LOCK DOWN: Your Cash Is No Longer Your Own: “Everything Is Fine”

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    “Economic martial law will be declared… restrictions will be set on the amounts, times and frequency of withdrawals.”
    Forecaster Gerald Celente
    Trends Journal – Summer 2011


    We hope you’re paying attention.

    If there were ever a red flag warning about the economic and financial destruction to come, JP Morgan Chase Bank began flying it this morning.

    In a shocking report from Infowars we learned that mega-behemoth Chase has issued letters to thousands of business customers indicating that they will no longer be allowing international wire transfers or cash deposits/withdrawals in excess of a $50,000 monthly cap.

    Chase Bank confirmed to Infowars that all business account holders were being subjected to these new regulations. Given that even a relatively small grocery store or restaurant is likely to turnover more than $50k a month in cash payments, this appears to be part of a wider move to shut down businesses who mainly deal in cash.

    When Mike Adams of Natural News received the same letter he contacted Chase Bank and was able to confirm the new policies.

    According to Chase, “everything is fine,” and customers need not worry.

    Their response was that these changes were being implemented “to better serve our customers.” They did not explain how blocking all international wire transfers would “better serve” their customers, however.

    Chase Bank specifically denied any knowledge of problems with cash on hand, or government debt or any such issue. They basically downplayed the entire issue and had no answers for why capital controls were suddenly being put into place.

    This is nothing short of a capital control, which is an economic strategy designed to limit the transfer of money. It is a strategy implemented only during times of economic or financial distress, most often as a precursor to wealth seizures by the state.

    Be warned, Chase bank is the first of likely many banks to begin the lock-down of the financial wealth of private individuals in the United States of America.

    The new restrictions are particularly ironic because JP Morgan Chase (along with other large banking conglomerates) is a primary shareholder, and thus owner, of the Federal Reserve, which has been responsible for sending trillions of freshly printed dollars outside of the country over the last several years.

    There is absolutely no legitimate reason for why one of the world’s biggest banks just restricted the outward flow of cash from domestic businesses to their international contacts, especially considering that we are repeatedly told we live in a globalized world where we need to learn to work with our foreign partners.

    It makes no sense.

    Unless, of course, you stop to consider that the United States is and has been on the brink of collapse, literally, for nearly a decade. This was first confirmed in January of 2011 in a letter to Congress by then Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner when he spoke of the U.S. debt ceiling.

    Even a very short-term or limited default would have catastrophic economic consequences that would last for decades.

    Most recently, the U.S. Treasury Department reiterated the seriousness of any misstep in our trillion-dollar debt spending:

    In the event that a debt limit impasse were to lead to a default, it could have a catastrophic effect on not just financial markets but also on job creation, consumer spending and economic growth

    Think about the recent USDA letter to state food stamp directors, in which they noted that lack of funding would lead to a complete freeze on Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program distributions to millions of people. Within 24 hours of such a move the entire country from coast-to-coast would be awash in rioting, looting and violence.

    This is how close we are.

    As we noted, Congress and the President “saved” us yet again in the 11th hour. But we are only pushing out the timeline on the inevitable.

    The government knows this – as evidenced by the warnings of the Treasury Department.

    The mega-banks know this as well.

    And several years ago trend forecaster Gerald Celente warned that this is exactly how it would happen and it would come on the heels of a rogue terror attack that may involve direct targeting of the U.S. populace through violence, or cyber attacks that attack our banking system or take down the U.S. power grid:

    Bank holidays will be called, the US and other fragile economies will crumble, gold and silver will soar, and already-troubled currencies will crash. Economic martial law will be declared. Introduced as a temporary measure, once in place it will remain in place (like the curfews and draconian security precautions installed by despots and dictators everywhere). Civil rights will be suspended and, particularly in America, Homeland Security, already intolerably intrusive, will achieve an Orwellian omnipresence.

    With banks closed and economic martial law in place, restrictions will be set on the amounts, times and frequency of withdrawals. As we have cautioned before, it will be essential to have a stash of cash on hand. Even though governments will devalue their currencies, it will happen in stages.

    Piece by piece, day by day, intrusion after intrusion, the end game should be coming into focus.

    Take the following warning from Mike Adams seriously because ignoring it will have severe consequences for you and yours.

    This is happening, folks! The capital controls begin on November 17th. The bank runs may follow soon thereafter. Chase Bank is now admitting that you cannot use your own money that you’ve deposited there.

    This is clearly stemming from a government policy that is requiring banks to prevent cash from leaving the United States. Such policies are only put into place when a huge financial default event is expected.

    It may not happen tomorrow, or next month, or next year. But the consumer paradigm in which we live, the relative peace and stability we experience… it will all come crashing down.

    The time to insulate yourself is right here and now.

    They are preparing for what they know is coming.

    You should be too.


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      1. BO and Democraps won, all the printing presses are back on, and the debt gets too be ballooned again, and yes MONEY won’t be worth anything soon enough. Not one Democrat voted against the debt ceiling being stopped. What else can you expect. The government is in control by one BO and the Democraps.

        This was the last chance of the U.S. government to stop the all out free fall. Time for the masses to salute their Fuhrer BO. What has happened now is what happened in Nazi Germany, where the other safeguards of any government from allowing too much power in the hands of one person, is now happening in the U.S. government. It has BEEN PROVEN from ineptness of the GOP to even stand their grounds and principles that they are now nothing but a shadow and have no power left to do anything. This is what happens when a tyranny government starts anywhere, one person has all the say so. BO completely got his way and did not back down one bit on BO care or more importantly continuous out of orbit spending AND A RUNAWAY DEBT. BO won. The masses can now HEIL BO, they got what they wanted.

        What comes next is the true power grabs and the dismantling of the Constitution and all the freedoms. the pace should pick up to target the First and Second Amendments. The full course of preparation before martial law is almost complete. Look at history, and you see history right now repeating itself in which even with another party in control of a branch of government still not be able to stop something that they are so much against. It would be different if the Democraps controlled everything. To have control of the house and have the GOP capitulate like this, knowing full well that default would not be reached for many days after Oct.17, shows that there are now irreverant.

        You see this failure of another branch of government to stop credit card junkie spending and BO care and it is amazing how you can see how BO and the Democraps have won. Oh well, it has been predicted for decades or even longer that this was going to happen from someone elected. Just a sign of the end times. Everything else is totally screwed up in the world, why not the government also. I guess Mad Max aftermath is something to expect in the not too distant future. Until then, the masses can salute their new flag below:

        BOBO BOBO
        BOBO BOBO
        BOBO BOBO
        BOBO BOBO
        BOBO BOBO
        BOBO BOBO
        BOBO BOBO

        • Sorry the BO flag didn’t come out too well. I just know know one thing, the money in this country is gone. Just like with ALL previous governments that have tried to print their way out of debt, uterr FAILURE for the people, ALL the people. BO supporters will one day find that out.

          • Relax it’s not a problem, Go back to sleep little sheepies. The gov is here to take care of you. All is well. Rock-a-by stupid in the tree tops.

            • Paranoid

              Yes, change only ewes can believe in, no offence to female sheep intended of course.

              • The GOP can now be called
                Gutless Old Pussies

                • Old retired politician laying on his death bed called his three oldest and closet friends to his bedside, Pelosi, Reid and Obama.
                  I am going to die anytime now he said to his friends and I have decided that I am going to take my money with me when I die and I need your help to make it happen.
                  I have three million dollars and I am going to give each of you one million so you can put it in my coffin after I die.
                  Pelosi, Reid and Obama agreed to their old friends wishes and took his money.
                  A few days later the old man died and after the funeral the three friends were standing around talking when Pelosi said, I really feel like crap, I only put 250,000 in his coffin. Reid spoke up saying, I knew I was better than you, at least I put 500,000 in the old mans coffin. Pelosi and Reid looked at Obama who immediately responded with, DON’T look at me, I put the whole million in his coffin, I wrote him a check.

                  • Good one, Ghostrighter.

                    I believe this announcement is just one more data point, an important data point, a harbinger of more to come, just tremors before the “big one,” not yet deserving of a panicked “red flag.”

                    That said, let’s pay due notice of Chase Bank were historical notice is due.

                    Chase Bank is the latest camouflaged name of Kuhn Loeb Bank, the bank for whom bag man Jakob Schiff delivered tribal money to their Bolshevik contingent right before their “Russian” (read “Jewish”) revolutions. Considering that the bank now named Chase Bank was pivotal in bringing on the horror of Judeo-Communism, let’s remember that this bankster cartel owes trillions for the horrors, not just economic horrors, that they unleashed.

                    Without Jewish bankster money and Jewish “command and control” at every level, none of those crimes against humanity would have been possible. Jews created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—61 million died in the USSR

                    With regard to current events, take names for Nuremberg 2 and the following repatriation of centuries of looted and swindled assets.

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                  • John Q…keep banging on everybody.

                    You get a green thumb from me.

                    Everyone wants to disregard the Protocols of Zion.

                  • Thanks, LastManStanding.

                    The worst possible outcome of the coming catastrophe would be following the script that the tribal banksters have planned. The synagogue of Satan is up to their ages-old trick of instigating wars and shifting blame onto the real victims. Satan’s synagogue plays victim while they gin up wars among their real victims—black against white against brown against yellow so that the banksters can sit safe and unnoticed in their mansions counting their shekels. The tribe wants us to die fighting over scraps so that there is 95% depopulation, after which their fake Messiah will institute a worldwide Judaic kingdom and enslave the surviving goyim.

                    Keep in mind that, until Jesus instructed them otherwise, even the Apostles expected the Messiah to bring a worldly Kingdom, not a heavenly kingdom.

                    We must remember against whom we fight:

                    Put you on the armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers (two of the higher choirs of angels, in this case, fallen angels), against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. Therefore take unto you the armour of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and to stand in all things perfect. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of justice, And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace:

                    In all things taking the shield of faith, wherewith you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one. And take unto you the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit (which is the word of God). By all prayer and supplication praying at all times in the spirit; and in the same watching with all instance and supplication for all the saints: And for me, that speech may be given me, that I may open my mouth with confidence, to make known the mystery of the gospel.
                    Ephesians 6:11-19

                    We are fighting Lucifer and all his hellish and earthly accomplices so that we may defeat Lucifer’s agenda of depopulation, enslavement, and damnation.

                    And when the tribe denies it, remember what God Himself told them:

                    You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
                    John 8:44

                    You can believe God or Lucifer. Your eternal fate depends on your choice.

                  • “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.
                    Rabbi Dr. Finkelstein, The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, The Jewish Publication Society of America (1946) p. xxi

                    Yes, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee… the horned and fork-tailed spirit of the ancient Pharisee!

                • You are kind. They had them by the balls. I would have held out for a budget from Obuttfker. Kicked it back over the fence. Where was the leadership of the GOP standing up to the name calling of the progressmenots? They all will rot in hell with their master.

                  • This article is Very Misleading at best. All that banks actual memmo says is that no longer can commercial entities transfer MORE that a $50,000 monthly Limit Per Month.

                    Then Mike adams states That they are halting ALl money transfers etc. NO thats NOT what it says.

                    Same for that food stamp memmo other days article. ALL that said was for STATES to stop remiting monthly “LISTS” untill further notice. NOWHERES did it actually state that “All food stamps for everyone will STOP after Nov 1st”

                    Whoevers being quoted in the article here and other day food stamps issue are ADDING Misinfo.

                    The rest that they are stateing goes like this.

                    “if we Know(they do NOT know for sure 100%) that B follows A, then we ALSO KNOW(no they do NOT know they are Guseeing at best) that this MUST mean the very next issue will be C.

                    If this means That, then That MUST mean This!.WRONG!

                    There is NO Must mean anything for certain.

                    Its one thing to Tell folks You are guessing whats to come. Totally another thing to re word it and ADD words or messages that simply are NOT in the actual memmo.

                    FEAR Tactics at best. I cannot believe so many folks here read whatevers posted and then RUN with it and believe they now have no longer than 2 hrs or two days to buy preps and bug out cause celente et al says this or that WILl happen due to whatever he thinks must be Facts otherwise why would he Think it if its not truth.

                    Maybe due to hes a Loony fear monger and earns BIG Bucks doing that.

                    Who will buy his $300 per year quartly newsletters if he says “Folks I know NOT the future and cannot say more than anybody else can as to what will happen untill it Does….Therefore BUY MY warnings newsletters so I get filthy rich from info thats NOT real info at all but simply wild guesses”

                    That wont sell a single subscription right. So…resort to FEAR Mongering because Look how swell it works on so many people HERE!!!

                    The secret folks, is to simply Change the actual memmo messg by ADDing a few words. Like Banks wont allow dspoiters to USE their Own money any longer” That was not said at all. But it sure SELLS Fear eh!!


                    ‘Republicans walked into a trap set up by Valerie Jarrett, Obama’

                    “The shutdown was deliberately orchestrated by the White House, according to the former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine.

                    Why would the White House intentionally cause such pain and havoc across the country?

                    It is a ploy to win votes, concluded author Ed Klein.
                    He told the New York Post that President Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, developed a strategy to force a showdown with Republicans over Obamcare.

                    Jarrett recommended shutting down government because, Klein said, she believed voters would pin the blame on Republicans.

                    And that would give Democrats the opportunity to win control of the House of Representatives in the 2014 midterm elections.”

                    Jarret the “architect” of the strategy of refusing to negotiate with Republicans over Obamacare.

                    “She convinced the president that a government shutdown and default offered a great opportunity to demonize the Republicans and help the Democrats win back a majority in the House of Representatives in 2014,” he explained.

                    wnd dot com

                • After this latest display I would call the GOP extinct. Now is the time for a party based upon the plain language of the COnstitution. There are enough Democrats and Republicans that are distressed by the path of our nation, now is the time for a new party.

                  • Is Chase Bank anticipating a cash flow problem in the near future?

                    Chase Bank handles the EBT accounts. Think of the funds with the food stamp program that flow through Chase Bank every month. Also, with every purchase made on the EBT card, Chase Bank receives service charge fees. They cannot be happy with news the EBT funds may be withheld.

                    Here is an article about Chase Bank and food stamps.

                    How to Check Food Stamp Accounts Online
                    “If you receive food stamps, your aid is awarded every month via your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. EBT cards are administered by the federal food stamp program through J.P. Morgan Chase bank.

                    EBT cards operate like debit cards allowing you to use your card as long as there is money in your food stamp account. You can check your food stamp account online.”

                    ehow dot com

                  • TheGuys: Excellent logical analysis of this silly article. One bank’s decision does not make for capital controls. Capital controls actually come from the government, not any bank, or group of banks, and unless you’re a big business, this won’t affect most depositors because we don’t deal in sums this large ($50,000), so what’s the worry. As for this Mike Adams, who the heck is he that we should listen to him, his field of ‘expertise’ is health, not banking. So I too call bullshit on this article because there are three (Chase Bank decision, Gerald Celente cyber attack, and USDA letter) different subjects loosely, and very poorly, thrown together in an attempt to predict some catastrophic event. It feeds the fear that most folks have become accustomed to and you pointing it out angers them, hence the ‘thumbs down’. I’ll get a few too because some people have already made up their minds and confronting them with facts and logic only makes them angrier.

                  • That party exists. Constitutionparty com

                  • @ Gregory8

                    I agree that the “red flag” warning is premature, BUT keep this in mind—the unilateral action by Chase Bank (née Kuhn Loeb Bank) is yet another data point on a dangerous trajectory AND the PTT (Pacific Trade Treaty) is a supranational corporate conglomerate that supersedes national governments and PTT is nearly upon us.

                    The time of diabolical dystopia is near when the money-changers’ corporations will not allow even the appearance of “democracy” or government action against them.

