Leftist Politician Decides Cleaning Poop Off Seattle’s Streets With A Pressure Washer is Racist

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    Even though the courthouse and plenty of Seattle’s streets are covered in human fecal matter thanks to the socialist policies that have pushed people into poverty, a democrat has decided the streets cannot be cleaned up using a pressure washer.  Using this method to get the feces off the streets is racist said city council member Larry Gossett in a tweet.

    The King County courthouse in downtown Seattle is located near the social service centers and several homeless shelters. A tent city has sprung up in the little park outside. There have been several assaults on courthouse employees, and even two attacks on jurors In May and June, leading to citizens summoned for jury duty to voice concerns about their safety, according to a report by RT

    Judges Laura Inveen and Jim Rogers, backed by King County Sheriff John Urquhart, asked the county to do something about the violence and the fecal matter that continues to pile up, the Seattle Times reported last month. Among their requests was a daily power-wash of the sidewalks, which reek of urine and excrement.

    Bu Councilmember Larry Gossett objected to the measure because power-washing brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists,” according to the Seattle Times.

    High-pressure water hoses were used by police in Birmingham, Alabama against civil rights protesters back in 1963. They have also been used to wash sidewalks in most American cities on a daily basis ever since, without being accused of racism – until now. We have democrats to thank for the ridiculous and unending racism that’s lingering.

    This is 2019 when everything is racist – the New York Times says so – and anyone who doesn’t call it out is assumed to be an enabler, according to the rules of the woke cancel culture. So, the sidewalks of Seattle must remain covered in human waste, lest someone gets offended. -RT

    “Gossett’s concern here is nothing short of insane,” wrote Kat Timpf in National Review“What else are you going to do — not wash them? Because I really, really reject the idea that leaving sidewalks covered with human bodily waste is the less offensive move in this (or any) situation.” And many on Twitter agreed that Gossett’s view was insane.


    Gossett claimed pressure washers were racist in 2017, however, it’s 2019, the streets are still filled with human poop and the solution from democrats is to not wash them. Because…racism. This is now our dystopian reality.


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      1. Lucky you readers,
        I’ve been at and in the King county courthouse many times.
        You re-new your concealed carry license at the same window where sexual predators are required to register.
        Place is crawling with cops that give traffic parking citations, there are few free parking places, but everything else is the “wild west”.
        My deceased cousin lived in a subsided “hotel” across the street from the court house. Drug city big time.
        That cousin was like my little sister. I know more than
        I wish to share about Seattle drug and homeless lifestyles.
        People were a little cleaner back then but not much.
        I still remember stepping over homeless people sleeping on the street. It was a real hoot watching a woman beat a man senseless when he must have done something wrong.
        Seattle cops just watched as they knew who they were and didn’t wan’t to waste their time.
        That was 20 years ago Seattle. I’m sure it hasn’t gotten any better.

        • I went to Seattle, dressed tough, clean, strong, with ample money, and generally minding my manners. Asked very nicely for what I wanted, and I got it. (No matter what that mime said, I was never especially rude or forceful.)

          At the time, hippy-ish and and harp-playing street musicians were being mugged by the jungle, so under protection by different gang presences, not necessarily any better or worse than ‘Gangs of New York’.

          I would tell lax, first responders that they are creating a vacuum for useful services.

          And, I would tell lax civilian, non-state actors to be a helluva lot more resilient than this, quietly, and respectfully.

          In spite of the usual banter between communists and fascists, I actually feel like shaming the private, free-market shopkeepers and nominal Christians for not drawing clean, social lines, forever acting as those these people are your patrons or morally redeemable, bargaining and making moral compromises and playing the devil’s advocate, trying to get the reprobates into your bakesales, money churches, and to support the Chamber of Commerce.

          All of these survival skills have been called ghetto skills. You keep saying that you’re prepping for some zombie apocalypse or interruption in normal services, as though that’s never happened before, even while sanitation, and each city dept, and every industrial sector, and normal manners are presently failing.

          Be shrewd, be pretty, but what are you still waiting for, normal people. Too busy, posting on the internet.

