Leaked Emails Reveal COLLUSION Between Three Major Drug Regulators to Approve Pfizer Vaccine

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ramon Tomey at Natural News. 

    Dr. Jane Ruby talked about leaked emails involving three drug regulators on her Brighteon.TV program “Live with Dr. Jane Ruby.” Her guest Sasha Latypova, a former drug executive, said the regulators purportedly adhered to the Operation Warp Speed timeline set by the Trump administration.

    Ruby named the regulators involved in the scheme as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for Europe.

    She added the leaked emails provided by Latypova made it appear that the agencies “were working to meet an outside deadline, one that could have been set by [former] President [Donald] Trump’s Operation Warp Speed – in alignment with Pfizer.”

    Latypova confirmed the existence of the leaked emails, adding they identified 140 people in the correspondences. Most of those people from different European nations were connected with EMA.

    “All of them are highly trained professionals experienced in different diagnostic techniques, tests, and statistics. There are plenty of red flags that any of them could have identified – and surprisingly, [the vaccine] got shoved through the door very quickly,” she said.

    “It’s all three of them obviously coordinating by email. All these three separate agencies [under] separate governments [in] separate continents, paid by separate sets of taxpayers. Yet you see them all coordinating. Not only is [the] FDA involved, but it’s [the] MHRA and EMA [too].

    “They’re referring to Trump who already, by that time, lost the election – [but] it seems like they’re all still working on his timeline. I didn’t see emails referring specifically to [Operation] Warp Speed, but they clearly refer to [former Health Secretary Alex] Azar and Trump as being sort of drivers of the times. There are numerous emails that refer to these specific deadlines and timelines for approval, and even [one] email saying that ‘If we don’t meet this time, it’s going to be extremely difficult for all of us.’”

    Pfizer pulled strings for an expedited vaccine approval

    Latypova also mentioned that the leaked emails repeatedly refer to Pfizer, and touched on how the New York-based vaccine maker pulled some strings to ensure speedy approval of its vaccines. “There were two officials from EMA emailing each other and saying that ‘We need to share notes between us.’” (Related: FDA executive reveals truth about agency’s extremely close ties to Big Pharma in undercover video.)

    She told Ruby that Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla repeatedly misrepresented the three regulators in emails. “[The] Pfizer CEO told FDA officials that EMA is pushing for [a] faster timeline, which they were not – [it was] the opposite. FDA was pushing EMA for [a] faster timeline, but [Bourla] was going and misrepresenting it to FDA officials trying to push it even faster. From what I’m reading from these emails, the Pfizer CEO was lobbying for even faster timelines.”

    Latypova also put forward a hierarchy based on the leaked emails. Bourla was at the top of everything, with Trump below him and Azar at the third rank. The American, European and British regulators followed – with the FDA pressuring its counterparts across the pond to expedite approval of Pfizer’s vaccine.

    “If anybody asks you: ‘How can you say that there’s [a] global conspiracy? These are huge agencies in separate countries with separate rules.’ Well, here’s the evidence of a global conspiracy. They’re exchanging emails with each other about how to shove this through the door faster,” Latypova said.

    True enough, all three regulators gave their thumbs-up to the Pfizer vaccine within the same time period. The FDA issued an initial emergency use authorization (EUA) to the shot on Dec. 11, 2020. The MHRA approved the vaccine for the U.K. on Dec. 2, 2020 – nine days before the FDA’s issuance of a EUA. Meanwhile, the EMA approved the vaccine for the entirety of Europe ten days later on Dec. 21, 2020.


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      1. If your not taking vitamin D3, you should start immediately. If you are taking vitamin D3, don’t stop. Probably more bio weapons on the way. Vitamin D3 mitigates the seasonal flu and Covid 19. Peace and good health be upon you.

        • FWIW, I read about a study a while back, don’t remember where but probably on Study Finds, that indicated the single greatest factor in surviving Covid -and avoiding a severe case- was the patients vitamin D levels.

          Take it FWIW (if I can find it again I’ll post a link to it).

