Let This Be A Warning America: When the Riots Start the Government’s Response Will Be Brutal *Video*

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 407 comments

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    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. 

    July 4, 1776

    Last week, when hundreds of thousands of people in Madrid, Barcelona and throughout Spain protested, rioted, rebelled and called for the forced resignation of every one of their parliamentary representatives and the formation of a new government, the silence from global mainstream media was deafening.

    With jobless rates for those between the ages of 20 and 35 exceeding 50%, further social spending measures promised by the government, and tens of billions in handouts being transferred to large financial institutions in the broader Euro Zone, those impoverished by the economic collapse of the last four years would not be silenced.

    They took the streets in droves. They rushed their parliament building, forcing representatives to barricade themselves inside. They confronted their government head on.

    And for their transgressions, they were indiscriminately fired upon, beaten, and bloodied by riot police; men, women, young, old, it mattered not to the policing arm of the global elite.

    Let this be a warning, America, because these riots will soon be making their way across the Atlantic ocean to our shores.

    Video compliments of Alexander Higgins (with narration by Judge Andrew Napolitano) via Above Top Secret:

    The people of Europe have not yet seen the full brunt of their government’s capabilities. Neither have Americans.

    We need only look to the middle east for a taste of what is to come should things really go critical. As we noted during the Egyptian uprising last year, it is best to stay home once the rioting starts (graphic video), because bullets will be flying and government enforcement officials will stop at nothing to regain control.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking that police or military personnel will take the side of the American people. Some may. But history and current events suggest otherwise – of course they will fire on American citizens. And if you’re caught out in the open, you’ll be on your own.

    We know the US government considers those attending any anti-government gatherings, whether they be Occupy or Tea Party protests, to be activities related to domestic terrorism. For now, the police have been subdued compared to the actions of their counterparts in Europe, but so too have America’s protesters.

    But when those 100 hundred million Americans dependent on government re-distributions have their benefits cut as has been done throughout Europe recently, or prices for essential goods like food and gas reach levels that make them impossible to acquire by the majority, we can fully expect a total breakdown of law and order, especially in America’s major metropolitan areas.

    What’s different about America compared to Europe, however, is that our government is actively preparing for this contingency, having introduced laws through legislative action, as well as by executive order, that are specifically designed to stifle free speech in public areas, detain indefinitely and reeducate those who act against the national interests of the United States, and eliminate permanently those who cannot be pacified.

    Government plans for mass casualty events are being enacted as we speak, and domestic policing forces are stocking up on riot gear and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition.

    They know it’s coming.

    Are we ready for it?


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      1. Thus all the reinstatement’s of prior Executive Orders and the 100’s of new ones
        Patriot Act
        NDAA and so on…

        as so aptly sung by Frankie Lane..

        “Movin’, movin’, movin’,
        Though they’re disapprovin’,
        Keep them sheeple movin’,Fema.
        Don’t try to understand ’em,
        Just rope an’ throw an’ brand ’em.
        Soon we’ll be living high and wide.”

        “Move ’em out, head ’em up,
        Head ’em up, move ’em on.
        Move ’em out, head ’em up:
        Cut ’em out, ride ’em in,
        Ride ’em in, cut ’em out,
        Cut ’em out, ride ’em in:”


        • Possee


          Take care

          • I am truly amaze that there hasn’t been a firearm or a exploding bomb use by the protesters (Anywhere) yet. I don’t wish it to come to that but at what point do the people plan on fighting back (where they are right). I have had my ass kicked a few times. I learned from each one of them. Like if I have to be in the same situation bring bigger tools (And it better to duck sometime).

            True question why are they let us taking this crap and truly are not even putting up a fight.

            • Most European countrys have strick gun laws.

            • They still have them. At what point are they going to come out into the light.

              Like said below when will someone that one of those sticks and place it in someones ass.

              I am fine waiting for the masses to boil over. I still believe are real problems are going to be with food and delivery of needed items. The snap people I believe will roll over and die. There will be few weeks of upheaval. But then because of the culling of the herd there will be balance quickly because the cancer of society will be gone.

            • That is why you nor I go to demonstations , untill they take guns with them there domonstrations mean nothing.

            • This is why you nor I go the protest, when they take guns let me know because then things will change.

            • Facebook Page,

              I find it curious that you frequently use the word herd and now, “culling of the herd”, when referring to human beings. You bring to mind the word Hitler and if you read the following, you will see why.

              Culling- The word comes from the Latin colligere, which means “to collect”. The term can be applied broadly to mean sorting a collection into two groups: one that will be kept and one that will be rejected.

              I was wondering if you hit the bottle now and then, sometimes you slur your written words, or make no sense at all. Just asking.

            • @FacebookPage:

              As much as death is a near-inevitability for many folks unused to living on their own terms (or living by their own hand), at least try to remember that these are people we’re talking about here. Lots of people.

              Lots of people who will get hellishly creative when it comes to finding sustenance – some will learn how to do it, some will learn how to steal it, and others will do a bit of both.

              If someone is reasonably honest and good-hearted, I see no problem at all with extending a bit of charity and knowledge to help them get fed. You may have to extend that charity anonymously to keep your main stores from being raided, but: It. Should. Be. Done.

              I’m hoping to have enough preps to feed/care-for at least one other person… just in case.

            • OD Yes Some will learn and I wish all would learn.

              My statement should of been clearer. (Been having a problem with that lately). When I say snap I mean the lifetime recipients. I have said many time I do not have any problem with helping with that program (Any of them)Its when they live on it.

              TOMMY BOY.
              “one that will be kept and one that will be rejected.” Exactly.

              And just because we are “Human” doesn’t change the fact what is needed to cure this. We try hoping the weak minded would pull it together. Hasn’t been working to good has it.

            • FB page, im not surprised by that either. we have people get mad and kill their boss etc, and when police push people and tear gas the people nobody has exploded back on the police by pulling out a gun or a bomb either. I don’t wish for this to happen either but suprised it has not yet happened. I can just see a crowd of 200 people throwing stuff and police tear gas and someone pulls out a gun and shoots then the police shoot into the crowd and wound or kill multiple people in a large city and more nutballs come back and start laying fire down. I think that is what you are saying facebook. Im suprised too. O cant believe how bad these cops treat people and beat the ehll out of them and nothing happens and they lie to protect their kind. I know most of us are tea-party type protestors, I never protested before but usually they are not treated as bad as a OWS protestor. But I can’t belive more people are letting these asshole pass NDAA increase taxes on us and constantly steal from us and nothing is DONE!! I don’t get it. to me that means they have a great job and dividing us into races, political sides etc and we are fighting against each other while they get away with what they want. But one thing they cant divide us by is our rights to bear arms. they know once they hit that area or law they just cant take away or guns or all hell will break lose and they know it. they are trying to everly hard too and its a matter of time, but if mass chaos happens its going to be a mess. for you women please get a shotgun for home! dont use a pistol unless your really good at it. if someone comes flying thru your door and your alone, you could freeze and be taken down quickly im afraid. I dont want you hurt and think a shotgun with buckshot would be best for you. what if 2 men knew your were alone and they worked together, things could go wrong quickly. not trying to scare you, im trying to be realistic and help you. if you dont agree with what im saying to any of this, please give me your feedback. we are all a team here.

            • eu folks dont have firearms.you can bet when Americans are beat on there will be some hiding in the shadows with there homemade silencers.There clear shields dont stop bullets .When a few start dropping here and there they will start questioning there loyalty to a tyrannical government and when the American people have nothing to loose we get vicious.Europe’s people have been condition for decades so they fall in line easier.We are just starting to feel the grip of physcopath dictators.
              Most people I know give a rats ass about any laws they pass ,there laws are wrong and they can stickem up their anti freedom ass.It is human behavior that when you have nothing to lose you lose it.

            • If you have lived in a civilized nation that usually protects the rights of the citizens, those citizens will peacefully protest but do not feel the need to move to violence. That is why the Spaniards “are just taking it”. They are in the streets to peacefully protest BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BE and they know that the police are just doing their job. But police are no longer peacekeepers, they are militarized police and that always pits them against the people rather than working with them for a peaceful society.
              That is why the American communists are so frustrated with the American people. We have not needed to resort to violence so we don’t. They have been trying to create class division ( rich vs average) and ethnic division ( citizen vs illegal or white versus nonwhite). And we just don’t get violent. They must be pretty frustrated by this. But they won’t give up. They want a reason to crack down “for our own good”.
              Of course if Israel moves on Iran before the election, they could use the fallout from that.

            • Actually , I’m more surprised by the signs that the protestors are caring. Like in Egypt or Syria. They are walking down dirt streets, there is no power or running water yet they carry signs that look like your local Kinko’s printed them and they are in perfect english. Sometimes I just think we are being scammed.

            • What about Syria? That’s what will happen when the people fight back.

            • Facebook,

              They are sheeple. Hey you say they are there to protest. Protest what. The medicine they have to take for spending FOR YEARS AND YEARS over the budget. And somehow believe they had no idea this was going on. Sounds like the U.S. and all the poor victims of the housing market. I have a bit of info for all of you. Greed drove those sheep of a cliff! Hey I feel for my fellow man and some of the protesters where to young and had no choice in the matter. However it still remains they used the credit card and now it’s the end of the month. They were tricked by banks and have been getting fooled due to their own greed for over a century now. They watched it happen to them even after being repeatedly told/shown that things are not as they seem they continued to spend. You see that love is blind. They are in love with all their THINGS! In the U.S. and many other developed countries the bank gives you a 30 year mortgage. and you get a house. YOU (ewe) pay for they house 3 times over but YOU (ewe) are ok with it because YOU (ewe) get what YOU (ewe) want now. Then when you finish paying for it 3 times you realize when it’s to late you have been duped again. You feel like a sheep led to slaughter. The first wave which is normally young voters is just about past as is the older voters who are now (OR WERE) in line to get benefits. The protest grows as more fear of the future of easy living has slipped by them. The one’s protesting now will be met with serious violence from the police because the police need to end this now. The protesters have some sympathy from those who are still on their couch but they won’t for long. The powers that be will create a divide between those dirty spoiled child protesters and you good stay at home and pay your taxes and listen like good little sheeple. Those that didn’t live beyond their abilities and understand what must be done. Well they understand what the gobberment wants them to do and is going to do. They are somehow willing to comply. Then there is the prepper. He come from every walk of life. For some reason this type of person see’s things in a different light. Come on now lets all admit it. You hate to see the police give a beat down. However sooner or later you will be thinking to yourself that those people brought it upon themselves. This still doesn’t make the ass kicking cool with you because you hate authority to some degree anyway. You don’t trust those who dictate those mind dead cops. My advise (which is free) is to prepare how you see fit. If you are weak or old you may want to go with option #1. FEMA Camp. Free food and housing. However you may want to be there early because you have a growing (mommy feed me) population. And yes mommy means your local ,state and federal government. You see that even in the face of disaster the sheeple still run to the government and banks when the SHTF as will the helpless and old. I see this as things will never change. Sheeple, or should I just say ….the general public want’s their cake and they want to eat it as well. They will piss and moan when they don’t get the world handed to them. I mean crap! Mommy told me I was a princess and the world revolves around me. Good luck to the lot of you as this is coming to a town near you soon.

            • This is exactly why they want the ability to shut down cell service. Those pesky instant uploads have got to stop.

            • disector284

              I was referring to the beat downs. And agree with ever word. They Still want their pond of flesh. While they were spending all their children’s wealth they were also giving away their spines. They want it fixed but won’t pay the price. Both gov and the people need to realize stop the ride we need to reset the track.

              The pain is coming. No doubt abort that. It has to be paid with interest. And we are all guilty of that.

            • The average human fears that if they hit back when being hit, then the original hitter will become more burtal in their hitting. My feelings – an eye for an eye! you hit me, I’m hitting you back. you hit me harder with a stick – I’m craken your head open and spilling your brains to the ground. you shot at me with a rubber bullet – i,m shoting back with lead. what ever you will do to me – i’m doing back to you x5. I stock pile the same gear they have. and I will kill before being slaughtered like a passive sheep. get out of the passive mind set, – they are not in a passive mind set. They intend to gather the biggest and meanest, then cut their heads off in front of the public _ to scare the passive and weak into subimssion. My suggestion is to do the same to them; up front – rush them now and have a good old pulic hanging of the top dogs for the whole world to see. better to know you are dying for your natural human freedoms when you are being filled with lead or beaten bloody, than dying like a weak submisive animalafraid to defend themselves for the possible reprocussions – Because, either way they intend to kill you; or dye themselves, trying to kill you.

          • If the masses of the sheeple have been brainwashed into thinking the unjust is just then what makes you think that the same thing isn’t going to happen to the police?

            I have read many many posts from viewers that seem to think that the police will come to their senses and come to the aid of the people if forced to make a choice. I do not think so, not most of them. They have been brainwashed too. They are lead to believe that they are doing it for the GOOD of THEIR COUNTRY.

            May the Lord have mercy on them for they know not what they do….

            • I volunteer at the VA offen and a young National guardsman was there. He was discharged due to an injury and all he could talk about is how he wouldn’t be there to break heads. I said that was the only reason he even joined up so he could play like modern warfare. he was also mad about not ever killing anyone like in the games he played. Beware this is some of the mentally you will be facing.

              Remember many of those service member are like many of you. They need their job to support their family. S ask what would you do to make sure you bring food home to your children, That should be a scary thought once you think it out.

            • How would you act if your family is safe on base and your job is to repel the protesters at the gate.

              Think out people Think it out.

            • Many , many service families are NOT safe on base and will be caught up in that crap like everybody else , that will be on their minds as well .

            • “”””May the Lord have mercy on them for they know not what they do….”””

              No, many of them know what they do. They have been selected for their willingness to do those things based on the “psychological testing” they go through in the hiring process.

              For a long time, these test have been used to select the worst of the worst and put them in the places where they can do the most harm. On local police forces everywhere.

              So the question everyone must ask is is it better to stay home, or stay a couple of hundred yards away with a high powered rifle and a good scope?

              I suppose we will see the answer in real time.

            • ” he was also mad about not ever killing anyone like in the games he played. Beware this is some of the mentally you will be facing.”

              These same people have not seen actual combat, either. It’s one thing to talk a good game, but another entirely to have to face it down, live and in stereo.

              Most kids like this will quickly realize that if they eat it in real combat, they cannot simply respawn, so I suspect their spines will get very yellow, very quickly.

            • Because that LEO, just as the GI Joe in Afghanistan, being trained for civil unrest knows that while they are in the east part of the city wielding that ‘billy stick’ or worse, there is a LEO in the west part of the city, capable of doing the same–but their part of the city, their home, IS the west part of the city.
              It is one of the things not even needing spoken outloud…they all know.
              I think they are police ‘brothers’ and will weed out the ‘others’, for they have wives, children, mothers to protect’

            • Tina, I agree, if martial law is passed the police are going to be working hand in hand with the national guard and they will do their searches on us and then new laws will be passed that are totally illegal and wrong. then small packs of freedom fighters will emerge and we will be the threat, while the government promises food and money etc to turn in their weapons or tell on your neighbors who you may think will still be armed. more laws are passed and their goes our constitution while the rich and powerful try to control us and change things. this is how it will be I think, but I think there will be so many riots and chaos that it will be hard for them to organize. we will see. what do you guys think? love to hear your thoughts on this.

            • facebook page, There are a lot of immature military personnel who think this is a game until they are shot at or even yet till they are dead. Most of those type are gung-ho types that are not very smart. I work with military daily in NSW/NSO field. mainly seals and EOD. I have seen many young men join to kill or kick ass. They don’t think they just want to follow orders that could be for the wrong but easily brainwashed. Never a seal or EOD but the ones that have not even made it thru pre-buds or buds. while in bootcamp they find out following orders is stupid and not for them. folding cloths and keeping quiet is hard for them so they drop. The other side of them find it very hard to work as a TEAM. they are individuals and are more interested in only shooting guns and not for the job. So facebook I can totally see what you are saying. usually its very young 17-19 year olds that are still growing up. Once they do they either want out of the military or the marines or army and get into a lot of fights at bars or always in trouble. Then they get out and have a hard time holding a job and working with others. If they stay in there is one weakness they have! as individuals they will be killed by civilians who work as a team together vs. one young man who is ordered to shoot at civilians and doesnt think about where he is or his surroundings to make that kill or that rush. you know what im saying. IF you thumbs down me, please give your reason and tell me why. IF you can’t and don’t then your worthless and no better than the immature 18 year old

            • Tina is right. And also add in that for at least a few yrs now, ALL cops, Local-sherrifs-statecops=feds etc Are forced to go thru Ongoing “Sensitivity” trainings.

              A Year ago or so DHS HIRED the SPLC, thats the Southern Poverty Law Center. AND also the ADL which is the anti defamation league.

              BOTH are the MAIN orgs(private orgs but Funded with alot of taxpayer cash too by feds gov) that do this “Trainings”

              This is Very important to grasp or learn. Because every single “Paper-Report” you heard MSM report of such as the famous Misouri state cops “Leaked” report which listed all types of “Potential Homegrown Threats” etc. Recall That episode?…You Should if paying atten!

              Every single report was commisioned by Feds gov and wrote BY SPLC and/or ADL.

              BOTH orgs “claim” to be similar to aclu as in they care for “rights” etc. BULLSHIT!

              Both Are Kommie Fronts Period. ADL Boasts of getting passed in 56 countries now “Hate Speech” laws.

              Are any here aware that in most of europe and Canada too! People Are rotting in Prisons for the crime of “Questioning” ANYTHING related to WWII or Holyhoax stuf? Yep Thousands are or were in prison and for as long as 3-to-15yrs!!!

