Legendary Global Investor Warns Of Frightening Recession: “We Don’t Have Any Stabilizers Left”

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    Key asset markets in the United States have reached extremely overbought levels, including everything from stocks to real estate. And while most Americans are feeling positive about economic growth in the near-term, legendary global investor Paul Tudor Jones cautions that the long-term outlook for America is very bleak.

    You look at prices of stocks, real estate, anything… We’re going to have to mean revert to a normal real rate of interest with a normal term premium that’s existed for 250 years. We’re going to have to get back to that. We’re going to have to get back to a sustainable fiscal policy and that probably means the price of assets goes down in the very long run.

    The next recession is really frightening because we don’t have any stabilizers… We’ll have monetary policy, which will exhaust really quickly, but we don’t have any fiscal stabilizers.

    If the next recession is anything like the last one, we can expect massive price destruction across the board, large-scale job losses, and millions of people seeking assistance to help with food, housing and medical expenses via emergency programs.

    Moreover, as we’ve previously warned, the trigger for the next crisis could come in many forms, one of the most likely of which is a total loss of confidence in the U.S. dollar.

    That being said, physical assets that actually have value rather than hype will be the order of the day.

    We need only look to Venezuela to understand what that means in an economic collapse, where even the most basic of necessities like food, medical supplies and toiletries are in short supply.

    When it happens it’ll come seemingly out of nowhere and at that point it will be too late to prepare for the worst case scenario because it will already be in progress.

    We encourage readers to consider the physical assets of last resort that have been the class go-to for capital flows when bubbles burst, including gold and silver, secure farmland, and a healthy supply of basic emergency goods to dip into should the system around us completely tank.

    Of course, many claim that this time is different and those worried about collapse and price destruction simply don’t understand the mechanics of centrally planned economies, a claim to which Jones bluntly responds:

    The one thing I’ve learned over the past 40 years — these price patterns it’s the same old story so often just with different characters, different times, different plots


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      1. What all here who have succeeded in becoming debt-free need to realize is that there is one stabilizer for the system to go after. Property taxes or ‘ownership’ taxes and asset siezures. The liberal mindset will be “because you’ve ‘got it’, you must’ve done so at the expense of the ‘downtrodden’ and poor”. It won’t stop until they find a way to get all those who have anything at all – land, house, fuel, vehicles, food, water, meds…. anything that is needed by all those who lived like grasshoppers instead of ants … and then, they’ll use whatever force is necessary to seize all such assets. Best SHTF plan will be not some isolation bug-out in the sticks dream or “I’ll stand off the hordes” idea. It will be to as quickly as possible band together in all ways as a literal force. At least that’s my opinion. Just do me and yourselves a favor – don’t go all chest-thumpin’ “they ain’t goin’ ta take ma sh*t without a fracas”. No one of us has the ability to fight a multi-front battle against those same hordes.

        • No one of us has the ability to fight a multi-front battle against those same hordes.

          I disagree, You need to have force multipliers working for you. From Barbed wire fencing and security gate to No Trespass signs, cameras real and fake, motion detectors, a moat around my property filled with gators and if they get past all that, then they catch some lead hot and fast coming at em from me. I am the last property on a dead end private road and my neighbors a few hundred yards up the road has 5 dogs that barks at anything coming down the road in my direction. My early remote warning signal, free. I then Grab the lead thrower and take position with binoculars. And I’m a Lone Wolf… Wooof!!! It can be done, security in layers upon layers.

          • I agree,,,, I live on a secure dead end road. no other way in! one neighbor with big dogs, alarms on driveway,, artesian well,,, stocked pond,,, stream … good hunting,,,firewood … etc. stock of essentials, including lead….

          • Thar she blows: You apparently don’t understand latest 21st century military tech. The gov can take out anything, using drones, helicopters and satellite tech. to locate any place on the planet, etc. They may not seek bug out locations right away either, so best to form a cell group with other like minded. (leaderless resistance article online)

          • BlowIt: That “technique” of yours may work for a minute but will not last all the way so to speak.

          • yea they thought that too in Iraq and Afghanistan. How much air support do you have?

        • Heart,
          You are referring to an American style “Dekulakization”,
          something I could see happening in a “Blue” state where
          the people have been disarmed.
          True that you cannot go up against a horde, but you presume a organized effort, which implies leadership. You kill the leadership.Look up 4GW. I do no chest beating, nor do I threaten, I plan.
          I also live in an area that doesn’t have the resources to enforce asset seizure if they lose more than
          a few government officers and “soldiers”.
          Preparation and location are keys to success.

