WAR ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA: LIVESTREAMED RAW FOOTAGE – Snipers Triangulated Cops From Elevated Positions – At Least Four Suspects Involved – 11 Shot – Five Dead

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    UPDATE: A fifth Dallas police officer has died.


    Dallas Police Department confirms at least Four suspects involved. They have cornered a suspect in an El Centro College downtown Dallas garage. Police report he is not cooperating, continues to fire at officers and has threatened to detonate multiple explosives across downtown Dallas. Two suspects have reportedly been captured in the Oak Cliff suburb of downtown Dallas and are now in police custody. A fourth suspect, a woman, was detained and is being questioned.

    According to Dallas PD police chief David Brown, three or more individuals appear to have taken up elevated positions and triangulated the officers. They were heavily armed, reportedly with AR-15 rifles and 30-round magazines. One witness said that one of the shooters had so many magazines they were falling out of his jacket.

    Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says the entire city is an active crime scene and has warned residents to stay indoors and away from work in the morning until the area is cleared.

    CNN LIVE news stream via Youtube:

    UPDATE: Dallas Police Department reports that a fourth officer has now died. 

    UPDATE: The Dallas Police Department Confirms that 10 officers have been shot. Three are dead. Three in critical condition.


    UPDATE: DPD Confirms: Two snipers targeted cops in Dallas.


    Police officers have been shot at a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Dallas, just a few minutes from the spot where JFK was assassinated.

    The Dallas Police Department reports that there is an active shooter.

    One suspect has reportedly been killed and another may be at large and hiding in a garage. Police say the man may be wearing tactical gear and a bullet proof vest.

    Eye Witness Report At The Moment Of Shooting:

    Michael Bautista Livestream / Via Tess Pennington Facebook

    Raw Footage: Panic On The Streets Of Dallas

    Eye Witness Says The Police Car Was On It’s Rims Driving Officer to Hospital:


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      1. This is total war.

        Everyone here be so safe in the coming weeks and months , hug your kids tonight.

        The first shots were fired long ago

        • this is still a blacks vs. cops thing imo but could easily jump to racial violence, class violence or anything else.

          if the country makes it thru the summer witout multiple events like the LA riots of decades ago, I will be surprised.

          • NO. It’s goverment vs. the people.

            • Looks like early voting from the Rooftops had begun.

              Vote early and often. Remember all the cop abuse they dished out over the last few decades? KARMA is a Botch!! Cops have killed more Americans in the last decade than US Soldiers died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

              Bring it. Btw/ AR15’s are not considered sniper rifles. When they report this kind of BS propaganda, you can see their motives. Target- “Banning assault rifles and 30 round Standard Magazines.” The AR15 is the Patriots Battle Rifle that Keeps Americans free from slavery. This could be another false flag. Paid or promised something in return for killing.


              • They got the wrong candidate…they want the one in the pant suit.

            • Over 2000 people shot in chicago already….no BLM protest!

              • That’s just typical black people shooting each other, apparently black lives don’t matter when they’re shot by other black criminals. It’s only when cops shoot blacks that they matter for some reason.

            • Yes. The state vs the people.

              Live by the sword, die by the sword.

              But they were ambushed from cover by snipers you say. Yes, that is wrong and will be punished.

              WAIT…remember the Twin Peaks ambush and massacre last year in Waco, Texas? You don’t? Well I guess those people weren’t some type of “hero” that is drilled into your head daily and got little coverage on Fox or SHTFplan.

              The bikers were at a Sunday morning publicly advertised meeting of confederated clubs and independent clubs. They were at Twin Peaks restaurant.

              The pigs set up cameras and rooftop positions ahead of time and killed nine bikers from cover with rifles. It was a pre-planned ambush.

              This is really the same thing, but spun in a completely different way to make the costumed clowns look like the good guys being picked on.

              Will THEY be punished? Hell no. The .gov enforcers have the .gov blessing to kill at will with no consequences. The “law” says so.

              • yep, and I warned about the pay back on this

                Dallas? how convenient


                • EOTS

                  Yes , many here have given warnings. Did you prepare for War? Soon it will not only be open season on police, it will be open season on Whitey. When they had their fill in the cities they will spread out to the suburbs.
                  Imagine that. Coming to your front door. Won’t be so crazy sounding anymore.

                  Thanks to all who have shared useful information at this site. I hope that many made copies or bookmark important articles for future review.

                  If one of those shooters were wearing body armor you can find that on the list to ban.

                  Once is was the Bad AK-47. Now it is the Bad AR15.

                  Get ready. Prepare for War.

                  • its BEEN ” open season on whites”for a very long time, where have you been hiding?

                  • “open season on whiteys”… how utterly ignorant… wherever I go, I see blacks and whites all mixing together and befriending one another !! I don’t know where you people come up with this crap!!

                    • Anonymous.

                      Might depend on where you live. Also I do not think that the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrahkan are friendly towards whites. The knock out game by blacks is a friendly sport.
                      So you could be right on your perspective but we are not far from major racial clashes in in the future.

              • So it makes sense to you that the feds in Waco killed people (decades ago), Louisiana and Minnesota cops kill people and the cops in Dallas need to be sniped? Some bikers in Twin Peaks get killed by cops and Dallas cops need to be killed.
                Got news for you, different agencies hire from different populations, train completely different, and have completely different operations.
                Following your logic JRS, and I use the logic term loosely, I will give you a scenario. A journalist/blogger, sexually abuses a child in say Billings Montana and MAC should go to prison? That is really poor, twisted thinking.
                There are good and bad people in every profession. There are sincere people in government jobs and politics. Sincere politicians don’t get far, but they do exist.
                I know you are resolute in grouping people and making absolute statements about the groups you put people in. Your thought process is bizarre and I know you won’t be able to process my words, but someone needs to call bull poop on your rants.

                • Cant we all just get along and live and let live?
                  Until others stop punishing myself and others for the transgressions of some dudes who lived 160-250 years ago, i think were all screwed.
                  I agree though, NOBODY deserves to get shot, not me, not you, not the cops, not the punks in chicago, not anyone, unfortunately we have violent people who chose violence over discourse.
                  Until there is a ground shift in this the violence will continue and build, no amount of gun control, knife control nor PE control is gonna stop it, unfortunately for ALL of us, the world is full of people without conscience.

                  • Kula,”Can’t we all just get along and live and let live?”


                    Not as long as psychopaths (AKA the evil ones) are free to roam the streets and blend in with society that they are all destroying. One in every 12 people are sociopathic or psychopathic, and out of the twelve 3% are violent or prone to violence, the rest destroy families or are street thugs, neighborhood bullies and/or disrupt the workplace.

                    All of them play a role, to varying degrees, in destroying society and the family unit. These two very closely related brain disorders are not rare or uncommon. These people are everywhere, in every corner of the globe.

            • It’s pretty much Nazis vs zombies.

              There doesn’t HAVE to be a good guy in this picture you know.


            • I believe the official terminology for these events is BLOWBACK, followed by more police aggression followed by greater blowback, destination chaos .




            • diversity=anti-white

              • Kunta Kintay bingo ! Multiculturalism has never ever worked througout history .

            • What’s there to say? Who isn’t expecting this or more of it? Stay quiet Be smart.

            • I 100% agree with you…

              Diversity was sold down our throats as being an “inclusive” ideal. In reality it has divided our nation like nothing else. Nationalism, and patriotism are HATED by those on the left who (force) sell diversity. A nation cannot stand divided as we are now. Eventually, we will collapse upon ourselves…. Our “prepping” in part has been from some of us having the ability to see how divided we are.

            • The sooner you realize the elite have you locked into an us-vs-them mentality, the sooner you can start working on the REAL problem from your moms basement.

              ps, fix your caps lock.

              • EXACTLY, MARCUS… THIS IS JUST WHERE THEY WANT US– divid and conquer– that is their technique and the sheeple and goats fall for it everytime!

            • ACID ITCH(ALIAS EISENshit/ FAGGOT FACE)… as usual, you are making your usual ignorant comments… maybe the people who should live separately are faggots and regular people.

              the ONLY time I come across racism is on this site– for REAL!! Every town I go in, I see all the races living peacefully together, intermingling and befriending one another… again, the ONLY time I come across racist comments is on this site.

              • If your white why don’t you go to Shitcago or Detoiled and stay in the downtown area for a few hours then. Go troll another site loser!!

            • Acid etch I’m giving you the thumbs up . I miss the thumbs up /down thingy .

          • This is yet another example of the breakdown of respect for the law. Maybe letting rich and powerful people flagrantly violate the law contributes to the breakdown of the social contract. Hillary being exhibit number 1.

        • Black Crimes Matter.
          Black Rifles Matter.
          Black Corpses Matter.

          • Who has access to rooftops? Police Snipers.

            • Suspooks in custody=2 so far at 2:30 am, but dallas cops say still seeking more Suspooks on the Lam.

