Liberal Psychotherapists Pen Open Letter Declaring Trump And His Supporters Responsible for Mental Health Crisis, Use Same Fake News Lies As Mainstream Media

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    A group of mostly liberal mental health experts has penned an anti-Trump hit piece that declares the president and his tens of millions of supporters responsible for a new mental health crisis that the so-called “experts” claim is hurting anyone who disagrees with Trump policies in general.

    The letter, published by various liberal “news” outlets, essentially claims that numerous Trump policies, supported by over 60 million Americans, has led to an increase in extreme mental pain for those who voted for the losing candidate.

    “Increasingly, the weight of the current political environment burdens the hearts and minds of Americans and causes anxiety, preoccupation, deepening depression, feelings of helplessness and despair, disgust and horror,” the hyperbolic warning declares.

    The authors then made sure to immediately add in not only claims of sexism against Trump and his supporters but the tried and true charge of racism as well.

    “Not infrequently, it even rekindles the embers of prior trauma for women and members of marginalized groups whose sense of hard-won safety has been shaken to the core,” the “professionals” continued.

    The screed then gets into fake news claims that “rampant dishonesty” is coming from the White House when any objective observer has seen that the establishment mainstream media (and websites publishing this open letter) are the very ones that push actual fake news themselves.

    “As mental health professionals, we are troubled by the environment of rampant dishonesty, daily disregard for civil and social norms, and threats toward vulnerable peoples and its impact on the people we work with. We are troubled by policies and rhetoric that undermine progress on environmental protection, humane immigration laws, and racial and gender equity. We believe these developments augur a regression of our evolutionary accomplishments and a dismantling of the quality of life for all Americans.”

    The transparently biased mental health professionals attempting to act like neutral arbitrators then delve directly into spreading fake news itself while conveniently leaving out anything to do with Antifa which we now know is an actual domestic terrorist orgranization that openly targets Trump supporters.

    The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, rocked much of the nation. Emboldened by our president, groups of white nationalists are no longer ashamed to appear publicly and speak boldly about their hatred of people of color, Jewish or Muslim faith, LGBTQIA orientation, and immigrants. This kind of hatred has always been with us, but it has been inflamed by President Trump, who claimed to be a president “for all Americans,” but who has declined to take a moral stance on bigotry and instead has set up a situation in which there are apparently two legitimate sides.

    Remember, Trump condemned both sides and then made yet another announcement specifically condemning white supremacist groups by name.

    The letter then turns to even more lies, this time about DACA and what Trump’s stance is on the controversial executive action taken by the former Obama Administration.

    We believe this equivocation on the president’s part to be a complete abdication of his responsibility to be a clear moral voice “for all Americans.” Even more recently the administration barely attempted to disguise the racism at the root of the decision to rescind DACA. Its abject cruelty should not be downplayed. Those with power in Congress to hold President Trump accountable have failed to do so, and indeed, with their recent vote to gut health care, appear to be complicit in undermining the health and welfare of all, particularly children, the aged, the poor, and those in minority populations. Therefore, the responsibility to speak out falls more heavily on the shoulders of individuals and groups, large and small.

    Trump didn’t rescind DACA to send away a bunch of hard working people. He ran on a platform to stop executive actions that Obama took because he was unable to get congressional support. Not only that, Trump has stated multiple times that he does not want to deport illegal immigrants who have been here since childhood.

    The following Tweets, directly from the president himself, prove that the above paragraph is nothing short of straight nonsense.

    He has also given congress SIX MONTHS to actually pass a bill that allows DACA recipients to stay but also includes more border security.

    The rest of the letter continues to paint Trump and tens of millions of Americans as perpetrators of crimes against all sorts of groups of people while continuing to push misinformation on statements and actions actually made by the president.

    One has to wonder, especially with doctors openly diagnosing Trump as mentally unfit on national T.V, if this is part of a larger operation to eventually remove Donald Trump from office and marginalize over half the country. At the very least, the letter is anything but a bipartisan opinion by medical professionals.


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      1. Having obamanation as president was surely no picnic and we maintained our sanity. Suck it up buttercups.

        • Nobody cares what stinking Liberals say or do besides this website. They are irrelevant. Not sure why this site posts everthing that comes out of their mouths. Slow news day? And what does this have to do with Prepping or SHTF? NADA!! Why operate like Tabloid Fake News? Pretty bizarre!!