          • Below this, conversation sort of fell into toilet humor. Appreciated but unnecessary. Interesting facts about churches in American history. People were not automatically given church member status like they are today. Walking through the door was rarely enough. One had to volunteer, put in work, put in time, and then after what was often a year or two if not longer waiting period, senior church council would vote on allowing membership or not. People were responsible because they knew if they wanted to get the benefits of morally attentive peers, there was no free ride and they had to help.

            So it’s sort of like that, but people are perhaps overly generous with other peoples money. All of that. The solutions are obvious. Private, not government integrated charity efforts. The need to ask permission from the government to be charitable, run soup kitchens, set up food stands, that’s sort of what leads to a vacuum of effective private market social services providers. So when people do get reformed, they stay at the bottom and can’t really do much to really help those still in need despite having perhaps the best perspective possible which would lead to more effective reform outcomes with less effort. Before my day but perhaps the idea of streetcorner preachers and leaflets should make a comeback.

            • We are now objectifying a person, which has some merit.

              We are discussing the concept of boundaries, borders, and turf, which is good.

              In the past, what did churches, homeowners, and small business do with the trespassers, who never showed any promise of making a contribution, who were vandals, or physically-aggressive.

              Historically, how did yesteryear deal with that unregenerate kind of person.

              • There were a lot of mental institutions.

                • The same kind of character flaws, which we see popularized on sitcoms, could have gotten someone put in the sanitarium. There were workhouses, and worse, for indigence.


                  I think that many of these shops, in the news, were fly-by-night. The franchisees usually won’t stick around any longer than the homeless do. Or else, a serious and intense kind of owner would be avoided.


                  Mass disappearances of homeless have already been reported, in waves, in some jurisdictions, with conspiracy theories to match. They should not make themselves so notorious.

                  The end of the formal world has happened on several occasions, in history, when most people, most of the time, acted like the homeless anarchist and vagabond. The discussion eventually tends towards serfs with restricted movement, and feudalism.

      2. Used to like going to baseball and football games in Seattle on the Amtrak. The station has become a mecca for panhandlers and homeless facilities. Won’t go to any more games, only pass through Seattle on I-5 going as fast as I can. Tent cities line the interstate downtown. Liberals have taken control of the cities and the state. 2020 is the last chance to save a once beautiful city.

      3. how many of these homeless people have drug and alcohol addiction problems. id bet every last one. liberals allowing safe places for addicts to shoot up dope created the conditions for this, word amongst the losers got out. go to seattle they allow drugs you wont have to worry about going to jail and you can get free shit programs and live like a dirty hippie.

      4. This stinks.

        It is an imaginative way to avoid spending money on the homeless, failing to improve their lives, while bringing the entire city into ruin so the money could be used elsewhere; perhaps funding something that is detrimental to Americans.

        This excuse is just that, an excuse for redirecting funds. If you don’t like someone or something, the modern thing to do is call them or it by the “r” word, and most people melt like snowflakes on a hot city street.


        • “this stinks”

          Yes, that is why they want to use the power washers.

        • He just mad because he’s not connected to the pressure washing industry and those washer guys are friends with his opponents cousin or something. Local government expense is a back scratching sort of deal.

          Perhaps he’s overly imaginative and thinks the pressure wash crew will lose patience and spray down the dudes needing a shower or something. It would not be surprising of some of the homeless saw the pressure washing crew and asked for said shower or tent cleanup or whatever.

      5. We I can guarantee them hepatitis and dysentery are not racist. Coming to Seattle soon.

        • And last, but certainly not least is Cholera.

          Cholera is spread mostly by unsafe water and unsafe food that has been contaminated with human feces containing the bacteria.

          • They crap in the street. It’s doubtful that they thoroughly wash their hands before eating their dumpster dive meal.

      6. Well I can see it as being racist. Them turds being black and all.

        • It’s like the age old “who was here first, the chicken or the egg?”. Only now it is “who was here first the Blackman or the turd?”. These lefties sure do have a fecked up mind.

      7. Another thought is will they be asking for reparations for them turds as well?

      8. reminds him of hoses used against civil rights activists. So he is saying all them folks were turds?????
        I have an idea let us shovel all this SHIT up and dump it on his front yard.