              Same hate laws applies to Whites vs blacks or other non whites. BUT Never applies to NON white offenders! ONLY whites are “Racist” or “Antisemitic”. Eric Holder Admited such when he testified to a US Senate committee hearing on Hate speech laws prior to hobammy signing it into law!

              Eric…”Yes only whie..NO I cant bring myself to consider arresting MY Poeple for hate speexh crimes”!!!!!!! My People?!!!!!???!!! Who is a fuckin racist?!!

              ADL a year ago raved how Hobammy finally signed into law our own USA hate laws etc. They just aint as yet Used it to bust anyone…YET!

              SPLC= Morris Deese and that totally asinine Mark Potak clown. Yoou ALL have seen Both. Every time Anything racial or a shooting(only if bad guy is white) happens Potak is First on Every MSM TV show or news.

              These are whos teaching ALL american cops in Every branch/city/state/feds. To Believe We are the bad guys!

              SPLC & ADL are ALL Parasitic Tribe(jewsish Kommies).

              Thats NOT a racist statement NOR an antisemite statement. It IS Factual Truth, like it or not.

              Any here so stupid as to call out such slanderous names at me or others who write facts etc is too stupid to actually Research it all, because they Refuse to admit its real and true. So be it. When they round up these types go Lick their boots Buckwheat!

              I Challange any such idiots to research First prior to wild slander of messengers who try to awaken others.

              Now back to Cops etc. Take todays brainwashed cops filled with splc and adl crap based on Hate whiteys and especially awake or gun owner whites.

              ADD in Steroids many cops consume while weight lifting to Mussle up for their big fights against Us, and well Arm them cops with every fuckin weapon cops can carry on foot.

              All that you need now is One whinny crying african or jew or mexican illeagle, and every MSM TV News broadcasting “ALERT” “BREAKING NEWS”!!

              Then Mark Potak or Abe Foxman(kommie jews Far leftist as can be) blameing…..85% of white middle class americans.

              Once cops are cut loose, spain and europe will Learn what Anglo-Celtic-Aryan-Viking Anger and Attitude looks like!

              If they begin to Imprison anyone for use of 1st amendt free speech?…..Every day in prison that person WILL plan what will occure once free again!!!

              Before its over expect to see Kommies running from the usa, or Dead, or if they are amoung “eliets”?

              Strung across tree branches much like Xmass tree ornaments are now!

              I truely Pitty Any cops who actually fall for ANY splc or adl kommie crapola. But am not hopefull, since most Will believe it all.

              For awhile now(perhaps 20yrs?) The ONLY main reason usa aint seen what europe has now is due to OUR 2nd amendt and guns. If not for those we would have been First in line for this stuf!

              America Is and always has been their Grand Goal Prize most desired. I say NO cant have it! Not now not EVER assholes!….Best option for splc and adl kommies and their eliets pals is to LEAVE the usa Now. Cause We wont leave nor be treated as such.

              Three options exist and ONLY three.

              #1= FIX All they have ruined and swindled etc. NOW!

              #2= Pak one Small suitcase and LEAVE! ASAP!

              #3= Prepare for the Battle you will NEVER win!

            • knotjammin 2 good point about the sings, I wondered that too, they are like perfectly laminated signs and they have no shoes or markers etc but where the hell are these millions of perfectly signs comming from, seems like they have more american flags to burn than we have american flags. where are they getting all these flags all the time to burn? makes you wonder. if you had a guess where do you think these sings and flags are comming from and what side etc. knotjammin good point on that!!

            • I meet a man in the very early 70s. both he and I were living in a remote region of south america. I was not much more than a child turned teenager. He was an old man that could no longer control his body functions. He was also the teaching of the answer to you question.
              You see, this old man was a soldier of hittler’s army. I asked him once ” why did you strive, fight, and kill for this man Hittler?” He replyed – “I hated what was going on so much; and was very apposed of it. However,if we as soldiers of Hittler’s army did not follow the orders given to us, then the other soldier would kill us and all our family members as if we were of the Jews. I had my family to think about, and the wellfair of my children. I could not let my family line cease because I hated the doing of what I was being ordered to do!”
              This is why yourflesh and blood brother and / or sister will be killing you if they are in the service and you are not when shtf.

          • FEMA Ordered to Plan for Overwhelming Numbers of Dead Americans

            September 28, 2012
            H.R. 6566: To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002,
            to require the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide guidance and coordination for mass fatality planning, and for other purposes.


            • Ever notice how all the bills have a stated purpose, and then it says “and for other purposes”.

              If there was nothing to hide all the purposes would be shown up front. Government is nothing but organized crime and will have to be totally eliminated if the human species is to survive.

            • They did not buy a billion and a half rounds of ammunition for target practice. The US military at the height of the fighting in Iraq was only using 70 million rounds a year. I believe they have plans for us that we are not going to like. The only question is how and when they will make their move. I don’t believe that Romney will go along with this so plan accordingly. If Obama loses that will be the time of most danger.

          • Burt

            Thank you..I was attempting to create an analogy of us vs cattle/sheep..

            How are you faring over there in the UK?

            Seems the gas prices here are quickly accelerating to your standard of living..though not quite yet..

            The normalcy bias is working extremely well here in the states..keep raising the price of all goods we need on a daily basis..and wait for the results…crickets..

            California is the guinea pig for the ptb in my and many others estimations..let’s see the results of $5-6 gallon gas and beta test the reactions..nada..zero..

            Well then..let’s raise the bar a bit..spread out the cost of living in a few other key states and quantify their reaction..probably nothing..

            However,,take away the sports,fast food, and cable..maybe a few will protest nationwide..but I’m not banking on it..
            America is sound asleep..deeply..and will probably never awake..
            Everyone is on anti depressants and glued to the television..

            Brave new world indeed

            Take care Burt

            I’m sure it’s the same over there

            surely not Spain or Greece though

            They at least have some”fight” left in them..


            • posse- i never thought of gas as being a beta test to see how people handle it! Never thought of it that way! I bet they do and know nationally they are doing that to see if they can increase gas prices but blame it on the refineries overseas problems etc and to collect hidden taxes that goes to the federal government. LETS just for fun say we all use 60 gallons a month in gas at a buck in taxes. IF we all pay additional a buck a gallon in taxes x 60 gallons a month lets say on average times 300,000 million drivers-if I did my math right the government is pulling in 180 billion dollars in taxes! correct my math if im wrong tired and could of added or messed up a zero place. that is nuts if I did my math right. think about this and this is for gas only. start adding in property taxes, tolls, federal,state,ssn, medicure,personal income taxes etc. I think they are hiding numbers what they really make.

            • Possee, Clint…..I agree.

              I was watching the local news last night (CT) and there was a clip about how we might experience higher prices and shortages HERE because….apparently we have a “summer” gas blend and a “winter” gas blend, and we’re right at the change of seasons and stations don’t want to get stuck holding “summer” blend when they need to switch over to “winter” blend!!!!

              I’m 55 years old, and this is the FIRST time I’ve EVER heard of this!

              Yup, we’re getting “conditioned” alright.

            • 5.25 dollars per gallon. Thats the national average that was pland for the nation this year. Cal. is not a testing sight. It is recieving and shipping sight for the nwo’s equipment. you can contract with them in their dealings and live comfortable – or you can not contract with them and find yourself so destitute that you have no choice but to pack up and get out of Cal.Take a look at the general contractors businessed based in Cal and see who is staying and what they are working on; and who is leaving and what they did not decide to focus their contract’s direction toward.

          • Yes I saw it earlier today..

            and it was a damned soccer game at that..

            Given that..I personally ccw every day at home, at work,at play..everywhere..hoping I will never be engaged to draw and fire..and finding comfort to protect myself and those I love should the situation arise..hopefully again..never need to do so..
            But..I draw and fire at the range every chance I have..

            Practice makes perfect..and becomes second nature like tying your shoes or brushing your teeth..

            Make it a constant habit..


            • Sir,a squad at your fence will take your foundation off the house,if that dont work call in a drone or two.Habits of CCW are good. For what ? Get out now while you can,Live a life with out 230 grs in your clip and feed yourself,salt your bread with the sweat of your brow. Remember if your not there your trespassing.Hoping never to draw ? really you go looking ? to draw fire?
              gOOD LUCK RAMBO.

          • What the police SHOULD DO, is turn around at the head of the crowd and raise their shields to PROTECT the protesters. The police should LEAD the crowd, not fire into it.

            • you are absolutely right sixpack, but they won’t. i have a brother in the military, cousin and a friend that is a cop. one thing that my friend that is a cop once told me is that when they put on the badge, they look at everyone as less than human. so i know that when push comes to shove, they will not hesitate to fire on a crowed. i respect our military and police officers, because they deserve it. most cops are good people. but if they harm my family before killing me, only God will be able to help them. when they turn there back on the American people, I will turn my back on them. fighting a friend or a family member is one thing that i hope that i will never have to do, but under the right circumstances, i will not hesitate to fight for my rights and to protect my family.

          • The police always cower when the masses or agressive and in mass. That is when the military steps in with their large gear for managing populations of people; instead of goups of people like the police are outfitted to handle.
            Our forefathers understood this issue, and told you “that it is the duty of the masses to control the government, rather than the government controlling the masses!” when will you learn this simple concept and come together to manage the issue at hand!?

        • Yes, there will be rioting and the cops will be brutal. This will take place in the major cities where inner city residents will not be able to control themselves.

          I mean what will they do when their O’bummer phone stops working?

          At that time Wall St will be sacked, the bodies of GB’s dragged down the street, and DC will be in flames: the Capitol building burning with Congress in session.

          Meanwhile, DK will be fishing at Willow Springs Lake. It such a beautiful place. Just saying. 🙂

          • Brutality begets brutality …….how many private firearms are there in America ? when you have nothing …..you have nothing to loose but respond eye for an eye against tyranny . Just sayin . Phoenix alone has 4 million people , if only 1/4 decide to shoot back …….thats 1 million pissed off people , house to house , street by street , room by room ……..Stalingrad comes to mind , except in this case the cops and feds will be the Germans being decimated slowly but surely . Many will roll over but after the initial shock , anger and rebellion will set in ……can we say civil war ? ……I knew you could 😉

            • TR: When the SHTF in America it will not be the result of economic collapse. The economy, though in recession or depression, is still the largest economy in the world and the mechanisms by which it works are still in place.

              There are many would like you to BELIEVE that the world is disintegrating before your very eyes, but when you take a close look at these fear mongers you will see that they profit from your fear.

              Neither will SHTF in America be the RESULT of tyranny. Tyranny will be the response of the PTB to maintain order (and their control) when civilization breaks down due to dramatic earth changes coming to LA, NY, and the New Madrid, soon enough: prior to a Pole Shift.

              THEN the economy will sink further and THEN the supplies that people need to survive will not be readily available, and THEN people will be required to take the “mark of the beast” or an EBT card to eat, if they have not prepped.

              Not until THEN, but THAT is on the horizon.

              What WE are experiencing now is just a wake up call for those who are listening to get their shit together before the SHTF.

              Engage. Prepare. Prep.

            • To T.R.
              I think you are right. But, the thing that comes to my mind as I envision the rioting/looting/killing citizens of Detroilet or Philthadelphia is: hey, you ass clowns are just getting what you DEMANDED to have – a socialist megalomaniac giving you free everything. They just couldn’t figure out where all that came from. “Where’d you get your phone?” “obamma gamme pho, oooo, obamma git my vote….” They have sucked the system (us) dry. Like a virus so virulent it kills its host.

              I put the blame for all this squarely on the shoulders of lifetime snapers, AND self glorifying liberal/”progressive”/socialists trying to buy snapper votes. It’s all come home to freakin’ roost

            • You look at the manpower needed ……..its enormous , considering population , logistics if the people fight back , the people in each city will be warned within the hour the way communication is today , and considering how spread out in sq miles a lot of American cities are . I think Johnny Reb will have a decent chance at defeating Stalinist Bob .Then you throw in all the well trained discharged vets that have been treated badly by Unkle Stalin to train people . We have been at * cough * cough * war * Cough * for over 12 years ….thats a lot of vets walking the streets .

          • Ummm, DK ….way to “engage”?

            • Yes Daisy, when inner city residents by the millions are looting the big box stores for TVs and electronic gear, smashing the windows at the closest jewelry store for more “bling”,shooting the kid down the street for his new signature tennis shoes, and demanding that the PTB provide them with EBT cards, pay their mortgage, electric, utilities and O’bummer phones, that will NOT be the time to engage the PTB.

              The time to engage the PTB is now, in advance, to try to avoid SHTF, not after the SHTF.

              After the SHTF those of US in choice locations, like Willow Springs Lake will be far, far away from the madness that will engulf the major metropolitan areas.

              (Its a beautiful place. Lots of water, deer and elk).

              Those of US in choice locations will emerge after the smoke clears and the dead bodies are buried in mass graves, to restart civilization, using OUR education, experience, and metals (read real wealth) to take power.

              Just saying. Move to Arizona. 🙂

            • Mal: There is a trout “fish hatchery” down the road and around the corner from WSL. Forgot to mention that. 🙂

              Find one near YOU.

            • @durango kidd, perhaps “divide and conquer” can work FOR us. The best time, IMO, to engage TPTB is exactly when they have their resources spread thin dealing with the mobs of hungry SNAPpers. Only when they have called on the most of their massive resources to squelch the looting sheeple, will WE have an opportunity to slide in through a back door and get straight to the heart of the problem, with much less resistance —a little bit of battle strategy that could net some real results is to USE the SNAPper revolt as a distraction. We may not be able to stop a revolt, but we sure could take advantage of it.

            • Sixpack: I have to disagree with your assessment because the Zombie Apocalypse from the major metro areas are not friends of Preppers. They are OUR antithesis.

              WE have what they need.

              These zombies are a threat to Preppers. Let the PTB engage the “grazers” and parasites on their own terms. Every zombie that the PTB eliminates is one less adversary that WE will have to deal with at OUR door.

              The ranks of the PTB will be decimated because those parasites who survive and emerge from the cities will be the most ruthless after having dispatched the grazers.

              Invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

            • GOP4EVER: ah yes, the GOP, the party of high morals and good family values. As a proud member of the GOP you bitch about B.O.’s presidency, now, that takes BALLS! Your vaunted party didn’t create B.O. him but it opened the door and invited him in. During a nasty custody battle, actress Jerry Ryan, who had her divorce records sealed for the sake of her son, had them opened and exposed her former husband, Jack Ryan, of bizarre demands for public sex at sex clubs. Once this information became public Jack Ryan dropped his bid for the Senate for Illinois and a virtual unknown ran unopposed in 2004, and his name was Barack Obama. Thank you so very much GOP. We should cange the the name from the Grand Old Party, to Get-it On Perverts! So come down off of your high horse pal.

          • You lucky SOB. I need to be a new auger if I’m going to do any fishing this winter. Ever had to drill through three feet of ice to get to your fish? I hate the far north.


            • Hey Mal!: Check the links at SHTF Fishing for links to aquaculture info. Grow your own in a barrel!

            • @durango kidd — I never said zombies were our friends, I said we could USE the distraction that is their mindlessness, to get some results, NOT sit down to a cup of tea with them! zombies are stupid people, selfish people and as you said, a threat to preppers…BUT IF THEY RIOT FOR WHATEVER REASON, police will have their hands full with them, rather than having time rounding us all up or kicking in our doors to steal our stores for the government.

          • yeah and eeder will be hunting in the woods with lions and tigers and bears oh my. and fishing in georgian bay.

            • actually , fishers and coyotes and bears oh my.

            • Well eeder, WE have lions and bears but no tigers. Coyotes can be a threat to small kids and an Alpha male can be HUGE!

              Elk and deer can be a threat during the mating season too.

            • KyMom: Actually the EU does not have a unified economy so the idea that it is the largest economy and “imploding in front of our eyes” is false.

              Pure hype.

              To aggregate all of Europe’s individual economies into one would be comparable to adding Canada, Mexico and Central American economies to OURS.

              Problems should be expected in Greece, Spain, and Italy. The Greek debt to GDP ratio was over 400% when they tapped out. Spain and Italy were over 300%, but I do not know what the most recent figure is for them.

              At 102% the USA is within a range similar to its debt after WWII. High, but nothing new that cannot be adjusted. Congress and the President are playing politics with the debt to gain some political advantage and a majority of office holders so they can push their real agenda upon US. Also nothing new.

              The only difference now is that there are many arm chair economists on the Internet who lack an understanding of the process but make a lot of noise to push their own Agenda on US too, and profit from the fear of the weak minded..

              There are also a lot more fools sending links to their friends to these fear mongering sites, who are also fools and easily panic:
              lemmings rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming that the sky is falling.

              Its not. That knock on the head they felt was just some frozen doo doo from a passing airplane that flushed its tank.

              Much ado about nothing.

          • yeah dk, but everything will be ok if we engage our employees , right? dude, most of us here, do not have employees.and when it all comes to this who cares if there is hyperinflation or whatever it is that you are suggesting will happen. dk, where i have you beat is , human pshycology. once you understand that as well as you understand economics, you will see what i mean.

            • eeder: I doubt that things will “be ok” if WE engage OUR employees, at least not anytime soon. WE are in the Last Days.

              It will take time to turn things around,but WE can make a difference if organized, determined, and actively taking the initiative over time.

              Americans must be as involved with the administration of their government as they are with say, Monday Night Football, Idol, or DWTS.

              Political action and activities by the majority must become commonplace if WE want to keep and retain OUR liberties.

              We have let “George” do it and the results speak for themselves: Dual Citizens control OUR government and use OUR taxes to enrich themselves while passing laws that grow the administration of OUR government and solidify their position.

              Political action must become a cultural priority.

            • eeder: The current “chain of title” to the administration of American Government must be broken and Patriots installed as managers.

