Lawmakers Seek Measures to Protect Citizens from Protester Violence, Intimidation

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Headline News | 120 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Chesser at Liberty Headlines

    militarized-1Photo by Elvert Barnes

    Leftist agitators are escalating their protests into intimidation and violence on campuses in public venues across the country — against elected officials, public figures, and fellow students —  and now some lawmakers are saying, “Enough!”

    The scale of the liberal resistance ranges from the national to the local. Politico reported yesterday that Republican members of Congress fear violence as they plan to repeal Obamacare. On Inauguration Day former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, while visiting Washington, was forced down an alley and boxed in against locked doors after an intimidating mob stalked him yelling pejoratives, expletives, and threats.

    Meanwhile The Daily Caller explained how a loosely connected “resistance” to President Trump has vowed to become “ungovernable,” with groups such as DisruptJ20, Black Lives Matter, Refuse Fascism and Occupy Oakland stirring up riots and revolution. And last week editor Milo Yiannopoulos was prevented from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley due to mob violence.

    Even employees of the Environmental Protection Agency joined protests on Monday in Chicago.

    So while supporting the demonstrators’ rights to free speech, a number of lawmakers around the country have found their behavior to be an infringement on the rights and safety of others, and they intend to sponsor legislation and institute strategies to do something about it.

    After a recent town hall meeting in which Republican Rep. Tom McClintock had to be protected by law enforcement officers after attendees grew angry, some Congress members are taking precautions to protect themselves. According to Politico, among the measures they plan to implement are backdoor exits, police presences, replacing glass door entrances with heavy doors, and intercom systems to vet visitors.

    “The message was: One, be careful for security purposes. Watch your back. And two, be receptive. Honor the First Amendment, engage, be friendly, be nice,” said Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.C.). “Because it is toxic out there right now. Even some of the guys who have been around here a lot longer than I have, have never seen it to this level.”

    Following the incident with former Gov. McCrory, North Carolina state Sen. Dan Bishop plans to introduce a bill to broaden an existing North Carolina law that protects elected officials from threats and intimidation, to also cover former public servants, and provide them state-funded security. Bishop says such protection is needed after a Facebook video showed McCrory was verbally assaulted with spiteful venom by an angry mob, and cornered in an alley with taunts of “shame,” “bigot,” and “a**hole,” during his Washington visit. The former governor was targeted by aggressive leftists due to his defense of NC House Bill 2 (HB2) , known nationally as the “transgender bathroom law.”

    In response to the Berkeley riots, President Trump Tweeted out the possibility that he could cut federal funds to the university. Similarly, a number of states have proposed legislation that penalizes protesters who block traffic, prevent businesses from conducting commerce, or commit illegal acts while concealing their identities with masks or robes.

    As for expression at universities, which for conservatives has been increasingly shut down by loud Leftist mobs, North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest says he will lead the advocacy for the Restore Campus Free Speech Act in the NC General Assembly. The law would, in part, eliminate speech codes at state universities and institute discipline against students who shout down visiting speakers or deprive others of their right to free expression. Students whose voices are muted on campus could pursue legal remedies at no cost to themselves for restitution.

    “No student or guest of a university should ever feel threatened to exercise their First Amendment right of free speech, nor should they be prohibited from doing so,” Forest said in a statement. “I look forward to working with the Legislature and Board of Governors to ensure one of our most basic American freedoms is afforded to every person on our public university campuses.”

    This report was originally published by Paul Chesser at Liberty Headlines


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      1. How about using existing laws and throw them in jail? Huh?

        • Agreed!

          As I have mentioned before – The Law needs to go “old school” on them.

          Such as …

          Paddy Wagons
          Water Canons
          German Shepherds

          And allow cops to use Billy Clubs on these S.O.B’s ツ

          • FEMA Camps for Leftist Libs! Pack ’em in!

            • we can’t AFFORD to house all those liberals….more drastic measures are going to be required.

              • bcod, true, send them to the border to build the wall then catapult them over it lol.

                • Yeah, make sure they’re standing on the mehico side when they put up the last panel.

                  • the SAD FACT is…all we got to do is show a few of them on their way to the gray-bar motel for a few YEARS, and MOST of this crap goes away…..WHEN do we get back to rule-of-law in the divided states of america?

                    • That motel room will be reserved for the victims. .gov is totally down with leftist violence.

              • Build the FEMA camps at the bottom of the Pacific. We can send them all there, along with all the lawyers and politicians and other scum. Problem solved.

