Living Paycheck To Paycheck: The New Crisis And Normal For The American Middle Class

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Headline News | 106 comments

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    According to recent studies, the vast majority of the American middle class is only one missed paycheck away from poverty. About 78% of workers in the United States are living paycheck to paycheck, and the statistics don’t improve from there.

    Only 39% of Americans actually have saved enough money to cover a $1000 emergency. Nearly 3 in 4 workers say they are in debt and of those, more than half think they always will be, according to statistics posted by Forbes. Any rise in interest rates or the cost of food could leave some Americans with the tough choice of eating or paying the car payment to get to work.

    A similar 2016 GOBankingRates survey found that 69 percent of Americans had less than $1,000 in total savings and 34 percent had no savings at all.  That means many Americans would have to put an emergency expense on a credit card or borrow money another way just to cover the cost of a $1000 expense.

    Making matters worse, the 2017 Report on the Economic Wellbeing of US Households stated that, when asked how they would cover an emergency expense of $400, only 59% of Americans said they could easily cover the expense using entirely cash, savings, or a credit card paid off at the next statement. But “four in ten adults would either borrow, sell something or not be able to pay” if faced with a $400 emergency expense.

    The government shutdown recently highlighted the fact that a large number of Americans are wholly unprepared for any kind of economic downturn, let alone another recession.

    According to the newest op-ed article by Market Watch, the government shutdown is perfectly proving that Americans are not prepared for a financial disaster of any kind, let alone an economic recession. Many have long assumed that the government (which as we all know is almost $22 trillion in debt) will be using their money (stolen funds aka, taxation) to bail out those who get themselves into trouble. But the shutdown is proving just how little the government actually does and just how financially illiterate many Americans have allowed themselves to become.

    It’s been ten years since the Great Recession left many Americans jobless with no money, and it appears most have learned nothing. The government shutdown serves as a painful warning and preview for what will happen once unemployment rises from 50-year lows.  Americans are far too dependent on others, including the government, for their survival.-SHTFPlan

    Forbes reported that even without an unexpected expense, according to the Fed’s report, one in five (22%) can’t cover all their current month’s bills, and one in four skipped a medical treatment in the past year due to an inability to pay. Some of those use credit cards in between paychecks to scrape by and many know that they will be unable to pay back the money they have already borrowed. 

    I think a lot of Americans are so willing to use their credit cards because they’re so far in debt, they know they’re broke, and they might as well go out with a bang. A lot of people have no intention of paying back the money that they’re using whether it’s Visa or Mastercard. –Peter Schiff via SHTFPlan

    The good times won’t last forever.  All economies eventually fall into a recession, and this one will be no different.  Those who are prepared will turn a major catastrophe into an inconvenience, while those who are not prepared could face mounting difficulties.


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      1. I am about fed up with this.

        Six times in 2018 I have had to help friends or family who had sudden unemployment. Five were medical reasons, one was simple job loss.

        Evey single one of the friends and family lived pay check to pay check, so when job loss occurred, they were immediately in the hole.

        I am Go-Fund Me’ed out!

        But then I think, there but the grace of God, go I. Get some savings people!!! Start a rainy day fund.

        An why the fuck are so many people getting cancer? It is absolutely everybody!

        • YAHWEH sees all. You faithfully following Matthew 25 is never lost to Jesus.

        • j said, “An why the fuck are so many people getting cancer? It is absolutely everybody!”

          Way back when, I don’t think people would have made such a big deal, over lumps and gristle, in the elderly.

          • Its in the air, water, and food. Never forget the Georgia Guide Stone.

            • I haven’t forgotten.

              I just think that people used to be more ugly and died younger.

              Cooking over fires, breathing over cesspits, eating and drinking parasites, are also examples of pollution.

            • Yep, the stones are actually about the only way humanity has a chance at survival. People call it evil because it has a realistic population level and they think it is their right to breed like roaches and consume everything. Like I have said many times… Humanity will be drastically reduced either by nature or man, probably both. Or they can just stay on their path to absolute hell on earth…

              • Genius, lol like those apple service assistants. You’re brainwashed into thinking we need a reduction in population, but you’re a “genius” so you can’t see it.

                • Oh looky a new idiot on the block that can’t do math.

              • Yeah well, I imagine you volunteer to be in the 7.2 billion that go then?

                It’s not that the message is wrong it’s that it’s creepy as all hell.

                It’s like a person coming up to you with a shotgun and going “shotguns are a great way to get rid of evil people” and then grinning at you like a maniac.

            • yep and you’ll be the first one to eat the dirt. Glad you like those telling you who can go and who can remain.

            • Yep ol’ Satan and ‘Little Nicky’ will bend you over and shove a huge pineapple up your ass.

            • Sounds mostly good. Am I one of the 500,000,000?

              • Nobody says kill 6.5 billion people. Make them stop breeding till the right number is reached.

        • The reason cancer is so high is all the chemicals in our food along with the amount that we eat. (fat people!)
          I could come up with the 1,000 cash if I had to but I wouldn’t like it! But I drive old vehicles (over 120,000 miles each), do not have a smart (dumb)phone), have simplified my life, bought a Keurig, wife is a great cook and eat at home. The crap that most people buy for entertainment and wants is real stupid! Keep up with the Joneses is still the warped mentality that is wanted. Don’t even get me started on parents that cosign for student loans! God Bless, James

          • Well done James. My wife & I do many of the same thrifty things you mentioned. I went through a much earlier period when I was ignorant and spent beyond my means. It was a terrible thing when it all came tumbling down. Many of the contributors to this site are good folks reminding us about what works in life. God Bless.

