Lawmaker: “America Is Heading In The Direction Of Another Harper’s Ferry’

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Forecasting, Headline News | 72 comments

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    Representative Steve King believes that the United States is heading straight for another Civil War.  With the division rather obvious and each side viscously defending their idea of who should have power over everyone else and how much, could King be correct?

    King, who is a Republican from Iowa warned in a tweet on Sunday that the United States is heading towards a civil war. “America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry,” the conservative lawmaker tweeted on Sunday. “After that comes Ft. Sumter.”

    According to The Hill, King was referring to the opening shot of the Civil War fired at Fort Sumter in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, on April 12, 1861.  Harper’s Ferry, which was then part of Virginia, and which King also referred to, was a town where militant abolitionist John Brown led a raid on a federal armory in October 1859, where he sought to start a slave uprising in an action that would later help push the country into a civil war.

    With his comments about the U.S. heading toward war, Kind included an article which stated that Portland Occupiers (typically known to align on the far left of the political spectrum) shut down an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) government office and replaced it with a “refugees welcome” flag. “Occupy” protesters have been camping outside an ICE office in Portland, Oregon, leading the facility to temporarily shut down.  The occupiers say that they won’t leave until the Trump administration revokes its “zero tolerance” immigration policy. Portland’s mayor will not allow police action against the protestors either. (But one can all but guarantee that if right-wing activists shut down a Portland Planned Parenthood office, police would be allowed to use any level of violent force necessary to remove them.)

    Trump ended the separations with an executive order earlier this month. However, it remains unclear how that will affect children already separated from their parents or guardians.

    The division the government is adamant remains in the minds of Americans is evident.  The longer the peasants continue to fight amongst each other the longer the state can maintain and continue to increase its power over everyone else.

    But in the meantime, if a civil war does break out among those who are fully brainwashed by the state, be sure to be prepared.  If you are low on food supplies, now could be a great time to stock up.  If you don’t have extra water saved, perhaps now is a good time to add a few dozen gallons to your prepper supply. Also be sure to check out the tips from this website and others on how to protect yourself from violent human beings.



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      1. Bring it on, let’s get the party started. Time to get rid of the treasonous tyrants in DC and a whole bunch of liberals.

        • True story… One of my most precious firearms just so happens to be a Harpers Ferry model 1805 flintlock pistol… In .54 caliber.

          • I’m jelly.

        • They are not “liberals”, they are marxists.
          They want the 10 Planks of communism to rule.
          They are brainwashed.
          They cannot deal with facts, history, or reality.
          They will never reconsider their position.
          They believe their delusions are true morality.
          They are incapable of “live and let live”.
          They are irreconcilable.
          They are bent on destroying you.
          They are bent on destroying Western Civilization.
          They can only be dealt with, one way.

          • Communism is great if you are the one in charge.

            Sucks for everybody else.

          • JustMe , good analysis. Precisely why I have been preparing myself for the inevitable conflicts that will ensue. Although I do not think it will play out in the form of an actual civil war as most people think of, like two sides aligned on any sort of battle field or specific events. It will be sporadic events as we have already seen, just ramped up to a higher crescendo. The left are setting themselves up for a series of beat downs. But they are not at all capable of any real efforts except a lot of hyperbole and random extreme acts. We still have the right to defend our self when attacked and that is the game changer and major negative for the left. Their insane perspectives are collapsing and they are desperate. Let them do the over reacting. Just be well trained out, fit and capable in every circumstance and enjoy your life daily in total confidence !

            It is quite incredible to be 70 and more fit and capable than most 25 year olds and a thousand times more life experience and training as a warrior of various means. I smile a lot and sleep very well these days, observing and living it all. New 2018 photos coming soon and just keep getting stronger with more body core strength and stamina and a very clear mindset ! Kinda like a fountain of youth or reversing the aging process, incredible to experience.

            My biggest complaint for 2018 is my beets and carrots have failed two different plantings and I love the juice.

      2. The sooner ,the better?

      3. In the American Civil War it was States against the Federal Government.

        The way I see it, the current attitude is Radical Liberals against the rest of America.

        Until Bernie Sanders came along, I had never seen America openly accept socialism and communism. We even fought two major wars to stop it.

