Life Assurance: “The Payoff Is You Get To Live”

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It’s clear that the United States of America is on a trajectory that will lead to ruin, destruction, poverty and even war.

But the following interview with research author Steve Quayle and the team at Full Spectrum Survival paints a picture unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Covering topics that include everything from economic collapse, biological outbreaks, cyber attacks, martial law and how to develop life assurance plans to survive and thrive when most others won’t, Steve Quayle highlights the numerous possibilities for what may well be coming down the pike.

It’s much more serious than most can even imagine.

Now is the time to focus your preparedness efforts on the skills and tangible assets that will save your life when the worst happens:

You’re giving people life skills… skills to save their life… Years ago I coined the term life assurance… You get to live with the benefit of your forethought and planning… you’re assuring yourself.

Because when you think of a life insurance policy something bad has to happen for something to pay off.

Life assurance…

The payoff is you get to live.

Interview: Full Spectrum Survival’s Brad and Michael Harris with Steve Quayle

(Watch at Youtube)

Why Gold and Silver…

Getting people to take personal responsibility for the decisions for their family’s welfare and well-being is as critical in the financial realm… maybe more so than even the physical prep because if you don’t do one you can’t do the other. They’re really a coordinated effort. Obviously it’s food first… and the only time you go into metals is when you have a surplus and you want to preserve the purchasing power.

People have to understand that they will be using their gold and silver most likely in an underground economy and not in the open market.

The next phase of collapse… for those without gold and silver…

It will leave them bankrupt overnight… what we’re seeing now is a microcosm… we watched it happen when the bank in Cyprus ended up basically saying ‘we’re gonna search everybody’s money’… After the first of the year, if you put money in the bank you are no longer a secured depositor… you’ve moved to an unsecured lender… that sounds like mumbo-jumbo, but what that basically means is if the bank gets into trouble they have a call on your financial deposits because you have put your money into their control…

The rumors I’m hearing… and I know people all over the world… and they’re telling me that the plan is to take 80% of America’s savings… 80% of their IRA’s, 401k’s… and that’s in the best case.

On the coming takeover of America…

Ten years ago there were 365,000 foreign troops [on American soil]…

Now we’re up to about 200 of America’s top military personnel being dismissed… and the reason they’re being dismissed… it’s not these phony charges… they have refused to swear allegiance to the entity of the White House versus the Constitution… that they will stay with their Constitutional oath… so what you’re seeing is the intentional destruction of the U.S. military and in it’s place you’re seeing the private army of a man who has sworn to take this country to a place it’s never been.

It troubles me when someone has a mentor, or multiple mentors, that say 30 to 40 million people have to die (i.e. the Weather Underground guy) when you and I are numbered among those who would not be allowed to live simply because we believe in the freedom of speech… We can be the victim of a drone strike… We have no writ of Habeas Corpus… we can be held in indefinite detention…

People have got to understand that they can acknowledge the Constitution exists, but not in the power structure that intends to do every thing they can to destroy any and all your rights… and effectively they’ve taken those rights away.

 You’re going to be an enemy of the state…

If you are a practicing, freedom loving, you’re against the tyranny… you’re going to be an enemy of the state and in that enemy of the state phase at some point you’ll be forced to either take the Mark of the Beast, or you’re going to be denied your access t o commerce, a job, health care, and everything else. So it’s about control.

…You cannot stay within the system and think somehow they’re just gonna ignore you. They will force you.

Pastor David Langford made a great statement on a show we did on Hagmann and Hagmann…

He said “you don’t have to go lookin’ for trouble. Trouble’s comin’ lookin’ for you.”

Brad and Michael Harris are the creators of the daily News In Two Minutes series (which you can find in our left sidebar) and are currently developing the Ultimate Survival and Preparedness DVD series with the aim of teaching others the necessary life assurance skills and strategies that you’ll need when the system as we know it no longer exists.

Steve Quayle is the author of numerous ground breaking research books, the regularly updated web site, and owner of SQ Metals


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    1. Archivist

      It just snowed here, first time this year. Battery banks are all charged up for 11-13.

      • Silver Surfer

        I’ve seen more headlines this week about Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, and DWTS than I can stand, but I’ve seen little to nothing about the GRIDEX or the Chinese troops in Hawaii (interestingly these events coincide).

        • OutWest

          I went looking for America…..
          and couldn’t find her anywhere.

          • Be informed

            It is my firm belief that UNTIL something massive happens, 99% of the masses will not wake up to anything. After this it will be too late. The population is in full hibernation mode and when the fire starts this won’t even bring them out after the embers actually start landing on them and burning them would they see the wisdom of the 1%, by then the fire hjas engulfed them and they are nothing but a cinder on the ash heap of ignorance.

            That 1% MIGHT be able to wake up perhaps 1/2 of 1% to 1% of that 99%. This could be a worthwhile effort as long as they don’t compromise their own security by getting people that are nothing but a lot of talk and a severe liability when something huge does happen. The main word here is careful. Let’s face it from a cynical point of view. With everything that is happening, why hasn’t a person personally decided to start preparing, even a little? That is a question anyone needs to ask of someone’s true intent.

            By the way Anonymous asked if I post other earthquake forecasts anywhere else and the answer is NO. This site is one of true freedom and I much respect Mac and the philosophy of this site, and I stopped trying to post comments elsewhere on anything. I have been banned on 3 sites from even commenting on anything because I did not kiss the fat asses of the owners and spoke my mind, especially on freedom of speech that they preach like the true hypocrites that they are. This is the best site that there is for true freedom of speech, hands down.

            About earthquakes, had three more precursor earthquake today, quite rare ones that still point to a huge earthquake coming. Especially at the Mexico to Central American area to Caribbean, Columbia to south Peru/far north Chile, New Guniea to Samoa, Central Japan, India/China, Aleutian Islands/ALASKA, Cascadia fault and California. It has narrowed down much. The major earthquake in eastern Russia reset the time scale to the day before Thanksgiving, Nov.27 as the time window for this. Each major earthquake and the precursor quakes thereafter extend the time frame but much more pinpoint where the next major quake will occur. 41 out of 47 of these quakes still say 7.5+. From the higher activity on the Carlsberg Ridge and souther African plate it seems to point to something quite larger than the recent 7’s.

            • OutWest

              Be informed — stay strong, old friend

              It’s like the cream said to the milk;

              It’s lonely at the top ~~~

              • Be informed

                @ OutWest. This is exactly what I feel, the people here are on this site are at the top of the wisdom ladder. 🙂

                • Paranoid

                  I don’t understand you guys. This is a good news post. If they come for us, think of all the gas money we will save. All the walking and garbage cans we won’t have to look into. Zip pity do dah, zipity yea, my oh my, what a wonderful day.

                • KY Mom

                  By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
                  -Benjamin Franklin

              • sixpack

                It might seem lonely at the top, but you wouldn’t BE on top without the support of the rest…

                • Loner

                  It may be lonely at the top,
                  but it is lonelier at rock bottom

                • sixpack

                  For the 3 thumbs down—What? You don’t think the guy at the top needs a few shoulders to stand on? You can’t have a top, without a bottom…it’s just the laws of gravity.

            • TripodXL

              BI; You should educate all the earthquake scientists in the world that have dedicated themselves to their profession for years and years and haven’t figured it out. I’m sure they would be grateful for having the “scales fall from their eyes” and be able to see the things that you do, even though they have spent years getting training and doing research and yet, not being able to predict these things like you can. The amount of increased accuracy would certainly increase their productivity and show how foolish universities and governments around the world have been to spend billions of dollars over the years with nothing to show for it. I’ll bet the other sites that banned you will rue the day they did that to you. Be well Old friend.

              • Be informed

                @ TripodXL. Nice sarcasm and how you can dish it out but not take it as many other people have mentioned about your demure. This is a very coomon characteristic of people born on your birthday. TripodXL is born on June 30 to anyone that would like to know. I see the traits in many zodiac signs and TripodXL is a golden example of this of many people that share this birthday, not all by any means.

                June 30 people are enigmatic (opaque), very inconsistent, and extremely moody, and have a difficulty figuring out whom they are or what they are, as one of my friends zodiac signs books points out. I think this points to you perfectly. It also states that they have bouts of apparent laziness, mental including. There are other positive traits such as extreme loyalty to a very small number of people. often the worng people.

                Wake up for a second. IF others can predict earthquakes that have spent billions of dollars on, why haven’t they? Why does someone continue to forecast earthquake after earthquake using primitive means in comparison to those that spend billions? Why maybe it is because they do know and are keeping it secret, or they are so conditioned on a narrow minded basis that they can’t think outside the box. Anyone else forecasting 6.5+ earthquakes like this on the internet? Don’t think so. ies, okay.

                I would personally look at your own worship of someone that runs a website that preaches freedom, especially freedom of speech. Yet has a policy of banning someone that doesn’t kiss the fat backside of the owner. When they bring up a counter argument to one or more of the articles calls it bashing. This is censorship, no two bits about it. Exactly what is done in Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea. You call it enclitic and a higher form of talk, I and others call it banned free speech that doesn’t patronize the owner of the site. It is so common now, it is the poison that is political correctness that BO and the other governemnt thugs so enjoy putting the thumb on ALL of us. YOU SUPPORT THAT?

                I have not once mentioned the other sites that have banned me. I have more class than to gossip like this. I refer to other sites being this way because it shows just what a wonderful site this is and how Mac lives by his words and doesn’t censor people’s opinions. Not dangerous talk that can get the site shut down, just people’s opinions. Your worship of certain sites that employ the same tactics used by a tyranny government shows that you might just be happy to part of this type of government and buttons up people’s lips that express their right of free speech. Part of the beast that makes sure free thought is censored. Perhaps.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Be Informed:

                  I enjoy your articles but have to differ with you when you blame it on zodiac signs.

                  I dont happen to believe much about zodiac signs; however I have a sister who is a Taurus and she is as stubborn as a bull, but has other great traits.

                  So, would you care to share your sign with us. If so, I am sure some of us could find some good and some bad in it. Mine is Virgo so feel free to take a shot.

                • Be informed

                  @ Pissed of Granny. I came down on TripodXL because this character fully supports web sites that ban free speech and use the false premise that they are not allowing comments because it is considered bashing. In reality all the owners of these sites are doing is keeping the sponsors as happy as possible by ONLY printing the positive of the articles they publish. This is censorship, sick censorship.

                  TripodXL once mentioned in a comment that he was born June 30. I picked up a friend’s zodiac book that has each 366 days of the year for each birthday and it was scary to see just how accurate it described TripodXL. It includes Feb.29 as leap year birthdays. Since TripodXL hit me with some asinine sarcasm to the many hours that I try to forecast earthquakes to save people’s lives I decided to mention the negative aspects of his birthday as this was as absurd as this person making a joke of something that has people’s lives at stake with.

                  I spend many hours of my free time trying to figure out how to forewarn people and then someone with good knowledge of much but absolutely idiotic worship of exactly what the government does around the world to countless people, it ticked me off. People lose their lives all the time because they speak their minds, yet this person supports web sites theat employ the same tactics as these tyranny governments around the world. Censorship is sick beyond words and fewer and fewer sites remain free. TripodXL through his complete support of such non free web sites shows his true colors, that he is pro government control and pro BO as this is exactly what both are trying to do, censor opinions that go against the grain of what others want to hear, and to destroy the basic foundations of the Constitution.

                  By the way, Virgos that I know are logical, analytical, and steadfast. They are cool.

              • Wolf359

                Wait…are they the same universities and governments that spent billions funding bogus clmate change studies and were caught conspiring in emails to hide contrary factual data?

                Wait…are they the same governments and universities who classify people who value the constitution, preparedness, and the founding of our country as extremists?

                Wait…the same universities that denigrate libertarianism and constitutionalism while promoting marxism?

                Wait…the same government that spent $600 million on a website they had almost 5 years to make which failed in 17 seconds.

                Or are we talking about the same government who backed al qaeda in syria, purged the top military brass, measures trust in the military by asking if they will seize arms from citizens and fire on them, told us if we like our plan we can keep it, gave russia GB’s nuclear detterent, ordered us special forces to stand down in benghazi, blocked ww2 vets from monuments, used the irs as a political weapon, and….

                YEA..I trust them. They have a proven track record of honesty on honorable behavior

                Or maybe..ill try somebody who thinks outside of the box. Folloow what they post. Watch it unfold and make my own decision.

                BI keep up the good work. I find what you do to be insightful and interesting. You should list those sites so ppl know to stay away.

                • Be informed

                  @ Wolf359. Thank you for the insight on all the bogus money spent by these fraudulent places of supposed higher learning. ONLY someone that is pro establishment could ever support this type of “research” that leads to for one thing, medical quackery throughout the world. Those committed to finding answers to what puzzles the world wants to know are usually ostracized by the “scientific” community or not even given the opportunity to show any new theories. People like myself that want to find answers for the sole purpose of helping those are really put on to the “whacked out” charts of these fools that play exactly the game the governments want them to. This is why there are so few advancements in science in the past generation or so. Struck in the world is flat because we told you so rut. This is why I enjoy this site so much, because so many are free thinkers that don;t just go along with the herd to the slaughter.

            • Lake Monster

              I thought that the people who didn’t wake up after 9/11 would surely wake up once TSA was installed in the airport to molest everyone! I truly thought that this would be the line in the sand. Then I thought Benghazi would be the line in the sand, and then I thought the threat of going into Syria, or the NSA, or every other damn thing that they are doing now would be the line in the sand.

              They are installing surveillance boxes in Seattle that will track people much closer now with microphones to record your conversations. Got a call from a friend last night that lives a block up from one of these new boxes. I urged her to move out of there now and that I would help her. She doesn’t like the boxes, but yet, she’s like ho hum, life goes on, I’ll just walk in the other direction and ignore them.

              I honestly don’t know what will be that line in the sand for the American people. We’ve got people who have no idea what is going on, or people who think signing a petition to wear a helmet while walking because Obama says so, is a good idea. My husband and I refer to all of these people as zombies now.

              I feel such a sense of anger but I have no idea what to do. When I lived in the city I protested many things. Was it all a waste of time?

              Frankly, I’m tired of trying to get people to wake up, now, I’m going to put my energies into protecting my family and getting prepared. If the zombies don’t want to wake up and pay attention, then they’ll have to deal with the consequences.

              I don’t mean to sound like a downer here, but folks, I honestly don’t believe anyone is going to wake up. I just don’t. Most of these people are going to continue each day with their heads up their asses living in denial and being completely oblivious to everything around them. I swear, if Obama could run a 3rd term, there are people who will still vote for him. People are stupid, just so stupid now.

              • JayJay

                Lake, my sentiment exactly; that % not awake by now??
                I have no sympathy for them–their young children maybe, but not the Kardashian viewers and DWTS fans.
                Will they have a power to answer to some day for their lack of concern for their children’s safety?

              • Swordsmyth

                I agree with you Lake Monster. I have been trying to wake up the masses for over twenty years now and the only ones that have done so are in my immediate family.

                I am sick of getting the thousand mile stare when I mention anything of importance to the sheeple I run into.

                They will all reap what they have sown.

                The rest of my family are like all the other zombies. They continue to feed at the trough of the main stream media and believe we are in a “recovery!”

                You could take my parents as an example. My mother gets it and we both are the driving force in her house and mine. My father on the other hand just says, “Do what you want I don’t want to know.”

                I call it “Cognitive apathy” a willing desire to keep your head in the sand while your backside is exposed as a target.

                Keep fighting the good fight and stock up on the beans, bullets, and band-aids. We will all be grateful that we did so.

                Peace and blessings….

              • Silver Surfer

                If I had a sound box like that up the street from me I’d have a speaker set up on my roof facing it and playing the Macarena song 24/7. I might even set up a second one to play Talk Radio 24/7 as well.
                My passive aggressive way of tormenting the poor NSA guy that has to listen to it.
                In fact I’d go a step further to INSURE that the NSA had to listen to it all day- I’d pipe a third speaker to play some AlJazeera/Durka Durka talk radio as well. How many man hours will THAT waste?

            • Facebook Page

              Big. Just like do use to throw gun owner numbers around that would be the saviors of all.

              You keep saying 1%. Are you saying 1% awake and looking. Or do you believe 1% are truly prepared. Not asking how many will survive a total SHIF. Just the truth about the ones currently prepared for a total SHIF.

              • Facebook Page

                For BI. Not big this auto correct stuff is getting on mg nerves.

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              BI, I’ve been discussing “The Conspiracy” for 30 years. I can assure you that in the past 10 (and especially the past 5) there are a LOT more people awake than used to be. Many just aren’t very public about it. Things are changing (thanks to time and the internet.)

              • KY Mom

                Nov. 1, 2013 – New Executive Order

                Executive Order — Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change
                White House dot gov

                Obama Has Just Implemented a Plan for Government Control Over America’s Resources
                The Tea Party Economist

                (Direct links below)

              • Them Guys

                There are several different Stages to awkening. At first most all folks remain in severe denial no matter what proof or facts are shown to them. Then maybe One per 1000 begin to read articles, or check others links to fact based infos etc. They are who wake up a little.

                Once they awaken, they usually go thru a depressed mode for awhile. Its too much to believe, yet they have to believe its truth. Then they get passed that faze, and the real Anger of such facts and truth set’s in.

                Then the true anger keeps building untill the final stage of awoke when the person has a real honest fact based desire to Do something more than personal preps.

                Then they realize not alot they can do at present time. So Anger turns to Rage against the systems in place and again keeps building.

                Thats the point and folks who are going to be alot more like very highly pissed off Viking Warriors, when whatever breaks the damn errupts.

                And Thats what truely is fearsome to the persons liable for our troubles. They are not stupid folks as some here say. Rather they are very intelligent types and they know the worst troubles are yet to come. And that worst trouble is their fate once it occures in earnest.

                What the evil doer leaders and MSM enablers et al fear most is the fact that most all the highly pissed off awake folks, also on the outter surface appear as average normal every day types. The type who will be able to do “things” and then blend right back into mainstream average folk types, and none will ever guess that this women or mother or man in a suit and tie can ever be capable of doing dasterdly deeds as a form of pay back to those responsible for our fiascos and troubles.

                Every single one of that evil doer group has Tons of cash and assets. They believe monetary wealth will “save” their sorry useless asses when that day arrives.

                I believe at minimum 50+ million true patriotic american folk are going to disprove that idea and show them that lots of money or pals in high places will never suffice as any true shield of protection.