              Now no mention as yet on Race of suspooks and cop-shooters bad guys?…However as we know from past similar events….”If” suspooks were White bad guys?…TV news be all over that!…You’d now be hearing a constant barrage of “cops claim bad guy shooter is a skinheadneonazijewhater and a KKK slavery promoter of raysist antisemitic bad bad nazi lovin hate filled white based anti negroe crapola.

              But..None of that typical spew as yet eh?…So I am 99% convinced bad guys are suspook black violent savage negroes period..

              Wow! Just this second! Hobammys on tv Live telling Us all how “It is Fact that cops pull Over Black drivers at traffic stops 30% more often than cops pulls over white drivers!!” oh Boy! Obammys on a roll again eh…Just Must turn it always into Poor savage violence Prone jungle bunnies aint to be blamed as its a white blame and cop blame thang!

              Ship Em BACK TO AFRICA! then tally voilent crime rates once gone for six months eh…America will guarenteed Lose 85% to 90% of ALL violent crime overnite!

              Stay safe folks especially you white cats because whiteys on the svages radar…and keep full maintainence up on your Jewdar antennas as one just never knows where vast troubles may errupt next…50-Million Suspooks on the Loose within usa now and they almost All look the exact same! And Zero mentions of perps Race? thats TV news CODE for perp suspooks is Blacks or Latrine O’s.

              • Blacks get pulled over 30% more than whites? Maybe it is because they break the traffic laws 30% more? They never mention that.

                • yeah- in the Ferguson episode the blacks cried police
                  discrimination because blacks were arrested disproportionately more than whites- but maybe the blacks committed more crimes than whites- then the riots- looked like blacks to me confirming the latter.

                • I think its because the underclass tends to leave legal gaps in their affairs like registration, insurance and license. The probability of finding some transgression of the law is higher. Blacks have a higher percentage of their people in the underclass for a multitude of reasons, most self inflicted. This not taking care of business attitude which has economically kept them down dovetail fits the opportunity for a ticket or greater.

                • They drive with expired tags, expired inspection stickers and high on drugs.

                  • White people drive with expired tags, expired inspection stickers and high on drugs.

                    all Jewish people steal money.

                    All Indians are heathens.

                    etc. (bullshit)

                  • white people drive with expired licenses, expired tags and drive while on drugs

              • Has anyone heard from Obama about the Police assassinations?

                Did Obama give a Green Light?

                • the US government has no qualms about murdering millions of innocent people in other countries in order to attain their goals.. Should we wonder if they would actually kill innocent Americans in order to obtain their goals?

              • Them Guys, I’m waiting to see who the shooters are connected to. This has false-flag written all over it.

                • correct. ban ar 15. martial law.

                • BH, I am absolutely 100% certain without any doubt this was planned and staged to take the spotlight off Hitlery’s crimes.

                  • Nobama? So people and the media can only think about and cover one story at a time? No one will ever return to the Hilary stories? I don’t have to hope you are wrong, I know you are. Your lack of logic is astounding.

                • EXACTLY, BRAVEHEART! they want our guns…period!!! and Obummer seems determined to get them before his term is over…

                  they will do one false flag event after the other until they have Americans convinced its ok to come after the guns.

                  • Anonymous, I know what the feds want. Doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen.

              • Yea, wheres the comment from the SPLC and JJ of DHS????

              • Right, themguys… and while they are at it, SHIP THE WHITE SKINNED, BLUE EYED, RED NECKS BACK TO EUROPE!!! THIS IS AMEICAN INDIANS’ COUNTRY!!

                • Which “ANON” are You? The female that lives out of her car and keeps stuff ina storage center bin perhaps? Sounds alot like Her to me.

                  if correct? Then you are so so so Far behind many here when it comes to being truely wide awake and wized up on the whys and whats and Whoms…it is simply a huge waste trying to educate your lib ass any longer.

                  SHTF past forums are FILLED to the brim with tons of infos and links etc that reveal real true answers to those whats whys and Whoms…But You obviously FEAR takeing a dive into such info and actually self educating with facts and truth correct?

                  I Know I am correct otherwise You wouldn’t keep posting such drivel spew and always thinking you must side with blacks or jews or injuns etc.

                  Lemme Guess here..Hmm..A Female with 500 lbs Whitey Guilt mixed with 1000 Lbs PC correctness upon your shoulders that so weighs you down it is near impossible to remain upright any longer? And thinks based on Emotional “Feelings” mostly right.

                  Clue just for You lady…DUMP that guilt complex and PC dem lib kommie crap and wake up before too late.

                  You really do NOT need any such whitey Guilt nor pc kommie tactics…Really! Its all True! Dump it and SEE the huge difference within self once acomplished!

                  Untill then piss off okay.

            • Exactly !!!! Dudes with keys and the ok for go time

            • Roof tops? Try parking garage that anyone can access.

          • Nobama, my black Mossberg 590A1 matters, LOL. Black CRIMINAL Lives DON’T matter to me.

            • No criminal lives matter you racist pos

              • Swissmiss, GOOD black people’s lives do matter to me. It’s interesting when black people kill other black people, the BLM crowd are nowhere to be found. When a sorry-assed NIGGA gets killed by white folks, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter comes all out of the woodwork. They’re just another BOGUS all-black organization pursuing their own agenda aka just another bunch of jive-ass, scammin’ NIGGAS.

                • You’re a good person braveheart. I agree with your coming from. I just don’t like
                  When the shtf and perhaps a new gov is born, we don’t have this racist crap. Remember that they were slaves and set free but whites did not have to go through a Jim Crow era

        • In 2014 the following were killed by police:
          Asian 15
          Hispanic 138
          African-American 233
          White 414

          • Barack Obama: I am not worried about Muslim extremists and I love the black lives matter movement. What worries me is 75 year old ranchers in Montana who go to church.

            • Dontcha love it,,,
              So far the most violent acts by far have all been
              1. Government
              2. Leftist
              3. Islamist
              But yet the gov (DHS) SPLC etc keep spewing about right wing hate groups,,,,,
              Me thinks they stupid they are

      2. but…but….but, i thought everything was OK? the trolls keep saying there’s going to be no collapse, with nothing to worry about….

      3. I lifted this from another on the web. It’s so appropriate.

        Obama’s Helter Skelter.

        I had a conversation with someone connected to the state law enforcement and truth be told the entire government state(s) and Federal from judges to the three letter federal law enforcement agencies have all been ginned up to be terrified of American citizens buying guns.

        In this environment Obama repeatedly demands more gun control, and less freedom for citizens, while opening the doors to foreign terrorists. The obvious, and inevitable occurs.

        Citizens and government respond to the inevitable terrorist acts that Obama has fomented, by arming up more. Obama orders law enforcement to stand down from investigating his imported budding terrorist army, while militarizing and arming police like they are all soldiers. Citizens become alarmed

        Government sees citizens arm up and paranoia is reinforced, citizens see government arm up and paranoia is reinforced. More terrorist attacks occur. Citizens talk of taking power back from the government, while the government works at taking citizens rights and weapons. Wash rinse repeat. Obama has triggered a Cold War arms race. Obama continues to import hundreds more terrorists hidden among the thousands of poor, poor refugees. The plan is working fine.

        All Obama needs now is to get the right false flag incident to trigger a massacre that he can exploit. He doesn’t care if the government murders civilians or civilians murder government folk, Obama can use either.

        I hope every citizen, private and government is beginning to feel used, because you my fellow citizens are all being set up. I wish that Obama was so stupid he never realize the unintended consequences of his actions, but that thinking is foolish, the people that pull Obama’s strings are certainly not that stupid, and this is not Obama’s first rodeo.

        We all witnessed Obama’s failed “Fast and Furious Gun Running” where Obama was trying to insight murder and mayhem that he could exploit. Your lives America are just chips in Obama’s poker game and Obama has proven this himself over and over to be a premeditated psychotic killer. Obama’s Fast and Furious gun running has already murdered far too many Americans, both civilians and law enforcement. It is a classic mob style protection scheme, Obama was going to get Americans to trade sovereignty for protection. Now we find “Fast and Furious” guns promulgated by Obama were used in Jihadist attacks in Paris, incredible!

        I was reflecting one day on Obama’s “Fast and Furious” scheme of gun running that would result in a Hollywood movie style shoot up of the countryside, to foment revolution Obama could exploit to break the US Constitution. Obama’s first victim, the second amendment. It is so familiar, I was trying to recall where this had been done in American society already. It came to me that this was exactly what Charles Manson was trying to do in his psychotic revolutionary serial murder scheme that he called “Helter Skelter”. Obama’s plan like Charlie Manson’s required the gratuitous murder of hundreds of innocent Americans, law enforcement, and Mexicans, so voters would hand over their sovereignty in exchange for protection against the very threat Obama himself invented.

        We also see the same psychotic pattern of murder and mayhem inflicted on random Americans by Obama importing hundreds of Islamic Terrorists, who just go off on Jihads the minute they have gathered needed resources. There are likely other similar schemes Obama has pulled off, but he’s not yet been caught for. Point is there are multiple repeated incidents that describe a pattern of premeditated homicidal intent on Obama’s part. Imagine if Obama was successful in breaking the constitution and began really acting without restraint.

