Lindsey Williams, Martin Armstrong And Alex Jones All Warn About What Is Coming In The Fall Of 2015

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his widely popular book The Beginning of the End.

    fall-of-2015Not since the financial crash of 2008 have so many prominent people issued such urgent warnings about a specific time period.  Almost daily now, really big names are coming out with chilling predictions about what they believe is going to happen during the second half of 2015.  But it isn’t just that these people have a “bad feeling” about things.  The truth is that we are witnessing a confluence of circumstances and events in the second half of this year that is unprecedented.  This is something that I covered in a previous article that went mega-viral all over the Internet entitled “7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September“.  Personally, I have never been more concerned about any period of time than I am about the second half of 2015.  And as you will see below, I am definitely not alone.

    Just a few days ago, I received an email that contained a chilling message from Lindsey Williams.  You can view the same message that came to my email right here.  According to Lindsey Williams, the elite insider that he is in contact with told him that there will be a global financial collapse between September and December of this year…


    From Lindsey Williams: I just received an email from my Elite friend.

    My Elite friend indicated that they have a World Wide Financial Collapse scheduled between September and the end of December 2015

    You may have just THREE (3) months to prepare!

    I have a ton of respect for Lindsey Williams, and I would listen to what he has to say very carefully.  Back in 2008, an elite insider told him that the price of oil would drop from $140 a barrel to $40 a barrel, and it happened.  This time around, Williams has been telling us throughout 2013 and 2014 that a global financial collapse was not going to happen during those years, and he was right about that.

    But now he is sounding the alarm that one is going to come by the end of this calendar year.

    Martin Armstrong is someone else that has been sounding the alarm about the second half of this year.

    In fact, Armstrong says that he has “warned that the Big Bang was coming 2015.75″ since 1985.

    In the past, I have written entire articles about economic cycle theories and what they indicate is coming in our future.

    Armstrong has developed one of his own, and he calls it the Economic Confidence Model.  According to the ECM, the “sovereign debt Big Bang” is scheduled to happen by the end of 2015.  And it turns out that the time period that Armstrong has been pointing to lines up with a whole bunch of other significant events as well

    There are many aspects that are lining up with the turn in the ECM (Economic Confidence Model) from the Blood Moon and the Jewish Year for forgiving the debts, to France imposing restrictions on cash in September, and even in Germany the laws that protected about half a million people so-called dachas there in East Germany expire. To date, a law protecting the tenant against dismissal by the municipality will also expire October 3, 2015. Everywhere we look, there are changes coming to a head, right down to the U.S. Federal budget with 2015.75.

    In case you are tempted to dismiss this as nonsense, Armstrong has pointed out that his ECM has been accurate “to the day” in the past

    Of course the 1987 crash bottomed to the day with the ECM confirming that was the low. The same took place in 1994 where the U.S. share market bottomed right to the day, once again confirming this was an important low.

    So will the ECM be right again this time?

    Only time will tell, but it should be noted that the global bond market is already starting to crash.  If Armstrong ultimately turns out to be correct, we could be on the verge of a major turning point

    This next turning point should be the peak in the concentration of capital and confidence in government. From there on out, 2015.75 should mark the change in trend where people will start to disbelieve government on a grand scale. The debt markets that peak precisely with the target are going to get the worst of it.

    Other financial experts are issuing similar warnings, even if they aren’t being quite as specific.

    For example, just consider what Jim Rogers had to say recently…

    I suspect in the next year or two we will see some kind of major, major problems in the world financial markets.

    I would suspect when we have this correction, it’s going to cause central banks to panic. There’s going to come a time when there is not much the central banks can do when they have lost all credibility. When governments have lost all credibility. They will print and spend and borrow, but there comes a time when people are just going to say We don’t want to play this game anymore. And at that point, the world has serious, serious problems because there’s nothing to rescue us.

    Perhaps the most sobering warning of all that I have come across in recent days is from Alex Jones.

    In the video posted below, he explains that he recently received “two different calls” from “extremely prominent wealthy people” warning him about what is coming by the end of this year and asking him why he isn’t leaving the United States “before October”.

    In other words, these individuals believe that something really big is going to happen by the end of September.  This dovetails perfectly with what I have already been warning about.

    In this video, Alex also explains that large numbers of insiders are now quietly leaving the country.  I have never seen him quite like this.  I think that so many of us are just in shock that the things that we have been warning about for so long are now actually happening.  Watch this video for yourself and see what you think…

    In the financial markets, we are also seeing signals that many people believe that big trouble is right around the corner.  For instance, according to Dana Lyons we haven’t seen bets that the VIX will rise at this level since just before the financial crash of 2008…

    As most observers are aware, the VIX tends to rise as the stock market declines. Thus a rising VIX is associated with bad markets.The interesting thing about present conditions in VIX options is that the Put/Call Ratio (using a 21-day average) is at the lowest level since the summer of 2008. That means that there are more bets on a rising VIX versus bets on a falling VIX than we have seen in 7 years. And again, a rising VIX is associated with bad markets.

    In other words, investors are betting a tremendous amount of money that we are going to see a rise in volatility in the financial markets in the months ahead.  And as I have explained so many times before, during times of high volatility markets tend to go down very rapidly.  So these bets will pay off very handsomely if there is a financial crash this fall.

    Meanwhile, the manager of one of the largest bond funds in the UK is warning that a “systemic event” could soon hit global financial markets and that it is wise to have some “physical cash” at home just in case there is some sort of major emergency.  The following comes from Zero Hedge

    The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress.

    Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

    “Systemic risk is in the system and as an investor you have to be aware of that,” he told Telegraph Money.

    The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash”, an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.

    This sounds like what I have been saying for years.  I am a big believer in not having all of your financial eggs in one basket, and I do believe that it is wise to have at least some emergency cash at home.

    But to hear it from a member of Britain’s financial elite is definitely unusual to say the least.

    Sadly, just like last time, most people are not listening to the warnings.  Back in the summer of 2008, my wife and I went up to visit her parents.  I sat on their sofa and told them that a great financial collapse was about to unfold and that it would shake the entire world.  Of course just a few months later that is exactly what happened.

    Now we are on the verge of an even greater financial collapse, and still I find that there are a lot of people out there that are doubters.  Most of these doubters have an immense amount of faith in the system, and they are confident that this debt-fueled bubble of false prosperity that we are currently enjoying can somehow last indefinitely.

    I truly wish that the hopeless optimists were right.

    I truly wish that I could live out my days in peace and quiet in a world that was safe and stable.

    Unfortunately for all of us, things are about to change in a major way.  When it starts happening, don’t forget that there have been people that have been warning you that this would happen all along.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

    More From Michael Snyder:

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      1. Bet nothing happens. Just another hyperboil event to keep us losing money on PM’s and other stuff we will never need

        • Yup, more fear porn and clickbait.

            • the first time journalists were ever legally designated terrorists was in 2004. It was pushed through by the AIPAC and zionist lobbies in Congress to target Lebanese media that kept exposing IDF maneuvers and lies.
              Then neocon UN Ambassador John Bolton took it to the UN and got resolution passed in closed door sessions for AIPAC, to label “enemy” press under hate speech etc.
              At the time, there was NO interest in US media- tho overseas press covered it extensively.
              this is over a decade old. wake up America!

            • Alex Jones? Ha! That guy is the king of fear porn. Not sure why he is given so much credit for predicting anything. He has yet to make any original predictions that have come true.

              • Wrong! Remember who it was talking about black helicopters? Remember all the denials by government and the praetorian guard? Then, the war games over and in Pittsburgh? What color were those helicopters? Once exposed, there was no agency that admitted lying, but the personal attacks stopped!

          • Arkaden,
            well you are correct about this stuff has been said for years and i have been hearing it for years, but this year appears to have a BIG difference in that you are not JUST hearing it from a few you are hearing it from LOTS and LOTS of sources and as you should know there is always some truth in rumors and yu just never know HHHHOW much, so we will see, BUT this years does appear to have MORE merit than previous years!

            • I still watch som MSM just to see what is up with commentary. Lots of fund managers, etc are flashing warning signs. There are only a few people I’ve noted still telling folks to buy buy buy. It’s pretty consistently negative. I’m heeding this warning, as much as I distrust Alex jones, and get tired of snyders repetitive articles. The signs see emerging.

            • Not necessarily. It wouldn’t take a massive effort for these rumors to be started. Last year they faked Ebola. What will they fake this year? And who will be discredited, when they believe in and repeat the fakery?

          • Well, here’s the thing. Save this post. If it turns out to be false, or partially false, then POST this information down the road.

            Interestingly, Gary North kept ALL his posts on the threat of Y2K, and archived them. He was wrong, but not only admitted it, but kept the evidence (well, in reality, Y2K was not a non-event – some of our spy satellites went out, a massive SAP installation at Hershey’s went south, teachers in Toronto didn’t get paid for quite a while, trains in a few countries stopped… plus there was a MASSIVE amount of remediation that, had it not occurred, would have led to a big mess. Also, the media downplayed it. On the other hand the embedded chips didn’t stop working, which would have been the real disaster. So… the doom predictors were perhaps 1/3 right, 2/3 wrong (I’m giving most weight to the embedded chips not going south).

            I do preparedness. I also know that the TOTAL unfunded liabilities, per Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff (Boston Univ, former Reagan treasury guy) is now $222 TRILLION, if you count *everythng.* We also know from history that financial crises generally lead to shooting wars of some sort. On the other hand, I was in my teens/early 20s in the 1970s. Hal Lindsey, of The Late Great Planet Earth fame was very popular. Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, etc. – all global warming shills today, were catastrophic COOLING shills back then. The next ice age was DEFINITELY on the way. I remember all this clearly. Yet, no ice age came, and the Lord did not come back in the 1970s. Reagan came in, and the economy improved. I will post some global cooling predictions below. You’ll get a hoot – particularly when you realize a lot of these folks are now BIG GREEN MONEY global warming shills.

            So.. I don’t know what will happen. Yes, maybe this is doomer porn. If so, in six months, report this when these people write again. On the other hand, evaluate what is being said by the parties here. Have they made bad predictions before? How many? What are their predictions based on? I can tell you this, though: One day, there will be another war, and/or economic collapse. And it is better to be a year too early than a day too late, as they said in 1929.

            I read this site, and listen to stories like the one here, and try to rationally evaluate. I do take out “insurance” against events like the ones described here. These stories also help me to get outside of my normalcy bias. But the plus side to this all is that there are some very specific predictions that we can now use going forward.