                When the proverbial smoke clears afterwards, thats when the currently highy angry pissed off patriots chomping at te bit to Act and do something more as a fix, are going to relax and again begin to smile.

                Its getting to There from Here that takes a strong willed mindset is all. For now about the best that can be done is to Visualize it, like a movie that plays out in the minds eye.

                I used to see all Trees as Just a tree. Then I moved away from detroit city life to UP north Mich, lower penn.

                After my very First winter up north and useing wood for heat…By the first springtime that followed that first cold winter, I began to see Trees in a whole new way!

                Ever since I see Trees as HEAT! as Firewood! The more trees I see grouped in an area, the more I see Firewood for home heating!…Plus now I can in One or two seconds see what Type tree it is…Oak? Ash? Hard maple? thats best for firewood heat bt far.

                That same mindset way of thinking different is how I now see in the movie that plays out inside My head, all them eliets types and evil doers.

                Now as I drive down a road and see Lamp Posts, I envision every Lamp Post nationwide decorated as if they all were an Christmass Pine Tree!…Only by some strange coincidence or irony, every Ornament seems to be a crooked Politition or MSM enabler and liar!

                I am just Glad every Lamp Post has its Own source of lights as that reduces our work load when we begin to Hang the ornaments in time for Christmass decorations.

                Once every ornament is properly Hung up, somebody can simply flip that ON switch and light up our nations Lamp Posts everywheres!….Then all Patriots shall Smile wide and be thanfull for so wonderfull of a holliday season.

                And all you moms and dads with young children, once the smoke clears and the ornaments are all properly Hung, You must do the same as early out west settlers and cowboys did. Bring the children from far and wide, and Show them all those nicely decorated Lamp Posts as a form of a Teaching tool moment, as to what Not to end up like if they ever seek elected offices positions etc!

                • Justice

                  What a dipshit !

            • Harrison Bergeron

              “It is my firm belief that UNTIL something massive happens, 99% of the masses will not wake up to anything…”

              Couldn’t agree more. They’re just not going to get it until too late.

              • rko

                even then, most will go to the grave clueless- many while believing they know what is going on (Xtian Zionists). the Deceived Elect are the most dangerous of all, as these “Useful Idiots” as Talmud calls them, are the primary means the NWO effects its program. the Idiots work for their own self-destruction, having no idea of how they are being used to implement their own demise.

              • Them Guys

                Justice: Its ok for You to keep your head deep up jewass. Just don’t advertize it by telling everybody about being a dipshit. Try an original slogan for yourself. Hows about a “HUTA” a Head Up their Ass! ps instead of storing your head up their ass, try their huge Shnozes as I heard Thats where most stash the stolen Loot.

            • John Q. Public

              Like everything important, the Kenyan won’t see this letter… until he sees it on the evening news.


              • John Q. Public

                Cross-posted (too many tabs open) and censorship is now imposed 🙁

            • Mike

              It wasn’t raining while Noah was building the Ark

          • Hunter


            America as we knew her…is in a coma, she’s on life support in the ICU.

            ..the O.R. staff are on short notice to prepare for an organ-harvesting procedure as the elite banker types, drool over the soon-to-be-reaped profits…of her demise/dismemberment!

            PRAY for her!

            • Walt Kowalski

              America as we know her… dead.

              They just haven’t buried the rotting corpse.

              • Hunter


                In retrospect, you’re probably right.
                The sad thing is, there no real money left to pay the UNDERTAKER!

              • Swordsmyth


                Once people realize that then we can move on.

                Until then they are still living in the “American Dream.”

                Come on folks, awaken from you slumber before the nightmare begins!

                Just because you can’t see the invisible chains that bind you doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

            • Facebook Page

              Bullshit she just need some peplacement parts. It a hard surgery but if this old pos of myself can survive and am starting to thrive. This country can.

              She may need to be strapped to a table and opened up from head to knee for all to see and go though. But she can handle it. All she need is a working head and the will

              There is a point that the bucket will overflow. And that is when many will just kick the can over deal with the smell and crap and clean it up. It just smell enough yet.

              • JayJay

                Facebook, if what you say is the sentiment of even 50% of America, let’s get this party started and I’ll bring chips and dip!! 🙂

          • grossyi

            Where are the Chinese troops in Hawaii?

          • socmarine87

            “I miss America”

        • Emily

          @ Silver Surfer ~ I just listened to Ground Zero tonight with Clyde Lewis.
          22 hours earlier, England had a mock Grid check, or a
          Gridex. They now have a Power Outage in Southern London.
          This can be confirmed if you Google this information and check.

          • Silver Surfer

            Thanks for the heads up!
            I’m going to check it out right now!

        • Ronald

          They went the way of Clark Kents phone booth.

        • Anonymous

          Reaper drone crashed into lake ontario last nite.20 miles n/e of oswego ny.a lot of military in area.odd that its so close to ocean access from great lakes.i am in the area and keeping a watchful eye.stay safe my friends.

          • Emily

            @ Anonymous ~ I live in Upstate New York Between Buffalo and Syracuse.
            Thank you for the information. I will have to check it out.

        • Hunter

          …and the article said:

          “It troubles me when someone has a mentor, or multiple mentors, that say 30 to 40 million people have to die (i.e. the Weather Underground guy) when you and I are numbered among those who would not be allowed to live simply because we believe in the freedom of speech… We can be the victim of a drone strike… We have no writ of Habeas Corpus… we can be held in indefinite detention…

          People have got to understand that they can acknowledge the Constitution exists, but not in the power structure that intends to do every thing they can to destroy any and all your rights… and effectively they’ve taken those rights away.”

          SHTF group survey says: (in roundabout ways)

          Yep, the Constitution has been by-passed!

          Check, the Bill of Rights has been reduced to a mere “list of privileges.”

          The GULAG state is here!

          …and coming soon, Revolution 2.0…and to TPTB, know this:

          ..this time around, your attempts at eliminating tens-of-millions of us, is going to cost you.

          …’cuz we’re gonna be, very expensive!

          -Aim small, miss small-

          • Them Guys

            They have been Replaceing the US Const and BOR with their own Talmud and Zohar and Cabala books ways and beliefs.

            And thats the main reason 98% of usa citizens no longer Count or mean Anything, to those who currently rule it all. Thats All of You Goyims for the slow learners out there. Think its bad now? Wait till They enact their Noahcide Laws for gentile goyims.

            • Hunter

              Them Guys-

              Keep at it, dude!

              I listen, I follow threads and research your facts!
              I learn as a result.

              -Thanks much-

              • Them Guys

                HUNTER: Thats swell you have learned from my posts etc. It feels good to know that even if just one single person learns of these truths thats what matters most. Thank you for the compliment I am glad to know you are so awake.

                more folks are awakening to these truths daily now. Way more than we may realize. Once awoke no amount of name calling or bashing facts is going to change those to go back to sleep.

                Like John Q Public stated a few articles back, that the name calling words like antisemtie and racist have Lost their Mojo effects…Most folks are tired of hearing fools say that stuff. Just wait til they become angry next!

        • rko

          the real news reporters are out there. but never expect them on the MSM. those “reporters” are publicists for the NWO dba ‘journalists’.

          real reporting happens online at places like this. so SUPPORT the guys who do pieces like this that are public service and dont expect it for FREE. it costs ALOT of effort, time and $$ to put real reports together. sending some $$ to such websites is the only way they can keep doing real news.

          -no I am not shilling for Slavo- never met or dealt with him, but am well aware how tough it is to do what he and other true alternatives are doing. people like big name ‘infowars’ are backed by big covert funding, I’m not referring to that type- but genuine grassroots warriors who are not the designated “alternative fringe”.

        • RICH99

          That’s because its just a drill and no big deal …..not everything is doom

      • InsanityISContagious

        Obamaggedon could NOT strip this country of its freedoms without the collusion of EVERY one of those rat bastards in Congress.

      • Gregory8

        I keep reading this nonsense about “Troops from Foreign Countries” here in America as though it were some kind of secret. Guess what, anyone who’s been in the military knows this. During Viet Nam and the cold war I saw troops from South Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Iran (they were our friends then), West Germany, Nigeria, you name it and we had them here training. They were either NATO allies training on our equipment and working on tactics with us, or they were from countries that had oil and we’d just sold them some of our ‘good stuff’ and they were training on it along side our folks. Go to any training base, or base with a large training attachment, and you’ll likely find some foreign troops training there. This is NOT news because this has been going on since WWII. The U.S. is the world’s largest arms merchant selling over 75% of all military weapons. These buyers need training and they come here to get it. No deep dark conspiracy here folks, it’s just a matter of making a profit.

        • Silver Surfer

          It’s the first time COMMUNIST CHINA has had boots on the ground in the US. You have to read what they are here ‘training for’ as well. Interesting stuff.
          No I’m not posting the links here- do your own homework or stay ignorant.
          It’s your choice.

          • Gregory8

            Silver Surfer: I call bullshit on your Chinese in the U.S. I don’t want to hear from some lunatic paranoid site like the ones you visit you tin-foil-hat moron. Now go and take your meds like a good boy.

      • RICH99

        Power is still on … DOOM NEWS !!!!

      • Billy Idol

        Yesterday I read, in a co-worker’s USA Today, an article that scoffed at the possibility of a stock market correction of even 10%. Talk about whistling past the graveyard. I suspect a correction is coming, but can see the Dow reaching 16K or even 17K first. Then the culling begins.

      • Kepano24

        And still nothing has happened………..signed: a still waiting prepper

    2. SWFL

      [He said “you don’t have to go lookin’ for trouble. Trouble’s comin’ lookin’ for you.”]

      Trouble found me a long time ago, we are now old friends- he keeps me alert and interested. Trouble makers, on the other hand may have a less friendly welcome.

      • sixpack

        I don’t have to go looking for trouble, it’s always right behind me.

        • braveheart

          Trouble and I are old friends who go way back together. It’s the troublemakers who will be the problem. If/when they come to my place, they’ll find trouble. trouble will be on MY side!

    3. lastmanstanding

      Bring it on. I am a free man and I will stay a free man.

      or they will have to kill me.

      I’m not living on God’s green earth with the satanic fucks that are destroying the United States of America.

      “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all”

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • barry fupducked



        [2nd] first, which is where actions speak

        louder than words. Let your boom-stick

        speak for you. There is no equivocation.


      • Mr. T

        Hey Last Man Standing – I couldn’t agree with you more, but we need to develop effective strategies to deal with drones and their abilities to launch missiles without warning…you know similarly to how Obama’s killing people everywhere else in the world.

        • lonelonemum

          Random drabble relating to the total dearth of common sense we see around us:-

          If it were about US national defence then NO foreigner would ever be trained to use US tools against the US. As it is US/UK troops are maimed with our OWN inventions with depressing regularity.

          Someone needs to explain to me what possible purpose the NSA has for nosing on free citizens using the loo. What research purposes are these ffs?…purposes-only/

          The homeless are ALREADY being taken to FEMA camps. I think the mixed race and Roma were the first to the camps in Nazi Germany – noone spoke up for them either. Nobody today even on sites like this seems to see this as the thin red line.

          One for BI. I’m trying to research virus dispersal via nanotechnology. I had a horrifying thought the other night re pandemics, gun control et all. I then thought of those small pox blankets used on the first nations and how evil doers use the same basic tried and tested tactics on group after group throughout history.

          Here’s my thoughts. Drones will NOT be used for conventional weaponry against the citizens. instead they will be used in conjunction with nanotechnology to disperse some flu-like virus upon the wind. This virus will be one genetically engineered to wipe out whatever % of useless eaters tptb deem necessary while the elite stay in safe locations. If I’m right then 2015 will be doomsday


          The vast majority of these will belong to the coorporations, not the miltary. This is because big corp has proved itself to beyond the reach of national courts and laws. The military still nominally answer to the public lol!

          I woke up from my nap & did a google search on the topic – and look what I found

          Now either common sense has abandoned me too, OR this may be the trouble that is coming our way. Lord knows they’ve been sneaking round the deepest far flung slums and jungles of our planet looking for destructive pathogens with enough enthusiasm the last few years.

          I’d be interested in others thoughts on this matter. is it something we CAN prep for, & do we need to? Those Georgia guidestones were put there for a reason.

      • Government Guy

        Your violent and public death would motivate many to walk the line.

        • mark

          How come when I give you a thumbs down it doesn’t register? By the way you are so wrong, it would show everyone how tyrannical the PTB are and would unleash the pent up frustration the people have for the parasites feeding on them.

        • Kulafarmer

          and your violent and public death would reinstall that spirit of rebellion that has been held latent for so long in so many.

          That coin has two sides bud

        • robert paulson

          or inspire people to make a stand

          • Them Guys

            Or, the Masses would copy what was done 2000 yrs ago. They will line up alongside their modern day Pharisee rabbis and shout Crucify them!…When told “But They are all Innocent”! The masses and their modern Pharisee rabbis will shout “So What! Then let their innocent Blood and murders be upon Our Heads and Hands, and all of our decendants to come”

            Somethings just Never change eh.

            • Justice

              Dude, where did you do time ? Does your PO know that your’e not in compliance ?

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Your comments about ThemGuys go back a long way on shtf posts.

                You suggest he is a criminal out on parole, you have called him trailer trash, uneducated redneck, etc.

                Now where is your proof that he is a criminal out on parole or are you trying to make people on this site think you are just cute?

                None of your posts suggest what he is saying is not true, you are just attacking the messenger. So step up to the plate Mr. Justice, and show us some “links” that show that ThemGuys is a criminal out on parole; or what he is saying is not the truth.

                Your comment about him being “ass-raped” in prison on a prior post of yours is beyond the pale. You should be sued for defamation of character for that stupid comment. What response to your kind of posting are you looking for?

                • Them Guys

                  PO’d GRANNY: Thanks for the backup! Its okay that this justice character acts so childish. Hes a prison guard. And hes exactly like the 1/2 dozen prison guards I knew in detroit. Guys I grew up with since I was 12 yrs old. They all became guards and soon after began to act like a bunch of cop wannabees and typical JackBoot thugs.

                  They become very sadistic minded and as depraved as the prisoners they watch all day. Nothing is going to convince this foolish man that a person who studies and researches issues related to talmudic judiacs and zionists etc, is not a bonafied member of KKK or ARYAN Nations white guys groups.

                  I Am a White Man yes. I am Proud of my white heritage. And I wish more jews and africans would try to act more like a white man or woman and many troubles we have now would disapear pronto fast.

                  If you understand Justices mind set, he thinks he is a true Hero for so defending all issues jewish. Its typical PC brainwashings from Sol Alinsky, Bill Ayers, and the rest of american kommies. Ironicly alinsky and ayers are both Tribe members also!

                  Such a coincidence huh!!…Attack the messengers because they have zero of anything worthy to post that debunks My Info posts!..As I write truth based on Facts.

                  Truth stands on itself and needs no crutch or props. All else is simply Mis-info-Lies-Propagandas. For some uncanny reason folks like Justice thrive on Untruths, and fall for everything related to or by their Pet pals they live to defend and worship. Its rather disgusting when adult full grown folks remain so stuck in denial and stupidity eh.

        • Any Mouse

          @Government Guy

          And your lonely death in a room behind a locked and bolted door because of you fear being caught not towing the line will be meaningless.

      • AnAngryJew

        ““one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all””

        God was not part of the original pledge. It was added during the Cold War (I think).

        • gone under

          So, they corrected a mistake and put it in.

          • AnAngryJew

            No. It is a secular nation that is in acceptance of all religions. If you support the constitution, you support that right.

            Having God on its money or pledge’s is insulting to people of other religions who live in this country and defies the secular ideas of the constitution. Even as a believer in Judaism, I still recognize that it is wrong to give special recognition to one particular religion in a country that is supposed to be run by a secular government.

            • Them Guys

              So All those US Supremes Justices who decided a Dozen or so cases over the years and stated that YES america IS and Was founded as a Christian Nation, all somehow got it wrong?

              Even a quick simple read of the mass of founders writings like federalists papers or anti-federalists papers, and many Personal letters etc written by the founders shows that Most except for a small few said that they based usa foundation and us const and bill of rights etc upon New Testement Christianity principlas.

              The orig so called melting pot ingredients were 100% White Europeans and mostly also christians.

              These are just facts like it or not. Talmudic judaisim you mentioned IS whats so ruined all our fed courts and fed govnt and most every fed govnt agency the past 100 yrs.

              One thing that remains a constant seems to be the MO they always rely on, and its also the same MO that eventually got them Booted out from every nation to ever Host their tribe. 109 Nations and grand total of aprox 250 Booted times so far since 1800 yrs ago till now.

              Will the usa make that an even 110 nations? Time shall tell I rekon.

            • Paranoid

              BS. This country was started by Christians and they didn’t do it to exclude God, get a life. I don’t believe in God at all. So they are just empty words to me. But, so what? Only those who are afraid worry about them. I’m not afraid. I tolerate Church bells every Sunday AM they are a lot more intrusive. To deny that people who believe have done great things and horrible ones is stupid and petty. The worst things religion has done are promote intolerance of others beliefs. Which is exactly what people who want to exclude religion do. No. I don’t believe in school supported prayer in school, because it’s paid for by taxes forcefully taken. You want nonbelievers to require equal time in your Church? But if you want reform, or intolerance, go to Israel and worry about tolerance, you will be lucky not to get stoned. Jews are worse than Christians and that’s pretty bad.

            • Drew

              @An Angry Jew,
              Please do yourself a favor and read up on our history, this country was founded on Christian principles as espoused by our founding fathers.

              It’s all the waiting to you at the click of a mouse.

              Better to keep the mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it prove them right.

              Just sayin

              • Professor Higgins

                Drew: Please cite which Christian principles you are talking about and in which documents they are to be found. Now remember, when you’re talking about the United States it was not identified as a separate nation until the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The U.S. government was established first with the Articles of Confederation and finally in 1787 with the current U.S. Constitution. Anything prior to that is not the founding of the United states but merely documents concerning one or more independent colonies of the British Empire. Since you are claiming this country was founded on Christian principles you are obviously meaning the bible. You must then also provide book, chapter, and verse for each of these citings.

            • gone under

              Nobody is making you live in this country. I wouldnt live in Saudi Arabia.

        • Justice

          It is obvious that you are not a Jew. A Jew would never spell out GOD on a sentence. They would write G-d.

          • AnAngryJew

            Never? Are you sure? Why do you think this?

            Some of us do it, some of us don’t. It depends on the person.

            • Them Guys

              Another Antisemantic strikes again! OyVeh!

      • Facebook Page

        Last. Remember they may kill you. But make it count. It may not be right to go all gun ho at there first arrival.