          • Rioting is exactlly that – out of controled anger directed at a controled body. The people would be wise to gather in an organised manner now, to set out an organised malitia structure and operational plan for the that moment. This way there will not be unorganized rioting but rather a controled defencive malitia movement to confront the controled government action.
            If the people riot they will lose . for the simple reason that the government does not intend to randomly riot. Rather, they intend to act with organization and preplaned structure.
            You all keep taking about what they are doing now to control the future – so you have the eyes and see – What do you intend to begain doing now in the same structured and organized manner in order to meet the future when it is upon you? It (the future) will be knocking this I promise

        • Who can be surprised that Judaic “mainstream” media suppresses all news inconvenient to Judaic banksters and their political puppets? No need to be perplexed—follow the money and the tribal loyalties.

          • Not Judaic brother – Zionist. Two completly different beast.

        • and sung by dead kennedys

        • That brings back memories of better times.

        • as i read this, csny 4 dead in ohio came one the radio…..

        • and just in from Greece..
          a short message from our friend manos..

          The puppet government showed all its glory at last.

          All demonstrations, strikes, marches, or protests, are strictly forbidden and all protestors will be arrested all over Athens.

          This is applicable from the moment that Mrs Merckel comes to Athens, until she departs.

          Thank God that we live in the country which gave a meaning to democracy…

          But we all know that democray is no longer true…

          We live the debtocracy, oligarchy, socio-fascism, and new world order…

          Any constitutional rights and directives have been erased.

          Be safe guys.


          • The entire population of Greece should turn out, just going about their business, with duct tape covering their mouths, to represent the immense injustice of being silenced. Would a government arrest its citizens just for a piece of duct tape, and absolute, profound silence?

            • Ahhh…Mama Bear. I LOVE it. A little passive-aggressive rebellion!

              (I’m STILL smiling!)

            • YES THEY WOULD!

          • Fuck the Krauts , this is a good opportunity for Greece to get some pay back for the WW2 occupation by bankrupting Germany .Fact is , at this point , the germans are in NO position to demand ANYTHING . If they dont fork over the cash , they too will be sucked under at this point . The greeks need to enlighten them of this little factoid and tell them ” we have done all we can , there will be no more cut backs ” they will just have to suck it up or go under with them …….when you hear the word Frankenstein , you think of the monster ……not its creator . They created the monster . just sayin

            • The Krauts do have one more card up their sleeve. They could leave the Euro first. Now that would be a show.

              Let see what all the business would do then. Follow the money or support their country. ???

            • Thats a possibility as well .Like Communism …that experiment was doomed from the start . The British didnt join it because they had a feeling that it would just be a few industrial strong nations propping up the joke nations over there ………that is exactly what has been happening .

        • This article fails to mention that there is a huge difference between Americans and Europeans, Americans are armed to the teeth.

          • I hear ya , but what scares me , and I have met some people like this ………For the life of me cant understand on any level , is that some people would RATHER take a beating , a rape , or be killed RATHER that shoot someone …….Hey ! I dont get it either , but they exist . Hopefully they are few . But then again , we may well have to become the Arthurian Knight with a code of chivalry ” protect those that cannot protect themselves ” defend those that can not defend ” etc . …….seems like its always been that way in one form or another throughout history .

          • Wrong. You believe that you are armed to the teeth. It is all in your head. Go to any middle eastern, or third world country for that matter. Go to Lebanon where it meets with syria. Pull your little hand gun out on some one. I promise you they will respond with machine guns, rocket launchers, handgurnaids, and more.
            The world about america may have made fire arms and the sort against the law , but their is absolutly no gun control. this is why the UN is over there trying to grab up the wepons under the guise of world’s peace protector.
            However , the UN can not take one people’s wepons and not the others’. Therefore, America they are coming for yours also. Yours are an easy take though since you already gave them up through gun control, felony conviction policies, mental defect policies etc. Hell, you have been paying the police to use their guns to protect you with the promise that you will not carry your gun with you where ever you go.

        • As an avid supporter of the Armed Forces and local law enforcement, I applaud the sentiment. However we all saw what happened when the shit really hit the fan during Katrina, and law abiding citizens were disarmed, their homes invaded and in some cases shot at point blank range for non-compliance to unlawful orders. A highly maneuverable, high capacity shotgun loaded with slugs will turn back (if not break in half) the most overly enthusiastic, body armored tacticians in a marshal law environment. We should establish an “I’m OK… Stay Away” universal symbol to keep our Good Guys from getting Bad Guy treatment when the time comes we need it. Any suggestions?

          • Run with idea. It has merit

        • Ever considered that the FEMA camps are safe havens for the rich, politicians, government staff, doctors, nurses and useful civilians? Sort of a reverse concentration camp idea where those on the outside are left to loot, pillage and kill each other, with a little help from the police and army and the ‘well regulated’ US militia bearing arms?

          • you are getting warmer.

      2. Dont forget to vote???……

        • hopefully all know this is extremely sarcastic on my part, and I in no way condone voting (murder/enslavement/dependance by proxy). Respsect your fellow man by lending a helping hand (ie: garden work, cheating taxes, car repairs, neighborhood planning & prepping, more tax evasion!, informing as to why you shouldnt vote, making dinner for other families? throwing a ball with your kids? having a block wide garage sale, teaching about prepping(without fearing for your own preps?) not a hurting one. Voting hurts those we love the most, please stay vigilant about your personal freedoms and boycott the “IQ” machines this (and every) election year.

          • If not voting confuses you, I’ve posted below one of my favorite websites dedicated to what can be a confusing “political” posture for many americans. Feel free to be free. And as always, dont forget not to vote!

            strike the root . com

        • You scared me there for a minute Peteropolis. I was just about to rip you a new one. I happened to skip ahead. Good post.

      3. The sheep would have to miss American Idol to be at a riot, that won’t work. A riot would require effort that most of the herd “just doesn’t have time for”. The cops wouldn’t have to beat anyones ass, most would die of heart attacks if they had to walk more than a mile.

        • They will have time when the show stops. But they are to lazy to save themselves. Just a few weeks.

          We just have to survie its death.

          • I wish I knew when this shit was going down because I have to start rotating by groceries and don’t want to be caught short.

            Facebook Page..If peoples work ethic is any indication of their plans to survive any type of crisis situation, then we are about to see the show of a lifetime.

            Self worth and self-pride are almost gone in this country. If I see one more asshole running around in their pajamas at the store, I am gonna scream. The more I look around, the more I have noticed a change in everyone. No one seems to give a shit about anything anymore. I guess everyone kinda feels hopeless in Obungholes Amerika. The kimshee is staring to boil!

            • Longer we wait to release the show more of the blockbuster it going to be.

            • Just keep the oil in your latern and extra in the jar.It won’t be long now. the oil in the latern is so you see them when they arrive. The extra in the jar is so you have when they refuse you any more.

          • FBP
            I am thinking we will instead see masses of homicidal, violent snapers surging, rampaging, roiling toward the burbs for a wholesale rape of households and goods. I think they are like roaches: unfortunately science has tried and failed to kill the roach.

            • GOP4EVER
              I sort of think the lifetime SNAPers will first take what people have that live in close proximity to them. Afterall, they’ve never been too ambitious and choose the easy way so they most likely will loot their own neighborhoods first. Lots of guns in these neighborhoods so they will be killing each other FIRST. Then, whatever SNAPers survive that round will start to move out into the more affluent areas. If a helicopter would drop a little food into their neighborhood once a week, I believe they would stay there and kill each other over the food being brought in. Might be a way to contain the chaos for awhile until the herd is thinned.

            • I like that SNAPers Maybe it will catch.

              And when it comes to killing each other. I believe the count will be much higher on the inner cities SNAPers. That is where most of the long termers are.

              Te SNAPers that are say in the little town by me they may become Un SNAPers. Some are on that because they fall into the category of deserving the help. And where possible I think they will try to be part of the rebuild and once again they will deserve some help if they are trying.

            • Science never intended to kill all the roaches. They intended to control population densities. And this they accompished, just as they planed.
              Might want to take another look at the georgia guiding stones one more time.

        • As long as the sheeple have full bellies, ‘Bama phones, and internet porn, there will be occasional bleating, but no meaningful resistance. Unfortunately, when that changes, the victims will likely fight each other over skin color, exactly what the banksters want, rather than prosecuting and punishing the real perpetrators of our misery.

          • Spot on!! And any those items they cant be weaned off except for in mass. Stop it in one area and they will all go where it still is.

            • -F—P—– :
              facebooopage: you gotta go
              Seriously, you B.S. around, like
              yer all that…..

              c’mon, really?

            • OK yes in some areas “I am all that” And best traits is to surround myself with people that “Are all that” Too. So thank you for the compliment. Helps my ego and it needs air once and a while,

              Don’t be ashamed of what you are good at just because someone else isn’t.

          • You sold your soul the first time you accepted government coin – and sealed the deal when you spent it. you will be right along with the rest of the sheeple.

        • Riots are urban,period.And really,who is gonna give a shit about that.

          • Good point 10mm.

            Riots Big Cities
            Civil disturbances Med Cities
            Small thievery and gangs small towns.
            Rural area Gangs and Piece by piece golden hordes.
            Hidden retreat. I Worry about the Pros that will be looking because that was their plan all along.

            • Can you please explain who the pros are you speak of ?

          • Unless is back to the 1800s …..most people in modern day are urban in one way or another ………most big farms are owned by conglomerates . The small farmer can make a living but its not what it once was . All those folks that start rioting in the cities and towns will start to spread out into the rural areas ……the rural folks will just have a temporary reprieve . They will be able to chase off the carload of thugs ……but there is safety in numbers …..and rural folks dont have that . A few smart urbanites with scopes and a good rifle will be able to isolate and pick you off . A lot of folks in Argentina thought they were safe out in the sticks …..they were wrong .

      4. the difference from them to here, they are not armed.

        wonder how these “so called officers of the law” would react if their numbers were dropping like flies while they tried to push their weight around?

        its easy to be the big thug, when you dont have any real opposition to your actions, if everyone of those protestors were hevily armed and were serious about pushing back, and did so..I think when 1/2 the cop army was left standing they might realise they fucked up

        just remember its easy as hell to push the little kid around, until that little kid gets all his friends together and all their toys and tactics to fight back..than its a different picture

        watch them cry foul when this happens..because it will ..someday

        Ive seen it happen in the sandbox myself

        • as it is again, it looks like te cops are starting the shit, not the people.

          just keep pushing it “law enforcement” ..when the beat down comes home to roost, we dont want to hear you cryin’

          • I find it funny that the people take the beating at all, look how many there are. It wouldnt take much to take their little sticks away from them and shove them where it counts. Guaranteed one or two nights of that, and there wouldnt be any “policing” at all. I’ll understand the people want to be peaceful about it, but it will only work if the people ignore those that think they make the decisions. By protesting you only give tptb more credit than is ever deserved. They control what the people think they want/need, if you wont take control and provide that yourself, they you deserve to get beat for protesting the power you gave them. Dont give in, dont get beat. Should be simple enough for “civilization” to understand and implement.

            • All its going to take is once..once someone isnt going to take getting a beat down for nothing, and get pissed enough to take the club away..and when a few more see that, than its game on..it will happen..people just have to realize they dont have to fear them, and they dont have to take this shit anymore..

              when that time comes, the payback will be emense, and you know the ones that had started it from way back, will cry foul and try to go on a rampage. or beat anyone for anything (hell they already are in every country)

              Its going to take some bloke that just isnt going to take anymore shit, and a few of his supporters and buddies to blow the lid off this suppression..
              there isnt enough cops or shields to help them when that day comes
              and I will not feel sorry for them or shed a tear, because it is all on them for not treating people with respect.

              Do these cops have families, homes, children, moms?

              they really better wake up to the fact that they are not any different than anyother person when they have been fucked over and lied to by those in power over them.

              when you threaten or harm another person with their life in the balance..and think you can go home at night and rest peacefully while sleeping..and feel secure about your home and family..than you are a narcicist, and will have your day in the court of the people.

              when the beatdown comes, no one will shed a tear for those who oppress..so “let this be a warning”

          • VRF,
            There will be no response from the public, you are fooling yourself.
            Please see Ruby Ridge, Waco.

            • your probably right, unfortunately that will probably be the case..there will only be a few “outlaws” that wont ..

              there will still be some payment extracted even though

            • I totally disagree–just one terminal cancer patient seeing how they and their families are treated, tired of the abuse by the mecical system controlled by the oligarchy–with just a few weeks to live??
              Game on…if it was me.

            • It will take more then one person a group of ppl all at the same time doing it will spark the crowd. Mob mentality. It is peaceful because no one wants to be the first. If it is one person it will have to be someone with balls like this guy.
              Which none of us have at the moment. If we did things may be going a bit different right now.

          • I like the way you think. I belive your going to have a lot of No Shows for duty w’TSHTF.They are going to let the Governers send out the National Gaurd. Well thats the way I see it

            • Rmember the one that do show up. Which there are plans in place for that also. Will be the Young gun crazy we are talking about and the older I have nothing left ones.

        • VRF: That’s why you have 4 to 6 cops showing up to arrest, tazz and beat down one person. If you look at the police brutality explosion that is happening in America right now! You would see that the cops know we are armed.

          Many states have proposed laws waiting to be voted, on whether or not to allow hunting rifles (empty) to be displayed on a rack in the rear window.

          • yup, i do realize this..but as you see there are not 4-6 cops in this video beating down one person..there are hundreds, if not thousands of people in the streets..all its going to take is that crowd to get pissed enough to see that this could have been them and that they are tired enough of seeing this type of action,, than all hell breaks out on the cops.

            and people know who they are and where they go

            and yes I do know about the police brutality in this country..where have you been? Ive been showing it and preaching about it for over a year on here.

            time to go back and read all my posts about it

          • People in my state stopped doing that on their own ……they got tired of coming out of wherever they were at and seeing their back window busted and their guns GONE ! not a real smart place to put a rifle if you want to keep it .

        • Funny lil secret — in shooting competitions, those cops never win. Happens all the time!

          • Fact!

            i have shot standing shoulder to shoulder with some of my own local blue..they cant hit shit, and are wondering where i aquired the skills.

            now they are doing this as target..paper practice,
            I said to one of them that “this is boring..I want to shoot at something that moves and is agressive” he studdered, and and looked at me like i had an alien coming out of my neck

            • VRF


              Our local county range was shut down for 6 days due to the “boys in blue” qualification shoot as mandated by the great state of massholechusetts..

              When we private citizens arrived today. the local Natural Resources cops were there informing us the range would not be open til 10 a.m.due to “holiday hours”..not the usual 830 timeline..and therefore over a dozen vehicles were lined up ..The nature cops turned around and came back and opened the gates with a stern warning..no shooting til 10!

              We obliged politely as all of us were at least 50 plus and older..they awaited as we set up out respective targets at 50 and 100 yds on the rifle range and the rest set theirs on the pistol range..

              As we approached the 50 yd target(rifle) boards we discovered literally thousands of rounds of brass 40 cal pistol round casings all over the ground at the 15 yard mark…

              Go figure…and none of the boards had serious damage as a result..15 yards..40 cal s&w?

              I’m sure the sand berms in the back were loaded with lead..


            • Nothing to fear as the boys in blue will be home with their glocks and hunting rifles defending their own..

              That is a good sign for us that shoot on a regular basis..
              and another good reason never to call 911 when TSHTF..


            • daaum Possee

              I have to say this..
              I woulda been down there grabbing brass like i was rolling in coins,,lol

              My Dad shoots at a range where all the local Border Patrol goes to “practice” and “qualify”..My ‘Ol man is in his mid 70’s..and he has good skills,, those guys aint much better

            • I know, VRF, and when competition is female, the sting hurts even more. lol Every time I read posts like this, I remember just how badly the cops and govt agents perform. I’ve never once seen them in the winner’s circle or at the top of the winner-list.

            • If they ask about your skill …tell them from the Confederate Militia .

            • BTW ” nice Blue uniform ya got there …..well , I’ll be seein you …..but YOU wont be seein me “

          • No shit. Except for the Tac teams. I don’t even know why most of them show up. One of my ranges I like is a Police training/Private range. I see some of the most worthless shots from them. Mostly is from lack of practice. But when their is 20 shooting and missing the odd are your buddy will hit your target for you.

            Remember most patrol training is to not to shoot. I once apply to be a sheriff. I was not allow because I was to liking to shoot by the psychiatric evaluations standards. And at the time I was to old for the Swat units. at the time.

          • Most cops can’t shoot for shit. The qualification for the county cops is to get 6 out of 10 in an 8 inch circle….at 7 yards!!! Hell, I can get 6 outta 10 in a 6 inch circle at 25 yards…without my glasses! Most cops are not weapons experts by any means. Thats why they carry Glocks…no safety catch to worry about so they can just whip it out and spray and pray.

            • Now be nice to my Glocks.

            • Facebook…I LOVE Glocks. I bought a Glock 24 longslide .40cal and I have never been more thrilled with a pistol, ever. I have always swum upstream and stayed away from Glocks and then I bought a 21 and now I know what all the hype was about. As my handle suggests, I am a rifle guy but I may need a quality handgun to fight my way to my rifle one day.

            • Cops have Glocks and Sigs because they function.

            • Yes and if sig would of done a high capacity 45 and 10. They would be the top dogs right now.

              The decocking system they have are second to none. And be able to safely decock well still on target is perfect for stress sits.

        • Also ….fire is your friend ……nothing breaks up a riot shield wall faster than several Molotov cocktails , Partizan 101 separate elements to a more manageable size then take them out …….vehicles ? they burn too . Hope everybody makes it because if they do that , its game on …….and its going to be ugly and brutal . Good luck .

          • Wine bottles break easily.

