Legal Tender for All Debts Public and Private: Bank of America Refuses to Accept Cash for Mortgage Payment *Video*

by | Feb 4, 2012 | Headline News | 174 comments

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    In yet another show of how banks like to make it difficult for borrowers to pay of their debts so they can force them into late payments, over the limit fees and foreclosure, we have a Bank of America banker and supervisor in Lakeport, CA refusing to accept a cash payment for a mortgage .

    (Video below)

    This is what I’ve just been told. Bank of America has just refused to accept my mortgage payment in cash and is insisting on a wire transfer. Apparently, in America, cash does not pay the mortgage anymore… is what I’m being told today…

    According to the bank’s web site, they claim to be dedicated to making home loan payments easy to manage, especially when borrowers are faced with unique problems:

    Home loan payment difficulties?
    Bank of America is committed to helping homeowners understand all their financial options. We can work with you to find the best solution to your unique problem. We’re here to help. 

    In this particular instance, however, bank personnel seem to be doing exactly the opposite. They are either lacking in basic monetary knowledge, which is that Federal Reserve Notes (aka cash, US dollars) are legal tender for all debts public and private, or as evidenced by the alarmed and somewhat flustered facial expressions of the bank supervisor, know that they are complicit in promulgating the ridiculous policy of not accepting cash to make good on debts owed at one of the largest banking institutions on the planet.

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      1. BS–we’ve been paying cash for 2/3 we do for everything.

        • Have you paid a mortgage payment in cash to bank of America? Just curious. Which lender do you have?


            § 3-603. TENDER OF PAYMENT.

            (a) If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument, the effect of tender is governed by principles of law applicable to tender of payment under a simple contract.

            THIS ==>(b) If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, ***there is discharge, to the extent of the amount of the tender***, of the obligation of an indorser or accommodation party having a right of recourse with respect to the obligation to which the tender relates.

            (c) If tender of payment of an amount due on an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument, the obligation of the obligor to pay interest after the due date on the amount tendered is discharged. If presentment is required with respect to an instrument and the obligor is able and ready to pay on the due date at every place of payment stated in the instrument, the obligor is deemed to have made tender of payment on the due date to the person entitled to enforce the instrument.

            • Unfortunately a mortgage is not a negotiable instrument under the UCC.

              • Right, A mtg note (written IOU) is a security created by the debtor (“out of thin air” with or without certain collateral/insurance ‘securing it’). It can be assigned to a CUSIP (account) number (A CUSIP is a 9-character alphanumeric code which identifies a North American financial security for the purposes of facilitating clearing and settlement of trades). This really has no bearing on the Chumbawamba post’s earlier information because: as the note’s coupons/payments become due, they are usually required to be paid in Negotiable Instrument(s) ($ denominated; cf. gold/silver, in-kind). If an entity holding the note has a standing policy of “No Cash Accepted”, each payment/coupon coming due is discharged-at-equity (as negotiable instruments always do, think PAID as in a mini-bankruptcy). You’ll likely have to assert these discharges in an equity court (with jurisdiction in repleven), and you do, and will, have the “clean hands” to do so. It’s best if you are the moving party (bring/prosecute the suit first), complain creditor’s failure to discharge refused “cash” payments (evidence their policy & RE-BILLING), and have fun. The creditors have to obey the spirit & the letter of the law & can & should be punished for not doing so, sacrificing all due on the security.

            • Chum; Simply put ‘ if they refuse payment, the one seeking to pay is free of debt’. In the 80’s and 90’s I had hospitals refuse to accept payment and reminded them of the Texas law. One hospital saw the error in their refusal and accepted payment. The other stood their ground, as I did. 2nd hospital never got paid. The 2nd hospital actually tore up my check.

            • CharlieFoxtrot, I beg to differ, but if you’d like to explain your understand I’m all ears (er, eyes in this case).

          • BofA; that’s the subject matter; I wouldn’t compare oranges to apples –we have used cash since Countrywide went bust–never had a problem.

          • Refusal of payment, where? California! Any surprises there? Only in a state that is almost in debt as the Fed.

          • I have made many cash payments to mortgage companies, etc, for myself & on behalf of others. Cash is a “pay to bearer” instrument (for ALL public/private debt–Federal Law trumps/nullifies contracts as unenforceable), once agent touches the cash (i.e., pulls it out from envelope, picks it up), the debt is LEGALLY PAID. Keep & leave copy of Federal Reserve Notes’ S/N area as sort of a receipt! If agent chooses to return cash or refuses to touch it–“a refused cash payment is DISCHARGED AT EQUITY” (resulting in “clean hands” just like Federal Reserve Notes are, micro-bankruptcy). Get witnesses, video evidence and have fun. Argue that the entire agreement is null & void–missing full disclosure, & meeting of minds, lack of consideration. (See Chumbawamba, below)

        • Nine months?

      2. am i first? and this is out rageous im glad i dont use BoA

        • I am not surprised one bit. This bullshit has been going on for years. I found this out when I tried paying for a hotel room and a rental car with cash and in both instances it was demanded that I produce a credit card “in case I decided to trash the vehicle or the room”. That kind of basic mistrust now gets an automatic taking of my business elsewhere. The thing of it is though, try taking a large sum of your “worthless” cash from one of these banking bastards and watch how quick they are to scowl and be disagreeable over giving you your funds. If you don’t have most of your money already out of the bank and converted into metal then you are a fool. I suppose when the banks get around to letting you access your worthless money after the bank holidays are over you will be at least able to use your devalued crisp $10 bills to wipe your ass with.

          • I traveled x-country by motorcycle a few years ago, had no problem paying for hotel rooms with cash, some wanted a deposit but then would give it back in the AM w/o even checking the room. Dunno about renting cars, but I was surprised how easy the motels were. You might try lowering your standards lol.

          • Amen! My wife and I have been trying to get some of our money out of an account with a certain institution. They’ve put up nothing but road block after road block preventing us from getting our money. Now they say it will take 10-14 business days to get yet another form we have to fill out so that we can then gain access to OUR money! Talk about obfuscation and stonewalling….

            • Guanoman: Get a lawyer now and sue the bank (fraud and punitive) and make the bank pay lawyer fees.

            • Read the small print below some of the tellers’ windows. It will most likely give a limit on withdrawals daily. I’ve seen some $500. and others $1000. My mom has had the same problem trying to get out large amts of cash. They encourage her to get a cashier’s check, which, of course, has a charge. Try asking for $10. or $20. worth of nickles in rolls and see what kind of problems you run into. In one case, my own, the teller had to go into the vault to get the above amounts ….if that makes any sense.

