Let the Bombings Commence: Two Key Developments in Syria Suggest It’s Go Time

by | Jul 16, 2012 | Headline News | 282 comments

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    In recent weeks we’ve seen scores of civilian men, women and children massacred in the Syrian towns of Homs and Tremseh, a Turkish (NATO) plane shot down over international airspace, some 10,000 armed insurgents enter the country across the Lebanese border, and what amounts to nothing short of total anarchy and civil war in the streets of Syria that has left an estimated 17,000 people dead. Western nations have condemned the actions of the Syrian government, calling for a peaceful resolution, but some observers suggest that we’ve be doing exactly the opposite, and rather than looking for a peaceful solution, all indicators point to a growing powder keg that’s set to blow at any moment. The Russians were recently caught transferring armaments to the middle east nation amid condemnation from the Obama administration, with Secretary of State Clinton telling Russia they will “pay a price” for their attempts at halting progress in the region.

    Late last week headlines across the world raised the alert level even higher. According to intelligence reports President Assad has begun mobilizing his weapons of mass destruction arsenal. Though Colon Powell may not be available to show us the location of the WMDs this time around, “intelligence” reports from western agencies indicate that Assad is preparing to deploy chemical weapons, including sarin, cyanida and mustard gas, on the rebellious population of Syria.

    The situation is now at a head, and two key developments in the last 24 hours indicate that whatever NATO has planned for Syria – be it a Libyan style no-fly zone or a full on Iraqiesque invasion – will soon come to pass.

    First, a final warning was reportedly sent to the Assad government through intelligence back channels that threatened airstrikes on his weapons facilities:

    …today, the Syrian ruler was given a “last warning” through intelligence channels in the West to leave the warheads and shells loaded with mustard gas, sarin and cyanide where they are. If he dared move them out of the northern and central locations where he deployed them last week, they would be destroyed from the air.

    Source: Debka File

    Second, likely a tell-tale sign that NATO military action will soon be initiated in Syria, several of Assad’s top generals and key security figures have fled the country with their families.

    Several high-placed generals bolted Bashar Assad’s inner circle Sunday, July 17, including such key figures as two security services chiefs who were operations commanders of the Alawite Shabiha militia plus the former head of Syria’s chemical and biological administration who took six other generals with him. They all fled to Turkey and defected. A fourth senior general from another security service was assassinated in Aleppo.

    1.  They all managed to spirit their families out of Syria well before they absconded themselves, an operation that must have required weeks of careful and secret preparation. The failure of Assad’s many-tentacled, clandestine agencies to discover what was up and foil the walkouts, attests to serious lapses in their notorious efficiency.

    2.  All the defectors served in Damascus at the regime’s nerve center for suppressing the revolt.

    3.  They all made tracks for Beirut before making their way to Turkey. Neverthetheless, the extensive spy networks run by Iran and Hizballah in the Lebanese capital failed to pick up on the city’s use as a way station for Syrian defectors in flight to Turkey.

    4.  Despite their active roles in crushing the civil uprising in Syria, those generals clearly hoped to escape the consequences of their actions and becoming liable for prosecution.  The Red Cross Committee in Geneva, the first international organization to call the violence in Syria a full-blown civil war, made it clear Sunday, July 15, that international humanitarian law applied henceforth throughout the country and provided a basis for war crimes prosecution, especially if civilians were attacked.


    Top level military and intelligence officials within the Assad government are bugging out after reports surfaced that chemical weapons are in play and “last” warnings from the west have been issued.

    We’ve seen similar circumstances before, in Iraq, where those who didn’t defect had their names and pictures placed on a deck of cards and were hunted down by Western forces. It looks as if the Syrians see the writing on the wall and don’t want to end up in front of an international war crimes tribunal or at the business end of a drone strike.

    UN / NATO military action is coming to Syria, and it could very easily lead to a global crisis that pits western nations against Russia and China, who have been in solidarity with the Assad government.

    As we’ve suggested before, it’s only a matter of time before the Russians and Chinese finally step in to counter the hegemony of western powers in the oil-rich middle east.

    Many have pointed to Iran as being the breaking point and potential catalyst for World War III.

    What if it’s Syria? And, what if it starts in the next few months?


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      1. The military should divulge their intillegence with a “Bombs for Freedom” ad campaign

        • Off topic, but may be helpful.

          Corn prices surging… Now up 42% since last month

          “This is a huge heads up for you to purchase corn-using products NOW before these conditions reflect in grocery goods.”

          “Since 75% of grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, expect food prices to rise.”

          “In addition to this, maize is in many things that aren’t obvious like aluminum, aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, batteries, envelopes, ink, paint, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. That’s just for starters…”

          (See article for a longer list…an error wouldn’t let it post.)


          • War On Health – The FDA Cult Of Tyranny – Gary Null ON YOU TUBE

            • If there is to be war, then let it be upon the synagogue of Satan—Tel Aviv and its colonies on the Thames, Potomac, and Hudson Rivers.

              Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

          • KY it may only be partially off topic. Assad isn’t a teen age military thug like Quadaffi and Hussein. He’s western educated, and knows what makes us tick. He doesn’t want to end up at the end of rope or on the wrong side of a 1911 45 ACP.

            If we push too hard I see him lashing out at the US, and our current “crop” issues make us an even more vulnerable target. How many of his men would it take? Seriously how many of his soldiers would he have to send across our porous borders and strike us in such a way to starve our population? A few key bridges, some rail road bridges and distribution points – and America is a starving nation.

            • Jim

              His brothers control the military. He is far more balanced than they are but he will not be able to hold them back for much longer. As you rightly say he is westernised, they are not. I think he is pretty much a puppet president, he never wanted the job, his father lowered the age a president had to be so he could have the position. They wanted him in because he was westernised and because his brothers would have not been popular with the US and UK. It was a fit up from day one, most of the Middle East is and when it blows it is going to low big time.

              Take care

            • I wish you were wrong but I dont think you are

            • First they will wait for the US Government to disarm everyone in the country then them and the muslim brotherhood can walk in and take over.

          • If the Fed puts 15 trillion into the economy. Hyperinflation will start in a few weeks. check King World News!

            • Good site, been a long time reader

            • I have never been there. is it reliable news or just bs guys? king world news

          • you know the funny thing is I lived in iowa and travel back there each week. they have had plenty of rain lately and the crops looks great! I dont know what state this is in but iowa is all corn and doing good I believe. just an honest report. maybe in other states but if anyone could fill in this for the rest of the states that would be great.

            • I live in S. central Iowa, and our corn is burning up. We’re short 18 or more inches of rain.

            • @ clint i am in southeastern north carolina and weather chanell keeps showing drought here also….all things are green and doing great, corn a mile high, and actually have not seen this much rain in one summer on a consistent basis in 8 yeaars. every to everyother day it rains in the area. I am bafled at the reports on television verses what i am seeing. i am surrounded by corn fields and can not understand the reports

            • Problem is not that the plant does not look great, the problem is the pollination, or lack there of. That is why advisors are screaming to the farmers to STOP selling grain (futures), and go into the fields and confirm the ears are silking (many are not). I fear that there are many farmers who believe they have seen worse, and that rain “must” be on the way, but fail to realize that the actual kernels will not be there come harvest. So, the worse comes when harvest is finished the farmer does not the the grain to fill the contracts he entered into, and will have to pay whatever the price for other people’s grain to take care of the contracts. That is when the real price jump will be unbelievable!

              Hope I am wrong and this will not happen, but I do have worries that more grain is being contracted at high prices by farmers who may not have the grain needed to meet their requirements.

            • Heretic, same in north TX, OK, KS, etc.

            • the town I live near is cedar rapids iowa. it didnt rain there for weeks and its all green for the most part and I used to detasle the corn where you pull off the top of the tassle and remove it and the male plants I believe polinate and make a better corn. Not sure if they do that anymore or if they use special genetically engineered corn now. I saw a lot of people say avoid it but I sure do feel good when I eat corn they sell at farmers markets in northern Pa near erie pa and in cedar rapids iowa. they are charging about 3 dollars for 6 pieces of corn and about 6-7 tomatoes for 5 bucks. tomatoes are waxed you can tell but better than any walmart etc. I wish you could freezed tomatoes but when they come out they are mush. anyway sorry for the rant useless info.

            • I drove through eastern and central North Carolina this weekend and saw miles and miles of green corn fields. I hear NC farmers are going to make out pretty good this year, like a while back when cotton broke records and NC farmers had planted cotton all over the place. Wheat has already been harvested and a second crop planted. I can’t tell what was planted because the plants are too small to see from the road. Could be cotton or soybeans, maybe peanuts, but probably soybeans.

            • If you start reading Farmer news report, you will find lots of news about what happening with our fall food supply. You will find that wheat in two state has been delayed because to wet. You find Corn is in trouble in several place. Because of the timing the corn might not be on cob. Just lovey tall stalks if it rain now. Timing is everything so let hope it turn out better then what some of reports are showing.

            • I’m also in SE NC and the corn here is gone. My parents live West back toward the mountains and they’ve gotten a ton of rain. Even here today there was a bad storm and it rained literally everywhere except here. I think the drought conditions are hit or miss across states and regions. There was something on the mainstream news about it today, and on the farm report last Thursday (on RFDTV, if you’re interested) had a long discussion about corn, beef, and commodity prices. Things may be okay in some areas, but overall things are headed south, fast, with the food supply.

            • clint hospo
              are puckin disinfo fedgov trolls.

              ignore them and their lies.

              buy your food guns ammo pm’s now – today !!!


            • My buddy from Iowa has family in central Nebraska and visited recently this weekend, he tells me from Fremont west everything is gone. I live in Omaha and our corn is green but the ears are not forming well. Long range forcast says no rain for two weeks in this area. It’ll be burned up by then, corn and beans. It consistently is in the middle 90’s to 100 degrees here. He also said that the irrigation the farmers are using west of here are running dry, even their wells are going dry, and their crops dont look that good either. Other farmers he talked to says thats not the only problem, all the seed corn has been planted in the drought areas and they wonder if there will be seed for next year. All the farmers weve talked to say virtually the same thing, if we dont get significant rain and snow this fall, winter, and spring people will be starving all around the world next year. And prices will go thru the roof for food. Needless to say were topping our preps even more.

            • Here in Canada our crops are looking fantastic. I live in a massive farming community and the wheat and canola are looking strong. 3-4 inches rain this week, and starting tomorrow 30c and sunny for 6 days then rain again, couldn’t ask for more. Corn is used as feedstock in the USA so maybe the meat eaters will feel the pinch the most.

            • The crops here in south MN look pretty good. Got ground beef on sale during the week of the 4th for $1.99 a pound. I think I have at least 20lbs in the freezer now because you can’t get that price often. Sweet corn was selling in the market for $.19 an ear last week. Corn is in a ton of our foods especially if you consider corn syrup as a lower cost alternative to cane sugar.

              You might want to check your kids tastes before you stock up on vitamins for them. I got some chewable nonfish source omega 3 gummies for my tots and they won’t touch them.