            • One of the things they did against tanks in WW2 , was to throw several UNLIT bottles first …..that way the nooks and crannies and vents got hopefully saturated with gas ….then they tossed a lit bottle . They also captured vehicles this way , troops inside a carrier that feel themselves getting wet or smell gas coming inside will know what is happening and sometimes abandon the vehicle and shoot their way out rather than sit and be cooked alive .

        • I like that one boy who did the “Kung Fu” on Homey! I mean, he reminded me of Bruce Lee in “Enter The Dragon”, flying through the air and stuff. He must have martial arts training.

        • I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion…Alexander the Great

        • People know where they live. If they start attacking families theirs will receive the same and there a heck of alot more of the others than them. Personally I hope nothing at all happens, I really don’t want the experience of living in Uganda.

      5. Moo.

        Shrug it’s always been about brute force since as long as I can remember. Why on Earth would you protest? You got nothing to forcibly bargain with.

        Nothing. You got nothing.

        Watch I’ll get flagged for this. Except I’m not advocating for force either. The only reason why we have such problems in the Middle East is we care what other countries think, and they have a resource we want. #2 isn’t true domestically, and #1 won’t be true by the time such a scenario (were it to occur) came about.

        You couldn’t produce enough force on your best day if #1 and #2 are no longer true.


        And I guess just hope that it starves itself out.

        • Survie its death. You get a few thumbs down from the wish crowd. You are spot on.

      6. Stock up on brass and remember what Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said- “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. … There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. Oh and maybe a better quote for intrusive/oppressive government- “The fiercest serpent may be overcome by a swarm of ants.” May the “ants” prepare during the coming seasons!! If we don’t bring back a just,Free,republic via ballot box- then our Bastille day will be at hand soon.

        • Only someone ignorant about the Reign of Terror would tout Bastille Day. None of the Judeo-Masonic revolutions have borne good fruit, only murder, hunger, and enslavement.

          • You must know nothing of Saratoga and Yorktown- I was proud of our declaration from British Tyrannic rule. Now what do you suggest that our constitution is being picked away slowly? Wait until you are asked to turn over your weapons to make the ease into a “better for all system” a breeze? Judeo-Masonic revolutions may not last long, but America (i’m assuming there were a few masons that were early decision makers)lasted a good 200+ years before declining into the unbalanced system that rewards laziness with cellphones and government housing. (the last 50 being the worst for improvements on domestic work ethic)
            -And my favorite president- Abraham Lincoln, put an end to the slavery portion of your above claim. We are now a country that is greedy,hungry,nose in the buttocks of nations globally (for resources and benefit to mega-corporations) but with the constitution in tact- we can take it back and format a system to reflect the will of the people. Our way is pretty good, we just need to take it back!!

            “Although often overlooked in favor of other more famous freedoms, and sometimes taken for granted, many other civil liberties are enforceable against the government only by exercising our right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

            I would say that America as a nation did bear good fruit, but now our political grapes are rotten and a good time to till the land of liars and start with new crop is now!!

            • If Lincoln was your “favorite” president, then you have much to learn about how the tyranny of that administration is directly responsible for many of the political and societal problems that we’re facing today.

      7. This is absolutely going to happen in places in the US and guess what happens when those that try and take it to the government figure out they can’t beat the government…

        That’s right, they’ll look for easy targets for food, water and money; meaning you or someone who isn’t prepared for them.

        I am not worried about the government targeting me and taking me out. If they want to do that, there’s not thing one I can do about it and I don’t think there’s enough people yet that want to reverse the trend of the overbearing US government to be able to make that happen.

        But I am worried about someone crusing the nicer neighborhoods with some buddies and taking what they want because they don’t have any other options and most people don’t have any more protection than a locked door, luckiliy I do have more than a locked door if it comes to that.

        • @lena …. “those that try and take it to the government figure out they can’t beat the government…That’s right, they’ll look for easy targets for food, water and money; meaning you or someone who isn’t prepared for them.

          I am one of those men with a med-large group of mostly combat veterans.I won’t say where we will be headed. You sound really scared of this government. Tell you what I wouldn’t trade one of those men for 300 “preppers” That one man has enough heart and bravery to at least try before acting chickenshit and saying it’s impossible. Looks like to me you’re just another “prepper” I see the type on the internet all the time. You will be running off to a BOL while others will try to fight. I want to see that fancy crystal ball you have that your able predict the future so well with? Some of us took an Oath to defend a piece of 2oo yr old paper that most Americans don’t give a shit about anymore. The one thing I need to point out here is there will be 2 types of men that will be seen when this shit starts. You will see the 1st type that will be grabbing their weapons and headed for hell to try to restore freedom risking their lives. The 2nd type you will only see going the opposite direction headed for their “BOL”. There is no comparison it’s like Black/White. Now I wonder which one would be looked at like Cowards? I don’t give a damn whether
          it pisses anyone off or not. Fact is fact and If the shoe fits wear it. You stated this about men that will be trying to fix the problem like they’re in the wrong for having some balls. We don’t expect praise for what we will try to do. I’ve already served once and I’m willing and so are the men going with me to do it again.

          • Sigh.

            Fine if (I state in big bold capital letters IF) the .gov started shooting people in the street for no bloody damned reason whatsoever I suppose in that scenario I would at least attempt to fight back.

            And I would be up against:
            M1 Abrams tanks
            Apache helicopters
            Predator drones by the metric assload
            White phosphorous bombs
            Chemical and nerve agents
            Tactical nuclear weapons
            NBC’s in the water supply…

            I could go on.

            Point is you’re thinking of this in Iraq terms, where we wanted to “get the bad guys” and make it look like not too much of a blood bath. Oh right except in Fallujah. Where we decided the entire town was compromised and decided to basically quarantine and eradicate it.

            If shit gets far enough out of control… I’m not saying they’d do that as their first option, but if they’re losing an area badly? What do you think?

            This is all HIGHLY hypothetical though. I really, seriously doubt it would come down to this level of nastiness. But I’m trying to point out the absurdity of the hypothetical situation.

            • TheGuy… I lose my temper and get a little out of hand sometimes like I did above for that apologize. I’m not the Top Dog or Tactician out the group. There’s others much more qualified. I can tell you we will be avoiding as much as possible most of the hardware you listed. Drones? Not much anyone can do about those. There’s never a guarantee of living in any conflict..lol.I might not make it past the 1st day and I haven’t any expectations. Who the hell knows. My reasons are what’s pushing me for even being involved and are my children & Grand children but I also do still honor my Oath. Another thing there’s no Rambos, lol and I haven’t seen any of them have that kind of,I guess you’d say, persona. Listen we can’t all sit back and watch whats coming and do nothing. People can sit and use all of the hypotheticals, rationalize etc. all day long but that’s not going to get the objectives or tasks completed. Like my Pap used to say to me “If you get knocked down you pick yourself up by your bootstraps, brush yourself off and keep going no matter what” Well I feel like I’ve knocked down….Take Care

            • Good point man good point, I tend toward “analysis paralysis”.

              I think my initial strategy would be in an ideal universe to get somewhere safe and wait and see, in a small group setting maybe.

              My real strategy is going to be to become a casualty, far as I can tell, since I cannot afford my ideal strategy and I live in an area that is incredibly prone to rioting. So I hope none of this goes down.

              I kind of espect what’s really going to happen is just somewhere in between, some of the bad eggs in .gov are going to go a little nutty (not mass nutty) and then the .gov is going to shake these guys out from within, but in the interim phase it’s going to be grinding poverty and localized violence and shortages. Hoefully nothing Iraq levels. LA Riots with slightly less self restraint on the part of local law enforcement is how I see it.

              Maybe wishful thinking on my part but I try to talk myself into it because I know if it gets any worse I’m basically screwed.

          • @ Gator Navy

            People with young children have a pressing duty. If your country demands going to “hell,” with no respect for families seeking “heaven,” safety for their children, I do not want to live in your country.

            Let every man make the right decision for his family.

            • John Q. Public…I didn’t say anything about people with young children going off to fight…I thought maybe people just like yourself were intelligent enough to understand that without me having to write a book with a shit load of PS’s at the bottom.

              But I hope you truly understand that now…you may have to insert that nasty ass foot with all that shit you’ve just stepped in… back into that “Holier Than Thou” mouth of yours.. where it should be …Because I also have a 3 YR OLD GRANDSON that I adopted and am raising. You see I made plans for a Nephew & Cousin to come look after my Wife and my Grandson so that I could go help the group of veterans that approached me about going with them to fight to keep this country free whenever they need me and risking my life a 2nd time But I’ll let you in on a small secret I’ve never spoke of on here.. I’M A DISABLED VETERAN with Spinal Injuries and full of steel which left me with scars, pain and bad limp but you see that doesn’t matter to me because MY fucking “PRESSING DUTY” is to honor my Oath to The Constitution so that my Children & Grandchildren along with your family and anyone else, remain free! So since you don’t want to live in this country because of men like myself but I have a gut feeling you’re just a pussy..So what the hell are waiting for?? GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY NOW!

          • Gator Navy

            I will disagree there is a third group. They have a plan both for their family directly and a longer term plan if a fight is needed. I do not believe a single team of the best can defeat the masses that will come. In the first wave. Like a Nuclear blast Duck and cover and come up after the wave dies out.

            And I have said many times there are many that can’t be the fighter. We will need the farmers the medics the hideout house and so on. So yes beat the trye ass that will tuke tale and run. But look at each persons assets before shitting down the toilet.

            • I will disagree there is a third group. They have a plan both for their family directly and a longer term plan if a fight is needed. I do not believe a single team of the best can defeat the masses that will come. In the first wave. Like a Nuclear blast Duck and cover and come up after the wave dies out.

              And I have said many times there are many that can’t be the fighter. We will need the farmers the medics the hideout house and so on. So yes beat the trye ass that will tuke tale and run. But look at each persons assets before shitting down the toilet.

              OK I’ll bite. 1st Type head for em try regain Liberty
              2nd Type head for BOL’s

      8. I agree it’s best to stay home. If by some crazy chance I was caught up in a riot there is no shame in hiding or very carefully making your way out. I have 2 children, one is young the other is 11. I would rather live to fight another day. I don’t have a concealed carry permit so I don’t go around armed. That is something I am working on though.

        • Hiding and surveing is a good plan. For Some that may be all they can do. Accept it and plan with that in mind. Everyone is not a “Warrior”. Just like everyone is not a business owner. And the 2 child part is a job in itself.

          I am not talking the tradition roles. In SHIF those are the small one who will most likely do the rebuilding. The current “warriors” are the ones that need to make it possible and watch over them as they do. Then we should die off and hopefully take the bad with us.

          I know I am stuck with this for the rest of my life. And most likely my children too. But for my Grandchildren I believe the world will be a pretty nice place to live in then. (I have to think it)

          • Not everyone in the group will be for Defense or offense.
            Some will be the cooks some will be the medics, some will be those who farm some will be those who sew some will even be those who teach if the community is large enough. A job for everyone and everyone to thier job.
            Your skill sets will be used no matter if your just a janitor we will need those who will clean. My preps as little as they have been since we know im a survivalist not just a prepper, are the fact that I have recruited others for a community, machinists, electricians, electrical and mechanical as well as pneumatic engenieers, Hunters and ex military. Great part is they are almsot all family. PPl talk about the hunting aspect. What will you do when it all runs out?
            Why would you let it run out? True future long term planning is part of prepping. Breeding certain animals is extreamly easy, rabbit is great meat for eating and goats are great for milk and chickens for obvious reasons, and all easy to care for.
            The rules are simple create an AO. BoL for some of you. Create a retreat point. and forward AO. I do not have rambo visions of fun and gun. I have lived in the field. I have lived in the streets. I know what will be needed and what will be taken. We who prep are not all deathwish rambos. Just realise that when shit gets thick we will have to wade thru it.

      9. I don’t understand when the numbers of protesters far outweigh the number of cops, why don’t they rush em and seriously hang the cops in public.

        That video brought tears of sadness and anger to my eyes

        • Even if the police/military gathered all of their families in “safe areas”, they would expend a large portion of their resources keeping those areas safe.

          They are scared shitless of things spinning out of control and a total or major collapse occuring. The beast would quickly begin to starve and cannibilize itself.

        • Um probably because the cops picked on like under a dozen guys the entire time? I’m willing to bet what you saw in that video was everything that happened in like a 24 hour period. And a few of the protestors looked like they were trying to get into private property… sort of like that Detroit gas station thing.

          I grant you it looked like there were several that didn’t deserve any kind of response. But I mean it was hardly like Greece where the cops were lobbing hails of rubber bullets into the crowd. And it looked like the rioters in Greece were giving some of it back in response.

        • OMG… there mad at the system not the cops.

      10. YOU MUST LEAVE THE CITY NOW If you belive any of what you just read you will get your family a minimum 0f one hour away from the largest city and close to the country as you can RIOTS only happen in large populations GO NOW!

      11. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

        -When Russia is becoming hostile because we are building bases around them and provoking them.

        -China dumping the dollar and we get angry. It’s because we print a lot.

        -Muslims getting angry because the u.s. bombs them. Builds bases on their lands. Our sanctions in Iraq from 1992-2002 killed 500,000 kids under the age of 5.

        -Iran, democracy overthrown by the u.s. for oil.

        -Saudi Arabia is keeping the dollar and everyone of our luxuries lives the same. If they really hate us, they can hurt us immediately.

        Many here blame other country’s actions as hostile and ‘they hate us’ bs. Well, look at us. Whether you like it or not, most Americans are completely ignorant of the world. They blame other countries for their problems while they have no idea what this government has done to other nations.

        • You said it..”This Government”.

          I and you..did nothing to these people..(yes i know it should be written “you and I..but i digress)

          its the dam Government (S)..and their games

          • You are right about “This government” It is a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. If “This government” is no longer “of the people, by the people and for the people”, the people have no one to blame but themselves because the people let it happen. It is not the fault of the banks, the corporations or the “theys” and “thems” I see blamed here. It is the fault of the people. And the most blame should go to people who post here complaining about the “thems” because that is all those people do, sit back and feed their own pathetic egos by complaining rather actually doing something useful. The complainers here are no better, and in many ways, worse than those they complain about and point accusing fingers at.

            • Just curious, what exactly are you doing on your part? However, you are right that it is the fault of the people. It took many years and subtle changes for this country to get to where it is today.

        • Well, Anon, unless that information explaining to the average American Joe and Jane why countries hate us is gained on sites like this one, it ain’t gonna be learned on Mad Stream Media.

        • UN stopped counting deaths after 1995 per susan lindauer, which were 500K at that time. she estimates 1 millon children age 5 and under were killed..if you havent heard her story on youtube, she was an insider whom disclosed 911 planning began during clinton administration. she was detained for five years under patriot act…she is a true patriot…

      12. Joining any kind of mass protest is foolish at best and dangerous at worst. If by some chance your in the wrong place at the wrong time and some form of civil disturbance forms remember to become a political chameleon. What they yell, you yell and back out of there. Those that advertise their political position with bumper stickers are foolish. I would however keep an Obama 2012 sticker around just in case he looses this election. Unlike core Romney supporters that are “wishy washy” (which is emulating Romney) some Obama supporters will no doubt feel the election was “stolen” from them. I have no desire to have my car vandalized in a parting lot or worse.

        • An Obama 2012 sticker won’t do you any good, when the animals start to riot, no one in their line of sight will be safe

          • I wouldnt bat for the other team even if they were winning..thats being a sell out.

          • Have Obama loose and you run a higher probability of a key ran down the side of your car or a broken windshield having that Romney bumper sticker on it.

            As Qui Chang used to say, “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”. TRs suggestion of, “walk softly but carry a big stick’ is a good too.

            My goal is avoid as much trouble as possible. Standing on your conviction in a mass mob that has an opposing point of view is not foolish it’s suicidal. Regardless if caught up in a spontaneous disturbance get the hell out of there regardless “who’s” side their on.

            • Iuggest a clean bumper. The Obama will use a key a Rommy will use a bulldozer.

            • I never put any signs on any of my shit..no gun stickers, no political affiliation stickers, nothing..

          • Remember the “Rodney King” riots? I don’t remember hearing people scream “Get the conservative bitch!” Just “Get the white bitch!”

        • as a prepper i would avoid any protest….dont want to get the attention of the wrong people.

          • Remember you have posted on this site you are all ready on the radar.

            • Bonus points!

            • they know where we live, maybe we should return the hospitality?

              what chew think ’bout that?

            • I have no issue with it at all. I have visited many people that have no clue what so ever of what is going on in the “Street”. They should take their blinders off and go take a look.

              Ad I know they know where I live. Like I said before I do receive a visit from a certain alphabet group every once in a while. I keep telling them to call first I will have the drinks ready. Ao this is why I can be a little lose with my OPSEC. Can’t hide what they ALREADY KNOW ABOUT.

            • Facebook Page

              “Remember you have posted on this site you are all ready on the radar.”

              Like Slider said in Top Gun, “The list is long and distinguished just like my Johnson”.

              If everyone a tad knowledgeable and unhappy at the direction the country has been headed is on “The Radar” the screen looks more like a high beam headlight than the dots on the radar screens from the movies. Probably a good 80 million people are unhappy and a quarter of them have an understanding of why. I figure that’s about 20 million. As the wallet empties curiosity regarding why increases and the internet is the modern printing press.

            • Im fine with that, I have my own “radar”

        • @ Kevin2. IF obummer doesn’t win and you have a high concentration of blacks anywhere around you, the best thing to keep in your car is a firearm. I am right now really wondering if all of us are going to be hunkered down around Halloween wondering if the world war is still raging on. I don’t know about you or everyone else out there, but this thing in the Middle East looks ready to go full ballistic anytime soon. I wonder if the October surprise is World War 3. What do you and others think, do you think war will start this month? I wish I knew for sure.

