No To Drugs” and “Click It Or Ticket” and “To Protect And Serve”. The constant assault on logic and common sense has worked. Oh! Don’t forget: “Obedience To The Law Is Liberty”. Yes, really – http://informationliberation.com/index.php?id=41799&comments=0#34486

        The reality is that you were only safe because of an illusion. But, those that saw through the illusion, which, criminals are mostly stupid so it doesn’t happen a lot, were the only ones that knew it was an illusion.

        Now, they don’t have the money to keep the illusion up. The problem with the illusion is that the cops are becoming so corrupt that I way prefer to deal with the criminals. While there may be more of them, they are not nearly as powerful as the ones that wear a badge. The cops are never wrong in the eyes of the law but they’re wrong a lot and when they are people die, good people.

        I’m all for law enforcement doing cleanup and investigations. Just stay at the donut shop or the office until you’re called. We’ll let you know when we need to interrupt you donut feast. There’s litterally no crime my area. They hear the gunshots and they see the signs – http://cdn101.iofferphoto.com/img3/item/506/429/186/srBK.jpg mounted on the side of the house and they know better.

        My security is real and I intend to keep it that way.  …and donut consumption in my area is way down!


        • I liked your reply to anon in the first link. What I have noticed in my area is a patch worn by local LEO that says “Fiat Justice”.  What is your take on that? Justice by decree? BTW, I want one of those signs.

        • same here, donut consumption is way down in my area, but so is crime..we had a bad run there even when we had cops on the street, now that a few home invaders got plugged, it seems they got the message for now.

          funny thing is, no cops ever arrived at the sene of the crime before it happened…oddly enough

      62. Alot of the problems that face cities such as Detroit can be traced back to the unions. They continue to demand more and more for less and less until either the company goes out of business or moves to a right-to-work state such as Tennessee and many other southern states.  Now before you say that we are underpaid, I will make over 70,000 this year with a cost -of-living less than half of that in a majot city such as New York with an employer that is expanding and not subtracting.  Unemployment here in East Tennessee is below the national average and continues to improves every month.  Crime here is not that bad except drug related crimes but alot of that can be traced to Tencare and the amount of prescription drugs they hand out that I the tax payer pays for. Also Meth is bad here.   Of course, like Texas, I do not have to cower in a corner of my house if you break in. I will just give you  a gift of lead for christmas and leave you on the front porch. So all of you in cities such as Detroit, thank your local union for high crime  and high unemployment..

        • East Tenn

          “Alot of the problems that face cities such as Detroit can be traced back to the unions.”

          Those jobs in Detroit were going overseas union or no union. The US Steelworkers the same. How do I know this? The US lost it’s textile industry which was traditionally non union and low paying and the $12 / hr was far too much to pay an American when 50 cent labor is available in  Asia. 

          I’m glad your making a living and I wish you the best but there has been a globalist plan to homogenize the standard of living throughout the world. That means in effect the developed world (That’s us, Europe and Japan) drops  while BRIC (Brazil, India & China) advance (along with other lesser nations). This has pre dated the main Free Trade agreements with smaller agreements effecting specific industries. Billy Joel wrote his hit Allentown about it. 

          Before all of the various agreements GM, Chrysler and Ford had no problem meeting their obligations to their employees. 

          It may be fashionable to attack labor but think about those textile workers long and hard and try to justify an industry fleeing with raw material (cotton) virtually within arms reach from the factory because the US workers are overpaid at $12/hr.

          • This is why I bought a double and not a mcmansion.

            All those jerks are losing their houses now and they looked down their nose at our apt. as I rent the upstairs.

            It’s boycott time folks…  Fuck China.

            I’m not buying shit this year for xmas and 

            Obama can his my white ass.

            Can I get a thumbs up?  

            Let it all crumble under the commie Obama.

            Then folks will wake up.

            • I knew it

              Your economic plan is wise. 

              Regarding globalism and “Free Trade” the differences between Obama and Romney require a magnifying glass to see and even then the print is too blurred to identify. 

          • you got it right kevin2. nice to hear from someone grounded in reality instead of the shoot em up bang bang methhead hillbilly trash wall to wall.

          • People who haven’t lived there fail to realize that the jobs in Detroit did not go overseas.  What happened was that Coleman Young attacked businesses (and white folks in general) so that they all migrated out into Oakland and Macomb counties, a distance of only 20 or 30 miles. 