                • Black Moe,
                  I like your plan the best!! the USA needs to start over and sure do not need to carry rife rafe along the way!!

                • I DO NOT WANT FEMA CAMP’S IN MY COUNTRY!!!

                  • It is simple, we could do what Britain did with Australia, just send them to Antarctica to cool off!

              • Ship the libtards to N. Korea, China or the middle east they will fit right in and will have to go to work or else. These sorry welfare bums are groupies of Soros and other globalist leader scum bums who have no jobs, or rich parents who raised them to be losers, or street/homeless bums, dopers and hookers who want to join in hoping for freebies. Best to stay out of crowds anyway or public gatherings like concerts, large churches, etc.

          • let’s use the laws of unintended consequences on them sonsobiches! survival of the fittest…..that’s LAW, aint it?…hell, we got LOTS of laws we can use on ’em.

          • FTW
            I agree 100% with you on this. The good guy needs to start fighting back. SHOW NO MERCY NONE-NADDA!!!

            REMEMBER FOLKS IF YOU ARE IN FEAR OF DEATH OR GREAT BODILY HARM YOU CAN USE ANY MEANS TO PROTECT YOURSELF! Remember that!!!!!! If you are arrest say nothing until your attorney is there.

            Billy Clubs work, but Pepper Spray along with the Billy Clubs works better. Called Force multiplier. So far all I have ever scene in the US is the BAMN and Anarchist kicking the living shit out of the good guys. Did see some fighting back but they were so out numbered.

            The only problem is we can’t be every where. So I think that if you attacked by a protester you should take the SOB out Male or Female. Like I tell people when they get stupid. If you throw a punch at me or attack me I don’t care how old you are what your sex is. I’m going take you out. Then when I have you in jail I’m going to the hospital, because I can’t get Aggravated Battery against you if I don’t. Then after the case is over I’m going to SUE your ass. You can’t believe how many times this has worked.


            • sound advice, sarge…thanks for the input.

              • Sarge,cops can’t be everywhere?Tis why folks carry a weapon,cops to heavy to carry!I am sure there is a donut joke in there somewhere!

            • It’s like the disability lawyers say, ‘You can’t diagnose or X-Ray pain’. Just go to the hospital, get an X-Ray of the area they touched or you fell on, and you’re good to go. Get a prescription for painkillers, and keep renewing it.

              They’re doomed in court. It’s not city money, it’s not tax money, it’s some pencil-necked protester’s money. A jury is going to give it to you.

            • But can’t he just claim you hit him first, Sarge?

              • TEST
                Who do you think they are going to believe and Cop with a good 30 year record or a thug off the street?

                • Well, Sarge, it seems like it’s a he said/she said thing, and to convict it must be beyond a shadow of a doubt. Thankfully, my legal and police experience is uttely nil, not even a traffic ticket in the past 15 years, so that area I have no experience in… thankfully. I do have a couple of recently retired police friends, one a Hoffman Estates cop, the other a recently retired senior Illinois State trooper – both strong Constitutionalists and liberty backers, BTW.

        • You’re right Genius.

          My first thought was, what! more laws?

          what’s wrong with using the laws we already have??

          why is it they think that more and more useless laws are the way to go???

          • well, they got elected to MAKE LAWS….they just can’t help themselves, they gotta DO sumthin.

        • Second Amendment. Period.

        • Genius:

          You must be a genius.

          ? we already have enough laws

          Enforce The Law.


        • And one way to cover up a racial hate crime is to call it a political protest. Yes some of these funded groups protesting are based in politics, yeah, I guess you can say that. But their recruitment seems to be more minority based where these so called minorities now have a license to attack whites with impunity, along with the brainwashed soft headed whites who don’t realize that they are the useful idiots in a carefully and slowly manufactured race war and are hastening their own demise at the same time.
          It’s all about feeling that you belong and are making a difference in your community. You know, becoming a gang member.

        • Genius,
          EXACTLY we have more than enough laws on the books to protect those who need it!! STOP makeing more laws!!

          • Immoral and free can never be! Just as Genius stated, use the laws we now have on the books and prosecute these law breakers. This is just the way to end up with a totalitarian government, pass more laws and then the law breakers ratchet it up and then you need more laws and where does it end. Total Government Control! I wonder just how many were prosecuted in the riots where the blacks burned and looted in Ferguson and Baltimore and the Libturds in Berkley,I imagine most were just given a slap on the wrist if even that. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • How do I get protesters (rioting scum) to not harass me? I make them stare down the business end of my weapon. What else?

