Leftist Protesters Show Up To Phoenix Trump Rally Armed With Rifles

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    Since at least the days of the Tea Party movement, firearms have been a common sight at conservative leaning political rallies and protests. It’s not unusual to see men wearing military garb and carrying rifles and sidearms at these events. What is unusual however, is how this trend is expanding, because now we’re leftists show up at public events with firearms.

    During President Trump’s rally in Phoenix, members of the John Brown Gun Club (who you may remember from this “training” video) showed up to the event with tactical vests and rifles.

    And this isn’t the first time that this group has showed up to a right-wing rally. According to their website, members of the group (which organize under the Redneck Revolt network) were in Charlottesville as well, where armed protesters on both sides were seen.

    Today, with hundreds more white supremacists expected to converge on Charlottesville, our Redneck Revolt branches worked together with local organizers to create and secure a staging area at Justice Park, within a short distance of the planned Unite the Right rally location, Emancipation Park (formerly Lee Park). Approximately 20 Redneck Revolt members created a security perimeter around the park, most of them open-carrying tactical rifles.

    Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ever since Trump was elected, liberals have been buying guns and joining gun clubs in growing numbers, over fears that the president or his supporters are going to oppress them or tear down society.

    To most Trump supporters that may sound laughable, but what is no laughing matter is the present situation. We have people on both sides of the political aisle who feel so threatened by the other side that they are bringing guns to these rallies. And they’re doing this at a time when so many divisive protests have turned violent without the aid of firearms. It certainly sounds like an explosive situation that could produce a lot of mayhem someday.

    Or at least, that’s what many establishment figures are saying. The mayor of Phoenix recently expressed regret over the fact that so many people on both sides were carrying guns at the Trump rally, and criticized Arizona’s open carry laws. The LA Times even published an article which suggested that guns shouldn’t be allowed at protests at all.

    There is another possible result of leftists and conservatives showing up to public events armed to the teeth. Perhaps if this behavior becomes commonplace, these events will stop devolving into violence, as we’ve seen dozens of times this year. Those Antifa punks who run around beating people in the streets, would probably think twice about antagonizing their opponents and sowing chaos if they knew that it could trigger a gunfight. They might just stay home if they know that their behavior would result in them, and everyone around them, being shot to pieces. I imagine that both sides would have more restraint.

    It reminds me of an old saying. A polite society is an armed society.


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      1. Lefties with guns just seems irregular and wrong, like cats and dogs living together.

        • None of these people on either side have been to combat before.

          I remember the haunted look on grandpas face whenever he saw a war movie.

          He didnt want to talk about the war.

          Now, it my generation’s turn to fight thanks to the baby boomer asshats and their diversity shit.

          I am willing to fight for my beliefs. Out of respect for grandpa I will never ever fight under the banner of a nazi flag.

          Our time has run out.

          Will our race end up like the Boers?

        • Or like men living together. Totally irregular and wrong, and perverted.

          • For those people IS normal.

        • I’m shocked. All the leftists do is campaign against guns. But, they never practice double standards, right? No, they ALWAYS practice double standards. They want to get rid of the guns for anyone they don’t like. They make you think they hate guns. They love guns. Just not for the defense of the people. They make you think they hate violence. As we have seen, they love violence, they just hate it when you are violent and defend yourself.

          I have, for a long time, figured out these LGBTs (Leftist Globalist Bolshevik Traitors) and what they say is always very far from what the truth is.

          They’re weak. They’re losing. They are out of control. Its time to stomp down hard, once and for all, to rid this country of the traitors and the genes that breed tyranny.

          • NetRanger, same here. Let some libturd so much as wave a gun in my face and he/she will get lead poisoning.

        • my advice is to paint your sights white so they show up against a “dark” background?

      2. Ohhhh so scarry
        I am quivering in my flipflops,,,,

        Try waving that thing in my face and ill show you what mine does and wont stop till im dead

        • Nailbanger. You are only a legend on your own mind.

      3. I hear their markmanship is horrible. They are snowflakes trying to look tough. However, someone may get a lucky shot.

        • Like that Republican baseball field shooter. Terrible shot, but still got a few.

          Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and again.

