Lies, Damned Lies, and (Unemployment) Statistics

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    Mainstream media and Wall Street are salivating over the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest job growth numbers, which suggest that unemployment is on its fastest decline since the recession began in 2008:

    MSNBC: Employment growth picked up speed in November; jobless rate fell to 8.6 percent

    Employment growth picked up speed in November, pushing the nation’s unemployment rate down to 8.6 percent — its lowest level since March 2009.

    Private employers added a net gain of 140,000 jobs in November, but governments shed 20,000 jobs, mostly at the local and state level. Governments at all levels have shed nearly a half-million jobs in the past year. The Labor Department revised up its job gains for September and October by 52,000 and 20,000, respectively.

    “The labor market is gradually healing. It’s a glacial pace, but we are taking small steps in the right direction,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Penn.

    If you stopped reading right there you’d think our government’s stimulus infused, debt ridden interventionist policies have solved the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

    There are three kinds of lies, wrote Mark Twain in 1906, “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Take a page from his book and consider that the latest unemployment report is nothing more than an attempt by the custodians of our government, who are increasingly coming under fire from the populace, to hide the fact that their grand plans for centralizing social, financial and economic control are failing miserably.

    The Head Lies could have just as easily read “315,000 give up searching for jobs and officially leave the workforce,” but that doesn’t play into the narrative, and we need to maintain appearances. How else are we supposed to keep the Dow Jones cranking amid a collapsing global economy?

    This is a warning to our readers that trusting the Bureau of Labor Statistics could be dangerous to your financial health and personal well being.

    Here are six reasons why these numbers, although seemingly positive at first glance, don’t hold a lot of weight for the nation’s long-term out look.

    1) Tens of thousands of people have given up searching for work, so they don’t count as part of the labor force anymore

    When people stop looking for work they are considered to no longer be participating in the labor force, which means that the BLS ratios are adjusted to reflect a better overall employment rate:

    The fall in the jobless rate was aided by 315,000 people leaving the workforce. That pushed the participation rate, a ratio of the amount of the population in the labor force, down to 64.0 percent. Those who exited the workforce, many of whom gave up on looking for work, outnumbered the 278,000 people who found jobs, according the Labor Department’s household survey, which is separate from payrolls data.

    Karl Denninger of Market Ticker provides some insight:

    There’s a fairly serious problem with the numbers, and it’s not in the headline — it’s in the only number that matters from a fiscal perspective for the government — and there, it’s bad news.  Even worse, there is some real serious misdirection going on in here, me thinks.

    So those not in labor force aren’t re-entering the labor force.  That’s not so good; remember that you need about 125,000 people to find jobs a month to keep up with the population.

    That’s the labor participation rate which is all that matters for the ability of government to collect taxes — since all taxes are paid by people, and if you’re not working, you’re not paying taxes.

    And that number, my friends, is down on the month.

    Not by a lot, but down.

    So what we have here is a report that is nowhere near as strong as it appears.

    2) Many of the jobs created are likely seasonal

    As retailers got sold a bill of goods about the economic recovery, they hired more workers for the holidays. Chances are that many of those jobs are temporary:

    More than half the jobs added last month were by retailers, restaurants and bars, a sign that holiday hiring has kicked in. Retailers added 50,000, the sector’s biggest gain since April. Restaurants and bars hired 33,000 workers. The health care industry added 17,000.

    On top of that, retail and restaurant jobs will be the first to go once employers realize that we are in negative GDP growth territory.

    3) The government’s more realistic measure of unemployment is still above 15%

    There are several ways the government measures employment data. The “U-6,” which is the broadest available measure, counts the total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force.

    According to the BLS, this statistic decreased from the previous month, but is still sitting at a whopping 15.6%.

    4) The Unofficial unemployment rate remains in Great Depression territory.

    Over the years the government has created all sort of formulas and methods of calculating statistic like unemployment to provide a watered-down, best-case version to the general public, especially in times of crisis. In reality, however, if we were to calculate unemployment numbers the way they were counted as recently as 1994, we would be looking at a starkly different picture.

    According to John Williams of, the actual unemployment rate in the United States is in excess of 22%. That’s one in five Americans who are without meaningful labor.

    5) Europe’s debt, monetary system and the stability of their Union is on the brink of collapse

    Over the last several months we’ve seen what happens to global stock markets when the European debt crisis hits the news cycle. European and US central banks have been able to stave off a complete meltdown for now, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that they won’t be able to hold the center much longer. The EU as we know it today will not exist in its current form in the very near future. When their monetary and financial systems collapse there will be a substantial financial and economic impact here in the United States. Those are Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke’s words, not ours.

    Take a guess how employers will react if stocks have half of their value shaved off. It doesn’t bode well for the unemployment situation.

    6) Consumers are spending, but they are spending from savings not income.

    The primary reason why employers hire more laborers is because they are growing. GDP is growing sluggishly by official accounts (and is in negative territory when adjusted for inflation). Consumers, it seems, are still spending. But an alarming report says that “consumers spent more while earning less. Many had to dip into their savings to make up the difference.”

    Once these consumers realize they are making less money and essential goods cost more than ever before they will begin pulling back on discretionary spending, either voluntarily or by market forces. When revenues drop as a result, so too will employment growth.

    Things may look good on the surface, especially when the government’s cheerleaders step up the intensity like they have today and the hopium pushers dish out more mainline optimism to unsuspecting consumption addicts the country over. In reality, however, not much has changed. The unemployment numbers remain abysmal and our economy teeters on the edge of complete collapse.


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      1. I feel like one of those homeless guys on the street corner holding up a sign saying “The End Is Near”. Scary part is, it is near. This can only last so long…..

        • ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Passes Senate 93-7

          Americans completely stripped of all rights under Section 1031

          Paul Joseph Watson

          Friday, December 2, 2011

          The Senate last night codified into law the power of the U.S. military to indefinitely detain an American citizen with no charge, no trial and no oversight whatsoever with the passage of S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act.

          One amendment that would have specifically blocked the measures from being used against U.S. citizens was voted down and the final bill was passed 93-7.

          Another amendment introduced by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein that attempted to bar the provision from being used on American soil, an effort to ensure “the military won’t be roaming our streets looking for suspected terrorists,” also failed, although Feinstein voted in favor of the bill anyway.

          Feinstein was able to include a largely symbolic amendment which states that “nothing in the bill changes current law relating to the detention of U.S. citizens and legal aliens,” but this measure is meaningless according to Republican Congressman Justin Amash, a fierce critic of the bill.

          “Some have asserted that Sen. Feinstein’s amendment, S Amdt 1456, protects the rights of American citizens and preserves constitutional due process. Unfortunately, it does not. It’s just more cleverly worded nonsense,” Amash wrote on his Facebook page.

          • Anon,

            I read this early this morning and did some more checking into it as well. Bare with me for a moment, This bill is a attack on the citizens of the United States it will be twisted by our own goverment to imprison us, futher more they will use this bill to strip the american people of our 2nd ammendment right if giving the chance. They lye to us they steal from us they use tactics of deception,they spy on us, and whats worse then all of this we have allowed them to get away with this! I urge the SHTF gang to sign up with the NRA asap, some of you may know what I’m talking about and for those who don’t spend sometime looking into this. I finish with my rant with a quote.

            “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these, First, a right to life, Secondly to Liberty. Thirdly, to property, together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.” – Samuel Adams


            • DPS,While the NRA has done some positive things for gun owners in the past, they have become more willing to compromise in recent years, and are thus a part of the Washington establishment. I would offer an alternative: Gun Owners of America. Not a group of compromisers. FYI, I am a Life Mamber of the NRA and have watched the decline in their efforts over the years.

              More to the point,the Second Ammendment is not as threatened by this legislation as our 4th Ammendment rights are.

            • But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations…This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.

              John Adams, letter to H. Niles, February 13, 1818

            • Also JPFO, Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership is a good organization. You do not have to be Jewish to join.

            • ~DPS~

              With all due respect, I would recommend “Gun owners of America” (GOA) over the NRA.

              The NRA has done very little w/ regards to halting major gun control legislation for decades! Instead, in far too many instances, their paid lawyers / lobbyists have adopted / pursued the tactic of “compromise” as a means of fighting gun control. See the Clinton era for details…

              —Excuse me NRA…..My RIGHTS are non-NEGOTIABLE—

              I WAS an ardent NRA member for years, but after they compromised on the so called assault weapons ban & all its ridiculous hi-cap mag baggage…..all the while, constantly begging for shekels…I said enough!!!
              Told their phone-reps where they could stick it & why!

              I’ve been w/ GOA ever since.

            • Rich99 is a Mason, I knew something wasn’t right about him

          • it’s pucker time! this shheeeiit just got REAL! they “da nwo zionist feds” obviously are setting the stage to actively LEGALLY detain an arrest AMERICAN PATRIOTS and intern them at the 1 of 1000’s of fema camps located nation wide! to complete their nwo global facist banker government and u.n. global eugenics programs!

            this leaves american patriots only one option from this point forward… violent rebellion!

            • Oh my oh my! You have crossed the line and are now considered an ememy combatant! Just the word”rebellion” can get you locked up now. You are a threat sir. And to add “Violent” to your statement! Tisk,tisk… We must now lock up your family and friends as well.

              You see how they can do this shit to us now. Anyone who resists or is considered a threat in any way shape or form is now subject to incarsiration. We have zero freedoms left. I think DPS has reminded us of what is now lost best by the quote he added by Sam Adams

              “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these, First, a right to life, Secondly to Liberty. Thirdly, to property, together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.” – Samuel Adams

              Alaska here I come!

