Left Behind In A “Thriving” Economy: We Are Already In A Dark Place

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 5 comments

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    The world’s future looks bright according to one Forbes reporter.  But before we go through the incredibly bright future, we have to wade through a much darker place.  A place that is far darker than where we are at right now.

    In an article, Forbes contributor pointed to the inflation lie we are told daily.  While the costs of everything is rising through the roof, those in power are telling us there’s no inflation. What’s the point of this lie? Perhaps it’s to be able to print money and participate in QE4 without the average Americans figuring out what’s going on.  Perhaps it is designed to make people feel better about half of their income being stolen from their paycheck.  Perhaps its to attempt to simply brainwash people into thinking everything in the United States economy is fine.

    In his recent “Inflationary Angst” letter, John Mauldin shared an inflation chart, broken down into spending categories.  The cost of things average people must buy such as healthcare, education, and housing, all have risen more than wages did over the last two decades. But aggregate inflation measures, like the Consumer Price Index, don’t show this. Falling prices elsewhere held them down. Those tend to be “luxury” good, which is a big problem. That means: inflation is no problem unless you’re poor.

    The goods or services that MUST be purchased in the U.S. for Americans, such as an emergency room visit, are where the costs are soaring, while goods bought from outside the U.S. have seen a drop in price.

    John Mauldin predicts that an unprecedented crisis that will lead to the biggest wipeout of wealth in history. Most investors are unaware of the pressure building right now.

    Forbes goes on to surmise that knowledge is difficult to contain, and what we could be experiencing in the evolutionary leap in thinking that could lead to no ruling class, no control, and no government at all.  After all, government has never worked out unless you’re in it. For everyone else, it’s becoming a problem to spend their lives in servitude to the state.

    No one knows for sure what the future will look like, but I’d wager that in this instance, Forbes is correct.  Things will get much worse and much direr as the establishment attempts to hold onto power and enslave everyone. But knowledge is the key and once enough have it, it’ll mean the end of humanity’s suffering under government.



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      1. 42% of bankruptcies are due to medical costs.

        Congress could help out with fixing that instead of wasting time and tax money on useless TDS distractions. They should make it like student debt and make it illegal to file bankruptcy on it.

        Poof…0% of bankruptcies are due to medical costs. Fixed it THAT easy.

        * Vote anonymous 2020 * Easy solutions for hard problems *

      2. It is going to be an epic tug of war between the tax eating needs of the legacy government, pensions and welfare system and the onward March of efficient markets and tech taking down the cost of everything.

        What this means is this: the old model of what is an upper middle class living US 160,000 is not what you need to be wealthy IF you do not have to pay lots of tax to prop up the Leach state.

        You can be wealthy on US 20,000 in the future. This will have huge consequences for the environment and human health.

        We should welcome this future but first we must take some tough decisions to get rid of the Leach state, including the huge pension obligations and care needs of obese and poor health seniors.

      3. Oh no, it’s actually a legitimate conspiracy by big banksters to defraud the public, again. It’s ‘not qe’, this time around. We’re going to enjoy another massive round of inflation in order to save the big banksters yet again. Such activity just happened, bailing the repo’s, and now we’ll enjoy waiting for the qe-flation. Audit the Fed. Fears of an excess derivatives market have come true.

      4. Apart from the grammatical and spelling errors, I really enjoyed the optimism and warm, fuzzy feeling this article offered. Now, what will happen to the price of chocolate cookies ? THAT is the important question.

      5. The world has ALWAYS been kind to the RiCH who live on “easy street”. But for the masses of average folks, life has always and probably always will, be a STRUGGLE.

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