            Only after the EPA began to hammer at the industry did they start putting foundries into Mexico, where they discovered that they could get labor that worked, and which cost them 1/5 of what the UAW workers cost.   (Yes, I’ve been in auto plants on Mexico, and seen this first hand.)   Soon enough, GM started moving engine and transmission manufacturing down there.      They may be back, though.  The crime near those plants has become as bad as Detroit – maybe worse.

          • Tennessee is now the number #1 state in the nation in auto manufactoring. We have several part suppliers including a Nissan and Volkswagon auto assembly plants. Their are also several car manufacturing plants in the south becuase of right-to-work laws.  Look at South Carolina, they picked up a Boing plant becuase of that status. So yes, I do say unions have alot to do with the decline of Northern States.  Believe it or not, manfacturing is coming back to the US due to cheap natural gas and the rise of 3D printing. However, it will be much more automated with highly skilled labor that makes a decent wage such as mine.  Even now in the US, there are millions of jobs for for machinest, welders, plumbers, etc that are not filled due to labor shortages.   Water is also a problem for countries such as China and India for industry unlike here in several parts of the country.  Although the US is limping along, we are still far better off than countries such as China. Just wait and see.

            • East Tenn

              I’m glad your hopeful. What has happened is not accidental but planned. Natural Gas and Bakken Oil came almost out of nowhere and TPTB are attempting to put up as many roadblocks in front of it as possible. “Lady Liberty” is not going down willingly but there are powers almost omnipotent doing their best to hold her down. GM got bailed out. The add in the campaign gave the administration congratulations for saving GM. No mention about 70% of GM cars being built in China. No mention of new GM factories being built in China with US Tax Dollars. Remind me again who’s jobs were saved. 

              There was a shortage of skilled welders for infrastructure supposedly (although I personally know several that are not working enough or at all). Uncle Sam IMPORTED Chinese workers to build a few bridges in the US rather than look hard for US labor. You ever see an add for them in the paper? Where did they look under a desk? The bridge was ostensibly for “shovel ready” stimulus. Stimulating who? It made ABC World New Tonight. It was a “flash in the pan” , no groundswell of opposition. When you have that against you it’s an uphill battle and your tax dollars are building that hill. 

              Save your money. Your off the radar screen for now. That Chinese labor is getting better by the day and as was said in the Korean War they have a bottomless top of Asian manpower. They have no OSHA, No EPA and are willing to give their virtual life for that job. Sleep well thinking of competing with them.

              Oh, so what is your analysis regarding the textile workers? 

              • And ALL of hobammys Czars and the honcho of GM are of them so called Intelligent Jews you so love kevin.

                As are most all msm and fed gov top positions manned by Their Tribe members. So it seems your post on how swell so many smart jews are has Proven what a few here say about Who is and Why destroying america and especially the White parts of it.

                Because if you follow the Cash and Connect the dots…..At every trails end you find jews. And not just in america, but everywheres real troubles exists. Thanks for confirming this stuf Kevin!

            • Greetings Everyone!

              These are truly difficult times,hard to live in.I don’t personally see the need for a “weapons cache” of any size.Having said that,the NEED to have something to protect our loved ones from murder and rape is about here.If needs be,a “double or triple tap” will be done before a thug tries to rape or murder my family.I would regret having to do so,but if TPTB force that upon me due to their demonically   influenced  actions,then I can only hope that I will be forgiven by my “higher-power”.I won’t  go out and seek to end anyone else’s life,but if others seek my destruction,I WILL make sure that it’s gonna cost them dearly as well.

              It’s storming today,good time for a post(or two)

              LTR folks


              • GFG..You are Already Covered by the “Higher Power” as you state it.

                Romans ch 13 is ALL about govnt etc and how God created and approved of it.

                NOTE: It says that the Power of and to USE the Sword is granted By God TO the “Authorities” of any govnt…

                AND here in America the “Authorities” are in Fact Us citizens! aka We the People!

                When said authorities(aka WTP=Us) Whacks a well deserving type aka them who Needs Killing, we are doing GOOD! as Per God Hisself!

                So Fret Not any longer with any concience issues GRG! The More badguys we whack the Better God likes it! Read Romans ch 13.

                But First clear out your entire Head/Brain of any modern day pastors interpretations since They most All now work as wolves in sheeps clothes for zionists and polititions in xchange for Mucho Casho and perks/favors from them evil bastards.

                They all insist we Obey ALL and EVERY law or mandate if from Any govnt entity, and keep preaching about “No worrys christians get whisked Out in the rapture Before ANY bad happens!”