          • I agree with your point about this having nothing to do with prepping. Right wing propaganda is a poor substitute for actual good advice about survival prepping.

            • If you don’t know your enemy or if you don’t act on the knowledge you have about him, you will lose the war against him. That is the most basic rule of warfare, to know your enemy.

              • Exactly. There is misdirection afoot.

                • Menzoberranzan, and I doubt there is anybody more insane than a liberal psychotherapist on the planet, except maybe an ISIS head chopper or some such whack job ?

                  And how is ISIS any different than Antifa, BLM or BAMN ? so far only by the rate of violence and level of it here in USA today. How many cities did they burn down and people seriously harmed or killed in the last 4 years or so since Travon Martin and little Mikey and the Ferguson lies were perpetrated deliberately by our own government ? This shit was all a creation of BHO and crew, the Clintons and the deep state apparatus they all control. Soros helps organize and fund it all as well.

                  And at the same time frame Finicum was murdered by our own government and he committed no real crimes at all, just a protest and nobody was harmed in any way and no property ever damaged in any way ? So who are the real criminals in USA today ? Here is a hint and a photo of them.


                  Nothing new at all here in USA today !

            • “Right wing propaganda”

              ?? Could the imbecile please elaborate. This isn’t right wing propaganda, this is left wing virulent hatred. Nothing more or less.

            • Zlatko, if right wing propaganda is the issue at hand, why is Antifa, BLM and BAMN still alive and well and Finicun was murdered by BHO and crew ? just curious if you can explain those facts to me ?

              You are either completely mind fucked, dumb as a stump or blind . Maybe all three, I have now way to know ? Facts are a bitch hey ?

          • CSS, I agree about libturds being irrelevant. Maybe they would be happier in North Korea.

              • sixpack, the deep state apparatus will no allow such to happen, that is the real problem and issue at hand here in USA today. It should be clear to all now that the real war currently is with our own government that has morphed into the deep state apparatus we are all now aware of here in USA today !

                It is also looking like D Trump and his admin are being co-opted as well as DOJ and FBI and likely all other agencies of the crime syndicate we used to call USA ! I have not jumped ship on Trump quite yet, but watching closely as DOJ and FBI are NOT doing their jobs at all. I have said all along we will need to watch Trump and crew and be sure he is not being sucked in by the corporatocracy and deep state apparatus that runs this nation for profit and control of your tax dollars. Ths is all about taking and controlling your tax dollars and using it as they please against you and nothing more.

          • That’s the problem. Nobody cares. If you cared for your country and your survival these people would be put to death yesterday.
            A story like this just gives you a feel of how little time you have left before you are purged by the Bolsheviks.

      2. I’m enrolled in the VA system.
        I’m service connected, a very little
        disabled. The first thing they did
        was send me to a psychiatrist.
        Suicide is a big concern, once they
        figured out I’m not a nut case,
        it becomes pretty boring and like
        a standard medical office.
        They never asked what politician
        I supported.
        I sit in the waiting room with WWII, Korean
        Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, et al Vets.
        some are missing limbs.
        The only thing I noticed is in times past
        they kept the Obama picture by the security
        guard. Today the Trump picture is un guarded
        and out in the open.

      3. What a load of horse shit.
        These people need a slap back to reality.

        • Reality is boring for them. They can’t show their ass with boring, can they ?

          It’s the “mommy nobody likes my mud pies” scenario.

        • Nailbanger, why do they all need to have such serious protection and guarded continuously ? Do you think BHO or Holder can walk around freely as well many others ?

          And who pays for all of it here in USA today, you do, whether you like it or not ! And why did G Washington and crew go to war ? This is what they are trying to keep the mindless from knowing or acting on with the many illusions they have created to control the masses and they use your money to do it in spades.

      4. Gee, leftist Freudian shrinks who are more sick than their patients don’t like Trump. What a shock.

      5. Well, boo-effin’-hoo. People who vote for losing candidates don’t like losing…wow…figured that out all by themselves, did they? Sounds like they’re trying to build a case for some bogus “condition” to be included in the DSM-5 so insurance will pay for “therapy.” Psychotherapy is a racket and its practitioners are modern-day witch doctors.

        • Person im working for at the moment is a “therapist”
          Shes bat crap crazy,,,,,, from Ca no less

      6. Every psychologist and psychiatrist I’ve met I’ve asked the following and they’ve all confirmed, though some grudgingly, that among their colleagues, especially obvious while still in school; Most enter the field to deal with their own demons, or to learn how to better control, hold sway over and manipulate others.