        Now it is a platform on the Democratic Party.

        Hang on comrades, it is going to get ugly.

        • It’s ok with me. My 47s in my vehicle along with everything else I need. Whenever, wherever they die if the war comes to me.

          • Damn phone

            • Menzo, for once a politician was honest about something. Civil War 2 is coming. I can feel it. Ain’t gonna be nothing nice.

              • No it ain’t BH. Low down shame we’ll be fighting other Americans but they are leaving us no choice.

                • They are not Americans.
                  They have forsaken everything America was built on.
                  They are marxist parasites.

                  • The military oath I took 40+ years ago speaks volumes and STILL holds true today: “I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed….”.
                    Also take note that the “general orders” I had to memorize directly stated that I would obey all “lawful orders” – if any order was given that violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the State or U.S. Constitutions then my actions were simple – I disobey the order.
                    Where am I going with this: simple, as JustMe points out, they are Marxists / Communists who call themselves American citizens and they have shown their true colors. To the contrary they are domestic enemies of the United States and the U.S. Constitution and I seriously doubt they could ever be won over to a clear and rational way of thinking thus seeing the error of their ways.
                    Clearly, they have shown themselves to be a growing threat to the safety and welfare of my family, my friends and myself. When the time comes – and it will, they will need to be handled as “enemy combatants”.
                    I have always disliked physical violence – it goes against my very nature of seeking peaceful resolutions. However, as the famous one-liner goes: “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness… the end result will not bode well for you.”

                    • Needs to be updated.

                      all enemies, foreign and domestic, and CONGRESSMEN.

                  • That is what happens with open borders.

                    The cholos come in and bring their socialism with them.

        • … and the winner gets to write the history books, John.

          It would be fatal for the American ideal to try to abort what’s coming by placating the left. A Hispanic Socialist just made the cut in New York for God’s sake. That is the future unless everything is allowed to come to a head. Let them run wild until there is no rationalizing who is causing the problem. Then play to win.

          • Stuart,
            She calls herself a “Latina”, kind of like the one on the Supreme Court of the United States. Calling her a Hispanic will piss her off much like the label, Mexican.

            Meanwhile, we have now moved from the mantra’s of: suervolcanoes, EMP’s, economic collapse, pandemics, blah, blah, and blah, to the new mantra of the pending “civil war”, Whatever it takes to keep people buying stuff and keep the prepping income going.

            • Well Wilson, I agree with the endless Chicken Little cries but the Latina/Negro/Liberal stuff is actually happening right before our eyes.
              (and I live amongst Mexicans and don’t give a rat’s ass what pisses this one off)

        • What happens when good old 1960’s KGB finally gets what it wants and now it’s facing a country of rabid lunatics with 1300 nuclear weapons that somehow STILL hate Russia?



        • I call them dumocrats because I simply cannot believe how dumb they are! I mean stone as, bat shit stupid! Spparently NONE of them have ever heard of the USSR. None of them have ever studied what life is like for the average person in any of their Utopias like oh…let’s say Cuba, or North Korea or China or closer to home, the lovely shitstorm that is now Venezuela! Socialism and communism DO NOT WORK! Sooner or later you run out of “other people’s money” to spend, and then TSHTF! They simply disregard and ignore history and current events. They are not interested in facts. You cannot reason with these imbeciles. I have tried! So unfortunately, I too say “Bring it!” Everyone in my family shoots and I have hit a dime at 100 yards with an AR-15 with open sights. I guess these lefty buffoons also forgot that they don’t like and don’t have any guns. But WE DO! He, he he! I don’t want to hurt people or worse, kill people. But these animals want to do me and my family harm just because I don’t agree with their politics and social views. Well, I won’t fire the first shot. But I may just fire the last one. Lest these idiots be fooled into thinking my state…Pennsylvania is some liberal bastion. There are only two places in the state that are liberal: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The rest of the state is republican and conservative and votes that way and we LOVE our guns and our Bibles! Just sayin’.

      4. Public school teachers used to send bad kids my way, and tell me to do what I want. I was supposed to haze members of a football team. I have been used as a bouncer, informally, and to move money, for local businesses. A black, primered, cop car, with cage inside, has dumped an indigent black, at my feet. Should I go on?