        • Yes, this is partially tru, however it is Zinc that gets in the cell to kill the virus but it needs a Zinc Ionophore called Quercetin (Supplement) which acts as the delivery method to get the Zinc where it needs to go. This has been widely proven to stop the Coof’ So a VitD, VitC, Zinc and Quercetin protocol will work wonders for you as it has tens of thousands, oh and gargle with Listerine to keep the Coof’ from replicating in your throat and even a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution in a nasal spray to kill it in your sinus cavity… You can Thank Me later after We Prosecute ALL The Lying Media and Globalist Mass Murderers keeping this all a secret from the The People

      2. These psychos conspire and do all this shit to push through the “vaccine” and
        then have the balls to label all of us as “conspiracy theorists”. smh

      3. Fiendishly

      4. A date I’m currently seeing believes everything reported on TV. She said I’m crazy for not getting any vaccines. When I told her about all the covid research that contradicts what is officially presented she says it all untrue. She says she feels safer now that she has been vaxxed and has gotten the booster in the past year. Now she believes since I’m not vaccinated I could give her covid which made me ask her if that being the case why should anyone get vaccinated if you can still get covid after being vaccinated. For some reason the illogic of it won’t register in her head. Yet, she says it would be good to keep seeing each other. However, it doesn’t make a bit of difference to me whether she’s is vaccinated or not, I’ve used her in every way I wanted already and its about time I tell her to move on anyway.

        • The gullible nitwits (sheeples) who rushed blindly down to their nearest death jab distribution clinic to dutifully take the jabs are now struggling with their own egos and do not want to admit how dumb they were to not hold off, and wait to see what sort of adverse side effects other nitwits might experience and then report to the authorities.

          I lost a friendship of over 40 years over this deadly and dangerous experimental vaccine issue. I tried for a solid year to share every news article that I ran across that detailed the explosion of adverse and often fatal or debilitating side effects of these vaccines with this friend and with other friends I knew. All to no avail.

          With only 3 exceptions, every friend I have and both of my two closest extended family members – all swallowed the bull manure being fed to them by our criminal and diabolically evil ruling elites and obediently rolled up their sleeves and took the death shots.

          Here I am, trying to be a loyal friend and help save another family member or friend’s life – and I wind up being ignored and cast aside. I’m a kook and their egos refuse to let them admit they goofed up?

          • You’ll be the one burying all these people,the last favor you do for them

        • I agree with your logic altogether as The Branch COVIDians are lost in Their Mass Formation Psychosis – However, I ardently disagree in using people as you described, especially women. Be Better!!!

        • Good luck to the truckers.

          My cousin got towed away at the Ottawa trucker protest.

          They thought she was a semi…

          …….I’ll let myself out……..

      5. Time the pharmaceutical giants and lobbyist’s were hunted down and eradicated from society for GLOBAL GENOCIDE!!!

      6. Remember the song
        SKIP A ROPE

      7. I just thought of a song lyric.

        “I had to sell my soul to buy the kingdom of God from Joan of Arc with a Kalashnikov “.

        That’s some Bob Dylan shit right there.

        She is awesome you know.

      8. Corporations and big gubermint don’t have our best interests and conspire against there people for the Almighty dollar! I never would of guessed. I will never forget the amount of pressure, fatigue and suffering of mental health this was on me and my family. I’m proudly MRNA-Free for life!

        I will never get another vaccine of any kind for the rest of my days and will only go to the doctor if I’m in dire straits because trust has been completely obliterated! Shall do no Harm my ass!

      9. Leading cause of immediate vax injury appears to be accidental intravenous injection of what should be an intramuscular shot.

        “Aspirate to vaccinate!” – Dr. John Campbell, Youtube, Apr 15, 2021.

        Intramuscular injection contains most of the vax to muscle tissue, whereas intravenous injection immediately transports the vax in high concentration everywhere in the body.

        This would explain (outside saline shots) why so many vaxxed people seem to be fine, or at least well enough not to admit they have problems.

      10. Adhering to the openly-given deadline and sharing results is not exactly an example of criminal conspiracy against the public, so much as using CV19 as an exigent circumstance to roll out WEF mandates.

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