          • It’s wise to avoid those neighborhoods on the best of days. A couple of decades ago the Camden NJ police were not going to areas within Camden and the NJ State Police had to take over their responsibilities.

          • Detroit PD is already telling people not to enter Detroit, since it’s a “war zone”. This is being dismissed as just more hype from the union, but having lived near Detroit for 15 years I am here to tell ya they ain’t whistlin’ “Dixie”. When you go to a fancy steak house in Dearborn and see all the guys parking cars openly packing, you know it’s serious. Been there, seen that. And it was at least ten years ago.

        • Awesome job!

      13. Rule of thumb: AVOID COPS. Period.

        • All they have to say is “I felt threatened”. They will be exhonorated. Welcome to the USSA…

          Next stop…The Grey State.

          • This one may grow I understand the one of the two passenger in the car (front seat) was an off duty police officer.

          • Maybe this won’t stop until these Rambos get a little of their own medicine–aren’t their addresses public??

            • I followed the links in the article. She was an off-duty police officer but asleep in the backseat and swears she saw nothing. As well, she is on modified duty because she got caught shoplifting. Because of this, I don’t expect she will be a lot of help in the case one way or the other.

            • Everything is Public these days.

            • yes…usually their black n whites are parked in the drive way…they have neighbors whom know their occupations and have friends with special skills…..they know they’re sitting ducks and can’t be sleeping very soundly at night…



        the warnings have been there for decades

        ““The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928”

        George Carlin described what our owners want.

        “Politicians are put there to give you that idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, and they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, and the City Halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear.

        They’ve got you by the balls.

        They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want—they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interest.”

        and now things are coming to a head

        the two political parties are virtually one in the same

        there will be no savior in 2012

        • jesse venturi disclosed both political parties put on shows, hood winking you with their cross aisle banter…then join that evening when the cameras leave, for dinner with their fat lobbyist and special interest friends. its all hollywood he notes

      15. Make sure to HIDE your guns from the military and other authority figures that WILL come to your house and attempt to confiscate them in the beginning of social unrest. This happened in Katrina and will happen to us. I am not sure where to hide weapons, but in order to keep them and the ammo you must lie about having any weapons in the house. Or buy a weapon for the purpose of giving it up to make it appear like you are cooperating. We are coming to tough times. It might not be a bad idea to get some long range radios and set them all to a frequency that we could all join together. We could all start a community of sorts if the time came to it. The radio would have to be powered by a large stock of batteries and or solar power. We can have our own shtf frequency and report in on events happening around out areas as everything falls apart and even after. We preppers can band together as the rest of the world explodes into chaos.

        • When they start confiscating guns, it will be time to become proactive and go on the offensive.

          • I am not so sure that is a good idea when 3 armed and trained military men are banging at your door pointing their automatic weapons at you and demanding you relinquish all of your weapons while they have another 5 soldiers waiting as backup. Have you not seen what happened in Katrina? And that was just to control a bit of looting and other criminal activity!

            Just take a look at this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tta1qhQZWSE

            • You don’t wait for them to start pounding the door. That’s my point.

            • just tell them your guns are at the bottom of a lake, they fell overboard with you, while duck hunting….

            • The problem they will still want to look.

          • @ Walt K


            There is no viable alternative for real men.
            Good post, Walt.

            • You do that and you will serve your death warrant. You open fire on them and they will return it. They are trained, you likely won’t be. If you manage to kill all of them(by some miracle), others will come looking for them, especially after hearing gunfire. Eventually you will die. The military only has one mission, to do as they are told. They will accomplish that mission.

              You do my version, you keep your weapons and ammo(provided you hide them well), nobody is killed and in a few weeks when the military likely dissolves, you will still be as ready as ever to survive.

              You have to be logical in these situations. The “gung ho”, “I am a bad ass” attitude will get you nowhere fast. If I had a nickel for every time someone has had this attitude and when faced with a situation that challenges them, they cower.

          • when patriots put authority on the defensive, they havent the resources to be gun collecting…spread way to thin…and there are ways to keep them on the defensive…simple ones too

            • They clearly do have the resources to gun collect. See the link I posted. Expect this or stronger forms of this in the first days and weeks of collapse. It won’t take long for the government and military to dissolve, but by then for many families it could be too late.

            • Had the Jews or Russians killed a SS or NVVD operative at every door they knocked on that would have really hurt them. You will only get one chance to resist as they will find any guns in the house. All legally owned weapons are already on a list. Any idea why they used GPS coordinates instead of street addresses for the last census? Because targeting data is in GPS format that those drones they want to get in the air use.

      16. Scary. They’re only using clubs / sticks in these videos too.

        • First Tier They are following a standard issued Riot control plan that was most likey started in USA.

      17. I got a $250 Failure to Comply citation yesterday. Not only am I not paying it, I’ve posted it up on my mantle next to my Bible and Shotgun!

        • Glad to see you hold your shotgun in the same reverence as your bible. Real christain of you.

          • @JoeinNC…

            I see your mommy let you back in the basement.

          • Real stupid of you as usual. Why not surprise us and post something smart for a change.

        • Too early to tempt fate…

          Don’t give the commies what they want.

      18. I think if BO doesn’t win the election, IF there is an election, the blacks in this country will go to war because their Messiah was not in for a second term. When you look at most blacks they see BO as THE GOD. Many blacks will blame white people for killing their God with a white man. The fact is rombot is ALMOST as bad as BO and the country will fall into complete collapse with either of two idiots will not influence black people. They will ONLY see that their God was cheated by the white man and white woman and that rombot won because BO stink bug was black.

        Out of all the countries in the world, the United States has to rank in the top 10 for countries ready for a civil war. The mere fact that only about 8-10 states are even close in the presidental races, and the other states are 20-30% points for either candidate shows how totally polarized the country is. It should be close in EVERY state, because both of these candidates suck rotten eggs. This country is ready to explode internally, while several countries of the world are ready to go to full scale war.

        This is why people have to take the preparation thing extremely seriously. BIG TIME. IF there is an election, after it things are going to still come apart. ANYONE thinking that if obummer or rombot are elected times will get better are not intuned to just how horrible this country and the entire world have become. One leader is not going to solve jack at this point.

        I have said this before, but I say it again. Times right now look real similar to before World War 1, and it will just take something stupid to ignite it and that tinder box is going to flare up and not come under control. Someone launching a missile at someone else, a plane shot down, a mistake, or VERY LIKELY a false flagger.

        All throughout the cold war they say the USSR and U.S. were on a hair trigger, this was true, but the two powers had restraint with each other. Now it seems like other countries are egging each other on. The difference between then, 1960’s-1980’s, and now is that countries and leaders want to fight. Back then it was fear of the other side gaining too much power. Now, there is just wanton aggression, HATE within nations and the whole world. This is a recipe for a terrible war, a really terrible world war.

        I grew up and people liked each other, and we knew whom was the enemy. Now people hate their own countryman. It is not just competition for the lack of resources, people hate each other. Look at the black white issue as proof. Look at the red and blue differences in politics. This is true in other countries. Countries right now are spoiling for a fight with each other. This world war will be many countries against many other countries, a war that will not stop until most of the world is gone. That makes preparation to the best of anyone’s ability absolutely utmost importance.

        • BI…my husband just said this the other night. He said he feels the underlaying current of tensions everywhere, even at work. He told me he really expects the riots to start immediatly following the election if BO is not re-elected….especially in this area.

          It is a shame. We are all in this together and instead of banding toegther for the good of the country we are more divided then ever before.


          • @ Tina. The word American has no meaning anymore. The word them and us are what people feel universally now. The division is absolutely frightening. We see enemies within our own towns, cities, and states. It is not just fear anymore either, it is resentment and hate towards others. When I wrote that about non-preppers it was not to say I or anyone else should hate or even dislike people that don’t prepare. It was a semi-blind attempt to wake up people so they don’t have to watch their family in front of them suffer and die when it doesn’t have to happen.

            It is not just in this country that this division is occurring, it is all over the planet. People are angry and want to fight each other. In my lifetime I have never seen this before. Even during the civil rights era, blacks still considered whites fellow Americans, they just wanted to have equal rights. Now blacks hate white people, and many blacks now have more rights than they have ever had in the history of this country.

            There could be a scienific explanation for people acting the way they are, besides the economic conditions being horrible. During the depression of the 1930’s people were not like they are now. Before massive upheavals of the crust of the planet, people become irrational and extremely on edge. This is well documented before very large earthquakes and volcanoes. Nature with most animals gives them a type of silent warning that tells them of something is coming. People could be sensing a really huge geophysical upheaval and this is causing some of the rage and panic. Earthquakes and volcanoes are sharply up the past few years, especially the past few months.

            Animals sure have been acting bizarre, and something I noticed also is that animals are acting more aggressive. I read something and put it off as nothing months ago that more people are getting bit by snakes and spiders injecting them with their venom, rather than the more common dry bites. When a venomous animal releases their poison, it takes food and energy to replenish their venom they use. A poisonos animal would rather dry bite something or run away rather than waste its venom. This could just be climatic changes, or it could be a sign of an increase in agrression.

            I any case, we all should get ready for times to be worse in the future. There does not seem to be any rational thinking left, people are going “bonkers” all over the world.

            • Be informed

              “The word American has no meaning anymore.”

              Wash your mouth out. Around me that could receive a reply you were not expecting.

              Your choice of words really sucked. Rethink them. Normally I would of started a long line of abuse for that but I know you did not mean the way it sounds. That why it sucked Not FU.

            • @ Facebook. To true patriots the word American has a lot of meaning. To the common masses, the word American means “maybe” hanging a flag out on the 4th. of July and having a load of hotdogs and beer and watching fireworks. Few people take the word American seriously anymore, that is terribly sad. You and others take the term Americans well, but most people don’t anymore. That is the pathetic truth and one reason why people can’t get along with each and try to destroy each other in their own country. Most people only care about whether their pizza was delivered on time or their favorite entertainer is in some scandal or not.

              I am sorry if this truth is painful, but the mere fact is that “MOST” people just don’t care about their country anymore or their fellow citizens. People don’t even care if the unemployment rate is 75% as long as it is not them. At least some people do care, be grateful you and the people on this site are still one of them.

            • I Agree with ever other word. It just that statement can bring a boil. Once again I know what you meant. But the Flag can be use as a rag. But the one that still believe in it don’t. That is where that wording should be.

              I always mark my ethnicity as American aways. Please add “Most” Not all when using that statement.

            • Great post informed.


              I have noticed more aggressive insects also in the last year.

              You are correct, american does not have a meaning anymore. (sorry page)

              Wars of aggression,homosexuality,endless immigration,destruction of the family,political correctness,free speach zones,revenue generating all powerful police force that can arrest you(or kill you) just for talking back to them or not obeying(to the letter) what they tell you to do,and then you have all the planks (planks 2,3,5,parts of 1,3,6,7,8,and 9)

              Lets look at the ten pillars of communism-

              1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes (LAND TAKINGS BY GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT OWNED LANDS, ABUSIVE PROPERTY TAXES).
              2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. (DONE)
              3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance. (PARTIALLY DONE)
              4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. THIS HAS BEEN DISCUSSED
              5. Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. (DONE)
              6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state. THE FCC HAS BROAD POWERS IN THIS AREA
              7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. (THE FARM BILL HAS ACCOMPLISHED SOME OF THIS)
              8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. PEACE CORPS, JOB CORPS, ETC. ARE LEADING TO THIS
              9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country. PARTIAL-LAND USE PLANNING, KELO RULINGS, ETC.
              10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, etc. (DONE)

              NONE of this is american, and I (we) look around us and all we see is corruption and lies.

              @Page- What IS the meaning of being an american (now, in our time). I cannot think of ONE thing. I am not being a smart a$$, I am being honest.

              “proud to be an american, because at least I know I’m free”

              Accounts Receivable Tax
              Building Permit Tax
              Capital Gains Tax
              CDL license Tax
              Cigarette Tax
              Corporate Income Tax
              Court Fines (indirect taxes)
              Dog License Tax
              Federal Income Tax
              Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
              Fishing License Tax
              Food License Tax
              Fuel permit tax
              Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
              Hunting License Tax
              Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)
              Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
              IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
              Liquor Tax
              Local Income Tax
              Luxury Taxes
              Marriage License Tax
              Medicare Tax
              Property Tax
              Real Estate Tax
              Septic Permit Tax
              Service Charge Taxes
              Social Security Tax
              Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)
              Sales Taxes
              Recreational Vehicle Tax
              Road Toll Booth Taxes
              School Tax
              State Income Tax
              State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
              Telephone federal excise tax
              Telephone federal universal service fee tax
              Telephone federal, state and
              local surcharge taxes
              Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
              Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
              Telephone state and local tax
              Telephone usage charge tax
              Toll Bridge Taxes
              Toll Tunnel Taxes
              Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)
              Trailer Registration Tax
              Utility Taxes
              Vehicle License Registration Tax
              Vehicle Sales Tax
              Watercraft Registration Tax
              Well Permit Tax

              Workers Compensation Tax

              “as american as baseball and apple pie” DOES NOT exist anymore. That country is as dead as our free and open elections are.

              Reality sucks, and I wish it was not so.

              BUT IT IS!!!

            • Informed and Kevin. When certain word have no meaning to the persons that is saying them. All is lost. What just because it was an old piece of paper it has no meaning to everyone. There is a point where the words mean something. They are what happen just before action.

              I know what is meant. It is just the wrong fucking way to say it.

            • Be Informed- “Now blacks hate white people, and many blacks now have more rights than they have ever had in the history of this country.” It’s just n*****s being n*****s.

            • Half of Calif. is illegal aliens. Hard to get a feeling of community with that situation which is being promoted by both poltical parties.ia

          • Tina this next civil war won’t be defined as much by geography, but by ideology.

          • Yes,we are divided. We are divided because politicians have sought to divide us for decades. Unfortunately, the people have bought into this partisanship. There will be a steep price to pay for it. Many of those who have propogated this partisanship will be on the recieving end of their partisanship, which is some sort of justice, but also many innocents will suffer.

          • Please read Civil War 2, by Thomas Chittum. Google that, you will find a free pdf version.

        • Agreed.
          Plus, weeks of rioting and destruction in all metropolitan areas will be great for the economy.
          It will take trillions in federal aid to rebuild cities.

          • @ Larry Pete


            Now that’s both truthful and funny!
            The sad part of the deal is, the illegal aliens will get the jobs during the reconstruction phase.

            Real Americans will get the shaft…again.

            • aint that the truth

            • Real American will win at first being we will be the ones with the skills to rebuild it. Once we are done I worry bout who will move into them.

        • A lot of the black/white issue is that , and correct me if i’m wrong , only constitute 17-18% of the US Population , but want representation like they are 50 – 70% . They want MORE than their fair share just because they are black . Nobody OWES you ANYTHING no matter what race you are . just sayin

        • Nostramadus said that almost all of the world will be undone and desolate.

          • @ Q

            He also said that at some point in the future…man would become an eater of man!

          • And in what quatrain and century did he say that?

      19. U like that huh Mac ?

      20. I believe it is coming. What good is it to have cash on hand when you can’t go out for anything. Stock up and hunker down.

      21. Here’s a message for the freedom fighters overseas in places like Egypt and Syria who are protesting their tyrannical governments. Avoid the riots, but if you do go wear as much padded clothes and protective gear as you can find. Shin and knee baseball protectors, padded thigh and coccyx underwear, groin protector, whatever. Even folded cardboard duct taped around your arms, legs, and torso can better withstand beatings and rubber bullets. And wear them under your clothes so the psycho cops don’t intentionally avoid those protected areas and target skin. Swimming goggles are a great countermeasure against teargas. Trashcan lids are good shields against rubber bullets. Super soakers, orange ones not black which appear as guns, loaded with something oily like baby oil or thinned paint may render transparent police masks difficult to see through and cannot be easily cleaned off. Spray paint works as well against masks in close quarters.

        • If you are going to a fight. Don’t that weapon and a equipment that are design to fail. When “Freedom Fighters” are truly interested in change, they should bring real defence items and real weapons. Or all it will be is an ass whooping that we will all forget inn a week.

        • The Al Qaeda “protesters” in Syria are already armed WAAAY better than that.

        • Soviet GP5 gas mask , dirt cheap , get a new industrial canister filter for it . I wouldnt trust them for anything else ..BUT…they will protect you from tear gas and pepper spray and other things of that nature .

        • I Like the Way you Think!

        • Hornet spray up under the face shield. That would be a game changer.

          • Dont forget a follow up shot with a cigarette lighter

      22. Over here though, I wonder how long it will take for the protesters to fire back. We outnumber them tremendously. However, once all the free loaders are no longer here to weigh everyone else down, the government might be able to pay its bills.

      23. Stay home,protect your love ones and your property. If the ballot box fails then you know what you must do according to the constitution. Be strong, keep your faith and act when the time comes.

        • If the ballot box fails

          Sounds like you are saying if an election does not go the way yout hink it should, you are justified to use force to overthrow that election. Very banana republican of you.

          • Exactly. Just survie it’s death.

            • Sometimes the Majority is wrong.

          • You DO know that we the people dont elect the president dont you ? the electoral college does . You look at the popular vote ( the people ) vs. the electorate …..they will be different every time . So in effect …..no , your vote does not count in a presidential election until we get rid of that system .

            • Another ignorant fool wanting to get rid of the electoral college. Do some studying as to why the Founders who were a hell of a lot smarter than you made that part of the election cycle. Do you want six or seven large population centers deciding every election? That’s what we have here in Calif. with the Bay area and LA deciding who wins in an otherwise red state. With the electoral college even a small state can decide an election.

