Leftist And Globalist Calls For Multiculturalism Are Nonsensical: “You Cannot Have Two Or More Diametrically Opposed Cultures Within The Same Society”

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    This article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com


    Why Do Leftists And Globalists Hate Tribalism So Much?
    Brandon Smith

    Over the years I have heard the word “tribalism” used consistently as a way to deride and attack conservative groups with political stances outside the boundaries of globalization. Many readers have been exposed to this propaganda recently as “tribalism” becomes the go-to denouncement of the Trump Administration. From The Atlantic to CNBC to The Washington Post and beyond, tribalism is used almost as often as the fascist label, and there are very specific reasons for this.

    Tribalism (like nationalism and populism) has slowly but surely been falsely associated with totalitarianism, as if the two are synonymous. The use of “tribalism” as a dismissal of sovereignty concepts is a distinctly globalist and leftist habit; clearly, they hate the very notion of it, so much so that they have sought to turn it into a four letter word. But why?

    The fact of the matter is, tribalism revolves around sets of principles; meaning, some people hold principles that are completely incompatible with other people’s principles. Some principles simply cannot be reconciled with other principles, and they cannot coexist. Groups tend to form around principles, and thus, certain groups cannot live in close proximity with other groups. When they do live in close proximity, one will invariably absorb the other or destroy the other.

    This is more likely to occur when two groups have diametrically opposing views rather than minor deviations and disagreements.

    For example, the mass injection of millions of Muslim immigrants into European nations has in a very short period of time resulted in the steady decline of Western ideals and even the decline of legal frameworks in the areas where the immigrants concentrate. Sharia law is a direct antithesis to traditional Western values such as religious freedom, free speech, freedom of association, individual rights, economic independence, free markets, etc. (It is interesting to note that western socialists and communist ideals run parallel to Muslim culture when it comes to the desire to dismantle sovereignty.) The effects of this clash of principles are quite obvious at this point.

    Sharia-based groups have been transplanted into the Western sphere in what I consider a deliberate Cloward-Piven strategy of cultural destabilization of Europe. These groups do not assimilate, they devour the surrounding culture and turn it into something that sublimates in accordance with their principles. This is why the leftist and globalist call for “multiculturalism” is nonsensical. You cannot have two or more diametrically opposed cultures within the same society — one of them has to take precedence over all the others. Globalists in particular KNOW this is the reality, and they use multiculturalism as a means to undermine nations specifically built upon traditional sovereign values.

    Leftists are in most cases merely useful idiots that promote multiculturalism as a means of “penance.” That is to say, they believe that traditional western culture should be punished for past transgressions and in due course, phased out completely in exchange for a new utopian system.

    Both leftists and globalists will often try to argue that if tribalism was not prevalent there would be no ill will between Muslims and Westerners or any other groups for that matter. But, as stated earlier, what they are glossing over is the inevitability of groups separating based on principals.  The only way for all groups to coexist in close proximity in the multicultural paradise we are being sold is for ALL value systems to be eliminated except for one. And perhaps that is the point.

    Globalists prefer an outcome in which traditional values are erased and replaced with a “new world order” mindset; a system that is rooted in collectivist suppression of individual liberty, where freedom is exchanged for “harmony;” one global tribe worshiping one global god — the state.

    The existence of tribalism might lead to conflicts if opposing cultures are deliberately mashed together, but it also makes the formation of a single overarching tyranny very difficult. Globalists seek to irritate existing divisions and trigger chaos between groups because ultimately, they want to demonize the very concept of tribalism and make way for a one world ideal that fits THEIR agenda.

    Leftists are decidedly less self aware on why they fight so hard against tribalism. They see cultural division of any kind on the part of the west as inherently evil. Ironically, when it comes to so called “victim groups” like Muslims, social-justice warriors will argue that their aggressively divisive behavior is off limits to criticism because you have to be “from that culture to understand it”.  So, tribalism on the part of designated victim groups is beyond reproach, and tribalism on the part of westerners is a cancer that must be eradicated.