        If Obama pulls the trigger on another one of his false flags attacks again, be very careful what you do next. This serpent knows his time is short, keep watch folks.

        • 2 snipers, 10 police officers shot. Does anyone doubt that 100 million American gun owners could eliminate the NWO overnight and at 500 yards ???

          What are we talking about anyway, a few thousand asshats with shit for brains concentrated in the District of Criminals, and a few thousand more spread out across the country in our State capitols ???

          Ducks in a barrel when the revolution comes.

          Create a Freedom Cell where you live. 🙂

          • Four dead cops at this point. 🙁

          • Even only 1% of that would equal about 300 per county. That’s one for every road in some counties. Ten-percent would mean more, maybe one for every block in some places. No escape for the powers-that-be.

            • 9:00 AM Fri Morn time RT TV news just had segment about US Capitol on total Lockdown! Due to a “suspected” woman with gun running loose inside us capitol buildg! Thats the uss Congress/reps/senate building for them what lacks this info.

              Supposedly woman running loose inside also has a gun!

              How fuckin convienient eh?…So to sum up here..

              So far in 24 hrs flat if that long! We have close to dozen cops shot, armed perps wearing bullet proof vests! with “so Many 30 rnd AR 15 magazines some was falling out of perps pockets, acording to eye “Witless” at scene.

              Ar 15’s+vests+30 rnd Magz+ ZERO mention of perps Race?

              Like I said prior if was white perp shooters within 20 minits of events, every tv news be haveing breaking news alerts to show photos of skin headed white males, complete with mandatory nazi arm bands, swaztika tatoos on arms, necks, faces, and even a nazi swaztika tatoo on one perps skinny ass!

              In another 1/2 hour CNN and Faux TV would show Ex-pals, Ex-Family and Ex-Neighbors that went to Grade school 45 yrs ago with evil perp white nazis.

              ALL when asked..would answer “oh Yes yes yes he was Always kinda Mean and goofy in first grade school class…he even tried to look up my little sisters skirt once but got suspended untill 5th grade then came back to school wearing Nazi arm bands and by 6th grade had a Man sized Small dark Mustache like Hitlers!

              That got jimmy the skin head nazi expelled again untill 11th grade…That time he went all out and savagely Bit the teachers Leg!

              We ALL always just somehow Knew jimmy skinheadnaziboy was someday going to do some terrible deed and looks as if we was correct 45 yrs ago mr O’Rielly!

              There ya has it folks its reason we have to stop fooling around and Ban al whites and guns owned by whites period….Its come to the Only still good white folks in usa tody are Us Shabozz Goy TV reporters because our paychecks gets signed in yiddish!

              Faux TV along with every left wing tv news show has started up a taxpyer Fund you viewers can donate to so we good white shabozz goys can ship every bad whitey to africa to create safer streets in usa asap fast!

              Phone bank operators are on stand by awaiting donner calls folks…O’Rielly Out and we now switch to Meagan Kelly Twinklestien for updated info on evil whites.

              But if zero of that occures?…Perps are NON whiteys period.

              • Them guys:

                Was she wearing a pantsuit???

          • I got 300 yds, not sure about 500 but I’ll give it a shot.

        • Obama can’t get congress to pick up his gun control measures when civilians kill each Other so how about civilians over gunning cops? Now he’s got case. “Assault” rifles in civilian hands. I smell a rat. Just saying.

        • Helter Skelter was made up by Vince Bugliosi, Manson prosecutor, to bring Charlie in on conspiracy for the Tate-Labianca murders. Starting a race war according to the Bug, was Manson’s motive. Otherwise the State had zero evidence against him other than testimony from shady Family members and hangers-on at the ranch.

          Manson reportedly was pleased with the Helter-Skelter motive, because he didn’t think a jury would believe it,and likely they didn’t.

          The real race warriors back in the day were friends of Obammie: Bill Ayers, Bernardine Rae Dohrn,etc in the Weathermen and Weather-underground criminal organizations. They committed crimes for which they were never punished, or punished lightly. Manson was but a bit player.

          Manson preached race war to his whacked out Family but he couldn’t sell the idea even to them. What prompted the Tate-LaBianca murders was the need to get Bobby Beausoleil out of jail before he rolled on Manson for the Crowe and Hinman murders in which Charlie was involved. Crowe survived Manson’s shooting, but Manson didn’t know it. To prevent Bobby from cutting a deal with prosecutors the Family had to spring Beausoleil from jail. Thus Tate-LaBianca was cooked up in a poor attempt at copycat crimes to show cops they had the wrong man in jail for the Hinman murder, Bobby Beausoleil. If similar murders to that of Hinman were still going on, how could Bobby have been the Hinman killer?

          Obammie’s real “Healter” Skelter is a continuation of the race war started by his mentors, Dohrn, Ayers, Black Panthers, and so on back in the sixties.

          Obammie is a racist, privileged, Muslim black radical. About half of the white people, especially white women, are too stupid to realize who he is.

        • Here’s a little known tidbit, Obummer is not a US citizen,he is a citizen of Singapore. He went to school in Singapore, to do that he has to be a citizen. He never renounced that citizenship.His name is not Obama, it is Sobarka. Nothing about this guy is real except his desire to turn our country into a 3rd world shit hole. By the way this info comes from a group who investigated the chocolate Jesus led by Joe Arpio, Sheriff of Maricopa county, Az. Bet you never heard this one as the press didn’t want to hear it. It is time we take the country back from the Government by any means possible. DO IT!

        • PTPO, excellent post. That really sums it up.

      4. Once again them evil assult rifles we got to do something about them so shall obama say and obama was just on the news talking about the shooting earlier hmmm im calling bull shit false flag cus hillary has got her tit in the wringer and this is 2 birds with 1 stone attention redirection from hilary and shit stirring before tje convention also gun control push it showed 2 officers on ground that had been shot and not a spec of blood oh and they had on that camouflage clothing like thats gonna work in a concrete parking garage they are really getting bad at this shit but i guess its the best they could throw together at the last minute after the hillary email fiasco testimony of fbi

        • no way is it possible to remove 100% of the assault guns

      5. seriously???
        this has nothing to do with Obama

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John Kennedy

        a blind man could have seen this coming
        the pot is starting to boil over

        MoveON,Tea Party,Black Lives Matter etc etc etc

        we ain’t seen nothing yet

        government has become almost completely corrupt
        and totally unresponsive to the concerns of the people
        and people are gonna start “turning over the table”

        • Correction: JFK quote says “Peacefull RESOLUTION!” Not revolution!

          This is what JFK did say: “Those who make peacefull Resolution impossible, make violent Revolution Inevitable”

          Ok I fixed it for ya.

          • There is no such thing as a “peaceful resolution” when a tyrannical government is involved.

      6. Truth is if they were snipers at elevated area they would have gotten alot more police than 6 and alot more dead that was only 3 hits each cus 2 shooter’s im afraid the show has just begun wait till this week end

      7. Talk on social media is mentioning very prominently the term over and over again: “Martial Law” needs to be imposed. I don’ t know what to make of it other than the fact that it is being mentioned over and over again by multiple posters. Be careful out there people.

        • Sheep begging for martial law “protection”.

        • GDAYM8, everyone on facebook, twitter, etc. are just PC-brainwashed morons and they’re notorious for their censorship. That’s why I don’t touch social media.

      8. Now they say 10 officers shot 3 dead but after seeing the video on fox news where the guy was in the car after the cop shot him 4 times i figured something like this would happen but whats bad is the guy told the cop he had a conceal carry permit and a gun before the cop shot him and he never displayed his gun all i can say is that just set a whole new light on things hell the guy was a cafeteria cook at a school things about to get ugly

        • like shootin’ fish in a cracker-barrel.

      9. Sounds like the perfect reason to declare martial law but…what am I to make such a crazy assumption?

        • Edwin Vieriea at last weeks article on website of newswithviews just did his article on “Why Martial Law cannot happen period” Based upon the us const, various fed code laws in place etc and overall advance constitutional plans in place since founding of nation to avoid and never allow for martial law over entire nation as many claim.

          His article step by step outlines it all in Easy to comprehend ways so please read that and relax about martical law or hobammy remain in office past next Jan 20th.

          Edwin is a lawyer and 2nd amendt expert bar none, wrote a three volume book set on Rejuvinating usa citizen Militia etc…Had at least 26 Cases before us supreme court and Won more than half.

          He Has TWO PHD’s and three or Four Masters degrees and is one of usa’s Top Law minds bar none..Read his 2nd amendt and militia and martical law articles and educate self greatly.

          • It’s already happened. What do you think Lincoln did during the war between the states? Suspend Habeus Corpus, occupy an entire state (Maryland) with federal troops, prevent valid elections in said state, then literally go to war with other states.

            If it happened before it can most definitely happen again. Plus people are so blind as to what is going on that if they said martial law was in effect most sheep would just accept it as law.