            Interestingly, I recall a book “Bankruptcy 1995” by Harry Figgie. There was no bankruptcy in 1995, other than a bond meltdown around that time. On other hand, there WAS the LTCM fiasco .com bust, and the 2008 debacle, thei first and last which could taken down a good slug of the economy. There was also a book by the famed George Friedman – he of Stratfor fame – who published a book in the mid 1980s called “The Coming War with Japan” (scheduled within a decade or so of the writing). Obviouisly, the only war with Japan was the one they are waging on their own currency now!

            So, I appreciate these stories. I listen critically, but don’t dismiss them as “doomer porn.” People who just dismiss things like this out of hand are the same ones who stayed in the second World Trade Center bldg when they told them everything was ok. Sometimes everything IS ok… and sometimes not.

            It is dumb, IMHO, to either accept or dismiss the above out of hand. Listen and evaluate. Take reasonable precautionss.

          • Yup. You probably would have said the same thing Oct 23, 1929, too.

          • But, to be safe, just in case, I WILL be buying extra popcorn before September, because I don’t want to miss out on the show. Oh, more salt and butter too.

          • If this article is clickbait, then you sure fell for it, didn’t you.

          • good article

        • I listen to Lindsey Williams and believe everything he says. I also take life advice from Kanye West and birth control tips from Bristol Palin.

          • L. Williams has made many wrong predictions before, so have others and their credibility is all shot to hell if nothing happens by end of year. Another prepper friend died last month, and I assume the preps were tossed or donated, as most heirs have zero interest. We buy extras on what we normally would eat but we don’t hoard, most of us just don’t have the extra space.

            • It’s not hoarding if you stock up now. Hoarding is when you try stocking up when things are in short supply.

              Most people have more space than they realize. For example, how many sofas and chairs do you have? How many people live in your house? You only really need enough sofas and chairs for current residents to occupy. The others can be removed. Many people have a guest bedroom. My house had 4 bedrooms. We only use one for us and have no guest bedroom. That keeps anyone from coming to spend the night. Bonus. We use that extra space for storage. And a really big walk-in closet for the master bedroom.

              I don’t know about credibility. They’re just reporting on conditions identical to other crashes and patterns that have occurred many times before. For example, the 2nd largest crash of the market was the last day of the Jewish year in 2001. The largest crash was the last day of the Jewish year in 2008. That sure looks like the beginning of a pattern.

              Anyway, it’s better to be prepared than not, if everything goes to hell.

              • Put stuff UNDER beds and sofas for starters.

                Your points are well made. Yes, if you have the money, by all means move to New Zealand. But, if you are working stiffs like the rest of us, prudent insurance in terms of basic preparedness is relatively cheap (vs. all the utter JUNK people seem to be able to find money to buy).

                Do you think preppers in Greece are ruing their decision right about now? The point about preparedness is that is can be use for financial meltdowns, hurricanes, EMPs, catastrophic job loss, etc. etc. Greece only had the former, none of the latter. Yet, I’ll bet they are happy they did what they did.

                And yes, preppers die everyday without a meltdown occurring. And people also die every day without ever having used their fire or car insurance (I have never had a claim). Yet, I don’t call this type of preparedness “insurance porn.”

                If you think prepping is absurd, here’s a solution: Don’t come to this site!

                • Test,ARchivist etc: I never said I didn’t prep at all! We live in a hurricane zone, and I buy extras, like I said, but I don’t fill entire rooms with shelving wall to wall like friend did with boxes of food items, etc. It is just two of us. Right now, I have canned veg.cases, jars of nuts, a case of canned sardines and one of salmon. extras on other items to incl T.P., etc. At my age, I refuse to crawl under bed/sofas/stuffed recliners and dig out stuff if needed. Out of season clothing goes under bed in easy pull out plastic bins. Food belongs in the kitchen pantry or adjacent area. Bedrooms are minimalist with basics. I hate clutter. I knew several preppers (dec) big into storage, their houses were cluttered. (whole rooms filled incl water filters,grain mills, on and on.) They are pushing daisies in local cemeteries for sometime. Many went overboard in y2k (and I did too-what a farce!!) Their heirs were burdened and had to take more time than average to settle estate out from their own lives to clean out, ditch and donate this crap. Those who were fed lies in late 90’s over y2k and wasted money, then tossing out stuff later are more cautious. I settled an estate and there were so many canning supplies I left them in the house when sold. Lite bulbs and T.P. were donated (not the brand I use). let common sense rule.

              • I wish we had an extra bedroom just to store toiletpaper in!


            USE YOUR BRAIN

            • Acid Etch: Get a clue pal, our own history is replete with economic disasters ever since the founding of this great country. We’ve had lots of floods, draughts, disastrous storms (blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, conflagrations, locusts), pandemics, and wars. Just like every other place on this planet, so what’s so different and new? Nothing! Crap has happened and crap will happen again, some of it bad. You and some others here think that we use to live in some sort of Garden of Eden. Never was, never will be. It’s called life, so get use to it.

              • When the EBT card shut off get back with us a week later and let us know how your theories are holding up then.

            • Acid, we have brains and know how to use them. If you had one, you’d be dangerous, so f#$% off!

              • That was not necessary BH….Acid’s comment was on point and truthful, and for once, not insulting.

          • … and take “how to be clever” writing classes from those courses offered on match book covers too, I’ll bet.

            I *suspect* this will be a false alarm. Most are. But better to listen and evaluate, and take out insurance, rather than just be the kneejerk scoffers here.

            I am just trying to read for facts. What is known vs. what is surmised… and what is somewhere in between. Being gullible and being a mocker are just different sides of the same coin. Fact is, one day, there will be a catastrophe, and better a year too soon than a day too late.

        • I believe something big will go down, but it won’t crash. This Turkey is going to keeping floppin even after the head is cut off. I was thinking 2016, but they already have plans for drills and such upward into 2022.

          • prep shepard & Test: Shepherd, hope youre right. Since the 70’s I became informed by my elders and went to reading books, attending speakers conferences, etc. the date setters were big on setting dates then up to now, experts said 1985 would collapse econ., than another “expert” predicted ‘mid 90’s crash,(the elder Skousen, Ruff, McIlvany, etc); later the y2k was hyped by Jones, Quayle and others as the final take over and martial law. I know the older folks who have been there and done that are more cautious. By 2020-2025 (some predictions now by some) many of us will be dead or pushing very old age. I read this site for news info, not to dictate what I do day to day.

        • My new elite friends call me and said aliens were living next door and I need to buy what they tell me to….

          • DRT: I will check my back yard tonite and see if I can hear voices of the elite coming from the tree tops about the next event and what I should go buy in detail and who I should buy it from.. Maybe the elite will send emails to some of these blog CEO’s revealing their next moves. Lindsay Williams is stuck on himself (showman), imagining he’s a pal of the elite; (he was former chaplain in the oil rigs in Alaska.) a con artist for sure, and debuts on the Prophecy Club that sells crap you can get for free online. His former predictions have proved he’s a phony. His credibility is shot for sure.

        • EXACTLY! These fear mongering clowns know exactly what their doing!

        • JohnJeeper: Well said, they’ve been hyping this bilge for years. It’s almost always the “next quarter”, and the favorite one is always “sometime this fall/winter” nonsense. Funny thing is that no one calls these phonies on all their missed predictions. All one has to do is look at who’s peddling this crap and then look at their sponsors; the very folks who have all your needs for prepping for whatever disaster they’re predicting.

        • Is Lindsey Williams that weird little preacher guy who claims to have inside info from the elites? if so, he is a crock of– you know what! He warned about everything collapsing years ago and nothing happened…

          Still, I do agree– have very strong feeling that the last part of this summer is D-day.

        • Things are already crashing! Its been happening! My daughter (7 years college) trying to find affordable place to live and all that’s available is the slums! Decent places– even small efficiencies– are around $1,000/month!! People are being ripped off right and left and its bound to get worse as Austerity hits us harder and harder so the pigs at the top get filthier and filthier rich! Half the people in my town live in the national forests– and I am NOT exaggerating!!!!

        • this “elite friend told me” is really getting old!
          all this amounts to is sales of “survival” items

        • …….. “Before” the year 2020.. the USA will be a communist or socialist state. Riots will begin in the major cities and move to the suburbs. Multi-national
          Bt It Does…. the overnment has planned tisfor oer 100 years….I found out in about 1974

          military forces will be brought in to the USA to put down the rebellion [uprising]. Martial Law will be put into effect and the US Constitution will be suspended indefinitely, the news media will be state controlled …

          Hurlburt Field, Florida
          US Special Operaions Briefing
          1974-75 [there abouts]

      2. Believe them or not is your own call, I for one believed TEOTWAWKI is upon us. It will come soon enough, so prepare like there is no tomorrow; there just may not be.

        Homemade Graham Crackers
        4 T. butter, softened
        1 egg
        6 T. sugar
        4 T. honey (or 2 T. honey and 2 T. molasses)
        ½ t. baking soda
        2 t. water
        ¾ t. salt
        1 ½ c. graham flour (can use whole wheat flour)
        ¾ c. all-purpose flour
        Heat oven to 350º. Combine butter, egg and sugar in a bowl and beat till smooth and creamy. Stir in honey and blend well. Dissolve soda in the water and add to mixture. Add salt, graham flour and all-purpose flour to the mixture and blend thoroughly. Dough should hold together and be manageable. If it is too “tacky” add more graham flour. Liberally dust work surface with graham flour and roll dough to about 1/8” thickness. For easy handling, cut rolled dough into 3 or 4 sections and work with smaller sections at a time. If you use parchment paper to line your cookie sheets, you can roll the dough out on the parchment rather than trying to transfer it after it is rolled. With a knife, score dough into2 ½” squares and prick each square a few times with a fork. For a fun treat for your kids or grandkids, use cookie cutters and make shapes instead. You can also sprinkle the crackers with a cinnamon-sugar mixture before baking for cinnamon grahams. Bake for 8 minutes (if you want you can turn the dough over at this point) and bake 6-7 minutes more. I tried turning it over and didn’t think it made much difference – not really worth the trouble. Watch dough closely so it doesn’t burn. Remove from oven and cool on racks. Finish cutting in squares before they harden.
        Homemade Worcestershire Sauce
        1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
        2 T. soy sauce
        2 T. water
        1 T. brown sugar
        1/4 t. ground ginger
        1/4 t. dry mustard
        1/4 t. onion powder
        1/4 t. garlic powder
        1/8 t. cinnamon
        1/8 t. pepper
        Place all ingredients in a medium saucepan and stir thoroughly. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Simmer 1 minute. Cool. Store in the refrigerator. Y: ¾ cup
        ½ c. sugar
        ½ c. vinegar
        1 T. cornstarch
        1 T. Catsup
        Mix in saucepan and bring to a boil. It will clear and thicken. For a spicier sauce add finely diced red pepper to the sauce before heating.

