Let’s Bring Islamic Sharia Law To America…

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    *** The video in this report may contain disturbing content for some viewers***

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned about countries that have allowed large immigrant populations from Islamic nations to enter their borders, it’s that once these “political refugees” and asylum seekers get a foothold, they actively work to instill the laws of Sharia rather than assimilating to the system of laws in their respective newfound homes. We’ve seen these non-governmental Islamic courts pop up in France and Britain, and their is even a push in some American towns to implement Sharia-style councils in Muslim immigrant communities.

    When President Trump restricted entry to the United States from several predominantly Muslim countries in the middle east, tens of thousands of vagina-hat wearing women protested his “racism” and “xenophobia.” That’s all well and good, and despite their ignorance, these women have every right to stand in the middle of the street and protest.

    But had they done so in one of the very countries Trump blocked, they’d most certainly pay a severe price, especially if they’d worn a vagina hat on their head because it would violate the most basic decency laws of any Islamic theocracy or monarchy.

    In Indonesia, for example, if a woman has sex with a man outside of wedlock, something a majority of women in modern day America engage in on a regular basis, they’d end up like the woman in the video below. As the public beating shows, it’s a family affair, where crowds bring their kids for an afternoon of fun, laughter, and brutal lashings…

    The woman along with the man she was accused of having sex with, faced the brutal punishment as having sex outside of wedlock is against strict Sharia law.

    Pictures show how the woman was forced to kneel on the ground on the public stage in front of a mosque in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

    Such punishments are quite common in some Muslim countries – often handed down for very minor reasons. In some places women can be lashed for being in public without a male guardian.

    But protests against these countries are rare and when they do take place, there are far fewer demonstrators than the millions who marched against Donald Trump last month. (Daily Mail)

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Keep in mind that Sharia law is a religious dictate so it is quite normal in Islamic countries to brutally beat a woman for having sex, or even for being raped, because in such states rape is often blamed on the woman.

    But it goes even further than that. If you are a woman in Pakistan, for example, and refuse to have sex with your husband, an Islamic council has ruled that you should be “lightly” beaten until you mend your ways:

    The head of a powerful Islamic council is refusing to back down from a proposal that make it legal for husbands to “lightly beat” their wives in Pakistan, despite ridicule and revulsion including calls that maybe the  clerics should stand for their own gentle smack down.

    Speaking to reporters, the chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology, Muhammad Kahn Sherani, said a “light beating” should be a last resort.

    If you want her to mend her ways, you should first advise her. … If she refuses, stop talking to her … stop sharing a bed with her, and if things do not change, get a bit strict,” Sherani said, according to Pakistan’s Express-Tribune newspaper.

    If all else fails, he added, “hit her with light things like handkerchief, a hat or a turban, but do not hit her on the face or private parts.”

    How such archaic principles can mesh with the laws of first-world republics and democracies is a mystery to us, especially with the anti-rape feminist cultures that are budding on college campuses nationwide.

    Here’s an almost unbelievable video by Mark Dice in which you’ll see a number of American women support the implementation of Sharia law:

    If you were to say something like “grab them by the pussy” you’d be a sexist sexual abuser.

    Rape a woman in an Islamic country, however, and we’ll give you a second chance here in America without even vetting you.

    In closing, we’ll mention that this very report would likely be considered blasphemous in the eyes of Islam, and therefore its author could be subject to the death penalty (and we’re sure that some left-leaning crowds would love to see that!).


    Watch This Angry Foreigner: Here’s What Happened In Sweden When Muslim Immigrants Swarmed Their Country

    New Shock Report Shows Muslims Building a “Nation Within a Nation,” Bringing Sharia Law to Britain

    Muslim Gangs Take Over U.K. Prison Block, Instate Sharia Law

    Husbands Can Beat Their Wives With A Stick If They Refuse Sex According To Islamic Council Of Clerics and Scholars

    Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”


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      1. The level of ignorance by liberals concerning Islam and sharia law is truly astounding. Islam, as it is practiced, should be taught only non-muslim regugees from the countries where the oppression is greatest. Christians and Yazidis from the near east can educate young people better than fundamentalist muslims.

        • bring sharia law here in the USA and you might as well convert everyone to Islam!! Islam MUST BE STOPPED at ANY cost from coming into this country! send them ALL back to where they came from !!