            • That doesn’t change the FACT that we the people DON’T elect the highest office of our government ……if you want to play that game , congress and the senate ARE elected by the people …….and if they have any nuts at all …..they they keep the president in check .

      24. Of course the police will not side with the people. They enforce unjust and unconstitutional laws EVERY DAY. They have no second thoughts about macing you, tazing you, beating you or straight out gunning you down for the least excuse.

        You think they’ll change their ways if martial law was declared?


        • i do…burn down their homes…while they’re away busting skulls. think the crimimal banker employers will put them up overnight? ha ha

          • and go after their families while they are doing that …..The Mafia has been using that tactic forever ….why ? ..because it works more often than not .

      25. I don’t think the blacks will riot if Obama loses. It would take deep austerity cuts to enrage those dependent on food aid to actually voice their opposition. If the aid collapses at once, then all bets are off.

      26. In Viet Nam, China, and other countries where the people mounted rebellion, no one bunched up into groups (targets) or tried to face down armed Cops/Military unarmed…this is S-T-U-P-I-D!

        The key is to keep a very low profile, hit small units in remote areas, IED’s and mines when you can. Ambush and run. Always have an out.

        Stay small, stay alert, stay awake, stay alive.

        As the late Col. David Hackworth said in his book “Steel my Soldier’s Hearts”, “You out guerrilla the guerrillas”.

        Look at Lexington and Concord, they stood their ground and got cut up, but they then switched to ambush tactics and turned the tables on the Red Coats.

        • That is how the fight will be won. But there still has to be the first act to start the show.

          • Facebook Page,

            You write, “first act”, “show”, “blockbuster”, hope you have lots of popcorn. For you, this is something to look forward to, just sit back and relax while they cull the herd and leave lil old you safe and sound. Kind of makes my skin crawl.

            • SHTF is nothing to look forward to. FB is pointing out that we as preppers are as ready as we think we can be for it. I wish no harm on my fellow man but it is going to happen whether you, me or anyone else likes it or not. Why come to a prepper site, and pick on the preppers?

            • Yes I have accepted It will happen. But I am forced to use terms that you would understand.

              BRW Why do all these these semi preppers believe it is Taboo to talk about it. They remind of the mother that has the sex talk with their daughter after she is pregnant. And believe it is still necessary.

            • Facebook,

              It is one thing to talk about something but you are foaming at the mouth just waiting for your wet dream to come true. You say, “But I am forced to use terms that you would understand”, who forces you, the little green men? Your words betray you.

            • To clear it up.

              For the most part all of my dreams have come true. The wet ones to. Yes I have been Lucky and in the right place with the right mindset on more than one occasion.

              Yes I would like whatever will set this right to start.
              I have no faith in being able to vote the problems away.
              I Believe the $$ lack of will be the cure. When the system can hold all up. I just want it to break when I can still help my family see their dreams.
              Mad Max isn’t coming. Bt a few weeks of staying the hell out of the way is. Then we all need to stand up and fix this.

              And you are just part of the problem. What would you suggest. We all just get along.

        • Lexington and Concord had a positive affect afterward in the fact that it ignited a revolution , the Alamo ignited a war that gained much of the west into the US , Pearl Harbor pissed us off like no 9/11 ever could and we all know we won the war . Point is , all 3 of those incidents were battles lost …..BUT it triggered a much bigger issue and result .

        • rev ike…while these traitor troops, employed by the criminal govt an bankers are on duty, the patriots will ensure they feel pain too. such as loot first, then burn their homes down. and if they move on base, enjoy your new fema settings, because you wont be returning back to maple street. we know which side you chose.

      27. Ok check out that video..how many times do you see a cop with his back turned toward someone?

        tactically they are fools for even thinking they are winning..soon their uncovered backside will get bit.

        how about someone who is watching from a roof top finally gets pissed about on someone beating down a defenseless person and nails them with something hard and heavy and its lights out?

        these cops are dumb, and in the way they are in this film, its a matter of time before one of them gets it handed to them.

        see the one cop his back to the crowd, while he is hand cuffing or detaining the person sitting on the ground..all it would take is one pissed off big guy to clear that 15 feet and its on!

        • That was the point I was trying to make. From either side I amaze there has not been a Rifle from the roof shot yet. Refering to Europe and USA. Not the ME. There I amaze there has not been a big weapon used yet.

          • I knew a guy who was a student living in Detroit during the bad ’60s riots. He spent 3-4 days hunkered down in his apartment, because the cops were shooting at ghetto commandos on the roof of his building. THEY were using rifles against the cops. Hasn’t happened since, but having been to a few gunshows in the near environs of the Motor, I know for sure that the equipment is in place to do it again.

        • Uhhh, if you ever would notice, they have a helo almost always overhead to spot the rooftops for your sniper or brick dropper. They would have fun ratcheting up the violence to the next level if they needed to.

        • My best buds who was a cop now retired said many times that once they lose the support of the regular people they cannot do their job. he was an old school officer who finds the tactics used today to be disturbing.

      28. Good thing the gubmint has our best interest at heart, and not simply the perpetuation of their own power.

        I’m sure they’ll take the time to politely find out who the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ are.

        • @ VRF

          You raise a very interesting point. I viewed the situation shown, exactly as you did. Its a small miracle that no one in that crowd knew, that a decent 6-8inch ice-pick would easily penetrate standard police issue vests.
          Those cops are fortunate indeed.

          • agree,
            here is a senario for you..

            you have a 19 year old daughter, shes out with her friends that night after not seeing eachother for months so they are out a bit late and stumble upon this gathering, they think not much of it to think it is a celebration too..
            they walk into this mass just as one of these cops decide to go all steroid nuts or rambo with a batton, and his choice of target is your innocent 19 year old Daughter that gets sent to the hospital cliging to life and will never be the same even if she does make it out of that hospital alive..that is if they care to even take the time to get an ambulance in that mass of humanity in time to save her life.

            Now…ask yourself..would you want to meet that cop? would you like to know everything there is to know,…about that cop?

            I know I would.

            • @ VRF

              Cop would be ventilated…ditto for his back-up.
              Next up, the bureaucrats above them & then onto the next level of corruption and so on.
              This is my version of the word…ENGAGE.

              Likely end result? My death, of course. But then again, I may just be sparing some other dad, somewhere else…a whole lot of heartache & some young girl, her life!

              Perhaps there’s some truth to the butterfly effect, after all. Whatcha’ think?

            • Yes, I do think so

            • Then you lost in your thinking, if you think that that cop acted alone and not part of the group.

            • T would be the worst last days for

            • lol
              I will just say you are all too nice to just want to string them up or shoot them. Why does one feel death is the right answer right off the bat. No no put them in a place where they will always remember what they have done and what they tried to do to us. Torture, Pain, Misery. Find an old jail, put them all in cells. They like to beat people with batons? They like to bloody children up beating them non stop? They like to watch as someone suffers and lets them die? They want to use pepper spray? Give them to me. I have a talent for torture, guess it is why they made me into an interrogation specialist. We should let them meet that which they created.

      29. At some point, as in tipping point, the brainwashing that Americans have had for decades, is going to be overcome by the reality of the misery index. How long does it take for the masses to understand that what they’re being told, doesn’t match up to what actually is happening?? I don’t think we are totally there yet, but we are getting close.
        When hyper inflation comes, and the government cuts entitlements, along with raising taxes, many folks will wake up from that NFL, Dancing with the stars, X factor, pop culture, you name it, slumber.
        That’s why the followers of this web site prep. They are aware, and know this is coming. But more important, the government knows this is coming also, and they have been preparing for this nightmare scenerio for a long time. The laws, executive orders, mandates, have all been readied, and the bullets bought, and weapons made ready. Now, they wait for the riots sure to come.
        Just remember, we know what’s coming, and so do “they”.

        • ~~~How long does it take for the masses to understand that what they’re being told, doesn’t match up to what actually is happening?? ~~~
          Greaseman, if the ‘people’ don’t get it now, they never will.
          I heard the news on tv is a joke–but I doubt even 60% of Obots, dependent-on-govt, watch a newscast..except for the weather to check the fishing options for the next day.

        NOW IS HERE…


        From Barcelona, Spain.

      32. Why did the government get all that ammo, thats the difference between the USA and EU we are armed. It will be a very different type of riots here, alot of blood on both side will be spilled at the start. After a short time more and more of the government types will just quit, they will get enough of the SH-T that will be coming their way from the patroits. That is when TPTB will send in the foreign troops. The wild card in all of this, is if the military’s senior NCO will follow unlawful orders. With in the first two weeks the herd will be thin out, and like was said earlier thats when the guerrilla style will start. No matter who wins the so called elections war in the streets will begain. Either, RACE or CIVIL it will start. All I can say is use common sense, hit when and where they least expect it. Know your area of operations and stock up on ammo, because you will more than likely be your own supply line. Our fate is at HAND!
        Live Free, Stand Tall and look them in the EYES!

        copperhead out

        • And if this is how it goes down, then in the first onslot we need to take as many of them, their machinery arms. Than defeat the foreign that think just because as a country we appear to be weak, that at this point in our ground, the weak will have already died, and they the foreign that came to invade shall too.

      33. The judge is right and he has been silenced when the PTB cancelled his show Freedom Watch. You almost never see Judge Napolitano on Fox anymore. Same with Beck. If you speak the truth you will be cancelled.

        Read the signs on the global economy, it’s slowing. Go ahead believe the BLS and BHO on the unemployment number dropping to 7.8% it’s not even math anymore they are just making it up.

        We are entering a hard tyranny now, if you can’t lock and load now you have a few weeks left, but that’s it.

        Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

        • your speaking my language
          Si Vis Pack um to the rafters

          • I like that! The huddled masses will be enslaved with government cheese. Almost every dictator in modern history has you food as a weapon of attrition. And let’s not forget gun control.

        • Shows cancelled by the PTB? You are insane.

          • No, you’re in river in Egypt.

            • You mean denial river?

        • If you wish for peace, prepare for war…true that is, patriot one.

      34. It’s been done so gradual, by the time it happens it will seem absolutely normal. A daily occurrence, Sort of like getting a traffic ticket.

      35. That is why these countries were unarmed……dare I say more.

      36. OK, everyone, here’s my take. I just don’t see how we can avoid riots regardless of which puppet wins on Nov. 6. We are all still expecting TSHTF to happen over a number of different things. Some people still swear up and down there’s going to be an event 3rd week of October; next week in fact. Let’s all hope they’re wrong. It grieves me to think there’s going to be a major confrontation between police and the public all over this country but we all know what’s coming. I just wish all the police in the US, from local to federal level, would wake up and take a good , long, hard look at the system you’re serving. Can any of you honestly believe in such a system that screws over and lies to people every day? How do you live with yourselves? How can you look at yourselves in the mirror and believe what you’re doing is righteous? The state and federal supreme courts have ruled repeatedly that law enforcement has no obligations to protect the public. Fair enough. As far as I’m concerned, the public has no obligations to law enforcement, so we’re even and you’re just government employees as far as I’m concerned. When TSHTF, i hope I’m at home and nowhere on the streets. i don’t take part in protests. I’ll be at home minding my own business and riding out the storm, but if I’m attacked by anyone, whether police, military, or civilian, I will respond in self-defense; I will do whatever I consider to be necessary to survive the confrontation. I never go around having evil intentions toward anybody so I hope and pray nobody will be that way toward me. I’ve always worked and paid taxes just like everyone else who posts on this forum. I’ve always been self-sufficient in my own needs. I’ve never been on the public dole in my whole life and will never get on it regardless of what happens. It’s high time for people to start fighting back against police brutality and throw them to the curb. Most things police do these days no longer have any legitimate basis to them so they have lost too much credibility. it’s going to be horrific and a lot of people on both sides will die. The rogue cops have it coming to them; they’ve been so brainwashed by their own academies and federal agencies, especially DHS, to the point that they really don’t know what is real anymore. Best wishes and keep prepping.

        • that october event may be isreal attacking iran on oct 15th, an evening when their is no moon present. oct 14, a third US carrier arrives in the gulf. obama’s revolutionary supporters, jarrett, ayers, dorn, plus many more are committed to keep him in office, no matter what. a few insider based leaks disclose something is going down this fall. with obama’s poor debate showing and slip in the polls, these insane people are priming the pump. I’m gearing up on preps this week.

          • @TOTB

            I agree with you completely. The pompous megalomaniac-in-chief needs to pull a trick out of his ass, and quick! I absolutely think he is letting the middle east thing spin out of control in order to:
            1. Distract from what a shitbag he is as a president
            2. To provide a windfall opportunity for him to appear as a leader (albeit counterfeit). All of a sudden, he is going to be militarily CONSERVATIVE if war breaks out, and capitalize on the sweeping national fear and emotion that will accompany strong action on his part.

            Too bad he is such a fucking fake – I think we all saw that during the debate………

        • Braveheart You Speak the Truth, and MANY feel the Way you do, and as time goes on its Apparent, we are in a State of WAR with TPTB..They have Loosed the Dogs of War, and are waiting for A reaction. so they can go Full tilt against the Patriots…I Fear for this Country, I am Ashamed of the Treatment of Citizens By LEO, and AS we Used to Say In The Marines a Payback is a Medivac! for one,I am too Old to BO, But My faded Skills as a Marine, will do well in the Fray, I fear NO JBT For THEY trained Me, and now it will Bite them in the Ass, and Believe Me there are THOUSANDS of Us Out There! keep the Faith. We are Legion WE The Three Percent!

          Semper Fi

      37. Beat into submission, ruled at the barrel of a gun!

        • “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.”- Mao Tse Tung

          “One man with a gun can control one hundred without one.”- Vladimir Lenin

      38. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        FINALLY, a website that reminds us what the American Revolution was about. Thank you.

        Now, you just need to read this book about Americans taking a stand again & starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s a thriller so I’ve been recommend it to everyone.

        Remember, there are more of us than there are of them & it’s still, “…of the people, by the people & for the people…”

        • Peddle Steel in that is awesome.

      39. I guess when all you have as a tool is a hammer, than every problem looks like a nail.

        too bad the nails they see, are the ones who put them where they are in life.

        yes , a big correction in the way things get done needs to happen, even if they dont like the outcome

      40. More stupid fear-mongering bullshit from the IdiotPlan. Why do you constantly promote this crap? You have zero credibility and no evidence to support this happening here. What is going on in Europe is not even remotely related to our situation (or government).

        Personally, I’m convinced you’re an agent provocateur, seeking to destabilize America and identify those fools that go along with your agenda.

        • You may be right Paul….Europe is wayyyyy over there…. it’s a whole ocean away! what’s happening there, or in china or the middle east or within this supposed intertwined global economy has nothing at all to do with America.

          • I am glad to see you came out to defend yourself. I was already to unleash the PAGE on that one.

            And Paul many of us have no problem identifying ourselves with no help from this site.

            I am on a roll tonight. To much sugar.

          • You’re a fool Slavo. All the “predictions” you keep making.

            You’re piling them up higher and higher week by week — and yet none of them have happened. Not a single one. Another Alex Jones lookalike, capitalizing upon the distrust, anger and disgust held by the average American.

            Everybody who extracts their head from your nether regions can see that, but few of your followers have the courage to do that or think for themselves or realize how you’ve been playing them all along.

            It’s all about readership and participation. Not about the truth. If you wrote the truth, you’re articles would contain very different information that would actually help people. But fear sells and you know it, so you stick with this well-worn theme.

            Europe is not going to affect the United States very much. Whatever happens there isn’t going to “topple things here” as alleged. That’s utter and complete bullshit with no basis in facts or reality.

            But it does make for readership, doesn’t it?

            I won’t bother to engage your supporters, they really aren’t bright enough to cope with the truth or understand American politics or history or what is actually holding this country still together.

            I’m holding you responsible for what you’re doing. They’re just following your lead like blind sheep.

            You’re instigating riots yourself, or hoping to — seeking to tip over the country into a state of chaos. Even civil war.

            You’re not educating — you’re promoting fear. The material found here is nearly useless pablum, low-brow idiot-speak that does nothing, solves nothing, offers nothing except fear.

            This makes you stupidly dangerous, someone who should be avoided at all costs.

            You are finding a ready audience, which says little for the intelligence and awareness of your readership (notice the “dogpile” effect that occurs here, a sure sign of “group think”), but you’re going to find out that this is going to backfire on you rather badly in the end.

            You may get what you want, eventually, a self-fulfilling prophecy as they say — but you’re a truly a fool for doing it.

            • PJ another Smarter than the Herd Liberal? Your a condescending Tool, and believe me There is More Common sense on this Blog, than all the halls of Academia..You are the danger to this country, you won”t engage the supporters of this Site?..Thats because your Liberal Trash would be Laffed off Just like your Brown God Obrownmao! Go elsewhere Troll!

        • LOL.

        • @ Paul Jones. No longer does oceans separate the United States from the rest of the world like pre World War 2, both economically and in regards to war. Just look at how the stocks are affected when there is the slightest indication of an European Euro collapse. Paul, any war in the Middle East will be painful for people in this country when they try to buy gasoline, food, or just about anything else. Economies are now completely connected to each other.

        • Paul Jones: Are you a real live clown or do you just play one on tv? We are so heavly tied to the european banks it’s not funny. Both through bank to bank loans as well as through the IMF, we have billions loaned to various banks over there and if they fall our banks will take some severe losses. The EU is now doing the same thing as the FED, printing money out of thin air and buying up bonds from members in trouble. You get a double F- today; one in economics and one in Poli Sci. Your’re expelled from school due to not only the depth, but the breadth of you ignorance in these subjects. My creds are as follows: I was able to avoid the dot.com bubble, but more importantly, the fall/crash of 2008. I actually made a little money during these two downturns with my investments. Unless you can say the same, I suggest you keep your mouth closed in the future then at least we can only ‘suspect’ you of being a fool.