            • Transfer all your funds with that bank into a check account, then write a check to whom ever your sending your money to. Then the bank is forced to honor the check if the correct funds are in the account.
              I still can’t understand why you guys have and use checks though. Such olden day banking. When I lived in America for a while a few years back, I had to get somebody to show me how to write a check and even how to CASH!!! a paycheck!!!! I laughed so hard when the bank teller started handing me bills and coins. My old grandma would be proud!! As that’s how they did there banking ect up till the late 70’s early 80’s. Last time I saw someone write a check before moving to America was … 1987? 1988? Get with the times!! LOL

          • ~Moon-mistress~

            (quote)—I suppose when the banks get around to letting you access your worthless money after the bank holidays are over you will be at least able to use your devalued crisp $10 bills to wipe your ass with—(unquote)


            Yeah, & here’s a small expose’ of the crowd that will charge you ‘interest’ for the privilege to use their toilet paper….


          • Duh……if it was my car I would want some insurance that you wouldn’t trash it either. Why don’t you lend out YOUR car with just a few hundred bucks down to a stranger.

            • Because dumbass, if you rent a car to someone and they trash it then you can pursue them under the terms of the contract for the damages. To require a credit card as an presumption that the renter will be abusing the vehicle is bad faith and bad business. The real reason they want a credit card probably has to do with being able to allow the police to track your movements if they want. If I suspected that you would abuse a vehicle I was about to rent to you then I would just not rent to you.

            • Well they’re the ones who are in the business of renting cars, not me. they should take cash!

          • Well, guess I’m no fool then.

            • In regards to this quote, that is: “If you don’t have most of your money already out of the bank and converted into metal then you are a fool.”

          • When you withdraw “cash” from the bank, you are not just taking out $1, you are actually taking away their ability to loan out an additional $9 – and removing their ability to collect EXORBITANT INTEREST on the loaned funds. Drain your bank accounts down to the barest minimum or better yet, move the funds to a LOCAL credit union or small bank.

            • Well said friend.

          • Don’t trust your cash when tied up in gold (particularly), gold goes boom & bust just like home real estate. Gold does not have much commercial value like say nickel, but it’s price is held artificially high, solely by hoarding demand–much like the natural diamond market! While silver has more commercial value, it’s price is closely influenced by gold. Gold should remain a viable hold for several(?) more years, but those getting out before the steep backside of the burst are seldom sorry. Gold has been going boom & bust long before the Federal Reserve Act.

      3. wow. Now that’s kinda scary. Money no longer accepted at a bank for payments? I wonder if they know something that we don’t yet…

        • Yeah, like the dollar is already worthless and the news just hasn’t spread anywhere.

          This is definitely spooky.

          • To those paying attention, they just tipped their hand
            its game over for the dollar

            • Don’t mention that to DK…

          • That’s what it comes down to. Decline in dollar’s value is now driving purchasing and repayment decisions already, which is scaring the **** out of creditors on long term loans like mortgages!

        • IM wondering if there house is in forclosure so they wont take a payment because of that.

          • I’m thinking the exact same thought.
            Once your home gets to a certain point in foreclosure, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops.
            I used to have to refuse rent payments when trying to evict tenants.
            Some were masters at milking the system, they would make a small payment, which would stop the legal action, then not pay anymore till I spent my hard earned money on lawyers filing another eviction.
            It was a losing proposition, better to just evict them, and take the hit, otherwise you keep throwing good money after bad.

            • rainman…The same applies with “bill collectors”. If they accept even a 5 or 10 dollar payment they have no further recourse on the debt as long as you keep making that same payment regularly. Then again, there may be a contract involved in renting that makes this a different situation.

          • You hit the nail on the head.


            That is the ONLY reason they’re rejecting his cash payment.

            A little background research goes a looooong way.

            • yeah over 1/2 the shit on this website is hyberbole. alarmist crap that has no substance….everyone get back in mommys basement!

        • ~cshellz~

          (quote)—Wow. Now that’s kinda scary.—(unquote)



          Not so much, really.
          Its actually nothing more than the realization of the “legalized extortion racket” we euphemistically define as, the Banking Industry!!!!!

          …on a different note, I’ll give you a short example of…”SCARY”.
          It involves the blatant murder of “TRUTH”…see below:

      4. Wow,
        I’m speechless.
        Wait… The mind is starting to stir….
        If they won’t except money than it must be paid for already.

      5. BofA sucks. The more I read, the more I see we are f’d…

        • Why people still bank with BofA or even Wells Fargo deserves what the banks dish out. I had an IRA at Wells Fargo and wanted to cash it in. I had to wait until I was over the age to get penalized. Went to the local branch and they couldn’t take care of it, I had to fill out a $hit load of paper work, mail it off and wait for my money. That’s the last of dealing with big banks. I now bank with a credit union and a local community bank with no trouble.

          • Couldn’t agree more. Another one to stay away from is Ally. Those idiots don’t know what NO means. Small local banks or credit unions are the best choice. My only credit card is a Barclay card. They seem okay so far. I don’t deal with it much and if I do it gets paid right away. Stay away from banks in general is probably good advise…. we all know that though.

      6. Oh, hell– it’s California?? Why didn’t you say so?? ‘Nuff said.

      7. Knowing BofA, it’s Likely the first cash they have seen in years, IMHO if it’s not fraud they: KNOW NOTHING

      8. Note that the wiener very much wanted the video turned off.

        • Pippa Middleton, is it really you? The one from London? Marry me, I promise I’ll divorce you un-contested later on. You’re “much” hotter than your sister. Just don’t show me any of those ASPCA commercials with Willie Nelson. It’s only been you….. You were always on my mind. I’ll give you the oscar meyar.

