Leaked COVID-19 Documents: Hospitals Prep For 96 Million Infections & 480K Deaths

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 9 comments

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    Source: MSN

    Leaked medical conference documents have warned that hospitals across the United States are preparing for 96 million coronavirus infections.  Not only that, but the same document wants hospitals to make preparations for 480,000 deaths from this outbreak.

    the American Hospital Association (AHA) conference in February reveal that US hospitals are preparing for:

    – 96 million coronavirus infections
    – 4.8 million hospitalizations from the infection
    – 480,000 deaths in the United States

    According to Business Insider, these leaked documents are telling. Dr. James Lawler, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, presented the harrowing “best guess” estimates of the extent of the outbreak to hospitals and health professionals as part of the AHA webinar called What Healthcare Leaders Need to Know: Preparing for the COVID-19 on February 26.

    These documents paint a bleaker picture for those who are over the age of 60. According to the leaked documents:

    People aged 80 and over have a 14.8% chance of dying if they contract the infection, the slides revealed. The risk declines with youth, though those aged 70-79 and 60-69 are still placed at a significant risk, with 8% and 3.6% mortality rates respectively.  –Business Insider

    Additionally, it’s worth noting that Dr. Lawler’s estimate of 480,000 deaths would indicate a death rate of just half a percent (0.5%), which is significantly lower than death rates being reported by the WHO (3.4%) and the nation of Italy (5%). If the death rate in the United States reached just 2% while 96 million Americans are infected, that would result in 1.92 million deaths.

    The United States has fewer than one million hospital beds, and they are typically around 75% occupied by existing patients, unrelated to the coronavirus. Natural News has calculated that U.S. hospital beds will be overrun by May 30th if nothing is done to stop the exponential spread of the coronavirus.

    Mike Adams, aka, the Health Ranger at Natural News, has a new video out presenting the math and statistics found in these leaked documents.

     If you want to die, heed the advice of Mike Pence and do nothing to prepare for the pandemic. The Surgeon General also hopes you stop buying protecting gear so that you get infected and die more quickly, thereby making more protective equipment available to the government which is stockpiling like mad at this very minute. –Mike Adams, Natural News



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      1. Think:
        “These documents paint a bleaker picture for those who are over the age of 60. According to the leaked documents:
        People aged 80 and over have a 14.8% chance of dying if they contract the infection, the slides revealed. The risk declines with youth, though those aged 70-79 and 60-69 are still placed at a significant risk, with 8% and 3.6% mortality rates respectively. –Business Insider”

        There is a “changed” world in the making. This world is the NWO Globalist Communist Controlled Beast System. China is the blueprint. USSA version will be MUCH worse.

        You must understand, YOU are the enemy that the NWO globalist/government wants eliminated. Agenda 2030.

        Look at the targeted ages, PreInternet addicted. The young people are brainwashed to the “benefit” of tech. Older people often avoid tech. They don’t need it.

        ALL Technology has a True Purpose:
        * To distract you. Entertain you. Keep you distracted. Waste your time. To keep you from thinking.
        * To make you dependent on the tech
        * To use your information to make someone else money.
        * To Allow Government/Corporate, to:
        -5g and the satelites are the KILL weapons
        YOU are who the government/police consider the enemy.
        – It is not the nutjob of a foreign country.
        – It is not the unwashed poor pissed off masses in another land that are causing problems.

        whuhan virus is a hoax. a means to an end.
        whuhan virus is a cover for the designed collapse
        whuhan virus is a perfect cover to explain people missing from a Genocide Purge. China communist CCP murder of dissadents. Also would be a good cover for a USSA purge of patriots.

        People are sheep:

      2. ok…you’re in a room with Mike Adams and Mike Snyder.
        They’re pacing back and forth…wringing their hands …omg …omg ….omg..
        which one of them do you slap first?

        • You go for the single swipe double slap, like Moe used to do in the 3 stooges

      3. 5 million people die of starvation every year. It is a pandemic that is easily prevented. Are they the one’s that don’t count?! Not anymore at least!
        WHO knew?!

      4. Just a thought – the medical mafia should stop murdering people extrajudicially with opiates, rather than creating a new milk cow “coronavirus”.

        There is a tremendous amount of disinformation accusing the Taliban of being in the heroin trade. That is as ficticious as the claim that Saddam Housseine was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

        While I am anti-Taliban, accusing the Taliban of the heroin epidemic is totally false. It was the Taliban that burnt down the opium feilds for religous reasons. The Taliban is full of religious idealogues. Drugs and alcohol are forbidden by Islamic Shariah laws. These individuals may be fanatics, but they practice what they preach, even to extreme levels, like executing people for drug use and drug dealing. It is why Bush and Obama were so upset about the Taliban taking over. Everyone knows that the United States has had a long history of supporting terrorists, used as “useful idiots to so discord in their own countries and color revolutions. The United States never met a terrorist that it did not like and support, all for “humanitarian” reasons of course, like benefitting U.S. oil companies, defense companies, mining companies, and financial companies, in the “NATIONAL INTEREST” supposedly, but creating hostile enemies is contrary to the real national interest, and creates national security risks, in addition to economic risks, as everyone is currently witnessing, unless they have been squirrled by the coronavirus.

        • I think, if we were all nice, happy, responsible people, noone would be worried about the sap of a flower, that grew in my grandmother’s garden.

          At least, in my blue state, I find that physically-strong people are in the minority, and drugs might actually keep most of us functioning, in our fake job appointments.

      5. Scientist on TV last night said that this virus has a mortality rate 20 to 30 times the regular flu. That comes out to about 450,000 dead in the US before it’s over. Never in my life time have I ever seen countries close their borders for a flu. Never in my life have I ever seen an entire country on quarantine. Never seen everyone locked down on nearly every cruise ship. A reasonable and prudent person would have to conclude the worst is about to happen. Something big is happening.

      6. ” it is also likely that hospitals are prepping for only 480,000 deaths”


        Mac, Did you bother to contact ANY hospital administrators and ask them for a comment about their prepping? Did you bother to contact ANY hospital Chief of Pathology to ask them for comments for this story? Did you bother to ask any of your friends, relatives, or casual acquaintances THAT WORK IN A HOSPITAL what they have been told their hospital is doing to prepare? You’re all the time telling us about your wife Tess and all of the work she has done with disaster relief efforts and helping people prepare for disasters that include pandemics.  Did you bother to ask her if any of her hospital contacts that she has met over the years are talking about what they are being told by their hospital administrators about their hospital’s plan for dealing with the pandemic? I didn’t think so.  All you did was to grab a couple of power point slides from someone’s presentation and dress it up with the comments from Mike and Brandon and produce your doom porn.  You’re more capable than that.

        • Mac Slavo is just the nom de plume for the new administrator of this site.

          The real Mac Slavo has left the building.

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