Left-Wing Writer Suggests Anti-Trump Protesters Should Carry Out Domestic Terror Attacks

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com

    A far-left columnist for a website owned by Univision Communications has suggested that the next phase of the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ should take the form of domestic terrorism.

    In an article entitled This Is Just the Beginning, Hamilton Nolan writes, “This is all going to get more extreme. And it should,” remarking that Trump administration officials should not be able “to live their lives in peace.”

    “Read a fucking history book. Read a recent history book. The U.S. had thousands of domestic bombings per year in the early 1970s,” he adds, before predicting, “The day will come, sooner that you all think, when Trump administration officials will look back fondly on the time when all they had to worry about was getting hollered at at a Mexican restaurant. When you aggressively fuck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to fuck with yours.”

    Earlier in the piece, Hamilton tries to justify his alarmist rhetoric by asserting that the Trump administration is implementing “fascism” and “white nationalism” with its border policies.

    “The people who are responsible for what is happening are not going to get out of this with their happy wealthy respectable lives unscathed,” he concludes, adding, “And the ones who make the laws are not going to like what happens when America starts to regard them as the criminals.”

    The article was posted on Splinter News, a website owned by Univision Communications under its Gizmodo Media Group division. It is capped with a photo of a limosuine (owned by a Muslim immigrant who didn’t even vote for Trump) that was set on fire by anti-Trump demonstrators last year.

    With the political climate becoming increasingly polarized, talk of a new “civil war” in America is heating up.

    In an interview with Politico, historian Michael Beschloss said that the recent confrontations between activists and Trump administration officials is, “a new disheartening sign of a country that is becoming more divided by the hour.”

    “It is almost beginning to sound like some of the things that happened before the Civil War. It’s a polarized country,” he added.

    California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters also told a rally on Saturday, “If you see anybody from that Cabinet — in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station — you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” prompting some to accuse her of inciting violence.

    That prompted Republican Congressman Steve King to respond with a tweet in which he suggested that America was heading for a second civil war.


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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. it is only a matter of time before there is an assassination attempt on Trump or others in his administration. Trump needs to order Secrete Service protection on all his cabinet and WH aids.

        If you look at recent history, all the nut job assassins have always been liberal progressives.

        • It’s our job to be on the lookout for these nuts and put bullets through their heads.

          • American Patriots have been patient long enough. We put up with 8 years of abuse from Oblahblah worshipers. Now the Democratic/Communists under Globalist control have joined the Obamites to destroy this country and overturn a legally elected president.
            The time for talk and patience is over it is time to take action.
            Yes I do mean ACTION!

            • The time for action was 30 years ago, but nobody wanted to hear about it.

              I’d wager that nothing happens, and America, and the rest of Western Civilization slides into 3rd world hell.

              Let’s not forget to thank the traitor Woodrow Wilson for allowing the takeover from within to begin.

              And, let’s be sure to thank the WW2 generation, who made the world safe for communism, and finished selling Western Civilization to the cretins who want the White race dead.

              • The time for action was 55 years ago when the duly elected President of the USA John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by the Deep State.If Americans had risen up and fought, non violently against the Warren Commission Report, then all the attacks since then would have never occurred.
                We know it was a hit by anyone’s definition and most likely for various reasons against the vested interests of many.
                He issued $4 Billion dollars of legal money
                He was withdrawing the oil credits
                He threatened to break up the CIA and scatter them to the four winds
                He did not want Israel to get nuclear weapons

                The above are just some of the reasons he was taken out and every President since then has been chosen puppets of USA Incorporated.

          • Menzo, the libturds need to be very careful what they wish for. It’s going to backfire on them. If someone wants to make an attempt on me they WILL get a bullet in the head.

            • Maybe someone should show that wet-back the UN report on guns.

          • Why would I use guns and deprive myself of kicking the shit out of them

        • There has already been an attempted assassination of Republicans. Remember? A Republican congressman and some other people were shot at a ball field by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Some one wants a war. I think they’re going to get it.

          • On every side of every block of every blue state is at least one Rene Boucher type, rationalizing some excuse.

            They write that everything has a political subtext. From pillow talk, to milk, to paperbags.

            So, let’s take them at their word.

            You can tell when one of theirs has gone by any spraypaint-able surface, carve-able picknick bench, restroom, phonebooth, movie, theater, buffet, museum.

            These acts are political, the alternative to gentrification, conservation, and industry.

            They were never not domestic terrorists.

        • ” recent history, all the nut job assassins have always been liberal progressives”

          It makes nice cover for TPTB. Lee Harvey Oswald was a US intelligence operative.

          • Oswald was a commie nut case pure and simple.
            A true Leftist.
            I don’t know the beliefs of the man on the grassy knoll.

      2. Tic toc tic toc…..

        • I’m ready to engage them and I carry far more than a pistol. So should we all.