          • PULL the trigger, that way they cannot change there minds later!!! LOL

            • If need be!

            • If enough protester ringleaders were to be sniped, you can bet there would be a lot less protests. Something about snipers working well on unruly crowds, the ringleader goes down after his head explodes like a melon, and the followers flee.
              Right now these protesters are not afraid,but as I said above…

          • signed it yesterday!!

            • me too!

        • Must be liberal “lawmakers”, they tend to throw law after law to make the false impression that they are actually earning their keep. Simple enforcement of existing law would correct many ills yet lib’s tend to fail in that department.

      2. First thing they should do is make it legal to run over a crowd that attacks you while you’re in a vehicle and blocks your leaving, putting you in valid fear of your life.

        • I BELIEVE it IS legal, if somebody is threatening your life to run them over…..the problem is PROVING it….he should probly have a gun in his hand when the cops show up.

          • I doubt if it’s as legal as you might think. You’re in your car, the doors are locked, all you have to do is drive slowly and escape the area. If one of them is injured, that should be OK, but deliberately running one over is not.

            Remember, the probability of the entire action being recorded on video may be 100%. You don’t want to be rash.

            If the other guy is shooting at you, then you’re right.

            • actually, i was thinking more like….there’s 8 of them standing around your car beating on it,…..and a window breaks, allowing them access to you….i, personally, at that point run over whoever’s in the way…… the guy that ran over the motorcyclist a while back that was terrorizing the family….i can think of MANY circumstances where i WOULD run someone over….and i can think of lots that WOULDN’T prompt my lead foot.

              • If it’s my ass or theirs, legal doesn’t make a shit.

                • Menzo, I love how we get on the same page.

      3. Peaceful protest in Iran, by followers of the religion of peace.

        “Death To America”: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Iranians Rally To Protest Trump, Celebrate Islamic Revolution

        Carrying “Death to America” banners…

        “Hundreds of thousands of Iranians rallied on Friday, taking to the streets of Tehran to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and denounce President Trump’s recent statements about Iran.”

        • Hmmmm, I wonder why they hate us so much?

        • Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is.

          Oh yes. I’ve read the Qu’ran twice. Utterly violent, sexist, and once the left gets all the Muslims in they want, they will march in to San Francisco to implement Sharia law on the gays…. and it will then be too late for these bozos.

      4. I suggest carrying a couple cans of bear spray whenever you may encounter crowds of this type.

        • Battery acid is cheaper!

          • Bear spray won’t get you thrown in jail! Use bear spray. If that fails, your choice of lead projectile should work well as a deterrent.

            • That was sarcasm lol.

            • Rednek 101, I’ll use whatever I have available. Like I said, I don’t follow ANY restrictions on self-defense.

              • I agree with you Brave. If I’m caught without the standard self defense apparatus I usually carry, I’ll come up with improvised apparatus that would make a weapons lab tech giddy. If a person gets into the type of conflict we’re talking about, the bottom line is win. Period.

                “As we have often pointed out, man fights with his mind; his weapons are incidental.” –Jeff Cooper

                • Rednek 101, AMEN to that one. In TN you can legally carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle whether you have CCW or not. The only downside to that is that over the past year vehicle break-ins have been on the rise, especially in my area. So when I get home in the evening my weapon goes in the house with me and straight back into the gun safe. The other items I carry in the truck…..well, maybe NOT so legal but I’m carrying them anyway.

      5. Learjet leftists of the world, UNITE!

        Limousine liberal Tom Hanks a few years back purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific
        Palisades for $26 million. It was the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in
        2010.” Good to know Obama’s depression didn’t keep the Learjet liberals from the good life (Hanks is
        the same guy who starred in the bible-hating Da Vinci Code and stated about Prop 8 “ There are a lot of people who feel that is un-American and I am one of them.”) As if the H8TE filled gays destroying the career of Mozilla’s Brandon Eich was “fair” or “American” right, Tom???

