Letters from Venezuela: This Is What Life Is Really Like in a Post-Collapse Society

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    The following article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


    If you ever wondered what life was really like in a post-collapse society, look no further than Venezuela. Today, I’d like to share a first-hand report of everyday life there.

    The country has been on the way down since a socialist government destroyed the economy. Here’s a quick timeline:

    • Private ownership of guns was banned in 2012. Then things began to go downhill in a hurry.
    • In 2013, preppers were relabeled “hoarders” and the act of stocking up became illegal.
    • In 2014, the government instituted a fingerprint registry for those who wished to buy food to ensure they didn’t take more than their “share.”
    • In 2015, things began to devolve more quickly as electricity began to be rationed and farmers were forced to turn over their harvests to the government.
    • 2016 brought the announcement that folks were on their own – there was simply not enough food. As well, despite the rationing, an electricity shortage was announced.
    • 2016 also brought the news that the country was out of everything: food, medicine, and nearly all basic necessities. People were dying of starvation and malnourishment made other illnesses even worse. Hyperinflation brought exorbitant prices, like $150 for a dozen eggs.
    • Now, civil war is near (if not already happening.) They’re calling it “protests” but violence between the people and the government is ongoing. This rage is stoked by wealthy Venezuelans who enjoy luxurious meals, fabulous parties, and lush accommodations while the rest of the country struggles to find a bag of rice they can afford. Let them eat cake?

    It appears there is no end in sight to the tribulations of the Venezuelans.

    So, what is day-to-day life like for the average Venezuelan?

    A reader from Venezuela took the time to comment and tell us what life is really like there. You can find her story below. (I’ve edited for spacing to make them easier to read, but please keep in mind that English is a second language.)

    Daisy Thank you so much for this content.

    I’m a venezuelan mom of a 1 year old baby. And we are living a war here ?.

    You can’t go outside to buy food or supplies or medication because each activity is a high risk and more with a baby. So I stay home as much as I can. There are a lot people outside trying to live normaly, trying to go to work and buy foods and continue there lives. But when you are working or whatever thing your doing you dont know is you will be able to come back home safe… people continues to work to get whatever miserable pay to buy some food. Everything is so expensive. Perhaps the beans and rice are affordable but still not cheap and is so hard to find food. options are limited because of the price… you can only buy one item or two of pasta,

    Everything is so expensive. Perhaps the beans and rice are affordable but still not cheap and is so hard to find food. options are limited because of the price… you can only buy one item or two of pasta, rice, like I say the less expensive food , and you have to wait in long long lines at your own risk because there are a lot of fights in this store. imagine tones of people wanting to buy the same product. this have being worst since perhaps about 5 years now… because of scarcity. Malls and big stores are

    Malls and big stores are basicly alone because there are places where “colectivos” use to attack, with bombs and there is a group of about 40 men in motorcicles that have been creating chaos in the whole city, every day the take the city they have plenty of arms and the just go through the city shooting building houses, stealing stores, people on the streets, batteries of cars, everything the want… this situation is far worst that we ever imagine. they kill people every day and they are pay mercenaries from the goverment because no one does nothing. the

    the goverment people is also killing inocents. kids… teenagers, the youth. we are panicking. We bough a land 3 years ago. I got pregnant and we decided to wait. the land is a safe zone but is 5 hours from here. is a very small town 11. 000 people. I live ib a city with about 3 million people. at least for now the town are peaceful but there isnt electricity and the isnt an asfalt road so this doesnt sound lovely for thief that are now looking for biggest fish to cash. according to our neighbours the town is in calm nothing has happen. We need to go as soon as possible. I am scared because what you say is also true. But in the city there are no options at least not now. . what do you thnk we should do? I realize appreciate what you recommend.

    I’m sorry for my bad english I’m trying to write this while playing with my baby.

    Venezuelan houses are already bunkers. This has being like this ever since I can remember. Perhaps 20 years… Every regular house is made like bunkers. Pure concrete from the botton to the walls to everything. Every house has also 2 to 3 security doors really big and heavy ones and on top of that we have fences and electric fences on top Of BIG GATES.

    And trust me is not enough to be safe.

    The army has damaged gates and has entry to different houses looking for students, or rebelds… and also innocents people has died because they were sadly in the middle of this events. I don’t doubt that country land might have problems too. But so far cities are pure anarky and maddness.

    There are several groups creating chaos… the army, the mercenaries, the thiefs, and the rebels that want to kill chavismo and politics and whatever on their way. A few days they put a bomb into a propane gas distribution cargo and it blew away and this have being affecting every single thing, they steal cargo transporting food or gas and even fuel… so there is no much to do now.

    Communities in the city are not organize since they really need to find food and basic resources so each indivual is waiting in long lines to buy a bread or a medicine or whatever they need… and people doesnt want to organize they dont see this could go like this for years… I assume that we got used to live in some sort of chaos and violence.

    But the true is most people is praying and just wishing this will pass soon. that this will pass as the moment a new presindent arrive.

    And what if it doesnt? Let’s be clear that we have so many resources, and Canadá and USA are pulling all of the gold and all minerals now so no country really matters what we are suffering as long as they can get they way.

    We really feel hopeless.