    To reiterate, leftists love tribalism initiated by those they consider victim groups.  They only hate tribalism when it is initiated by conservatives and the traditional western middle class.  The double standard is evident.

    Exactly what is happening here? Well, we are being given a false choice. We are offered tribalism at the cost of endless social crisis (which is being deliberately instigated), or, the erasure of tribalism and traditional principles for the sake of “peace.”  No other solutions are being presented.

    Liberty proponents like myself would point out that there is an underlying principle within natural law that could solve many of the problems that arise between groups with differing world views without sacrificing everything to join a one-world collectivist hive mind. That rule would be the “Non-Aggression Principle.”  To summarize, the non-aggression principle holds that no person or group has the right to impose their beliefs or will on another person or group. The only time force of action is warranted is in self defense and the defense of innocents.

    If a society was to operate by the rule of non-aggression, and people were to abide by that rule, then most groups and cultures could live peacefully. For the people who do not abide, removal from that society or nation would be necessary. This is the intrinsic advantage of tribalism in its purest form; tribalism allows us to discriminate against groups with destructive principles and behaviors, or against those that have different objectives. Some divisions are useful divisions. This allows for a group with shared goals to accomplish those goals without constant internal obstruction or sabotage. As long as the non-aggression principle is adhered to, tribalism is the ideal system.

    Of course, there are certain groups that are incapable of accepting this dynamic.

    Leftist ideology depends upon thought control and manipulation in order to remain relevant. Because their values are not based in logic or self examination, they don’t have the ability to win people over through compelling arguments; all they have are lies and force. When in power, they use the force of government. When out of power, they use the threat of the mob. If tribalism and the non-aggression principle were to thrive, the leftists in their current form would represent a failed group, and they would fade away.

    Globalists see themselves as social architects, and an architect cannot function if his building materials will not cooperate. Globalism is impotent without the ability to impose will and the ability to undermine practical divisions between ideological opposites. Tribalism in the name of sovereignty and free society is an impassable wall to globalization. Their only option is to utilize and exploit groups that are anti-liberty as a weapon against existing societies that still have some basis in sovereignty. This is much easier to do when anti-liberty groups are organized within those free systems, or, when they are imported into them. A strong, free people cannot be destroyed from without, they can only be destroyed from within.

    Social divisions are absolutely rational and healthy, and there is nothing “evil” or totalitarian about organizing only with people that share your values. The real evil comes from those that would suppress our values in the name of “harmonization” — there is no such thing.  Globalists and leftists argue for the adoption and toleration of all ideologies and principles as a means to peace, but what they really want in the end is the erasure of all the ideologies and principles they see as disagreeable in order to make way for their own.

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      1. The Essence Of A Patriot

        There are many ways to define the word Patriot, or to describe what a patriot is.  However, few people truly understand what it means to grasp the essence of a patriot. A person can call themselves a patriot because they love their country or they defend what their country stands for. The reality of becoming a patriot involves much more than claiming the title, due to ones’ general beliefs and so called commitment to his country.

        The true patriot understands not only the history of his country and what sacrifices have been made to establish his way of life, but they also understand the sacrifices that men must make in order to preserve that way of life and defend it at all cost. Most citizens today know that things are wrong in this country. They realize that tyranny has laid it’s grasp upon the people and the laws of the land and it has corrupted the entire landscape across our nation. They have learned these things slowly over the years as the evidence has become more and morchaevalent. As they learn of the treacherous deeds of our government, and the corporate degenerates they have chosen to serve, they become angry and they seek to support the defense of our country in one way or another.

        The kind of support mechanisms they seek varies according to the variety of different protests that exist in our many different platforms that have risen against this tyrannical force. There are platforms against illegal immigration, wrongful and extensive taxation, invasion of personal privacy, unconstitutional legislation, political corruption, you name it the list goes on for days.  People will usually choose one of these platforms to side with and begin their journey into being a protestor and advocate for peaceful resolution, at least that is where most of them start. They pursue the falsehood that the protests they follow along with will someday have an impact that will solve or correct these problems.

