Lawsuit Shows How The Government’s ‘Justice’ System Keeps The Poor Poor

by | May 31, 2018 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    It’s not a secret that government’s want to seize as much from the producers as possible to bloat their power-hungry heads.  But a new lawsuit is actually giving the details on just how the government uses the “justice” system to keep the poor in dire states of poverty.

    The ACLU of North Carolina, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice have slapped the state of North Carolina with a federal lawsuit over the state’s practice of suspending drivers’ licenses over unpaid tickets.

    According to Splinter News, in North Carolina, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is required by state law to automatically revoke a license after it receives notice from the court that a person has failed to pay their fines or penalties or associated costs. The lawsuit alleges that this state law violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

    The Fourteenth Amendment reads:

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    The two plaintiffs in the case are 27-year old Seti Johnson and 31-year old Sharee Smoot. According to the lawsuit, Johnson is has been unemployed and can’t afford to pay off a traffic ticket as well as support his three children. He was able to save up $700 to get his license back last year, but before he was able to finally pay it off, he was hit with another ticket for $100 plus $208 in court costs. He covered the $100 ticket, but still owes $228 in court costs, and will lose his license sometime around the end of July. Although Johnson just got a new job, the lawsuit says, “he will have to either forego the job and figure out a different way to get his children to school, daycare, and the doctor’s office, or he will have to illegally drive.”

    “I’d previously fallen behind on my rent and sacrificed the needs of my children just to keep my license,” Johnson said in a statement provided by the ACLU of North Carolina. “I cannot afford to do that again. This has to stop.”

    Smoot, a single mother who works at a call center 45 minutes away from her home to help support her grandmother as well as her nine-year-old daughter said: “I just want a fair chance to take care of my family. I can’t afford to pay the tickets right now, but that shouldn’t prevent me from having a driver’s license.”

    However, this is a national problem not limited to North Carolina and stems from law enforcement looking to extort money for victimless crimes, and having the state in charge of driver’s licenses. In fact, a Washington Post report from earlier this month found that over 7 million people around the country may have had their licenses revoked for traffic debt-related reasons, although that number could be much higher. It’s just another way that both law enforcement and the justice department, as a whole, kneecaps the poor.

    To read about how it all began, click the article below:

    Extorting money from people for victimless crimes (most traffic violations are victimless) does not function to prevent any violent crime or crime with victims. The drug war does not help anyone, and the era of time in which the people of the US were most free, proves that this is the formula for prosperity. Even given the vastly different technology and capabilities of today, it would seem that this formula of freedom for prosperity would add up.

    The problem is, we aren’t free and haven’t been for quite some time.  And no matter who gets elected, we get more police, more violence, more “criminals”, and higher taxes.  But, it is time we began opening our eyes to the issue instead of repeating the “we’re free” lie. The best way to end poverty is not to throw money at it but to increase the rights and freedoms of everyone.


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      1. So repeat offenders are upset about getting their licenses revoked? How about they just don’t get the tickets they can’t afford to pay? They would really be surprised if they knew that driving more than 15 MPH over the limit also means automatic loss of license. Like Obama, they want to ignore laws they don’t like.

        I have never gotten a ticket for anything in over 40 years of driving. Maybe I’ll get a certificate or something when I finally retire from driving.

        BTW, those “victimless” traffic violations could have cost lives. I saw a woman cyclist killed right in front of my house a few years ago because someone decided traffic wasn’t moving fast enough and passed in a no-passing zone.

        • “A”
          You hit it right on the head.

          • Most Pigs are low IQ, Corrupt POS revenue raisers. And thats it. Little toy pig toll collectors.

            No longer “To serve and protect”, is now “harrass and destroy.” and they learned this by their Z-I-O-N-I-S-T Agenda 21 pig handlers training to treat fellow Americans as their enemy. F-you pig.