            • It’s the time for rebellion but not yet the time to be violent. Violence should come when there is no other option.

            • damn @ms. daisy yur’ no fun by the time ya allow us guys in the SHTFPLAN CLUBHOUSE to go FULL RAMBO on the feds and do a lil’ FIGHT CLUB schooling on em’ all and da’ banker boobs… the REVOLUTION is gonna be over!

              sigh… wonder whats happening at AJ’s club house. betcha i can get them riled up enough to atleast toilet paper ben bernanke’s car… ;0P

            • I agree – the new act, law, whatever you want to call it is crap. But why let your action be a waste? At this point, violent action just comes across as some lone whack-job as a blurb on the news.

              When the time comes for violence, everyone will know it- there will be no doubt. People will stand together and fight. IMHO, that time is not today.

            • “It’s the time for rebellion but not yet the time to be violent. Violence should come when there is no other option.”

              God save the Queen.

          • Well, that’s kinda silly of them to bother, anyway. Poeple who reside in Amerika are no longer considered “Citizens” anyway. They were reclassified as “consumers” long ago.

            Amerika, the prison camp,
            Someone dumped thier filth on thee…
            And crowned thy good,
            With gangs in yer’ hood…
            Your demise is what you see…

          • Well with a slight hangover this morning I find that the hits just keep come to the American People.Visiting all these great website and reading all these great comments I ran accross this.


            And with a great deal of pride I have to agree with these men
            S.1867 is a act of war against the american people, if this bill is not stopped and becomes law then we are really up s–tcreek. I know its a long video but well worth a view.
            Folks I know some think now is not the time to turn violence and I by no means promote it, But let me ask you this. When is the right time? Will we have a chance to do so before we are all loaded up and are taken to the FEMA camps which we are told do not exist? Do we sit around b-tching and typing our thoughts and idea’s? Or do we take time to use our great minds and figure out a plan to stop these people from taken what is so dear to us Our Freedom and Our rights? We all talk about wtshtf and how prepared we are for it. But would it not be with in our best interest and our childrens future to at least try and stop it? Since I started coming to this site i have found that there are so really smart people on here, I never claimed to be smart but I know BS when I see it. So i’m willing to step to the plate and ask the people to use their great minds to at least try and come up with a plan. Ok rant over and I leave you with a quote.

            “…arms…discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. …Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived the use of them. ” – Thomas Paine 1775.


        • OT, I know, but in the world of preppers and survivalists where there is so much gloom and doom, so much serious conversation, etc., we need to pause and have a laugh. Below is my laugh for the day.

          San Jose police: Man who caused post office shutdown was jogger in unusual gear

          • Silver bean,

            Now thats some funny stuff thanks for the laugh.


            PS I’ll look into the gun owners of amarica

            • 90 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands.

              Organize, volunteer, donate, vote.

        • I have been actively supporting Ron Paul’s campaign in New Hampshire.

          It is absolutely appalling the way in which individuals here give their blind allegiance to Mitt Romney, simply because he’s from stupid, neighboring Massachusetts. That’s like saying we have to love the Queen (the descendant of George III) because she rules a neighboring country to the north.

          They forget Romney supported the TARP bailout of Wall Street with our taxpayer money. When was the last time the government bailed you out?

          They forget Romney provided the current ‘commander’ the model for allowing government to force you to make an economic transaction against your will as a ‘mandate.’

          They forget Romney believes wholeheartedly in the policies of those clandestine criminals at the Federal Reserve, preaching at one of the debates, and showing his true colors and ignorance, “Who do you want to regulate the currency, Congress?!”

          For all of his so-called experience in the private sector and knowledge of capitalist principles, Romney could not even think to enunciate the idea of competing currencies . . .

          His friend the Gingrich, who supports the expansion of the unPatriot Act and TSA, is no different in the slightest.

          Against this backdrop, we have a true friend of the Constitution. And it is a true miracle that the controlling bureaucrats have managed to prevent Ron Paul from gaining the presidency all this time.

          This will all change very quickly, very soon . . .

          This time four years ago, no one could have imagined the election of our current president . . .

          No one will be able to predict the success of this bandwagon either . . .

          Join or Die now, before it’s too late! You will make the difference!

          Only one month left for a true champion of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Liberty & Freedom to be given a well deserved ticket to the White House.

          I guarantee you the Paul-Obama debates will be like nothing we have ever seen or heard before . . . . .

          Will you contribute to make it a reality? Will you call my fellow residents of New Hampshire and ask them not to make a tragic mistake this time around? Will you tell them, even demand them, to have the nerve to live up to their state motto?

          LIVE FREE OR DIE.

          • *Live Free or Die*

            • Many of the commentators on SHTF are smart as hell and know the true meaning of Liberty. You could make a difference, simply by making some calls from home!


              Don’t let the totalitarians win!

              “Government is not the solution. Government IS the problem.”

              You may here that memorable phrase in the next inaugural address.

            • ~GDS~

              Here’s our recent example of “Live Free or Die”!

              Question:) What if a sizable number of ordinary folks in every county, organized & requested a “meeting / public forum” w/ their local sheriff & explained / proved to him that according to the US Constitution…”HE” is the ultimate law enforcement authority within the boundaries of said county and demanded that he OBEY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW ONLY?

              See link & example below…


          • I really respect your fervor, and I understand your desire position.

            But, it will not matter one bit who is “elected”, because the agenda was set long ago. The only reason they would allow RP to become POTUS, is if it is expedient in some way, and at best stall the inevitable.
            The fix is in. Has been for almost 100 years.

            Stalin was right.

            • If you believe what “they” want you to believe, then haven’t you surrendered already? I just don’t understand why anyone, knowing what “they” want to do, would not then make sure Romney & Gingrich cannot get away with their agenda . . . . . Just thinking.

            • To Granite State:

              Surrender? Don’t think so.

              I’ve been watching this nightmare unfold for a very long time now. I am well aware that there actually real Americans left who can make a difference. But they are in a rapidly decreasing minority, and they are so factionalized they are not productive.

              Elections, espescially at the national level are a farce. Nothing more than a shell-game. They have been for decades. “Voting” for your establishment-approved “candidate” will change nothing.

              The agenda was laid out long ago.There are only 2 options left, neither are good. Sorry.

            • @Gunsmith

              I read the link. It was pretty good. If they don’t like Ron Paul, then you must believe Dr. Paul is doing something very, very right and good for this country. He’s the only one, who is absolutely UNLIKE Obama, and has nothing in common with him, unlike his counterparts in the “Republican” party.

              You see, the NeoCons like Gingrich & Romney are not tough at all. They are simply SLAVES for special interest groups like this one you have cited. Try to get Ron Paul be a slave to them? No way, no how.

              The pool of candidates in the Republican party have no integrity, and are simply shills for their brand of war-mongering and profiteering for their cronies.

              If you hate the expansion of government, concomitant with the erosion of our civil freedoms, and believe in limitations on government’s power to abuse and DEFRAUD the people, then you have to support Ron Paul.

              Imagine if he won in New Hampshire and Iowa. The entire political landscape would be changed OVERNIGHT. The skeptics of government would be in the Driver’s Seat, rather than riding along like useless baggage in the trunk.

          • Sigh! The problem I have with posts advocating Ron Paul is every one waxes on how great he is on Constitutional positions and support, but each and every single time the posters omit any reference to his position on illegal immigration.

            I was on the Ron Paul band wagon, he and Tom Tancredo were the tag team and fire wall on illegal immigration – then sound likes he got co-opted because he does a u-turn and in his book “Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom.” published April 2011, he says it’s “incompatible with human rights.” to be “splitting up families and deporting some who have lived here for decades.”

            He is for putting an “*” on their green card to prevent them from voting and getting welfare. He is against e-verify and laws prohibiting employers (like Arizona) employing illegals.

            Are you freaking kidding me??? It’s amnesty. They will still get welfare because welfare is for the kids and can vote because they register when applying or renewing their driver’s license by just checking the damn box on the application.

            If illegal immigration was an “*” issue, I’d be less vocal – however, talk about corrupting the Constitution – illegal immigration cuts through all aspects of our lives, rights, economy and security.

            • @LadyHawk

              One issue should not make you leap off the bandwagon if you were on it.

              If you think Ron Paul is “in company” with the media, government, or other members of his own party, I think you have interpreted things very, very incorrectly.

              Here on the ground in New Hampshire, I can tell you firsthand that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate NOT in league with all those malign influences you cite, and this is the reason they despise him and attempt to silence him over and over again.

              Imagine the difficulty of overcoming so much resistance, put that in perspective, and then ask yourself if Ron Paul is doing this for anything other than an abiding belief in Liberty as consecrated by the American Revolution and the Constitution . . . . .

              Gingrich & Romney are the worst of the worst, basically government insiders, who prop up the one-size-fits-all approach of a totalitarian regime. The election of 2012 will become a FARCE if either one of them is nominated to become “Commander” against the current one. At that point, I would tune out.

              I would encourage you to analyze current events more clearly.

            • GSD

              “…I would encourage you to analyze current events more clearly…”

              Really? It was April 2011 when Paul published his book supporting keeping 30 plus illegals in the country and further insulting American citizens saying we are racist and lazy because we oppose this invasion.

              There are other positions Paul has I disagree with, but let slide. But can’t on this one. My analyze of “current events” is illegal immigration is as detrimental to the survival of the country and people of the USA as issues related to the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and globalist.

              I analyze this is with intent that a border country is sending millions of it’s citizens to infiltrate our country without having to declare a war. That it is with intent, the infiltrators are robbing our treasury (and enriching their homeland’s), destroying our infra structures and institutions and undermining our language, economy and commerce. All that makes us a country.