            • Southern Michigan, Northern Indiana, North-Central Ohio, Southern Indiana where I have seen are BURNING UP–huge swathes across several counties. The corn has tassled and just looks desperate. I didn’t go into any fields to check the silks. Interestingly, corn that gets some shade still looks quite good–tall, green and lush, while the rest of the field is 3 ft. high and as tightly spiked as a yucca plant, with leaves yellowing or turning a sickly gray-green. These places are in extreme drought–if you have just severe drought or one of the lesser levels, things will still look pretty good, and corn is actually and extremely tough, durable plant.

            • Southern Indiana- and the corn is toast so far. We have a chance of rain this Thursday but if that doesn’t come to pass we are hurting. The cattle rancher I get my beef from says he is sending his cattle to slaughter rather than trying to feed them. That should make our local beef go down in price temporarily but in the long run it will prolly skyrocket. Fortunately my little area of the county has had a few timely rain showers so my garden doesn’t look bad at all. The 600 gallon cistern that I installed that I installed to catch rainwater about 4 years ago may turn out to be worth every penny!

            • Clint I’m just curious if know how much of that corn is for ethanol and what’s for food. Thanks

            • I’m in kY–all reports say our corn is toast–I don’t have tv, but dh said radio news reports this.

            • Here in Indiana, we are under a severe drought. Many (or most) of our corn farmers are expecting total losses, or close to it. We have had a bit of rain in the past few days, but not much at all. But the farmers are saying that once you get to a certain stage and the corn doesn’t pollinate, no amount of rain will help. I have briefly read about other states, but I couldn’t give you a detailed account. For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, PLEASE pray for rain and please pray for God’s mercy on us.

            • Corn is 8 ft. tall in central PA.

          • Go check out S.510 the food austerity act coming soon to England. Than go check out what congressmen want to bring it to the US..”. Pretty surprising!!! How about letting the UN manaGe our food.

            • East central kansas – I saw a huge field of corn being made into silage. All of it being chopped up into cow food. They are already looking for hay to feed around here.

          • We stepped away from 99% the products that include corn because of an allergy. It’s been interesting going through the process. It’s in almost everything in one form or another. Even the “fresh” veggies at your store are sprayed with it. It’s BIG BUSINESS!!!!

          • That’s funny , I just bought 12 ears for $3 ….more bullshit …..you people are ducking nuts ……things are bad but you fuckers take it to a new level

            • Fresh corn on the cob isn’t what we’re talking about dipshit!

            • Bill,

              Hahahaha! Amazing how the “dipshit” loves to interject his 2 cents worth. Rich99 always ending up looking like the fool he is.

            • Rich-the people growing a small patch of sweet corn is a completely different animal than thousands of acres of farmland scorched by no rain and 100+ temperatures. I still have a small garden that is doing very well but only because I have a cistern that catches rainwater. If not for that and a couple of timely rainfall amounts of no more than 1/2″ my garden would also be gone. Go talk to a farmer and ask them how this drought is doing for their family dumb shit.

          • Avoid corn at all costs

            after all ,most is a gmo replicate from Monsanto

            void of all nutritional value and loaded with roundup dna to prevent pests..

            the one thing Monsanto didn’t factor in was drought conditions..

            oh well

            live well eat well
            skip the corn


            • One more side note….

              Since I personally cut out all the corn crap I’ve lost 85 lbs. I was one fat corn fed American. Man, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I’m still old but at least I’m not an old fat guy. Skip the corn indeed!

            • I did read and discovered why Monsanto corn is deadly.
              The seed has a built in toxin that makes the plant insect resistant..that toxin is in the leaves, stalk, and fruit of the plant.
              We are eating toxin in this corn.
              And, we are eating livestock fed with that toxin.
              Hang every Monsanto engineer/employee from a tree.
              I have beef from a slaughter house, grass fed.
              But, the chicken in my freezer may not get eaten when one considers not only the toxic feed, but reports of arsenic added.
              We don’t eat but very little sausage and bacon in this house; use bacon grease for cornbread though.
              Lots of little hams and spam in my storage but when we get to that level, I’ll probably be worried about many other things than what toxins was in the livestock feed.

          • KY Mom,

            I stopped by the local feed store today for a few bags of Deer corn for some feeders. The 50 lbs bag has gone up to $13.00 a bag here in the panhandle of TX. thats 38% higher then it was in march of this yr. The clerk told me he was expecting another increase in 2 weeks.. Folks you better get a freezer and stack it deep with beef. The word here in cattle country is not good..


            PS: Or do what I’m doing and go shooting deer,wild pigs and in nov go get a elk..

            • DPS ,

              That is a substantial increase. Hope you are able to get well stocked before the price increase.

              Beef prices have risen here too.

              Keep prepping!
              KY Mom

            • 50 lbs of corn in northern Michigan is $6.00. Last year it was 4 bucks.

          • I just got back from Wally World and picked up $100 worth of canned veggies and fruit. Thank you God.

            I should have gone to Aldi’s and gotten twice as much. Could’ve been worse, I could have picked up that Bob Marley CD I’ve been wanting and other CRAP too.

            However, during a collapse Bob Marley would be very soothing.

            Thanks for looking out Kentucky!

            • We don’t seem to have an Aldi’s close, but I can find one. What can you tell me about their products? I scour Sam’s Club for mega purchases, as well as Gorton’s for paper and plastic wares. They have great buys on frozen and chilled products, but our electricity is already too whimsical to take advantage of a large purchase. Think I’ll give away toliet paper and paper towels as gifts for the large numbers of weddings soon to occur in our area. Not a lasting gift, but might make setting up house-keeping easier for a stressed bride. If I really like the girl, I’ll wrap two packages of toliet paper in pink ribbon with a big bow on top. Of course, I’ll wait until after the collapse.

            • I will agree with you on Aldi’s. I haved compared the prices on all chinamart’s canned goods….and Aldi’s has a better selection and beatstheir prices.
              Aldi’s prices beat chinamart big time..one can, no problem, but I buy cases and go to Aldi’s.
              DG’s selection of canned goods is slimming down too, I noticed a few weeks ago.
              I don’t shop any more–have a room full of groceries–no need.

          • I REALLY like all of your posts. We definitely need more vitamins as we have 11 grandchildren and am sure at least half will end up with us. Do the Gummy Bear types store well? Do you suppose we’ll even need stamps and envelopes after the collapse? We barely have postal service now out here in the boonies of Ohio. I have Centrum Silver stocked up for my husband, but nothing for myself or our two youngest, unmarried sons, aged 16 and 19. Think I need a good house brand for myself, and our four older, married children. Hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!

            • there canned food is dirt cheap and dont have really and brand name stuff aldi’s. they are very resonable on their prices and have no store help just low prices.

            • Juliette,

              I am storing caplet/tablet form of vitamins for the family. I am afraid the “Gummy Bear” types will dry out.

              I don’t have any data to support this. But, I do know that medicines (Aspirin, Tylenol, Imodium, Pepcid AC, Ibuprofen, etc.) in caplet/tablet form store longer.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

            • Don’t forget Tang…best price, Sam’s.

          • yeah there has been a bad drought in the mid west but they could help if they quit using corn to make ethenol. why destroy good gas because of environmental nuts. pretty soon i think everything is going up when inflation goes nuts.

          • Damn, and the geniuses running the government have been pouring into gas tanks too.

        • This will bring the USA to unite again and jobs for the war and also a draft if it gets ‘that bad’ people say oh they can’t draft, OH YES THEY CAN. ANY capable males will be drafted.

          GUESS WHAT illegals reap our benefits but dont have to worry about a draft.
          THANKS OBAMA

          • Time to have a hunting accident with the boy. Better one in the leg than one in the head. Draft dodging is something I encourage since the wars they lead us into are complete horse shit.

            • I had a cousin that lost his life for the likes of you . If you don’t like it here with the freedom that you have because of men like him then pack your bags and go. See if you can find something better.

          • An Elite Man: Ain’t gonna happen pal! The draft ended a year or two after I joined (2Jan73) and I’m 59 y/o. Nobody of draft age these days is going to put up with that crap. Those, like myself, who were looking for some kind of training and college money volunteered and they are doing so even today. These rest of today’s youth will just ignore it. Besides, the draft is outdated, it’s for large conventional wars with long timelines were we need a lot of basic fighters, primarily infantry and artillery plus armor. Today’s conflicts are anything but conventional. We have to stop policing the rest of the world and bring our folks home. Our military is a tool for big business which dictates our political policies through the elected officials it buys. Don’t believe me, read USMC B.Gen. S. Butler’s book “War Is A Racket”. He served for 33 yeas, was a double recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor along many others for valor, so he knows what he’s talking about. He speaks of his times but it’s appropriate to all of our international incursions to expand our political/business influence around the world from the sending of our Navy and Marines to the Barbary Coast up to Iraq. The General and I agree: It’s all bullshit! Just follow the money. I’m grateful for the training and the college but knowing what I know now, let them (Govt/Big Bus.) hire Mercs if they want to control other countries and stop playing this “spreading democracy and freedom” crap. Defending America means staying home and defending it from here-period.

      2. how are you set for gas masks?

        seriously,, this is how they act when they cant get you to go along with their “plans”..you dont play along..they gas you to death.

        coming to a front door near you

        • i have a shitload of gas masks and filters too 🙂

          • king krazy — I find the use of “shitload” and “gas masks” in the same sentence very humorous.

        • VRF, the middle east is a chess board, each individual country is a pawn with the main players being; Russia,China,the US, and Nato. They allow short term players in (for a price: we make the rules) such as Asad, Saddam, Arafat, Khadafi, Iran, Sadat, and so on. In some cases the minor players are knocked off because they become too big (i.e. Sadat, Khadafi, Saddam,even the Shah).
          Other than oil, the main purpose of the players is Israel.
          Even though some of you on this sight blame everything on Zionism, remember, even the arabs prefer a strong Israel, which helps maintain peace.
          Before you blow me off, I lived there and trained the arabs during the 80’s.

        • Got six Finnish masks for the family. All checked out and gtg.

      3. It’ll matter little what event kicked off WWIII, what’s important to grasp is that it’s inevitable, likely sooner than later, and that you are either prepped for it or not.

        Things could get so bad, so quick, most would trade their right arm then to turn back the clock even just one week to have gotten their family better prepped.

        • I spent this past weekend at the retreat. I still have a lot I have to do, but at least most everything is purchased. I just have a lot left to assemble. We could rough it now, but I want to be able to stay a couple years with all the comforts of home. Had a cookout with my neighbor and asked him why he didn’t go get my generator. Said it was only out for a week so why bother. I’m so thankful for neighbors who are already living it every day.

          Still have the goal of September, but a few small outbuildings I am constructing here in town and hauling out may have to wait until October.

          • War On Health – The FDA Cult Of Tyranny – Gary Null LLL

            • Ah, shut up!

          • Shooting for October also. Good luck PP!

          • prepared pastor. I read your posts each week and I would like to know the assholes who give you a thumbs down all the time. I mean you put always honest and good stuff you can tell but some people on here I really think are idiots. I hope that your good on weapons and ready to rock and roll.

        • Whatever kicks it off, we all feel it. It’s an indescribable darkness that alerts our senses to only one conclusion: get your ass prepared in every way possible. It’s gonna go from zero to shitstorm in a heartbeat and I pray the good ones are ready, because it’s gonna be us who rebuilds this country after NATO/NWO/(insert other initials here) destroys it.
          Mac, any chance that when it all goes south that you can dedicate some forum space for those affected, so they can communicate? Just a thought.

