Leading Population Researcher: There is a 90% Chance Of “Collapse Of Global Civilization”

by | Oct 25, 2011 | Headline News | 219 comments

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    Paul Ralph Ehrlich, biologist and professor of population studies at Stanford University, has been warning for decades (The Population Bomb, 1968) that the earth is becoming increasingly unstable and incapable of supporting our ever expanding population growth. With 7 billion people on the planet and growth estimated to continue at a pace that would reach 15 billion by the end of the 21st century, Ehrlich notes that our concerns about feeding the world’s population and meeting energy resource needs for future generations are misguided. We shouldn’t be concerned with 9 billion people a decade or two from now, or 15 billion at the end of the century. We have an immediate problem right now and there’s a 90% chance that those living today will experience what we’ve often referred to as TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It):

    The population of Earth has doubled since Paul Ehrlich first warned the world that there were too many humans. Three and a half billion people later, he is more pessimistic than ever, estimating there is only a 10% chance of avoiding a collapse of global civilisation.

    “Among the knowledgeable people there is no more conversation about whether the danger is real,” Ehrlich told the Guardian. “Civilisations have collapsed before: the question is whether we can avoid for the first time [an] entire global civilisation… of having the whole mess collapse.”

    The idea sounds melodramatic, but Ehrlich insists his vision only builds on famine, drought, poverty and conflict, which are already prevalent around the world, and would unfold over the “next few decades”.

    “What it would look like is getting to the situation where more and more people are living in uncertainty about their future, subject to all kinds of disease,” he said.

    “My pessimism is deeply tied to the human failure to do anything about these problems, or even recognise or talk about them.”

    The global population has since doubled [since 1968] and, although growth is slowing, is still on course to rise beyond the two billion maximum Ehrlich believes Earth can sustain without irrevocably destroying its water, earth and air.

    “The next two billion people, should we get them, will put more and more pressure on environmental systems that are struggling today,” he said. “Each individual has to have food from more marginal landmaterials from poorer ores, we’re going to use more oil so we have to drill deeper: we’re past the point of diminishing returns.

    “Can we solve this technologically? Theoretically, since we can’t know anything for certain, so we could come up with a magic way of producing food and that could save us. But my answer, always, to that is: we have all sorts of people in despair today. Don’t tell me how easy it’s going to be to feed nine billion people; let’s feed seven billion first, then I’ll be willing to talk to you about whether technology will take care of all those people.

    Source: The Guardian

    In his 1968 book The Population Bomb, Ehlrich predicted that human demand would exceed the capacity of the Earth in the 1970’s and/or 1980’s. These predictions, argue critics, failed to materialize in the form of an all encompassing doomsday scenario.

    However, if one were to look at the economic growth of, for example, the United States and Europe during these decades, one could argue that as demand began to outweigh supply certain regions of the world benefited at the expense of others. While richer nations experienced growth and prosperity, others were isolated from access to essential resources leaving billions on the globe struggling daily for food, clean water and energy resources.

    In June of 2010 Michael Ruppert of Collapse Net discussed possible collapse scenarios, saying that after our financial and economic bubbles finally burst completely there will be one bubble left to go. The human population bubble.

    Considering that much of the growth of Western nations from the 1970’s through today was driven by manufactured demand created through social engineering, creative finance, and monetary machinations, we should all be concerned that Ehrlich and Ruppert are on to something. Roughly one billion people, through manipulation of the global socioeconomic system, have benefited for the past forty years while four times as many have been left to fight over the scraps. What happens, then, when the economic systems on which all of this resource distribution was based collapses?

    One can only surmise that this would lead the pendulum to swing from one extreme (booming growth and abundance) to the other (economic decline and poverty). This, as we have mentioned before, is a paradigm shift that will leave the majority of people in the U.S. and around the globe without the ability to acquire even the most basic of needs. The consequences of such a shift will lead to world-wide famine, drought, poverty and conflict.

    We may very well be living through one of those periods in history – a multi-generational cyclical event – where there is a period of sustained economic depression and political turmoil, which often culminate in large scale wars over resource rights.

    Preparing for such life changing circumstances is no easy task, but it can be done so long as your time horizon is grounded in reality. If we are, in fact, at the end of the line of global growth and economic expansion due to a system created around a model based on unsustainable processes and ideas, then we will most certainly see rapid waterfall events – things like debt defaults on a national level or hyperinflation of currencies. These sorts of events can play out quickly and without warning, and they can have an immediate impact on the population. In the midst of these crises people can expect utter chaos and uncertainty as the systems around them collapse – making access to food, resources and essential goods non-existent for a time.

    Short-term preparations with a time frame of 30 days to a year will help at the immediate onset of crisis. But what if there is no going back in our lifetimes? What if the human population bubble does burst and leads to famine, disease and war for an extended period of time? It may be hard for us to imagine, but historically many civilizations – like those that survived the fall of Rome and transitioned into the middle ages circa 500 A.D. – experienced depopulation, deurbanization, and increased conflict for time frames measured not in months or years, but decades and generations.

    Since we have a very difficult time with the notion that we will somehow magically solve this problem over the course of the next decade, we’re left with the stark conclusion that we must, as individuals, families and close-knit communities, begin to prepare for a different paradigm, one which will force us to modify our current lifestyles.

    Prepare for the short-term, but don’t ignore the long-term ramifications of what’s happening. You don’t have to do it overnight, as a collapse of this magnitude will occur over years, giving you more time to adjust your lifestyle to one of sustainability and self reliance, as opposed to consumption and dependence.

    For the long-term, look to acquiring a piece of land that can be passed on to your children and grandchildren. Equally as important, begin living your life by taking out the middle man that has for decades provided for us and made us dependent on their production of resources – namely food and energy. Learn to be self reliant, and pass those skills on to other members of your family. Your kids and grand kids will thank you for it.


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      1. Arguments against Ehrlich’s thesis usually sound more like faith than actual arguments. People will often say things like “I’m sure it’ll be okay.” Or, “Everything will work itself out. We’ve heard this before.” A lot of this reaction comes down to normalcy bias. People look around at the world around them and simply can’t concieve that things could be any different than what they’ve always known. I ran into some of that during Katrina and I’m sure it happens every day in some part of the world. It’s hard for people sometimes to override their emotions and think logically. Logically, we all know that Ehrlich is right, but we just don’t know when. Logically, we know that resources, like oil, are finite, but people still insist that they’ll last forever or don’t want to talk about it.

        • We’ve heard this since Malthus circa 1790 “Too many people for the earth’s resources”. I’ve heard it all my life and I’m 56. It sounds like the Rothschild eugenics campaign is launching another propaganda offensive.

          • It is very, very simple. This is God’s planet. When we think we are god and that this is our planet we strip it out faster than resources replenish. We are either virtuous stewards of GOD’S WORLD or we are hedonistic consumers of OUR world.

            It’s true. This isn’t our planet because we did not create it, but we’ve been given the keys to it.

            So if we’re bad, and we turn our backs on God and become hedonist consumers instead of virtuous stewards of course we’re going to trash Creation.

            • The carrying capacity of planet earth is directly proportionate to the level of Consciousness of it’s human inhabitants,i.e. the lower the Consciousness, the fewer the numbers able to live comfortably within their means. With the present level of Consciousness now fully demonstrating itself on all levels of creation, it’s a wonder that we’re all still here. For in fact, the massively enormous void created by the lack of Consciousness could easily result in a black hole distinctly manifesting at the exact coordinates where this blue green planet now finds itself spinning ever so perfectly.

              It’s Consciousness, or lack of Consciousness that determines whether the world we live in is beautiful or not, and, whether or not at some level of awareness we are capable of going beyond our preconceived notions of who and what we are, extending to embrace a greater connection to the world around us, i.e. allowing us to support all life forms, together, harmoniously, as One. We all have the capacity within us, the question is how will it play itself out, “Me or We?”

            • Be fruitful and multiply until every last resource is exhausted and then multiply some more. God has our back.

          • Nothing a few hundred well placed nukes can’t solve.

            • Yea, except we are busy disarming them. Check out Drudge article “US’s most powerful nuclear bomb being dismantled”.

              So……..The world is in turmoil. China is a danger to us. The Middle East is in a shambles and rapidly implementing sharia law…….. And we are disarming our nuclear bombs.

              How stupid is our government?

            • I have a better solution, though it’ll never be implemented:

              Move off the Earth.

              It’d take quite awhile to do, and you certainly wouldn’t literally pack up the whole human race and lift ’em to space, but…

              If you were to begin building colonies in Lagrangian orbit, on the Moon, etc, you could start moving enough people skyward to start reproducing there and growing their populations.

              I figure in a couple hundred years, there will be more folks living off-Earth than on it. The Solar System itself has enough reachable natural resources to support something like 16 quintillion people (or so) comfortably, before you have to start mining the Oort cloud and such.

              It would also reduce the possibility of wiping out the human race to only the possibility of the Sun burning out (or the entire Solar System being hit by a nearby supernova gamma ray burst).

          • No, Hal..maybe we should have listened in the 1790’s.
            I have been aware of this coming disaster for 20 years.
            Worried?? Yep–but what could I do??
            What’s the answer??

            • And may I add, please, that some brilliant person calculated the square footage of Texas and concluded that every person on earth(thinking we won’t be breeding???)would get XXXXX feet of land to live on and that’s not my concern–my concern is what will those people living on XXXX feet of land use for food, water, and arable land to grow crops, not even accounting for the inevitable depletion of oil and water for growing food.
              Just saying; can’t analyze the population problem without considering the resources problem.

            • As long as civilization holds up, the population isn’t going to be much of a problem. Birthrates are actually declining in the First World countries, and are even stabilizing in the Second World. Third World? With less of them every year, that’s becoming less of a problem too.

              How-ever! If anything goes wrong, and I mean even moderately wrong, a whole lot of people are going to go hungry, and quickly. That in turn will snowball into a very ugly mess. If the problem is global, then it’ll all go down the shitter, again, in a hurry.