        They usually wind up supporting more than one platform as they run from group to group hoping that one of them has the answer or the changing effect that they seek.  They become disappointed when they find that after years of these peaceful protests, nothing has changed and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Some become so disenchanted, that they move on and give up their tirade against the system.  Some move on to different platforms that stand against a different subject or issue. They move around to all these different groups seeking to fit in somewhere where they feel they have the best chance for succeeding in supporting the battles that will eventually cause the changes they desire.

        In all of this they consider themselves patriots for their country, they feel they are doing what they can and must for the right cause and to satisfy their need to participate.  What many of  them do not understand is there are factors involved here that has prevented them from learning what true patriotism is and what it takes to truly stand for something to the degree that sacrifices have to be made that would indeed effect the changes they desire.  Most of them do not know about sacrifices, they have never truly realized the great deal of dedication that it takes and the true commitment that our forefathers experienced for the things they believed in and died for.    They just haven’t been placed in a position where everything is at stake for them personally and where the result could be devastating for them and their family.  Once Tyranny is realized in the personal life of any citizen and they can experience first hand the tremendous violation of their persons and property, then they can truly grasp what is means to be backed into a corner where fighting back is the only option.

        All the sign waving and marching and shouting and boycotting has done absolutely NOTHING to cause an effective change in the things that are taking place in this country. I repeat, Absolutely NOTHING!  People are programmed to think that if they can get new politicians into office that change can occur, they think if they can cause some sort of minor disruption in procedures, that this will draw enough attention to get someone of influence to listen and possibly support the changes needed.  This simply isn’t true.  These types of protests and objection to all that is happening is having no effect on the system as a whole.  The bottom line is protesting could be successful, but only if it were done correctly. True protests have no time limit, there is no negotiations, there is no stepping back, and there damn sure isn’t any compromise.  When you are truly trying to stand up for something you cannot be submissive, you have to be ready to make some ultimate sacrifices and dedicate the time and energy it will take to see things through to the end. A true protest has only one resolution and that is ‘change’, until the change occurs, the protest doesn’t end.

        When is comes to the Essence of a patriot, one has to understand what it means to be willing to make certain sacrifices. You have to be able to muster up all of your self being and direct your mind into a mindset of one who is not willing to back down on what you truly believe in, no matter what. To do this means you must be willing to give your own life for this cause you believe in.  What is the ’cause’?  The ultimate cause, here in this case, is the way of life for every American man woman and child.  We have all lost so much of our own personal freedoms for so many years and at so many different levels, that we have failed to nip this in the bud long ago before it ever got this far.  We have allowed ourselves to get distracted by our creature comforts in life, to the degree that we just didn’t see all the chess pieces being put into place for the final assault. We now find ourselves looking at a government that has nearly the ultimate control over the people, they have us so fearful of reprisal that we cower down at the mere raise of a fist. We submit to their tyrannical systems of slowly gaining control of our lives piece by piece, to the point that one day we will wake up and we will not have a single freedom left.

        The evidence is all around us.  We have to get permits from cities in order to stage a protest? We have to get a permit to carry a firearm or in some cases you can’t carry one at all in a public place?  We have to get our governments permission to work on our own property, to improve or refurbish it? We have to pay tolls to travel on certain roads and in some cases be subjected to unlawful road blocks? Think for a moment about all the small things they have put into place to interfere into our lives and in most cases tax us at the same time.  There has never been, in the history of our country, more invasive laws and unconstitutional taxes upon the people, than there is today.  And how did it get this way?  Because we let it, we looked the other way while enjoying our massive prosperities and creature comforts so much that in order to keep them, we have allowed our government to reach out and enslave us into a systematic means of dependence upon them.  We fear that if we don’t do the things they tell us to that we will lose these comforts we have grown accustomed to. They have slowly, over decades, enslaved you all into their grasp and now most people do not have the fortitude to take a stand and be willing to make the right sacrifices in order to fight back.