      41. It’s a shame that blacks who are also worried about our country have to deal with some of the bigots who hold a certain view in regards to race. I also find it funny that these same bigots are mad now that they know they will be treated no different than the blacks who have been treated this way since this country’s inception. I do agree that the majority of people, especially in the inner cities, are unprepared and unaware but all aren’t going to turn into marauding savages when SHTF. Most will probably go peacefully when they meet the overwhelming force of the gov’t seeing as most large cities have very strict and draconian gun laws.
        The rest of US, yes I am black, who understand what is going on are trying to find like-minded, non racist groups of people in case it all goes to hell be they black, white, red, yellow, green or purple. You have to realize that even though the majority of the elite are white, YOU and I aren’t even the same species to them.

        • ITW: When I am identifying “inner city residents” it is not some code for blacks.

          There are many whites and others of many shades and persuasions that live within the inner city. Most of them, as you say, are not prepared for tomorrow, let alone next week or next month, or next year.

          I am however trying to point out a particular psychology that permeates a significant percentage of these people; and the more difficult the crisis and the longer it wears on, the more violent that people will get.

          DHS understands this which is why they are arming up and stocking up. Obviously, Nappy has taken my advice to heart:

          “… hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.”

          The PTB CLEARLY understand that something is afoot which they are not sharing with the public; other than just economic stress.

          Whether it is Nibiru or Pole Shift I do not know, but they do. Or they have a strong indication that something is afoot and want to be prepared for the possibility of its manifestation.

          In recent months the LSM has mentioned the scientific fact of rogue planets. Just yesterday the BBC mentioned the possibility of a Pole Shift, noting in particular, that it is well over due.

          Whatever “IT” is, it is coming, sooner or later. WE are in the Last Days for however long they last. There is still lots of time, as there is much that must play out before hand, but keep prepping.

          And have no fear. YOU are here for just this experience. Make it count. 🙂

        • You are right on the money In the wind. What state are you in? NC here. I know of several blacks in my area who understand whats happening here and are taking steps to survive the coming events.

          • I’m in the Northeast a.k.a. the anti-firearm zone….trying to get my wife to relocate to a free state.

        • In The Wind- Hell man, blacks are already killing people left and right, black and white, young and old, meek and bold. IT’S THE NATURE OF THE BEAST! Check out the Justice Dept. stats.! And the s–t hasn’t even hit the fan yet!

          • It’s mostly a byproduct of having most of the male population behind bars for non violent crime. Stats now say that there are more black men in the system now then there were in slavery at the end. No male role model mostly means no rules or supervision in the home which in turn means a wild child grows into a wild adult. This has gone on for generations to the point now where you have young girls raising kids not much younger than themselves. Nobody to teach a child the right way so they take to the wrong way. I know the stats as I was one myself at one point. I also know the “Nature of the beast”, the beast being the perpetual system which is designed to keep people coming back to prop up the police state. You can’t justify funding if you have no one to spend the funding on. I just want people to know that everyone in “The Hood” aren’t bad and alot are just victims of circumstance. I still wouldn’t move back though as most are sitting ducks for what is about to happen.

      42. Just curious, what response would you have the government make when the riots start?

        • When it get to the riots it is to late. There is no good choice. It will come down to who is left standing.

        • I’d have ’em go pick up people like you and drop them in the ghetto.

          But that’s just me.

          • Oh, and did I mention the part about a big screen and popcorn?

      43. I read some of the comments about what the police and military would or wouldn’t do..well what is truly scary is I know someone who is in the military and they told their family that they were told if something really bad was to happen to have their family meet at their house because some troops from their unit would pick them up and take them to a safe location. Ok so I haven’t heard of that ever before so that makes me think that the government knows something is gonna happen.
        Keep alert and keep prepping.

        • That is true while I was on active duty. At Ft lewis there was plans in place to bring off post familys into the unit area. It has alway been clear that a soidler will get home where the family is concern if he is at home station.

          • You can do that at Fort Lewis. Alot of bases are too small with no facilities. Most are now encouraged to live off base.

        • well i hope those soldiers and families enjoy their new fema style housing…cause their home wont be standing when the shtf…

        • SouthernVet….There’s times I’m divided on what to think about the military. I’m told by the one’s I’ve known since I was young that we shouldn’t worry too much. It’s taken care of. Plus something I don’t think many people think about is if they are called up during civil unrest or Martial Law a percentage of Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen will refuse to obey illegal orders and I do know a some will do damage from the inside committing sabotage and other activities (no I didn’t risk anyone by saying that on here. The Military will expect this to happen on our own soil especially if Americans are being killed) I’ve went to BBQ’s and such, sat and enjoyed a few beers with some that I didn’t know so well and we had some pretty interesting topics come up. As far as OPSEC we don’t worry about saying what we “intend” to do when the shit comes down but we don’t speak about where we intend on going, names, our equipment or it’s location etc.. There’s people that think if SHTF that this Government is,in their own words, unbeatable. With good info & intel I believe a large group of veterans with experience dating back 40 yrs. can have one hell of an impact on something they say is “unbeatable”. Damn I didn’t want this to be a book. Good to see another veteran on here.

          • lots of us on here GatorNavy, I was a HT2 in the 80s-90s

          • GatorNavy
            I am a Navy vet, too. How can we find others of us?

            • I had already known quite a few veterans in the neighborhood. It started about 5 years ago. I was at a DAV meeting. Then later I was asked and agreed what should be done. Some older vets talked to me and it went from there. We all had the same outlook on things even when Bush was President. The Patriot Act and a few other past things started to get us together. Some acquaintances were made in Gun Shops, Barber Shops, Target Ranges etc. You just have to start conversations and then find out if they’re vets. I’ve met some that completely refused to talk about the freedom of the country if something went down, others were in at day one. You surely can’t put out an want ad lol. Get out and meet ’em is all I can say. Good Luck Brother!

      44. I’ll readily admit that I’m a weenie. I have no desire to get beat on with a police baton by some angry jerk on a power trip.

        However, I find myself so incredibly disturbed by the huge number of people who are allowing themselves to be ruled by men carrying sticks!

        I’m disturbed by the fact that people dodge and try to get away instead of fighting back.

        I’m disturbed by the people who are standing there WATCHING some kid getting pounded and are doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

        By not resisting this behavior, they are deeming it “acceptable” in the fact that they are “accepting” it.

        I have not been in the situation where something like this has happened but I hope and pray that my reaction would be different, that I would not stand by and watch in horror. I’m sure I’d get my ass kicked but better that than standing there, accepting it.

        All those people, vastly outnumbering the bullies with sticks, just watching. This is exactly why people are enslaved.

        • The best thing one can do is video it and have someone video you while you video it. A third party getting the evidence out of there would be real handy too and possibly quite difficult with the eye in the sky overlooking them. A swift download and the country sees what is happening.

          The scenes of Kent State was a catalyst that helped to end the Vietnam war.

          You got a goon that has an army of goon friends around them that have been juiced on steroids and really want to hurt someone all the while dressed in armor like a modern gladiator are not people to go head to head with.

          Vietnam and the civil rights movement was supported by the segments of society that were primarily effected. A collapsing economy has far more people within the body politic to pull from for support from the people on a fixed income pension to the underemployed working and the masses unemployed. That is a political sleeping giant. All of them seeing people they identify with being brutalized would have far more impact than a useless act of valor that would be twisted and used to justify the brutalization to begin with.

          There is a lot of soap box and ballot box remaining.

          • agree kevin,…when a goon returns home one evening after bashing skulls in, he finds his home is reduced to a pile of black ash. the word spreads within the police force, one by one, they call in sick. they’ll contend, its not worth it. i want to keep my home, my friends, my relatives. this is how you defeat this type of enemy.

            • think outside the box

              Were in complete disagreement. You miss my point. Your advocate a strategy that plays right into their hands.

              There is a whole lot of Soap Box and Ballot Box remaining.

          • Good morning, Kev! Great post!

          • The above ^^^ went in the wrong place. Sorry!

            K2 – while I see your point about filming the attacks, and that point is very valid because the world needs to see what is happening – could you really feel moral about watching and filming and not trying to do something to stop it?

            I could not feel right about that.

            • Daisy

              Getting the message out is priority one. If your ultra brave video it and pass it on to someone else and then request a third party to video you while you use your head to damage a billy club.

              Gandhi turned the British cruelty against them. The worse they behave the more support they loose. This was without internet and with for all purposes a foreign people that were looked down upon by British society. The public is quicker to be upset when they see people like them being brutalized. This is why their working on non violent crowd dispersal tools so as not to inflame public opinion. There lay their Achilles Heel.

            • AnonLegion

              “you think they care?”

              Yes the public does care and this stuff is isolated with often citizens while not justifying this level of force often are not saints either. The debate centered upon riots for food and other necessities. They damn sure will care in that event.

              That’s one cop fired by the Mayor of Philadelphia and another on trial by a jury for felony assault. The flawed system worked in your two examples but I will contend often it is lacking in justice.

            • Kev2 You are a moe. I said there is a shit load of videos on the net about it, meaning ppl are filming it I ment the fucking cops don’t give a shit not the ppl. And it is not stopping the cops now is it, if there are more and more every day. There is more to action then filming specialy when the film makers themselves are getting arrested for filming. The message is out there kev2 now what are we going to do about it now that we have seen it?

      45. Most of the people at these levels of protest are the one that still can not see the truth of how bad it is. They still believe it can be fixed. They want their old life back. Its gone.

        The one that are willing to fight are in that crowd I believe but are still keeping to themselves so they can strike when it is truly needed. Yes the flower people who stand there and just scream You cant do that. They still need a few lesson.

        You said yourself. The prpared Like you are not showing up yet. Its still not time yet.

        I taking wagers that I receive one of my friendly visit in the near future.

      46. Larry Petersen: The only reason there’s been no overwhelming public response to police abuse and brutality is because most of the public sincerely does not want to be at war with cops and military. I recognize police and military are just being used by TPTB “to keep the masses in line”, but how many police and military recognize that? If any of them come over to our side, I’ll be glad to stand with them as long as they prove themselves to us first. I’ve had relatives in LE in Georgia who left because of what the feds have done to it since 9/11. They told me there was no way they could turn against their fellow citizens and live with themselves. i honestly believe there will be an incident somewhere in which someone simply will refuse to take an unjustifiable police beating and react in righteous self-defense. That will set the example for others to follow. If a huge crowd can simply run off a much smaller number of cops from someplace, those cops will start thinking, maybe reconsidering their position vis-a-vis the public. The abuse and brutality have to end sometime and I’m afraid force will have to be used to stop it. Force is the one thing cops understand. As far as any attempts at gun confiscations go, I don’t believe they could get even 1% of the civilian-owned guns in this land: too many homes, too many gun owners, too few cops and/or military to go around; when they start losing a lot of people in these attempts, they’ll back off.

        • if they come for my guns, ill direct them to the nearby lake, were i went duck hunting one day, stood up, fell over, with gun in hand. it’s at the bottom.

      47. i’m glad that some of those stormtroopers made it off the death star before it blew up…look at the helmets!…and they got jobs in the Empire-Europe division….at least somebody’s working in Spain…God help us all!

      48. If that nonsense actually happened in the US, its over. The government is too close to being Greece. Widespread disturbances and violence of this sort will simply stop economic activity, send interest rates soaring, and with that either the government goes Greece or the Central Bank prints to the point of hyperinflation – same end result.

        No money means no storm troopers. Watch in Greece and Spain and the police willing to shoot unarmed citizens will be the last civil servants to get hit with austerity.

        • so true….by tightening your spending…by purchasing using a “must have vs nice to have” model…you kill the banks. and this is what’s happening now. consumers have tighten spending. banks die when they consumers stop borrowing, they can’t make money if you aren’t borrowing and to those whom they do loan, when rates are so low. banks are surviving, even becoming to big to fail via welfare govt bailouts and QE. and rather than loan this money to stimulate economic growth, their buying gold, buying companies that manage our 401s and pensions. they are not loaning to business’s. apparently our central planners have forgotten what happened in rome, egypt, and other collapsed empires. but yet, ignore what iceland did to recover so quickly from criminal bankers plot.

      49. Black people better think about what would actually happen during a race war with whites. Whites are better armed BY FAR and out number blacks BY FAR.( 30 million blacks vs. 200 million whites ) GOOD LUCK!! Thats a 7-1 advantage and would simply be a SEVERE BEATDOWN. If you are black….be smart….don’t start a war you have NO CHANCE of winning.

        • I don’t know many black people who go to white neighborhoods and try to instigate. I and most other black people already know that we would be outgunned being that most cities are anti-gun. I do know alot of white people who come to black neighborhoods and instigate….local police. Don’t believe me,
          here is the latest case. http://youtu.be/7rWtDMPaRD8 This has happened to me and majority of my family more times than I can recall.

      50. Freedom is not given to us; it is taken by us or we do not have it.

        When the pain and suffering from the current system of plunder and control finally exceeds the pain and suffering that will come from revolting, even the US silent majority will rise up; it is just a matter of time.

        Peaceful demonstrations and changing public awareness are the early stages of revolution. In years past, who would have imagined the sort of anti-government discussions that take place today over the internet, yet people now openly talk of the possibility of civil disturbance and government violence against citizens. The violence will come in the later stages of this process of revolution. It took about 15 years for the American Revolution to finally come to violence in 1775 at Lexington Green; before that the same sort of things we see today were happening then. The current crisis only began in 2007-2008, so we may be several years away from a trigger event similar to 1775 (Lexington Green) or 1861 (Ft. Sumter). When peaceful efforts to restore freedom fail, only violent efforts are possible, and I think people still hope for an unlikely peaceful resolution.

      51. I won’t side with the OWS trash. But I internally debate being involved in a future rumble in some city against the police. Fighting for our Freedoms.

        On the other hand, saving bottles and gas might not be a bad thing. Heck, I think I could build a PVC cannon powered by CO2 to launch the Molotovs. Igniting them on the way out. Going much further than anyone can throw.

        It is not illegal to know where the police stations are and how many can be muster. Just in case.

        • Co2 launchers much fun 🙂 figure out the Aerosol bouncers and you got a sweet toy. Use lye for the spray tho very effective AoE.

      52. the last part of the video when that lone cop found himself on the wrong side of the beating made me think to myself. how much could a mob that size take before they actually got fed up and just attacked back. i remember when the london flash mobs were tearing up the city, there were hardly any law enforcement around nonetheless tried to stop and of it. i personally wouldn’t stand there doing nothing as these cowards wailed at me with their batons.

        on that same token, i hope that the tone in the comments and in the near future take on a more “us” against them tone rather than eff this, it’s every man for himself when SHTF.

        i know that we are here sharing information on the latest “attack” of the enemy towards the masses. maybe it might be more productive if along the info, the so called experts or veterans shared more in terms of how to prepare.

        i personally have at least tried to slowly open up the possibilities with neighbors. it’s a more appropriate time since gas prices here in california has gone nuts. people are more open to it. there have also been a rash of home invasions in neighborhoods around ours and we talk more about protecting ours and looking after each other’s properties.

        i know that we’re in the minority when it comes to this but with all the nastiness thrown at us by the TPTB, let’s keep a more helpful attitude towards each other. a little less condescending to the “noobs” and a little more encouragement.

      53. while the police are busy bashing skulls on main street, small discreet groups are busy setting fire to their unprotected homes on maple street, one by one. the local fire departments are spread to thin with other city wide fires. harsh, cruel, inhuman, yes…but a price traitors pay when signing a pact with the criminal bankers, all options/bets are on/off the table. you hit them where its hurts…you remove them their comforts, they must feel as much pain…its guerilla warfare, the same warfare our minutemen acestors applied victoriously against the british and afgans against soviets and americans and ira against the brits. why fight them fairly? you don’t….you do the unexpected an unpredictable. soon following, you target the unprotected politicians, media and judicial sectors who sided with the criminals.

        I find it grotesque these criminal bankers, media and politicians oppose welfare for the poor, the sick, the hungry, yet the govt supports welfare for the ultra rich bankers in the form of bailouts and QE, whom keep for themselves in the form of bonuses and acquire companies whom hold and have criminal intent to steal yours and my 401s and pensions.

        i hope it doesnt come to this, but its either become their slave or fight for your freedoms

        • if we’re smart about this…this shouldn’t become a black vs white issue…that’s exactly how the central govt planners want it…they’ll win

          the only colors i see in this fight is…white collar criminal bankers attempting to convert blue collar americans into their slaves.

          please discontinue the dem vs republican, liberal vs conservative, the muslim vs westerner, …this is exactly what the media and govt desire…divide us, then conquer us…

          the enemy stands before us…its wall street, K street an pennsylvania ave white collar suits…

          don’t you get it?

          • Exactly!!! As I stated before, the truly elite don’t even consider us the same species.

      54. there is the very real threat of civil war but i think it will be provoked by what some refer to as a “false flag event”… it will be purposely reported that some fringe group – left or right makes no difference at this point – has risen up against the current flow of things and acted… the provocation for martial law has been acheived and the real war begins… be ready folks – it’s coming…

      55. Coming soon to a city or town near you…prepare expeditiously!

      56. Rioting is not peaceful protest. I really don’t know what the point the author of this article is trying to make. If the people who are protesting become violent and destructive, what the hell are the police supposed to do?

        The TEA Party never acted like this and there is no reason to expect they would be attacked. The Occupoopers on the other hand openly baited the police and committed acts of violence, not to mention were destroying the livlyhoods of businesses in the area. That’s not civil protest. The police have a right and a duty to use whatever force is necessary to protect the freedom and safety of other people.

        Sorry to interrupt your meme. But logic and facts are stubborn things. There might very well be violent riots coming to the U.S. But let’s be clear. They will be started and perpetuated by communists, anarchists, labor union goons, entitlement junkies, and punks.