        • Just wait till 5G is unleashed!

        • I want to know why everyone is getting cancer as well!!!! i know so many people who have it or have had it recently!!!! I started doing some research to find out a good way to maybe avoid it. the main thing is prayer and eating right, although all the people i know who got cancer are christians, prayer is still powerful, but something else i found out is that hardly any people in the middle east get cancer, and one of the things that they do differently is put franknesence oil in their drinks in the morning. i tried that but it tastes so bad i ended up putting it in a capsule and swallowing it. i also put it on some bad skin spots and it is helping my skin as well. studies have also shown that frankensense kills cancer cells.

        • Evey single one of the friends and family lived pay check to pay check, so when job loss occurred, they were immediately in the hole.

          I am Go-Fund Me’ed out!

          Speaking of Go-Fund Me… I get the impression these idiot Millennials are convinced (convinced I say) that if they just make enough online “buddies” they’ll get bailed out in this way.

          The ultimate “everyone sit in a circle and hand a $20 bill to the person on your left” strategy.

          Breaking news stupid snowflakes: economies don’t work that way.

        • An why the fuck are so many people getting cancer? It is absolutely everybody!

          Oh I don’t know… ever watched a time lapse of all that above ground nuclear weapons testing from back in the day?


          But the isotopes don’t last that long. Maybe maybe but all that shit they’re spraying all over crops does…

        • JS, I realize whatever you do for yourself is your own affair but I can only “Go-Fund-ME”. We’re all individuals. As an Individual it’s all I can do to keep myself going. I’m the only one I have any obligation to. Nothing takes away from my prepping, N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

        • Facebook: Opinion Watcher

          The President is doing a great job reinvigorating the middle class but it’s still tough going.

          A stable economy won’t be rebuilt in a day…but under Trump, it will be rebuilt!

        • Spreading cancer?? Fukushima spread nuclear particles all over the U.S. It’s about time this stuff is starting affecting everyone. Latency period since 2011. Not what is in your news media. Read about it.

        • almost all of our food is grown with mon-satan or similar chemicals I guess I would start there to answer your last question. Then I guess I would look at candidates that support health care reform for the medical strain and support actual financial education for the no savings issue.

        “A timocracy (from Greek τιμή timē, “price, worth” and -κρατία -kratia, “rule”) in Aristotle’s Politics is a state where only property owners may participate in government. The more extreme forms of timocracy, where power derives entirely from wealth with no regard for social or civic responsibility, may shift in their form and become a plutocracy where the wealthy rule.”

        I think, timocracy was civically-responsible, because someone could not attain rank, without meeting a food production quota, to literally feed his constituency, unlike the insane cat ladies, who we have ruling over us.

        Under the present, social contract, the labor is not entitled to food and shelter.

        The SOTU lauded aliens and womyn, in the workplace, and off welfare, yet with no expectations of a traditional, nativist, single wage-earner household.

        So, conservatives are unaccountable to the families, they are ruling over.

        • If going fullbore and trying to acchieve a traditional American lifestyle, the it’s the homestead with the husband/father leading their family/squad/tribe. That happens from Jamestown 1610 to about 1900.

          That paradigm extends back to the first farming/herding culture for 12,000 years. And when the tribe was villaged sized, say 100-500 people, then the husband/father was recognized as having a political say.

          • m said, “fullbore and trying to acchieve a traditional American lifestyle.”

            Someone pandering to traditionalism, should be going full bore, trying to achieve that.

            Or, it should be called something else.

            Except, in terms of infanticide, Republicans aren’t traditional.

            Everything is communistic and all-embracing.

      3. A paycheck truly began in America with the industrial revolution in the urban areas, but was hardly the norm in the villages.

        It largelly became a practice in 1941 to present day, so it is not the standard in terms of the greatest period of time.

        That would be 1610 – 1900 as single family homesteads. Then multigenerational homes from 1900-1946.

      4. You can preach make better choices all you want, and there are, but I’d like to float the idea that if the bulk of the population is in the same sinking boat that the US has serious problems outside of what people are doing on their own. In other words, we are a ****hole.

        • Yes, well, Deagel has a poor forecast for the USA.
          ht tp://

          Scroll down to the bottom of that page and read their explanation. A large part of the problem is the Western financial system falling apart.

      5. See what happened?

        1610-1900 Homesteaders staked a claim and cleared and built a home and croplands and herds. After 5-7 years, they had the deed. Single families stored up supplies from their own harvests. Some small wealth was created that was liquid. That money was utilized for supplies. In serious times of loss, you sold the homestead.

        Initially some paid for their passage to America as indentured servants, then earned enough to pay that off, get supplies, made tools, and got permission to homestead.

        1900-1945 Mutigeneraltional homes existed earlier in the NE but became the norm. Three generations lived under one roof. The old owned the homestead. The middle ran the homestead. The young moved in and had babies (which perpetuated the system), and cared for the old.