      9. Amazing, I thought all debts could be paid with cash.
        We definitely are living in interesting times

        Gogle/Yahoo: Daily Job Cuts

        • Even thou you can use cash, Using cash is a suspicious activity. A guy I knew and his family always used cash. Him and his wife both received direct deposit payments from their jobs. They would keep just enough money in the bank to keep the account open and free from fees and withdraw the rest. They kept their savings at home rather than in the bank. But from time to time they would need to make a large payment for something such as college tuition for their kids or a down payment for some property. A couple of years ago they went on a vacation overseas and were stopped by customs on the way back and interrogated about their Suspicious use of cash. Him, his wife and 2 daughters had more than $10,000 with them combined and it was all seized. They were released into the airport after the money was taken but were stuck for a few days sleeping in the airport untill they could get someone they knew to send them enough cash for the “Change fee” for their tickets for the remainder of the way home.
          They have been audited every year since then by the IRS.
          This is all because every time they got a cashier’s check or deposited cash in their account the bank submitted a suspicious activity report on them to the government.
          They never borrowed money from anyone and didnt even have a credit card or cash card but they did a wonderful job raising their kids, owned a nice home and managed to have plenty of money for retirement.
          And they are labled as criminals for it.

      10. Not the way currency works. The “note” is a liability encumbering the United States. The “legal tender” disclaimer reflects that. “Dollars” are a means of exchange, but the bank is able to refuse certain forms of payment, including paper currency.

        “Lawful money” and “notes” aren’t coequal. Doesn’t mean the bankers aren’t douchebags…just means the law is on their side on this.

        • You are absolutely correct, however the Federal Reserve Notes MUST be REDEEMED into lawful money upon request.

          The guy should have demanded that BofA redeem his worthless debt notes for lawful money the bank could accept.

        • This is not accurate information, banks are chartered to keep the liabilities of the United States Treasury liquid by their “free exchange” & without fee for such–they cannot restrict cash/currency in application to debt. No special fees/restrictions for cash payments (and must cash Treasury warrants/checks)–much to their chagrin! Their charter is their god.

      11. ok so they want things simple for them because cash takes time to take and it takes manpower to do and its risky for them to take a load of money to the bank while the teller counts in. SO they don’t accept cash for that reason which is sad! They just care about their spreadsheets and huge profits and that is it. If you can go to a smalltown back and do business with them and shut these banks that are connected to the big politicians down for good. They dont wanna work with us so we should not work for them. Same thing just like cell phone companies that want you to sign a contract so they can screw you all the way. Dont feel one bit sorrry for these people that do that to us. Eventally your big greed will bring you down. ANd i dont feel one bit sorry. Only people who i feel sorry for are the honest hard working people who own a home and stay in it that lose a job and banks dont work with them,

        • I would hardly consider the amount of his mortgage to be a big risk for the bank mentioned here. The bank wouldn’t have a problem giving it to him if he requested!!

      12. Well at least he has it documented on video that his bank refused to take his payment in cash. Last time I checked CASH Trumps paper checks and hand shakes. I smell a lawsuit brewing.

        • I smell a VALID reason to stop making future payments.

      13. A bank breaks Federal law and people are surprised?

      14. I’m going to pay my mortgage in cash this time, just for grins. In NC, if you make a payment in good faith, and it is not accepted, that is ’cause’ for the debt to be voided. God Bless old Carpetbagger laws. If it comes to that I will shove it down their throat.

        Just got a notice that in WA, there are armed guards standing outside BofA…
        They are crooks, trust me.(Double charging, outrageous nonsense harassment.)

        • I live in WA and can confirm that the BofA has guards outside the bank. I wasn’t sure if it was just the one I pass daily or all BofA. I wish Iran could test thier NUKE on the BofA. lol.

          • Navy Guy….if they did would that “break” the bank”? 🙂 …sorry couldnt resist that one!

        • gearing up for a bank holiday? possibly…..

          • OH geez ! not another one with the bank holiday ! that GERALD CELENTE bank holiday nonesense started in 2008…..what year are we in now ? just curious
            Im telling you to be prepared for pigs to fly very soon so i would spread the word .

            • Gerald Celente. What a loser. LOTS of poeple making money off FEAR…..that loser is one of them. Didn’t even follow his OWN advice and lost a pile of money… loser.

      15. I bet they will take pesos though.

        • Alot of roach coaches here in TUC town take pesos now! It’s great buying lunch with pesos!

      16. This policy may be new with B of A, but not new in several places. Ever try to pay with cash for an upscale hotel room…or pay a flight attendant for a drink on a flight, or get a rental car? Credit cards only.

        • Yes, but it wasn’t for a drink. We weren’t even off the ground.

      17. Just go to another BofA branch and you will probably find a nicer manager who will be glad to take your cash payment. You can always start a conversation about how you might open a CD with them some day.

        By the way, when you pay more monthly than what you owe, make sure that they apply the extra payment towards your principal reduction and not towards the next month’s payment. It makes a difference, and the banks usually default to the approach that benefits them.

        • BofA always issues a ‘principal reduction’ on your statement if you pay more than required.
          I round things off to the dollar with everything, like if it’s 19.57, pay 20, etc.
          However, I stopped paying toward principal long ago.
          A loan officer told me to save ‘any’ extra at home, like an extra 100 or 200 a month. When you are having a hardship and can’t make the mortgage, no mortgage company cares how much was paid extra for ____ years on your payment history. however, if you saved those extra payment amounts, you may have what’s necessary to get by till the hardship abates.
          Smart advise and since we are self-employed, I have been doing it for the last 3 years.

          • I think maybe you should have continued what you were doing.The loan officer certainly doesn’t want the principal paid off early. That reduces the amount of interest collected over the life of the mortgage.Every little bit extra you pay means less in their pockets. I’m not saying don’t save for hard times….I AM saying don’t believe anything they say is meant to be for your benefit and not theirs.

      18. If “corp” BofA had a brain they’d fire that loser and his staff because you can’t fix stupid.

        And if some “management” type wrote up a stupid policy saying they don’t take “cash” that moron should be fired too….

        But then hey 36 White House executive office employees owe more than $800k in back taxes and my guess is the IRS won’t take their cash – even if they actually wanted to pay it.

      19. Anyone banking with B of A after this is a fool and deserves what comes next.

      20. Years ago my husband owned a landscape business. He received 10,000 cash payment form his customer. He deposited the money into his business account Wells Fargo. He bought necessary items with checks. Within a few days the checks began bouncing. He went to Wells Fargo and asked why. He was told cash had to clear just like a check. Needless to say, he removed all his money and never did business with them again. All the Banksters need to go. ASAP.

        • So all the banksters need to go? Hmm….guess someone wants to hasten the EOTWAWKI? I’m not defending the big corporate banks, but the fact is our lives and the worlds we live in are depending on them; hence the concern often related in “a run on the banks” and things like “stress tests.”