      4. then we all need to prepare. war mixed with failing crops because of lack of rain will mean skyrocketing prices in everything. For the sake of your families, stock up now…

        • you know all the corn around cedar rapids looked great. I dont know where your at iowa sparky.

          • Clint hospo

            Yeah, but have you noticed our lawns are brown in the city of five smells?

            • yes, my parents lawn is just fried. you know the smell there really never bothered me. went to linn mar in 92. adm cornsweetners does stink bad. lol

            • Clint Hospo,

              Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a CHAT FORUM…to trade phone numbers and ideas since we are so close?

              By the way Clint, I’m that guy on the SE Side with the Ron Paul yard sign and Gadsden Flag flying everyday.

              Wish I knew more people like you.

              • Dang nabbit! I know I know!

                Iowa, we just moved to a new property and it’s been taking its toll on me… This is coming, i swear!

          • I don’t know about Iowa, but corn is dying (burning up) in NW Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana and parts of Illinois. That IS the cornbelt. Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and maybe a little further out.

            • I saw that in Illinois when driving thru to pittsburgh. the crops were not as strong as many summers. but it did look higher. usually we say knee high by the 4th of july and it was tall as a 6 foot person by then i remember in a lot of areas. wonder if they are the genetically enginerred corn or some crap now they use.

          • the plants can look fine, but if we don’t get rain during the growth cycle, you will have poor ear production and end up with small ears or sparce kernels on the cob…

      5. Since Syria and Iran do not trade in petro dollars

        it is inevitable that they will be bombed into submission via US Anglo Empire’s non compliance enforcers commonly known as NATO.

        do Libya and Iraq come to mind?

        and as far as Russia and China entering the fray

        that’s a definite crap shoot

        keep on preppin!


        • if that’s the reason for bombing then they’ll have to bomb Turkey also…

          60 tonnes of gold for a whole lot of oil

          • Might as well bomb my house while they’re at it.

          • Turkey is a member of NATO so they will help subdue that “terrible” regime with all those humanitarian crimes.

          • 40% of people in Iran are of Turkish ancestry, so politics as it is would either cause Turkey to join Iran, and if not then Turkey may have a civil war if they join NATO efforts.

        • Maybe I can get a contract to paint NATO markings on US planes. In Labyia, NATO was pretty impotent without USA carrying the bulk of the load.

      6. let me add this.

        The event today of a supposed “dinghy” sized warship(skiff?) bombed into submission is another precursor to elevate the tensions and get the warhawks in dc all riled up..

        and the supposed wmd’s of nerve gas being readied is eerily similar to another conflict precursor of yore..

        buckle up folks..


        • It was a friendly-

          Zero hedge-

          Those trigger happy US sailors are causing some diplomatic headaches again for Hillary Clinton who this time has no Syrian anti-aircraft missiles to blame, by firing on a friendly ship, killing one and injuring three, off the coast of Dubai.

          • The ENTIRE premise of this article has the same, familiar, wornout stench that the NATO NUTZIES, ISRAHELL, and “lapdog” USA have been “liberating” all over the “sandbox” for more than a decade now.

            “Scores” of innocent Syrian civilians are being massacred by ????????????? According to “Western Media”. Thank “gawd” for the honest and always accurate appraisal of the “western media”. You want to talk “civilian deaths”, start with Amerikan drone attacks and indiscriminate killings of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan “during the liberation”.

            Another in a long series of Mossad/CIA/ETC disinformation campaigns to “lather up the unforgivably stoopid Americans” into endorsing ANOTHER war for “democracy” whether they want it or not.

            And “hellary clinton” threatening Russia is a like a 1st grader correcting a nuclear physics professor on some portion of ‘his/her’ latest formula calculations. MEANINGLESS!

            How many times will the WMD card still get “play” by the “stoopid” sheeple in this country? And coming from the Mossad disinfo RAG debka file no less.

            Why not ask the Iraqi’s how all that “liberation/democracy “thingy” has worked out for them. Oh, BTW, you Iraqi’s can KEEP ALL THOSE DEPLETED URANIUM MUNITIONS that are, and will continue to KILL YOU FOR GENERATIONS TO COME. Your Welcome.

            WWIII, warming up center stage…brought to you by the NWO, the LIKUDNUTS, and their Amerikan “bitches”.

            • USA will free the shit out of Syria. I’m sure they will be glad to be killed by NATO (US) bombs instead of Syrian shells.

            • yental…I agree there is a bit of propaganda here.The reports I read said the Turkish jet was in Syrian airspace. Not only that, but it spent more than 5 minutes in their airspace. At 500 or so mph that is 40-50 miles of coastline. Accident my ass. It was meant to provoke the Syrians.

            • Things that I hate

              Example-(ones of THOUSANDS)

              “The Hill reported yesterday that investigators from the Treasury’s Office of the Inspector General found that some of the regulator’s employees surfed erotic websites, hired prostitutes and accepted gifts from bank executives”.

              Did the bank hire the tutes? In a room with cameras??

              Since NO ONE has gone to jail for all the banking fraud(mortgage backed sec., mf global and on and on) I would say-

              80%- yes
              20%- no

          • @ kevin and POsse—-IT was NOT a ship…it was a boat….as used in Yemen to kill soldiers of ours. It was told to STOP, but proceeded FAST at our ship, which then opened up with 50 cal machine guns as per orders. Join the Service and see how it works. A boat that is approaching a US Naval ship at high speed and does not listen is fired upon, plain and simple.
            If it HAD been a Yemen type deal and solders died, you would all be bitching and complaining that they just let this unidentified “boat” get too close.

            • You got that right inon!

              Some of these so-called patriots on this site seem to HATE our military as much as they hate Zionists, Jews and Obuttface.

            • Maybe they dont understand redneck?

            • Would that be the same US military that went door to door post Katrina disarming US citizens? How should we be feeling about them?

            • inon/anonymous

              As a USMC 1ST BAT/9MAR family that served 2 tours of duty in Iraq/Ramadi 50CALGunner/ Squad Leader/ MRAPTOR and, 24th MEU as well over the last 4 years,I would hardly state a disdain for the military.

              Friendly or not,boat or ship, is not the point.
              (I’ll leave those qualifications to the squids.)

              The point is this..

              Engage when need be.and if justified in this case..eliminate the threat..agreed.but..

              the overall scenario is provocation to drum up sentiments for full scale engagement.

              so the white shoe boys stateside can reap huge profits on oil speculation/nation rebuilding.

              at the expense of our men and women in harms way.

              Meanwhile, our borders are wide open here for any presumed threat to infiltrate unnoticed..



            • @inon- I know how “it” works.

              Did I SAY THAT (the trigger happy thing).


              ZERO HEDGE DID!!!!!

              So you UNDERSTANDS MY POSITION-

              I would rather have a million of those people die in the middle east, then ONE of our guys.(BUT I would prefer NO ONE DIES, and the us NO BEING THERE!!!!

              I posted that part because it had a clinton in it.(and it was easy,first part of their article)

              I am surprised they even issued the live rounds(the cole, nation guard on our border with mexico). Was it not a clinton that said no to live rounds for the cole, and no spector gunships in somolia?????

              I should have not pasted that “trigger” happy part, so I do deserve a little smack down for that, and I except that little smack down.

              I dont bitch about ANY information I get, I QUESTION IT.

              TPTB have EARNED that questioning!!!!!!

              @anon- you said-
              You got that right inon!

              Some of these so-called patriots on this site seem to HATE our military as much as they hate Zionists, Jews and Obuttface.

              FUCK YOU!!!!! (sorry mac, had to).


              Bring them all HOME.

              Is that hate???

              You support sending OTHERS to war I do not.

            • hill hermit,

              Was it our military? Or was it Mercenaries PAID by the US gov’t?

            • US army.
              Not sure what the differance is between a person who is paid to obey orders up to and including killing and another person paid to do the same? Would it be the VA benefits and the slavery that makes them “our military”? Because I am not sure how a company like blackwater contracts it employees.
              As for those boys going door to door taking guns from US citizens they were US army, VA benefits and all. I would however refer to them as mercinaries if we wanted to get technical.

          • A reasonably intelligent “friendly” would be smart enough to keep its distance from a warship or a tanker if they are in a “fishing boat” or pleasure craft in the Persian Gulf.

            Wouldn’t you?

            Obviously, the “friendly” breached the safety space of the ship and probably ignored warnings to withdraw, endangering the ship and crew.

            Gun crews don’t make that decision on their own. The ship’s Captain must have ordered the response based upon commonly accepted and published protocols. I would be surprised if it were otherwise.

            Great shot, guys!

            • I fault them for the warning shots the surely fired. DK is right here. They no more “accidently” approached the warship than TSA “accidently” touches people’s junk.

            • Agreed DK. I f^cked up and posted that first sentence of that zh article.(I am doing damage control here,now)

              I have commented to you many times how I feel about the men in uniform, no more is needed.

              I have posted many times how I feel about helping our number 1 ally in the middle east(F them). No more is needed here.

              But our guys defending themselves??????

              “great shot guys”-dk

          • Things I hate (example b)


            A US Senate probe has disclosed how lax controls at Europe’s largest bank left it vulnerable to being used to launder dirty money from around the world.

            The report into HSBC, released ahead of a Senate hearing on Tuesday, says huge sums of Mexican drug money almost certainly passed through the bank.

            OH, THANT IS OVER THERE, the bankers dont do that over here.

            If anyone thinks that google- Fib launders drug money(I think it was fib, could be boa ot BOTH)

          • @Kevin Whoa, whoa, whoa. Trigger happy Sailors? Don’t think so. The actual firing on that boat was only as a last resort in the defence of their Ship/Home. They did what they had to do.

            • @navy vet- WTF are you talking about? did you not read what I posted above this comment to dk, a couple of hours before you posted this??

              Go comment to the author at zero hedge.

              Perhaps instead of you criticizing me and zero hedge, you should be asking yourself and fellow “navy vet”s-

              Why no live rounds were issued to the uss Cole’s crew?

              Why is the attack of the uss Liberty being covered up?

              Alot of “navy vet”s DIED during that attack, and covered up by mccains daddy.(and mccain himself for that matter, but he is ALL about the vets, right?????)

              They were betrayed and used by our government. Pawns in the game(to the government)

              To me they are heroes. God bless their souls!!!

              No distrespect intended, just saying!!

      7. LET’S SING TOGETHER NOW! It’s the end of the World as we know it, it’s thee end of the world as we know, and i feel fine.

        now i just need a bag of popcorn to watch this B!*ch burn.

        • i am no where near ready, so i am pretty much fucked. so where is the popcorn and a good seat to watch this bitch burn.

          but, just in case i have enough time i think that i will put everything in high gear to get ready as much as i can.

          • Someone told me on another site in 2009 if I wasn’t already prepared that I shouldn’t waste my time. Steady plodding brings success.

          • OmegaGreyKnight

            None of us will ever be truly ready. We may be ready for a month, or a year, or even a couple of years but we have no idea how long the situation will last. All we ca do is keep going and pray we get through.

            Take care

            • That’s a fact!