            Sucks, but that’s where I feel we are at as a country.

            • Phil: I know all that early history etc stuff…Edwins mainly talking of Total nationwide lockdown martial law and hobammy refuses to exit office on Jan 20th 2017 type event which is exactly what vast majority of fear based forum replys are stateing.

              You just Must Read his couple articles on it all as it is Far to long and too deep to repeat here…Unless Mac did a stand alone full article on it. And Thats a Great Idea Mac! I think Edwin would Okay you use his articles here if non edited etc.

              Once you Read it all you shall comprehend what hes saying and why hes correct…So read and Learn or remain in fear like so many are unknowing of proper details in Todays america etc. To compare 1860 usa with 2016 is apples to oranges in many ways. READ It then get back to me Ok Phil.

              ps website his stuff is at is newswtihviews dot com

              Click Name of Edwin Vieriea for every article he wrote in Past Ten years or more…Militia articles and 2nd amendt and martical Law subjects is all you need read.

      10. And they mafe a bomb threat too????now 11 police shot the numbers just keep going up im staying home this week end thats for sure

        • Kinda like how the OKC bomb just kept growing in size…

        • Just bought 20 more cans of chef boyardee! 10 for $10. Cant beat that with a stick! Cheap, easy backup food that doesn’t need to be cooked, it tastes great and don’t even need a can opener for most of them anymore. Make sure you get the ones that have a higher potassium content than sodium content. Better for you that way.

          • They’re calorie rich too with carbohydrates, protein, fats and certainly vitamin C. In a pinch even an Italian can eat them.

      11. Quick lets have an emergency vote on gun control or we could just sit on the floor and pout about it like the dems do

        • If Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter is behind this incident, they all need to be rounded up and ‘disappeared’.

      12. and o’bama smiles as he looks forward to more of this so he can declare Martial Law (and then cancel the election so he can stay as top PUPPET)

      13. Hicks has once again been proven right he is a true shot caller pay attention to him he is not crazy

      14. Now its 11 shot and 4 dead and witness report 50-60 shots fired what is that like 20% hit thats bad real bad

        • Real lousy shots, figures, most likely some o them panther puds

          • Kula, whoever was behind this needs to pay and pay like hell for it. Nothing out there can justify this.

            • I definitely think Dallas PD needs to put their stompin boots on,

      15. This stinks to high heaven. Especially considering the press conference from the Teleprompter in chief earlier.

        • Obama didn’t have anything to do with this but his timing is once again horrific.

          anytime he comes out to speak, you really don’t want to be out in public.

          • There is nothing cooincidental about the timing of the O’Chimp and this planned event.

            He’s smiling now, so is Lynch.

            • Obama militarized the police and changed their rule of engagement. Suddenly innocent Civillians are murdered by police and some asshat acted out in retaliation.

              How freaking obvious and predictable. Just more of Obama’s “Helter Skelter” plan.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if fast and furious guns weren’t used to kill these police!

          • really? lets do a rough timeline:
            -Cops kill unarmed black man
            -Protest is organized by Soros funded BLM
            -Teleprompter reader takes time to hold a press conference from Poland blaming racism against blacks, chastises whites for not making it “their problem” and other divisive language.
            -Hours later, four black men shoot a dozen or so white cops, one admits to a hostage negotiator they were gunning for whites, wanted to kill as many as possible, and “hates white people”
            -Teleprompter reader holds another press conference caliming he does not have enough information to know any of the facts, then immediately pivots to gun control rhetoric by claiming the only certainty was the “high powered weapons”.
            The result: the left gets a lever on gun control, the right gets a lever on moving the police state forward, and we the people get stuck in the middle playing race war while we should be fighting the elite.
            Everyone wins but you and I.

        • Marcus, I think his statements tonight were some sort of a telegraphed “go” signal. Remember O’Nero’s statement about ISIS being a JV team? And within a day or so – crap hit the fan? I know-conspiracy theory. But just thinking…

          • You know, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

        • Hobammy is usa TOP number One Suspook!

          if all 2/3rd whites in usa donated one dollar to hobammy and all he had to do to take the cash is, act as a afrcian savages Pied Pipper and entice all or at least all of the aprox 95% Violence prone and overall savage blacks in usa to, follow hobammy back to africa nation to remain there as top Apeusamungus King of Chimpys and Baboonies..

          America could get straight and back on track in one months or less! I will even donate TWO us dollars for it!

      16. Watching the Minnesota shooting vid it appears the steering wheel is on the right side of the vehicle, then crime scene photo the steering wheel is on the left hand side of the vehicle.

        • They reversed the video – but you have to wonder ‘why’ they did so?

        • That did look peculiar.

      17. This is the work of Black Ops contractors. 2 random guys with ARs didn’t pull this off. No fn way. The news was wall to wall killing hillary and now. It’s all Dallas all day. That pic they are showing is the patsy. That pic is too perfect. Can u see a gun on that dude? Nope. Just a strap. He will be killed and take the fall. The real perps are on a plane to another country already. Don’t believe this show. She has no problem killing people and lying. Do u think she would bat an eye to this. She is evil.

        • To get Real facts and Truths on such agenda issues…Whenever TV News show Info comes direct from usa state dept or whitehouse?…First Record every word stated by blonde bimbo distraction aka tv talker heads.

          Then once each word as scripted by state dept or whitehouse aides has been properly recorded…

          Rewind tape, and Play Backwards in same method as used by Beatles White Album geeks to determine hidden coded wordings…Then write down Hard copy pen and ink and paper backwards words…Then hold written backwards paper words in front of a Bathroom Mirror…Only do so with paper Upside down!

          This is how TV news bimbos and bill orielly and hannity et al always knows in advance what really happened!

          Carefull as this was never meant to get out to general public as it could totally wreck this code system that cost Taxpayers $159-Billion in 1951 Dollars values! and took aprox 23-Million combined usa fed work force Man hours of deep study and very difficult hard ass work to discover and invent this up to now top secret method of fed code speak.

          ps them russian dual citizen israel bolsheviks is who they got it from originally! Now Get Busy! crack that Pipe…I mean crack that Code not pipe!

          PSS This is also Hix/Houstons poster guys method and reason hes so correct with scientist pal etc!

        • Agreed.

      18. Time for law enforcement to start using these ghetto monkeys as target practice. Nerve gas could be used to quell these chimp outs. A few hand grenades can also disperse any crowd of subhumans bent on mischief. B52’s loaded with napalm bombs can suppress any EBT moochers uprising. Those FEMA camps are great places to use as liquidation centers for all subhumans arrested for rioting. Control can be maintained!

        • You sound like a racist, booklicking, statist. Do you think that for any reason you are viewed differently by the powers that be?

          • If yo treates da po po wif respect dey will respec you!

          • Don’t Fear, just who the f#$% are you to tell white people what to think or say? I don’t care for the system myself but NOBODY whether in or out of government tells me what I can say or think. No censorship practiced here, mofo.

          • Rayssist? Hmmm would it Okay if we just phoned ORKIN Man Bug exterminators Co. and Tell girl on Orkin line phone to…Please…Hurry! and SEND THE BIG TRUCKS!!!

            • TG, LOL! Good one.

        • Yes i use to think a bit more like you but then i discovered after 9/11 that our leaders are pissing on us too.

          Was it the blacks that made the buildings jusr fall down when one was not even hit with a plane or would you like to teach us about your lack of understanding when it comes to physics.

          I know lets blame Putin for the killing of the police, always his fault right.

      19. An I shouldn’t be racist because….. I’m heading for the range tomorrow to make a few last tweaks on several scopes, and yes by all means I will be using the black silhouette targets, I want my head shots at 300 yards to cover a quarter so practice is the name of the game. Best start gathering intel on pavement apes in your ao as soon as possible war is on the horizon and it is not going to be pretty. Do you have enough of everything you will need?

        • Just ordered more ammo and missed ups today with another shipment. Was at the range this past weekend and it may not be quarters but playing card works for me. You just might be a tad late for the party but my guess you got the invite and already RSVP’d. Be safe…aim small kiss small!

      20. We have been told that Black Lives Matter is paid for by Billionaire George Soros and that what they are being paid for is destabilize by protests, riots, and looting. Has Soros paid these snipers to kill police? Has Soros paid for a Hollywood Movie where no one is injured?

        Obviously, common sense is racist. If we pass a law against common sense, we will not have problems. problems require solutions. Solutions are the problem.

        • B from CA: Did ya Read that Link I gave in past articles forums yet? if no? Pleae make time to read it in full!

          As for Soros etc…I see it as he is one of the top leftist Bolshevik opperatives and his operations are Globalwide. And every TV news and newspaper has never hesitated to announce that he is also ethnically jewish.

          There Is a reason for that B/CA…IMHO it is so to allow for soros to be a scape goat offered to everybody to hate etc….That way whenever anybody names any Other tribe members as bad apples too?…They can Point to soros as definatly Bad bad bad evil…But How in world can anyone dare compare others to soros?

          it plays direct into this false notion prevelant today where most folks agree bad exists within every group or race etc…BUT…ONLY a small Tiny Few are Bad ones period.