        Survive its death..

      • Kulafarmer

        If this is the way it needs to end for me, so be it,,,
        I will not conform to some criminal false leadership, If I am denied all things that are at the moment taken for granted by the masses I will no longer have ANY reason to play nice. I venture a wager that I will not be alone,
        Especially over here on this little rock, those who would try to control you through denial of access to basic participation in aspects of society will eventually have no quarter, The numbers of criminal elements in this class being denied has been growing, we are now entering dangerous territory when they are trying to deny common folks the same way someone who steals and sells drugs and is violent is denied participation, this will cause people to reject the system and build a workaround system,
        For me it cant come soon enough!

    4. Farmer's Daughter

      Have had a life assurance plan for years here in the country. We garden, can, use wood we gather on our property for heat. Our only neighbors are family who also live country-style. We are ready to live long and prosper!

      • Mr. T

        Farmer’s Daughter – You are going to have to fight to keep all of what you and your family have built. They will come and take what you have. Property ownership will be destroyed eventually under these Communist bastards. They will come and take your property and give it to some POS that has never worked a day in their life. When they come to take it from you they will come with troops, guns, and APC’s. You need to develop a strategy to deal with that if you haven’t already! Good luck and God Bless.

        • Farmer's Daughter

          Mr. T sweetie…we’ve been prepared for many years to protect whats ours. That is the difference between those of us who live by our convictions and those that talk a good game. I am not a newbie at what you call prepping. Just because I am not dumb enough to announce what I have to the world doesn’t mean I am unprepared for the truth of shtf. But thank you for your concern!

          • Them Guys

            Conect the Dots….They are setting up whites big time now. After the past 50 yrs of PC and MSM+Hollywood brainwashing everybody to bash and blame whiteys…Now a week ago headlines reported that fed govnt with fanny and freddie mortgages are doing in depth studies to Locate every still white area or zone nationwide.

            Why do ya suppose hobammy and eric holder and pals are doing such an invassive study program? They already Have a census every ten yrs to determine what portion of population is of what particular race right.

            I Predict they are now going to search out and locate every all or close to all whiteys areas and towns, especially RURAL towns where most whites reside today if their area is indeed all white. Then the Kommie leftists will Transport as many welfare monkys and amnesty-hispanics as possible into all white areas and Rural areas too.

            This will set the stage for the exact same type exterminate whites and christians scenario that they did in Russia 1918 with the revolution there then.

            America does Not have Peasants like russia did back then. So Whats the next closest group they have to work with in the usa that resembles poor and peasant class folk?

            Yep…Welfare and degenrate violence Prone africans and hispanics. And most hispanics that arrived here from mexico or all the other nations similar have been brainwashed the past 100-150 yrs to hate and blame whiteys for every problem they have or will ever have.

            Once zero white areas remain all white…Look out! Russia 1918 here we come! and same as russia was, americas revolution against whiteys is going to be led-Run-Profited by-the very bolshevik jewish grandkids of the orig 1918 bunch were and did in russia.

            David Axelrod is a good example…hes the Great Grandson of Leon TROTSKY! Think he aint been taught to be like great grandpappy was when trotsky murdered 10 Million white russian christians?…By the way Trotskys Real Birth name was Lev Bronstien, coincidence? Nope.

            How will anybody rely on a neighborhood group of patriots when 1/2 or More of their hood is filled with low life ghetto monky trash and welfare queens? Most of whom are chomping at the bit to lay waste to every whitey they can.

            Ahab last posted that america will end up same as HATI 1800’s era. Ever learn what occured in Hati?

            I will Tell you! First liberalized do gooder libs decided to make all folks “Equal”! by Law of course as libs always use as a means. Once hatian blacks were made equals to hatis white rulers and Producer class, the blacks got to Vote! And vote they did!

            First hatis blacks now equalized voted Out white officials and replaced them with brand new black ruler officials. Then black hatian rulers and voters again voted. This time the vote was to allow for the Mass Killing of EVERY single white! And when the hatian dust settled, every white Man-Woman-Child, ALL of hatis white resident citizens were DEAD as a door nail.

            French Whitey “Enlightened” Liberals! So enlightened they gave their power to low life degenerate black hatians to show the rest of the whiteys worldwide just how enlightened and equality minded a lib can be! Yeah they showed em all right. And hati has never been the same since!

            But the wild equalized black hatian jungle bunnys did not stop at killing off every white folk…They then proceeded to Loot and BURN down every white mansion, plantation,farm, property that existed. Which Is where all their Food-Jobs-Lives came from! Like South Africa Today…Kill all whites, then destroy white properties and farms, then build human shit+Mud shacks for new housing projects. Then make 15-20 babies per female, then…STARVE! and of course Blame Whites!!!!!

            Thats the method Hatian blacks used to create what You see today as Hati. A totally voodoo slum land.

            Think Your rural white neighborhood or town will fair any better than hati whites did, after hobammys kommie pals in every fed agency and as many new agencys as he can invent and staff, fill every white enclave or town with scum, then same as russia 1918 the jewish bolshevik leadership causes a false flag event to start it off.

            Like eric holder answered us senate hearings when asked “will Hate crime laws pertain to other races besides white offenders?”…Holder said “NO! I cannot see myself charging any of MY PEOPLE for hate crimes against whites! since MY People have good reason going back 200 yrs to have hate issues etc!”

            Right nobody else BUT whiteys will ever be arrested or charged. And there will be NOwheres left for more white-flight once every white area has been Infiltrated by americas “peasant class” like russias enablers who assisted in killing 1/2 of the nations folks.

            This aint NO party! This aint NO Disco! this aint NO foolin around! Whiteys You been Warned!

            • Farmer's Daughter

              Alllriiighty then. Feel better now? I don’t really care for fear mongers. I perfer realists. I don’t live in a neighborhood. I don’t live by any type of hood. We have what we need, but thank you for your concern. We take care of our own, worry about yours.

              • Them Guys

                No Matter Where you live now if hobamys kommie housing agency folks place a bunch of low life blacks or mexicaN WELFARE QUEENS INTO your AREA YOU CANT STOP THAT.

                And if you believe that wont change your Current life or status…You are in denail.

    5. PrepShepherd

      Just need another year or bare min till spring!

      • PrepShepherd

        I have Chicken eggs baken now for spring so hope the power don’t go down yet 🙂

    6. John Q. Public

      In the coming chastisement may God have mercy on us all.

      • Hunter

        John Q

        …followed by 3-days of darkness.

        • John Q. Public

          Indeed! Keep your Rosaries and blessed beeswax candles at the ready.

          Stay in a state of grace and be ready to cover your windows.

      • AnAngryJew

        I certainly hope so, although we have different faiths and ideas of God.

        Then again, no two Christians really have the same faith either due to individual interpretations.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          But unlike your religion, most Christian religions recognize that Jesus was God in the flesh.

          Please give us the description of Jesus/God according to your religion.

          • Hunter



            Game, set and match, to PO’d Granny!

            • Them Guys

              PO’D GRANNY: Their Talmud religion teaches that the entire world jewery will become their Own messiah. Once they create a true NWO owned and run by jews worldwide, that wil be the times of their messiah era and its to last 10,000 yrs!

              But first in order to create that messianic era, world jewery must exterminate 95% of world goyim gentiles, then Enslave the remaining 5% goyims, rebuild the 3rd temple to butcher kill and fire up the alter to incinerate a bunch of animal sacrafical burnt offerings to “Cleanse” the world of all sins.

              Oh and of course since talmudic teachings say that Goyims are just Animals with no souls from god, it wont be a shock to find out that those animal sacrafices and burnt offerings are likly to be Human sacrafical offerings upon their brand new temple alter. Human animal Goyims…Thats…All of YOU non jews! Got flame proof clothes yet?

              And guess whos donating tons of us dollars cash to the newly reconviened Jewish Sanhedrin rabbis, to use for building that 3rd Temple?…I will Tell You!

              It is none other than those christian zionist jewdeo christians known as Evangelical jew Firsters! Paying jews in israel to build a 3rd Temple that jews are going to use for Judgeing, convicting, sentencing those same evangelical jewdeo christian zionists fools to Death!

              What do they not as Yet get? Noahchide Laws will sure awaken them fools. Too late then though eh.

    7. JL

      Off subject but has anyone heard out the grid down drill?
      Food and water are always first one my list, I bought a little silver and my grandparents gave me some old coins. I would like to buy more before prices go up.

      • sixpack

        you can get 1 gram pamp suisse for about $50 right now.

        • Gregory8

          Sixpack: That’s seems just a little pricey. There are 28.3 grams to an ounce and gold is going for $1270 and ounce, that puts each purchase at 11% over cost. I know that small denominations have a higher markup but 11% is a bit stiff. Do find this with other units as well? Just asking, perhaps this is reasonable, I don’t know. Thanks. My math could be a bit off too.

          • sixpack

            I know the dealers put a little for themselves over spot, but that’s just how commerce works. I wish there was a way to buy at cost, but there just isn’t.

            These small increments make owning at least a little gold possible, for people who can’t afford hundreds or thousands for quarter ounces and above. Think of it like this—in 28 months, even a poor person can own an ounce of gold.

            After the reset, how many frns you paid for it, will be pretty much irrelevant.

          • Paranoid

            Go back to school. there are approx. 31.107 Grams in a troy oz and 12 oz, to a troy lb. Lord , whatever one, help us, for they know not what they do. Or much else.

            • Paranoid

              actually it’s about 31.1034768 but eh.

              • Ugly

                I was wondering if you could carry that out a few more decimal points so that I can verify if my silver is real….

      • KY Mom


        Dave Hodge wrote an article about Grid Ex II.

        Title: Grid EX II and Martial Law Using Foreign Mercenaries

        The Common Sense Show
        (link below)

    8. Eyesopenanddisgusted

      Not that I think our country is in good shape by any means, but Steve Quayle is and always has been a fear mongering whore, who profits from it. I used to go to his website and most of his headlines were from anybody who knew somebody, who knew another somebody, who over heard something. I mean his resources have zero credibility and a very bad track record.

      I believe we are in for hard times, and most of us have already been living hard times, but adding extra fear into every single day of life gets hard to digest.

      Try to enjoy the good things in life and still prepare but live too.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Yup, and if you aint buying what Steve is selling he aint doing very purty…….

        Just sayin……

        • Hunter

          You know Granny, that’s a great point!
          Seems like I remember reading in the good book somewhere that one day, folks will toss their(useless) gold/silver coins into the streets…then wail and gnash their teeth.

          ..this article ends w/ the catch phrase…”you don’t have to go lookin’ for trouble. Trouble is comin’ lookin’ for you.”

          I would have preferred the line:

          …”GOD’s vengeance is outbound for delivery…upon a world governed/corrupted, by EVIL.”


          • Sammie


          • laura m.

            Granny, eyes open,Hunter etc: I agree w/you, Steve Q predicted collapse for y2k, went off the air (short wave, etc) then came back to sell stuff with more hype. Ditto world net daily made false prediction y2k hype. Prophecy club did also. Financial newsletters like McIlvany, etc hyped. I had two prepper friends pass away within the last mo. They were heavy into PMs and above average preppers. All in vain useless now. Their heirs like many will trash/sell the stuff. I’ve seen this happen w/others in recent years. I prep for bad weather (think Katrina scenario) as space is limited.

            • Hunter

              Laura m-

              Space is limited?
              That’s ok.
              Do the best you can w/ what you’ve got to work with.

              Thumbs up to you!

          • shiftless

            I hope my neighbors are foolish enough to toss their silver and gold into the street.

      • old guy

        I agree with eyes open. Fear monger who touts gold & silver. If you have gold & silver after the collapse. It wont buy anything but grief. Someone will likely kill you for it. Ya cant eat it and other than pretty to look at what good is it?

        • tuesdayissoylentgreenday

          They will kill you for your food, water, females, shelter, firearms, and kids… So what good is it? Something pretty to look at?

          Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

          • gone under

            True, but those preps are something you can USE if you can hang on to them.

            • The Old Coach

              And NOBODY who has water/food/shelter will trade any for gold.

        • Gregory8

          Old Guy: Simple economics my friend. In a prolonged ‘economic downturn’ (collapse) prepared folks will have most of what they need to survive but no one can plan for and prepare for every contingency. Since normal commerce will grind to a halt, you’ll need to do some bartering for the goods you’re running low on, or the services you and your group don’t have. Let’s say that you or your wife have a bad tooth and you’ve found a dentist, what next? Are you going to trade some of your valuable food or ammo for the work? Not the smartest thing to do because then you short yourself, but hey, you may be forced to. But what if the dentist doesn’t need any more food or ammo, what are you going to do? If you’ve got PMs to trade, you’ll be able to barter. Trade will be back and like folks everywhere throughout history they have made their own currency. In a dead dollar situation silver ounces, junk silver coins, small gold, and .22 ammo will become the universal currency. Everyone will need dental work sooner or later and unless you’ve got a dentist in your circle, you’re going to be in trouble. Bad teeth can be anything from just a painful experience to a serious health risk if not treated. There are many other situations that will require barter as well and small portable units will do the job better than food or large ammo. Just saying.

          • gone under

            the price of gold now will buy a whole lot of preps and barter items that you can trade for services or other supplies later. Or even trade your items for gold later at a much reduced rate in your benefit. When the economy collapses, manufacturing will too. Gold will still be around unless it is confiscated by the gov. Tools and items will not be in the local hardware store. You will have to barter for what you need. Gold will be pretty damn low on someones barter list.

          • old guy

            Gregory your correct to a certain degree. However there is always more then one way to skin a cat. Maybe the dentist or whomever don’t need any more food or ammo. I simply ask what does he need? if it PM,s or something I don’t have ill just have to trade food or whatever I have for the PM,s or whatever he requires. That’s where trading & bartering skill is a desirable Know How. Now if he is too unreasonable he wont be in business very long. Ive suffered from severe tooth ache before. Clove oil will soothe a tooth. So will chewing the small limbs of a tooth ache tree.

        • anonymous

          You don’t hold any of God’s money.

        • Facebook Page

          Old guy I disagree. Small amount will get the small guys something like maybe a tractor when he needs it. Big guys will have wealth for the rebuild.

          Water food guns medical first always. And gold silver isn’t for the first days of SHIF it for the rebuild.

        • KY Mom

          old guy,

          Look at the people in the Philippines who have recently had a terrible storm. Many had their homes totally destroyed. So, even if they had food and other preps saved, it is now ruined or gone.

          Floods, fires, earthquakes, tornados, etc. all can do tremendous amounts of damage.

          Having some gold or silver may be what allows people to start over somewhere.

          • old guy

            who in the Philipines today at this very moment has any extra preps they would trade for gold? If I was there I wouldn’t be walking around in a stupor. I would leave the crowds and make a shelter and Since there is ocean I could find food. The fact is I have know how. you could put me almost anyplace stark naked and I could survive. We got by on almost nothing when we grew up, and Ive added to the knowlege that was taught to me by my folks.

            • Rusted Spur

              Old Guy: I used to say the same thing, that I could survive anywhere. Until I realized that I could only say that because I had gear and tools with me. Take away boots, protection that clothing gives you from the elements, or something as simple as magnesium and suddenly even the most simple tasks that we take for granted “fire” become much more challenging.
              When I go backpacking, I still carry a basic load and have tools.
              Watch some of discovery “naked and afraid”. Watch the guy who was a sere school instructor try to move around Africa without shoes. Before seeing things like that I’d never thought of clothing as a layer of protection. Just took it for granted that I would always have an extra pair of socks or boots because I have always carried them in the past.

              • LSB

                No socks? Try surrounding feet with dried moss or grass. Larger than normal shoes or homemade leather ones would work best for lots of stuffing, good insulation.

              • old guy

                Put me in Africa stark naked. The first thing Im gonna look for is some weapon a club or spear. Next take grass and braid it like rope and make sandals a shade unbrella and a grass skirt. For fire Ive gotta resort to the rubbing two sticks to get friction. The bow & drill would be best. Now food If ya got fire get the bones left from a predator kill heat them up and eat the marrow. find Two rocks and you flint knapp for knife and spear points.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          what makes you think it won’t buy anything but grief? you contradict yourself when you say someone will kill you for it!!! if they would kill you for it, it must be worth SUMTHIN’!….and only a fool would have PM’s without having food(and a lot of other stuff) FIRST!

        • shiftless

          What good is it? Well let me tell what good it is, old guy. Do you think the collapse is going to last forever? The people who haven’t prepared and then begin starving to death, fighting/killing each other off, etc are gonna be around forever? No, of course not. Civilization will eventually return, if for no other reason than because I made it so. Commerce and industry will resume, and I will be right there on the front of it. I have lots of marketable skills. I can produce numerous useful items. Silver and gold are needed for trade. “He who has the gold, makes the rules.”

      • Sandra

        Shame on you. We are commanded to love one another. Fear comes from within. He shares information, what you do with it is up to you. You ought not slander someone so carelessly. “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear hath torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18

        • Hunter



          But nowhere are we commanded to “love” the enemies of GOD!

          • Sandra

            I was addressing the slander.

            Even the archangel Michael, when he argued with the devil and fought over the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him. Instead, he said, “May the Lord rebuke you!” (Jude 1:9)

            (not implying anyone is a devil, just stating we are not to slander anyone).

            • Them Guys

              Sandra: Apoltles were told By Jesus when they go to spread gospel if ANY folks or towns Reject the gospel OR reject the apostles, they are to exit pronto quick,refuse offers to stay for dinner or sleep there, and when exiting as they get to end of town or village etc they were to Shake off the dust of that village from their sandles.

              In there day as well as Todays mid east regions, if you show the Bottom of your foot or sandle or shoe to another person, Thats the SAME as to give someone the Middle Finger in Our society. In other words that IS a slanderous display Christ told them to do.

      • Kulafarmer

        being prudent is a lifestyle, being prudent does not need the doom and gloom to function, the doom and gloom gets a bit heavy at times, actually getting sick of it, but the thermometer needs to be stuck somewhere to work, so this is the reason for sites like these,,,, with a grain of salt!