        Homemade Enchilada Sauce
        1/4 cup vegetable oil
        2 T. self-rising flour
        1/4 cup New Mexico or California chili powder
        1 (8 oz.) can tomato sauce
        1 1/2 c. water
        1/4 t. ground cumin
        1/4 t. garlic powder
        1/4 t. onion salt
        Salt to taste
        Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. Stir in flour and chili powder, reduce heat to medium, and cook until lightly brown, stirring constantly to prevent burning flour. Gradually stir in tomato sauce, water, cumin, garlic powder, and onion salt into the flour and chili powder until smooth, and continue cooking over medium heat approximately 10 minutes, or until thickened slightly. Add salt to taste.

        • “C”
          Thanks man.

        • thanks, cant have real doom without smoors!

        • Thanks you! I really appreciate the recipes!

        • I can’t afford junk food! I am trying to get a book out on eating wild flowers…NOT JOKING!!

      3. And if nothing happens, I’ll hold my breath until it does.

        • It’s time for everyone both North and South to fly the Battle just to show TPTB that we will not be Cowed by the War Of Progressive Agression. Trekker Out.

          • Battle Flag!!!!

            • Shemitah Boy needs to buy a Gregorian calendar and a New Testament.

              • Another church shooting … national media missing!

                Black Guy Shoots up Church Killing 4 then Abducts his Wife and Kills her

                “A man opened fire at a church hitting five people, four of them fatally before abducting his wife, whom he later shot to death at another location…”

                thepcmdgazette dot com

                  • This Church arson happened last week and never made the “mainstream” US news:

                    mauricepinay.blogspot dot com/2015/06/worthwhile-judeo-christian-dialogue.html

                    • Ah yes. Another anti-Jew post. One trick pony John. All Jews, all the time, all the day, all the posts.

                      No doubt there are some issues with Judaism. Unfortunately, for you, it is the ONLY issue.

                      Do you EVER do a even go to the bathroom without doing an anti-Jew jig on the way there>

                    • Languishing in censorship-land.

                      By your “logic”… a Catholic church burned down by Jews who leave behind their Aleinu hate prayer is “anti-Jew.”

                      Go figure.

                  • that happened a few years back in like 06 07

                • Note: This shooting took place 2 years ago.

                  June 22, 2013

                  • This falls into the category of – 2 years ago, does not fit into today’s agenda. Regardless of what Mainstream Network it is, they all have one thing in common – division between Race and fuel a flame into an inferno.

                    I find this technique and others to be absolutely disgusting, and I think I have come to a point where I have lost anything remotely decent in the Human Race -FTW-

                  • actually it took place May 21, 2006. if you are going to repost, at least research.

                    • Marcus,

                      You are correct. My apologies.

                      In the article I did not see the date of the shootings noted.

                      Other articles on the web listed the date.

                  • Bbbbut KY Mom, it was a non-issue ’cause it being black on black crime. Nobody called for a day of mourning when all those hoodrats in Bmore City and Chicago got popped within 30 days. Must of been the “Stars and Bars” that was responsible. Maybe we need to get some steroided up cops to shoot holes in the flag and everybody will be satisfied, go home and write out checks to Hillary’s campaign. Time for God to close the book on this shithole of a world.


                Folks, Marcion coined the phrase “new testament.” It is a renewed covenant (there are actually 7 covenants) or second writings…not a “new” testament. The whole bible is one long marriage contract and ALL scripture is to be used. The apostate church has misled the world for almost as long as Y’shua has been at the right hand of the father after he nailed the law of sin and death (and took care of the law of adultery) to the stake. If you don’t read and understand the Tanakh (commonly and erroneously referred to as the “old testament”) you won’t understand anything written after Y’shua’s death and Resurrection.

              • Johnny-boy needs to quit boring us with his hourly anti-Jewish rants

              • Johnny-boy needs to buy a ticket to Might be able to buy one on eBay. Every 5 minutes, it’s Jews this, Jews that. Getting pretty old.

            • I’d like to find some Confederate Flag stickers….just to put up in public spots so as to tweak the progressives.

              For me, it’s not so much about the flag as it is about the fact that I just don’t like PCBS and don’t like being told what to think or what I can do or not do.

              Same goes for gun control. Every time the gun-grabbers start talking about new gun control laws, I go out and buy either another gun or more ammo.

              Screw ’em.

        • All three of these guys are complete frauds and dunces as is the author of the article michael snyder.

          • This may or may not eventuate as they note.

            However, sounds like you need to quit trolling this site. Maybe HuffingtonPost or some other rag would be better for you

      4. We will see!
        Rev Williams I have heard for about 3 or 4 years and he has been wrong over 60% of the time.
        I don’t know anything about Armstrong. So I can’t make a judgement on him.
        Mr. Jones I have listen to many times. He has been about 75% right.
        If they are right we got our time line that we all have been wanting.
        I have done as much as I can and we will see just how good I did if this does happen.
        If it is WW3, collapse or what ever. May God watch over you and yours. If you don’t believe in God. I wish you all the luck in the world.

        • In relation to Alex Jones, just go back to the Y2K hype that he kept going. It was insanity, but people by the millions bought into it, and it made him very wealthy. Go back to the archives and see the entire docudrama he put out about Y2K. The man is a two faced, back stabbing fraud, of a self serving disinfo pimp whore without a shred of conscience, honor, or character. He is the Mariana’s Trench of lowlifes. Sooner or later he has to be correct because each and everyday he predicts Teotwawki is upon us. That all said I believe without a shadow of doubt that we are living the last few months of America as we know it. Come Christmas there is a very good chance the vast majority of us will be flatlining at room temperature. And If I’m wrong at least I didn’t try to sell you crap you don’t need (Craydon)to get my point across. thanks

      5. WARNING!

        From Lindsey Williams: I just received an email from my Elite friend.
        My Elite friend indicated that they have a World Wide Financial Collapse scheduled between September and the end of December 2015

        You may have just THREE (3) months to prepare!

        [Folks, don’t forget your “pen & paper”] <–sarcasm


        Of course, everybody with a half a brain knows something is coming, you would have to be blind, deaf or completely dumb to not notice whats coming and America does have a lot of dumb people.

        Lindsey Williams, Alex Jones, Martin Armstrong and the like——STFU!!! we know, and all of you dummies have ran out of things to say. Stop repeating yourselves and giving timelines that you have no control over.

        • I have been saying that something dramatic, and possibly catastrophic would be coming to USSAG sometime this fall; for at least the past two years.

          Not because of what some man like one of these types in the article was saying, because not many of them were even setting dates like they are now. It was because of prophetic indicators and visions and dreams by Christians. Some are everyday people and some are actual prophetic speakers and teachers of God’s Holy Word.

          As things have ramped up over the past year, I have also ramped up my predictions and layed them out on this site, primarily.

          I am not so vain or ignorant that I would actually say there would definitely be a collapse in Sept, or the fall of 2015, but that it could happen. I have most recently broadened the time frame to include Sept. through Dec. 2015 as a window of opportunities for the Dominoes of Economic Structure, to start falling.

          Many scenarios are possible. I do believe a Mega Earthquake is in the cards for America, by visions and prophetic words being conveyed to many folks. Some say by the end of this year. I am feeling it to.

          I do believe we can count on a rise of interest rates, and hyper-inflation. Maybe not as severe as what hit Germany in the early twenties, but bad enough. In 1920 a loaf of bread cost One Mark, by 1923 a loaf cost 670 million Marks.
          I believe events will escalate and the dominoes of economic collapse will continue until we see some of the worst times that have ever been, and possibly to the point of being the last of days and things getting so bad that folks will fall for a fake Messiah, just to have their old ways back again.

          The sands of time are trickling down, and we are seeing revelation before our very eyes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a so-called, self-proclaimed preacher, with “Dr.” before or after his name to tell me what is in store.
          In fact, I have heard so many lies and ignorant teachings coming out of the mouths of the preachers with “Doctorates”, that I have come to the assumption that all are actually….”indoctrinated” with mans words and teachings, and teach to the ways of the world.

          So, just be wary of some men as I do, and if the predictions and sayings aren’t aligning with God’s Word, then it might just be a shot in the dark by those types.

          I am prepping harder than ever, because I believe no matter what happens, food stuffs will become hard to come by. No matter what any man or any gov or terror group says, I go by what my Heavenly Father says, and that is where I find my refuge when the going gets tough.

          We are mentally equipped to kill if necessary to protect what is precious to us, and ready to die if our time is at hand, because we know where we are headed when the silver cord parts from these old flesh bodies. We welcome that change.


          • Well said. I have had these same feelings for a couple years now, and the last few months they have really started accelerating. Final preps are hitting a fever pitch, even buying stuff to have for friends and neighbors and for bartering as I don’t think cash in the bank will be worth much more than toilet paper in the near future. Ben Franklin said it best. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

          • That’s one of THE best posts I have read on the internet…..ever since Internet came into being.
            Well said, and May peace be with you.

        • Every time I can’t go to sleep at night I throw in a Linsey Willams DVD and wa-lah…..better than counting sheep.

        • @ “Srsley???”

          Your comment reveals your ignorance. Why does it bother you so much that they’re making these predictions, so much so that you tell them to “STFU”? How long have you been paying attention to the three people you list? I have been listening to them carefully for many years, and they have, surprisingly, been consistently correct.

          You scoffers are not going to fare well.

          • Hey Kev — new moniker? I like it!

            Reminiscent of the “Mighty Quinn”!

            Hoorah buddy !!

      6. I have NO respect for Lindsay Williams. He is a shill for his NWO elite friend who has attempted to profiteer from the “inside information” that he provides.

        He really has an ethical problem and I put about as much weight to his words that I do the Pope, or Hillary Clinton. I think he is a opportunist scumbag.

        Do you really think Williams and his friend are trying to “warn” us? Or do you think they are trying to program the masses to accept their agenda? If the information wasn’t “planted” to advance their programming, the NWO Elite friend would have told him to stfu long ago.

        Armstrong is a different story and I highly respect this guy. Alex Jones? I pay about as much attention to him as I do Rush Limbaugh or Hannity or Maddow or …. fill in the blank ….. NONE.

        Go within and let the Lord give you guidance. He will. 🙂

      7. every 3 months it has been coming to the end, summer 2015 we are still here

        • 3 months?! Try every other week!