          • Apache54, ALL of the muslims here, including the ones in govt., need to be expelled. They can go back to their sandboxes and practice their faith all they want. This is America. OUR COUNTRY, NOT THEIRS. F#$% muslims and f#$% islam.

            • Yep F@ck Islam, This is America. Go pound sand towel heads. Aint happening here. Lock n load.

              • Women who support Muslims and Islamic tradition enjoy getting beaten and raped. Let them get what they deserve.

              • But it is happening …..no one has locked and loaded….just hot air..

            • There are lots of them in the GOV!!!!!!!!

        • Wow just wow really.

          • we’re doomed

            • No, we aren’t. They stay in cluster areas and according to you tube footage can’t hit a target in front of them. That’s why they use rpg’s and road side stuff.

              If it was not for Democrats/McCain/Graham forcing US Troops to fight under “Rules of Engagement” that hot mess in the ME would have been long over!

              In the meantime, DJT gets to place over 100 judges in the courts nationwide!

              Young people are being brainwashed at schools! My daughter had such and assignment and we let it rip! So proud!

        • Islam is incompatible with Western Values, and American Constitutional Values in particular. It completely subjugates women to slave status and makes them “chattel”: the property of their husbands and fathers. Something that began to disappear in the USA in the early 20th century.

          The IGNORANCE of these Liberal Snowflakes is beyond comprehension. Let there be LIGHT !!! 🙂

          • durangokidd,
            AGREED, and Islam goes much deeper than that, besides how women are treated, YOU can NEVER trust one UNLESS you are one!! it is there duty to convert you and IF they cannot convert you then they have to kill you!! and under there standards it is OK, to do anything to a NON-muslim!! lie, steal, rape, sodomize, you name it and it is OK!! NOW IF that is NOT a BUNCH of CRAP!! I don’t know what is! why would anyone in there correct mind want ANYTHING to do with this sort of people!! you would have to be either a IDIOT (like libturds) or just plain stupid!!

          • All that is needed to get an affirmative answer is to start the question with, “Obama and Hillary want to……” Its not relevant what is said after that, euthanize old people, bomb Canada, give everyone cancer, doesn’t matter.

            This is the popular vote the Founding Fathers warned us about.

      2. Um, so what? Women shouldn’t have sex out of wedlock. There is a punishment for fornication in the Bible.

        • Yes, but in America we don’t beat women for it; separation of church and state and all.

        • We haven’t adopted the Old Testament as public law.

          Islam does not recognize the state, Islam is the state.

        • It depends on your definition of “wedlock”. I don’t need a piece of paper and an expensive party to tell me I’m married. In my view, the minute you commit yourself to another you are, by all intents and purposes, married.

          • Under Islam only women truly commit adultery. Men can have many wives, they only need to say the words “you are my wife” and they can legally rape a woman who is not married to another Muslim. Then they say the words, “I divorce you”. It’s all very legal under Sharia law, they have committed no crime. If they rape a single Muslim woman, it is her father and brothers disgrace for letting her out of the house alone. Thus it becomes their duty to kill her for the family honor.

            Under sharia law women are only slightly above infidels who are lower than cattle. Slavery is legal under sharia law, and slaves have more rights than infidels. Women under sharia law are property.

        • No women should not have sex outside of marriage, and neither should men. Often times in these Muslim countries the women is punished more severely than the man. Did you ever here that old saying “It takes two to tango”? Both are equally guilty. There were two different situations in Dubai where a young woman from the UK and another one from (I think) Russia were raped and only the women were punished with imprisonment. If women are smart they would not visit these Muslim countries; these asshole Muslim men prey on these women. how demeaning for a woman to be punished for being raped.

      3. This video just proves how well the people from the Frankfurt School, you know who they are, whose ideas were spawned in the 1800’s, were able to get control of the education system over time, here and in Europe. And as a reminder, it was the National Socialists who forced them out of Germany because of their agenda. It’s now plain to see that these people now need to be forced out of this country’s education system too so we can take our education system back.
        It’s not only the implementation of Sharia Law that’s the problem here. I mean do you think that these people who bring this Sharia system of laws and government wherever they go with them, if they just left it at home, are then going to somehow just blend in and become your everyday flag waving American and become students American history too? No, they are going to do continue to do what they are doing best right at this moment, milk the system for all that it’s worth, while creating their own ‘communities’, called no go zones in France. That’s what these people were born to do. And it’s in no way an embarrassment to want to cheat the system for them. In fact they are proud to do it. That’s where the real problem is. And it’s a problem across the world.