        Neither Republicans nor Democrats are particularly loyal to their favorite races of people, or their different worldviews, such that I would tell anyone to take a political risk.

        The same people who radicalize you (under unfavorable conditions, so far) will later accuse you of war crimes. War heroes and tough guys, like the ones you want to be, are also disposable.

        How does the Bible verse go, live by the sword, and rest on your laurels?

        • Your point is well taken.

        • I have often thought about that with Nazis. You take a 9 year old boy, put him in the Hitler Youth and brain wash him for 10 years, then ship him off to war. He then commits crimes against humanity.

          Really, the Nazi is a victim too. Brain washed into doing evil.

          • Imagine if some foreign army had invaded, yesterday, and said that you were responsible for all these atrocities. Most Germans didn’t believe it, either.

            In neo-nazi’s, I get the impression of the baby, which parrots the naughty words, because it causes an uproar.

            Most of the people, using these words, in my experience, dressed and talked like ghetto blacks.

            One had sig heiled Hitler, in person, because everyone else did.

      5. I see the coming civil war as, going to work everyday , then going out after dark on foot ,for some payback?

      6. “If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst.” – George Washington.
        “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin.
        “The time has come to take the bull by the tail and face the situation!” – W.C. Fields.

        They’re all good advice but Fields come closest to our situation today. Many of the people I know have stopped talking about politics because they have lost faith in the system. Instead, they are focusing on their personal survival and the survival of their families.

        • “I know the American People are much attached to their Government;–I know they would suffer much for its sake;–I know they would endure evils long and patiently, before they would ever think of exchanging it for another. Yet, notwithstanding all this, if the laws be continually despised and disregarded, if their rights to be secure in their persons and property, are held by no better tenure than the caprice of a mob, the alienation of their affections from the Government is the natural consequence; and to that, sooner or later, it must come.” — Abraham Lincoln

      7. Beaumont, old chap, the phrase “live by the sword, die by the sword” was in common use long before Jesus’ ministry. In the Bible/Hebrew translation, it comes out as “those who live by the machaira, die by the gladius. Meaning support for the death penalty and the point that those who used the machaira, a common short sword used by bandits and thieves, would die from the gladius, the Roman authority. At that time, it would have been unlawful and the death penalty for Peter to continue to violently resist the arrest of Jesus. He had already hacked off a mans’ ear. Stiner and Stuart, spot on.

        • Useful idiots were employed against the independents and critical thinkers, who are not part of the in-crowd.

          If you’re feeling particularly alienated, rushing into a fake fight is not going to fix all your problems.

        • But, what about the lowly sling against the might of heavily armored, 9’9″-tall Goliath (Samuel 17)? If God be for us, who can be against us (Romans 8:31)? Jesus wasn’t timid of Roman “authority”. Rome had no “authority” except what God allowed them to have at the time (John 19:11). It was for faith in God rather than faith in puny human might that Jesus was referring, and for which He was appealing to Peter (and everyone else who would have faith in God instead of in Man’s own perceived might). Jesus also didn’t intend for his kingdom to be propped up by the Devil’s way–that of the desperate force of selfish human government’s attempted usurpation of what is only rightfully Divine power (Luke 4:5-8). God’s kingdom already is its own and rightful power–that of Providence, on which all that exists depends and which we refer to as His “love” (God providing for that which is His, His seed, which “remaineth within Him” and cannot be taken from Him) (John 1:3, I John 3:9, John 10:28).

          • Some in my family claim to be descended from the literal David, who slew Goliath for blasphemy, in the original story.

            Use the internet, if you have never been exposed to this grisly kind of subject matter, in real life.

            Don’t get caught up, in false, moral alternatives. They are always trying to push some package deal on us, which is never quite Biblical.

      8. I see many dead people

        • Stay away from crowds my friends.

        • “… let the dead bury their dead.”
          — from Matt 8:22

      9. This is people vrs.people. there may be a great culling…….

      10. the difference is plain & simple to see in Portland … ANTIFA takes over a FED facility – Oregon does nothing 0 refuses to act …. conservative ranchers take over FED property in Oregon – Oregon takes immediate action that eventually kills a guys ….