              It is with intent and assistance from our traitorous government that rules and laws have been changed to allow these invaders to violate our constitutional protections, then turn around and use them against us. Notice, this last wave of illegals are making little effort to assimilate into the American culture, language and traditions. It’s just the opposite, the American citizens are the ones doing the accommodating and adapting.

              It is with intent the millions of invaders, with their numbers now sufficient enough, are targeting and high jacking our political system and process. Their agenda is different then ours and will destroy our Constitution, rules and laws.

              “Warning” – these next comments are not politically correct, if easily offended please stop reading.

              My home state, has been Republican/Independent, so who are all these newly registered Democratic voters? Why does the State allow the Mexican Consulate issued Metricula cards (no back ground check or documents required) to be used for driver’s licenses and state ID? Why can you register to vote by checking a box on the driver’s license or state ID app after using a Metricula card for identification and not be asked about citizenship? Why is LaRaza (The Race) hosting voter registration drives for “illegals”? Why is it when doing telephone calls for a candidate from a computer generated voter call list, 80% of the answering machines or respondents are in Spanish?

              The last few election candidate lists have been dominated with Latino/Hispanic surnames. Many are now elected officials and are not representing the citizen tax payer, but are proposing and passing rules and laws in support of sanctuary polices for illegals. When the citizen populace complains and sponsor initiatives on the ballot in opposition, these laws get circumvented by Executive Orders. This is all with intent.

              So, back to Paul. Paul is no political fool and what was amazing about him was his being a truth sayer. He had been a fire wall in the past on this issue as he was aware of the consequences. But it now seems he is no different then the other political whores. He has been co-opted and is throwing the American citizen under the bus for the illegal immigration vote. He’s lost the high road for me. He too can be bought. Politics and politian’s are all about the same snake, and now there are three heads.

              My current analysis is any one not myopic on the constitutional and financial issues can foresee what’s ahead for today’s America if there is no intervention on illegal immigration.

              Allowing the army of illegals to remain, multiple and occupy the USA means they succeeded in annexing the country without a shot being fired. The losers are generations of American citizens, the Constitution and the Country as we know it.

              By high jacking our government and elected offices means there will be constitutional changes not to our liking. America will be annexed and lands further divided. Dual and overlapping governments. Dual citizenship for the illegal/invaders, at the detriment to the citizens. Dual languages and cultures to name a few.

              We are witnessing the end of the late great United States of America as we know it. And politian’s like Paul that now support the army of invaders are complicit in our destruction from the inside. Wonder what the Patriots and Founders would think. GSD, tell me my current analyzes are false.

          • Granite State Denizen

            I will agree Ron Paul seems to be the best of the worse, He seems to have some very strong points and some very weak points. I’m still leaning to the other vote that nobody has brought up yet. Simply put write this in ( None Of the Above). We all know that while they Campaign the offer us everything, but once in they just follow along.
            Our system is completely corrupt and the only way to fix it is to start at the bottom and replace everybody.


            • Gave you a thumbs up DPS – totally agree RESET – It seems it’s still the same snake, except it’s grown a third head.

              Paul is represented as being a maverick – a Patriot – yet he is in company with the rest of the a-holes willing to grant another amnesty – and I say another because there have been three previous amnesties.

              As far as numbers/stats, what don’t people get – one illegal granted amnesty and citizenship gets to include ALL their family and relatives. That’s the wife, his children, her children, his mom and dad, her mom and dad, etc. One illegal does not equal only one new citizen.

              The requirement for (legal) immigrants to be self supporting were/are not applied in these circumstances either – so all those illegals and their relatives instantly, if not already receiving, get access to tax payer benefit safety net programs including, social security disability, retirement, welfare, medical, housing, educational services and scammed earned income tax refunds.

              Just like the employment figures in this post that we are crying as being bogus and lies, so are the true numbers of past and present illegals residing in this country and consuming our tax dollars.

              Several of the posters here stereotype the inner city populace as being the largest pig at the public trough. Times have changed and so has the populace gorging and feeding at tax payer expense. Yet some can’t let go it’s no longer the citizen inner city minorities, but something they can’t acknowledge -and is much worse. With out a shot being fired, we have allowed this country to be invaded by non citizens.

              People are focused on Wall Street and the Federal Reserve – totally missing the elephant in the room that is breaching our borders, robbing our treasury, stealing our commerce, subrogating our language and destroying our institutions. Without a shot and on our watch.

            • LadyHawk,

              Why thank you maam. My take on the 2012 field is none of them want to touch Illegal Immigration simpy becasue they all want that vote, and why you ask. The numbers are staggering. Not sure which part of the country you are from maam. But here in the TX panhandle we are over run, my friends always ask why I buy guns and ammo and as a joke I tell them its becasue I live at the Alamo.So I guess I’ll stick to my write in that we were taught at school you remember circle the right answer. ( None Of The Above)


            • @DPS

              What you are asking for is a revolution. While I am not opposed to that option, it takes infinite amounts of coordination, energy, funds, leadership, etc. Starting at the bottom and replacing everyone would be a grand old project.

              Over the next ONE month, however, you can start at the very top, and watch as the bottom catches up to the top in the very MIDDLE. Makes things a lot easier . . . . .

              Attacking corruption from the Top AND Bottom would be a more powerful approach. Ron Paul is the best of the best, and it’s the rest who are the worst. He is in a league of his own, and it’s a miracle that the totalitarians and bureaucrats have been able to prevent Ron Paul’s ascent to the presidency . . . . .

      2. Lies , Deception, And total B-ll Sh-t, Look america unemployment falls, Now qwik lets pass the laws to round the sheeple up as terriorest, Ok now lets deploy in the middel east with war ships and while they watch that we will install the internet kill switch. Ok next on the list what can we us to take the sheeples guns, how can we spin this so they think its for thier own good?

        F-king liars
        sorry about the language but a liar is almost as bad as a thief

        • in our govt. the thieves and liars are one and the same

          • Yet another damn rabbit out of the hat. AAHHHH! You would think by now, even sheeple would know it’s a trick. The good news is posters here know what’s up – and this shit doesn’t pass the smell test!

          • “When a man lies, he kills a part of the world…”

        • I knew this post was going to be here as a topic before I even turned on the computer this morning. I heard this on the news, unemployment drops to 8.6%. Who in the hell believes this shit, I mean “really,” anybody? With all of the out and out criminal conduct this administration has committed why in the world would you believe they would not have the ability to get to those who come up with these numbers and have them FIXED as well? Right now if they told me that the White House was white and was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I wouldn’t believe a word of it!!!

          • People DON”T believe it anymore and that is what scares the Government, hence all the laws rapidly stripping away our rights.

            • they are not laws if they are unconstitutional

              Hey Mac….what’s with the new posting policies? You never censored before, your not starting now are you?

            • Maybe another thing scaring the weasels in the fact that gun sales are through the roof. BLACK FRIDAY saw a record number of criminal background checks for first time buyers according to the FBI, over 129,000 just on Friday.

              Hmmm, record number of guns being sold? I feel safer already, but who wouldn’t?

          • Hammerun; again the phrase “figures don’t lie, but liars figure” still applies.
            The PTB are losing their patience. They can almost smell the finish line of destroying this country/change that only idiots can believe in.
            Keep prepping and stay in His grace (pray for this nation).

          • Unemployment dropped to 8.6% in a small wood thicket in West Virginia due to unusually hairy red foxes with not enough sense to stay out of rusty traps…

            Unemployment was steady as rust in other areas of the country.

            Xmas? bad! measure? Measure is number of container ships in transit over the oceans in November, down.

            Back to ‘Dancing with the Stars’…

            Yeah, that’s really the name of it.

          • BJ
            Mac will do what the government tells him to do, or not only will this website be shut down, but Mac will be in prison if he doesnt do as hes told …. its unfortunate, however the guy needs to do what he needs to do i guess… just like all of us.

            • looks like the new law took effect immediately Mac! looks like many on here will be in prison…. we are entering the closing of the iron (communist , zionist) curtain… yes… i am now a little scared….. i must admit…im out.. this aint worth it.. good luck yall.

            • the same nonsense as yahoo and seeking alpha….WHAT A JOKE!

            • I thought that was still a little bit down the road. So the govt has already told Mac what to do concerning this website??

        • A liar IS a thief who steals the truth.

      3. These numbers reflect nothing more than a re election ploy by the PTB.

        • Claymation,

          These numbers reflect nothing more than a re election ploy by the PTB? What this numbers reflect is misdirection! We all know that we can make a car disappear is we can just misdirect the audience.

          • opps replace is with if.. How about the spell checker Mac? lol

            • OH! OH! And I want discussion forums! Let’s all submit a wish list to Santa Mac! lol
              Great job with the polite policy, btw Mac, I think alot here will appreciate it!

              • Thanks for your patience with all that guys, and MLG, thank you for your email, it got me motivated. It’s you guys that make this web site go ’round, so at least putting some ‘veto’ power into the hands of users is in order. I’m all for arguing and such, but it was starting to get out of control.

                I know I have been saying it for like a year, but I promise a forum is on the way! Soon!

          • DPS I agree, but both sides of the aisle need to look productive, lay claim to anything that looks remotely positive, and have something to tout as they return for the holiday break. They have elections next year and would rather lie,cheat and steal their way back into office, then do anything that actually might be in the nations best interests. The question for me any way is what the revised numbers look like next week. These numbers are always readjusted and usually for the worst. Peace

            • Claymation,

              I give you a thumbs up Sir, When i read sh-t like this it just get the hair on the back of my neck standing up. They can only fool us so many times before we call it BS.