    Dear Ale,

    Thank you for sharing your story. Here’s my advice:

    If you can safely get out of the city, the time to do it is now. When I said I was moving from the country into town, the move was not to a major city with millions of people, but a much smaller one. I went from living a mile from my neighbors to a suburban neighborhood where we chat over the fence and share fresh vegetables and barbecues.

    In a small town like you describe, you will have neighbors, hopefully some unity, and be able to be more self-reliant without as much risk as the place where you live now. Being on your own with a small child in a situation like this is hard and dangerous. Try to make friends so that you have some support. If you have extended family, consider that relocating to them might be another option.

    The journey will be difficult, but I sincerely hope that you will be able to get there with your baby and find some peace and safety. Please know that you and your child will be in many hearts and prayers after this.

    Keep us posted if you can.



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      1. Many of the Guardia National (Venezuelan) live in protected residential areas. The Generals live in protected places, even private islands. The special troops have their own hotels and restaurants for protection from the criminal element and now their own people. Kind of like the American/Globalist elite.

        • Location does not bring protection. A gun does.

          The old saying goes that God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal. Col. Samuel Colt’s revolver continues to serve as an equalizer.

          • The writer of the first letter:

            “I’m a venezuelan mom of a 1 year old baby. And we are living a war here…”

            Well why the hell did you chose to have a baby in the middle of such a crisis? What a moron.

            • BlackMoe, WHOA THERE! She never chose to be in the middle of a war. What she and her people are going through right now is coming to this land before very long. There’s some rumors of George Soros stirring up the pot this summer, possible before July. Everyone go get everything you need NOW. I bought more food, water, and ammo over the weekend. The only MORONS in Venezuela are the SOCIALIST SHITHEADS who have run the country into the ground.

              • BH.At last we can agree on something.

              • Braveheart, I share most of your opinions, ideas and thoughts, too. And being a true Christian doesn’t mean that you just lay down your arms and permit people to rob, steal and pillage, all your hard earned possessions, silver, and food ! I live in the far North of MI., also a Prepper, Writer, Blogger, and Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, with many skills and talents. My humble, modest Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. My Email: [email protected] “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” —John 14: 27.
                “Iron sharpens Iron.” —Proverbs 27L 17.

            • Why????

              Because the letter is bullshit… Written by the author of this article…

              For fuks sake people… ya that stupid?

              • PROVE IT, ORION, OR STFU

                • Gabe, there is no way to prove or disprove , that is why you have a brain dipshit ! Try using it. I will ask you the same question in reverse ? what makes Daisy a prepper expert ? see what I mean numbskull ?

                  • Your response indicates that you value Orion and his accuracy and reoutation more than DAISY!
                    Why don’t you use whatever miniscule brain you have to further assess accuracy amd reputation, dipshit numbskull idiot fool!

            • BlackMoe….I am certain that she did not create her baby without the assistance of a man……where the hell is he? It seems to me that it is primarily males who pressure their partners for sex, so just back the hell off your arrogant judgement. Now, on to a productive path……if this woman could get out of Venezuela and into the USA. I would give her a home to live in FREE OF CHARGE. I would buy her food also. I have a retirement home that sits empty now and she could most certainly live there, outside a small community.
              Why don’t you pony up and buy her a plane ticket?

            • Because this story is simply prepper bullshit and not even close to true. Just trying to make a point about being in the city ! Fake as fake can get.

              • Your comment teflects the arrogance of a “brain dead male” who simply can’t fathom the reality of a woman with a child and what it means to try to make this type of decision. For fuk sake, use your brain and place yourself in her shoes and walk through every one of the supituations she would have to deal with should she decide to leave the “known” for the “unknown”. It is one thing to face this as an adult, or as a man, but quite another for a woman, especially a woman with a small child.
                But, then again, nobody aver accused men of being able to place themselves in the shoes of a single mom, eh?

            • Do you think all babies are planned?

          • John, location does bring a level of protection. Plus the Guardia Nationale have guns and security.

        • I don’t understand, if you are rich you could be enjoying Venezuela. I hear you can get a nice meal, a haircut, and a hooker all for $20 US.

          • And dont forget, a full tank of gas too…….I also think the letter is fabricated B.S. But not to say that it isnt goin down like that……There are plenty of people in Venezuela now who are living that same hell even if the story is made up………

        • What a sad plight you are in poor lady I am truly sorry for you. you are mistaken about canada and u.s. pulling all the minerals and gold form your country chavez nationalised all the foreign mining companies and ran them out of the country.

      2. Coming to a neighborhood near you………

        • what’s the difference between america and venezuela?…nuthin’, in a few WEEKS!

          • No the difference is we have millions of guns and billions of bullets…..

      3. I will say the first mistake was giving up ones weapons.In one sense the US seems to get that as even with at moment a potus that seems to believe in firearms for the people the month of May will set new records for firearm purchases,some folks do not trust any in govt. and are not riding on everything is good now feelings,perhaps this country still has a chance.

        I hope things work out for the folks in Venezuela but feel they have a hard road ahead of them as many still believe there in the socialist model,for that matter,so do many in US thus we also have a hard road still ahead.

        • Venezuela will end in true civil war.

          The problem is that most people have exhausted their prepping before the real war breaks out.

          This has been going on for 5 years now, with each year worse than the last.