          However just usa events alone proves beyond all doubts that that remains true fact ONLY when the race spoken of with tiny small few bad’s is Whiteys.

          While the past 60 yrs proves NO others of any minority race or groups in america barely ever speak out against one of Their Own period.

          Because They Know their own contains far greater numbers of Bads when compared to civilized and compassionate and charitible and forgiving whiteys.

          Whiety has done far greater good globally than ALL other groups combined. They Hate whitey for that too!

          or is Envy a better word?

          But there has to be good reason besides soros has lots cash wealth that he gets away with so many nefarious deeds right?…Well its Two Main reasons, #1 soros Is Tribe zio and #2- Zio tribe Needs a scape Goat to keep massive heat away from other members of tribe.

          just remeober one Vital issue here…Most every dual citizen and zio within usa borders Today…Are The Grandkids of the original Soviet Red Terror Bolshevik jewdeokommies of Russia and Poland and Ukraine and all other east euro states during 1917 jewdeokommie revolt against whites and christianity. And them what aint, Will Go along With the real grandkids plans No matter What! Ergo Most are in Bad camp by virtue of accociation at That time frame when it arrives. Even charlie manson probably cut his lawn weekly eh, or assisted old ladys with heavy grocery bags to car eh…Or smiled alot at neighbors…But being a Good one takes a bit More than all that stuff. And whomever sides with the bolsiviks when it Counts as Bad for usa whiteys?…That Sir is Enemy #1 too…and Piss on his fresh trim lawns!

          And do not for a moment believe their Parents and them grandkids were not taught same anti-Goyim mentality as orig bolsheviks were trained by too…It is a “Family” type issue B of CA…Ethnic wize and family wize and they do have huge Plans for americas whites and christians same as in russia was period…Antigun laws is Tip of Iceberg! and Done by segment of tribe bolshies in usa today.

          • Them Guys, my local congresscritter is Rep. Steve COHEN, who also took part in that ‘sit-in’ recently. Yep, Braveheart has a member of that disgusting ‘tribe’ for the local congressscum. I feel so fortunate. [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED FOR THIS PARTICULAR POST] The bastard has a CCW permit and carries a 9mm everywhere he goes. But he has no problem trying to get us disarmed. If he wants to try to take mine, he’ll get something else instead.

          • Them Guys:

            I read all your posts lately. Not sure what post in which past article.

            Read about Michigan. Far from CA. Temperate here. Freezes over in winter. That seems like drastic change. I really, really like to have property with fresh water lake. Are there jobs? I’m Not planning to go anywhere, but if I should, it would be better if I knew more. Maybe some day I will visit northern Michigan. My son told me years ago that homes were a lot less expensive there. California is more expensive than New York.

            Saw a video showing some protests in Oakland. This city is a suburb of San Francisco. Down town is urban. Oakland was almost all white fifty sixty years ago. Now is virtually all black. There are black Muslims dating back to the late sixties. The Black Panthers are seniors who were appeased by giving them government jobs. The New Black Panthers were in videos intimidating people few years ago. Don’t know what if any relation to the Old original panthers. Funny part about most protester types. Most are spoiled middle class who don’t know how good they have it. Restless youth need a shovel and something constructive to work off that youthful energy. Otherwise it’s easy to get them riled up. They have nothing better to do. Our parents made us pull weeds. We were too tired to riot.

        • I have been thinking.

          Who are the dead cops? If this is real (I have doubts that it is), but if it is real, yes the timing coincides with Brexit, and Clinton scandals, and gun rights legislation; but what if that is secondary and the real reason has more to do with the cops themselves. Did they know too much?? Remember Serpico. Were they honest cops. Maybe they were not going along with the plan for Marshall Law. Or maybe they were true blue stand up for Europeans. Can’t have that. Anyway, who were they? And what’s their story??

          • Interesting thought. Perhaps they were all Oathkeepers members?

            • oops, forgot. #PeakCorruption

              • B from CA: Yes I to have been pondering this stuff alot all last nite and now again this fri morn.

                I for very first time in aprox 4-5 yrs tuned tv set to FOX tv news around 7 am maybe earlier yet?

                Two Black guys went back N’ Forth over and over on this event…They acted as if were NOT trying to give blacks a free pass etc..But at same time WERE basically attempting to speak of everything from A to Z while Not blameing blacks at all…One was on a Phone in to fox and live fox black guy was light skined and spoke more like educated whiteman.

                I noticed they said this BLM protest was due to Two blacks got shot within couple days by Cops but each shot was, one in Minn state and other in LA or GA state was it?

                Yet 11 cops shot and now five dead cops in..DALLAS TX??!!!

                What has dallas cops to do with other Two state shootimgs eh?..ZERO is what!

                Now was there yet even More different at same time BLM portests ongoing? I ask as I do Not know answer and wish to know…Because is this perhaps another soros or klintons globalist massive funds Opps to fund BLM protests in Many states and cities at same time frame?

                if yes? how many more are going to erupt in shootings or other evils and mass riots or lootings and burnings?

                I be shocked if none occures that way!

                I tell you B/CA I was Born and lived in Detroit Mich for total of 43 yrs before moved up north mich..

                I spent a Full TEN yrs from age 10 yrs untill 20 yrs old when Mom finally Remarried and was finally able to move out from the Detroit Fed housing Projects.

                And I mention that as proof solid that when I say I really KNOW about BLM type blacks and savage afrcian rioters etc…I mean I KNOW! I fully understand most Every word spoken in darkest form of negroe ghetto ebonic speak, and every other form of negroe speak most whites get very confused with.

                in some ways I probably comprehend avg ghetto blacks even better than blacks does…And this ALL stinks to High Heaven.

                PLUS this fri morn 10 am RT TV news or maybe was still fox tv? reported US Capitol Building on full Lockdown due to women “susspected” to be on loose inside capitol buidg and with a Gun!…ALL in span of less than 24 hrs?

                Directly a few days after mass dem antigun sit in dopey acts?

                And then before I came to SHTF now, I got an Weather emergency alert system free email alerts only it was breaking news alert on shootigs in dallas.

                I read it all…Much is copy pasted from VOA aka voice of america which I believe is as far left kommie crap as possible to be had! Those emergncy news alerts NEVER contains any writers Name nor hint of whom wrote it.Hmmmmm eh?

                It stated that just Hrs prior to dallas events Hobammy went unexpected Live on air FROM European NATO conference meeting! and hobbamy was quoted as saying, paraphraseing here from memory so not perfect but close enough okay.

                Hobammys words:”We have situation in usa where for long time now Cops has been doing traffic stops on Blacks for more often compared to others(code for whites? Natch!).

                And this is why I am planning or was it Putting together a plan(?) for a Full review of cop procedures and I believe cops in usa need be better trained with more often Updated trainings etc etc”…Hmmmmm, eh?

                then next in same VOA alert article it quoted NAACP Devil demons top Honcho also demadning Raical Bias sensitivity cop trainings on when its Ok for cops to do traffic stop on Blacks etc…Hmmmmm, eh?

                I smell a RAT!!…Huge Rat! Like WWII Rats what carried Typhus Lice!..Only this huge Rat carries more antigun and antiwhitey affirmative action pro black excuses for cops to never do traffic stops nor arrest wild savage with gun fast running Out of 711 store just robbed…

                and huge $$$$ outlays to create midnight Basketball hoops in ghetto programs, to quell unrest and simmer down simmians aka pavement apes

                and Tons Demands by usual crop dual citizen bolshie kommie dems whos last names always end in stien or berg or goldman or sachs etc for tons more antigun crap laws.

                Just one moment prior to alert on capitol lockdown woman with gun inside, TV was showing huge table full of AR’s and assorted Magazines, Rifle bipods, and bunch gun stuff in front of what I believe to be capitol buildg steps!

                Next moment tv switched to alert of woman with gun in capitol buildg and folks Inside capitol told to remain away from all windows, close and stay behind doors and turn phones OFF! Why phones off? So nobody if its real can be able to post up Yutube vidoe of suspook woman?

                or alert facebook friends of ongoing fiasco in capitol?

                This smells more Rigged than the twin towers were with That high grade stuff that goes boom.

                And this time Pelosi and her jewdeokommie dual citizen senate and reps pal Dems are going for broke!

                Watch for combo fed Bans on AR’S+Bullet proof Vests+30 rnd Mags+Handguns that hold over one bullet! and have a real trigger that functions! and revamped traffic cop laws but ONLY if stop is on Black + Latrine O browns.

                With 24/7 Barrage of antiwhites are evil raysists and haters and only whites are that way so maybe need far More colored cops eh. Oh yes and full Internet kontrols mandated too to “Stop that Hate”

                PS The Pelosi capitol steps guns table display had a sign said “STOP Gun Hate” or something akin to that!

                SEE Pelosi and krew wish to combine Guns+whites+cops+HATE! in one fell swoop fed law packge eh.