          • Blind pig finds truffle. Blind SQUIRREL finds acorn.

        • One of the cops got off a lucky shot, and the event turned into The Great Pepper Ball Rally.

      4. The more the merrier.
        I say, go for it. Sure things stay calmer when both sides are armed. Until a government plant open fires. It could be a nut with a loose screw or a set up to justify initiating martial law. It is dangerous, yes. But, I would much rather deal with bullets than HIV infected needles.

        The reason the public arms is to prevent government tyranny. So, in a way this just helps the cause. The right is white and law abiding. It is the left being violent. The left bashed in skulls with baseball bats in Charlottesville, Virginia.


        • Even race baiter Al Sharpton says it will only take one match.

          And he got the whole box.

          • He’s nowhere near me. But he should be target No.1 when civil war starts.

            • the elite are good at making us fight eachother so “they” can own us. the NRA uses the same techniques to keep the membership sending in money. for example: if you dont send money to the NRA then you are a racist KKK gun toting cop killer communist.

              • but if you do send money to the NRA you are an idiot so…

      5. Just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean its the right thing to do.

        • man legally carrying a rifle + liberal making a false report of man pointing rifle at her = probable cause for arrest.

          If you are going to carry at these events, best to conceal carry.

          • Number one two can play the blame game regarding being threatened. Number two, groups should designate their own concealed carry individuals who would provide security and everyone else be unarmed. The “Snowflake” or just plain flaky leftists will assume all of the opposition is armed and claim they were threatened with a gun. The most vocal of the right side certainly need to be unarmed with designated security of course.

            This is all a media battle so designated video people, preferably with hidden recording equipment should be assigned areas of responsibility. Runners duties would be to take the cell phone, video recorder need to get these devices passed to them and sprint out of there. A media center with editor needs to immediately get this out to pre designated outlets on the internet. This prevents confiscation and destruction of evidence.

            The operative words are:


      6. The difference this time is they were committing felonies that were put in place by their previous president obama! Each one of them should be arrested and charged to the fullest! Or simply pop that zit, and see what happens. They would last about half a second!

      7. “Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ever since Trump was elected, liberals have been buying guns and joining gun clubs in growing numbers, over fears that the president or his supporters are going to oppress them or tear down society.”

        Then we should get busy before they become a force to reckon with. ROFL!

      8. A half brick of fire crackers dropped in the middle of them should solve the problem! ROFL!

      9. I agree guns shouldn’t be allowed at protests but AZ is a carry state so people carry their guns. None of the leftists pointed their gun at anyone and no one fired their gun either. A non-event. Nothing to see here.

      10. How long did she work on her hair, makeup and eyeliner? What a joke… She knew she’d be photographed… Oh and let’s wear matching bandanas!!! Like Good Morning Vietnam — Frenchie “If you want to fight… Clash!”

      11. Phoenix has an open carry. But seeings that they are Leftist it is ok. Now if it was the Altright carrying them MSM would be BBIITTCCHHIINNGG up a storm!!!

        The 2ND Amendment gives them that Right. Just funny that they want to take the Right away from the Right Wing. If Pisslosy gets back into power she will try to do just that.

        Just because they were carrying them doesn’t mean that they will know how to use them in a firefight. Just like the French. Only carried into battle then, dropped only once with a full mag in them.

        Next Rally the AltRight should carry them into the protest Zone.


        • That is the absolute hypocrisy of the Left/Communists/socialist/facists that they are. Complete Hypocrites

      12. The John Brown Club eh……we know how well he made out.

        • PO’d Patriot, John Brown was a cold-blooded killer and animal who got what he deserved.

      13. Mr Lang got the saying backwards:

        “An armed society is a polite society…” because the politeness is the result.


      14. I don’t have a problem with adults practicing open or concealed carry. Except for Hawaii, most of America has that right.
        Keeping in mind when practicing those rights, come responsibilities and good manners.
        I don’t care if BLM or Antifa carries guns, but if they misuse those rights, they should be slaughtered on sight.