        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

        There is a problem though, one that plays a factor in the reason most people won’t fight back.  That factor is mutual support of the people as a whole.  We have become a society separated from our fellow countrymen in many diverse ways.  This separation has caused us all to realize that if we fight, we must fight alone, no one will join us, no one will come to help us and no one else is willing to make their sacrifice for the defense of another.  This is the main reason our society has fallen into a submissive posture and allowed the system to take control.  They simply realize that other people, if not personally effected, will not come to the aid of his brethren in such desperate times of need.

        If we as a group of concerned citizens had for instance shown up to defend the innocent men, women and children, during the WACO, Texas incident involving David Koresh, then many of  those people would be alive today.  All it would have taken is for enough citizens to gather at that place and demanded that the government stand down and not launch their evil assault upon those citizens. 

        Whether people believed David Koresh was right or wrong, doesn’t matter, all of those people deserved the right to stand in a fair trial.  What most Americans do not realize is, that this whole obscene murder of men women and children took place over a $100 gun tax from a firearm transaction. That has to be the most devastating and ludicrous piece of injustice of  all!!!  If the citizens of this country would come to the aid for one another against this government out of control, then these sorts of incidents simply would not occur.  Everyone deserves a fair trial when accused that is but just ONE principle that this nation was built on in our constitution and it must be preserved.  All the people involved in directing law enforcement officials into perpetrating that incident are nothing more than murderers and all for $100.00  Furthermore, the law enforcement individuals who carried out this murder are also guilty, because they ‘could’ have made an ultimate sacrifice and chosen not to follow these wrongful orders of death.  These gentlemen knew that what they were doing was wrong, they knew that they were killing innocent men, women and children trapped in that building.  And the saddest part is……..We knew it was wrong as well.

        So what sacrifices are involved in being a patriot?  That might depend upon a lot of different situations according to what you are defending or protesting a chan

        • “Leftist And Globalist Calls For Multiculturalism Are Nonsensical”

          It makes perfect sense if the goal is to DESTROY everything that made this country great. A Nation must have one language; one set of values; one rule of law that applies to everyone equally: rich and poor alike, liberal and conservative.

          Islam is diametrically opposed to, and completely incongruent with, American Constitutional Values. All benefits and subsidies for refugees, illegals, and green card holders, must be terminated immediately.

          If not sooner !!! 🙂

          • Careful… my wife is a Christian and a green card holder. She put up with me for 20 years in the military and stayed with me in my various assignments inc. Turkey. She has worked and paid taxes for many of those years also. OUR government never supported her with one dollar. I do agree with you on most of your statement though. She could have been an American but why the only thing she could not do that I could IS VOTE… BUT SHE SUPPORTS TRUMP!!!

            • Dan is an immigrant sympathizer, low self esteme. Go find a white girl here at home. You go into the military, then go over seas, then bring all the global disease and trash home, then before we know it, their whole family is migrated here. Thats the problem. Stop being a pathetic looser and Grow some balls. Put your Country first Dan, not your dick. Thats pathetic problem we have here and why America has been diluted to the race to the bottom POS demonitator over generations. Me love you long time GI. F@cking traitor sympathizer sellouts. You put your dick before your Country.

          • DK, truer words were never spoken.

          • I live in Real America, my Florida County demograpgics are 98% White Americans & the other remaing is 2% POS is TRASH. No Commie NWO BS is going take this place over. We are heavily armed, patriotic, Fly the US FLAG, Confederate Flag and the Gadsden Flag, and we bleed RED WHITE & BLUE.

            Want to take your Counties and Country back? STOP FEEDING THE BEAST. Starve the Beast. Get involved in your local politics and call out every POS Polirical Hack Commies at every Public Meeting. Call out the Communists and those who degrade the American spirit with their POS Trash Commie Agenda 21 NWO Rules, Laws, Policies and Practices. Get rid of these Commie Cable TV Monopolies and Radio stations polluting the minds of the masses. Drive these bastards out of your area. Boycott them. Drive them out of your County and State and the Country. Cut them off and cut them out. Slice and dice baby!!!

        • Well written, well said.