          When they do stupid things like this they should replace those people who made it happen – period.

          • Jim, thet aren’t going to replace these people. They’ll more likely move them around, i.e. another location.

            The only thing these banks can understand is ‘no deposits-no money’. We need to stop the dependancy on banks and get them out of our lives. If this starts a down fall so be it. The down fall is going to happen, when and where it starts doesn’t matter. No matter when it starts, there will be people not ready for it.

            • Just like the Catlick Church !

        • Gene’s a logger and receives lots of big checks and cash.
          If he has a check totaling more than $10,000, he instructs the company to half it into 2’s not reported under $10,000.

          • Gene took a situation where he was doing nothing wrong ( Check for 10k ) and turned it into a felony, called “structuring” by having them issue 2 checks. Gene ain’t too smart.

      21. In January 2008 I canceled my BofA VISA credit card after watching Lou Dobbs rant about BofA giving out mortgages to undocumented aliens in California who had no social security number, no savings, no liquidity of any sort, in some cases no proper identification. It took me about 30 minutes on the phone with a BofA representative to cancel the credit card. She was extremely difficult to deal with and I came close to threatening her and BofA with legal action if she refused to comply with my instructions. I don’t wish ill on others, but in BofA’s case, I’ll make an exception.

        • And by undocumented, Lou Dobbs must mean *illegal* aliens.

          • @ ScoutMotto, if memory serves me correctly, Lou Dobbs did refer to them as illegal aliens. You are correct.

      22. Sounds like cash is no longer king. Interesting article we added about what your money can buy these days.

      23. Wow. This is quite scarey. I mean money is money, right?

        I think something is up and that BoA (Bunch of Assholes?) knows it and are making changes. When did this take place?

        BoA Manager: “Sir, you need to shut that off.”

        My answer: “Sir, you need to accept US$ amount as our contract specifies. If you do not, you are in breech of the contract and this nullifies the contract that I have be fulfilling for X years. Whats wrong? Don’t like the camera in your face when it is documenting your obvious breech of contract?”

        Words mean something and this man needs some lawful language thrown at him. BoA signed and the mortgage undoubtedly says it must be paid in US$. Those are US$ so they must take them. If they do not, I would start offer to pay each month and if they refuse for 6 months, start legal proceedings to get the mortgage voided. Of course, it could be that the language in the contract covers this, however, I doubt it.

        • I dont think I wwould say anything, I’d let him hang himself with his own rope, document it and start the paperwork on breech of contract immediately..let him wake up to his own pool of sweat

        • Ranger, I am sure it IS in the contract that it must be paid with a check, money order, etc. The crooks train their idiots to blindly enforce the rules of their contracts.

          FRNs are a liability, checks etc are an asset accountable in lawful money (already redeemed FRNs).

          In reality, there is no need to try to understand all of the nuts and bolts of the fraud. Just avoid it.

          • I doubt it myself but have not proof either way. You could be correct. I don’t think mortgages specify method of payment, only what to pay with: US$

            But, as if what you say is true then the US dollar could exist and the FedRes (aka the money laundering wing of the United States Federal Corporation) could reclassify the actual fiat worth of paper currency while leaving the actual “electronic” dollars as the same.

            If they reclassify the dollar as something different than paper money, they could have a duality and manage to screw the populous even more. I know, they’d never do that. It would be crooked and dishonest. Oh, wait. 🙁

            Is that what this is? The shadow of something sinister going on? Stupid question. Anything dealing with the money laundering wing of the government (or, more like, the US Gov is the governing wing of the UN/IMF/Federal Reserve!) is crooked and dishonest. In fact, all the aforementioned agencies are the very embodiment of crooked and dishonest. Nothing in history has stolen, defrauded and destroyed more than the UN/IMF/FedRes/USA,inc

            But, hey, thats just the facts. My opinion of the whole situation is MUCH worse. 😉

      24. Is this the same BoA that lobbied Congress (and supposedly by extension, the people) for permission to give credit cards to illegal alien criminals with no ID?

      25. No fact-checking here. should be ashamed of posting a video out of context.

        My wife works for BoA and she said that many customers have gotten a home loan modification under their “Making Home Affordable” program. Its an alternative to a foreclosure. Most likely this man fell behind on payments and restructured his mortgage.

        These special restructured loans require direct payment to BoA’s loan department, hence the wire transfer for sending cash.

        • That’s great, but BoA is still the vampire squid from hell of retail banking.

        • I agree. There is enough “real” stupidity occurring out there to not have to come up with manipulated situations. we expect better from SHTF!!

        • Tell your wife to ask B of A these question.

          1. Were you told that the Federal Reserve Bank Policies and Procedures as well as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) requirements imposed upon all Federally-insured (FDIC) banks in Title 12 of the United States Code, Section 1831(a), prohibit banks from lending their own money from their own assets or from other depositors? Did the bank tell you where the funds for the loan were to come from?

          2. Were you told that the contract you signed, the promissory note, was going to be converted into a ‘negotiable instrument’ by the bank and become an asset on the bank’s accounting books? Did the bank tell you that your signature on that note, makes it ‘money’, according to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), sections 1-201(24) and 3-104?

          3. Were you told that your promissory note would be taken, recorded as an asset of the bank, and then sold by the bank for cash, without “valuable consideration” given to obtain your note? Did the bank give you a deposit slip as a receipt for the promissory note you gave them, just as the bank would normally have to provide when you make a deposit to the bank?

          4. Were you told that the bank would create a new account at the bank that would contain this money that you gave them?

          5. Were you told that a check from this new account would be issued with your signature, without your knowledge, and that this new account would be the source of the funds behind the check that was given to you as a “loan”?

          If you answered “No” to any of these questions, YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATED! How does that make you feel? It is now up to you to demand your deposit back and to challenge the validity of this bank loan Agreement. Since the banks and other lending institutions cannot allow “full disclosure” of your loan Agreement and cannot answer your challenges about it, their silence is the key, along with other necessary steps that can be learned by you, to get your deposit back and/or “payoff” their alleged loan to you.

      26. Seems like there’s something else to this story that we don’t know.

        • I wonder if he is already in default?
          or late on payment..?????

          But that banker sure wants that camera off..hummm?

          • It does look like he is behind on payments, he has some kind of letter with him, doesn’t look like regular mortgage stub.
            Of course that should not be the reason to refuse payment.
            Bank doesn’t want cash? What’s next?

