Liberal Huffington Post Freaking Out After Projecting 98% Win For Clinton: “It’s Getting Scary”

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    As late as Monday evening the Huffington Post was 98%+ certain that Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency.

    Turns out they may have been off… by a lot.

    With Florida leaning towards Trump and 92% of the votes already counted, what was a sure thing suddenly isn’t.

    Michigan remains in play and the mainstream media reports that the Clinton campaign still thinks they have a good chance at taking the state, though Trump is in the lead by a mere 100 points as of this writing. Pennsylvania, though only a small percentage of votes have been counted, is already being projected for Hillary. Ohio, which was originally marked off as a blue state is reportedly extremely close and will come down to the wire according to Republican strategists.

    As we noted earlier today, Trump needs to win two states out of Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan to take the electoral map.

    The Huffington Post is freaking out, headlining their page with “It’s Getting Scary.”

    A far cry from the landslide they have been projecting.

    As Matt Drudge noted earlier at his web site, the election will come down to the late evening voters, many of whom were unable to cast votes until they got out of work.

    Live Election Coverage with Alex Jones:

    Live Election Coverage with NBC:


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      1. this is gonna get close

        • i can’t help but wonder if all the networks are stringing this out, knowing killary wins in the end….i’m goin’ to bed too.

        • Its going to get a lot more scary, no matter who wins.

          • f me

      2. To quote Lloyd Christmas……..”so you’re telling me there’s a chance”

      3. I’ve grown weary of all of the shenanigans for one evening. ‘Night.

      4. Yippiekayeea mofo

      5. Electoral vote maps serve as SHTF warnings. BLUE= RIOTS

        • Charley Waite

          There is quite a bit of truth in your statement.

      6. Can’t understand normal thinking. CUNT

        • Are you saying you CUNT FINGER IT OUT?

      7. Listen to the talking heads on FOX.

        This race is tight. This race is tight. This race is tight.

        No shit! Tighter than Megan Kelly’s panties. Damn.

        • which dropped faster, bill clinton’s pants, or Megan Kelly’s prom dress?

          i miss eppe!

          • BCOD

            Hillary’s Hammer on the server.

            While she listened to

            “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”


          • BTW, i hear monica Lewinsky decided to switch to the Republican party, because the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

      8. Huffington Post. Today’s version of Goebbels’ Der Sturmer. Only more idiotic, absurd and fascist.

        • TEST, huffpost is one of the WORST of all MSM websites. They were the last ones to kick me out before I discovered this site. They censor people faster than anyone else around.

      9. Stock futures down 555 pts.

        Not you same old same old stock market. Might be a new sheriff in town with new laws for the thieving bastards.

        • They are betting that Trump will win.

          Ohio has been called for Trump. Ohio has picked the winner since at least the 1930s or 1940s.

          • Ohio has picked the last 13 Presidents.

        • “When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
          Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
          Till I get to the bottom and I see you again.”
          Yeah, yeah, Yeah.

          Helter Skelter.

      10. FK IT I DO NOT CARE……..
        TO BE SACRIFICED……..

        • Meanwhile the world’s financial markets are collapsing because Trump is going to win. Morons.

      11. Another 4 years of OBOLO would be a disaster for the world. This is what a Hillary win would bring us.

      12. Huffington Post. More disgusting than even Hilary. If that were possible.

      13. Just what the complete and utter fuck?!

      14. Well now, the airlines should be selling quite a few tickets to Aussie Land as well as ,Canada with all those people who preferred her over him.


      16. I wouldn’t know about what the Gov. Media says as I haven’t watched TV in two years. I’ve missed nothing.

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