            • Totally agree. I think if I have a few more months I will be OK. But the truth is in the less than 1 year I have been preparing I am doing pretty good. Fact of the matter is we need to be ready because we need to listen for when it really happens. God warned the people of Jerusalem, the warning needed to be heard. They were not sure exactly what it would be, but they knew when they heard it.

          • Omega Gray, tell you what man, if you have a plan and a Bug out bag with a little extra water and food, you’re more ahead of the game then the living zombies you see on the street everyday. Don’t beat yourself up, do what you can, when you can. Someone with a plan of action and nothing to his name is more prepared than someone with food and water with no clue as to what they’re doing. Here’s a way to look at it. You have a little, but that means you’re mobile and more likely to adapt. Someone with 3 years of food and water, they’re stuck there, even if it goes south for them, because they don’t want to bug out and leave their “stuff” behind. It’s all a matter of perspective. If you find yourself in an urban area, have some seeds to give them, maybe a little diesel to run the tractors, and a willingness to work and do your part to help them under the condition that they let you and yours live there. Typically we’d kick you out, but if you have something we can use, some know how, and you seem like decent folk, that’s a different story from the city guy who has a car full of empty stomachs, no skills and a lot of needs. Keep us posted man.

            • Sorry, meant Rural area, not Urban.

            • I keep repeating myself but, — bug out to where?? What’s the use of trying to flee to somewhere unless you are fortunate enough and have the means…

            • Totally agree. Coming from a town of 250 I think a city dweller with some skills and some seed would be welcome. But if you are a city boy I can almost guarantee your in with some solar ripped off your house and 200 litres of diesel. My little 30hp compact will till about 80 hours with that much fuel. Well welcomed in a fuel pinch. I prep fuel as well as oil and 3 years worth of filters and grease etc etc etc.

          • omega- I would just make sure that you have a 12 guage with a lot of buckshot. I think that is the best weapon ideally for close range and around homes and corners. most of us on here are not professional snipers and need to protect ourselves in a confined area. Make sure you have a least water and some gatorade powder with it, plain water gets boring and I crave pepsi so if you sugar lovers out there id have some propel packets and a few water purifiers ready. I got a great deal on propel packets 10 packets for 99 cents 3 months ago. 2 packets fills 32 oz or 1000ml get some tuna cans too and some salt.

          • That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane –
            Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn –
            world serves its own needs, regardless of your own needs. Feed it up a knock,
            speed, grunt no, strength no. Ladder structure clatter with fear of height,
            down height. Wire in a fire, represent the seven games in a government for
            hire and a combat site. Left her, wasn’t coming in a hurry with the furies
            breathing down your neck. Team by team reporters baffled, trump, tethered
            crop. Look at that low plane! Fine then. Uh oh, overflow, population,
            common group, but it’ll do. Save yourself, serve yourself. World serves its
            own needs, listen to your heart bleed. Tell me with the rapture and the
            reverent in the right – right. You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright
            light, feeling pretty psyched.

            It’s the end of the world as we know it.
            It’s the end of the world as we know it.
            It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

            Six o’clock – TV hour. Don’t get caught in foreign tower. Slash and burn,
            return, listen to yourself churn. Lock him in uniform and book burning,
            blood letting. Every motive escalate. Automotive incinerate. Light a candle,
            light a motive. Step down, step down. Watch a heel crush, crush. Uh oh,
            this means no fear – cavalier. Renegade and steer clear! A tournament,
            a tournament, a tournament of lies. Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives
            and I decline.

            It’s the end of the world as we know it.
            It’s the end of the world as we know it.
            It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

            The other night I tripped a nice continental drift divide. Mount St. Edelite.
            Leonard Bernstein. Leonid Breshnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs.
            Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom! You symbiotic, patriotic,
            slam, but neck, right? Right.

            It’s the end of the world as we know it.
            It’s the end of the world as we know it.
            It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…fine…

            (It’s time I had some time alone)

            • imagine trying to memorizing that song, my god its mixed.

            • @clint- thats why I posted them.

              “Sing along” some one said.

          • Good one Mac, one of my buddies I grew up with (our gang)
            was a sound man for REM, traveled the world with them, they even played at his wedding (a surprise to him). My second mom (adopted best friend) had Peter Buck grow up 4 houses down from her in Roswell GA, and Peter used to come to her house and jam with her son before he went to college (preREM). I was dumbfounded when they broke up. But we all must evolve and move on in life, as REM has…
            If you are not prepping, you are just inepting….

        • Come on, it’s lovely weather to share armageddon with youuuuu!

      8. Former Gen Mcrystal is calling for a draft too.

        • I think we’re looking at full-scale conflict within the next decade, perhaps within the next few years….

          With the draft, i think we should start with recruiting the children of all federal Congressional representatives… in fact, that should be a tenet of any such draft bill that passes through Congress…

          • Maybe not the children Mac :), but I do believe that Congress reps should be the first boots on the ground. They want the war, they can fight it.

          • I agree with you but don’t be surprised if you see more privatization before any type of draft happens. PSC’s or PMC’s, whatever you prefer, might take a greater roll in future conflicts. Cheaper, both financially and politically. I have a feeling that any type of draft will cause severe civil unrest, especially for any conflict in the Middle East but you never know

            • Lets see one of Obama’s girls enlist at 18.

          • Mac, I don’t agree. It is unconstitutional for We The People to send politicians children first to war. However, nothing wrong with sending the Commander In Chief first like GEORGE WASHINGTON SENT HIMSELF! I’d be happy to send Obama off to Damascus!

            How bout we just revolt and end the wars.

            RON PAUL 2012

            • works for me Iowa!

        • “To make a people great it is necessary to send them to battle even if you have to kjck them in the pants. This is what I shall do.” Benito Mussolini

          • Key words-




            @tyrants-read that second one REAL slow.

        • Every young man should ignore the drafts existence. The government is not looking out for my country anymore. Bankers rule the day and if you let your young people go then I pity your souls for it is a death sentence. No military no war, that simple. Oh ya and throw the bums who put in the draft to be on the front line as fodder and see how awesome it is.

          • What parent would allow their child to go enter any branch of military with the stupid ROE policy in effect now??

      9. The Middle east is full of turmoil.

        read these links on Drudge Report…

        US Navy Fires on Ship in Persian Gulf, One Dead

        Pentagon sending aircraft carrier to Mideast early

      10. could somewhen please tell mee why i should care about the middle east?

        • You really shouldnt kk, its a dif planet in a far away galaxy.

        • You should care because about 15% of them live here now and they are building mosques & “community centers” all over the USA at frightening speeds. (15% is probably an exaggerated guess but you get the point, we are being invaded from within.)

          You should also care because they want us all killed. We are the devil to them.

          They are not just camel jockeys anymore. We have made them wealthy & powerful with our money for oil.

          What kind of idiotic society fuels their enemy? One that will eventually self destruct or fall to that enemy, that’s what.

          • I believe all races are like dogs, we can get along with other dogs but some dogs will always fight others. you know what i mean. if they are building mosques they will do what they want and do hate us you can see it. us whites are probably the most giving and excepting of other races over any other race except japanese mabye. I could be wrong but thats how I see it

            • White people have become stupid suckers and will be genocided out of existence.

            • Clint Hospo:

              “I believe all race are like dogs”…

              My belief is that We were Created Kings/Queens and that some of us live Like Slaves instead.

              Hence Jesus, “You are Gods but you will die like Men”.

            • The Japanese? Really? Please look into that statement a little further…

            • Muslims are not the enemies. Only sheeple believe that. The “they hate our freedoms” thing is so old and lost its touch. They’re are finding ways for this country and the Arabs to clash. There’s only like 6 million Muslims in this country and they don’t control high offices. They don’t hate Americans because according to the FBI, crimes from Muslims keep on dropping and are on an all time low. Plain and Simple: They don’t hate you. Out of all the lies this government tells, and you pick this one to believe? Give me a break.

          • Best enemies money can buy.

          • MrB- America is getting destroyed by illegal imigration from 100% of the imigration, not just the 15%. WTF!

            Why are you not concerned about the spanish speaking only churches and the thousands of taco shops?

            Who is this “THEY” that want us all killed????

            You say we are the devil to “them”, well whats that term??? GOY!!! We are also animals to another group of people over there.(read the jews own books)

            You said-

            They are not just camel jockeys anymore. We have made them wealthy & powerful with our money for oil.

            What kind of idiotic society fuels their enemy? One that will eventually self destruct or fall to that enemy, that’s what.

            I agree 100% with what you said here, but the other comments have WAY to much kool-aid.

            I dont drink kool-aid!!!

            Perhaps you should lay of the hannity for a while.

            Just sayin.

            • Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.

            • @anon-

              Even if you COULD comment on the spanish ONLY churches, and make an argument(you CANT), your blah,blah,blah comment would probably be better.

            • @Kevin.

              You occasionally make an intelligent comment, but not this time.

              THIS article is about a potential war in the MIDDLE EAST. My comment addressed this specific issue and the issues we have with radical muslims and muslims in general.

              If the article had been about illegal immigration, I would have addressed that.

              Stay on topic please.

            • @mr B-

              No disrespect, but my comment is a reply to your starement SO IT IS ON TOPIC!!!!

              The illegal imigration has DESTROYED my church I grew up going to.

              Spanish ONLY sermons where DEMANDED!!!!

              They have done more damage to me/us then the muslims imigrants could do in 100 years.


              WHY are the muslims (15% of the problem) more dangerous then the thousands upon thousands of ms13 members?

              The thousands of spanish ONLY churches springing up(hmm they have no problem getting funding).

              My biggest question-

              why why why why why are they counting the votes in spain.

              No disrespect intended or anything, I am just looking for answers to my questions.

            • @kevin.

              I did not discuss the illegal immigrants or their danger to our nation – either financially or physically – because I was discussing the problem at hand in this article – the muslims.

              Yes, illegal latinos are a huge problem. No, our idiot politicians are doing nothing to stop them or correct this problem.

              Press 1 for English
              Press 2 for Spanish “message should say “LEARN ENGLISH!!!!”

            • @mr B- I just dont think the muslims are our problem here due to the fact most are OVER THERE(the mexicans are HERE)!! People (christians, jews,palastinians and muslims) have been fighting for the holy land (not that I WANT people to do that, its just they have been doing it for thousands of years, and there is NOTHING me, you or the american experiment(or our payed off politicians) can DO ABOUT IT!) So F them. (yep, F^ck the jews,palastinians,muslims AND christians over there)(F^ck- syria,saudi arabia,isreal,iran,egypt, and on, and on.)Those countries are not worth a broken finger nail in my opinion I am just passionate about bringing the troops home. The oil over there is a non-issue to me, the amount of untapped oil just in alaska( not to mention off the east coast, but dead ted doesnt want to look at rigs there) is a head spinning amount.

              america first.

              I will stand with George Washington beliefs.

              NO FORIEGN WARS!!!

              sorry for ranting at you this morning mr B.

              “press 2 to learn english” LMAO 🙂

            • Kevin: He wont hear/see this on Hannity/fox neither eh…

              “There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, it’s DESTROYERS, it’s incendiaries, it’s executioners.” —Oscar Levy, in the preface of his book, “The World Significance of the Russian Revolution”

              Seems to Fit with this also!

              In countless early Hindu texts it is Shiva (or Indra) who is literally known as “the destroyer.”