        • Illini Warrior, Finicum was murdered by the state of Oregon, plain and simple. It was also completely authorized by BHO and Lynch via the FBI thugs. I followed it very closely and had received instructions to proceed to Burns with full field gear and then 48 hours later told to stand down for a specific reason that I agreed with and still do. This puts it into the real context of events. Fortunately we were successful in the end of this persecution and illegal prosecution. Many serious crimes were committed but not by the Bundy crew, but by our own government ! And where was congressman Walden, the fake conservative RINO hiding at the entire time ?

      11. Who would be killed first in a civil war?

        It is interesting that the writer of the article uses Planned Parenthood sit-ins to compare to leftist pro-migrant invader in Portland, Oregon.

        If a Civil War breaks out, abortion doctors and the staff will be among the first sacrifices. Being an abortionist will not be tolerated. That much is certain.

        If a politician wants to end the slaughter of innocents it would be wise to do two things. Come up with a bill to: #1. Outlaw late term abortion. #2. Agree in said bill that no further legislation regarding abortion limiting can be made for one hundred years.

        Why? Because the left fears even a common sense limitation on abortion rights for fear that it will open the door for more and stricter restrictions, which would lead to an allout ban on abortion.


        • The Criminal News Networks should be targeted at the outset of every engagement! The head of the snake needs to be removed!

          Freedom of the press in one thing, however the extreme bias of main stream media is beyond the pale. They have shown themselves to be domestic enemies of the United States over and over again! They should be shown no quarter! Everything we see happening today can be laid squarely in their lap…

          • theWildGoose, 100% agree ! But I doubt it ever reaches that level of sophistication and battle tactics.

            To say it plainly, I do not see either side actually very capable of any real or serious actions, just sporadic events by the left that are then reacted too after the fact. So mostly self defense type of reactions and not offensive tactics or events by supposed conservative/libertarian types. Just my take, but based on a tremendous amount of experiences and observations over many years. Am I reading the pent up hostility wrong ? Maybe, but we shall see, but no matter what I am fully ready and prepared for anything that may unfold ! IF any real serious events unfold there is no doubt the left will be crushed rather quickly, mostly by veteran warriors who are sick of being fucked and it does not scare them at all. So if the left pushes too much they are toast and likely know it well.

      12. reduce the size of the federal govt and have more states rights.
        For the people by the people
        dont need no stinking nanny govt

      13. Ship them all back south of the border and erect a huge sign saying trespassers will be shot on sight. On second thought, no that’s too mean as every human deserves respect. The blame lies squarely on the greedy predatory capitalists for moving our jobs out of country for more profit while evidently that is still not enough to satisfy the rapacious corporate thieves. Make America Great Again, how are you gonna do that when you have already pushed a large segment of the population into poverty? So perhaps the sign at the border should say welcome to shithole America, requirement to enter is a 7 day 12 hours a day workweek for $1 an hour stoop labor with no eligibility for welfare. That’ll fix em and slow the invasion.

      14. If there is a future that civil war will be remembered as the war between the haves and the have nots.

        • More likely a war between the White versus all the other races. There are no places in the world that are run by something other than whites of European decent that are not shit hole places. and those other races are quickly turning the USA into a shit hole .

      15. Say a civil war breaks out. It can be easily won by the preppers. Any army marches on its belly. and without electricity there will not be any food. So what we must do is shut down the power grid. and make certan it stays down. Vandalism on a nation wide scale. Shoot the transformers at substations. Burn tires at the wooden telephone poles. Create a situation of no food water, fuel for those who haven’t prepped and do not posses Know How and are not self reliant. It would be extremely effective. The government would have its hands full dealing with the welfare crowd. That’s our mission . We cant win a war fought with firearms. But we can vandalize the infrastructure to the point it will not be restored again. The claimed 90% die off will occur. The great culling that’s needed will happen. And we never have resort to open warfare and possibly never need to shoot anyone. The only thing that needs killed it the power grid. Take about 90 days until its finished and only the fittest are left.

        • Around here, the telephone poles are in sad shape. A tractor could knock most of them down. Many are bowed and leaning badly. The one in front of my house is split, and is held together with some metal bands. I haven’t seen any major work around here in over 30 years, other than a couple of bridge replacements and road paving.