          • Exactly…

          • The leadership of our Patriot movement is taken out as soon as someone stands up. A friend of mine was active in the Tea Party, not any more after he was almost destroyed by Obama’s IRS.

            Now we have a name for it: The Deep State. The Enforcement Arm of it is the FBI and CIA, and their hordes of Kites. This country is overrun by them. The Clinton Body Count pile was stacked up by these Spooks. The recent Car “Accident’ injuring the recent Republican nominee, I believe in South Carolina, was probably set up by the Marxist NWO Deep State.

            When Shtf, Leadership will emerge, but only after small cell victories, after much persecution of Christians and Patriots. “Gray Men” won’t fight back, just survive, dodge and weave, the fighters are in the Patriot Movement, some in the “Truther Movement” (Infowars, etc..).

            You wouldn’t believe what a difference an individual can make though if he/she is motivated, and is willing to sacrifice themselves.

            I still believe, very strongly, that when the Left gets back in power, they will institute a “Great Purge” on us Patriots and Christians. The Progressives aren’t the compassionate people they claim to be, just let them have total power again and see what’s really in their genocidal hearts. It’s horrific to even think about it.

        • so in case they take all your stuff, make sure some of your food is poisoned




          YOU ARE LEGEND






          • Is that all you have, your simpleton racism?

            • What’s your problem?? The truth hurts NunyaBidness!!

            • That is all you simple people can ever say, all you are racist or this and that, it is so beyond old and worn out, like beating a dead horse dead!! GET over that mess. You people make me sick. All you baboons do is DESTROY.

            • ONLY Racism will save the White Race.

            • In South Africa, white women are raped by rape gangs simply because they are white.

              Pointing that out isn’t racist. The act of rape gangs raping certain women based on skin color is not just rape, it’s genocide. Check the definition.

              Get your priorities straight. Rape gangs are absolutely coming to America via certain groups liberals/progressives seem intent on leaving the doors open for, so they can flood our country.

              The epidemic of rape, crime and murder across the EU with mainly whites being targeted, should be a wakeup call.

          • Eisenkreutz: B’ boomer women had to work for a living, not sit at home breeding and baking bread/pastries. Cost of living in the ’70 ‘s on was main reason. I am now retired since 2009, and me and some of my peers opted to be child free. Some of us knew about globalist deep state. None of us married rich husbands either. We knew young people would have to struggle in the future with socialist agendas/ ag. 2030, etc. Some my age are still spt adult middle age slacker kids, helping them w/debt. Who the H needs it.

            • “Cost of living in the ’70 ‘s on was main reason.”
              Try again sweetheart. The 60’s sexual revolution followed by women insisting on entering the workforce led to a cost of living that no longer supported stay-at-home moms without exceptional sacrifice from those who managed to do it anyway in-spite of not being financially wealthy. Sounds like you are pretty anti-family. Welcome to the world you helped create. Enjoy…

          • So if China got overrun with Pakistanis and they had a “Chinese first” policy that clearly would not be racist because they’re not white.


          • Boomers like all children are now adults behaving as they were taught. If we are playing the blame game, please place the blame on the correct doorstep.

          • Hey Eisencrap…..why don’t you go off yourself? You’re a worthless piece of human excrement.

          • Eisen

            Give us 3 solid examples of how the Boomers (my parents are Boomers as per my screen-name) destroyed the country and wrecked a civilization? Just three.

        • “they ain’t goin’ ta take ma sh*t without a fracas”.

          Thank you heartless for saying what most here just don’t get.
          One sufficient-sized drone will kill me, Gene, and destroy this house and probably a few neighbors’ homes too.
          Your arsenal?? Fuhgettaboutit!!!
          Betta place that trust in the Lord, folks.

          • “Betta place that trust in the Lord, folks.”

            Right, look how well that’s worked out so far! Tell you what, you’re free to kneel and pray. I’d rather die on my feet.

            • Dan: you are right!! Where has “God” been over the past who knows how man years? Religion is ALL nothing but lies and stories and a good way to manipulate the hell out of dumb-dumbs.

              • “Religion” as you call it IS the problem, as long as you specify – man-made religion.

                Have you ever heard ONE sermon on 1 John 3:4 ? Why not ?

                “Sin is the transgression of the Law.” What “Law” you should ask. Well, since it is The Book it must be talking about the Creator’s Law. Gen. 26:5 makes it clear that this existed long before “Moses’ Law” or Old Covenant Law”.

                The denominations ALL play the line-drawing-game. They draw a line around the stuff they like and ignore the rest. Most preachers use the same 50 or so verses because most of the lazy so- called by-livers want to have their ears tickled. So a few jokes are needed, of course. But nothing that will ever make you actually think about your own responsibilities.