                Read the actual verses and see them pastors are speaking 100% BS.

                Rapture(reseruction for Real christians) occures When the Lord(Christ) RETURNS!…..Them greedy Lucre-Mammon Worshiper preachers Wants us all Unarmed and thinking we got zero cares since We will “Escape” all the bad stuf etc….

                If Rapture is Sooooo Imminent?….Why are pastors always Begging for so much More Cash?….They cannot take it with them can they?

                Aint a Leer Jet or Gulfstream jet and a FEW $10 million homes(one per each kid Plus their own) Enough already?!!

                Every pastor that teaches Romans ch 13 as You Must OBEY as its ALL God approved?….WRONG! Read it and see for self.

      63. Slingshot, thank you and allow me to take your point about lawyers even further.   While there are still some honorable people in the legal profession, [Judge Andrew Napolitano for one],  thre are way the hell too many people out there especially within the last 30 years that have entered the profession for all of the wrong reasons.  Where do most of the politicians come from?  You guessed it, the legal profession.   What is a judge?   In too many cases, but not all, a corrupt lawyer in a black robe.  We don’t have the rule of law in America anymore.  instead, we have the rule of people; evil, corrupt people and it goes beyond lawyers.  They totally disregard the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  In fact, if you mention the Constitution in most courtrooms in this land today,  you will be escorted out of said courtroom if nothing else.   Today’s judicial system is set up for convictions, not acquital, and today’s prosecutors will stop at nothing to get a conviction.  Defense lawyers have become a joke; unless you’re independently wealthy, forget about getting yourself cleared of any kind of charge.   I don’t live by any draconian policy;  I live by a set of rules known as the Bill of Rights.   As far as any attempt at gun confiscation is concerned, someone will take your guns only if you, the gun owner, let them.   NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP YOUR MEANS OF SELF-DEFENSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!   If you do, then you’re signing your own death warrant;  you’ve opened the door to genocide.   best wishes to all.   Braveheart

        • What do you call a lawyer with an I.Q. of 60?

          Your honor.


          Why don’t lawyers go to the beach?

          Cats keep trying to bury them.

      64. Evening Solar Report.


           Solar activity was very low today since the last report. The measured Penticton Solar flux has dropped to a value of 93.9 as of the 22:00 UTC posting by DRAO Canada. Little activity was seen throughthe day with the largest fluxuatioon in the measured Solar X-flux level having occured in the last hour prior to this evening’s posting, reaching only a B-4.7 level. No other activity of the day exceeded this value and the average aprroximate flux over the last period did not seem to exceed B-2.5. During the period the 0.5 -4.0 Angstrom band of the NOAA GOES platform as recorded by same was roughly, on average, at or less than the sensitivity of the instrument (borrom of the scale).

            Both NOAA 11610 and now NOAA 11611 are swinging into the Terrestrial LOS, in the latter caseonly the nearest lead edge of the group is barely visible at this time in the HMIB (color) imaging. NOAA 11613 will be the next group to emerge into the LOS in approximately 2days, thereafter to be followed by NOAA 11514, then 11619. 11613 will be emergent in the southeast quadtant when it appears. At htis point the STEREO EUVI imaging depits 11613, 11614 and 11619 as bright area’s all.


            No new GRB have been detected during the period since the last report.

        Terrestria;l Activity,

            Due to a wide swing in the IP field to the south and an approximately 11 nT IP magnitude there may be some auroral activity at very high latitudes this evening.



        • Mac, would you PLEASE have a talk with these people who can’t even stay remotely connected to the theme of the thread?

        • J1G,  does solar activity get low when the sun goes down?

          • Hi PO’d,

                Nah, just our local ‘variety’ of it. Durn thing is SOOO big, it’s activity is completely determined by it’s own mass and dynamics…much of which we don’t expect to grasp fully for a long, long time. We watch and see and ‘try’ to make ‘educated guess’s’ about much of it.

      65. My family has been victimized four times in 2012 by criminals . None of us live in a big city.  The crime problem in this country is beyond epidemic and it will get worse.  As a retired police officer, this is my advise to protect yourselves and your family. 357 MAGNUM.

        • LC

          sounds like to me you need to get that 357,,,with a family thats been criminalized  four times,,,what are you waiting on???i`m not trying to be ugly here,,but???????



      66. I used to be real patriotic.

        Now that Obama is in office..  I can’t wait for the country to crap out…

        So we can get back to constitutional values based in a CHRISTIAN NATION.


        We need to shut the door to America and kick out all the illegals.