      • Brum

        Well, said, and I agree. Steve Quayle is a profiteering fear monger who is a part of the money grubbing problem. I also agree that the hard times are about to get much worse. But, we who are prepared and can be self-sufficient in all things will not only survive, but we will also thrive in an environment that will eliminate millions of people. I’m actually looking forward to the coming collapse/cleansing of the useless leaches that have attached themselves to our hard earned lives for decades now. Enough, let’s get on with it. Brum

        • Sandra

          For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. (Mark 8:35)

    9. James

      Is very scary to say the least and very sad.
      I was looking forward to a simple retirement out in the country with my wife and pets.
      Worked hard all my life and just want to be left alone. Is that too much to ask? These days I guess so.
      I must admit that I am getting tired of it all. Economic collapse, EMP, earthquake, and any number of calamities that are written about.
      We have some food, tools, water, etc. but it all seems so futile at times. sorry to cry in my beer but sometimes it does get overwhelming. God Bless, James

      • sixpack

        The whole intention of hitting us with all of this at once is to overwhelm us. It’s normal to feel this way.


        You are NOT alone.

      • old guy

        James Im just now old enough 63 to start drawing from the social security Ponzi scheme. I wanted nothing more than to draw the pittance of a check and play hobby farm the rest of my days. In realistic and know that is not likely. Im trying to Simply forget about the NWO or finiancial collapse, wars,agenda 21 and any government type bad things. If the government comes after me it will be a no holds barred assholes & elbows gunfight to the death. In not going after them and shure as heck not running away. Maybe retreat a little but not very far. No bug out and hide like a scared rabbit in some BOL. Im concentrating on surviving the Pole shift. Those bad government things might possibly happen. However the poles are shifting right now. It happening at this very moment! The planet is undergoing a dramatic end of an age pole shift. That’s something out of the hands of man,s goverments. All these clatyclismic events will increase in magnitude & frequency until the magnetic poles finally adjust $ stabilize. and that could take decades or even hundreds of years. What I try to do is grow as much food as I can. Food grown & processed and consumed by the producer has no middle men taxing & redistributing. I think if ya concentrate of surviving the pole shift and learning Know How & self reliance you will be OK. Government & its Parasites will wither on the vine.

        • Kulafarmer

          There are many things that can go wrong! Im more concerned about the natural ones, the manmade ones there is ALWAYS a workaround.

      • PO'd Patriot

        James, “Worked hard all my life and just want to be left alone. Is that too much to ask?”. No James its not too much to ask. In my mind you shouldn’t even have to think the question. Problem is, trouble always has a way of finding us and “it rains on the just and unjust alike”. When it comes to my house, I gonna rain it down on them that bring it. When it starts, the outcome will be up to the Almighty.

      • Mr. T

        Keep the faith James no matter what. NEVER surrender; NEVER surrender your mind, your soul, your family, your property. NEVER give up! Fight if you have to, if they give you no other choice. You may die in the process, but you will die with dignity and you will die a free man; however you may live and life will be all the sweeter after FREE MEN and WOMEN restore justice within our government.

        • sixpack

          Sounds really nice to “die with dignity”, but I’m thinking there are a few who might argue with that. Believe the hype or not, Chris Dorner was fighting a fight HE THOUGHT he had to fight. He’s really not very different from the rest of us, if we have to make decisions in OUR fight.

          Look how he ended up. Burnt…twice. Once by the police, once by the MSM.

          He never surrendered. He fought to the death. I don’t know how much dignity was involved, but he did die a free man.

          We can expect about the same.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Greetings neighbor. I would dearly love to believe that we could secede and link up with Delaware and Virginia. This subject has been in and out of the news for decades but doesn’t bear fruit. I was just talking about this very subject to a customer yesterday. Both VA and DE are shall issue states, though DE doesn’t allow class three items. Take care and thanks for the link.

    10. Socrates

      Precious metals again? Hmm.

      Nobody in the Philippines is looking for Gold or Silver…they are knee-deep in SHTF and are looking for water, food and shelter. You cannot eat gold or silver. It will not ‘save’ your life. When it comes down to brass tacks you can bet they will go around seizing it just like they did years ago. Hiding it away will also do you no good at that point if you cannot spend it or use it as currency. Invest in your preps, but also in your training and train as many others as you can. Groups may survive…lone wolves will perish.

      • The Old Coach

        Right arm! PM dealers are using scare tactics built on legit probability of TSHTF to take the money you should be using for real preps and putting it in their pockets.

        In any real SHTF, food, water, shelter, medicines, defense, defense, defense. Philippines are proving this once again. (As if it needed further proof.)

        • Brum

          Socrates, hoarding precious metals is already illegal in America, and yes, you are correct, they will confiscate it from us. This US Federal law is already in effect, but those who are selling precious metals today fail to mention it to their potential clients. Future seizure of all resources is at the President’s discretion.

          War and National Defense Defense Production Act: In order to prevent hoarding, no person shall accumulate (1) in excess of the reasonable demands of business, personal, or home consumption, or (2) for the purpose of resale at prices in excess of prevailing market prices, materials which have been designated by the President as scarce materials or materials the supply of which would be threatened by such accumulation. The President shall order published in the Federal Register, and in such other manner as he may deem appropriate, every designation of materials the accumulation of which is unlawful and any withdrawal of such designation.

          In making such designations the President may prescribe such conditions with respect to the accumulation of materials in excess of the reasonable demands of business, personal, or home consumption as he deems necessary to carry out the objectives of this Act [sections 2061 to 2170, 2171, and 2172 of this Appendix]. This section shall not be construed to limit the authority contained in sections 101 and 704 of this Act [sections 2071 and 2154 of this Appendix].

      • optout

        No, no one is looking right now. However they have a huge safety net in that the rest of the world is still humming along. You are also correct that in the DAYS after a shtf scenario metals will be useless. Months/years later as we start to rebuild I think we will revert to the same currency that has served the world faithfully for over 5000 years.

      • The Geek.

        Balance. Of course you’ll pack on the food and emergency water and stores.

        But if your loved one gets kidnapped…they sure won’t be asking for beans and rice.

        South America… kidnapping is a growth industry.

        Balance man.

        Have some of everything.

        • Anonymous

          Kidnappers only target those who they know to have something to pay. If you are not known to have what they want, then you are of no interest to kidnappers.

        • old guy

          Ok your loved ones are kidnapped? And you pay a ransom in gold. Does that guarantee the safe return? If you don’t have gold and appear impoverished you wont be a targret for kidnapping.

          • Brum

            You are correct, Old Guy… plus paying one ransom will light you and your family up like a beacon to other kidnappers. My son and I currently live in a drug Cartel controlled war zone of Mexico. We deal harshly with anyone who bothers our family. The word has gotten around and now the criminal element here seeks out other/weaker targets. Our life here for the last eight years has been a hands-on tactical training ground that we could have never gained elsewhere. We are headed back stateside soon, God willing, even as bad as things have gotten back in the US since we left, it’s much better than here in this hell hole. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and go pro-active in all things. Complacency today will kill you.

      • TripodXL

        I love the fact that people always say “you can’t eat gold and silver” and then go on to talk about their “guns and gear” and other STUFF they need to survive. Well, you can’t eat guns OR bullets either. You can’t eat anything BUT food. Now obviously when you prep, food and water are top priority, BUT all things must be done at parity and be in balance. To have a successful survival plan you must have a BALANCED plan, you must have a variety of things from food to pencils and paper, to TP, to Vaseline, kerosene…….soup to nuts, etc. To only concentrate in certain areas and ignore others in the overall plan is to not plan effectively for success. Ten years of TP makes no sense if you only have one year of food. If you have the wherewithal, you MUST have PMs as part of that balanced plan. If you are worried about PMs being made illegal, shit they’re going to make EVERYTHING YOU DO AS A PREPPER illegal, so that is a NON-argument. Food HOARDING, water HOARDING, TP HOARDING…ETC. So WTF, who cares. If it is something that can facilitate your survival or allow you to have some control over your destiny in a black market economy then it is a survival tool. PMs are a survival tool. I have all the preps that I need for years. To separate me from some of that you need to either kill me or have PMs. I promise you it will be WAAAYYY easier, to pay me with PMs than to kill me. Just sayin’. If you don’t have PMs (or something I really want but don’t have…but I do have it) then you aren’t getting anything from me. PMs aren’t for becoming rich. If that is your goal buy stocks. PMs PRESERVE THE WEALTH YOU HAVE, to carry it over to the other side of TSHTF. AND there will be the other side of TSHTF, eventually. You can get there with nothing, or get there with more than most. Your choice. If you have the ability to have a CHOICE, it makes sense to have the choice. Those with PMs (and proper preps) will be much better off than those without. In addition to all the STUFF you need to survive, you will need cash (yeah I know it isn’t worth shit but short term it will be needed) and some PMs in small denominations in some form that people will recognize and accept. Prepare well! Be well.

        • M

          The precious metals are so my descendants can build a citadel and rule the land. )

        • old guy

          Tripod Maybe I cant eat guns or bulletts. But I can feed those bulletts to something that I could eat. Guns and bulletts are much more useful than gold or silver will ever be.

          • Rich

            Old Guy!
            Don’t get carried away on one small point. Tripods overall comment is one of the best I’ve read in a long time!

        • slingshot

          Hammer and chisel. Make pieces of eight with large coins.

        • Gregory8

          TripodXL: Well said, spoken like man who doesn’t just look straight ahead, but around the corner too!

        • Just_Sayin

          I must say… you always have the most logical, grounded posts on this site. No non-sense involved, no fear mongering… You sir, I give much respect.

          I wish Mac would stop putting these self-serving slugs on this site like Quayle !!

        • The Old Coach

          Where to start, where to start?

          1st, and old saw in the financial biz goes: How do you make a small fortune playing the stock market? – – – Start with a large fortune.

          2nd. By the time you will be able to use PMs to buy anything, you will be dead. Apocalyptic crashes tend to last for generations. Even centuries.

          3rd. A ten year supply of TP is more valuable as trade goods than gold or silver.

          I can go on. Where is that list by the guy who survived Sarajevo? Oh, yes, here it is.

          Funny, I don’t see PMs on there anywhere.

      • TripodXL

        It always makes me laugh, that people will say “you can’t eat gold an silver” and then go on to talk about the guns, ammo and STUFF that they need to survive. You can’t eat anything BUT FOOD. PMs are part of a balanced survival plan. If you have the wherewithal to include them and don’t then you are not planning for optimal survival. It makes no sense to have 10 years of TP an 1 year of food. It’s the same for having everything else and NO PMs. PMs preserve your wealth in a less perishable form than other “soft” commodities. While investing in your preps is obvious, not having something for black market trading and “money” is a POOR SURVIVAL PLAN. Worrying about it being made illegal is a bogus argument. Hell they are going to make everything you do as a prepper illegal. You are a HOARDER….YOU ARE IMMORAL AND ALL YOUR STUFF SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM YOU. If you had some PMs, you might be able to bribe your way out of that. Or buy some more STUFF to replace what was confiscated. PMs are part of a balance survival plan and anyone that thinks otherwise is ignorant of their necessity. Be well.

        • TripodXL

          Sorry for the dupe (sort of). It all disappeared. Reloaded the page, left and came back and nothing was there, so I did it again. Have no idea where it went and then came back after rewriting it. Oh well, my bad.

      • Mr. T

        When they came for it last time my Grandfather buried his silver. Silver bars buried on his property. He kept it buried and only revealed it’s presence on his death bed to some of his children. The black market would be the only place to spend it, but it might be able to help purchase life saving meds or supplies if it gets to that.

        • The Old Coach

          People did that during the collapse of the Roman Empire. We are still finding those caches 15 centuries later.

      • Government Guy

        The people in the Philippines with gold & silver are not the ones to whom aid is not trickling down. Not only do they influence the corrupt government and get special treatment, but even if every other thing they owned had been completely destroyed they could dig through the rubble and their gold and silver would be intact. If anything the typhoon shows that all our preps could literally be washed away leaving only what sinks and cannot be destroyed.

        Of course there aren’t many people in the area hit who have true wealth because they would have used it to escape that poverty, but unlike more crushed and ruined 5 gallon buckets of food than they can carry, it would get the, the farthest when attempting to follow the Mayor of one large Philippine city order to flee. Ferries only accepted gold to evacuate people after the great San Francisco fire and it would be equally useful to purchase passage on a cargo ship out of hell today.

        Enough gold and silver right now could get a family from the Philippines all the way to the land of milk and honey where housing and utilities are subsidized, food and medical care, and even cell phones are free.

        • gone under

          Only because the rest of the world has not collapsed. There is still somewhere to spend it. Gold is useless without being able to spend it.

          • gone under

            If I had EVERY prep available and a network of preppers that had the same including underground shelters, then I would buy PM’s. Im not rich and there is always another prep item and barter item I want and need. I bet half of the gold bugs here are not totally prepped for a SHTF. Ask yourself, do you have unlimited water,sufficient fuel manufacturing, weapons, food, seeds, tools, wood and wood cutting equipment, transportation as in a alcohol vehical, 3 wheel bikes, horses, Hay etc. Your answer will be: I will barter my gold for the things I dont have. You must first survive the first years after a collapse before PM’s MIGHT be a barter item. Gold is a prep item at the bottom of my list. and I will survive just fine without it. If I want some, I have items to trade that cost far less than what you paid for your gold. I accept the red thumbs. This post will get someone on the right track.

        • LSB

          I’m curious…does anyone know if the government, when they have just evacuated people from a disaster zone, isolate those evacuees for a period of time? You would think that they may be already exposed to disease.

        • Brum

          American preppers don’t live on islands in the middle of the western Pacific Ocean, so all our preps could NOT literally be washed away. Nor do we only own one pair of $2 flip-flops to protect our feet.

        • The Old Coach

          If they had true wealth they wouldn’t have it located where it is so vulnerable to a typhoon. (Leaving out vacation beach houses owned by the super-rich.)

      • anonymous

        A few gold coins will buy you a flight out of the hell zone. Think again.

        • The Old Coach

          Only if the airlines are still working. In which case it’s not a SHTF moment.

    11. Prepping in Port Orange

      I agree with Socrates on this one. Precious metals have a purpose. To get to that ‘purpose’ we have to survive the tidal wave of inhumanity that is coming. Shit, it’s already here! Train, bond and unite if possible. My neighborhood doesn’t give me much hope. They are lost, not even aware about what’s going on. All I can say is “let’s get the circus going”. I’m old, tired and fed up. Time to see what I’ve got.

      p.s. NOT quitting! Not ever!

      • VegasJim

        I feel you on that. The few people I tried in my neighborhood look at me like I’m crazy as do most of my family/friends. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride but I’ll never give up, never surrender!

        • TripodXL

          VJ; Don’t waste your time on them. It is an OPSEC issue to even tell them anything about your preps. I have tried on my family and have in-laws, one of my sons and some friends and neighbors that just refuse to even discuss it. Yep the “you’re crazy” look was on their faces. My son really hurt. He’s a retired Ranger too. Don’t understand it. I quit worrying about it. Of course when prepping is discussed with the wife, and then the talk turns to not accepting people that show up that haven’t prepped, the SAME in-laws that make fun of me and that she talks to about my “crazy prepping shit” are expected to be “let in” even though they don’t believe in it. Causes quite an argument. There may be a SHTF divorce taking place about that time. Be well.

          • gone under

            Tell her they will eat her share of the preps. After a few days she will kick them out.

    12. Ugly

      Americans are in a daze. My family is in a daze. Nobody seems to care that much at all. It is just the simple daily stuff of food and bills and talking on the phones.

      I think the ‘over-take’ of USA by the ‘other side’ might be more simpler than we think.

      This reminds me of Moses leading his group into the desert, and the group whines to Moses how good it was in Egypt while they were slaves. They didn’t want to endure the tough times in the desert that would soon give them freedom in the Promised Land.

      I’m beginning to think that many Americans will accept slavery for their homes and food. Those that don’t abide, simply go.

      When the ‘slide’ starts and folks start to realize, it will be a sad day because then it is too late….

      • sixpack

        Some of my Mormon friends have just awakened. What it took was, for me to point out that the FDA/USDA is in the process of shutting down the canneries with ridiculous regulations. It has already begun.

        Once she found out I was right about that, I had her attention. Now I’ve integrated info and links to other relevant info she hasn’t seen yet.

        I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

        • sixpack

          Oh, I forgot to mention that she is awake enough to realize that the regulations came right after the canneries refused to give the govt a list of people who bought storable food from the cannery.

          • Npgh

            Six, Could you please provide the links? I did some quick searching and found that the cannerys are not closing per se but are instead selling pre-packaged foods and at the same cost. This is happening east of the Mississippi but is not affecting the Mormans west. It is often said among us tin-foil-hatters that when the .gov comes after our food supply it is game-over. Before I came to this site this morning, my husband had already read our local paper and told me about an article on the front page on how the Food and Drug Administration is closing arguments for public comment period on regulations proposed under the Food and Safety and Modernazation act with was passed by Congress on 2011 to stop small farmers from “passing deadly food contamination”. The problem is that small farms cannot afford the equipment that this would require them to have. This alone would put out small farmers. If the USDA is acting on the Mormon canneries they mabey starting small, such as east of Miss because there is a high concentration of Mormons west. See where I’m going? The government will start small and then gradually expand it’s oversite. We already see it with the kids lemon ade stands. If they are coming for our food, and they are already coming after coal (heat, energy) then there may not be much time left. Link to story:

            • Npgh

              I forgot to add the other costs of foods. At least here in my neck of the woods, the cost of meat whether beef, chicken or fish is going up steadily. The droughts over the past years that forced cattle ranchers to slaughter their herds is now taking its toll. Florida has had some winter freezes that is causing the citrus prices to rise. Chocolate? Peanuts? Hell, even peanut butter is getting to be expensive. The cost of dried beans is up as well. I used to be able to buy a small bag of dried lima beans for 49 cents and it is up to a buck-thirty here. Just saying…it is way more expensive to grocery shop now than it was just five years ago.

              • JayJay

                There is a Piggly-Wiggly in our little town. My husband has an associate that gets frozen, out-dated meats for $20 a box.
                I asked my husband to get me some, since all our half-cow is gone except for ground beef (which I bought lots of 2 years ago after the rumor that Texas ranchers were slaughtering their cows).
                I got 13 pieces of meat for $20; frozen, dated one month old!!
                A roast labeled $14 we had last night–cost to me?? About $1.50 if you divide $20 by 13. 🙂
                I will be getting more of this meat and bypass the nearest slaughter house this year where we pay an average of $6/$7 a lb. for all the meats.

            • sixpack

              She didn’t send me a link, she is head of the relief society and gained her info from the inside. The cannery hasn’t shut down, they just can’t allow members to go package their own stuff anymore, the “staff” has to do it now. I found the article online and asked her about it.

              Here’s a pretty informative link:


              They know the new regs are govt retaliation for their refusal to give up a list of buyers.