              I find this very interesting, particularly since the Jews actually call their religious schools “Yeshivas” i.e. “Ye-Shivas”! Furthermore, the Jews, in their thousands of declarations make no bones about it and proudly proclaim themselves “the destroyers” just as Shiva’s followers were known

              This too sure seems to fit swell!

              I might also add that Jewry’s adoption of the “Magen David” or Hexagram as their symbol harkens back to the SAME Lunar god system in ancient India.

              The Jewish Star was first identified as the “yantra” or symbol of the Lunar god “Lord Kubera” who was known as the “leader of the demons” and the “demon god of wealth” in ancient India, long before the Jews ever adopted his yantra as the symbol identifying the Jewish race.

              To say that the Jews represent the worship of Money, Sin and Satan, just as the Bible claims, actually bears witness to the known historical facts.

              Love/Lust of Money(mammon) is the Root of All Evil! JC…

            • @am- Very interesting post.

              The onset of WW1 is said to be caused by the killing of 1 man. Yeah, all those people hanging from trees,telegraph poles, and street lighting are not bankers, no no no no, they are partisans thats what they are. (sarc off)

              History is written by the victors(and who finances wars,kings, and governments), and anciant history is destroyed/supressed by zealots. (notice they call india’s verbal history mythology, along with the greeks) Alot of hidden/destroyed history in india(as well as S america and around the globe).

              I have never claimed that I know alot of the pieces of the puzile of history, but the bigger picture is kinda easy to see.

              Thanks for the post/info.

              A little tid-bit-

              A statue of bull, is associated with wallstreet?


              “the bull is associated with Shiva and is said to be His vehicle. The bull symbolizes both power and ignorance. Lord Shiva’s use of the bull as a vehicle conveys the idea that He removes ignorance and bestows power of wisdom on His devotees. The bull is called Vrisha in Sanskrit. Vrisha also means dharma (righteousness). Thus a bull shown next to Shiva also indicates that He is the etemal companion of righteousness”.

          • All great countries commit suicide. Not my words, but true.

        • King Krazy:

          Because God created the earth and the arabs. Probably not what you want to hear.

        • Well, for a start, it’s full of oil. Civilization runs on energy, cheap energy, and lots of it. It’s also full of Muslims, members of Islam, the world’s largest and most violent cult, who hate anyone who is not a Muslim. You, not being a Muslim, are a target, whether you know it or not, or like it or not.

          So educate yourself. Start by knowing your enemy.

      11. yep, the believing of the propaganda of “massacred people”

        let the bullshyt war begin

      12. Be nice to America, or we’ll bring democracy to your country.

        • Heck yeah, the scope of their freedom depends on the size of the bombs we drop on their country… They can thank us later with their servitude.

        • America’s largest export is death in the name of freedom. Saddam kills 600,000 and he is a sick killer, America kills over 1,000,000 and they are supposed to be hero’s? TO WHO? I suppose the Romans thought of themselves as saviors too. I just don’t understand the logic or lack of it.

      13. We heard all the same arguments/bull$hit for war with iraq.

        This is ALL about the dollars supremacy, as it was for iraq/libya.

        In the end it will not matter.

        Our manufacturing base is gone, and our monitary system is a fraud, broken, and bankrupt.

        We will not win ww3 for those reasons, and the last arrow in the quiver is nuclear weapons.

        Remember kids.

        Duck and cover.

      14. prep,prep,prep,prep,prep,prep,prep…and when you are done with that…prep some more.

        standing by in Texas

      15. Just in time for the November election (if we even have one).

        Our Nobel Peace Prize winning “Commander in Chief” is failing miserably at his “Peace” efforts.

        • No, he won’t dare get us into a war while facing the electorate. Thank God, but our public has no stomach for it. Assad would have to attack the United States to drag us into the war – or at the very least Israel and I doubt that would do it. If Assad did attack us he’d do it under the auspices of “Al Queda” and keep his hands clean; then accuse the west of blaming him without evidence.

          • One false flag, coming up.

            • Heretic,

              False flag stage is set!!
              Syria is moving chemical weapons.
              US warning if these weapons are deployed they will be shot out of the air.
              High ranking officers bail out of Syria.
              U.S Navy shoots a fishing boat, killing 1 and hitting 3 others.
              Next enters Iran who has put the finishing touches on closing the strait.
              Ohyomamma has earmarked 1st week of oct to hit Iran’s nuke plants
              This because he fears loosing the election,which explains the push for the UN arms treaty, to disarm Americans.
              Iran gets hit because they don’t use the petro dollar, after Iran gets hit, DHS deploys on the streets of the USA to secure fuel sources and food sources due to oil hitting $200 a barrel.
              SHTF and ohyomma declares marital law, and suspends the elections. The rest will be up to Us as Americans.

              Man and the hitts just keep coming..


        • Who counts the votes????????

          Election wont matter brother.

          This year the votes are being counted in spain!!!! WTF?

          Do you know why they are counting them there??

          If so please let me know bro!!

          • Kev ~

            Scytl is the company in Spain counting the votes.

            Bev Harris of Black Box Voting confirms, “With SCYTL internet voting, there will be no ballots. No physical evidence. No chain of custody. No way for the public to authenticate who actually cast the votes, chain of custody, or the count.”

            The system is not hacker-proof. In fact, it was hacked by a group of U of Michigan students in less than 36 hours. They targeted a voting location in DC.

            Fox News reported, “They changed votes, “elected” a Star Wars robot chairman of the City Council, and installed the school’s fight song, “Hail to the Victors,” which would play 15 seconds after someone voted.”

            The vote is BS – don’t even waste your gas driving to the polls.

            • I visited your site Daisy, you are Canadian, if I read it correctly. Why are any of the American dilemmas a concern of yours? When has Canada truly ever helped us? Katrina? Vietnam? Joplin tornado and other mass disasters? I’m sorry, but maybe you should change your government and your problems up there before giving an opinion about our voting problems!

            • @ dr. rrrrr – fyi daisy is an american, and why should her “opinion” bother you??? wanker-off, eh…

            • @docter rt- Why dont you attack daisy’s info not the messenger.

              Everything she just said is TRUE!!!!!

              Answer my question!!!

              WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY are the votes being counted in spain?????????.

              Thats not a statement, that is a question.

              You can attack the question but you cannot answer it can you!!!!!

              @daisy- Nice post, thanks.

            • I’m not Canadian and the selection has been made..you have nothing to do with it.
              ‘They’ let you think that to pacify you—your vote hasn’t mattered for decades.
              Learn the truth about the voting machines.
              It’s easier to change those votes than changing your cell ringtone.

        • The banker candidate obomney- Like ALL the banksters lies and fraud.


          “The claim that he committed a felony by falsely reporting his role at Bain Capital under oath is what has really gotten under Romney’s skin. But it seems pretty clear to me that he signed a federal financial disclosure form, under the penalty of perjury, saying he had not been involved “in any way” with Bain after he left for Utah in February 1999. That’s a strong statement. And it is directly undercut by Romney’s own statement in his 2002 attempt to prove residency to run for governor”

          WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!


      16. I’m on record here as saying the doesn’t SHTF until mid 2013, UNLESS a mid east war breaks out; this makes me start to believe the SHTF in 2012.

        All that military action, just takes one mistake, itchy trigger finger or religious zealot to kick it off. I’d say the deck is stacked full of the last one. Looks likes its time to go long oil and short airlines.

        • Itchy trigger fingers has already started off the coast of Dubia. U.S. Navy sunk a boat today. The question is not if, but when will the missles start flying? I wonder how many cells exist here in America linked to Iran? It’s starting to look like TPTB are going to get their wish of eliminating another couple of million people if not a few billion.
          Saneness needs to be in control, but I feel Insanity will rule the day when it comes to starting WW3.
          Another interesting point is a friend of mine that is still in the military, told me they plan on reducing a wide range of units in numbers. I have a feeling the ones in charge want us to be caught with are pants down in the near future.
          We are in very interesting times right now.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • JRS

          There are twentyish Olympic venues most are within easy reach of the square mile. The volleyball for instance is actually on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, between the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet office, you can wave at Buckingham palace, The Treasury, The Houses Of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and a shitload of other targets, I mean landmarks from there, including Downing St.

          The Olympic village itself is 3 miles from the City, the square mile.
          The Olympic stadium is 5 1/2 miles from the City

          Most of the other venues are scattered within easy reach of it. All of the tube stations in the City will be open during the events, as will those in greater London.

          Some teams have opted to stay at hotels during the events, why I have no idea, but they have., and not at landmark hotels either, but Holiday Inns, Marriots etc.

          There is a no fly zone that will be enforced, and fighter jets are ready to go apparently should that zone be breeched, missiles are in place on top of residential apartment blocks…blocks of flats as we call them, and there is a ship full of God knows what in place on the Thames.

          Other than that everything is pretty normal down there lol

          Take care

          • Thanks Burt…I see now the need for all the protection.Gotta keep the bankers safe.Priority one.

        • Dr R

          Daisy is an American living in Canada, so as an American she has an interest in US issues.

          Take care

          • Even if Daisy wasn’t an American, if we go down, Canada goes down with us. We are each others largest trading partner, and a goodly portion of our economies are dependent on the other.

            So she gets to have an interest in US affairs. Just like I have an interest in Canadian and European matters.

      17. There is one thing I am certain about: The antichrist Obama administration is lying to the American public. TPTB are in need of a war for two reasons: One is to wipe out the massive amount of debt that is impossible to repay. The second is to serve as a distraction for the failed domestic policies and as a cover for seizing total control of the government and the private sector. A war with Syria, would be just the “reason” for invoking martial law. I still suspect that the November elections will be cancelled.

        • Absolutely correct @Jeff. However I think a war to crush Assad and flatten Syria will only piss the Russians off. The Chinese are already pissed off over the new Pacific Policy. All Obama needs is a spark to get the Russians and/or Chinese started and rolling head first into WW3. The more Obama provokes the sooner this war starts and the sooner Obama scraps all that unplayable debt!!
          WW3 will last maybe a few months before everyone begs for peace. 8 – 12 months with tens of millions killed

        • How dare you question hillary’s Ministry of Truth…

        • They chanted “Monica, Monica” and pelted her limo with tomatoes in Egypt.lol

          • Have you noticed that when ever she goes to pakistan bombs explode EVERYWHERE except where she is.

      18. In other news I’m hearing from former work friends that Saudi Arabia is now having internal issues, they’re Counter Terrorist Forces are conducting nightly raids to crush uprisings.

        Interesting the Saudi’s are the last domino that needs to fall and it appears there having unreported problems.

        • Fall to who; the Iranian puppets of radical Islam?

        • Y99

          British medical staff in Ridyah have been advised to stay in the compounds I am told

          Take care

          • Burt,

            I know how it can be over there, been twice and all over the rest of the theater, spent some time in your neck of the woods training with the SBS and Royal Marines down in Pool, great time and if you can believe it, it only rained once in 30 days.


            • Y99

              As yes, Poole, Dorset. Dived those waters a few times seeing if we could find anything that fell off boats etc.

              Rained once in 30 days, sure you have the right country ? Lol

              Glad you enjoyed your time here.

              Take care

        • The saudis have had internal problems for years, nothing new.