                Where will every elected Repub be?

                Probably In Israel doing another mandatory Head bang episode at that wailers wall….Then return to usa wallets fat and full with tons new Shekels! and brand new understanding on antigun legislation so to effect Bi partisian passage asap Fast to save afrcian savages lives and cut down violence…But NO law to EXPORT apelike savages to africa correct.

                • Them Guys:

                  I hear you. You know a lot from study but also hands on in the real world.

        • Soros is getting his Fabian Socialist dream. This is why he supports radical organizations like BLM, hoping that they will incite chaos. There will always be a subset of disaffected young males in society who are just looking for a target to lash out at. Soros knows this, so he supports radical organizations that will give them that cause. Heck, I wouldn’t even be the least bit surprised to see him supporting white supremacist groups if he thought it would get the job done.

          At the end of the day, I do not see people with different skin colors as my enemy. Most of them are normal people trying to live their lives. However, that doesn’t mean I should carelessly think that the whole world thinks like me and will treat me in an equally passive and peaceful manner. So, I will be VERY cautious when around people of other races, especially groups of young males, as you never know when someone has a grudge looking for an easy target. For that reason, I wish I did not live in a racially mixed town. After all, whites don’t typically hate other whites for being white. I suggest anyone else who hates racism as much as I do to consider carefully where you go and what you do while this racial tension is going on. Don’t go where you are likely to be hated.

      21. The cops can put any “open carry” person’s pic on the tube and say “suspect”. The cops (or, just as likely, their Fed masters) can have a sniper shooting the cops just to create an excuse for “manhunts” for whomever they want to silence.

        • Anonymous I agree with your first sentence, I maybe wrong, but I don’t believe the guy with the rifle over his shoulder was involved and if he was he wouldn’t shoot up 11 cops and then just turn himself in. This was also a peaceful demostration which is every Americans right, so we must becareful not to just up and blame all Blacks for the action of a few. To blame all Blacks for this event would be the same as blaming all gun owners because guns were used. Trekker Out.

          • DICK CHEESE,


            • Gun laws especially make no difference, statisticly the numbers coincide exactly the same based on demographics

      22. As a former military trained “sniper” I can say with certainly that these shooters are not snipers!! They are idiots using rifles and are not ‘snipers!!”

        • The effect (for most, that is) is still the same…

        • ok, I agree. They were sniping, but they were not “snipers”.

          • But you have to recognize their rapid setup and tactical training to establish overlapping fields of fire. They were trained somewhere. Of course, a real sniper has an escape route planned and doesn’t hang around to get caught.

      23. Does anyone think it odd that when all this broke out that we had news broadcast within minutes with no police interference?

        Cops stalking everywhere and the TV cameras seem to be right behind them or very close…

        Eh, maybe I just imagine things…

      24. This does not make a good point against violence. The non-violence protests are clearly a joke; a fig leaf for a violent black uprising. Yet the target is all wrong: they speak of a ‘war against minorities’ yet the biggest killer of ‘minorities’ is….. minorities: blacks on blacks, Muslims on Muslims. You can tell these things are a fraud by how the president reacts: notice how he is slow and unemotional to these events; like he doesn’t care one way or another.

        The second American revolution will be between the civilized and the uncivilized; between the makers and the takers and invaders. When it is done, people will have separated out into their natural areas of prosperity; most European whites will choose to live in civility and prosperity alongside smart Asians. Whereas, other areas will resemble the worst of the third world; true fly-over places to be avoided. Every once in a while, there will be a TV commercial calling for a fundraising campaign to help the poor children of the People’s Republic of Detroit, or the Freestanding Azania African Free State (formerly Chicago). People will feel sad for them and text a few gold-backed Free Dollars to help them.

        • You really think that there will be a Gold-backed currency? bwahaha! There will be credits exchanged thru chips! There will be a mass starvation of peoples! No one will be exempt!

        • “People will feel sad for them and text a few gold-backed Free Dollars to help them.”

          No, I won’t.

        • Frank Thoughts, AMEN! Especially ‘minorities killing minorities’. The FBI and DOJ have the statistics to back it up.

          • More like Lib Dems aka pelosi and krew kommie dems will send savage ghetto dwellers a few Shekels. Everything will be denominated in shekels by then.

      25. I’m sure the spiders/web crawlers are on high alert scanning all social media sites for keywords…soooo

        • Heres the main Key Word scanners are looking for eh..


      26. I am glad I didn’t move back to Dallas for a job. I worked in some of those buildings downtown. Move out of the cities is all I can say. I remember the good old days of rioting and confrontations. I chose to not attend Berkley because of that.
        Government is so corrupt that most Americans are furious. Police are loaded for bear, thieves, and murderers just like their masters. Their masters are the same and owned by the globalists. There will be trouble.

      27. Now it begins the long hot summer. Wake up.

      28. Now it begins the long hot summer. Wake up.

        • i’ll be staying inside and out of rhe big city as much as possible until september.

          i hope not having moved to a small city yet wont be a mistake, looks like it might be. being a cop or white person in NYC, chicago, LA, dallas, etc. is looking courageous now.

      29. Ole Zap will be at the firearms store this AM to get more!
        Can you imagine how many more people will decide to join the KKK or NAZI’s after seeing these peaceful ebony citizens? Now instead of whites crying about negroes getting shot by police, the whites will side with the police even more strongly. Nice job BLM now people will hate you even more, idiots!

        • i doubt that many people will go so far to join those groups, but BLM just created a greater division between themselves and the rest of society if they were directly responsible or not.

          if hillary and obama still back blm, its only because they want to control the entire country and if a little mayhem is ushered in to get it there; so be it.

      30. 2 thoughts on this –

        #1 Texas has announced plans to vote to leave the US – the FED will certainly use this issue to reach for gun control, but this won’t change Texans attitudes towards guns as much as it will towards BLM.

        #2 this was more of the real deal, all the other false flags have CNN crisis actors and no cell phone footage. This one had lots of eyewitness cell footage and it lacked the script that traditionally follows false flags. No change in story – other than body count, but the narrative has remained pretty close to the original. More info has been provided so the story has been updated, but not changed.

        Stay tuned for Obama to deflect and announce that BLM didn’t have anything to do with this.

        • What did the Bureau of Land Managment have to do with this.

          • NGIC


      31. I am not pointing fingers at anyone or anything.

        The updated news at 6:25 a.m. EASTERN.

        News media just said that these pieces of S–t that did this shooting in Dallas moved like they had some sort of military training.

        Now PROFILING anyone but remember that there are ISLAMIC training camps in the U.S.


        Just wanted to throw that out there folks.

      32. Could be to stop peaceful protests you know kill another right or excuse to use national guard any time there is a protest to protect excuse

      33. Black Lives Matter, a “Soros Sponsored Event” to PUSH THE GUN CONTROL AGENDA. By the end of the day, O”Traitor will be calling for Gun Control.

      34. Also too and again I am not profiling anyone.

        LOUIS FARRAKHAN a while back was calling for 10,000 Soldiers

        REMEMBER ???????

        Also the BLACK PANTHERS were transmitting a calling.

        Again I am not profiling anyone just food for thought.

      35. False flag to get guns period. CIA was sent to get what the commie muslim scumfilth wants. PERIOD.

      36. The MSM is going wild with the propganda distraction on this. It is all we will hear about for the next month, hillary will get a free pass again in the eye of public opinion. Guns will be all we will hear about in the controlled Psyop MSM. All the communist and UN anti-gun groups will be recruiting more soccer mom useful idiots the NRA will come out wanting more money in order to negotiate the 2A away some more so on and so on.

        And watch all the sheepish s—heads roll over and beg the communist NWO federal government to do something to make it all better…

        Problem – Reaction – Solution folks.

      37. I am surprised at how many police officers are overweight. What happened to all this training that is supposedly going on to make them prepared for terrorism/civil unrest? They just seem overweight and caught on the hop.

        Just look at French police: those guys look fighting fit and ready to take on the instigators. The days of being a donut-munching officer are over I am afraid. They should hire ex-special forces and take it up a notch.

      38. the country has become a shithole of crime filth and disease because of those you idiots vote for.

        • Very true! This has not gone unnoticed by people overseas.

          Basically, if people want civil police then they need to have a civilized society. If you are uncivilized, then you require a paramilitary police force. There is a reason why the sheriff in the old West was judge, jury and executioner: he had to be. Society gets the policing it deserves.

          If people want to wander around all pumped up carrying firearms, dealing drugs, and threatening and intimidating others, then do not be surprised if the police you get are edgy and aggressive. Polite people get polite police.

          • Only one problem with franks assessment. You can only tax and police any society to the extent they allow you to do so. And most sherrifs in the old west where corrupt chriminals. There weren’t any Matt Dillon,s in the old west. Wyatt Earp was a gang lord and it was the earp gang versus the clanton gang. Former sheriff Tom horn was a murderer who was eventually hanged. And the type of folks who want to be cops are overbearing bully,s who couldn’t hold down a job where the employer must make a profit from their labor. most cops are assholes. And most assholes are not polite. What tamed the west was the land owners having guns. Jesse James was successful in the south. He went to Minnisota and tried to rob the bank. The landowning citizens with their shotguns took care of business. They did what all the police and pinkertons couldn’t do.