            Oh, and let me guess, they want money wired through them, so they can score yet another buck.

            • He is definitely WAY behind on his mortgage payments. This entire thing is blown way out of proportion. Nowhere in the entire video did the bank refuse the Cash payment. The manager simply asked him to turn off the camera.

              What’s interesting about this whole video is the camera shot of the “mortgage” statement. No way this is a mortgage statement. Why not show the entire statement? Also, the balance on this statement is around 191k. Do some research and you will find that this is supposedly a hand-built house, and the only reason a mortgage was obtained was to buy out the sisters half after the father died.

              There is more to this story than the poster wants to admit.

      27. bank of america is an oxymoron just like obamacare

      28. Funny… we stopped using all credit cards….we found we spend LESS and are happier. Then the banks started their landslide of mailings to us. I even got a call from M&T bank in Buffalo, who….previously pulled one of my cards with a zero balance. Then they tried to give it back to me. Fuck you all you Jewish bankers. We are all waking up. I fuck with Jews now…want to rent my place…I tack on extra money if I see a …stein in the fucking name. Mac don’t you delete this… we need to see these enslaving fucks for who they are. They fuckers want to enslave us all. It’s no wonder Hitler wacked them all as they were taking folks farms back then. FUCK YOU NWO BANKERS. Teach your kids to reject all debt. it’s slavery.

        • The guy from Buffalo,
          You’re a sick ass.

          • Big thumbs down for the hitler fans! Your all sick and depraved. You can’t give Buffalo any credence after his comment about Hitler. If you do then your just as sick an ass as he is. History will repeat itself because of this type of acceptance.

        • Dude…go take a fuckin pill or something.

        • As hateful as the guy from Buffalo sounds there is much truth in what he has stated people. Google the word Talmud and read some of it. You think the guy from Buffalo is sick? See what Zionist Jews think of you before you pass judgement on him.

        • You’re a fucking idiot. Go read Murray Rothbard to cure your idiocy.

          • Another hitler fan. Welcome to the NWO.

      29. My girlfriend is a department manager of mortgages at a large regional bank here in the midwest so she is privy to a lot of inside information. She came home last week and told me that she had just left a meeting with government regulators and her take on the meeting was; the feds have implemented so many regulations and laws on mortgaging that soon it will be impossible to comply and that banks should just get out of the business. The government wants to take over home mortgaging. The government also is intending on taking control of repossessed homes and renting them out. The government wants full control of all aspects of housing. It doesn’t suprise me but it still sends chills down my spine. They basically want to control all aspects of our lives and they are taking steps to do it. If you can see the forest through the trees, this does not look good. The fed gov is an out of control monster and getting stronger all the time. I am finally scared.

        • Just a note: Bernanke’s statements yesterday and last week regarding projected monetary moves are widely seen as a signal that the Fed will engage in another round of quantitative easing. Also, he has twice made reference to the distressed housing market. This time, QE3, it will take the form of a large “purchase” of MBS’s (mortgage backed securities), the same derivative instruments that crashed the house in ’08. And of course we all know where the “money” to make that “purchase” will come from: thin air. Looks like FreddieMac and FannieMae are going to get their bailouts.

      30. get the feeling there is more to the story than on the tape. never heard of a bank not accpeting cash. and 1,380 dollars is not a huge ammout where you would suspect fake bills.

        • I agree we don’t know the whole story.

          I suspect that more than 1380 was due, and the bank wouldn’t take a partial payment. If they took a check, they could hold it until they decided what to do with the payment.

          I was in foreclosure twice, and was way behind, and they would not accept even big amounts ($8K). However a nice man in the mortgage mitigation department gave me, in writing, a letter allowing partial payments towards the arrearage as long as the full amount was paid in 90 days. But get such arrangements in writing.

          That may not be the case here, but there could be other issues (maybe a bad check involved?).

          BoA seems to be a troubled bank, and is selling off almost all of its own real estate, but despite that will lay off 10 of thousands of people. This guy might have been in a CYA mode.

          BTW, they offered him the option to pay with a check or money order; what prompted the brouhaha?

      31. They probably wont accept cash because the employees might have a ‘short drawer’ at the end of the day.

        I paid my mortgage off last year and I’m glad I never will have to deal with big bank bullshit again.

      32. These asses just don’t know how to deal with cash that way. They’re dumb incompetent robots, who couldn’t make change without a computer telling them the amount. God help us all if the computers go down. Any change in their normal routine, and they freak out.

        This society is breeding dumb, unimaginative, politically correct zombie sheoples. Keep is simple for their simple, little, programmed minds.

      33. WOW….another censored comment !

      34. Criminals just hate being exposed by those pesky video cameras! Exposing germs to the light of day is always the best disinfectant.

      35. I’ve been turned down at several banks to change a $20 or $100 dollar bill. If I did not have an account there they would not give me change for something as small as a $20 dollar bill. I requested a manager at these banks & they said it is their policy. Not account no change get out hit the door. Most times i was in a suit a business man, etc. Time to TAKE BACK AMERICA FOLKS. Let congress know we r unhappy not just complain here but to the government everyday. Not that it will do any good but worth a try.
        American Bank in Waco Texas is the worst. Try em for a good laugh.

        • They may not want to “launder” your small bills. Try taking a much larger amount in and speaking with the manager behind closed doors.

      36. Those one hundred dollar BILLS looked pretty new and crisp to me. I’m with Slick, my mind is starting to swim. They are probably waiting for the background investigation.

      37. A company tried that nonsense with me awhile back, insisting that I pay with a check or cc! I refused saying that was their policy and problem not mine and quickly advised them that since they refused my payment having been made in US currency, which they acknowledged to receiving and returning to me, then my account was to be considered paid in full as they refused my payment.

        They were not happy in the least at being beat at their own game!

      38. It looks like the institutions have lost faith in the US currency.

        Next the public and then all hell breaks loose.

        What does Mushroom think about storing crisp $10 bills now? 😉

      39. video stopped too short and kind of abruptly?? I’d liked to of seen more and heard what the evil man had to say

      40. There’s is definitely something up at Bank of America branches in Los Angeles county.

        My brother and I both work in the entertainment business, which results in payroll checks in excess of $2,000 some weeks. So far, so good, right?

        In the past year, when we bring payroll checks drawn with Bank of America payroll accounts, the tellers at several B of A branches told us they aren’t able cash amounts that large.