            • Remember Hurricane Katrina where the Pigs looted Wallmart? And shot people trying to cross the bridge out the City to safety and to clean drinking water. Confiscating peoples rights to bare arms to protect themselves.

              Im telling ya its open season paybacks a B1tch come SHTF. Drag ya right to an open field for the buzzards to dispose of ya. Or to the Pig Pen for some Poetic Justice.

              • This country is just plum out of control when it comes to virtually EVERYTHING anymore. The Gov’t is the LORD & us average SERFS, well, continue on the hamster wheel, wash, rinse, repeat – over and over and over. I certainly see both sides of situations with these ridiculously sky-high so called “Court Costs and tickets”. This country stands for nothing but taking as much money out of our pockets as possible!! And that is the non-stop cycle. . .

        • Nice virtue signaling, similar behavior constantly came from, well the Obama administration and it’s supporters.
          Maybe if you lived in over policed for profit state like NJ or now parts of North Carolina where a single cop writes on the average of $500K worth of tickets annually (one every 15 minutes that they are on duty) you probably would be sparing the rest of us your BS lecture about now.

          • I live in NC. I still have never gotten a ticket. No BS, although your claim of a cop giving tickets every 15 minutes probably is.

            I’ve never seen cops giving a lot of tickets anywhere I’ve been in NC, from Manteo to Murphy and everywhere in between.

            I’ve been on long drives from one end of the state to the other and driven around in all of the larger towns, and I rarely see anyone stopped by law enforcement. I drove all over Elizabeth City today and only saw one police car the whole time, and he was just cruising downtown.

            I’ve even been in hell-hole cities up north, like Philadelphia, and saw very few police cars. One I remember seeing in downtown Philadelphia wasn’t even stopping for red lights. I guess he was afraid someone was going to steal his hubcaps.

            • I can’t believe I would ever agree with anything the ACLU or the SPLC supported, but I lived in Morehead City, NC for years, and NC cops absolutely extort the hell out of people for routine traffic issues. I had a taillight go out while driving and was stopped twice in less than 30 minutes while enroute to AutoZone. I was also stopped for going three miles over the limit, for having a temp tag from out of state, and for passing a cop who was swerving all over the road in an unmarked car. Any stop is an immediate $100 court fee, which they encourage you to plead guilty to by having everyone line up in front if an official (not the judge) and have their charge reduced if you accept guilt and the fine. There were never less than 25-30 in line with me. Daughter still lives in NC, and got a ticket last month for following too closely in a 25 zone, a $150 ticket plus $100 court fee. Love NC, but they definitely run a traffic racket.

        • this isn’t about safety. my state levies fines of high value over the very minor offense. i’m currently in school fulltime and unable to work a high paying job until im done with school so a fine of 300 for being on the white line (on the shoulder, by some dick cop accusing me of being on my phone when I was not) can be pretty affective in ruining someone’s life. the fines don’t fit the offense. its one thing to be going 20 miles over the speed limit but a minor offense like your tire on the white line doesn’t warrant a ticket worth an entire pay check. good for you that you haven’t been in that situation but its very easy to find yourself in it. its a little bit of a sheeple mindset your showing. I also lost my license due to the shady dealings of a law office(after an accident) that sent my subpoena to a 4 year old residence(when a change of address had been filed 4 years ago) I had to pay 1500 to a lawyer to file bankruptcy and get out from under them when they wouldn’t accept the amount I could afford to pay. come to find out it was common with that law office. that’s a serious set back, if not for the money I had saved I could of found myself in a bad situation. money is collected to enrich the budget of the government at the expense of the people.

        • Archivist;
          My god you must have fun driving! Yugo?

          • I have never driven over 100 mph, except one time. I actually had a patrol car pass me going the opposite direction. He kept on going. I guess he either didn’t notice me, or he couldn’t believe the piece of junk I was driving at the time could actually go that fast.

            I wouldn’t fit in a Yugo, even if there were such a car around here. I’ve never seen one. I am currently driving the largest vehicle my dealer had on the lot.