          We have been protecting that royal A$$ for a LONG TIME.

          Installed by the british, protected by us.

          Bush family friend and the one obama kneeled to also(if my memory serves me correctly)

          • What I’m being told by reliable sources is the level is beyond the norm, I’ve also heard the Saudi’s have units in Syria and have lost over a 100 men. Now don’t get me wrong on one level I could care less if these people killed each other I only bring it up as a point of world stability.

            Jim, although Saudi Arabia is strict sharia it is not wholly radicalized due to the monarchy grip on the country, should they fall to the Muslim Brotherhood/ or whoever the oil stops and more turmoil begins

      19. If there’s war with Syria then China will most likely dump our dollars and our debt. That will lead to the collapse of the dollar and a complete collapse of our economy.

        • China wouldn’t dump our debt anytime soon as it would kill their own economy. They’re aren’t at a point (yet) where they can survive with the consumerism of the US.

          • thats what I said too. they cant afford to do that. we would stop buying goods and they would go way up in price and lose a lot of money. too risky, this might of not posted so sorry if I wrote this twice.

            • i do believe that china has spent the past few years making trade agreements with multiple countries BRICS + the rest of south america which equals less dependance on america. i have a friend that has spent the past few years in different areas in south america and he says china is over there giving “gifts” building all kinds of stadiums and such. i do also believe in the last year that russia and china have not been buying or debt but dumping it. re ZH. not sure why you believe that china wouldnt make it if we didnt buy their crap.

            • There comes a point in which China may not care about your purchases and see that collapsing America is in their favor since after a couple weeks they could pull a pearl harbor on your country since all Americans would be worried about their Fed dollars going to shit. Getcha when your down. Also America has deployed a lot of troops over seas and it would be the best time to grab some land on the cheap. Yup America is busy pissing in someone else’s country so maybe China might feel like doing a little pissing of its own.

              Hate on me for this comment if you want but it would be the best situation for China if American soil is what it wants.

      20. Anything could set the stage for WW3. Egypt could erupt into civil war, closing the Suez canal. A false flag incident here in CONUS and the government would have a laundry list of countries they could blame. Don’t overlook a NSA/CIA/FBI false flag involving one or more assassinations. While Syria is on the front burner, it is still more of a threat to Israel than us. Just guessing but I do look for a false flag by a clique in government.

      21. I talk to many people who are stationed at the local military base near my restaurant. People that know things. I talked to one 24 year Naval war room officer and I asked him if we would be going to war with Iran. He said we would absolutely be going to war with them. He said it would be sooner than later once Israel said they wanted to attack them. If they didn’t then we would. I also talked to a high ranking officer who runs the FEMA camp at the base nearby. I asked about some of the things I heard about FEMA camps and he said that they are true. I asked him if he would send Americans to the camp if he was directed to do so and he said he would because he didn’t want to throw away his retirement and he has a family to feed. You guys reading my post will either believe that I have talked to these people or not but that is the truth. What do you guys think about that?

        • thats unreal how people think. whats to say you didnt see someone and just let them go. whats the harm there. but if they do this a militia would break free and be some serious mass stealings robberies and chaos in the US. If that ever happened that would be something.

        • Chief….Either way, I believe that the active military will follow orders like you said.

          • The army took a survey last year and 86 percent of them said they would not fire on US soldiers. Tptb would have to bring in UN to do anything here.

        • Not much surprised nor disappointed.

        • Take names Chef, take names, not for me, not for those on the site, but for you, keep them, remember them, if it goes down, you might thank me later. Also goes to show, just because they’re in our military doesnt mean they’re americans at heart. As with most professions these days, its only about the paycheck. Next time you ask someone about sending others to FEMA camps or if they’d open fire on american citizens. Ask them if they’d send their family there, then ask if they’d send “civilians”.

        • I believe you 100%. These people will kill millions of their countrymen just so they could earn their retirements.

        • Did you ask him-

          WHO is going to make sure his family is “taken care of”, if he is deployed to the other side of the nation, the government? And if he is doing that in one location, someone else is doing it to his family, friends, and loved ones location(s).

          Did you explain that the government has already raided the military pension funds(just like SS, just iou’s) and he is not going to get $hit? And if he does, the money probably wont buy anything.

          Did you explain that locking citizens up is NOT fighting for “our” freedoms?

          Did you ask him- Who counts the votes? Ron paul got 80% of military donations, and votes from active/deployed troops are getting thrown away for tech reasons? WTF

          Did you ask him if he approves of the congress voting against the will of the people? Giving trillions to the banker fraudsters? That only 9% of people approve of the job they are doing so are you one of the 9% that does?

          Did you give him a pocket constitution and explain that the president is commander in chief ONLY AFTER congress votes to go to war?

          Didnt he take an oath to defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC? How is rounding up citizens protecting the constitution?

          Have you wread the constitution?

          ENGAGE in conversation.

          Ask those questions, stay persistant until he/she answers.

          They WILL think.

          Truth will ALWAYS enventually win.

        • Chef,

          My animal instinct says you should’ve killed him on the spot, but my Christian instinct says TELL EVERYONE WHO HE IS AND WHAT HE SAID AND PRAY.

          You did the right thing sir.

      22. Of Course its rapidly escalating. It has to peak in time for the false flag trigger event coinciding with the Olympic Games. One dodgy gas attack on london and its on for young and old. They do not even need to catch a perpetrator, just match the chemical fingerprints. Attacking the Olympics get them sympathetic nations and leaves China and Russia out in the cold.

        • Eagle eye

          I was in London on Sunday, from Northolt RAF base just north of the City it looks like they are preparing or war rather than a sporting event

          Take care

          • Burt…Do you happen to know the distance of the Olympic venue from the Square Mile?

        • A chem attack would only be fitting as the Dow chem company is one of the largest sponsors, as well as corrupt, unforgiving, and ruthless when it comes to the human race. This olympics is a farce and a shame to the human race. Its about the globalists finalizing corporatism as the soon to be worlds greatest pastime. Very fitting to be held in the UK. (no personal offense Burt) What use to be a celebration of the human spirit, is now a celebration of corporate greed and triumph over the now “human resource”.

          • Peteropolis

            No offence taken lol

            Take care

      23. DANG…What happened to the Drake?

      24. On the home front(the constitutions domestic evil witch demon creature, her thyness herself)-


        new evidence shows Hillary a mastermind behind Gunwalker

        • LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that the egyptians were pelting her thighness with tomatoes and calling for monica…….

          • Says a lot that they threw tomatoes, given their economic situation . I hear 70% exist on $4/day or less.

      25. This is sort of on topic, but I hope to GOD that we don’t have obama and his idiots in charge making decisions if ww3 breaks outs. We need new leadership now and Im afraid if it does obama will do anything to trash our rights and freedoms. everyday I hear that cock sucker it makes me sick, you do see the real him and he is a nutjob we are not. we are all thinkers and believers and want to survive. Obama is a type thats about small radical racial groups to get even. I do believe that really is obama. YOu can see his real colors show now in the last year. His time is over or this country is over.

        • Sorry clint.

          You got obmney, or obamney.

          Lets look at the candidates(repub) again shall we?

          Mittens obmney- Banker,pro-abortion,pro-war, and pro universal health care.

          Newtered gingrinch-crooked politician,pro-war, and a person I would never let babysit little boys.

          san-a-torium- pro-war and named most corrupt in the senate a few years ago.

          Ron Paul- a docter,veteran,anti-war, pro-life, and anti paper money.

          Cant you see how the banker is the front runner?

        • Watch it now before it gets pulled from the internet!

          In his own words…


          • Take your tinfoil hat off !!!!!

            • Maybe you should OPEN your eyes about your “beloved” leader!

        • Its hard to fight a war when your president is fighting for the other side

        • clint
          Bush Jr. started the whole freedom shrinking campaign so it can’t be pointed squarely at obummer. What we really need in office is someone that can make an actual hard and morally defensible decision. All the decisions made in washington now-a-days go through a rigorous gauntlet of bribery, self-servery, and any other form of poor reasons for making a decision you can think of. It hasn’t mattered who’s president for a long time now cause they all answer to the same master anyway, that master being money.

          • aaron I agree with you with that. its his staff and thinkers thatput ideas into his head. like carl rove etc. but good post.

        • I would like to comment on that. after the earthquake in japan the iodide tablets were selling on ebay for 250 dollars for 10 tablets and you can buy on ebay ones with an expiration date of 2018 and they cost about 5-10 bucks for 10 tablets and are made here. take a look at getting a few and spending 7 bucks or 35 bucks for 50 tablets and if you want and something happens and the internet is still up you can make some money. Just trying to help and its something I noticed after the nuclear plant in japen happened.

          • Yep, prices spiked big time.

            Good idea, might as well make a buck on teotwawki.

            Alot of people are.

      26. Books to read now.
        Sal Batree and The Mark by J. R. Gavin.
        Search J. R. Gavin. I read the first one in 48 hours. Took 3 days to read the second but I had interruptions.
        Everyone needs to read these books for the survivial ideas reguardless of their religious feelings or lack of them.

        • Ella: Now read these…The Protocals of the Elders of Zion……ps. in 1922 Henery Ford(autos guy) wrote a booklet describeing this stuf called “The International Jews”….Dont listen to any who shout “Protocals are a Forgery!! Oh yeah?…Forgery of what? The Originals is what!…Henery Ford deals with that issue very well.

          The Communist planks for america as recorded and in their searcahble files back from aprox 1962 era, the files of the US House of Reps where it was read entirely on floor of house Live! By a us rep! and entered for all time in the “House Journals”

          Then(or first is ok also) Read the…TALMUDE!! Then Comapre ALL Three items!!!…..Then Lock N’ Load!!

      27. The Chinese may decide to stand with Syria and back them militarily. Or maybe not. As long as they can keep their exports flowing to America, and still save face in any confrontation, they’ll do it. The Chicoms are not yet ready to fully decouple from our federal reserve notes. Those crummy pieces of green paper still have enough acceptance around the world that they need them. And, of course, they still hold a bazillion dollars of our IOUs, payable in those same FRNs.
        They might funnel tons of armaments and supplies to their buddies in Syria, and they (the Chinese) will certainly make lots of noise at the UN, but as far as an actual, open conflict with NATO (and especially the US), they know there’s too much to lose. And not that much to gain. Their IOUs would be repudiated by us and therefore worthless, their flow of trade to the west would be cut off, and militarily, they’d get their butts handed to them on a platter. The Chinese do not want a war with the west…not yet, anyway.

        Disclaimer* The preceeding is strictly my own opinion. Your opinion may be different. If it is, you are wrong. (but I still love all of you anyway)

        Disclaimer 2* Serious comments, such as this, may cause some to disagree with me. That puts my fragile ego at risk, as well as my tender, easily-bruised feelings. If you must post an opposing view, please remember to be respectful. Better yet, keep it to yourself. We’ll all be better off. You will have more pent up energy which you can divert into prepping activities. And I’ll maintain the illusion that you agree with me.

        Disclaimer 3* Commenting on the actual topic of the article makes my head hurt. I shall now return to my unofficial role as one of the self-proclaimed associate court jesters of shtfplan….(until such time as Mac takes away my secret decoder ring that gets me into the clubhouse)

        • Disclaimer 4* …does this dress make me look fat….