        After the first time or two, we just thought it was an untrained teller, but then we noticed a pattern each week of going to a manager and getting the same answer. The managers seem like this is part of some overall policy and are they becoming more adamant in their refusals, but can’t explain why their own checks can’t be cashed!

        My brother gets more worked up each time, but I just respond by being polite and closing my other bank accounts and going to different B of A branches when I receive these checks until I find somebody who will cash these lawful payroll checks.

        Something is definitely happening at a corporate level. It can’t be random, but it’s starting to become viral.

        That is all…….

      41. … your ALL missing the point of this “canary in the gold mine dying” moment… All around the world countries are Dumping the dollar, switching to trading in their own currencies or gold… in mexico and other third world countries banks Are Refusing to convert dollars to local currencies… And now b of a an AMERIKAN bank… one of the most bailout’d banks in america by the nwo.criminal.mafia.banker private fed reserve is refusing physical paper dollars for payment!

        b of a , is prepping for a NWO.Fed.Gov Financial False-Flag, banker holiday… there’s gonna be a change, a HUGE CHANGE in the u.s.s.a fascist fiat dollar!

        ummm… you All might wanna… follow their lead… dump your amerikan monopoly money fiat dollars for REAL ASSETS! gold, silver, guns, ammo, seeds, land, black market items… something REAL!

        “… cause very soon here your amerikan fascist fiat dollars are going too loose 40% of their value!”

      42. Outgoing wire transfer: $25
        Incoming wire transfer: $15
        Its all about the Fees.
        Soaking the public.
        It shouldn’t cost you 15 bucks a month to pay the mortage!

      43. after a little web searching turns out this video isn’t what it appears to be. the man was trying to make a a private home payment at a brach that only opperates for commercial businesses. the commercial branch was turning him away cause it was a commercial branch, not a standard BoA branch, which was only blacks away.

        it was a set up, that’s why the guy came armed with a video camera.

        • THAT makes sense. But the fear mongers that live here don’t want to hear explanations… I thought that as soon as I saw video…. what the hell…. this guy walks around with a video camera?

          Do a little research before posting this crap. This site will become another bullshit site if this keeps up. Take it down. It’s stirring the pot for nothing.

          • I’m thinking your a moron and maybe you should be somewhere else……

        • If this is true, why would they insist on a wire transfer as the alternative payment method? That action does not say “Sorry, but you have the wrong branch.”

      44. I mean blocks away not blacks away. lol sorry.

      45. Latest “Warning” of “Impending Iranian Terrorist Attack”

        the Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. made a startling statement recently, citing an already discredited alleged “Iranian plot” involving an assassination attempt of a Saudi ambassador on US soil, that Iran is “now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime.” What Clapper describes is not in fact an impending Iranian attack, but a false flag event to be blamed on Iran to fit the criteria for a suitable justification for war…

        If an zionist.israeli.massod fed.cia.fbi FALSE-FLAG attack occurs on US soil or against US allies in the near future under these circumstances, it is most likely Clapper, General Petraeus at the CIA, and Israel’s Mossad that will be to blame.

        You ALL need to Wake the F Up! … a political power play another 9/11 FED FALSE-FLAG is soon going to happen in the united socialist states of amerika… an cia general petraeus is zionist.israels lap dog and in being groomed to be the next president of the united states … A FASCIST AMERIKAN MILITARY DICTATOR!


        … are you slaves listening?

        “AMERIKA IS A LIE!”
        “YOU ARE NOT FREE!”
        “You are All nothing but…!”
        “Eugenic’s by way of man-made cancers, poisoned infants children shots, intentionally poisoned foods fluoridated water is here… NOW!”

        “U.N. AGENDA 21 in now Your Reality!”

        i suggest you all learn what “u.n. agenda 21” is???

        “Then buy a rifle and learn how to KILL with it!”

        “Cause the only person who can Save you! Is yourself!”

        • Nina…….we are awake !!!!

          and I have a private well………

          KEEP PREPPIN’

          • @1hcmom ;0) Hello Mother…

            Love Your Posts! You give me Strength and Hope!

            pls Keep em’ Coming! “Good” in the End shall Prevail!

            Cheers to you and yours Mother!


        • It is so obvious watching these govt shills like Clapper on C-Span that when they say “regime” they mean the next country to feel the boot on their throat and when they say “partner” they mean their boot lickin allies

      46. I recently had to pay for my Canadian pasport with a credit card – they refuse to accept cash. I asked why and various _excuses_ were provided. To sum up their excuses, cash is too expensive and complicated for them to accept it as a form of payment…

      47. Open an account in a small local bank, set up internet transfer in both. Transfer from the larger to the smaller. Get documentation from the smaller on their posting money to your accounts. Say bye bye to B of A.

        No fuss with tellers or managers using electronic transfer. They do it all day why not us. Sell your stock, it’s now up. Pull out (cash) from bank, say goodbye.

        This is how they get to know – we know.

        Say bye bye.
        Y’all Beware!

      48. At the end of this short ROAD.. you will be using $1oo bills for TP!

        Banks are here to enslave you.. nothing more.. if you deposit $ – just to sleep well at night… rest assured that they are sweeping that $ out every night and making pallet fulls of $ investing it.. and paying you nothing %%..and some times making 4 off you by charging fees to you acct on a monthly basia.


        • Off with their heads! ha

      49. After banking with BoA for over 20 years we recently changed to a credit union. When we closed out our account somehow there was one cent left in the account. The next month we got a statement that said we owed them 11.99 for a service charge. My husband, who is normally a nice, mild manner guy, told them what they could do with the service charge and the one cent. Several days later we got a check for ONE CENT. Crazy.
        I live in a small town and so am not sure how things work in the “big city” but they have different BoA for commercial business and regular business? Seems like a lot of additional overhead to me. Crazy

        • In some, if not all, credit unions the depositers are the shareholders. Unlike the TBTF banks you actually have a stake in the credit union. However, I’m sure they still lever your deposits…how much who knows.

      50. Having worked in a bank for 25 years, they could have taken cash but would have written up a form when its $10,000 or over. They don’t want to do this.
        They do this trying to track drug money. They want to know where its coming from. A check or wire transfer gives them a place to track back how it got there.
        They get personal and people don’t like it. I see both sides of the story. You also wonder why someone would walk around with that much cash. A document, like a check is much better for both parties.