          Wouldn’t it be neat if we all gathered, armed to the teeth and marched on Washington.
          Let it be known we are only showing strength and contempt for the processes in place and that we demand our government follow the Constitution, but if messed with, will fight, right there, right then.
          I bet the politicians would shit themselves and bug out from the Capital! Cockroaches in the light!!

        • Liberals believe that mixing cultures will help bring peace to the world. It’s the opposite.

      2. David Rockefeller DEAD at 101 it’s a great day just wish I had the money to go and take a
        Shit on that fuckers grave enjoy Hell you piece
        Of shit.

        • Pro USA, Rockefeller has gone to get his reward? YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! THIS is a day to celebrate! One less globalist breathing.

          • Pro USA, BTW I forgot to add your first post was very good.

        • You can’t get more unAmerican and more globalist than this guy.

          • The blacks in “da hood” speak in reverence for the “OGs” Original Gangsters. David Rockefeller is and OG, “Original Globalist”. Little of what has happened, economically, politically and globally, doesn’t have his fingerprints all over it.

        • Islamic savages do not play well with others. Absolute fact.

        • Hopefully Soros the scumbag will soon follow.

      3. I just want one answer from the fascist left: What, exactly, will you do when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to implement Sharia law on the radical gays? Or the same in NYC with the radical feminists. Again, leaving room for your insults here YR: ____

        • There are lots of quote “refugees” still being forced on the US. Trump should make sure they all end up in cities the SF. I’ll get the popcorn.

          • PTPO, all immigration needs to be stopped for at least six months.

        • Fascism is a far RIGHT conservative form of government and is NOT having anything to do with the left or liberals or Democrats. You need to look it up, even in a dictionary. Do you really think Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were liberals? Hardly. They were hard core conservatives. What Trump and his cult are doing is moving toward fascist and dictatorship in the US….and YOU seem to be aiding and abetting the destruction of our democracy and our society. If you really believe Muslims are going to march into San Fransisco or any other American city and implement Sharia law then you’re not very smart, just repeating the far right conspiracy theories design to generate fear, anger, and hate.

          The “left” is anything BUT fascist and only a biased idiot would even make that suggestion.

          • Anthony

            “hard core conservatives”

            Your making up your own definitions to fit into your agenda. Here is the definition of conservative.

            holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.

            a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.

            In no way do Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini fit into the above definition as none of them supported traditional values in their respective nations. Secondary, newsflash the USA isn’t a democracy (mob rule) but rather a Constitutional Republic with established rule of law. Regarding the Presidents authority with immigration:

            Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate immigration. In 1952, Congress passed a law empowering the president to deny entry into the U.S. to “any class of aliens” considered to be “detrimental to the interests of the United States.” In other words, a threat to America and in the interests of national security.

          • Anthony, google ‘the plank of the Nazi Party 1920’ when they were first formed and read their beliefs very carefully. Their beliefs were almost identical to those of the communists. The only difference was the communists believed that private property should be abolished but the Nazis supported private property. The Nazis believed in strictly taking care of their own people while the communists believed in spreading their revolution to the world. Mussolini himself said, “Fascism is the merger of the state and corporate power.”

            • BH,
              You let the cat out of the bag, “Fascism is the merger of State and Corporate power. The modern term for Fascism is Globalism, just as progressivism is the modern term for a communism.

              The left loves to parrot that globalism is anti nationalism so it can’t be fascism. They hide the fact that are are very strong nationalists, but their view of nationalism is continent or global based, not state based. Just like Hitler and Mussolini wanted a fascist empire, so do the Globalists, just on a much bigger scale, in the beginning modeled after the EU.

              Amazing how you can research the term “Globalism” and find no substance. Yet there are nations, politicians, and millions of intelligent and wealthy people that openly support “Globalism”, what ever it’s supposed to be? They are dedicated to their cause, that has no published goals, architecture, or defined control system.

              It is in fact complete subterfuge to hide a simple soft Coup d’etat of the Western world. Had Hillary won we’d be full speed on that highway to hell right now.

      4. If one culture is GAS and the other culture is a MATCH. What do think you are going to have?

        This what we have going on right now in Europe, next in the US. I can smell the smoke now!!!!


