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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends.

    I watched the debate and my FIRST CONCLUSION is that no one has truly WON IT decisively.

    Going into it, everyone expected Trump to dominate it and to have the UPPER HAND, but ex-Vice President Joe Biden did not get RATTLED or shaken up by Trump’s strategy of meddling with Biden’s AIRTIME.

    In our opinion, the tactic of constantly INTERJECTING and commenting, which worked with Hillary, didn’t achieve the SAME OUTCOME this time around. It did not buy Trump sympathy points since the moderator did not fall for the same trap the 2016 hosts did.

    We believe that because of the setting and the subject matter, viewers wanted SUBSTANCE, not entertainment. We believe that Biden was able to present his side calmly and that by cutting him short, it seems to us that Trump didn’t let Biden MAKE MISTAKES and sound inaccurate like he did in previous occasions.

    Trump’s advisors, if that’s where this thought process originated from, did a BAD JOB here.

    To make sure I’m not confusing you, we’re definitely not Biden supporters and we remain pretty far away from politics, but we do know the outcome of these elections mean A WHOLE LOT to you, so we’re publishing what we think is important. OBJECTIVELY, we saw Trump win AS EXPECTED, but not by crushing his adversary like we initially anticipated.

    This means that Trump lost an IMPORTANT MILESTONE, which means that markets might continue to wander WITHOUT DIRECTION since it’s not yet known who has the UPPER HAND.

    Look how perfectly this is displayed by the FEAR/GREED index:

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    It’s SMACK-DAB in the middle of the column; a sign of the times.

    Here are a few things to consider if you’re A TRUMP SUPPORTER:

    1. People that are of the same age group as Joe Biden OR OLDER might actually empathize with Joe and not appreciate Trump’s bullying him on account of his age alone.
    2. Because everyone came into this debate EXPECTING TRUMP to crush Biden, the fact that Biden was able to CARRY THROUGH was a pleasant surprise to UNDECIDED VOTERS who have heard that Sleepy Joe is senile and have now seen somewhat CONTRADICTING EVIDENCE.
    3. Biden’s approach was to keep the conversation civil, which is not Trump’s style and makes many reject him RIGHT OFF THE BAT. We wonder how many swing voters did not resonate with his manners.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    September’s MARKET ROUT has been a catalyst for dollar strength, and that’s AWFUL for silver prices. Since Trump was elected, this has been the dollar’s SECOND-BEST month, so what is the market thinking here?

    One thing to keep in mind as a GOLD BULL and a SILVER SPECULATOR is that Trump’s demeanor and his HANDS-ON approach with China have actually strengthened the dollar a lot!

    The dollar has been VERY STRONG under his reign and a Biden win will LESSEN TENSIONS, which will lower the need to own so much liquid cash.

    This isn’t over yet.

    The presidential race is ALIVE AND WELL. Either can still win and, in our opinion, a Biden win is actually MORE INFLATIONARY.

    It would be a shame, though, to see Trump concede since before Covid-19, things were looking good.


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      1. just say no to performance enhancing drugs☆☆☆☆☆

      2. American oligarchs are a liability that we as a nation cannot afford to defend. Their criminal history and global rapacity has destroyed our nation. Who is willing to die for the new Rockefellers? The Silicon Psychos, Bill Gates in particular? The United States government has neglected its moral and fiduciary obligation to the overwhelming majority of its citizens. 

        Many globalists would like the “Great Reset” to just blame the entire United States citizenry on all of the world’s problems, even though those individuals are from nations that requested U.S. assistance, military involvement, and U.S. global participation. The cost of cooperating with people that have corrupt agendas is being blamed for the corrupt agendas. It is also a liability that America cannot afford. Michel Chossudovsky blames the United States alone for all problems in the world. I am not willing to defend the actions taken by the U.S. government, but I can’t help but point to the irony that Chossudovsky is from Switzerland that is never neutral since it has not merely financed every war, but has had a secret banking history protecting the most corrupt individuals in modern history with sworn secrecy and also the head of internation rapacious banking with 
        the Bank for I ternational Settlements in Geneva Switizerland, as well as the home of the Davos World Economic Forum in which the “always neutral” Swiss government protects and hosts the psychopaths that are controlling the world with armed batallions, and the Swiss military air force! That is apparently not a factor though. Yes. very humanitarian and peaceful to just blame the Inited States alone for things that your own governments requested the United States to do in the majority of instances. Now in Canafa, Chrystia Freeland that created The Lima Grouo and made it her personal goal to remove Juan Guaido is not included, nor is the KXL pipeline from Canada, that runs through Native American lands as well as the Ogilala Aquifer that supplies all of the farming industry in the upper North Western plain farming regions with water that most citizens in our country objected to mentioned. Fact inconvenient! 

        Andrea Iravani


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      4. Several poll takers say that 20% of the voting public still has not made up their minds, this is total BS. They know it, and they know we know it’s BS, but they still keep peddling it. Some call it this way because the majority of those polled are voting for Pres. DT. but are not saying who they are voting for. So the Dem. pollsters default this to votes for JB to aid in their propaganda.
        Most “poll takers” say that Joe B. has the election in the bag, they also know this is total BS. They KNOW DT will win a fair election, or even an election that is only mostly fair. The poll takers, mostly Demo., are pushing this propaganda of a sure JB win to help legitimize the theft of the election, should he win. In a fair election DT will have almost 400 electoral votes.
        Many, if not most Dems. are socialists, many socialists want Marxism. Therefore, it is a small leap to understand Marxist ideology saturates the core of Democratic party ideals. The sole goal of Marxists is to seize power, and to maintain a monopoly in power. In practice there is no morality in Marxism except for what helps them achieve their goals. Since this is established practice, anything can be justified to help them achieve their goals. This is why the Dem. party has no qualms about cheating, lying, and stealing to win elections.
        Under Dem. rule: say goodbye to the 2nd Amendment, say goodbye to free speech under the guise of eliminating “hate speech” and other forms of “undesirable speech”. Standby to see your private health insurance eliminated for gov’t controlled nationalized and rationed “health care”. Of course there will dramatically higher income taxes. The fed. gov’t has been trying to eliminate local zoning laws across the US. They say local zoning laws are racist, and to help fix it they will mandate low income housing and projects built in suburban areas (there goes housing values). The filth they want to propagate in the public school systems will also be mandatory. There would also be a fed. milage tax you must pay if you own a vehicle(s). They will allow all but uncontrolled immigration into the country (to permanently alter the demography and culture of the US). And if you think deficits and debt is bad now, wait until the Dems. are in power. Discredit the family as an institution to be replaced by bigger gov’t., and confine Christian activity to the inside of churches only. These are only a few. These aren’t my words, you can look them up for yourself.

      5. I didn’t know that little joe knew how to speak. Who the F___ taught him. They should be executed. Elbulleheal

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