VIDEOS… Lone Shooter In Las Vegas… Police Confirm ONE Suspect Is Down… Reportedly Fired From Hotel Room…

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    Update 9: After initial reports that multiple shooters may have been involved, Las Vegas police report that one suspect is down and no additional shooters are being sought.

    Update 8: Shooter reportedly fired at concert crowd from hotel room.

    UPDATE 7: Police confirm: “At this time we do have a suspect down.”

    UPDATE 6: Las Vegas Police requesting no livestreaming:


    UPDATE 5: Live news stream via Right Side Broadcasting Network reporting as many as 70 victims currently being treated at local area hospitals

    UPDATE 4:

    UPDATE 3: Reports that at least one suspect dead in Las Vegas Mass Shooting:

    UPDATE 2: Videos of what appears to be MULTIPLE shootings in Las Vegas continue to emerge. In the following video gunshots can be heard in the immediate area of the video. About 20 seconds later, more gunshots can be heard at a distance.

    *Though unconfirmed by officials as of yet, there have be reports of gunfire at Mandalay Bay, Tropicana, New York New York and possibly other venues. This is UNCONFIRMED.


    Police are investigating a shooting at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas.

    Details are still emerging but video streams of the incident have already begun appearing online.

    Live Feeds:

    “Is This For Real” :


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      1. It sounds like multiple shooters.

        If it turns out this is a coordinated terror attack then shit is about to get very serious in America and overseas. It’s one thing for something like this to happen in the middle east or eve Europe. But here?

        Shit’s about to get real.

        • Nah. Don’t worry. Just your periodic American slaughter fest by some crazy who has lost way too much on the slots.

          No need for outside terror attacks…we have our own home grown loonies to fulfill that role.

        • No. it sounded like one man using either full-auto or slide/bump fire ‘auto’. Too – from the length of each round of bursts – AK/AR platform using 30 round magazines.

        • Shits about to get real? It was a white guy that did it u dip shit

        • It sounds like one of the antigun lobby’s false-flag operations again. They’re not going to give up on taking our guns until they are eliminated from this earth.

          • Its a false flag but far above the doings of the Anti Gun Lobby as they’re just useful idiots. I suspect this was in motion for some time from those pulling the strings. You don’t groom these types over a weekend. Its was likely meant to fall on Hillary Clinton as President and intended to be the catalyst for forthcoming legislation eviscerating the Second Amendment. Hillary lost, is game on, no sense in losing a kook they groomed so, “use him of lose him” and the dog was unleashed. Just a theory but it connects the dots for me.

            Interestingly this guys father was at one time on the FBIs 10 Most Wanted List. That puts him potentially under eyesight of TPTB. His FBI wanted father showed signs of paranoia and likely to commit suicide the news media said. The narrative is, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, he is plausibly just nuts. The extended narrative is, senior citizen, no criminal record, white; could be anybody hence trust nobody with weapons.

            As The Church Lady of SNL fame would say, “How convenient”.

        • Initial report that the guy converted to Islime, ISIS claims responsibility.

      2. Didn’t OJ just get out ???

        • Anonymous.. OJ has family in St. Pete, maybe he is going back to Vegas to retrieve his stuff. Well he did rush for 2,000 yards, that trumps all charges.

          • Aljamo, if that shooter had taken out OJ, he would’ve done the world a favor.

      3. Watching Live feeds on Youtube. Rapid fire, sounds like HK Mp5 or similar. Very fast rounds. My guess 9mm

        • Sounded like an m60

        • Greywar, A MP5 empties in 3 seconds with a 30 round magazine. This was rifles with a drum magazines or a belt fed.

      4. Sounds like 30rd to 40rd magazines changed four time’s. Possible two shooters shooting one after the other?

      5. War about to start on the second amendment.

      6. YEP ROUTE 91 Harvest, Sept 29 to Oct 01. The numbers say a lot.

      7. Route 91 Harvest. Sept 29 to Oct 01. Numbers talk.

      8. I never go to large venues. Not because I am afraid but it is not a good tactical decision for multiple reasons. If you like music buy the CD. If you like sports watch on TV. Go to gun shows, you know nobody will do anything stupid there.

      9. In the different video clips you can clearly hear at least one machine gun, may be more. With over 20 reported dead and more than 100 wounded, that doesn’t sound like the work of a lone gunman. Evil bastard.

      10. This guy must of lost a wad gambling. Strike Vegas off my places to visit.

      11. I wonder if this guy had a CLASS 3 Firearms license, or it was a illegal machine gun ?????

        Either way it sure did not save anyone.