        • In the 1800’s Malthus brought out the same arguments about over population and used that as a reason to “let the poor die” or perhaps the government could do things to encourage their deaths. He predicted worldwide famines before then end of his century. It never happened.
          In the early 1900’s and then again om the late 1960’s with Paul Ehrlich, the over population argument has been made. But Ehrlich is trained as an entomologist ( bug scientist) not a demographer. When Ehrlichs book “Population Bomb” came out it was panned world wide by demographers ( those scientists who are trained in the science of the study of populations- not bugs).
          What demographers are predicting is a population winter. They cite recurrent historic changes in populations. And point to Japan as a current example. They did not have a baby boom after WWII and are now experiencing a rapid population decline as the old are not replaced by new births. What this means is fewer people to work, buy or need goods resulting in lowered houseing prices and manufacturing and fewer people to support the elderly. If it were not for immigration Europe would already be in a negative population spiral as their post WWII baby boom was small. The US is projected to be not far behind Europe.
          While the “death to useless eaters” group are pouring water on their shed fire, their house is burning down and they refuse to see it.

          • The problem with that argument is that it is not happening fast enough. We are already in a resource overshoot where projected population growth while slowing, is still growing. Oil, a critical resource to maintaining almost 7 billion people, is in decline and while there are large reserves left in the ground, they are more difficult to extract and the price must rise to make extraction economically feasible. At some point, we will have used up all this extractable oil and while there will still be oil in the ground, it will take a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of oil at which point it is impossible to process at any price. Our worldwide agriculture system is so dependent on oil which is used to make fertilizer, run equipment, for pesticides, and for transportation to markets. It is the use of oil in agriculture along with advances in medicine which has allowed the population to ballloon from one billion at the start of the industrial revolution to the present seven billion. It is simply impossible to return to pre-industrial revolution methods of agriculture and maintain a population of seven billion. While Malthus might have had his dates wrong, his basic premise is correct and we have only postponed the day of reckoning. When oil goes, so does our civilization and most of the human population of this planet.

            • You are so correct. As the fossil fuels become more scarce the amenities they provide increase in price, impacting poorer people and poorer countries before the wealthier. When fossil fuels go away, the populations they support go away too. But I doubt that those poorer people are going to complacently starve to death. Before our planet’s population readjusts downward to a more realistic carrying capacity, we’re looking at a massive migration event as desperate people go anywhere they think they might be fed. Can they realistically expect mercy and generosity on a large enough scale? I foresee a lot of closed borders starting with the U.S. Mexican line.

          • What you seem to forget is that depopulation is only occurring in modernised nations. The poor, dim nations are continuing to breed up and are lkely to create Malthusian famines over there. Since those who are most likely to break the Malthusian cycles are disappearing while those who can’t are growing then there’s trouble ahead. Even Norman Borlaug doubted he could have done what he did a second time and save another billion from early deaths.

      2. not sure i would trust an article that cant even spell “civilization”

        • The original article is excerpted via the Guardian UK and utilizes the British English spelling of the word…

          • I agree Daniel Webster should be shot!
            Centre is the correct spelling.


            • And Theatre. And Aluminium.

            • Actually it was Noah Webster who made the dictionary. Daniel Webster was a leading politician of early 19th century.

            • We are all so confuzed. Oops. Thank you, pubic education. Hey all, just read a summary of this topic that made my palms sweaty. And I am an old dog, hard to surprise me. Look up-

              When the poop hits the oscillator
              By country codger
              On October 22, 2011

            • We Americans and our British cousins continue to be divided by a common language.

          • excerpted via the Guardian UK –

            That says it all the paper is owned controlled by the Banking Illuminatti gods the Rothschilds! Who own the throne of england , thereby owning canada australia, who by the way are still colonies of briton and america by the way is still a colony of Briton… (the bwitch queen of england Is one of america’s largest land owners along with the family rothschilds!) through New York bank investment house Goldmansachs whoooo own obama… AND they literally own his ass and YOUR american butts! They were his biggest campaign contributers! Why do you think obama / barry cia agent prez Bows so low and kisses her feet so long everytime he meets her at court! Cause they own him… back to point… The English monarchy and rothschilds are the main supporters of global carbon credits, as well as global warming hockey stick up his arse Al i luv to grope women Gore! Stories like this PLAY right into their English Propoganda Machines Goal of establishing a GLOBAL CARBON CREDIT BANK SYSTEM… where every human being has to pay TAXES to the QUEEN of ENGLAND and FAMILY ROTHSCHILD; just for FARTING! BRRRRRrrrrrrrP! You now owe the Queen $10.00 dollars please!

            Don’t believe the hype… we just need to Destroy the NWO Banker Families Corporatist Fascist Oligarchy monopoly controls of Foods , Land , water , seeds , and there will be enough for all… None need be hungry in our world! It is only because of others Need for Control and Power … that people starve and children die of malnutrician throughout the world!

            People suffer simply because of GREED!

            I’m done here… ;0P psssszzzztt

            • As a side note to you all: English Royalty has Ordered the Country of Briton disarmed , as well as her Colonies of Canada , Australia and America!

              Briton, Canada and Australia were and are now Officially Disarmed – they even took their sling-shots away! Guess who is Last???


              And they are Gearing up right NOW to TAKE Em’ YOUR GUNS AND AMMO Away!

              Through the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which the Illegal alien fruity CIA Agent sitting as OUR prez Barry Soetoro / aka barack obama has ALREADY Signed at the U.N. and now only The Israeli Jew bought Congress has too RATIFY!!!

              hmmmmm wonder duh how this is gonna work out DUH!

              suckers ;0P pssszzzzt!

              Don’t Tread On ME!
              Arm Up Stock Up Prepare
              Preditor or Prey the Choice is Yours!

            • And don’t forget to pray to your Zionist Jew God you fucking moron.

      3. The sheer thought of finally having to take care of the problems
        In our own house almost gives me a sence of relief if there is a
        Good side to this.
        Not the kind of relief with a smile I got when hearing of TOTUS being kidnapped.
        But more like knowing you got a major surgery scheduled and if it dosen’t kill you,
        You should be feeling much better afterwords.

        Thank god for the smarter people on this website
        That do a great job of breaking down the emotional reactions to this.
        Cause that’s all I have.

        Note to self,
        Have something more than a feeling next time you post.

        • “Note to self,
          Have something more than a feeling next time you post.”

          A tall Jack & Coke may help you get things in perspective.

          Can’t hurt.

          • Plus a solid snort of Ritalin,
            And I should be back in focus.

            And I hate to go back to talking about a dam feeling again,
            But the urge to prep and make sure my preps are in order has been overwhelming
            Maybe it’s this onslaught of shitty news we now get daily that adds to the “feeling”.

            Is anyone else experiencing this?

            • Every day for the past year.

            • To the point of nearly emptying out my savings account to buy preps.

            • Anxiety on steroids here, Mr. Slick. Daily news gives us no break either.
              God bless all that see the urgency to prepare…I know; God provided for the bird–I ain’t no damn bird and I don’t like worms!!

          • POA, a tall jack and coke always works for me.

        • quote: The sheer thought of finally having to take care of the problems
          In our own house almost gives me a sence of relief if there is a
          Good side to this.

          bring it on… lock and load!
          `gives me a woody! ;0P

      4. No one thinks it will happen within their lifetime. Politicians count on it, kicking the fiscal can down the road, proponents of fossil fuels count on it, because we will always find more somewhere. Many within my own family take a fatalistic view of it, that there is no use worrying or trying to prepare for it because it is the Lord’s will. Biology teaches us that every habitat has a carrying capacity and species that exceed it will die off one way or another. We have brains and the ability to forecast and project into the future and yet we still assume we are different. The time for population control measures such as China has implemented has passed long ago and the population will return to its historical equilibrium of half a billion one way or another. Those who believe in and advocate the “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth” nonsense bear a good deal of the blame for what is to come. If there is any justice, they will be among the first to be eaten when all the food is gone.

        • I better stock up on fava beans and chianti.

          • LOL. Brilliant!

        • Humans are the Invasive Species on the planet. They are the only Species that destroy their natural habitat. This phenomenon is inherent in the instability of their thinking apparatus, i.e. their insatiable drive to breed and program “dumb”, generation after generation.

          Ignorance of the Self i.e. the lack of knowing ones connection to a world, that is so intimately themselves, is the fundamental defect that perpetuates a self destructive desire to propagate their species ad nauseum, until the world they so selfishly inhabit succumbs to their narcissistic personality disorders.

          Ignorance is the issue, folks, not numbers.

          • Numbers are definitely not the problem, since you can fit 7 billion people into Texas with a population density lower than New York City. Just run the numbers. This would leave the rest of earth for food and resources. I would condemn greed and politics above ignorance though…

          • That’s easy for you to say…

            • Au contraire mon frere egore. My brain is still throbbing for over extending it’s capacity, in this age of mindless behavior, for merely having to “think” on its own for that long. The down side of being in human form in the 21st Century

              “This is the age of Insanity…
              I’m a 20th Century MAN but I don’t want to be here!”


          • The people will kill each other if they run out of resources. There’s population control. To step in before hand and abort babies or keep people from having as many children as they want is safeguarding the status quo and trying to keep it from collapsing- it’s putting the system above the people. It is also declaring one’s self god or His right-hand man.

          • I forgot to mention that if any herd comes upon a feeding area that is too small to sustain them they will strip it and move onto another. Theoretically they could strip a whole area and then starve. It happens in snowy northern regions. The megalodon sharks died out or became smaller because they stripped their areas of prey.