              It doesn’t take a link to a web page to figure out what is coming next. Just look at the coal and power industry, or ANY American industry, for that matter. One inspection/regulation is only the beginning.

              Give it time. The govt will either seize or shut down the canneries, but I’m not so sure they’ll ever force Mormons to comply with the govt demand for lists.

              Mormon history tells us that Mormons are no strangers to battling tyrannical govts.

          • maddog


            Do you have a link to this info?

            • sixpack

              see above, Comment ID: 2843984

        • TripodXL

          There is no conspiracy to shut down LDS canneries. The FDA implemented regulations on private canneries that can food, either for sale to, or consumption by being donated (soup kitchens), to the public. The regs require that allergenic foods (like milk and wheat) must be separated for canning. This involves a complete cleaning of the facilities and equipment in between packaging those allergenic items to prevent cross contamination. Some of the LDS canneries weren’t deemed to be economically upgradeable to those standards and were shut down. They still provide canned foods at those places that are canned at other LDS facilities that meet the requirements and then shipped to the closed facilities. Is this stupid on the part of the FDA? Yes. This story has been going around for over 4 years on the internet, but it isn’t a conspiracy to shut down all the LDS canneries. It is nothing more than the non-specific machinations of an overreaching gubment bureaucracy. Be well.

          • gone under

            Packaging already states that there may be traces of these products.

          • sixpack

            Thank you for your opinion, but you’ll have to excuse those of us Mormons who have actually worked in a cannery, if our opinions differ from your take on our situation.

            • sixpack

              I meant this for TripodXL, sorry.

              • gone under

                I figured that. The store I buy bulk supplies from has mention the LDS canneries having problems with new regulations…sort of like the coal industry. If they dont like them….regulate them away.

        • TTC

          sixpack: I daresay, you hit the
          Nail on the Head.

          • Just_Sayin

            I dare say… the sky is falling… oh wait, not yet. OK what was I saying ?

      • Mr. T

        Ugly- They have already won the first phase with you then…the battle for your mind. You sound like you’re already defeated. Don’t give up so easily. FIGHT! With everything you have; YOU’RE AN AMERICAN not an American’t! You are a descendant of a people that took on the most powerful military on the planet and won. Their victory didn’t come easy. It took their treasure, talent, blood, and in some case their lives but they won their freedom and our freedom and I for one will be damned if I’m going to give it away without one hell of a fight!

    13. loulou

      Rev 7:13-17
      13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?

      14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

      15 Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.

      16 They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.

      17 For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

      • Letmetellyasomethin

        This verse is always misunderstood to mean the “Rapture.” There is no rapture. The people in the robes are the one’s that have been martyrs for Christ during the tribulation as seen in Revelation 6:9 When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained; 10 and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 And there was given to each of them a white robe; and they were told that they should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been, would be completed also. Jesus is very clear that during the tribulation many would die for believing in him. Matt 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. 9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. Matt 24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. There is no Rapture! It is a lie!

        • shady

          “When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained;” Rev 6:9

          “After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could count, from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, and palm branches were in their hands;” Rev 7:9

          Do souls have feet and do they stand? Are souls clothed? Do souls have hands? Or is it just possible that you blindly follow a Replacement Theology and accept all they say?

          It’s one thing to say, “I don’t believe in X.” It’s another to say, “X is a lie.” Unless you can prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt that the rapture is a lie, and do so, you would be far better served to simply say, “I don’t believe in it.” You will never sway those who hold to different doctrines by getting in their face and calling what they believe in a lie. You will gain more than a few enemies that way, so if that’s really your goal, have at it.

        • Sammie

          CHAPTERS 1-3.

      • Sammie


    14. gone under

      Fear is profit. I recommend selling the gold and buying hand tools and equipment such as a bow saw, bullet molds and furnace/bellows, hand op well pump, wheel driven farm equipment, alcohol still for fuel etc. Build a root cellar and a underground ice storage room.

      • Mr. T

        Sound wisdom Gone Under! Especially since the EPA has just run the last lead bullet manufacturer in the United States out of business. Now we are supposedly supposed to get our bullets from China!

      • Facebook Page

        What if you all ready have all that. Or all the tools of your trade time 3. Where should someone hold there wealth then.

        • gone under

          Hold your wealth in barter items. Someone red thumbed you for asking a good question. Plenty of fools to go around…..for now.

      • old guy

        Gone Under A thing not thought of very often is Saltpeter. It can be used to make gunpowder. its a ingredient used to cure meat. I have been arranging my hobby farm to be able to work it entirely with hand tools if need be. raised beds that don’t need plowing or tilling. Planting things that don’t need replanting every season. wind power and human power to pump water and make 12 volts. I fenced my two acre corn patch with hog tight fence. The two pigs will plow it all winter. in the spring corn is planted with a pole bean between every stalk. the premeter is melons squash & pumpkins. I cultivate it with a hand push garden pole and a hoe

        • gone under

          Salt peter.. I dont have any. I had better look into that. Thanks

          • Hunter

            @ Gone under-

            Saltpeter a.k.a potassium-nitrate, is available over the counter @ Lowe’s(hardware), can be found in the gardening section, in GRANULATED form.

            Comes in a plastic quart bottle, like automotive oil…its labeled as:

            -STUMP REMOVER-

            ..hope this helps.

    15. Old Gringo

      Steve don’t play.

    16. LEE.

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote!” Benjamin Franklin. Keep stacking!

    17. The Old Coach

      Right again. Gold will not buy these things after TSHTF.

      • Facebook Page

        Yes they will there are plenty out there storing stuff just for that. Barter and trade will grow. Maybe not on the first day but within a year silver and gold will be a needed formof wwealth.

        • gone under

          could take alot longer than a year. The great depression lasted about a decade. Total collapse??

          • The Old Coach

            Total collapse, much, MUCH longer. When Rome “fell”, it didn’t really collapse the economies in Gaul and Iberia (France and Spain). In fact they started to grow again, what with the elimination of the crushing taxation that Rome had been extracting.

            What created the Dark Ages was the Muslim destruction of – – – – (wait for it)- – Papyrus. Any developed civilization needs a cheap way to keep records and send messages. Papyrus was it. And it came only from Egypt. Once it was gone, record-keeping became almost impossible. Communication had to be word of mouth – you couldn’t write a letter anymore. 99% of the population forgot how to read and write. Rational government collapsed – how to you administer a large area when you can’t keep records and send messages?

            Now, consider what’s going to happen to us when if the grid disappears for more than a few weeks. No grid = no phones, no Internet, no TV or radio communications. Bank accounts evaporate and can’t be recreated. No paper, either. Paper plants run on the grid. Never mind no food deliveries, no water treatment, no refrigeration. Let your imagination run wild on that concept for a while.

            The Dark Ages in Europe lasted centuries. The Renaissance didn’t really catch fire until the printing press and rag paper were invented, so that the masses could read the Bible again. (And find out what BS they had been fed by the Church hierarchy for all those years.)

            I’m not predicting or even expecting complete loss of the grid, but the chance is not zero.

    18. The Geek.

      Yeah…it’s all going down like the Titantic and the music played on.

      Haven’t you noticed all the 2012 type doomsday shows and all the negative shows.

      The govt. are tying to get folks to prep up without coming out and saying it.
      The more folks are prepared…it makes their job easier.

      It will be funny when Obama issues his executive order to confiscate all weapons.
      Yeah….stupid beige bastard…like anyone will turn in their guns, when their entire lives they’ve been told they have the right to have them.

      Everyone will just hide them. Good luck going house to house Obummer.
      I bet many police will do the token knock on the door and ask if you have any guns
      and move on.

      I’m now laughing at all the people who are driving foreign cars who have lost their jobs, homes and everything. BUY AMERICAN YOU BASTARDS. SERVES YOU RIGHT.

      It’s a capitalist economy and you don’t support the enemy.

      Here’s the one thing of all the prepping items you will need!!!!!
      The elite are planning a major depopulation. It’s the commie/socialst way….history repeats…but this time you won’t see it coming….

      • sixpack

        I’m already on it.

        • Facebook Page

          Funny. What cars are build in america anymore.

      • old guy

        geek — Hide my guns? Ill give them to them barrel first any leo or blue helmet who trespasses carring a weapon and demanding to confinscate any of my property ( not just a gun) Ill take it as a threat and you will he hearing about me on the news. It will be a no holds barred assholes & elbows gunfight to the finish. But it don’t have to end that way. The government is a parasite. It cant survive without the producers. If we learn to Know How to produce without the government being able to rob( tax)
        the makers and redistribute to the makers the government parasites cant survive. A parasite mush have a host. Grow your own. Purchase from individuals and buy on the internet, barter, buy used untaxed items. Auctions craigslist yard sales pay with cash. We could very easily starve the beast. Stop producing more then you need.

      • Hunter


        Hmmmm…Obummer = a stupid beige bastard?

        I always thought he was “butterscotch gone rancid”!

        Good post, btw.

        • sixpack

          What’s black and white and red all over?

          Answer: Obummer getting his ass kicked out of the white house.

      • gone under

        Good post.I use: Some times you have to protect youe eyes.

        • gone under

          and if I protected my eyes better when I was a welder, I would have hit the “r” key instead of E.

    19. Be informed

      Kulafarmer commented on the Philippine disaster about thinking about how safe your preparations are. The two biggest concerns are not actually someone trying to take it right away, that will come later, but fire and water. This is something to think about, how can someone protect these supplies from a flood and from the certain outbreak of fires that will happen after mega SHTF. Not a bad idea to have some back-ups to either one of these potential problems.

      • slingshot

        Here are some tips of fire prevention and firefighting I posted before. Maybe I will put together a post on water intrusion.

        A quick course in fire prevention and firefighting.
        Triangle of fire. Heat or ignition source, Fuel, oxygen.
        Take any part away and fire can not exist. Types of fires.
        Class A. wood and paper.
        Class B. Petroleum, Gasoline, Plastics.
        Class C. Electrical.
        Class D. Metals.

        Class A. Water, dirt and dry agents to extinguish.
        Class B. CO2 and chemical dry agents. Be aware of flashback of fire when using CO2. Flashback is the re-ignition of the fire. Water from fire hoses cool and smother fuels. Your garden hose may not have enough pressure to extinguish completely and may spread the fire. Ground the CO2 canister to prevent an static electrical shock. Do not carry when discharging.

        Class C. Chemical dry agents and CO2. “MAKE SURE THE POWER IF OFF” when using CO2. You can be electrocuted. Electricity can travel up the vapor trail. Same for water. Did not want to list water as a primary fire extinguisher for safety but can use after power is off. Class D. They are metals that burn and make their own oxygen. Magnesium and Phosphurous are hard to put out and may shoot metal fragment into the air while burning and be very bright and hot. Do not use water as material can flare up when you add water. These have to be smothered by fire foam, dry chemical or dirt and they still burn. If there is a opening in the coverage they will re-ignite.
        If your home has a fire resistant roof with shingles or tiles it is a plus. Remember to plug the air vents with non combustible material to prevent fire entering your attic. Thirty feet is the recommended distance to clear around your home of brush. You can have a home made sprinkler system place on your roof. Keep your gutters and roof clean of leaves or pine needles. A shallow well with a generator will make you independent from a water pressure or power loss.
        Wet your grass area and if close to another structure too. Wooden privacy fences and other burnable structures.
        In the case of the firestorm of Sandy. Wind will be a major factor. Know when to get out.
        Keep in mind what your neighbor has in this shed. Gasoline, Kerosene, aerosol paint cans, engine oil and propane tanks. Some of that stuff can explode and also become flaming missiles. Be aware of what is in the smoke. Plastics give off toxic fumes then add insecticides and other hydrocarbons and the smoke can kill you.
        The fire extinguishers like Kiddie have limit product to fight fires. Aim at the base of the fire and use a sweeping motion. CO2 is good as they do not leave a mess like dry agents. Again always ground the extinguisher to prevent a static electrical shock and grab the wooden handle to prevent frostbite. It is very cold. Application is the same. Base of fire and sweeping motion. Using a garden hose you use straight stream to kill coals that build up and spray for coverage and knockdown of high flames. Those of you who have pools can rig up a pump and hose system. There are small Halon units for car fires. I have pick up some old water fire extinguishers, refilled and pressurized. The Indian water pumps are expensive but mobility is a plus. Never underestimate the power of a shovel. For you woodsmen, you can cut the top of a small live pine tree and beat a small fire out. About 3 ft. long is good. Remember how fire radiates heat to surfaces way before it reaches combustible material. A preburn if you will.

        Store your firewood away from your home.

        If there is a firefighter in our group please correct if there is bad info.

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Outstanding post slingshot!

          One of the longest of yours that I can remember! some several years ago, in St Louis (downtown, in the industrial section) a fire started. Firefighters rushed to the scene and began laving the area with water…this proved to be a MISTAKE. Unknown to them, the owner had been acquiring and warehousing MAGNESIUM…in quantity…tons of it.

          Needles to say, once thier attempt to extinguish that with simple H2O commenced all HELL broke loose…the resulting CRATER of incineration ended up being nearly 30 FOOT deep. The owner never declared HOW much of the metal was there stored, we can only guess, but it was a ‘fer bit’ to say the least.

          Magnesium – as well, several other reactive metals – burn with such a terrible heat – literally, ‘WHITE-HOT’ (in the case of Magnesium, over 7000 degree’s) – that the chemical bond which locks Oxygen to Hydrogen in water dis-associates, hence rendering BOTH the Hydrogen and the Oxygen to ‘free’ states…Oh My! Several other metals have this property as well, including metallic Calcium, Sodium and others. ALSO, the major ‘radio-actives’ seem to possess this property…at least Uranium and Plutonium…

          GOOD post Bro…the forgoing provided only as an ‘aside’ to what you yourself provide here…NO ‘slight’ intended Sir!

          While I’m here…On the Solar front…

          The LARGE area I last mentioned has rotated fully into view – the previously enumerated region 11875 is now reclassified as NOAA 11897 and appears to be magnetically ‘simple’, though it is a STRONG region in all other respects. Some flaring could be observed over the next several days therefrom.

          11895 remains the ‘region of interest’ for the moment, for those here. Over the last 36 hours that area has grown in size as well as complexity…and contained DEEP within the body of the rear-ward segment there are 2 very small, tightly wound regions of ‘trapped flux’ remains to be seen if these will induce any significant events presently.

          11890 has simplified over the last 48 hours and likely is past the point where it will pose any great threat to us here. That said, the region BEHIND the Eastern Limb, all the way back to the -180 degree position directly opposite of us here on Earth, that region shows no less than 7 active area’s as lining up to ‘visit us’ in the next several days. Indeed, things ARE ‘heating up’ Also, the last reported Penticton flux as of 22:00 UTC last night again climbed, this now being over 166 SFU. It is possible that this month will EXCEED the average HIGHEST month thus far, November of 2011, thus taking the ‘Crown’.

          Solar IS executing strong turn-around – plainly – at this point…things are getting ‘interesting’ again.


        • The VOICE from the Outer World


          Outstanding post slingshot!

          One of the longest of yours that I can remember! some several years ago, in St Louis (downtown, in the industrial section) a fire started. Firefighters rushed to the scene and began laving the area with water…this proved to be a MISTAKE. Unknown to them, the owner had been acquiring and warehousing MAGNESIUM…in quantity…tons of it.

          Needles to say, once thier attempt to extinguish that with simple H2O commenced all HELL broke loose…the resulting CRATER of incineration ended up being nearly 30 FOOT deep. The owner never declared HOW much of the metal was there stored, we can only guess, but it was a ‘fer bit’ to say the least.

          Magnesium – as well, several other reactive metals – burn with such a terrible heat – literally, ‘WHITE-HOT’ (in the case of Magnesium, over 7000 degree’s) – that the chemical bond which locks Oxygen to Hydrogen in water dis-associates, hence rendering BOTH the Hydrogen and the Oxygen to ‘free’ states…Oh My! Several other metals have this property as well, including metallic Calcium, Sodium and others. ALSO, the major ‘radio-actives’ seem to possess this property…at least Uranium and Plutonium…

          GOOD post Bro…the forgoing provided only as an ‘aside’ to what you yourself provide here…NO ‘slight’ intended Sir!

          While I’m here…On the Solar front…

          The LARGE area I last mentioned has rotated fully into view – the previously enumerated region 11875 is now reclassified as NOAA 11897 and appears to be magnetically ‘simple’, though it is a STRONG region in all other respects. Some flaring could be observed over the next several days therefrom.

          11895 remains the ‘region of interest’ for the moment, for those here. Over the last 36 hours that area has grown in size as well as complexity…and contained DEEP within the body of the rear-ward segment there are 2 very small, tightly wound regions of ‘trapped flux’ remains to be seen if these will induce any significant events presently.

          11890 has simplified over the last 48 hours and likely is past the point where it will pose any great threat to us here. That said, the region BEHIND the Eastern Limb, all the way back to the -180 degree position directly opposite of us here on Earth, that region shows no less than 7 active area’s as lining up to ‘visit us’ in the next several days. Indeed, things ARE ‘heating up’ Also, the last reported Penticton flux as of 22:00 UTC last night again climbed, this now being over 166 SFU. It is possible that this month will EXCEED the average HIGHEST month thus far, November of 2011, thus taking the ‘Crown’.

          Solar IS executing strong turn-around – plainly – at this point…things are getting ‘interesting’ again.


          • The VOICE from the Outer World


            YO MAC!

            In submitting the FIRST time here, the wordpres function INSTANTLY declared ‘duplicate comment’…hence the ‘reposted’ below it. This AIN’T the only time I have had problems with wordpress lately, far from it. Pointedly I have been limiting my post strongly as this is happening FREQUENTLY and it is getting a bit ‘abusive’. My Thanks, apriori.


      • old guy

        I always carry a welding striker with me. that and lint from your belly button or socks = instant fire. Even after being submerged the welding striker will dry out and work perfectly. With fire you can boil any water & make it potable. In a pinch if your thirsty. Catch a goat -cow- horse. open a vein and drink the blood. Suture it up with hair from its mane tail of if it a goat beard. a thorn can be used to open the vein and for a needle to sew it up.

        • The Old Coach

          Jeez, you been studying up on how to live like an Arab?

          • old guy

            Geronimos Apaches lived off their horses until the uS solders rounded up the horses and shot them all. without the horses they starved into submission.