        1946 Single family dwelling were bought, not homesteads. This meant the three generations model was broken, leaving the middle to run the homestead alone and having difficulty to care for parents. Senior citizen homes start getting populkar as the middle generation gets old.

        Banks make money on the home mortgages as dependable loans. Paychecks, as dependable income with low inflation, facilitates home mortgages and down payments.

        In essence, the last paradigm is broken due to massive inflation since 1990 such that two people living under one roof make the same as a man in 1990 working a bluecollar job.

        It’s unsustainable. And when robotics and automation and AI jointly function, most Americans are doomed.

        12,000 years of ancestral skills willbe so lost, the common ones that allowed mature 16-18 year olds to marry and build homesteads, that clueless urbanites will PANIC as well a have no income.

        • There were four waves of alarmed Americans who had the foresight that this would happen.

          In the Great Depression there was the first call to renew homesteading. Some experimentally created homesteads.

          In the sixties and early seventies, concerned rural folks and some hippies living in communes jointly came to the same conclusion. The Back to the Land movement began.

          In the early nineties, young workers were concerned about downsizings and began urban and rural homesteading.

          About 2007, the first permiculture folks began raising the alarm and doing urban and mostly rural homesteading.

          • ht tps://
            Ralph Borsodi

            ht tps://
            Scott and Helen Nearing

            ht tps://

            ht tps://

            ht tps://

            These show that American history unfolding.

            • ht tps://

              This chart shows how about 1910, the urban population rose while the rural population stayed the same. The result is the massive urbanization in nine states that are under Democrat control as they sought democracy by popular vote.

              This ruined America coupled with public education resulting in 18,240+ hours of indoctrination from Democrat leftists.

              Young people were sold a Democrat leftist lie to abandon the rural regions.

              Meanwhile conservatives, often Republican and Christian started homesteads in rural areas to get away from the “rat race”.

              Then Democrats, often Labor Democrats and Dixiecrats, started homesteading in rural and urban locations.

              • ht tps://

                Public education staring around 1837 but especially about 1900 began indoctrinating to acquire adequate worker bees for factories in urban areas.

                Compare that fact against the urban migration. Someone brilliant like Thomas Sowell or Charlotte Iserbyt could explain it better but taking up whole books.

                htt ps://
                ht tps://

                Now then match up homeschooling that began among preppers who were ALARMED plus had to cope in off grid homesteads. They were practically shouting the doom, but had no unified spokesperson. That started about 1987. There were urban Christians who couldn’t afford the mom/wife going to work and pay for childcare. Plus wanted private Christian school but it too expensive.

                I think if look at all of these facts, you will arrive at the same conclusions.

                • ht tps://

                  These often very concerned Christian moms were struggling as they realized it was nearly impossible to make the budget work if they went to work. They were paying the bills and balancing the checkbook.

                  So unless they became RNs doing a two year program at a community college, then they could not get ahead in a reasonable time frame.

                  So working retail would doom them. Working as a craftsman in a factory would cause a divorce…and did so…over and over. the childcare was too much and each year with new inflation, made it impossible to balance out.

                  [Feminism crippled women during the 1980-1995 period as women were encouraged to attend college, take out large loans, worked in trades making more money. BUT that created severe marital strife, latchkey kids, an increase in gangs, etc. MANY new single moms were created and crushed by poverty]

                  So homeschooling and a return to Christian housewives and very frugal living began. And then often scraping together a pile to try homesteading…even if only urban homesteading with a rabbit hutch and a large garden. Lots of urban apiaries began. Lots of small businesses began like landscaping and furniture refinishing, small engine repair, running errands for retirees, etc.

                  • Look at the scenario.

                    You and your wife have an unplanned baby in the eighties and nineties. Now you have lots of new expenses. If she goes to work, you have…
                    1. A second car
                    2. Insurance
                    3. Property tax for the vehicle
                    4. Fuel
                    5. Maintenance
                    6. Childcare

                    Plus you lose the intangibles like the vital priceless connection between the child and their mom. Parents bit the bullet and delayed until the child was in public grade school, but if there were no older siblings, then at least needed a relative to watch the child.

                    Latchkey kids are created. A whole generation of late Gen Xers and Millennials have no one watching them. They grow wild…and demanding and parents waste money indulging them with consumer items and spending money they cannot afford to waste.

                    Households due to routinely having two parents work, start having dwindling savings, and worsening credit card balances, and start living paycheck to paycheck.

                    Car leasing begins to grow popular.

                    Now if the wife/mom gets sick or pregnant, the whole house of cards begins to collapse.

                  • htt ps://

                    Look at the chart of the rise in single moms in America that coincides with feminism!

                    Feminism sounds great…on paper, but the REALITY is it is not Scriptural in a Christian marriage. It is HERETICAL and DESTRUCTIVE.

                    Of course it is! It is about rebellion, and it doubles the workforce. That means TWICE as many workers exists so wage are SUPPRESSED as there is too much competition for JOBS.

                    So all the millions of women working suppressed wages AND got DIVORCED or WORSE never married.

                    Then were abandoned. And that means POVERTY…and unnatural unBiblical poverty. In many cases this ruined the dreams and goals of the feminists as attending a university was IMPOSSIBLE.