                  • Think of the funds with the food stamp program that flow through Chase Bank every month. Plus, Chase Bank receives service charge fees. They cannot be happy with news the EBT funds may be withheld.

                    JP Morgan’s Food Stamp Empire

                    How the welfare state became a profit center.

                    “According to the website of the Agriculture Department—which oversees the food stamp program—three companies administer the bulk of EBT card programs in 49 states (the state of Montana runs its own program) through multi-year contracts ranging from five to seven years.

                    JP Morgan Electronic Financial Services, Inc. (a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase), which entered the welfare market in 2004 by acquiring Citicorp Electronic Financial Services, has contracts with 24 states and two U.S. territories. Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), a subsidiary of Xerox, has 15 state contracts. And eFunds Corporation, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Information Services (not connected to Fidelity Investments), handles the EBT cards for 10 states and one U.S. territory.

                    “This business is a very important business to JP Morgan,” Christopher Paton, the company’s managing director of treasury services, told Bloomberg News in 2011. “It’s an important business in terms of its size and scale. We also regard it as very important in the sense that we are delivering a very useful social function. We are a key part of this benefit delivery mechanism.

                    Right now volumes have gone through the roof in the past couple of years or so … The good news from JP Morgan’s perspective is the infrastructure that we built has been able to cope with that increase in volume.”

                    Just how lucrative JP Morgan’s EBT state contracts are is hard to say, because total national data on EBT contracts are not reported. But thanks to a combination of public-records requests and contracts that are available online, here’s what we do know: 18 of the 24 states JP Morgan handles have been contracted to pay the bank up to $560,492,596.02 since 2004.

                    Since 2007, Florida has been contracted to pay JP Morgan $90,351,202.22. Pennsylvania’s seven-year contract totaled $112,541,823.27. New York’s seven-year contract totaled $126,394,917.

                    These contracts are transactional contracts, meaning they are amendable based on changes in program participation. Each month, the three companies that administer EBT receive a small fee that can range from $.31 to $2.30 (or higher depending upon the number of welfare services on an EBT card and state contractual requirements) for each SNAP recipient.”

                    The Daily Beast dot com

                  • grossyi: I agree, the GOP is on life support and about to go the way of the WHIGs-extinct. There are plenty of parties already out there such as the Libertarian and Constitution parties but they can’t get any air time. The problem is that the corporations own all the media(propaganda) outlets including the very liberal MSNBC and the somewhat conservative FOX, which panders to their select audiences, along with the mainstream/lamestream outlets like ABC, etc., for the masses, so these parties don’t even get a mention. The corporations have a vested interest in keeping up this false dichotomy of Democrats/Republicans as though they are the only viable options out there. During the early formation of the Soviet Union, the Cheka (KGB) formed phony ‘opposition’ groups in order to keep any eye on dissidents and maintain control. The opposition was so busy making plans that they never got to do anything of significance. The corporations have done the same thing here by keeping up this phony fight between the Dems and the GOP and not letting their news outlets even mention the real opposition parties because then many would flock to these alternatives and the corporations would begin to loose control, and they simply can’t have that. The Internet is the greatest source of information on these real alternatives. Which brings me to a second theme: The government’s (Dems) desire to control the Internet through a so called ‘shield-law’ which lets the government decide who is and isn’t a journalist (On and off the internet). This is being led by the corporation’s favorite totalitarian, that Stalinist in drag, Sen. Diane FrankenFeinstein. If they get a hold of the Internet, the last and only hope for ‘unsanitized’ news (non-propaganda), we’re all doomed!

                • Know what is funny, BI is wrong about them having their way in Washington just yet. Oh no. BO is loving this. In 90 days he and the media will do it again. The GOP is far down but not quite irrelevant. This will come after the 2014 elections when they seal the deal. The Dems get at least one more shot at making the Repukes look a little more pathetic, weak, sniveling, and just plain dumb (although they are doing a damn good job of it themselves). More fun to come on this slow train to hell.

                  • @Gonetoolong, Elections are now a meaningless joke. The dead elephant party has neither the brains or balls to stand firm on principle. The jackass party will do what ever it takes to win the vote. There are too many parasites depending on some one elses money. Election fraud is rampent, along with the illeagal money being funneled into the party. Should there be a recount, ballets in favor of the D party guy WILL be found. Just look at the recount results from Minnesota. The D guy always wins the recount. We are totally screwed.

                  • @Gonetoolong, “slow train to hell.” LOL, but true!

                • AMEN TO THAT

                  • @Them Guys, I tip my hat to a absolutely epic rant.

                • repubs and dems are the same party – the zionist party of israHELL.

                • I always called them Govt’s Other Progressives. But I like that too.

                • 🙂 – Love it!!!
                  I’ve been saying that’s the problem for 10 years. Our gov. has been usurped by feminist’s, f@gs and pansies… b1tch3s ALL!!!

                  What an UTTER JOKE and LAUGHING STOCK this – LAND of the qu33rs and home of the fr33ks has become???!!!!
                  LIBTARD RULES, LAWS and REGs got us here.

                  • P.S.
                    No Offence/Disrespect meant to our TRUE Hero’s – those that have laid down their lives in deffense of WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS “ONE NATION UNDER G-D”. THEY WERE/HAVE BEEN LIED TO!!!
                    Jer 18:21-23

                  • Jeremiah 18:21-23
                    So give their children over to famine;
                        hand them over to the power of the sword.
                    Let their wives be made childless and widows;
                        let their men be put to death,
                        their young men slain by the sword in battle.
                    22 Let a cry be heard from their houses
                        when you suddenly bring invaders against them,
                    for they have dug a pit to capture (the innocent)
                        and have hidden snares for their feet.
                    23 But you, Lord, know
                        all their plots to kill (the innocent)
                    Do not forgive their crimes
                        or blot out their sins from your sight.
                    Let them be overthrown before you;
                        deal with them in the time of your anger.

                  • P.S.S.

                    In Jesus’s Precious Name!!!

            • I was thinking about this a few hours ago. Imagine what a farce it would have been when the government wanted to run the retirement accounts with your SS funds, like healthcare is turning out so great. Banana republic here we come. As far as cash goes, a banker told me a couple years ago that after a busy weekend they sell the extra cash to other banks that need it. This has been coming for some time, velocity of money is down.

            • …when the wind blows, the welfare will stop…

            • Does anybody know of decent quality solar panels or system I can find on the internet?

              • No amount of “Solar Panels”, or guns, ammo, barbed wire fence, and/or other survival gear/preparations can/will save you, me or anyone else (much less congress or DHS) from the WRATH of G-D that is coming to this country and upon this earth. Don’t waste your precious time/money!!! Pray!!!

                Ezekiel 7:19
                “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.”

                • Solar panels were in no relation to my other post. They just happened to be right after another.

                  Thanks for the input though. I will put that on top of my prep list.

                  • In the words of one of the most brilliant “Characters” to ever grace the movie screen (Sam Kinison in Back to School) —- Goooooooooddd Answer!!!!
                    PRAYER!!! That IS my prep list!!!


              • man, that wolf 359 was one of the outer limits best

                • I never saw that episode. I did though just look it up and read it.

                  I had always wondered where that story had originated as I have seen it in numerous other tv shows.

          • Would this work instead?

            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…\………. _.·´

            • Now that’s a flag for the digital age.

            • Now there’s some pretty good typographical artwork!

              • Courtesy of the website:

                www (dot) ascii-middle-finger (dot) com

                Yes, there’s actually a whole website just for that piece of ASCII art.

            • Archivist, that would work like a charm.

            • @ Archivist. I had the perfect BO swastika on the screen, but that strange looking thing came out. Just like the rest of this week, nothing is working out for those that still think freedom is worthwhile. Now the worthless government re-opens and BO and his cronies are the victors. Sickening isn’t it. I really have some true false hope that just maybe the GOP was going to hold the line past OCT. 17 and BO was going to have to cave in and BO care and the out of control spending would at least be slowed down. No such luck.

              @ Bravehaert and 9er Xray. I don’t want to see the country ransacked, but there is absolutely no faith in government left to do anything about it. I think anyone still left worth anything in congress saw how totally fruitless it is. The credit card bug has bitten almost everyone, and BO was won. BO is like one of those pimps with the purple Cadlilacs, the furry jackets, and all the sh$% all smiles to go with it. All this falling in line with a government that has the people hooker like crack heads on spending, and more of it. Just look at the idiotic stock market that rallies everytime that red ass baboon helicopter ben announces more free government money.

              Sites like this tell the truth about what is going to happen. Yet sites like this get labeled conspiracy or government haters. Well, the people here are not government haters, they are BAD GOVERNMENTS and TYRANYY DRIVEN government haters. Give the people a government that works for the people and thinks and does what is best for the people and the country, and only the insane could hate that.

              • BI you are right. We are a minority now and not just those that prep, but those that see that things are messed up yet just aren’t connecting the dots…yet. But this snowball is going downhill so fast now it will be upon us before many know what hit them, then everything they had will be lost.

                I think many people can’t believe that something so evil is among them. As Americans we have been taught that most people are good and then the fact that we haven’t had massive destruction on our soil between our own for several generations, people have forgotten or weren’t taught their history lessons so think it can’t happen again, or worse. What most don’t realize is the depravity that exists on a massive scale and will end up biting this country in the arse. Our country has been numbed and dumbed with no motivation to know the difference. We will all pay for the ignorance and evil that has hijacked our country. Best be prepared which I know we are all trying to do, the snowball is going faster. Blessings to you all.

                • “I think many people can’t believe that something so evil is among them.”

                  Hard to believe that “Many people can’t believe” – they obviously don’t know their history!!!

                  Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that “something so evil is amoung them” way back in 1913!!! Only makes sense that the “EVIL ENTITY” that he was speaking of HASN’T LEFT, but has only grown more powerful and entrenched over time?!!!

                  “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

                  May be John Q. Public could tell us (And Elaborate) on WHO/WHAT that POWER is (Spoken of by Wilson)???!!! He (JQP) appears to be a wealth of information?!!!

                  What d’ya say JQP?!

              • I thought it was supposed to be the € symbol.

              • This country is mystery Babylon and we are about to get sacked from the world. I’ve not stopped trying to tell people but its disappointing when former associates, almost friends, call you a fear mongering conspiracy nut job. The title does not bother me the apathy of those I had respect for does.

                • No, America is not Mystery Babylon. America isn’t mentioned anywhere in scripture.

                  • When the scripture was written there was no America.

                    Therefore it was a “Mystery”

                    What if?


                  • Neither are the words “Bless the Jews” written in the bible anywheres, yet You seem to believe, practice and preach That Barn Cat.

                  • Barncat:

                    Due to the fact you believe the stolen state of Israel by Zionist Jews is the Israel of the Bible I CAN believe you don’t think America is named in the Bible.

                    I beg to differ.

                    God placed “MARKS” on his people “Israel”. During the Christian dispensation, Lost Israel was to possess these marks of identification. So then, if we can discover the nations and people with Israels’ marks, we will have found the people who God chose to serve him to be a channel of blessing to all mankind.

                    While Israelites remain in other countries America is home to millions of all 13 tribes and thus is representative of the whole house of Jacob. We are bound by Israel’s responsibilites; fulfilling Israel’s destiny.

                    The ‘MARKS’ are on us everywhere in our NAME, in our SABBATH, in our INSTITUTIONS, in our PHILANTHROPHY, in our COMMERICE, in our ARMED FORCES, in our possession of the BIBLE, which neither time nor the ages, or EVEN OUR SIN CAN WIPE OUT!

                    From the BIBLE about ISRAEL:

                    A great and mighty nation
                    Multitudinous seed
                    Spread abroad to N,S,W,E
                    Was to have a new home
                    Was to be northwest of Palestine
                    Was to live in islands and coasts of the earth
                    Was to become a company of nations
                    Was to have a Davidic King (a perpetual monarchy within Israel)
                    Was to colonize and spread abroad
                    Was to colonize the desolate place of the earth
                    Was to lose a colony, then expand, demanding more room
                    Was to have all the land needed
                    Was to be first among nations
                    Was to continue as a nation forever
                    Was to be a home invincible to outside forces
                    Was to be undefeated, defended by God
                    Was to be God’s instrument in destroying evil
                    Was to have a land of great mineral wealth
                    Was to have a land of great agricultural wealth
                    Was to be rich by trading
                    Was to be envied and feared by all nations
                    Was to lend to other nations, borrowing from none
                    Was to have a new name
                    Was to have a new language (the Bible, by which God speaks now to Israel, in English, not Hebrew)
                    Was to possess gates of his enemies
                    Was to find aborigines diminishing before them
                    Was to have control of the seas
                    Was to have a new religion (New Covenant)
                    Was to lose all trace of her lineage
                    Was to keep the Sabbath forever (one day in seven set aside)
                    Was to be called the Son of God (accept Christianity)
                    Was to be a people saved by the Lord
                    Was to be a custodian of the Oracles (scriptures) of God
                    Was to be kind to the poor and set slaves free
                    Was to carry the gospel to all the world
                    Was to be the heir of the world
                    Was to be God’s glory
                    Was to be Gods Heritage, formed by God, forever
                    Was the nation appointed to bring glory to God

                    It is needless to point out that the imposter nation of so-called Israel today in Palestine fulfills none of the Bible’s above prophecies of the Israel of God.

                  • Your ignorance spoke in silence ahead of you – therefore, you did not have to!!!!

                    America is indeed “THAT GREAT CITY”, SHESHACK, whom will BURN in 1 HOUR!!! Make NO MISTAKE!!! The MERCHANTS of WORLD WILL WEEP and MORN over her – for no one buys their precious cargoes (PS2’s, SmartPhones, Toyota’s, Home Sterio’s/Theater’s, etc. etc. etc.) any more!!!
                    Believest what thou wilt —- America is the Great Harlot! The “Queen of the Kingdoms” —- and HER Judgement WILL BE NUCLEAR HOLCAUST when the WORLD blames and turns on HER (As they ar now doing).

                    Daniel Dreamed of 4 Beast’s –
                    1. Lion (England) with Eagles Wings that were TORN OFF (DURING THE REVELUTIONARY WAR) that was lifted so that it stood on two feet like a man (Independence) and the heart of a man was given to it (Independence/Liberty).

                    2. Bear (Russia) with three ribs (America/Babylon, England, Italy) in its mouth. (After “EATING ITS FILL OF FLESH”).

                    3. Leapord (Multi-National Empire) with 4 heads (Russia, China, Iran, Brazil) – AKA THE BRIC

                  • 4. Great/Terrifying Beast = Anti-Christ Empire which will rise in short order out of the BRIC (Iron and Clay) = Communist RED and Islam.

                    Here’s just a few witnesses!!! With a little research, MANY MORE can be found! I believe G-d has a surprise for the Globalists’. As they have planned and endeavored for their NWO – it will come about. Just NOT the way they intended, but by their enemies, OVER THEIR ASHES!!!






                    Now read Psalms 2:1-6
                    Is 13, 14, 21, 46 and 47
                    Jeremiah 50 and 51
                    Habakkuk (All – CHAPTER 2 Is About Babylon and HER enemies (HER DEBTORS) coming against her because of the financial turmoil SHE caused in the world).
                    Revelation 17 and 18 (Esp 18).

              • Make some popcorn, pop a top and sit back and watch the train wreck of O-commie-care.Now we can watch with undivided attention. This ain’t going to end well. Also, to all us old vets, sit down, shut up, and you will not be punished again..TEA ANYONE?

            • Nice work Archivist. Explains my frustrations to the tee. As for the person who said we will be a banana republic: We are way past that going to be point.

