[Leaked Audio] Bloomberg Says He’ll “Drone” His Critics & Protect The Banks

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Democrat Michael Bloomberg has been caught saying he will drone those who disagree with him and protect the big banks. The hypocritical guy who backs and funds his own anti-gun campaign now wants the power to drone his critics.

    Billionaire Democratic hopeful Michael Bloomberg vowed to “defend the banks” and jokingly suggested that he may hunt down his political rivals with Predator drones if elected, a leaked 2016 audio clip has revealed. While some may take it as a joke, giving power to a person who thinks killing people who disagree with him is a laughing matter is simply disturbing.

    The Bloomberg campaign has confirmed the authenticity of the recording, which captured a speech he gave at a closed-door Goldman Sachs event at Yankee Stadium in June 2016. The clip was posted online by a self-styled disgruntled former Goldman executive several days ago and has since made the rounds.

    Bloomberg’s opening remarks can only help to fuel concerns within the progressive wing of his own Democratic party that the billionaire is indeed in bed with big banks. When asked why he did not run in 2016, Bloomberg responded: “Well, to start, my first campaign platform would be to defend the banks, and you know how well that’s gonna sell in this country.”

    While his campaign brushed off the remark as a joke, custom-tailored to the audience of corporate executives, Bloomberg seemed to be quite serious about his support for the banking industry at the time, arguing further that a strong banking system would boost job growth. But seriously… somebody’s gotta stand up and do what we need. A healthy banking system that’s going to take risks because that’s what creates the jobs for everybody. And nobody’s willing to say that. The trouble is, these campaigns in this day and age, really are about slogans and not about issues anymore,” he went on, lamenting that voters cast ballots based on the candidate they “hate the least.

    And that’s not the only concern, especially if you are critical of Bloomberg’s proposed policies.  According to RT, in another excerpt from the nearly hour-long speech, which was uploaded last week by the user ‘cancelgoldman’ to SoundCloud, an audio-sharing platform, Bloomberg suggested that one of the benefits of being president is that as commander-in-chief can do away with inconvenient critics by taking them out with killer drones.

    “It would have been a great job. No, I mean, you think about it, you have Predators, and the Predators have missiles, and I have a list of everybody that’s annoyed me or screwed me for the last 74 years, and bang-bang-bang-bang.” -Michael Bloomberg

    Bloomberg has spent over $500 million out of his own pocket to promote his presidential bid, but so far his campaign is struggling to gain momentum. Hopefully, the release of this audio clip will see him out of the race and out the money he spent promoting his idiotic and sociopathic policies.


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      1. My, my…’lil mikey’ got caught…AGAIN.

        This guy is the epitome of ‘Let them eat cake…’ and likely deserves the same fate as the originator of that statement. FWIW, if anyone – ever – deserved the title of ‘Autocrat’ it’s this fool. How about them AR’s Mikey? I’ll give mine up, sure…just make sure that it’s YOU who comes to my door, I’ll give it to you, really…

        But enough of that BS for one eve, the market action since Monday has been – in a word – ‘Breathtaking’. The Hedge has an article up explaining that CTA’s are basically compelled to sell in bulk once the S&P hit 3128…and we’re way past that as of this evening so I fully expect tomorrow to approximate ‘the Killing Fields’ of Cambodia by the close tomorrow. The bad news is that the ‘exits’ are just about closed at this point so for those who still had a chunk invested in those, well…C’est Le Vie, eh?