        Sucked… I had a foreigner for a boss….and I also worked with three foreigners.

        This place is going hell.




        You know…with the blacks all getting in office now…there will be more minority hiring.  Ironic that I do better around these folks…as they just can’t work like a white guy does.     


      67. Ashtabula Co. Ohio Sheriff told people last year to lock and load. Only 2 patrol cars per shift for the entire county.

        Cops are mostly just the enforcers for the dominator forces. They have no conscience, really. They will gladly violate your rights under the color of law and do exactly as they are told, even if it means tossing your ass in a cage over some arbitrary ordinance.

        i give them a wide berth…they have no concept of natural law or natural rights.I’s a pretty fucked up mess we’ve created.




        • @ Scott; Not to put cops on a pedestal,but there have been times they were all that stood between us and the bad guys and for sure there were bad ones,after all a circle has 360degrees and you’ll certainly find a few numbnuts in there,but for the most part if you don’t do anything to get their attention,you’re cool and if pulled over,they don’t always give you a ticket or a “lecture”.And can imagine having a job where most people are leery of you and some downright don’t like or even hate you simply because of the uniform-damn,that’s got to a bummer,but since they get paid a decent buck,wtf,SOMEBODY’S got to do the job cause I sure in hell wouldn’t want to live where there are none at all,though we’ll all probably be our own police soon enough. 

        • Isn’t that the area where the cop was fired for terrorizing someone with a carry permit and screaming threats to “Empty  my Glock 40”? The pig had a long history of this kind of terrorism, and should have not only been fired, but imprisoned with the same people he had terrorized.

        • Yes sir arm yourselves even if we were not in a crime wave there is still danger. Drop em and we do the paper work . Unless every single person can hire their own officer its futile. And as far as taking guns if that starts the first two they can have from me are city owned and i dont have any more. Dont worry about procecution i say its better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Arm up but please learn how to use them and i mean profiecient too. Drop em and that one wont do it again and remember to double tap folks.

        • Scott Chaney

          That’s what happens when the public too lazy to protect themselves sub contracts that responsibility. Like anything else dollars become involved and the more you pay the higher quality of the protection. Go to Beverly Hills and you will find individual rights far more respected than in Los Angeles proper. “Oh the people are better here”. Well there is a lot of illegal drugs in these rich homes but these people can afford the best Lawyers or are the best Lawyers. 


      68. I knew I wouldn’t regret investing a wad of cash in a few fireamrs this year

      69. Never had any use for cops, ever. Can not remember a cop comming to my rescue, ever. Not that I couldnt have used a good cop, quite the contrary, I’ve been in many a scrape, that a good cop could have helped out. I’ll spare you all the details however, if for one second you think cops are there to protect and serve you then your delusional. All evidence would contradict that old chestnut.

         Now as far as locking the doors and buying a gun, I say buy a gun and leave the doors unlocked. One will eventually negate the use of the other. more guns will lead to more unlocked doors( we dont lock ours and so far noone has been stupid enough to find out why), OTOH , more unlocked doors will eventually lead to less guns being used for self defense, well after the smoke clears that is and people understand that its not a good idea to invade another persons private property.

      70.  We don’t lock our doors or vehicles. Never had a problem here in 35 years. I count on my dog to guard the place and give early warning. Know all the neighbors well. It is a very rural county. In fact, there are only two traffic lights in the entire county. Two of the small boroughs have part time LEO. The only murder I can remember occurred in the 70’s and made the Paul Harvey radio program . The radio blurb went something like “If you want to commit murder and get away with it, go to this county.” The DA never brought the case up in a speedy enough manner, so the accused was released. Get away from the cities and personal defense becomes less of a problem.

      71. there are ways to have protection without resorting to armed confrontation – though i am also in favor of all rights for that as well…  i am, in fact, armed most of the time…  my point is that sometimes we have to be a bit more innovative in our approach to self defense…  he he he he he  sorry, i’ll never tell but you just sit down and think about it, ideas and methods will begin to form and they are not “illegal”

        • prepping preacher

          you are so right thats why i`ve dug elephant traps all over my land,,,


      72. I have been viewing this website for about 6 months now. I found when I first started that a lot of the comments that people were leaving was valuable and helpful information. I have only been really prepping for a year or so, and I do really appreciate the tips that I have been able to view on here. So thank you to those few. On the flip side I have been really disappointed as of lately of what this site has become. Most of you on here have no interest or desire to help anyone. There are a few of you still on here and I think you know who you are. Many of you like to say how prepared you are and what you will do when shtf and that you can’t wait for the moment. I believe most of you have lost focus of what the purpose of this website is about. So people can share ideas and information on how to be better prepared and discuss current events. Not about how stupid this person is or how we should kill all these people and I mean the useless comments go on and on. Those are your opinions and you have the right to share them and I fully support your right too. I have defended your right to express your opinions. If this is what the site is becoming then so be it. I just wanted to express my concern.