        God all mighty wtf the whole world is going nuts.

        I know that there are places in Las Vegas where you can shoot machine guns, I wonder where this guy got his ????

        Well done to Las Vegas P.D. for taking this guy down.

      12. Staged event against, assault rifles [again], crazy people & old people. Yawn.

      13. I’ve been up an hour, from 20 dead to 50 now with 200 injured. Loud music makes you crazy. The bigger the death toll the bigger the freakout. Oh we have to do something about those damn guns. We overseers feel threatened. More loss of liberty in the offing.

        • Again Guns are NOT the problem. The problem is people and society. People and especially criminals will always be able to get a hold of guns. We have more than enough “gun control” in the US at this point.

        • don’t forget those damn POINTY KNIVES! we got to do away with those too…..soon all food sold will have to be pre-sliced!…..then we can start working on those damn CARS AND TRUCKS!

      14. What a shame. Feel sorry for those people. Seems like this world getting more like a nightmare every day. I’ll stay in my woods.

      15. Stop the violence increase the peace.

      16. To me sounded like a ak47 with a bumpfire stock or a fast trigger finger the rate of fire dont match either ar or ak full auto if it was full auto the rate of fire more closely matches browning belt fed 30caliber but it wasnt loud enough.
        Id make a bet its an ak47 with drum mag and bumpfire stock. Say good bye to our gun rights again, at least he wasnt using a supressor

      17. First my heart goes out to the victims.

        The victim audience of country western music fans are traditionally pro Second Amendment. This tragedy puts a wedge in the that support. If this is coincidence then so is the JFK Assassination.

        We’re now going to see if the President keeps to his campaign promise.

        • Absolutely Kevin – we all need to set aside whatever theories we have for a moment and say a prayer for all those lost and their families. Next – we also need to set aside our pet grievances towards…. liberals, Democrats, Jews, Muslims or whomsoever we happen to dislike most. It may very well be that this man was one of them or several of those groups. But that is not the point. Something about this whole thing smells to high heaven. I hope all of us can see that. This was not a ‘normal’ act of terror or insanity. Too many variables; from, how the hell he got so much firepower into his room, the full-auto characteristics of his weaponry, to the lack of published motive in advance or laying doggo with a ‘deadman’s switch’ ready to release it. No, this is not an obvious act. So? Instead, stop, think, do not act out of anger, grief or panic. Think. This is something other than what we will be told.

      18. There is an assault weapons ban in the works. I’m wondering what today’s news would’ve been cus all that is on is the shooting. They are hiding something.

      19. Shooter: Stephen Paddock?
        Also saw 50 dead 200 injured.
        WTH would cause a person to go off and want to kill and injure so many people? Given he was using a full auto weapon, body count is what he was going for. Again, why?
        The type of wackos that will commit such acts are intrinsic to any society. The “lunatic fringe”. It’s hard to even guess what sets them off. Until after the fact anyway.

        • Neal Knox the deceased pro Second Amendment attorney and founder of the NRA-ILA (Institute Of Legislative Action) wrote an article about 25 years ago where he tracked mass shootings with pending anti gun legislation. Ray Charles could see from the graph that there is a connection.

          This is no coincidence nor happenstance.

          • SHUSH Act was introduced back in July? Vote should be soon.

          • Kevin2, I used to read Neal Knox’s articles all the time. He was one of the few honest people inside NRA. I smell antigun lobby false-flag operation all over this incident.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Back in the day of my driven Second Amendment support I met Neal through Aaron Zelman of JPFO who I was friendly with. I actually had Mr Knox home phone number and called him there in one occasion.

              Neal was in my opinion “The Man” The bedrock of the Second Amendment. A core believer. Aaron Zelman, (may he be known for good) was likewise. Both are now gone, both are missed.

        • He could have easily been using a plain old semi-auto weapon and done this, and maybe that is what he was using.

          Rapid fire doesn’t necessarily indicate a fully automatic weapon.

      20. CIA creating a crisis?
        Seriously, another demoncrap snow flake, having a melt down?
        The female was “Asian”? At five foot eleven inches? Hmmmm me thinks not Asian. Most Asians are closer to five feet. ( Mooslimes are tall though).
        Time will tell.
        Prayers for the innocent victims. My heart aches for them.
        Can’t enjoy anything, anywhere, anymore.

      21. Antifa related. It was being shared earlier on Facebook until they took it down. They started their civil war early.

      22. Ol’ Remus on Woodpile report is right, ” Stay away from crowds”.

      23. Surprised it wasn’t a Muslim. My next choices are a Liberal like the guy who shot the congressman. Or a SSRI drug induced rampage.