          The government knows that it would end like this, that is why they took everybody’s guns away.

          • john stiner said, “The problem is that most people have exhausted their prepping before the real war breaks out”.

            That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read the article. How many of use will have to eat through their preps as things keep getting more expensive.

            It took me about a year to get the nugs I wanted and I spent so much I had to rely on my food preps to get by. Consequently, I have been rebuilding my food storage the past several months.

            As bad as they have it now, when the world economy crashes, it will be infinitely worse. Most people will be begging for whatever nightmare they sell as the solution.

            • I am looking forward to sitting on my roof eating sandwiches and grilling steaks while watching my neighbors starve. It will be a hoot.

              • You won’t last long.

              • Your silhouette will make a lovely target against the skyline; and the grill will provide a convenient smoke trail for spotters to pinpoint your location.

                After the hitters pick you off, it may be YOU on the grill….

              • First hour youll have a bullet or 20 in your head….

                Like Ive been saying Your not going anywhere outside after first people know its for keeps…. your neighbors will be killing you that day….

      4. Preview of what life is going to be like here in the good ole USA now that even the paltry protections of Dodd-Frank have been done away with…economic crash coming soon to a neighborhood near you…….

      5. An electricity shortage?? Take that as a Que Preppers to get off their costly, undependable grid. You want some Government Thug or Corporate Schmuck to have the control switch to your electricity? Take control of your Life.

        Solar is really Cheap, get it ASAP and get off the Grid. The Sun is FREE!! Get ya sum.

        And when they come for your Guns and Gold, Only “Give them Lead” @ 3200 FPS!!

        • Keep in mind folks, This story above in Venezuela is very similar to every country the US invades, and creates massive amount of Refugees fleeing into the country side for safety. All we hear about is overthrowing some dictator. This is the flip side.

          We as Americans just don’t get this side of the story about The US Military Invading countries do we. Its a shameful pathetic chapter after chapter of History and why we are so hated around the world. And when the US places Sanctions on countries, all that does is hurts the little people, which we should be trying to win over not alienate. Look at CUBA, as a perfect example of US Sanctions. You can never win a war, if the little common people (Peasants) are not on your side. Another Rule of the Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” The US never learns do we? The Evil Chaos makers in the world like G Soros need to be eliminated. Anybody got his address?

          • So…in you mind, the US invaded Venezuela. You are profoundly ignorant. Communism killed this country, plain and simple. People like you ruined it. If you hate America so much, move to Venezuela.

            • Now did I say The US Invaded Venezuela? No you dope. Why do you hate America? The results of the poverty, refugees and starvation are the same as a US invasion. The US did Place financial sanction on Venezuela which also harms the population. And the Country is very Oil Rich, and that OIL is Government Controlled which paid for a lot of the Populations services. When the price of Oil Dropped, so did their Oil Revenue income. You can’t live on a One trick Pony. Its economics pale. Its not all Communism. You sound like some Ex Military Dope trying to salvage your pathetic career for all your war crimes. Go shoot your self like most ex Vets do cause you are a friggin clueless monster.

              • I believe people like you will go first , you think you are so smart . I have not heard anyone mention JESUS YET , ALL will lose without him and I do believe this nightmare is coming , there is more to getting ready than guns ,although they will be needed without JESUS you will lose !

                • JB, At least we share the same thoughts and Biblical belief system, and, “God cannot lie.” –Titus 1: 2. All this mess [even though Prez. Trump is trying hard to do right and reform the USA..] must COME TRUE, according to Revelation ! Our Prepping and supplies are really, only for the: Present — unto the Rapture. And after that, who cares ? ! Those “Left Behind” never trusted or followed the Lord, Jesus Christ, and so they are “Lost” –Doomed…. sorry to say. My Christian based Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. My email: [email protected] –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

          • Detroit Michigan sounds worse to me

          • Call up our friends in Seal Team 6 and point them toward Soros; end of the problem.

        • make sure you paint a giant target on your solar system so the bad guys can easily take it.

          • John Stiner, all my neighbors have noticed that I have solar and asked me about it.

            I might as well of tattooed “PREPPER” across my forehead. And drawn them a map saying “I bet he has all king of good stuff in there!”

            I have always suspected that prepping would be the death of me. I think that’s what they call irony!

            • Justice,
              Throw them off the track. Let them think you hug trees. They may not think any farther than that.

          • . . .they will know you bought it from target and therefore they won’t steal it.

        • “Solar is really Cheap, get it ASAP and get off the Grid. The Sun is FREE!! Get ya sum. ”

          Ummm, no. Not at all.

          • Ummm yeah it is.

            Lemme put it this way, I draw 140 kwh a month and I can kit the thing for $2200. $1700 if I do the plan drawings myself.

            The batteries are the expensive shite. I’m doing grid tie. My HTF is financial at the moment. 2 year payback period works for me. Barely. Allocate what cash flow I can wisely I guess.

            But far as I understand, I can switch this system to battery later on if I wanna.

            I can also expand it if I wanna (microinverters).

            If you’re drawing more than 160-180 kwh a month I gotta ask why.

            • How about try the 320 Watt LG Panels and an Enphase 180 Microinverter for each panel. Those are like $150 Ea.