        Then, in the one Pravda er, Time Magazine put on their cover, with a sub-headline right under “History Maker” reading “How Tom Hanks is redefining America’s past,” with the title of the article, “How Tom Hanks Became America’s Historian in Chief” (Orwell has a LOT to say about stealing a people’s history, but that is another story) Hanks intones in his best Forrest Gump persona (it HAS to be a joke, right, Tom??) that the US wanted to “annihilate the Japanese because they were different” and states that is why we are doing the same thing in Afghanistan (and Iraq). Ya gotta wonder if his wife had been on the top floor of the WTC on 9/11 if he might be playing a different tune (or is that harp?; and whatever your view on 9/11 are, Hanks himself thought it was Muslims, which is the point being made)

        The enlightened one continues “Back in World War II, we viewed the Japanese as ‘yellow, slant-eyed dogs’ that believed in different gods. They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different. Does that sound
        familiar, by any chance, to what’s going on today?” Yep, Tom… the war started all because we had different skin tones. And yet having the opportunity, we did not annihilate them Wonder why, according to Hanks? In fact, their economy soon was on par with ours!

        And good luck, Tom, with that one jihad web site I read about recently that specifically calls for the annihilation of areas where America’s decadence are located – SF, NY, etc.

        BTW, Tom…. since you are such a great, caring socialist, gonna open up any beds in your zillion room mansion to the poor or down and out?

        Nah, didn’t think so….

        This is a loose summary (and quotes), with a lot of additions from me, cited from James Hirsen, J.D., M.A., article at

        • The above may be true but he is still one of the best actors to grace the big screen.

          • PFFT! they’ve destroyed their brand with SOME of U.S., i just can’t stand watching actors or singers anymore. i imagine them badmouthing trump, and there’s so many of them now, i give up trying to keep track. i refuse to give ANY MONEY knowingly to support them….no movies, no concerts, not even mainstream media….they all seem to be against U.S…..i predict it’s going to put a dent in the box-office gross….hope springs eternal!

            • I’m a big film fan, got a DVD library that won’t quit. I refuse to purchase any disc at retail and give a royalty payment to any of these morons.

              Buy your entertainment at estate sales and pawn shops, it’s 10 cents on the dollar and no one gets a royalty or profit, except the seller.

              • i hear you can trade them online for FREE nowdays…

              • When I found out Carole King was a big supporter of Castro, I etched in her Tapestry CD that I didn’t support artist who in turn support mass killers, and sent it back to her fan club.

                Oh yeah. Nov 14, 2015 LA Times, at – Carole King’s Robinson Bar Ranch went up for sale at ***$9.9 million.*** Check out the pix. She could have put up at least 10,000 illegal immigrants at those digs. But of course, neither she nor Hanks would ever do anything of that sort .

              • Get yourself a skystream internet box fully loaded with the KODI app. I get great enjoyment watching new movies, old .Ovies and live cable channels and pay Nada, zip, zero zilch.

                I won’t find the enemies of America. Not one dime.

            • BCOD, same here. I can’t stand what passes for ‘entertainment’ these days.

          • A JESTER’S job is entertainment only. I take nothing a jester says as relevant.

          • Well, Kev, Leni Riefenstahl was one of the best film makers in her day, too (I have seen the WHOLE Triumph des Willens, named after the Reich Party Congress 1934 in Nuremberg which got the highest awards: The gold medal in Venice in 1935 and the gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937. Many technically skilled people are also evil and/or ignorant. Dr. Mengele and a horde of his medical doctors come to mind, as do the scientists in Japanese Unit 731. Kermit Gosnell must have been good enough at biology to get his M.D.

            I enjoy his movies, but don’t find his acting skills even close to that, say, of Daniel Day Lewis as one example. In fact, Elmer Fudd could be the lead in his movies and I would still enjoy them. And the fact is, Hanks is a world class hypocrite. Peter Schweizer outlines a whole bunch of them in his “Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, which is a short, great read.

            But all this opinion of acting skills is besides the point. Rather, the point is the usurpation of the media and education by the Gramsci/Frankfurt School fascist left. It is, as Charleton Heston wrote, the case that: “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

            • The Frankfurt School was a group of Fascists? Did you tell anyone else about this. I think someone might want to reinvestigate who they really were and what their agenda really was. Didn’t they have to move out of Germany too? And I thought that the N-word people liked fascists. No? They liked socialists right? And communists right? And there’s really no difference between all of these groups, they’re all cousins right? So ‘you’ can interchange all of these labels whenever you feel like to protect and take the light off one group of people right? Because that’s just what you do. Do you know which group I’m talking about? Yeah, you can say the N-word here, but you can’t say that other word. I don’t even think that I can say the first letter of that word. Brainwashing works.