    20. Man on the inside

      365,000 troops on our soil…. Just The gangs of Atlanta, LA, Phoenix, or New York would wipe them out. 100,000,000 million gun owners. If just 7 percent fight that is 7 million people. The joy of gun ownership in America. Very few people are going to give up their guns. 5-10 million preppers, multiple militias, and many of your average Joe’s and Jane’s not counted in with the preppers. They are going to need 3-6 million foreign troops. And that would be the beginning. We would be fighting for our homes… they would be fighting for just their pay….. give ya two guesses who wins that one….. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS…. And practice your tactical fighting skills.

      • Anonymous

        the financial undoing will start jan 13th 2014 not complete collapse but very close the goverment as we know it will collapse in may of 2017 i agree with all your saying it may take a bit for the 100,000,000 gun owners to get started but once they do look out god has us on the slow grind an dhe is only trying to get our attention he keeps sending me to jeremiah 19

      • AnAngryJew

        Guns won’t do you any good when they have a few hundred or even thousand drones able to drop bombs that wipe out entire neighborhoods.

        Unless we get drones ourselves as well as other advanced destruction weapons, if the US military ever turned on its people, it would be a battle we more than likely lose.

        I’m not up for fighting a certain losing battle. It would be silly. I don’t want to be remembered like the 300 Spartans. I want to be the person that survives to see my grand children grow up.

        • Facebook Page

          So you are ok watching them be slaves to the system. Hell just pimp them out now. Save time.

          • AnAngryJew

            Compared to the alternative of fighting and certain death?

            The system still wins and any survivors will be subject to that same system if not a more powerful and controlled system afterwards.

            At least now we can create happy lives for ourselves and for our family. Don’t take that for granted.

            Things were different 300 years ago. People had access to the same weapons their governments were using. We don’t have that luxury any longer and now things are so advanced that entire countries can be blown to bits in the matter of seconds.

            It is a unfortunate reality, but I would much rather live in reality than in some fantasy world that gets everyone I know and love killed.

            The only way you will have any chance, even a marginal chance is if you can get the majority of the US military on your side or if other nations come to the peoples aid.

            But considering most countries now hate us all, that isn’t likely to happen.
            And after events like Katrina, Kent State, Waco, as well as recent questionnaires and surveys, it has been demonstrated again and again that soldiers tend to follow orders even when those orders are wrong.

            • The Old Coach

              You obviously haven’t heard of 4G warfare. And I doubt it would penetrate if I explained it.

              • AnAngryJew

                Again, we aren’t living in a time where civilians have as much power as their rulers. You can try. You can try like hell, but you won’t even make a dent.

                • old guy

                  No such thing as a unwinnable war. no such thing as a shure thing. No matter how big a snake is. cut off its head and the rest don’t wiggle very long. If we dispose of a few thousand folks in DC that’s all we need to do. So what if they send a drone to attack us there they will still lose. Every one government or patriot breathes the same air and puts their pants on one leg at a time. The thing Is Im willing to die for a chance no matter how slim to save my grandkids freedom. Im old and don’t really have anything to lose. Ill make a dire prediction. Things will get very bad and many folks will die before it gets better.

                • Paranoid

                  Did you have to study to be a cowardly ass or was it natural? This country was founded by a bunch of nuts who decided to take on the world’s greatest superpower, and won.

        • gone under

          Well you wont survive without a fight. Read Agenda 21…. no offence but I doubt that you have a Denver Airport ticket.

          • AnAngryJew

            Plenty people survive their oppressive governments.

            You see, the entire point of a government is keeping a population to rule over, otherwise they are powerless. No people = no government. That doesn’t mean they have to keep everyone. They can do away with any of the unruly, disobedient, civilians causing trouble.

            And in today’s age, even if doing this infuriated 100% of the U.S population to rise up against the government and military, the first time the government demonstrates it’s power by killing off thousands of civilians using their highly advanced weaponry, the people will run back to their homes and bow down in submission.

            This isn’t a weak government like Egypt, Libya or Iraq where it is still possible for the people to take back their government. We are a world power, arguably the strongest next to China. It is a power you really can’t fuck with.

            If you would rather die than live under a oppressive government, then I say fight if the time ever comes. But I hope you recognize that your actions won’t change anything.

            • Hunter

              Ahhhh…defeatism at its finest!

              Please reference the current “War on Terrorism” for details.

              Kinda odd that the most powerful govt on earth, has yet to subdue a bunch of rag-tag peasants in Afghanistan or Iraq.
              ..and its been what(?), a decade or so now?
              Yep, that gizmo-warfare stuff sure is awesome!!!

              Come to think of it, I find it highly unusual for you to cite the 300 (Spartans) at Thermopylae, as your example.

     opposed to the 960, you claim kinship to, at Masada, back in 73/74-AD.

              AJ, for your information, most here at this site are quite fearless in their resolve/courage. To underestimate them would be a FATAL MISTAKE, for an enemy so foolish to contemplate such.

              ..just so you know and haven’t it out yet!

              • AnAngryJew

                The war on terror is funny for you to use.

                We could easily destroy them. But if we do that, are you so naive to think that our people and other countries wouldn’t have a problem with it? After all, not every Muslim is a terrorist, even if they are crazy, land hogging asses.

                America is powerful, but they can’t fight off the world and win. I think that level of power is granted only to China.

                300 is something just about everyone can relate with due to popular culture because even if they haven’t seen the movie, they have seen the trailer or heard many references about it and understand the basic story.

                “AJ, for your information, most here at this site are quite fearless in their resolve/courage. To underestimate them would be a FATAL MISTAKE, for an enemy so foolish to contemplate such.”

                You could have all the courage and resolve in the world and will still lose. Why? Because it doesn’t actually mean anything. A man with a slingshot, but great courage will lose when faced with a gun. A million people with guns will lose against 1 man with a drone. Again, the times have changed. Inspirational stories such as the American Revolution no longer apply to our modern world. They are unrealistic.

                • Hunter

                  Ok AJ-

                  I’m game tonight! Let’s have a go at this, shall we?


                  Item #1(quoting you):

                  The war on terror is funny for you to use.

                  We could easily destroy them. But if we do that, are you so naive to think that our people and other countries wouldn’t have a problem with it? After all, not every Muslim is a terrorist, even if they are crazy, land hogging asses.



                  What’s this “we” and “our people” crap about? I am NOT a member of your tribe.
                  We’re in agreement, per every Muslim is not a terrorist but FYI, nor all they all crazy “land hogging asses.”
                  Per the land hogging/confiscation agenda, see israel’s actions/agenda since 1948…I rest my case on the facts, therein!
                  ..and regarding the global media condemnation of “us” winning? That’s a red-herring issue. You guys own the media here in the western world and you play both sides to near perfection, all to your ultimate advantage too!
         c’mon now, the neo-con vs. the progressives is sooooo passe’ nowadays.
                  Give it a rest, that “shit is tired/worn out.”


                  Item #2(quoting you).

                  America is powerful, but they can’t fight off the world and win. I think that level of power is granted only to China.



                  Wrong again!

                  That level of power only exists in the hands of GOD the Father/Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit!

                  ..and per China, well they still have faith in the philosophy of Karl Marx. Remember him?
                  He was the epitome of a social/political Rabbi back in the late 1800s.


                  Item #3(quoting you):

                  300 is something just about everyone can relate with due to popular culture because even if they haven’t seen the movie, they have seen the trailer or heard many references about it and understand the basic story.



                  300 also happens to represent the “usury clause (x10)” you guys invented…see the 30 pieces of silver episode, back +2000 years ago!


                  Item #4(quoting you):

                  “AJ, for your information, most here at this site are quite fearless in their resolve/courage. To underestimate them would be a FATAL MISTAKE, for an enemy so foolish to contemplate such.”



                  Again, its simply…the truth!


                  Item #5(quoting you):

                  You could have all the courage and resolve in the world and will still lose. Why? Because it doesn’t actually mean anything. A man with a slingshot, but great courage will lose when faced with a gun. A million people with guns will lose against 1 man with a drone. Again, the times have changed. Inspirational stories such as the American Revolution no longer apply to our modern world. They are unrealistic.



                  Again, I hold your defeatism in utter contempt!
                  You assume the enemy will eliminate us by the millions w/ armed drones.

                  That’s a reasonable assumption, provided they’re on a chem-bio spraying mission…so you may just have a valid point in that regard.
                  But, as for millions of “hellfire missile delivery” sorties…ain’t gonna happen.

                  They lack the logistics and what logistics supply-line they do posses, will itself become targeted. Never doubt!
                  Ditto,they lack the aerial platforms in sufficient capacity to do so. They lack the # of weapons/missiles.
                  ..and they lack the manpower(drone pilots and control cubicles) in the scale/depth, necessary to implement your vision of slaughter.

                  Sorry to bust your bubble, sonny!

                  ..and per the courage reference, saying it doesn’t mean “anything.” Its evident at this stage, you wouldn’t know anything about such an honorable trait.

                  That said:

                  I would like to call to your attention an episode near eons ago, involving a young lad w/ a slingshot(funny you should bring that up)…anyway he faced the most fearsome opponent, who possessed the most advanced technology, weaponry and armor of the age.

                  Guess what?

                  He won!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  I’ll let you figure out why……


                  Final response:

                  AJ, surrender is NOT an OPTION for many here and taking into account that, its your fellow tribesmen who’re pushing/financing the NWO/Communist agenda and the horrors it will entail(upon the rest of us)…we have no choice, but to resist!

                  Your tribal ancestry will likely give you some degree of clemency, if push comes to shove and the enemy starts winning…

                  Thus I recommend you tenderly pack up those little-bitty matzo-balls of yours and go home.

                • Hunter


                  …sorry folks, should have said…”the young lad won”.

            • The Old Coach

              Quick, somebody take away that jug of Kool-Aid in his fridge! It’s obviously drugged.

              • AnAngryJew

                It’s funny that no one can actually reply with a proper response explaining how my points are invalid or incorrect.

                Instead they use satire and mockery, which is usually the sign of a weak argument or in your case, no argument whatsoever.

            • gone under

              @ Angry Jew….READ AGENDA 21. There is very few survivors, and if you read it, you will realize …you aint gonna be one of um.

      • Facebook Page

        7% still to high. Maybe 3% might try. 1% will actually do something. Be realistic

    21. Quadrateq

      All I know is in an underground economy I have no way to verify silver or gold on its supposed purity or worth. BUT, I can look over eggs, toilet paper and ammo pretty well. So, gold and silver would be useless and worthless to me in an underground economy.

      • TripodXL

        Kinda simple really. Nobody makes fake junk silver. Real silver rings when tapped. The measurements of recognizable coins (silver eagles, all gold eagles, U.S. silver dollars etc.) are known and easy to weigh and put a caliper on. They either pass or they don’t. I have all the eggs, TP, ammo and whatever else I will need for double digit years. Been prepping for real for almost 20 years. If you want something from me you will need gold or silver to get it. I don’t care about your eggs or other barter crap, I want PMs. But I won’t take ingots of any kind as they are not standard and not worth the risk of taking. The reason for having PMs is for the very reason you are prepping to begin with…being ready for the unknown. By shit canning PMs, you imply that you are able to know the future and know that you won’t ever need them. THAT is a very un-prepper like attitude. I don’t need to barter for anything, but I will SELL some stuff. If you need to barter for eggs, TP or ammo, YOU haven’t prepped enough and should get some more. Be well.

        • gone under

          There will be a hell of alot more people willing to trade items needed. Then Sell for gold.

        • JayJay

          ***If you need to barter for eggs, TP or ammo, YOU haven’t prepped enough and should get some more.***
          Excellent point!!

      • AZClimber

        I could see metals readily accepted for bribes and land.

        • Government Guy

          The fall of the Roman Empire was followed by 400 years called the Dark Ages. Despite unprecedented political and economic chaos, gold and silver still had value.

      • Gregory8

        Quandrateq: Not true. There are measuring instruments, scales, and acid tests that can discern real metals from fake. Fisch makes great detectors for both gold and silver. They were able to tell a fake Chinese made silver rounds being circulated as both over weight and over thickness, but under circumference. There will be verification stations/shops that will do this for a very small price because the volume will be large. But that may not last too long, at least in large volumes, because the penalty for passing bad coinage will be sever. Dismemberment and/or death have a way of dissuading a lot of folks from bad behavior, especially when it’s immediate with no chance of appeal. “Life is hard; it’s harder when you’re stupid”.

    22. Troll Road Collector

      I think a lot of folks who were PM bugs are beginning to get the picture. As hard as it is to believe, PM is for scenarios that AREN’T CATASTROPHIC. People use them when food is available but expensive in the currency…you don’t use them when everything is gone/looted/washed away or destroyed in some way.

      Now is the time for supplies, not “investment potential” pitches. When you have two cans of fruit cocktail and a stack of Eagles you’re going to wish you had bought more food…same for all other supplies and prep goods.

      It’s like people still trying to figure out how they can swing that house that adjoins the 9th hole of their golf club. It’s a dream of time that has passed, forget it. Forget normal retirement ideas or the fantasies that are sold to us. I know people who take multiple cruises a year and have three days of food in the closet. Insane…don’t make the same mistake with PM.

    23. AZClimber

      Keep prepping, expand your skill sets. Came up on some dental tools and extractor, suture kits and practice flesh, along with relevant books. Quite happy with those.

      • old guy

        In a SHTF situation the Know how to pull a tooth will be golden. Worth more than any PM,s

        • Facebook Page

          Think what God and silver would be offered up to someone with that skill. What will he carry a 100 chickens and cows in his mobile clinic

          • gone under

            Gas for his “mobile” clinic.

    24. Aeneid

      Prep to live; don’t live to prep. I still enjoy going down the back yard and watching my hounds run and play. Along the walk, I may consider where to put a trip or obstacle to keep bad guys out, but it’s not the main focus of the walk.
      PMs have a place; but balance that place with other essentials. And NEVER forget to enjoy the day…and thank God that you still can. We all know there may be some days in our future we will not enjoy.

    25. Satori

      Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing

      “This is fantastic for every rich person,” he said Thursday, a day after the Fed’s stunning decision to delay tightening its monetary policy. “This is the biggest redistribution of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the rich ever.”

      there may be plenty of people gaming the food stamp system
      but it’s a PITTANCE compared to the REAL robbery going on

    26. Satori

      Desperate typhoon survivors loot, dig up water pipes

      “TACLOBAN, Philippines (Reuters) – Desperation gripped Philippine islands devastated by Typhoon Haiyan as looting turned deadly on Wednesday and survivors panicked over delays in supplies of food, water and medicine, some digging up underground water pipes and smashing them open.”

      “Some areas appeared to teeter near anarchy. ANC Television said security forces exchanged fire with armed men amid widespread looting of shops and warehouses for food, water and other supplies in the village of Abucay, part of worst-hit Tacloban in Leyte province.”

      “Eight people were crushed to death when looters raided rice stockpiles in a government warehouse in the town of Alangalang, causing a wall to collapse, local authorities said.”

      and preppers are the paranoid ones ???

      • gone under

        They are NOT looting unless they are taking TV’s etc.. Looting is when someone steals something for personal GAIN, not SURVIVAL. They are Scavenging and I will not judge them for that.

    27. AnAngryJew

      “Now we’re up to about 200 of America’s top military personnel being dismissed… and the reason they’re being dismissed… it’s not these phony charges… they have refused to swear allegiance to the entity of the White House versus the Constitution… that they will stay with their Constitutional oath”

      If this were true, they would all be whistle blowers. They won’t be protected when it happens because they are with the constitution. They have nothing to gain by keeping quiet and everything to gain by warning their fellow Americans. When they chose to turn from their government, they chose death, so don’t pull the whole “They are being threatened” argument.

      Sorry, but the thing about conspiracies is that they are kept VERY quiet and only between a few people.

      • gone under

        After read in you posts and responses, I think you are a rare bird… A polite, debatable Lib. Thats a good thing. Too bad you are usually wrong.

    28. Anonymous

      Wish this site would place more emphasis on factual articles. “Imagine this” or “picture that” articles of mere fantasy/opinion/speculation are boring, noncredible, and of no interest. And, dare I say it…the techniques of brainwashing.

      There is so much going on in the world that would hold relevance for this site. These authors who no one has ever heard of, outside of a highly limited number of survivalist fanatics, seem to all ply the same trade — imagined and highly speculative fear.

      There is no such thing as the boogeyman.

      Yes, there is a dangerous transition taking place both in America and around the world. Common sense preparations to get through the interim period are wise, as nothing lasts forever. Goodness always prevails, and even when it doesn’t due to God’s hand, there is always another tomorrow. The fundamentals survive, and those are family, hard work, honesty, and humility before God.

      It’d be nice to read more interesting stuff on this site.

    29. Uzziel

      Kill all the “trouble” they send, and they’ll stop coming. Extra credit: pursue the “trouble” six feet into the ground after you successfully repel it.

      • Facebook Page

        Hang from a pole or in a cage. Must show one work.

    30. maudy fricket

      I hear some people say that US troops and the police won’t fire on American citizens. If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. Anybody remember that little thing called the Civil War? US troops killed quite a few of their fellow Americans. Anybody remember the old Miner strikes? The early 1900’s? Plenty of American died in shootouts with the police back then. It isn’t going to be any different now.

    31. jimbo

      Steve Quayle is plain brilliant and a great man of God!

    32. watching and waiting

      We are seeing the death of the American Global Empire as we saw the death of the British Empire.
      This is no accident. This is by design.
      Watch the news and observe how China and Russia are stepping up to the plate, filling the American Void.
      “Leading from Behind”
      At times, certain bloggers post earthquake information on this site. We should pay heed to that. Earthquake intensity
      has increased in that now most reported earth quakes are at least 6.0 or so. You still read about 5.0 or so, but they are increasing in intensity.

      This is the problem every one of us has that prepps.
      We may not be able to store enough supplies of all types for the duration of the upheaval. It is going to worst that what has been described and not a short term event.
      My greatest concern is the earth change events that are coming our way.

      It would be a good idea and I have done this, coordinate with immediate family members to join up and share/combine resources UPON SHTF…….Not going to be able to make it alone……..or with just your personal family….I am speaking about brothers/sisters/mothers and fathers…….
      Those who believe…….that is……..

      I will tell you gold and silver will be worthless…….even as barter……….food/water will be the barter item and the ability to raise t…..ammunition, the ability to defend it…….isolated rural community groups/families to enforce it……

      There is a posted article on http://WWW.THERUTHERFORD.ORG that everyone might want to read”WHO’S TO BLAME FOR BATTLEFIELD AMERICA. IS IT THE MILITARIZED POLICE OR THE MILITARIZED CULTURE? It is by John Whitehead.