      4. Yeah lets do it!

        and than get started on all the politico’s and news agencies that lied to us all and give them what Sharia says they deserve ..I could go for cutting a few of their heads off ..isnt that how they do it?

        so many that think they would want this..surely wont like it if and when we do

      5. Let’s Bring Islamic Sharia Law To America…

        Sure … why not … what could possibly go wrong? ツ

      6. I agree with the first comment, the level of real ignorance is truly stunning. It is beyond laughable however. Analyze what is happening in these “interviews; first of all, these people are so dumb they don’t have a clue they are foils for ridicule. Secondly, any thinking person watching can see they have been dumbed down not to think, you can easily see the blank look, the total absence of any higher mental process at work when asked a question. Not only do they not have the facts, they have lost the ability to think critically about the facts. Since they are not aware how ignorant they really are, they believe themselves informed and intelligent.
        Did you hear their comments implying Hillary knows what she’s doing (by the way, she certainly does) and therefore believe officialdom knows best. These idiots believe those not like them are uneducated, stupid, even dangerous. TPTB work is complete, they have succeeded in creating a generation of useful idiots, easy to control and manipulate, to shape thinking and belief, and ultimately to use as TPTB see fit, they have been rendered disposable.
        Mass ignorance of and easy control of of citizens has always preceded the decline of every failed society, the masses have made themselves themselves to be nothing more than tools and managed resources for TPTB. They don’t realize they not are living for their own purposes, but for the top few. They willfully accept a loss of their rights, more taxes taking away their income, believe anything, and automatically defer all power to make decisions to those in power.
        The people being interviewed are so foolish it is almost embarrassing to watch them.

      7. Islam is not just about the radical element. It’s also about converting or eliminating those who refuse to convert. Most people won’t actually read or question the religion. They will take what the leftists say about it as true. I hear it all the time, especially from women. They just refuse to believe how Islam treats women. The western women only think the radicals are the hard liners. Not so. Maybe I should convert to Islam so I can beat some sense into the liberal women.

      8. Simple: Muslims and Sharia = NO Good Radical TRASH!!!! Wake up you fools.

      9. Islam is NOT a religion of peace.
        Let’s be clear; Islam is a DEATH CULT.
        Muslims rape little boys,
        They rape young girls.
        Rape and selling women and teens as sex slaves is what they do.
        Girls as young as two months old are being raped.
        Let’s not forget murder by any means.
        IF YOU ARE NOT MUSLIM, YOU ARE AN INFIDEL, and it is just fine to rape your wife and daughter and kill you in the most horrible manner.
        Why do we put up with these crimes?
        Where are the moderate Muslims? They don’t speak out because they are afraid of being killed.
        When the Muslims come to your town to rape your women, made sure to dip your bullets in pig’s blood, they hate that!

        • Porky Pig,
          YOU GOT IT!!!

        • Buy Jihawg Ammo, pork tipped bullets, comes in 5.56×45 & 7.62×51

      10. Just a question: What will the radical leftist feminists and homosexuals do when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to enforce Sharia law?

        Or haven’t they thought that far ahead?

        • They have thought that out, but they don’t care. The goal is a submissive population.

      11. TEST, the feminazis need to find a country that works for them. Let them go to any Islamic country they choose and see how long they last.

      12. As a man, I am very cool with the introduction of Sharia Law. Let’s face facts: most women in the West are total tramps (they even have ‘tramp stamps’ on their backs). Sharia Law does not mean no sex for men. In fact, Sharia Law was constructed to enable men to get what they need and deserve: regular sex, preferably with young, nubile and fertile women. This Western notion that you are stuck with some wizened witch until you die and ‘no looking!’ at any other women, is very, very non-Eastern and non-Islamic. Eastern cultures understand men have a life force between their legs with seed: and that seed needs to get sown. It also doesn’t matter what age you are or even what age she is.

        For men, Sharia Law would be a blessing. All sorts of things would get better, such as:

        1) Crime: there basically would be no more crime. So, the ‘coon peddling drugs on the street day and night? He is gone. The thief? – no more hands to do such deeds.

        2) Food: Eastern food is much more healthy and delicious. Eating would be a big part of culture since it does not involve alcohol and is a good place to get together with other men and discuss business.