          • I agree, it is every week, heck, everyday. I am tired of the fear-porn, but I do think we are on shaky ground right now. Even peeps like Ron Paul are warning it’s going to turn. So, I don’t want to ‘burn out’ early with ‘short-timers’ and not keep working on my preps.

            When our power was out a couple weeks back, it messed with my head because I am not even close to where I’d like to be. I have a little list of what we need and MUST have next payday. So I can sleep better.

      8. Can’t watch your ads and read your article. Which do you want me to do? It’s obviously your choice, not mine. I’m leaving.

      9. I don’t really pay attention to these clowns, but if I were going to orchestrate such a thing fall would be prime time to do it. Biggest die off would be over the winter.

      10. What would it take for all of us to completely stop prepping? To sell off a good portion of our gear and food. A major down sizing. After all I would not want to have people say we are hoarders without a purpose. Maybe sell enough to vacation in the islands somewhere.
        Have we all come down with Boogymanitis where we are lead around by fingers in our nose for the sake of commercialism or materialism. Unwarrented fear.
        Wonder which count down will be the right one. Hmmmmm.

        • “SS”
          That is why I always say. We Will See!
          I have heard this over and over again. Who knows. Now saying this. It doesn’t hurt to listen and watch around yours self. We are preppers for a reason. There a lots of reasons. To each there own.

          • Sgt. Dale.

            This prepping notion that I have had for years was taking the skills I have learned and applying them to life. I have done hunting and camping. Carpentry and machine work plus mechanics. Plumbing and electrical. All the tools you can imagine under the sun. I will admit that my Wife is the financial wizard and she has done very well for both of us.
            So except for a few over the top items. I would have acquired the same stuff in a so called Normal Life, as I would have done becoming a prepper.

            On a side note. Every time I have to buy a special tool made by the manufacturer, special order and overpriced to fix his product. Makes my blood boil.

      11. I can’t say for sure that something will happen this fall or not. And you would have to be very naive to 100% believe everything these people say. But the thing that gets me, is that there are multiple people from different walks and professions that are all pointing to this fall.

        All we can do is prepare.

        And the thing about Alex Jones, is that he seemed genuinely alarmed in that video. just looking at his body language and actions. To me at least.

        • Many of his type are alarmed, because they have milked the golden teat of Gloom and Doom for so long that they haven’t actually prepared as needed to.

          Many have just used the “fear porn” to make a living, and never thought that it actually would come to reality in their lifetime.
          Many have been prepping with the wrong priority ideology.

          No amount of food,weapons, or bug out locations are going to save a person. Those things may prolong ones life and stave off starvation, but they are no guarantee of life beyond this realm.

          Having the mindset of accepting that these things about to commence are not what God wanted to happen, but by His allowing freewill, which in most cases leads to sin and destruction, we are at fault of our own demise.

          In other words, He said it before. This is what I want for you my people and this is how to have it. And the people rejected God’s way, and wanted it their way, so God says…”OK What you sow, also shall you reap”.

          We are beginning to see the reaping of a set of lost values and Godly commandments being thrown out the window. When God has taken His hand off, then the demons take hold where they can.
          We will not be able to turn back, because too many have already turned to the devil.

          When the highest Godly office of the World has been demonically possessed and televised, we can see the writing on the wall. Don’t need a Williams, Jones, or Armstrong to show us that.

      12. One great idea is to write the prediction AFTER the event. Pretty sure that’s how the Jews who wrote the Old Testament did it. Another angle is the future writers will only rehash what came true; so, the smartest prognosticator will predict “climate change” instead of “global warming” or a “serious event” instead of “a world war”.
        Since we can all read the leaves, we can all say price of a decent meal at a restaurant will be over $20 in a few years. Taxes will go up and city/county/state provide less and less. New inventions will come to the market. China will continue to pillage resources from her neighbors. And bigbro will continue to entrap and enslave us all. For sure, 80% of the people in the next 10-20 years will be even more zombified into the virtual reality of games than the last generation was to TV sports and sitcoms.
        These men may very well be right; but for me I feel I’m a frog being boiled already!

      13. Homemade Cheese Sauce Mix
        1/3 cup dehydrated cheese powder (American cheese)
        3 Tbsp. nonfat dry milk powder
        3 Tbsp. dehydrated butter powder or flakes
        3 Tbsp. flour
        1/4 tsp. salt
        1/8 tsp. white pepper
        1/8 tsp. onion powder
        Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and mix thoroughly with wire whisk. Store in tightly closed container in the refrigerator. To make cheese sauce, combine 1 cup hot tap water with 1/2 cup Cheese Sauce Mix in a small saucepan over medium heat. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly with a wire whisk. Y: 1 cup cheese sauce.

        Easy Teriyaki Sauce
        2 T. brown sugar
        2 T. Soy sauce
        3 T. Rice wine vinegar
        Heat till sugar is dissolved and mixture boils. Cool. It will thicken slightly as it cools. Serve over stir fry or vegetable cooked rice. Double or triple recipe as desired. Stores well in the fridge. These ingredients also store well as food storage items. They keep quite a long time.
        Homemade Chicken Gravy Mix
        ¾ c. flour
        3 T. instant chicken bouillon granules
        1 1/3 c. instant dry milk
        ¼ t. ground sage
        1/8 t. thyme
        1/8 t. pepper
        ½ c. butter
        Combine milk, flour, bouillon, and spices; mix with a whisk until well combined. With a pastry blender, cut in butter until evenly distributed. Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Use within 2 months. Y: 2 2/3 c. mix
        Pour 1 c. water into small saucepan. Using a wire whisk, mix in ½ c. gravy mix until well combined. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly until slightly thickened. Y: 1 c. gravy.

        Homemade Beef Gravy Mix
        1 1/3 c. instant dry milk
        ¾ c. flour
        3 T. instant beef bouillon granules
        1/8 t. thyme
        1/8 t. sage
        ¼ t. onion powder
        ½ c. butter, softened
        3 t. brown sauce for gravy
        Combine all dry ingredients with a wire whisk. Using a pastry blender, cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Drizzle brown sauce over mix. Whisk in till blended. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator. Use within 2 months.
        Mix 1 c. cold water in a saucepan and ½ c. gravy mix. Whisk mixture together till smooth and heat over medium heat till it starts to boil and is slightly thickened. Y: 1 c. gravy.

        • ? Did you write all these recipes? They sound amazing!

          • You: No they are part of our groups recipes.

        • Organic too 🙂

        • You must have a Harvest Right Freeze dryer.

      14. “In other words, investors are betting a tremendous amount of money that we are going to see a rise in volatility in the financial markets in the months ahead. ”

        Could this be the reason these people are “warning” us so that the average Joe starts to panic and causes this volatility in the market. This way they make a ton more money.

        Just a thought.

      15. I’m doing what I can to prepare. Would like six more months but, hey I have no control over it so I just do my best for now.

        God bless us all here and everywhere.

        • God bless you too MommaD.

          Do like we do, if you are not already, and that is to prioritize with what funds you have available, but don’t get yourself in debt to much to get there.

          Especially with secured debt. Unsecured debt may give you more time without too many consequences, but being totally debt free, and eliminating as much vehicle insurance and expense is a big deal.

          There may come a time that a vehicle is no longer feasible to even keep tagged. Homeowners insurance may have to be cancelled completely. Mortgage debt will be a horrible burden for most people, and I have given the warnings of holding such, for the past four years.

          Property taxes on Big Houses and Land holdings will cause many to snap and commit the terrible act to escape the realities of living too large.

          A lot of chickens are coming home to roost. A lot of high minded, big headed, holier than thou, persons are gonna get what they have coming. Sadly, some of my neighbors are those. Gladly, some of them (wicked and rich) are too.

          Hope you are right with Jesus.

          • Don’t forget to include yourself in that holier than thou group that’s going to get what’s coming to them. Who the hell died and made you the voice of God, ” I have given the warnings on such for the past four years.” Sounds to me like what you’ve got is an incredibly over sized ego, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve built a shrine to yourself where God can come and offer prayers to you every day.

            • hey Andy–don’t shoot the messANGER.

              • Andy equals ignore “it”. He’ll go away…lol

              • Hope you find out what you are trying to say with “messANGER”.

                That does not make any sense.

                And thanks guys, for showing some common courtesy and respect.

                Evidently, this “Andy” character has none. My articles and comments here are not for him nor his type.
                These type people are everywhere. They can’t handle truth and reality, so they lash out with their same old liberal anti-christian rhetoric.

                What many of them don’t understand is that my teaching and supporting of biblical truths is not for them. They are like the lost sheep that seem to never look for their own way until they get desperate.

                When desperation sets in, and it eventually will, they may just end up following a Judas Goat, instead of the Redeeming Ram.

                A Judas Goat meals around with the sheep, trying to blend in, until they accept him.
                Soon they begin to wander around with him and then follow him.
                At the last second before the trap door is shut to the slaughter house, the goat escapes over a high fence that the sheep can’t get over, and he is free. The sheep are doomed.

                These types of people like Andy don’t bother me. They are actually pitiful people that have an arrogant prideful heart.
                Sadly, many will perish with that mentality.
                I just say a little quick prayer for them, and move on.

            • andy
              If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all.

              • sgt dale,

                I’ve read some commentary here recently that you have a mother hen moderator keeping you safe and warm like a good little chick so you never really get into any real trouble when people reply back to you, it simply gets deleted. If and when you ever grow up to an adult level and can engage in conversation on an adult level without mommies help, let me know, until then, I’ll just consider you as a totally helpless little chick who’s nurtured by a mother hen. Andy.

                • andy
                  The only moderator here is Mac.
                  So if you want to call him the mother hen. So be it.
                  All I want is for people here to treat others with respect.

                • Andy,
                  When I read your posts a couple things come to mind. 1st, I was raised being taught the Golden Rule, “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you”. 2nd, “If you can say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Most people on this site are here to learn something or share their opinions. Just because you may not agree with them doesn’t give you the right to personally attack them. If everyone would remember the 2 rules above, this site will be better for all reading it.

                  • “T.P.”
                    Watch out you are going to be called Mother Hen.
                    The best way to deal with andy is to treat him like the troll he is. Don’t respond to him. I think he gets off on it.

                    • LOL, been called much worse. I just think this can be a good forum if used correctly. People don’t have to agree with everything said here, they just use it as another source of info then make up their own minds. Personal attacks don’t accomplish anything. Besides Sgt. Dale, you seem to be pretty able to take care of yourself, you don’t need a mother hen.