        • Sgt. D,
          I love your analogy.

          Another thought, I’ll be off to gun show in the next couple weeks. It’s supposed to be a big one that will have everything. Ahh, a chocolate lovers candy store.

          I wanted to ask what are the top two or three 308 riffles you like from a prepping perspective?

          • PTPO
            #1 M1A Scout.
            #1.5 M1A standard. These two are so close it is hard for me to pick, but I use my Standard for sniper work because that was what I use to qualify when I went to sniper school. Now the Scout is a better run and gun weapon. These two use all the same parts. Unlike the SOCOM. Totally different gas system.
            #2 Rock River LAR8
            Uses FN-LAR mags both metric and 1 inch. Also has the best trigger pull of any AR 10/LAR8 system.
            #3 FN/LAR Mags are plentiful adjustable gas system.

            Price on all of these are around $1400.00 to $1700.00.

            My son has the FN-LAR and I love the gun, I have the LAR8 and use it for hunting and could and will use it if I have to for other things. My Scout is still my #1 go to rifle for PREPPING. My M1A standard Match is my main sniper rifle.


            • Sarge, I’m rebuilding my ‘piggy bank’ so I can get some type of .308 myself. I might look at that LAR8.

              • Brave

                You won’t go wrong with the LAR8 Rock River. Mine is the 16″ barrel M4 style.

                My #1 is my M1A scout. I have a CHOAT M4 style stock on it. I’m from the old school when it comes to rifles and I just prefer the M1A action over the AR action. That is not to say I don’t have a couple of AR’s.

                Gun show this week, Going to pick more AMMO.


                • Sarge, hear you loud and clear. Next gun show in my area is late April. BTW, what was the outcome on that land near Murfreesboro?

                  • Brave
                    I found several places, but the wife can’t agree. She wants to be closer to her family. I don’t for several reasons. Not to say they aren’t good people, because they are. Mostly because they are only about 50% on the wagon.

            • Thanks again!

              I will definitely do some side by side and check all those out. I’d seen you talking about the Scout and LAR8, I figured the scout was #1. I’ve been leaning towards the scout as well. As far as being ready. I’m pretty much there already. Though I like the idea of being well rounded, and having choices.

              There is a once a year super show out in Pheonixville PA next weekend, that is the biggest I’ve ever seen, like 7 or 8 hundred tables. That is one of my favorites. You can lose a whole day there.

              ? Guy at a gun show was showing me some of the newest and greatest, he asked me my price range. I said I could probably afford pretty much anything at the show. He squinted at me, flashed a bit of annoyance. I added; I’d love to get one of those $15,000.00 .50 cal Barret’s, I can afford the rifle, but I don’t think I could afford the divorce? He grinned, I said gotcha!

          • PTPO
            We have a gun show in Princeton Ill. this week end. If people don’t have what they need they had better get it soon very soon!!!!

            War with N.K., Iran, China, Russia, muslimes, and the libtards and their riots.

            Coexist?????????? When they don’t threaten me and mine then we might coexist.


          • Get the most accurate rifle in the most popular cal we’re talking about shtf right?
            It needs to be one were you can take the parts of a dead offender and replace your fireing pin etc…..
            That should be your first then go for other cals, (5.56)
            Remember a hunting rifle is lighter to carry if your bugging out and have to walk. Just a couple things to confuse you some more good luck.

        • Sarge, perfect analogy. I’m getting a whiff of smoke myself. BTW, how did that land search go near Murfreesboro?

      5. Islam coexisted very well with others in the former Soviet Union, where a government had control that would out terror the terrorists.

        As soon as the Soviet Union fell, sectarian violence exploded in the former satellite states that had large Muslim populations. This violence in all cases was instigated by Islamic Jihadists asserting themselves in the power vacuum.

        The West is ill prepared to do what it must to coexist with Islam.

        If every time a gang of Muslims went on a sharia patrol in some town or city, they were disappeared to a Siberian Gulag, we wouldn’t have a problem either.

      6. PTPO, spot on. that was the only ‘saving grace’ about the USSR. At least they managed to keep Soviet society stabilized. Coexistence with other, different groups? That’s someone’s fantasy.