              The liberals, the media, the special interests and the paid politicians have one in the war on America. Now is the time to forget your pride and dreams. I for one am closing my small business’s and throwing myself at the mercy of the system.

              Or perhaps I should say I will start a plural life from this point on. The new BigB will start applying for every benefit out there. The old BigB is going bye bye through third parties and a world that deals in cash. That way I can enjoy the fruits of both worlds. Anyone who says I can’t get away with it I say bull shit. I have not seen one person get in trouble for it.

              I watched 3 guys my age the other day having a hoe down on a prominent street corner in the city I live in. They were dancing to music in their minds. Redneck hillbillies surrounded with shopping carts full of tin cans. They might have been poor but they looked like they sure were having a good time. I want to be them.

              I don’t want to be the man who pays the taxes to fund all this any longer.

              I saw three guys in a neighborhood sitting on kitchen chairs outside of the front door of a quadplex. They are there every day watching the street of their little world, smoking dope and juts living off the old ladies food stamps and welfare. I want those advantages in life.

              Why should I continue to kill myself working and being stressed out every day?


              • BigB.

                Go for it! Get everything you can get.

                “It’s your thing, do want you want to do.
                I can’t tell you, who to sock it to.”

                Shuck and jive.

              • @ B… Because you have moral values.

              • Pride????

                • Pride Goith before the Fall.

                  • (Gen 12:2-3 NIV) “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. {3} I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

                    God will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse them.

                  • I know, it sucks to have been raised to give a shit. I guess I am just that sucker that is born every minute. Sucks to be me.


              • Because you are a better man than that.

                • Barn Cat: READ THIS!

                  But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God. In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

                  “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

                  So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.”

                  READ the OTHER Galatians Verses barn Cat. It says Specifically that in Genisis, when the word “SEED” of Abraham is spoken, it refers to Jesus Christ IS That Single Seed. Glatians specifies that word “SEED” of abraham is NOT refering to Pluaral “SEED’s” as in “many seeds” or many offspring decendants. IT ONLY REFERES to Jesus as that ONE Seed.

                  #2- as the verse I posted from Galatians says “If You are Christs then YOu Are abrahams seed And HEIRS acording to the Promice.”

                  #3 Abraham was NOT ever called a “jew nor jewish” neither were Moses, Issac or Jacob ever called a jew. That word, jew is not written untill aprox 500 Pages after page One genisis. In 2nd book of KINGS chapter 16. Thats first place “jew” is found written. Funny that you believe Jews wrote it all from page one, that its ALL concerning Jews, yet somehow esteemed wise old “jew” Moses forgot to use the very word jew to desscribe himself and so many Others in the first 500 pages of old testement eh?

                  #4- How many “jews” are True christian Believers in Jesus Christ?…Maybe 1/10th of one percent?

                  So if jews are NOT Of nor IN Christ, How are they who gets any abrahamic blessings as wrote in Galatians Barn Cat?

                  I will Tell you you foolish man, Jews do NOT get blessed by God for being talmudic judiacs and nowheres is it written to “bless jews”…

                  So…Do You Get it Yet? Why do you keep refusing to READ such Proof and biblical verses that Do tell You the Real deal Truth Barn Cat? You do not sound stupid by your posts usually. So Deluded with False teachings has to be it. Perhaps rather than ridicule me and JQPublic for attempting to wake you to such factual biblical Truths, you may instead TRY READING the Many verses and other proofs info we have supplied to you to assist in removing that delusional falsehood from your mind.

                  READ that entire chapter of Galatians, new testement book. SEE that it says it is NOT Jews that genisis blessings to abraham are about. Then return to tell us you finally Get it. Or are You afraid to learn Truth Barn Cat?…Good luck finding salvation from talmudic jew worship or blessings. Theres a good reason Jesus calls them the “Synagouge of SATAN” barn cat. Thats REV 2:9 and 3:9 if you Care to Learn that also!

            • Legendary!!! Now you just need to put a little pyramid and eye of providence near the tip of the middle finger!!! But sink it into the background somewhat – so that it is clear what Our Sacred Symbol is saying to their SACRED SYMBOL!!! Fuq the NWO!!!

            • P.S. – Bet you worked on that for like an hour?!!!

          • BI, good evening, and I have to sadly agree with you again. We had to expect this would be the outcome. the whole affair was a dog-and-pony show from the start, and Uncle Scam has always been a master at that. All they’ve really accomplished is to buy themselves some more time, but the inevitable cannot be permanently put off. The house of cards will still fall; we just don’t know when. I only keep maybe 4200 at the most in the bank; enough to pay a couple of bills every month. The rest I keep in a safe at home; “private banking” so to speak. I haven’t heard any updates on the EBTs being cutoff on Nov. 1. That could still happen. I’m doing more prep shopping between now and then. I might as well spend all I can on supplies while these FRNs will still buy anything at all. Everyone else should be doing the same. If my bank starts doing anything like Chase, I’ll take out what little is left and spend it on preps. Nobody can eat FRNs.

            • I meant for that 4 to be a dollar sign. My mistake.

              • There’s a four thousand dollar loss right there!

              • LOL Braveheart…when I saw that 4200 I thought to myself, “Wow…he really IS brave!! ” 😉

                • Gosh Braveheart, I was getting ready to ask you to marry me!

                  • He would, but he doesn’t know where Stibnite is?

                  • SmokeyMtnLady and POG, I could only WISH I had that much. it would go into preps.

                • I had $11.29 in the bank. After I saw the article, I made an advance payment to the phone company. Now there’s .29 for them to “harvest”…I think I can spare that, but just this once.

                  • I have two different accounts. The one I keep JACK in…the other I keep a whole lot of SHIT. Take my precious money, BO and cronies…I hope it is a warm blanket for you when we descend upon you, take you, and hand you over to the oppressed for trial/punishment for the terrible atrocities that you have committed. We will come for you like darkness does for night. Run and hide little piggies. And remember…TI-I-I-IME…IS ON OUR SIDE…YES IT IS!

                    Sua Sponte

                • When I saw that 4200 I thought, “Wow!! That guy has some money!!” Now you tell me you only have what I have in the bank, and for some reason, that make me rather sad.

              • Braveheart,
                Have to agree with you and all the posters that say that this all smoke and mirrors…Full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes….we are so screwed…prep, prep, prep!!!!Politicians pissing on our legs and trying to convince us it’s only rain. I am so conflicted today, thought that there was more testosterone in D.C., but alas, Not a bit. How do these people sleep at night?

                • Say When, keep an eye on Nov. 1 when the EBTs will get cut off, UNLESS USDA changes course. If we make it past that date, then definitely look out for GRID EX Nov. 13-14. I smell false-flag SOMEWHERE.

                  • Why did EBT send Letters Out last week to tell ebt card recipients that their Monthly ammount will go Down a little starting at NOV 1st?

                    Why did ebt send out such advisory letters to tell folks their amount goes down by aprox 5% in Nov, untill a full year later, if they plan to eliminate all ebt paymnts totally?

                    Maybe that last article where ebt Told the STATES agencies to STOP sending the Monthly Lists was due to they no longer Need a list each month and Thats ALL that letter from ebt meant?

                    Because NO wheres did That ebt notice mention an END to ALL ebt payments. Only the words of Fear added by the article writers said that. What do They know?

                    Or were they just GUESSING? Wrongly I may add.

                  • That is what I’m thinking braveheart.

            • I spend mine as fast as i make it, farming is expensive, its a break even business!

              • Same thing here Kulafarmer. But you get to live in a paradise that the rest of us only dream of or vacation to now and again.


                • yeah, but from what I hear, the cost of living is super high in “paradise” It’s a miracle that anyone can afford to farm there! at least you have a year round season. Not that the great empire state is much cheaper, but at least I get a little winter break.

              • WE once farmed and it was great fun swapping nickles. When you Farm you have to pay whatever is asked for all the things you buy. You have little choice about the cost of production. Yet when you sell you have to take it market and ask what are you going to give me for it. Never again will I produce more then for just our own needs. Half of the people now think they don’t need to produce. They think someone else will produce for them. Finally the Producers are asking themselves Why? Why Produce When the fruits of my labor are Robbed(taxed) and redistributed to those who had ought naught to me producing. Then The pittance In left with has to unfairly compete with that very same money that was robbed from me. A example is when a producers cash has to compete with food stamps at the grocery store.

                • Why farm? cuz someone has to feed you people!
                  A great book to read is devil’s advocate by tyler caldwell- nothing like the movie. but in it’s fantasy fascist system farmers become elite, catered to by their govt just to keep the food flowing to the military and govt while the common people starve…Kinda like monsanto. Great book if you can find it.
                  I farm to provide an alternative to the junk that many call food.

                  i solidarity with you kulafarmer!

                • Quote by JFK: “the farmer is the only man who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale and pays freight both ways” so stinking true!

                  • veggimama for a while that used to be true but here lately the game has changed for the better! we are now getting a very good price for beef. plus the girls all had little ones last spring, so we kept the heifers an bred them back, got rid of the steers( at a rock solid price). plus with that freak snowstorm in the dakotas this price is the benchmark according to the buyers, so just watch the markets go haywire for a while as it takes 3 years to build back up to where you were before the problem. plus these states are letting people grow weed and from what i see the prices for that would pay off the national debt in no time. except no one could get hired from drug testing but then there always barry freebees just to piss us all off. just here to get ready for battle wildman out

                  • I loved the quote, but it wasn’t JFK. None of the Kennedys could remember what a farm was, they’d been living on urban corruption for so long.

                • Same here…I cut way back on production and still have no money ;)…. just raising enough for me n mine…no body wants to pay but everyone wants to eat…them days are coming to an end soon methinks, then Ill kick production backup, till then…Ive mostly gone Galt 🙂

          • As yet a other debacle was playing out China publicly/ intentionally announced to the world the need to de-americanize meaning dump the USD as a world reserve currency.

            That is the ultimate end game and from which a new global economic world order will emerge.

            • What about Farmers like here in Mich not far from my crib who buy an extra 300-1000 acres, then agree to NOT grow anything the next 10 yrs or whatever time frame it is, and in Return the farmer gets BIG Cash from the fed govnt to NOT grow stuff?

              I seen a few farmers like that around here and they aint Poor!…Most are Very wealthy from govnt programs that are farm welfare payments. My buddy 20 miles from here knows one such farmer guy, and he gets about $300,000 to Not grow anything. Just for buying more farmland and agreeing to NOT grow stuff. Thats added to his Orig farm of 1000 acres that also earns big cash for partial non growing acerage. Not all farmers are in dire straights.

              • I’ve been reading about the cattle losses in South Dakota due to the blizzard. Does anyone know how the bison herds did? I only saw pictures of dead cattle and I have heard that bison can tolerate extreme conditions that will kill cattle. Anyone have any information about this?

                • The Buffalo are fine. It gets cold and snowy enough to bother them, I’m gone. And you can dump the Bison bit. There never was a Bison Bill Cody. or a Bison, New York.

                  • …except that bison aren’t buffalo, pronghorn aren’t antelope, and peccaries aren’t pigs 🙂

                • The ranchers in Montana are all giving cattle to rancher in Wyoming who lost at least 60,000 head.

              • Them folks aint farmers…theyre leeches and welfare queens sucking off the system…don’t confuse them with real farmers…gotta fix the system to fix those parasites!

              • Hey! They pay the farmers around here (Montana) for not farming their land. Thousands of acres just sit.

              • I am sick of hearing about poor farmers, they are the rarity. Even here in KY, farmers receive huge subsidies, the largest receptient in the state is in my county, gets around a million a year I think, was in the paper last year.
                Many of these poor farmers live in huge houses, all the family members drive new $60,000 trucks, even the high school kid. They have multiple four wheelers, golf carts, etc.
                Their barns/ storage buildings are like mini warehouses.
                They live like kings on our tax dollars, and receive special tax breaks, crap they can hire illegals for cheap labor, not just farm labor but cleaning, daycare,etc and probably get tax credits for hiring immigrants/refugees/illegals, who crowd our schools, csoting millions in ESL classes.

            • Wolf,

              Earlier this week I stumbled upon a barrage of articles re. the same topic. Needless to say, unnerving at best.

              We should all know that “China” and Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, South Africa, Japan, Angola, Iran, Sudan, Venezuela are already trading outside the dollar/petro dollar… using the “renminbi=yuan”… probably more.

              From what I’ve found, all these “trade pacts” outside the dollar have occurred since hOBammy has been in office… What does that tell you?.. Think…

              Also the UK, London is poised to be the largest offshore trading hub/clearing house of the Yuan. Hmmm… Think..

              Now I’ve always believed that our over seas squirmishes have been in part, to keep these countries trading in the dollar/petro dollar. Likewise, the billions of “Foreign Aid” sent to G-d knows where around the world, also a “bribe” to keep them trading in the dollar/petro dollar…

              Now riddle me this… What is “Backing” our dollar? IMHO, Nothing… but the big Hammer/War… and Bribery…

              How close to death is the dollar? Well, its in the Critical Care Unit of ACA… Scary… How much is being printed and pumped into the economy each month? Just to keep the illusion going for the sheeple… Wasn’t it Pelosi that said “food stamps are good for the economy”? Is our economy so broken that it must rely on the funds of EBT being spent?…

              If you choose to go down the same “rabbit Hole” and read for yourself, here is where I started…
              …Reading all links and links of links…..

              I also think that Macs article has a direct correlation to the future of international trade by US businesses… the structure is being built…

              There will be a “Transition Period” and that period of time is what we must be prepared for…. just Think…


              • BackSpace,

                There isn’t a soul on this forum who has rang the bell more loudly of the imminent threat China poses towards US.

                I will check out the London/trading hub. As of now yuan/renmimbi are not highly traded currencies on FX.

                Its been a while since I have traded there thanks to Frank/Dodd.

                You want to find out all you need to know about China’s intent then read this:


                • Good read!… Seeing that that was 8yrs ago I think they are positioning themselves quite well… These are interesting times indeed…


          • I import a container of goods every other month. I got the same letter so I don’t have the foggiest Idea How my business will survive.

            • I build machines – mostly imported parts cause NO ONE in the states makes this stuff!!

              Not sure how to keep product flowing if I cant transfer funds to suppliers

              • What parts do you need? I make all sorts and no customers anymore

          • B.I. have you noticed 5 m1.x flares this week.some with cme,but most were aimed away from earth.

        • A one-party system is exactly what the DIM-ocrats want. Sure, there will still be two parties in DC, but one has proven itself to be ineffective and irrelevant. Now the liberal/socialist/Marxist DIM-ocrats can pretend that we still have a democratic republic, while governing by Totalitarianism.

          • SilverSax:

            A “one-party” system is just what the “progressives” want whether the progressive is a democrat or republican. These progressives have played a “two-party” system for about as long as they could keep it covered up.

            The truth is coming to the surface. Americans are slowly waking up to the truth. The hidden truth about who controls America and what direction she is headed should frighten everyone.

            If the above posts by John Q. Public does not convince you who TPTB is nothing ever will. He names names. You can look up anything he wrote in his posts; and I challenge any red thumb to refute what he has written.

            Red thumbs mean nothing on his articles without someone showing his articles are not spot on truth. What more proof does anyone on this post need to finally GET WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA AND THE WORLD?

            Thanks and congrats John Q. Public, you are light years ahead of most Americans.

            I HATE the word “progressive”. There is nothing progressive about a socialist, marxist, communist. Everything the progressive stands for is regressive for America.

            • Hugs, kisses, and prayers are sent your way, Granny.

            • “progressive” only in the sense of being further down the path to hell…like I say its nothing to brag about, but they do 🙂

        • This is what Italy did several years ago and cash transactions over $300 euros were made illegal. I expect cash transaction to become illegal here as well. And by the time the sheeple will have realized that the pot they are sitting is boiling it will be tooooooo late.