            • I’m no fan of Gregory Pecks politics either but I like his acting. This is why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream and I like living in the US.

      6. Genius and FTW, any libturd who wants to go one-on-one with me will end up needing medical attention. If it’s a gang of them, they’ll end up in the morgue. I don’t call 911. I handle the situations myself. If/when these things occur, I’m on my own and have to become my own ‘first responder’ anyway. I’ll handle it any way I consider necessary and don’t care what anyone’s law says about it.

        • You can say that, but when you get blindside sucker punched and jumped on bu a group of them before you know what happened and you don’t have much of a chance of doing it.

          That’s the way it usually happens, not a man to man confrontation on equal terms.

          • right….if they had any standards, they wouldn’t be there accosting you….THAT’s why they’re criminals.

          • Anonymous, I carry a pistol in the truck at all times now. I’m armed and ready. I can have my weapon pulled and pointed at a gang before they can get close enough to touch me. The key to avoiding a sucker punch is be totally aware of your surroundings and keeping the scum far enough away from you to prevent any physical harm. I won’t hesitate to shoot a libturd if it comes to that.


        Check this out guys. Get ready, because is nothing I comparison for what they UN’s muslim illegitimate organization has in mind for you daughter, girlfriend, wife and children and worse. You wait till the Chinese soldiers, the Russians, the mongols and jihadist enter Texas.. I know nothing I have said has happened so far.

        Watch the video.

        Islam is sick, its evil and Trump needs to deport these people and stop them from entering out country, FUCKING PERIOD.


        Molon Labe. Here is my IP address, come and take if you tough enough.

        • he’s TRYing…

        • HCKS, I couldn’t even finish that video. It was just too much but a perfect example of what islam is really like. All of the feminazis in this country should be required to watch that video if they really cared about women like they claim they do. So they think they’re suffering at the hands of American men? Let some muzzies get hold of them. IF they live to talk about it, maybe they’ll start singing a different song.

      8. I’ll say it again for the third time, DRAIN THE SWAMP. Those EPA workers who joined the protest in Chicago on Monday should be fired. The EPA and State Department employees had already stated before this that were going to use encryption apps and buy burner phones so that the government could not know of their dissent and they could inform MSM, and could keep the MSM informed of anything President Trump might be doing that was illegal. I’ll say it again, where was all this concern when Hitlary was in the state department? DRAIN THE SWAMP! Yes there are already laws to throw them in jail; and there is a constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. These rioters will keep pushing the envelop until someone stands up to them………So please allow the police to do their job without fear of reprisals. Yeah, these law makers fear for their lives, again only willing to do something when it affects them personally…how about protecting the rest of the American citizens.

        • And their supervisors, for giving them leave from work.

        • IF you are for letting muzzies into this country then as far as I am concerned YOU are one of them and ARE fair game when it comes to the shooting. libtards are idiots and they are for killing this country and IF they don’t see the light before this goes HOT, then they will perish along with the scumbags!!cannot fix stupid!!

      9. Mr Sessions, how about you try a nationwide support of the Second Amendment in its spirit and letter and actually support people who DEFEND THEMSELVES FIRST…

        That would be nice, and completely CONSTITUTIONAL. Simply stating it would set the tone for actually FIXING the obvious CRIME problem.

        • The codification of homicide and defenses in its employ are State matters. In one State you have a duty to retreat and in another you stand your ground. This is out of the Jurisdiction of the US Attorney General.


          • What is in their jurisdiction are federal arrests for violating the civil rights of others, and for conspiracies to further their violations.

            They could tack those charges on everyone arrested by the local cops, cause some serious pain.

            • Smokey, the last time I checked, that particular federal law is very vague and never had any legal definition set for ‘violation of civil rights’. I only recognize NATURAL rights granted to us by God.

      10. The new laws proposed are to protect the politicians, not the citizens. We need the current laws upheld first.

        • You got it. They have no problem basking in the limelight with a fawning audience applauding and hanging on their every word. But an angry, verbally abusive crowd? See how fast they get stuff fixed when it pertains to them.

          • The one Rep. Diane Black took a real verbal beating in Murfreesboro, TN the other night.

            Watched it local.

      11. Just enforce the law on these heathens.

      12. Of course as always the elected officials and other government stooges are more concerned with protecting their own butts.

      13. “legislation that penalizes protesters who block traffic”

        How about just not stopping your car?