        Good to always know where somebody might be coming from.

        • Good point. They go to school to learn to control themselves, then when they get out go full psychopath and use the skills to control others.

          What a worthless bunch of people. And they use powerful drugs as a weapon to prevent their victims from escaping.

          By the way, what is this “LGBTQIA orientation” all about. How many different ways do you need to refer to sexual deviants? They keep adding letters for groups they want to protect and force the world to see as “normal”.

          The total population afflicted with the lettered perversions is about 3%. Maybe if they promote them, they can get it up to 5% in a few years.

          Abnormal will never be normal no matter how many different abnormalities you group together.

          • I prefer to use LGBTQAIDS.

            • I call them fags and heathens

          • They are big on eradicating the discomfort of shame and any lingering moral restraint.

            My first experience with the profession was in high school, two of the most screwed up divorced families around were both headed up by family psychologists, go figure.

        • shane , same is true of many so-called educated professionals. I have been writing about it and pointing it out for years now, nothing new and beyond obvious. Most people are simply consumed in the many illusions that have been created for them to control them !

          In general the biggest one is you need a professional to solve your problems, when the real truth is they create the problems in the first place and then play on the fools for money ! And worse yet, most of them don’t even realize they are playing a game on themselves as well and part of the grand schemes ? Some of them finally get it and they too commit suicide quite often in their ultimate reality check ?

          I am alwys amazed at how so many people have willingly turned over all of their thinking capacities and common sense to the so-called professionals who are in fact the lead criminals here in USA today ? Did BHO, Hillary, Holder and all the others call themselves educated professionals and therefore you should let them lead and direct you in every matter and event ? And the doctor/health care thing is perhaps even worse !

          How many people actually think for themselves today here in USA ?

      7. The liberal mental illness started long before Trump.

      8. psychiatry is a scam. nothing more than a tool for a certain few to get rich and drug up society while making people more pliable and controllable and more fucked up

        problem – reaction – solution

        propaganda, scandal, cover up… propaganda, scandal cover up, rinse and repeat

        how about that private email server and hidden emails and the countless other crimes committed by the prior

        • Anonymous, agreed about psychiatry. No one has any f#$%ing business classifying anyone as anything. No one has to submit to any of that BS.

        • Anonymous. it is also a very effective control mechanism which is why it was created. Any part or function of psychiatry and psychoanalysis as well all supposed counselling is a complete sham as represented today and has nothing at all to do with any form of real science.

          Same with Global warming professionals and many other sham artist. In fact they are all the same to include lawyers, judges and doctors ! Are nearly all part of a grand club to fuck the populace and benefit themselves via controlling the masses ?

      9. All those people with the mental stress should exercise their ObamaCare and see a therapist. Maybe they can be helped in adjusting to being an adult.

        Mature adults know that sometimes you win and sometimes not–and we deal with it. Where are the tough uncles or stern grandmas to help these days?

      10. Lesbian couple in California chemically alter 11 year old adopted boy August 14 2017. This is why the soddomites must be stopped at all cost? Fence sitters also? The Tares will burn?

      11. Alex Thomas is the lying propagandist, not the psychotherapists.

      12. SHTF is becoming less and less about survival preparation and more and more about right wing political propaganda and outright lies and misinformation.
        And no, you’re not fooling anybody.

        • Zlatko, you sound like you belong over at MSM. Why do you keep coming here if you don’t like us?

      13. They will really go nuts when the man is reelected for 4 more years! Will be fun to watch.

      14. The wall is already under construction. That’s a howling knee slapper.

      15. Can I assume that these liberals doctors and experts are all approved by the Obamacare mandates? Justice would be that their families are equally well-served by doctors just like themselves.

      16. The author of the article in defending Trump’s position on DACA does not understand that Trump’s intended amnesty for illegal DACA individuals is at great odds with his base, who want NO amnesty of any kind.

        Trump asks, “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own – brought in by parents at young age.”

        First of all, Trump’s “through no fault of their own” is inaccurate for many (thousands) minors illegally entered the United States on their own volition, not brought in by parents. And granting DACA amnesty because “they have been in our country for many years” is rewarding illegal behavior for successfully avoiding the law. That is not a good criterion for maintaining law and oorderin a society.

      17. Having read the letter and checked all of the signatures, I find approximately 85% were female therapists and 15% male. It seems that an alpha male president has “triggered” an outbreak of hysteria in the profession.