        • Well if you are so scared and worried for the future of this world, do us favour, grab your pistol and aim at your forehead, so your carbon is eliminated….LOL Another commenter Odd questioner had it right, the mankind will have to get out of this planet or die out, the problem is not overpopulation but excessive greed and overdumbness, no matter if you are 7 billion or 7 thousand, if the latter are dumber than the former their conditions will be miserable and actually worse than the former no matter how resource rich is their land.. If you were right, our forebears would have lived unto their 200 years and would`ve been war-free and lived happily ever after, they were after less than 2 billion until the 1900s….. The very fact that Odd Questioner’s proposal has not been addressed publicly just shows how close minded and stupid the people of this world has become. Damn Sub-saharan Africa would be the most developed continent, after it has one of the lowest densities per square kilometer.

      5. There will always be oil & food, but at what price.

        • Options:

          Food = Japanese poo burgers (I can’t believe they really have invented this…disgusting!)

          Oil = Each human body can be apparently used to produce several liters of fuel (another disgusting fact).

          Going without either of the above — priceless.

      6. Mac, do you really believe land ownership will be available in the future? This Progressive Coup will deny citizens ownership of anything except our thoughts.

        • Land ownership is NOT available now. When it all comes crashing down, you can claim the land you can work. There will be no more “courts” to enforce the full legal title claimed by the United States and the banks.

          • Sorry, you can claim it as long as no other Man is already working the land.

            • In a complete unraveling of our civilization, it’s yours as long as you can hang on to it.

          • GC: Not likely. The corp has the preps they need and if they need any more in the most drastic scenarios that will present themselves, the corp will confiscate it from wherever they find it, as they did in the Civil War.

            Even in a Pole Shift land will not be “free” and even if the “courts” of the corp went away, the survivors would organize, nominate, elect, and establish laws and rules of order.

            Survivors would recreate civilization as best they could. Some groups might experiment with communities, others may insist on individual rights. Either way, land will not be free, and even if you own land now, who is to say that you would be able to keep it?

            Land is available now for people who have the money to buy it.

        • There’s no land ownership now. Try not paying your rent (i.e., property taxes) and see how long you’re allowed to stay on “your” land.

        • Sorry to say, you all don’t own anything actually … the land you live upon still falls under the true ownership of the queen of england! your just endentured serfs with temporary leases!

          stop payin’ your property taxes and see what happens… next!

          KNOCK KNOCK … who is it? KNOCK KNOCK… I’m doing the dishes! BOOM SLAM BOOM… Cuff em’ Barry! ;0P pssszzzt

        • @craig actually, they will own your thoughts as well- the technology to read your brain’s thought patterns is already here- so with this technology they can read your thoughts and charge you $$$$ for having a ‘bad attitude’ 🙂

      7. There is plenty of room for all the earth’s population.
        The earth has the means to feed us all, and another 7 billion of us.
        We just need to eliminate greedy people and greedy behaviors.
        There is no need to mention names here, but i pressume you know them.

        • Manos

          My Grandmother raised and fed seven kids on a rocky hectare north of Athens during and after the war, so yes we can squeeze out more production but that is not human nature.


          • You’re right Red, it’s not.
            My objection is that some millionaire doesn’t actually needs 20 acres for a fancy house and pool. It only has to do with vanity.
            If 10 acres are enough for him, then 10 families could prosper in 1 acres each.
            Having money, these families could achieve consuming power, a house maybe, dignity, safety, education, health.
            Utopia. Human nature as you said.

            Be safe Red.

            • To Manos,
              Utopia? Utopia is not a world where I’m denied my right to own 10 acres or 10,000 acres. Whether it’s vanity or the fact that I don’t want to listen to someone’s 15 hound dogs bark all night long, whatever reason I want to own land is MY right, not yours to decide. On the anarchy versus totalitarianism scale it seems to me you’re a little too far along the totalitarianism side.

              With all due respect, let’s have a little more freedom and a little less “my way or the highway”. Remember if we live in a society that has the power to take away my 10 acres, they can also take away your 1 acre. Eventually, if your 200 sq. foot shack is nicer than your neighbors 100 sq. foot shack, they can vote to strip you of your “nice” shack.

            • T,

              Each has his own point of view, and we doesn’t necessarily agree, and i certainly respect this.
              I believe that if people have the means to survive in a decent manner, then you will have friendly neighboors, who can consume your cow’s milk, and will not kill you in your sleep during the night to steel a loaf of bread.

              Be safe T.

            • to “T” T says:
              October 25, 2011 at 12:39 pm To Manos,
              Utopia? Utopia is not a world where I’m denied my right to own 10 acres or 10,000 acres. Whether it’s vanity or the fact that I don’t want to listen to someone’s 15 hound dogs bark all night long, whatever reason I want to own land is MY right, not yours to decide.

            • Manos: You would change your mind about swimming pools if you lived in Phoenix. Most of them are in-ground pools, but even the lower middle class has above ground pools if they live or rent a sfr.

              Every garden apartment project has a large common pool.

              In many neighborhoods pools are the norm rather than the exception. Anyone flying into Phoenix at night can see that pools are common place.

              I am NOT giving up my pool OR refrigeration. You will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands! 🙂

            • D.K.

              The same thing applies to many deceloped countries.
              I pressume Phoenix has a need for a pool due to the climate.
              But speaking for myself, a pool is a luxury when there are fellow citizens who starve, who are homeless, who live on food coupons, and are unemployed.
              I cannot judge, i just speak for what i feel.

        • What earth does NOT have is the capacity to feed large populations which cannot feed themselves. “Foreign Aid” has created a monster. But if cheap long-distance transport disappears, the problem will correct itself. Of course there will be wars, but eventually the productive regions will survive, and the non-productive will wither and die.

          • Coach: I think the earth can feed a lot more people.

            I think its really about OUR farming practices, ie corporate farms, rather than over population. Not that I want another 30 million illegals crossing the border, I’m just saying.

            People can go a long way to sustain themselves on small plots (backyards) even in an urban setting with a little work to create an intensive co-operative environment.

            A few years back, POP Science had an article on a high rise farm using green technology. It was pretty cool. Think high rise “square foot gardening”.

            The future of farming I think at a local level.

            • Read “Revolution Down on the Farm” by Paul Conklin. A man who grew up in the days of small farms and limited transportation. Modern mechanized farming has made the present population boom possible, just as the invention of artificial nitrates did for Germany before WW1. The existence of artificial fertilizers makes “farming” on tiny urban spaces possible, but without them the soils will become depleted in short order, and you’re back to square one.

              Popular Science is 99.44% hokum. I spent a lifetime career in technology, and found PopSci to only good for a laugh.

            • Coach: I would simply respond by saying that artificial fertilizers is what has spawned the corporate farm culture and makes them profitable for big farming.

              A fertilizer shortage for mass corporate farming is in its infancy; and the prices for these fertilizers are rising, increasing the cost of food.

              A family in Pasadena CA produces 6,000 lbs of produce in their back yard. I am sure they “compost” and create their own recycled fertilizer to enrich the soil for their crops.

              Micro farming is the future of farming. Those who will not farm will not eat.

          • I live around natives and I can testify when it comes to nature on an individual basis you will find none so rapatious as those that blend the old ways with the new. Sorry to burst your PC illusion.

      8. Let’s start with birth control

      9. This is really simple math, what’s more important is who is growing. In America we have about a 2.3 birth rate and most of that in Hispanic. 2.3 is barely enough to maintain our culture.

        Europe’s birth rate is down around 1.5 to 1.7 which means they can not maintain their culture.

        All the while the Muslims are pushing a 8.1 birth rate. At that rate Muslims will eventually take over the world if not by birth rate they will have enough people to do it by the sword.

        Muslims are for all practical purposes are the leaches of the world. They produce little and demand a lot.

        Long before we get to 15 billion we are going to have problems. 9-11-2001 was just the beginning, We are in a Holy war and it will never stop. They have no intentions of coexisting and neither should we.

        Europe thought they could coexist and now on average they are 51 to 53% Muslim.

        Facts are not racist, they are facts. So please don’t call me a racist.

        So next time you see someone with that bumper sticker that says COEXIST. Educate them with the facts because they are clueless. Muslims have 2 answers for those who will not submit, Kill or Control!

        • No of course, you’re not racist. You’re the sweet voice of reason pointing out the people who are leeches. But please do tell me which European nation (outside of Albania) is 51 to 53% Muslim? That’s news to me.

          • Oh lets see why don’t you start with France.

            • There’s an excellent website that lists Muslim population in numbers and percentage for every country http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Muslim_population. Data is for 2009. France comes in at 3,554,000 Muslims or 6% of total population. You can check out other countries in Europe. Germany 4%, UK 2.7%. Not to be offensive, but where do you get your numbers?

            • My research shows that there are at least 8 million muslims in France. However, they don’t know exactly how many because their laws prohibit the govt from asking what religion you are. With 63 million residents, this would put the percentage at 13% of the population.

              If I lived there I’d be very concerned.

            • Actually, the per cent isn’t as important than the fact; if they are in your area (country), whatever the %, it is too high to not be concern for the wealfare of your family. That isn’t being phobic, I have lived (13 months) in a muslim country, under shariah law. They only want to kill or enslave you. Islam kills those that leave the faith or convert to christianity. Does that sound like a peaceful religion? Ladies, study up on your rights under shariah law. You don’t have any.

          • Germany is overrun with muslims too. Don’t know how many I just know my family there says there are TONS.

            Europe is closest to them. They will be taken over first. Hopefully it will give us time to prepare & react.

            • I hear that the capital of England is now often referred to as Londonistan.

              Muslims never hide their intention to dominate. They have no interest in coexisting with infidels, except in a caliphate situation.

              I never did like Tony Blair, but he said a mouthful when he said “we can defeat them or be defeated BY them”.

            • After WW2 Germany was very low on manpower, so they admitted a great many Turks. This has proven to be a millstone around their necks. At this point there are third generation Turks who speak only German, but are still Muslim.

        • WTC 7 didn’t just blow itself up.

          9/11 was an inside job.

          This is why America is screwed. The real culprits of 9/11, along with the Bush regime which covered it up, have gotten away with the massacre.

          It is scientifically impossible for the three towers to go down the way they did. Go to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth if you need knowledge.