        3) Sex: in Islam, you can divorce a woman very quickly: just say ‘I divorce thee’ three times and it is done. The old witch is out of the house and a new lovely thing is in. You can also have ‘instant marriages’: thus if you like a woman, you can have sex with her as long as you marry her for the duration and then ‘divorce’ her. Islam also allows for multiple wives and encourages you getting them pregnant since they will be staying at home to take care of the kids.

        4) Daily life: it is a very family-focused culture so family life would improve and become more of a bed rock of life. Women would not be competing for men’s jobs, thus unemployment rates for men would come down fast.

        5) Gays and others: sexual deviants would not be pandered to and would need to keep those proclivities to themselves.

        6) Architecture: Islamic architecture is superior to Christian so a radical improvement in the aesthetics of cities would be a big change. A walk home in an American city would no longer involve going past tattoo parlours, ‘nail bars’ which are really brothels, drug dealers, gay bars, liquor stores, gambling dens, hookers, etc. You would instead see beautiful mosques, Islamic libraries where you can read the Koran, and lots and lots of lovely restaurants for men where you can puff some hubby bubbly and eat shish kebab with salad.

        7) Domestic violence rates would go down because there really is no such thing as domestic violence in Islam.

        8) Women: women who are not Muslims and are infidels are fair game. Enjoy!

        9) Fruit juices and tea: Since alcohol is forbidden, a vast array of alternatives will be available like green tea with mint.

        10) Blacks: there would be a hierarchy with Arabs at the top. But don’t worry: whites and Asians are next and blacks at the bottom. Want a black slave? Yup, that’s cool with Islam. Even put him/her on a chain and sell them down the local shopping mall if you get tired of them.

        So, even though the socialists do not realise it, Sharia law would be a great time for white men.

        • “Frank Thoughts” = “Weenie Thoughts” = “Penis Thoughts”

        • Frank Thoughts,
          DUDE your a very sick person! and it is very obvious YOU don’t understand Sharia law, IF you like it then PLEASE move over there and be one of them, you’ll be DEAD in less than a week! LOL, FACT!!

        • That’s a very interesting and thought-provoking perspective; thank you! I agree there are some definite pluses (our current western judicial system is far too lenient) but for me, i don’t think it would work so well. I’m not a feminist by any means, but i am a woman who can only be pushed so far… should my man feel the need to beat me, i beat back and then leave because i value myself as a person. Now, if there could be a way to integrate some of the sharia policies with our broken modern system, beautiful – however, i get the impression from everything I’ve read that these people are the “all or nothing” sort.

        • You will! be on the list to deport becuz you aprove of
          rape its fucking trash like you that has turnd this country in to what
          it is now pray no one finds out that u like rapeing women and kids !
          Its dicklesssssssss motherFu@#en fagats like u is why we biuld prisons!

        • Frank Thoughts! Phoenix!

          seriously !!!

          Both of you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about. As suggested, you go where sharia law is practiced and let me know how it works out for you.

          I’ll be waiting for your report.

        • Women are human beings, and her husband is to be head of her and the household as long as he is doing what is correct according to Gods laws. A woman owns her own body(I am against abortion) and she has a right to choose to have sex with her husband. Who would want to have sex with a man who beat you, cheated on you, or would not work and hold up his end of the partnership? Sharia Law is good for no one. Jehovah God gave Christians rules to live by, it’s just that no one wants to follow them.


        • You failed to cover sex with your daughters and other little girls!

          Oh and little boys you keep chained to the bed.
          Also lets not forget the mothers who came to claim their little boys after being kept by the creeps were fed a meal and then told they ate their child.
          (All of this report on Sean Hannity’s radio show by our military located in Afghanistan!)

          DUDE YOU ARE SICK!

          And a PERVIE!

        • Well gosh dang Frankie! How much did your jizyah cost you this year?

      13. i have a better idea drive islam out of american and everyone that supports it.

      14. There is only one thing you need to know about Islam:

        No matter where it goes it doesn’t assimilate, it subjugates.

        No exceptions for 1400 years.