        • China’s trump card is Taiwan. While the U.S. is distracted by the latest bright shiny object in the Middle East (Syria), there is a possibility that China will use the distraction to blockade Taiwan and try to “repatriate” the errant Taiwanese who strayed from the Mainland – something they’ve wanted to do since the late ’40s.

          Regarding China’s military, they have some nasty toys to defend their blockade. ASCM “Carrier killers” that give a carrier strike group commander sleepless nights. And formidable SAM defenses west of the Taiwan Strait. Our fast-attack SSNs are about the only force the Chinese can’t properly defend against, and may give us the edge should a blockade/invasion of Taiwan commence. This is all assuming this scenario stays conventional and doesn’t “escalate”.

          • Easiest way to win is let china have Taiwan. Throw them under the bus like we do with all of our allies. I don’t see Americans as having the stomach for a fight with China, when the only thing at stake is Taiwan. We couldn’t even get enough volunteers for Iraq. A draft would probably be largely ignored.

          • You make some good points Eagle 71. The Chinese are very patient but at some point, they’ll percieve the west as too weak (or unwilling) to defend Taiwan. Then things will really get interesting…

      28. REPORT: Shortages force paramedics to use expired drugs…


      29. First it was Iran and war was coming and now its Syria and war is coming …..you people are walking lollipops !!! You can’t even tell when your being scammed by so called TRUTHERS ! IT’S ALWAYS A COUPLE OF MONTHS …..NON OF THIS SHIT EVER FUCKING HAPPENS !!!

        • @ RICH99. In 2006 Israel ands Hezbollah fought a weeks old battle in which Hezbollah had only about 30000-50000 rockets, which about 4500 hit Israel. This proxy of Iran fought Israel to a draw. Israel’s best missile cruiser almost was sunk by a Chinese supplied surface to surface cruise missile, Israel lost 100 of their best battle tanks, and norther Israel was at a standstill because of the rocket attacks.

          This time there is firepower that military experts say is the most concentrated in this tiny portion of land in human history. Hezbollah really now is Iran in Lebanon as tens of thousands of Iranian commandoes are ready with the missile crews. All sorts of chemical and bio weapons are in the shells of these rockets. Israel is ready also as their recent extra purchases of Dolphin class submarines indicate.

          I can totally understand you being skeptical of the economy as it seems like it may take longer for something to happen. With war, it is totally unpredictable and can happen in a flash as the past indicates. Israel has been in wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006, and all sorts of fighting and skirmishes since 1948. 4 years ago Israel struck an Syrian nuke site. There has been two Middle-East wars since 1991 involving the United States. Thousands of U.S. troops have died and tens of thousands of injuries.

          The question is not if it will happen but when. I truly believe that war and a plague are two of the top SHTF that people have to really worry about. If I was betting on these, they would definitely be the odds on favorites. Out of all the horrors of mankind, war and disease have taken the majority of lives and destroy the society over and over again. This time is no different. There is just too much at stake here in regards to energy. Just look how fast the U.S. sent armed forces into Saudi Arabia to protect oil back 21 years ago when oil was much more plentiful than it is now.

          Energy, food, and water is something that countries WILL go to war over no matter what. 70% of the world’s energy reserves are in the Middle-East and the Caspian Sea region. This is a powder keg with a lot of countries with roman candles lite and aiming in that direction. Just look at the battle groups taking positions in and around Syria, Israel, the Red Sea, The Gulf Of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, and of course the Persian Gulf. These are not for exercises. It is too expensive to send your navies and other battle groups into a region unless it is of extreme strategic reasons.

          Nothing could happen for a few weeks, but all it takes is someone going something idiotic like Hezbollah did 6 years that starts everything up. This region would rate a 9 out of 10 right now for a war to start. It is that dangerous. The economy right now I would say would be a 7 out 10. That is how worried we all should be.

        • Rich:

          Don’t take our word for anything, try reading on your own.

      30. Here’s a question for everyone. If America is supposed to be about freedom and liberty why do we not let other countries be “free” to run themselves as they wish? So we only believe in freedom for Americans and not for those outside our borders. I don’t think there should be more than one set of rules for anyone not even the mighty America. We need to bring all the troops home close the borders and return to the Monroe doctrine and leave everyone one alone except those that want to poke the sleeping bear.

        • I agree with you 100 percent and wish we could but too much greed and power/money. mixed cultures is only going to make things worse. not racist just see it as it is. But I wish we could. maybe if we have a collapse and the smart ones survive we can make things that way again.

        • RON PAUL 2012

          • Give it up already! RP has. It’s nothing more than a wet dream. There aren’t enough at the conventions to even try to have a ‘brokered’ convention. Time to move on and see what the next step is you must take to save this nation. The RP phenomenon is ka-put!

        • I made virtually the same comment on the 4th of July and I got nothing but thumbs down. Freedom is only good as long as it is Americas freedom.

        • Our nation gets away with destroying other nations’ economy and de-throning their leaders under the pretext of ‘human rights’ activists.
          Ironic in a way, huh?
          “We’re here to save you, right after we bury your loved ones we just killed with our drones”

      31. Syria is a major junction point for Russia, and losing this would be an extreme blow to Russia. Look at how fast Russia crushed Georgia because it was on the border of the Caspain Sea region, close enough to it. Russia has stated it would invade Ukraine if the country decided to join NATO. You can only box in Russia so much before it pushes back. The U.S. would do the same under the Monroe Doctrine.

        Syria is not only important to Russia, but completely a necessary proxy for Iran against Israel. Lose Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon is then less effective with a retalitory strike against Israel. Iran is about 1000 miles from Israel and has a limited strike capacity against Israel. The proximity of Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon makes for smaller medium sized missiles (SCUDS) and many hundreds of thousands of smaller rockets to be fired into the Jewish state. Hezbollah alone has between 300,000-400,000 rockets ready, with many Iranian rockey crews adding to the already high number, 20,000 that will launch hundreds or possibly thousands of rockets an hour into the small area of Israel.

        It has to be remembered that after the collapse of the USSR, oil prices were way down, and Russia was quite weak and quite broke to do much to stop the advancement east of NATO, aside from firing off their ICBM’s. Now after oil prices have mostly been quite high, Russia (the largest producer of oil in the world) has the money to have rebuilt their military. Thanks to the treason from the politicians in this country allowing massive trade to the enemy (China), Russia has been made much stronger economically from all the military hardware going to China.

        Now Russia can push back when it has to, and it will not allow itself to be boxed in any further. Taking Syria would be like Russia or China taking over southern Mexico and a few Central American countries. Unless Russia has some special relationship with some new leader of Syria, they cannot let Assad fall. That Mediterrean port is critical to them. If NATO started bombimg the Assad regrime, it could definitely spark the third world war. The second the NATO forces are hit by Russian forces or the opposite, true war begins.

        Unlike the United States, the fact is Russia and China has a very elaborate civil defense system. I was looking at an old map of civil defense locations and practically everyone of them is now unable to shelter anything. The lacking of preparation in this country by those supposely in charge of protecting everyone, and by the carefree air heads of the non-prepper has become toxic. You know what else? The ENEMY knows this, and makes a war that much more likely because the enemy feels that it can now win a nuclear war. Interesting isn’t it? The non-preparation of the people in this country could certainly become a national security risk.

        • This is the reason that I am worried about Syria.


          I never saw syria as being something to worry about 3 or 4 years ago, always thought we would spend years setting up a springboard in Iraq and Afgan for Iran.

          I don’t believe Russia will allow a NATO no fly zone in Syria. And Ms. Clinton better be very careful about threats directed at Putin’s Russia.

        • Win a nuclear war? That’s a nearly unachievable victory right there. When did sanity get surplanted with madness there is no winner of a WW3 nuke-fest. even if you win shortly after the fallout comes to you and you lose the slow way 🙁

      32. It could just be a coincidence, as I am skeptic about signs, but I have been getting some weird indications that something terrible is getting ready to happen. Like over the weekend I picked up several survival items I have been looking for a long time. I can’t believe how many candles I got for just $7.50, enough to fill a fruit box with, about the same weight also, 35 pounds worth. Other little subtle events have also been occurring, like someone is trying to telling me something. Again, it could just be a coincidence.

        The earthquake activity continues, and I was shocked that my prediction of 96 hours time frame did not produce a large earthquake by Sunday night. I gave a 75% chance of it happening, this time I was wrong. Lots of activity in the Kuril Islands tell of something building stress northward from this area. I have seen this happen sometimes in which you get a whole lot of 5 pointers, but no 6-7.5 earthquake, then bang a huge 8-9 pointer. Not sure this time, but I will continue to look at what is happening and try to accurately forecast something coming this time.

        It is in the air, something brewing. We are in the window of an Israeli strike to Iran for the next 8 days, from now until July 24. The new moon is July 19. When you go out at night you can see why with the darkness of the sjy why Israel would consider a strike on Iran during the most darkness that is available. IF Israel strikes Iran on a given day, it will hit the news between probably 4 to 8 o’clock in the evening eastern day light savings time. IF NATO hits Syria it would likely be also at night and between about 2 to 6 o’clock eastern day light savings time.

        When true war starts, everyone will be able to finish up any of their stocking up before the shock hits the rest of the people. This window preppers can take advantage of before the stores could close for a magnitude of reasons.

        • Be informed

          Thank you

          and may we of the older generation pay tribute to an outstanding musician who passed today

          R.I.P.Jon Lord..Keyboardist extraordinaire Deep Purple

          Smoke on the Water..Fire in the sky


          • I’m sorry to hear about his passing. I used to crank my 8 track up to “Highway Star” while flat shifting my GTO back in the day (early 70’s).

          • R.I.P. J. Lord

      33. Greetings Everyone!
        Things are achieving critical mass for sure!It really won’t matter who gets elected(IF there’s an election!).B.O., C.I.C. has proved his worthiness.For better or worse.In ‘Ole Mitsy and his car happy wife,we see the bully and job destroyer wanting your vote.Some choice!either one would push the red button if they can cover their actions with sweet platitudes about doing it for “National Security” and “World Peace”.The Bible,in the Revelations by St.John.,talks about the “End Times”.This is when World governments would be making such statements just before the Great Tribulation arrives.And right after that comes Armageddon.Good times Earth-wide for sure.I always wondered in what form these “events” would take place.The Four Horsemen are for a fact(just look around,the signs are occurring in form or another) riding across the Earth.Even the “quart of wheat for a days wage” part is coming soon to your neighborhood.Death and plague are at it too.As for War….
        As for yours truly,I’m putting my faith in the promised Kingdom of God and his Christ.After this current system is swept away,Rev.21:3&4 gives us a hint of the future to look fwd to.EVEN if either the modern day Vandals or whomever(as a group or a person) becomes the Antichrist foretold.They can only kill you once,but J.Christ can bring you back,no matter what they do.I’m into prepping(it’s only common sense for these times!),but my real,final “Alamo” is my faith in the Kingdom.I’ll not look for people to kill,BUT I’ll be sure to fight to prevent anyone from Raping/killing my family as long as possible.How long that can be done is the question.
        As an aside,the Chinese government is now admitting to using the same “funny money play-book” with their banking system that’s causing folks here and Europe so much grief and pain.Russia’s is nothing but a “mob fiefdom” completely lacking any pretense of ROL.
        And people worry that those two want to “rumble” with anyone?
        It COULD happen,but not too bloody likely,as far as I can tell.Still,All bets are off EVERYWHERE.
        Do you have your towel?