                    All these feminists have a LOWER standard of living plus as ALONE doing the work of TWO and so are DEPRESSED and ANGRY.

                    Why do you think infanticide through abotion happened?

                    The grandmothers of feminists had a HIGHER standard of living and a more SECURE MARRIAGE and in many cases had better Christian husbands who put them on pedestals.

                    Those grandmothers were often pretty and charming and seldom bitter even at age sixty. I am totally serious.

                    • I think it’s that time of month for her or maybe it’s that time of life where her homones are all fooked up…

      6. If you are “one missed paycheck away from poverty” you are already there.

        I think the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle that we wander into by spending everything that comes in plus overspending via credit happens because we refuse to practice the historic, successful methods of handling money.

        See the Bible for some basics. I recognize that other sources teach similar concepts.

        It is that simple at its core, but I appreciate that we have plot complications (catastrophic health issues for one.)

        We want it all now with no effort or discipline on our part.

        It has been that way for several generations.

        Another problem we have is Government. One of the reasons why families need two income sources (at least) has been the growth of Government, at all levels, since WW2.

        In many cases, the Second (or more) income ends up paying for the all the various taxes and fees that didn’t exist in 1950.


      7. White European Christians have been victims of a plot to remove them from the face of the earth. White Genocide is a real phenomenon. The white race currently is a mere six percent of the world population. Instigated war between white Countries is the main tactic. Using white men and girls on the battlefield kills off the white person before he reproduces, serving to reduce future generations. According to President Donald Trump’s address to the Nation, more women are working than ever before in America. This is good for tax collectors, bad for white people.


      8. Is it just me or do the numbers seem to shift? I thought it was over a third that couldn’t handle a bill for $400, not 40 percent for $1,000.

      9. I think a lot of Americans are so willing to use their credit cards because they’re so far in debt, they know they’re broke, and they might as well go out with a bang. A lot of people have no intention of paying back the money that they’re using whether it’s Visa or Mastercard. –Peter Schiff via SHTFPlan

        You know something? That gives me a great idea for what to do if I ever get chronically terminally ill (yeah what are the chances, I only smoked for 20 years…)

        Well that’s… one idea. I have other interesting ideas.

      10. Too many people are trying to live a magazine lifestyle while making less than $50k a year.
        If people would learn to live below their means we wouldn’t be discussing this article.
        There’s a HUGE difference between wanting something and needing something.
        Don’t worry about what your neighbors,family members and friends have.
        It doesn’t matter how much you make,what matters most is how much you have going out..

      11. 42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. 43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. 46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? 47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.
        John 8:42-47

        Now let’s look at what you posted since you are proposing that the Georgia Guidestones are a good thing.

        1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
        The 2019 population of the Earth is 7,714,576,923.

        You are proposing the mass extinction of it executing 7,214,576,923 people! How will you accomplish it? Infanticide? Killing the elderly? Killing all the mentally challengend? Killing the insane? OK, then who dies? Do we kill all prisoners? What about all those with cerebral palsy? What about cystic fibrosis?

        I gather all the Christians get killed automatically, right? We must no compete with Luciferians?

        You are willing to kill 7.2 billion people? Are youtotally insane or totally malevolent?

        • Because it’s obvious dumbass. Keep the population at 500 million. You have 7.7 BILLION. How to fix the problem? Extermination. That is what you godless folks do! You did it in Russia. You did it in Germany. You did it Cambodia. you did it in China.

          What a liar feigning innocence and ignorance while preaching about killing babies.

          • Ive never advocated killing babies, EVER. I have always been pro life, LIAR.

          • Hmmm as obvious as jesus sitting on my porch? As obvious as elvis working at the local 7-11? You are the dumbass! Man will kill himself off to probably below that level because of his parasitic, overbreeding, consuming, wanton stupidity, love for war, contamination of every kind imaginable etc. Your just too caught up in your bullshit to see it. Tell your kids why their lives and kids lives will be progressively worse and worse till it is pure hell! Talk about fooking IGNORANT! And willfully ignorant at that (which I refer too as really stupid). Whatever, I have no kids to apologize too but you fookin do! Have fun with your man made hell on earth that is a 100% fact that it’s coming! People a hell of a lot smarter than you with a ton of power know it too and are doing these things to stop the growth before man destroys everything. It HAS TO HAPPEN one way or the other or this is a dead planet….

            • Nobody will stop you if you want to voluntarily check out, dumbass.

              You crazy godless heathens want everyone else but yourselves to act like sheep, say “Baaa”, and let ourselves be slaughter.

              “No thanks.” The reason the Earth is a Hell is because you godless heathens exist.It’s you folks who are selfish, not us.We’re doing ministry to the sickand the poor.

              • If you had any critical thinking or logic your stupid ass would know it’s the opposite of your microthinking…

                • When there are no more Luciferians and only devout Christians, then the world will be a paradise.

      12. 2.Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
        This is a fancy way of speaking in platitudes while speaking about loathsome Eugenics.

        Hitler created programs exactly like this.

        So who decides who gets to reproduce? Your proposal means people cannotbe lucky and just have a child or decide to have a child, but rather you would let the State decide who can have a baby.

        Who decides who is fit and who is not? What are cutoff points? I wonder, would you yourself join the first batch of 7.2 billion who are executed?