          So any push back will be met with no Govt handouts followed by force.

        • Ahhh,i think the country’s being run by one party. And that party of one is the fake Red Team/Blue Team delusion. Fixed it for ya.

        • BI- Correct you are. The nation is being looted. The political class controls the money and wealth of the nation. I expect that their nests are fully protected and an abundance of wealth somewhere on the planet. Anyone bet Fort Knox has a giant IOU sitting in the floor?

          We lowly taxpayers have been had. The Legislative Branch has agreed to and made itself irrelevant. The purse strings, well crap…the entire purse, has been handed over to the Executive branch. The three branches of Government are no longer the checks and balances as designed by the founders. It is soooo obvious now.

          Usual pork & payoffs. Business as usual. Back to the bar and cushy restaurant.

          We get the tab. There is no way to pay the bill. Simply no pleasant way out of fiat currency that is being pumped.

          Storm couds are getting very dark.

        • Actually I think WE will be looking at this again in February; or did I miss something? The agreement just kicked the can down the road.

          The conflict in government will continue until after 2014. At that time, one or the other Party will be in control. If O’bummer wins a majority in the House and retains the Senate, WE will be toast. Socialism will be entrenched by 2016.

          Now is the time for every Patriot to get involved in politics; despite your desire to watch DWTS and Duck Dynasty.

          Engage your employees or consign your children to the NWO. 🙂

          • I’d be surprised if any Patriots watch DWTS and Duck Dynasty…I’ve personally never seen one minute of either of them.

            • Clearly you’ve never seen Duck Dynasty if you’d be surprised if any patriots watch them. They are right up the alley of many patriots- decent God fearing family men who own a business and love to hunt. They don’t cuss, they pray in Jesus’ name and use guns and won’t let the show producers get away with manipulating the truth. I prefer seeing Phil Robinson being himself in an interview to the staged show, but it’s good clean fun and the few episodes I’ve watched online made me feel like I’d been with family.

              • I don’t do TV.

                • Neither do we, so we purchased the Duck Dynasty DVDs. Some evenings, they are the perfect reminder that America lives on, here and there.

                  • I guess I’m gonna have to find DD online and at least watch an episode…sounds like a refreshing change from miley wad-catcher…

            • TV is a waste of time in my opinion.

          • DK,

            We will see in a few months but BO now knows the Vichy republicans will whole heartedly capitulate before a default and all BO has to do is what he just did.

            He wins either way. The Vichy republicans cave in giving him all he wants OR he gets to do what he really wants to do and that is unilaterally raise the debt ceiling himself using emergency powers and forever changing the role and function of our governmental system.

            • Wolf: No one should be fooled. The Retards want Obummer Care to eliminate the cost of health care for corporations and put it on the back of the middle class. 🙂

              • DK,

                Interesting. I know the plan is to crush the middle class but I had overlooked the fact corporations would be relieved of the costly burden of healthcare for employees.

                They’ll get another 8-12% rise in profit.

        • He, he… .

          “Sorry to inform but, we’re screwed, and the thing comes out, we forget to invest in education.
          Exchanged by politically correct morals, was the biggest blunder.
          We exchanged good cops by military police… “.


        • The president, the democrats and the republicans in congress won! I say this because the republicans caved at the last hour, they always intended to cave because they are just as deep in the shit as the rest of congress. One can say they tried their best, they did what they could, they will fight the good fight another day but somehow they smell just as bad as the American destroyers because their boots are as full of shit as their supposed counterparts.

          It is all bull shit and we are watching a play unfold that has a definite script, we all know the ending now don’t we?

          When you know what you are dealing with, it is much easier to defend yourself. We do indeed know now.

        • @Be Informed, is this the BO flag you were looking for….:

          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…\………. _.·´

        • Gloomy but true! Yes the GOP are a Group Of Pussys but It was all part of that left/rightparidiem, planned from the start and all a stage play, because the top RINO ,Mitch the sellout bitch McConnell, in the senate got a 2 Billion$$$ kickback for his KY friends!

        • Customers should switch from chase to a local owned bank or credt union.
          Also, immigrants send billions of American dollars out of the country weekly thru money transfers. Its the same as foreign aid yet much bigger and not done by the govt, the banks reap the fees. Why isn’t this limited? Immigrants hurt this country in many different ways.Many will have free healthcare Jan. 1, 2014 at taxpayers expense.

        • If you think that a Republipuke president would make any difference, you are seriously delusional! Look at what Bush and Cheney did– they started the whole ball rollling by attacking the wrong country (after Cheny facilitated the 9-11 attacks) and then used all that as an excuse to bring about the End of America (Facism), the NWO, the Patriot Act and else that has followed.

          • Anonymous…it started way before Bush & Cheney! Wake up!!!!

      2. Bottom line is to not have anything you’re not ready to lose in a bank account. Anyone that cries about after this should’ve known better. And don’t hand me that bullshit about having too much money to keep elsewhere and not in the bank. Convert it to hard assets and spread it out into hiding places. Otherwise, when they decide to seize your funds and bail you in, it’s all on you.

        • That is assuming they allow you to turn your money in the bank, which is really only a bunch of ones and zeroes, into something tangible.

          Or they could start levying massive fees for large withdrawals or closing accounts.

          These people have absolutely no ethics or personal values beyond wealth and power.

          • If the fees are less than the total amount you have, I’d do it anyway. I’d take the loss, just to keep them from strong-arming me later…I don’t respond to bullies very politely.

        • JR, I turn mine into “hard assets” aka preps every time I go prep shopping. My prep shopping is now on the increase. I will still watch Nov. 1 when the EBTs will supposedly still be cut off. If/when that happens, it will be party time.

          • This is what I tell my friends who are still stacking: Unless you are the one in 100,000 that has all you need already, the stacking train has left. You should be “investing” in food, water purification, med supplies, communications, security gadgets and GUNS AND AMMO.

            I have all my savings in PM but I am NOT adding to that. Gold and silver will not help when there is no food on the shelf. Same with cash. Do you not think that someone who shows up at a store with a wad of cash will not be expected to fork over a huge premium for the last of whatever is still there? PM is for AFTER the fireworks, if we make it through.

            NOW is the time for prepping, not financial planning. It is down to the basics: Something to eat and drink, stay warm and defend yourself. Everything else is a distraction at this point. What you can buy for pennies today will not even be available in the near future. Use your head…grab it now.

            • Neither gold nor paper… you need to get some food that can be stored for the long term. Prices of all foods have been rising you can be sure that the food you buy today will cost you much more next year and even more in 5 years. Instead of wasting money on stupid stuff or putting it in a savings account at .02% interest make a purchase at thrivelifemarketplace.com Most food has a 25 year shelf life WITHOUT refrigeration. It’s tasty and NOT some mushy beef stew or salty lasagna you may have tried while camping. They have recipes and show you how to cook with long term food storage ingredients. Highly recommended!

            • I see someone has thier “shit together”.

        • JoeRepublic, I am thinking about drawing money out of my Life Insurance policy to use for further prepping. To me, that would be a better way to use it now while it still has some purchasing power. It will be difficult to withdraw your money later, and will eventually be hyperinflated to be worth basically nothing,anyway. I believe these LI policies will be as worthless as your money sitting in a bank. I would appreciate a comment from you or any others commenting on this site about this matter. Thanks

          • If it was me, I’d get my money now and use it to survive. When it’s all said and done, the state can bury me. If my calculations are right, that won’t be necessary for quite some time yet. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

          • Showmestater, I’m no financial adviser, but I can tell you what I’ve done. I’ve made purchases of things that will not only hold value in bad times, but good times as well. Yes, I put about 10 to 15% into precious metals, but the rest is spread out across various investments.

            Farmland is one of the larger purchases and for me that amounted to about 20%. The remainder went into other valuable assets such as ammunition, 25-35 year food storage, tools-tools-tools and a variety of other things. The final thing I did was set myself up with things that help produce value, such as a greenhouse, smoker, raw materials for solar panels and a side business.

            At any given time whether things are still somewhat normal or the shit has indeed hit the fan, I am still able to convert a lot of these items into other forms of assets or currency. I am of the firm belief of not trapping myself into a box and diversify. After you have the basic preparations, you may want to consider items that retain value or even become more valuable depending on the environment.

            • Right on….

              My pie looks similar, but I am 70-80% in farm, recreation, and homestead acreage. In the beginning ground was 35% of the pie, but in the last 5 years the ground has gone up in value faster than I am able to balance my holdings. The one negative about ground is that it is not liquid. Cash poor, but Asset Rich would describe my situation.

              If my current job crashes I will just ramp up my part time businesses, which consists of construction and custom haying. Someone always needs something.

      3. Well the fleecing of Americans will continue now the government can refocus on our wallets. The system is a joke!


      4. Well as to phrase Paul Harvey.

        We very soon are going to ‘hear the rest of the story’

        • Ugly

          The rest of the story will be told many years from now around a camp fire, with a flashlight held under the chin of the teller.

          Very scary stuff

          • or a kerosene lantern held overhead.

      5. I travel for my business, so I’m assuming that one day I may have to walk 350+ miles to get home.
        I’m giving extra attention to my BOB and deciding whether I want to carry my AR as well as my .45. That’s a lot of extra weight to tote on a month-long hike, but I’d hate to be without it.

        • Silversax, my husband’s in California right now….He’d never get home if anything happened…that’s a scary thought! And he leaves for PA. on Monday….love that he has a great job…hate the travel involved! I pray the whole time he’s gone!

        • kinda hard to conceal an AR—the element of surprise has it’s advantages, ya know.

          • Yeah, I know. But if I’m forced to take a month-long hike through a terrified country which has just been plunged into chaos, and I can have either the element of surprise or an AR, I think I’d choose the AR.

            • I have started taking a long gun to work (in addition to my usual CCW), have it disguised in a baseball equipment bag – no one has asked a thing about it.

              It IS heavy and I DO dread the thought of walking home with it should SHTF – but I dread the thought of walking home WITHOUT it even more.

              • @Puppy – That’s my point exactly. The gun and ammo are several pounds – I don’t know how much exactly. But what the heck, I can use the exercise, and on a long hike like that, I could probably use it to shoot a small deer or wild pig when I run out of food. Not to mention the fact that it’s a pretty intimidating-looking gun. At least liberals are terrified of the way they look.

      6. It truly defies explanation or logic…which is what makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Is each and every senator being coerced with threats against themselves and family if they don’t co-operate? If they try to run for help the family gets it? This whole administration debacle has been so over the top mind boggling that is just makes one wonder.

        Nah… these people are just that corrupt, evil and greedy. Not necessarily in that order.

        • You hit the nail on the head..corrupt evil greedy. Our system of government will work when moral, and just representatives express the will of the people. Now they are just there to shear the flock, and the sheep can die. Doesn’t matter to them…they’ll get another. Washington DC makes me sick.

        • They must think we are so Stupid…..

          Ten toes up, ten toes down

          Meat going in, meat going out

          If that ain’t screwin’

          You can throw me out!

          (My apologies to the ladies present)

          • I guess the folks here don’t know
            when they are getting screwed.

            • OutWest.

              It is like the very old bank robbery joke.

              What is the difference between a ‘stickup’ and a ‘holdup’?

              Ans: Age

              You see, many of us are married so it takes time to figure what you were trying to say.

              • It’s the middle of the night but I had a good laugh! Laughter is the best medicine yet! Thanks!

                In all seriousness though, what is happening is not a laughing matter. It is a sad day that Congress was not able to hold the line against increasing the national debt. I, too, wonder what kind of gun is being held against the heads of the lawmakers that they are going along with such shenanigans. They are literally robbing, raping, and pillaging the American people and I can’t tell whether it is a ‘stickup’ or a ‘holeup’, I meant ‘holdup’?

        • If we had an objective mainstream media, that reported facts and let us make up our own minds, the White House would have caved in last week.

          Three weeks of leftist rhetoric about the shutdown and failure to inform the people about what the government was doing to make it look bad is all it took.

        • Back Atcha Socrates: You gotta figure that the NSA has the goods on all members of Congress, and that the Obama administration can easily put the squeeze on to get any damn thing they want.

          So sure, I have a big ass safe, well secured, with both FRNs and PMs inside. Best yet, have a wall of cabinets full of preps, dogs that hate visitors, and a wife who is one heck of a good shot (she’s also cuddly too)!!!

          Indeed, the fix is in. Sooner or later It will get ugly indeed. I’m hoping we still have a few years down the road, but even one small thing could collapse the fraud in a heartbeat.

        • Just “one” political family story about corrupt, evil, and greedy.

          From: theamericanjewishblogspot.com

          Moses Annenberg (1878-1942)

          Probably no fortune in America was built on a sturdier foundation of cooperation with organized crime and the mafia than that of Moses “Moe” Annenberg. Moe rose from poverty in the slums of south Chicago to accumulate the largest estimated individual income of any individual income of any person in the nation (at that time) thanks to MOB money.

          In 1929 Al Capone brought Annenberg into the underworld’s famous Atlantic City Conference, the gathering at which the groundwork was laid for the national crime syndicate.

          In 1930, Annenberg took over the century old Philadelphis Inquirer newspaper and through it he became a power in the Republican party politics –a “respectable” citizen.

          In 1939, he and his son WALTER, was hauled up for income tax evasion and both were indicted. All told, Moses unpaid taxes came to $9.5 million. Walter pleaded not guilty, and father Moe decided to take the rap. Moe got 3 years and handed the government $9.5 million. Moe died shortly after serving his sentence.


          Went on to become publisher of Miami Tribune.
          Turned the tax indebted publishing empire he inherited from father Moe into a hugely profitable business. Sold the TV GUIDE MAGAZINE for $3 Billion dollars to Rupert Murdoch 36 years later.

          Walter remained an important publishing king and society figure and under President Nixon went on to become AMBASSADOR TO ENGLAND.

          When President Reagan entered the oval office he appointed Walters wife, Lee, White House Chief of Protocol, the job carried rank of Ambassador. For the son of Moe Annenberg, it was a crowning achievement.

          In an obituary at slate.com for Walter Annenberg:

          Citizen Annenberg:
          So long, you rotten bastard:

          While the page one obits of the nations largest newspapers paid homage to Ambassador Annenberg they barely scraped the festering keratosis that was Walters career in crime, journalism, and politics.

          The obituary headlines should have read:
          Billionaire Son of Mobster, Enemy of Journalism, and Nixon Toady Exits for Hell

          The dailies should have read that the bedrock upon which Walter built his fortune was cleared by a tax evading father, Moses. That the son (Walter) dodged a trip to the slammer with his dad via a plea bargain, that Walter punished his political and personal enemies with his publishing empire; and he ingratiated himself with his soulmate, the odious Richard Nixon.

          Moe wasn’t around anymore but he would have been proud of Walter. “Only in America”, he might well have said. And it would have been true. ORGANIZED CRIME AND THE GREAT FORTUNES DERIVED FROM IT NEVER FLOURISHED AS IN AMERICA AND AMERICAN POLITICS.

          • My comment to the Annenberg story:

            Today our government seems to be run by a Chicago Crime Syndicate. How many more “Annenbergs” are running loose in DC?

            • PO’d Granny: aint that the same jewish annenberg family fortunes that funded and invented that annenberg school fund Kommie Bill Aires, hobammys SDS aka weathermen hippie kommies terrorists of the 1960’s era Pal, now heads the board of directors that fund funds?

              Of which funds are designed to change usa schools into Kommie gulags teaching kommie unamerican values and UNgodly crapola and Bill Aires and wife Dorn are Key directors and managers of that very incidious kommie schools plans?