        But back to the important things here.
        I neglected in previous postings to explain WHY bypass filters are such a good idea, especially where diesel engines are involved. In those a certain amount of ‘Soot’ is evolved during combustion varying in particulate size from a couple of hundred microns down to 2-3 microns. So what’s all THAT mean?
        Well, that soot is effectively an abrasive, and NOT a lubricant like graphite. So, your standard full flow filter which EVERY motor on Earth larger than a lawnmower is equipped with struggles to remove particles smaller than 40 microns and utterly cannot remove anything whose size is less than 30 microns.
        Now, that is exactly where bypass filtration comes into play. Those are specifically designed to remove particulate matter in the range from 2-30 microns…which is exactly what wears away at your bearing parts over the long haul.
        In practice, I’m changing the associated full flow filter on the AMSOil dual remote filter system on my truck about every 12,000 miles even though the oil is still clearly translucent as a measure to not overload the tandemed bypass filter to any significant extent. I’ve ended up changing the actual bypass filter at around 30,000 miles which according to the oil analyses we’ve ran seems to be the ‘sweet spot’ for keeping things squeaky clean.
        It also helps that once the dual bypass system is installed your oil system gains almost 2 additional quarts of capacity and being remote tends to let your motor oil run substantially cooler, also contributing to oil longevity.

        Inasmuch as we’re a but preoccupied this eve I’ll wish you all well for the few weeks to come. Adios Muchacho’s!


      2. My Father did not put him in government. Bloomberg like Satan went against the father’s wishes and instilled himself into the equation. SO do NOT be deceived by this Bloomberg demonic soul from the depths of hell by which Satan rules it!

      3. That is probably the most terrifying statement ever by any presdential candidate in the entire history of the whole world! Does Bloomberg realize that people may oppose his extreme form of fascism on steroids? What a shock that Bloomberg would focus on the banks. Seriously? What is the campaign strategy? To have the banks hire over half of Americans so that they will vote for Bloomberg?

      4. So Bloomberg is an advocate for presidents droning anyone that criticizes the president? What happens if he doesn’t win?

      5. “hypocritical guy”

        When are you going to figure out that these are not gaffes. He is subject to different speech controls, under this system of govt. Whatever you want to call it.

      6. So Bloomberg won’t be the guy to instist on GAAP for publicly traded companies, or the return of Glass Steagall, or the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 then?

        Without GAAP, PEs and earnings are as unbelievable as everything else that the media tells us!

      7. Is China Virus mostly a hoax?
        – Fear is the Goal of Mass Media and Politicians.
        – Fear is also a very good cover story for Economic collapse on world wide scale. Reduces politician and corporate heads accountability.

        * Fear is a EXCELLENT cover story for a communist China CCP to PURGE/Genocide. “Good time to get rid of Hong Kong protestors.”
        * China virus good way CCP to rid China of westerners within China borders. “Everyone who can go, is leaving.”
        * Might be a good time for the China infiltrated USSA to get rid of some of the patriots?

        “Never let a good crises go to waste.”

        I have witnessed the following, first hand:
        * Fear makes people follow the herd.
        * Fear makes people follow “Leaders” who offer solution.
        * Fear destroys critical thinking.

        – Fearful people will give up their rights.
        – Hungry people will give up guns for food. When the wife and children are hungry, the weak men will comply.
        – Governments/Politicians use the women to control the men. This is why there is ATTACK on masculinity and the traditional family.

        Know the Enemy:
        NWO globalist Commies/TechMonopolyBully/Paid for liar-thief Politicians/Corrupted religion:
        * They hate God. They hate Jesus.
        * They hate your strength and masculinity.
        * They hate your traditional Family.
        * They hate the idea of peasants like you being armed.
        * They want death and destruction for you. They are Evil.

        Bill Gates-Soros-Rockafeller Etc. ALL want you useless eaters DEAD. China had a outbreak “drill” in Sept 2019 in same area of supposed outbreak. Bill Gates has stated publicly he wants you dead. Gates stated vaccines are the method of depopulation. Genocide.

        China CCP are Evil. CCP has infiltrated ALL USA media and college campuses. CCP has been allowed offices on USA campuses. WTF, why? CCP has bribed USA politician

        The communist USSA Democratic party supports murdering a child in their mothers womb.
        – You don’t think they will kill you too, if given the opportunity?
        – You didn’t hear Beto Odork say they are coming after your guns by force?
        – You didn’t hear Tx governor Abbott say he would fusion center target anyone for being pro Border protection?
        – You didn’t hear Biden say he was going after gun makers?

        Know your Enemy. They are the Enemy. They will kill you and your Family. These dirtbags have told you their intentions. Pay attention.

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