                    • Texas prepper,

                      sgt dale is simply trying to dodge the fact that he’s protected by the site moderator. He’s aware of it and while he enjoys his protected status, he’s extremely ashamed to admit it, and who wouldn’t be? I can think of several terms that would be accurate to describe this ongoing situation, but they would end up being deleted. Somebody used the analogy of a little schoolyard bully with the big brother on the same playground to keep him from harm, that seems to be the case here, otherwise, I’d offer some type of direct response to him but the fact is it’s a waste of time, the only thing a man can do about the situation is vomit from disgust.

                    • Enjoy your vomit, Andy.

      16. Hmm just when jade helm finishing up

      17. Stay the course, everyone. Don’t allow the date-setters to prod you into doing anything different! They are all charlatans who make money breeding fear in their listeners. We saw this SAME hyperactivity leading up to the non-event of Y2K and the Mayan 2012 predictions.

        Keep prepping for what we all know may eventually happen: a loss of personal purchasing power. This is only common sense. Save for the rainy day. Beware the hoarding mentality!

        Whether a loss is caused by a divorce, job loss, demotion, illness, or something more spectacular such as an EMP, currency devaluation, etc. it’s prudent to save for it’s possibility.

        Stay the course. Don’t go into panic mode! When you panic (thinking like, “I don’t have enough bullets!” when you have boxes and boxes and boxes), you make unwise money decisions. This is why it’s recommended a recently widowed spouse do nothing different, such as move, spend a bunch of money, for at least a year after their loss. Listening to advisers when one is in panic mode is a surefire way to do something stupid.

        • Ame, I hope many are not following your lead.

          Your advice as to “beware the hoarding mentality” is not good advice.

          This is nothing like the Y2K, or Mayan 2012. There were no mass military concentrations in Southwest USSAG, when those events happened. There was no encampment of ISIL just across our southern border then either. And, I don’t think Greece was ready to go bankrupt either. I know California wasn’t having the worst drought in a century. There are many more events with out even touching on the biblical predictions of signs coming forth.

          I say, hoard food like you have never hoarded before, but use your head wisely. Long term storage and storage of things that you will be able to eat or at least barter with if this turns in to a six or seven year ordeal.

          To sit idly by and do nothing may be the biggest mistake anyone could ever make.

          Plenty of potable water and protein sources are vital to any life sustaining program. Hoarding those things will prove to be worth their weight in gold. To believe that you will always be able to just hop into the old sedan and drive to Wally world to buy them, could be nothing but a fading memory soon.

          I agree on the part about “not panicking and making bad judgment calls”. Common sense goes a long way towards longevity.

        • AME-
          Excellent advice , panic breeds more panic and fear.
          We need level , calm people right now .

          • Hammerhead,
            I try to stay pretty calm, I’m not a so called food hoarder unless you count the 800 lbs bull calf going into the freezer this fall or the 300 lb calf I’m raising for the freezer for next spring or the two doe and one buck rabbit that I get about sixty rabbits a year from for the freezer and the sow fixin to have a litter of piglets, then there’s the three gardens I put up every year…….geez, maybe I am a food hoarder. Lol. Seriously the one thing I’m hoping to get in the next few months is solar panels for my freezers, we have a generator but if fuel is unavailable, then I hope to have enough jars and lids to save all my meat.
            I try to just be calm knowing I might not get good cheese, but no one is going to be hungry. It gives me a calm feeling. It’s all I can do at this point. Oh and Honey told me to stop buying ammo because ” really, we have enough and no more room for it” he says.

            • Wow MommaD but you are busy. Good on you! Sounds like you start at “first gray” in the sky and go to “can’t see”.

              • Po’ed,yep, pretty much! But I love my life….I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for that. It made my heart happy!

            • MOMMA –
              I aint sayin not to stock up on food stuffs , that should be a natural everyday undertaking for everyone , and i dont consider that preppin or hoarding , just life.
              Hell , I got about 40,000 lbs on the hoof and another couple hundred under feather along with a few acre of fruit .
              I,m not worried about eatin , unless the .GOV visits .

              My point in agreement with the OP was for nobody to go nuts and blow their life savings on a bunch of food that their family MAY not eat , the old sayin goes “eat what you store and store what you eat”.
              A pile of mountain house aint no good if nobody wants it.
              And what the hell is 10,000 rds good for if ya only can shoot one at a time ?
              Moderation and clear thinking is the order of the day.

              • Hammerhead.

                “And what the hell is 10,000 rds good for if ya only can shoot one at a time ?”

                Depends on if you are shooting a pistol or 100mm tank round.

              • Hammer,
                You’re 100 percent right! You must have quite the spread. Fantastic, we got 2 acres and two good friends that let me put a garden out. We have a good garden here, but corn takes more room than we have so God bless friends. Manage it, grow it and love life! That’s how I get through life. Just went to the barn and a dang weasel killed my best layer. The weasel dosn’t know it, but let’s just say he needs to get his affairs in order.
                Teach the youngins’ and hope for the best. I’d die happy if folks got that.
                Prayin’ for us all.
                Plan, prep, and take a second to smell the mimosas in bloom!

            • Money can’t buy love, but it can buy ammo!

              • Unfortunately……ammo can’t build love.
                Never could, never will.
                Ammo simply kills. That is what it is designed to do.
                Humanity to this historical point………Killers, when all is boiled down.
                Kill first.
                Love second.
                That…….is always going to produce an unhappy ending.
                Some will say….”But I tried to love first, but they wouldn’t love me back, so, in the end, I had to kill them, lest they killed me”
                Fair argument too……
                Many here eloquently quote The Bible, and talk much of Jesus to support their views.
                Let me then proceed to how Jesus would most likely prep and face a collapse as we face now.
                He would prep….sure…..but He wouldn’t have ammo or a gun, would He?
                No……He would prepare as best He could.
                And if someone that we considered an “asswipe”, that had no preps, turned up to His house post collapse, and demanded sustanence, what would He do?
                He would assist him.
                And if the asswipe threatened to kill Him, if he wouldn’t share all the preps, Jesus would probably allow him to do that. Jesus would most likely say, “If you feel the need to kill my body to keep yours alive……if that is YOUR TRUTH……then take it. For I, like you, am more than my body.

                Most on this site would FILL him with lead…….yet they still love to quote Jesus.

                How can that be? It is a tough question to struggle with, isn’t it?!!

                If we want to quote Jesus, then we probably should renounce ALL violence.

                That said…..and I love Jesus’ teachings……(and Buddha’s, and Mohammed’s, and Krishnamurti’s, and The Dalai Lama’s, and Durango Kidd’s, and Eppe’s, and Sgt. Dale’s and The Mighty Kevin 2’s……..EVERYONE I humbly call My Teacher, for they are)…….I do believe the time is coming when I might need a weapon, because for me to live, I will probably have to defend myself.
                So……it gets down to this: Are we really OK to die… any time, to live Jesus’ way.
                Or….will we say, “I have have decided to kill another, and Jesus will understand why I have done it, because it was me or them”.
                I am not sure what the answer is.
                I picture Jesus walking to His mortal death, carrying His crucifix. He could have vanquished them all with a mere thought……killed them all, that Ascended Master Soul.
                Did He do it?
                Did He go with the violent option to save Himself?
                The rest, as they say, is History.

                Blessings to all here, friend, fool and foe (I realise I am at once each of these) as we fumble for our answers x

      18. How many times the so called experts have stated “The Greatest And Most Destructive Of All Bear Markets Is Coming” over many years to 1- create more fears and 2- to sell some junks. At the same time the central planners are looting everyone and making billions by stealing it from the working men and women. If and when someone proposes a solution then wake me up. Until then I continue my pig hunting every weekend and try to get better with head shots.

      19. OT-
        My drip irrigation / mini sprinkler layout is dailed in, on a timer. I’m learning what grows good around here, and what doesn’t (and what lettuce tastes bad, etc.)
        I will grow from seed next year- already have the biodegradeable grow cups for starting plants- you can start them earlier inside, gradually harden them, then transplant. Far cheaper than store-bought plants. No wasted effort and time watering dirt that doesn’t sprout due to dud seeds, no overplanting seeds to close, no wasted seeds.
        No water barrels but I have plenty of 5 gallon buckets to use.
        Easy to mix up things with slightly soapy water to spray on bugs on plants.
        Even if its just some herbs in a box, go ahead and plant some seeds like you did before. Seeing a plant pop up reminds you of a direct connection to God, it seems to me.

      20. None of the 3 have any credence as far as Im concerned. Williams has been wrong forever, I think the cold is Alaska froze his brain. Armstrong sold out to the Feds to get himself out of prison and became a disinfo specialist. And AJ is a sensationalist and fear monger. All this is my 2cents.

      21. Let me tell you what i heard from my source the scientist.


        This, all of us shtf-effers already know. Here is what you really need to know. This, they have been planning for years. Its has something to do with Nibiru.

        Yes, its true. The cabal plans on using this planets passing to take advantage of the disaster, since the earths environment is going to change permanently.

        S-all sh… t is going down. I am going to tell you what happens next. The ideotic soldiers who are traning and deploying into the cities are not being told what i am about to tell you.

        me-wtf? we heard about this already.

        Me and the team wait and listen to the bitch slap thats about to reach me upside my frickin head.

        Brelecone, kaine, just me, and other agency azz clowns, i know you are going to change you handle and go on the attack, its already too late, i am going to tell eveyone who is on this site and who reads this site.




        S-remeber all that stuff you were hearing about planet X, Nibiru, etc. Its real. I am friends with ??? and dont tell anyone about that.

        me-holy crap, damn, he is always talking to Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle on alot of shows, holy sh……. you have got to be kidding me.

        S-Yes, he is a good friend of mine. He use to work with the cablalist scientist on the inside, he knows thier plans, and this disaster is the cause of all mass extinctions on planet earth for billions of eons. We are facing another mass extinction and the reason why this one is the worst of them all, is because, we have 7,2,000,000,000 billion people on the planet. The food supply has ran out since the early 1990’s and its not publically known, people are starving by the millions in other countries and our stores are full of food but not for long. When planet X comes around, the planet clocks and takes out 4,000,0000,000 people on the globe, they drown in water, India, goes completely under water, not survivors, half of China is under over 600 ft of water, half of them dead and gone. Thats why they want to come here to replace us.

        me-tell me, damn it, what is it. Rat bastard sons of bithches, its f….k….. figures. Now this is making sense.


        L-thats not good.

        H-eh, say what.

        S-shut up and listen. Picture this. We are in Texas and at the equator, right.