        • @ One Time.

             Ask your questions and most likely they will be answered.

          As far as all the way off comments being bantered about, considerate it just getting to know your neighbors. More than buying objects, sticking them in a box and burying them.

        • Hi One Time,

              I’ve been having some dialogs wth Mac about the state of things here, maybe this will help. Per Mac’s description of what he intends, there’ll (soon?) be something like ‘perma-forums’ here where items of recurrent interest can be expanded continuously and in detail. Also a PM fuunction is being added to allow for direst, mano-e-mano type dialog between members. Mac HAS lately had a ‘Flu’ epidemic running through him and his and as such may be a little ‘behind the curve’ so to speak….perhaps patience is warranted.

              I agree – wholeheartedly – that a lot of what passes here is disjoint as it were, an, as yet, unavoidable consequence of us all being ‘shoehorn’ed’ into what is effectively a single, cramped space. Hopegully, as the new additions come on-line everyone will feel a little more at ease and be able to ‘commune’ the better. This state of affairs IS wearing on everyone, I know. 🙂

      73. Off Topic…

        A new technology … all I can think of is the “replicators” on Star Trek.

        3-D printed gun fires 6 shots — then falls apart

        One man reported in July “to have fired his printed gun hundreds of times.”

        So, apparently the ‘quality of the print’ will need to be improved.

        “The legality of all this is unknown, not to say in dispute. It is legal to create your own firearms, but not to distribute them — and in the case of printed guns there’s a bit of both going on. The ATF is looking at the subject, but for now it’s all something of a grey area.”

        NBC News – Future Tech (direct link below)

      74. I often think that there is no conspiracy, the government is just that stupid!

        I just re-read “Atlas Shrugged” (Read it in 7th grade, pissed off the English teacher too.) and it seems that Ayn Rand had a Crystal ball into the future. The gimme’s and Have Nots, Welfare committee, and low life pond scum are running the show and it’s time that the producers of wealth and LIFE quit giving in to the Society of DEATH and let them have their wish, to die. What would happen if all of us that pay taxes, follow the “established Rules”, ie, LEGAL THEFT and just let them all hang themselves in their socialist utopia by walking away and not play their game… They would all be dog food in a few weeks without the handouts and “gimme’s” (that we are paying for), and destroy themselves fighting over the scraps of civilization. Just my 7 cents worth (2 cents adjusted for the non existant inflation)

        • Excellent, and exactly right on target.

          The only righteous response to Obama is the Nancy Reagan response…

          “Just say NO!”

          What would happen if the good guys could actually … gasp… unite?

          In a Civil civil war… just say no to regulations, just quit following the law, and band together when the Thugs come to visit, each defending our own. Each area call upon the Sheriff to make his stand known, if he is with the money people and the Feds, or with the People. You would see changes if local law enforcement, actually read the Constitution and did their jobs.

          The drillers kept drilling, the doctors kept helping, the manufacturers quit filling out reports, everybody just QUIT.

          Would they try to make examples? Of course, then you revert to the Alexander Solzhenitsyn strategy…

          WE DO outnumber them, but, we are cowards.

          Strength in numbers.


          • piper m

            band together,,you`ve got to be kidding,,right????i dare you to try and get the folks in here to band together,,,,,,to much FEAR,,,dont trust anyone,,the fear mongers have done a good job it seems,,,


      75. Anyone in Michigan ..start calling your rep, Rick Snyder and lean on him to pass the HB5225..

        Lay off us gun owners,

        The Michigan Legislature returned yesterday for the last few weeks of their 2012 legislative session with several pro-gun bills still pending consideration. House Bill 5225 and its companion bills, legislation that would eliminate the state handgun “permit-to-purchase” and registration requirements in Michigan, have been languishing in the state Senate for months, so your state Senator and the Senate leadership need to hear from gun owners across Michigan today! Since the state House passed HB 5225 back in June, the Michigan Senate is the only remaining obstacle to getting this vital bill to the Governor.