        • Old Guy

          “But we can vandalize the infrastructure to the point it will not be restored again.”

          Your either:

          A. An agent provocateur
          B. Insane and Delusional

          • Nope im realistic. With no electricity. That puts everyone on the shoe sole express for transportation. Do you think the fast food fatties could travel very far on foot? I stated if its a SHTF WROL that’s without rule of law. So anything that anyone deems necessary to take care of and protect them and theirs must be done. And takind down the Grid is in my opinion the best quickest solution. Do You have a better solution that is viable let us know.

        • Your talking about “encagement strategy” where we/you/I ensure the urban centers are unlivable by those specific tactics. Over a short period, they will die off due to various problems.

          HOWEVER-at some point, there will be a crowd that leaves or escapes. Then you have the classic Clauswitz advantage of time, force, maneuver in the open country. It will not go well given we have the Fabian advantage.

          But here is my concern-someone is always watching and when it is over, whatever force is in power or re-established-will come to inquire. This concerns me.

          I would submit to all reading this question: What is the civilian “rule of engagement” in this scenario?

          I submit that personal defense is not an ROE.

      16. Helter Skelter

      17. Hope good Conservatives are making a list and checking it twice.

        i have been Carrying for years.
        My S&M is like my American express card
        i don’t leave home without it.

      18. There simply isn’t enough opposition from the hard core left to make this happen. All of their exploits are magnified by the media to make their view and goals appear to have mainstream support. Their support is very isolated.

        • Kevin your forgetting one fact. All the races other than white and a large percentage of wigger whites. They are all Parasite Takers. and they believe in the fair share doctorine. They greatly outnumber the producing making white folks on the so called right. Its a Race war. And its already happening.

          • I don’t see it from your perspective. Welfare isn’t going anywhere. The “entitlements” aren’t under assault. The issue is Illegal Immigration which few of the body politic have skin in the game. We’re seeing mountains being made out of ant hills with the MSM.

            ” All the races other than white and a large percentage of wigger whites. They are all Parasite Takers.”

            Your painting a very wide brush with this statement. Asians? You kidding me? Who is “white” in your opinion? I worked with a lot of hard working three generation black people in the oil refinery. Yes, blacks are disproportionally represented in welfare and crime but this is still not in a number that is civil war capable. Welfare recipients are concerned about the next check coming in. They aren’t jeopardizing that for anything.

            In the absence of the aftermath of WWIII or a massive financial collapse We are not even close to a civil war.

            • Of course I paint with a wide brush. But the fact remains the races are not equal. A successful black man spoke at the million man march. He stated that if all the other races disappeared over nite the whites would have a lot less problems tomorrow. But if the opposite happened and thre where no whites everyone else would have more problems than ever. They booed and called hin a uncle Tom. Take a look ay any place where white flight happens. almost instantly that area turns into a shit hole. And that happens without any oppression from whitey. Get a group of blacks together and they instantly go tribal. And what makes you think the welfare that at present placates the parasite’s will continue forever? a EMP could destroy the grid and everything come to a sudden halt? and those welfare leeches are never satisfied they always demand more and more. I don’t like Asians they bombed pearl Harbor while their ambassadors where talking Peace. I don’t trust them or the Chinese. And the influx of all these illegals from shithole places is another really large problem. The USA is being colonized at this very moment. The white race is at the same crossroad as the plains Indians where in the late 1800.s. Lets hope we don’t end up disposed of our land & rights and imprisoned on reseverations. Im old and really wouldn’t give a durn. But I have grandchildren and want them to be able to have a good life.

              • Old Guy

                “a EMP could destroy the grid and everything come to a sudden halt”

                You made my point. Thats a Black Swan event.

                “I don’t like Asians they bombed pearl Harbor while their ambassadors where talking Peace.”

                GTFOOH. I’ll bet your not too fond of Italians either but love our food and women.

                Thank God for a Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

        • K2, I respect what you’re saying.. but consider that the same could be said about the First Continental Congress.

          • We’re not close to the issues nor caliber of people as then. The overwhelming majority of Americans are insouciant.