                The remnant has mostly moved on from “organized religions”. “Come ye out from among them.”

        • Are you asking said poor people, for hard, physical labor, without basic providence.

          I think, there are some Bible verses about this.

        • When that happens, it’s time to kill the imbeciles coming thru your door. Stand half behind a wall with a .308 and just hand out canoe heads.

        • Heartless: Agree, but it is hard to get anyone to see this. My elders mentioned this same thing in the late 70’s. Patriot group meetings I realized long ago, were useless overall to accomplish a damn thing. We choose to be child free as well as several of my peers, now retirees. I suggest people form cell groups with women and elderly doing logistic/supplies. google : leaderless resistance.

          • Join up with a bunch of whiney old women and old people? Lady, you’re insane.

            No fricking way. I can tell, with your attitude, I would want to knock you out five minutes after meeting you. Probably a nosy busybody, too.

        • Look into Lauren Southern’s interviews with South African farmers and landowners and see what headed our way!

        • So true heartless. One group that will sidle up together is Christian Dominionists, whom I will sidle up with. Just because someone claims to accept a certain unifying philosophy doesn’t mean they practice it, admittedly.

          The group I will belong to will follow empirical ethics, instead of situational ethics, and Christianity and its political offshoots is empirical.

          The Millennials will have it difficult because they have always been taught it’s okay to question or insert there own wisdom and replace leadership’s. Watch any apocalypse movie, featuring Millennials, and the arguments that break out among them are endless. If the young despise the older generation now, in a way I’ve never seen before, then how can they get along when SHTF?

          Having an argumentative liberal millennial in your group, unless he is a relative, may prove to be disastrous.

      2. Huge difference Heartless, for those day dreaming living in the City, and those like me, prepared, way out in the sticks where I’m happy to be away from people, traffic noise and BS, and enjoy country life without threats. I walked behind my tool shed today and there lay a doe catching some sun. Sure she know I’m there but still runs off. She will be back at dusk lapping up the corn I spread around.

        The only real threats in life, are from other irritating humanoids. Get with nature, she can be your best friend. Your little day dream about city folks teaming up is laughable. Sure they will use you for what they can get, then ditch you when you need help. City people live next door to people they never knew for 20 and 30 years. other than an occasional wave. Its pretty sad really. Those are the people you need to watch and are unpredictable.

        • I sincerely hope you and rellik are right and I’m wrong. Just remember the old quote – Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke (26 October 1800 – 24 April 1891):

          “The tactical result of an engagement forms the base for new strategic decisions because victory or defeat in a battle changes the situation to such a degree that no human acumen is able to see beyond the first battle. In this sense one should understand Napoleon’s saying: “I have never had a plan of operations…..
          Therefore no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.”

      3. Molon Labe…..

      4. Got to get the Constitution back in force. Got to Keep the people armed. Got to put the globalist genie back in the bottle, get foreigners out, reaffirm our American culture and western principles.

        I agree with the writers suggestions. Land, gold and silver, and plenty of preps, food, water source, emergency food in cans, buckets, jars, and a means to preserve food.

        I don’t anticipate a house-to-house search and seizure (Bolshevik style) because we’re not going to allow (((them))) to do to us what they did to the Russians/Ukrainians. That’s why they want our guns. But we’re not going to let that happen, period.

        Now, trade with your gold and silver. Eventually, our financial system will stabilize once our means of exchange is in our own hands. The globalists will still have lots of gold. But they won’t be able to continue stealing. And, if these criminals don’t like being kept from stealing, they can go into a corner and cry until they get over it. The world doesn’t owe them anything, no matter what they’ve been told. You see, the deceivers have simply deceived themselves. And as a wise man once said, you can get away with deceiving others, but you can never get away with deceiving yourself.


        • Boring from CA: Give it a rest. You think <> are around every corner. Your’re just a grumpy tubby old man with nothing better to do than post BS. Now lets wait for your lackey to defend you, Deplorable Bravetard.

          • DRR, go take a flying leap.

          • DRR, B from CA is a woman. She said so in a post one year ago. It’s in black and white. She knows.

            Unless maybe “she” is Braveheart’s female alter personality. Because no one would care that much about some anonymous poster on an anonymous board, someone they don’t even know, to come to their rescue and defense the way “he” does.

      5. “No digital place holders, beads for the abacus, arcade tokens, or ugly, green toilet paper,” said Chicken Little. “Holy Cow. Fresh outta wampum shells.”