        S-then, if you go to the carribian, then you are closer. You are not safer there because when the planet comes around, its going to destroy the earths magnetic field and cause a pole shift, eveyone in that area drowns and dies. The planet earth has and equator, and the sun has one, and all planets have one, so the planets are aligned across and rotate around the sun in a straight line, right. Nibibu has and eliptical orbits and its entering from the south of the planets so all the planets in our solar system are right side up, most people dont know that. Nibiru is now visible in Antartica with the naked eye, the planet will get closer and move to the side of the planets, earth, mars, and Jupiter, etc and will be carrying tons of rocks and a tail of asteriods so long, its makes the planet look like its has bird wings. It has it’s own sun, an calapse brown dowarf, and that star and its planets, all 4 of them inclusing Nibiru, which is 10 times he size of earth will pass between earth and mars, and brings with it, asteroids and commets, that will bombard the earth, the moon and mars, literally with thousands of rocks, and debree punding the crap our of the planet. Its responsible what what happend to Mars, Mars was destroyed by Nibiru and didnt recover, earth recovered. Mars still has life but needs to be terraformed. Dont worry, the government is busy working on that.

        Once the passing comes up, people all over the world will see this read star in the sky will this massive blue planet and 3 other smaller ones, the people are going to demand and answere because the media cannot ignore what is obviously there.


        L-that makes sense

        S-sure it does. Thats why they are massing the troops and the heavy equipment to start a war, triger ww3, and civil war, etc and start ww3, because if they do this, they dont have to disclose what we are seeing because the entire planet will be at war, and destruction will be everywhere. So know you know why. If the planet gets close before the distruction hits, the people are going have a consciousness shift just from the site of it. The military is here to capture all of who they want to capture and plan on taking full advantage of people once the passing takes place.. In 3 days, the entire earth will be totally distroyed, 4 billion will die in 3 days, the rest from disease, bullets, starvation and disease. The militaries will be hunting, capturing women, girls, boys and certing types of men and women to use asz slave labor, etc to continue to run the planet. The elites have made plans to survive the disaster and will be making sure that they microchip the the survivors, kill who they want and literally show lives or dies in the furture afte this takes place. Get me a few 8/10’s and a pen, i need to show you and draw the solar system, and show you what is going to happen. Think i am bulls….t…g, let me show you something. You know the blood moons, ah. When you see the one in September, you will know that the sun is bring affected by this X planet. its not cause from and eclypse, thats the lie. Its planet X’s sun, thats adding the extra light to our moon relfecting back to the earth making it look red like blood. The blood moon is the sign that the planet is about to come close by the March 2016-April 2016 time frame.

        me-This is some really serious sh… the planet comes in from the bottom. its reflection lights up the moon.

        S- Exactly. The picture on the internet showing the planet in antartica is real, you cant see it with the naked eye. When the people start to see it in Brazil, then in the US, then you know its time to run. The people on the other side of the planet wont see it, its passing is on the side over the US, why/ because the planet gets closer to the earth on our side. Yes, we get to see, then all the amature telescope clowns will start to look at it. So the government has to trigger ww3 now to stear the people into a war, to put everyday people in a postion to fucus on the war, death and distruction.

        S-Texas and Florida will be under 600 ft of water,. the water will reach as far as Austin, Hwy 10 in Houston will have over 100 Ft of water. Mexico will be gone, the carribian under water, etc. India is fully under water and Austrilia, most of it under water. Antartica, pushes upward and to the location of Brazil, the crust of the planet at the equator slips and then contracts upward, bulging causeing it to split, slipping europe on the other side of the planet to our side, we end up on the side of the pacific, our country dips downward, then the sun will rise in the west and fall in the east. everthing will be azz backwards, and most of the people in the country will die from disease, starvation, bullet woulds, violence., asteriod inpacts, wind speeds of up 800 mph, etc, volcanic eruptions, lava flow, destroying most of the third world regions. Most all of the satelites will fall from the sky and dont worry they have new ones ready to launsh to replace the current to see all around the planet. Thats why you see them frantic, stocking up on food, bases underground and they are not tellin us what they know are they. Barely 3-5,000,000 of you preppers will survive. You taught i was making up those figures did you. My friend told me about that figure. Its the figure that the cabal war gamed as the end survivor figures. This all goes down in 3 days, yes, that many deaths in 3 days. The survivors will be viscous, some regions on the planet the air is unbreathable, because the atmosphere lost most of its oxygen from the volcanoes, and damage to the ozone layere from asteriod nuclear typs explosions by the thousands, you are better off living underground. Now you know whey they built them, eh. The soldiers are in for a nasty supprise, when they realize that the government is using them to mess with us, and they get caught up into the disaster.

        me-ha, haaaa,haaaa. what a ton of ideots.

        S-all the soldiers start to shoot and kill the people and then Planet X, starts it crunching, and then they drop thier guns and equipment look up to the sky, turn and run, their numbrs are low, so they die and dont survive the fight with people going balastic in the streets. Its going to look like that, movie, WW Z. You cant stay in the city, thats why i move out, they aint coming here. My friend on the inside told me to move to Colorado, to get the hell out of Texas. Since Colorado is higher up. Not anymore than 200,000,000 survive on the planet once its over. So then the cabal sends out the next wave of attacks on the people to capture slaves for work and production, so then the hunt will begin, people groups versus govement and militalry groups.

        me-terminator all over again, sh…….yt./

        He then starts to clap his hands when i said this.

        S-thats right. Thats exactly what will happen next.

        J-so thats why they keep making these terminator movies showing post calapse.

        S- you got it. The is a big mass extinction level event, that is going to wipe out the entire planet. Everybody hates the goverment, and he government told his friend their is not enought space and food even with all the bases, etc to save everyone, its impossible. So they are going to save them selves, and the smartest people. They have a good reason to to that. The 1980’s is when they really discovered the planet., Then the aliens made contact with them and told them that the planet is real, took them out there to look at it. Its occupied with a bad giant race that likes to come to the earth and pick up resources, people, minerals, etc. They have not gained type one status, so they are advanced but not that far ahead of us. But they are very dangerous. The cabal built weapons to fight them, its them that they are hiding from in the DUMBS, Not just us…They know that the people are going to be pizzed when they find out that they have been left to fend for themselves. Jade Helm is he cover for Nibiru, taking the guns is the BS, that they are using to fool us, to make us thing that they are coming for the guns, they wont be able to disarm us. The guns are being allowed so that the people will kill each other off in mass civil war, while they hide from planets X’s distrution. Thats why they are on the run. Its not from the financial calapse. Its gets even worst. The elites are telling his friend that the aliens told them that the end result is what they cannot predict. Its will be either severe and extreme. So the planet may not recover and we might get completely distroyed.

        me-what the hell? so we are being played.

        hey guys, i am just telling you what he told us. Its sounds crazy, and has a lot of merit.

        S-I am ready, i have done a few things.

        me-i have post what your telling me. I Will keep you personal tech stuff private.

        It was already late Saturday night so we had to rap it up.

        Folks, he has masterted free energy and i am lucky to be friends with him, sorry i cant give details. I now i am going get a bunch of crap and all sorts of agency azz clowns attacking me. Watch as soon as i put this up..

        PREP, PREP, PREP, PREP TILL YOU CANT PREP NO MORE. noting my scientist is saying isnt things that you have not heard before. Its the confimation of being friends with ??? what David Hodges, Hagmann, and Steve Quayle is talking to that is scaring the living crap out of me causing loss o bladder control is my real concern..

        Too late azz clows, i posted what i was told. its too late now.

        • Sounds like you and Lindsay have the same source.

        • Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

        • HCKS, I always read and appreciate your post. You have to learn the middle ground. Enjoy the day and if, God forbid, it all happens, I wanna be the one to catch a meteorite or the nuke.
          Just my old lady opinion. I don’t want to live life at that stress level, every day your feet hit the floor is a good day.
          Love and prayers all.

          • You are right about trying to keep a balance; but the problem is, you won’t catch the meteorite or nuke.

        • Houst/Cypress/Katy/shtf – I’m not a big fan of psychotropic drugs, SSRIs, lithium, etc., but you seriously need to go back on them. Immediately

        • Please, please have your vaccinations space further apart. Please!

        • Houst/Ckypress:
          After reading that I believe I will stop sniffing glue.

        • I think you covered just about every catastrophe I have ever heard anyone talk about when referring to the “big one” happening this fall.. I will say tho that the Alien part does show a lot of imagination on your part.

        • HCKS-I think that you are telling the truth and it corresponds to several different aspects that I already know about, from astronomers abruptly leaving their positions at observatories to dreams that I had over 20 years ago that paint a very bleak picture of the future and I had these dreams before I had ever heard of Nibiru.

          The giants have been here before and I have no doubt that they’re coming back.

          As far as the trolls and detractors who come here to harass people who post the truth…ignore them!
          They are here to confuse people…which is what the elite and the governments are counting on.

          Stay close to God and pray for the safety of your families, as well as others and continue to prep-you’re going to need more than you have!

        • Another Nibiru nutcase, huh? There is about as much evidence for Nibiru as there is for John Boehner having a spine.

      22. Yep, here comes the agency azz clowns for and all nighter of how i cant read and write, how stupid i am, how dumb i am, etc, how illiterate i am, etc. You aint winning this one clown punks. I am not here to write a college paper, i am here to post SHTF REAL DATE. TOO LATE AGENCY AZZ TROLLS.

        • I’m still laughing about your reply to me on the June 21st article ” Obama trying to force a confrontation” Don’t take my word for this folks, go back to that article and read specifically his comment # 3405691, where he claims he’s going to have his alien buddies contact and abduct me if I don’t ” lay off him”. He also claims that I would NEVER talk to him the way I do if I REALLY knew who he was. If you still find him sane after reading that, than by all means welcome him into your prepper group, just make sure you’re a light sleeper.

          • Get lost, asshole.

      23. The insanity continues. I will keep my battle flag and if people don’t like it, they can kiss my ass.

        • Confederate.

          I see they want to take Alexander Hamilton off the 10 dollar note and put a woman’s face on it.

          Let’s put Rosa Parks face on it. Better yet, how about Angela Davis.

          • How about Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson?

            • I’d prefer Nathan Bedford Forrest.

              • How about Caitlyn Jenner?

                • She’s got bigger balls than you’ll ever have pussy nose.

      24. Keep the printing presses running because everything on the planet hasn’t yet been collateralized and rehypothicated. The value of the entire earth biosphere and all atoms on the planet is valued at $750 quadrillion, the collapse of the monetary system won’t occur until the banksters have that leveraged up 100 to 1. And the unborn future slaves have a value they can borrow against too. Someday, someone will truly own the world.