        Are you smart enough?

        Are you fit enough?

        Are you diverse enough?

        You make me sick. What you proposed is a VIOLATION of natural rights on an unprecendented malevolent Luciferian whim that is utter genocidal to such a degree that it not just democide but mass democide.

        • Hey Bub, volunteer to be exterminated yourself. Problem solved.

          • There you go AGAIN putting words in others mouths! I guess guiding reproduction wisely meand BREED LIKE ROCHES to you huh? How about exterminate the people that breed like roaches and caused this problem? Oh but that isn’t what the buybull says right? Let morons breed all they want so we can have a population of idiotic braindead retards (kind of like you and your bullshit). Wake up. get some critical thinking skills, Use some common sense, learn math, or just keep preaching and supporting destructive stupid shit and wonder why everything just gets worse.

            • Who decides who gets to breed? You? Buddy, you are deranged. I wouldn’t let you run a kitchen much less decide who gets to breed.

            • From now one, whenever you even think you want to have sex with your wife, I decide if you can. How’s that? If you and your wife decide you want to have a baby, you have to call me first. That goes for having your own kid or adopting.

              That is what you are proposing! It’s insane. You folks get mad about property taxes, but you would let some genocidal asshat tell you when you can make love and when a child can be born! It’s freaking nuts.

              • What Im proposing is sane, your insane because you are helping destroy everything for everyone. But then this topic is way above your level of intelligence. And I mean WAAAAY above it! By force or by nature, your assinine beliefs are going to put you and yours in fuckin HELL! Moron!

                • Well if you think it’s sane for someone to restrict when you can make love and make a baby, Buddy you have issues as you are a total wimp cuckold.

                  Call me and I will let you know when you can start making love again…it’s up to me as I am the authority!!!

                  You stupid mangina.

      13. 3.Unite humanity with a living new language.

        Humanity already largely speaks English in order to do business.

        Your way would end all other languages. There are concepts in some languages that are untranslatable in English.

        Immediately the richness of the Bible would fade as Hebrew and Greek have hidden concepts, jokes, idioms, word pictures due to pictograms, and all of that richness would be lost.

        Having one language would destroy diversity of culture. All other nations would lose their history.

        This would mean that the vast body of poetry, drama,film, novels, etc would be LOST.

        But you knew that because Lucifer is a DESTROYER and this innocent looking proposal is about destroying language, history, all communications, culture, identity, etc.

        • Hey fool, English already is one of the most common languages. It’s called an example. Look it up.

          Having one common language would destroy culture…that is based on many current languages.

          What are you proposing? Esperanto??? What a dismal failure that was.

          There are 6,500 commonly spoken languages in the world.

          In the USA, every day there are 350 commonly spoken.

          • Nowhere in the Stones, written in eight major languages, does it say PICK ONE…


          • Anything would be better than speaking sensless jibberish nonsense non logical brainwashed destructive crap (like someone you see in the mirror).

            • Ahhh. So since you have a totally made up spiritual system, your system is vastly superior to one practiced by untold billions like Christianity???

              So since you quit on the ELOHIM, that means everybody else is wrong and you being the most wise man who ever lived, know better.

              So there is no more free will, and the godless will decide the spiritual beliefs of 7.7 billion.

              You godless heathen make me vomit. You don’t believe in natural rights whatsoever. You want to commit mass democide of 7.2 billion. Take away the right to have romantic intimacy and elect when to have children. Take away personal choice about who we sleep with and marry. Take away all but one language. Remove our own individual concepts of live, truth, beauty, harmony, and the infinite, and adopt what Lucifer likes. Give away our sovereignity to a perverse malevolent Prince of demons. Give up our rights to have legal cases determined locally. Put social needs before liberty.

              You are worse than Stalin and Mao. Even they did not enforce such TYRANNY.

              • “Ahhh. So since you have a totally made up spiritual system, your system is vastly superior to one practiced by untold billions like Christianity???”

                Uh hey stupid, like that isn’t made up?
                I don’t harm anyone. WTF is your point beside making up more shit and calling everything outside of your brainwashing evil? If it isn’t to your bullshit belief IT’S EVIL… Do you have any idea what an idiot you sound like? I doubt it…

                • NOPE.

                  YAHWEH gave you free will.
                  YAHWEH will not restrict your right to reject.
                  That is what Christianity believes.

                  In your system, you believe that individuals are not smart enough to live, breed, make love, communicate, determine what is love, truth,beauty, harmony, and infinite. Lucifer and your fellow Luciferian scum decide. Then IMPOSE that on 7.7 BILLION.

                  Which is oppressive? Not the former, but definitely the LATTER.

                  • Funny thing that. Nowhere on the Georgia Guidestones does it pick any particular group to be in charge and oversee all of this stuff was just goes to show you that all of your frothy mouth exportations are just more about your imposed paranoia. You keep reading so much nonsense into plain spoken words you keep reading into it all of these imagined luciferians that want to take control of the world when maybe the whole point of the Georgia Guidestones were designed for the purpose of having people think a little bit for themselves about what’s going on and use some rational thought rather than just retreating back to their Dogma where they don’t have to think at all and just scream Hallelujah at every word that their preacher speaks at them

      14. 4.Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

        Who decides what is tempered reason? Lucifer?