      Law enforcement was not established to be against the people and neither was the military or to abuse the people regardless of sex or race.
      We have lost a moral compass in regard to this somewhere along the way. That is how I feel about it.

    33. Rusted Spur

      Mac: If this is too long feel free to delete it. But there always seems to be a hot debate over owning metals and I thought people might like this guys take on it.

      Written by “Two Short Planks”

      A mate of mine asked me what’s going on in Cyprus and Europe as a whole….kind of a pointless question without the Big Picture.
      Here is my response;
      Yeah, the more I read the bigger this whole game is…and it really is a game of winner takes all.
      You have many factions woven into several layers within the game. There are the countries around the world, there are the major financial infrastructures, there are the superrich entities, and there are the banking entities which stitch the layers together…which makes sense.
      The best way to think of them and how they interact is by way of a Venn Diagram (below), then this will all make much more sense.
      Take a simple Venn Diagram with 3 overlapping circles (A + B +C). Note that there are a total of 8 sectors including space outside the circles.
      Let’s say that;
      A = Are the countries of the world
      B = Are the major financial infrastructures of the world
      C = Are the banking entities of the world
      The next layer is where just two of the major players overlap;
      A/B = Military Industrial Complex and Major Corporations
      B/C = Central Banks
      C/A = Major Banks
      You can now see how every entity is affected by every other entity, to varying degrees!
      There is also another sector, right at the centre. This is the Superrich entities who own most of the real assets on the planet, such as a vast majority of Military Industrial Complex, the Major Corporations and the Major Banks, as well as most of the natural resources. Since the Major Banks own the Central Banks, then the Superrich own the Central Banks as well.
      Now here is where it starts to get a little grey…..
      Who is at the centre?
      Well, there are at least three types of Superrich entities, they are;
      1.       The ultra-wealthy families who have had money since at least the 1700s’. These families are well known historically but they are very well hidden today, so too is their money (Gold and something else).
      2.       The Oil wealthy such as the Arab states. These are newcomers to the centre and their future is tied-up with the prosperity of their countries; if the country falls, so do they.
      3.       The Oligarchical wealthy. More newcomers who have recently emerged from the end of the Cold War. These include most of the families which prospered from the Military Industrial Complex, like the [George] Bushs’, and Mafia type Oligarchs like Putin and his KGB mates.
      Ok, so that paints a picture of how all the visible entities fit together…..but there’s another layer. This is a very, very well hidden layer.
      Imagine that the Venn Diagram (the whole world) is drawn on a single piece of paper, well, who owns that piece of paper???
      I believe that the next and final layer doesn’t really have a name…but I’ll call them the Custodians! The Custodians essentially won 80% of the world between the 1300’s and 1700’s. They comprise of many or most of the Ultra-Wealthy entities dating back as far as the Black Venetian Nobility, the Templars, the Teutonic Templars, the Vatican, and later entities such as the Rothschild family.
      On the Venn Diagram these Custodians own most of the paper as well as the entire centre sector of the Venn Diagram.
      These Custodians own vast, vast sums of wealth, accumulated over centuries. I believe the sums would be in excess of $700 Trillion. HOWEVER, this figure is not a Dollar figure, or a Yuan figure, or even a Euro figure and this is why…
      When Rothschild created the Central Banking System he also created a layering of the system where, the Major Banks in each country owned the Central Banks from whom they borrowed the money. BUT, as with all systems it is built upon a network, and in the case of the Banking System and the entire Global Financial System it is built upon a framework (network) which is 100% owned by these Ultra-Wealthy elite families. It has been this way since the end of the Napoleonic War, where, Napoleon threatened the entire European Banking System as he believed in a Bank of France which lent money at 0% interest…he hated Banks, and Banks hated him!
      So the real question is, what is the framework, what is the network???
      The Custodial Framework
      United Nations – Global Police
      World Bank – Global Lender
      International Monetary Fund – Global Debt Collector
      Intelligence – Custodial Eyes & Ears (Mi6, Mi5, CIA, MSS, Mossad, FSB {KGB}, SIS, CSIS, ASIS, DCRI, BND etc)
      Power & Control Centres – US Council on Foreign Relations, European Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Trilateral Commission etc.
      Main Stream Media – Global Propaganda
      Hollywood – Global Propaganda and epicentre for Alternative/Pagan/Kabbalic/Ancient Mystery Religious interests.
      The Custodial Network
      Bank for International Settlements – Global Banking Computer Network for the movement and transfer of Global Currencies (the Back Bone)
      London Bullion Market Association – Physical distribution and controlling agency of Gold (real wealth)
      Central banking Network – Physical distribution and controlling agency of Global Currencies (medium of exchange for services, goods and labour)
      Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries – Global distributor and controlling agency ofGlobal Oil (consumable real wealth)
      What you must understand is that Currencies are merely a medium of exchange but Gold is real wealth and Oil is consumable real wealth. Oil is a type of hybrid between Currencies and Gold, this is why Oil States sell Oil in Currency (US Dollars) but there is always a payment in physical Gold as well. Oil has a usable function, Gold has a storable function, currency is merely a rate of exchange. You can think of Currency in terms of energy, Currency isn’t the fuel, Currency is merely the calorific value of the fuel being burned.
      By the very nature of both the framework and the network, we can have a complete and total collapse of the Global Financial System and the Custodians don’t lose a single penny as they can simple create a brand new system at the click of a finger…new Currencies, new Bonds, new Banks, new Political systems….new everything….a brand new farm! This is because they own the machinery to make farms as well as the technology to do so.
      People talk about a coming New World Order. If you believe what I have written you will see that it’s not coming at all, it’s already here, and has been here for perhaps 300 years. What they are talking about is merely the next cycle within the existing NWO…nothing more!
      If you believe this, then for you the truth is revealed; that the threat of a coming NWO is a False Flag event. It is a deliberate misdirection to distract you from the truth hidden in plain view. If you believe that a NWO may be coming, then by definition, you believe that a NWO cannot currently exist. This is precisely what they want you to believe. They do not want you to realize that the NWO has already been implemented incrementally over the past 300 years and especially since the propagation of the Global Central Banking Cartel whose greatest achievements were the Bank of England, the United States Federal Reserve System, and the Eurozone (including European Central Bank).
      There is of course one thing which they cannot create at the click of a finger…Gold!
      When financial systems collapse the wealth transfer goes into Gold, which then becomes the store of wealth until a new system is put in place, then, the wealth transfer goes back into the new financial system. So, owning Gold is owning a piece of the next financial system, not the current financial system…get it? This is when Gold is most potent.
      For this reason, every time the financial system becomes fragile, every entity always runs to Gold. Often they don’t really understand as to why, but they do nonetheless.
      The real reason as to importance of Gold is very, very simple. Gold doesn’t sit within the Global Financial System itself, it sits outside the system (outside the Venn Circles), resting on the blank white paper which is mostly owned by the Ultra-Wealthy. In visible terms it is like the ‘Construct’ in the movie the Matrix, something which underpins the false reality which is created upon it.
      To own Gold is to own both a commodity which is assigned a Currency value as well as a piece of the next framework, a piece of the next network. Everything else is which is going on is just noise and distractions to the masses….’Bread and Circuses’.
      Currently, we are seeing suppression in Gold. I believe the reasoning behind this is to buy-time, enough time so that the framework and network have sufficient Gold reserves to restart the system and a long enough period of time so that the Gold buying is invisible to the general public, so as to avoid a panic or ‘run’. In any case, the next cycle is inevitable and it is coming whether we like it or not, or whether we are prepared or not.

      • Pissed Off Granny

        Rusted Spur:

        You have done a superb job on your homework. If there remains a “doubting Thomas” after your presentation, they have decided to close their eyes, ears, and brains.

        Great, great post.

        • Rusted Spur

          POG: I wish I could take credit for the work but I cannot. It was written by a guy that calls himself “two short planks”. I am not sure if his blog is still up though.
          I just thought it was an interesting way to view it.

        • Them Guys

          The Next System he speaks of is also almost here already. IE: the Next will be the Final Cashless debit system that they have been putting into play gradually for aprox 20 yrs now. From ATM cash machines at first, then to allow folks to Pay utility bills and house payments/car insurance etc etc ONLINE by use of Computerized Cashless debits.

          The main Missing “Link” will be the grand finale of that Beast Mark-666 in forehead or hand. And nobody will buy nor sell ANYTHING without the Mark/number/Name aka “666”.

          Hes also correct when he says the NWO is and Has been here for about the past 300 yrs.

          Folks have been deluded to remain expectant of a NWO comming soon or someday whenever.

          One Major delusion has been the Prime Role played by not all, but Most Pastors nationwide. Who keep telling folks that the “Seals” in REV. are Soon to be opened and woe is us all.

          Yet if one takes an Honest look at what those seals are about, for example the Black horse of the 4 horsemen, stands mainly for Famine and monetary inflation, or inflation of Foods prices constant increases.

          Other seals portend various world scale sickness or Plagues. Well although here in america we been very isolated for the most part and apart from such happenings, in Other mostly Poorer and less educated nations, many folks has suffered many times from much of those very predicted things to occure when seals are opened.

          And this has also been an ongoing set of events for many years and decades now. Being apart or spared so far from most if not all of such calamities america does not notice it very often if at all.

          But just as he says NWO has been with us already the past 300 yrs since Modern banking and Usury by central banks went into effect, beginning in London england with Rothschilds, so has many or most biblical seals events been occureing quite awhile now. As long or longer than 300 yrs.

          But most all or a great majority of christians in america and europe too has been totally “Conditioned” by said pastors to believe that NONE of those seals in revelation as well as any other prophecys in Rev has as yet occured.

          Because acording to those pastors and Self proclaimed “prophecy experts”, they teach that it is ALL going to happen within and During a 7-Year time frame, after the antichrist man is made known to the entire worlds peoples. It ties in with, and is used by pastors as some type “proof” that there will be a Pre-Trib-rapture. And that the rapture Must occure First before antichrist man can be revealed and begin his evil deeds etc. Those pastors have basically Invented a false doctrine, by falsely interpreting ONE out of context partial verse from book of “Danial”. Which when read IN full Context, and Read With the entire chapter verses prior to and following that single set of words “7 year peace contract” that pastors refer to from Danial, one can see that it is speaking of events that happened back IN Danials era and was Meant for tribe of judah members captive IN Babylon or to do with their return to jeruselem after 70 yrs in babylon. Many secular historians such as Josephus and others has confirmed this has already apllied to and occured to them back 3000 yrs ago when it was in Danials era.

          Yet That is the Exact 180 degrees a direct Opposite of what Christ himself said to How events will unfold prior to His return to earth to rule.

          Christ said 3 basic things Must first happen before He can return. #1-The Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be spread/preached to the entire nations of the world. #2-There will be a Great Apostasy(falling away from the faith by christians), and finally, #3-The Man of Sin and Perdition shall be REVEALED to the entire world.

          Only after those Three events can Christ return. That proves what I just wrote prior, that most pastors teach the exact Opposite of what Christ Said! They say Rapture First before ANY seals events, antichrist man revealed, can happen!…Unless them pastors knows More than Jesus whom started the church of christianity, or are smarter than He is…It is a good Safe Bet to say those pastors are Wrong, and are Teaching wrongly if they are just biblically ignorant, and if Not biblically ignorant as I suspect, then they Knowingly teach Falsehoods and thats called Lying! Lying by use of Gods Name in Vain!

          But such massive nationwide false teachings that leads to false expectations, will also work swell in convinceing most folks that the NWO is not yet here.

          With so many of that class of pastors today fully in bed with and locked at the hip and shoulders with that very group who has been running the Banks-Govnts-UN-Military indus complex etc etc…IE: pastors in Bed with zionists and bolsheviks. The former, zios being the version on the Right, with bolsheviks on the Leftist side of asile.

          But to be in bed and Lockstep with Either zios or bolsheis matters not a whit of difference at days end as Both rightist zionists and leftist bolsheviks All Belong to the Same Tribe.

          Whoever wrote that exallant outline of controlers did make One small almost unoticeable reference to that “Tribe” when he Named “Hollywood – Global Propaganda and epicentre for Alternative/Pagan/Kabbalic/Ancient Mystery Religious intrests” (aka Mystery Babylon in REV perhaps!).

          Probobly Not One person in 1000 that reads that Post will even notice the one word in that sentence he wrote. Yet that single word IS a Major Clue to he the writer Is awake and wised up…That single clue word is “KABBALIC” which most folks have no idea whats meant by it nor why he wrote it in that essay…Those who do know noticed that word as soon as it was spoted.

          Kabbalic refers to the Major Holy Book of Dark-Magic used by the Rabbi’s and Pharisee’s along with their Other books called, the babylonian jewish Talmud.

          His use of kabbalic in same sentence with Hollywood, and Pagan etc reveals Much info for them what, has Eyes and Can See…Almost no other entity has as Many persons of that Tribe conected to it, than Hollywood. 99+% of hollywood is Tribe owned/run/staring in/script writing/produceing/directing in, all that hollywood does and stands for. Propaganda on the Grandest scale as never seen untill 100 yrs ago.

          That info too has been mostly supressed by most pastors today. They are in Cahoots with the “Tribe” and personally I have thought for a long time now that what they preach and teach, based on 7yr time frame for biblical prophecys and Rev seals and 4 horsemen etc, is Purposly falsely taught to Hide their Tribe Pals feverish work at the Final Phases of the tribes NWO grand finale events and 666-Mark events.

          There are several Other minds at work out in website online land, that also say those seals has been Opened long ago, and ever since Jesus died on the cross, many prophetic events the bible speaks of has Been happening slowly but surely. In An worldwide Ongoing series of events, worsening as time goes by.

          To soon Culminate in the Final events prior to Christs return event. Which will also be the Real actual Rapture or “Resurection” event as was also taught before todays modern day terms.

          However as good as his essay was, unlike him the writer guy who seems to imply that as long as he owns Gold, all is swell so his today wealth can Transfer to that “Next” change in currencies as he states it…I do NOT believe he will get a chance to use that gold for wealth as the next change in currency is going to be Cashless debits I think. And if thats correct, cashless will make that 666-Mark as easy as a piece of Cake for TPTB to Implement since they already own or Control most all that now exists worldwide. If Gold will need be traded or transfered to a cashless debit value, and includes that 666 Mark, then I do not know what that writer plans to do, but I will and Must reject and refuse that 666 mark even if it means I lose millions in Gold values.

          I guess one can say personally I Value My Soul more than all the gold that exists. Its also why I do not subscribe to any of the Many Falsehood teaching Pastors we have today! Truth has a Real Value to me that is incalcuable.

          I must admit though if deluding christians on a nationwide mass scale due to being in Cahoots with the Tribes NWO Hidden hand plans…Them type pastors sure are good actors and even Better liars and promoters of falseness galore.

    34. Ahab

      The ongoing purge of the high military officer caste indicates that “it” is very close. Ogabe wants a dependable force to strike against his REAL enemy, White Amerika, so look for him to place black, brown and queer toadies into the increasing number of vacant command positions that his purge will create.

      As far as Homeland Security is concerned, THNIC is all set to replace that creature of questionable sexual preference, Joltin’ Jack Napolitano, with a full-fledged ghetto Negro. Will this buck “serve” DHS in the same spirit as that other ghetto dweller who was an ammo buyer for DHS, and simultaneously ran a “kill-Whitey” web-site in his spare time?

      The instruments of force and violence are OBVIOUSLY being firmly locked into non-White (i.e. black, brown and Jewish) hands at a frantic pace. Amerikans are indoctrinated from birth to ignore RACE, but does anyone notice a pattern developing here, or question what the motivation for this might be, especially since those who have been given their walking papers are seemingly all White? Your survival may depend on it.

      I’m certain that, in Ogabe’s wildest private fantasies, he sees his Afro-Hispanic-LGBT military force being used primarily to – shall we say – “decrease” the European-descended percentage of Amerika’s population. Haiti style.

      Behind Ogabe and the hordes singing “We shall Overcome” (in Cuba, they shouted “Venceremos” and in South Africa it was “Amandla”) stands that state-within-a-state, the depraved hook-nosed Levantine conspiracy of the Axelrods, Emmanuels, Sunnsteins, Ayers’, Dohrns, Schumers, Bloombergs et al., who are seeking to repeat their triumph over Western Civilization in South Africa, this time on Amerikan soil. Behind every Obama/Mandela there stands an Axelrod/Joe Slovo.

      See here for the real background of one of Ogabe’s most bloodthirsty commissars, from whom we’ll doubtless be hearing much more once the real “fun” starts:

      It’s coming FAST.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Isn’t it amazing what info you can did up on the internet if you spend just a little time.

        If I recall correctly, we have been led to believe V. Jarrett was either Muslim or Iranian.

        Now comes a post IN HER OWN WORDS how happy she is to be a member of the tribe.

        Today the senate is holding a hearing on replacement of the head of homeland security, and as Hunter said he is “butterscotch”. Are there no “Smith or Jones” left in America that is fit to serve in DC or for that matter be talking heads and guests on the MSM. Are the only people fit to serve, as so called leaders, black, brown, butterscotch, yellow, anything but white?

        All people, Jewish, Negro, Asian, Indian, etc. can herald their nationality; yet you have a white American say they are racially proud and suddenly they are skinheads, racists, kkk, white supremecists, anything but just proud of their heritage and race.

        The political correctness that has been perpetrated on us has been by design; and its ugly head is becoming more visible by the day.

        Your posts, Anon, are filled with truths. They scream WAKE UP AMERICA! I look forward to reading more of your posts.
        The rest of your post is very informative, and as always, the truth. Keep posting, Ahab. I will keep watching for your posts.

    35. Northern Grower

      I worry that the jack booted thugs will take out a few key people or families in each township as things progress so that everyone is afraid to stand up. When the oath breakers come in my yard again it will be tough to know if this is another harassment visit (such as dog license or complaints about an old thin horse not being fed. The feeder was full and the vet said it was an old thin horse. Had 5 of these visits in 1 year.)or if they are here to take my guns or freedom. One of the swat officers bragged to her (yes I said her) girlfriend about taking over 100 guns from a guy a few miles away-no reason ever given for kicking his door in. This was several years ago. Now most of the steady cops have retired or have outright quit.The deputies we have now are NOT respectful of citizens.

    36. VRF

      Oh, Is it Steve time again?