        • If they start making trouble here in the islands im willing to forego the pleasantries and get right down to the brass casings,
          Im really starting to hate democrats, hows that asshole Schatz and his bullshit about “not my president”
          Since im not represented im out,,,,
          Dont give a shit what the goons try to do to me, they can bite my left nut

      15. Consumed with hatred? As soddom and Gomorrah? God hates? Isn’t it obvious?Jesus whiped the money changers but no one else? Thieves ,prostetutes, Corrupt tax collectors OK , But money changers got whipped.Think about it? Jesus used violence. Like it or not? But violence is never the answer? Not by Jesus?He forgave all others. But not the money changers? But God is all Love? Ask the soddomites?Many of us are in for a rude awakening? But not all?

      16. The conservatives will lose this fight. Allowing this go this far in America means they are totally castrated. Hillary won the popular vote. It means half of americans are bats#it crazy. There has never been a conservative uprising in this country. You just keep giving in. bohica

      17. Seems the left is more united then the right? Better payed? What will an unemployed youth do for free transportation , room and board , an 15 bucks an hour plus bonuses, if you really put out. And the chance of sex?Conservatives are too cheap? Or too above what’s nesesary? Stand alone , and hang separately? Go to their level? The only level they understand? Or go quietly into the night? A smart virgin or a Tare?Help a Tare and go against Gods will? We are being separated.Look up and rejoice.

      18. And who payed the audience to yell, Crusify Him?

      19. I thought Love Trumped Hate, and everyone needed safe places.

        Leftists are freaking hypocrites.

      20. Don’t underestimate these guys. The man who shot Dallas police officers at a BLM rally was a member of this club. You can watch him matching with them in videos on Breitbart Texas. The man who shot the police officers in Baton Rouge was also involved with this gun club. They are domestic terrorists

      21. Meanwhile the Powerball Lotto climbed to $700 Million. I bought a few tickets. If I Win I too can afford to run for President. Drawing was Wed Nt. Have not checked the winning numbers yet. I will build one hellova BOL fortruss.

      22. Correction he was a member of the Huey P Newton Gun Club. Either way a lot of the members in these gun clubs are trained, some former military, not your average snowflakes. I study the enemy and never underestimate them

      23. The number one reason why this is a BAD trend is this: all it takes is one provocateur sniper to pop somebody’s head and then all hell breaks lose in a firefight. That is why weapons never make things more peaceful, they just escalate.

        Just have one high-casualty firefight at one of these demos and you have a full-scale civil war erupting. Both sides will endlessly eulogise their martyrs and heros (just as happened in the Irish Troubles) and it will take decades to bring the civil war to an end. Look at Ukraine: a few demonstrators were taken out by snipers and the country plunged into civil war.

        America is staring into the abyss right now. Choose peace or regret where you go after that.

        • Frank is correct and I feel the same way.

          • Love them or loathe them the police are the ONLY legitimate power force at these demos: all else is just the rule of the mob. Civilization cannot function with the rule of the mob. Each side will maintain they are right, and use violence to make their argument. That path leads to civil war and nobody gains in a civil war. All instances of civil war in post-WWII history have led to a stale mate not victory for either side. Just read up on it: every time the civil war ended ONLY when a far greater outside force came in and changed the power balance on the ground. Usually this has been the US military.

            By having a civil war in the US, you are inviting a greater outside force to intervene to bring it to an end.

        • this “snivel war” HAS to happen. we NEED a war, to have an excuse to default on our national debt that CAN’T be paid back….it’s ALL tied together.

          • Thats the plan, sniper. They want YOU to join a side. They don’t care what side. As long as
            it tears everything apart, they are happy. You trying to add fuel to the fire? That’s what they
            want. When this mofo gets torn apart this time, game over. Careful what you wish for is all
            I’m saying.

      24. These people look so Scarry !!! NOT !!! LOL !!!

      25. Frank how does one choose peace when the other side is determined to go to war. Do you really believe these people can be reasoned with. If I choose to go to a public political rally(which I wouldn’t) should I be subjected to people with their caliber of mind pointing automatic weapons at me. Since it is a “free” country and they have the right to bear those arms should I not also exercise my right to go armed and protect my life if I so choose. You are correct sir in your assessment of where this leads however’ civil insurrection. It is here ,NOW ,there will be no stopping it unless the right simply chooses to capitulate. Somehow I believe there are enough Patriots that that will not happen, so it’s war and all it’s bitter consequences.