        Any promissory note (including childish, artistic examples) can be held by a bank as collateral and borrowed-against, several times over. I think, hideous, modern art can probably be used as numismatic scrip, if you were to appraise it.

        Money is hypotheticated, out of thin air, with no tangible consideration.

        You can peg this funny money to commodities, goods, and services,to make it valuable, but to what end.

        If you had all of those high status, bourgeois-tier thneeds, the Earth would never spin off it’s axis. We have not come anywhere close to running out of resources, and especially not for just the sane, normative people. Anyone telling you otherwise is just shaking the boat. Sorry, not sorry.

        We throw away enough to feel the world. 6 serviceable shelters to every 1 homeless.

        These bankers, etc. would be criminalized, the instant you arbitrarily decided to be mental adults, in the first world, and dignitaries would have to meet you at your level.

        • Pre-dug holes; lots of shovels.

          • Shoot, shovel, shut up…….

            • JJ & Old Guy, near a river? Shoot and toss ’em in, and let gators eat ’em.

          • (Don’t take this personally. It’s just a healthy, mental exercise.)

            Do you have anything, which I need, want, or is part of “adulting”.

            The answer will usually be no.

            Business interests, which will never lead to Stepford, in writing, are white slavers.

            Call them, on that, with the shortest words, humanly possible.

            They have failed their end of the social bargain. They are failures, scam artists, and predators. Put it in a Hamburlgar mask. That’s what it is.

      6. What would be your options???

        Comply and move into a fema camp and become a slave???

        Or go out standing on your own two feet???

        None of us are gonna live forever, I say go out like free men…

        If it cost them enough they will lose heart quickly…

      7. Did anyone else see Melanias jacket. It said on the back I really don’t care do you. It appeared to be in white paint brushed on. I love it. I want t shirts made so I can get one to wear. That’s exactly how I feel.

        • I saw it and laughed. Many of the MSM were all freaked out over it. What a bunch of pimple-arsed wimps.

          • Yes, the liberal snowflakes are melting, we need hats with that statement to escalate their demise

        • I saw it, and laughed, she was sending a message to the media.

          Way to go Melania.

      8. Survival in a real SHTF scenario will be very random at best. People in rural areas will fare best in large groups, individuals will parish very quickly. Remember, not all city folk are built alike, many of them are from the country and know skills and techniques you do not. Many city folk can shoot farther and better than you too, don’t over estimate your perceived abilities.

        Don’t assume there will be any living off the land after about the first month, two months at best. Don’t underestimate all city folk. I currently live in a city of 65000 morons, when SHTF I’ll be leaving for an undisclosed location surrounded by a sportsman’s paradise. Among other things, I was formerly a land navigation instructor in the military, I have been thru SERES training, I can shoot, I’ve seen war, I have preps. Even with all that, I don’t like my overall chances of survival after the 3 month period. After the first month I expect there to be no game species left alive at all. People will gravitate out my way and consume everything; this is a reality.

        Everyone seems to think a bunch of chopped wood, a cellar and a rifle will be enough. Wrong. After about 1-2 months you will be under constant attack or probing from others who have run out of stuff. People need to get away from the Rambo mindset about survival. I firmly believe I, along with 2-3 other like trained people could literally overtake just about any lone wolf individual or small group, regardless of their defenses or preps (I have no intension of doing so, I’m just stating facts and there are plenty of people like me out there who could do the same).

        Gold, in my opinion, is a bad choice for preserving wealth if something other than a financial crisis causes a SHTF scenario. At the current price of gold, you will be spending triple or even quadruple your original investment for barter. Stick to silver for fiscal preservation if you intend to use precious metals for barter if the SHTF situation goes on for a long period or indefinitely. It should also be considered that if the United States goes SHTF, the scenario will be very different than what Selco went thru, because there are a lot more people here and most people here are very soft and unprepared.

        As Clint Eastwood once said, “A good man knows his limitations.” A lot of you are delusional and are in for a vey rude awakening. Good luck.

        • I bet you a large number of all of these $hit-talkers will get their rectums plugged up within the first day or two of festivities, The End.

      9. I agree,,,, I live on a secure dead end road. no other way in! one neighbor with big dogs, alarms on driveway,, artesian well,,, stocked pond,,, stream … good hunting,,,firewood … etc. stock of essentials, including lead…. and I live in MI…

        • I grew up there, spent my early adult years there, and had to move for financial reasons. I still miss it. I think it’s time to go home. In most areas, Virginia is for the birds.

        • I once lived at the end of a mile long dead end road. Only place on the road. only one way in. Its wasn’t worth a flip. When the folks along the Highway seen us leave they knew we werent home. And they could trespass without fear. They posted a lookout withing hearing of gunshot . to warn that we where returning home.