              Sounds alot like al gore sr and gore jr, who got funded into the us senate, and later gore jr as VP under klinton, with Their bennefactor Armmand Hammer, also a billionaire Jewish Kommie bolshevik from hungery nation if I recall correct.

              Boy rich corrupted jewish kommies sure get around everywheres eh. Good thing those infiltratorous Pests number less than 2% of total usa POP eh!

              Do not let your guard down though as so far every nation kommie jews has werecked, and before they invented communisim, they were just reg avg Talmudic jews wrecking nations crazy enough to Host their group, always number in the small single digits where total population is the issue. Even Russia circa 1918, jews were just aprox 2.5 % total out of 150 million total russians!

              Look what kommie talmudic demonic jews did to Russia! Today their decendants are Here in America plotting to do the exact same here. Unless 100 million armed americans decided to awaken and halt their kommie crap before its too late.

              Anybody like barn cat that thinks its a great thing to bless jews, such as Finestien or bloomberg and schumer? Must be severely delusional as that only enables them kommies to destroy the usa.

              • @ Granny & Them Guys


      7. Mac,

        Far be it for me to suggest…however I’m compelled…
        I know I know I don’t need to, cause MS Daisys’ latest will be here shortly…It does goes with this thread…

        OMG…you guys…no…

        You got each other on speed dial?

        • On a more somber note…and more to what is necessary…

          The best we can do is to be honorable, to those that will fall rebuilding this country one school at a time…

          MY two cents for the evening…

            • She should have stayed there while the rest of the room should have been sent for mental exams

              • Heh…Sounds like she just said publicly what a lot of people say privately or among friends. But she’s the nut, and the suits who just hastened our doom are the smart boys. Yeah…

      8. Well, we all knew this day would come. It is really such a surprise?

        I’d wager they are not ready to pull the plug just yet, perhaps they are themselves making last minute preperations.

        And anyway, most people will be oblivious to what is happening, until there is actual physical turmoil in the streets. Such things are not fun to pay attention to…

        It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. More likely not a huge crash event, but just another notch downward. It is likely calculated to occur that way, so people don’t awaken enmass. Just another step downward to marxist hell…

        • No, it’s not a surprise that this day has come. I just hate to see the U.S. go down like a whimpering dog. I’d rather get beaten in a fair fight than for liberalism/socialism/Marxism to suffuse the country like a thick, poisonous fog.

          • Other day either stock market tv or RT news maybe? I heard a reporter state that this is something like the 72nd Time for a raise in debt celing since back to days of FDR if I recall it correct. I did not catch their entire news segment and just heard That part spoken.

            If its true that the national debt celing has been raised 70+ times since 65 yrs ago, then why did the usa never yet collapse due to any of Those prior debt raise limits eras?

            None of what we see occureing today is new. Every bit is a repeat of many times prior such issues happened.

            We just have way More MSM tv shows etc today to parrot the typical national spin and propaganda till its all we hear non stop. The patterns of good times, bad times, recessions, depressions, etc etc has been an ONGOING event for 150 yrs now. America never yet collapsed even with a full blown civil war.

            Just because a bunch of internet guys like celente and jones et al daily spook everybody with Fear monger talk does not make them correct.

            Even “IF” the govnt causes a collapse nationwide, they Will have a new different system READY to Implement Before they let YOU know of any so called collapse.

            They are Not doing all they do simply to one day soon Quit the game and go…WHERE? and Do…WHAT? Next.

            I know alot of collapse Fiction books say it will occure. but there IS a good reason them books are listed as FICTION stories. Seems many folks read them Fictions and afterwards believe it as Gospel Truth, and once that happens nobody or nothing will ever convince them its a fiction story based on a whole lots of “What Ifs”.

            Theres alot of folks here that seems to have turned preps into what most would call a Cult/religion type affair. Or an Obssession driven Cult of doom and gloom.

            Does folks Really need to strip and clean and greese every firearm they have at least 1/2 dozen times Per Week every time another fear article appears?…Wont so much weapon cleaning remove the factory Blueing finish?!!

            it seems that something has caused some here to go into overdrive with that obsessed Cult mindedness. What is it?

            • By your logic. We can just keep going deeper in debt and NOTHING will ever happen. Wrong.

              They have just gotten more creative in the ways they kick the can down the road.

              The recent EBT failure shows how precarious the system is.

              • Maybe that EBT computer glitch really WAS a glitch or due to incompenent computer workers at EBT. Not every issue or incident is a “test” for martial law.

                Ever collect Unemployment every two weeks while Laid Off work?…I did every winter for a few weeks. I recall when state unemployment offices state wide went to Computers instead of the old style Paper cards in a drawyer for each persons bennifits etc records.

                That was a virtural Nightmare! Glitches Daily!

                Folks standing Outside in frezing temps and snow up to their knees, for 4-5 hrs till finally can stand Inside heated building for an additional 3 hrs to get a check.

                ALWAYS due to “Sorry computers Down again”!

                Sometimes its really a mistake and not every issues a major RED ALERT! Head for Hills!

                ps that last ebt article Never stated ebt shall stop for ebt card holders. ALL it said was States to Stop remitting monthly LISTS. Maybe they have a updated system that No longer requires monthly state “Lists” eh.

                • If it really was an unanticipated glitch, how did thedailysheeple write an article four days before that in which they revealed government plans to shut down “16 states”? That seems like a mighty big coincidence. And many people say there are no coincidences.

                  www (dot) thedailysheeple (dot) com/obama-ready-to-shutdown-16-u-s-states_102013

            • Them Guys

              Hell… I listened to Celente and Jones back in 2010 stating the same scenario RED ALERT! imminent collapse!,martial law!,bank holidays!buy gold and silver now before they skyrocket!, etc etc..you name it..

              Here we are at the end of 2013 and nothing has changed..just the slow degradation of our economy as usual.gold and silver manipulated downward ever since.

              Celente argued his prior predictions on a German site a while back stating he didn’t anticipate the succession of QE infinitum to stave off the collapse.

              From my observations, it is just a slow descent into hell,just as our friend manos witnessed in Greece..no running to the hills with a BO bag and a can of beans.
              Ain’t going to happen..

              They will continue to extract every last penny from everyone…and then introduce their new form of currency when expedient..

              Our rights will continue to erode, the pols will all be re elected..and the normalcy will continue unabated..

              I for one will continue to live life while preparing for disaster should it strike..but never in daily fear of what ‘they” are up to..

              After all..

              Nothing is by accident

              Everything is by design.

              Plan accordingly..


          • My sentiments, too, SilverSax. Socialism is like Athlete’s Foot fungus: it stinks, it disfigures you, and it makes you susceptible to all kinds of opportunistic infections.
            There just aren’t many fair fights these days outside of a boxing ring…

            • If the fight you’re engaged in is fair, you aren’t fighting properly – not my own saying, but I still believe the message it sends. Time is come to change tactics or freedom is truly lost…

        • I don’t know what their planing, I think they are doing it by the seat of their pants right now. Maybe buying time till they can think of something else. Imo I think they may just get everyone fighting each other, then let China have the westcoast (or parks) to pay the dept :If you can take it you can have it senario:. They shipped alot of stuff to the eastcoast after all. See it would be Choas>Martiallaw> then a war to unite the people and stop a uprising.

          • Hey China—CATI.

        • Stands to reason Chase will only be the first bank to put up restrictions like this and others will follow suit in the very near future. And what will accompany this trend will be series of stricter cash flow controls getting phased in until movement of money out of the banks will dry out to a mere trickle.

          Combine this with thousands of people not being paid anymore, millions without access to their EBT, food stamps and WIC and a White House ordering public servants to make life as hard as possible for the population and things will degenerate very, very fast.

          A perfect storm is brewing and I have no illusions: you fine American folks go down, we here in Canada are right behind you.

          • CVet, Communism and the NWO knows no borders. Trekker Out.

      9. I’ve become friendly with the people at my bank, but have noticed of late that when a make withdrawals larger then what may be considered normal a manager always seems to inquire in an overly friendly way what the money is for. At times I feel like saying it’s none of your fucking business, but I smile and say I’m making a purchase.

        The fact that the IRS tracks when we withdraw 10,000 dollars of our own money is bad enough, but now with banks acting like possession is 9/10th of the law is beyond worrisome, I pity the bank manager that attempts to withhold MY MONEY!

        • No prob with mind yet, if they ask I’m going to suggest they do the same.. covertly though.

        • Sometimes I get asked that, my reply each time, is “It’s time to pay my taxes.” Sometimes that’s true, sometimes not.

        • With the Frank Dodd legislation, possession now, IS 9/10’s of the law on cash deposits with your bank; particularly for any excess beyond the FDIC limit. Treasury securities are not impacted.

          Just saying. Big companies keep their cash in treasuries. Small companies and individuals use currency. 🙂

        • y99, I often wonder what they think they’re doing by questioning people about their money. Even if the customer WAS a terrorist or something, what do they think they’ll say?

          “Oh, well I’m gonna purchase a half ton of cocaine”? Or maybe “I intend to buy some materials for a dirty bomb”?

          Do they really expect an honest answer out of a dishonest person?

        • When I get someone being a bit too nosey I simply tell them to bug off…and they do…aint playing their games!

      10. Bye, Bye, Miss America Pie
        Drove my Chevy to the Levy but the Levy was DRY.
        R I P— U S A Oct. 16, 2013

      11. fucking LOLL…

        I withdrew my entire saving yesterday, thank Neptune.
        Alas, I only had 1,000$ to begin with HA.
        In three years I had made 1 penny in that interest.

        Talk about wealthy. Yeah, totally building a bunker stocked with my 11 years of food, 17 AR-15s and 99 anti-tank mines.


        • Can you spare some hardware for poor Americans who are down on their luck? I’ve got a bag of doritos for barter…

          • That’ll probably get you 3 nibbles of barley and 1 nibble of wheat.

            • …not to mention the coronary that goes with that…

      12. Lurking long time, watching, listening and learning. I am done with this government. The cards are clearly on the table and the end game is readily seen by all who have any semblance of sanity left. Get prepared the inevitable collapse is on the horizon no matter how the politicians carry on or dither – math does not lie or play politics.

        • That is exactly the point. We are mathematically certain to be beyond avoiding either a crushing currency crisis or massive deflation as economic activity grinds to a halt.

          The numbers don’t lie, unlike the fungi that infest the White House and halls of Congress.

          Ignore EVERYTHING they say. They are beyond redemption. With any luck at all, their last view will be upside down from a lamppost.

      13. Hopefully these elected morons break there feet next time they try to kick that heavy can. I believe the can may actually explode next time and debt will be all over the place. Either way, we the people are going to have to clean up the mess. I say just shake it all up and BOOM!!! 🙂

      14. Bottom line we are screwed…oh shit I just remembered I don’t have 50k. I living from pay check to pay check just to pay the damn bills.

        • So? That just means you’ll have to be more determined and more creative.

      15. I thought we’d have 3-5 years till we see this happen…but now I feel it could happen any day! Em I the only one who feels something wrong in the air? and I don’t mean just because of the current events. So glad I got my greenhouse today, I have tomatoes and a few other things growing! I also have some night vision on its way. So much more I need to do…..

        I have an important Question. Will they take over small local banks with only 8 banks? Will they shut down or what will happen?

        • No. And nothing will happen unless Wells Fargo and BofA follow suit. No crash without a Black Swann. Deflation is still the danger.

          Yellin to the rescue!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

        • My estimation for the implosion is mid-2016. Still think that is realistic. However, there could be a lot of problems between here and there.

          I am very happy to have a legal passport. Of course that may change, but the collectivists just may go down the tubes before they can do much more irreparable damage.

      16. When I heard this, I thought back to the warnings about capital controls and thought “this is it.” They don’t just do this stuff for no reason – this is a manifestation of stuff happening behind the scenes, desperation kicking in.

        When using cash becomes illegal, the only way to pay bills and taxes will be to have money in the bank, right at the time when we don’t want to leave any in. It’s a catch-22.

        • It remains to be seen whether these capital controls by Chase are seconded by BofA and Wells Fargo; but I doubt it.

          Chase IS having legal problems and REALLY BIG fines. They are probably also on the hook for metals price suppression; and also just reported a loss for the quarter. Not good news.

          So there could be internal reasons for capping cash flows in and out of the bank. Chase is an international bank like Citi so this would hurt their global business customers. But don’t cry for Jamie D he will get his yearly bonus AND a golden parachute to boot.

          Move your money now OFFSHORE to the Bank of Durango Kidd in Panama where freedom and capitalism still thrives! 🙂

          • It’s been seconded by HSBC today,

            • HSBC has been the biggest money laundering bank in the world funneling 5 BILLION LBS STERLING for the Vatican Bank and have recently had their hand slapped by UK regulators. This is probably a response by them to show that they are now clean.

              The Chinese will want access to their cash and the Brits will give it ti them, just saying. 🙂

          • Their derivative exposure is going to kill them and they have no way out. All their assets plus bank deposits won’t cover their exposure.

            • That “exposure” is related to the value of the underlying assets in most cases I think. Also, the top four or five banks hold 96% of the derivatives; as counterparties to each other.

              Its an incestous relationship to be sure, but hey! anyone who knows anything about finance knows that accounting is much more creative than art.

              Its only a “default” if they say it is a “default”, and as long as they are the ones making the money and calling the shots, don’t expect “default” anytime soon.

              Still, it makes for great fear mongering by the billion dollar metal brokers who rely upon you to support THEIR balance sheet.

              Just saying. Trust but verify. 🙂

      17. Y99: The IRs has been doing that for at least 30 years because I use to work at a bank and they stressed the importance of that form. U.S. Customs also does it for the same amount entering and leaving the country. It’s all part of the criminal money laundering oversight which goes back to at least 1970 and the RICO laws. A few criminals create a problem and innocent civilians get caught up in it too, just like all the restrictive gun laws.

        • Gregory8

          Understood and known, but being an average citizen who has worked hard and saved my money this law is just intrusive and should not apply to obvious legal money in and out.


        • We used to have $500 and $1000 bills in circulation, not common, but you could get them at the bank and go spend them, or tuck them away, whatever.

          They’re still legal tender, but no longer around. Thanks to drugs and drug buyers.

      18. This is nice to know for the record but I got all my panic responses out of the way early. I can only dream of having the kind of money that would be affected by currency controls. That’s the same dream I have of getting to keep most of the money for which I exchange my labor and the rest going to pay for programs that actually benefit the country. I mean, literally – the very same dream.

      19. It may be an attempt to clamp down on all the dope-dealers’ funds….after all, THOSE are ‘all cash businesses’.

        Get Out of the System!

        • LOL…

        • Max, you mean they’re doing this to get at the CIA? THEY are the biggest dope dealers in the world.

          • Sixpack:

            You nailed it. And who is laundering all that money?

            • Well, the criminal central banks, of course. You know, those “too-big-to-jail” institutions. The ones who have all of the protection.

        • Seems odd that theyed clampdown on their own business…after all govicorp is the biggest dope dealer on planet earth…

        • Seems that any really radial moves will initiate secessions. The federals probably won’t chance it. You know, two steps forward and one step back, etc.

          The USSR imploded very fast. The federal system may also.

      20. Well the dominoes have been tipped and are colliding into one another. “Say goodnight Dick”……….from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.

      21. Just read that McConnell got a 2.9 million dollar earmark as a “bribe”. Wonder how much went into his pocket.

        • I think that was a 2 BILLION DOLLAR earmark for a dam in Kentucky. McLame was pissed because he didn’t think of it first.

