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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group. 

    In July 1994, when I was just ten years old and starting my summer vacation from school, I began, probably out of boredom, eating candy, potato chips, and other salty junk food and ended up visibly gaining weight. I was playing basketball at the time, so that hurt my performance on the court. Since basketball was my first love, I took action to fix the situation without procrastinating, an experience that would change my life.

    Though I didn’t have access to a personal trainer, YouTube (which didn’t exist) or the Internet (which barely existed), I knew enough COMMON-SENSE PRINCIPLES to develop a plan on my own. Today, people can search for days and decide between dozens of gurus, who offer their solutions, but I just knew that I wanted to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.

    In all its glory, this was my plan:

    1. EAT LESS.
    3. TRAIN HARD.

    Three months later, I lost all of the extra weight; it was only 8lbs (4kg), but when your total mass is 80lbs, that’s a lot.

    My confidence level GOT A BOOST. I received many compliments, which helped to solidify the value of my journey and the enormous sacrifices I was making.

    To this day, I thank 10yr-old me for getting inspired to act, without doubting whether or not I KNEW ENOUGH about the subject and without doubting for a second that I could do it.

    The information age’s most AMUSING PARADOX is that there’s so much academic data out there and so many opinions on each topic that we stopped acting, as a society, on GUT INSTINCT and COMMON SENSE. Very few of us take RADICAL STEPS to enable real opportunities to introduce themselves into our adventure. We cannot sit and wait; the only sure way is CONSTANT ACTION and determined course-correction.

    People are paralyzed and TALK THINGS THROUGH way too much when the proper course of action is directly in front of them.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    FEAR drives people into action more than any other feeling, except for one – LOVE.

    Fear is an amazing motivator, but when it comes to wealth, I prefer LOVE; it’s the ultimate motivator for riches.

    For example, I love my wife with all my heart and the same goes for my daughter. There are activities that I love doing and foods I love eating. Because I love these, I am willing to go to GREAT LENGTHS for them.

    ANYTHING you love costs money. WHOEVER said that the finest things in life are free failed to mention that this is ONLY TRUE if you have time to pursue them. Walking on the beach may be free of charge and playing with your children is also free, but you can’t buy that TIME SLOT unless your business or occupation allows for the flexibility to engage in these activities.

    Time management, therefore, or the ability to generate large sums, either actively or passively, is the only true LIBERATOR of time and that’s the reason that money is the most necessary of all of life’s objectives when it is RIGHTFULLY GENERATED.

    Money allows one to EXPRESS HIMSELF fully, whether he loves his family, himself, traveling, the outdoors, his friends, his country, or his spouse.

    Health is better maintained when one has access to quality nutrition, less stress, a comfortable home, and good sleep. COURTSHIP of your partner in life (husband or wife) is expressed best when one doesn’t have to constantly compromise and stress over money issues.

    The only weird love is actually the LOVE OF MONEY itself.

    Money is purchasing power. Love not the money, but the innumerable ways in which it allows you to spend your time on this planet and, if you’re a DISCIPLINED PERSON, love helping others and love over-delivering for the marketplace, which are the surest ways to secure more compensation.

    Society has injected a lethal dose of COMPLICATIONS into our lives. We are bombarded from every direction with distractions and suggestions on how to SPEND MONEY. We are seduced to spend before we even earn and to enter a cycle of INDEBTEDNESS, which is hard to get out of.

    A 10yr-old boy built a simple plan to get back into shape and a 22yr-old young man built a simple plan to become a millionaire in one decade and achieved it. By the time I was 32, I reached the coveted 7-figure status.

    This was my plan for that goal:

    1. WORK harder than anyone else.
    2. FIND the best way to provide enormous value.
    3. DEMAND what I deserve to make.
    4. NEVER fall asleep on the watch; constantly pursue the goal until it is reached.

    With this somewhat childish plan, I set out in 2006 with only a high school degree, NO SAVINGS and no connections, and navigated my way through TONS OF MISTAKES until white smoke emerged.

    Then, 2009 came around and I learned about silver’s crash from $21/ounce to $9/ounce, following the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

    I concentrated a disproportionately-high amount of my portfolio in silver and silver stocks and IT PAID OFF.