    37. CrabbeNebulae

      While many Americans have been zombified, most have been turned into vampires and parasites and very few are capable of taking care of themselves. The only thing they are capable of is sucking the life out of everything around them and the only thing they can assure me is that when SHTF I better have a lot of ammo on hand. This is not a fairy tale. It is a real life experience!! I was sitting in church the other day, the pews were all filled to capacity with, what appeared to be people, some I recognized, some I didn’t. The blank look I saw in the eyes of everyone was extremely unnerving to me. The comments uttered by the few who spoke throughout the event were illogical and full of gibberish. Throughout the event there were random groans, grunts, hisses and whispers punctuated with outbursts like “Yeah!”, “Amen!”, “Yes Jesus!!”, “It’s time!”, “I’m ready!!”, “Let’s do it” and a small but shrill squeal erupted from somewhere in the back “I want to go to Taco Bell!!!”. I talked to several of those in attendance both before and after the gathering and noticed that their thoughts reflected in their comments were shallow and they were incapable of discussing anything complex and none of them were able to formulate and express a complete coherent sentence about anything sensible. Their concern about each other, or me, appeared to be totally disingenuous and fake. Their dress was like gray-scale, they all looked cold, empty, hungry… and wary. Even the children were creepy. I remember looking up and around several times throughout the occasion only to catch a fleeting glimpse of averting eye contact. I got the feeling I was being watched, as though they were unsure whether or not I was “one of them”, as though I was being singled out, or sized up to see how much resistance I would offer. I briefly dozed through the euphonious and sometimes cacophonous drone of the parson only to be suddenly awakened when he slammed his hand down hard on the podium and screeched the words of his sermon in anger while hissing and staring intently at me… apparently because of my obvious indifference to his illogical babble. The hairs on the back of my neck twitched, a warm and cold feeling flushed through my cheeks, I became intently aware and I was soon overcome by a very uncomfortable feeling… the feeling one might get when they suddenly realize they are sitting in the middle of a den of hungry vampires. That… my friends is where we are today. Prepare accordingly.

    38. VRF

      Americans 34X more interested in buying guns, than Obama care.

      whats that tell ya?

      lock and load my friends ,

    39. Mike

      Please read this post to the very end. It is not meant to argue with anyone.

      What is a prepper. To me it means someone who prepares for problems In life. Both big and small.

      I come to shtf plan because I enjoy the articles and all the commentary. I believe there are some very knowledgeable people on here. To be honest this is my favorite site. I have never met Mac or talked to him on here. I do think he deserves a big thank you from all of us though.

      Two nights ago I was reading the post on an article here. There was a big argument about Jews going on in the post section. I put a reply to John Q telling him that he was full of shit. I am now apologizing for that. I normally do not fly off the handle quickly. I do believe the helecost happened. All you have to do is talk to vets that were in Germany at the end of the war. You can also see the marks that the Germans put on them. John and I are probably just going to have to agree to disagree. My reaction got me thinking about several things though.
      I have 2 sons. The oldest is 21 and has cerebral palsy. He was born premature and is confined to a wheel chair. He has had several medical issues during his time on this earth. The thing is, he is happy all the time. His smile will melt you. He loves people and is extremely social. I think we could all learn a lot from his attitude. Last week he developed pneumonia. The hospital intubated him last Wednesday. My wife and I have been taking shifts at the hospital. I take nights and she takes days. He has improved much and will hopefully come home tomorrow. God is great!
      I reacted to John the way I did because I was tired. I was under stress. I know of no stress greater than the fear of losing one of your children. I snapped. That is why I owe him an apology. If the shtf tomorrow then it will be easy to just snap. If you are exhausted and under stress then how do you think you will get along with your group or team.
      This has caused me to really think about groups and teams. Everyone says you should have a group or team. I agree. What makes a good team? Some win championships and have no superstars. Others have many superstars and just cannot win. It is my opinion that the winning teams are the ones that can work together the best. They solve there disagreements in a reasonable way that does not hurt the team. I think we should all be careful who we bring on board no matter there skills. If you are under extreme stress and exhausted then the last thing you will need is someone who is constantly causing arguments and dissention.
      I have noticed several arguments in the post section on here. I find most to be irrelevant. When I post I normally try to add something of value to others on here. We all have different knowledge and skills. I would hope that I have added some value to the people here. After all we are all preppers. There is going to come a time where we all will need each other. We may not always agree but I would hope that we all try to increase each others knowledge. I have also noticed that very few people who read the articles actually post. Maybe they are worried about the N.S.A. I would hope they are not worried about a disagreement with someone on the site. After all we are all on the same team.

      The last thing I want to say is this. Bad things happen to good people. I do not know why. I don’t think I will ever know why until I reach my real home. I have faith in God. I will not give that up no matter what. No matter how bad things get I will get to my real home which is heaven. May God bless each and every one of you on this site.
      Have the best day.

      • old guy

        Mike Im a mean tyrant asshole I don’t like most folks. I simply tolerate them. Better for me to be a lone wolf than be part of any group. I view groups in the same light as a commune and Being a individual I don’t like communism. Im like Red Forman on That 70,s Show. He stated to his wife I only want to be around people I like and that’s just you Kitty. I hardly ever go to town I let the wife go and buy whatever we need. I send her with 5 gallon cans to get fuel for my Pk. Its been a year since it was at any gas pump. My point is groups clubs organizations familys always soomer ot later start bickering and undergo power struggles. The added stress of SHTF hardship will hasten the dissent & advarice.

        • Facebook Page

          Team up afterwards for the rebuild. Thin the herd of dickheads first.

        • Mike

          I understand being the lone wolf. I am the same in a way. I just know that when tshf it will be easier to have help. I have family that lives all around me. This is both a blessing and a curse. They keep saying that they see a day coming where we all are going to have to stick together. When I ask what they are doing about it they get a blank look. They do have tools and skills that would help. I just wish they would realize the importance of storing food and other supplies. They will be an asset if we get a chance to plant gardens. I just know I cannot sustain everyone until then. I also know that there will be dissent when life as they have known it comes to an end. I hope we can make it work.
          I also hope that all goes well for you and your wife. I think that the way people have become in this world causes us to become mean tyrants. I absolutely hate going to public places because of how this world has become.

      • Archivist

        Bad things happen to good people because we all have free will. We were not created to be robots. I can choose to jump off a cliff, or I can choose to leave home at just the right time to be in an intersection when someone else chooses to run a red light, or I can choose the right numbers to win the lottery (not likely).

        So I believe most things happen because of personal choices by ourselves and others. I don’t think God micromanages us. I think I’ve had a pretty good life so far, so I think I’ve made mostly good choices. Although I do wish I had chosen to buy Microsoft stock when I first heard of it.

        • Mike

          Thanks for the comment. Makes sense to me. I still don’t understand why my son was born the way he was or why he goes through so much. I am at peace with it though. Some of the peace comes from the fact that he is happy all the time. He really is a testament to how we all should be.
          He came home last night by the way. He is sleeping comfortably right now. Life is good today!

      • Hunter


        Awesome post!

        ..ditto Granny!

      • SWFL

        I could go religious and give an answer that satisfies me, but I’ll go philosophical instead:”Bad things happen to good people and I don’t know why” reminds me of a segment I saw on TV a long time ago (?Northern Exposure maybe). Two people were talking and one said something along the lines of ‘A young Indian was given a horse by his uncle so he could join in the raiding party planned for a few days later- that was good; while riding it and practicing for the raid he fell off and broke his arm- that was bad; he was taken care of and slept warm and well-fed- that was good; he could not go on the raid and win honor in the eyes of the tribe and impress the young woman he was interested in- that was bad; the raid did not go well and many of the tribe were killed with nothing to show for it- that was bad; because he was forced to stay behind he was still alive- that was good; because the tribe was diminished there was hardship for all- that was bad.
        Good, bad; some things just are.
        Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a bad thing when it is happening. Live with it and move on- ‘why’ does not always matter.

        • Mike

          Thank you and agreed. At this point in my life I am at peace and have much joy due to the fact that my son is happy. Hope you are having a great day. I am.

      • texas tea

        @Mike, First things first….Thanks for your nice post:) I will keep your son and your family in my prayers tonight. I also read the earlier rantings on the denial of the holocaust. If someone really thinks that it never happened, there is no point in even trying to discuss it…sadly. I belong to a prepper group and we are united on many fronts. I get what you are saying about tempers and lack of sleep, stress, etc. but I guess if overall you get along in good times, you have a better chance of surviving something in bad times. We have a group that is very diverse, but thankfully, we were friends before we started the group. Everyone has specific skills, that they help teach the others…that way everyone plays an important role in the unity of the group. We all live close to each other and agree that the main goal is to provide for and protect the children. Good luck and happy prepping!

        • Mike

          Thanks for your prayers texas tea. Prayers are the best thing anyone could ever do for other people. My son came home last night. He slept so well in his bed. I am relaxed and enjoying the beautiful day.
          Sounds like you have a wonderful group. I think that even best of friends will have disagreements when this system finally collapses. I think because we are all human it is bound to happen when we are exhausted and under great stress. I think that if you know each other well then you will be able to handle disagreement during the coming storm. I believe you are lucky to have the group you have. Thanks again so much for the prayers. It means so much.

    40. lena

      another guy selling the end of days.

      i’ve read hitlers germany and stalins russia and even in those dark periods, people still lived lives.

      did some people disappear and did some regions lose all respect for life, yes; but this guys seeing the dark ages coming back.

      imo, you guys need to expect periods of local violence, looting and outages followed by a long depression when the economic farce can no longer be pushed, but the 1800s arent coming back.

      • Anonymous

        Where’d you get your crystal ball? I need to get me one of those!!!

      • Archivist

        It might as well be the 1800s if a depression keeps you from being able to afford any of the modern conveniences. If things are bad enough, you won’t be able to afford a car, electricity, running water, telephone, or convenience foods. That sounds like the 1800s to me.

        So many people now are functionally illiterate, ignorant, and unskilled. So few people have personal libraries. The public libraries may burn, so we may possibly have a new Dark Age. That is why I, as the Archivist, have been collecting books and information for decades now. That is my most important prep.

        • shiftless

          Right there with you brother. I only have one bookshelf of printed books, but do have about 350-400 gb of ebooks downloaded and torrented off the net, on just about every subject imaginable, with a heavy emphasis on engineering, science, survival, technical, etc. Trying to back up and preserve every single thing I can, while I can.

          Are you in a position to download and archive the contents of It’s somewhere around 100-200 gb of ‘shareware’ CDs from back in the 90s. I got about half of it downloaded but ran out of disk space and no longer have net at the house, so that’s stalled out for the moment. Tried to contact the guy by email to ask about mirroring but he never replied. I just used wget to retrieve the whole tree and limited it to 50k/sec so as to not take up all their bandwidth. Tons of interesting stuff on there and backing that up could literally be the difference between losing or saving a big portion of history.

    41. Pissed Off Granny

      Does it seem odd to anyone else on a day when there is grid down drills going on in our country with Chinese and Russians troops taking part; that the discussion of the day is whether we should own gold or silver?

      If the MSM including Beck has said one peep about the grid down I have not heard it. What gives with that?

      Does it seem odd to anyone else that days after Kathleen She-be-louse has testified that the navigators of the health care bill have not been vetted enough to know if they are felons, we are talking about owning gold. Wouldn’t we really like to know if the information Americans are giving those navigators on the forms they are filling out (SS#’s, etc.) are going to be “sold on the street”; that the discussion is whether we should own gold or silver.

      Days after Washington voted on a bill to make food companies label their products with a GMO warning does anyone know how that vote turned out. I suggest you go to nomorefake dot news by Jon Rappaport; read his article about how GMO food CAN KILL YOU (not just harm you) and why Monsanto is dumping so much money into those states to kill the legislation. But instead we have an article about whether we should own gold or silver.

      Don’t know about the financial condition of my fellow preppers on this site. After putting away preps for all family members, stocking up on expensive ammo and firearms, making sure water storage is adequate, on and on, the last thing I am able to think about, or afford, is owning gold and silver.

      If we have a “long lasting” shtf scenario who would give any of their precious preps for a piece of metal. I believe you would want to retain every scrap of your preps.

      We have had previews of shtf’s here in America. Katrina and the storms that hit the east coast. If those catastrophies had lasted longer than the time they did, I wonder who would have given up a speck of their food or clean water for a piece of metal.

      My choice is adding to my preps and praying that the good Lord helps me sustain my family and other patriots through whatever is going to befall America.

      • Facebook Page

        Washington State Rejected the labeling bill. By a pretty large margin.

        • gone under

          And the GMO companies greatly out spent the yes vote. The problem with the bill was the penalties and attorney fees. Farmers being sued would have to pay thier own attorney fees even if they won, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. A great Idea for the labeling, a real lousy written bill.

    42. Npgh

      Off topic: Why does it take so long for a post to be posted? I check from two different computers and my cell and it seems that the posts take forever in “moderation”. Is there something I should be doing differently? It is frustrating to join a conversation that is not being posted. Any help? Thanks.

      • Southern Border

        Agreed here POG, nobody seems to want to cover the news that matters anymore that’s for sure ! Got a feeling here that something really big is going to happen very soon (it’s definitely coming at some point). As for the preps I’m in the same boat, adding as much as I can on a weekly basis, pretty much have the wife & myself covered but it’s the other non prepared family members (kids / grand kids) that have me concerned, think I’m going to have to foot the bill for theirs as well as I know who’s door they will be knocking on when the SHTF !!!

    43. Pat in Florida

      I read Steve Quayle’s site of links and Michael Snyder’s site of seeming doom. I find the two interesting, but I still think they’re kooks.. Michael more so than Steve. I find their Doomsday-istic religious bent humorous at some times but oftimes irritating, especially w/the troll bloggers that Michael allows.. and he censures people whose comments about him he doesn’t like, but lets others go on with their racist bigotted tripe.

    44. maudy fricket

      Only 6 corporations control/own nearly all news distribution. Only 10 corporations control/own all food distribution in the US. Any questions about why “important” news stories don’t get covered? There is your answer.

      • Barn Cat

        The people who control the Federal Reserve also control the Demoncrat Party, the leadership of the Republican Party, the lamestream media, the educational system, and a lot of the major corporations. That’s why it’s virtually impossible to defeat them.

    45. Barn Cat

      I don’t have a lot of skills but we have a lot of preps including guns and ammo, a year’s worth of food and water, plus a significant amount of physical precious metals.

      There’s a good chance we’ll have a long and slow collapse with steadily rising prices. It would be good to have at least a year’s worth of food money in gold and silver at today’s prices. That way, if a loaf of bread is $10 someday you can still afford it.

    46. old guy

      of Philippines

      Posted on November 13, 2013 by The Extinction Protocol

      November 13, 2013 – Manila, PHILIPPINES – Struggle for survival has killed eight people in Tacloban in Philippines today. A huge crowd stormed into a rice warehouse in the city and as a result, a wall collapsed, killing 8 people instantly. There is a shortage of food, safe drinking water, clothes and everything necessary in the Haiyan-devastated Philippines. Police and security agencies guard malls, shops, warehouses and camps to stop angry people from attacking them. There are also reports of armed gangs looting the shops and malls. The crowd took away almost 1 Lakh bags of rice, each bag weighing 50 kgs, authorities reported. According to United nations data, more than 10,000 people have died in the typhoon. Haiyan was described as one of the most powerful storms ever in the world. UN says it has a huge amount of job to be done in Philippines and Vietnam where the wind caused maximum destructions. “We have not been able to get into the remote communities,” UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said in Manila. More than 11 million people are said to be affected by the storm. “Even in Tacloban, because of the debris and the difficulties with logistics and so on, we have not been able to get in the level of supply that we would want to. We are going to do as much as we can to bring in more,” she said. –One India

      Another storm brings rain: Tropical Depression Zoraida, as named by the Philippine weather agency PAGASA, brought locally heavy rain to parts of the southern and central Philippines. Davao City, the largest city on the main southern island of Mindanao, reported 82 mm (3.2 inches) of rain in the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m. Philippine time Tuesday. The Philippines are 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time. Davao is one of the largest cities in the Philippines, with over 1.4 million people in the city and 2.2 million people in its metropolitan area. Weather reports from the hardest-hit areas of the central Philippines are limited as most of the infrastructure was wiped out by Super Typhoon Haiyan. -WC

    47. Stew Pedaso

      My name might signal that I might be less than smart but this is really getting scary…its happening just like boiling frogs, so slow that no one notices and by the time they do it will be too late.

      • old guy

        Did you ever try and boil a frog? unless you put a lid on the pan they will jump out as fast as you put them in. Heck Ive had frog legs jump out of the skillet as I was frying them. Its not that no one notices. Its folks by & large are complacient. As long as they get a share of what is plundered from the public coffers they could care less about freedom & the counstition. Brainwashed bribed helpless sheeple they actually believe what the politicians tell them . As long a the social security Ponzi check and EBT continue they are content & happy.

    48. Heifer

      The five gallon water jugs…how long do y’all think they’re safe to drink?

    49. BindleStiff

      @Be Informed:Check out Stan Deyo.He is doing rumbleshake predictions.The gubermint cut off his satelite info streams because he was so accurate.They’re using it themselves(Don’t worry,I’m sure they’ll warn us when necessary).He has figured out a work-a-round.

    50. steve

      All you fools keep getting metals, Ill keep getting food…And dont forget, the owners already own all the metals…Yes, there will be a underground, but I aint giving you an ounce of food for metal…see through all these guys, they are makin a killing right now…If even says in the Bible that when the Lord comes, your metals will be worthless….

    51. GaRuckus

      The fact that 99% are still ignorant to what is going on is by design. Entertain them with gadgets and Hollywood and gossip and ignore the bigger deals. Why focus on our problems when TMZ and DWTS is on? We have to vote, tweet about it and faceboook it so everyone knows we are important. That is the life we are living in today. When you speak of current issues and the collapse of the dollar and the need for preparedness, that requires effort and responsibility. Most are not willing to do that and hence bury their head in the sand.

      Again, this is by design. That is how these agendas are being passed. That is why we are slipping away as a country.

      My oldest son is in high school and the only one that he knows of that does not have a facebook account. I figure I can do my part by trying to raise my sons right instead of in the system.

      I hope that gives them a fighting chance in the mess we are leaving them.

      You won’t wake up the 99%. You can look for the lights to flicker on in the eyes of some. When you find it, hang on to them. The rest are not concerned, even when the crisis is in full swing. By then, they are looking for help and handout. All of you (us) need to be concerned with protecting what we have and dealing with those that will not have any.

    52. jim in Va.

      Keep chipping away people!

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