        • Enoch, sounds like affirmative action is going really strong in that profession.

      18. They must eventually be dealt with.

      19. The Left is so “F’ed” in the head it is just unreal. They are like North Korea – they have got to be dealt with and for real!!

      20. F*cking amazes me that the left can create all these issues and blame someone else. Must be nice to be a progressive, never have to take responsibility for your actions.

      21. Michael Savage has been saying for years. Liberalism is a mental disorder. I agree.

        One of these days I’m going to run into a gay guy and if the the topic comes up. I’m going to ask him how putting his reproductive organ into fecal matter is good mental health.

        They like to spin Homosexuality with colorful pictures and happy guys and what not. None of the actual disgusting aspects of it.

        • I don’t cast any political view with too wide a brush as there are some that put any and all governmental programs on the same page with communism. If pure unregulated capitalism is the yardstick of conservatism one just need to look at Henry Clay Frick at US Steel in the past to a post and pre Glass-Steagall regulated financial sector to see that all of either doesn’t work. Liberals do however embrace the illusion while regardless of facts avoid the substance because its just doesn’t fit the their vision and goals. The willingness to knowingly avoid and ignore facts is at a minimum immature and at maximum a mental flaw. It occurs on both sides of the political spectrum but its far more common on the left as simple math eludes them.

        • I don’t cast any political view with too wide a brush as there are some that put any and all governmental programs on the same page with communism. If pure unregulated capitalism is the yardstick of conservatism one just need to look at Henry Clay Frick at US Steel in the past to a post and pre Glass-Steagall regulated financial sector to see that all of either doesn’t work. Liberals do however embrace the illusion while regardless of facts avoid the substance because its just doesn’t fit the their vision and goals. The willingness to knowingly avoid and ignore facts is at a minimum immature and at maximum a mental flaw. It occurs on both sides of the political spectrum but its far more common on the left as simple math eludes them.

      22. More liberals pushing to divide america and cause a civil war.

      23. Whilt Trump is pointing the mental retardation of the left after he found out what they are doing to America at its highest levels.

        So, I cannot take seriously the charges of the left since they are mentally retarded and we now know – mentally DERANGED!

      24. If someone becomes mentally unstable because they didn’t her their political way its they who are nuts. This tends to put into suspect that which they desire.

      25. It makes me wonder how these fragile ego snowflakes lived this long without their heads exploding

      26. It is troubling that the justice department demands from facebook the identity of anti Trump commenters. Don’t know about Facebook, I don’t go there and never will. There are comments everywhere critical of politicians and government actions. This seems to be an infringement of free speech on the only remaining avenue of instant open expression. Where else can wide open opinions exist? I smell a bunch of rats.

      27. I was Captain on a towboat running the Mpls/ST.P harbors in Minnesota for several years, during that time my Company had a policy of hiring Summer help from the UofM.One summer they hired a Medical student in his senior year who was going to be a psychiatrist.This guy was so damn nutty he wouldn’t even come in out of the rain.Case in point,we had just dropped our tow of 2 empty coal barges at a terminal in MPLS and were going to go to the load fleet to pick up 2 loads for the Black Dog Power Plant on the Minnesota River when a huge thunder storm hit.I told the deckhands to get inside and I’d wait out the storm.The Mate and one deckhand ran into the galley but I didn’t see “Spock”,thats what my Mate nicknamed him, come in.I looked down from the pilot house an there he was standing on the front deck in the pouring rain and lightning.I had to holler down to the galley on the intercom for the deckhand to go out a get him out of the rain.I had him come up to the pilot house then I asked him why he stood outside during a raging storm,his reply was,nobody told him to get inside,then he just stood there dripping on the floor and didn’t say another word.I lost all respect for Psychiatrists that day.

      28. Liberal psychotherapists? Talk about “useless eaters.” These non-Einsteins are still stuck in Freudian analysis. Really, does ANYONE take them seriously, other than “I married my daughter” Woody Allen?

        • As if conservative crony capitalists and neo-Cohen chicken hawks aren’t as much danger to Americans as Commie LGBTABCXYX perverts are? It’s the old Shammai/Gamliel chased/gevurah ploy.

      29. How many draft deferments did Trump get for bony heels.

        Are there any tough talking draft dodgers blogging here

        • He also drew a high enough number that he wouldn’t be called anyway. So he wasn’t a draft-dodger like Clinton.

          Have you ever tried to march with heel spurs?

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