              It is more efficient using a microinverter under each solar panel to reduce the run and power loss from the DC power that the panel produces, and by reducing it to maybe a 12″ run to the microinverter mounted under the panel, the power is immediately converted to AC power and more efficient and let dangerous, and then is all run down wires connected together Microinverter to microinverter, to a 14 panel max string run, so you may need several runs for your kw DC array, to your combiner box and fuse box. And then to the electric Co’s Net Meter. Most power companies will not let you hook up batteries if it is Grid tied. Dangerous and probably illegal.

            • The Guy, marijuana factory?

        • Solar is not cheap, not efficient, (unless you consider 80-85% loss ‘efficient’) and it will never been mainstream. Read the Second Law of Thermodynamics, idiot.
          Yes, I have 3 separate stand alone solar systems. Niche market, for preppers, backup power, but it will never be widely used. Not until a panel produces 90% and remember, there is still NIGHTIME and cloudy days.
          Might work for your storage shed converted to a shack, but admit, you drive to town to do laundry, right?
          We do ours with solar.

          • All depends. My electricity runs about $350 a month for 700 kWh. I plan to put in a 8kWh system and sufficient batteries to run for 3 days of reduced Insolation. There are many trade-offs, less battery, fewer panels, but most numbers I run give me a 4-8 year payback. for a $20,000 system(I have to build it) and the Federal subsidy. My electrical prices are only going to go up. Not to mention the independence of being off Grid. Many people in Hawaii are Grid connected in the 5 to 8 kWh panel range but most are not battery backed up for nights when power goes out. Large panel arrays are quite common, due to now defunct state subsidy that required 5 kWh minimum size to get the subsidy.
            One thing for sure is Solar is NOT cheap to start up. But if done right you will be independent and have years of low maintenance reliable power, even with inefficient panels. Panel systems typically give an annual efficiency of 12%, about 1/3 of a Diesel system( these numbers can vary).

            • You are being shafted on electricity. I used about the same amount last month (actually a little more), and it was well under $100.

              So, I don’t know that I would live long enough for the payback on an expensive solar system.

              I have just enough solar to run a few small things. Of course, I don’t have most of the things that use the most electricity. I don’t have electric heat and a/c or an electric water heater. I also don’t have a huge TV/satellite/DVR entertainment system. Computer and online video is plenty of entertainment and news for me.

              People keep mentioning that solar doesn’t work at night. Well I sleep at night, and if the lights went out, I would go to bed soon after sunset. So there’s nothing running late at night but the refrigerator and freezer. If I went 100% solar, I would just keep the doors shut on the refrigerator and freezer at night. I would also consider getting an extra chest freezer and keep it above freezing to use as a refrigerator that would stay cold longer overnight.

              • There are videos of people hooking up wind generators to bicycles. And it be good exercise if your stuck inside? You could just peddle through a movie ? And charge a battery?

              • The MSN bicycle generator says it puts out 300 watts? 550$ and a junk bike. 300 watts DC is pretty good?

                • Sorry MNS bicycle generator.

                • With bicycle generators, you burn so many calories that the electricity generated is a net loss.

                  The biggest hurdles to using solar for residential applications are air conditioning (we still use basically the same thing Mr. Carrier invented a century ago), electric dryers, and refridgeration. Sorry ladies, but you’ll have to give up your 1800 Watt blow dryers.

                  As we’re finally getting past Mr. Edison’s incandescent lamp, lighting is not nearly as big of an energy hog as it was even 10 years ago.

                  • People didn’t have A/C years ago, and I don’t have it now.

                    I still use Edison bulbs because the new types cost too much. A new one would have to last many, many years to pay for itself. And I haven’t seen one yet that will last. I have had compact fluorescent bulbs to burn out. Traffic lights all over town have been converted to LED, and almost all of them already have burnt out bulbs. Of course each light is an array so it’s not completely dark, just dark spots here and there.

            • I thing about 15% of Maui’s Electricity comes from the Mountain Top Windmills. Quite impressive.

            • My electric bill this month is $36.00 and I live in a nice 3 bdrm 2 1/2 bath home with three car garage and all amenities. There is another method besides simply solar, or wind and far more efficient in every event !

          • Ketchup is a Clueless Moron. First of all, solar is very efficient and panels will loose maybe less than .005 percent a year over a 25 year warranted panel. The efficiency is irrelevant if you consider the cheap .50 Cents per watt it produces. You sure do need to brush up on your math skills Mustard boy. You need to stop buying the Box store hobby kits for kids. Go get a real solar system like some LG-320 Panels top of the line. And they are only like 5.5 Ft x 3.5 ft wide. Extremely efficient. Entire Islands are powered with solar energy. You need to get out of your condiments closet and see the world, and stop yapping about something you obviously know very little about.

          • Katsupdummy, You need to read about Photovoltaic solar, not thermodynamics. What you trying to do heat your dryer with an air to air solar collection exchange? Heating up some rocks then throwing them in your dryer to heat the clothes up and steam out the moisture? Now that’s funny.

            • Crack head, attack back but don’t address what I said. Typical.
              You’re the clueless moron. Live on a lake but buy water in town. Smart.
              No wonder you live alone and have to pay for sex.
              Oh, I was wrong. I have FOUR stand alone solar arrays.
              And solar power will never be widely used. Smoke that.