          • You won’t have much to engage, just do a web search for Hamilton Nolan, the writer who wrote the story in Splinter News. It seems when you look up photos of all these tough talking liberal Men, and i use the term men loosely, they all look like pencil neck manginas.

            • I figure they will employ mercenaries and scum gang members to physically attack people and places.

      3. Read a history book, history book…

        Communist govts are called peoples’ republics or “Democratic Republics”.

        There is a Democratic phase and a Republican phase.

      4. We are already in a Civil War. It’s just low intensity at the moment. Wait for it. Leftists always over reach. As the summer gets hotter, the drivers become more careless. Stay away from crowds.

        • Sean,
          I believe we have had a simmering civil war since the day LBJ became president. There has been a non-stop attack upon the rights of conservative Americans since that time. We produce wealth, we fight the wars( even if they are illegal), and we keep the system going.
          As a reward we face a constant stream of laws, media attacks, and Liberal perversions that all serve to diminish our freedoms.
          Consequently we are the best armed people in the world. Not so much for foreign enemies, but Domestic ones. Liberals are my enemy.
          Think 4GW.

      5. ” Read a recent history book.”

        This imbecile means only the ones the Progressive Reich has already revised.

      6. After reading the article he’s right about many things except that Trump isn’t responsible for all those faults and is misguided as many leftards are as to his mission to repair the system he despises.

      7. I’m surprised that noone anticipates a 4th of July insult, since public events typically look like a safari.

      8. Appears the Left is trying to start something that would be their Total Downfall. They would be better-off if they would leave the country with a destination to somewhere they would feel at home ie; Germany, France, Sweden, or some other Socialist Country….

      9. Mad Maxine is crazy! I want her to keep talking because the more she talks, the more she puts her foot in her mouth! This is why they want people to give up their guns, so we can’t defend ourselves! Do NOT give ’em up!

        • Shelley, you ought to watch some videos of Maxine on youtube. She’ll do for some laughs but that’s all. The only she got into any public office was black voter fraud.

      10. Scofflaw leftists FEEL (not think) they are losing all their Progressive advantages. As we move toward a meritocracy where racial quotas and homosexual privileges are deemed unconstitutional, those same leftists see they must compete in life with the rest of us. As our nation finally recognizes that AMERICAN CITIZENS and USA SOVEREIGNTY take precedence over foreign migration (especially ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION), the New World Order theft from American taxpayers is waning. The communists better wait another 50 years because there are far too many American patriots alive today to allow the communist takeover.

      11. Private prisons use slave labor to make money. They want trouble, arrests, money.
        Avoid potential situations and steer clear of multiracial interactions. Keep to your own people.

        Obey the Law. Keep your nose clean. Prepare, stay physically fit and healthy. Learn self defense methods. If trouble finds you, fight if you must. But, don’t go looking for trouble.


        • B from CA , agree 100% on all points. The left is completely unhinged and very desperate. They tried the Antifa and BLM crap and that did not work, so now they are grasping at new straws to foment disorder. I do not think they will succeed at all and in fact are destroying their brand. We will see some more harrasement of Trump people and perhaps some violent acts. But they will be dealt with harshly and quickly.

          Do not forget they need some extreme diversions from the many crimes they committed involving the last election and during the BHO regime in general. So it remains to be seen how far they will go ? I believe sedition and treason have already been committed on a grand scale by the last regime and the current DEM/DSA affiliates.

          I do not see any sort of all out civil war or anything close to such, but hit and miss events. But that is more than enough reason to stay vigilant, well trained out, and fit and healthy to respond to any situation. There is no reason to live in fear . Just realize the realities of all of it and prepare your self accordingly. The left will try to escalate events and force events to unfold so people on the right will respond and hopefully over react. Again they have seriously miscalculated because no matter what garbage they try to perpetrate we will still have our right to self defense intact. Even though they have been feverish to convince people other wise for decades now and more so in the last 10 years. I would urge everyone to get boned up on your states citizens arrest laws as part of your arsenal of knowledge, There is a valid reason to do so, because that puts the law completely on your side in many states. They all differ. Also realize witnesses and video are your get out of jail free cards, so pay attention ! Keep your powder dry and make sure they are the attackers and we are the defenders ! They are sinking their own ship, so let them.

          • DowntoEarthThinking, agreed. I’ve got something they don’t want if they try anything with me.

      12. I’m a Trump Backer.
        I carry, so bring it on if you want to meet Jesus soon than later.
        No threat a promise!!!!!!!!

        • Amen Sgt but they don’t believe in Jesus.

        • I am sure Jèsus is among the rabble rousers.

      13. The metrosexual left are all talkers.
        If for unforseen reason they do staart to do physical actions, even though they are as dumb as rocks they know they will loss big time.
        We patriots are slow to anger and action but once you cross the line, the wrath of God will come upon them.