        • sorry, not me; besides voting in our last local mayor election which was probably the citys last chance to elect a responsible businessman before the city goes into the pension debt whole that is swallowing chicago and detroit; i hadnt voted since 2010.

          the politicians on both sides now are someone else’s fault.

      39. From what I saw last night, black lives scatter. There was more running when shots were heard, than at a Walmart on black Friday. The majority of people, black and white, are unprepared to deal with the consequence of their continuing antagonistic remarks towards one another. Keep flapping the jaws and pressing the thumb to the nose… yeah, you are going to draw blood. This is JUST what the ptb want. An excuse to come for the guns.

      40. http://allnewspipeline.com/BLM_Pushes_For_Martial_Law_And_No_Election.php
        This link points possible motives for the BLM BLack Live Matter and push to create nationwide chaos to keep elections form happening to maintain the tyrant in office. Interesting perpective and felt worth sharing. watch your backs at Trump rallies I think they will use and ratchet up fear to keep people from attending.
        Other notables include this will also promote dems to outlaw civilian body armor and more requests for gun control from both sides of aisle.
        this is a planned crisis….beware their solutions

      41. If the police are going to continue to use brute force all the time as a first option on the slaves then someone was bound to teach them a little respect at some stage.

        The police treat us all like shit, not just the blacks and they work for the elite, the bankers of this world who will one day start a race war on the streets as they try to escape with all our money.

        Who are these pigs protecting in the UK when they kick the shit out of people that are against fracking (LIKE EVERYONE I KNOW) and yet allow Tony Blair to walk free after his WMD lies to the country.

        if it turns out to be whites doing the shooting to set the blacks up tehn will any of the so called patriots wake the flock up, put your “kill the blacks” aside and go after the real criminals that are playing you all off against each other or is that too much to ask

      42. Isn’t that amazing that the police already know the model of weapons (AR15’s of course) used and that they had 30 round magazines.

      43. A large amount of individuals who comment on this site need a long term stay in a psychiatric ward.

        • Real Deal

          What are you doing here then? Feeding off our psycho comments for your pleasure.

        • Real Deal, interesting moniker you have. This site and its people ARE THE REAL DEAL. You’re NOT. You’re a BOGUS DEAL, so move along, troll.

      44. The psychopaths causing all this New World Order chaos just sit back and laugh at the fascist boot licking cowards who allow them to murder with impunity and destroy what is left of collapsing Police State hell on earth America.

      45. I would like to remind everyone. The owl,s are not what they seem. The entire planet is under the attempted control of secret societies. a great lot of cops are masons & shirners. And there are other also secret organizations in just about every nation and type of commercial endeavor. Different ethnic groups control certain industrys. One group has a strangle hold on the scrap metal and movie industry. (as mel Gipson learned!) So what we see and react to is nothing more than a orchestrated illusion. Only believe half of what you actually firsthand see with your very own eyes. And none of what you hear or read. When you see it on the TV then you know its 100% lies.

      46. Martial law is coming soon , bank on it !

      47. The headlines SCREAM “AR15” “ROOFTOP SNIPERS” “BODYARMOR” but the ONLY video seen so far shows ONE guy in .511 pants and a flack vest “running and gunning” at ground level.

      48. Something OF INTEREST BOYS and GIRLS.
        Check out the HUEY P. NEWTON GUN CLUB in DALLAS TEXAS.


        Go to YOUTUBE on THIS also…………

        mmmmmmmm ???????????

      49. This was utter and complete evil. Truth is, ALL lives matter.

      50. Smells like a setup,
        Government wants our guns
        They need the cops on board, IMHO this is just another manipulation and distraction. Two birds

      51. Helpful summary of what happened from Joe Miller’s always excellent site. http://joemiller.us/2016/07/key-facts-three-weeks-police-shootings/

        As I read this, sounds like two of the shootings by the police were justified, one wasn’t. This is bad, because any thing that requires more than simplistic reasoning will just make things worse all around.

        Police need to be peace officers first and foremost, but here, at least in the first two cases, they are also allowed self defense, in addition to their mandate to protect the public. I remain concerned both about the nation becoming a police state, but also the need for the police to actually conduct their business in protecting the public. I have two close friends, one a recently retired IL. state trooper, who is VERY conservative, and very pro-Constitution. Just two examples of very good men; Sgt Dale here is another one. Then there are bad police… wherein lies the problem.

        The best solution? Get your local sheriff to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officer Assn, at http://cspoa.org/

      52. Yep, another false flag to steer attention away from Killary crimes. The emerging story was the the email corruption pales in comparison to the criminality of the Clinton Foundation, where the truth threatens to bring down the entire corrupt government. Wipe that developing truth out too, and put the emphasis squarely back on gun confiscation lies. Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood government are just getting ramped up to bring total terror to the American people.

        • Imagine, just for a minute, if the situation was racially switched. A white president, a white police chief, white men killed by black cops, a white man shoots at white demonstrators, trying to kill black cops. Messy is it not?

          Unfortunately, the left-over Black Panther movement has morphed into Black Lives Matters and they are hell-bent on revenge for being shut-down during COINTELPRO. It has also been documented that ISIS has been targeting them for recruitment and radicalization. This could be the fruits of that. It stinks of being well-organized and planned. There is no good end to this; once people start killing for race, it becomes tit for tat (just ask anyone who has lived through these sectarian civil wars – Yugoslavia, Ireland, Lebanon, Rwanda, etc.).

      53. Jeh Johnson
        What was that you were sayin about right wing……

      54. Substantially more white people are killed by the police every year than black people. Because blacks only make up about 13% of the population. Whites make up about 60% of the population. FBI records show that 3% of the population, young black males, commit 50% of all violent street crime. That last stat is the reason for the daily confrontation with the police and black males.

        • Observer, Exactly. And also what many don’t know is that a significant percentage of Blacks are brainwashed and taught hatred by psychopathic teachers/educators who shouldn’t be influencing impressionable children/teens and college students AND/OR a disordered parent who should never have had children that Whitey cheated their race and owes them and if they don’t get Whitey first, Whitey will get them, among a ton of other hate-inspiring lies—yet another method the psychopaths utilize to divide and conquer and destroy. That’s what they do.

          They aren’t taught the truth, all that White people have done for them, and that if it weren’t for Whites there would be no welfare, EBT or Section 8, as the Whites are really the ones who initiated these agencies and to credit Whites for the handouts, not the Blacks. Who do they think pays into the system they take from—WHITE PEOPLE!!!

          So many Black children don’t grow up with a father figure in the home because so many Black women think nothing of having kids with several different men. Sometimes they don’t even know who the father is. They don’t know “the baby daddy” or care that their child is fatherless. Some also use abortion as a method of birth control.

          They don’t teach them that if it weren’t for White people they would have died out a long time ago. No, instead they brainwash, they repeatedly and routinely lie to them while they are still impressionable and inspire anger leading to deep hatred that often leads to crime, bullying and ultimately violence.

          Blacks and Whites pitted against each other is yet another effort and attempt to divide and conquer. No one is born knowing how to hate, hatred is taught, it’s a learned reaction taught by those with the psychopathic brain.

          • Thats correct..Blacks and every so called minority and especially blacks and jewish folk NEVER had it so swell and good as in usa with White folks…Yet just Look at How they each thank us eh!

            Keep white vs blacks divided IS the plan since the greatest Fear is if both races ever come together and realize we have the same enemy of traitors within usa.

            Then once both white and black as one hit the streets there simply will not be enough airplanes headed out to israel fast enough to remove the main perps to safty in israel, where zero extradition laws exist so once there no nations can extridite them for crimes against humanity or crines of attempted Genoicide of white folk etc.

            Once safe there they have no laws against such crimes as long as crimes enacted against Goyims.

            I think the perps also now realize that unlike the Prior 109 Host nations they infiltrated and hyjacked, america is a bit different…This time many may Not get away or simply booted out as done prior in those 109 other host nations.

            Bottom line= Both Never Had it so damn good as they do in white america period. ALL are a huge bunch of Ingrates and Inbreds.

      55. BLM is a privately funded/state sanctioned terrorist organization…the American ISIS. So how do we respond? Scorched earth?…militia?..one by one take out? Do we wait till some sort of official declaration has been declared so we can feel justified in going to arms? Who do we believe in, other than ourselves for the godgivenrights we hold dear and will die for.
        So…when it comes to your door.,to your neighbors door.,to the person on the street you witness getting murdered…is that when “we go?” When this goes full bore…these kind of questions will have there own answers. What is the biggest shame of all…is we for the most part will have no access to the cause of this …those who created the narrative…GOVERNMENT AND THE PRIVATE FUNDING OF TERROR!