        • Which Solar unit do you recommend ? My email: [email protected] My Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. I LIVE IN THE U.P. of MI. —Disabled Combat Vet.–RVN: 68-70. —Tommy S

        • Ahh but you should of went with a 2800fps 2700ft lb round instead of the 3200/1400 you choose….when everyone shows up with a 15, youll wish you had a 10…..

      6. Im going to jump the fence and go over with the crowd that is chanting “It can’t/WON’T happen here!! This is the USA!!”

        Can’t f__king wait…..We will see what the alleged descendants of the Founding Fathers are really made of…..oh wait…never mind.They are long gone already, squeezed out by lazy ne’er do wells and Gimme Dat Freebie army and collectivist traders of freedom for security and wealth….

      7. ..I forgot the lazy dependent Techno junkies who fight everyday to extract their fats selves from their empty beer cans and potatoe chips on their broken couches and recliners in their air conditioned comfort of their housers they cant afford or own themselves….to the howls of “I can’t make it without my phone and internet”…..blah blah blah..SJW..blah blah…ad nauseum…

      8. Great article Daisy! You gave her good advice and I am sure some welcome encouragement. I do not want to think about facing a food shortage and struggling just to find (and afford) basic staples like beans and rice.

        This should be a wake up call to liberals.

        Look at conditions in Greece and Venezuela.

        It reminds me of this…
        “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

        • my only thing to add to it is to be VERY careful of what you have/look like while leaving town. it sounds like their lives will be very much in danger as they leave with “supplies”/things needed to get started in a new life/town/compound. hope they get there in one piece, but i’m afraid they won’t…..they probly could use some help in that endeavor, and i would HOPE some of you would offer some advice….keep a low profile, and let nobody know you have ANYTHING of much value, or you are toast!

          • Bcod,

            Good advice!

            Take care!
            KY Mom

      9. Thank you Daisy Luther for great reporting. The insulated lives most “Westerners” live does NOT include starvation, mass government oppression, a totally failed economy, and disregarding individual rights on a gargantuan scale. But rest assured, this sh** can come here.

      10. Oh right but that’s THOSE people.

        (What do you mean, “those” people?)

        Right we’re liberals, we’re not racist. Nope! Not at all! What on Earth do you mean? Just because we won’t trust “those people” to have made a fair and accurate attempt at socialism… because they’re just that backward and stupid I MEAN AHEM!

        I mean…

        Beh whatever WE CAN DO IT BETTER!

        Or something 9__9

      11. The experts said it was a great place to relocate to.

      12. Just for argument sake.

        I told you all awhile back that it was a beta test. You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait till cannibalism sets in. The globalist will cut off the entire food supply completely. They only have one problem, the soldiers did not have any intension of letting the country they grew up in turn into a war zone, so things will heat up, and this is what I believe will happen over the next 3 months. Wesley Rawles said that things might happen next here in America. All I can tell you globalist pieces of filth is if you thing that UN and chi-com soldiers will be able to kill us, take your wife and daughter here in America, the so called

        Canadian General, with the ” It will be two bullets to the back of the head of the man of the house hold” and you wife and daughter will go off with the soldiers to service the Chinese soldiers at the camps.

        All I can tell chi-com and Russians and that you will be shredded in Texas, and that’s a promise. The civilians will shred you, the cops will shred your ass, and the pissed off white men and veterans will literally cull you when you get here.

        Good luck Mr Rothchild. You banking families of cone heads and reptilians alien overlords made and error and you didn’t learn your fucking lesson in 1776, and 1812, so we will teach it to you again. This will never happen here I am told, that it’s not true, all fantasy. Well China just took over islands and built runaways, have 4 more air craft carrier on the assembly line, just built another stealth destroyer. Has and army of 200,000,000 soldiers, and getting ready to invade Taiwon. Has 150,000 of the bastards south of Loreado, 1,200,000 in the Sierra madreas mountains in Mexico. A cop confirmed to me that the chi-coms have taken over Panama, and have moved in literally over 65,000 chi-com soldiers. Can you imagine what they will do to us in Texas when they cross over after taking out our electrical grid and water supply? Think again. One former combat soldier I know who is a cop pulling people off the streets writing tickets who was in Afganistan told me in person what sources told him that china will be ready to invade the entire US in 8 more years from the east, the west, from Canada, and from the south and they will invade with Russia, with Cuba, and with other south American allies including he Mexican army.



        Molon labe.

        • HCKS, just keep stacking. What’s happening in Venezuela is coming here. I wish it wasn’t true but I don’t see any way to avoid it.

        • Um?Did you say china took over panama ?? uhem carter sold panama to the little kimchi eating suckers.

        • Hey Hcks, Whats the date all the Chicoms are crossing the Mexican Border to invade Houston?

        • dude lay off the crack!!!!!!!

        • the world now HATES U.S. so why not? sounds like a pretty likely scenario to ME. all that DEBT we can’t pay will be a hell of an incentive.

      13. This woman’s situation got worse over time and not all at once. You end up in deep sh*t in increments but you end up there all the same. If you make an error, make it on the side of overreacting. Don’t hang on and hope that things will get better. Overreact! The agencies that are supposed to handle emergencies have an agenda and it is not the same as yours. They’ll gladly throw you and yours under the bus if it furthers their agenda. What you think is “yours”, is really theirs.