          Arizona needs more dams. 🙂

          • McStain can always try for an earmark of $10 Billion to Transfer arizona desert sand to those Eskimos up North, to create nice sandy Beaches on top of all that snow. Who can deny eskimos sandy beaches to get a tan on when its 50 below zero outside year round.

            They can call it the new fed govnt “Eskimo Esteem Builder Plan built upon Sand.” Doogooder liberals will go wild for that plan!

          • Here’s one more…….Dam!

        • my mistake DK it was something like 2 Billion

      22. Or the bank teller asking who do I do checking with. None of your business. Never had a checking account or credit card.

        • The teller is trained to ask for ALL of your accounts. 🙂

      23. Yup didnt see that commin????
        If you have been a prepper for more than a year non of this should come as a surprise. Cyprus ring any bells? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?
        A buddy of mine at work who had put her retiremnt funds into PMs was laughing about this today, we have been wondering when it would start and lookie here it is. Now I could step up to about 10 well educated coworkers and read it verbatum and not one of them would do anything about it or even recognize it as a problem. The sheeple still sleeple. Prep on guys and if your lacking anything essential get it asap. It may be your last chance. I like G Celente and keep up with his trends and the thing is he ends up being spot on about most everything he talks about.

        BTW Mac it seems to be getting harder to log on to SHTFplan these days I dont know if anyone else had noticed it but “duckduckgo” is the only way I can get to the site these days.

        • It’s your computer–none of us have trouble.

        • Try using the numbers in your browser instead of the site name to get around any DNS problem.

        • Boss Hog, I just leave this site on my favorites and every time I need to read, just click it.

      24. WTF???????

      25. Hot damn ‘merikans again! Y’all been sucking that gravy fer too long,i reckon. In Grease,they are all paying for the decades of gravy gulping,you guys are next! I remember relatives coming here (Canada),and making fun of our Canadian ways,”Why do you work so much?” and “Ohhhh why do you work so hard????”. I didnt know how to answer but today i do,as im older and wiser. Now i see the same gravy train been rolling for way to long in ‘merika,you are all to blame! Hot damn ‘merikans!
        With regards to this thread,i give the banksters as little money as possible. My money is not in any bank! Heres how sick this world has become where we let shit like this happen: I get charged $1.10 for every deposit i make into my business account! Soooo BMO charges me $1.10 to put money into their crock o shit bank,just so they can turn around and lend that same money to someone else AND charge interest on it!!!!

        • Go fuck yourself ass

        • It’s GREECE…grease is what is in your hair.

        • Now i(I) see the same gravy train (has) been rolling for way to(too) long in ‘merika,(;)you are all to blame! Hot damn ‘merikans!

          But at least we ‘merikans can construct a sentence properly.
          Hot Damn!!

      26. Look for the events to start moving faster and faster from now on. I do feel that this SCAM has woken up too many people for them, and they do not like what they are seeing and hearing, so just be prepared. Sooner than we all want the SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN, soon very soon.

      27. My funds are in my possession, (my bankers were not happy that I cleaned out two tellers cash drawers) LOL, was only making ?? 0.01% interest anyway.

        We are making another trip to Costco and the Gun shops tomorrow to top off supplies.

        Still need more water barrels, but have several folks looking for some more for me.. Hopefully by this weekend.

        Time to load some ore magazines and clean the rifles and optics again.. Saw a large field full of Ipaca’s today, wonder how they taste, cooked over a dry wood fire with mesquite.

        Good luck to you all.

        • Dont wate em for eating, they can pack a whole lot of weight.

          • And they don’t eat much.

        • If possible, Lexington Containers in Ky has the best selection and best prices.

          • Thank you for the info will check with them tomorrow..

      28. The disturbing thing about seeing things like this happening that were accurately predicted, is that we can now be more sure the other things predicted years ago will also happen – things like martial law, the red lists, invasion by foreigners, disappearances at 4 a.m., and concentration camps. Of course, they won’t be called concentration camps. They’ll probably be called something like “Patriot Camps” or “Trendy Community Living Centers.”

        • Or “Avant Garde Homeless shelters”. Or “Free Trade Trailer Parks”.

          “Free” always carries a positive connotation for the Sheeple. 🙂

      29. Well the Obamas and friends will have a lot to celebrate in Hawaii this year thanks to the idiots who put him in to destroy America.

        Pay your Obama care you wanted and good luck getting your food. It was just to make you happy and keep you on the string to pull you into a life of misery.
        I enjoyed by last 80 years in the good ole USA. Hope you will enjoy the rest of your life without the freedom that I have had. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

      30. Rock-a-bye retards in the treetops, When the wind blows the cradle will rock, When the SHTF the cradle will fall, Down will come retards cradle and all. {Written to the tune of “Rock-a-bye Baby”. We’ve ALL heard that one before.]

      31. I wonder why this isn’t being posted everywhere? I’ve only seen it on about three sites. This is MAJOR and disturbing.

        • It sure is Lisa are you getting a feeling that maybe someone dosent want too many people paying attention to it?

      32. Re-read the Chase letter…This story is almost true.
        The letter is On many websites..
        It shows an EFFECTIVE date of November 17, 2013????????????????

      33. A quart of barley for your days wage, but save the oil and wine [for the rich and controlling bastards–emphasis Ugly]….


        • Only thing I’m saving for them is my lead.

      34. What’s it about? Barter. Checks can be audited. Cash not so much. So what can you do if money is low. Direct person to person sales of private property. No taxs. My car has oil leak so I trade repair work for cutting down dead tree. Barter. No taxs. I trade brick of .22lr for that old tool box. Barter. No taxs. If the politicos want to complain eat at Mac Donalds for that “business” lunch. Want drinks with that meal go to liquor store and brown bag it out in the parking lot. Yes it’s the citizens obligation to pay taxs, go on jury duty (I just registered), serve in the armed forces. Now how much do the politicos follow suite. I have a idea for a new T.V. reality show where politicos are the contestants “Live Within Your Means”. No perks , just live like many of use little creatures. Now that would be worth watching. Watch the government wake up and change. Hey it was a thought.

      35. Well, Folks the writing is now ‘pon the wall, so be it.

        It appears that the ‘Tyrants Handbook’ is being used to ececute the last few plays it contains,

        By the morning some few will begin waking up to what is about to happen Globally. JP Morgan is up to it’ EARS in a wash of derivatives contracts that at last count – some month ago – amounted to IN EXCESS of 72 Trillion dollars, yep…72,000,000,000,000…THAT many.

        Those who are inside the lopop[ are fULLY aware that the global ponzi is just about ‘bust’. Why else would every major Bullion bank on the planet have instituted ‘cash only redemption’ policy’s on thier client accounts.
        For those who don’t immediately grasp the signifigance of that, allow me. A Vullion Bank has but ONE function; to store, for later redemption, physical Gold and Silver. Any refusal to redeem vault certificates duly presented to the ‘Bank’ is fundamentally a DEFAULT on thier basic customer contract…WTF?!?!?!

        Now JPM, which has been in a WORLD of SH_T with thier propietary, in-house tradinjg SCHEMES (via Bruno Iskill and his boss Blythe Masters…and others), who has just CLOSED the largest physical VAULT in the World under 1 Chase plaza, thier corporate headquarters (Yep, the one RIGHT across the street from the NY Federal RERVE office, connected to it by a tunnel!!!) is ANNOUNCING that simple ‘wire transfers’ to oversees locations are unacceptable?

        Folks this REEKS of ‘Insolvency’…a failed Titan desperately attempting to stem the holes in it’s financial dike…via ANY MEANS IT CAN. The rest will not be far behind either, as noted in the article, since all the others WILL now be SMELLING ‘Blood in the Water’ and will, in effect , be implementing a tactic which is provably best described as ‘foxholing themselves, and then pulling the hole in WITH them’…DEEPLY. Remember a long timew agoi when I mentioned that AT THE END, when they woj;ld TRY to get away with this theft, there would have to be a ‘magician’s trick’ to distratc the audience – you and me and everyone else – so that they could vanish with impunity: THAT i not far off People…once they pull the lever on the disappearing act that VAPORIZES virtually all the ‘money’ in the World, they jhave to GET AWAY with it…or FACE US. Don’t think for a moment that they HAVEN’T thought tHat one through VERY CAREFULLY and VERY CLEARLY. Thee are onme extremely ‘smart’ little bastards; look at WhAT THEY HAve done to the ENTIRE WORLD in the lAST 50 YEARS! Think about it, THEY have a PLAN…and it’s almost READY. Do you think it’s any coincidence that Timmy Geitner and Ben Bernanke and General Alaexander…leaving Janet Yellen and Barack “Obama to take the FALL; here’s a clue folks…the smart ones are ALREADY GONE. Dwell on it a bit. The day I saw that Larry Summers had ‘declined’ the offer to be the most powerful man on Earth’, leaving Yellen as the only candidateI thought ‘Oh SHIT…HERE it COMES NOW”. Draw your own conclusions

        Get ready Y’all….the consequense is NEAR to HAND, perhaps only weeks. Remember that the miraculous agreement being reached by our Darling Congress tonight only extends to February, WHY? Simple, that’s because EVERYONE on Capitol Hill KNOWS that ‘jig is up’ by then…this is just a simple, last-ditch ‘stalling technique’, Eh?

        Get ready…Get Ready NOW…you have NO MORE TIME to waste…Do it tomorrow, or face the awful consequences which will soon be at hand.

        May God have Mercy upon Everyone here, all my Brothers and Sisters, Amen


        • Voice:

          Great article…..

        • I would have to agree: go to any major government body and you will find some of the stupidest people you can imagine running the place. Often it is a woman who has been promoted as the ‘fall guy (girl?)’ for when the institution goes down the crapper. Yellen is the fall girl. She can barely speak and does not fill me with confidence.

          All the smart guys are long gone and busy with their preps. They know the jigs up and they do not want to be the ones left holding the bag. They will wait it out, and then come back and look the hero to save the day. Keep an eye Dick Cheney: check out his ‘power’ moves.

      36. I woke up with a bad feeling this mprning so after breakfast I went to the bank and cleared out my savings and checking account only leaving enough for a payment that comes out on the 25th plus $1.00 so they don’t close the account, when or if my check comes in November I’ll pay the bills and take the rest and leave the $1.00. Don’t think they can go far on that.

        • That’s what I have been doing. I don’t even leave enough for bills. I keep it all and then redeposit just before bills are due. I only get about 25 cents a month interest anyway.

      37. For those who are not theologians – Look up on the net for the four blood red moons and the darkening of the sun in the middle coming up in 2014 and 2015 per NASA and what has happened in the past when these events (Tetrads) have taken place (Columbus 1492 – Israel became a nation 1948 – Jerusalem secured by Israel 1967). John Hagee is doing a great study on them, both in print and on Youtube. We Christians may only have to prep for a term of two years if projections are correct. The Rapture event may be very close and the signs are all here. No predictions of the day or hour but we are definately in the season. Those who do not believe – you will be truely be on your own. Talking about a collapse – a billion or two Christians disappear all at one time. Chaos will truely reign then. The restrainning hand will have been removed just as scripture tells us.

        • @Dejaveous, What you have posted is interesting. BUT, have you ever considered the possiblity that you could be WRONG about the so called Rapture? I’ve studied that matter too, and I’ve heard all before: “I know what the Bible says and it says this -then citing chapter and verse And this is what it means and I can not be wrong.”
          In the past there have been those who thought that they were living in The End Times, and they were all wrong. I believe that this time the call is correct and we are living in them. I dont care about a so called Rapture. BTW, you can not have both a pre-tribulation and mid-tribulation and a post tribulation Rapture. If there is a Rapture then two of these views is wrong.
          What I will say for certain is this
          1) Jesus will return to planet and NOT is the same
          manner as the first time. He is not going to be a
          happy camper.
          2) Exactly when is the all time top secret. Nobody knows.
          3) It will take every one by suprise and it will have
          their total attention to the fact.
          One of my objections to all this Rapture talk is that too many “Christians” use it as an excuse: No point in doing this or that cause the Rapture is coming so none of that matters. Again to you Rapture believers, what if you are wrong? What are you going to do should you find yourself in the Tribulation? I have my own views on the matter, and I admit, I could be wrong.

          • Jeff:

            You are correct.


            • It must be Just american christians will get pre trib troubles reptured out. Because Tens, maybe Hundreds of Millions of christians just in the last 100 yrs, and even today in China, africa, Mid east etc etc have been getting mass murderered non stop.

              So if that reptures going on Prior to bad evils or trouble times? Somebody forgot to warn them african and china christians. And also those 200 million christians killed by bolshevik JEWISH russian kommies during that 1918 to 1990 era eh.

              That must be proof only usa christians get reptured to safty.

              PS anybody that adheres to John Hagees apostacy and flashoods he teaches, and especially hagees pro jew pro israel Org’s needs to RE think it all, RE Read your bible and exit hagees warped falsehoods asap.

              The new testement book of Galatians PROVES hagees wrong on all his “Bless jews due to Gods promice to abraham”.

              Galatians explains that word “SEED” of abraham, in Genisis, was speaking of JESUS Is that Seed thats Blessed. NOT Jews…Not Israel the state, and it also says that ALL true Christians is who the promiced blessings to Abraham is meant for as it is christians who gets those blessings not jews not state of israel, as Hagee falsely teaches. Go READ Galatians see for Yourself how wrong hagees teachings are!

              I wonder if hagee would still be so so pro jew pro israel if NY jews and israel state govnt jews didn’t buy Hagee a Jet Plane worth $50 Million or more?

              John Hagee would make a swell Politition with his vast experience as a shyster swindler.

              My Mom told me Carefull Who ya hangs out with cause one tends to Become the Same as Them. Hagee hangs with jews and zionists constantly. Go figure eh!

              • I have my own quote on the matter to combine You are known by the company you keep with bad company corrupts good morals.

                The virgin does not hang out with the whores (sluts).

        • The tetrads line up with Jewish holidays because the Jewish calendar is based on the moon. No magic there. Plus there is no explanation as to why none of the other tetrads line up with Jewish historical events. And sticking NASA in there does nothing to confirm anything except for the dates of tetrads.

          Pre-tribulation rapture is not biblical.

      38. Why anyone in their right mind would STILL have an account with JP Morgue or any of the other big banksters is beyond me.

      39. Todays Bankers.

        There is 1 for you and 1 for me (1970)
        There is 1 for you and 2 for me (1980)
        There is 1 for you and 3 for me (1988)
        There is 1 for you and 5 for me (1991)
        There is 1 for you and 9 for me (1998)
        There is 1 for you and 15 for me (2001)
        There is 1 for you and 40 for me (2005)
        There is 1 for you and 80 for me (2006)
        There is 1 for you and 1000 for me (2008)
        There is 1 for you and 15000 for me (2010)
        There is 1 for you and 100000 for me (2012)
        There is 1 for you and 10000000 for me (2014)

        Banker says, ‘I’m broke. What did you do with all those 1’s I gave to you? Now pay up, or else!’ You are now mine!….

        • All Your Banks Are Belong to Us!

        • I converted all my money to silver and gold…God’s money.
          Fuck the bankers.

          I’m a “hoarder” of their metal.

          Why do you think they have labelled it so.

      40. Well DUUUGH! WTF this is old news. If you haven’t heard it a million times where the f*&K have you been? If you can’t hold it in your hands you are definitely not the owner. Possession is 9/10s of the law… even with the banks it seems. Junk silver (ps it’s definitely not junk) and ammo is as good as gold. Just don’t trade ammo with anybody that hasn’t put a little (food) away. As notable others have mentioned here it looks like it’s time to batten down the hatches cause the storm seems to be here. I do have a ham radio, but am not licensed (opsec) so anyone that would like to organize for commsec plz inconspicuously drop a frequency. Setting up a coast to coast comms system (pony express II) would be a good proactive plan to mitigate grid down for what’s left of America’s Patriots that have a pair.