      14. What a joke! The Republicans as it pertains to the warmongers have been in charge and at the top since LBJ took office after JFK’S murder in late 1963. The brief respite of antiwar policy by JFK, the murder of RFK and MLK murdered the prospect of peace. Every one of them since without fail in lockstep with the warhawks. This will continue long after the peoples financial survival means have been stolen away as is happening presently. All puppet murderers is all we get, Trump is just the latest edition.

      15. The radical left lives in an echo chamber unwilling to listen to anything other than repetition of their own words. The need the popular support of the general population. Antics like this do not endear themselves to the body politic; they only alienate the masses. They’re burying themselves with their own words.

      16. I’m not looking for trouble,but, if it comes for me I’m prepared to deal with it.

      17. Let ’em go for it. This time, those of us on the other side are primed and ready. Semper Fi!!

      18. i do not understand why these people attacking ANYONE are not being arrested for assault and why all these people like Mad Maxine Waters are not arrested for inciting riots–I DO understand they are totally out of control insane–Why is Peter Fonda not in jail-i mean, things are going from the sublime to the ridiculous–and i am not even a Trump fan-but am ashamed that i ever thought of myself as a Democrat-er-now demoncr*ps—and that s**t needs to be removed–stating an opinion is one thing but inciting riots and assault are just WRONG under any administrative rule or law–these people don’t even follow laws of COMMON DECENCY!

      19. Maxine Waters’ comments are racist. In addition, how can she afford a $5 million dollar home on $170,000 a year?

        If she were Caucasian (and I have no problem with her being African American) she’d be accused of racism. What makes her exempt? Why are her colleagues silent about her invective? Grow up, Maxine, your candidate lost the election.

        On a related note, the last time I checked, inciting others to become violent is not protected free speech.

        Shove me once, I’ll accept your apology.

        Shove me twice, be prepared for the use of force.

        “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.” – Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger, $170,000 per year is only a US Congress member’s OFFICIAL salary. That doesn’t count whatever they get “under the table” from whatever special interest groups they serve. Every one of them are already set for life. Nothing for them to worry about financially.

        • “Maxine Waters’ comments are racist. In addition, how can she afford a $5 million dollar home on $170,000 a year?”

          I assume using a similar method as the Philadelphia Special Narcotics Squad members who owned homes in Stone Harbor NJ.

      20. When logic and facts end the debate the left increases the volume to drown out the opposition. When that is insufficient to ascend to the top of the argument capitulation is the normal result. Believing their cause(s) transcend civilized behavior the use of violence becomes acceptable as in their mind, the ends justify the means. Fortunately while many may preach this strategy few actually do it. We’re witnessing desperation that will further alienate them from the mainstream.

      21. Bring it bitches. Keep it up. Say hello to my little friend……

      22. Unfortunately the left is willing to do almost anything to suppress anyone with an opposing opinion.
        Resist communist socialist democrats.

      23. I don’t think Me. Nolan will enjoy choking on his own blood.

      24. Sound to me like a threat, ill be your huckleberry bring your shitty bombs and whatever else you think you can do to wolfe city texas and watch how quick your dick hits the dirt. Ill be waiting

      25. I’d like to know where are all the military “friends” of the President are.They should have their people taking care of these commies that are raising hell with Trumps people.Soon this is going to spread to us Trump voters,all they need to do is get a list of republican voters and go after all of us.I rebroadcast the Alex Jones show on my low power fm station that reaches about 10 miles, therefore, I’m sure I’m on somebodies attack list.I can hardly wait for one of them to come on my property and try something,I’ll gladly introduce them to one of my friends,Mr Mossberg,Mr Henry,and Mr.Smith and Mr.Wesson.

      26. Once you cross that line there are ONLY two outcomes: 1) martial law and a crackdown, 2) civil war.

        Martial law and a crackdown is the better option for any country. When Canada came under terrorist insurrection (bombings, kidnappings, murders etc.) in the early 1970s, the government enacted the War Measures Act. It brought the uprising to a swift end. This had two componants: the first was the mass round-ups. In the night, all the agitators and sympathisers were scooped up and taken to interogation camps. There, they were sorted out to see who was a serious threat and who was just hot air, f#ggy academics, LGBT activists etc.

        The second componant was troops on the streets and protection of all critical assets. This also worked because it showed the power of the state to hardshell if it had to. Most of the public supported these measures because those who seek violence do not have the upper hand morally. Similar things happened in the UK, Germany and Italy. All those countries had to take on a violent left and they eventually defeated them.

        If the left do this, Trump would be well advised to go to martial law and a crackdown. The US has many more resources to do this than Canada had in the early 1970s, so it would not take long to get done.

        • You do not want Marshall Law that means the CONSTITUTION IS SUSPENDED.

      27. “When you aggressively fuck with people’s lives, you should not be surprised when they decide to fuck with yours”

        All liberals that are fucking with us should head this message very well. We will only take it for so long before we all snap. we have something like 340 MILLION guns. I highly doubt even .01% of liberals own one.

      28. commie libtard d-suckers in usa r welcome 2 the lead 1st

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