        So passion would not be passion anymore, but tempered rational passion. Hey Asshat, that is no longer passion.

        Tempered reason and faith? Come on! Tempered reason results in crazy ideas like nothing whatsoever can create INFINITE MASS OF 2 trillion galaxies!

        Tempered reason and tradition??? How would that be possible?

        5.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
        NO. This would end self-determintion. I don’t want a world court appointed by Lucifer.

        6.Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

        HELL NO!

        7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

        Lucifer deciding what is petty and who are useless? NO!

        8.Balance personal rights with social duties.
        HELL NO!

        9.Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
        This is just BLATHER! I reject Lucfer’s ability to decide what is truth, beauty, love, harmony, and infinite!!!

        10.Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

        NONSENSE! YAHWEH and JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT made human beings to be the stewards of the Earth! YOU GOT IT BACKWARDS!

        • AMEN to that…..Thanks again Maranatha!

          • You are so full of shit with your twisting of words and making up satan crap and religious bullshit and putting words in other peoples mouths and shutting out sound ideas that would save humanity. Maybe YOU are the antichrist!

            • Hey Asshat, you are the one insisting we all kowtow to Lucifer. grovel yourself.

              You don’t know crap from shinola.

              • Uh no. You are the one saying people do when they don’t. Your so full of shit exlax couldn’t help you. Stop twisting facts to suit yourself and your bullshit. Go to some religious chat and have fun because most people here are a lot smarter than that ok? If you don’t like being called on your bullshit then this isn’t the place for you. We all call out bullshitters here and that’s why I have been here for 8 years lol.

                • Only the very worst people betray others. They are called collaborators. When that happened during the Holocaust, some fearing their evil taskmasters then voluntarily restricted the natural rights of others.

                  Your Beloved Georgia Guidestones puts you in the role of a COLLABORATOR. That makes you SCUM.

                  • You Lucuferians don’t like it when you are exposed.

                    I am glad to expose the genocidal tyranny of collaborators of Lucifer.

      15. Frankly Luciferians are morons and genocidal monsters.

        They always are ready to kill anyone who stands in their way, and then presume that they themselves will not be killed themselves!

        Why would anyone let the DEVIL define love, beauty, harmony, truth?

        You make me sick you godless freak.

        • More democide has happened by the godless combined than any Christian activities!

          Are you just totally clueless?

          Hey bozo…the difference between Christians and the Luciferians is this: We am not insane and calling for the execution of 7.2 billion! YOU ARE along with your warped Luciferian buddies!

          • htt ps://

            Almost all democides are by atheists or pagans or Islam and in that order.

            Christians have hardly contributed to these democides.

            This is hardly surprising as you yourself are endorsing the mass extinction of 7.2 BILLION.

            Putting Lucuferians in power would be like on purpose resurrecting Mao and Pol Pot and Stalin and Hitler and every serial killer who ever lived!

          • Hey Asshat. By maintaining 500 million when the 2019 population is 7.7 BILLION, the Georgia Guidestones ARE genocidal.

            What a dolt.

            • You go Anon! This idiot couldn’t think his (I think its a woman really) way out of a wet paper bag!

              • Wrong.wrong wrong. How many times have I totally demolished every argument you make?

                You Luciferians cannot ever make such tyranny to be sensible because it is openly hateful of humanity.

                What abuse did you suffer that you want to then unleash it on BILLIONS?

                • “Wrong.wrong wrong. How many times have I totally demolished every argument you make?”

                  Gee stupid… you NEVER HAVE! NEVER! Do your hormone replacement pills make you halucinate?

        • I actually am laughing as I write this and I laugh at the puerile retorts of Luciferians who dissuade others from all things Biblical and who loathe Christianity.

          So many of you fear the medieval crusades that happened 800-900 years ago! You fear witch trials! How long ago were they???

          If atheists are so put upon, or pagans, or Lucferians, show me the discrimination! Show me because I see them all in politics, in education, in the sciences, in banking and investment. They are ubiquitous!

          Where are these folks put in concentration camps?

          They are not the ones under attack. There is more OPEN persecution of Christians than has ever been recorded in modern history.

          You anonymous trolls are poor debaters, idiots, and just silly.

          After decades of evangelism, you cannot say anything I have nt heard before, but at least they were on rare occasions …eloquent.

          • I don’t loathe christianity… I loathe people like who who never STFU about it! Keep your beliefs to yourself! Thanks for ruining this site with your nonstop BS preaching! How would you like if I decided to preach some satanic crap nonstop? See what I mean? This place would be a nonstop religious arguement. So do the world a favor and shut the fuck up and so will everyone else and we can get back to the reason we are here…. prepping!

            • What an idiot. What YOU talk about is satanic. 99% of what you say IS satanic.

              You are as lost as a millennial.

              What is worse is YOU should know better and some of them are 18 years old. YOU have zero excuse.

        • Pathetic, really pathetic. Pity is the right emotion to be shown to you.

        • Words are magic spells for you apparently because you keep nonsensically repeating them. You dont even know what a mangina is. A mangina is a bluepilled man who worships the female sex organs so much that he will do literally anything and everything for a woman in order to get attention from her and maybe maybe even get sex from her, but obviously you don’t know what the hell it means yet you throw the word around moronically like a millenial douchebag.