        Rick Snyder




        Anyone from Michigan? this is yours to do, now anyone in anyu other state should be pushing thier gov to do the same , follow suit..lets get this done

      76. Obamacare – It’s starting!  IRS issues 159 pages of new rules … Cut that, Tax this …

        posted on Drudge Report

      77. I must have pissed someone off good…I can’t post under badpuppydog anymore. I guess i’m being censored by a site that claims to be pro bill of rights and constitution. Interesting to say the least.

        • BPD!   What-up Bro,

              Saw yout previous post about this and presumed that it was – like a lot of other things, people here lately – ate you still having problems!? WHAT EXACTLY are you expereincing, if I may ask?



          • God, my fingers just won’t cooperate with my keyboard today. Dude, there a surmise – based on what several others have went through here the last few days – that Microsoft IE may be the problem….what are you using for a browser? Let’s get ya fixed up!

      78. Hi im not from the USA but have been watching whats  going on in the northern hemisphere with alarming interest. all the murder & crime is something of a De ja vu on what hit my country about 20 years ago so I know what changes you guys are going through it will be of great advantage as hard as it may seem not to ressist OB’s change but to get streetwise, adapt, upskill, stay alive and to believe that a sovereign GOD is in charge of the situation and that wicked men can do nothing without his express will and purpose. In the meen time I will prep as much as i can get into the back of my Toyota because we all know what happens when the USA sneezes   by the way one bucket for clean water the other for dirty water.    

        • @ Two Buckets,

              T’anks for an ‘outside-looking-in’ perspective larely that’s something rare here…..onec lean, one dirty….interesting. Thanks again. 🙂

      79. None of this applies as long as you DONT call the cops!

      80. It would be a bad thing to have to shoot and kill a asshole.But as the saying goes ,better to be judge by 12 than carried by 6 .But as we lose our freedoms every time we turn around I can see people like myself Taking matters into our own hands and right’ing the wrongs from those that make the wrongs and enforce the wrongs.


        • “better to be judge by 12 than carried by 6”

          That’s cool. I never heard that phrase. It just goes to show you that your never too old to learn something.

      81. I think this the gov’s sick method of population control. They let the criminals run rampant killing all the innocent citizens, and when the population is down to where they want it, they send in the military to wipe out the criminals. Just my opinion. GOD help us all.   PEACE

      82. there seems to be an illusion amongst most Americans that society used to be nicer in days gone by; that we treated each other better and more fairly and that people lived by the golden rule….

        IMHO, post-WW2 Americans have always been materially driven, race and tribe oriented, suspicious of others not in their immediate circle of daily life, and rather ignorant of just how well they have it compared to the rest of the world. The very freedom to be complete assholes to each other then and now is a hallmark of our overall living standard; that we can afford not to need each other.

        IMHO the only thing that holds the illusion of American civility together is that most Americans have more to gain by behaving themselves within the criminal code than risking arrest, fines, court fees and incarceration. That is why we have an ATM, a pharmacy, a starbucks or a liquor store on every street corner rather than a police or military post….

        WTSHTF,and destitute and hungry people discover in a nanosecond that they have more to gain and less to lose by preying on the weak to get the food, cash, perscription meds, sex, or whatever else they desire…it’s going to be sheer anarchy for those who wake up late.

        We’re going to have to learn to respect strangers again (lest they kick our ass right then and there or worse engage us in a gunfight when emergency services may be nonexistant).

        We’re going to learn to STFU before we speak and criticize in a world where people have nothing to gain be holding back their anger and frustration. and we’re going to learn what back alley and parking lot justice feels like….both giving it and receiving it… if the police will not be there to lay down the law and desperate and graceless people fly off the handle.

        And we’re going to have to learn again that grace and faith come from the good books of western religion and that people who take words of faith seriously and love God will maintain that semblance of orderly and honoralbe society we all think was how it “used to be” through the hard times coming

      83. Hey! On this Christmas day 2012 I have a partial solution to America’s problems. Unfortunately, I do not live in the White House so I can’t make it happen.

        We have about 60,000 troops in Afganistan trying to convert a 12th century society to a modern society. They do not like us and no amount of American blood will ever change their culture.

        We have around 30,000 troops in South Korea. They’ve been there since the Korean war about 60 years ago. They don’t pay us for their defense. They just sell Americans their cheap products that break upon first use.

        We probably have over 10,000 troops in Germany. A remnet of the Cold War.

        Let’s bring all these troops home now and let them stand guard at our elementary schools holding their M4’s. There will not be another Sandy Hook!

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