          • Dahling! Where DID you get that STUNNING tinfoil hat?

        • Patriot Ones are for all practical purposes are the leaches of the world…

          Doesn’t sound as nice that way does it. If you lump all of anything together you are wrong about everything.

          There are good examples of People in all religions, cultures, societies, and even corps.

          This country was built on respect for the individual. It will die at the hands of those who think like you from within a collective.

          • Go ahead, Coexist.

          • If this country was built on respect for the individual why are you defending the good Muslims? They can either disobey Allah and let you live in peace or they can follow their religion and kill or oppress you. If they do the former they are phonies. Islam means submission to Allah, and Allah’s book says kill or enslave the infidel. History says the same thing, and not just for Islam but for all the belief systems which say kill or enslave the infidel (Communism comes to mind). Those belief system destroy individuality.

        • Patriot One, I agree with you mostly except that about hispanics and it’s the mistake we frequently make when generalizing about hispanics. Hispanics belong to more than 20 nations in our hemisphere and we need to be specific as to which hispanic country group are we talking about. You have Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, Argentinian Americans, etc. and within these groups there are also social classes. I know lots of hispanic working families who just have 1 or 2 kids. The problem # 1 here in the States and in Europe is the broken WELFARE system that encourages large families. Check out the latest U.S. census data.

          • Good point Johny. I was not aware the US Census broke the Hispanic population out. But take Florida, according to the Census data we had population growth here and 58% of the growth was in the Hispanic origins.

            I don’t believe I made any reference to Hispanics and welfare, but you had a good point there too..

        • I don’t know that I’d call you racist but you certainly seem to be generalizing. Generalizing, in general, 😉 is something I feel we should avoid. By this type of theory, other countries could easily assume that we are all like our high profilers, Obama and Bernanke, for example.

          P1, could you cite your sources for those birthrates and the European population breakdown?

          • Just google Muslim birth rates, European Birth rates, Global birth rates. There is also a shocking video out there on US immigration rate expressed with marbles or ping pong balls I can’t remember which. Though it sounds like a simple example, its shocking.

        • ” – Fourteen people suffer horrific burns and shrapnel injuries when Islamists throw a grenade into a nightclub”


          I’ll coexist with their ashes. Hmmm, since this occured in Kenya how can it be revenge against evil Jews?


          quote: Muslims are for all practical purposes are the leaches of the world. They produce little and demand a lot.

          I can only hope you haven’t reproduced! pee 1! ;0P

          We the european Anglo’s of the world created the muslim problem… it is our very own bloodlust that created the problem… sigh. I’m wasting time here…

          whatever… keep sending little johnney to kill the muslims that’ll sure fix the problem just as we did in vietnam , ya bunch of red neck christian hicks!



          GRRRRRrrrrrr ‘0(

          ignorant phucks…

          • The first doctors surgeons pharmacists and documented religion were all MUSLIMS … while your ancesters were still living in caves in europe wearing decaying animal skins rubbing up against your their sisters!

            ignorance is no excuse…

            Islam Came Before Judaism, Christianity came friggen last !!!

            • I can’t wait to here what ya all have to say about the chinese…

            • Islam seems to have produced little since about the time of Mohammed (except for the car bomb and sucide vest).

              Just explain that you simply want to get along. They will like you as they gang rape you and saw off your head.

          • “We the european Anglo’s of the world created the muslim problem… it is our very own bloodlust that created the problem… sigh. I’m wasting time here…”

            I am not 100% certain but you could possibly be the most ignorant, grossly misinformed troll that has had the audicity to publicly acknowledge their own lack of intellect on the worldwide medium known as the internet.

            • Even more frightening would be Ninaorket’s assertion that he is in the military.

              Yep, all that brilliance and questionable sanity and he carries an M16 with an “atta boy” from the US Government.

            • The only military “it” could possibly be in would be some division that monitors and seeks to influence and disrupt otherwise free and informative internet sites..

      10. Is it O.K. to Grow your own food any more? Or does that make you a target too? Just saying Being ready for any thing ,I quess is today’s battle cry!

          • Why should anyone care about the FDA, or the Supreme Corp Court?

            Plant it, grow it, eat it, and if they come to call on you protect it.

            Frosty, if you have to ask if it is OK, for you it is not.

            Let me repeat people, the corp gets jurisdiction when you ask its permission. You DO NOT need permission to live.

            Want to start a business? Just do it.
            Want to plant a garden? just do it.
            Want to drive your car? Just do it.

            You already have all the permission you need to live on this Earth by virtue of being born. Who or what you serve is up to you. Be careful who you obligate yourself to.

        • It’s okay according to Maine’s senator:
          Whoa–Home Gardening & Anti-Govt?? You Go Lady!

          Congresswoman Chellie Pingree will introduce major agriculture legislation

          “We’ve seen explosive growth in sales of local food here in Maine and all across the country. This bill breaks down barriers the federal government has put up for local food producers and really just makes it easier for people to do what they’ve already been doing,” Pingree said.

          The bill modifies nine of the sixteen titles of the farm bill. Some of those changes include proposals that:

          • Provide funding to help farmers build the infrastructure—like slaughterhouses—to process and sell their food locally.

          • Require USDA to keep doing traditional seed research, not just on genetically modified seeds.

          (We need more like her in congress)

      11. I agree w/ the Moon is a harsh, etc: be fruitful applied way back when people were few. Common sense says, with weather disasters world wide, crop failures and lack of renewable resources, pollution and overcrowded roads and cities, etc, that we have over pop. (ref to Frosty Woolridge on News with Views he goes into much detail.)In some countries people breed and live like animals, not caring if there is enough food, clean water for their children etc. Many end up in refugee camps like in Africa. India and other countries have raw sewage in drinking water, and other filthy living conditions.

        • Will this population control be mandatory, for everyone?
          What method will be used?
          Who will enforce it?

          Perhaps we can consult with John Holder, Obama’s Science Czar. His Marxist views on placing sterilizing agents in the drinking water are very progressive. Much more humane than China, were women forced to have abortions or their pregnant bellies are beaten until they miscarry.

          This is a dangerous and slippery slope!

          • ^^^ too many progressives to keep up with!
            Meant Holdren NOT Holder. 😛

          • @ RightWingMom,

            I agree with you about the slippery slope of population control. I do not want to be told by “society” that I cannot have children or how many I am allowed to have.

            At this point, I think that we are past the point where population control measures would be effective. When it gets to the point where food supply is insufficient to feed the population then “someone” will determine who gets fed and who starves. In a lot of places it will probably be determined by which clan/tribe holds the reigns of power and whether you belong to that dominant group or not. Some places it will probably be determined by your race or your potential as a sexual partner for those distributing the food. Maybe it will be determined by what useful skills you have that those in power need. And yes, it will even be determined by whether you have the ability to pay black market prices for illegal food. Regardless of the method for determining who lives and who starves, it will be upon us someday.

            As far as solutions for our predicament, I think there are really no good ways out. Certainly we should not pretend there is no problem. At the very least leaders of all stripes should be urging fewer births, removing all restrictions on birth control, and completely cutting off foreign aid and food aid of every kind. If other countries continue to breed like rabbits they can die off like rabbits. I don’t like any forced, top-down solution but I fear that it will be imposed against our will if Mother Nature does not impose a solution first.

        • Laura,

          Who are we to decide that Kongo people or Pakistani people should stop breeding?
          I don’t believe that some fancy guy in N.Y. or London, has the right to decide who lives and who dies.
          If we are to decrease and stabilise earth’s population, we must let nature decide.
          Will this be some virus? Fine with me.
          But let me have the same chances of death or survival with some billionaire in Tokyo or Oslo.
          No antidotes, no bunkers, no oxygen masks, no uniforms.
          Everybody “naked” under the sword of faith.

          Be safe Laura.

          • Manos: It’s the children that suffer, and these ignorant breeders have no sense, simple as that, and taxpayers in other countries sometimes have to support them with food aid, etc. A virus may solve it, but we need to stop feeding these idiots to slow down breeding. Many have immigrated to Europe from the third world and it’s soooo crowded and turning into a third world hell hole like the U.S. is headed.

            • Laura,

              I see your point.
              We could do two things.

              1. Deny them all entrance to other countries. No immigration, no fake marriages, no nothing.

              2. Provide them with the knowledge and means to cultivate, grow animals, and find water.

              Then stop. But the decision for population decrease should be in the hands of each country independently.
              There was this Dr Pianca in Texas, back in 2006, who spoke about an airborne virus which would bring human spieces back to 500 million.

              And i ask: Who is Dr Pianca who will kill Manos and family, or NetRanger, or D.K., or Laura, or Mona.
              This is my objection Laura.
              Do you want to decrease population Mr Pianca? Ok, start from yourself and your family. Let me decide for me.

              Protect your family. Me best wishes.

            • Well said, Manos.

              Laura – don’t worry – no one will ever confuse YOU with Mother Teresa. Perhaps with Mengele, but not Mother Teresa.

            • Hope you at least are “fixed” ?

        • For the cost of a single year of war in Iraq, you could end world hunger for a decade. Since we have been there, we have squandered enough to end it for a century. Unfortunately, that is not the goal.

          The poor people that breed like animals do it only because they know they will lose a lot of their children, just like in the old time when American families had as many future farm hands as the wife could deliver.

          • Agreed.

            Also, there is a serious lack of education in the Third World countries in question. A lot of those women would limit the number of babies they had if they knew how to do so. Does anyone think a mother, any mother, really wants to bring a child in the world to watch him starve? Or to watch him have half of the limited food already there and watch more than one child starve?

            • Daisy: The women that need educating simply should know how babies are made; duh. Apparently you’re not really concerned about starving kids whose moms don’t give a damn except making it with the next guy willing to jump in bed. Perhaps the energy these women spend “bed hopping” would be best used raising animals, gardening. The women are probably out getting laid that same night after the baby is born.