          • Statistics and statistical inference used to be a part of my job skill package. I can make the exact same numbers say vastly different things, depending on how I manipulate them.

            Our economic reality here in the United States isn’t looking very positive for the home team. It’s almost as if we as a society were in a race to the finish line …. the prize ain’t pretty.

            I know that the PTB wanted desperately to keep a ‘lid’ on things, at least until after the 2012 elections. I just don’t think that they can do it. It’s going to get interesting out there very quickly.

            God Bless & good luck to you and yours. Best wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas as well as a safe, happy and prosperous New Year. (And if that offends you, then please feel free to kiss my sweet, illegitimate, politically incorrect, elderly, Polish ass)

          • They take a few hundred holiday jobs that won’t be there after chirstmas and it’s suddenly “good days are here again” What a joke. It happens every year. The unemployment dips slightly. But if you read between the lines, that’s a pretty crappy dip compared to other years where companies hired thousands to help out with the holidays. Smoke and mirrors.

            • The thing that really gets me going is how when I talk to people about the mess this country is in, I get return stares from a zombie population that believes everything that the gov tells them. Face it…we are a minority on this planet.

      4. Can’t wait to see the numbers in January when all the seasonal workers are let go…This is all a big game, and they know that all the little sheeple will fall for it!! Heck, my brother does!! Yesterday, his 20 yr old son went to the bank, paid off his car…left the bank, went to the car dealership, and bought a brand new 2012 Dodge Charger!! It’s a beautiful car, but when SHTF…he won’t be able to eat it!!
        And ya know what’s wrong with this picture? My brother works as a salesman for a packaging company…and was just complaining about how sales are down, and he just can’t seem to sell anything to his customers anymore…..DUH!!!!Stupid, stupid, stupid!! :/

        • the drop in employment will be blamed on the wintry weather, who woulda expected snowfall this time of year, ya kno?

        • I work in the automotive and our company just laid off or fired 20% of the staff across the board. 🙁

          Merry Christmas, folks.

          • Damn, sorry to hear that Hon. 🙁

            • Thank you – we’ll be okay – we are way luckier than some of other people – they haven’t “saved for a rainy day”. What with prepping, we could go a long time without suffering too much.

          • had that happen to me in 2008 with housing work yet, no work available…finally had to make my own work cause i had no benefits either. do you remember the articles years ago out of d.c. called gobbledegook? if we could decipher everything that has been coming down the pike for the last forty years life would probably have taken some different turns.

            • Yep – I do remember those.

              I was one of the lucky ones. By pre-empting the whole thing and ASKING for part time, I am still employed and at a way better rate than unemployment would pay.

              I feel like I’ve been given spare time and the means to do some positive things, so I don’t plan to squander this opportunity.

          • excessive in length

            • I betcha no one ever said “excessive in length” to you before, Rich99.

            • ;0P wow good one… thanks for da’ chuckles @ms.daisy… sorry @rich99 you stepped right in the doo doo on that one ;0)… i’m still gigglin’…

            • You are welcome but no thanks.

        • @SML – great points. I forgot about the increase in seasonal workers, which undoubtedly led to a slight decline in the unemployment numbers. Of course, our wonderful media will praise St. Barry-O for all he’s done to make this turn happen.

          Like you, I’ve found the people whose head seems to be buried the deepest in the sand when it comes to issues like these are our own flesh and blood. And they’ll be the ones pounding the hardest on the door when SHTF.

      5. Sorry for the rant gang but damn enough is enough!

        • No apology necessary DPS.
          It was a fine rant and nothing to be ashamed of.

        • We were all right in there with you!

      6. Tis the government season for Lies, Damned Lies, and (Unemployment) Statistics.

      7. Who do these assclowns think they are fooling? They are not going to convince those currently unemployed that the economy is better, those who pay attention know that the statistics are BS, and those who don’t pay attention are already voting for Barakalypse. So what is the point of these numbers? If we could purchase the assclown-in-chief for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth we could all retire wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

        • Are you a werewolf? Does that make you hate totalitarians?

        • “Who do these assclowns think they are fooling?”

          Apparently, they ARE fooling the brainless ones who put them into office. Many of them depend on these ACs (lol) for freebies… and they ARE getting them. This is why the founding fathers required property ownership as a condition for voting. They knew that voting is exercising power over the public treasury and who better to do that than the people who actually contribute to the treasury?

          Imagine a similar thing in a family. Do the kids (non-productive members) get to vote on whether to spend the family income on rent or a trip to Disneyland? No, they do not, because they would likely exhibit bad judgment, vote for the trip, and lose the house.

      8. If someone will lie to you, they will steal from you, if they steal from you, they will stab you in the back, if they stab you in the back they will kill you.

        Predators, scavengers, thieves and Harpys, feeding off of us. Not for long, as the process of natural selection will set in when the shtf.

        Like the previous article about the gal with 15 children…when the shtf, she and her children will be dead in the first couple of weeks, maybe a bit longer. No skills, no food, you die.

        We will see much of that. It is coming, one way or another..

        I had a friend who once said, “Kill them all, let God sort them out.”

        I will not have to do anything except leave the city for the country, the ones that survive, won’t survive for long.

        • Terry

          I used those same words to get out of jury duty “kill them all and let god sort them out”. Funny thing is I rode my Harley and wore my leather. And I’m very pride to have a American flag on my vest that simply states “Try and burn this one a–hole”.

          PS i have not been ask to serve on a jury in the last 8 yrs!

          • LOL..I did the same thing,, they didnt pick me for the Jury..MMM wonder why?

            Black H.D. out at he meater, Black leather with a Cut over it with all my patches , and a few choice words..i was out of there in one day

            I had better things to do , like Work to feed my family

            and before anyone says i should be proud to serve on a it for some one who give a shit about those liers in robes, and their bull shit courts

            • VRF,
              You ever get to TX sometime I’ll buy you a cold one.


              PS Mac comment policy now?

            • I got an invitation to serve on a jury a few years ago (when I was less invisible). I told them that I was not within their jurisdiction thus could not participate in the private foreign court system of the United States and could only participate in juries brought according to the Constitution.

              I got a letter back excusing me…

            • Got a Good Friend in Garland, If I get down that way..I’ll return the favor and buy you one too

          • I urge you to get on jury duty whenever possible. It’s the only place to defeat the government, one case at a time.

            • Old Fuzzy,

              That may be true where you live but here in the TX panhandle 90% of the trials are for illegals that have sold drugs, raped women, murdered their own family, robbed stores and are just the scum of the earth the sneak in through our unprotected boarders. So tell me how can I change our goverment but serving on a jury? How can I support my family on $7.00 a day while serving on a jury? And my last point would have to be, how much money is wasted by putting the illegals on trial?


            • One case at a time is not going to be enough, thus is a waste of time. You can never defeat the corp by working with it.

            • I look forward to being on a jury duty to cause hate, discontent, pain & a few laughs (for me) for my other jury members while looking for their Easy Button to speed slap.

            • I used to be very pro-jury duty to make sure justice be done. Then I learned what the court is and what the law is. Now, they’ll never get me to participate and give credit to their foreign profiteering scam.

          • I would have loved to be on a jury, DPS, but they don’t care to have gun-toting, God fearing people.

            I was in the running to be on a jury in a child molestation case…I would have thought the prosecution would have wanted me on that case, and I believe it was them that struck me down…go figure, made no sense to me.

            Am in Texas as well, don’t drink, but do produce the product that produces the fuel.

      9. They put that lie out there so their political foot soldiers can use it as talking points.

      10. The European Union will still implode and so will our system. Soon, very soon.

      11. I guess they are really working hard to make Obama look successful to help in his re-election.

        Maybe they are afraid that Obama won’t be able to declare Marshal Law and this is just an in case scenario to it.

        I don’t like what I think I see coming either.

        • It will not matter who is installed as Figurehead in the next “election”. The “vote” is a farce. Amerika’s fate was decided long ago. Stalin was right…

          Growing up, we were taught to fear Communists. I never dreamed that it would be Amerika that will become the ultimate police-state…

      12. What is truly sad is media outlets putting this crap out without checking the numbers. We need 250k jobs a month to get out of this hole and we create 126k? The number dropped please. Tell someone else these lies. Whats even worse is people will believe this crap they are fed from TV!

        • It’s even worse than that, Oleguy. When they print the number of recently employed and how much that changed the percentage of people employed, do a bit of simple math. Recent figures supposedly showed that we had an unemployment rate decrease of 0.4% and that this was due to the addition of 126k jobs. OK, so divide 126,000 by 0.004 and what do you get? 31,500,000. Huh? Are they telling us that there are only 31,500,000 people employed in this nation of about 318,000,000 people? There we have it. Living proof of 2 things. 1st, that their numbers are completely bogus and 2nd, that they think none of us can do simple math to put their lies to the test. Off-hand, I don’t know which of these two is more insulting.

      13. also this report probably doesnt take in to count those that have run out of Un-enjoyment benifits,,it doesnt mean they found jobs, it just means they no longer are recieving anything

      14. What’s with all you doom sayers? All we need to do is wait until Bernanke has printed enough money so that we can all be millionaires. Then it will be happy days are here again, we’ll all be rich, and everyone will have a job because all that money will have to be spent somewhere.
        PS I hear the ECB is fixin to help old Ben out and start printing euros soon, so we’ll all be richer even sooner than I thought!
        I’m feelin’ better already.