        May God have mercy on those killed. And a good recovery for those wounded.

      24. As of 9:06AM EST, 50 are confirmed dead and over 400 wounded.

        But, in a previous media release, ISIS spoke about a future Las Vegas attack and Fox News mentioned that report.

        But let’s just get to the heart of this matter.

        My opinion as a taxpayer and a supporter of the second amendment.

        Guns do not kill. People do and this person was evil. This was an evil act.

        Consider this. In nearly all the mass shootings in the U.S.A—after the deed is done, the shooter has committed suicide. You can say that the person killed themselves to cheat justice.

        Did not cheat justice. Murderers do not go to Upper Paradise, they go to hell to await The Day of Judgment.

        (In the end Heaven will not littered with people like this).

        Why? Perhaps when the deed was being planned and the shooter had convinced himself or someday a herself, that the act was justified.

        This is how Satan or his evil minions use people. It is the thought planted, thought upon, then actually carried out.
        After the deed, well Satan is done. The glamour and the glory is gone.

        Evil can have that powerful influence on the mind of man if a person continuously entertain evil thoughts and then let it control their lives.

        Know-it-alls will come on T.V. and say this man had a history of Mental Health issues.

        Avoiding the real point. Evil is becoming rampant world wide and unfortunately we will see more similar cases.

        If the law enforcement and the media will be truthful, this could have been an actual ISIS strike.

        Still doesn’t take away from this being an evil act.

        My opinion.

      25. New machine guns available to private citizens need to be banned and ones already owned by them need to be registered.

      26. If you stay in hotels regularly, you learn to familiarize yourself with where the fire exits are. The people in the crowd were there to relax and have a good time. When the shooting started, they had no idea of where the shots were coming from or where to run to. To survive trouble, you must maintain some awareness of what is going on around you. You must also look for possible refuges in case of trouble. In public, you can’t totally relax if you want to survive. It is a shame that life is like thet!

      27. First off,sorry to the victims and their families.I am not a country music fan but as a rock n roller have enjoyed the festive crowds at shows,usually just 1000’s of people all wanting to have a good time.

        I will say this plays out very closely to a fictional novel except was a football game,not a concert.The shooter was a pawn and this insanity in the book was the push for gun confiscation by a corrupt govt. that leads to all sorts of insanity.I am not saying the case here but keep eyes and ears as always wide open,this whole thing just sucks!

        • NOW can we carry a gun so we can PROTECT ourselves?

          • Democrats are already screaming to remove our guns,,,,
            Double down

      28. Black lives matter?

      29. 64 year old white male. Girl friend from Muslim Indonesia. Well planned attack. He had set up a remote camera in the hallway outside his room so he could see when the police approached his room. Initial instinct is that he was radical left winger with a soft spot for Muslims. More to come.

      30. need a reminder story on situational awareness or a good link.

      31. This is deep-dish, deep-state: he was an accountant for Lockheed Martin. Anyone know what Lockheed Martin does? Well, apart from making Skunk Works secret aircraft they also run much of the computing systems for the mass surveillance architecture. Guy has a Muslim bad-warmer from Indonesia; owns property; is perfectly sane from accounts from his family.

      32. He also had a pilots license. Could have done more damage by crashing a plane into the outdoor event. Something is rotten in Denmark.

      33. Sounds like he prepped this plan for some time. Not just a momentary “snapped” setting.

        Was it “Mind control and powerful drugs” or….Timothy McVeigh type, “hater of authority” or …..hater of “happy normal” people,…. or just another “communist Anti American” sicko?
        Don’t know….. But I’d bet he is one of these four.
        Guns don’t kill…cazy people do. Crazies aren’t legally supposed to have guns, especially war type weapons. Did he buy some of Obummer’s “fast and furious” illegal weapons? (Given to promote drug cartels?)

        Who has the most to gain by this?
        Same old “nazi gun control” dictators?

        Same old s**t, different day.

        • Perhapa one of the Montauk Point NY Mind Control Program experiments blew a fuse – or got orders. He’s the right age too

      34. The shooter seemed to be educated. Maybe an IT guy. Worked for a defense contractor before retiring. Don’t rule anything out yet.



        How come this guy was not at the hospital?
        How come this guy was not upset, and he was even smiling ?????

        • Depends on where you’re hit, if it was AK rounds they could have created simple straight through puncture wounds without hitting anything immediately fatal.

      36. Jason Aldene had a chance to come out a hero? But like most of us in the confusion he ran?No blame ? He probably regrets his inaction? Will we regret ours?

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