    Had I not given it my all and saved every dime I could between 2006 and 2009, silver’s METEORIC RALLY from $9 to $49 and silver equities’ BULL MARKET – which saw them gain 1,000% and more – would have been irrelevant to me.

    I would have been BROKE AND PENNILESS, instead of cashed-up, educated, and ready to act.

    You’re surrounded by ENDLESS DISTRACTIONS, but don’t fall prey, since you know that your goal is simple: BECOMING WEALTHY, so that you can take care of your loved ones and enjoy life’s spoils (whatever they mean to you) and helping to advance the world into the future.

    Focus on delivering value; RACK YOUR BRAIN on how to do it – figure it out. Don’t stop, until you become the arbiter of your fate.

    I B-E-L-I-E-V-E in YOU!

    In 1776, exactly two hundred and forty-four years ago, a small group of people wrote a simple document, which made A LOT OF SENSE, and The United States was founded. They pulled off a miracle with the writing of the declaration of independence; it’s YOUR TURN.


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      1. Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Page, Brinn, Thiel, and company have all made more money than they get possibly spend in their life times. They used us and I believe that they had intended to shut down the internet all along, since the companies use financial fraud as a business model. They were all fully aware that their would eventually be a day of reckoning. 9/11 was just used in order to transfer DoD funds over to Wall Street in money laundering. The wars could not have cost anywhere near what they are claiming that they have cost, not to mention the over $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors on top of all of that since 2001. They just assumed that nobody would question it, because the Middle East is so far away. Now that people are fed up with the wars, they have used the coronavirus as a gimmick and the common enemy that we must spend trillions of dollars a year defeating, which is about as fatal as the rhinovirus, or common cold. 

        The Good Jobs First Program created by the Rockefeller Studies Institute was created after the 2008 crash, openly money laundering trillions of dollars, and openly stealing money from the treasury department through the defense department and transferring trillions of dollars over, not only to Wall Street, and pseudo-American corporations, because lets face it, Apple computers is about as American as Huawei, but also to many foreign corporations, as well as hundreds, or maybe now even thousands of small privately owned corporations that nobody has ever even heard of and basically appear to be fronts, or shell companies, listed with the DoD. 

        This is absolute bullshit, and I absolutely refuse to stand for it! 

        Add to that that the medical mafia has had less income flowing in after Trump ended Obamacare, that the medical mafia has been busted and is being sued for creating the opioid epidemic, which of course thay also provide “the cure” for at an exhorbitant price that usually fails, that the entire psychiatric industry has also been busted for medical and financial fraud, that the cardiology industry has also been busted for medical and financial fraud for running stent and angioplasty factories, similar to the hysterectomy factories of the 1950’s. So that is certainly a hell of a lot of motive!

        Also, the governments, corporations, military, education industry, and media are likely unappreciative of us correcting their policy errors, frauds, and pathological lying. They would much rather keep it to paid speech presstitutes that are willing to destroy their reputations and credibility over the air waves, for the benefit of nobody.

        Andrea Iravani

      2. am not into the whole silver/metals thing. of course, the markets have been nothing but weird this year anyways.

        next question: (how) did LG move his silver in 2011 when it was circa $50? or did he simply hang onto to the metal? most answers for this are valid in my view.

        especially love your pre-internet style of tackling the weight thing! “gut instinct and common sense” + “TAKE MASSIVE ACTION” = RESULTS. the action likely does not even need to be that massive if one simply sticks to it.

        i think having a pre-internet growing up was good because we know how to get best of both worlds. one advantage pre-internet kids had in learning anything: they were not trying to film/post a video detailing ‘their journey’ of losing weight for a sport. similarly, if you were trying to nail a certain basketshot, you’d be trying hundreds of times to get it the first time, and thousands of times more to get it down pat. in gym, or at end of your driveway practicing and practicing at it. nobody is posting it online. if you’re working on good at something that’s probably a good environment for such.

        my own formula of internet learning: watch 3-10 youtube videos on how to do something; you’ll get a sense of basics either way; and on one vid you’ll get the camera angle or explanation that makes everything else whole. on another vid, you’ll get a really important “nope, not gonna make that mistake” that might have been missed out on by the rest.

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