      25. I’m willing to bet anybody that nothing is going down this fall !!!

        • WRONG-
          More regulation by the AG dept and EPA as well as more states rights restricted .
          They wont do anything that they cant fly under the radar of the MSM following folks.
          They plan to choke us off with regulation.
          Agenda 21 , simple as that .

          Watch the supreme court decisions this week and early next.

          • I’d rather go through the Nibiru scenario than live in a megacity under agenda 21

        • Fall is the time for crashes. 1929, 1986, 2001, 2008, and many more.

      26. Folks all this B S about the STARS and BARS is nothing more than TPTB are using it as just more wedge to split the nation and to try to start a RACE WAR. If war is what they want they just may get one and they will be sorry of the out come of this one.
        Thanks be to you Abe Lincoln for the big betrayal!
        That’s my take on all of this.

      27. We know it’s coming. There has been and is much growing evidence for a major worldwide economic collapse. A collapse which the world has never seen before.

        God has warned us, and warned us nummerous times over the many years about the times we are now entering into.

        As it was in the days of Noah, people kept eating, drinking, and carrying on with their lives despite the warnings; and when the flood came, it was to late for them because the flood was already upon them. So it is today, many people go on about their lives and ignore the warnings of God through his messengers and many are going to be petrified when they find themselves trapped in a detention camp standing before a guillotine.

        Prepare for the possibility of an early death. Get right with God, ask him for forgiveness of your sins and repent of all sin through his son Jesus Christ. He will hear you and receive you. It’s most important now to be in a right standing with God according to his way.

        I believe that when the collapse happens worldwide, it will be because the 4th seal has been removed:

        7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

        8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:7, 8)

        God bless you all.

        • I give a big Amen to that, SB.

          A little something that has surfaced with the “Pale” colored horse of the Apocalypse.

          In the original language/Hebrew, that color was more of a green, but there was no exact word for green, so it came to us as Pale.

          Some say it refers to sickly, or pale faced. Maybe it has more than one meaning.

          Here is my take. It actually is a reference to the color green, and when green is combined with killing by the sword, it brings up visions of Islamic terrorists. Their main color is green and black/death. Their numbers and numbers of peoples in their regional areas, actually do make up about a fourth of all humanity alive on the earth.

          The beasts spoken of here may just be the unholy “power figures”, associated with Islam. They are beating the war drums and death to Americans and Israel. Basically anyone with “white skin”. They even enjoy killing their own that does not follow their evil ways.

          Because of their ways of terror, many die from starvation when they are turned into refugees, especially in the African region.

          More importantly, their souls die lost because they have a “hunger” for truth of the true Living God, and they are not getting it through the Koran. The Koran keeps feeding them lies, and they die of hunger for truth.

          Dual meanings.

          Just sayin’

          • wind,

            Maybe you’re just a stupid ridgerunner who thinks your version of religion is the only one in the world.

            Just sayin’

          • The only war drums that are being beat are by “useful idiots” like yourself who keep trying to stir up senseless and immoral race wars, instead of addressing the real enemies: those of the Satanist ***ideology***.

            • Fuck you Nazi lover, go give hitler his daily bj, he’s waiting for you in Hell.

        • LMFAO ……see ya in 2020 !!!

      28. I’ve followed Williams for a while to track his predictions, all the ones I tracked turned out very wrong (glad I didn’t base any actions on them).

        Armstrong I don’t know about, we’ll see how it works out as the year goes by.

        As for Alex Jones, he tends to be a bit of a conspiracy nut that fits the facts into a preconceived conspiracy instead of looking at them first, but the real problem is he is such a meek and mild mannered sort of person it’s hard to figure out exactly where he stands on the issues sometimes.

        • It’s called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION douchebag

      29. Coffee filters …. Who knew! And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Store or your favorite Warehouse Store for almost nothing – even the large ones. Use them to:

        1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters make excellent covers.
        2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome… Coffee filters are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling.
        3. Protect China by separating your good dishes with a coffee filter between each dish.
        4. Protect a cast-iron skillet. Place a coffee filter in the skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.
        5. Apply shoe polish. Ball up a lint-free coffee filter.
        6. Recycle frying oil. After frying, strain oil through a sieve lined with a coffee filter.
        7. Weigh chopped foods. Place chopped ingredients in a coffee filter on a kitchen scale.
        8. Hold tacos. Coffee filters make convenient wrappers for messy foods.
        9. Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from going through the drainage holes.. SMART!!
        10. Prevent a Popsicle from dripping. Poke one or two holes as needed in a coffee filter.
        11. Put a few in a plate for your fried bacon, French fries, chicken fingers, etc on them. It soaks out all the grease.
        12. Use to separate fresh tortillas to keep them separated.
        13. As a sewing backing. Use a filter as an easy-to-tear backing for embroidering or appliquéing soft fabrics.
        14. Put baking soda into a coffee filter and insert into shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors.
        15. Serve a sandwich, hot dog or donut instead of a using a plate.
        16. Great for making stir fry – slice or dice veggies into filters rather than dirtying numerous dishes.
        17. Use to warm leftover pizza, French toast or almost any leftovers in the microwave.
        18. Use to line a strainer or sieve anytime you need a more fine strainer
        19. Include in a lunchbox for a paper plate substitute.
        20. Use as a place to keep spatula or measuring spoons when baking to help cut down on messes.
        21. Great to use when making crepes to keep them from sticking together while cooking remaining batter.
        22. Use them to strain soup stock and to tie fresh herbs in to put in soups and stews.
        23. Use a coffee filter to prevent spilling when you add fluids to your car.
        24. Use them as a spoon rest while cooking and clean up small counter spills.
        25. Use to hold dry ingredients when baking or when cutting a piece of fruit or veggies. Saves on having extra bowls to wash.
        26. Use them to wrap Christmas ornaments for storage.
        27. Use them to remove fingernail polish when out of cotton balls.
        28. Use them to sprout seeds. Simply dampen the coffee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a plastic baggie until they sprout.
        29. Use coffee filters as blotting paper for pressed flowers. Place the flowers between two coffee filters and put the coffee filters in phone book..
        30. Use as a disposable “snack bowl” for popcorn, chips, etc.
        31. Grate cheese or chocolate into a coffee filter rather than using a dish or plate.
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        33. Place coffee filters under a baking rack to catch drips when frosting cupcakes, donuts or cookies.
        34. Use to catch any spills when measuring spices, baking cocoa or other baking ingredients. Just funnel any spills easily back into original containers.
        35. Put powdered sugar into a coffee filter before dipping or rolling warm cookies to prevent messes.
        36. Use a filter when decorating a cake, cookies or cupcakes to catch any messy spills or to hold different tubes of icing.
        37. Use a coffee filter under messy syrups, jellies or honey containers to prevent sticky table or countertops.
        38. Coffee filters are great for “breakfasts on the go”. Keep hands clean by putting your jelly-topped toast or greasy egg-sausage sandwich neatly tucked inside.
        39. Use under mugs of hot chocolate to keep the mess off the table.
        40. When making lemon, orange or lime zest, use a coffee filter. Let extra unused zest dry on the filters until thoroughly dried, then store in a tightly sealed container for future use when you don’t have fresh fruit available.
        Hot Chocolate Mix
        10 2/3 c. instant nonfat dry milk
        1 ¾ c. powdered non-dairy creamer (6 oz.)
        2 c. powdered sugar
        2 ¾ c. instant chocolate drink mix (16 oz.)
        Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well. Put in a large airtight container. Store in cool dry place. Use within 6 months. Y: 17 cups of mix. To use, add 3 T mix to 1 c. hot water.

        Russian Refresher (Warm Orange Drink)
        2 c. orange powdered drink mix (like Tang)
        1 envelope unsweetened powdered lemonade mix (2 qt. size)
        2 c. granulated sugar
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        ½ t. ground cloves
        Combine ingredients and store in airtight container. Y: 4 c. mix. To use: add 1 T. mix to 1 c. hot water. Stir well.

      30. Barleycorn you will learn

        • Hey hcks, what’s this? More idiotic threats from the number one nutcase? I’m waiting for your alien buddies to come and abduct me to Alpha Centauri like you’ve previously claimed. Well, where the Hell are they? Are they going to arrive when Alex jones tells them to? I’ll say this for you, you’re a never ending source of amusement here at

          • JB, he’s just misplaced his meds again is all. His talk of his “secret squirrel/scientist” is a hoot though.

      31. The same Alex Jones that said Caitlyn Jenner was an Obama conspiracy to distract Americans so he can take away your phallic symbols. I mean guns? Now, that is a credible source. These idiots have been making these predictions for years, and guess what, they have been wrong. They have been wrong and yet to admit they were wrong but blaming their idiocy on Obama or some other boogey man. Despite these verifiable facts of wrongness. you sheeple still fall into line behind them.

      32. Hey looks like we should invest or start a company that deals in Confederate Flags and gear, there is going to be a very large demand for those items.

        • Copperhead, Dixie Outfitters or Confederate Clothing Co. Just remember your just as free as they will allow you to be. I see where Amazon,eBay,Sears and WalMart won’t sell anything Confederate anymore, but then again look at all the people that flock into NasCar, they band the Confederate Flag years ago and I don’t suppose it hurt their business, why don’t they move it to Jersey. Trekker Out. Vini Vidi Vici!

        • I’d invest in that company.

      33. Local supermarket had a sale on toilet paper, 14 cents a roll. Good stuff, nice and soft. 96 rolls per box.

      34. I thought I’d share a recipe too. This barbecue sauce is good on pork ribs. It’s probably good on beef and chicken also. You will probably need to make multiples of the recipe for a good size batch of pork ribs.


        1 onion (or more)
        2 tablespoons cooking oil
        2 tablespoons vinegar
        2 tablespoons brown sugar
        1/4 cup lemon juice
        1 cup ketchup
        3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
        1/2 teaspoon mustard
        1 cup water
        salt and pepper

        Brown onion in oil. Add rest of ingredients and simmer 30 minutes to thicken. Pour over partially cooked meat and bake in oven.

        • Yum!!! Thanks!