            • Many of the third world illegitimate babies can be contributed to:
              1. NATO sperm donors…NOT consensual!
              2. corrupt gov’t. official…again NOT consensual!
              3. roving gang members…repeating…NOT consensual!
              4. sex slave trade, last time I checked…NOT consensual!
              5. rampant incest…NOT consensual!
              6. arranged marriages w/ minor girls….can NOT consent!

              Don’t even get me started on the female circumcisions.

              Before you judge a woman and label her as “bed hopping” do a little research into the women’s rights violations that are rampant in the areas you’re describing!

            • Laura, Most women in the parts of the world where starvation and deprivation are rampant are living in male dominated societies. If a man wants sex from his wife he takes it. When you look at areas like India and Pakistan child brides are sold from there families to strangers and forced to start having babies as soon as they are capable. In Sub-Sahara Africa women are seen as objects to be owned by their husbands rented out for sex in many instances or just forced to submit by their husbands. Blaming women in general for starvation around the world or the population problem shows the depths of your ignorance. The good news for for you is ignorance is curable

            • RWMom.. Right on!!

            • @ daisy… a surviving child in the third world daisy is RETIREMENT, for most women… a means to survive old age. the only way actually… sad to say.

              plus in places like the congo in africa the united nations pays it’s black african troops by allowing them to mass rape the women in the refugee camps, rwanda, it’s the same way just along the south african border, north of the border is helln on earth for women and girls as low a age as 7 years of age!

              and ignore laura… she obviously is not so bright! forgive her , of her ignorance.

              peace daisy …

            • Excellent points, one and all, RWM and Clay.

              I think perhaps Laura also needs some education. Hopefully she isn’t a “breeder” – can you imagine the brilliant insights she would try to pass on to her children?

            • RWM: While you make good points about the non consentual aspect of those activites you noted, I don’t think that any of these are the major cause of exploding birth rates among the poor and illiterate.

              Hispanic birth rates are exploding in the poorest areas of Latin America. First, it is cheap entertainment, at least during conception; but primarily it is cultural.

              Latin women are encouraged to have children starting at an early age, and have many of them over the course of their child bearing years, by the Satanic Catholic Priesthood.


              Why would anyone encourage the poor and ignorant, who are least able to care for the children who are born, to have children and many of them at that; and consign both the parents and the children to a lifetime of struggle and poverty and all of the bad things that go with it?

              It is an attempt by this priesthood to spread their religion. The more catholic babies, the more catholic priests when they grow up and the more children to abuse before they do.


              First it creates a larger base of contributors even if the contributions they make are small.

              Second, with many tens of millions of poor and illiterate people in poverty,and an ever increasing supply of them, the Satanic Catholic Priesthood can ask the rest of US around the world to be “charitable” and donate funds to help feed, clothe, and educate the unwashed masses.

              Then the SCP can siphon off BILLIONS of dollars to perpetuate their criminal organization.

              Its the THIRD biggest scam in the world, after the FED, and FREE TRADE.

      12. Paul Ehrlic (he seems to want to hide his history by using Ralph as his first name) is notorious for one thing! His one claim to fame is that he has made dramatic and pointed predictions before and was 100% wrong. It would seem to me that the arguement in support of Paul/Ralph is based on faith…

        • Eventually, we’ll find out. But given that we know that nothing lives forever and that all populations of living organisms rise and crash in cycles, there’s no reason to think that we’re any different. The surface of the Earth is littered with civilizations that came and went before us. I’m sure they all thought that they we’re pretty special and that god smiled upon them. However, they all have one thing in common: they are now gone, or some lived and became part of another civilization. The difference now is that we are, in effect, a global population connected by transportation, economics, and governments. What we know about failed states is that dwindling resources, and the fight for those resources, is almost always at the heart of the matter. It may seem like it’s about ethnic fighting or politics, but after you shave all that away, what you’re left with is too many people, too little resources, and different people organizing themselves to take what they need.

          Something to think about: What kind of damage would a highly contagious and virulant pathogen do to a population whose medical and public health infrastructure has collapsed along with its economy? What if all the other surrounding populations were in the same shape?

          Things only need to unravel a certain amount and then take an unsuspected hit, to unravel at a higher pace. If there’s a fuel shortage, then there’s a food shortage, then there’s a health crisis, then there’s despair and anger. It’s all tied together and if things aren’t constantly maintained then the chains collapse and civilization deteriotes. It’s happened before and it will most certainly happen again.


        • Those who are on the opposing side of the argument that Ehrlic makes seem to be even more reliant on faith. There is a limit to the size of the population that the planet will support and even if Ehrlic is wrong by an order of magnitude concerning the size of that population or wrong by a century concerning the timing, his basic premise is still correct. The consequences of ignoring the premise and it being correct are nothing to sneer at. Remember, christians have been constantly warning that the Second Coming is just around the corner for over two thousand years and the inaccuracy of those predictions don’t seem to put a damper on their faith. When it has been several thousand years and Ehrlich’s predictions have not come true then we can start joking about the silliness of his prediction!

      13. There is, of course, a population which Earth cannot sustain.

        An extreme example — one trillion. The Earth (including the oceans) has 5.5 quadrillion square feet. That would leave 5,500 square feet per person. Since only 1/4 of the Earth is land, we’re really talking ~1,400 square feet per person — a 37 x 37 square. That’s less square footage than my house.

        This example is ridiculous, of course.

        No one knows the maximum number of people the Earth could sustain. Likely, once we’re all packed in, living together in tight quarters, some vile disease will pare the population back. Likewise, war, famine, crime, etc. will, as well.

        • For more than 50 years, we have possessed the technology to move, successfully, out from this planet to others in our solar system; which again, our current level of technology could easily assure could be made productive and capable of sustaining life.

          We have not used that technology for such admirable things. We have use that technology to assure that we can destroy whole continents with the precision of almost surgical proportions.

          • What other planets in our solar system are capable of sustaining human life?

            • With our current level of technology; almost any planet or moon in the solar system that has a gravity which is tolerable to humans can be made “habitable”. Including the our moon. There are ample resources contained in the soil that can be extracted to support human life in a controlled environment..

      14. Are we facing a natural paradigm shift or a planned collapse of the system and implementation of a NWO….perhaps a combination of both? This may be a perfect storm of the two colliding. Whatever the truth, trouble is around the corner.

        Our pastor gave a series, “When the bottom falls out” about 4 years ago. His point was to immerse yourself in scripture and our Savior to be prepared yourself to lean on Him (Jesus), because no one is immune to the bottom falling out of their lives. It gripped me and would NOT let go. I truly feel the Holy Spirit convicted my heart that truly hard times were coming and to get ready: spiritually, mentally, and physically.

        John 16:33
        These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye may have peace. In the world ye have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

        • “immerse yourself in scripture and our Savior to be prepared yourself to lean on Him (Jesus)”

          BAAAAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA! Oh, Thanks. I needed that. With any luck he’ll fax the desperate their dinner too.

          • BAAHAHAHAAA,
            Our church sends people, money, resources, and the Truth to help MANY in third world nations, as well as here in America. We feed them, cloth them, and even drill water wells to help more people than I can count. We are Jesus to those people. We don’t just tell them about Jesus, we show them. Jesus doesn’t have to “fax the desperate their dinner” because it’s a blessing for us to do this, in His name.

            • Your Zionist Jew God is a fiction. Jesus, Allah, and the God of Abraham, all fiction. Even Mac, the self hating closet Jew doesn’t believe the God of the white racist morons that post here.

            • And if every ONE helped another ONE, starting in their own community, think in one year, or two, what would be accomplished.

            • Father John,
              “Does that mean we won’t be friends?”
              Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday 😉

          • Do you not know how to read? The lady stated mentally and physically. Maybe you should start with the mental part! Her spiritual life is the key! Go ahead and fire back, I am sick of some of the disrespect here! Yeah maybe I am guilty also, but no longer.

            • no worry copout.. i agree its the mentallllly part. baaaahhaaaa you need to find some faith .

            • Right on copout, Most people today equate faith with fairy tales or some such garbage. The truth is there for anyone to have, they only to reach out. As a nurse, I have had to take care of many men and women who denied Christ their entire lives to only turn and repent on their deathbed. In the end, I know my fate deep in my heart. My faith is my shield against those who hurl insults. Peace Clay

          • Is it necessary to be a complete ass? I think your pretty stupid, personally, for laughing at what she said, but only when you made your ignorant response did I feel compelled to let you know it.

            You prepare your way and let the rest of us prepare our way. We’ll see who’s laughing last.

            • Man, for those who can relate, I am under such a heavy attack, please keep me in prayer, thanks!

            • @Daisy: Not to worry young lady he is posting under a different avatar, some things just cant be hidden!

            • @Daisy: Not to worry he’s posting under a different avatar, some things just can’t be hidden!

            • Thanks all. This is a classic liberal response. They can’t disagree and debate, they MUST attack. It’s just their way.

              Keep on prepping! 🙂

            • Fuck you and fuck Jesus and Allah. There is no heaven, no hell. Only the worms. And the dead bodies of a billion people killed in the name of your bullshit gods.

            • ;0) GET Em’ DAISY! GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr
              You GO Gurl!… kick his hinny ;0P lmao awesome!

            • Father John- I really care about you, and I’m concerned for your soul. Who wouldn’t be? You seem like such a lovable person, all full of warmth and kindness for others. So. I’m gonna pray for you. Not because I care, but mainly just to piss you off!….(I’m praying now…can you feel it?) You’re welcome.

            • Father John,
              “If we we’re friends…I DON’T think I could bare it!”
              Conclusion of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday 🙂

            • Daisey: Does that mean you are not going to share your 50 lbs of chocolate? 🙂

          • @RWM: Amen, to your comments, faith without works is dead. Sorry for the double post, for reason I am problems with the site keeping my info.

            • You see, problems, should’ve read for some reason I am having problems with the site.

        • @RWM: Thank you, I can’t tell how down I am at this point, thanks for HIS word.