        • There is a net at 7.242 lower sideband, Sunday nights, 9PM Eastern. Was at 3.818 and might be again, depending on conditions.

          tapn (dot) com

          If I can remember, I will check it out this Sunday night with my antique Realistic DX-150A receiver.

          Note to self: I need to string more wire in the trees. My brother is a ham and can advise me.

      41. …in case there isn’t a chance later… thank you Mac. Been a life saver.

      42. The PAGE survived. Wasn’t sure if I was going to make it but I did. Daughter brought me home instead of hospise care. Got a nurse her and all kind of new machines. She didn’t want me in a non hospital care center. Find with me. No food for me for at least another month. This tube crap smells. At least the nurse are still lookers. And they took my morphine button away. I will miss that.

        Was hoping when I woke up enough to understand. That maybe our reps would of do right. I was wrong what was I thinking.

        Survive it death. That all there is. And because of this overhaul I got. And some new teck and drugs. Yes I am stocking it. I may be here for another 20 years. I was expecting 3. And I am even all ready producing better blood so I may even be stronger than I have been in years. Maybe there will still be a need for an old guy that can hit the same hole at 2100 meters after all.

        Travis. The Va didn’t kill me the made me stronger and faster.

        • Fbp…I don’t agree with your point of view a lot, but I am glad you survived your stay in the hospital and back home. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

        • We will need a lot of old guys that can hit the same hole at 2100 meters, face! Do what the Drs tell you and get better soon. The SHTF soon.

      43. any of you here how they portrayed the stenographer that stood up and told the representative body that they have changed their masters for a new one? they said she went on a rant.well i for one agree with her.we have broken our covenant with GOD and turned our backs on the constitution. I will now concentrate on preparing for what is definitely coming to protect those in my sphere of influence.As we sat back in our apathy we allowed this to happen by not challenging these socialist many decades ago.Now we will reap what has been sown. guess this is considered a rant also but its how i feel about the loss of our beloved country to the dark side(at least for now until others finally wake up)

      44. Ky you going to tar and feather your Senator? Sold us out for a cool 2 billion!

      45. Chase halting transfers out of the country is the first of the really stiff attempts to stop flight of money from the system… stop us little people from offshoring assets to protect them.
        I understand these same crooks are trying to do away with credit unions. In which case, we will be stuck with banking out from under our mattresses.

      46. NEWSFLASH: Thieves steal.

      47. The fact that none of the so-called republicans have stood up and said, “Let this be on your head and on YOUR watch, President Obama,” let’s me know that it was all a sham from beginning to end. I am reminded of Sir Winston Churchill who screamed for years about preparedness and what was really happening….But they elected Neville Chamberlain who promised them, “Peace in our time”…. When things went south, they remembered what Churchill had said and all of a sudden he was back in the action and now taken seriously…. Who will be taken seriously after this fiasco plays out…. Then again, will there even be a country after this plays out? Things are moving faster again. We are approaching an avalanche area. Tread lightly … and quickly.

      48. 1. Keep only enough money in your checking account to pay monthly bills and to cash checks.
        2. Put all savings into “PHYSICAL SILVER & GOLD”
        3. Do Not Purchase “PAPER” GLD & SLV
        4. Do Not use bank safe deposit boxes, Gov. can open and inspect your box and take all cash, guns, silver, gold.
        5. Don’t use CHASE BANK for anything, don’t put up with this bull shit!

      49. In order to keep the show on the road, the government is using a policy called ‘financial repression’. It means they will do everything possible to keep money and wealth in circulation. One part of this is to make saving so unworthwhile, only certain people would do it. The next is to bifurcate the population between ‘control grid scum’ and ‘free persons’. Control grid scum are people who have next to no cash and are given bank accounts that charge tons of fees and live month to month, often getting top ups from the state such as EBT cards. Free persons tend to be the $100,000 and up wealth people. They receive free banking and interest for their wealth. They do not need the state and are free to do what they like.

        We have become like a society in the 19th century: I suspect this will be how things remain for the coming decades.

        A friend works for a major bank in its money laundering division. We were on holiday and he spent the whole time with his eyes glued to the shop window of every gold jeweler we passed. He had no faith in fiat money.

        • Indeed! Because we know that the “SHOA” must go on and on and on.(shoa=yiddish or hebrew for the HolyHoax) Shoa fits well with dog and pony Show huh.

      50. Actually chase is weeding out lower accounts in business now so there are wires able to be done just in te prestige accounts. They did this to the personal accounts about 2 years ago. They want top heavy working accounts. Don’t dispute there maybe something underlining it but it’s not anything but a way to collect funds from the small guys and reward their big accounts with more free features

      51. Have you seen the little piggies, in their starch white shirts.
        You will find the little piggies, stirring up the dirt.
        Always have clean shirts,
        To Play Around In.

        In their eyes with all their lacking.
        What they need a damn good whacking!


        • The Beatles also made a song about the White American.

          They called That song “Fool on the Hill”

      52. The fact that anyone trusts Chase after the bailout debacle is whats really troubling to me , that and how chummy they are with our Gov, and the Fed(non)Fed reserve (no reserve)
        maybe their stupid move will tank them,, live by the stupid, die by the stupid

        the stupid… it burns

      53. The Demoncrats and Republicans are on the same side. At least on the leadership level. The newer Repubs in office want to fight the Demoncrats but their leadership won’t.

        The House already won by submitting a bill to fund all the government except obamacare. They could have told Obama to pound sand and refused to negotiate but they “caved”. I’m sure it was planned all along.

      54. We live in a system that has completely deceived up. The money you place in bank is no longer your money- by depositing money into the account legally you have just lent the bank those funds and you are an unsecured creditor. Thin you own for 401K, nope you are the beneficiary. Think you own those stocks in your Scotttrade account nope- technically DTCC aka Cede and Co does– love the play on words there- yep cede means to surrender to another, unless of course you have the stock certificate, bought directly from co via a DRIP program- you have to be the owner on record at the company. If you want the stock certificate— its gonna cost you over $100. Sink your whole life savings into a paid for house and land nope never own it outright because the taxman can come and take it away.

      55. Pfffeeew…glad that debt ceiling fiasco is over.

        The gut wrenching fear…

        Then, the euphoria…”Ahhh, everything is back to normal.” lol.

        Seriously, it will now be a free-for-all. In return for a 2 billion bribe, McConnell agreed that the debt ceiling will now be automatically raised.

        No Congressional approval needed now. They can try to vote it down, but that bill would be vetoed by Obama and there is no current 2/3 majority to override it. Sigh.

      56. My wife’s a compliance officer at a regional bank so I like to pass stuff like this by her and get her thoughts. Here’s what she said:

        Both are, in ways, related to treasury’s attempts to further thwart terrorist financing in foreign countries.

        International Wire Transfers stem from Dodd-Frank Reg E changes. Effective 10/28, the disclosure rules and other requirements for certain types of international transactions are becoming overly burdensome. Many banks – large and small – are making changes and also eliminating certain foreign payment services.

        Limiting cash activity no doubt comes from Chase’s big big big trouble they are in for failing to monitor and report money laundering. FinCen (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) has been all over the place lately with fines, and JP Morgan Chase was not exempt. My guess is that it’s truly a business decision they made to limit risk. I can see the logic.

        So perhaps nothing nefarious from Chase’s point of view but, of course, the entity that is creating all of these regulations that are throttling the banks (especially the small ones who did nothing wrong in the first place) may have darker motives.

        • Thanks for this post.

          • I bet NO banks are going to Limit or stop that $50 BILLION Per year us dollars Cash that mexican Illeagles send back to Mexico weekly eh.

            Also: Max Kiaser on RT tv show recently a few weeks ago did an expose’ of that england bank, is it HSBC? that got busted and Admited to doing Hundreds of Billion dollars per year of DRUG Cartel money launderings.

            They paid huge fines, kept the rest, nobody went to prison. The fines paid equal aprox 1% of total Profits from dope cash.

      57. Every American should understand this.

        It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
        Henry Ford:

        • Yankee Doodle:

          Henry Ford; an American hero.

          Google Henry Ford and his Dearborn Independent newspaper.

          I will take his word for what was happening and is happening to America, over any naysayer red thumber on any of these posts.

          Google it. You will get a REAL education.

      58. I have had an idea about this whole “kicking the can” solution that I wanted to offer up for discussion. The precident that has been set by our politicians is to bicker, quarrel and name call right up to the 11th hour. There is likely not a person in America that doubts this will be the case as we approach the newly established deadlines. What if, at the last moment, something went wrong? A computer glitch in the voting mechanism, a lone holdout too principled to agree to raping future generations or any number of false flag events that somehow prevent a solution from being reached. Then we’d default, right? My thought is, THAT’S the goal. Default without widespread panic in the markets and in the streets. If the default was “mearly” a mistake it could preventor slow the panic. They can’t just announce “we’re broke, sorry guys”. This whole pile of stinking theatre is possibly the smoke and mirrors to hide the extreme economic conditions that exist for the country, the government and possibly the world.

        Just my couple of pennies.

        • The vote was only to increase the debt limit by a trillion dollars. It had nothing to do with default. To default, we would have to refuse to service the debt. Even with the government shut down, there was more than enough revenue to service the debt. Unless our fearless leader decided not to service the debt and spend the money on something else, like lunch for Mooch. As an example, he chose to fence in the WWII monument, but keep his golf course open. So whether we default or not is up to Obama’s whims and absolutely nothing else.

      59. We are all being played by the elitists. Those that are basically welfare receipts are being driven into a state in which they will have to do exactly what the government says to do, to think, to have blind allegiance for tyranny. Those that want a better country, that don’t want to see it become a king BO or other crackerjack leader, look for anything that might offer some hope for a long gone by America. Those that bascially are zombies and mindlessly watch Dancing with The Stars and other mind dead garbage are easy to manipulate. To everyone, regardless of what spectrum they are at, the elitists are running everyone in circles for their own gain.

        For me I become the hard core cynic that KNOWS there is absolutely NO HOPE for a better government, IT WON’T HAPPEN. The U.S. government is gone, there is no hope for it, their path to tyranny is not all a foregone conclusion. I have listened to and even had hope for something better, FORGET IT. I read the optimism of durango kidd talking about engage your government, vote for the right candidate, etc. IT WON’T DO ANY GOOD. THE SAME OLD CYCLE WILL CONTINUE. The masses are true idiots and will vote in the same scumbuckets again, again, again, and again. It won’t change.

        Hoping that the runaway debt will come under control is a freaking pipe dream. Again, again, again, and again the same gutless efforts to save the country fail. They are meant to fail. The country has a density set in granite stone, martial law and a totally collapsed economy if world war 3 doesn’t beat everyone to the punch.

        The best course of action for everyone on this site is to prepare individually as best as possible for WHEN MEGA SHTF and then some. There is absolutely no hope for good change that will prevent MEGA SHTF, it is coming. You can best engage this by hitting preparedness as much as possible. Learn as much as possible about survival, store up as much as possible, you are going to need it. It might be the planet going insane or a combination of that and mankind firing off thousands of nukes, but it is coming. It is too obvious.

        • @BI
          You are spot on with this!
          Anyone who thinks there will be an orderly or rational exit from the crazy train that TPTB have loaded us onto is just delusional.
          When is the only question……

        • BI, to concer you are spot on. We in a SHTF situation right NOW. We are living it, but things have not gone full scale Fugly. Yet. But it will.

          Attention! The America you thought you once knew and grew up in is dead and gone. Forever. Please understand that ugly reality right now. All elections are a joke and meaningless. No, you are NOT going to vote the crooks out of office. It is not going to happen. The Constitution is gone, the only thing remaining is the illusion of having one. Sorry to break this to all the Oath Keepers out there. If your oath keeping was to have done any good at all, that time has passed.

          We are living in a soft fascist state, getting ready to go full hard core military/police steel toed boot stomping on your face. And perhaps all of our preparing for what ever version of the SHTF comes, just maybe a waste of time and money, but one still has to try. May God have mercy us.

        • BI,
          Yup… and it will STILL be Bush’s fault… 😉
          IT will continue, until it CANNOT. Then madness rules. Can you feel it? Anxiousness, like a splinter in your mind? As the Earth rumbles, you prove my points. That all things are connected as One.

          et al,
          Seriously. Capital controls are elements of End Game, and in my interpretation of ancient writing, this is the predicted end of our banking/democratic paradigm.

          The Black horse, is the bankers and democracies, the scales have always been the symbol for money changers and justice… only this horse has a Black Heart, of Greed. A greed so dark it ‘conquered Nature’ and damaged the Earth itself, will the Earth itself join in the party of destruction? Will Earth change finally rear its head as a tektonic or pole shift?, and the Earth sways back and forth “like a drunkard.”? I wonder as I watch events mount.

          We will be left working an entire day, for a loaf of bread… while our Masters order us around. This is a complete failure of the socioeconomic system, but also, what comes next is determined by the centralized powers of banks and elitist SOB’s who think they are better than you or I, simply because they are rich… they care nothing about anyone but themselves, and we allow it because we love money and wish to be like them. We worship the rich, thus the love of money is the root of all evil. We also worship mystery, to salve our fear and place a warm fuzzy around our sins, that we will be ‘saved’ by a magical process through faith alone, while our works condemn us.

          The USA was the Last Great Experiment in men governing man without God. And part of her failure is on our heads, for being stupid, apathetic, and above all, for listening to those “sweet words on the tongue”, that now grow bitter in our bellies.

          We laid down on the altar of liberty and took a nap, we failed in the first commission; Eternal Vigilance. We lost faith in the system because it did indeed become corrupt. But instead of fighting while the fighting was easy, we surrendered. Too many quit voting, and being involved in the basic process. Government goes to those who show up, and we quit showing up, and the Dark man won by forfeit.

          So don’t blame evil for doing what evil does. Since Bush v Gore, you have known that EVERY vote counts, and a non-vote is a forfeit-vote. So enjoy what you didn’t vote for, you will get it in spades. Edmund Burke said it best; “All it takes for evil to thrive, is for good men to do nothing.” In the process of doing nothing, we forgot we fight not for ourselves, but for our posterity. Will they curse us?

          CWII is now a virtual certainty, instead of falling from a 10 foot cliff, it will be a 100 ft cliff. The party of evil and the party of stupid, are both guilty. They stabbed us in the back as we trusted them and napped. But the stabbing isn’t done, its only just getting openly evil. Let this be the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end, as we must eventually kill the evil, before they kill us all. Remember, you are the hands of Justice, as your conscience guides you.

          In this life, you are either predator or prey. We have been prey of the Elite for too long, let those with eyes that see, the Elect, rise against the Elite. Too many will take too long to awaken, because it will be their neighbors trouble, not theirs. That, is what got us into this, fear and cowardice, a great sin against civilization itself. Our love with the Rule of Gold, instead of the Golden rule.

          See the madness grow, see the darkness working, as the worm turns, evil becomes good and good becomes evil, and evil sees the goal post in sight, do you think they will allow liberty to return, ever again?

          The house stenographer was taken over by the spirit yesterday, she went up to the dais, and screamed at the House in a religious ‘rant’, that they cannot serve two masters. Yet, she was immediately pronounced ‘crazy’? What congress does is crazy, and what she did was the response to an overload of darkness, the spirit came forth.

