Latest From Yellowstone: Thermal Activity Increases, Geysers Shoot ROCKS

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    The latest news from Yellowstone National Park is a little terrifying, but experts keep reminding us that we have nothing to fear.  The thermal activity in the park has been increasing lately, and geysers have reportedly been shooting out rocks.

    Authorities have been forced to shut down certain areas of the park after hot plumes of water erupted from the ground several feet up in the air.  This prompted fears that new geysers are forming over the caldera.  New vents were seen blasting water and steam across the basin area in Geyser Hill, ever since the Ear Spring erupted on Saturday shooting water up to 30 feet in the air.  The new activity was said to be endangering visitors as “debris and rocks flew into the sky,” according to The Express UK

    The last known eruption on that scale occurred in 1957, though several smaller eruptions were observed in 2004. Ear Spring is one of the hottest pools in Yellowstone National Park and contains water above the boiling point up to 200 degrees

    Authorities have attributed the rise in geothermal activity to Saturday’s eruption, after several new surface fractures and splashes of water were spotted at the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park.  On Tuesday, spouts of water shot from the ground west of Pump Geyser and north of Sponge Geyser, also ejecting large amounts of hot steam. The new feature, which is eight feet in diameter, continues to show increased signs of geothermal activity after geologists observed the ground rising and falling by six inches every 10 minutes.

    Additionally, geologists have also observed new geysers formin and some boiling at the hot spring Doublet Pool and North Goggles Geyser, located in the Upper Geyser Basin. Officials have warned visitors to beware of new eruptions and have closed down several parts of the basin as they continue to study the rare change in the area’s activity.

    The activity in the Upper Geyser Basin will have no impact on any of the other geysers such as the world-famous Old Faithful. And geologists still say that his kind of activity is completely normal and that Yellowstone isn’t going to erupt anytime soon.  “Shifts in hydrothermal systems occur only the upper few hundred feet of the Earth’s crust and are not directly related to [the] movement of magma several kilometers deep. There are no signs of impending volcanic activity,” The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said.  “There has been no significant increase in seismicity nor broad-scale variations in ground movement.


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      1. In history there were two major blasts causing severe changes in weather and damaging the soil and any plants and causing sulphuric acid to form in pools of water when ash mixed in. There are maps of the extent with the Western half of the USA being unable to support life.

        Ultimately the ash cloud would cause a severe worldwide cooling effectand cause mass famines at the very least.

          • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            It’s gonna blow, as in thar she blows!!
            Ands, and,and a geyser that has erupted for ONLY the 4th time in the last 60 years and that means the super volcano can blow any second now. RUN FORREST, RUN.

      2. Are you prepared.

        Canned food.

        Many things threaten our access to food.


        • Fully agree, BfromCA! Your basic preps:

          Non-perishable food
          Clean water source
          Brass & lead to keep it safe

          • A good shovel, to bury the reason you need that brass and lead.

            • Si’!

      3. The “expert,s” response reminds of the scene in Rocketeer where the air show guys say waveringly “Don’t worry folks, iIt’s all part of the show” really not knowing what in the hell was going on..

      4. Above boiling…up to 200 degrees.

        • Water boils at lower temperatures at higher elevation. About .5C less per 500 ft. Boiling point is 198 degrees at 8,000 feer, and old faitfull is t 7300 feet elevation.

        • Water boils below 200 degrees at 8000 feet. Yellowstone is 8000 feet

        • Yep the author of this article failed science.

          • Actually the boiling point changes at various altitudes. The boiling point at 7500 ft is really 198*.

            • At any pressure, if water is above it’s boiling point it is no longer water.

              • Wrong

          • It is not just plain old water. when you add different chemicals sulfur etc it changes the boiling point of water considerably. Upwards in most cases!!! Salt water freezes at what temp?

            • Apparently you all missed science class. It is very easy to increase the boiling point of water. Pressure is the biggest contributor. PV=nRT If you increase Pressure you increase Temp. Hence the Geysers.

      5. MT ST. HELENS 2 ????

      6. My last bowel movement.

        • …exactly what I thought!

      7. Like I’ve said on here before, don’t be concerned until the geysers go dry. Then make your final preps.

        • can you elucidate? im interested to learn

          • As the magma gets closer to the surface it will raise the temperature in the chamber where water is superheated. Eventually it will become so hot that water won’t have a chance to collect but will be continually vented off until nothing remains. There would of course be many other warning signs at this point, such as ground swell.

      8. “American Volcano”

      9. Its real simple. Don’t waste time worrying about stuff you have no control over.

      10. It was probably caused by that guy that was taking a pee in Old Faithful the other day. To bad there wasn’t an eruption about that time, it could’ve eliminated another nut from the gene pool. Trekker Out

        • Hopefully it would have been both nuts eliminated.

      11. Yeah, well. Some adult has to stand up and tell Yellowstone to stop throwing rocks. “You could put somebody’s eye out doing that shit.” [sarcasm]

      12. Have we stooped to believing reports from the islamic UK about occurrences in the U.S.?

        Ridiculous, fake news AND fake science.

        Besides, pure H2O boils at 212 degrees, any dissolved contaminants will increase its boiling point above 212, which is one reason we add anti-freeze to our vehicle cooling systems, the second reason is that the contaminants will lower the freezing point; hence, anti-freeze.

        • Water boils when its vapor pressure (a function of temperature) equals or exceeds the applied atmospheric pressure. If the atmospheric pressure is zero (vacuum) them the water turns to vapor even if frozen solid.

          • Then you have the effects of Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law as well on volume vs pressure vs temperature.

          • “Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at standard pressure. At 1 atmosphere of pressure (that is average pressure at sea level), pure water (that is distilled water) boils at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

            This is not a coincidence. The Celsius scale was originally defined around boiling (100 degrees C) and freezing point at (0 degrees C) of water.

            Water also boils at different temperatures at different altitudes. As the altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases.

            In order to boil the liquid’s vapor pressure should match the environmental pressure, so water boils at a lower temperature at higher altitudes. But whether it boils faster or not, that depends on the heat provided.”

            We probably shouldn’t be over-thinking this.

        Well microbrain, when soil liquefaction occurs, that alone would be cause for concern. But you’re such a dimwit that you ignore all of the other attributes like vastly increased surface soil temp to over 200 degrees F.

        I know you think it’s a big nothing when rocks start being hurled around. Just another day in paradise, right?

      14. If you really want a headscratcher, then boil some water in a vacuum. In a great vaccuum at many inches of mercury like 25+ then water will boil at room temperature. And if you were smart and clever, and they are not the same thing, you put dessecant and a filter on your vaccum pump. Regardless almost instantaneously as the vacuum draws away a little steam, it starts losing temperature RAPIDLY as the heat is sucked away. Then if form ICE seconds after boiling.

        Science is pure freakin’ magic to this old redneck. The attributes of water greatly vary based upon pressure and elevation and temperature and volume.

        Heck, just shaking some water causes cavitation and the water will boil faster or freeze faster.

        The fact that water freezes and floats is actually quite a mystery. Nobody actually knows how water is made in vast quantities. I mean scientists know how it rains but where did it come from on a scorching hot new planet??? How did an atmosphere form? Plants form oxygen, but why would a rocky planet with no plants aggregate oxygen in a blanket around the earth and persist???

        The more you take science in grad school, the less actual answers they have. To me, YHWH as a primary creator makes way more sense,just like it did to Issac Newton and Charles Darwin. They were not atheists and neither were most scientists.

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