      34. From what I understand, Assad is a tyrant and violently oppresses his own people. Also, as I understand it, his opposition is made up of jihadists who will violently oppress the Syrian people.

        Maybe the best we can hope for is high casualty rates on both sides. We sure as hell don’t need to get involved with putting our ground troops in the middle of a civil war. Maybe some Sherlock in Washington will define for us what the critical American interest in Syria is. Let the Russians and the Chinese become entangled in that quagmire, but leave us out of it.

        • Is that why apox 2 Millon Christians in syria Love assad? They say he Protects them Fircely!…..Same for all them in Iran who dont get bothered by any Mooossslims there neither!…Of course you wont see or hear this on any usa “news/msm” dog and pony shows such as Foxjews-nbcjews-abcjews-msnbcjews-bbcjews et al.

          Are you aware of just how many Millions of WHITE People who are whiter than most of us are and got the blondest/redset hair and blue and green eyes in Iran?

          Persians yes…But white also…Search utube video for “Persian Nites” (or nights) see for yourself!

          I swear irans white ladys are some of the finest most georgeus women worldwide! Bar None!…City of Theran is as large or larger as Huston texas!…Probobly more high tech and elaborate also!….Watch that video(other vids avail also) you wil blow your mind.

          USA MSM wants us to believe all iran is a bunch of Cave dwellers with barely two Goats and One camel or donkey if its a “Middle class” irianian!….Go see for self!

          Compare to the crap hole of isrealies!…aka Nationwreckers!

          Isreals nathoinal Motto(translated from hebrew) “Thru DECEPTION, We Cause WARS”!!!!!!!!!!!!

          But usa msm has convinced entire sheeps of world to believe jews is the worlds #1 Main “Victims”…And are ALWAYS Blameless!! Oy Vey! we jews Never ever do nuthin wrong nor evil and yet…Why Us?!!…Cause they are self chozen/self worshipers and entire worlds others folks is ALL Evil Nazis!!…A Nazi behind every damn blade of grass!

      35. If WW3 did not break out over Cuba in 62 it won’t break out because of Syria in 12.

        It will take a lot more than this to escalate into nuclear madness.

        • @ Kevin2. You would hope that leaders would have the sense not to launch their nuke, but war has a way of spiraling out of control quickly. It is the FEAR factor in which one country has the thought that it is losing and must act with an upgrade of its weapons to stop the enemy from advancing. With issues of the economy there are floodgates and circuit breakers to slow down an economic collapse somewhat, even if a collapse is inevitable. With war, it just takes someone in command to go to the “special” weapons to escalate the situation extremely rapidly.

          Israel back in 1991 when Iraq was lobbing SCUDS into their country, it was made crystal clear that IF chemical warheads were used that Bagdad was going to be nuked. When you read about nerve agents that Syria and Hezbollah have a lot of, it is frightening. VX gas is one of the most horrible weapons that there is, despite its lethality it is very difficult to clean up to make the streets even safe to walk again. Israel will at least use a neutron bomb on enemy troops if nerve gas is used on their cities.

          Then there is the biological issue, as there are some fiendish viral and bacteria type agents that are not difficult to deploy and are stable in air. The Soviets proved that Marburg can be used in aerosol shells and has a fatality rate of 70-90%. Antibiotic resistant pneumonic plague or anthrax would be worse than a nuclear bomb used as both kill about 100% without antibiotics. If no antibiotics will work against this, you have a weapon worse than a fiery mushroom cloud.

          Would someone be stupid enough or so afraid enough to use these weapons if there were losing, YES. Would Israel use their Project Sampson if they thought that they were going to be run into the sea, ABSOLUTELY. Project Sampson is where Israel launches alomst everything they have at EVERY enemy, like Sampson destroyed everything including himself to stop the enemy. Israel has between 400-600 nukes.

          In 1962, you had three players on an isolated section of the world that oil and other natural resources did not plat a role. Through negotiations in regards to nukes being on Soviet borders, namely Turkey, war was avoided. In 2012 the natural resources that drives the world is at stake. Vastly different and highly more dangerous situation now. You also have many different players in this; China, Russia, Iran, OPEC, other Arab countries, even Pakistan, Hezbollah and other Arab terrorist organizations, Europe and NATO. In other words, you have something that is vastly different than 50 years ago. Something to really watch extremely closely as you have players this time that are quite irrational and capable of grand stupidity.

      36. Thanks BI, I always enjoy your posts! I enjoy reading posts that have real information in them, even if I disagree, how else do we learn? An educated post regardless of agreement is always worth the read, there just isn’t any need of being rude, we are all basically the same on this site.

        • Well said. Civility is rare in this day and age. We are were we are in the county due to our ability to listen to each other and communicate without appearing like ill-behaved children. 🙂

          • One reason is overpopulation……..think of it like dropping ants into a jar , you start getting enough of them and they will start attacking each other .

      37. And Syria is OUR problem why ? H.Clinton needs to go get laid ….Bill sure and hell wont do it ( cant blame him on that one ) Who exactly is going to finance this while the American people continue to suffer ? How are we going to finance this ? There comes a point when the bartender cuts you off because you cant or wont pay your tab…..Hate to tell you this Hillary , but the Russians and Chinese aren’t afraid of you or US

      38. There is no real world.. Only the perception of it..

        It’s all about Have and have Nots that has brought us to this stage in life.

        Less is more!!

        Keep the faith..

      39. I wonder if the fema camps are really for all the government employees and their famliy’s protection, while the rest of the world struggles? just a thought, cops, fire, ems, security,county,state,fed, and so on, thats a lot of people.

        • Good thinking, ncprepper. I’m going to live fat and happy in a FEMA compound while my neighbors starve to death outside.

          You can forget about that scenario, it’s not going to happen.

      40. Does anyone in the west give a flying f*** about what happens to oil-poor Syria or its rabid citizens? No, not really. This is ALL about destabilizing Iran and perhaps stealing any gold hoard that Syria may have and nothing else. The part that I just despise is that our amazing leaders act as if we are all sufficiently stupid to believe their BS that this is all about humanitarian relief “for the people of Syria”. What utter tripe, drivel, and nonsensical hogwash!

        • amen.

      41. My Mexican Grandma went to college in the 70’s ,the Arabs told her we are coming here and learning and will use it against you.

      42. Despite relentless effort, Israel has been unable to sell American sheep on bombing Iran. Starting with AIPAC’s resolution 362 which tanked after the American people figured out what their paid-for politicians had signed on to, Israel has tried over and over and over again to sell a war with Iran. Hasn’t worked. Now the sights are on Syria. Mossad dresses up as arabs and stage a few mass killings in order to rally the goyim into reshaping the region to likkuud specs. Sounds familiar…

      43. 9/11 and OKC are such obvious false flag events. Unfortunately the majority of most Americans do not have the guts to admit the truth. Because of this mind game, the elite can pull us into any war they want. If George Washington were alive, he’d be an 9/11 Truther.

      44. the source is DEBKA, Israel.
        wish full thinking is Hi.

        the source is from the state of the biggest liars, killers,….zionist.

        so who will believe this BS.
        the reality is,
        over a year now, with billions of $us wasted, the syrian regime still live, and kicking.
        could do huge damage if provoked, cornered…

      45. ww3 global war is only just the beginning of what wicked things come our way preppers … ameriKa will be completely locked down by a pass travel voucher system – by cities counties and states . all guns will be confiscated . there will be a nation wide curfew . organized neighborhood block work chain gangs . mandatory shots . mandatory one child policies . force abortions . poisoned fedgov food banks . poisoned fedgov public water etc etc

        they will use ww3 as a EUGENICS ENSLAVING population control weapon against you their goyim serf cockroach gentile useless eaters .

        example germany france russia amerika britain etc etc during ww2 .

        just wait … its coming .



        i suggest everyone takes a vacation now while you still can .

        “vegas baby”

        one last time before it all goes to hell !!!

        ;0P pssszzt


      46. NATO = US Military

        • It used to be that it was the Europeans that dragged us reluctantly into war ……………….now WE are the ones dragging everybody into war . Just sayin

      47. Okie, thanks for borrowing me your secret decoder ring. I put it back in the mail though because it was just too much power to try to harness. That being said, below is what I was able to decipher with it. Made me laugh.

        John was in the fertilized egg business.
        He had several hundred young layers (hens), called ‘pullets,’ and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

        He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.

        This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

        Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing.

        Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

        John’s favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed old Butch’s bell hadn’t rung at all!

        When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover.

        To John’s amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn’t ring.

        He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

        John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Saint Lawrence County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.

        The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the “No Bell Piece Prize,” but they also awarded him the “Pulletsurprise” as well.

        Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren’t paying attention.

        Vote carefully in the next election, the bells are not always audible.

      48. Wait till you hear the twisted logic justifying the atrocities they will perpetrate to stay in power in USA. Assad, Quadaffy, & Hussein were amateurs.

        • We’ve already heard it. The demonization of ‘those dirty, knuckle dragging so-and-so’s’ on both sides or the other, that’s the step just before taking action. It’s only a matter of time.

          • Well ….Obama does look like a monkey in several ways ……..then again , they all do 😉

      49. Anything is posible. WWIII could start at any moment.

        • And we will loose …………we cant defeat insurgents that have no standing army , no air force , no navy , in 12+ years with nothing to show for it . W.Churchill’s attitude was that anything except total victory …..is a defeat . We got Bin Laden ……so what ! I guess we had to pump ourselves up with that because we sure and hell couldn’t point to anything else to justify the expense and inept leadership . its called chain of command , Roosevelt died in office ……..WW2 still went on without skipping a beat . In a WW3 situation , how do you think we will fare against the Russians and Chinese in conventional warfare ? they both have numbers to burn……. thats why the Germans attacked the western allies in the battle of the bulge ………the russians could have several divisions wiped out and not even feel it ….where as it would have been a disaster for the western allies . I dont really ever see us being invaded because just getting here with a force large enough to get a foothold anywhere could not happen without detection . We would have a proper reception waiting for any who tried . I see a nuclear exchange before either side would tollerate occupation . Then again , with the cat away on foreign soil …..it would be a prime opportunity for an armed rebellion here at home to set things right . just sayin
          Stars & Bars !

      50. Don’t forget Factor X (the Devil world).

      51. Beyond any doubt there will be WWIII, this is what the TPTB will use to thin the herd, by the millions. In the process the good old U S A will fall. When it starts marshall law (for national safety), will happen, and then all bets are off. There are so many false flags events that could happen to start the party, it would take days to list. We patroits will lose, but they will know it was not an easy task for them to get us. The deck is stacked against us every way there can be. I look for it to start in 4 to 6 mo’s. If there is electios this fall Big O will win by hook or crook and by some fluke Rom wins no difference TPTB owns them both. So prep to the max while you can and we will hang in there for as long as we can, just to show them. I say we tell to eat SH-T and die. But thats just me.
        Live Free and Stand Tall No Matter What Come’s Your Way!

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