          • I’ve heard your story more than once.

            I always step out and scan the neighborhood from cover before driving off. I have a garage and always pack up with the doors shut. Never let them know you are gone for the day or just five minutes. Practice being the gray man 24/7. Learn to walk and make no noise and leave no tracks.

            Most of the robberies around here are committed by people that work for the landscapers or other contractors. They watch for who is home and when. I know one crew, that gives me the same eye, that a few cons I’ve met give you. Some people are just bad news walking.

            In the ultimate SHTF, a lot of people will turn bad. I see people talk about fighting off bad people at their door. I think it foolish to not send a message while they are still a mile away.

      10. EisenKruetz, 8 children, 6 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, all white, all the grown ones have white spouses, and their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather is a boomer, of all things! I have six siblings, and they all have children. Funny how one size doesn’t fit all, eh? MJBM, good to see a kindred spirit, intelligent, and aware of the situation. Most of you here seem level-headed, and that, plus the ability to think under pressure (the definition of courage) are the best preps besides the physical things. Even the hot shots with the money know something is up. Skull it out and plan ahead.

        • Sean: Great, but can’t compete w/ Muslims (four wives and many offspring) if enough of these scum bags get here, they will outbreed Americans like in the EU, now over run. You and EisenK and some I know local had wives who didn’t have to work and pay daycare either. Nice to be wealthy. Home schooling I hope. Most women have to work to pay basic bills, as hubby’s pay makes car and house payments, women buy groceries and pay utilities. Ain’t easy for us middle class.

      11. When the time comes: Insert 10mm into mouth and suck it good!!!!

      12. Them that can do. Them that can’t talk about it. Gotta go, there’s work to do.

      13. Fellas just check out Lauren Southern’s work on South African farmers and land owners. Something to worry about!

      14. There was a unruly lynch mob in a texas town. So the sheriff and deputy sent for help fron the Texas Rangers. When the train stopped one old dried up Renger got off. The Sheriff bemoaned Are you it? They only sent one Guy. The Ranger replied do you have more than one Riot? The fact is cut the head off a snake it don’t rattle long. Any horde you gut and butt shoot the biggest with even a 22. Their screaming will unnerve the remainder real fast. But its better to avoid contact. Hide in a cave until the 90% die off is over. Leave behind poisoned canned good for the thieves to find. Burn your buildings so as to not provide shelter and aid the enemy. No restoration of the Counstition will happen. Trump will not make America great again. No politician’s or Revolution will restore the Republic. No religious solution is viable. The fact is its all over. Beyond a snowballs chance in hell of any successful solution. Too many Takers and too few Makers is not sustainable. The only unknown is the When the bubble burst?

      15. Even the old farts with all they got that they think will protect them won’t survive long with what is coming. Perhaps a while longer than the totally unprepared in this rapidly rotting shithole America. The onslaught for complete global subjugation is entering the later stages. Over $20 trillion (likely far higher) missing, rather stolen funds admitted while Israeli puppets control every aspect of our FAKE government, FEMA announcing it’s broke, you’re on your own America because we fake ass greedy politicians and business interests must hyper weaponize to protect what is rightfully stolen, our precious and our tyrannical hatred of common mankind.



        • Until a drone drops a bomb on him!

      17. Read up on the grand solar minimum and the little ice age. Now imagine it with over seven billion people. Imagine those people have no survival skills except to take what they need from people who have what they need to survive. The higher your latitude, the worse it gets. Many of the major farming areas for cereal grains are positioned to take the brunt of it. Drenching rains, out-of-season freezes and snowfall reduce the grain harvests to nothing. These gloom-and-doom forecasters have been wrong before and hopefully are again. These grand solar minimums last for decades which is far longer than the prepper supplies you have stashed. Good luck!

      18. So true heartless. One group that will sidle up together is Christian Dominionists, whom I will sidle up with. Just because someone claims to accept a certain unifying philosophy doesn’t mean they practice it, admittedly.

        The group I will belong to will follow empirical ethics, instead of situational ethics, and Christianity and its political offshoots is empirical.

        Millennials will have it difficult because they have always been taught it’s okay to question or insert there own wisdom and replace leadership’s. Watch any apocalypse movie, featuring Millennials, and the arguments that break out among them are endless. If the young despise the older generation now, in a way I’ve never seen before, then how can they get along when SHTF?

        Having an argumentative liberal millennial in your group, unless he is a relative, may prove to be disastrous.

      19. He who controls the air controls the battle!

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