        • Brian,
          I agree, one thing I picked up in this woman’s letter was how much she is conflicted with getting out of Dodge. She clearly admits the city is potentially a death trap, has land in the countryside, but still is hanging on. She is clearly the frog in the slowly heating pot.

          I’d add the caveat, we can’t know, she may have family members with jobs and a secure home that keeps at least some food on the table, and going to the countryside may risk losing that income.

          These problems could hang on for another decade for these people.

      14. Why are sitting ducks advised to stay calm?

      15. I would imagine Birth Control is as scarce as bread! Do not imagine it was a choice but rather a gift!

        Maybe, if you were quiet, you could hear it, for some day this could be our destiny.

      16. Make sure to keep condoms. The extra large ones make excellent water carry. There will be people who need them if and when birth control pills are not available or too expensive. This is your best defense against STDs besides abstinence (which also prevents many other problems).


        • something you learned while in prison? you are obsessed with condoms.

          • B from CA raises a valid point. Condoms will a great barter item for the masses.

            However, as FerFal rightly points out, don’t stock-up on what poor people need, provide what the rich will want. He points out that oft body Armour is so valuable that they actually hunt/kill police officers in order to steal it and sell it.

            If I could, I would get more of the Level 3 soft body inserts that can be put in backpacks and briefcases.

      17. Seeds are small and can be used as food or to plant. Trees provide the most for the least effort. Plant trees. Apricot seeds and apple seeds contain anti-Cancer. Fruits and vegtables are required for good health. Grow some. Bilberries and blueberries are good for vision. Carrots and orange sweet potatoes are also good for Vitamin A. Don’t do it for fear of starvation. Do it because you and your family will be healthy. Honey, coconut oil, avocado, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts and oil, olives and olive oil are all good foods, pumpkin and sunflower and flax and chia seeds are great healthy snacks. Eat healthy. Live well.


        • Apple seeds contain cyanide. It doesn’t take many to kill you.

          • Read books by Dr.Ralph Moss and see articles by Dr. Mercola.

            Archivist you are correct that cyanide is in Apple seeds. Also it is in apricot, peach, and I almonds. Too many, perhaps 200 or more could make one sick or even be fatal. But a few are not bad for you, and the cyanide is bound until the Cancer cells unbound it and apoptosis or Cancer cell death occurs. If just a few Apple Seeds could kill, grandma’s Apple pie would be gambling with your life; and, that is not the case. You are too intelligent not to know that.

            “Why would anyone pay $70,000.00 for chemo when they can get Amygdalin (cyanide) for 75 cents.”


            • My mama’s apple pie did not have any apple seeds in it. If your grandma’s apple pie had apple seeds in it, she wasn’t a very good cook.

            • Well, actually the bottle of B17 costs like $90, the bottle will last a month or two depending on how many you take.

          • So do apricot kernal seeds have “cyanide”….and i have eaten many of them….like ten a day with no problem. I also eat the seeds of apples with no problem. The cyanide killer of seeds is a total lie! And a friend of mine has prostate cancer and is taking 500 mg of vit b17 two times a day so the “cyanide” will kill the cancer. He is not dead. His cancer is in remission. B17 pills are loaded with “cyanide” and yet he lives. There is an enzyme in our body i think its’ called rodenese…which blocks the cyanide from harming the good cells. The cancer cells do not have this protective enzyme and so the “cyanide” kills the cancer cell. You will not die eating apple seeds!!

        • B – eat as many apple seeds as possible

      18. Oh, this article can’t be true. I haven’t seen any of this in the MSM. Why, reporting on this could win a liberal journalist a Pulitzer!! //sarc//

        Sad situation brought to you by yet another failed attempt at Socialism…


        • It didn’t fail, the globalization is in full command

        • Mal Reynolds, socialism didn’t fail, they just didn’t do it right!//sarc// Yet again.

      19. Mal, agreed and good to see you back. My late wife was from Cuba and suffered along with the rest of her family under Castro’s brand of socialism. Venezuela’s situation is very tragic.

      20. I could bake for two days and rival anything that’s on that table for the wealthy. Looks like mostly boxed candy.

      21. BlackMoe

        your comment :

        ‘Well why the hell did you chose to have a baby in the middle of such a crisis? What a moron.’

        …has a very simple reply to that stupid statement…….some MAN couldn’t keep it in his pants!

      22. When we put sanctions on a country . We tell all other countries. If they do any trade with that country they can not do any trade with us for a year? What country is willing to loose our business for a year.? The MSM doesn’t tell us that it’s always socialism? And I don’t hear anything on the Internet either?

      23. I’m wondering how she posted that. If electricity is scarce and you can’t even afford food, how do you have internet service? Or a cell phone w/ internet? How is that paid for? If it takes all your money to buy beans and rice, how much is left for your cell phone? I would imagine that would be shut down if it were a war zone.

        • Bingo and how did she dial into Daisy ? Utter bullshit and some of you titheads believe it ? what a fucking joke.

        • I’ve been to Central America, they use several approaches where there is little power.
          One, someone who drives for a living plugs extra 12 volt batteries in and charges them as they work.
          Two, if a family member has a job where there is power, they recharge a small battery to keep small electronics working.
          Three, a small 12 volt solar panel charges and runs devices.
          Four, wind power.
          Five, peddle power.
          Six, they steal power.