            Driving is fun. You just have to know what catches the attention of law enforcement and where they like to hang out. For example, the 50 MPH zone around Hertford, NC is one you need to be careful in. On the other hand, there used to be a 50 MPH zone through Midway, NC. Pretty much everyone ignored that one, so they gave up and raised it to 55.

            Don’t drive a yellow or red car above the speed limit. Don’t drive faster than everyone else and change lanes repeatedly to get around the slower cars.

            You need to learn what law enforcement ignores. For example, NC HP usually ignores speeders unless they are unreasonably fast. County deputies are stricter, but they aren’t usually on the lookout for speeders. You have to speed right under their noses for them to bother you. In NC, there are HP officers that are only interested in big rigs, but one told me that they will still pull a speeding car if they aren’t busy with a truck.

            • I went 148 MPH in my BMW M3 over a bay bridge in Tampa years ago. The car kept climbing faster, but I ran out of bridge, so I slowed down. No I never got a ticket, nor caught. BMW = The Ultimate Driving Machine. F-U Pigs, I have outrun Cops several times. Eat my Dust.. lol

        • Not only does the American Legal System enslave the poor but it creates a jobs program for more lawyers as the Courts at ever level expand to accommodate the increase caseload.

          By victimizing the poor who cannot afford attorneys, the poor are shuttled through the “Pretend Defender” process that is psychologically designed to bully and intimidate the poor into accepting guilty pleas when in fact they are “Not Guilty”; while billing the taxpayer for their defense.

          This practice pads the Prosecutor’s “Conviction Ratio” (for later political office) while creating the illusion that more police and more public defenders are necessary to handle the “increase” in crime, requiring additional taxes to support the system to “protect” the local citizens.

          It’s a vicious circle designed to impoverish, enslave, and incarcerate the lower classes, paid for as usual by the Middle Class, giving the Uber Rich Investment Class an opportunity to invest in Private Prisons for a profit, paid for by taxpayers.

          It’s the “Mickey D Syndrome” prevalent in every facet of America that says “more is better”. Unfortunately that perspective is destroying the American Way of Life and creating a Police State with more laws and more regulations every time a legislature anywhere in America convenes. 🙁

          • Durango: You are right! The Unites States has become an awful monster and it always wants more and more and more and we the Serfs, have to pay and fill the pockets of the Lords. I was talking about some of this to my wife the other day and what the U.S. is about anymore is trying to literally take every last, damn dollar from a person’s pocket literally and they will do anything to achieve that objective no matter what!! We should ALL just say, you know what, this it it! Enough is enough and we are NOT going to pay all of this horse shit, ripoff nonsense any longer, The End. We are “Free-Slaves” if you folks get my meaning there. . .

            • I do what I can. 🙂

        • He got the other tickets for driving on a suspended license.

          And this article isn’t wrong. Let’s also take a look at the fact that if you fall behind on child support, and have no wages to garnish, you get jail and a suspended driver’s license.

          And you still have to pay.

          So that makes sense. Take away someone’s ability to even get a job… and then squeeze them for money? I mean look, you can have the punishment or you can have the money, right? Like where’s the money supposed to come from, his asshole?

          Oh right drug sales…

        • National law should disallow any bicyclist from any road where speed limits are above 35 mph. This will protect the driving public as well as those fools whom try to challenge vehicles which weigh 20 times their own weight. Anything may happen on a road a blowout or mech. mis function why chance it?

        • Why do we need the color of authority, to tell us that the motorist wasn’t looking, where he was going.

          Also, in most cases, there were no damages.

      2. Boo hoo hoo. We have laws. We have billions of cars
        on the roads. Most of those drivers seem to never get
        tickets…and obey the laws.

        This guy is one of those reckless drivers who never gets
        his act together. A duffus who never gets anywhere on
        time….and thinks the whole world revolves around him.