            The poor will fight for the next welfare check. Once done they’ll see that warfare is hard work and far too difficult for them.

            The middle class will fight over a sporting event outcome.

            The rich employ the middle class to enforce their rule.

            • “The overwhelming majority of Americans are insouciant.”
              Yep… and they probably were then too.

              Everything you said is true, but I can’t help but notice Kevin; a Libertarian would exclaim that all this is as it should be.

              – The poor should be able to fight for whatever they choose.
              – The middle class should have the liberty to fight for whatever they choose also.
              – The rich should be able to employ whomever they can to achieve their own self interest and the middle class should have the liberty to sell their soul to whomever they wish.

              If all of the behavior above is abject stupidity… so?
              People have the right to live their lives as stupidly as they wish. The view of the Libertarian is – Leave People Alone. What they do is none of your affair.

              • The bottom line is there is no violent civil war brewing.

      19. The local Food Lion had a closeout sale on their store brand canned tomatoes at 15 cents a can. We bought all they had.

        Don’t be shy. If you see a good enough sale, buy it all. And if the store has multiple locations in your area, visit all of them and do the same.

        If anyone asks about it, I explain about how it’s better than putting money in the bank, as the bank doesn’t pay much interest, but there’s always inflation. They say okay, and then some of them go back and buy more too.

        I never mention prepping or TEOTWAWKI.

      20. The leftists are creating a Fifth column within that are allies of Socialist Narco state of Mexico. When Civil war breaks out there will be Mexicans coming at us fro the South allied with Communist Chinese from the Wast and South as allies of Mexico and the other angry bananna republics South of us. Weak Socialist Canada will have Russia coming South through their country to hit our northern border and the Russians in Western Russia will ally themselves with German fascists,and other socialist Euro-trash to attempt to kick the Americans out of world dominance.

      21. Portland Occupiers (typically known to align on the far left of the political spectrum) shut down an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) government office and replaced it with a “refugees welcome” flag.

        Why don’t they put these flags up at their own private residences? Put your money where your oversized mouth is.

        Oh right externalize costs RIIIIGHT. It’s not just for Corporations anymore.

      22. Trump ended the separations with an executive order earlier this month. However, it remains unclear how that will affect children already separated from their parents or guardians.

        Much unlike the divorce industry…

        OH RIGHT we don’t care about that… riiight.

      23. I think it will be more like another Kent State where some little snowflakes get shot for being assh0les then things quiet down. Just like campus riots quit after Kent.

        Our snowflakes need a graphic lesson in how the real world works unfortunately.

      24. What we are now facing is a confrontation like the “Tutsies & the Hutus” over in Ruwanda…I asked my black friend, “Do you know where Ruwanda is” he said ” yea, she over there on da corner”

        • Soooo Comanche,
          What you mean is a re-run of Cowboys & Indians?

          That is going to be the acid test for a lot of us White men whose sympathies really lie with the Indians. Maybe there is hope for the Ghost dance yet. Always wanted me a Teepee.

          • Yep its rerun of cowboys and Indians. Except it will be the White middle class versus the liberal left and their horde of illegals from shithole places. Its a fight we cant win with firearms any more than the Indians couldn’t win with bows and arrows and firearns. The Indians where starved into submission. If there is no electric grid. everyone except the preppers who are ready willing & able will be alive after 90 days.

          • My comment means that I believe it will be a bloody clash of cultural lifestyles and beliefs…For example, I am on the side believing there has never been a better place than the USA verses the American hating, parasitic left wing commies like the democrats and their low IQ followers…I don’t understand why so many people who have done so well in the USA want to weaken and destroy the principles that has allowed them to do so well. I am amazed at the hateful attitudes I come into contact with among minorities, mostly blacks, just because I’m white, even though I am working on their behalf in my job. They do everything possible to be uncooperative even though cooperation benefits them. Most of them including a lot of whites are so ignorant that they will start burning down the cities on command. The funny thing is, that they usually start with their own neighborhoods. I hate to say this but we would have clashed even before now if abortion had not been available for the last 45 years. The number of bummed out parasites would be double what it is now. I have come to believe anything is possible now, so my family and I prep for the future as if we know it will be bad.

      25. Will not be alive after 80 days.

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