          • Luke 21…it brings me peace..esp. the part about God giving us words and wisdom to reduce all our accusers to stammers and stutters??
            Uh, seems you are using that gift right now!!

        • Two thumbs up.

      15. Erlich also wrote his book with help from The Peace Prize President’s Science Czar John Holdren, who happens to be a big eugenics guy. We have trouble folks, big trouble.

        • GOOD POST… thanx!

      16. At risk of upsetting the apple cart and eugenics aside, aren’t the very things we are talking about, famine, war, plagues, etc., the very things that take care of population control? We have just interfered with that “natural” process for a very, very long time (I am not saying these improvements aren’t nice because I for one would not want to die because I cut my finger today or die from childbirth because someone didn’t wash their hands).

        Many times, nature, which creates famine, has created events whereby it took centuries to gain back the population. And even if there were only 500,000 people on the planet to feed, if Mother Nature doesn’t go along with the program, you wouldn’t be able to grow enough food to sustain life…unless you take everything underground…where earthquakes don’t have favorites either. Not to mention the radiation factor of how many nuclear accidents are currently waiting to happen.

        I guess what I’m trying to say you can’t guard against everything (it’d make ya crazy) and unless we start utilizing what we have in a good husbandry-like manner, stopping all the bad habits, we are still all going to be FUBAR’d.

        My husband keeps saying we are just fleas on the planet and she is ready to shake us off.

        • KB,

          That’s pretty much what I was saying also – that we are subject to the same laws of nature as everything else. Seems like an obvious point , but people forget this sometimes. It brings it all back home when you think of Katrina, Fukushima, or other disaster. People look a lot like ants in those situations, or perhaps as your husband says, like “fleas.”

      17. What the earth is really having trouble with is the population of bankers and other rapists of nature that use “money” for the wrong purposes.

        That is the only population that needs to be reduced.

        • YES! Exactly… great post!

      18. Ehrlich has made a fool of himself so often that I wonder that he’s got the cojones to be seen in public. Only the tinfoil-hat crowd believes him anymore.

      19. Thankfully, Ehrlich is pretty much useless. He’s the same guy that was into global cooling in the 70s, now into global warming, told us we had a population bomb in the 70s that would explode in the very near future, ad nauseam.

        While anything could happen, an Ehrlich prediction means the opposite will happen, and that he needs more gov’t money (just like the global warmers) to fund his sinecure

        SHTF does great work, and preparedness is an absolute necessity. In fact, we could see some kind of catastrophic event; however, Ehrlich warnings are a non issue. Just move along folks, nothing to see here.

      20. We added 120 million people to our country (1965-2010). Insane immigration policy. No end in sight. Good night America.

        • Please note that not only do we lack the spine to enforce our immigration laws we, as sheep in every community in America, have endorsed and voted favorably for damn near every bond issue and tax hike to expand the system of public ejookayshun. The pederasts, commies and air heads that infect every single institution from K-12 schools thru our most esteemed universities have been on a Jihad against American culture and American society for so long that most no longer recognize it.

          I am not worried about saving the world. America is enough for me.

      21. I would advise anyone who takes this seriously to Google “Demographic Winter”. The myth of over-population has been perpetuated by those in favor of population control since the 1960’s. Look up the facts. They don’t agree with Mr. Ehrlich.

      22. Modern population reduction leans heavily in the direction of immorality, ie, euthanasia, sex-selected abortions, rationing medical care, etc. However, when you go out and buy that piece of land, you’re going to need lots of hands on deck to work it, ie children and grandchildren. Family means you don’t worry about who you can trust, or making deals. Less chance of someone making off with your valuables. So being fruitful and multiplying actually fits into the coming scenario. Collapse means there will be no social security, and our kids will be our new social security. Hard times means we will lose some of our children and grandchildren. Be fruitful! Multiply!

      23. I am sure the Elite Leaders of the land are working on this one the question is how will they do it. Line up and get your flu shots, elderly & kids. Oops, it was contaminated.
        Or, there just happened to be a “terrorist” bio-chemical attack, maybe small pox. Good thing all of the medical & military all had there boosters.
        Another good reason to have prepping under control, we may need to quarantine ourselves at home while the plagues outside pass by.

      24. Honestly, this topic will be a “moot” point soon enough. We are watching (some of us are) the constant proliferation of the policy of “Global War”.

        We are only in the “first inning of game” so far, but the next inning is coming and promises to “thin the herd” on a scale yet recorded in history.

        Not trying to be humorous and do not find the “reality” funny or comforting in the least.

        But I am convinced THAT IS THE REALITY.

      25. currently you could fit every single living person on the globe into a house with a yard in the state of texas. Over population is a myth.

        • How’d the crops do in Texas this year?

          • Well, actually , we’re canning sweet potatoes this week.
            We’ve already got the pears put up………

            • Glad to hear it. I got my garden in to:)

          • worst year ever – the aquifier under texas in dying – and it’s just gonna get worse! It’s a man made water drought! the aquifiers are all dying… except north of wyoming!

        • Rachel, Daisy and others: Again, I’ve repeated this on other posts, it’s NOT about land mass; it’s about resources. Much land is uninhabitable (deserts, swamps, snow and ice year around, climate extremes.) See Frosty Woolridge articles on News with Views and look at the archives. He explains it far better than most can, as he researches this type thing and writes/speaks on over pop., natural resources, etc.

          • Laura,

            Our knowledge and technology is so advanced that we can do things beyond imagination.
            We actually can control climate, and i believe that people on this site have heard it before.
            If our governments stoped screwing each other and concentrated their effords in assisting one another, it would be possible to even change the environment.
            In middle East, there are whole areas in the desert used in agriculture.
            During the Beijing Olympic games back in 2008, the Chinese scientists sprayed the city two days before the opening. They managed to stop a storm from spoilling the games.
            Terrain can be changed. I’m afraid that it’s up to people without ethics or moral.

      26. I went to Mexico in 2009. Just across the boarder, I was greeted with tanks and scary security. I also noticed that the farther you got away from the US, the better looking Mexico was until you got closer to touristy places. As a writer, I once worked on an article about expats retiring to Mexico. One of the requirements was that you could sustain yourself, because Mexico does not want and will not support folks from other countries. I once lived next to an apartment where the folks had a sweet deal: You act confused and get emergency money and food. Then, someone else takes your kids and does the same thing, acting terrified. Once the housing starts coming in to help you out (because you get it faster than a person from here for some reason), you rent out the place for emergency cash to folks newly coming in and double or triple up in the apartments as they come. send excess funds back home or purchase shoes at the secondhand store and ship those back to Mexico to be sold to Guatamalans who are treated like slaves in the coffee fields down south. Retire in five to eight years and go back home, but be sure to leave kids with family here to get freebies. That is how it is. PERIOD. I know this because I was FRIENDS with them. Here’s another scam: Come from Chinatown in Canada by way of taking a detour through NYC with fake Chinese papers from uncle still in China. Arrive indentured to business who paid for arrival (approximately $2000). If you are lucky, be put in a job sewing or get shipped to a Chinese Buffet somewhere in the US, usually getting split up from your family in the process. If you’re not, be sent to a China Town or Massage parlor in the US for massage work for FOUR to SIX years. How I know this is that I had friends who own China Buffets who buy people. I no longer talk to them because they repulse me. They got INSANE loans for businesses to open them, and they pass children around like the travelling pants, some of which have parents but their own parents lie and say they were their brother or sister’s kid (someone who died here) so they can collect social security and some kind of housing thing that confused me. Where do the social security numbers come from? Well, I was billed last year for a Mexican woman who used mine in a New York hospital. She either got it from someone working in my doctor’s office or a secretary at a public school. My hispanic friends did say that many social security numbers are those obtained from schools because a child can’t check the credit report till age 18 but for some reason, they can get some kind of fake paperwork and use them.

        • Well, I do, possibly, understand your intended sentiments.. however, Mexicans rarely, if ever employ people from Guatemala or other.. For the last 6 years, I have spent a minimum of 3 months per year in Mexico. God willing, I will be there in less than 3 weeks. Just in time for coffee harvest ( I am not joking ). One of my best friends in Mexico has a small plot of coffee, 2 hectares and he uses the money he gets from that to supplement his income for his family. If a Mexican did hire someone from further south, they would pay them the exact same thing that they pay other Mexicans for such labor. $200 pesos per day.

          I plan on picking some coffee and helping my friend make short work of his harvest.

          There is bad in all groups of people, but on the whole, most are truly admirable and kind.

          • I love Mexico – it’s a beautiful country and if you stay away from the tourist areas and cities, a lovely group of people. I was lucky enough to spend a few months in a village in Central Mexico and would go again in a heartbeat!

            • Yes Daisy.. I try to avoid the heavy tourist areas myself.. too many stinking gringos.. 🙂

              I love the small pueblos and rural areas.. my before mentioned friend lives in a small +/- 200 year old pueblo in the mountains of south western Mexico.. about 600 people total in the surrounding area.. beautiful place..

              Talk about going “where everybody knows your name”…

        • great post , very educational many thanx…

        • You are very right about the Chinese buffet. We have one in a town that has a total population of around 3800 at last count. We always ask, “How the heck did that happen?” Only Chinese people work in the restaurant, they are all younger than 25, and with the exception of very few of the kids, the most English they know are restaurant words. These people work six days a week, 12 hour days…they are amazing.

          Anyway, being older folks, we tend to befriend the younguns and there is a Chinese youngster who wants to get his citizenship papers, so I am going to teach him the English language and, in return, he will teach me Mandarin. He is a really sweetie. He wants to learn to fish too (we have lakes), so we said we would take him too.

          Immigration is not a bad thing if it is done in an orderly manner with no exceptions to the rules and no special things given to some and making it so dang easy to suck off the nation’s teat.

          As a side note, I never let the school use my kids’ social security numbers. I even had the head idiot (lived in a much bigger city back then) call me saying I must give them the kids social security numbers. I told him to show me the laws that require this. They ended up using made-up numbers for my kids…idiots, so don’t let them push you around.