      16. You godless heathen manical leftists pushed feminism and the sexual revolution, which destroyed the family and caused single moms and massive STD rates.

        Then having created massive social and economic chaos, then preach that some sort of forced contraception and infanticide is necessary!

        I’m incredulous at your stupidity. Look in the mirror and see the face of pure evil. You folks created the problems then pose new solutions to create new problems! And never accept any responsibilty!

        • Who are you talking too? Ive never advocated for Feminism abortion ot any libetal cause… Holy shit your Froth went rabid and thick and caused you to spout lies and worse yet, try to insert things i have NEVER ADVOCATED EVER. No one will find in any OF THE SPURRIOUS SHIT YOU ALLEGE. WHACK JOB LIAR.

        • YOU created the problems by overbreeding bringing about wars and famine and disease. Don’t be pointing the finger at rational intelligent people that are pointing out the solution to the problems YOU made idiot!

          • Oh so it’s the Christians who made the Earth a Hell. PROVE IT!

            I proved the godless heathens are mass murders! As such, you have no authority as a mass murderer is insane by definition. You would be the last authority on the Earth as you want to impose such TYRANNY that the whole Earth would be a prison planet devoid of liberty and expressions of any kind of free will.

            That is Hell, dumbass. Your ideas are how to create Hell. Wonderful. Well, if you reject Jesus Christ, you will be perfectly happy in Hell being eternally under the thumbscrews of Lucifer.

            • You need some history lessons. Many Evil conquorers did their deed in the name of GOD! I don’t do evil, I don’t hurt others. I live by the golden rule (natural law). But then that doesn’t fit your fanatical insane view of how reality is. I’m really tired of pointing this out to an idiot that will never have the comprehention skills to get it. Please go away from here as this was a much better site before your wall of text preaching BS ruined it….

              • Don’t you have a job? Why do spend all day here preaching? Maybe you need a job instead of all day everyday here posting religious nonsense… It’s so bad that I skip most all of your posts and used to like your prep tips. But alas I am one of those here who call people on their BS so I reply. I might as well talk to my hand. Besides I am 99.9% sure you are a fraud as you claim to be a man but Im positive your a woman. You act like it, you talk like it, you post like it, you smell like it. Woman up and ADMIT you are lying and that you ARE a woman! If by some .000000001% chance you are a man, you are the apex of a woMAN!

                • I’m retired. I don’t need a job. Not only did I work hard, I sacrificed by devoting my life to the ELOHIM in ministry.

                  If I chose to spend every day on here making comments, I will.

                  Frankly if I do go, it means that it is pointless to stay as there would be no soul left to save, that all were unrepentent reprobates, or so hopelessly ignorant and slobbering morons who refused to learn any ancestral skills.

                  The day I stop posting practical healing, ancestral skills, or evangelising about Jesus Christ, will be the day that I think people are worthless.

                  I seriously doubt that is even possible having helped the worst drug addicts, homeless broken people, and bitter angry teenagers.

                  • Ok so your a retired preacher who you took money from for your living and retirement? Well if your retired then quit preaching,,,, there’s no more money to be taken…..

                    • You are such a weakling and a fool and a cuckold and a slave to Lucifer. It’s bad enough that you imperil your soul, but 99% of what you say is useless, hate, ignorance, and satanic as well. That leads stupid people to think, “hey someone agrees with me!”.

                      Your posts lead others into the gaping maw of Hell.

                      Every once in a while a practical comment on solar power issued forth, otherwise it’s useless blather.

      17. The biggest self-imposed mangina…who collaborateswith Lucifer, groveling like a submissive broken whore, then has the audacity to call a REAL MAN a woman.

        How funny!

      18. The biggest mangina by choice, who kowtows and grovels at Lucifer’s feet, licking his boots, who acts like a broken submissive whore, then calls me a woman.


        Buddy, who stole your balls? Or did you cut them off yourself as an offering to Satan?

        • Uh ok. Thats an intelligent comeback lol 😛

          • Unintelligent and very unchristian for a “preacher”. Me thinks maybe the overbearing nature of the individual is missing the subservient masses to control. I kicked the class idiot in the balls as hard as I could when I was younger, didn’t even know why. I split apart 2 retards at a party when I got older and started to understand. I try to do my part. I consider myself average intelligence, and realize that I don’t want to pass my curses on to a new generation, so I haven’t. Prayer is the last resort of scoundrels. It is perfectly o.k. to ignore bible thumping. I bet we have more morals, values, and true compassion than most of the “religious”,right? I actually work hard for my money, and therefore appreciate it and my time on earth. I chose to adopt a ready made family and have tried to lead by example, living below my means. I have learned, saved, and prepped myself to the point I could retire at any time.
            I definitely won’t waste my time arguing with strangers on the net, although it is entertaining. Keep calm and prep on. The Commenting Policy is wrong about the religious affiliation not being tolerated. I see it all the time. At least they will have paper when the S.H.T.F.

      19. As soon as a devout Christian is willing to spend time on serious evangelism to Luciferians, then the grotesque perversity that they believe is easily exposed to be genocide and tyranny.