        • And you reveal the true reason the Progressive and globalist movements are flooding the west with Muslim men of fighting age. They know the sheeple will demand a totalitarian government that can protect society from the inevitable violence.

      7. Brandon, thank you for one of your best articles yet. I was born and raised in the South during the last two decades of segregation. Yes I realize what the libturds have said about segregation over the years but I do know there were certain advantages to the arrangement. We had a peaceful, civil, and orderly society for the most part. Crime in white sections was rare and almost unheard of. But crime was a serious problem in all the black sections. During the day, during certain hours, we allowed the blacks to come into the white sections to get groceries or take care of any other personal business they had. But at a certain time of the evening they had to be finished and be back in their own part of town. All of the Southern states had laws to cover these things. If black people were caught in a white section of town after the specified time, they either had to prove they a damn good reason to be there or face consequences. White sections of our cities and towns were clean, neat, orderly, peaceful, etc. People were civil and had mutual respect for each other. American culture and society were a totally different world from what we have today. In 1971, the public schools in my city became integrated by a federal court order. That transition period was rough. On the first day of integration fights broke out between black students and white students. In some cases there were even some fights between black and white faculty members. it took some real efforts to get the violence stopped and the situation stabilized. It’s true that most white people were opposed to integration at that time. But what none of the libturds or even civil rights groups will admit to is that most black people at that time were also opposed to integration. That was the beginning of the gradual disintegration of our society. We had the best reasons for having society segregated. OK libturds, bring it on with your opposing views. I won’t apologize for anything I’ve said.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Importing known trouble from overseas is not a Constitutional issue. Its fully acceptable under the US Constitution to control entry into the United States and deport those who entered illegally or break our laws if they are not citizens.

          It is not acceptable and UnConstitutional, a violation of the Bill Of Rights, to prevent a legal citizen not convicted of a felony from voting. Likewise admittance to a public school, or other governmental service, deriving its funding from all of the citizens, cannot be denied to some of them and be upheld when scrutinized through the language in the Bill Of Rights.

          The US Constitution apples to everyone in its entirety or it applies to no one. Anything else is as hypocritical as the “Progressive Left” who routinely pick through the Bill Of Rights only accepting what furthers their agenda.

          • Kevin2, I’m not questioning any of the points you made and you always have a very good insight. But personal experience has taught me that maybe, just maybe, integration was never meant to work. It has not worked well like a lot of people have hoped for. I’ll grant you as long as blacks are born on US soil, yes they are citizens and have the same rights as we do. BUT WITH RIGHTS COME RESPONSIBILITIES. Just look at the mentality of blacks, the way they carry themselves, the way they dress, speak, act toward other people, etc. In general, the overall type of influence they’re under. GOOD black people get ridiculed and threatened by the loser elements all the time. If you oppose what the black losers are doing, well, you’ll be lucky to live to talk about it. And of course, white people are always having to tolerate the evil from the black losers and are always told to be quiet about or be labeled a racist. As you and everyone else here know, I will tell it exactly like it is and I’m not afraid to. I refuse to live in fear of any thugs. I don’t follow any PC crap. I don’t even follow any so-called ‘hate crime’ law. Such as a law is race-based, anti-white, and discriminatory. It’s aimed against WHITE PEOPLE AND NO OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE. It has no legitimate basis and I won’t follow it. Plus, no legal definition has ever been set for the term. I never created what we had in the past before integration. That’s just the way things were back in those days. I do work with some really good, solid black people that would give you the shirts off their backs. It’s just the losers, i.e. niggers that I have to avoid. Even the good black people tell me, ‘watch out for the NIGGERS.’

            • Braveheart1776

              I went to a 40% black HS, worked with blacks too. Culturally they have a problem. Conversely as education increases, along with its reward economic opportunity, cultural assimilation which abandons violence as the preferred method of settling disputes occurs. Granted, often, “You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.