      15. these numbers are as believable as the numbers the gov. spits out about inflation. both are lies. they do this to make everything appear as normal as possible. hey gov, just tell the truth about these two conditions for once…fess up. the true inflation rate is closer to 10%. give the social security ppl a needed raise. if you need money for that raise…just stop the needless foreign aid.

      16. figures dont lie, but liers can figure

      17. “Suppose you are an idiot and suppose your are a politician, oh I repeat myself” Mark Twain. What a visionary! Today we have a comedy of errors, our idiots are all actors in a huge comedy going on in Washington, trouble is we are on the receiving end of the joke.

        • I love Mark Twain’s writings and comments. My favorite Twain comment goes like this:

          “Every politician should be allowed two terms… one in office and one in prison”.

      18. David R: and a loaf of bread and gallon of milk will cost $1.2 million dollars.

        • @ Hillbilly,

          I’m in Texas. I took a floating holiday since I worked the day after Thanksgiving. I went to the grocery store this morning. I had a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon for everything I bought. I spent eighty bucks and came home with 5 plastic bags. My receipt said I saved 41 bucks. What the heck. Inflation is upon us. It is a sad day in America for me 🙁


        • Christ alone is worth dying for. We know that all countries will succumb to the One World Order. STOCK UP ON FAITH PEOPLE. It is a most noble fight.

          I pray that Jesus Christ saves our families instead of Smith & Wesson.

          God Bless the American People!

          PS: I promote and/or call for violence in Self-Defense. Peter carried a sword and Jesus told us to buy a sword if we didn’t have one. No offense intended Mac. God Bless.

          • @Iowa: I agree, my stance is you try and hurt my family, or an innocent, I will use my God given talents to annihilate the vermin that has it in their heart to do so. Christian men and women should never ever equal doormat. I can turn the other cheek, no problem but after that your toast!

            • I agree whole-heartedly, Copout.

              If you mess with my family the time for discussion is OVER.

            • yes daisy.. as i explained to you already the same applies to you

      20. Our whole political system is a farce! None of it is true.

        Unemployment statistics, Poverty statistics, Manufacturing statistics, Standard of living statistics……. and all the other statistics are deversions.

        We, Americans, are not represented by anyone in the political system.

        What advantage does the political system have by representing the American people? NONE!

        They have built a false front and have convinced the American Sheeple that it is the truth. The non-believers are so few, that they are unimportant in the scheme of things.

        We have lost the American Freedom that few hold so dear. We have lost our God given Rights that are the envy of the rest of the world.

        The only thing that true Americans have going for them is the ability to defend ourselves against our enemys foreign and domestic.

        I’m not sure how far we will get with that defence, but we are sure to find out in the near future.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      21. Lies

        Hahah lemme tell you about lies

        Im going way back in MY families history, because I am part Chippewa, and Souix Indian.
        1st nation of this land.
        and as a Cheif once said to me
        “It is sad that government is achieved by the devils toungue”

        To me..
        There is Honor in words of death, as much as there is honor as my words of life. No signed paper can hold the honor, it must come from men.
        The words of my ancestors carried the same honor of life and of death.
        My people were lied to, and persecuted by this government so long ago, and nothing has changed they lie to their own.
        Im ready to bring the fight to them when ever they come to me for the return of my honor, they will get what they came for.
        people like me arnt afraid of diying for our beliefs, just afraid of living in their lies.

        • Dear Abby: I am interested in researching my family history, but am low on funds and it is expensive. Any advice??

          Dear Reader: Register as Republican and run for public office.

          • Im not sure I know how to take this?

          • Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

            How about this:

            Dear Abby: I’m not sure if my husband is cheating on me. How do I find out without hiring a PI?
            Gloria Cain

            Dear Reader: Suggest that he run for President.

      22. If you guys want to see more proof that we’re in a Depression, go over to the globalguerrillas site and scroll down a few articles, he’s got an amazing article on dentistry, apparently (and he’s got the figures to back it up) we’re becoming a country of an upper class with nice teeth and everyone else snaggle-toothed.

        This is not a good time to be a dentist. Your son or daughter looking at going to dental school may want to reconsider. Your son or daughter trained/training as a hygienist may have work, but it may be on the “grey market”.

        The article’s really good, like most of his stuff.

      23. The cleansing of the errors of this nation must still begin with: “WE THE PEOPLE…..ONE NATION UNDER GOD..”
        Please folks don’t get discouraged, just saying and hearing those first three words “WE THE PEOPLE” still sounds good (right?). No matter one’s political opinion, we are a nation under God that has never been matched, past nor future, with freedom and liberty for all. We are under a horendus attack by ungodly and criminal people. A nation founded on christian principles that our adversary has always been a liar.
        They can’t handle the truth: they aren’t god. They are puppets. Greek word for actor is: hypocrite. So best supporting actors (hypocrite)-the US government.

      24. The 22% number reported above is even low in my estimation.. please correct me if I am wrong; but I do not think that ANY statistic for unemployment counts those that are self employed nor those people who do “part time” work for them.

        As a business owner, if my business fails; I can not file for unemployment.. period. I do not count and will not show up on any Gov. statistic related to unemployment that I am aware of.

        The REAL number is far, far higher I think… am I wrong ?

        • SnS of course your are right. I don’t show up in the stats, my neighbor doesn’t, I’ve run into a ton of people who don’t.

          Now, maybe it’s correct that we’re not counted because we’ve found ways to live without signing up at the EDD department or sucking off of the gov’t teat. In a sense we’re employed, I find work here ‘n’ there, find things to do. So does my neighbor. In fact I hired him to help me with something a couple of weeks ago! He’s trying to get hired as a school bus driver (I hope he can get the job, with my one good eye I can’t drive commercially) and I’m going to try making wreaths and selling ’em roadside or to shops, for short-term seasonal bit of money. This time of year I normally make nothing so I’m used to getting by, stock up for winter in the warm months, then hunker down and catch up on my reading when the weather’s cold.

          I understand that in areas of the US that never got out of the last Great Depression, this is sort of a normal way of life. Say up in Maine. You trap when the season’s good, maybe act as a trail guide or work at a dude camp in the summer, tap maple syrup when that season is on, put meat in the freezer in deer season, and over the winter just hunker down, maybe make crafts to sell to the tourists next summer. All seasonal, short-term, informal jobs that amount to a living if you keep your expenses way down.

      25. Great analysis Mac. A few observations/questions.

        1. “Tens of thousands of people have given up searching for work, so they don’t count as part of the labor force anymore”. I’m wondering, if there is pretty much unlimited unemployment, why would they give up looking? It seems to me that they’d keep on milking the system for every dollar even if they were planning not to return to the workforce.

        2. “Consumers are spending, but they are spending from savings not income.” Don’t forget that many are maxing out their credit options also.

        3. The bigger crisis here is the under-employment. For example (and this can work with any income group). Someone who was making $150,000 per year, has a $2000 mortgage payment (on a house they can’t sell), 2 car payments, 2 or 3 kids, etc. and is now losing bonuses and commissions so they are only making $80,000. While they are not homeless, they too cannot make ends meet because you sure can’t sell anything & get out of your debt obligations right now.

        The whole thing is a sad state of affairs. I too believe that 15% if more realistic. And I believe that under-employment is about 60%.

        • Same shit new day…here’s another thumbs down for you just for the fun of it!

          mushroom :~)

          • At least you’re not being kept in the dark…

        • Mr. B, you’ve got your very own stalker. Kudos! It’s always a compliment when someone pays that much attention to what you say!

          • Thank you Daisy. I think mushroom is probably big sis, Janet N. himself. His/Her haircut is kind of reminiscent of a mushroom.

            Really inspires me to really tick him/her off a bit more.

      26. Todays top news stories…

        A massive windstorm blew through southern California yesterday. In Hollywood, hairpieces littered the streets, and farther west, skinny illegals were scattered like tumbleweeds from San Bernardino to Palm Springs.

        In an effort to save the euro, printers are now putting a scratch-off ticket on the back sides of the notes. Just scratch the little gray box and see if your currency is really worth anything (oops, not a winner again).

        The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the new Mars rover has discovered 13,000 additional jobs on the red planet. (they were there all along, and we weren’t counting them). President Obama said he knew they’d find them if they just kept looking. NASA, meanwhile, says they’ve never heard of anyone named Obama, and they wish president Nixon would restore funding so the agency can get to the moon before the Russians.

        The Huffington Post, always a cheerleader for the left, is wetting it’s pants over the new labor numbers. In a related story, Huffpo sent a memo to it’s employees, telling them that since readership is up from 800,000 last year to nearly 50,000 today, they will be expanding their workforce from 60 to 25. No comment from the 35 negatively hired people.

        Christain conservatives are bailing out on Herman Cain. It has less to do with his alleged affairs than with the incompetence of his media company. They keep putting his ‘999’ bilboard ads upside down.

        • That’s a bold face lie. I can look out my window hatch with telephoto lens and see the lunar rover at least five times during a twenty-four hour period.

        • That was brilliant and funny!
          To quote Manos,
          “it made me think of a joke”
          News flash!
          A single engine sesna aircraft, crashed in a graveyard in the Capital of Poland,
          They have recovered over 300 bodies, and expect to find more.

          • Yep slick that was funny.
            Kinda like somebody said flying in a twin engine puddle jumper, After 1 of the engines failed a passenger ask how long do you think we can stay in the air with 1 engine? The other guy responds “all the way to the crash site”


            Lets see who gets the name right..

            • They probably had the chicken.

            • Ron White

            • I bet we beat the ambulance by a half hour

        • Needed that news flash – thanks SmokinOkie!