      14. How many of these useless idiots are willing to go one on one? Most are cowards,they work in packs. send packs against them. let them start the trouble,we’ll end it.

        • I haven’t seen one video of a protest attack that looked like a stand-up challenge, all of them were blindsiding, sucker punching, sneak attacks by cowardly dogs.

          They’ll run at the first real resistance.

        • Correct.

        • Blam, that disgusting Bill Kristol needs to have an ‘accident’.

      15. Terrorism:
        The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.

        Certainly the groups named in the article openly admit to coming under the legal definition of terrorism above. We are not witnessing an angry mob post Rodney King police beating trial in Los Angeles in 1993 (or thereabouts). We are seeing a financed, orchestrated, organized multi state action of violence to further a political agenda. The anti organized crime RICO statutes has allowed the government to prosecute individuals for having control and influence over a group or individuals in a criminal conspiracy. These activities are being financed. Where is Mr Soros? The rioters are disposable cannon fodder. Freeze assets of their financier and you’ll get to the crux of the problem.


        Soros funds said groups.
        Said groups advocate and participate in political violence.

        By my observation its a slam dunk case. Like asset forfeiture we’ll take your money and now you prove your innocent Mr Soros. Unconstitutional authority long advocated by the left can come back and be used against them.

        • Here is the guideline of Free Speech.

          The Court used a two-pronged test to evaluate speech acts: (1) speech can be prohibited if it is “directed at inciting or producing imminent lawless action” and (2) it is “likely to incite or produce such action.” The criminal syndicalism act made illegal the advocacy and teaching of doctrines while ignoring whether or not that advocacy and teaching would actually incite imminent lawless action. The failure to make this distinction rendered the law overly broad and in violation of the Constitution.

      16. Jim, that’s especially true of young blacks. They work in gangs. They won’t take on anyone one-on-one.

        • Damn pesky Naggers!

      17. Lovely. Another law on top of already existing laws designed to do this very thing. Imagine that.

        This will not be a law to protect people from protestors. Like almost all other laws it will be used to protect government from protestors and to consolodidate more control. Who wants to bet that there will be other provisions passed along with it?

      18. Talk Talk, Fight Fight. This talk talk the law can handle this. Is just buying the domestic enemy the time they need. All civilizations go through this why should we be any different? Delay the inevitable until we are surrounded and cornered. And out numbered. They are what 30 percent of the population now? How much more time do we have? We will separate the weeds from the Tares. And burn the Tares. The smart virgins enter. The foolish burn.

      19. Holy smoke! Deportation is imminent!
        We had a commercial prison shut down about a year back. TODAY I heard an ad seeking corrections officers to work at said jail, get this, for the INS. I’m connecting the dots here and it sure seems likely this will be a jail for illegals given INS will be running the show.

        Go Trump!


        • Life is good, isn’t it?

          • Yessir. We seem to be moving in the right direction.

            • Yup

      20. MAKE LOVE NOT LAW..!


      21. Easy,, open cary and stand your ground legislation

      22. Education system, secondary and tertiary, has been infiltrated by the loony left, until these institutions have been cleansed of their lefty teachers, profs, deans etc the problem will not go away.

        A general plea to all – Pleeeease stop calling them LIBERALS! They are anything but liberal, read the definition of a liberal person, very different from these loony lefties

      23. These so called protesters are paid provocateurs. Paid by George Soros. I hear people talking shit about niggers in here but no one is allowed to talk about Jews.

        This just in hot off the press. Your all nigger slaves now.
        Always the ones who spout out hate on their keyboards who are the biggest whimps.

        Come at me with your keyboard tough guy. lol

      24. I was wrong. I thought for certain that a false flag electric grid collapse would happen during the cold weather. and Green Up is almost here. The Jonquils are popping up. its gonna be 70 today in the Ozarks. It seems a showdown is in the making? the country is pretty evenly divided.

        • OGS
          They have to wait until the weather turns nice for this as the libturds live in climate controlled environments. They are not the kind of folks who enjoy the outdoors.
          When the temps go up and these mamby pamby buttwipes come out of hibronatin’ then you may see this happen.

        • Yeah. I think you’re correct. I’ve always been of the opinion that if we make it through until spring we’re reasonably safe until fall.