          In a nutshell people in the third world do exactly what we preppers would do in the SHTF. Whatever it takes.

      24. If struggling to provide food for the baby why does she have internet

      25. Pray for Divine protection for President Trump.


        Get right with God.

        Stock up on batteries and good L.E.D. flashlights, including headlamps.

        Pray the President is not tricked into World War III.

        Pray Mr. George Soros is arrested for inciting riots by paying people $18.00 an hour to disrupt peaceful assemblies.

        Pray that Mr. Trump learn firsthand that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has strong ties to Mr. Soros and tells him to exit his job at the White House.

        Mr. Soros, speech is NOT free when it incites riots– I guess you did not get that Supreme Court memo.

        Pray also that the TRUTH be exposed for all the world to see.

        For example, even the people who did not vote for Trump clearly see how dark Kathy Griffin’s stunt was and they see how evil destructive her scapegoating is as well (that is, blaming Trump for the consequences of HER behavior.)

        Mrs. Griffin, we ALL have to get right with God and you are not exempt either. The only exempt person got nailed to a Cross.

        In closing, things might heat up this summer. A power outage may coincide with arrest of preppers and confiscation of guns.

        The SMART thing to do when it hits the fan is NOT to be where they EXPECT to FIND you!

        And you government people (NSA? CIA?) who read and tabulate this site, don’t think for one instant that the fan won’t blow the crap your way, because the truly evil among us don’t care for ANY one else, and that includes YOU. Be it food shortages or foreign invaders or radiation from detonated nukes across the globe, you, too, will suffer. Do you work for Satan or do you work for Christ?

        Your greatest weapon, and ours as well, will always be prayer. God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Act as if everything depends on but pray as if everything depends on God.” – St. Augustine

        • Costco has a special on headlamps this month. I plan on getting a pair because headlamps are/will be invaluable.

          Coast FL72 Headlamp, 2-pack was $28.00 – $6.00 now $22.99.


      26. Awesome article Daisy, likely CNN won’t be making any fake versions of this story in their studios!

        I was struck the first time I visited Disneyland as a kid. It occurred to me while standing on line, that the lines were intended and necessary to keep a large volume of people off the street and the entertainment rides could only accommodate a small number of people.

        As she described the food lines in her letter, it made me think of the purposeful lines at Disneyland. Those long lines keep people off the street and occupied. You can also bet the government has people monitoring those lines, the people in them, and likely also listening in on conversations.

        Why would the government fear people that are prepared, because they can get together, share a meal that makes them strong, and gives them the rest of the day to plan for improved security and survival.

        The Venezian government wants the peasants weak from hunger, kept busy working, or in food lines and not communicating, reporting on events, organizing or resisting the communists in power. I suspect the VZ gov is just biding their time until oil gets expensive again, and the gravy train starts up again.

        I hope the woman who wrote this letter is not made an example of by the VZ government.

        • well, at least they have reduced cannibalism to a misdemeanor…..that ought to help.

      27. Venezuelan women were going to the hospitals to have their tubes tied but the medical care industry in Venezuela has collapsed. Those with money are going across the border into Columbia to get medical care.

      28. Thank you Daisy. I am going to print out that chronological list of collapse and post it locally.

      29. Apr 20, 2017 Venezuela teaches the value of the Second Amendment

        Tucker: Next time libs extol virtues of gun-free society, tell them the story of Venezuela. Faced with demands that he relinquish power and hold free elections, President Maduro has decided to unleash armed supporters on his disarmed populace.


      30. Crack some skulls, it could happen any time. If Trump attacks North Korea, then Russia and china attacks the US, and china invades. If the US takes out assad and does the same that they did to Gadiffi, then Russia will take out Israel, and Iran, Russia and China attacks the US, then WW3 ignites and starts immediately. Then china crossed into Texas. The Chinese soldiers are told by the captains and generals that they must be patient, then plenty of women will be available to them when they invade the US,. that is what they use to motivate their troops. This is not a joke, this is what is told to all chi-com soldiers. They are told that Americans are bad people and that they must be merciless. One chi-com general even publically mentioned that he is relying on the PLA to murderor, kill rape and wipe out every American citizen, and that only then will china be able to take over America and achieve china’s goals. This was his exact words according to Hawk, who got the leaked info. He was the one who got the leaked info on the Canadian General and the plan to take all woman an girls to rape camps to service Russians, Chinese and the UN. My advice to everyone who preps is to arm up and get even more ammo. This is not a joke. My grandmother and her two daughters were raped to death by Japanese solider in the ww2 invasions of their country… This is what my grandfather told my father on his death bed, while he was dying and told my father that china will be doing to the same thing in the future, that he must get ready. My grandfather was devastated by what he saw with own two eyes, he and his 3 brothers had to run, or they were going to get shot, as the soldiers started to shoot at them and began to slam the women and girls on to the ground ripping, and tearing off their clothes raping them right out in the open. They barely escaped. My father told me that his father has this stress, that he could not talk about and that stress eventually killed him, gave him a stroke and he died right in front of his new wife and 9 kids.