      35. Havent been here in a spell but its good to see this sites still up and kickin!
        Still attempting to farm with all this crazy weather…frost killed all my apples in early June…peaches and pears,ditto…now its rain,not ordinary rain but everyday deluges…sometimes multiple times a day…unreal!
        Good to see all the oldtimers still here and some new names I dont know… 🙂
        Crazy world run by crazy people…nuthin new eh? I still fly the old rebel flag off the porch and I still plant things and watch them grow and I still believe in Freedom and the value of the individual…nuthin new there either so I’ll just keep on being ready for whatever and whenever they finally trip the trigger…till then as I say “live free or die tryin”…take care y’all! REB

        • Reb, sorry to hear ’bout your fruit trees. Hope they rebound next year. Good to hear from you. Take care ‘Ol boy!

          • Thanks PO’d…good to see youre still kickin!

        • Hey reb , that flag symbolize slavery which I am sure you don’t condone. Dont tread on me or live free or die flags are much more righteous. God bless you

      36. Two things the author forgot to add:

        China’s yuan positioned to be fully convertible by the end of 2015 (reserve currency status)this is going to be their big announcement and it will shake the markets.


        Obama only has a legitimate year left on his presidency so if for any reason there is going to be martial law declared then the ‘crisis’ needs to happen before the end of 2015. Next year everyone will be paying attention to the new candidates on both sides and he will become a lame duck.

        Maybe nothing happens and everyone is a blow hard but are you willing to bet your life on being ignorant of all these things converging? Even skeptics cannot be blind to everything?

      37. peoples voracious appatite for consumption is gonna cause them to burn through their supplys and food. people are fuckin gluttons eating shit all the time. i live on less calories and no i dont smoke to suppress my appatite 2 meals a day lunch and supper coffee in the morn. these people eating 5000 calories a day are gonna suffer when their calorie intake goes down after draining their food supply. you see them stuffing themselves at resturants they are so gorged they gotta loosen their belt. they will suffer and i will be doing fine even if im down to one meal dont bother me much i will make due. if you have fat people in your group you better do something about it or your finished. ive seen people eat three plate fulls at every sitting and say they dont eat much. being overweight they can hardly move on their own steam nevermind do any physical labor. high blood pressure diabetes smoking a pack a day drinking smoking dope anyone that is a mess and doesnt function normally is screwed dont let your love for them take you down. nobody is gonna jepordize my survival when it happens my heart will harden like cement thats just the way it is. useless eaters living off the fruits of my labor wont be happening with the gov footing the bill and stealing my wealth like they do now if i sound like a douche then good.

      38. For those who haven’t a lot of prepping backround ,I would also suggest getting “how to ” books. everything from a to z .Even those with a lot of skills would benefit from these books, and you would be able to pass on these skills.Remember ,there will probably be no internet to connect to. Good luck everybody

      39. He gettin fat for real

      40. Watching our country unravel at the hands of the global elite is painful. I am feeling a sense of grief over losing our world.

        I started prepping in 2008. My family asked me why I was hoarding rice and beans, sugar, salt and powdered milk. At the time I did not know why; I do now. My wife is terrified but with love, understanding and trickery she is all in now.

        I had a feeling way back then. Divine intervention has blessed me many times so I listen to the little voice inside and am prepared.

        Good luck and God bless.


      41. Po patriot, and MommaD, my scientist friends friend, worked for the elitist rat bastards for years, then quit them. My source is friends with that source who is friends Steve Quayle and Doug hagmannan. So I cannot disclose him, it could cause a problem for him. Even I have to be careful what I post but like I said, he told my scientist friend whats going to happen..the government is in contact with rogue extra terrestrials instructing them, telling the elite to kill us, and yes they are the reptilians, this is all real. Haven’t you guys noticed that Dr James Garrow stopped doing shows and that Lindsey Williams bailed.

        Dr Garrow knows that once be comes on a show. They are going to ask him about Jade Helm and he is going have to tel the truth..its that serious..

        They know what I posted. We are in a lot or trouble. Its all real. I was told of the financial calapse before it happened but don’t believe it until I was literally homeless and put in the streets. Now I am prepared and found this site by accident followed the advice of the commenter’s and your guys helped me save my own azz.. so now that I have recovered since I live in the best state of Texas, I have gotten much better and have taken reaponsibility,and I met people then i met the scientist and found out the proof that he was a real one saw all his stuff what he built evened, etc..his flying disk, etc, went to his hangers then the education process begun. I told him my secret and he verified that I was telling the truth, then I convinced him to disclose to my group of preppers, then we starred to hear how investing in gold and silver is a waste of time and that guns and bullets food and water and shelter outside of the city was the commodity.

        Less than one year ago.

        S- what are going to do with gold, trade with thugs and killers, if they are standing near you when the sh..t hits the fan what makes you think you can trade stuff..only people and protection. Will make it up have to leave the city..did you see that movie called the road..

        Me- a, no, eh, oh, that makes sense..

        The road is where we are heading..

      42. I am going to tell you guys again. The financial calapse is engineered to cause a condition to make people rise up and get violent, once this happens they do th false flags, trigger civil and revolution war, the cabal knows attacks the people, they trigger ww3, provoking Russia. If they are not able to accomplish the above mentioned then Nibiru shows up in the sky for all to see, that red star with the massive blue star, the planet right next to it with 3 other smaller stars. Do you honestly think that people will be focused on that when civil war breaks out and the trips attack us..the scientist told me, that now 2016 election is coming, Nibiru is what is making then torment this military attack. .not even the idoetic soldiers who are involved in the drill know what’s really happened they are being it’s for the calapse but they are not told it’s to attack the people to cover up planet X’s appearance..i am telling r all what I was told by this I get image source..the entire earth is going to be destroyed it may recover it may not recover.

        That’s it Agency azz clowns, you seem a little quiet today ain’t ya. Attack me all you want. Everytime you attack me, you feed my credibility. And it’s because I an credible. What does a non believer need to come on this site to attack people. You are Agency people working for fusion, Nsa, dhs, etc.

        Walmart is a capture detainment, kidnapping operation to grab women, children and people for slave labor post Nibiru environmental distruction.

        You see folks, the elite don’t on working, they have slaves that they have captures after Nibiru closings. In a second mote, when November comes around expect to see and I surgery from the the pizzed off people engulf the entire country. That’s when that star starts to show it self. The elites are on the run, Alex is dead on, and they are on the run for good reason..



        • HCKS
          This whole thing is hard to swallow, because I didn’t talk to your source. My mother is from Missouri the show me state and I get it from here.
          And maybe this is something I can’t do anything to stop it, or to protect the family.
          Again we will see!
          Keep the INFO coming when you get it. People can read it and believe it or not.

          • I vote “not”.

        • Its not attacking you. You make assertions based on NOTHING. Are we to assume it isn’t Nibiru, it’s the little green men on Nibiru that are the problem?? A couple years ago I read numerous articles on Nibiru coming around 2012 or 13. I had been sighted, the were suppressing the info, it was hiding behind the sun… heck, it was hiding under my bed.

          The whole thing is a waste of time. And when it doesn’t come this time, you’ll just bump up the schedule. The $222 trillion in unfunded liabilities is something to be concerned about. Some fake planet is not. And yes, if there were one, a whole gaggle of amateur astronomers would be blogging right now. Thy aren’t

          • Test,

            Please take heed of this warning, hcks is already sending his space alien buddies to abduct and spirit me away to the great beyond, if you manage to piss him off or not try to humor him like some lost souls here do, you might wind up on the same flying saucer with me. Like he told me, if you knew who he REALLY was, there’s no way you would ever dare speak to him in the tone you’re using. So, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life on Alpha Centauri with me, you had best apologize to this superman well of all knowledge beyond anything mere humans could possibly comprehend, or at least fine out where he gets his kick ass LSD from.

            • You’re a fucking asshole for continuing to taught the guy. If you don’t believe in what he’s saying, that’s fine. You can just shut the fuck up. Really.

            • You’re a fucking asshole for continuing to taunt the guy. If you don’t believe in what he’s saying, that’s fine. You can just shut the fuck up. Really.

      43. Actually, what is amusing, is that people are always looking at the tree to fall while ignoring the forest. There are MANY events going on right now other than the financial crisis… and for the most part, all those other crisis intersect. People need to stop compartmentalizing as separate issues everything that has been happening since Dial Emergency 9-1-1.

        It should be obvious. The catalyst will not be just some one off event, but a series of events. Problem, Reaction. Solution. They are preparing.

      44. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
        That simple.

      45. Watch Peter Schiff…he’s been dead on the money . You can watch him on CNN and other shows telling folks in 2006 what was going to happen…and it did .

      46. Just a few months ago right here many where warning about Ebola? Remember how it was going to be a pandemic? Remember I stated it would fizzle out. The thing is don’t worry about things you have no control over. Cross those bridges when you come to them. Lean Know How that enables you to be self reliant. In fact Im getting old and tired of waiting. Im going to vote for Hillary hoping that bitch will speed things up.. Bring it on lets get the show started.

        • Yes indeed Old Guy…you were right about Ebola, and I was wrong.

          Fooled my ass once, won’t fool me again.

          • Hey old guy, while I’m mentioning my ass, why don’t you come over to my place sometime and let me give some? As you can see, I’m up all night with nothing else to do so call me!

      47. The only cash worth having is gold, silver, copper, nickel, aluminum, steel and lead.

      48. Lot’s of great banter about their Hegelian dialectic And yet no one addresses the real problem which is SPIRITUAL. The explanation for everything, including what is in store for us all is called the Holy Bible, read it & prepare your soul! Shalom

      49. People please get some perspective and stop it. If you type September 2014 in the search box at the top of the economic collapse blog website you will read all the same type of articles you are now having the pleasure to read for 2015. All with the same dire predictions and warnings.

        Here are some of the highlights:

        “We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom
        to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.”

        “There is going to be a global currency reset.” – Lindsay WIlliams

        “Any self-respecting adult that hears McConnell, Reid, Boehner, Ryan,
        one after another, and buys this baloney… they deserve what they get.
        And as for the international scene… the whole thing is collapsing.
        That’s our forecast. We are saying that by the second quarter of 2014, we expect the bottom to fall out… or something to divert our attention as it falls out.” – Gerald Celente

        “The next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching, and things are going to get much worse than this.” – Michael Snyder

        OR better yet type in September 2012 for more predictions that just did NOT happen and read the article Michael wrote titled: “17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012.”

        With Michael saying in his article “What is the second half of 2012 going to bring? Are things going to get even worse than they are right now? Unfortunately, that appears more likely with each passing day. I will admit that I am extremely concerned about the second half of 2012.”

        So there you have it folks, year after year Michael, Celente, Jones, Williams and the entire gaggle of supposed alternative media pushing and promoting fear year after year. Especially for September and October and year after year things go on and nothing happens.

        When are we going to just take responsibility for our own lives and just live?

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