        • You are so right about the tracking of the drug money–don’t steal..the govt doesn’t like competition?
          This nation uses CIA for moving more drugs from other countries than imaginable; why you think they don’t close the borders??
          It runs this nation well. Hell, it’s their biggest domestic product.

        • I reject the governments “right” to track what I do with my after tax money. It’s none of their business. My retirement plan is buying all the silver I can get my hands on. Fuck interest and dividends. Here’s why…when I’m old… I’ll find a local private person to pay me cash each month for what I need to get by on. Silver I paid $13 has now doubled. In 25 years…I’m sure it will be worth more. When I “arms length” and get the current fiat of the day..the govt. won’t be able to tax me as I paid cash for the silver to begin with. If they make it illegal to own silver…I’ll sell to the underground economy. I the coming cashless society…silver will be the coin of the day. I’ve given serious thought to leaving the United States in my retirement years. We are slave here. It’s impossible to start a business.

        • You wonder WHY some one would walk around wih that kind of cash? (I certainly dont wonder nor do I care how much money someone else wants to carry…I mind my own business!)And WHY NOT if they have it…whos business is it besides their own?…certainly NOT yours or mine…sorry but I DONT see both sides of anything that the GOVICORP is on one side of…and it has nothing to do with tracking drugs,they already know where they have been dealing and who they are selling to…and trust me they are not tracking themselves…just a bunch of pathological imbred lying meddlers!

        • When I first started buying foreclosures, I took the statement ‘cash on the day of sale’ literally, and would go to the bank and withdrawal thousands of dollars in cash only to redeposit it if I was not the winning bidder. This was before the cash transaction reporting requirements, but I eventually figured out that they did not mean what they say, but preferred a cashier’s check by the end of the day. I have not had a mortgage in car loan for decades, but always keep thousands in cash in case of a bank holiday. I have never had a problem with any bank accepting my large stack of $20 bills.

          • Hope you hid it well.Cuz everyone knows it now.

        • About $1,400, not over $10,000. Wake up!

        • I think the cops are telling him that the bank won’t cash his large insurance check, as he describes in a different video. The insurance check needs to be cashed at a different office or via a different routine apparently. The guy filming is a drama boy. I highly doubt, highly doubt, this guy’s story represents anything.

      51. Have all of America request information from banks…many of them…then burn it in your fireplace.
        1. Costs them money…drive them out of business.
        2. Heat your home.

        I heard of a guy who calls all the 1-800 numbers and get shit sent to him. He has a log roller for paper and has a nice warm home. ha.

        DEBT = SLAVE. Hi Slave! Are you a slave. I am…but I’m getting out.

      52. Hey Pentagon Generals….
        Please roll the tanks into Washington.
        Please arrest all of congress. Except the Rons.
        Please force majure…nullify all debt.
        Return the United States to what we were.
        Use the fema camps to lock up all illegals.
        Please torpedo all container ships raping our markets with imports.
        Please confiscate all assets of corporations who shipped operations to China. Please shut down immigration. Please dispose of the anti American UN. The UN is a communist/socialist organization. The NWO is Anti American. Repeal all laws and start over. Do away with the Federal Reserver and confiscate our gold from them for fraud.

        I LOVE my country but I HATE my Federal Government.
        I hope we have a revolution and I am called upon by my local town or state.

        We will use the fema camps to lock up the UN NWO foreign troops.

        Don’t think for a minute we will put up with any of this UN shit.



        SUCK ON THAT…

      54. know your enemy…

        beware zionist.jew purim: 2012 date Sunset, 7 March – nightfall, 8 March

        According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus planned to kill the Jews, but his plans were foiled by Mordecai and his jew Queen Esther. The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing.

        Iranian Jewish customs

        Iranian Jews consider themselves descendants of Esther. On Purim, Iranian Jews visit the tombs of Esther and Mordecai in Hamadan. Some women pray there in the belief that Esther can work miracles.

        Until recently, many Jewish communities around the world celebrated local “Purims” that commemorated its deliverance from a particular antisemitic ruler or group. The best known is Purim Vintz, traditionally celebrated in Frankfurt am Main, one week after the regular Purim. This commemorates the Fettmilch uprising (1616–1620), in which one Vincenz Fettmilch attempted to exterminate the Jewish community.

        There is a tradition in the Hasidic Chabad movement that supposedly Joseph Stalin died at a result of some metaphysical intervention of the seventh Chabad leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, during the recitation of a discourse at a public Purim Farbrengen.[46] Stalin was suddenly paralysed on 1 March 1953, which corresponds to Purim 1953, and died 4 days later. Due to Stalin’s death, nation-wide pogroms against Jews throughout the Soviet Union were averted, as Stalin’s infamous doctors’ plot was halted.

        Ahasuerus and Haman attend Esther’s second banquet, at which she reveals that she is Jewish and that Haman is planning to exterminate her people, which includes her. Ahasuerus instead orders Haman hanged on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. The previous decree against the Jews could not be annulled, so the King allows Mordecai and Esther to write another decree as they wish.

        They write one that allows the Jews to defend themselves during attacks. As a result, on 13 Adar, five hundred attackers and Haman’s ten sons are killed in Shushan. Throughout the empire 75,000 of the Jews’ enemies are killed (Esther 9:16).

        BEWARE THE DATE: 07MARCH 2012 – 08 MARCH 2012

        …jewish PURIM is soon upon us… History shows us the Zionist.Hasidic.Jews kill many non.jew goyim upon Purim annually!

        arm up stock up prepare for NWO.Zionist.Jew enforced Martial Law, then Civil War!

      55. looks as though counterfeiting has won round one—need prison for the counterfeiters.

      56. I’m curious if this was the final mortgage payment. It might make a difference. Most large banks, (not local mom and pops), don’t take cash on a final mortgage payment. They require a wire transfer or bank check because this protects both parties on the final document transfer.

      57. know your enemy:

        NWO Zionist Satanist BilderBoyBugger Insider: Iran Attack will happen “First Half of March”!

        “Iranian missiles can hit Israel and American bases in Saudi Arabia. Try to imagine the costs of oil, the global explosion of prices and the nuclear waste. This has been planned for about nine years now with NATO. This year the American dollar dies. America will take a little longer.”

        seems more than a few folks are betting all their money on a zionist.israeli.jew 2012 Purim attack on iran…

        ckeckout: savethemales dot com – worth a scan.

        Hat Tip to: ya’ll beware

        third attempt to post… test test test

      58. know your enemy:

        the united.socialistic.states.of.amerika is now a truly oligarchy.banker controlled Fascist tax.debt.slave State!