        If you invade us, we will kill you soldiers on site and we are fucking around. So you better understand that if I was weak that I would not come on here to talk with this tone. You invade us, shoot us, fuck our women, we will wipe out you sons of bitches and that is a FUCKING PROMISE. Texas is no Nanking. We don’t put up with bullshit.

        We patriots will see how the chi-coms and their Russian allies fare when they enter my state, they might as well nuke us, because if they come in on the ground, we will shred them to pieces. It all depends on what the US does in Syria. From the moment you hear that the US invaded Syria and took our assad, everyone who has a BOL needs to leave immediately and get ready for invasion.


        Molon Labe, fuck with us, if your bad enough.

      31. None of the people, making flippant remarks, control enough resources to grow a single bag of rice or beans, independently. There is no sense of negative karma. Where does it come from. Are you incurring a debt or liability.

        I respect that the gun owners would want to protect your physical person, but, beyond that, usually, have no obvious water, meat-and-potatoes, for perpetuity.

        You libertarians won’t organize, with no grasp of primal, social institutions, so have been conquered, for lack of morale.

        • You were maybe expecting collapse or Malthusian catastrophe, followed by some invasion, in the indeterminate future. I would say that has happened, and you’re living in a degraded state, already.

          Every possible means of independent productivity is illegal, or in a gray area, or requires permission. Going through the normal channels results in ever-worsening debts or more obligation, in order to maintain the same holding pattern.

          You can accept that, but it’s not self-determination.

          • Beaumont, don’t know what individuals you are referencing, but our situation is definitely not degraded. We have 3 water resources including rain catchment/filtering, elevated reservoir, stocked fresh water lake and supply of distilled water for special use. I have no wish to cause anyone harm, but I am armed and trained to use what I have. Food is not an issue at this point… at least for a period of time which will see a harvest in our mostly warm weather climate. I would say that most people on this site are well versed with growing a garden, and some- like our CA and Hawaii folks are pretty much full time farmers. Many of the long time posters on this board actually have both stuff and skills. And that’s as good as it gets in any time period.

      32. Beaumont, your on the money…not even me of all people are 100% prepared for what coming. It gets even worse. I know I soldier who just got back from the Korea war games. He said that we need to arm up even more, why? he said china. They know according to him is that once the US hits North Korea, china will do Taiwon. That why the chi-coms took over the islands ahead of time. They know that the client state of kim jung wang wont last too long, so they are getting ready, have been getting ready and with the help of the Mexican government, they have over 150,000 PLA Stationed 65 miles south of Loreado. When they invade it will be at nighttime. The Chinese assets are already in Texas providing logistics. Obama brought in 350,000 chi-coms that are soldier and over 50,000 of these punks are here in Texas already.. working in restaurants, going to school, keeping busy while they have the weapons and cammo at the apartments all around town to move in on us. Listen to Dr James Garrow, he will educate you all on this stuff. I have even noticed it here in Houston, it just seems like everywhere I look, they are all over the city.


      33. HCKS your perspective is way past absurd and laughable ! But nothing new for many prepper types. So you think the 550K chicoms are undetectable so far hey ? in and close to Texas ? Utter fucking nonsense.

        • I Guess your not from Texas. If you were you would know how large of place it is and 500,000 would be easy to hide in plain sight. Utter Non sence is for the Cows anyways

      34. I got news for you DET. You don’t know shit. Trump took military action 2 weeks into office on a 5,000 man army fith column, that almost crossed into Texas. Special forces wiped out the battalion. Go ahead, call bullshit. Who the fuck do talk to, do you talk to people that are friends with heads of our State of Texas. Who are you dumb fuck.


        • Like I said , utter fucking nonsense and it all got by PRAVDA/MSM and at least thousands of bloggers like myself all across the nation and Oath Keepers and 3% ers ? You are full of shit not unlike many others on prepper sites. Largely fantasy idiots. I am well past much more informed than yourself with far more life experiences in many matters you have zero experience in. You are all about talk, like most prepper types, and I am all about first hand experiences. Very big difference.

      35. This may be happening here, it just hasn’t gotten that far yet. I have a 40 oz jar of peanut butter on my shelve, I paid 5.59 for it, been a few months, my daughter went to Walmart the other day the same jar was over 11.00. I had been noticing prices climbing but that was doubled. I was so out raged i went online and found a recipe for it. Seems simple, 2lbs of dry roasted peanuts, 2 tablespoons of honey or sugar and salt to taste, 4-5 minutes in food processor. That I certainly will try before paying that price. We are going into a financial reset in this country, going back to the gold standard, this country is bankrupt, for you jokers who don’t think it can happen, you better think again. i am in Mass. there appears to be a lot of people showing up here from some where, I was told Dominican Republic, not sure on that, they are dark skinned and some seem to speak English and others don’t. The stuff i have read says hyper inflation, will happen before the collapse.If they raise the interest rates were all done.

        • many items cost more, and some cost less. i found peanut butter(skippy 16 oz) for 99cents just a few months ago….i cant remember ever seeing it for that in 10 years at least….gotta watch for the sales and buy 5 or 10……CASES, if prices are low enough…i am eating peanut butter over 4 years old now….tastes great to ME…..food lasts a LOT longer than the manufacturer says it will….buy on sale, and buy in nbulk, if possible.

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