              ” ‘hate crime’ law”

              Thats a one way piece of legislation in how its administered. Its my observation that black racists hate whites out of jealousy, while most of what is called white racism is fear of the abundant and disproportional black criminals. When a black kid escapes the downward pressure of the”da hood”, no family unit and the rest, thats a special human. Welfare and job eviscerating “Free Trade” has added to their plight rewarding bad behavior and simultaneously removing the reward of hard work.

              Three hundred years ago they wanted cheap labor and we have its legacy. France wanted Islamic cannon fodder for its Foreign Legion and they’re paying for its legacy of Islamic citizenship.

      8. Mar 20, 2017 What Is The Deep State? James Corbett on Financial Survival

        James Corbett joins Alfred Adask for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. This time they discuss the #Vault7 documents, the surveillance state and the deep state. What is the deep state? Who are its members? How does it operate? Find out in this in-depth conversation.


      9. You muslims try that shit out in Texas good luck and see if the red necks don’t kick you inside your balls, and disable you.

        sharia patrol, I have to fucking laugh. The muslim god is lucifer, and this is what I was told. Most of them do not know that It was Lucifer that visited that pedofile prophet in that cave. At meca, that thing that they have their has a metor inside of it, and the dumbass asses are basically mind controlling themselves with that grid. Yea, walk up to my girlfriend in public, tell her that she needs to comply while you bodies lay in the streets with broken arm and legs, quite embarrassing. allah may be merciful but I wont have any. fuck mohammed, and fuck allah.


        • Muslims have been doing this for centuries, don’t ever expect a fair fight.

          They send in one guy who does recon of the room. If they see someone they want to make an example of, expect a group of men able to handle their intended victim and anyone else in the room who looks like they might resist.

          If the gang get their butts kicked expect a dozen reinforcements to show up within minutes, they will have clubs. If police show up and try to assert themselves, expect a riot with fifty men of fighting age. If the sharia enforcement gangs repeatedly run into resistance at a location, expect the restaurant or bar involved to be firebombed. This is what Muslim groups have been doing to pubs in London, google it. Try to press charges and they can produce a hundred witnesses that will say it never happened, or even that you attacked them.

          You are not confronting four thugs, you are confronting the entire Muslim community, and they’ve been doing this since the sixth century.

          • Thats why you dont bring a club or knife to a GUN fight. BRING OVERWHELMING FIREPOWER. YTube “3 Man Militia”

      10. Bring it rag head mc hammer pants mofo a people that hold an ak upside down wipe there ass’s with your hand fk you your nothing but a fart in a hurricane.
        Bring it bitch!

      11. Howdy HCKS and I agree wholeheartedly.

      12. They’re importing them in and hoping that the lifestyle (drugs / alcohol) and freedom (drugs / alcohol) in the west takes fanaticism out of them. I believe that the’ll loose more people than they convert. The math variable is their birth rate. This may well compensate for their loss in followers.

        The goal of the globalists is to blend everything in, economic, cultural, political, racial/ethnic. The end result is an insect colony or to borrow from art, “The Borg”.

        • It might be a stretch to consider ‘Star Trek’ as “art”!

          (on the other hand, Seven of Nine was
          DEFINITELY an ‘art form’! *swoon*)

      13. I think everyone missed the point of the article. Multiculturalism is the weapon chosen by the communists to destroy Western civilization. The plan was devised at the Frankfort School about 1930. The plan is essentially this: change the demographics of the West from White to non-White and the West is destroyed. The communists have been very successful so far.

        • Your right him we’re just pissed.?

        • Black lives matter only to Cheetos, Cheerios and Skittles.

          Black Guns Matter.

      14. America has been infiltrated years ago by communism and socialism through social engineering efforts by the Zionists.
        Movements like feminism, Black Lives Matter,and LGBT have been used to turn Americans against each other.
        Feminist Betty Friedan was a Communist mole whole helped firmly bring about a new wave of feminism in America.
        The Zionists learned that by destroying the nuclear family you could destroy countries without firing a shot.
        Psychological operations is currently
        being waged in America instigated by the
        Zionist troll President Trump.
        Divided America will fall just as the Zionists have planned.

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