        • Thanks for the laugh. Oh by the way you should name your sources, you don’t want to look like a real journalist.

        • It all is funny but NOT funny-ha-ha…

          But HaHa! You are even funnier than it is!

          Great to see you at the head of the funny parade!

          I know it is not funny but I hope we are all prepared. This may be as bad as a lit fart going wrong or maybe as I said years ago, they will realize in the closing of their deal, ‘Shit! These people have lots of ample protective weaponry!’

          • Saw this painted on the back of a truck today. ” Gov’ment people need to brush their teeth every time they take a crap, because they spew it from both ends.”

        • welcome back ninaorket

          • awe sheeit… busted! ;0p pppppppppzzzzzzzsssssssst

        • He’s sitting on the right side of the car.

          • An ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or belief of the person supporting it.[1] Ad hominem reasoning is normally described as a logical fallacy.[2][3][4]

            • CIFFZJS: That presupposes the claim is TRUE.

              Lies, ignorance and propaganda are often spread by those with limited knowledge and experience, who purport to have an informed opinion.

              Often these people will link to a third party opinion maker who is spreading lies as if that person were accurate and an authority to be trusted, when they are not.

              WE have seen that here.

              These people cannot give a rational and logical argument of their own; distort the facts, and use euphanisms to multiply the lie.

              In such cases it is totally proper and justified to point to the lack of education, experience, and special expertise of the individual expressing a particular viewpoint that falls under these categories.

              Particularly when that viewpoint contradicts the common knowledge of the community.

              Example: Does anyone here believe that Iran has gone “Ghandi”?

              Call a spade a spade. That’s BULLSHIT!!!

              • Amen to that DK…..Unemployment numbers are only counting people who recieve unemeployment benefits. So mathmatically speaking once the person runs out of benefits they are no longer counted whether they are gainfully employed or not. So with that being said….the unemployment should fall and was expected to back in August by CNBC news but they said it would be in October…so they were a little off.

              • ;0) Touchee @DK , I salute you! admire yur’ constant passion Sir! keep it up…

          • ‘0p (+) @anonymous , be seeing you real soon.

        • this one is better . . .

          • I have a true bromance admiration for this man , RON PAUL deserves of all “men” on earth to be president of the united states… there are some great “ladies” out there , but none are running! America Deserves Ron Paul – DEMAND Ron Paul for the Next President of the United States of America!

            Ron Paul / Rand Paul ticket 2012! YOUR Freedom is Here! Take it! Vote Ron Paul!

            On Ron Pauls desk “In” basket is a Bumper Sticker:: “The Government Doesn’t Like Competition – Don’t Steal!”

            ;0) He is the PEOPLES CHOICE! GO RON PAUL! ;0)

            • I’m still voting for Banksy Rat…

        • i fucking agree with this brit… fucking totally.

          • “phrakin A” @eeder ;0) , glad too see yur’ still here… i counted and the brit wanker said “PHRAKIN” 1,369 TIMES!

            them brits are worse then merchant marine sailors at the docks when it comes to cussin’ but ya gotta love their passion!

            no wonder the “queen” ordered em all DIS-ARMED!

            da’ serfs of england are gettin’ all worked up an ready to DECAPITATE the ole’ brit inbred queenie!

      27. The head Lies will only add to the shock of the masses WTSHF.

        One important point being missed here is that hundreds of thousands of people are just simply no being counted anymore because they have reached their 99 weeks. Every month using BLS numbers 1,733,333 lose their jobs, that’s 20,800,000 people a year losing their jobs.

        Yes I would say the Head Lies are deceptive. The government wants you looking through Rose colored glasses or Beer Goggles. Either way it doesn’t matter what you are looking through if you are blind.

        The bottom line is we have less jobs then we had last month, last quarter and last year. The way the numbers are counted by BLS we will continue to see unemployment decline month over month statistically. The fact is we actually have a lot more unemployment. Just look at the participation rates of welfare, food stamps and all anti poverty programs. They are setting new records month over month to new record highs every month.

        Open your eyes folks; if unemployment was really falling anti poverty programs would not be rising. Statistically if I put one hand in the freezer and the other on the stove, I won’t get burned or get frost bite. We all know that just ain’t so.

        • What kind of beer?

          • The kind that comes in very thick, dark glass bottles.

        • Yeah, but there IS a method to their madness. Once they have stopped counting everyone who is unemployed, they can report that FULL employment has been established! 😉



        • Also, fairy dust , spells and crystal balls will work well too.

          Well…, the Reagans had astrologers. 🙂

          • Hey! Come on, now…Astrologers are cool…

          • yeah fairy dust… i think theyve been consuming too much angel dust….. fucking criminal zionist pigs!

            • eeder,

              Let me ask you something, Do you have to use profanity in every comment you post? I’ve been coming to this site for a yr now and I cuss like a sailor at work and around the house, however when I post here I tend to show respect to all the readers. Sir I merely ask that you do the same. When using the words f–k or sh-t or even Bull s–t just remeber sir that alot of folks have christian values and don’t like to even see those words.Being a construction work and a biker I am used to hearing it , All I would ask sir is show a little respect


              PS another quote
              “You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or use any other word you think will work but I’ve found that a large-bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much the universal language”

            • DPS
              sheeple offend me… much more than the word fuck may or may not offend them…. no one gives a shit what offends me ( which is alot) … i dont give a flying fuck who is offended by me.

            • “Let me ask you something, Do you have to use profanity in every comment you post? ”

              Grandma always said that “weak ideas are expressed in strong language”. So far, there’s no proof around here that she was wrong. :-/

        • Damn OLDVET…..Monty Python lied to me! All this time I thought they were known as the……

          “—–The MINISTRY of SILLY STATISTICS—–“

      29. Mac, thank you very much for the commenting policy. Free speech is very important, but so is simple common courtesy. Remember folks, our common enemies are the bankers and the government officials who want to strip our rights away, not eachother. We may have different religions, beliefs and backgrounds, but we are all here for a common cause; to keep eachother informed. God bless and keep prepping

        • Sorry, I know what my bible says about how to talk and how to treat people…but6 like a famous founder said….Id’ rather suffer too much liberty than not enough of it. This in my humble opinion is a compromise for the sake of political correctness and a disappointing one at that. I liked the fact that this was thee one and only site I come to that people can rant and rave and vent and say what ever is on their mind how ever it might come out…right or wrong……it is freedom of speech. And it is a freedom that much blood was spilt for many many years ago 🙁

      30. I’d rather feel the pain now then nothing at all.

      31. The unemployment problem will be ending very soon because employment and money itself, as we once knew it, will be ending soon. The most powerful explanation you can get of this begins at 2:31:06 of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

      32. Let the games begin! I eagerly await the collapse. It will be a laugh riot whatching the knuckleheads tear each other to shreds.

        • Your love for humankind is heartwarming. Really.

      33. The unemployment in my neck of the woods hovers around 19%, excluding those who have fell off the unemployment security rolls. I have been unemployed since last march. I have given out approximately 360 resumes and had only 3 interviews between then and now. I might add that I did get one job in those 3 interviews. After my 3rd day there, I told my wife that in a 30 hour period (10hrs. a day), I did approximately 6 hours of work (I’m a automotive technician) in that period and if this continues, I’ll probably get laid off again. Sure enough, on my 4th week, I got laid off. In the 200 hours that I was there, I did approximately 1 weeks worth of work. It was that slow. The funny thing was, rather than just telling me that he needed to lay be off because it was so slow, he had to be a dick about it. I think he was just trying to get me to quit, when I finally told him, “Look, you probably shouldn’t have hired me in the first place considering that it is so slow here. Are you trying to tell me that you are laying me off?”


        “And you had to be a dick about it and take an hour to do it?”

        “It’s my shop and I can do what I want. I’ll have your final check friday.”

        “No. You are going to give me my check right now.”

        So he slings the wrench in his hand across the bay and storms into his office and handed me a check for 500 dollars. ($500.00 a week or flag time, whichever was higher).

        I saw this coming in my last full time job. I was making anywhere from 800 to 1200 dollar a week flag time. Finally, it started hovering around 450 to an occasional 800 a week flag time. Then it became pretty consistent at around 300 to 600 a week. So my boss gave up his office job, laid me off and took over my job and did the office job at the same time.

        One thing about being in the auto business, if you are a good shop and notice business taking a dive, then drive around to the other auto shops and they are taking a dive… people don’t have the money to get their cars fixed. And you know the economy sucks.

        • I know what you mean, I been helping friends fix their cars in my garage at home for barter items after my day job and on the weekends..people just dont have the money to support the companies and their overhead, hell Im giving away my skills just to help people in tuff times.

          I guess i should put a sign on the door that says will repair your car for canned goods and bags of beans

          • VRF
            do NOT put a sign up.. just go word of mouth and say you never heard a thing… a sign like that will surely earn you a visit from some authorities… not sure which agency…. theres plenty of them though and many would have the authority to.. not only screw up your business and life ,but also prison will become your new home.

            • Oh I wouldnt advertise like that, The above was tongue in cheek..I go word of mouth..
              and with ppeople i can trust , only a hand shake is what i need

            • “only a hand shake is what i need”

              That’s all any real man needs. If I lived near you and needed some truck repair, I would be happy to bring my truck to you, along with a few silver rounds to make it worth your while.

          • VRF,

            I hear you brother I have been doing the barter thing for many yrs, helping fix up house party barns custom paint jobs on Harleys all to help out others. eeder is right though never hang a sign. They will always hit you with permits or fee’s. Beside that work of mouth advertising isn’t something you can buy. It must be earned


        • Mr. Peabocy–we’re seeing that the cars maintenance is one of the first things to neglect—1) because they have no job to go to
          2) the cost of everything is higher now
          3) they may be picking that sucker up in a couple months, so why bother??