        The peaceful protests will be done by the people who are the only hope to save the Republic and freedom.

        • What happens when people on Social security and Government pensions get cuts or their retirement moneys start falling behind the hyper-inflation curve.

          They will protest. But the crowds will have plants that will start chit and make them look bad.

          IMHO, the Occupy Wall St protests were setting the stage for the bigger more mainstream protests to come when the financial house of cards starts to crumble.

      57. And another thing. I can guarantee you that at least 90-95% of the rioters were the same entitlement junkies that elected the left-wing nitwits who drove Spain into ruin in the first place. (I know that doesn’t go along with the Alex Jones Kool-Aid drinkers on here, Mac included. You’re no different than the Obama cult members.) It’s hard for me to feel sorry for any of them. I feel sorry for whatever percentage of the population who knew what was going to happen, resisted it, but were overwhelmed by the flesh-eating zombies.

      58. Come to Detroit, the games have already began

      59. the governments response would be way more brutal if we werent armed
        you all know what happened in Germany, Russa..and all the other countries as you see right now in this video, the unarmed will be beat down and subjected to assults at the wim of the government.

        Here, the government has its hands full..and they know if they step once too hard or to often it could and should come back to bite them hard.

      60. Like I have said before on this blog, the response will be brutal, and the media will make sure we know it.(once that helps the gubmint)

        Right now the prestitute media wont show police brutality against protesters on the news.

        THAT will change.

        The msm is a tool of the tyrants.

        Remember the msm showing all the anti-war protests, and then POOF, gone.

        Abc nightly news once showed tax “protesters” in chicago, it was supposedly a HUGE protest. It was state workers(teachers and such) demanding MORE taxes on the people. The REAL patriot anti-tax protesters(like Erwin Schiff) are sitting in jail and ignored).

        And on, and on, and on, and on.

        Some of what the msm puts out is to condition us, other things you see are warnings to others, and other stories are messages to those that can hear.

        How many times do you people say to yourself-

        Self, why is THAT news? Why is THAT national news?

        Answer- When they say “we”,and “us”, do you people really think you and I are part of “we”, and “us”?

        I know I should not have an answer that is a question.

        Riddle me riddler.

        Joke with me joker.

        Dream with me dreamer.

        The american dream.


        1. The thoughts, or series of thoughts, or imaginary transactions, which occupy the mind during sleep; a sleeping vision.

        2. A visionary scheme; a wild conceit; an idle fancy; a vagary; a revery; — in this sense, applied to an imaginary or anticipated state of happiness; as, a dream of bliss; the dream of his youth.

        “Just because I am paranoid, does’nt mean they are not out to get me”-unknown

        • Good morning, Kev! Great post!

          • Good morning Daisy.

            Yep, even a broken clock is right 2 times a day! 🙂

        • Forgot something.

          “They” tell us and teach us the american dream is owning a house.(“they” also tell us and teach us about the boston tea party and ignore the currency act in britain,the civil war was about slavery not states rights, and on, and on))

          Perhaps that saying started as “the american visionary scheme, a wild conceit, an idle fancy, a vagary, a revery, an imaginary or anticipated state of happiness” by those who could see the destruction of our nation by the facsist bankers and traitors.

          The public school system NEVER mentioned the fascists exept in foot notes and NEVER fully explaining the system. Just the commies, nazies, and the Holocaust(I have to capitalize that right?(@ isreal firsters and america seconders)

          “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini


          The structure of the federal reserve is exactly that-

          The merger of state and corporate power.

      61. 6.4 in the Balleny Islands region, on top of the other two polar earthquakes. Something very big is coming to the south sea islands north and northeast of Australia. This resets the time frame, from now to October 17, to now and October 24. This also moves up the magnitude of the earthquake that should hit from 6.9-8.0, to 7.3-8.6. Check out the plates here: http://www.iris.edu/seismon/

        Notice how the very southwestern tip of the Pacific plate that was hit with the 6.4. Now go up to the plate boundaries of the Pacific plate and the Australian plate, north and north east of Australian, this is the area to watch for a very large earthquake. Anyone planning a vacation here this month I might rethink it. From what I see right now is that Papua New Guinea, Soloman Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, and perhaps Tahiti have a big fat bull’s eye painted on them. Other areas west of here in Indonesia and the Kermandec islands still remain good possibilities.

        Watch these areas for even a possible mega earthquake by October 24. Will take some time to study this new location to see if other areas are also targets. Central Japan, and northern Chile still are also possible other areas that could get hit.

      62. It’s not our government. They don’t like us. They are in charge. They determine the level of agression they use against us. We can only determine the level of force we use to protect ourselves from them. Ouch! Maudy shouldn’t have tucked her Glock in her girdle this morning.

      63. I will never hesitate to kill a cop.
        We need to banish them and their families from our communities.
        These cops are paid by us the taxpayers to serve and protect us, not some invisible empire! They have become the tax collectors of the 21st century and do not deserve our respect.

        • Would you hesitate to kill a clown? How about an Oberlander with Leiderhosen? If a man dressed in a NASA spacesuit was beating your child, would you hesitate? I wouldn’t.

          I mean, really, why would you even say, “I will never hesitate to kill a cop.”? Costumes are costumes. Men are men and criminal behaviour can get you killed with no repercussions to your killer regardless of how silly or “official” the costume is.

          Costumes don’t stop bullets. …and they shouldn’t. But, cops act like they’re untouchable because they’re cops.

          NOTE: you don’t see stuff like this happening in Indiana, do you? Check out this bit of Indiana color of law:


          Check out near the end of Sec. 2 under (k)…

          Its legal to use lethal force against unlawful actions of public servants. …and the definition of “public servant” points DIRECTLY to the definition in “IC 35-31.5-2-185 – Law enforcement officer”.

          DO NOT TRY THIS CRAP IN INDIANA! Betting a vest might not hold back that many shots at once.

        • i dont know where you live but you must have bought in to the crap you see on the mind fucking tv and all the bull shit coming from all the news channels we complain about and ofcourse youtube. i dont know the BIG city cops you always see on the tv normaly work but they are confronting the mobs throwing shit bombs, spiting and pissing on them while they try to protect private property, i’d be willing to bet if that kind of stuff was happening to you or some friends you might do some things you would not other wise do. you have no idea who the cops are, some of us are mil. vets that spent our lives keeping this nation safe while you and your ilk let rot from the inside, came back and have to deal with attitudes like your. when i retired i wanted to serve my small community in VA in a more personal way and for the grate pay, i’m rewarded by having to deal with people like you. we are the ones your family members call if there is some one trying to break in. the ones you call after a car accident and watch while they cut you bloody drunk ass out of the car. the ones that search for hours for the missing child in the cold weather. im the one sitting in the same row as you at church(assuming you have a soul and go to church). im the one that has to tell your neibghbor there child has been killed in a car wreck. the ones that will be going in to the high school after the active shooter to try to protect yours and my childeren and for all this you want to kill me.. well i’ll expect it in the back because a fucken cowerd like you wouldent try it any other way.

      64. Behind every great story of the making of the US there was massive slaughter of innocent free people….. I will fight like them with the thirst of a savage warrior , he who has the most scalps wins…

      65. Like all protests, people just stand around watching others get beat. With thousands of protesters you would think someone would stand up and fight back with clubs, rocks, hands or whatever they have available, but no they just stand and watch. It only takes one bull to start the stampede!

      66. It was very difficult for me to watch this. …all I could think was if the rednecks protest and get beat like this, you’ll find a hole in the side of city hall that matches the profile of a Kenworth or one that matches the profile of the biggest farm tractor you’ve ever seen.

        The fact is, the people in this country that protest are (mostly) the CoCoa Puffers. Little means. Little brains. If they get pissed off, what, are they going to do? Run they’re rusted out 82 caprice through side of the court house? Probably not. Besides, it won’t start because instead of buying a battery, they used the welfare money to buy a flat screen.

        But, if you think the army can oppose 10 million pissed off, gun owning rednecks, then I have to ask you this: There are 25 million people in Afghanistan. It is estimated that about 2% (500 thousand) “unsupport” our wonderful endeavors there. We have drones and the full spectrum of technology to put on those “terrorist bastards” and we don’t give a rat’s petutey about their rights or their speech. Yet, we continually get our asses handed to us. Good Lord, people! These are half starved, illiterate goat herders!!! Uneducated. Poorly equiped. Poorly trained. (…as in *NOT* trained..) Yet, we’ve been over there for how long? 11 years? …and we’re still losing people? Uh, huh.

        Now, switch the theatre to the USA. There are 100 million gun owners. 10% are pissed off and ready for a showdown. Thats 10 million gun owners. Most which are well to do. Most of which are well educated. Most of which KNOW what the criminal bastard class is doing.

        What am I saying here? This is what I am saying:


        Lets just call it the “Criminal Bastard Sausage Grinder”. Insert hand, pull back bloody stump. Cops that do these kinds of shit here in middle America will be hunted. …and they know it. Thats why it doesn’t happen except in big cities at the CoCoa Puffer conferences.

        When protests like this get beat back in middle America in smaller cities, beware! Stay away from the cops not because night sticks hurt but because bullet fragments can kill you! Do not anger the rednecks. They built this country and they are just letting TPTB think they own it.

        • Wow–100 thumbs up!

      67. The best part of the video is at 5:52 when a trio attacks and beats the snot of a lone human animal (i.e. police). They allow the beast to get away however and that is a huge mistake. The thing should not have been allowed to limp away, it should have been put down there and then.

        The Spaniards have a lot of potential, but they are idiots. Sitting like passive cattle while a sub-human creature on a blue uniform and helmet pummels them with a stick…sad.

        They need to take metal pipes, knifes, machetes, clubs with nails, chainsaws, whatever can be used to hack, maim and puncture into those manifestations and stand their ground. Use firearms and explosives preferably if you can get them.

        Either way, the end result must be the same. The protesters must not leave until the politicians in the building have been caught, judged summarily and executed in the public square. Period.

        The human animals that form arms of the State must be exterminated too. Crack the databases where their details are and strike at them when they are alone in their homes. Target their wives and children. No pity, no remorse, no discussion. Unless they put down their arms and approach the people submissively, in their knees, vowing to make amends for all the money they stole and all the suffering they distributed, and begin collaborating immediately to destroy the system.

        Make clear to the ones that don’t take that route and choose to continue the oppression that they WILL be made to stop breathing, if not now later. Make fear and moral terror your allies and unleash 24/7 dread on the lives of the parasite and the oppressor. Have them return home to find the eviscerated body of their wife or husband. Fire bomb their personal vehicle. Burn their house down. No restraint, no apologies, no empathy, no excuses.

        They MUST be made to realize that anytime they put on a uniform to go to work there is a very, very good chance they will not be returning home again…ever. A certain Russian gentleman that spent time in Stalin gulag had a thing or two to say about this.

        Anything less than what I describe will change nothing. No amount of peaceful protest, no amount of petitions, no amount of votes will change a single darned thing.

        The human animals only understand violence, aggression and coercion. They are incapable of higher levels of though than that. They are psychopaths and sociopaths fit only for lobotomy and incarceration. Nothing more. If you do not speak the language of the human animal, the human animal will not listen. MAKE them listen. At least you Americans have guns…lots of guns. Use them to speak with the beast LOUDLY.

        Remember, cops are not human, politicians are not human. They are human ANIMALS. Ferocious animals must be put down.

        • Your remarks of joy at an officer getting beaten and the statement you make that police are animals tells me that you are nothing more than a moron!!

          • So far the morons outnumber everyone else 2 to 1

        • LOL even I cant stand behind that …….civil war with a goal and a cause ..yes ……and having crimes against the american people trials ….hell yes ! even surrender or die .

        • i dont know what fucken country you come from but it sounds like you need to keep you sorry retarded ass there or some cop like me will just have to wear it out.

      68. While the adults focus on police brutality and the children gloat over their fantasy reprisal attacks upon the officers the sane should consider the environment that would be present to motivate these riots to begin with. Things will be mighty bad to get previously apolitical people to go out in masse and protest. I’ll bet you will have to worry about your “fellow” protestor. Those riots may start with the best of political intentions and rapidly become a looting free for all. Such behavior is not the exclusive actions of minorities. The hungry of all races and colors will be well engaged.

        • Riots of any kind can get out of hand very quickly ……human stupidity .

          • T.R.

            And that is without a bit of prodding by the powers to be with agents provocateur which there is sure to be. Before the end of the day the poster child of “American Gothic” will be displayed in post offices across the land.

            Put enough distance between you and the protest / civil disturbance as possible so as not to be included in it or it’s collateral damage.

            • Aye that .

      69. Reading some of your replies scares me. So many of you are “gung ho”, ready to fight and always assuming that you will win. I’m sorry to say, but if you are not military yourself and you are going up against a squad of trained soldiers, you will likely lose.
        One of you even commented saying “There is no viable alternative for real men”
        I would counter said argument with wisdom I have collected over the years.
        If you are not cornered by an angry dog, don’t attack it. A real man will learn to pick a winning fight. And a quote I have quite recently grown fond of, “Don’t confuse a winning move with a winning game.”

        In a perfect world, this wouldn’t need to be said.

      70. Hey Humanity…

        It will get as bad as most of you foresee. For that I’m sorry but really you brought it upon yourselves.

        Some tips to help you survive…

        Never ever sell/trade a stranger the means with which to kill you. No guns, no ammo and no blades longer than 4 inches. Yes yes one can be killed with a pencil but you catch my drift.

        Never ever look well fed. Always look hungry. If you bring food to trade bring half of a day’s supply but call it a full day’s supply.

        Having heirloom seeds and knowing how to grow your own food will be priceless.

        Knowing which wild native plants are edible and which are not will also be priceless.

        Knowing which wild plants have medicinal value will be priceless.

        Knowing how to turn what you grow/forage into things like alcohol and vinegar will be priceless.

        Beans are the best stored food investment you can make. Bags and bags of all types of beans.

        Beans can be sprouted.

        Beans make an amazing cover crop/green manure. They add nitrogen to the soil as they grow and after they die so your garden can remain fertilized.

        • I’ve been gathering this type of info for yrs-scouring the neighborhood and woods for edibles-mulberry tree-fungus on deadwood-rose petals-weeping willow for headaches-it might be slim pickins-but it’s still pickins!

        • Well said. Communal groups of family and only close personal friends can help with security scenarios when time are truly bad. If you can, get as far out of cities and towns as you can, as soon after it starts as you can.


        • I hear ya ……they knew how to work the system …….BUT one the other hand ……..the government also knows how to work the system ..AGAINST US …..every day , and they do so without afterthought or remorse ……..just sayin .

        • Thanks for the link Joe.

      72. Most people have literally no idea what their government is doing or has planned for them.

        I do. I was involved in government for 30 years. I traveled the country, speaking to thousands, trying to tell them. I protested. I passed out pamphlets. I was elected and started to change things. Know what? Most people don’t want the progression of their country or their world into slavery to change. They think everything is just fine, or can be solved by electing this person or that person, then s/he will “fix things”. They honestly believe that they are too smart, too decent, too hardworking for anything really bad to happen. They are wrong.

        Your government – and I don’t care where you live, state or country – doesn’t give a rat’s azz about you. They are in the game to get power, money, and influence, and if hundreds of thousands or even millions of you have to die, well, that’s ok. They’ll take what you have and give it to their friends. They’ll incarcerate you in a stinking hole with other ‘offenders’ or put you down like rabid dogs and tell the media that is what you deserved – and the other sheep will agree, until it is their turn.

        20 years ago was the time for revolution – but everyone told each other that they were fine and fat and happy, and could go along to get along. Now it is too late; the tanks and guns and under-educated cops and military are all in place, ready to take your life or your freedom, they don’t care which; your very existence is unimportant. The aftermath of Katrina was just practice. Wait til they have an excuse like “massive civil unrest” and you’ll see of what the FedGov, down to your local government, are capable.

        It’s why, 5 years ago, I sold everything and moved to the middle of nowhere, grow my own food, “rub blue mud in my belly button” politically, smile and wave. What is coming is what most people cannot even imagine in their most horrible nightmares, and so they refuse to think about it much less discuss it. This is Gotterdammerung – the Dusk of the Gods – and most folks are sitting around their TVs in their apartments, surrounded by thousands, millions of others in the same situ, watching Football, presidential debates, Survivor and Honey Boo Boo, eating imported prechewed food that they think will always line their supermarket shelves and drinking water that will always come from their taps, without any idea that they are sheep in pens awaiting the butcher’s knives. They cannot hear the whirring grindstones, or the rumble of the tanks going by; they’re not coming for THEM. Two words – Cannon. Fodder.

        • Well said, Peaches.

      73. Facebook Page says:
        October 9, 2012 at 11:09 pm disector284

        I was referring to the beat downs. And agree with ever word. They Still want their pond of flesh. While they were spending all their children’s wealth they were also giving away their spines. They want it fixed but won’t pay the price. Both gov and the people need to realize stop the ride we need to reset the track.

        The pain is coming. No doubt abort that. It has to be paid with interest. And we are all guilty of that.

        Thumbs up Facebook!
        We are going to have to pay and continue to pay. We both know it sucks and many (those who thumb down) need to get a grip. They are un-doutedly the mouth breaters who think the world is theirs and everyone else should pay their way. I guess it is just human nature to want more for less. It’s like using a coupon at the store. You feel you got a better deal. I always feel good about getting things on sale and do use the savings to help those in need. See u-all I’m not as cold hearted as you may have thought. Any way we are in it now and if we want to know our fate all we need to do is tune in to the EU. It’s like watching our future on TV.

      74. Well at the end of the article it says there are “Views: Read by 32,820” people that have read this. So there will be at least that many people prepared.

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