      27. This is mans’ world and God the Father only intercedes on our behalf occasionally. Let’s face it, men do not like to use protection and women do not like to take a pill every day. Birth control has been offered around the world, but people today are lazy, oversexed, and some societies (Catholics) frown on birth control. Yes, women do not intentionally become pregnant just to see their children die, but, because they have no control over their own lives, they are inadvertently leaches on societies that have to feed them and the children.

      28. One argument against population bomb is that since 1968, the population of the world lives better than ever before. Even in the most destitute locations, conditions are better than they were in 1968.

        That does not mean a good outcome for all life though. A 15 billion population means almost all other life on the planet, except for domesticated food life, would disappear. I think the next largest population of large mammals is a seal at 4 million.

      29. Yea the question is when will global civilization collapse….it could be another 100 years but its not any time soon that’s for sure.

        • You’re #1!

          • yea i know !!!

      30. Civilzation may collapse. There will be famines, wars and disasters.

        But it will not be because the earth can not support the number of people and animals currently here. It will not be because we have exhausted the resources of the earth. Those are lies told by people who have an agenda and are retold by those who support that agenda.

        The earth has enough resources to support populations many times larger than exist today.

        The problem is not the number of people / animals. The problem is evil, in many forms, which purposefully works to create famines, wars and increase the severity of disasters.

        • Excellent point SnS. A person has to wonder how many of the world’s disasters are man-made (or natural disasters are magnified) by corrupt governments and criminal elements.

      31. Sam,

        Very well said Sam. I totally agree with you.

        Best regards.

      32. Claymation: you are the ignorant one, so read what truelove says: most people are lazy and oversexed to use birth control…leeches on societies.. Yes, Muslim women/girls are forced into marriages. Yet, many women have lots of kids never marry, just shack up. Central America and Mexico don’t have forced marriages like in Muslim countries, and they breed many. Welfare moms of all races are leeches in this country. Read Frosty Woolridge’s articles, he is sharp on these issues, I’m just writing facts.

        • Laura, Ignorance is only the the lack of knowledge not an insult. I am sorry you took at as one. Two things are clear one you are a mean soul and two you are obviously hiding behind your handle and I think at this point we all know who you are. You are unwelcome here and I for one will not be responding to your or your proper handle no matter which one you use, coward!!!

          • Claymation: I have always used my real name, other writers may not, or use several names.. why hide, am not ashamed of facts, you need to complain to Frosty Woolridge, I’m just passing on his info from his writings to educate morons like you. You’re a mean soul and bully to anyone who disagrees; get a life. If the owner of this site wants to ban anyone’s comments he will, not you. This isn’t your blog either. Write the blog owner and complain, ask him too if I use various names. Much infighting and bickering in patriot groups. These groups accomplish zero. You must be a Mormon/ Bircher, these guys don’t believe world is over pop.like you and others on this blog.

      33. Steven Earl Salmony, where are you when we need you? I’m surprised he hasn’t checked in on this topic. Guess he’s off at a conference somewhere, learning new ways to push this centuries old dogma.
        Ehrlich is an idiot or a liar. He’s been wrong about everything he’s ever predicted. You’d have better luck with the Psychic Friends Network.
        The world is not overpopulated with people And NO, we are not an invasive species. Wild animals routinely soil an area, then move on. So humans are no worse that they are in that regard. Granted, some of our waste is way more toxic than theirs. I don’t deny that, but I’m talking about the average human and their typical waste and trash, etc. Not much different than wild animals.
        Deer, elk, rabbits and insects all overpopulate, eat up their resources and then collapse, on a micro-scale, constantly…then they begin to rebuild their numbers and start the process all over again. Somehow, the species manages to survive. I think it’s called ‘nature doing its thing.’
        And remember, humans are every bit as much a part of the natural world as any other species. The difference is we, unlike the lesser creatures, have emotions, fear, greed, cable television and idiot college professors to teach us to worry about the future more than deer and rabbits do.
        What the world is overpopulated with, is stupid people. Yeah, I know, here’s is where some of you will be saying ‘speak for yourself okie.’ Okay, chalk me up as stupid; see if I give a damn. The point is, this whole eugenics/overpopulation idea is nothing but an attempt at legitimising the POWER of a very few over everyone else. This is even more insidious than the NWO banksters who only want control over your labor, your money and your property. These eugenicists want control over who gets to live and who dies! And they do it in the name of saving the planet, or providing the best quality of life for those that do get to live. Think about it- coercive population control, whether it uses physical force, economic force, propaganda, or whatever, is no different than that quote from the viet nam era -‘it was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.’
        Do we really want these pointy headed ‘intellectuals’ directing the world? And is it even useful to have a discussion about the workability of their plans? Why not have a conference meeting on the viability of the square wheel instead?

        • I just bought a package of Twinkies. I take it all back! I was wrong about everything. We’re doomed!

          • Should have bought the pink SnoBalls.

            • I know, but the twinkies were buy one, get one free, and my greed got the better of me! Now I have 2 million years of non-biodegradable cream-filled goodness to store with the preps…

            • Okie, I miss you when you are not around, or at least not using your handle.

        • SmokinOkie,

          You said “Deer, elk, rabbits and insects all overpopulate, eat up their resources and then collapse, on a micro-scale, constantly…then they begin to rebuild their numbers and start the process all over again. Somehow, the species manages to survive. I think it’s called ‘nature doing its thing.’”

          You and Erlich are in more agreement than you seem to know.

          • Charlie- you’re right that I agree with Ehrlich on the idea of resource depletion causing a die-off among the species (even humans). It’s happened before. Somewhere around the house I have an old book (can’t find it right now or I’d cite the title) but it shows the world population (estimated) for each century going back about 3500 yrs. And, there was a huge drop around the middle ages. Something like 100 million less in 1500 than in 1400 AD. Obviously that was a big drop considering the world pop. was well under a billion.
            So, yes, you’re right that I do agree with some of his assertions. My main gripe with Erhlich is that he’s been predicting a HUGE human die-off as being ‘imminent’ for 40 yrs and it hasn’t happened. His predictions have been wrong (or at least his timing.)
            Secondly, his work, and that of many others, is used by the folks who think that all of us should be subject to the directives of some panel of experts that would decide who gets to procreate, and how many offspring we’re allowed. I just think it’s crazy to even consider giving that kind of power to a bureaucracy or panel of ‘experts.’ Because I know they’d take one look at me and say “we sure don’t want any more of these kind!” 🙂

            • Point taken. (I’d probably be a phase-out model myself).

            • So why can’t people acknowledge the validity of Ehrlich’s argument even if his solutions are bogus? I don’t like eugenics and elite white liberal socialist types telling everyone what to do either. It seems to me like most rational people can recognize the validity of the argument that we are overpopulating the planet but mention Ehrlich or Malthus and then the argument becomes “you just want to kill (insert group here)”. Look at the prices of everything going up, the growing scarcity of resources such as fresh water, fish, fossil fuels, high grade ore of iron, etc., and tell me that overpopulation is not playing a part in this?

        • The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Okie:

          “What the world is overpopulated with, is stupid people.”

          To solve problem, reduce number of stupid people.

      34. Welcolm to Earth!

      35. What’s sad and dangerous is this material in now ALL SCHOOL’s REQUIRED curriculum from K1 kindergarden through College Level Courses internationally through UN programs or they don’t get $$$ grants and tax breaks… and if you the STUDENT turn in a REPORT DENYING it! With cold hard facts… you the student is/are FAILED! NO b.s. it’s documented… it’s all one BIG COrPORATISM FASCIST FED BANKER WALLSTREET scam on Us the endentured DEBT SLAVES!!

      36. Well Jimminy Cricket.. did someone open a can of Troll bait and leave it out overnight ? Sheesh.. if internet trolls were $1 a piece, we could cash ours in a buy some good preps.

        You Troll posters make stupid look smart..

        Mac – controlling access is NOT the same as controlling content.. these turds are just stinking up the room..

      37. Good question Sandy @ 12:53 pm….and my question is how do ‘they’ dispose of the bodies?
        Is that the real reason the event hasn’t taken place yet??

        • Given enough time the bodies will all decompose and no longer harbor pathogens. The final solution has not been implemented yet because there is still wealth to be extracted from the world. Before pathogens will be unleashed to kill the useless eaters there will be some kind of event to distract and weaken the populace so the diseases will be more effective. A worldwide financial collapse, maybe some kind of blight that destroys crops and livestock so populations are weakened by starvation. My money would be on the final event taking place in the fall or winter because a weakened, starved population facing cold weather with no heat because of financial collapse would be an ideal population ripe for disease.

          • The Moon, etc: I think the reason these bio weapons so far aren’t effective, (even tho they’ve tried) is like you said, the masses will be weakened by vaccines, lack of food and other methods to make it work. The elite have all the money they need, they want power to control all the slaves they will need after the die off. They will be in their underground bunkers in Denver and other places waiting for the die off. Winter time is probably right. We really don’t know what stuff is being sprayed in other parts of the world to weaken the masses, or the spread of bird flu, plague,etc.

        • Corpse disposal is not much of a problem for people with heavy equipment and trucks. They might not even have to be paid, if they get to take whatever is on the bodies (all effects have some value, and don’t forget a pair of pliers to extract gold).

          After a few years, the trenches can be dug to spread on the farm fields and they will fertilize well. By then, there will be industrial/directed salvage of the previous civilizations garbage pits and decaying buildings. Hot spots from nukes will be barely warm, and ready for salvage.

          People will have babies and civilization will emerge from almost nothing.


      38. How is Paul Ehrlich still considered “the world’s leading population expert” after failing to have any of his predictions of “population bomb” doomsday scenarios come anywhere near to close?