      34. it doesnt matter. they have used the same formula to determine job growth for decades. no matter how they get their data it doesnt change the fact that there are jobs are being created at a substantial rate.

        • *watches the smoke drift across the mirrors…*

        • Actually, they have a real bad habit of changing their methods whenever they do not produce the desired result. They’ve done this with both the inflation and unemployment numbers… and probably a whole lot of other things as well.

          All this reminds me of what the Cubans did about 30 years ago. They had a match factory that wasn’t meeting the government quota for the number of boxes of matches that Havana had set. They finally sent a new manager down there to straighten out that factory. He decided that their main problem was that every box had 100 matches in it and that if only 50 matches were placed into each box, they could double the number of boxes of matches they produced. Worked like a charm. Instant success. I guess that these commies all think alike because bogus numbers mean more to them than reality does.

      35. Ok, here are some news from Ole Europe.
        Our Glorious Leaders had meeting to compile an action plan for the greater good of us all. to ensure better life for all the citizens of EUSSR. the talks circled around one point which is a pinnacle of EUSSR’s future – fiscal union. for those readers who do not understand we explain – EuroZone is not a fiscal union. Fiscal Union means that the old misconception of sovereign countries running wild with their fiscal budgets will be demolished. we are overly happy to announce that from now on we shall see no more of this crap that used to plague our minds during past three years. incompetent politicians of every nation will no longer be allowed to plan or execute the budget for the respective nation. instead we shall have dedicated experts and professionals working in Brussels, building a brighter future for all of us. rejoice comrades as we demolish old and ineffective sovereign institution and step towards a stable and prosperous future.
        on other news:
        coalition forces of USAA and EUSSR have made significant advances on the Iranian front. cowardly enemy has employed tactical nuclear devices but thanks to the brilliance of our commanders losses have been minimal. Our ally and friend President of Russian-Asian Most Democratic Federation Mr Putkin has condemned the said attacks by the terrorist state of Iran and retaliated in kind with a surgical strikes by Iskander missiles against suspected terrorists in Georgia and bloodthirsty separatists western Ukraine.
        on unrelated news:
        Our Ministry of Truth reports that 99.99% of interpersonal phone conversations and emails of citizens praised all the actions committed by our troops. remaining % accounts for all the rogue and terrorist elements in our society who are yet to be detained.

        • I thought I heard you on MSM…

      36. Where is the unemployment applications figure?

        Weeks and weeks have gone by and the 390,000 to 405,000 weekly unemployment new applications figure has been touted as “great news’ by the lame stream media. I recall the “huge” drop from 397,500 to 396,000 reported just a few weeks ago and at its “lowest” since February or something like that. During Bush’s years it was always noted at its “highest” since whenever. If people can’t see this media bias in prayer to re elect their dictator in charge I’m sad for them.

        Where is this number and why did it suddenly drop out of the media?

        • The unemployment appoications figure has probably gone the way of the employment… it’s around there somewhere, but good luck finding it!

          • whoops! appoications = applications

        • “Choco ration’s going up, eh?” -George Orwell’s “1984”

      37. “2) Many of the jobs created are likely seasonal

        As retailers got sold a bill of goods about the economic recovery, they hired more workers for the holidays. Chances are that many of those jobs are temporary:

        More than half the jobs added last month were by retailers, restaurants and bars, a sign that holiday hiring has kicked in. Retailers added 50,000, the sector’s biggest gain since April. Restaurants and bars hired 33,000 workers. The health care industry added 17,000.”

        Complete moronic BS! The govt tried to put this over on us last Christmas and the one before too! It’s seasonal! They must really think we are bunch of dumbasses to beleive this!!!!!!!!

        • “They must really think we are bunch of dumbasses to beleive this!!!!!!!!”

          Hey, NunJo, that’s EXACTLY what they think. And why shouldn’t they think this? They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to co-opt the public education system into producing the lowest quality product on the planet. That was hard work on their part, no really, it was. It MUST be working too, as it got Obummer elected and it might even get him re-elected. Will need to spend LOTS of money and pull some dirty tricks that would make Nixon blush, but what the hey? All’s fair in love and tyranny, right?

      38. Great post Mac, needed to be said.

        It’s it too bad millions will make their decisions off of the BS data that the media spits out without asking one question of the source. How many will buy something or NOT take a job because they feel things are turning around and think that they have plenty of time to find the perfect job.

      39. Since the demise of investigative reporters, all news is suspect. MSM long ago sold out to first one administration, then another. Fortunately, many of you on this page have a past reference to compare against today’s BS lies. But, think of younger generations coming on, who have no historical reference from which to judge government/media lies. I use to tell my son: you have no idea how many rights have been lost just in my lifetime. I use to use the example of how we took guns to school so we could hunt on the way home. If the government waits a mere 5 years, no civil war will be necessary. My generation will be too old to fight and the younger generation will not understand a need to fight. Fortunately, I don’t believe the government is smart enough to wait. They obviously have an agenda/ time table that doesn’t include a 5 year suspension of totalitarian activities.

        • It’s probably like this at the end of every civilization. A handful of awakened people try to alert others, only to be marginalized, and demonized. Often by the very people they are trying to alert.

          Many who remained awake have given up hope, and watch with sadness, as the next generation’s shackles get a little bit heavier… And still no-one will heed them.

          Our country was sold out about 100 years ago. All you see now is the bill coming due. We have outlived our usefulness to thoase who have sworn to kill us; and who are working overtime to usurp power, and ensure thier victory. And people still think they can “vote” thier way out of this.

          • well said @justme… as always you hit the target center mass.

            when they start actively arresting “Patriots” and Placing their children in FEMA Camps , IT WILL EXPLODE and we as a PEOPLE will Rise Up and chop off the HEAD of the NWO Snake!

            It’s only a matter of time now…

            arm up stock up prepare
            preditor or prey the choice is yours!
            Prepare to Take Back America!

            • Thanks.

              I hope you’re right, but I have my doubts. It’s easier to be a slave than free.

          • Once the elective process has been corrupted, an honest election becomes impossible and the voice of the people cannot be heard. THAT is the time when patriots will arise and do what is necessary to re-establish constitutional government. Yes, it will be long and bloody but it will also be necessary because “The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots”.

      40. Great post as always Mac. Out of all six reasons, number 6 amazes me the most. When are people going to wake up and see that they can’t spend without limit?

      41. Don’t miss the fact that people don’t leave the workforce. They just exhaust their unemployment benefits. If anything, they are then desperate to find work.

      42. Has anyone tried to open an unemployment claim by phone? It’s impossible. I have tried to reopen a claim via phone for weeks and am unable to get through.

      43. I’m so disgusted by this false advertisement for the United States. If a legitimate business skewed their books and numbers this way and presented it as truthful they would be fined by the Better Business Bureau. When I was reading the news this morning and the article started lauding the increase of employment, I thought, “Here it comes!”

        Those who need to be holding themselves to a higher standard are, of course, the ones letting down people the most.

        I wonder what would happen if the gloves were off, the news reported reality, and the sheeple were told definitively exactly where we stand. Could it possibly be worse than things are right now?

        I doubt it.

        • With the passage of “all americans could be a terrorist” would you want to be a MSM reporter actually reporting the TRUTH?

          Why, you are a threat to national security upseting the official story line and getting people to wake up about how badly they are being raped of their rights! Not only would your boss probably fire you but some government goons would show up to put you in a prison camp.

          Ok, so maybe this isn’t exactly how it is… yet. Given enough time, I fear it will.

        • daisy… the government has the self given right to steal from us…. if we try to provide for ourselves though we are braking the law and will be hunted down by these zionist animals…its truly called stacking the deck…. weighting the dice….they win no matter what… you complain… they will beat you down harder… these are sick animalsf… like an animal with rabies…… they dont reason… but they have the control…. they will hunt you down and if newccesary do anything up to and including killing us…. because we let them.

        • Daisy, the one thing that tyrants fear the most is a Sheeple Stampede. They will do or say just about anything to avoid that. The Sheeple MUST remain calm, happily chewing their cud, as they await processing into chops, steaks, burgers, and roasts.

      44. Ok Gang,

        I think I’ll use 1 of my last rights. I’m going to open a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 and forget about all this for a night. Ya’ll have a great night.


        • Gobble, Gobble, Gobble it up! have a good weekend!

          • Last night while sitting around with a group of old friends popping a top and uncorkin some 101, the Knights Of The Rectangle Table solved the worlds problem it took 5 hrs. When I woke this morning I reflected on what problems were solved. 1. H-ll of a mess in my party barn 2. Good sized headach 3. More beer cans for the recycling bin 4. We didn’t solve and thing 5. we all agree we need more ammo 6. Santa has a bigggggg list of guns to bring us all.


        • Cheers..

          Tequila and some mix for me

        • Tame the Turkey!

        • No dude…

          Tall kitchen glass.
          Fill 1/2 way with Jagermiester.
          Top off glass with 8.4oz Redbull (chilled, of course.)

        • DPS… you likely wont be caught , however this is not a right of yours… first they have got your money thru the tax on that wild turkey…. and if they want and if they know(which they dio becauyse you have told them) there is laws they can use to come and get you…. we have no rights….NONE!the minute the government finds out you have found a right they will make a new law to elimiante the right.. or just come and get you…. they win in there sick little game… you lose again.