        • We’ve had 80 degree days here in Texas recently… I am about to go out for my exercise walk in shorts. Warm weather brings out the “youth” for their manufactured looting opportunities. Notice, during the cold months, it’s mostly the lily white libnuts causing trouble, because their DNA can stand the cold. Folks like Shia Leboeuf and the braindead bimbos who follow such are almost invariably skinny white kids in hoodies doing their best to be relevant in a democrat crafted world that gave their job opportunities to HB1 Visa holders and illegal immigrants. It’s hard to be relevant when your living at Mom’s house, and hanging out at the coffee shop all day.
          It is very gratifying to me that so far, they have mostly destroyed their own stuff… and that few of us can be fiund guilty of stupidity when provoked. Saw some lib online bragging about how brave the white rioters were… how they had guts and so forth- how we conservative folks were all talk and no action. How “they” are going to come and take our “redneck” preps when they want and need them. All I can say is… cross that line and see what happens. It’s not only white people that know how to defend themselves… legal immigrants will pop a shotgun on your butt really quickly if you go after their chickens or small businesses. Just to get down the road to where I live, you would have to pass by dozens of gun wielding hunters with telescopic sights and deer heads on the wall. A woman friend of mine shoots bucks from her back patio whike sipping fine wine. So, it is better to be underestimated in this regard, I suppose. There is great value in OPSEC and in knowing the general character of your neighbors. Those two things will get you a long way into riding out a bad patch.

      25. About 14 years ago I was selected for jury duty. I am a registered Republican. So once in 14 years I have been called on. Now I know registered democrats that have been selected several times.
        I say we all register as democrats so we can get on juries and promote the the law. Also get on pollsters lists and say what great people the dems are then vote the right,,, screw with their heads and watch them melt down just like they are doing now but on a much larger scale.
        They want a war of assimilation,, let them think they have it and then do, and vote, the right thing.
        I received 2 polling calls last fall and pretended to be a dem,, laughed my ass off after the call then again after the election!!
        Another thing, If I see a group attack a person,, I am going to wade right in and help the one against the many. Let us see how they like that!!
        If I see an LEO under attack I will fight with the LEO. I will believe that the LEO is right to start with, if I find out later the LEO was one of the few assholes in uniform, I will kick his/her ass later.
        There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must make a stand. I stand by the Republic and Constitution.
        Be Strong, Be Safe.

        Long live the Republic!

      26. Other than the physical and genetic destruction of the Rothschild family and the imprisonment of the minions of their agents and whores worldwide, one of the most needed things of America is the reinstitution and reinvigorating of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee! The bullseye of this committee must first be the educational system which has produced these snowflake socialist and communist “protesters” who, without any ideology or philosophic understanding of what the hell they are doing, march to the beat of the Soros and Rothschild drums! PURGE, is indeed the word! Rid our educational system of this communistic virus which spreads by that evil tribe that created it. President Trump has an excellent chance of becoming the second Andrew Jackson!!! Hope, and may we pray that he succeeds!

      27. Attributed to George Harrison —
        “We were expecting Haight-Ashbury to be special, a creative and artistic place, filled with Beautiful People, but it was horrible – full of ghastly drop-outs, bums and spotty youths, all out of their brains. Everybody looked stoned – even mothers and babies…”

        Levitan, ‘I Met the Walrus’ interview —
        In five minutes, Lennon explains why being anti-war is incompatible with violent revolution.

        A message from the Hippie-Elders: The Houseboat Summit –1967
        In their un-sensational-ized, verbal moments, they say to be clean and constructive, again and again.

        In the days, before college was a sort-of compulsory market control, used for corporate indoctrination — say, 200yrs ago — it was more democratic. A sort of public library and social forum, where myth and religion was discussed, speculatively, contemporaneously, with the newest, scientific developments. We can’t even do this, online, anymore, without a war breaking out.

        I feel that moral free agency is self-guided. But, there is purpose. It requires you to provide the input. It’s not nihilists, wallowing in their own crapulence.

      28. Off Topic:

        Southern California looks like Oregon, the desert is lush and green. It rains and then for a few days the rain stops and it is like spring, then the rain begins again. I understand there is concern about a dam in the north near Oregon. No evacuations yet. We need new reservoirs. And we need to repair the existing ones. Bridges are also in need of repair.


        • B, But they’re going to build a $25 Billion wall instead.

          • Which side of the San Andreas are you on?

            Also snow pack melt from Sierras?

      29. Jobs! The more people that have jobs and start earning decent money, the more they pay taxes. The more taxes they pay, the more they resent the stupid ways that Government spends their money. This is how you change a tax-snd-spend liberal into a fire-them-all conservative!

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