      9. reminds him of hoses used against civil rights activists. So he is calling those folks Turds????
        I have an idea let us take all the POOOOPPPP to his front yard.

      10. It’s a public health hazard, pure and simple and city of Seattle needs to treat it as such. This moron Gossett is implying that pressure washers will be used against homeless people. This is a classic example of modern post-rationality America – scream “racism” and everybody runs and hides. Fortunately the tide is turning (albeit slowly) and that trope isn’t working nearly as well as it used to.

      11. it reminds him of hoses used against civil rights activists…
        so he saying that the civil right activist were turds??? That is what it sounds like to me.
        I have a great idea scoop up the poop and put it on his front yard.
        Has anyone thought to check the drinking water there. Because I think they might have a problem. if not now tomorrow.

      12. Frankly I’m becoming rather bored by what these cheese cracker leftist keep spouting off. I’m beginning to believe that there isn’t a speck of common sense left in the thought process of any lib turd(excuse the pun).One has to remember that it was California where the American Japanese were interred while WW2 was going on. Maybe its time that California and Seattle get a dose of their own medicine and let the street people occupy, well Nancy Pelosi’s home being she was the daughter of Tommy Delasandro, Mobster of Baltimore city with ties to the mob. Not many people remember that her brother was brought up on rape charges of a young girl and that his father was so distraught that he was hospitalized. He was found not guilty only after he was separated from the other compatriots involved and the trial was moved out of Baltimore and he was found not guilty. Nancy needs to be reminded that the shit still can stick and has a tendency to do so.

      13. I have an excellent suggestion! Let Gossett be employed cleaning the streets with HIS TONGUE!!!!!!!!! Then for sure we can all see how full of SHeettt Gossett is …….. Eat it up GOSSETT the RACIST!

      14. It’ll take some deaths before anybody does something about cleaning up the place. Another reason to get out of the cities.

      15. Yet it is OK for an ape to hose down Taylor in the original Planet of the Apes

      16. The country is going mad! Why are homeless people allowed to crap on the streets and sidewalks to begin with. Now these progressive clowns say to clean up all the shit with power washers is racist. I say leave all the garbage, needles, and piss and shit there. Let the homeless continue to harass citizens, and have their tent compounds there.
        The progressives must pay the price for their city wrecking policies. Their policies by the way, are not based on sound urban planning, but on leftist ideology. It is not incidental Seattle is failing and becoming a shithole. Take a look all these cities run by “progressive” machines since the 1960s; once thriving cities include Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Toledo, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Newark, and Cleveland to name only a few, with LA ,SF, and Seattle in line to follow. Hundreds of more mid-size and smaller cities are already shitholes or becoming that way fast. Many look like Berlin 1945.
        No one has all the solutions since many of the homeless are alcoholics, drug addicts, or mentally ill. But cities could utilize them cheaply for use public-related work that can be done like painting and cleaning public buildings and infrastructure, planting trees, and cleaning up trash along roads and highways for starters. Things like this go a long ways towards improving quality of life in urban areas.
        If cities don’t soon start initiating better policies it will be too late. White flight is the first thing that happens, then businesses move out. School systems become 3rd world quality, crime increases, unemployment increases, demand for welfare and social services sky rocket. This very scenario has played out again and again and again with almost no variance. Then cities go bankrupt because those who paid the most taxes and required the fewest services are gone, and those who require the most services and pay the least taxes are still there.
        Don’t expect change however until society as a whole wakes up or comes to it senses. These Marxists and leftists hate America so much they would rather see it as 3rd world. It’s not enough that they truly want to ruin this country, they want everyone to be equally poor, equally suffering, and equally powerless.

      17. Well, this politician reminds me of MAO who was a dictator who killed 100 million innocent citizens therefore he should resign. My baby feelings get more hurt every day he remains in office.

      18. The mentally deficient DEMONRATS want to govern your home next. They do NOT know right-from-wrong, logical-versus-illogical, cost-effective versus wasteful-spending, and they want to govern your lives. Look at the many examples of stupid actions by the LEFT, don’t let them ruin your home also.

      19. They should move the court to another location, leave the poops there, don’t clean it – let them live in its midst. Then they will scream why they don’t clean, give them brooms and mops and tell them to clean by themselves.

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