Leftist Bill Maher: “Learn To Live With Each Other or There WILL BE BLOOD!”

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Left-leaning HBO host Bill Maher said that he believes the divisiveness among Americans could potentially spark another civil war. The comedian and staunch critic of President Trump made the declaration on his latest HBO show Friday.

    “Lately we’ve been hearing more and more about a second Civil War, which sounds impossible in this modern affluent country. It is not,” said the “Real Time with Bill Maher” host according to the Washington Times. Maher is not the first person to predict a civil war due to the political discourse in American culture. President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser Pastor Robert Jeffress earlier rebuked by liberal critics for an eerily similar prediction.


    The liberal outrage from this Tweet was massive. Maher seems to have faced no such backlash for his comments. However, the 63-year-old has been among the president’s most vocal critics on cable television since before Trump even entered the White House. He has regularly compared him to authoritarian dictators, and he has argued repeatedly that he does not believe  Trump will relinquish the office if voted out in 2020 – an assertion the president has referenced during recent re-election campaign rallies.

    “We all talk about Trump as an existential threat, but his side sees Democratic control of government the exact same way. And when both sides believe the other guy taking over means the end of the world, yes, you can have a civil war,” Maher continued.

    We can’t disagree with Maher that both sides have taken it upon themselves to become more radical in their policies. And Maher added that he could be part of the problem toward the end of his program. He said he would “try to stop” insulting people critical of liberals.  He then used a backhanded insult saying: “I’ve learned that the anti-intellectualism on the right doesn’t primarily come from stupidity, it comes from hate.”

    “We are going to have to learn to live with each other or there will be blood,” Maher also said during his monologue.


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      1. That’s rich, coming from someone who has regularly fanned the fires of hatred against anything non-liberal. I assume that he means that conservatives, libertarians, and independents should learn to accept liberal dogma. If we did that, everything would settle down. Yah, right.

      2. Yes, there might. We’re not the ones that won’t live with people you assholes.

      3. Who the hell is Bill Maher to tell anyone what to do? I moved out of Memphis to north GA to get away from leftists/democrats. THEY are the ones dividing the country. THEY are the problem out there, NOT people like us. Bill Maher can go pound sand.

      4. “We are going to have to learn to live with each other or there will be blood,” Maher also said during his monologue.

        But, where is the pendulum of history headed, post-Reconstruction.

        I am broadly in agreement with Gruyver, Duduman, OT figures and anti-abolitionists who settled in savage countries.

        Population collapse is a given, imhblo.

        Any novelty, leverage, or advancement is generally to act in favor of accelerationism, where the natives are hell bent on self-destruction.

        Maher said, “I’ve learned that the anti-intellectualism on the right doesn’t primarily come from stupidity, it comes from hate.”

        I am interested in agronomy and energy.

        Imagine that there is no passably-white person, fit for labor, within a day’s walk from your house. You’re wearing clean work clothes, really, really, really minding your own business, and being called anti-intellectual, where there are no obvious signs whatsoever — nil — of productive employment.

        To my better-off cousins, think of your investments, wisely, before it turns into Confederate money.

      5. Yeah, surrrre, Bill. You helped bring this about and now you’re back trackin’?

      6. As much as it makes me want to gag myself with a Pitchfork to agree with Mr Maher whom I – frankly speaking here – loathe, yes likely the last act in this play will involve blood.

        The evel of polarization across the country is in my humble opinion, become irreconcilable at this point; put simply here I doubt any action by any party could serve to ease the tensions we see everywhere nowadays.

        More’s the pity for the innocent and those simply misguided…all originating from the bottomless well of greed personified by the likes of those named Rockefeller, Gugenheim, Du Pont, Vanderbilt, Rothschild and etc, etc, ad nauseum.

        Fundamentally we all swim in a rather small pool be it a town, a county, a country or larger yet…and when you have Super Predators loose in that pond the logical result is rather a foregone conclusion…especially when said pond begins shrinking similar to what we’re seeing lately with virtually every developed country on Earth reporting miniscule growth or none at all. The ‘shrinking pond’ reference comes from the observation that an increasing number of people continuously striving to secure the LARGEST share of a finite resource pool unto themselves and thier posterity is functionally a self-defeating philosophy if it proceeds without some inate bound, some mechanism that serves to self-regulate that behaviour both locally AND globally as well.

        Humanity has already – consciously or otherwise – selected for what is to come. Witness the complete inability of China or India to effect a balance between thier numbers and thier available landmass. In the longrun, THAT is the equivalent of a fast track culture in a Petri dish being hit with every adverse condition imaginable. Ever wonder where Super Predators originate from? Three guesses, first two don’t count. Exactly that process was in effect here in the US after the Louisiana Purchase when the ‘Taming of the West’ required steel for rails, ships to carry cargos, hotels to house travellers, hence the origin of the long list appearing here previously.
        Cause and effect are inescapable in this World…or any other. Unfortunately Humanity has studiously and continuously refused to accept the inneluctable conclusion which follows from it’s collective decisions….Government will not save them, Religon will not save them, WAR will not save them, in fact, they will not be SAVED….unless they do it THEMSELVES.

        It could all have been different, to be sure…but it wasn’t and now the bill comes due…Good Luck to all who have heard the Call, I fondly hope to see at least some of you when comes the Dawn and the long Night is – finally – over.

        “And in the days After, when people met, they cared not the color of others skin, nor what thier Politics had been, nor any other thing at all, they were only GLAD to see each other, saying, “Thank GOD…you lived!”.”

        Hmmm, far-fetched…maybe, maybe not.


      7. The only way to live with another is to not be under another’s rule.

      8. All of a sudden thousands of scientists are telling us that we need to de-populate the planet. Think they are hinting to what is coming?

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