        • Bigbluedrew, AMEN to your post. There is NO alternative to standing up to the left. Surrender is NOT an option. Any fool who points a weapon at me won’t last 10 seconds. Civil war 2 is just around the corner and there’s no stopping it. One shootout between left and right may just bring on martial law. If/when that happens it will be GAME ON.

      26. Just Stay away and let the left roil.

        I will keep supporting Trump, not answering polls, not supporting liberals and liberal agenda, and not supporting the Republican Establishment.

        It is kind of liberating, common sense is now prevailing and the politicians have to really work – and work hard.


        • hmmmm, no swamp draining, no wall, no hillary in prison, no healthcare repeal, no tax reduction, no truth in media, hmmmm hard working boy.

      27. i’m a pretty objective person and i appreciate obejctive viewpoints. This blog has become right wing nazi central and is unreadable. There is evil everywhere these days and it’s a shame to only shine a light on one group. Cya

        • Objective? Ha. Another leftist brain dead utopian delusion.
          The word NAZI, oh libtard one, includes the word ‘Socialist’ as in ‘National SOCIALIST Party’.
          Although you are willfully and idiotically blind to this, there is NO violence on the conservative side. No urine, feces or acid throwing by us, ALL by you. No baseball bats. No assassinations. ALL by the violent Left. So, go crawl back u dear your rock snowflake.

        • BUH BUYEEEE!

      28. paquo; Oh did we disagree with your leftist views? first of all you are dead wrong,second…don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

      29. If you think -more- guns at rallies will lessen the chance for violence, then you are an idiot. We all may know how to control ourselves when things get heated and weapons are involved, but I’ll bet anything that these libtards think they’re all Rambo and get twitchy because they lack the training and common sense that comes with being a responsible gun owner. And if you think the rest of us will stand around and just get shot at and get over it, think again. More guns increases the likelihood of a shooting match that ignites the powder keg.

      30. I’m not going to break any laws. Don’t want to be in jail when civil war starts. But boy am I ready to deal with the traitorous trash.

      31. SD, when the war breaks out you’ve got to be prepared to whatever it takes to stay alive. If you have a weapon pointed at you, you don’t have time to think about any ‘legal issues’ or anything else. You have to act. When me and mine are threatened I will act and I won’t be thinking about any law. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. Following them will get you killed. Once the balloon goes up there won’t be any more law and order. Cops, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges will be at home taking care of their families just like everyone else will be. As individuals we’ll all be on our own. It’s going to be ANYTHING GOES AND NO HOLDS BARRED.

        • Swarm them, TASER them, and confiscate…End of story

          The want to “punch a Nazi” time to play disarm the terrorist Antifa.

        • IMHO. I think there are millions of patriots ready and waiting to take care of business. Know your local Libtard.
          No one want’s to be the first to stick their neck out though.

      32. Swarm them, TASER them, and confiscate…End of story.

      33. Oh please. This is an obvious play by them to get him to legislate gun control.

        Let’s hope Soros doesn’t get into this kind of thing because then it’s Reichstag Fire time…

      34. Seeing how close we are to killing each other in mass ( 2nd horseman of the Apocalypse) tells me the first rider is about to ride. ( War) I’m​ glad to have met so many Patriots on this site. God bless you all.

      35. “It reminds me of an old saying. A polite society is an armed society.”

        But, you don’t have a culture.

        There is also a saying, about forcing incompatible animals, into the same sack, aquarium, or coliseum. They are all armed with claws, stingers, and fangs, yet still impolite.

        White people in black hoods. Black people in white hoods.

        You should not believe that anyone, in any of your causes, will be loyal to you, without any nameable value system or culture.

        In historical wars, people fell to friendly as well as enemy fire, even though they were all armed. Few people, with common sense, have etiquette in the restroom or dinner table, yet the libertines say they should have power over life and death.

      36. Where was the MSM condemning this like they do when the other guys open carry?

      37. Why the Flock is SHTF calling this a “right wing rally”.

        You should be more careful…. SHTF . Whose side are you on?

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