          Feel the anxiety growing, like a splinter in your mind. Jacobs Trouble grows as the Dark man is here, a False Prophet of Coveting rises in power over you. The ultimate irony, as we worshiped money above God, money is our righteous bowl of karma, the fulfillment of greed into abject poverty. Our masters now force us to pay for the murder of the unborn, and the silence is deafening, a non issue. Let the sleeper awaken. Bring forth the New Black Robe Regiment and Unite, or become a slave by virtue of your cowardly division. Think, about the Legacy you leave the Children as the Phoenix arises from its own ashes, to become a Beast.

          The Dark man has come, it is time to make a Stand. Let the Tea become III. Be the salt in the wound as the sugar rots the body.
          Let the lesson go forth, that; Nice guys finish last.

          Because the Piper calls the tune, and demands payment.
          The Piper

          PS: @JOG. et al.
          It turns out there is a ‘coupling’ between Special and General Relativity.

          Our latest experiment proves that the tenants of GR and SR have a common coupling point, the ‘imponderable aether’ of GR, is no longer an imponderable, at least, to me and a few others… 😉

          Do you remember the old time dilation experiments with atomic clocks mounted on jets, and flown around the world to demonstrate the validity of SR?
          Well, we just demonstrated in our shop, that they might have missed something, just like Michelson-Morley made a bad assumption that led to an invalid hypothesis, and a ‘failed’ experiment. Either that, or the coupling between time and space, lies in the Aether of GR. We have gained time dilation way outside any margin of error using a rotating magnetic field. Further proof of the gravity wind, and God coil experiments, that show everything is based on manifestations of Pi, the God Number.

          The magnetic, is a manifestation the dark Aether, and is not a ‘locality’ event, it is the spinning compression of the ‘Firmament’, what you guys call dark energy, that has been in front of our faces forever, the Cause of the invisible Higgs ‘bubble’, vortex gravity, inertia and entropy. This is further proof that all things are ‘One’, connected, in a spiritual geometry of Pi. As further proof my old friend, at your level, look into the old pilot wave theory and quantum potential of David Bohm, and see the forces of Holy Light and Dark Aether at work…
          Remember this equation; +infinity + -infinity = 0
          The zero point, in The Middle.

          Will this experiment be published? haha… your buddies in the mainstream publications will make sure it is squashed, destroyed and ridiculed… just like the Unified Field of God, good for them. Ridicule fills me with joy, as the Way of Truth demands it. Our prattling is only for those with ‘eyes that see’, and as for the rest… enjoy your magical Mysteries of the Illusion of reality imposed by ‘the Authorities’, the scientists and preacher men. Pronounce ‘New Ager’ upon me if it makes you feel good, we shall see who has the last laugh.

          Now we go to set up the next experiment, the Aetherial Impeller, and hopefully finish the God engine, that will provide final proof for those with eyes that see. We don’t know that we will ultimately be successful, all we know is to continue taking steps, and for every step taken, another step is revealed. We only reveal this step, because we know there are a few who see, and to ‘hell’ with the rest. But, they do not understand, they are already electromagnetic harmonic entities, in ‘hell’, in the Middle of It, here in the darkness. Blame your preachers, they burned the Knowledge of ten thousand years, and caused a Dark ages, throwing mankind backwards. And still, continue to preach 4th century magic and mystery. They truly are the Harlot that rides the Beast, preaching blasphemy.

          Ridicule fills me with joy as the Holy Joke plays out, and the revenge of the Heretics mounts in the New Revelation at The Convergence of energies. They do not see because they are full of fear, instead of love. Love is more than just words, feelings and actions, it is the Foundation of Reality, the fingerprint of The Creator, that now grows dimmer and our ‘love waxes cold’.

          Feel the anxiety as the darkness grows thicker, and madness spreads across the Earth, and the Earth herself is compressed along with the Sun and all the orbitals. This is not just words, but the language of nature, the God Calculus, the Unified Field of the God of Chaos, in cause and effect. But, you would rather hear that it is all the magic and mystery of a judgmental God? How can God judge ignorant mortals? Do you not know you are all the Sons of God? Judgement comes in the bowls of karma, the Oneness, the power of God, not, the intention.

          JOG, enjoy your trees, in more ways than one… 😉

      60. Of course this makes perfect sense if you thing about it. If you pay cash, no one knows what you are buying and how much. So, make it difficult for businesses to use cash and they will stop excepting cash, forcing you to buy with a debit or credit card. Everybody wins. Banks make more money of the use of their cards and the government has a record of every dime you spend.

      61. It’s time for freedom loving Americans to demand and hold new elections and we count the votes. The new election will be for every elected official in the country. I mean everyone if the office calls for that person to hold. Dog catcher on up!

      62. I cant prove it. However its my belief that the world goverments know something is up with the planet. They always knew that glowbull warming was a myth. they know the climate change is caused by the pole shift. They know that mega end of an age earth changing clatyclismic events are imminent. So Kickcanistan is the only plan they adhere to. They will never tell the public the truth. Cover up until the very last. Myself Im preparing for a clatyclismic dramatic end of an age earth change.

      63. Perhaps it is like the last article said, “you have to be selfish when the SHTF to survive.” Perhaps it really is over and that is exactly what the elite are doing.

        If those of us with a conscious act the same what kind of a world will be the result? What would a world built on nothing but selfish people look like? I think it may be better!

      64. I felt in my gut that the REPUBITARDS would give in. I think I know why.

        Obullshit and the Demiturds know if they don’t give out to the LEACHES they will riot and not vote for them. So when Obullshit told Repubitards that he was going to keep shutting more things down like the EBT cards and then S.S., so on. The Repubitards gave in.

        So now instead of being on the ground and falling down and just maybe skinning a knee. We have been pushed up the latter in think about 15′ in the air, and when we fall off the ladder we will now break maybe an arm and a leg. If they would have let us fall off the ladder this time we might have just broke are arm.

        Well in Jan. ( one of the coldest months of the year it will be hard for the leaches to riot because of the bad weather) they will be dealing with it again. If they push us up the ladder more, when we fall we will break an arm, a leg and our backs.

        THIS IS ALL OVER THE 48% THAT ARE LEACHES. (with obullshit care coming there might be 51%.) THEY ARE AFRAID OF THEM BECASUE THEY KNOW THAT THEY WILL RIOT AND BURN THINGS DOWN. That would look bad for the first black pres. to have to send troops to fire on his 1/2 brothers, black and white.


        You folks out there don’t have to answer the question.


        There is a silver lining so to speak. It gives us more time to prep. So folks get out there and (as Larry would say) get er done!!!
        May God look over you and yours!!!

        • Sarge-I wonder too what the straw that breaks the backs of the majority will be! Just what will it take to say ENOUGH!!!!?

        • I would love to go back to Washington and disappear some folks. Problem is, you or I will be pretty much alone even at this point. People will not get off their asses as long as the gravy train runs. PERIOD! Nothing else will unify the masses except financial pain of some sort. Once they are told no mas, shit will go down. We still look like kooks to 99% of the people on the street. Basically sit back and enjoy yourself if possible, nothing will change other than an increase in your blood pressure if you watch the misserable pukes in DC called fiscal conservatives, What a joke.

          Look, I made a post without dropping the F bomb. Meds must be helping.

        • Sarge,

          My thought was that China and Japan told their puppets that if they don’t work something out then China and Japan will ruin their lives by releasing the dirt that they have on the corrupt politician that occupy the congress and senate.

          It makes a case why we need term limits, the longer someone is in the halls of power the more they get compromised and they become a risk to this country and to our way of life.

          • we already know the scum we have in power..so China and Japan wouldn’t be telling us anything we don’t already know.

            also wouldn’t they be throwing rocks from their glass houses?

          • Rich
            You make some go points. TERM LIMITS HELL YES!!!

        • Who is John Gault?

          • Kulafarmer, if you’re referencing the expression used in Atlas Shrugged, I assume you’ve read it. For any wh have not, it is scary how much it feels like it was written about our current times. I know its a huge book, but I highly reommend that everyone reads it. The influence that Ayn Rand had on the economists and politicians of the 70s and 80s is tremendous. That influence can be seen and felt now. What we need now is a Ragnar Danneskjold to take from the looters and give back to those that actually earn their way in the world.

            • That was and is an excellent book, it was almost surreal the feelings i got while reading it,
              Ms Rands writings mirrored some of what people experienced during the depression and when read in modern times again reflects our utterly hopeless situation that is now unfolding before our eyes. Our country and our entire way of life is unravelling, things will never be the same, and unfortunately will most likely get a whole lot worse,
              So what will you or i do to preserve ourselves?

              • Alcohol is a great preservative. I have decided to plant scuppernong grapes all over the place here, even up and down the roads.

        • @Sarge, I agree with everything you said except “…BEFORE YOU START BURNING AND TEARING STUFF DOWN?”

          Who knows what the trigger or catalyst will be that sets the people off. In Turkey, the demolition of a public park set people off. Enough of us are still eating a hot meal at night, and still taking a hot shower on winter nights.

          Of course, if TPTB somehow manage to push martial law onto us, all bets are off. I’ll be with the crowd that wants the US Constitution restored as the Law of the Land.

        • What I will do is keep doing my day job. And at night and on weekends keep working on the business I’m planning. Then when I deploy…. I won’t be hiring anyone.

          Full automation. Zero Obummer bumper stickers in my parking lot.

          Then I’ll hide all the cash in silver and gold.
          Retire in the hills and one day watch Oakland, CA burn from all the blacks rioting.

          There you go.
          I’ll laugh at it all.

          They totally did all they can to take the middle aged white guy from power.
          So…good luck running it.
          I’ll get my own show and buy my own little country far out in the sticks.
          So far out the ebonic fucks will never find me.

          That’s what I’ll do.

          You won’t win or ever change America.
          It’s filled with foreigners who don’t have the white christian values that built this country. So why be upset… the people changed….so goes the country.

      65. Last night I went to bed not knowing what the house republicans were doing with the debt ceiling vote. Today I find out that nothing has changed. The republicans have the mouth to start a war but they don’t have the balls to fight it. Same thing with Iraq, the repubs pound the war drum but as soon as the democrats revert back to their treasonous back stabbing, take no prisoners on their way to total control bullcrap, the republicans put their tail between their leg, suck on their thumb and bend over backwards to appease the democrats. I have no regrets for leaving that coward ass party a couple of decades ago. I have no political representation, no advocate, no leader and no faith in the political apparatus of this country.

        I always wondered what a Roman felt like while watching the Roman empire collapse because of the corruption, evil and pettiness of her politicians. I wonder no more.

        • Time for a 3rd party?


          • Well, for what it’s worth, I’ll never for either of the main parties ever again, EVER.

          • 3rd party will never get off the ground. The political assassins would come out of the woodwork. With the help of the media coupled with the stupidity of the sheep, we are done. Things eventually coming to blows will be the only point where shit will change in any substantial manner.

        • On George Ures blog one of his readers stated it perfectly

          Reader Charles figures it this way:
          …All that was done is the Clowns all crowded back in the car to drive in a circle in the Main Ring and get out to do it all over again several weeks along!

          Never heard a better analogy!

      66. The US standard of living is in decline and the pace is accelerating. It’s caused by the currency debasement caused by the spending and borrowing of the Feds. The politicians just declined to correct the problem they created. No surprise there. However, foreign central banks are taking action. China, India, Russia and Brazil, etc. are beginning to use their own currencies in trade between themselves, thus shrinking the US dollar as the Reserve Currency of the world. The world is starting to use their own currencies to buy oil, thereby eliminating the US peto-dollar supremecy. The worlds central banks are beginning to correct the problem that Washington and the MSM ignore. We are running out of time even faster than I thought. It’s not business as usual. Our doom is carved in stone now. I wonder what’s on television tonight. Look at all the sports!

        • Maudy Fricket:

          China, India, Russia, and Brazilian banks are all under the umbrella of the worlds central bank so crashing the US dollar is by design.

          The banksters in the above mentioned paragraph are owned by the “insiders’ bent on owning the world.

          They are being used to crash our economy so the world central bank can bring in the One World Order.

          • Very true, Granny. See you at the sewing circle.

      67. The whole thing was orchestrated to punish the American people for going against the obama/biden lying Syria war.

        They made him look like a fool on the international scene.

        • He made him self look like a fool…Oblaimy is quite capable of making himself look like the idiot he is without any outside help

      68. “According to Chase, “everything is fine,” and customers need not worry.” LMAO!!!

      69. I think Obama is going to impose currency controls so people can’t get their money out of the country. I think bail-ins are coming too.

        • Barncat:

          Hope you have a chance to read my post on your comment about America not being in the Bible.

          Of course, I disagree with you.

          Looking forward to your comment.

      70. What would it take to convince all the hard line preppers that everything is fine?

        There are many of us that just started out prepping for bad storms and other natural disasters and it all snowballed into a probability of the most chaotic kind.
        I’m talking of years in the making that never seems to come. We have talked about Rome, Holy Roman Empire, the Huns and the Islamic invasions, right on up to World Wars, Cold War and the NWO. Each evolved over time with much preparations. Many did see these events coming so are we doing the same with our own observations. Too little, too late. How many times have we read articles with headings of, “20 signs of this or that you should be aware of”. The majority of those signs/indications are dead on, to which we agree. Still nothing happens.
        Those of us that are in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s still prep, while the younger ages fail to see what we see. Myself, if I die tomorrow I know I have done my best and hope that what I leave behind, others could use for their survival. Is it just that simple as, “Somebody has to do it”.
        My Grandfather was born in the Great Winter storm of 1888. He witness the arrival of the automobile, airplane, radio, television, Spanish American war, both world wars, Influenza of 1918, The Great depression, A-Bomb, Korea and Vietnam. What a life of 88 years!
        I guess if he lived through all that, there is still hope. I am going to be 60 in a couple of weeks and can’t hold a candle to what he experienced.
        He always said, “Everything is just fine”.

        SO SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Be sure to check the labels; where does the food or packing come from?

          I checked a can of expensive “wild caught tuna”. Know where it is packaged? Vietnam. hmmmmmm. Not coming home to my kitchen.

        • DG has outrageous prices on most of their products…sure, you can find a sale every now and then, like the 50¢ salsa, but shopping at Aldis, and stores like theirs wins every time.

      72. You guys talk like there is a difference between Repubs and Demos. They are on the same team. And we are getting played big time.

      73. Spouse’s family were in Germany leading up to and including WWII. The stories they tell about what happened then in Germany mirror what is occurring today in America. Obama IS America’s Hitler.

      74. Will chicks barter for sex if they are hungry.
        This is going to be a great SHTF when the currency collapses. ha ha

        Don’t delete this mac….the site needs some male humor!

        • Yum:

          Wont be nearly as funny if it is your mom, your sister, your sweetie or your wife.

        • Sad….nothing funny about that type of thing…might be some kind of “male” humor…horny billy goat humor but theres certainly nothing “funny or manly” about it….

          • It’s only funny when you are on the right side of things. or the right end. ha

      75. Read the real article, Chase is charging fees for large cash transactions. But yes not allowing 50K + wire transfers out.

      76. These points are all valid. Look how everyone now-even fed president fisher, formerly a huge critic of QE is now on board with QE.

        The Fed the prez and congress know their only trick left is to try and print their way out of the mess they created.

        Here is an article I wrote explaining how we are in for more functional monetary and fiscal policies:

        what the budget deal means for the economy, real estate, gold and silver


        THAN YOU

      78. The best place to keep your silver is spread out.

        don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

        But your storage must be fire proof.

        A nice place…
        Basement, under the stairs, bolt the safe to the floor, then brick it.
        Then pile tons of shit in front of it.

        I read one guy puts his silver in fireproof tubes then hides it in the crown moulding of his living room.

        Who would think to pull down the trim to go hunting for treasure.

        Yep… dollar is fucked.
        Anyone still in dollars by now is a real fool.

        The game is almost up.

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