      15. Frank…good point. I’ve always said that they (the arab world) needs to be more like us, and we need to be more like them. I won’t go along with all the doctrines of Islam. I enjoy my beer/wine, rock music, guns, etc….but I do not enjoy what feminism and immorality have done to this country. I’ve lived in Saudi Arabia under Sharia, and one thing is for sure. Definitely felt safer than America. No gangs, drugs, thieves, disgusting female tramps, or faggots. And no pretense of discrimination. Blacks are on bottom (deservedly so). White western males close to the top, just below the Saudis. And no woman can have me arrested for ‘aggravated assault’ for looking at her the wrong way. The woman mostly stay in the homes and raise the children…as it should be.!!!!!

        • Move there then.

      16. Before there was Money, the control mechanism was religion.

        Is it any coincidence that all forms of religion are based on a central theme of control? The word religion derives from the Latin word “religare” meaning “to bind”. Religion is a form of corporate control, complete with a pyramidal governance structure and a “penalty” for non conformance, (i.e. your taught right from childhood that you’ll burn in a lake of fire for all eternity.”).

        Religion expects one to don the blinders of “faith” and question not the actions of others (authority), and if those actions offend, to simply ignore it as a heaven and a final judgement awaits like some ordained form of revenge upon the wicked. In the meanwhile, accept your persecution of physical and mental abuse proudly.

        These elements of control can be found in Corporations (money/greed) and military (orders/pride), each with varying degrees of control, reward and penalty. The common thread is that you as the individual are not in control.

        To deny the above, (and many will do so in various fashions), only proves the effectiveness of the control. It’s working rather well.

        Some will vehemently say that they “choose” to do so. However, did they actually “choose”, or were they raised up and trained to assume that “choice” as being right? It’s the illusion of “choice”.

        Then there’s “it was written” so it must be true. Don’t think “Revelations”, think “playbook”.

        Perhaps when you climb the ladder of your institution and find out what really goes on behind closed doors, will you then “choose” to do something else.

        You could argue that under the ‘circumstances’, you are ‘this’ or ‘that’. Which is a well crafted form of denial. Take a good look in the mirror to find out whom is as fault and then make new decisions that will get you out from under those circumstances.

        You are free to make up your own mind. To choose to be a good person, to question authority and to defend your life. Even to worship the creator outside the boundaries of control as a personal endeavor, (I never said having a believe itself was bad). These are the traits that all controlling factions want to keep from you. Otherwise, this is the end game – for them. The only real weapon they have is creating division based on the illusion of “choice”. The fact that they have to pay actors and stage events to guide the herd should be a red flag. We outnumber them 100 to 1. Their centuries old game is killing the host (our planet) and eventually, nobody wins.

        America is in a programmed fantasy world and it’s quickly coming apart. The niceties of wealth and healthy living are closing down. Sharia law is the more direct form of blunt control. When the masked men come after your family with AK-47’s, will you turn the other cheek? Call the cops? Write your congressman? It’s not joke. They’re here. This will happen.

        This is a personal choice, if you decide to make it. Otherwise, it’s already been made for you.

        The sun rises. The sun sets. What happens in between is entirely up to you.

        • You need to study up on the world’s religions, they all do not believe you will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity.

          • “You need to study up on the world’s religions.”

            No. We need to avoid them and take charge of ourselves and our destiny as a species. Soon we’ll all face an undeniable truth.

            • That’s what’s wrong now; man has tried to control his destiny and has failed. God’s government will be perfect.

              • Hmm. You said God and government in the same sentence. Think about it.

      17. Faux Liberté –

        Awesome post – though some may deny the things you mentioned right off the get go. I would hope they would delve a little deeper into the things that they practice.

        Organized Religion is a Tool.
        Not to confuse it with Faith – that is entirely different.

      18. Good Luck with Try’n!

        I say send the lefties with the deported Islamics to the Middle East and Make it Great Again, over there! And stay there. Build a huge wall and nuke the region if any one looks like they might be trying to leave it!

        Does any else notice how Global Leaders do not want the Northern Countries to stay Northern European?
        China does not have the same problem?

      19. The USA is already under the influence of Judaism’s Noahide Laws, passed by Congress back in the early 1990’s.

        The real power is the banks, so do a search of those Too Big to Fail Wall Street banks and see how many Muslims you find heading the banks or on the board. Good luck.

        Then check out the Federal Reserve. The Jewess Yellen is the head and Stanley Fisher, a dual-citizen Israeli Jew, is second-in-command. Fisher used to head an Israeli bank, so I’m sure he’s loyal. Then check out the US Treasury Dept and see how many Muslims are there, again good luck, since Jews have been running that department for decades.