        • Bless you, DPS. By God, there are some sane people in here and I want to do my part to join them. I’ve got a bottle of 15-year old single malt scotch in the cupboard for just such an occasion. Cheers! 😀

      45. the economy always seems to teeter on the brink of collapse !! it never does collapse but it teeters.

      46. I just had an epiphany,


        FUCK EM


        – CHRISTIAN

        PS: pray for me

        • LMAO!

          Scary when the light comes on, eh?

        • WOW!

          No kidding, I thought I did too!

          Turned out it was just gas.

        • yes there are laws for that iowa…. you tempting these guys only gives them the firepower they need to slam that door shut… you dont win against these guys when you play by there rules…. it is IMPOSSIBLE.

      47. What we see here is political and statistical theatre, nothing more. The fact is, its all falling apart and there are a certain portion of the people that will keep spending and keep the wheels spinning longer if they think it will recover. Consequently the system works as hard as it can to deceive those who will perpetuate the lies, the deception and the slavery.

        The initial crime wave has been governmental. It is expanding. More lies. More crime. More theatre.

        Once the collapse happens, there will be a phase of chaos. If this happens in the winter, depopulation will occur. If in summer, you won’t be able to hide from the hordes. Once the period of chaos is over, a healing will begin. This can be a new American Renaissance or a decent into revolution and darkness.

        Be sure you know where you want to stand, which side you want to be on. The lines are being drawn.

      48. Another example: Does anyone here believe that FREE TRADE is “free”?

        Does anyone here believe that FREE TRADE is NOT managed trade under GATT, NAFTA, and Most Favored Nation Status; and that it is managed by the NWO Globalists, UR, and gangster banksters to THEIR benefit?

        The facts (numbers)show it to be so, yet WE have had individuals on here point to a third party individual who claims to be a Libertarian, yet preaches FREE TRADE to US as if FREE TRADE is a freedom and likens it to buying an article at a neighbors yard sale.

        That analogy couldn’t be further from the truth.

        FREE TRADE is a demonic system designed to tilt the table of crony capitalism to benefit the very few to the demise of the middle class. The evidence is overwhelming.

        Yet We have had individuals here try to sell US the idea that FREE TRADE is a freedom rather than the cause of the demise of the American economy;

        despite the facts that show that 42,400 factories, 60 million jobs, and trillions of dollars in American GDP has been lost since 2001 under these trade agreements.

        The idea of FREE TRADE is total PROPAGANDA!

        Anyone who spews propaganda and cannot make a logical, truthful, and factual argument to support their view, should be personally vilified and ridiculed when they attempt to insult OUR intelligence and spew blatant ignorance or propaganda.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        If they can’t support their opinion with facts, they should keep reading until they have sufficient knowledge about the subject to make a logical and rational argument.

        Otherwise it’s just a rant.

          • Iran has under ground nuke facilities – deep underground… still in operation… there are also rumors that pakistan gave iran nukes… this will do nothing but mobilize and unify Iranian Patriotism and Solidify the Country as One, who’s focus will be to FIGHT amerika’s and nato’s attempt at IMF Global Banker Enslavement!

            Your Tax Dollars at Work, aren’t you proud! You are all Guilty of Murder 1,404,987 human beings and counting america ! How many more must die for your greed!

        • China is like a Chihuahua barking through the fence at a Pitbull or a Rottweiler. Their air force and navy are pitiful. They can defend their shores but they cannot project military power beyond them. This is political posturing at its finest and only serves to impress the idiots in Iran who believe them. It isn’t only US politicians who are full of it. It’s endemic to the species.

      49. This is my first post to this site. I hear a lot of talk about it being time to take action to reclaim our country, but I do not see a lot of planning related to said action. When and where? Who is going to the parade?

        • Plan!? There ain’t no plan! -Pigkiller (Beyond Thunderdome)

          • Looks like pig shit to me.

        • When and Where,
          Let me be the first to say Welcome to the site. As for any plans and when and where I don’t think anybody has a plan yet. But I’m sure with some of the great minds on this site sooner or later someone will throw out some good idea’s about where to start. You might also go back and read some of J.d.US marine post I have read pretty much all of them and have to say without doubt he has some really good idea’s. Once again welcome to the site

      50. I was unemployed for 18 months.Took a job for much less than ,I had been making.I really think it made me a better man.Now it’s been seven months employed.I still prep and hang onto hope for a better day.Not just for me but for you my brother’s and sister’s.My eye’s are opened to this world .I Had the scale’s taken off my eye’s.Trying to find truth’s.I am so very thankful for this site.Just reading the thing’s here some crazy and some eye opening.I thank you all for the input.

        • Good for you Frosty – that is the kind of success story that will get you through the times to come! Kudos!

      51. Makes me wonder if people can still protest like OWS. Im assuming this is a bill to keep people from really exposing the government…..more like “gore-vernment”

      52. 1300 BC Egypt
        Pharaoh: The Hebrews like making bricks, and they don’t mind the occasional flogging. Besides, they have full employment.

        1180AD England
        Henry II: The peasants like working our fields, and they don’t mind starving now and then. Plus, they have full employment.

        1700 Portugal
        Ship captains: We can make a lot more money hauling slaves instead of spices. Besides, the Africans like working hard, and they’ll have full employment.

        1850 Missouri
        Politicians: A slave state here, a free state there. It’s a ‘compromise.’ And, it’ll provide the colored folk full employment.

        1933 Washington
        FDR: Prosperity is just around the corner. Sometimes you have to do what’s ‘right’, not what’s constitutional. And any day now, we’ll have full employment.

        1965 Washington
        LBJ: We owe it to the memory of Kennedy, and these poor downtrodden minorities. The cost will never rise above a few million a year. Plus it’ll give the inner cities full employment.

        2003 Washington(where else?)
        W: We can keep the wars going as long as it takes. We’ll be killing terrorists, AND the military will provide jobs for all the unemployed young people. It’s a win-win. We snuff the bad guys and they get full employment.

        2011 District of Criminals
        The Bomster: I just need a little more time, like maybe 4 more years, ha ha. Green shoots are popping up and, uh…(dang this prompter)…uh…the stock market is up! And, uh…we’re on our way to, uh…full employment. Yeah! That’s it, full employment! Heck, just one call to the labor statistics boys and we can have full employment…probably by late this afternoon….Yes We Can!

        • Our kids are going to be fine. And I always tell Malia and Sasha, look, you guys, I don’t worry about you — I mean, I worry the way parents worry — but they’re on a path that is going to be successful, even if the country as a whole is not successful.

      53. Great article!! One day or one month ‘good news’ isn’t enough to say things are changing in our economy.

      54. If we make it through December, everythings gonna be alright I know.
        It’s the coldest time of winter, and I shiver when I see the fallin snow
        If we make it through December, got plans to be in warmer town come summertime.
        Maybe even California, If we make it through December we’ll bw fine.

        Got laid off down at the factory, and their timing ain’t the greatest in the world.
        Heaven knows I’ve been workin hard, wanted Christmas right for Daddy’s little girl.
        I don’t mean to hate December, it’s meant to be the happy time of year.
        But my little girl don’t understand, why Daddy can’t aford no Christmas here.

        If we make it through December, everythings gonna be alright I know.
        Its the coldest time of winter, and I shiver when I see the fallin snow.
        If we make it through December, got plans to be in a warmer town come summertime.
        Maybe even California, If we make through December we’ll be fine……….
        -Wrote and sung by Merle Haggard-1973.

      55. Good example of Gov. run healthcare gone amuck.. from Sweden.. man whose legs were amputated due to diabetes denied a power chair because the health care ( Gov. ) board questioned whether his impairment was “permanent” or not.. guess he could eat some salmander stew and hope to regrow his legs.. HEY, it could happen ??

      56. Euro is not on a the verge of collapse. If it is it would be worth much less than the Us Dollar. Instead it is worth 34% more than the US Dollar.

      57. “It’s the time for rebellion but not yet the time to be violent. Violence should come when there is no other option.”

        I agree 100%, Daisy. I’m a strong believer in personal liberty AND responsibility. I am not prepared to ever give up ANY of the rights that US citizens have and will defend those rights with whatever level of force is needed to ensure that they endure. To do less would dishonor all of the generations of proud brave Americans who shed their blood to defend those same rights. We will know that the time to rise up in armed rebellion has arrived when it is no longer possible to affect the political process via voting. Corrupted elections are the end of very last vestige of liberty. Once elections have been corrupted and the voice of the people silenced, it is time to let the guns speak for us. Patriots in the police and military establishments will not support such a government. The drones, however, will and will have to be dealt with appropriately.

      58. Yes, I can see how this all came about…

        Advisor: “Mr. President, I am afraid that as your primary economics advisor, I have some very bad news. The rate of unemployment in the USA is now at 24% and it is climbing”.

        President: “OK, so how about if you fudge the numbers so we look better, our policies don’t appear to have totally failed, and the people won’t feel so bad about all this?”.

        Advisor: “But Mr. President, that would only fool the complete idiots out there.”

        President: “And the problem with that is…?”

        Advisor: “OK, sir, we’ll get right on that!”.

      59. these liars and perverts will do anything to get this communist bastard back into power. the media are liars, pe4rverts, sodomite lovers, pedophilia lovers, child molester lovers, anti American, anti christian, satan worshipers, etc.

      60. REAL unemployment obviously sky-high because:
        New college grads can’t be counted “unemployed” because they don’t qualify for unemployment checks.
        Illegal aliens who’d worked off the books can’t be counted because they don’t qualify for unemployment checks.
        Those on “short hours” are counted “employed” even though each is half of an unemployed person.
        Construction people often self-employed, don’t qualify for unemployment checks though nil work comes.

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