Leaked War Plans Reveal Germany Is Preparing For WW3

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    Europe is preparing for Russian President Vladimir Putin to expand his country’s war in Ukraine and attack a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) ally next year, leaked documents published in German newspaper Bild revealed. Multiple alarming scenarios could play out within a year, according to the documentation.

    One such scenario, dubbed “Alliance Defense 2025,” would start this February with Russia mobilizing an additional 200,000 soldiers.

    Emboldened by Western financial support for Ukraine drying up, Russia would launch a massive “spring offensive” against Ukrainian armed forces.

    The potential scenario outlines how Russia could start waging war in the Baltics by July using “severe cyberattacks” while stirring up discontent among Russian nationals in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

    By September, those clashes, the classified documents show, could be used by Russia as an excuse to unleash “Zapad 2024,” a large-scale military “exercise” that would amass some 50,000 Russian soldiers in the west of the country and Belarus. –The New York Post

    map and detail of plan to hit NATO

    Leaked documents from the Germany Ministry of Defense

    Russia could then move troops and mid-range missiles to Kaliningrad, an 86-square-mile Russian territory wedged between Lithuania and Poland, which are both NATO members. According to the documents, Russia could bombard the region with propaganda warning of an imminent attack by NATO forces, with the ultimate goal of conquering an area known as the Suwalki Gap, a narrow Polish-Lithuanian corridor that lies between Belarus and Kaliningrad.

    For a complete breakdown of the Bild’s scenario, please click here. 

    Even though this is just one potential scenario outlined by the German army, European allies are taking these possibilities seriously and preparing for a global war with Russia.

    500-year Dominance of the West is Coming to an End, Russian FM Warns

    This is not the first instance that a time frame has been given for a potential third world war either

    In 2025, The U.S. Will Finally Begin Preparing To Fight A Nuclear War With Russia



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      1 Comment

      1. An article that shows every German that you can’t really take the SHTF plan seriously. And that brings the question: How serious is SHTF Plan?
        The article is based on a German newspaper: Die Bild-Zeitung.
        Apart from the fact that Germany has more than 80 million inhabitants – but only 70,000 of them buy the Bild newspaper – 80% of Germans say “stupid newspaper” to the thing – there is one thing you should know. Something that is very, very important: The newspaper belongs to the “Springerverlag”…. A publisher that concluded contracts with US secret services in 1946. A publisher that OFFICIALLY represents 100% the opinion of the US government (Biden, Bush, Obama – but NEVER Trump!) and the WEF. On the other hand, it’s no secret what the bosses really think.
        The publisher called for Russia to be attacked and nuclear destroyed more than 10 times in the last 5 years. Even if it destroys Europe. And the USA “afterwards there will still be enough people who know what they have to do. Simply what we tell them…” the CEO of the publishing house explained in 2023.
        Russia (and China, India, Argentina… ALL Brix states) should be destroyed because “they don’t do what we ask”
        Springerverlag openly represents the following opinions:
        1.All media in Europe MUST belong to Springerverlag or the German Bertelsmann Verlag. “It has to be that way because we want it that way.”
        2: Russians must be exterminated because Russians are not human
        3: The WEF must rule the world.
        4: anyone who agitates against the WEF or the UN is an enemy
        5: There are NO deaths from the corona vaccination. Anyone who claims that mRNA vaccination kills is a dangerous liar
        6: There are no plans for a New World Order. The world does NOT belong to 8 billion people but to those who own the banks and the economy. “This is not a New World Order but a natural law that is being enforced” (CEO – Springerverlag) .

        Oh yes and at the very end:
        There is also a statement about SHTF plan…..
        “Right-wing radical, fascist conspiracy theorists” – this is what Springerverlag describes the SHTF plan as….

        Springerverlag is the absolute opposite of SHTF…
        And the CEO of the publishing house is a person who openly says “I hate everyone who doesn’t know what their duty is. To serve us..:”

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