        They claim to be enlightened emancipated freemen. But in reality, they are collaborators on the Earth who would accelerate the slavery of billions with the eventual goal of the abrogation of every liberty…even sexual intimacy. And the ultimate end is eternal torture in Hell.

        They willingly choose Hell and try to turn the Earth into Hell.

        Well, the ELOHIM will not force you Luciferians into Heaven. They will let you, by your own actions and beliefs, be eternally seperated from them.

        • Good cause I hate being surrounded by idiots lol. I will go to a higher plane and you will return until you learn. Ya I might be a little more “humanitarian” but it gets the species nowhere doing so. And YES YOU ARE A WOMAN! ADMIT IT YOU LIAR! Or the most feminine wierdo religious freak ever….

          • You are the one saying that people need permission to breed, which makes you the biggest cowering mangina I ever met.

            It’s great that you are NOT procreating. You should never breed. They be hopelessly warped by your parenting.

            • Atonement has slipped, your fraud revealed. 70 years and retired preacher. What religion could claim you for your vile language and judgements? Where does the good book instruct a preacher to act this way? What passage from any of his apostles passing on Jesus teachings condone such unholy acts as we see here?

          • His decidedly very unchristian hate he spews reveals all anyone needs to know that he is a fraud. No repsectable man of faith cloth or collar would ever go on a public forum and spout vile lies and disingenous unsupported name calling and not fear public doxing for acting in such an unholy manner.

            • ht tps://

              Just so we are clear, it is illegal to doxx someone, which you just did on this site as a threat to me. Which puts the site under an obligation.

              • ht tps://

                Stalking Statutes in Kentucky
                The laws regarding stalking may differ from state to state, in terms of how they are obtained and enforced. The table below highlights the specifics of Kentucky’s anti-stalking statutes.
                Code Section Kentucky Revised Statutes 508.130, et seq. : Stalking
                Stalking Defined as Intentional course of conduct directed at specific person(s) which seriously alarms, annoys, intimidates, or harasses and which serves no legitimate purpose. The course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial mental distress.
                Stalking in 1st degree: intentional stalking with explicit or implicit threat of sexual contact, injury, or death and protective order for same victim; or criminal complaint; or convicted of felony or Class A misdemeanor; or within previous 5 years; or stalking with deadly weapon. Stalking in 1st degree is a Class D felony. Stalking in 2nd degree: stalking with explicit or implicit threat of sexual contact, injury, or death: Class A misdemeanor. 508.140

                I take all threats very seriously and a threat to doxx one on the site is an implied threat to all.

            • The second you mentioned “fear”, it was a threat. A case could be made you are also attempting to coerce using blackmail too.

              Is that what the site is allowing now?

              • ht tps://

                Kentucky Statutes 514.080 – Theft by extortion
                Current as of: 2017 | Check for updates | Other versions
                (1) A person is guilty of theft by extortion when he intentionally obtains property of another by threatening to:
                (a) Inflict bodily injury on anyone or commit any other criminal offense; or
                Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 514.080
                Action : includes all proceedings in any court of this state. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
                Property : means anything of value, including real estate, tangible and intangible personal property, contract rights, documents, choses-in-action and other interests in or claims to wealth, admission or transportation tickets, captured or domestic animals, food and drink. See Kentucky Statutes 514.010
                Property of another : includes property in which any person other than the actor has an interest which the actor is not privileged to infringe, regardless of the fact that the actor also has an interest in the property and regardless of the fact that the other person might be precluded from civil recovery because the property was used in an unlawful transaction or was subject to forfeiture as contraband. See Kentucky Statutes 514.010
                Services: includes labor, professional service, transportation, telephone, electricity, gas, water or other public service, accommodation in hotels, restaurants or elsewhere, admission to exhibitions, use of vehicles or other movable property. See Kentucky Statutes 514.010
                (b) Accuse anyone of a criminal offense; or
                (c) Expose any secret tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or to impair his credit or business repute; or
                (d) Use wrongfully his position as a public officer or servant or employee by performing some act within or related to his official duties, either expressed or implied, or by refusing or omitting to perform an official duty, either expressed or implied, in a manner affecting some person adversely; or
                (e) Bring about or continue a strike, boycott, or other collective unofficial action, if the property is not demanded or received for the benefit of the group in whose interest the actor purports to act; or
                (f) Testify or provide information or withhold testimony or information with respect to another’s legal claim or defense.
                (2) It is a defense to prosecution based on subsection (1)(b), (c), or (d) that the property obtained by threat of accusation, exposure, lawsuit, or other invocation of official action was claimed as restitution or
                indemnification for harm done in the circumstances to which accusation, exposure, lawsuit, or other official action relates, or as compensation for property or lawful services.
                (3) Theft by extortion is a Class A misdemeanor unless the value of the property obtained is:
                (a) Five hundred dollars ($500) or more but less than ten thousand dollars
                ($10,000), in which case it is a Class D felony; or
                (b) Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more, in which case it is a Class C felony.
                Effective: June 25, 2009
                History: Amended 2009 Ky. Acts ch. 106, sec. 11, effective June 25, 2009. — Amended
                1992 Ky. Acts ch. 451, sec. 6, effective July 14, 1992. — Created 1974 Ky. Acts ch.
                406, sec. 124, effective January 1, 1975.

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