        SATANIST BISEXUAL/ HOMOSEXUALS now CONTROL AMERICA! control you! control your children! poison your babies intentionally…

        look up BOHEMIAN GROVE CALIFORNIA… learn the truth who your nwo.masters are…

        …your children depend on you knowing the truth for their protection.

        arm up stock up prepare preditor or prey the choice is yours!

      59. I suspect cash will one day again be king. When the SHTF, people can’t wait til the last minute, then go to the store, whip out their credit card and buy themselves a can of instant survival. The ATMs will shutdown when they run out, and checks will be useless. Cash was king in Argentina when they collapsed. Of course, this doesn’t mean cash won’t be dethroned at a later time in favor of barter.

      60. Bank of America=BAD For America

        I quit doing business with these criminals several years ago

        Move your money
        go with a credit union or small regional bank

      61. I call BS. There has to be more to the story. Check the guy’s other videos. He starts off with an unrelated problem about an insurance payment and films everything, and they ask him to come sit down and discuss it rather than film in the lobby, then after pissing off the bank with his video camera insurance check problem, and refusing to go talk about it at the manager’s desk, he now wants to pay mortgage in cash and film that. Look, this particular bank may have refused his payment but he seems like a poor choice to use as an example of all B of A having a no cash mortgage payment policy. Why doesn’t someone walk into a bank and ask if they accept cash for mortgage payment?

        • I call BS too. Maybe he was late with his payment and they said it had to be sent through a different account than the ones he has access to locally or something.

          I’d lost to hear “The Rest of the Story”. Man I miss Paul Harvey! Those were the days…..

          • GOOD DAY!

      62. Whether this shows it all or not who knows.Even if he is just doing it to make a point or harass them I think that’s fine by me.These TBTF banks, the IRS and auto insurance companies are all picking my pocket at the point of a gun,

      63. B of A is no different than any other Big Bank.
        Small banks are better but they’re being swallowed up by the bigger one’s. Eventually we’ll only have a handful to choose from.
        Yes, I use BofA but only because it’s the bank my employer uses so my paycheck clears overnight. There’s only an ATM for BofA in my town so I’m set up with ATM banking only so as not to get a monthly service charge. They mean it, too. I deposited cash at the nearest branch once because I didn’t trust sticking a large amount in the ATM and they charged me $9 on my next statement. The other downside is when the ATM is out of order. I wish there was a credit union in my town.
        Small town living, you make due with what you’ve got.

        Sure, I could pull out just to make a statement. For years I refused to get gas at our local Citgo because of Chavez. Payed a lot more at the other station. Where did that get me?

      64. I have BOA as my mortgage holder so soes a friend of mine, the are horrible and customer service is beyond horrible. One month they went into my account and drafted my mortgage Two times, I never aouthorized these transactions but of course they have my account on file so it is a free for all. One payment was due but the other wa an ooops on their part, they could get the money back after me going to my bank signing a pile of paperwork and waiting like 3-5 business days, I let it go. I do have paperwork from the Federal banking Commission to fill out(one my to do list) because they are another large mobster buisness …..we as consumers need complain, we need to raise he** My dad always said the squeky wheel gets the oil well we need to SQUEEK LOUDLEY Customer service is paramount. Me and hubby credit score low because we closed out all our credit card accounts about a year ago and need to bounce it up so we can refi with ANYBODY else. This bank is awful

      65. I’ll have a Ford and barter with Twinkies.

      66. you guys think this is a canary in a coal mine moment? HAHAHA!!

        the bank of america deposit bank entity is completely different from teh bank fo america home mortgage lending entity.

        it’s like asking sam’s club to accept money for a purchase from walmart.

      67. O/T for the bank stuff..but not on WW3 or whats to come ..
        Obama: US has ‘very good’ intelligence on Iran
        Look up on AP…

        • I’m betting the leader of Iran gets the peace prize next. But I’m shorting it too with the spreads and odds in Vegas.

      68. Greetings Everyone!
        Just a short note:BOA,heinous as their current actions have been,DO take cash for Mtgs. that are current or nearly so.What they don’t take (according to people who deal with them with a Mtg.)is anything LESS than what THEY(BoA)construe as full amount due.Period.They have truly a twisted little crullier set of rules to be sure,but some FORM of normal rules still seem to apply.Unlike my FF which refuses to load images from youtube from here.
        Best to all,

      69. My auto/home owner insurance agent has a big sign on the wall behind his desk. Jett Insurance in Lewisville, IN.
        It’s about 2’X18″
        Big bold letters.
        He says it’s too big a pain in the backside.

        • We,ve been with Farm Bureau for a few years–ALWAYS pay cash.
          Now, we’re leaving because they have increased their rates 3 times in the past 3 years–all insurance companies say, “yeah, we heard about that”.

          • To JJ:
            Those Farm Bu. folks are the same ones who reneged on their storm policies in Miss. claiming that “it was a separate part of FB”.
            What a racket!
            Best to All

        • It’s fine & legal to post signs–Lawyers Only, Private Keep Out, No Parking, All Sales Final, Guns Banned by Mall of America (landlord), No Cash Accepted. This is “flying a false flag”. If you haven’t explicitly agreed to them, they are not applicable to you! In the case of “No cash accepted”, the law provides that the debt owed becomes ‘discharged at equity’ with no more interest accrual on the discharged amount (just like cash payment)–Federal Law nullifies “No Cash Accepted” agreements as ‘unenforceable’ and the creditor may not be able to enforce any covenants detrimental to ‘former’ debtor. (See Chumbawamba’s, earlier post)

      70. Maybe he should have tried to pay with Monopoly money..Hey its worth about the same..hell , im thinking the monopoly money is probably worth more

      71. refer to, counted the 15 Trillion US debt stacked in semi-trucks, with EACH truck load a full Two Thousand Million (2 Billion)of cash money, would have a queue of 137.6087 km long.

      72. To all person’s reading this if you ever get into this situation CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE IMMEDIATELY!!! Ask to speak to the Mortgage dept. that handles deliquent loans and they will gladly take your payments. If you fall behind you must pay over the phone…the branches are useless.

      73. Dear friends

        It’s time we put a stop to Bank of America abuse of the system. It appears we have no rule of law in America and the too big to fail banks own over 50% on Americans income.

        Learn more about the system and how they are looking to create a less free America at and fight back !

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