        Live Free or Die…
        Preparing for war is the most effective way of preserving the peace
        ~George Washington

      56. false flag

      57. These cops were killed because they were white. The two black guys killed by cops were killed directly because of gun control and anti second amendment policies. Cops, regardless of color, are taught to treat GUNS as a crime by default. See it? That’s a problem. Just seeing a gun should not bring about fear any more than the presence of a gallon of milk. The difference today is a LEARNED response and it’s taught by the corrupt fools refusing to relent before constitutional norms.

        We have serious troubles and the answers are staring us in the face, right there in our Constitution and Declaration. Either we get back on that track, or this last week is only a tiny sliver of what is to come. Either police back off innocent people, telling politicians that they will no longer play the part of revenuers, focusing instead upon the real criminals, or they will be directed to put themselves in MORE danger. Either people call out the corrupt politicians pushing a race war or they will find themselves at funerals of their own kin, dead because of their skin color.

        Folks, corrupt politicians and media hacks are pitting us against each other -all so they can line their own pockets. Stop taking their bait! Let’s stop letting the cons run the show, eh?

        • Hmmm
          Is it a gallon of milk? Or a liquified explosive compound i stumbled on when playing around in the shop????

      58. this headline is somewhat misleading although it is “factually” correct

        Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage

        h ttp://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/21/police-kill-more-whites-than-blacks-but-minority-d/

        “The odds that a black man will be shot and killed by a police officer is about 1 in 60,000. For a white man those odds are 1 in 200,000.”

        one question I NEVER see asked is
        Can you name another first world country where law enforcement kills so many of its citizens ???

        from what I have found the answer is NO
        why is this uniquely American ???
        oh well
        at least we are number one in something ?

        we had a case here some time ago where a mentally disturbed individual was ranting and raving and walking back and forth across his front porch,he was waving a kitchen broom
        cops told him to put it down
        he didn’t
        they stood back and gunned him down
        this sort of thing does not happen in other first world countries

        next time there is a crazee person brandishing a broom,the cops need to call me
        I’ll fix things for them
        talk about piss poor training and a shoot to kill mentality

      59. Having spent a couple hours checking all the videos: wrong info put out by chief; 2 snipers on high, the only video of a subject shooting/receiving fire he is on the ground. This guy had no overwatch/sniper covering him. A couple of the other “arrested” were clearly not involved. One dead shooter, he may have been the only one shooting cops. From on high he should have killed for more as few bystanders were hit (and those may have been hit by cops) and there were plenty of targets as more cops came to area. Several “witnesses” stated the shooter was at ground level. Looks like most cops hit within first couple minutes. If more than one shooter more cops should have been shot at midway point. I say lone wolf shooter, good shot but not a “sniper”, no secondary kill zone. I would say non-military shooter, he didn’t cut the pie, start out at best position (on high), had no tactical gear, no defense in depth or assault in earnest to get in among the targets. He was committed but not well trained.

      60. Restore the balance

      61. Jesse Jackson blames Trump.
        Obama blames guns.
        I’m sure it has nothing to do with 40 years of media indoctrination of blacks to hate whites or the teaching of white privilage in our “schools”. Nah, couldn’t be.

        Be safe people and remember: Black Rifles Matter.

      62. Suspect in Dallas Ambush Shooting ID’d as Ex–Army Reservist

        ht tp://abcnews.go.com/US/shots-fired-dallas-amid-protest-recent-police-killings/story?id=40422456

        can anybody comment as to how much weapons training this guy might have had ?

        • Not enough.
          Had he been a Marine, there
          would have been much more carnage.

      63. “Cops, regardless of color, are taught to treat GUNS as a crime by default”. That is the case in my state.
        Everyone has missed what the real problem and root cause of all Americas problems are, it is called the Democrat party.
        Democrats rule my state like a plantation, Democrats run the big cities, Democrats run the unions, Democrats run/control the Media, Democrats dominate the Federal government. This has nothing to do with race, but I’d support a final solution for the Democrat problem.
        I won’t violate any Federal, state, or local law, but if someone took down the national grid I’d break out a half rack of beer and celebrate.

      64. Jobs

        and financial security

        this is what this country lacks , and this is where this shit starts from

        If yer too busy working and raising a family you dont have time to riot or shoot people

        and because of the financial security and good future , you dont have shit like this

        3rd world banana republic is where were at folks

      65. Why don’t the police stay home for a week or two. I’ll give them a free pass. Don’t answer any calls.

        The Public is hear now notified, “You Are On Your Own”. The whole nation. Every state. Every City. Every Town.

        I can handle it. Can You.

        Then we will find out how the world really turns.

        • What type of nation and people we are, more to the point.

        • Excellent suggestion.

          Self defense (should I need it) is my God given right.

      66. Ok, so where are the “this is a hoax” people at?

        • Moron..because there were actual ambulances and bodies on the floor…there is video evidence of exchange of fire…here’s a clue…real people do die in false flags…but in the case of Orlando….no bodies..no ambulances..no hazmat suit fire fighters entering..no county morgue video on bodies arriving..people walking towards the Pulse, red shoe guy being carried and then when out of perceived camera view is let down and walks away.AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…CRISIS ACTORS WERE THERE! When you can come on here and try to be provocative…it only makes you a deliberate agitator and can be easily discredited.

          Live Free or Die nice try troll

      67. They say he was a carpenter masonry. That’s commonly referred to as a form framer. They make big squares out of boards put in rebar pour cement smoothe out cement . Then the framers build building of wood or erectors of steel. Form framers make the cement slab. So he probably wasn’t in the front lines in afganistan. I wonder if the car was registered to Philandro running the plates would show a ccw lisense? If not he’s got a 4 year old in the car. You would think that the average person would wait to see the gun before shooting into a car with a kid inside. Especially if l had a bullet proof vest on. The other guy it didn’t look like the cops were trying to flip him over to handcuff him . If he had what looked like mabe a 25 auto the the cop could feel in his pocket. And the guy was desperate enough to try and draw it with two cops on him. Dosent seem right unless it was some three strikes thing? What’s the penalty for a exfelon weapon possession.? You would think he would know .was he looking at a habitual and would rather die then life with no parole? I wonder if these long sentences for nonviolent crimes makes thing worse? And the constitution says shall not be infringed. Wait till 10 miles an hour over the speed limit is felony speeding. Retroactive? Now your a felon .

      68. Asked my recently retired state trooper friend about the MN. tragedy (and any time a life is lost is a tragedy; leave it to the communists like STALIN who said “one life lost is a tragedy – a million is merely a statistic,” and he said:

        My limited understanding of Minnesota was the guy reached down when he said hands up. Probably would have done the same thing and almost did once. Turned out to be a language isssue but 5 cops almost took him out when he reached for a cigarette. I believe that between the governor up there and our leader (Obama) they have the cops blood on their hands. The most divided country ever and he is the leader of this chaos. What a shame.

        Then, this vile, evil and filthy quote from Obama buddy Bill Ayers, back in the day: “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
        – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy to Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969. Note: I put this vile, filthy quote in here to show both show the hypocrisy of today’s anti-gun left, as well as expose them as the purveyors of violence the left has always been.

      69. Im looking at the videos of all the cops rushing in and shooting! Way to go LEOs! However shouldnt they all “stand down”, fall back, and wait for SWAT to come in? 20 min later?? Like at the Pulse?? Hmmmmmm? When its one of their own….different approach?? We ait waitin we are GOING IN AND FINISH THIS ASAP! Id be scared to death. They have a tough row to hoe. My prayers go out to all on BOTH SIDES.

      70. Captain crunch? It’s Cap’n Crunch now thanks to the Mandela effect. I though our purple lipped stuttering Milano was going to bring us all together what he’s done is embolden these leaches . It’s not going to end well for the monkeys when they come for our supplies once their ebt card doesn’t work.

      71. Last comment was deleted for some reason ,but this whole thing is by design we need to be prepared to defend what is ours when things go from bad to worse and they will.. I hope you all are ready to cleanse this country of the scum-dependents that take their free food and welfare for granted.

      72. Let’s just love each other that’s the cure for all this ! Go hug a stranger today .

      73. Since the end of WW 2 the United States has been the so called leader of the free world . With the fraudulent election of the illegal ,alien , sodomite , communist Muslim occupying the White House the world is suffering from the greatest HOAX ever perpetrated in the history of humanity . Looking at his hideous bump and fly covered face makes me want to puke . However on the up side it looks to me like he is on deaths doorstep from HIV. This nightmare cannot end soon enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      74. Now if there could just be a huge spike in those ghetto primates in jails and prisons committing suicide….

      75. Europe is having plenty of problems with rape in Sweden and Germany.

        However, we Americans are in a much worse predicament. We have Fifty million black people and many are already Muslims. If the Blacks get pressured to give up Christianity and become Muslim, even as moderate Muslims, the hatred of whites plus the pressure to be a true Muslim is going to be hell for Christians, especially white Christians. This tragedy cop killing is a distraction from the bigger problem, which is the immigration of M.E. And North African Muslims. We have to stay focused and keep resisting this invasion.

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