        All of the hot air about Sharia Law is propaganda from the real assholes in charge of the USA, and who control the MSM, and have been sending our kids off to fight and die for Israel since at least 1991.

      20. This problem will not be solved by posting comments.

        • You never know what these posts might do; I’m pretty sure this site is probably monitored by TPTB. They probably have people assigned to do nothing but monitor all sites like this one.

      21. When First Lady Malania came up to the podium and said “Let us pray”, the crowd of loud applauding spectators quickly became silent. I was surprised. My mind moves right into the why of it. What are the motives behind the gesture. My first thought was, is this an attempt to whitewash any suspicions about her character as a sexual object. But then I thought of the more significant motive, to assert America as Christian, not Muslim, not Satanist, not Chew wish, not Atheist; but Christian, and in your face, no separation of Church and State, Christian like it or not. It is a slap in the face to Marxists. It is also, a slap in the face to any Muslim here in America, who thinks he is going to pressure this President into accepting Sharia Law in any way, shape, or form.

        God Bless America.
        God Bless President Donald Trump.


      22. Sharia law means you can have sex with underage children . Just like Muhammad .

      23. Hey…Im all for it..legally beat my wife…YEAH!!! get sex on demand…YEAH!!! wife cant go out and shop…YEAH!!!
        Im for cutting the clits of all these lib V hats….

        Just satire girls…but ya better watch what you wish for….

      24. It is incredulous that liberals and progressives are aligning themselves with a sixth century brutal satanic cult that is responsible for 95% of the worlds terrorism.

        Islam historically has often aligned with fascists and communists when it suited their purpose, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.

        Progressives in America are desperate, and desperate people usually make really bad choices. It was Obama’s hope to dilute the Christian + Conservative coalition in US politics. Open borders was part of a plan to dominate US politics for decades to come. All they had to do was call us racist to shut down any dissent over their plan. The crime and violence these illegal aliens would bring, would be an excuse for a power grab, and a tool to limit that pesky Constitution. If Hillary had won, America would have stepped squarely on that banana peel. The progressives broke a lot of laws to get America to where it is. Those laws need to be enforced, to clean house.

      25. I no one thing you bitch’s better get our flag off your flat fucking heads,i no it’s to piss of patriots.
        Well it’s working I’m pissed all I can say is fuck you rag heads.
        Live on your feet or die on your knees,i’ll live and fight on my feet God bless America.

      26. Sharia law in America would show feminists the true meaning of being oppressed.
        The problem with the West is the fake feminist movement. Feminism in America has created generations of women who are incapable of being faithful wives and decent mothers.
        Every brain dead feminist sold sexual freedom and pro-choice so they could be tramps.
        Zionist groups like the Rockefeller Foundation directly financed the feminist movement to increase their tax base.
        Feminism was never a movement about gender equality.
        Feminism was created to eradicate monogamy and the traditional nuclear family.
        Homosexuality,promiscuity,and gender identity confusion also were promoted by feminism.
        Feminists also despise children, which is why they have supported the eugenics based Planned Parenthood for years.
        Also despite being a seemingly pro-women’s movement,feminism actually makes women more masculine.
        These snowflake Clinton supporters have no idea that Hillary has no care or respect for women.
        Watching these naive human robots cry after Hillary lost the election is mind boggling.
        If you so much as look at a woman the wrong way in the workplace that’s sexual harassment.
        American men get taken to the cleaners in divorce court and still have to pay alimony!
        If a American man is raped or abused by a woman they get no sympathy.
        As for Islam and any other religion, I have no bias with them because they are all just mind control tools.
        Brothers and sisters of the resistance, I must warn you that the Zionists plan to use religion to enforce their New World Order.
        Is it no surprise that Isreal is supposedly the chosen nation of God?
        Also notice how mute the Christian churches are in regards to Judaism, and notice the interfaith services.
        When you see fulfilments of the so called Revelations prophecy don’t believe it.
        The prophecy will be fulfilled because it was scripted that way by the Zionists.
        The UFO’s will be made made creations and supernatural occurances will be brought about through technology.
        Believe in yourself and stay mentally strong.

      27. The inner city, loaded with drugs, alcohol and prostitution having an element that doesn’t live by rules merging with this would be a sight to see from a distance of course. Thats a clash of cultures.

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