        As countries develop the populations cease to have as many children. Given the progress of modern technology and the spread of contraception to developing nations, I would say the prospect of a global civilizational collapse would be less than certain (not to say it can’t happen given all the crazies and variables unknown). But seriously, let’s hand over the doomsday torch to someone with a fresh new twist on the tired old story of our inevitable demise…

      39. Mac – you know that what Ehrlich says is a complete bullshit! He said the same doom and gloom 40 years ago – he’s spouting the same crap all over again today. If he wants to lead by example, I’m sure he can find a 45 auto and “off himself” in order to lessen the burden on “mutha” earth! If he’s too cowardly to to so, I’s sure he can find someone who will gladly provide the service for him.

        Mac – the problem is the elitists (yes, Ehrlich and friends) want everything for themselves. They want their Mercedes, numerous homes (gotta have those vacation homes), servants, etc. They want to plunder the money of the “little people,” all so that they can have an easy life telling the lies that they love to tell. They hate hardworking, honest people. They are godless, hateful scum. It’s a shame you quote such a knave and a scoundrel.

      40. That’s a bunch of liberal globalist crap. The liberal globalists want to wipe out most of humanity. North American, Europe, aren’t overpopulated. The real problem in the third world is poverty. Hong Kong has the highest population density in the world and they’re doing fine. North America could easily support a billion people without any problem whatsoever. As long as the people are living in the US and Canada. Mexico is becoming a hell-hole but the problem isn’t overpopulation.

        • Farm cat: Meow! apparently you’ve never been in gridlock traffic like Atlanta, Nashville,Houston, yes, even smaller cities, etc. Back in the late 60’s cities mentioned was gridlock; now just awful! over pop. is really about natural resources. We have traveled to Europe years ago. Ant hill style living like NYC, other U.S. cities, about everywhere. Slam packed buses, subways, crowded markets. Those living in smaller towns, rural areas, and have never traveled out of their county cannot relate.To anyone reading this:If people want kids, be a foster parent or adopt, the need is great. I help out a group home in my area. We chose to be non parents back in the 70’s because of over pop.

          • I lived in Belgium from April of 1973 until November of 1975. Traveled thru Germany a lot. Went to France, England, Austria and the Netherlands. I don’t remember it as bad as you describe.

      41. The truth is, many of us could use our space to make enough food for several families over. Right now, the UN is sanctioning the destruction of fruitful areas in other countries so that big business can plant areas to offset carbon charges, sometimes including murder of indigenous people in the process. In other locations, areas are being fished to death since trading with the tribes of 3rd world countries has brought them new technologies like machine made nets so they don’t have to work as hard to drain rivers of entire populations of fish. They don’t understand that they are causing the extinction of these creatures: They simply think of it as that some stupid person paid them to feast in exchange to land that they thought could not be privately owned anyway. Instead of teaching some of them to farm fish so the populations aren’t totally anhialated, which would cost so much more, extinction is the cost of greed.

      42. It would appear that there are several issues involved, not simply population. There are tremendous social and political reasons for a mis-allocation of resources. Additionally, the world governments have embarked on financial and economic suicide through the use of a fiat monetary system that siphons off the wealth of nations, of those who labor and eek out a living.

      43. Now, let me tell you one thing about food. America as you may know consumes more food than neccesary! We are pig’s, if we were to cut our portions in half, we could feed a lot of people. It’s definitely not about numbers, its about the greedy people. I do agree with what some people have said above, this isnt our land its mother natures land. “I am poor and naked, but I am the chief of a nation. We do not want riches but we do want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches. We want peace and love.”- Red Cloud Sioux Chief

        • Chief, Sorry we will not have peace and love the way you invision it until the Prince of Peace returns. We have corrupted ourselves when we forgot and disgarded where all material blessings come from. Look around you, listen to conversations. Our human natures are fallen. We must get back to morals and decency. Right and wrong. Not this shade of grey and non-sense I was taught in college. The help we need at this point is beyond oursleves.We have gone to far. Mankind needs a Savior.

          Keep prayed up please.keep prepping.

      44. Much more intellectual honesty, moral courage and humane action is needed. We are about to become a species of 7 billion overconsumers, overproducers and overpopulaters on a finite and frangible planet where its resources are dissipating and environs degrading rapidly.

        During my lifetime, when human numbers explode from less than 3 bn to 7+ bn worldwide, many experts may not have known enough about what they were talking about when they spoke of human population dynamics and all causes of the human overpopulation of Earth. Their research appears not to be scientific, but rather issues from ideological or totalitarian thinking, or from specious group-think consensus. Their all-too-attractive thinking, as viewed by greedmongers, is willfully derived from what is politically convenient, economically expedient, socially agreeable, religiously tolerable and culturally prescribed. Widely broadcast and long-accepted thinking of a surprisingly large number of so-called experts in the field of population dynamics appears to have an unscientific foundation and is likely wrong. Their preternatural theorizing about the population dynamics of the human species appears to be both incomplete and misleading. Most disturbing of all, a widely shared and consensually validated theory about a “demographic transition” four decades from now is directly contradicted by unchallenged scientific research. As a consequence, and it is a pernicious consequence, a woefully inadequate thinking and fundamentally flawed theory was broadcast during my lifetime and continues to be broadcast everywhere by the mainstream media as if it is not only science but the best available scientific evidence. The implications of this unfortunate behavior, inasmuch as it appears to be based upon a colossal misperception of what could somehow be real regarding the human population, appear profound. This failure of nerve has slowed the momentum needed to confront a formidable, human-driven global predicament.

        In their elective mutism regarding an astonishing error, are first class professional researchers with expertise in population dynamics behaving badly by allowing the “ninety-nine percenters” to be misguided and led down a primrose path by the “one percenters”? The power of silence on the part of knowledgeable human beings with feet of clay is dangerous because research is being denied that appears to shed light upon a dark, non-recursive biological problem, the understanding of which appears vital to future human well being and environmental health. Too many experts appear to be ignoring science regarding the human population and instead consciously through their silence consenting to the leviathan scale and unbridled expansion of global overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities that are being adamantly advocated and relentlessly pursued by greedmongering masters of the universe, the tiny minority among us who are primarily responsible for ravaging the Earth, ruining its environs and reducing its fitness for habitation by the children. If this assessment of human behavior is indeed a fair representation of what is happening on our watch, then the desire to preserve the status quo, mainly the selfish interests of ‘the powers that be’, could be at least one basis for so much intellectually dishonest and morally bereft behavior. Could it be that the outrageous per capita overconsumption, large-scale corporate overproduction and unrestricted overpopulation activities of the human species worldwide cannot continue much longer on a planet with the size, composition and ecology of a finite and frangible planet like Earth?

        For human beings to count human population numbers is simple, really simple. The population dynamics of human beings with feet of clay are obvious and fully comprehensible. We have allowed ourselves to be dazzled by the BS of too many demographers just the way human beings have been deceived and victimized by a multitude of economists on Wall Street. Demographers and economists are not scientists. ‘The brightest and the best’ have sold their souls to greedmongers, duped the rest of us, made it difficult to see what is real, proclaimed what is known to be knowable as unknowable, engaged in the their own brands of alchemy. In their dishonest and duplicitous efforts to please the self-proclaimed masters of the universe, also known as the keepers of the ‘golden calf’ (a symbol now easily visible as the “raging bull” on Wall Street), they perpetrate frauds at everyone else’s expense, threaten the children’s future, put life as we know it at risk, and are consciously, deliberately, actively precipitating the destruction of Earth as a fit place for human habitation. Never in the course of human events have so few taken so much from so many and left so little for others.

        There are many too many overly educated “wise guys” among us who see the blessed world we inhabit through the lens of their own hubris and selfishness, and see themselves somehow as Homo sapiens sapiens and masters of the universe, as corporate kings and emperor’s with clothes. They supposedly are the brightest and best, the smartest guys in the room, like the guy who used to run the global political economy without recognizing that there was an “ideological flaw” in his economic theories and models, the same guy who reported he could not name 5 guys smarter than himself. These are guys who have denied science, abjectly failed humanity, forsaken life as we know it, the Earth and God. These ideologues rule the world now and can best be characterized by their malignant narcissism, pathological arrogance, extreme foolishness, addiction to risk-taking and wanton greed.

        • Hubris to the left of me,
          Malignant narciccism to the right,
          Here I am, stuck in the pathological arrogance with you….(apologies to Steely Dan)

          It’s always “for the children” and to “save the earth’s limited resources” isn’t it? Just more habituated catchphrases disingenuously employed by power-hungry liberals, and their comrades in the elitist intelligencia who seek to subordinate the ignorant masses by ambiguity and proverication. And worse than that, your entire post is littered with projection bias to the point of being clinically diagnosable by a single writing sample. And from you, a psychologist, of all people. I’m dissappointed.
          Maybe this intellectual-flavored kool-aid would be pallatable to the unwashed protesters on Wall Street, but at shtfplan, we’re not buying it! Even an uneducated okie truck driver can see through your smoke screen. (and I am the least among my peers here) You’ll need to reference something other than the antiquated liberal playbook if you expect to propagandize here.
          Steven Earl, you have been UNMASKED!

      45. Each new mouth has 2 parents and in a few years, 2 hands.

        People will work and fight to eat, and will kill those who threaten them or their children.

        North Americans will be fine, because we grow plenty of food. When the oil runs out, and food production via petro-Ag slows, we will still get enough to eat while the world starves. We are generating 70+% of our hydrocarbon consumption now, and with some price increases will make nearly 100%, or perhaps even export some finished fuels/products.

        It will suck to be African, but it always has.


      46. Father John, I believe atheism is a crime against mankind. It attemps to tear out of the heart of people the craving for the spiritual, our hunger and thirst for the infinite. Atheist protest against crimes of religion, and I acknowledge that religion has been perverted by preistcraft and ecclesiasticism. But to attemp to blow out the idea of God because it has been abused is just as logical as attempting to root out love from a persons heart because in some cases it has become perverted and debased. It will never happen. And it is now undeniable that the evidence for the existence of God far outweights the evidence against His existence.

        stay prayed up and by all means keep prepping. Lynda

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