        If it is a intrusive law….work to get it changed to make
        more sense.

        • where did it say he was charged with reckless driving?

      3. Leave a little earlier and there won’t be a need to speed. check with where you pay the fine, they might work out a payment plan.

      4. those who sacrifice essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

        • Well thanks to the 9-11 “Set-up”, that is the day that things really changed. Can you say Patriot Act, NSA, Loss of Privacy, Loss of Civil Liberties and on and on and on. The Gov’t is now the New Criminal organization folks. And we the little Serfs are supposed to pay for all of this illegal, immoral garbage.

      5. I got a speeding ticket one time years ago. The cop pulled me over, walked up to my window and asked “How fast were you going?”

        To which I replied “I don’t know.”

        He said questioningly “You don’t know?”

        I replied “The speedometer only reads 85 and I had that bitch buried.”

        He wrote for going 85. (I was over 100. I did not argue.)

        I never got a ticket I didn’t earn.

        • A cop stopped a young speeder one day and said,”I’ve been waiting for you all day”. The young fellow replied to the cop,” Well I got here as fast as I could”! The cop laughed and told him to slow down…. Don’t know if that is true, but it’s a good little story.

          • If I ever get stopped for a tail light out I’m going to ask the officer, “Can you fix it?”

      6. Good thing the ACLU and SPLC are around, right?

        • The ACLU does have some value, but they are too zealous for criminal illegal aliens …. or are those “fallen Angels” Hmmmm ??? 🙂

      7. The “Southern Poverty Law Center” is not about poverty. They have almost 200 million dollars stashed in Cayman Island banks which they swindled the stupid goyum with their trash talk. Why don’t they donate a few millions of their loot to help the poor oppressed law breakers who don’t want to pay their fines?

        • SPLC – Southern Preposterous Lie Center
          SPLC – Stupid People Libeling Conservatives

      8. Every additional police car that focuses on traffic violations generates more money that it costs. Every red light camera does the same. I’m surprised that there aren’t more police cars and red light cameras than there are. If they want to sue someone they should sue in regard to the civil asset forfeiture laws. I guess that doesn’t violate the fourteenth amendment about equal protection under the law. When you’re found with a whole lot of green money, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is! They just take it!

        • ??

      9. Surely we don’t need a f-ing cop hiding along the road just to give speeding tickets,we must have to damn many cops employed,let them do real police work, instead of screwing to little fellow

      10. And the statists come out strong with this article. Obey the law, no matter how arbitrary it is! Just curious but, would you all be saying the same thing if Jim Crow was still the law? How about alcohol prohibition?

      11. Cops= revenue collectors
        SD included

        • And middle school underwear patrol…

          • I also had a Pig steal over $80 Cash on me during a search. He left me just the right amount of money to self bail myself out in the AM. When I hired an Atty, I told him about this theft and the City folded like cheap house of cards and greatly reduced my ticket so I would just go away. PIGS are Dirty POS? NEVER EVER TRUST ANY PIG PERIOD. RAT BASTURDS.

      12. So my insurance requires me to have a valid drivers license; my second guess is these revoked drivers have no vehicle insurance either. I have zero claims & no tickets in 50 years of driving. Pay attention to what you’re doing. My latest policy, uninsured motorist now costs more than my liability, that is, the company thinks I have a better chance of being whacked than hitting someone else.

      13. We are losing our rights. The police have changed. Years ago, police were part of the community. 90% Caucasian, and so were the cops and the government. When a kid was speeding he could count on a white cop, probably Irish, to give him a lecture. If the kid kept speeding he might get driven home to his parent’s home where he’ld probably get his butt kicked by his own father. And that would be the last time junior would speed.

        Boy have things gone to hell in a basket. And it just keeps getting worse.

        Reverse the 1965 immigration act. Kick out the foreigners. Segregate white and black folks. And bring back some sanity. Blacks were a hell of a lot better off in those days, in spite of the lying media campaign to push integration, race mixing, white guilt.

        The Southern Poverty Law Center is bad news. Sometimes the ACLU does a good thing. But more often than not the ACLU is defending crummy people like the NAMBLA, National Man Boy Love Association. How anyone could defend perverts.


        • BCA: Pretty much right on. And that Southern Poverty bunch, are a genuine bunch of buffoons! They are “Down with the cause” and very pro black and very anti white…huge surprise. Bunch of no good Rat Bastards!!

        • The growth of government bennies is the core problem. Gov’t entities all over have severely underfunded pensions, die to ZIRP and lack of savings. Government workers who give taxpayers crap for service when they are working, still expect us to give them generous bennies when they are NOT working, retire at 55, and we pay for it. It is a big racket.

          So they rob us with this ticket crap and civil asset forfeiture, high salaries when working, ans retirement benefits that we couldn’t even dream of. Parasites.

      14. Too often the legal system is about raising funds for the state and lining the pockets of lawyers ; follow the money also the drugs and the drug money . Who benefits from the war on drugs ?

      15. Capitalism is a big ripoff period. Every necessary aspect of living is gouged through the roof. No amount is ever enough as prices continually escalate across the board as the fatcats engorge themselves with zero regard for humanities survival. 30 years ago a new 3 bedroom house could be had for $300 a month, now a rotting dump is over four or five times that. The sheep are sheared so close that they are bleeding through the skin. Greed has destroyed America. The end of all freedom is near.

        • Alj: You got that 1 damn right!! We get screwed on our salaries big time, if we are lucky enough to have a job and then the cost of EVERYTHING under the damn sun is super expensive. Corporate America is a huge cause of this problem, they just sit back and laugh out the pennies on the dollar we are paid while clowns make their Milions$$. The average person is literally ONE crappy paycheck away from utter financial RUIN…what is wrong with that lil picture folks?

      16. Not surprised

      17. I’ve got something for all the Jew-baiters, and Jew-haters out there: The volcano in Hawaii is spewing lava and destroying homes and other property because the Jews want it that way. There’s also a rabbi always hiding in the brush near the volcano, urging that lava on, and I have no doubt the lava is kosher. I had to chase three Jews (diamond merchants) out from under my bed this morning, they were plotting in a cabal of some kind, probably involving everything I own. I’m not a Jew myself, but I do spoof conspiracy buffs every now and then. The one question that is always in the back of my mind, is, “When the Jews finally take over the world, what will they do with it?”

        • You are about fifty years late with your question [ maybe more ].

          Ask the question with the correct label [ zionist ] and you might get a more pertinent answer.

      18. Problem is not capitalism. Federal Reserve system with no sound money and planned inflation is the problem.

      19. No sympathy here. In California when my license was suspended for unpaid tickets,I took the bus and rode my bike to work

      20. Nowadays in California, I heard going through a red light is going to set you back $500 plus court costs! Good thing I left years ago. Screw California,I hope they sink in the Pacific.

        • I live in California, and I support this comment.

      21. I am not in trouble, now, and never have been.

        They have told bald faced lies, to my emotional family and close acquaintances, while giving breaks to
        quota cases, more like caricatures than real-life people.

        The ephemeral state is just an abstract idea. It is the color of authority. A label. It has never been a victim of crime, against tangible, personal property.

        An arbitrary period of caging does not restore any nameable victim. There is no debt. It cannot be owed to society.

      22. We have similar problems here in France. I live 20 miles north of Marseille, home to endless Salafist mosques. The government says it hasn’t the resources to control them all. Yet, so many times the police,hide to catch you out for speeding. 5 km (3 mi) over and you get a,fine,and lose points on your licence. Too many points and it’s revoked, as in the USA. We’ re all in this together it would seem.

      23. Once the article mentioned lawsuit by ACLU and the SPLC that told me that the whole article and lawsuits are nothing but communist BS.

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